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Title: 미쓰 아줌마 / Miss Ajumma
Chinese Title : Miss大嬸 / Miss欧巴桑
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 103
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2011-May-30 to 2011-Oct-21
Air time: Monday to Friday 8:40 AM


This daily drama is about the life of Kang Geum Hwa, a divorced middle-aged woman who stands up against the world’s prejudice.


Oh Hyun Kyung as Kang Geum Hwa
Kwon Oh Joong as Go Kyung Se
Jung Shi Ah as Wang Sae Mi
Kim Jung Min as Yoon Jung Woo
Jung Sung Woon as Wang Bong Soo

Geum Hwa’s family

Kim Hyung Ja as Kwon Hee Ja
Yum Dong Hun as Kang Ho Shik
Yoo Ji In as Lee Mi Ok
Lee Da Jin as Kang Eun Hwa

Other people

Oh Na Ra as Kim Hyun Sook
Kim Jong Suk (김종석) as Hwang Jong Goo
Do Yi Sung as Lee Byung Chul
Jang Mi Ja (장미자) as Byung Chul’s mother
Min Joon Hyun as Kyung Se’s friend
Park Ran (박란) as Yeo Woo Kyung
Jung Joon Won as Yoo Jin (Sae Mi’s son)
Lee Tae Woo as crying child

Production Credits

Producer: Oh Se Kang
Director: Oh Jin Suk
Screenwriter: Song Jung Rim (송정림)

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122 Responses to “Miss Ajumma”

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  1. 1
    Ekin Says:

    this drama should be suitable for the woman more than 30 years old.

  2. 2
    sumaiya Says:

    @ Ekin
    yeah Ekin u r right

  3. 3
    wenny Says:


  4. 4
    shortcutmovies Says:

    because the title its miss ajumma? lol
    wow 2011-2012..:D

  5. 5
    lady Says:

    ya..i’m agree with Ekin..100% i agree..

  6. 6
    Sierra N Says:

    Now,now lets give this comment/give opinions later guys…Too soon to judge. I think it will bewarm and funny….Fighting….

  7. 7
    Lovemoon Says:

    This drama is not bad. If you decide to watch this one I think you need to watch at least 10 ep. to figure out each character and understand the storyline a little bit. After that, you can jump and continue watching around the ep. which the main couple finally got divorce, Miss Ajumma changed her hair style and look…Got exciting every week after that.

  8. 8
    Sharellh Says:

    I really need subs in English. I would love to watch, but can’t find it anywhere.

  9. 9
    ju Says:

    This is a very nice drama, every episode is getting more interesting. I like Oh Hyun Kyung and Kim Jung Min. They acted well and it is sad to see that even they love each other but can’t be together because of the male actor rich wife. I hope the scriptwriter will let them live happily together . I like happy ending. Thank you and i will support this drama till the end.

  10. 10
    zafar Says:

    i kile

  11. 11
    isacrak Says:

    Me gusta la actriz OH, ella se levanto en su vida real de un escándalo y de prejuicios es la apropiada para el papel…esperare con ansias ver este drama

  12. 12
    boztepe Says:

    hey guys! i did not start to watch this drama yet. However, i would like to ask for a favor. Can you list the name of drama the most you like to the least? Because i do not know which one of dramas is the best to watch. I am looking forward to answer..Thank you

  13. 13
    Eii Says:

    I really like this drama, has repeatedly watch is never bored

  14. 14
    marta Says:

    i am always anticipating the daily episodes of Miss Ajumma. Is there a way i can watch this online with English subtitles?

  15. 15
    Vanessa Says:

    I happened to find this show by chance and I love it! I’m so grateful that it has English subtitles. I love each and every character. Is the show completely finished or is it going to be continuing in 2012?

  16. 16
    LoonyLizard Says:

    My Most Favorite: Protect The Boss (so funny!)
    My Least Favorite: Paradise Ranch (no character development, horrible acting, bad script)

  17. 17
    LoonyLizard Says:

    English subtitles?!? Where? Link, please!

  18. 18
    Mich Says:

    You can watch this drama on the TKC Channel channel 76 Time WArnel Cable (THe Channel is 76 in queens) I am Afirican American & I love this drama & others that are broadcast from the channel (THey all have english subtitles)

  19. 19
    Hyang chong Says:

    I like this drama , specially my husband like more
    Harry chong

  20. 20
    crizzane Says:

    Where can I watch previous episodes with english subtitle? I happened to watch this by chance and love it! However, there were 2 episodes with no english subtitle. thanks!

  21. 21
    crissy Says:

    I really like this drama but no english subtitles, difficult to continue watching

  22. 22
    Hyang chong memon Says:

    This drama is my favorite even my husband love this drama n also
    Almostly Korean program he watching ,
    We love Korean all programs. Hyang chong memon
    Nj, USA

  23. 23
    irfa Says:

    last nite watch this drama
    i love it 🙂

  24. 24
    nanie Says:

    I like her since she’s acting First Wives Club, this story has similarity with the previous story.. Thumbs up.. I’ll try to to watch until the end..

  25. 25
    Cynthia Says:

    Ahjumma, now showing at indovision television ( at Indonesia ) , channel 164. i think this film should watch by all people who already married

  26. 26
    afzacfy Says:

    yes..i support you cynthia this drama should be people who already married..when i watch this drama,it is causing me to afraid have a husband…huhu…

  27. 27


  28. 28


  29. 29
    Yuana Says:

    De movie is wat happen to me….

  30. 30
    gumiho Says:

    i want download miss ajumma song but i dont know the title. ..

  31. 31
    Mensa Says:



  32. 32
    Sharl Says:

    Love this drama so much..

  33. 33
    ida Says:

    Yup, this drama is airing at indovision ch 164. Good story…. I also hope happy ending ’cause Kang Geum Hwa has been working hard to take care her child also her works. She deserve to get a good man. Ahjummaaaaa……fighting!!!!

  34. 34
    sari Says:

    need to know the final episode…please…..somebody who know it, just email me ok…big thx

  35. 35
    michan Says:

    gumiho => the tittle of the song is sweet lady by jaydee a.k.a JD

  36. 36
    meme Says:

    cerita syok sangat tapi dua apisot setiap hari tak syok la kan

  37. 37
    fanskorea Says:

    where i can download this soundtrack , i love the song when they had sad scene . then got sad song . but i dunno the title . the lyrics something like …. saranghaee …. like that . plsss help me find it

  38. 38
    Jasmine Says:

    Do really like this drama! OHK is great actress. I love her since ‘First Wives Club’…

    2 thumbs UP!

  39. 39
    ptsh836 Says:

    one thing to ensure that viewers will be watching religiously n gripping tightly to their chairs is the introduction of an evil, heartless, shameless, 4ever scheming n calculating 2nd female lead character aka wang sae mi!

    one cannot have the good without the bad n the bad here is real bad! in every sense of d word! wang sae mi’s evil, big eyes will make u hate her from top to toe, i promise u!

    not content with her achievements in grabbing ahjumma’s hubby…she has to continue to plot n plot to destroy whatever lil’ happiness there is left for kang geum hwa…even to d extent of grabbing her daughter too!

    such evil characters give one a bad digestion daily….i dun believe there is such a character who is unafraid of karma or god! she truly drives me up d wall n the great ahjumma is so trusting as to expose her daughter to sae mi’s evil schemes…i wanna shake her out of her revelry! she’s gotta protect what’s left of hers n keep dis evil woman outta her life!!

  40. 40
    vee Says:

    in love with this drama..and still find the OST, but can’t find it anywhere..
    they’re deleted the files 🙁
    anyone can help?

  41. 41
    erin Says:

    miss ahjummaaa~
    its now airing in Malaysia at channel 393 SOne HD
    already 52 episodes ^^

    i want to know whats going to happen in the endinggg ?

  42. 42
    icha Says:

    Who is yoo jin father? Ooo..I hope he is not yoon jun woo. I hope geum hwa with yoon jun woo…!!! So frustating, waiting to episode 103, now still at episode 52

  43. 43
    Fey Says:

    Hope someone give summary for final episode…i dont like kyung se!!!!! Please dont make geum hwa turning back..love mr parkkk

  44. 44
    Mitchie Says:

    Plsss !!! Tell me wht happen in the end ? Did Geum-hwa will live happily with Kim Jung Woo…

  45. 45
    ptsh836 Says:

    its now only @ epi 53 but a lot of action had taken place….sae mi brought down to her knees for scheming to win ovr d advertising contract illegally….having gotten thrown out of her marriage to kyung se….she’ll only get worse n its a long way to epi 103; so lots more of evil schemings from her!

    one thing dat bugs me is how she is turning every single event to her favor; what with her ambiguous relationship with yoon jung woo n whoever is yoo jin’s real dad! she’s keeping this card close to her chest n will surely use it against geum hwa just so she can destroy geum hwa’s happiness once again.

    i think geum hwa committed a serious mistake by personally exposing sae mi’s secret ill treatment of her mother in law to kyung se n causing her marriage to fall apart…coz now she has aroused the ire in sae mi n geum hwa had better be smarter n quicker in her actions to safeguard her future happiness as sae mi is capable of so many wicked plans of revenge.

  46. 46
    Fey Says:

    Can someone please tell me the ending??? Does geum hwa will end up with mr joon??

  47. 47
    Jocelyn Says:

    I simply adore Miss Ahjumma.. Really hope to see Kang Geum Hwa with Yoon Jung Woo.. Heard that she ends up going back to her ex.. I hope not..

  48. 48
    Amy Teo Says:

    Watched all alrdy. At last, She marries Jung Woo. The evil Sae Mi went to jail, turned over a new leaf and reunite with kyung Se. Overall, a happy ending.

  49. 49
    Amy Teo Says:

    Like the song in the drama, esp the female vocal one. Anyone know the title name or the singer?

  50. 50
    iv Says:

    Happy ending…very happy to miss ahjuma

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