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Miss Kim Makes 1 Million

Title: 파란만장 미스 김 10 억 만들기 / Miss Kim Makes 1 Million
Chinese Title : 百萬新娘
Also known as: Miss Kim’s Making One Billion Won Project / Miss Kim’s Adventures in Making a Million (KBFD) / Troublemaker Miss Kim (YesAsia) / Ms. Kim’s Million Dollar Quest
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2004-Apr-7 to 2004-Nov-2
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


On her wedding day Kim Eun Jae is left standing at the alter by her groom, Yoo Young Hoon, for wealthy Suh Woo Kyung. Her wedding photographer, Park Moo-yeol, is a rich playboy who helps Eun-jae avoid embarrassment by pretending to be her husband. Soon after Moo-yeol’s family goes bankrupt. The family home will be sold if he can’t come up with money quick. Eun Jae meanwhile is convinced that if she becomes wealthy Young Hoon will come back to her.

Eun-jae and Moo-yeol decide to join forces. They move in together and invest in moneymaking schemes one after the other. Making money unfortunately isn’t as easy as they had hoped. As outside forces (and Woo Kyung) line up against them, the two begin to realize that though they may be unlucky in money they are very lucky in love.


Kim Hyun Joo as Kim Eun Jae (28)
Ji Jin Hee as Park Moo Yeol (26)
Kim Sung Ryung as Suh Woo Kyung (30)
Park Gun Hyung as Yoo Young Hoon (30)

Extended Cast

Jo Eun Sook as Han Ji Hee (28, Eun Jae’s colleague)
Shin Goo as Kim Hwi Taek (72, Eun Jae’s landlord)
Yeo Woon Kye as Lee Kkeut Soon (72, landlord’s wife)
Bong Tae Kyu as Kim Bong Gyu (landlord’s son)
Sung Ji Roo as Jo Min Ho (30)
Kim Ja Ok
Hong Soo Hyun as Jin Yi
Jo Dong Hyuk
Lee Kyung Won (이경원)
Lee Sang Yi (이상이)
Park Joon Seo as Bae Sang In (30)
Park Won Sook as (40, Moo Yeol’s mother)

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Park Yeon Seon
Producer: Jang Ki Hong (Tomato)

Official Site


  1. 1 : donnie_buttkiss Says:



  2. 2 : angelic Says:

    hmmm…quite gud…
    but the actor n actress are not known here in Malaysia…

  3. 3 : Korean drama fanatic Says:

    that korean drama was fukn hektik bra, its eshays bro too da max !! i love that bitch who wanted to make money she is hoooooooooooooot du ma bro !!!

  4. 4 : HannyBae Says:

    Although the story is simple but Ji Jin hee and Kim hyun ju successed building a character as the naive Park and the ambitious Mrs. Kim. They also could making chemestry between them. Love this drama, funny and entertaining.

  5. 5 : burgl Says:

    does anyone know the karaoke song miss kim sings with young-hoon towards the end of the series? (the one where moo-yeol wonders if miss kim is happy and it’s over) thank you.

  6. 6 : rinna24 Says:

    love tis one.. the actress aka mis kim is so pretty just like angelina jolie.. 🙂

  7. 7 : dawg Says:

    hey…does anyone know the name of the actor who played Jung Jae…the shark loan’s chauffeur?? plz ^^ and thx~~

  8. 8 : Dee Says:


    love this movie..!! ^^

  9. 9 : Mapenzi01 Says:

    I love this drama!!!! and theones who wants to know the chauffeur of the one who is in love with miss kim is the le

  10. 10 : Mapenzi01 Says:

    I love this drama!!!! and theones who wants to know the chauffeur of the one who is in love with miss kim is the lead actor of snow in august! i forgot thename!!!!!he is great, isnt’ he?

  11. 11 : Mapenzi01 Says:

    I love this drama!!!! and theones who wants to know the chauffeur of the one who is in love with miss kim is the lead actor of snow in august! i forgot thename!!!!!he is great, isnt’ he?

  12. 12 : petite Says:

    The name of the guy that played as the chauffeur of the mafia boss is Jo dong hyuk.
    He is now playing in I hate you but it’s fine as a jerk.

  13. 13 : marites gerona Says:

    i love this drama it makes me smile and laugh throughout the series. iwonder why this isnt popular but the story maybe simple but the script is good! ji jin hee maybe better off in drama but i cant help but to love this guy who is so, so charming….and gives his all in every drama or movie he makes…luv u…

  14. 14 : marites gerona Says:

    wow. the comments here ia about the bodygaurd of the mafia and not the main actors. funny…anyway, i love the OST of this series too and i hope anyone out there can help me. i only love the two songs..DONT WORRY ITS GONNA BE ALRIGHT, IM GONNA BE HAPPY and the love song of jjh that says… ITS MY TENDER CARE FOR YOU….did he sang this? my heart melted when this was played in the background as jjh looks at khj pic and says, il be truly be penniless if i cannot have you…wow, isnt that romantic or what?

    i highly recommend this and i hope many will appreciate this drama. i have a hunch why this wasnt as popular as other dramas. it was shown in 2004 at the same time full house was also playing. i guess we also knew, full house was a big hit…

  15. 15 : Lumi Says:

    I did’nt expect much about this comedy, boy was I surprised! I laughed a lot and got me interested up to the last episode. Ji Jin Hee can be very funny and cute (good actor, indeed). I have always seen him in dramas playing serious roles.

    The loan shark’s driver played by Jo Dong Hyuk (his stares were priceless and very funny) and his boss are the funniest loan sharks in k-dramas ever.

  16. 16 : Elisa Says:

    The actor who plays the loan shark boss is SEONG JI ROO. He recently played Choi Ji Woo’s artistic agemt in STAR’S LOVERS and was in TIME BETWEEN DOG AND WOLF, He has been a long list of drmas and movies.

    As per Jo Dong Hyuk (who played the chauffeur), I have not seen him in anything recently. What happened to him? Has he gone to do his military service?

  17. 17 : Edith Says:

    Ji Jin He is really good….it’s so funny to watch his role in this drama, so different with the none in Spotlight…Love him to bits….

  18. 18 : Donovan Says:

    i’d like to know the web address where we can online buy CASH shirt which is used by Park Moo Yeol.. can you help me??

  19. 19 : carry on luggage size Says:

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  20. 20 : Maxine Berrier Says:

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  21. 21 : laia Says:

    hi Ilove korean drama and i love Ms kim sung ryung so much because she is my best actrise for me

  22. 22 : laia Says:

    i love you Ms kim sung ryung so much and forever Iliked your drama

  23. 23 : laia Says:

    안녕하세요 Ms kim sung ryung사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요!

  24. 24 : mutiara Says:

    I like this drama…

  25. 25 : mel Says:

    i love this drama…

  26. 26 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  27. 27 : gucci outlet Says:

    can i have a download link of this?

  28. 28 : Jesse Says:

    i miss this drama. looks like watching it long time ago.

  29. 29 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Dae Gu’s Attack and Defense Battle انتظر يترجم   Midas شاهدته  Mischievous Kiss Miss Kim Makes 1 Million Mom Has Grown Horns Money’s Warfare More Charming by the Day Mr Goodbye Mrs. Town Mun Hee My Fair […]

  30. 30 : Cin Says:

    I love this drama. Funny and cute. One of my most favorites.

  31. 31 : Cin Says:

    The OST is perfect.

  32. 32 : ivy Says:

    jjh is very guapo in this drama.

  33. 33 : Eden Says:

    Watched this just now, after 16 years. I so love Ji Jin-hee and Kim Hyun-joo in I Have A Lover and waiting for their next drama, Undercover, so I decided to see this. They have a remarkable chemistry. They are both aging like a fine wine.❤

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