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Military Prosecutor Doberman

Title: 군검사 도베르만 / Military Prosecutor Doberman
Genre: Military, Legal
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2022-Feb-28 to 2022-April-26
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:30


Military Prosecutor Doberman tells the story of Do Bae Man (Ahn Bo Hyun), who became a military prosecutor for money and fame, however he looks forward to his retirement day, and Cha Woo In (Jo Bo Ah), who was born into a chaebol family and became a military prosecutor for revenge.


Main Cast

Ahn Bo Hyun as Do Bae Man
Jo Bo Ah as Cha Woo In

Supporting Cast

Oh Yun Soo as Noh Hwa Young
Kim Young Min as Yong Moon Koo
Kim Woo Suk as Noh Tae Nam
Kang Mal Keum (강말금) as Do Soo Kyung
Kwon Dong Ho (권동호) as Sul Ak
Kang Young Suk as Kang Ha Joon
Yoo Hye In as Han Se Na
Nam Kyung Eup as Lee Jae Shik
Lee Jung Yun (이정연) as Hong Moo Sup
Jung In Ki as Heo Kang In
Im Chul Hyung (임철형) as Won Ki Choon
Jo Hye Won as Yang Jong Sook
Kan as Bolt (doberman)
Park Sang Nam (박상남) as Allen
Park Jin Woo as Seo Joo Hyuk
Ko Gun Han as Yoo Sang Ki
Kim Han Na (김한나) as Ahn Yoo Ri
Yoo Tae Woong as Cha Ho Chul
Lee Tae Hyung as Yum Sang Sup

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio Dragon, Logos Film
Director: Jin Chang Gyu
ScriptWriter: Yoon Hyun Ho

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2022-02-28 1 5.263 -
2022-03-01 2 7.009 -
2022-03-07 3 7.201 -
2022-03-08 4 7.878 -
2022-03-14 5 7.928 -
2022-03-15 6 8.666 -
2022-03-21 7 7.832 -
2022-03-22 8 8.791 -
2022-03-28 Special 4.372 -
2022-03-29 x FIFA World Cup
2022-04-04 9 7.676 -
2022-04-05 10 7.424 -
2022-04-11 11 7.473 -
2022-04-12 12 8.742 -
2022-04-18 13 8.248 -
2022-04-19 14 8.848 -
2022-04-25 15 8.641 -
2022-04-26 16 10.081 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : Freeway Says:

    Waaaaaa .. finally, some good news to break this boring 3 weeks k-drama hiatus.

    This drama sounds like my kind of stuff. Happy, happy !! Screening on 28th Feb too. Wont have long to wait. Keep fingers and toes crossed that it will really happen.

    (Been disappointed many times before. Hope it will really be aired here where I am not somewhere else).

  2. 2 : Freeway Says:

    Got news that the drama will be aired where I am. Hehehe !! Ain’t this good news ? Super happy. 🙂

    (Will hold on to the screening details just yet, in case …. the news go pfhttt !! )

    Have a nice day !!

  3. 3 : Freeway Says:

    This evening saw the announcenent on tv. Yeah … its going to premiere over here on 1st March.

    Happy with the news. Looking forward to it.

  4. 4 : Rach Says:

    So the main guy is a bad dude it seems. He works for the character played by Kim Young Min who played a similar character in My Mister, someone who has others do the dirty work. I could only watch half of the first episode and lost interest.

  5. 5 : freeway Says:

    #4 Rach

    What what what .. ?? You dropped it already just half way of first episode ?? Ouchh..is it that bad ??

    Ok. I’ll check it out tonight.. Its on tonight at my place. (So happens clashing with another show I am following. Anyway, its ok, I will hve to check it out. Been waiting too long for it).

  6. 6 : freeway Says:

    #4 Rach

    Good morning,

    Can’t wait to tell you what I think about this drama. Watched it last night – episode 1. 🙂

    I think I can guess what made you give up mid way. Could it be that you were turned off by the bad attitude of Do Bae Man ? Haha !! If you were to watch till the end, you will find that his bad attitude was just a show. Actually, it was very interesting to see how he behaved. Bad in public, good in private. And in real life, he hated the military. Maybe it reminded him of his parents. They were career army guys till their death in a car accident when he was 10 y.o.

    Actually, there are more worthy stuff to his personality. These I am sure, will slowly be revealed as we go along with the drama. I like Do Bae Man already.

    Btw, right off now, he’s orbit already is shown to potentially be visited by two very very badly behaved and murderous heirs to rich and powerful corporate magnates. Going to get very interesting !! 🙂

    Next is Cha Woo In. She’s a very mysterious girl. Not much info on her. She’s another pretender. Pretends to be soft and weak, but a hell of fighter in hand to hand combat. Yipee !! (Every female’s dream. Then we can send annoying guys to a long vacation in hospital). A preliminary peek at her character shows that she’s a vigilante too. Watch out bad guys !! 😄

    Do BM seems to catch on that something is weird but yet not weird about her. And a shipper in the office was already starting to pair them off. (Holy Valentine !! Shippers ahoy !! They are everywhere !!).

    Basically, the story is about good and bad guys, love tangle (?), lots of laughs, hurrays and claps and fun. I luv it. Hehe !! 😁🥰

  7. 7 : freeway Says:

    Re: Actor Kim Young Min

    He plays Lawyer Yong Man Goo. A corrupt lawyer. I had thought that he is his own boss, when he bragged to Do Bae Man how he made tons of money. (He was hiring DBM to do some dirty work for him). Actually “atas sikit” of him, there is this rich and powerful business magnate who lords over him.

    And he hates the bratty son of his “lord”. This bratty son specialises in drugging and raping unsuspecting girls, then circulate the porn video on his phone. (Reminds us of a recent real case – Joon Young ? )

    Some people are born lucky. One such person is Actor Kim Young Min. He has not aged one bit through the years. He looks the same as when he was in My Mister, CLOY and now this drama.

  8. 8 : freeway Says:

    The story is getting better and better. More and more intriguing.

    WooIn is ruffling more and more of Do BM’s handsome feathers. (Well, I am mighty curious about her too). Cant blame us. WooIn sure is one major curiosity. First and foremost where did she get to be such a good fighter, as well, a sharp shooter? By ep 2, we already got a peek into some of her “chops”.

    In Episode 2 she could despatch off a handful of scummy guys with some punches and powerful chops. Note here, she’s not alone, then has a mysterious accomplice who comes collect the fallen and hang them by both their hands from an overhead railing (very much like roast ducks) in a black van. Then drives off with them to a secret spot in the army base?? Really? Army base? (No joke, overheard WI said so).

    Weird yet not weird. Bad yet not bad (WI and DBM). Arrogant yet nervous (Lawyer Yong MG). These characters here are unpredictable. Woah ! What have we here? Go watch the drama …

    Here is a story where the characters are unlike those standard arrogant madcap fellas we grow up on. Interesting !

    Another attraction of the drama is, its story is about current and real life situations which people can relate to. Such as drug rapes, sextortions, sex blackmails, group chat porns, unlawful avoidance of military service, etc And of course, plus the usual bunch of colorful despicable social scums who are a scourge of society.

    Episode 2 did not dissappoint. Though its still early yet, viewers have already been given peeks to expect what are to come in the series.

    I look forward to coming episodes.

    Till then, bye. Have a nice day !! 🙂

  9. 9 : freeway Says:

    Haha ! Episode 4 is where the drama actually takes off !! No wonder, the actions and behaviors of the main characters from Episode 1 – 3 were unpredictable. These episodes were only an introduction to them.

    Now that the preliminaries and backstories are done, here comes Episode 4. The story of revenge is setting off …

    Briefly ……

    WI and her team of secret supporters, carefully put BM thro subtle stages of events and incidents with the intention of jolting his memory as to how his parents died. Memory which he had surpressed for the past 20 years.

    WI and team did a good job. By the end of Episode 4, we could hear Do BM say “I will be your loyal hunting dog” … well, you guessed it. He was quietly addressing these words with WI in mind.

    By end of episode 4, we get to see more of the dark side of Commander HwaYoung and Lawyer Yong MG. These two are a pair of greedy and despicable people. Commander HwaYoung is as ruthless as they come. (So we are not wrong afterall, that these, including her son Noh TaeNam are really arrogant irresponsible greedy madcap people, the scourge of society).

    Have a nice day.

  10. 10 : Snow Says:

    Was enjoying this drama until episode 3, so tired of the black stereotypes in Asian dramas. Just when I started seeing black people being depicted in positive roles in K-dramas, I then have to see this crap of 3 black men beating up an Asian and stealing a laptop–give me a break!

  11. 11 : freeway Says:

    It has never been comfortable to witness a crime happening. Whether in real life or on the reel.

    One such is that blacks are depicted as the villians and asians, the victims. One funny thought .. could it be cuz the blacks have a better and confident posture to evoke power, whereas asians tend to exude a humble quiet demeanor which is seen as sub-servient? Dunno .. just a guess.

    A few people become upset about it. But its a universal question which is hard to answer. Just like, why do we automatically choose to dress in black may it be for a formal occassion or for a funeral? ? Why not dress in red or purple or yellow? Rules of living again huhuh ??!! Questioning and seeking answers ? Be prepared not to go crazy. Easy answer is … go with the flow. Let the next century come up with the answer. Hehe !!

    It may sound hypocritical, but if I were to come across such a scene in a tv drama or movie I would let it slide. But if it were in real life, perhaps I might get upset about it.

    Quote :

    IN LIFE – You’ll realise that there is a purpose for everybody you meet. Some are there to test you. Some will use you. Some will teach you. And some will bring out the best in you.

  12. 12 : babylon5 Says:

    Does anyone know if episode 9 was broadcasted? It is not showing up on Viki. It says “7 more days”

  13. 13 : rainfall Says:

    # 12 babylon5

    To-date, there is no announcement over at my end here regarding any change in the screening schdule. (We are 1 day behind S.Korea). So I guess the show will be on as usual, this time its Episode 9.

  14. 14 : rainfall Says:

    Good morning, folks

    By now you would already have been thro the week’s hiatus the drama was taking. I was caught in it too.

    Sorry, if I had confused you (post #12). When it was posted, I had no idea about the hiatus the drama was taking. I should have double checked the news. ✌❤

  15. 15 : Abdulrasheed Uthman Says:

    It’s awesome and very interesting. But can you guys at least try and always make it an hour and 10minutes long per episode

  16. 16 : freeway Says:

    Eeeeee Grrrrrrr … that Commander HwaYoung … she is one real psycho !! 😝

    Oh sharks !! She chopped a leg off !! Yes chopped, not amputate. (Amputate is connected to medical procedure.) But here she chopped a perfectly good leg to suit her diabolical power hungry plans. And then .. she killed again to hide her crime. All done without any hail marys or any high crazed guilty conscience !! #&*[email protected] 🤬

    (After that, for dinner, can you enjoy a dish of beef cooked rare, with blood ooozing out when cut ?? Commander HwaYoung did !! Maximum impact !!)

    Commander HwaYoung is a psycho. She is out of control !! Butcher of 4th Division !! ☠

    Do Bae Man and Woo In, you must put this monster away for good !! 🤬

  17. 17 : freeway Says:

    Episode 10 shifts focus on how the military can just be as corrupted as can be. Sitting right at the top is the Minister of Defence and his supporters from the Patriotic Club. From here the ripple effects of corruption spread right down through to the ranks.

    Hahaha .. Noh Tae Nam had a shock of his life … when his next bed fellas were blatantly making out together under the bedsheets in the presence of the other soldiers, much against military rules.

    What about the abuse of power when a soldier was placed to work like a slave in a Superior’s household. There was physical, psychological and verbal abuses. Rather a sad sight to see when he has a young family waiting for him at home, he could not even spend time to talk to them.

    Do Bae Man wanted badly to help him get out of his predicament, but he did not trust DBM due to the fact that he only knows that DBM was corrupted as hell too in his early days, secretly working for lawyer Yong on the side.

    Now DBM’s past is becoming his future. It has caught up with him. He’s regretting his past. He realised he is not invincible after all. His past corrupted actions hurt many people as well cost a life. Karma knows.

    Looks like DBM and Woo In will be having their hands full in order to get their own revenges.

    DBM and WI fighting !!

    Quote :

    GIVE – But do not allow yourself to be used.
    LOVE – But do not allow your heart to be abused.
    TRUST – But do not be naieve.
    LISTEN – But do not lose your own voice.

    – TOTGA

  18. 18 : Irene Paglinawan Says:

    Felt Bad when there is no English subtitles . PLEASE…..

  19. 19 : freeway Says:

    #18 Irene Paglinawan

    I wonder where did you watch the drama. No English subtitles ?

    I am not too sure how the translation thingy works. But I am sure the subtitles will come on, only maybe a little later, after the translators have finished ??

    Happy watching !!

  20. 20 : freeway Says:

    Hahaha … it was cute. Yoon Sang Gi having to rap like mad, to reach a hardcore rapper who only spoke in rapper language. Was a rappingly good session. Hahaha !! It worked. Rapper did turn up in court as a witness.

    This was the fun part of Ep12.

    Next episode, from the preview, it might be devastating and tragic ….. saw the tragedy coming … all the signs were there … begging to be noticed. But nobody did.

    You wouldn’t want to miss coming episodes !!

  21. 21 : freeway Says:

    Oh woah …. so it was no illusion afterall. There was a shooting at Noh TaeNam’s unit. 13 lives were lost. Six were injured. The victims had no chance to protect themselves. They were caught by surprise. A soldier snapped under the constant brutal bullying by his fellow colleagues. Thank goodness the shooter was not NTN. He had been bullied too.

    And this is the first time I saw his mum (Commander Hwayoung) showing some affection for him. She was relieved that the shooter spared him.

    Imagine, among the bunch of idiotic and bully colleagues in his unit, NTN is the one who has made progress in the maturity of his character. He owe this all to himself. And It turned out, it saved his life in the shootout, but he in turn suffered from PTSD.

    The internal politics and power struggle in the military as depicted in this drama, are sickening to watch. This is the decay that rots right down to the rank and file, culminating in the shootout. The bullies were not stopped.

  22. 22 : MN2022 Says:

    Wooaaah… This Drama is Totally Shocking, Especially at the Finale. What a Surprise. Actually i did not expect that they will end up together but i have sense of doubt that there is something fishy in them in the plot. lol 😁😊😂…

    But Good Finale in Deed since it is clear enough for the viewers that the book is already close 😁😁😁

  23. 23 : freeway Says:

    Hahaha !! Flabbergasted !! And a big laugh !! Hahaha !! What a joke !!

    All the selfish coveting and attempts online by some fuddies duddies “to protect the precious info about the ending of the drama being leaked” … and later had me stretching my poor neck so close to the tv while watching, not wanting to let any big reveal escape me !! Boy oh boy !!

    Well, well !! What happen ?? I fell flat on my face to find that the coveted secret was an easter miracle !! No one died in the suicide grenade blast !! Fuddies duddies is this your only easter resurrection joy ??!! (Keeping big, big secrets ??) Hahaha !! Grow up !!

    BTW … NTN !! … you need … more .. more .. more … practice (!!!) .. to throw the grenades.

    Imagine, so much trouble the fuddie duddies went into trying to “protect” the story’s big reveal, only to see it going …. pfffffffft !! 👎👎 Thank you. Hahaha ! And me, I fell for this childish prank. How disappointing !! Not disappointed that nobody died, but by the shrunkened size of some fuddie duddies’ heart. The sort of selfishness exhibited, spoilt the mood of the camaraderie of watching k-dramas among us online global viewers.

    There is yet still another big big secret and an easter miracle. As it is supposed to be a big big secret, and to make the fuddie duddies happy, I will not go into detail. You might like to go watch the drama to find out.

    I did enjoy watching the show. Did learn some about army life. Every guy who had served in the army should be very proud of themselves. Salute !!

    Thank you tvN, the Director, Screenwriter, Cast of Actors, Production Staff and everyone involved in producing this drama.

    Bye for now !! Till the next time !! ❤

  24. 24 : freeway Says:

    Hahahaha hehehe … so funny !! I am falling over myself laughing so hard !! Was that image me ? Hahaha !! 😄😄

    Very funny !! 😜

    Wei, my friend … hahahaha … come closer, let me tweak your ears !! 🤬🤬

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