Title: 사랑했나봐 / Maybe Love
Chinese Title: 彷彿愛過
Also Known as: It Was Love
Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 144
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-15 to 2013-May-03
Air time: Monday to Friday 07:50


A drama about family love and romance between 2 men and 2 women.


Main Cast

Park Shi Eun as Han Yoon Jin
Lee Ji Eun as Yoon Jin (Child)
Kim Bo Kyung as Choi Sun Jung
Hyun Seung Min as Sun Jung (child)
Ahn Jae Mo as Baek Jae Heon
Hwang Dong Joo as Joo Hyun Do

Yoon Jin’s family

Lee Hyo Choon as Choi Ji Hak
Lee Jae Woo as Han Kyu Jin

Hyun Do’s family

Kim Dong Hyun as Joo Myung Chul
Park Jung Soo as Ahn Soo Mi
Jin Ye Sol as Joo Kyung Eun


Kim Young Ran as Kim Myung Ja
Lee Hye Eun as Lee Ji Sook
Park Dong Bin as Park Do Joon
Choi Min as Manager Park

Production Credits

Director: Kim Heung Dong, Lee Gye Joon
Screenwriter: Won Young Ok


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43 Responses to “Maybe Love”

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  1. 1
    ance Says:

    wow first! i’ll be watching this!

  2. 2
    wilinev Says:


  3. 3
    wilinev Says:

    can you share link too with these drama

  4. 4
    freemovie Says:

    To watch address on line:

  5. 5
    Funguy Says:

    Lately many k drama have longer episodes. Wonder if they can get support from fan (internationally). I, personally don’t have time to watch the same drama if it takes months long. Definitely won’t watch them, no matter how interesting the drama seems to be( based on the synopsis).
    Dear producer of k drama… Please make your drama into shorter episodes. 20 just nice. If really it needs to be long, should be around 30. Those long drama actually can be splitted into another 3-4 own stories/dramas

  6. 6
    Funguy Says:

    And the main character in these long drama usually not that well known/ popular. This issue alone make them unwatchable

  7. 7
    hyunhwa Says:

    i agree…it takes time to watch…

  8. 8
    Gem Says:

    These are daily dramas which are different than weekly broadcasts. I watch every 3rd or 4th and catch up on the stories :)

  9. 9
    Lauren Dobbs Says:

    100 episodes? I’ll be old before I finish it!

  10. 10
    something Says:

    for drama 100 episode, per episode only 35 minutes so just think like you watching 50 episode usual mon-tues, wed-thurs or weekend family or saeguk drama

  11. 11
    something Says:

    Yoon Jin’s mom name is Jin Ae Young not Choi Ji Hak

  12. 12
    Jeaa Says:

    @ Funguy : I’m international drama fans. i’m not sure i can watch it, cause it has a long episode and i’m not sure if anyone will sub it. Since i can’t speak korea. T.T and if i want to buy it in DVD, in my country they not provide for drama which has a long episode

  13. 13
    addylovesbwood Says:

    And also, these 100+ episode dramas don’t get subbed fast either. so it’ll most likely take a couple months before we non-korean speaking ppl get to watch it.

  14. 14
    shonaz1 Says:

    At first when I read “2 men and 2 women” and the character chart my mind jumped somewhere else. But with the pictures i don’t know. Usually for the 100+ dramas you have to wait and watch upto 50 episode to get some happiness with the characters but then after few episodes it goes back to hell. so with the actors in this drama I don’t know if i want to wait. Can someone tell me if the story is good so far. It says it started on the 15th october.

  15. 15
    sara Says:

    hello every one

  16. 16
    Molly Says:

    Whose daughter is who’s? Apparently jang me is not sun jungs daughter.
    I think she switched them….? Jang-me and ye-na…

  17. 17
    goong Says:

    i think Han Yoon Jin should marry Baek Jae Heon because i don,t know what she is doing, is she wanting to back to the abusive husband and mother in law who trash her and took her daughter away even the babies were switch at birth or what is she doing, korean writers tense to depict female lead in their dramas to be very foolish sometime also korean dramas tense to make dramas from the beginning to end all to be conflict no love no passion yet they say is romance when you don,t see anything like romance at all,is all conflict.

  18. 18
    Kelly Says:

    The writers do tend to make the lead females seem dense. Yoon- jin started out as an editor so why is she now just kitchen help as if she’s retarded? how does sun jung keep getting away with everything? The husband is protrayed as really being childish. Maybe the writer got blindsided.The drama needs to move a little faster, like catching sun jung because no one should be able to do half of what she does, it is ok to watch but the writer needs to get it together. Yoon- jin is really pitiful and no woman(NO WOMAN) would allow her child to be taken like that.

  19. 19
    hess Says:

    kelly you are right ,Yoon- jin is acting like foolish person for god sake what is she doing in the kitchen is there any other jobs she can do rather than been in kitchen ,also wherein this world will a father take a newborn baby from the mother just like that without given a visitation right to the mother when she did nothing wrong, maybe only in korea which is unbelievable ,there is so many things that is wrong with this drama first Yoon- jin is refusing to marry the man that love her she was even playing to go back to her ex husband who clearly has told her that he dose not love her who took her baby away from her without a second thought my guest is that the writer who wrote my dear love. is the one that is writing this one again because the writer is portraying Yoon- jin as foolish woman who doses not know what she want,why not settle down with this man, hire someone that will follow sun jung wherever she goes so that you even starting off by freeing your brother from prison than any other lucks may run in for that wicked ex husband of yours will lived to regret his action ,been in the kitchen does not make any scene at all .the writer should please make some changes because the writing now does not make any scene at all.

  20. 20
    Disappointed Says:

    I usually love Korean dramas but this one is difficult to like. Choi sun-Jung is such an difficult character to like. You don’t feel empathy for her, She isn’t even a character you would love to hate. Han yoon-Jin is just a martyr which is quite annoying. These characters seem to be ever present in all korean dramas. I hate to say it but these types of dramas make everyone seem money hungry, shallow and elitist. They also seem kind of weak because at the slightest nosebleed or headache, they are in the hospital with an I.V. In their arm. Like I said, I love Korean dramas (hooray for love, flames of desire, still, marry me etc.), but the plots are a little repetitive… Rich family hates the poor family, poor family takes abuse as if they deserve to be treated badly because they are poor…

  21. 21
    lani Says:

    yoon jin dont know how to act but choi sun jung acting is best BUT please enough the suffering of Yoon Jin in this drama always the acting of Choi sun jung you will notice all the rest nothing .Enough favor to choi sun jung please……… Im afraid to watch early morning cuz it will make your day upset better to watch at night……..

  22. 22
    bebe Says:

    This drama is slow but the story is getting better. Even though the story is kinda lame, but we enjoy their characters, choi sun jung, we do not like her, but the way she acts is good, compare to others. yoo jin is still a bit slow…now, we are in ep 39, and looks like yoo jin is ready for revenge…we want to see how her character will become later on. Director Baek is such a typical guy in any korean drama, nice, gentlement, but poor, and hopefully, later on he will become sucessfull and rich, so choi sun jung will regret to ever leave him for hyundo. Hyundo is such a “mama boy” will never grow up.. we hope this drama will have a good ending for yoo jing and baek jun…

  23. 23
    It Was Love (MBC)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  24. 24
    issue Says:

    this drama is very interesting i hope yoo jing and baek jun end up together because she deserve happiness after having that abusive husband.

  25. 25
    Hanover Says:

    Really, it’s hard to keep all those lies in a storage facility. The director(s) and the script writers must think the viewers and most of the characters in the drama are a bunch of idiots, except for the “son” who is actually a moron. It’s so hard to convince people that even by modern day Korean conservatism Joon Jin would be standing there soaking up all the insults. I really wonder how much of the character conforms to a “modern” woman in Korea. BTW, why do the characters have to “shout” that much? Is it really like that in Korea, even for well educated people (as I see a lot of highly educated characters in this and other dramas acting the same way)? I wonder. I wish those viewers with enough patience to finish the drama all the best. I stopped at ep 43. The story could easily have finished by ep 60. Now it’s over ep 130.

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