Title: 사랑했나봐 / Maybe Love
Chinese Title: 彷彿愛過
Also Known as: It Was Love
Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 144
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-15 to 2013-May-03
Air time: Monday to Friday 07:50


A drama about family love and romance between 2 men and 2 women.


Main Cast

Park Shi Eun as Han Yoon Jin
Lee Ji Eun as Yoon Jin (Child)
Kim Bo Kyung as Choi Sun Jung
Hyun Seung Min as Sun Jung (child)
Ahn Jae Mo as Baek Jae Heon
Hwang Dong Joo as Joo Hyun Do

Yoon Jin’s family

Lee Hyo Choon as Choi Ji Hak
Lee Jae Woo as Han Kyu Jin

Hyun Do’s family

Kim Dong Hyun as Joo Myung Chul
Park Jung Soo as Ahn Soo Mi
Jin Ye Sol as Joo Kyung Eun


Kim Young Ran as Kim Myung Ja
Lee Hye Eun as Lee Ji Sook
Park Dong Bin as Park Do Joon
Choi Min as Manager Park

Production Credits

Director: Kim Heung Dong, Lee Gye Joon
Screenwriter: Won Young Ok


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43 Responses to “Maybe Love”

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  1. 26
    issue Says:

    Hanover you are right, so many things in this drama that is hard to swallow but the writer make a change at ep from 75 down but i hope the writer don,t take Joon Jin back to ex husband that kill this drama.the abuse was uncalled for, taking a child from her mother giving it to other woman even though the babies were switch is honorable and it also look like Korean dose not have a court were things can be settled. even refusing the birth mother to see baby is unbelievable at this time Joon Jin ex husband is trying to go back to her after he discovered that the babies were switch and the woman he thought that she love him is only there for his money that is why i am asking this writer not to rude this drama by letting Joon Jin to go back to ex,because that mean the writer is setting bad example in life. the only things that can redeem this drama if Joon Jin marry Baek Jae Heon.

  2. 27
    Hanover Says:

    The script writers who came up with this story should start writing “fairy tales” – stories that don’t need to convince people. Some of the characters look so “thoughtful” – like “the father” and “Baek” – that you would assume they are good observers and thinkers. Some are born “sufferers” – like “YJ”. With all those facial expressions and lame excuses, it’s a wonder why no one can see through “SJ” or at least have serious doubts about her integrity. It’s getting ridiculous. Remember the saying : “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.” Maybe the script writers should remember that. I did try hard to stick with the drama but I had to give up. Perhaps there were other reasons for dragging the drama this long.

  3. 28
    say Says:

    hope this writer is not trying reward bad things by making Joon Jin like foolish woman again, even though the drama is coming an end please writer don,t reward bad things,because there will be no lesson learn from this drama episode 123 to 125 is ridiculous i also hope that this is not going to end like my dear love where evil is rewarded especial Joon Jin ex husband, getting back together with again.

  4. 29
    Disappointed Says:

    Why is Kim Choi Sun Jung chewing on her lip in every …i repeat…EVERY scene she’s in? So annoying…

  5. 30
    kimerly Wats Says:

    Shame shame on the writer this drama wasn;t thought out at all its the worst one I ever saw

  6. 31
    Nelli Says:

    Is there anywhere to watch this online? I don’t care if there are no subs.. I just want to watch it. I hope it ends similar to the last drama (Angel’s Choice). That one ended with everyone being held accountable for their actions. It was great! Problem with these dramas is that normally no one is held responsible and everyone ends happy at the end. I don’t want happy for those who are evil.. Better not put Yoonjin back with that idiot ex husband. ANd Sun Joong… OMG, I can think of a thousand endings for her!!! ANd they all end in her death.

  7. 32
    tracey Says:

    i recently moved to Utah and can no longer watch this show. does anyone know of a site where I can watch it online?

  8. 33
    say Says:

    first of all, shame on you, the writers of this drama, shame you for rewarding evil and sending the good one empty handed, shame on you. i don,t think you are a human being because a human will always show good example for others to follow,but your work and your writing shows that you are like Joo Hyun Do who get away with what he did to his ex wife now you sending her back and rewarding him for what he did and the good one, you the writer left him with empty handed, bad job writer i hope that Korean people who watches this drama will also tell you that you are a bad writer who should never have started writing at all. why in your work you reward a man who abuse his wife and other man who follow good leadership as a man should live his life you send him away with empty handed bad job writer bad job,anyway thanks for not thing .

  9. 34
    say Says:

    @tracey32, i could,t recommend this drama for someone to waste his or her time to watch IT because it is a bad drama,but any way you watch it and decide. you can copy paste this web site and you will watch all the episode ”»ç¶ûÇß³ªºÁ 1È It Was Love Ep1” if it dose not work let me know, i watch it everyday at japan25 web site i don,t think this web site have all the episode line up like the one i gave you, anyway good luck on your viewing.

  10. 35
    Hanover Says:

    “Say” is right. It would be “criminal” to recommend someone to waste his or her time. I actually left the drama @ ep43 but out of curiosity rejoined @ ep124 (The drama originally planned at 130 eps), just to find out what would happen to this bunch of “idiots” -unbelievable. I can still follow the story line after skipping 80 episodes. Now, “hopping” along the last 10 eps, I can see the director is having problems in closing down the drama. (Next drama not ready yet or what?) The story is getting nowhere – it could probably go on another 50 episodes, if they wanted to.

  11. 36
    Disappointed Says:

    Still watching and still disappointed. Currently on episode 50 something. Started watching in the beginning and was so disgusted by this stupid drama that I stopped. Then started watching it again a few weeks later to see if it got better…it didn’t. The same dumb characters are just as dumb and naive the only difference is Choi Sun-Jung stopped chewing on her bottom lip…thank god….
    The writers made Baek Jae-Hun almost into a stalker. You can be in love, but how many times does a girl have to treat you and your daughter like dirt before you get the hint? And Han Yoon-Jin…shouldn’t there be a limit to her martyrdom. Seems like the only person with some sense and could stand up for herself is Baek Jae-Hun’s mom Kim Myung-Ja, but the writers decided to give her dementia. The only reason I’m still watching is to see if any of these characters finally develope some brain cells.

  12. 37
    imhel Says:

    Here’s another drama of the same storyline as is all of the dramas coming out these days…..Full of lies, deceit, plotting, then the main characters getting into accidents orchestrated by the villain of the drama, whereby leaving the main character of the drama looking stupid and weak. I’ve seen quite a few of them this year….Queen of Ambition, Hundred Year Inheritance (still ongoing), An Angel’s choice….all the same storyline. DOES THE K-DRAMA WRITERS HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO WRITE ABOUT BUT TO PLAY ON THESE KIND OF STORYLINES????? WHERE ARE THOSE WRITERS WHO HAVE GIVEN US GREAT STORIES AS SUMMER SCENT, OJAKYO BROTHERS, LOVERS IN PARIS, BOYS OVER FLOWERS, and the like. WHERE ARE THOSE WRITERS WHO ENTICED ME TO WATCH K-DRAMAS AND MADE ME WAIT WITH BATED BREATH FOR THE NEXT EPISODES???….K-DRAMA WRITERS ARE DRYING UP ON FRESH IDEAS..I THINK UNLESS THE K-DRAMA WRITERS OF NOW LEARN THE TECHNIQUES OF THOSE GREAT WRITERS, K-DRAMA WILL SOON FIZZLE OUT AND LOOSE IT’S APPEAL TO THE MASSES…..

  13. 38
    Joan Says:

    This drama is hilarious, it keeps on turning around the bush, im just curious is there any court in Korea? the fact that they know already about the babies switching its already a big evidence for Choi Sun Jung
    to be imprisoned. One girl Vs. all of them (like “hellooooo”)?? are they all dumb?
    I just don’t like the idea of Han Yoon Jin being sooo good, everytime they got the chance to face off with Choi Sun Jung at the very end Han Yoon Jin is still quiet. Like she always accepts all the slap and etc. Like c’mon be practical, nobody in this world can live like that, she always shows that she is weak.
    Im not on the end yet, but hopefully Choi Sun Jung will be in mental hospital (which is she shows some traits of being crazy already).

  14. 39
    newbee Says:

    This drama is so out of reach of the reality. The writer(s) had no respect for the audience. it seemed that all the people in the story are blind and dumb except one super smart chic who know how to manipulate and in control the people around her all the time. We have been following the story for awhile on an off, and so disappointing at the people writing the scripts. What the waist of time, nothing will change at the end of the episode, the dumbs get dumber and the smart get smarter. The acting are just so so except the young adult who played the role as Yoon Jin’s brother, his acting is bad. People who live abroad would think there are so many crooks who do bad things to other and can get away so easily. Forget about the bad story, bad writer for now. What about the director who reviews and runs the screen play everyday, does he have any clue how ridiculous the story is. How are they going to repeating the same nonsenses to reach the episode #130? I felt bad for all of the actors and actresses who played their roles so well, just like a bunch of “idiot”.

  15. 40
    Disappointed Says:

    Rather than It Was Love…This drama should be called It Was A Bunch Of Idiots or It was a waste of your time…I’m on episode 92 and still disappointed in this drama. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment because I’m still watching it hoping that the writers will redeem themselves somehow but I’m losing hope.

  16. 41
    help Says:

    can anyone tell me where can i watch these episode in subtitle?

  17. 42
    josepy Says:

    Where can I buy this drama I want to gift it to my sister

  18. 43
    Hein Says:

    This drama is too good!!! Channel 7 (Myanmar TV) shows Korea series (drama) “It was love”. Actor Hwang Dong Joo is good acting. Park Shi Eun is a good actress. :)

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