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Miss Ripley

Title: 리플리 / Miss Ripley
Chinese Title : 雷普利小姐
Also Known as : Miss Ripley Who I Loved…
Previously known as: 굿바이 미스 리플리 / Goodbye Miss Ripley
Genre: Melodrama, romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2011-May-30 to 2011-July-19
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Two very different men fall in love with Jang Mi Ri, a woman whose life is a complicated web of lies, propelled by her greedy desires that stem from an unfortunate childhood. Jang Myung Hoon is an ambitious hotelier who maintains perfect control of himself and his life, while Yutaka is the warm and gentle heir of a Korean-Japanese hotel conglomerate. Their love for Mi Ri and her tragic ambition eventually leads them down the path of destruction.

Miss Ripley is based on the real life case of Shin Jung Ah, a university professor and art curator at Dongguk University who was discovered to have forged her creditials in order to get hired, with the help of her boyfriend (then presidential secretary) Byun Yang Kyoon, and embezzled funds from the art gallery’s corporate sponsorship.


Lee Da Hae as Jang Mi Ri
Park Ha Young as Mi Ri (young)
Jung Da Bin as Mi Ri (teen)
Micky Yoochun as Yutaka / Song Yoo Hyun
Yang On Yoo as Yutaka (young)
Kim Seung Woo as Jang Myung Hoon
Kang Hye Jung as Na Hee Joo

Extended Cast

Hwang Ji Hyun as Lee Gwi Yeon
Choi Myung Gil as Lee Hwa
Lee Sang Yeob as Ha Chul Jin
Song Jae Ho as President Lee
Jang Yong as Song In Soo
Kim Na Woon as Kang Shi Young
Kim Chang Wan as Director Choi
Baek Bong Ki as as Deputy Manager Kim
Lee Soo Mi (이수미) as Jo Eun Bom
Kim Jung Tae as Hirayama
Min Joon Hyun as Manager Han
Park Ji Yeon as Yuu (cameo, ep 3)
X-5 as themselves (cameo, ep 3)
Yang Mi Kyung as Yoo Hyun’s mother
Uhm Ki Joon as prosecutor (cameo)
Maeng Sang Hoon

Production Credits

Producer: Han Hee
Director: Choi Yi Sup, Choi Won Suk
Screenwriter: Kim Sun Young


2012 48th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award, Actor: Park Yoochun (Miss Ripley)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Newcomers Awards (Mini Series), Best New Actor (Park Yoo Chun)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Producer’s Award, Actor (Kim Jung Tae)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-05-30 1 11.3 (3rd) 14.2 (3rd)
2011-05-31 2 11.9 (4th) 15.6 (3rd)
2011-06-06 3 10.4 (5th) 12.5 (4th)
2011-06-07 4 9.6 (8th) 11.8 (7th)
2011-06-13 5 9.0 (11th) 11.3 (5th)
2011-06-14 6 9.8 (7th) 12.6 (6th)
2011-06-20 7 9.1 (9th) 10.4 (6th)
2011-06-21 8 10.1 (6th) 12.2 (5th)
2011-06-27 9 8.9 (16th) 11.0 (8th)
2011-06-28 10 10.8 (4th) 12.8 (5th)
2011-07-04 11 10.7 (7th) 12.7 (5th)
2011-07-05 12 10.5 (6th) 12.9 (5th)
2011-07-11 13 12.3 (6th) 14.6 (4th)
2011-07-12 14 14.0 (3rd) 16.4 (3rd
2011-07-18 15 12.4 (4th) 15.5 (4th)
2011-07-19 16 12.2 (4th) 15.4 (3rd)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : Rien cute Says:

    Yoochun oppa drama baru y…sukseess dah 🙂

  2. 2 : ptsh836 Says:

    micky yoochun 🙂 yyyiiiipeeee!!! but to fall for a scheming, greedy liar n older lady is too much to stomach!!! why ever subject sweet yoochun to such torture??? he deserves better!! n da last straw….to rival with kim seung woo for her attention n luv??? unbelievable!!! yoochun can hv any woman he wans without even trying!!! why is he causing us so much heartache???

  3. 3 : jewel Says:


    he’ll learn from them, so its a good thing.

  4. 4 : ptsh836 Says:


    oh yeah?? my heart is alrdy bleeding 4 mickey!! why ever torture him so?? no better drama?? no better storyline?? i say Sack his manager!!! or better still, place him on a rack n Burn him ALIVE!!!!

  5. 5 : AN Says:

    agree…he should hv a better story line..at least plz ar give him young heroin..

  6. 6 : OK OK OK Says:

    I copied from the above Synopsis
    “Their love for Mi Ri and her tragic ambition eventually leads them down the path of destruction”

    “Them” means the 2 male leads ?

    Don’t tell me this drama will have a bad ending?? I DON’T like bad ending story & I also DON’T like leads with a bad/miserable past ….. so sad. 🙁

    Hope Micky Yoochun or Lee Da Hae can act in a more lively comedy drama.

  7. 7 : rain Says:

    unni Lee Da Hae n oppa Yoochun good luck for your a drama……..

  8. 8 : yuuki Says:

    i lov yoochun!!!!!!!

  9. 9 : mona Says:

    lee da hae fighting!!!!

  10. 10 : dehae shi Says:

    LDH and Micky Y makes a perfect couple. Hope it have a happy ending
    together. Go Ripley!

  11. 11 : KL Says:

    Good boy is falling in love w/ prostitute girl
    What the……
    *quite dissapointed with the plot

  12. 12 : miricia Says:

    @KL but i think, the plot makes the story more interesting, rite?

  13. 13 : Miss Park Says:

    i heard that Park Ji yeon will be cast in this drama ??
    but i didn’t see her name in the list…??

  14. 14 : miricia Says:

    @Miss Park T-ara’s Jiyeon? Yes, she will be in the drama, but as a cameo…

  15. 15 : b Says:


  16. 16 : je Says:

    i luv much oppa yoo chun…keep fighting 4 our spirit……GBU…

  17. 17 : home decoration Says:

    micky yoochun 🙂 yyyiiiipeeee! love you

  18. 18 : purplemay Says:

    yoochun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this drama will be great! can’t wait!

  19. 19 : purplemay Says:

    DBSK/JYJ’s micky yoochun!!!!!!!!! this drama will be great! can’t wait!!!!

  20. 20 : purplemay Says:

    Having a melodrama or should I say a serious drama plus working with senior actors/actresses will hasten and prove micky’s acting ability… Micky is serious in everything he does… its a stepping stone for him to be a great actor…

    So to those questioning him why he chose this drama instead…. why? what’s wrong with it? come on… him being hurt or falling deeply in love with the main actress is simply an act… being upset because he’s gonna get hurt in the drama is just simply lame… be happy for him and support him all the way.

  21. 21 : mjl Says:

    I don’t think I will like the storyline as I did like SKKS. I don’t like the leading lady….. but i like to see how Mickey will fair because for me he did well in SKKS. I don’t like the synopsis of the story—- “self destruct”- as what they say…. I don’t like story with “greed” as its theme. :-((

  22. 22 : KDaddict Says:

    believed in love, but lost everything;
    wanted to own the world, even if it is not for real;
    owned the world, but then it is all false;
    thought they were on top of the world,
    at least for that moment…..

    These lyrics from the OST should give us an idea what the theme of the drama is abt: Lies, Love and ultimately facing the truth; pain, suffering n maybe growth.

  23. 23 : CJ Says:

    Kim Seung Wooooooooo!!! ♥ I’ll watch this dramaa!!

  24. 24 : Miimii Says:

    CAN’T WAIT!!! Micky YUCHUN & Lee Da Hae

  25. 25 : Ceechun Says:

    chunnie is not the lead actor? this looks serious…

  26. 26 : miricia Says:

    @Cheechun it is said that 4 of them are the lead actor… Yes, this drama is the serious one… I supposed…

  27. 27 : jewel Says:


    whatever yoochun choses to do, i think it is the best for him. and i support him with that.

    and what exactly is the “better drama” and “better storyline” you want him do?

    i think this one’s pretty interesting.

  28. 28 : snow Says:

    I really want to watch this drama cos I love Micky Yoochun so much……

  29. 29 : snow Says:

    Wish Micky Yoochun get more award this year

  30. 30 : abby Says:

    I’m glad that yoochun has a new drama and this is the reason why I’. watching it.For Lee Da hae I’m very dissapointed w/her the comments she did over star king way back about how other nationality speak English.But on the other hand she’s a good actress but she must be careful of what’s coming out from her mouth. For her I can forgive she’s only human but she might offend her fans specially in Asia.

  31. 31 : cherry Says:

    i wish yoochun can get more award for this drama

  32. 32 : gyiem Says:

    i love both of them…yoochun and lee da hae…their acting was so cool…yoochun always remind me to his character in SKKS while da hae in my girl…so awesome…i also excited to watch park min young in city hunter…they’ve a great talent…i can’t wait to watch dis drama!!!!!

  33. 33 : herleni Says:

    succes for yuchun,,,,,,jyj fighting.

  34. 34 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 1

    Rating was given 9.9 out of 10 in other website.
    Tempted. So I watched episode 1.
    Can feel the desperation in Jang Mi Ri (Lee Da Hae)
    She is very pretty, rugged and sexy in her outlook in this role. She is so slim & tall too – hour class figure. I like her long slightly perm hair. Suits her very well. Good Actress.

    Don’t like 2nd lead actress look – she got an “auntie” look. And I don’t like her “clumsy” character.
    Hope she is not link with Micky Yoochun in any romance in this show….

    Micky Yoochun acted well too – and he is really a warm & gentle guy in this drama.
    Even this drama is based on true story, hope it got a ending and with great success. All the best 🙂 🙂

  35. 35 : OK OK OK Says:

    Even this drama is based on true story, hope it got a GOOD HAPPY ending and with great success. All the best 🙂 🙂

  36. 36 : OK OK OK Says:

    What happen to my earlier comments about Miss Ripleys drama…..

  37. 37 : loveanimeever Says:

    I really hope it will have a good ending!! XD
    Episode 1 is really nice!

  38. 38 : shocco locco Says:

    MY GOD look at the ratings..hahahaa

  39. 39 : sumi Says:

    I like lee da hae and you choon i hope they they are together happy ending.like my girl

  40. 40 : OK OK OK Says:

    Jang Mi Ri —– why, why, why,

    When Yukata said he is interested in you, you should said yes.

  41. 41 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Da Hae’s eyes is so attractive. 🙂

  42. 42 : Lovemoon Says:

    I love Lee Da Hae. She seems looks skinny on this drama. I can’t recorgnize her and seems like her look keeps changing depending on how the camera viewing/shooting her from different angles.
    I am not sure why they pick the two lead actors (42 yrs old and 25 yrs old) when LDH is 27 yrs old. I mean their real age. 2 lead actors are fine as individual (acting and look) but putting them with LDH and have them falling in love with her. Hmm….??? I can’t see how Micky Yoochun acting flirting with LDH. Didn’t look like he is the type can creating some sparkling when chasing girl for us to feel exciting as already presented in ep2. (for ex. if they put RAIN in this cast then you can see total different sparks, isn’t it?). I am not sure I will feel exciting when Kim Seung Woo (42 yrs old) kisssssses her. (Not sure why they didn’t put a different actor such as Lee Sang Woo, 31 yrs for this castas an example. He can look cool, mature and serious)
    No further comments at this point. Just a thought. Will wait until more ep. to see how the chemistry between each pair.

  43. 43 : OK OK OK Says:

    I am stress after watching the 1st 2 episodes. I am always worried for JMR becoz of her background, always chase by that “bad” guy from Japan. He also acted as a rich biz man cum eccentric murderer who poison people’s drink in drama SIGN acted by Park Shin Yang.

    I am so afraid that Yukata (MY) will get hurt. It affect my mood that I don’t really enjoy other comedies which i am currently chasing like LTM, BFB, RT, TGLove, City Hunter, Shining etc 🙁
    need to warm up again – ha
    I think i need to stop watching this Ms Ripley for the moment until I know its a good ending for both JMR & Yukata before i continue. Finger X.. ha 🙂

    Its base on True story of SJA and this drama change a bit of the plot.

  44. 44 : tomobuddy Says:

    is it gonna be such a touchy mellow drama ?
    i guess the story is so damn complicated.
    will it be happy ending ?

  45. 45 : cherry Says:

    oh good rating

  46. 46 : takumi Says:

    i watch this drama not bcoz the storyline, it’s bcoz of my bias park yoochun & it get more interesting when he paired with lee da hae. but after watching 1st & 2nd ep, i’m a bit disappointed bcoz of the 1st lead actor & 2nd lead actress that look like ajumma & ajushi 2 me

    out of hundred korean actors & actress, i’ve been wondering why the PD pick both Kim Seung Woo & Kang Hye Jung?? *sigh*

    no matter what, i still watch this drama to show my support for park yoochun & JYJ..yoochun oppa figthing..hope that they get more opportunity to act & perform in future

  47. 47 : KDaddict Says:

    Lee DaH looks kickass great in a Black leather jacket, n I’ve Never seen anyone look so good in a black pencil skirt w/white blouse.
    Kim Seung Woo plays the role of an OLDER married man falling Hopelessly in love with a dangerous young woman, n is willing to risk ALL for her. A handsome young man in that role wouldn’t project the same kind of desperation. KimSW is a good actor. Not every 2nd lead in every drama needs to be an eye-candy. Sometimes the script calls for sth else.
    I also don’t like the 2nd actress. She is like the ahjuma in Manny: homey n clumsy.
    Well, we have Micky n LeeDH. That is fantastic.
    Those who want a happy-ending in this drama might as well quit now. No hope for it whatsoever.

  48. 48 : guiterstar Says:

    I am waiting for DVD of this drama.

  49. 49 : guiterstar Says:

    I think it can be good drama

  50. 50 : herleni Says:

    yuchoon look so dandy,,,i cant wait to see english sub..

  51. 51 : cherry Says:

    I want to watch this drama with English sub.

  52. 52 : fossil Says:

    I am waiting for DVD of Miss Ripley.

  53. 53 : kiszy Says:

    @cherry no.51, u should search on youtube. ^_^ llovve lee dahae, love the story!

  54. 54 : Bebe Says:

    Just watched the 1&2 Eps. Love the story already. Love the 2 main actors, no mater what others say. Feel sad, because it might be a sad ending.

  55. 55 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 3

    1) What, nuns can force/ switch children to be adopted even she refuse?
    2)So disappointed JMR still don’t know that Yukata is the heir of this hotel. What a bad fate she has. She is going to seduce Jang Myung Hoon because he is gg to take over the “old president” after the company merge.

    3) Don’t tell me Yukata is gg to stay under the same roof as the “ajumma”.
    4) Why the “Ajumma” got Tokyo U Cert still need to work as chambermaid.
    5) Now then realize there are 2 old men in here. One is JMH’s boss, another is Yukata’s father. I got mix up – no wonder sometimes i find the drama weird. hahaha 🙂

    6) Find Yukata relationship with the parents is not so “warm” especially the mother.

  56. 56 : jangerr Says:

    @55 OK OK OK

    Totally agree with you.

    The part on the last minute forced switch in adoption is ridiculous! I’m sure there are numerous adoption procedures and legal processes that need to be done before an adoption…

    Hee Joo having to work as a chambermaid despite her Tokyo Uni degree is equally baffling! Maybe there’s a hidden reason? Something similar to Yutaka’s situation?

    Acutally I don’t quite like Hee Joo’s role. I know it’s standard kdrama formula of having this girl 1, girl 2 & guy 1, guy 2 or love-square kind of thing, I was kind of hoping that this drama will play it a bit differently…

    Maybe, it’s needed for Mi Ri to have a female ‘enemy’ of some sort to create additional tension. After all, it’s partly due to Hee Joo that Mi Ri’s sad life turned out the way it did. Yes, Mi Ri’s broken family started it off, but it was the forced switch in adoption that made her life really hit the pits!

    All Mi Ri cares about now is to get to the top and who can help to do so… She can’t see anything else. That’s why she will not take notice of Yutaka or respond to his overtures till she knows that he’s the heir of a hotel conglomerate… It’s really sad but don’t think she’ll experience true love, at least not her part. Maybe I should say that I don’t think she’ll be able to truly love someone…

  57. 57 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 56 jangerr

    I don’t like the girl 2. If you go to her profile, she looks prettier in that main photo. I guess she went to remake her nose. Now she really look like “ajumma”.
    If you hv watched ep3, when g1 & g 2 lying on the bed together in g2 hse, they look like mother & daughter instead of friends of close age.
    I will be furious if g2 is gg to have romance with Yukata & even worse if both end up together 🙁

    Some women who hv became a mother also don’t look like “ajumma”

    The ratings drops – even at 3rd episode – its seems its just so difficult for JMR to know that Yukata is the heir of the hotel & their are many unconvincing points. Audience feel tire – want to sleep already. I am one of them. 😉

  58. 58 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 4

    Furious, furious, furious. No wonder the ratings down.

    Micky Yoochun ssi, next drama, please be a lead actor i & end up with lead actress & live happily ever after. 🙂 I don’t like sad ending acted by you…. :

  59. 59 : takgu99 Says:

    try to watch baker king kim tak gu…..amazing story!! superb!!
    10/10 n 5 stars!! love it!! XOXO

  60. 60 : jangerr Says:

    @OK OK OK

    Me too! I don’t want g2 to end up with Yukata. She’s just so wrong for him… Or maybe I just don’t like the actress playing that role? Anyway, looking at how things are turning out, I’m afraid it may end up that way… Sigh…

    You’re right too about the many unconvincing parts in this show and this in just 4 episodes!!! No wonder the rating is going down! It started off so promising… Let’s hope the writer buck up and close most, if not all, the loopholes and of course don’t allow g2 to end up with Yukata… Otherwise it’ll not be worth following this drama…

  61. 61 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 60 Jangerr

    I don’t mind g2 to to end up with Yukata if she is lovely & adorable. I will still be happy for him. 🙂

    But definitely this g2 does not suits Yukata at all. She look old & behaves like a clumsy ajumma 🙁

    I am sure they have many pretty & adorable actresses to match with Yukata & I don’t know why she is being chosen. ;( What happen to that person eyes who have chosen her?

    I think i m gg to wait this drama ends and watch the last episode n see who ended up with who. If it is a sad ending & Yukata ends with G2, I will not waste my time.
    Seeing Lee Da Hae in this role as JMR also make me mad. What if she is beautiful, JMR’s character make me dislike her. 🙁

  62. 62 : Miimii Says:

    Wussub RATING ?? :S

  63. 63 : drama freak Says:

    the rating is going down?? why?? can anybody tell me…is this drama no good? if it is not good i won’t waste my time….what’s this drama about?

  64. 64 : KDaddict Says:

    @jangerr & OK OK OK:
    I watched 2 eps n it doesn’t draw me back. Watching LDH’s expressions remind me of Norman Bates in Psycho. It’s that scary. She is a good actress playing the part of a sociopath, but it is uncomfortable to watch. I like both actors, but neither one is a good match for her: one is too old n vulnerable(lonely); the other is too young n naive for her. I know that is the point of the plot, but it isn’t captivating. And I too dislike 2nd actress n her character.
    I concur w OK: Wait till it has finished its run, check out last ep. n then may go for it when there is nothing else to watch, if the ending is acceptable.

  65. 65 : Miimii Says:

    The Rating Drop is actually Nonesens!!! I watched Ep 3 & 4 and they were Amazing!!~~ I won’t Relay on Rating anymore..
    On the Other Hand Baby Faced Beauty is also Nice and deserve the 1 rating~~ so let’s not compare and judge based on rating cuz each drama has it’s own magic ^^

  66. 66 : PILI Says:

    @64 Totally agree with you sigh..

  67. 67 : phonelinn Says:

    i hope it will rise more pt.

  68. 68 : eyeyey Says:

    I love this drama
    And I love Yoochun!!!!

  69. 69 : eyeyey Says:

    I love this drama and I love Yoochun!!!!

  70. 70 : eyeyey Says:

    But I think Yoochun’s characters is too perfect. How could he not have any negative side at all? and Myung Hoon is very charismatic but I really hope the end of this drama is Miri with Yutaka
    😀 😀 😀

  71. 71 : Serena Says:

    wonder who is Mi Ri end with. Love Micky a lot. He looks smart, calm and warm. I wish Mi Ri will end with Yukata more match. It will be sad if its not happy ending. Who can tell will be happy ending? or sad. If sad, i wont continue watchig this drama. I watch this drama b coz I like Micky Yoo Choon

  72. 72 : sc Says:

    i love lee da hae past drama… in this drama she acting as a negative person. im so sad when im watching my fav actress acting as a antagonist character…and i dont like Na Hee Joo because she looks old and ridiculous. i hope the story will end like this….Lee da hae turn to be a good person and end up with yukata…jang myung hoon remarried with his wife.. what happen to na hee joo? maybe further study to forget her love to yukata n falling in love with someone else… LOL

  73. 73 : sc Says:

    i really want to know the ending…if the ending is hee joo gonna be with yukata i would feel like a waste watching this drama..i love watching lee da hae acting.

  74. 74 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 64 kdaddict

    I still peep peep a little out of curiosity @ ep 6. LDH knows that Micky Yoochun is the heir of the hotel and she is scheming how to get close to him and her room mate g2 also interested in Micky and she is jealous when LDH & Micky so close to each other.
    I still worry for LDH and also Micky relationship 🙁
    Still don’t like what i see. LDH just couldn’t cut off ties with Kim Seung Soo bcoz she could not find a good excuse. I feel sad for her.
    Will wait for the last episode & decide to watch or not….

  75. 75 : lyness_marklay Says:

    still calculate to watch or not this drama looking for comment more negative than positive…………

    guyz………..plz help me……..its a good or not…….watch or not…….

    crazy watch greates of love….love to see leading women ( sang dol lets go to school, pasta, teaher, thank u )

    i love lee da hee with micky…..in case end this this story lee da hee with kim seung hoo hem so old wih da hee.. better not watch…

    plz giv eda answer…..

  76. 76 : via Says:

    Thumb down! the worst drama!

  77. 77 : rose Says:

    I love Yoochun too!!!! He is good here)
    But I agree with @76 via… this the worst drama!(((
    And I understand why rating is going down…
    I don’t like here Lee Da Hae:( I love her in other dramas, but not here…
    If I will continue to watch this drama, that is only because of Yoochun)

  78. 78 : insoon Says:

    the story is too dragging… hates me to see Lee Da Hae doing this character in this drama. doesn’t suit her image. like her though in other dramas. agree with 76 and 77i will still continue watching this because of Yoochun. Love this guy! More power to the uploaders and subbers of this drama. Keep up the good work.

  79. 79 : Young Park Says:

    I love Da-Hae Lee! She is very beautiful!

  80. 80 : lyness_marklay Says:

    regarding from 76,77,78 is a worst drama, watching bcoz youchun…..i agree wit u all……..hem so better not to watch………

  81. 81 : via Says:

    I hate Lee Dae hae Character here, why she have to be an antagonist character? I dont like it!!! its ruined her image in my mind.. I wont watching it till I knew how this drama will end? happy ending or bad ending? I will watching this drama if it is a happy ending for LDH and MY together.. otherwise I wont watching this drama forever…

  82. 82 : Mia Says:

    OMG i want to kill miri what an person, woow she is really something omg for each eps i start to hate her even more..hahhah funny thing is that she is putting all the bad things in her life on heejoo, feels like heejoo is the lead girl and miri the bad one, taking the guy she loves and her life she has workt so hard for..and if miris mother didnt leave her things whouldnt have turned out this way and for gods sake what an person she is…i have had a hard life to with both my parents still alive, my dad not having an leg, my mums heart problems and i have four younger siblings from the day i turned 16 i have worked when ever i time i am even working night to pay for college and i dont blame my parents for not being better…as my mum say you and only you are the one that can controll your´life and no one else no matter how hard things have been you can always start over but only with you own hard work and strenght…YEAA miri not heejoos hard work you OWN

  83. 83 : Mia Says:

    i wonder if yoochuns stepmother isnt miris mother who left her, it whouldnt superise me if it turned out that she was miris mother who left her to marry yoochuns father..hmm what do you guys think

  84. 84 : HuLi Says:

    Ep 5

    Young Yukata’s so cute. What’s his name ???

  85. 85 : Leeson Says:

    I gonna stop watching this, every new episode it becomes more painful to watch!

  86. 86 : drama freak Says:

    haiz…is this drama nice… i watched 2 episodes… and it seems kinda boring… should i continue?????

  87. 87 : KDaddict Says:

    We are used to KDs being light n entertaining. This one is dark n intense. And the main actress is the baddie. Except not quite. While we hate her, we also feel some pity. I am sure the ending will be upsetting too. It is a tragedy after all.
    If we watch, it’d be becos Yoochun is so cute, KSW’s acting is flawless, LDH’s gorgeous, sexy n acts so well. It’s a different kind of a ride.

  88. 88 : Jasalways Says:

    Despite all the negative comments about this show, the ratings is actually better than Lie To Me since they are playing on the same day & time.

    And again , despite how dark & intense this show is … it somehow draws me to watch , follow & wait for it ….. I just can’t watch one episode straight – hur hur ~

    Gotta break into several parts cos its indeed too much intensity within 1 episode (like black swan) ;>

    But we really gotta admit that its not easy to have a show like this (be it filming or acting) … Cheers ~

  89. 89 : theworstme Says:

    Is it really a worst drama? OMG i really like yoochun.. i want to watch it because of yoochun only, but after reading this comments makes me think twice.. better not to watch this.. i hope yoochun will have a another drama. A much better just like Sungkyunkwan, or at least a lead role.. JYJ Rules!!!!

  90. 90 : BblvE07 Says:

    I really love Ldh and PYC, BUT i hate the storyline and Ldh’s character..
    But I still love them.
    I hope it was a romantic comedy drama like my girl and Skkscandal..
    Hu.hu so sad..

  91. 91 : BblvE07 Says:

    Who is the lead actor?
    Is it PYC or not, I hope he is.

  92. 92 : gabriella Says:

    at the beginning of this drama seem like interesting, but after ep 3,4 and 5 kind a boring.then episode 6,7 it start to interesting again..because that episode make u more curios about what would happen after that..this episode slowly to reveal who is real Jang Mi Ri…don’t stop..keep watching..support micky yuchun!!!

  93. 93 : Charlie Says:

    @83 Mia,
    I was only able to manage to watch the first few episodes, but I think you’re right on. I had that sense as well.

  94. 94 : susu Says:

    Actually gabriella is right. The story started off quite well, then it slowed down but picked up again after a few episodes. Now it’s getting kind of interesting. It may not be the standard fare in terms of storylne but if you keep watching, it’ll draw you in… slowly but surely…

  95. 95 : Kingtez64 Says:

    I dont find this drama has flaws from the start to the latest episode.. The story itself is some kind of intense and always hold your breath if what happens next..maybe the fans of ldh and yoochun are just having a culture shock about their level up mature role as they used to watch them in light romantic love story..i guess both of them justified their skills in acting to this drama effectively, the only problem is the sub ..very delayed on net cant wait too see and dont want to stop my enthusiasm watching this updatedly..

  96. 96 : mona Says:

    can’t help waiting for the dvd 🙂

  97. 97 : Carmen Says:

    The mean girl is like RUBI on spanish novela

  98. 98 : nana chan Says:

    I love this drama so much.. especiaLLy Yuchun character.. who care about ratings.. :*

  99. 99 : mandalia Says:

    i love lee dae hee, her acting as jang mi ri is good,, good acting

  100. 100 : cassiopeiaOT5 Says:

    I Love yoochun, and I love LDH.

    I know The storyline is so difficult to understand, and make us feel so annoyed and angry.

    But It’s prove that LDH, Yoochun, and other cast have a good acting skill.

    They can make us angry , annoyed, even hate their caracter in this story.

    I don’t know why, people judge this’s bad drama?

    even rating is almost high, it has second rank if it’s compared with other drama in same time, rite?

    That’s good rite? Not get low rating =.=

  101. 101 : Charlie Says:

    There was not much going on in the K Drama world last week, so I was able to catch up all the remaining episodes, and although I didn’t like this drama initially – full of lies and cheats, but now I actually started to like this drama and got hooked on. I am waiting to see how the story will develop and hope Mi Ri will get a second chance to start over with Song Yoo Hyun since now it seems that she’s living by her heart, not by her desires, and they truly love each other. After all, she too has been a victim of the abandon by her parent and discriminations from the society.

    Lee Da Hae and YooChun are great actors; they are also so beautiful to watch, Da Hae is so beautiful, YooChun’s charisma is undeniable (I like your new hair-cut, way better than the one in the earlier episodes). Hope their love story won’t end just because it appears that the girl had a past that no girl would be proud and wasn’t as perfect as she appeared initially. But they do love each other; the love story should not be ended by their indifference social classes and statuses. Let’s not tint the meaning of love. Based on Jang Myung Hoon’s attitude and actions after he discovered that Mi Ri’s true identity, I don’t think this older man had truly loved her.

    I don’t understand why this drama is called “Miss Ripley”, I thought there would be some blood shed – Jang Mi Ri would kill anyone who’s stopping her perusing her desires, just like “Mr. Ripley”. Sincerely hope this drama won’t go to Mr. Ripley’s direction, life is beautiful or suppose to be, after all.

    Waiting to see next episode – 14.

  102. 102 : KDaddict Says:

    To those who ask if this is a “worst” drama:

    I don’t think anyone said this was bad, just that it is different. So it is Not a romantic comedy. Basically, it doesn’t make you laugh. Actually, it even makes you nervous, becos u are always worried for the main characters. But that doesn’t mean it is not a good show. It is good. It is well worth watching if you want a change of pace from the regular KD.
    The writing is smart, the acting is superb. It is a daring attempt. It deserves plenty of support n compliments.

  103. 103 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh, I scrolled down to see that a few ppl did call it “a worst drama”. I honestly believe that it is just very different.
    The 1st time Mi Ri lied, it was unintentional. She asked: If I had a degree from Tokyo U, would u do something for me then? Well, yes, he does. From there, the lie just snowballs. The way she treats her bestf is atrocious. Then she dumps Kim SW for YC. We want the gold-digger to get caught, n we want to slap her face. But a few eps later, when her lies are exposed, I think she deserves a break, cos she has never had one in her life. She cozies up to YC, I want to shoo her away. But when her ex-boyf pimp shows up to claim her, I hope she can get away. This drama has me switching sides all the time. It is anything but straight-forward, n I love it for this.
    In every KD, I always wish the main actress to end up with the lead actor. This time, I think that YC is too good for Mi Ri. I’d be happy if she goes with KSW, then it leaves Yoochun for the rest of us!

  104. 104 : Charlie Says:

    God is or will be punishing the mom who abandoned her daughter for her own happiness and desire.
    Although Yoo Hyun deserves someone better than Mi Ri, but I still want to see they can end up tie their knots. Why not? Although technically they are step brother and sister, but they didn’t know that before they fell in love. Although it seems that it is the first time Yoo Hyun falls for a girl, and Mi Ri had slept with men, at least with the hotel manager, probably the first boyfriend from Japan as well. But she had been struggling for her whole life to try to survive; can she be given a chance to be a better person? But will that be fair for what she had done or promote for cheating and lying? I don’t know. But I do know that I want her to get a second chance.
    Can’t wait for next Monday – episode 15.

  105. 105 : hyomin Says:


  106. 106 : sonegirl Says:

    Maybe if you usually watch a romantic comedy drama, you will initially get bored with this, because it is a melodrama. But if you keep watching, Miss Ripley really makes us curious about what will happen with Miri, Yoochun and other characters. I promise!!! And if you are Yoochun’s fans, you should watch this drama because he’s very handsome in here. 😀

  107. 107 : Charlie Says:

    I wasn’t a YooChun’s fan before this drama, even I had watched SungKyunKwan Scandal before. Now I am his big fan, love him and all his songs, thru watching this drama.

  108. 108 : jangerr Says:

    @ Charlie & KDaddict

    You’ve both said the things I want to say… Just that both of you said it better!

    For those who are hesitating to watch or have given up after a few episodes, my suggestion is just keep on watching. Once you’ve passed halfway through, you’ll be hooked! I must admit that I too have wanted to give up after a few episodes but now I’m intrigued…

  109. 109 : effa Says:

    this drama starts strong but then ‘too much romance’ in the end. i really want kang hye jong’s more scene and you know more intrique…. but i still love it 🙂

  110. 110 : Charlie Says:

    What! What’s the ending? Leave it to the audiences to imagine?
    I don’t like the ending. Too vague.

  111. 111 : rose Says:

    I don’t like the ending too!(((

  112. 112 : Charlie Says:

    I guess the ending is really as the Jang Myung Hoon said”turn everything back to the beginning”, as if they all never met, Mi Ri is also living honestly. But about all the Romance? That too can also go back to the beginning, just with a conclusion that he had loved her?

  113. 113 : KDaddict Says:

    Now that the show has ended, ppl who have been sitting on the fence can watch it without hesitation or worries. It is no where as dark as it first appears. Nothing really bad happens to anybody. It starts with a lot of threat, but ends mildly.
    I don’t mind the ending. Actually, it ends fine. The romances don’t work out, as it is only logical that they don’t. Mother and daughter acknowledge each other, but keep their distance, as that is also the only feasible outcome. Mira didn’t do anything horrible, so she is only lightly punished, and gets a chance to live a new life, free from the burdens of her past. I guess that is as good an outcome for her as can be expected.
    It started so scary, but get toned down drastically. It is a prime time show after all; they can’t scare away the viewers!

  114. 114 : Ging Says:

    In a way it’s a good ending but I would have like it very much if they give love a chance since they really love each other – but anyway I enjoyed watching this drama, I love Lee Da Hae – I’m looking forward for her next project.

  115. 115 : KDaddict Says:

    I am not familiar with Kang Hye Jung, so I looked her up on this website. The 8 or 10 photos of her under her name look nothing like the way she appears in Miss Ripley. Or to put it another way, her appearance in Miss Ripley doesn’t look like any of her photos. I don’t think the photos were from that long ago, but she looks like sb who is a good 10 years older in Miss Ripley, n quite devoid of youthfulness or sexiness. Just puzzled.

  116. 116 : xyuizz4 Says:

    in this story.. there is no kiss scene between yoochun n dae hae??

  117. 117 : OK OK OK Says:

    I have watched ep 1 to 4 when this drama started. I skip and watch ep 16 today after reading some comments.
    Quite ok, can accept – not too tense or violent. If Yukata father add Miri’s mom into their family name, that means Yukata cannot marry Miri already because they will consider as 1/2 brother & sister officially. Sad 🙁

    But Yukata said that he really loves Miri and said she is his heart. That means without her, he cannot live…. So that means he will look for her again??? 😉

    I also dislike this type of ending. Whether Miri & Yukata will meet again, starts a fresh romance and end up happily this time or not – the writer wants us to crack our head and also grow some grey hair. 🙂

    I will watch the whole show when i got the time becoz I like Micky Yoochun & Lee Da Hae 🙂 🙂

  118. 118 : lizoo Says:

    i loved it!! just great ! , if i ‘d say something bad , it ‘d be the ending…i was disappointed !

  119. 119 : ok ok ok Says:

    Micky Yoochun – Looking forward to your next happy romance drama. 🙂

  120. 120 : natbig Says:

    I love this drama, I love Lee da hae. She is good acting, I cry because I love her.

  121. 121 : sumi Says:

    miss ripley great good drama I been watch this drama few time every episode still very excited .lee da hae yoo chun kim seung woo fighting.lee da hae good aktres i like her drama my girl too

  122. 122 : karen millen dress Says:

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  123. 123 : sariana Says:

    Lee da hae is so pretty..perfect… i’m a big fans from da hae… i love this drama… micky yochun so cool.. love too..

  124. 124 : kirana Says:

    I like lee da hae,i like micky,but i dont like this drama……..!!!

  125. 125 : Jennie Says:

    I am doing a marathon to watch this and just finished Ep.6. I’ve always been a fan of LDH and am really infatuated with YooChun. It’s actually quite heartbreaking for me to watch LDH in this role and can’t help but wish that they had both been in a more romantic drama with a happy ending. Altho I know the ending of the story, I still want to watch the rest of the drama. I love their scenes together and I’d probably use my own imagination for a better ending for both of them. Sigh..sigh..wouldn’t it be great if they had another drama to continue their love story..hee..hee, mayb in my dreams only!!

  126. 126 : Go Micky! Says:

    OMG, I LOVE this drama. Every episode is so exciting and I especially love the scenes of LDH and Micky together..to the point that I grin each time they come on..ahhh! LDH’s dresses are so beautiful and she looks great in everything. N Micky is so charming that I wish he was mine–heehee! One complaint though is that there aren’t any kissing scenes between them. They both have such great on-screen chemistry that I think that each time he wished her goodnight, he looked as if he wanted to kiss her!! How I wish there was one though!

  127. 127 : Ezra Says:

    Best Korean Ever!!!!
    I don’t like the ending 🙁 but the story is really good
    Pleaseeeee make Miss Ripley 2….I want Jang Mi Ri and Song Yoo Hyun be together and get married, happily ever after….

    Please Mr.Choi Yi Sup, Choi Won Suk make Miss Ripley 2 🙁

  128. 128 : Jennie Says:

    I’ve watched this three times and I am so so in love with this drama. For those who gave up mid-way and hated this drama, I guess they prefer the typical poor but good girl who marries the crown prince and live happily ever after kind of kdramas, like Lie To Me, good to look at but no substance. Miss Ripley to me is cruel but realistic. It had me on edge at every episode. This drama scores on all counts..great leads, acting, ost, props and beautiful sceneries. Two things which I really didn’t like was Kim SW whom I thought was too old (heck, they could have put in someone younger and more attractive) and I hated the background music whenever there is suspense!! Overall, because it’s soo good, I am going to wait for the DVD to be on sale and add to my collection of Greats of All Time!!

  129. 129 : devi Says:

    The ending was suck, and no romantic scene a lot

  130. 130 : kpoplovers Says:

    how to watch? what text do i have to click?

  131. 131 : Jennie Says:

    @130 kpoplovers

    Just click above “Watch Online with English Subtitle” or you can watch it at:www.dramacrazy.net

  132. 132 : Anuska Says:

    the story of this drama is amazing….
    when i started to watch this drama i feel it really scary…
    In every ep.. my heart beats faster and faster and make me curious…
    Mi Ri… her acting is mindblowing..
    she is really cute…
    overall i felt this drama is really nice and different…..
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  133. 133 : Bi! Says:

    even if I like handsome guys, I am really upset for Jang Myung Hoon
    I am on episode 8 right now, and how he likes Jang Mi Ri I like it. Soon yu hyun fall in love because she is gorgeous. I feel really bad that in the stoy she has to lie to them, specially Jang Myung Hoon
    who is very lonely since he married his exwife. Not that I like old men, but this is true….

  134. 134 : Bi! Says:

    I am sorry, now I know that Soon yu hyun didnt fell in love for her because she was gorgeous, so I take back what I said before…
    What a sad history, I cried in all the drama…
    But, even though that, I am not all that sad, because she wasnt alone in the end, she had a friend, and a friend is what we all need in life.

  135. 135 : Ike Putry Permatasary Says:

    I first saw this story I was annoyed to see Jang Miri. But after I finish this story I was impressed. was a decent story to watch this movie especially in le da hae looks very beautiful from the previous drama. And Yoochun is so cool …… I named the drama has become my favorite drama

  136. 136 : Azka Says:

    To : Mr Choi yi sup
    Please make miss ripley 2, the story about jang mi ri and song yoo hyun get married. Please please please, i love this drama very much, but i hate the ending 🙁

  137. 137 : yuukichan Says:

    i ate why this drma just end lyk dis,,,,n i don’t get the idea why yoo hyun don’t try to catch jang miri even he lov her lottttttt,,,,,agggrrrrrhhhhhhh i’v got frustating bcoz they don’t end up well,,,i think dis drama should end as d’best storyline DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. 138 : Leila Says:

    I love the storyline of this drama…

    Good Job for LDH, KSW, and KHJ’s acting It was very good…
    except for MICKY.. I dont like micky’s acting at all… such a poker face… Im sorry for micky’s fan.. but i really dont like his facial expression..

    Eventhough Kim is old.. but still he have done an amazing role here…

  139. 139 : momo Says:

    luph lee da hae
    soo beautiful
    hope miss ripley will be extend

  140. 140 : Jennie Says:

    @yuukichan Hi, most of us are dissatisfied with the ending becos it’s not what we all hope for. But from a realistic point of view, this is the best ending that we all can hope for. Yutaka can’t just take back Miri becos of all her lies..it can’t be so simple yet he loved her enough to help her begin a fresh start and did not abandon her. I hated Myung Hoon’s actions wehen he discovered her secret and decided to “put things back from its beginning”. Why did he do that if he really love her? He could have helped her, like Yutaka did.

    Furthermore, if Yutaka’s father decided to “put the register right” like he said in one of the scenes, if he registers Miri as his daughter, Yutaka and her would be siblings. But if they just register her as her mother’s daughter, they still have a chance but they would still be “brother and sister”. So conclusion, I guess the writer left the rest to our imagination, so we are not so upset..hehe!

  141. 141 : Jennabel Says:

    I’m out of laeuge here. Too much brain power on display!

  142. 142 : eka Says:

    at first I saw the synopsis of this drama I’m not interested to watch it,but finally I have watch it,this drama open my eyes,Jang Mi ri Character given a difference viewpoint from the other first character of k-drama,how she stand from a difficult life make her like that… I like this drama,her act so reality for me.. good job to Lee da hee for act “Jang Mi Ri’s character…”

  143. 143 : Kanha Says:

    this drama is good but I don’t like it,… I feel miserable and my heart is heavy when seeing the lie add Up,… How could Mi Ri keep lying till almost the end of the story and never once she come to her conscience and feel sorry for what she has done. She even betray her close friend,in fact i understand her situation but still find its hard to accept it. Anyway, the Ending is great, I’m also feel disappointed at first but thinking of what Mi Ri had done, Yutaka is just too good for her. So it should ending like that…. Lee da he acting is great.

  144. 144 : nuer Says:

    saranghanikka>>like much the cast of micky…….

  145. 145 : Skinner17 Says:

    Nice concept Bad execution. It’ll be more interesting if its made into Drama Comedy since the Heroine flaw is quite heavy it should be lighten up with Humor. Pity..I am expecting much after read the synopsis.

  146. 146 : nedhi Says:

    i find it a bit borin in d beging but its okay at d end……..even though i m fan of micki uchoon but whats wid d facial expression in whole drama..should improve his acting skills…….. jang mi ri was d best in d whole drama……….

  147. 147 : fennie Says:

    This is a boring drama, although I am a fan of LDH KSW and Micky Yoochun, I was very disappointed. The architect girl facial contorting expressions were terrible, n her bumbling clumsiness did not add to her appeal. I wish they had chosen a better actress to counter Jang mi ri. If my friend stole my diploma and art works, I would kick her out of the house ASAP. Miss LDH was good and gorgeous. MY was better in SKK.

  148. 148 : shane Says:

    i realy love this drama. I think Yoo Hyun and Jang Miri still end up with each other. The last part would be the first sceen in episode one.

  149. 149 : LTM Says:

    The main actress is soo beautiful, she performed the cast of Jang Mi Ri great, good drama though I would expect Mi Ri and Yoo Huyn to see each other at the end, after much that Mi Ri has been through, she deserves to have Yoo Hyun as their love is true….but it seems all their suffering is for nothing??? 🙁

  150. 150 : K-DRAMA Says:

    I try to watch it, it seems that lots of people are commenting here!!! hehehehe

  151. 151 : sephiabllz Says:

    I love this drama and i would love to see Miri ended her life with Myung Hoon.
    Because i can feel that Miri’s love towards Myung Hoon is sincere and pure, the same as what Myung Hoon feels towards Miri. I guess, if Miri still with Myung Hoon, he will accept her unconditionally, trust me.
    But due to her greediness, she dumped myung hoon and be yutaka’s girl.
    More lies created.
    And lastly, everyone is separated.
    Hoping Miss Ripley 2 will bring back Miri and Myung Hoon together.
    While for Yutaka, believes he deserves someone better, such as Hee Joo, at the same time maintaning good relationship between the families and friends.

    Is there anyone agree with me?

  152. 152 : nayzin Says:

    I love this drama, Lee Da Hae is good at acting in this movie and Hee Joo is a lovely girl. I like Micky’s acting and he looks like an innocent child.

  153. 153 : k-dramas Says:

    I started i watched this drama but then i really dis-appointed to this. grrr i hate the other guys his already old his name myung hoon. Then i hate the other girl Hee Jo she so stupid. Her acting skills is not good. Hate this drama. grrrrrrrrrr

  154. 154 : thessakpopaddict Says:

    well i’m soo affected by this drama, i can say this is THE BEST MBC DRAMA EVER, because the storyline is very good. but i’m a bit dissapointed with the ending….not satisfied enough. exactly, did Mi Ri end up with Yukata or not ?

  155. 155 : sariana Says:

    same as Charly says , long before this .. I’m not her fans Yoochun .. but .. after watching a miss. Ripleys now I really be his true fans Yoochun … i love him… so much..

  156. 156 : ouphh Says:

    Love this drama,, especially the last two episodes..

  157. 157 : kira Says:

    she’s a bitch….but the story is okAy..5/10

  158. 158 : Sovann Says:

    In this movie, Myung Hoon is a real man :
    -who can control the hotel well, even he is only a man from a poor family with different skill ( doctor) he works hard to maintain and give good images both of him and his wealthy wife to the public. However, it’s so sad that his wife can’t see his true love to her and her family.

    I agree with Sephiabllz. I would love to see Miri ended her life with Myung Hoon. He is the first one who help Miri honestly to open a new chapter in her life in Korea . He should deserve to live freely and happily with Miri after he lost his former wife and his dear mother.

  159. 159 : mlinma Says:

    yes, I thought Myung Hoon is thoughtful and mature, he really did a master performance. I was pleasantly surprised how interesting the story line is. The cast was extraordinary.

  160. 160 : truly is me Says:

    this drama will play in my country indonesia soon, can’t wait. thanks so much indosiar. luv u…

  161. 161 : Drama Korea 2011 : Miss Ripley « Thread Of Pangeran Says:

    […] Korean Drama,  Korean Music , Korean Lovers […]

  162. 162 : doris cera Says:

    just love the twist of the story…. one of ldh best drama ever..

  163. 163 : Hyo_Yoochun Says:


  164. 164 : jessica Says:

    fighting, Park yochun

  165. 165 : hajee Says:

    I hope there is a connection .. please do miss Ripley 2 .. I like this drama .. if there is no second for the second episode drama.pleast already there…….

  166. 166 : mirza Says:

    Why this drama badly?. end of story is not good .. please do miss Ripley 2 .. please …..

  167. 167 : sharira Says:

    miss ripley 2….pleae….I love this drama, Lee Da Hae is good,….love you!!!!!korean drama miss ripley….

  168. 168 : kizila Says:

    Love this drama,, especially the last two [email protected] ripley 2!!!

  169. 169 : mira Says:

    I love this drama, Lee Da Hae is good at acting in this movie and Hee Joo is a lovely girl. I like Micky’s acting and he looks like an innocent child…..
    please miss ripley 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. 170 : zahlan Says:

    I hope there is a connection .. please do miss Ripley 2 .. I like this drama .. if there is no second for the second episode drama.pleast already there…….pease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please miss ripley 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. 171 : ah Says:

    i’ve just watched 4th episode, and i already hoping that miri will ends up with myung hoon, and yutaka with hee jo..he3x, but after i read some comments here, i think its a hopeless – _ –
    its sad ending drama, i guess, huh, i’m more happy ending than sad ending, or at least, even it ends sadly, they must being together first, before separated.. Ah, i’ll just continue watch it and see the ending my self..and i hope it worth to be watched

  172. 172 : LILI Says:

    kim seung woo walaupun udah tua tapi cakep bgt….
    ga tega lait perannya di miss ripley,
    ini film bener2 dalem bgt,top bgt,keren, dan buat jang mi ri hebat bisa naklukin 2 cowo ganteng n kaya,,,prok prok prok….

  173. 173 : harun Says:

    love is drama!!!!!!!!!!!i hope miss ripley 2!!!!
    i hope
    hope……………miss ripley 2!!!!

  174. 174 : elyana Says:

    miss ripley 2!!!please ok!!! i like korean drama..so i hope miss ripley 2..

  175. 175 : hujan Says:

    i lo9ve miss ripley!!!
    miss ripley 2..
    please ok!!!…
    miss ripley 2…

  176. 176 : mirza Says:

    well i’m soo affected by this drama, i can say this is THE BEST MBC DRAMA EVER, because the storyline is very good. but i’m a bit dissapointed with the ending….not satisfied enough. exactly, did Mi Ri end up with Yukata or not ?..please miss ripley 2.!!!

  177. 177 : linda Says:

    I really like this drama, this drama is very interesting and very good road story

  178. 178 : alya Says:

    The drama is very good, very good story i love it

  179. 179 : Noe Says:

    Seems to good drama film, let’s see when I’ve watched.

  180. 180 : rina Says:

    happy brithday

  181. 181 : rini Says:

    miss repley drama of korea… really grat..i love it. i never leave this drama..event i have plan for to go…..especialy i like with…with kim seung woo…. look like wise person… elegant…..,,, chiaaaaaaayyyyyyyoooo

  182. 182 : wonder Says:

    this series is being aired in my country currently. is the ending not so good? or is Mi Ri end up with yutaka? i wonder about shin jung ah – the woman whose story is based upon.. does she look anywhere near Lee Da Hae ? a professor? wow. from the few early epis that had been aired, i get the impression that Mi Ri, for a woman who seemed to have money trouble, dress up very nicely, her outfit incl shoes, bags etc are all so “correctly, beautifully arranged” – like “flaunting” her perfect posture, looks… so much so that those men – who are said to be so, so “qualified” – whatever that may be, fall for her manipulative ways… tch, tsk, tck… so sad and pathetic aren’t they, as usual men always fall for beauty- almost always “solely”…regardless…
    after watching korean series for some time why do i get the feeling that it’s all about flaunting wealth and beauty – the background is almost always about someone so very rich, tycoon rich, then the beautiful women, in this case Mi Ri always dress.. in this one here, with very short pants, mini skirts etc to show off her long, nicely shaped legs…
    i guess that’s the recipe for gathering audiences, followers ?

  183. 183 : wonder Says:

    is it true that Lee Da Hae had a kind of cosmetic surgery ? if so, is her looks as pictured above her new look? she is beautiful. it seems a lot of the actors/ess have already done cost. surge. before..? i also read that kim hyun joong also had something like that? i wonder about the original looks of them now..

  184. 184 : winda fatin k Says:

    i like park yoochun

  185. 185 : mei puji astuti Says:


    park yoochun

  186. 186 : Melly Says:

    Saranghae Park Yoochun 🙂

  187. 187 : Diana Says:

    I hate this drama, i don;t know why everyone said they love it.
    not happy ending!!?!?!? make the lead actress dumb! like evil…
    i don’t why have to be that.
    i like the main ide of this drama but i really2 don’t like how the drama to be in the end…

  188. 188 : Dessy Julianti Silalahi Says:

    Why its not the happy ending????? #angry
    I hope there’s also miss ripley #part2
    Come on….Jang Mi Ri must happy with Song Yu Hyun…pleaseeee #crying

  189. 189 : nita Says:

    I’m a little upset with the ending.. I don’t know Mi Ri with Myung Joon or Tanaka., they don’t explain it clearly at the ending. (ʃ˘̩̩̩_˘̩̩̩ƪ)

  190. 190 : rifqayani Says:

    wow………… miss ripley…!!!
    i like it?

  191. 191 : Neno Says:

    the story line is wooow. like it 🙂

  192. 192 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    first, i watch this drama because park yoochun cz i am jyj fangirl..
    then i like the story line.. lead female is evil girl..? is so different from others k.drama theme beside i like the way lee dae hee could pull out her character.. when she cry i can feel her sorrow, sometimes i hate and feel sympati for jang miri at the same time..
    my favorite scene when song yoohyun sing to jang miri 😉

  193. 193 : ernika Says:

    i not satisfied …why not happy ending…?

  194. 194 : puzzled Says:

    am from indonesia. the series is currently aired here, nearly finish. i do wonder about the procedure for professorship there, as being shown in the series, it seems so easy? (if my understanding is not as the original story line, then it is probably due to the poor dubbing here because it is being dubbed) to earn a professor title, doesn’t the person has to already published scientific articles(in journals or other media) – more than one article certainly (related to the field) and perhaps also already owned a PhD title? perhaps also several years of active involvement in the field & community of it? credentials? how come a person as young as Mi Ri – she is…25? 27 years old? already be in such position unless she is a genius, and a genius usually is known from the start (no room for scheme). is the real Shin Jung Ah that young when she schemed her acts? besides i wonder about the rationale of it, a prestigious uni as Uni of Tokyo would certainly draw attention if one of its alumni becomes a prominent someone, a tv host in Mi Ri’s case, surely this shows how foolish actually is this character of Jang Mi Ri in this case, if not a stupid one? people would bound to find out, being famous is being scrutinized in more than one way.
    then, didn’t Mi Ri’s mother already knew that Mi Ri is her long lost daughter when she did investigation when she first learned of Yutaka’s girlfriend? she had Mi Ri’s pic when she was still young, the age she was in the orphanage – surely she knew then that that is her daughter’s pic? so there is no excuse for being ignorant when she then cruelly tried to separate Mi Ri from Yutaka, exposed her as the club girl she was etc. then, although after a lapse of 20 years, surely the mother was already an adult with a certain ‘facial’ look – a face that Mi Ri know as a child and would later recognize when she was an adult? – as comparison, Tak Gu (Baker King) was also lost, separated when he was around Mi Ri’s age and later met his father, step mother etc – who all still with the same face-look..? and he could easily recognize them all? so in Mi Ri’s case isnt this too, too far fetched – that she couldn’t recognize her own mother? unless the mother had a radical facial surgery ..hehe…
    it is also described how the mother blamed the father, Mondo Group owner, saying she turn to an evil mother because she did it all for Mondo Group, for the father etc tho also because of her debt? wow. geez. what a weird justification. just like Yutaka said that, questioning, is it because of him that Mi Ri being abandoned, then turn to be the scheming, manipulative girl etc. the logic here is that when one is evil it is not her responsibility but others, situations, circumstances etc. where does that come from? isn’t it, a person has to take responsibility for her/his own action? here both Mi Ri and her mother are person of insatiable greed. and greed is just that, Greed, plain and simple. Money is the root of all evils. there is no rationale, justification for greed. otherwise things like corruptions, money laundering, company take overs, disputes of ownerships of resources etc would all be justified – within norms – and people who do it are actually nice, kind, considerate people – only other people, circumstances, situations make them do that? wow !
    isnt it : external circumstances, stressors, pressures, tempations will always be there and we can not control them, we can only control our own reactions to them? trying to understand people’s motives and their backgrounds is one thing but justifying it is another.

  195. 195 : puzzled Says:

    ps: i dislike the character Yutaka/Song Yoo Hyun. a “typical” who falls for beauty (physical).. then why did he have to “kidnap” Hirayama – something like in the mafia kind of story..? what is the purpose of such portrayal actually ? an interview conducted in a large, empty room in the highest floor of a building? meaning the high position Yutaka is in? …. well… over dramatization? just like i dont think Jang Yong is rightly casted as the Mondo Group President/owner, he is more suited to the role of Kim Dae Jin – father of Jang Sae Byuk in You are my Destiny.

  196. 196 : riana Says:

    Miss ripley part 2 pleeeaasssseeeeee!!!!! Jang mi ri with song yu hyun, huhu

  197. 197 : baby Says:

    Miss Ripley is really one of the best korean drama that i have seen,but the ending is really soooo sad,with the love birds being separated:(…The story line is really very good & the acting skills of lee da-hae,micky yoochun & kim seung woo must be praised! Thumbs up for their great efforts in making this drama so touching & nice.i really feel that the ending should have been more completed,as i dun quite understand the ending too???? Will there be another continuous part of Miss RIPLEY as i believe that most of us would love to see MISS RIPLEY PART 2 TOO:).If there will be MISS RIPLEY PART 2,I will definitely continue to watch it AS this is really a very good drama.Lee da-hae & micky yoochun look really very compatible in the korean drama & i will certainly hope for A MISS RIPLEY PART 2,with a more complete & happy ending:)

  198. 198 : baby Says:

    Will there be another MISS RIPLEY PART 2 as the ending is not very complete & good?MISS RIPLEY is really a very nice korean drama,with a good story line & excellent acting from the cast in MISS RIPLEY,ESPECIALLY MICKY YOOCHUN,LEE DA-HAE & KIM SEUNG WOO.I suppose many fans of MISS RIPLEY & ME,OF COURSE, will really love to see MISS RIPLEY PART 2..I REALLY HOPE TO SEE MISS RIPLEY PART 2 IN A MUCH MORE COMPLETE & HAPPY ENDING FOR THE LOVE BIRDS(JANG MI RI & SONG YOO HYUN):)

  199. 199 : Hye Min Says:

    I love Micky Yoo Chun~!

  200. 200 : ***13*** Says:

    Even though the ending wasn’t as i though it would be, i was actually satisfied about it. The story for this drama wasn’t mainly about love. Instead it was about the hardship the main character had to suffer with her lies. We all expect happy endings for every drama but not every drama focuses its theme on love 😀

  201. 201 : KDFan Says:

    As always, Korean drama ends with a dissatisfying ending. Do the directors /script writers/ producers ever learned? Majority of The fans do not like A cliff hanger ending. We want happy ending! Got it!

  202. 202 : end Says:

    or me, i am fine with the ending. i think the title itself already gives a clue about it : who I loved – that is past tense “loved” … that means it is over now, isn’t it. to me, a story does not have to have a happy ending where everything is all wrapped up in a package nicely, just like life itself – there is not always happy ending, the point is that what we have learnt from all that has happened, and how we grow – as is depicted by the characters there, they all grow, for instance Mi Ri became a better person..and personally i prefer as it is, i.e. Yutaka and Mi Ri goes separate ways.

  203. 203 : Syaera Says:

    I’m agree with end; there is not always happy ending. The story tells us a precious lesson to take note. Mi Ri will enjoy and find peace in this life ways better than before.

  204. 204 : zarima USA Says:

    yes i agree,, the ending sadden me,, why is it that most of the korean drama the ending was not a satisfying one,, can you not make it a happy ending,,,, we watch because we want to feel happy not a feeling of heavy heart,,,,, shame on you all the people behind this drama miss ripley,,, aaiiiiiiishhhh,,,

  205. 205 : zarima USA Says:

    can we have a MISS RIPLEY 2,, so that we can watch a happy ending?

  206. 206 : tina Says:

    I really didn’t like this drama and It didn’t have proportionate ending !
    also I didn’t like yoochun’s character !!
    simply I want to say they love didn’t impress me only a little !!!

  207. 207 : Winnie Says:

    A unique korean drama.

    Me and my boyfriend are addicted to the show. Lee Da Hae is my favorite korean actress and she is absolutely stunning; acting is superb as well.

    Didn’t get to know Micky Yoochun till watching this show, and i think he looks cute. The OST of the song sang by him is… just so romantic!

    Wished the ending between the both of them is good… but as per reviews, ending are sad.

    Also, a thumbups for the Director Jang, i think he’s rather pitiful in the show.

    Nevertheless, i enjoyed this unique korean drama!

    Wish to see more of lee da hae’s korean drama.

  208. 208 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Miss Ripley Rating : 2,5 out of 5 […]

  209. 209 : jiyeon_ Says:

    love this drama. one of my tops!! did a good job Ms.Ripley team!!!

  210. 210 : anna Says:

    hate this drama a lot, not inspired n full of lie, very dissapointed park yoochun take as an actor at this drama

  211. 211 : Thin Says:

    I like this movie very much.

  212. 212 : Zeez Says:

    I like Micky alot and was wondering if this show is good. Heard from my friend that it is pretty slow. Is that true?

  213. 213 : yooin Says:

    I hate this ending. Why Yukata not seek for Mi Ri if he said he would wait? It may be hard for Mi Ri to start for him but it will sure be easy for Yukata to start.
    I hate this ending. It seems no one has love after all, even the mother.
    Start shooting for Miss Ripley 2 please. Let the two lovers be together.

  214. 214 : rory Says:

    I love this drama..Normally I don’t like such a melodrama, sometimes it tooks 2,3 weeks for me to finish watching but for Miss Ripley I just took only 2days!!!I love LDH portray her role, I just imagine if I was in her shoes, how will I survive..that makes me cry a lot watching her past life..
    But how come LDH doesn’t win any awards in MBC award?It’s not easy to portray as a Jang Miri but LDH did really well..
    Btw, Micky Yoochun was so cool and pretty smart..I love him, actually I watch Miss Ripley because of him but suddenly I got hooked by LDH’s acting..She’s great!!! Thumbs up!!!

  215. 215 : eryn Says:

    Kim Seung Woo is too old

  216. 216 : FightingKD Says:

    I don’t claim to be a KD expert, having seriously joined the bandwagon last year thanks to The Princess Man. And so, I tend to use TPM as a benchmark. In my personal view, Miss Ripley has somewhat fallen short of the “bar”. Let’s face it – many watch Miss Ripley for LDH and MYC, not necessarily in that order, with the ratings reflecting it too. I’m equally guilty as I wanted to see MYC having enjoyed his performance in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Rooftop Prince. Since he sang in this drama, what more a reason not to? Having watched 4 eps, I however don’t think I’ll be sitting through all 16. 25% along, the storyline has somehow not developed well and is not showing much promise. The Ripley character is supposed to be always on the lookout, smoothly moving up the foodchain and planning ahead before being found out. Miri seems to just be a bunch of nerves, jumping at every incoming fax or company restructuring exercise. Somehow she seems more reactive than proactive, more of covering up rather than making things happen to get into the inner circle of living the high life. I’m sure there’ll be some good stuff coming up but I think my time and bandwidth can be better spent for other KDs. If there’s a possible sequel, perhaps the powers that be should cast MYC as Ripley. Usually portraying the good guy, MYC’s strengths of calm, cool and level-headedness yet living in planned and organised deception should be a nice challenge for MYC. Perhaps a retake on the stereotype chaebol – looks and sounds like chaebol blood but not quite. Can MYC make us love him even though he’s the bad “good” guy? Some saving grace to Miss Ripley is probably MYC’s singing 1 of the OST. Altho’ there were some less than kind remarks on KSW being too old, his character as a successful hotelier in the industry has to be of some age. Can’t exactly cast a 20+ young chappie and convince the audience that he has sufficient experience running a hotel which boasts in RVIP/VVIP services. Good job on the casting director for getting a top-mgmt sorta fella as Director Jang.

  217. 217 : hana Says:

    i love this drama…..very touching….. part 2 please

  218. 218 : hana Says:

    i cried a lot of this drama………….ommo i love LDH and MYC

  219. 219 : hana Says:

    i like the drama of MISS REPLY…. they say that boring the ending is not happy…. but for me my rate is outstanding 10/10…. i have a lot of DVD in Korean Drama and MISS REPLY is the one who touched my heart… when i saw Mickey Yoochun sing to Lee Da hae i cried a lot and touched my heart…. because of her mother why suffered Meri in her life… and there is 3 boys who love for meri.

  220. 220 : kjob Says:

    I totally agree with FightingKD’s synopsis. Remember, it is a melodrama based on a factual real person who lied her way to the top while embezzling money — serious deception and stealing. I’m only on ep. 7 as the first 6 made me too sad to watch; however, to me, the reason the lovers will not be together is “trust” in all of the relationships (mother, lovers, etc.) was lost. Trust is extremely important in business and in relationships. It takes time, talk, and forgiveness for the trust to rebuild and then you are not reassured of a reunion -hence hopefully no Ripley #2. An American film, The Talented Mr. Ripley, will leave you much the same way … demanding justice and fear for the characters still on the screen. Sigh…going back to humorous KD dramas.

  221. 221 : puisan Says:

    Hope can see Ending , the 16 is not good ending, like to see mei li merried

  222. 222 : tigerb Says:

    am watching this drama, not done yet. just checking how many posts are there for this series compared to “cheongdamdong alice”, where i thought because of the postings that drama was controversial. guess, either back then the current viewers were not interested in this drama, to think that this series had higher ratings than CDDA? different people have different tastes.

  223. 223 : tigerb Says:

    a love that could never be, maybe in korea. the title of the series is ‘loosely’ borrowed from a western made movie i watched a long time ago. i remember after i finished watching that movie, that the guy was so smooth, he could do what he wanted that the title was apt “talented mr. ripley”. for some reason i admired that character role to be able what he did, not that i condoned his actions, i knew of course it was all fiction. but in this series, the leading character actions elicit hatred for what she did to two people who truly loved her and to a real friend. while she had no compunction of her wrongdoings when infront of those people she stepped on, later she no longer had control of things happening. i thought that it was a simple plot, but it cannot be a korean drama if there is not a twist, and you’d think that you can understand why she did what she did. still, she deserved one year in jail (isn’t that too short?). am just glad that the writing did not allow her to go unpunished, so there’s lesson to this drama. the ending has better than expected. and i am glad too that the story was not dragged further. it is worth watching!

  224. 224 : tigerb Says:

    there is only one character i thought was very good in his role, ‘hiriyama’. also this gave me the chance to hear park yoo chun sing an ost that i read somewhere he composed. the first time i saw the lady who played ‘mi ri’ was in a drama first telecast in 2005. looks like she has grown up, in height and in looks, her acting was better too. just commenting!

  225. 225 : Goo Na-ri Says:

    I just love repeating this series .. I just love Moon Hee-joo .. 🙂

  226. 226 : sinopsis drama korea 2011Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  227. 227 : KSW fan (Holland) Says:

    I completely agree with Sephiabllz no comment no 151
    I also like kim seung woo very Much

  228. 228 : mail Says:

    another good drama…..thumbs up

  229. 229 : jann geun sukka Says:

    its a provocative role for lee da hae

  230. 230 : jae Says:

    its a nice drama i watched it everyday lee da hae fits the role its a good story

  231. 231 : marnel Says:

    i am very curious about the st0ry ,why ms ripley is the title? hehe

  232. 232 : an Says:

    i like this!!!! lee da hae nailed the role!!! she is a very good actress and she is so pretty!!!

  233. 233 : rizza Says:

    I dont understand sa ending,

  234. 234 : korea fan Says:

    Missing Yutaka , missing Yoochun today

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