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Title: 장난스런 키스 / Jangnanseureon Kiseu / Mischievous Kiss
Chinese Title : 韩版惡作劇之吻
Also known as: Playful Kiss / Naughty Kiss
Genre: Romance, school
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-Sep-01 to 2010-Oct-21
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Based on the popular manga, Oh Ha Ni is a clumsy student who falls for the perfectionist, Baek Seung Jo. However, Seung Jo is indifferent towards her and rejects her love. When Ha Ni’s house collapses, she and her father moves into his long-time friend’s house. It turns out that Seung Jo is the friend’s son and Ha Ni is given the opportunity to be near the guy she loves. Will she be able to move Seung Jo’s heart?


Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo
Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni
Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Gu
Lee Si Young as Yoon He Ra
Jung Hye Young as Hwang Geum Hee (Seung Jo’s mother)
Oh Kyung Soo as Baek Soo Chang (Seung Jo’s father)
Choi Won Hong as Baek Eun Jo (Seung Jo’s brother)
Kang Nam Gil as Oh Ki Dong (Ha Ni’s father)
Hong Yoon Hwa as Jung Joo Ri (Ha Ni’s friend)
Yoon Seung Ah as Dok Go Min Ah (Ha Ni’s friend)
Jang Ah Young as Hong Jang Mi
Bye Bye Sea as Bong Joon Gu’s followers
Hwang Hyo Eun as Song Kang Yi (Ha Ni’s homeroom teacher)
Song Yong Shik as Song Ji Oh
Moon Hoe Won as Head Teacher Hwang
Choi Sung Gook as Wang Kyung Soo
Yoon Bo Hyun
Abigail Alderete as Chris
Jang Hyuk Jin

Production Credits

Production Company: Group Eight
Chief Producer: Han Hee
Producer: Song Byung Joon (송병준)
Director: Hwang In Roe, Kim Do Hyung (김도형)
Original writing: Manga “Itazura na Kiss” by Tada Kaoru
Screenwriter: Go Eun Nim (고은님)


– 2010 MBC Drama Awards: New Actor Award (Lee Tae Sung)
– 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Kim Hyun Joong)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-09-01 1 3.5 3.8
2010-09-02 2 3.6 (<8.6)
2010-09-08 3 3.5 (<8.0)
2010-09-09 4 3.2 (<8.5)
2010-09-15 5 3.0 (<7.6)
2010-09-16 6 3.0 (<8.0)
2010-09-22 7 5.8 (<7.0)
2010-09-23 8 6.0 (<9.0)
2010-09-29 9 4.0 (<7.8)
2010-09-30 10 8.2 (18th) 8.8 (15th)
2010-10-06 11 5.4 (<6.9)
2010-10-07 12 4.9 (<6.3)
2010-10-13 13 5.9 (20th) 6.5 (19th)
2010-10-14 14 6.4 7.3 (19th)
2010-10-20 15 6.0 (<7.0)
2010-10-21 16 6.0 (<7.1)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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Trailer I & Trailer II

Long Preview (15 minutes)

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2,524 Responses to “Mischievous Kiss @ Playful Kiss”

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  1. 1
    Hong Kong Museum Of Medical Sciences, The History Of Hong Kong Medicine | Education 24h Says:

    […] » Mischievous Kiss » Korean Drama […]

  2. 2
    Ran Says:

    yeah….i have waited 4 it along time…wish it a hit drama

  3. 3
    saa.. Says:

    Wow.. Ï love the taiwan version of this drama..
    And ï think it will be good in korean version….

  4. 4
    Joyce Choong Says:

    Anxiously awaiting the Screening Day. Hyun Joongnim, wishing you Success and an all record Percentage of viewers. Your second drama debut will be just as great and challenging as Boys over Flowers. 화이팅!

  5. 5
    sumaiya Says:

    I waited so much
    now finally
    oh my kim hyun joong
    please my soju hurry up
    phally phally

  6. 6
    andlise Says:

    It’s very excited, can’t wait…^_^ Support and will be success, fighting!!!

  7. 7
    rainemei Says:

    the plot of the story seems like “it started with a kiss”.. am i right?

  8. 8
    nopi Says:

    like wait this drama so much.

  9. 9
    PrettyLady Says:

    Don’t they look a bit old for high school students… who cares, it’s one of the F4, and that makes it OK by kdrama standards.

  10. 10
    cg Says:

    wow I love this; itazura na kiss 🙂

  11. 11
    tiwie Says:

    is this the korean’s version of ita surana kiss ? seems to be a good drama….can’t wait to watch it….:)

  12. 12
    nerissa Says:

    Wow annyeong everyone

    am in kim hyun joongs thread
    many of us are very much excited to see MK
    will do our best to make this drama a success

  13. 13
    nadia Says:


    wow , so happy to see so many familiar names in here!!!
    Like all of you i’m too excited 😀 😀 😀 for this drama!!!
    REALLY REALLY HAPPY !!! can’t wait any more……..
    LOVE YA “Kim Hyun Joong” OPPA!!! WISH YOU GOOD LUCK!

  14. 14
    KPOP7.com Says:

    Going to LOVE this drama, Hyun Jooong!!!

    Download Korean Songs & Albums!

  15. 15
    haha Says:

    Omg , i had waited for this show for very long time and taiwan version is very nice , i think korea version will turn out very nice too esp kim hyun joong , so cool inside! faster air out please <3333

  16. 16
    Elizabeth Says:

    I love Kim Hyun Joong and I will definitely support this drama! 🙂

    a few more weeks and we will be able to watch it! 🙂

  17. 17
    becky Says:

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! finally this drama is here!!!! gonna look forward to this show anxiously:D:D:D:D:D

  18. 18
    meteorflower Says:

    i am looking forward for this drama

    love Kim Hyun Joong

    Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss Fighting

  19. 19
    Davina Says:

    Glad to see many fr. HJ’s page here. Hi and wave to you all, my friends 🙂 Same here. Cant’wait, can’t wait for this drama. 16 days to go till it first aired. Hope MK will be a hit.
    Huyn Joong oppa, wish you good luck and success. Be healthy!
    Will support you always!!

  20. 20
    ninaz Says:

    can’t wait to see that…

  21. 21
    Lee... Says:

    I can not w8 to see that…

  22. 22
    Can I download music on iTunes from different countries? Says:

    […] » Mischievous Kiss » Korean Drama […]

  23. 23
    jsm Says:

    whaaaa..i just wtch the whole sries of taiwan vrsion..hope
    that this korean vrsion wil be more enjoyable..^_~
    im excited!!

  24. 24
    Tweets that mention » Mischievous Kiss » Korean Drama -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by KHJ Hyunnies Pexers and keimam, Grace. Grace said: support Playful Kiss site http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=3611 visit and leave your messages […]

  25. 25
    Mar'atis Says:

    It’s nice dramas 🙂

  26. 26
    bugi Says:

    so much great drama to be watch after my girlfriend is gumiho, sungkyunkwan scandal, baker kim takgu.this also add to my list 🙂

  27. 27
    cris Says:

    WAAAAAA can’t waitt

  28. 28
    des Says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!i’m so excited to watch this drama….

  29. 29
    sara Says:

    i really missed KHJ.so happy to see him again in a drama.go dear.wish u the best

  30. 30
    chiaki Says:

    I miss KHJ,,,,,,
    he is very handsome and cool
    I like him

  31. 31
    nerissa Says:

    so excited to watch mischievous kiss

    am sure this gonna be a successful drama

    hyun joong forever!

  32. 32
    amor Says:

    Looking forward to this drama so much…Love yah KHJ and Goodluck…I know you will do good…aja..aja…fighting

  33. 33
    cheezeemelt Says:

    goodluck on your new drama Leader!!! ^^,
    Triple S is here to support you!!

  34. 34
    wee Says:

    WELCOME BACK MY HANDSOME BOY…hope this is a good drama as the previous one….seen the taiwam version before so hope that the korean version is good too,,, rating up up up….love u…..

  35. 35
    amanda Says:

    wow it started with a kiss………… 🙂

  36. 36
    Tweets that mention » Mischievous Kiss » Korean Drama -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Karolina, Afdillia Wulandari. Afdillia Wulandari said: amat sangat menunggu ini –> http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=3611#more-3611 (it's started with a kiss kor. ver.) […]

  37. 37
    stephy Says:

    finally !!!can’t wait until September i actually feel that the director chose the right actors 🙂 im like soo speechless right now can’t wait any longer. *Fighting* KHJ can’t wait to see u again, i just love 2010!!!

  38. 38
    kpocky Says:

    im like counting the days until September with khj i know i won’t be disappointed XD

  39. 39
    funny monkey Says:

    OMG!!!! KHJ why r u sooo perfect!!!

  40. 40
    ss501 XD Says:

    the mom is going to be soo funny with her camera and taking pictures of the handsome KHJ XD

  41. 41
    TeeHee Says:

    this totally made my day thank you too all the cast, staff, and director for making a korean version of iswak. All of ISWAK fans would like to say THANK YOU!! from the bottom of r <3

  42. 42
    nerissa Says:

    DEar all


    장키 Press.Conference.LIVE BROADCAST
    FROM ODES http://ss501ode.blogspot.com

    MBC new Wed-Thurs mini series “Playful Kiss” will be revealing their press conference in Korea broadcasted live through Facebook worldwide on
    August 26 (목요일,Thursday).

    facebook address as follow:

    August 26 = day of Press Conference

  43. 43
    gilda Says:

    …just can wait to watch Mischievous Kiss i gonna rate this 101% from the start till the end and Congtulation! in advance to all staff and crew and most special to KIM HYUN JOONG YOU DID A GREAT JOB!

  44. 44
    April Says:

    I really love it,can wait…from itazura na kiss,iswak 1 n 2…euhm,my favorite drama.

  45. 45
    mtzar Says:

    Can’t wait to see this drama, Hyun Joong ssi fighting, go for it.

  46. 46
    itikluv Says:

    iiiih geuleuh knp mesti kim hyun joong,,,
    lubang idungnya kan gede sebelah,,
    kl di jepang kan kim hyun joong terkenal dg patung brjalan,,
    adduh emank gada co ganteng lg gt yaa dkorea!!
    jadi,, males deh ntnmya,,
    i dont like kim hyun joong

  47. 47
    Mona Says:

    cant wait this drama. hope it’ll be as good as taiwan version 😀

  48. 48
    fall Says:

    this drama would be such a good Autumn drama perfect season for the perfect drama XD

  49. 49
    best korean drama Says:

    Very nice video. thanks!

  50. 50
    riya Says:

    wah……dramanya bgs dech jd pengen nntn dech…..

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