Title: 보고싶다 / Missing You
Chinese Title: 想你
Also Known as: I Miss You
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 21
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Nov-07 to 2013-Jan-17
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


This drama is a melodrama that will portray a story of a teenage couple who fall in love and get painfully separated, and then meet again as adults by playing game of love hide and seek.

Han Jung Woo (Park Yoochun) has been a homicide detective for 2 years and he is looking for his childhood love. Lee So Yeon (Yoon Eun Hye) is a fashion designer and often dream of Han Jung Woo searching for her…

Meanwhile, Kang Hyung Joon (Yoo Seung Ho) is a cold-hearted, charismatic fund manager, who tries to take revenge on Han Jung Woo because of the troubled relationship within their family.


Main Cast

Yoon Eun Hye as Lee Soo Yeon
Kim So Hyun as Lee Soo Yeon (young)
Park Yoochun as Han Jung Woo
Yeo Jin Goo as Han Jung Woo (young)
Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Hyung Joon
Ahn Do Gyu as Hyung Joon (young)

Supporting Cast

Jang Mi In Ae as Kim Eun Joo
Yoo Yeon Mi as Kim Eun Joo (young)
Song Ok Sook as Kim Myung Hee
Han Jin Hee as Han Tae Joon
Do Ji Won as Hwang Mi Ran
Cha Hwa Yun as Kang Hyun Joo
Jun Kwang Ryul as Kim Sung Ho
Kim Sun Kyung as Jung Hye Mi
Lee Se Young as Han Ah Reum
Jun Min Seo as Ah Reum (young)
Song Jae Ho as Choi Chang Shik
Jung Suk Yong as police station lieutenant
Oh Jung Se as Detective Joo
Jo Duk Hyun as Nam Shil Chang
Jin Hyuk as Detective Ahn
Park Sun Woo as Kang Sang Deuk
Min Sung Wook as detective
Kim Mi Kyung as Song Mi Jung (Janitor)
Kim Sae Ron as Bo Ra

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jae Dong, Park Jae Bum
Screenwriter: Moon Hee Jung

Episode Preview

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 20
Episode 21

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-11-07 1 7.7 8.4 7.7 9.0 (19th)
2012-11-08 2 6.9 7.9 6.2 7.2
2012-11-14 3 8.0 10.0 (17th) 6.6 7.6
2012-11-15 4 8.4 9.9 (19th) 7.0 7.5
2012-11-21 5 10.3 (13th) 12.1 (10th) 10.2 (12th) 11.2 (8th)
2012-11-22 6 11.9 (13th) 14.0 (5th) 11.0 (13th) 12.7 (9th)
2012-11-28 7 12.5 (10th) 15.0 (4th) 10.6 (12th) 11.9 (9th)
2012-11-29 8 12.1 (15th) 14.2 (7th) 10.1 (13th) 11.8 (9th)
2012-12-05 9 10.7 (17th) 12.5 (9th) 11.0 (10th) 12.5 (7th)
2012-12-06 10 12.9 (14th) 15.3 (5th) 11.5 (10th) 12.7 (8th)
2012-12-12 11 14.2 (7th) 17.4 (3rd) 11.7 (9th) 13.3 (6th)
2012-12-13 12 13.9 (9th) 17.9 (3rd) 11.6 (11th) 13.8 (6th)
2012-12-20 13 11.9 (9th) 15.1 (3rd) 9.7 (13th) 10.8 (10th)
2012-12-26 14 12.2 (12th) 15.2 (4th) 10.5 (13th) 11.8 (9th)
2012-12-27 15 10.9 (15th) 13.8 (7th) 11.2 (12th) 12.8 (7th)
2013-01-02 16 11.1 (14th) 12.9 (11th) 10.9 (12th) 12.4 (5th)
2013-01-03 17 12.2 (15th) 15.0 (7th) 10.4 (17th) 12.2 (12th)
2013-01-09 18 11.8 (12th) 14.0 (5th) 10.2 (13th) 11.8 (10th)
2013-01-10 19 12.9 (14th) 15.4 (6th) 10.9 (15th) 12.8 (10th)
2013-01-16 20 12.3 (12th) 15.4 (4th) 10.6 (12th) 11.7 (7th)
2013-01-17 21 11.8 (14th) 14.4 (7th) 11.6 (12th) 13.2 (6th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


– Due to the President Election on 19/Dec/2012, Episode 13 has been postponed to 20/Dec/2012.

– This drama was originally only slated for 20 episodes but the episode extension to 21 to create a complete drama for viewers until the very end. (Source)


2013 49th Baeksang Arts Awards: Most Popular Actor (Park Yoo Chun)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Actor Acting Awards, Jun Kwang Ryul
2012 MBC Drama Awards:: Hallyu Star of the Year, Yoon Eun Hye (I Miss You)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Award (Mini Series): Park Yoo Chun (I Miss You)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Actress Awards: Yoon Eun Hye (I Miss You)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Best Child Actor Acting Awards, Yeo Jin Goo
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Best Child Actress Acting Awards, Kim So Hyun


Main Cast

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2,142 Responses to “Missing You @ I Miss You”

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  1. 2126
    tknov02 Says:

    IMY.. Finally I could watch and finish it. First time seeing this KDrama that very interesting because of YEH and PYC. I’ve never missed their KDramas’s. After watching each episodes until the end, it’s very interesting KDrama. Young actors and actresses really make this KDrama very lively and can feel how they felt at that time. But, after 14 years later was more interesting and suprising. Second lead or YSH has made this KDrama to be very awesome. The characters that he’s created truly outstanding and strong which can eliminate two main lead characters. Fears, loneliness, anger, hatred and the sense love of pain that he hope actually could make us feel what exactly he felt until the end. It’s scary and sad.. Speechless.. Very amazing.. Excelent YSH, he is really talented actor. It’s suprising me when he didn’t win any awards in this KDrama with his acting skills. YEH and PYC are also nice and they’re still playing safe like previous KDramas. Hopefully they also get different roles which can improve their acting skills. Good Job for the actors, actresses, director and screenwriter. Very good KDrama..

  2. 2127
    kimmy Says:

    Oh i love this drama also as long as Yoochun is in the lead, but aside from him Yoon Eun Hye really did portay a best crying pair together with Yoochun-shiii. I always cried a lot in this series :)

  3. 2128
    Jang Oh Young Says:

    Very recommended to watch, good cast, great chemistry, great soundtrack, great story…
    Love this drama and u will never dissapointed :)

  4. 2129
    fena jean Says:

    i really love watching this, specially because my idol micky yoo chun is here , but i love all the cast and the way they did the story of this,, it is funny & i can feel the love ,,but i cried a lot, too_

  5. 2130
    dinklik Says:

    i love this drama this drama is the best one This drama is soo awesome!

  6. 2131
    Max Says:

    i love this movie, so moving and sad.
    it takes a long to digest that he has to persistent and not let her go so easy as he has done once.
    i like the chemistry of the two kids, hence both got awards. the editor was excellent like the writer. the actors did well for this story.

    i think Yoo Seung Ho is too baby face to be evil and mega rich.

  7. 2132
    kpop Says:

    this is the best drama for me

  8. 2133
    Nuna Says:

    Good drama. I love it. Yoon Seong Ho you’re very handsome. I like you so much

  9. 2134
    kimmy Says:

    Park Yoochun as Han Jung Woo :)

  10. 2135
    Korean Drama Review IMU | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] I miss you (2012) 想你 […]

  11. 2136
    minmin Says:

    It was a struggle to finish this drama. Did not like YEH & PYCs roles and how the way the story went – how could 14 years with Harry not mean anything to Zoey. It was a torture watching YEH & PYCs tender moments – I fastforwarded all their scenes. I watched the story till the end just because I wanted to see how Han Tae Joon will be caught & punished. YSH’s acting was good.

  12. 2137
    Đào Tuyết Mai Says:

    I like this movie is the acting of PYC is achieved emotional

  13. 2138
    Yon Iseul Says:

    Awesome and overwhelming successful KDrama series! Park Yoochun is a great and very talented actor! Love much the way he performs his role with a big sense of deep emotional feelings! i’ll watch again and again this wonderful drama. Park Yoochun deserves the Award of Best Male Actor for the role of Han Jung Woo! ^^ :) ~

  14. 2139
    meili Says:

    the best kdrama in 2013 for me.

  15. 2140
    meili Says:

    beautiful story and interesting.the best kdrama in 2013 for me.

  16. 2141
    Dylan Kaulukou-Chang Says:

    I love watching this. In 1st episode-5 or 6 or 7 or 8 have flip phones to calling. And I love the way that other right casts in episode 9-20 have a galaxy note 2 but I love seeing that

  17. 2142
    Kumpulan Foto Yoon Eun Hye | PiiBook.Com Says:

    […] companies were eying her to endorse their products due to her increased popularity. TV Series Missing You @ I Miss You (MBC, 2012)Lie to Me (SBS, 2011)Personal Preference (MBC, 2010) cameoTake Care of the Young […]

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