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Melody of Love 05

Title: 사랑은 노래를 타고 / Melody of Love
Chinese Title: 乘著歌聲的愛情
Also Known as: Love Rides the Song / Love Through Song
Previously Known as: 콩가네 밭가네 / Beans and Fields
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 151
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2013-Nov-04 to 2014-June-06
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25


This drama centers on three families whose members learn to appreciate each other, realize the true meaning of family, regret their misbehaves, and repent the hurt they’ve caused to other people after hardships and trials in the world where individualism is prominent.

Gong Deul Im (Kim Da Som) is a tenacious, outgoing, and optimistic aspiring musical actress with undying passion to pursue her dreams despite against her parents’ wishes. She will have romantic relationship with lawyer Park Hyun Woo (Baek Sung Hyun).

Meanwhile, Han Tae Kyung (Kim Hyung Jun) is the leader of a drama troupe and musical director. He will be acting as a perfectionist, but a gentle and thoughtful man outside of work. He will be working closer with Deul Im and is best friends with Hyun Woo and Deul Im’s older sister, Gong Soo Im (Hwang Sun Hee). He will develop feelings for Soo Im.


Main Cast

Baek Sung Hyun as Park Hyun Woo
Kim Da Som as Gong Deul Im
Hwang Sun Hee as Gong Soo Im
Kim Hyung Jun as Han Tae Kyung
Kwak Hee Sung as Yoon Sang Hyun

Park Hyun Woo’s family

Sun Woo Jae Duk as Park Bum Jin
Kim Hye Sun as Yoon Ji Young
Park Woong as Park Doo Shik
Kang In Duk as Yoon Suk Tae

Soo Im and Deul Im’s family

Lee Jung Gil as Gong Jung Nam
Kim Hye Ok as Yoo Jin Soon
Ban Hyo Jung as Jo Gwi Boon
Jung Si Ah as Gong Jung Ja
Kim Ji Hoon as Kim Sung Hoon
Shin Bi as Noh Jin Yi

Han Tae Kyung’s family

Jung Seung Ho as Han Joo Ho
Kim Ye Ryung as Goo Mi Ok
Lee Joo Hyun as Goo Se Joon
Jung Da Bin as Han Tae Hee

Eun Ha Soo Theatrical Troupe

Han Min Chae as Geum Na Ri
Lee Eun Ha (이은하) as Go Eun Ha
Kim Tae Hyung as Go Min
Jung Yi Yun as Yeo In Sook
Heo Bo Bae (허보배) as Bo Bae
Kim Hyun Min (김현민) as Hyun

Other People

Sunshine (선샤인) as May Zuri
Jo Soo Min as Lee Ja Hye
Kwon Oh Hyun as Noh Jae Soo (Jin Ah’s father)
Choi Seung Kyung as Attorney Jung
Kim Dong Hoe (김동회) as Attorney Kim
Baek Bo Ram as Mi Ra
Na Hye Mi as Hye Young
Won Jong Rye as Madam Ahn
Kim Soo Hyun as Madam Choi
Byun Gun Woo as Bo Gun Ui
Jung Heung Chae as Tae Kyung’s Office’s client (cameo)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kwak Ki Won
Director: Lee Duk Gun
Screenwriter: Hong Young Hee


Melody of Love Poster1 Melody of Love Poster2

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88 Responses to “Melody of Love”

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  1. 51
    anon Says:

    is this drama good? cause the ratings of this show in korea is high.

  2. 52
    Victory Says:

    Baek Sung-Hyun is my favour actor. He acting is the best and professional. I love his character and he is my ideal boyfriend and husband. I love to watch his acting from child to adult. I am great to watch his acting in lead actor and wish to see more of his acting in lead role. I love all his acting in drama and movie. Hope his present acting in Melody of Love will be award excellence actor role, best couple, top favorite actor, excellence drama award. We love you Baek Sung-Hyun

  3. 53
    reindeer song Says:

    Oh CW! Be very careful, I said the same verbadum on another site and got hell for saying it “Haven’t seen why no one question the parents that pimp out their children. If a child is willing to accept an arrange marriage that’s one thing, but if the child opposes, and is only for the betterment of the parent, then it’s pimping and the son/daughter is nothing more than a “comfort” woman and/or man”. So, who is who is Delum and HJ related? Or is it the cousin?

  4. 54
    Boy Peter Says:

    Learned to appreciate this teledrama, if the actors/actresses portrayals are true then marriages in Korea is still based on parental patronage…..

  5. 55
    CW Says:

    Reindeer, thanks for the warning. Personally, as a survivor of abuse I may not be as tolerant as others. Those of us who post come from different lands, cultures and experiences. I respect others opinions, but not always their actions.

  6. 56
    Iyume Says:

    The songs are good… and the story is also good… they must watch this especially parents… to show that not all the time they handling their sons/daughters… and everyone has a potential for everything…
    this Drama has a moral lessons… that means it good for all

  7. 57
    reindeer song Says:

    Thus far I do not see any “moral lesson”. I see in breading , controll, con men, a lot of dysfunction. Maybe I’ll see it later eh!.

  8. 58
    reindeer song Says:

    Nobody’s watching this drama? No feedbacks!!!

  9. 59
    AuntieB Says:

    I watch this drama every day! In America, the first showing only shows about 15-25 minutes of the 34 minute drama. The second showing from 1 AM shows usually the entire episode. They were showing the second showing at 3 AM which made it really difficult to find time to watch. I like it, but it has so many twists, it could last for another 100 episodes…today is episode 102. I’m not sure how much longer it will go, they still haven’t revealed the Gong family’s relationship with the Yun family that only the fathers know about.

  10. 60
    Ossie Brahim Says:

    Korean drama is always like that. Everything is at the whim and fancy of the writer. At least this drama is not so sicking when compare to those some of the dramas previously screened. They like to manipulate you…getting excited and when it is supposed to be the best episode, it will become limb and anti climax. But does it , it is still ok to pass time.

  11. 61
    reindeer song Says:

    Ossie Brahim, yes this drama is very anti climatic, it is boring me to death. Mr. Romeo has hiscareer but DL must not venture anywhere to better her career, will the judge accept her? They are getting closer to finding out the big secret, between DL and HL. I cannot stand the selfishness of anyone.

  12. 62
    reindeer song Says:

    ===Ossie Brahim, yes this drama is very anti climatic, it is boring me to death. Mr. Romeo has hiscareer but DL must not venture anywhere to better her career, will the judge accept her? They are getting closer to finding out the big secret, between DL and HL. I cannot stand the selfishness of anyone. KDramas are becoming wet blanket. The writers and television stations need to start listening to their fans. Give us better plot lines, more interesting story telling, less screaming, less over acting, less slapping and waterboarding, less entitlement issues, more compassion, most rich peole NO NOT BEHAVE like them or treat people that way. Drama or not make it pausible.

  13. 63
    jay Says:

    Does anybody know when will this drama end? So far I watched episode 126 and hope it ends at 130. Too much dragging on how the con man will be finally caught by the victims and how it will turn out with those people affected. I want to see what will happen to the judge as he is not clean at all.

  14. 64
    chihiro Says:

    it’s so cute omg ^^ love it

  15. 65
    mumsie Says:

    @jay (63)

    In answer to your question :

    If you are planning to go round the moon, just do it.

    This drama will not end by the time you return. How come? It is because the pain of this drama is that it will take one small issue, drag it, twist, squeeze and turn it, and go round and round in circles till viewers are exhausted half to death, then only will the issue be resolved enough to go on to another step in the story, when simply, 3 or 4 episodes could have the issue wrapped up a long time ago.

  16. 66
    Syrena Says:

    Absolutely! and I agree with you mumsie 110%!

    I’ve been in and out of the country twice already and it seems that I’ve only missed an episode. Nothing much has changed.

    Can they get rid of the aunt and the teacher! They are driving me nuts! Just ridiculous. Selfish fools.

  17. 67
    mumsie Says:

    Yeah, the aunt and teacher are just like two animals on heat.

    Maybe calm will settle once their lust is spent.

  18. 68
    alya Says:

    I can’t undersrand it, everybody know about the secret except the person himself/herself. The last person to know about the secret is him/herm It is common in korean drama … why ? But for this drama I really love kim hyung joon

  19. 69
    karen Says:

    seriously 153 ep … and to be confirmed …..

  20. 70
    Anita Says:

    in the beginning I loved this series, characters were good, lead pair were so cute, they had chemistry, but now… I gave up, I can’t watch an complete episode, just I read preview, because I’m curious what will be its end. I love Deulim’s innocence, good-heart, but I hate that she always breakup/rejects HyunWoo because of her family and I don’t feel that she loves him. I like HyunWoo that he is reputable and always looks for truth, but he is so weak about deulim, he goes after her as an puppy…
    +too much drama, prohibiton, little cuteness, yet not mention yelling, screaming, crying parents and childish-dramatic “second pair” (uncle and aunt)…
    I think birth secrets’ stories (Deulim-Hyunwoo) with less drama and less than 100 episodes would have been better

  21. 71
    mumsie Says:

    As usual, a drama will start up promising, a good sell. Then reality sets in when the story goes downhill from childish to brainless, merry go round, to junk to what have you.

    And when viewers wake up from this con trip, viewers would be so beleugered that they would not know what hit them. By then, the story have ended with a “wham”. Yes, viewers will then realize that they have been taken on a long con trip. Too late! Conned again!

  22. 72
    reindeer song Says:

    Hello, we know this drama is depressingly long and roundabout, but, let’s post to make this drama seemingly go faster. How can the scammer be the father of HW, when HW Mum is his sister? We call that incest, won’t you say?!! Who is the father? When will the conman be caught in his own trap? DL, HW, SY Uncle who looks like ‘Shaggy Roger in Scoopy Doo’ and aunt, so , so tired of them.

  23. 73
    Dora Lee Says:

    I like this drama and look forward to watch.
    i think those who dont like just stop watching
    Of course would have some characters i dont like e.g. the uncle auntie love story.
    Right – they have the right to love, as long as dont bring others trouble.

    Park Hyun Woo
    Gong Deul Im
    Gong Soo Im
    Han Tae Kyung
    and their families doing well

    anyway love that

  24. 74
    Sad Says:

    Yes! this drama is toooooooo LONG too much episode, as this keep going, same on, same on.
    Always Fighting, Grumbling, everyone so unhappy! as for Deul Im, she don’t know how to fight her battle, she let everyone boss her around, push her around and just do what they say.
    As for Nari, she just get away whatever she please………………So Sick drama and very Slow.
    Hyun Woo, a piece of body, trying is very best with honesty and a loving person to all, but still a ham peck person.
    Everyone have so much hidding closet Wish they cut short this Drama.

  25. 75
    reindeer song Says:

    @Sad, I can feel your pain and suffering with this drama. DL, is she not tired of beingmistreated? When is she going to grow up and the famous KDrama saying ‘I will not take this anymore’, I will get you back.

    The half’s truth, the secrets, the hidings are all frustrating

  26. 76
    Syrena Says:

    I’ve stopped watching it! I just get too stressed out watching the uncle-auntie saga. Again, selfish fools!

  27. 77
    mml Says:

    @76 Syrena,
    me too, me too, I’ve stopped watching this drama and also Hana, the well grown daughter I have also stopped watching.

  28. 78
    melwang Says:

    It is much too long and getting really frustrating following it continuously each week, watching other much shorter dramas like the wonder series Brain, Wonderful Days and other not so long winded dramas like Melody of Love and even Ruby Ring which is also rather long and confusing not to mention a rediculous and absorb plot.

  29. 79
    mj Says:

    I also stopped watching this and I heard the ending was horrible so really glad I dropped it like a month ago…

    I also dropped well raised daughter. I think im done with dailies after both od th suck I ng so much, well at least until the show is finished airing

  30. 80
    Maritza Says:

    I start watching this melody of love Korean drama, and couldn’t stop. it was very addictive, however I saw episode 152 , which apparently is the last one. it was very disappointed
    now I lost interest in this drama, because the couple suffered so much, and they just end up singing together. I never saw any kisses from this people that suppose to be in love, not even from the couples that are married.
    is that the way people fall in love in Korea? also did not understand the reason the Deulin father ask the boy to break up with her, because they were not blood related. this end is stupid. Even the young lawyer girl that got married with the musical director, they never show any affection between them. or the aunt and the teacher how can she be pregnac they show him sleeping in the floor. what a disappointment of the end of this drama

  31. 81
    MelofLuv Says:

    the ending is indeed a big disappointment

  32. 82
    Dahilia Says:

    i love melody of love soo much..i watch every night before i go sleep..nw that its end i wanna cry..but i loved it soo much..

  33. 83
    reindeer song Says:

    Today in NY this drama has ended. Of all the characters Deul Im was the one that never changed, dull and boring like dishwater. This drawn out boring drama ended with a DUD! So what’s next?

  34. 84
    CW Says:

    @reindeer song says: surprised it just ended for you. I’m in CA & it finished about 2weeks ago. Like you, was disappointed, but expected. I would have liked to read the original concept. I was in the hospital (no Korean programs) when they when they went from clothes cleaners to ttdeoki shop. Who decides, once script is written, the “bright idea” to veer in a totally opposite way from the current plot. Sometimes it just seems as if the have a wheel of fortune/unfortune that they throw darts at to see which way they should go.

    Til we meet again on another “exciting” drama, peace & love to all. –30–

  35. 85
    bea Says:

    The kid who needed the kidney Form the older man whose daughter was in love with kid with Kidney. What is the real relationship between her father and him?

  36. 86
    guest Says:

    I don’t like this drama. It’s very stressed. And also Kim da som is not good actress

  37. 87
    Wondergirl Says:

    Wow a lot of episodes. It was the most exciting drama, I’ve ever seen. I knew hyun woo’s parents were hiding something from him. Both delium and hyun woo suffered a lot to be together. I like the musical, calming and soothing. Loved all the characters. Fighting!

  38. 88
    emmanuel Says:

    Pls many seasons does it have,m still watching season 9

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