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May Queen

Title: 메이퀸 / May Queen
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 38
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Aug-18 to 2012-Dec-23
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50


A story about characters related to ships.

Chun Hae Joo (Han Ji Hye) is a woman who pulls herself up from a harsh life and makes a name for herself in the shipbuilding industry.

Park Chang Hee (Jae Hee) and Kang San (Kim Jae Won) are the two men who war for her love.


Main Cast

Han Ji Hye as Chun Hae Joo
Kim Yoo Jung as Chun Hae Joo (Young)
Jae Hee as Park Chang Hee
Park Gun Tae as Park Chang Hee (Young)
Yang On Yoo as Park Chang Hee (child)
Kim Jae Won as Kang San
Park Ji Bin as Kang San (Young)
Son Eun Seo as Jang In Hwa
Hyun Seung Min as In Hwa (Young)

Hae Joo’s family

Ahn Nae Sang as Chun Hong Chul
Geum Bo Ra as Jo Dal Soon
Moon Ji Yoon as Chun Sang Tae
Kim Dong Hyun as Sang Tae (Young)
Jung Hye Won as Chun Young Joo
Kang Ji Woo as Young Joo (Young)
Yoon Jung Eun as Chun Jin Joo

Chun Ji Group

Lee Duk Hwa as Jang Do Hyeon
Yang Mi Kyung as Lee Geum Hee
Yoon Jong Hwa as Jang Il Moon
Seo Young Joo as Jang Il Moon (Young)
Kim Gyu Chul as Park Gi Chul
Baek Seung Hee as Jo Min Kyung

Hae Poong Group

Go In Bum as Kang Dae Pyung
Lee Hoon as Yoon Jeong Woo
Kim Ji Young as Lee Bong Hee
Sun Woo Jae Duk as Yoon Hak Soo
Kim Jae Woon as Kim Jong Myung


Seo Ji Yeon as Chae Kyung Mi (Kang San’s mother)

Production Credits

Producer: Jung Min Woo (정민우)
Director: Baek Ho Min
Screenwriter: Son Young Mok

Episode Preview

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
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Episode 38

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-08-18 1 11.3 (7th) 12.1 (8th) 11.3 (6th) 12.5 (6th)
2012-08-19 2 11.6 (10th) 12.6 (7th) 10.8 (10th) 12.3 (8th)
2012-08-25 3 13.9 (5th) 15.4 (4th) 12.0 (7th) 13.1 (6th)
2012-08-26 4 14.2 (6th) 16.6 (5th) 12.7 (7th) 13.9 (7th)
2012-09-01 5 14.5 (4th) 15.6 (3rd) 13.7 (3rd) 14.7 (2nd)
2012-09-02 6 16.6 (4th) 19.0 (4th) 14.6 (4th) 15.6 (4th)
2012-09-08 7 17.4 (2nd) 18.9 (2nd) 14.6 (3rd) 15.5 (4th)
2012-09-09 8 16.2 (4th) 18.8 (4th) 15.7 (5th) 17.5 (4th)
2012-09-15 9 17.9 (2nd) 19.6 (2nd) 16.8 (2nd) 17.6 (2nd)
2012-09-16 10 17.4 (5th) 19.1 (4th) 17.7 (4th) 18.7 (4th)
2012-09-22 11 20.0 (2nd) 22.5 (2nd) 18.6 (2nd) 19.7 (2nd)
2012-09-23 12 18.7 (3rd) 21.2 (3rd) 17.1 (3rd) 18.7 (3rd)
2012-09-29 13 17.7 (3rd) 20.5 (2nd) 14.6 (4th) 15.9 (2nd)
2012-09-30 14 15.3 (4th) 16.4 (4th) 13.1 (5th) 14.5 (4th)
2012-10-06 15 20.8 (2nd) 23.1 (2nd) 17.7 (2nd) 18.9 (2nd)
2012-10-07 16 18.7 (3rd) 21.5 (3rd) 17.4 (3rd) 18.7 (3rd)
2012-10-13 17 19.2 (2nd) 21.3 (2nd) 18.9 (2nd) 20.1 (2nd)
2012-10-14 18 19.1 (4th) 21.8 (4th) 17.6 (3rd) 18.8 (4th)
2012-10-20 19 19.4 (2nd) 22.1 (2nd) 18.7 (2nd) 19.9 (2nd)
2012-10-21 20 19.8 (3rd) 22.9 (3rd) 18.0 (3rd) 19.3 (3rd)
2012-10-27 21 19.5 (2nd) 21.6 (3rd) 18.2 (2nd) 19.4 (2nd)
2012-10-28 22 19.6 (3rd) 21.9 (3rd) 17.8 (3rd) 18.5 (3rd)
2012-11-03 23 18.9 (2nd) 21.3 (2nd) 18.5 (2nd) 20.0 (2nd)
2012-11-04 24 19.6 (4th) 22.0 (3rd) 17.8 (3rd) 19.3 (3rd)
2012-11-10 25 19.8 (2nd) 21.6 (2nd) 18.9 (2nd) 20.4 (2nd)
2012-11-11 26 19.2 (4th) 21.4 (4th) 18.0 (3rd) 19.0 (4th)
2012-11-17 27 19.2 (2nd) 21.5 (2nd) 19.1 (2nd) 21.3 (2nd)
2012-11-18 28 19.3 (3rd) 21.7 (3rd) 19.3 (3rd) 20.3 (3rd)
2012-11-24 29 21.5 (2nd) 25.4 (2nd) 20.0 (2nd) 21.1 (2nd)
2012-11-25 30 22.0 (2nd) 24.8 (2nd) 21.0 (2nd) 22.6 (3rd)
2012-12-01 31 24.2 (2nd) 24.8 (2nd) 22.7 (2nd) 23.9 (2nd)
2012-12-02 32 24.5 (2nd) 25.5 (2nd) 23.6 (2nd) 24.6 (2nd)
2012-12-08 33 24.3 (2nd) 26.2 (2nd) 23.3 (2nd) 24.4 (2nd)
2012-12-09 34 24.4 (2nd) 27.6 (2nd) 23.5 (2nd) 24.9 (2nd)
2012-12-15 35 23.0 (2nd) 25.3 (2nd) 21.7 (2nd) 22.1 (2nd)
2012-12-16 36 19.4 (3rd) 21.1 (4th) 20.6 (3rd) 21.8 (3rd)
2012-12-22 37 22.4 (2nd) 23.8 (2nd) 20.2 (2nd) 21.7 (2nd)
2012-12-23 38 25.9 (2nd) 29.4 (2nd) 26.4 (2nd) 27.5 (2nd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


The total episode extended from 32 to 38 due to the high rating of this drama.


2012 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Actress Acting Awards, Yang Mi Kyung
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Actor Acting Awards, Lee Duk Hwa
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Best Child Actress Acting Awards, Kim Yoo Jung
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Awards (Soap Opera): Jae Hee (May Queen)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor Award (Soap Opera): Kim Jae Won (May Queen)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress Awards (Soap Opera): Han Ji Hye (May Queen)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Writer of the Year, Son Young Mok (May Queen)

Episode Poster

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Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II

10 minutes Preview

Official Wallpaper

Watch Online in Viki.com


  1. 1 : KDaddict Says:

    Here is A new drama for Jae Hee, Kim Jae Won and Han Ji Hye fans.
    Two beautiful guys fighting for a woman, again. Is there a twist of some sort? Be nice if there is.

  2. 2 : MieonQ Says:

    It’s a long time not see them in drama except Kim Jae Won at CYHMH. I’ll waiting for it.

  3. 3 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    yay, jae hee,,,, cannot wait,,,
    and that little girl kim yoo jung, she did great job in dong yi and moon that embraces the sun,,, so looking forwad for her acting in this drama….

  4. 4 : jedi Says:

    Loved Jae Hee, but not much with Han Ji Hye. She not really can act. Never really like her drama except I Hate You But It’s Fine with Kim Ji Suk.

  5. 5 : jedi Says:

    Really loved Kim Yoo Jung. I don’t know if Han Ji Hye can acts better than her child actress. We’ll see. ^.^

  6. 6 : sara Says:

    Oh, Smiling angel is back. I missed him so much. I can’t imagine him as a bad guy.

    COW was really disappointing. I’m happy JH is back soon. I hope he can shine again with this drama. He’s been a wasted talent after Delightful girl.

    I don’t like the female lead. She was super boring in Dou and very stiff in EOE. Anyway, I will watch because of two men, specially White Sweet prince KJW.

  7. 7 : jedi Says:


    It’s boring because she didn’t acted well. Hopefully in this drama she can improves her acting and the men leads could bring good tone in this drama. I think JH could do so, because in his previous drama (color of women & delightful girl) the lead actress has mediocre acting too, but JH little bit helpful to bring nice tone with the drama. ^^’

  8. 8 : angel Says:

    I miss Kim Jae Won…

  9. 9 : Jennie Says:

    So we have two leading men whom everybody adore and a leading lady whom no one really cares for (not a fan of hers at all!). I was looking forward to seeing Kim Jae Won again in Me Too Flower when he had to bow out after an accident. Looks like he has fully recovered 🙂 but with Han JH? Has to be third priority after Five Fingers and Nice Guy, where the cast and script are more interesting 😀

  10. 10 : jedi Says:

    @Jennie (9),

    Agree with you. If not for the men lead, maybe nobody will watch this drama. ^^. But I do have expectations with this drama, and I’m really waiting to watch Kim Yoo Jung.

  11. 11 : KIM JAE WON FANSCLUB (@kimjaewon0218) Says:

    Forever Kim Jae Won… 🙂 miss him so much … we are so happy to see him back looking good and healthy. Good luck oppa… We always support you… fighting…

  12. 12 : annipanca Says:

    I am so happy can watch Kim Jaewon Oppa in drama again. I hope May Queen can be as successfully Drama as CYHMH even more. Jaewon Oppa….Fighting !!

  13. 13 : Jennie Says:

    @jedi Oh yes, most of us will probably give this drama a shot because of Kim Yoo Jung. She was such a darling in The Moon/Sun and I hope we get to see her in a couple of episodes at least. As for the adults, not much info is out there but looking at the poster, I suppose KJW has a more prominent role than Jae Hee?

  14. 14 : sara Says:

    Agreed. She is really beautiful and talented. I wish she was old enough to play the lead. But her being so good is a problem itself coz HJH is not as good as her and you would be disappointed unknowingly. It happened to me when i was watching METS. She was great but HGI was just so-so.

  15. 15 : tey Says:

    wow wow wow..miss them so much…all of them!!!!
    i luv Han Ji Hye …Kim Jae won..jae hee soooooooooo much..
    so happy find them play together.

    @jedi, agree w u, i like kim yoo jung too..she was the first kids actress who make me fall with her act. so great..i think at MES she play better than better tan Han ga in ( even she (HGI) my fav , sorry ..

    can’t wait !!!!

  16. 16 : Gretz16 Says:

    I love Kim Jae Won more than anyone in the adult cast… he improves a lot and really get better in every drama he made, and his simplicity and humble personality is also a big plus. His fans love him and very loyal to him because of his good attitude. Jae Hee did well too, :)… as for Han Ji Hye, i can’t say mush because i didn’t get to watch her drama, but i hope she will have a good chemistry with KJW. Her role is very important because she is the main subject . The child cast is amazing, they very talented. Good luck to everyone… I definitely watch this…

  17. 17 : jedi Says:


    I think both of them are the lead actors. I guessed and hopefully the writter will gives us the story about how 2 leading actors with their different characters to deal with their life plus with love interest. For me it’s more interesting than focus on the leading actress and her love interest (just said she only be the candy on this drama, although it’s not sweet). But if HJH can do acts well in this drama, I guessed there would be shipping war again from the fans liked FOtG ^.^

  18. 18 : jedi Says:

    @Sara-14 and @tey-15,

    We must waiting maybe for 4-5 years later to watch KYJ as the lead actress ^^”

    KYJ part in this drama have a good and bad sides. The good sides she would bolster up this drama, and the bad sides the adult actress could be overshadowed by her, liked TMTETS, it’s not interesting anymore with the adult casts. The best episodes of TMETS are 1-5 with the child casts, I only liked KSH’s acting, the others, sorry, NO.

  19. 19 : Jennie Says:

    @jedi Haha your comment about the candy was really funny. However, the drama IS about the leading lady, from the synopsis above so it’s highly impossible to hope that she’s just eye candy. Question is who wins the girl? Guess we just have to see how it goes and whether it’s worth going thru the whole 32 episodes. One thing though, I noticed that Han JH looks prettier in the posters. Marriage must agree with her 😉 Meanwhile I’m just going to give all my attention in the drama to Kim JW from ‘the top of his head to the tips of his toes” 😀 And yes, it’ll be fun if we have another rock the boat situation as in FoTG 😀

  20. 20 : KDaddict Says:

    If u hadn’t mentioned it, I almost missed the fact that KYJ is here.
    Love Kim Yoo Jung. I’ll tune in to watch her. And will miss her when she disappears fr the show.

  21. 21 : pammy Says:

    love Kim Jaewon

  22. 22 : mely92 Says:

    Han Ji Hye looks like Han Hyo Joo so much in the teaser that I mistaken them… ><
    The teaser makes me curious about the real storyline..
    Will wait for this drama ^^

  23. 23 : sara Says:

    Just saying, no offence intented and sorry to fans. But who you guys would cast as the female role?

  24. 24 : annipanca Says:

    The 2Nd teaser already out. I feel more curious about the drama now…so so excited. Yeeyyy..I can watch Kim jaewon oppa in drama soon 🙂

  25. 25 : jedi Says:


    PARK HA SUN, beautiful and talented.

  26. 26 : jedi Says:


    I think you’re right. The story IS about HER. Today I just read more details about the synopsis at soompi, and it stated KJW is the lead actor also there another actress in this loveline. Sound interesting. JH fighting!

  27. 27 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Jennie 19 , this is the description of the cast, i think you haven’t read yet..

    (Character: Kang San) Kim Jae Won/Park Ji Bin
    Coming from a background where he lacks nothing, his bright, healthy, and remembers everything in detail as long as his interested in it. He is a talented genius, and started liking Hae Ju from middle school, in which he attended with Chang Hee. He came back to Korea after 15 years, and reunited with Haeju. Haeju started to enter his heart again. Haeju slowly makes his heart race and along with her sweet smile, Kang San slowly opened his heart to her.

    (Character: Chang Hee) Jae Hee/ Park Geon Tae
    A very disciplined perfectionist. He is filled with determination, and is a self-driven prosecutor. Even so, he comes from a not so well to do family, and his father is a butler at Dohyun’s house. His success is attached to sins. He later hears a terrible secret from his father, and had to leave the Haeju he dearly loved. Inhwa chose him, and he therefore became Dohyun’s son in law.

    (Character: In Hwa)
    She grew up in an environment where she had everything, and grew up with no problems in Massachusetts. She is very stubborn. However, she, who liked the Kang san since she was a young kid, was aware that he liked Haeju. She is unable to stand Haeju, who always smiled brightly despite the bad circumstances she’s put through. She therefore always feels inferior to Haeju. In the end, she stole Haeju’s first love, Chang hee, and successfully married him.

    (Character: Hae Ju) Han Ji Hye/ Kim Yoo Jung
    Bright and high spirited in nature, always curious, and suprisingly positive. Always considerate of others and is warmhearted by nature, no matter how extreme conditions are, she never gives up and fully commits herself to overcome it. She has a beauty that always makes people’s frustration go away. Due to her stepfather who was once a sailor, she started loving boats from a young age. Rather than just liking it, she likes to fix the ships. Her dream is to make a nice boat for the dad she dearly loved.

    Base on the character description from the Official Websites, Chang Hee will marry In Hwa, which means Kang-san is definitely paired with Hae Ju.
    If you want to check out the latest updates visit this site https://www.facebook.com/MayQueenKoreanDrama2012

  28. 28 : KIM JAE WON FANSCLUB (@kimjaewon0218) Says:

    Watch the 2nd Video teaser at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYRUVIdoht0&feature=plcp ….

  29. 29 : Jennie Says:

    @Gretz16 TQ so much for the detailed description of the cast. Well, it’s a lot clearer now and sounds much more interesting. At least we know that the story is not entirely on Hae Ju (Han JH). There’s also nothing on the actress who plays In Hwa. I suppose her role will be pretty small then 😀
    @sara I would prefer someone who looks younger than the two men, maybe someone like Hwang Jung Eum again. She was great with KJW in CYHMH 😀

  30. 30 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Jennie 29 🙂 Did you watch the script reading on youtube? I saw a girl their with long and a bit wavy hair, although she haven’t formally introduce yet, i think she will play the role as In Hwa. I couldn’t recognize her because the video is fast and the caption is a bit far. She will marry Chang Hee in the drama, but at the same time it was mention that she will fall in love with Kang-san. The love triangle is not only between Chang Hee and Kang-san but also between In Hwa and Hae Ju, 🙂 but i think the big twist is about the secret of Hae Ju’s birth and the cause of Kang-san parents death that resulted for his personality transformation, from being kind and gentle to being rude and reckless…. this drama is getting me more excited every single detail that comes out…

  31. 31 : sara Says:

    Both of your choices are better than the current female lead. Anyway, so KJW is the lead man. I ‘m so happy but it’s really interesting to see him portraying a rude, reckless man. He is such a sweety. I hope he smiles too much in this drama.

  32. 32 : Charlie Says:

    Jae Hee and Kim Joo Son in the same show? What a treat. Who will be the leading man? Who will get the girl in the end, rich guy or poor guy? I hope Kim Joo Won will. I guess I love him more than I love Hae Hee.
    I’m looking forward to this show.
    Looking good in KD world. There will be so many nice dramas showing.

  33. 33 : sassygrace23 Says:

    @ Charlie 32, 🙂 It’s Kim Jae Won not Kim Joo Won hehehe… I like both of the actors but i also prefer Kim Jae Won more …. He is just too sweet and charming to ignore… i love his acting….

  34. 34 : jedi Says:

    They were married, but not loved each other, the loveline plot very interesting, so I really hoped this drama not disappointed me.

    I love Jae Hee more.

  35. 35 : sassygrace23 Says:

    @ jedi , Yes… Chang Hee (Jae Hee) will marry In Hwa and give up on Hae Ju, i think the reason must be so deep, it’s either about the secret on Hae Ju’s birth that stop him to love her or maybe he just choose to pursue his ambition for success than love.

    On the other hand, I’m more interested on how Kang-san (Kim Jae Won) will deal with Hae Ju, will he be loving or cruel? Because of hate and pain due to his parents death, he will be nasty. Will Hae Ju manage to soften his harden heart… aaaaahhhhhhhhhh…… this is great…. i’m so excited to watch this, it’s more interesting than i thought…

    I love to see Kim Jae Won transformation in this drama…

  36. 36 : jedi Says:


    Chang Hee and Kang San, from the description they have layer character, so it’s must be very interesting to watch how JH and KJW will potrayed their char. The other hand, Hae Ju char so typical, sweet and nice girl.

  37. 37 : sassygrace23 Says:

    @ jedi 36, The character description seems more interesting, i hope they played it well… i am confident on the 2 actors, Kim Jae Won and Jae Hee, i watch most all of their previous drama and their acting improves a lot better… As for Han Ji Hye, i think she’s pretty and sweet, i hope she will do her best in this drama…

  38. 38 : jedi Says:

    I watched the teaser, Kim Yoo Jung has grown up now. She’s not like a little girl (moon/sun) anymore, also that little boys, they were grown up too. Time really quick passed away!!! ^^”

    By the way, HJH seems fatter in the teaser, but it’s looks prettier.

  39. 39 : Jennie Says:

    Hi everyone. Thanks for all the info about the drama. The drama now sounds much more interesting than what the synopsis has described. Wow, the characters are really complicated. I can’t wait to see KJW playing a mean and nasty guy role and JH’s character with all that angst will be interesting to watch too. Btw, I too love KJW more than JH ..hehe
    @Gretz16 Thanks for the info but like you, I couldn’t see the actress (playing In Hwa) at all. She must be a newbie I guess, since the name is unfamiliar too. But looking at the video, I like the young actors already and I know these kids will be great. Looking forward to watching this now 😀

  40. 40 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Jennie 39, I read some news in dramabeans, Jae Hee gives the precise description of his character,

    Jae Hee explained, “Park Chang-hee is a guy with a lot of pain. Rather than living life according to his own will, he gives up a lot for the sake of those he loves, doing things he dislikes because they need to be done. Even as he can’t enjoy his own life, he’ll still do whatever he can for the people he cares about.”

    It sounds like Chang Hee is going to have a hard time in this drama, While Kang-san will also have to deal with his anger. :)… it’s pretty exciting now….

  41. 41 : Cathy Says:

    I’m so excited to watch Kim Jae Won in this drama… :)…. oppa fighting…

  42. 42 : Charlie Says:

    Sassygrace 23,
    Thanks for your correction. I meant to say Kim Jae Won.
    Who’s Kim Joo Won? 😉

  43. 43 : Cathy Says:

    Viki.com is not available in my Region, can anyone give me another site to watch this online? I really want to watch this drama…. 🙁

  44. 44 : jedi Says:


    Try at Dramacrazy

  45. 45 : Cathy Says:

    @ Jedi 44 , thank’s a lot 🙂 …. i’m really going crazy if i miss this drama hahahaha….

  46. 46 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hello guys, i just want to share….. I read a post from May Queen facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MayQueenKoreanDrama2012 , the press conference will be on Tuesday August 14, 2012. All the cast will be formally announce , i’m really looking forward for this event… so excited to see Jaewon oppa pictures…. 🙂

  47. 47 : orchids Says:

    wow!! after so many years m going to see jae hee…..i totally adore him <3…… i want the girl to be with jae hee not wid other guy….jae hee keep fighting…….we love u sooooo much jae hee( mong ryong oppa) 🙂

  48. 48 : gemerald Says:

    I prefer Kim Jae Won , 🙂 hahahahha…. i love them both but i still want Jaewon oppa to be in the happy ending…. oppa fighting….

  49. 49 : annipanca Says:

    @Gretz16, thanks for your info. I am so happy about the pers conference. Means we can watch Kim Jaewon oppa drama very soon.
    @gemerald, I absolutely agree with you. I choose Kim Jaewon to the Happy ending 🙂

  50. 50 : gemerald Says:

    @ Anni, :)… me too. By the way, viki.com already uploaded the trailer with English translation, check it out… Jaewon oppa is always the best for me… 🙂

  51. 51 : Gretz16 Says:

    New uploaded compilation trailer on youtube… watch it guys… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL_9lDJAD10

  52. 52 : jedi Says:

    Wow, this drama hasn’t air yet, but it’s already indication for shippings war from both actors’ fans. ^^’

  53. 53 : jeany Says:

    Jaewon oppa fighting…. 🙂 I love all his drama…. i’m so happy that i can watch him again…. I want him to be with the female lead in this drama, but i also like Jae Hee oppa…. Good luck to everyone…. i’m one of your fans from Philippines… 🙂

  54. 54 : Cathy Says:

    This is probably the most unique love triangle I’ve seen, in terms of actors. Both guys have been leads in many dramas before. It will be fun watching them fight…. Kim Jae Won oppa… fighting…

  55. 55 : Gretz16 Says:

    News Official Poster are publish guys, check it out at https://www.facebook.com/MayQueenKoreanDrama2012 🙂

  56. 56 : Jennie Says:

    @Fretz16 TQ for all the links. Just another 5 days to watch this. Am really looking forward to seeing JW 😀

  57. 57 : Jennie Says:

    @Gretz16 #56 Sorry for the error in ur name. One of the hazards of typing on Iphone here with the share box on screen which blocks out part of the screen:-D

  58. 58 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Jennie 57, 🙂 It’s OK, no problem at all… i’m too excited to watch this drama that every day i have to check all the latest news about it. 🙂 Honestly, the only artist that can make me watch 30+ episode drama is Kim Jae Won, i’m a big fan of him since 2006…

  59. 59 : Jennie Says:

    @Gretz16 Me too. Became his fan since I saw him in Romance 😀 Who can resist that sweet looking face and equally sweet smile of his huh? And he is so charismatic as an actor – just look at all the awards that he has won. He has pretty much covered all of them in terms of looks and talent. He has the excellence, best actor, most popular, best dressed, most talented awards – what else is there that he hasn’t won, heeheee. I hope he gets another one for this drama just to show that he has not lost his touch after military service 😀

  60. 60 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Jennie, you are right… I wish he will get the Best Actor Award this year, his talent in acting is absolutely outstanding. He can make you laugh and cry at the same time… He is excellent in almost all category… 🙂

  61. 61 : adisty Says:

    wuaaaa, kim ja won and ja hee, can’t wait to see them acting in the same drama .. really love jae hee in my sassy girl chun hyang 😀

  62. 62 : grace Says:

    I think this drama will make a big hit…. all the cast are very talented…. i’ll be watching this…. Looks like the 2 actors have a lot of loyal fans… and i’m one of them…. 🙂 Kim Jae Won done well in CYHMH, i think he is one of the best actors in Korea…

  63. 63 : annipanca Says:

    Don’t forget guys. Tomorrow on Aug 14 May Queen pers conference. There must be A lot of pictures of them….I am so excited. I want to see their new pictures specially Kim Jaewon…so happy 🙂 🙂

  64. 64 : zarima USA Says:

    waiting fo:r your new kdrama:P

  65. 65 : zarima USA Says:


  66. 66 : grace Says:

    i like the # 5 poster… very enchanting…. 🙂

  67. 67 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    really cannot wait to see Jae Hee in this drama,, i like him since Sassy Girl, Chunyang but his others work dissapoinment me,, i hope to see Jae Hee again in May Queen make fall for him again…

  68. 68 : tey Says:

    Agree with you, Jae hee did god job at Sassy Girl,Chunyang. others is make me disappointed. hope in my Queen will be great drama. overall i really wait for this drama, i love much much 4 of them!! HJY ,JH ,KJW,KYJ

  69. 69 : jeany Says:

    @ taraLuJJ and tey , this drama really have a good casting, i watch Jae Hee in Sassy Girl Chunyang, he did well, Kim Jae Won is outstanding in all his drama too, i love almost all specially CYHMH, I love Han Ji Hye in East of Eden, the child cast is a big plus…. they are all talented…

  70. 70 : salve capisnon Says:

    its so nice !!!! wow I`m your big [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love you very much!!!!!!!! and I`m salve capisnon waiting you to come in the Philippines!!!!!

  71. 71 : bayan Says:

    يااااي متى ينزل حماااس اول من يترجم عربي ق1 بس اجتهدو يالانقليزين لاني اخذ الترجمه منكم باختصار لايكثر :/

  72. 72 : jedi Says:

    Jae Hee is a good actor, just sayin he poorly picked for the bad drama.

  73. 73 : Gretz16 Says:

    Today is the Press Conference of the drama, lots of photos are posted on the Official Website and it’s all over the news now… 🙂 check it out guys… 🙂 there are a lot of photos that pretty interesting…

  74. 74 : tey Says:

    @Jeany, yes they are all outstanding actor/actress. i really luv HJY at sweet 18 ..i’ve watched 2times, very enjoy it!! and then East of eden..have you watched Sweet 18????

  75. 75 : oppa Says:

    Is Kim Jaewon the male leading ?

  76. 76 : jeany Says:

    @ tey , i didn’t watch Sweet 18, but i really like her in East of Eden. 🙂

    @ Oppa, yes, probably the male lead is Kim Jae Won because i read on the character description that Jae Hee (Chang Hee) will marry the character of In Hwa … and the love line is between Kang-san and Hae Joo… 🙂

  77. 77 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @tey, @jeany
    yeah i think so too, may queen has outstanding casts which make me confuse a lil’ bit which one do i have to watch first this drama or five fingers (i believe has great casts too),,,,
    i wish jae hee is the male lead but looking that poster it look like kim jae won,,,no problemo, i still gonna watch this 🙂

  78. 78 : jeany Says:

    The preview is already uploaded in youtube… 🙂 check this guys… 10 minutes preview is just great… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ls5Th4jkTyU&feature=youtu.be

  79. 79 : gemerald Says:

    I watch the poster making, it’s very funny… i think the cast get along very well 🙂 … i’m so excited… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgUUCEjkY4k&feature=youtu.be

  80. 80 : Gretz16 Says:

    The 10 minutes preview is much more interesting, 🙂 you can watch it in this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnVImvmtKvU….

  81. 81 : Gretz16 Says:

    This is the full episode of May Queen Press Conference HD Video , watch it guys… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSDd0QPj5X0

  82. 82 : annipanca Says:

    It’s 2 days more for May Queen drama premier guys. By seing the 2 teasers, I am sure the drama will be as successfully as CYHMH drama or maybe can be more….oohhhh so excited. I feel so curious for the couple Han Ji Hye and Kim Jaewon…:)

  83. 83 : Lorem Says:

    I have this bone to pick with those who give these dramas their titles. This one for example. In the west the “May Queen” is generally associated with wiccan lore, and later in the US it became a street parade. Traditionally it was a ritual Wiccans (pagans) performed as an expression of gratitude to mother nature for their harvest.

    Seem like a decent thing to do, but what and how does it relate to this drama? Do writer-nim pick a title in english because it sounds good and not for its meaning? I don’t think “May Queen” as a contemporary or historical Korean expression even exists? Am I wrong? Iif I am wrong about that, please elucidate dear writer-nim, for my edification and those readers whom I am sure are equally in the dark.

  84. 84 : sassygrace23 Says:

    @ Lorem , the Original title is 메이퀸 , it was translated in English literally, but i think the meaning is base on Korean word not in English. That’s what i thought. :)… That Korean Character doesn’t have exact translation in English when i search it on the internet.

    Any way, the premiere show is tomorrow night, i’m so excited… 🙂

  85. 85 : jeany Says:

    Hello everyone… check out this link https://www.facebook.com/notes/may-queen-%EB%A9%94%EC%9D%B4%ED%80%B8-korean-drama/may-queen-%EB%A9%94%EC%9D%B4%ED%80%B8-korean-drama/196657300464317 , the description of characters are given more precise…. than the previous one… Don’t miss to watch the premiere show tomorrow… let’s watch it together… fighting…

  86. 86 : annelee Says:

    I am watching because of KJW. Cannot get enough of his acting after CYHMH.Wish that he has more show

  87. 87 : grace Says:

    @ annelee, i agree with you, i’m a huge fan of Kim Jae Won too. 🙂 I’m so excited to watch this drama because of him. But in general, the casting is great and all very talented…

  88. 88 : Jennie Says:

    @Lorem I’ve always thought that “May Queen” here refers to a name of a ship in this drama, since it’s related to the shipping industry, no? I think maybe it is related to Hae Joo (Han JH)’s passion/ambition.

  89. 89 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Jennie, 🙂 yeah, you’re right, “May Queen” refers to a woman if we base on gender… that means it’s all about Hae Joo’s life and journey… 🙂

  90. 90 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    I can’t wait for this:) I’m so excited to watch the child actors:) and Kim Jae Won is back..plus Jae Hee:)

  91. 91 : Gretz16 Says:

    To all Non-Korean fans, you can watch MBC May Queen 메이퀸 Korean Drama tonight at the same time as it was broadcast in Korea at http://livedekankoku.web.fc2.com/mbc-live3.html
    … Don’t miss it… 🙂

  92. 92 : Cathy Says:

    Title: 메이퀸 / May Queen
    Genre: Romance
    Episodes: 32
    Broadcast network: MBC (http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/mayqueen/)
    Broadcast period: 2012-Aug-18 to 2012-Dec-02
    Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50


    “May Queen”, is a story of of a girl named Jeon Hae Joo, a warm and considerate woman who has strong self-will. And because of her father, she likes boats and the ocean. She is very talented and passionate when it comes to boat, she can even fix the boat when there is problem.
    “May Queen” used boats and ocean as the basic concept, is a story about several young children who were born during a time of development for the shipbuilding industry. Their journey included ambition and love, betrayal and vengeance, failure and success.

    Park Chang Hee (Jae Hee) and Kang San (Kim Jae Won) are the two men who war for her love.


    Main Cast:
    ***Kang San (Park Ji Bin; Kim Jae Won) is the heir of a shipyard company. His parents tragically have passed away.
    Once a carefree person, his personality changes after he found out the reason behind his parents’ death.
    Born genius, he anchors everything he’s interested inside his mind. Yes he can easily memorize something once he put his mind into it, or when he’s interested on it.
    His look may be gentle, but he is also a strong man.

    ***Jeon Hae Joo (Kim Yoo Jung; Han Ji Hye) is a very optimistic person, she loves fixing ship since she was young.

    Even though her life circumstances are not always bright, however, she always smiles and makes the best out of every situation.

    ***Park Chang Hee (Park Gun Tae; Jae Hee) is a very self-disciplined person who always strives to do his very best. He loves Hae Joo since they were young; but one secret made him regrettably left her.

    His father works at Jang Dohyun’s place; and he marries with Dohyun’s daughter, In Hwa.
    ***Jang In Hwa (Han Seung Min/Son Eun-seo) is a young girl with a lot of inferiority towards a cheerful Hae Joo. In Hwa always gets everything she wants, except the man who she really loves, Kang San as he loves Hae Joo.

    So in the end, In Hwa marries Chang Hee who’s Hae Joo’s first love.

    I think this drama is a complete package… 🙂 Great casting, great story line, everything is just perfect… i’m so excited to watch it tonight, i won’t be able to sleep whole night if i miss it. “May Queen” fighting…

  93. 93 : grace Says:

    Hello everyone? have you watch May Queen 메이퀸 Korean Drama first episode?… it’s really great and exciting… i love it… 🙂 🙂 … Catch the 2nd episode tomorrow night in this site . It will start 9pm Hongkong, Philippines, and Indonesia time … Don’t miss it.. Good night..http://livedekankoku.web.fc2.com/mbc-live3.html

  94. 94 : Patty Says:

    Can’t wait !!! It’s must better than five fingers !

  95. 95 : grace Says:

    @ Patty, yes you are right… on naver.com rating result, the #1 in ranking for the first episode is May Queen. 🙂 i watch it, the child cast can really act well… i’m so excited to watch the next episode tomorrow night..

  96. 96 : annipanca Says:

    @grace, it’s true. And lot’s of good response and news about the drama published after the first episode finished. So happy to know it. I think what Kim Jaewon Oppa said about 15% viewers for this drama will come true or maybe more….:)

  97. 97 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Annipanca 96 , 🙂 May Queen had a good start, for sure they will get a good rating… all the cast are very good and talented. I can’t wait to see Kim Jae Won oppa… 🙂 i’m so excited…

  98. 98 : SJ Says:

    i’ll surely watch this i like all the leads and i miss both jae hee & kim jae won! exciting!

  99. 99 : sassygrace23 Says:

    I just watch the first episode and it’s really amazing… it was fun and interesting… i was a bit shock how the story started, i feel bad for Hae Joo on what happen in his real father. Kang-san is very cool, he is the only genius student i know that sleeping in the class while the teacher is giving a lecture, i like his character, funny and easy-going. Chang Hee looks like very down-to-earth, and had a very good bond with Hae Joo, i thought Kang-san and Chang Hee will be fighting in this drama but on the first episode, Kang-san actually save him from those bully boys in the class. Hae Joo and In Hwa had a rough start, it’s getting more interesting… i’ll surely watch the next episode tonight… 🙂 May Queen fighting…

  100. 100 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i’m glad to choose this drama cz the story really got me,,
    maybe i will watch five fingers later,,,

  101. 101 : gemerald Says:

    I love the first episode… with suspense on the dark side of adult story, but funny and exciting on the child part… :).. this drama is really worth to watch… :).. i love it… i can’t wait to see KJW, HJH, and JH… 🙂

  102. 102 : annipanca Says:

    don’t forget to watch 2nd episode guys…almost showing 🙂

  103. 103 : Gretz16 Says:

    Episode 1 rating

    11.3% / 12.1 – Sources: TNmS Media Korea

    11.3% / 12.5 – Sources: AGB Nielsen Korea

  104. 104 : Riza Says:

    This drama is great… i love it… i hope i could watch the next episode soon, another 6 days of torture… every episode is getting more exciting… 🙂 “May Queen” fighting…

  105. 105 : May Queen Korean Drama (2012) Says:

    […] Chun Hae Joo (Han Ji Hye) is a woman who pulls herself up from a harsh life and makes a name for herself in the shipbuilding industry. Park Chang Hee (Jae Hee) and Kang San (Kim Jae Won) are the two men who war for her love.–korendrama.org– […]

  106. 106 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    Oh its finally airing….gotta watch this!

  107. 107 : May Queen (K-Drama) (01 RAW | 00 Sub) | Dorama x264 - MU, MF, Download Links, re-encoded Asian Drama Says:

    […] Chun Hae Joo (Han Ji Hye) is a woman who pulls herself up from a harsh life and makes a name for herself in the shipbuilding industry. Park Chang Hee (Jae Hee) and Kang San (Kim Jae Won) are the two men who war for her love.–Korendrama.org […]

  108. 108 : Jennie Says:

    @Gretz16 Hi haven’t watched it yet since I am on the road this weekend. Thanks for the news on the ratings and am glad that it’s going well. Read some great reviews too on Soompi. Looking forward to catching up 2 episodes when I return. Yay, finally we get to see 😀

  109. 109 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Jennie, the episode 2 is getting more exciting… it already shows a bit of the Romance part on the 3 main characters, i just love it. Kim Yoo Jung is such a drama princess, she really act her role very well. Hyun Seung Min as In Hwa did a great acting too, even if this is her debut, she acted like a pro. She act so real that i hated her character every time she pop up when Kang-san is with Hae Joo… :)… i want the two to have more time for each other and yet she’s spoiling it… hahahaha… it’s really interesting to see those kids…

  110. 110 : pop Says:

    can’t wait for the child grow up !

  111. 111 : Kimchi Says:

    Really love to watch that new torrent May queen, but i can,t find it hare full Episode Sub watch at Kimchi1st.com

    Episode 1 – http://www.kimchi1st.com/2012/08/may-queen-ep-1-eng-sub-mbc-romance.html

    Episode 2 – http://www.kimchi1st.com/2012/08/may-queen-ep-2-eng-sub-mbc-romance.html

  112. 112 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Kimchi, thank you so much for the link, i haven’t watch the episode 2 with English sub, so i’ll check it out… 🙂

  113. 113 : monica hen Says:

    exciting drama….the story is similiar both Glory Jane and Feast of Gods…i think it can be a really good dramas 🙂

  114. 114 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    Oh I love this drama ep1 made me cry….as always Kim Yoo Jung portrayed her role pretty well.I adore this girl since Iljimae then in Dongyi and lastly in TMETs…But in this drama I like her more:))

  115. 115 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ GirL_KicK_AsS, i really laugh when Hae Joo (Kim Yoo Jung) introduce herself in school. She said, her face is all red and swollen because She got a free bee acupuncture so that she can be smarter than before… 🙂 hahaha , i want to be smart too but i don’t think i will use her method… 🙂

  116. 116 : Jordan Says:

    Much…Much better than I thought
    the children act very well, making this drama to be followable and being my favorite. I wish the adult parts will also put on the good acting. Korea has crafted such many great child actors and actress. I particularly like Park Gun Tae acting. His emotional expression is superb.

  117. 117 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:


    Yes,it was so funny:D one thing I like about this drama is the relationship between her and her foster father so awesome.You know, you can truly feel the love of his foster father towards her knowing she’s not his real daughter:)I also like Park Gun Tae since Time Between Dog and Wolf and Warrior Baek Dong Soo, the boy can really act well,he moved me in those dramas:)and Kang San is so funny, a bad boy but for sure he has a soft heart towards Hae Joo. But who will be playing Il Moon if they grow up?

    Oh,I can’t wait to watch ep2 with sub :((

  118. 118 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ GirL_KicK_AsS, i like Kang-san character, he is naughty but he is not a bad boy. Park Ji Bin portrayed his role very well, he is not boring to watch. He maybe a rival of Chang Hee later on but i think in a fair way. On the other hand Chang Hee character is very pitiful , i feel bad for him, specially on how Il Moon treated him. Seo Young Joo as Il Moon is very good too, his role is very important, it gives the whole scene more thrill. i’m wondering who will be the adult character for him. 🙂

  119. 119 : Charlie Says:

    This show is very promising. By viewing the first two episodes, I already fell in love with the show. Park Gun Tae has grown up to a handsome young man from the little boy in the Time Between Wolf and Dog. He’s acting is great. So is the young lady Kim Yoo Jung. She’s so pretty. These kids are growing up on camera. The father daughter affection are also portrayed very well, although he’s not her real father and is not a perfect father. This drama shows hope.

  120. 120 : Jennie Says:

    Great start. Wow, the whole of KDland’s young actors must be starring in this drama. They have all grown up and such a talented lot too. Although it took me some time to sort out who was playing who (and I still get confused. I thought JW was Chang Hee at first, from the child actor’s fair skin :-D)), the drama definitely looks promising. The story may not be new but the cast makes such a big difference. Right now the youngsters are just awesome and I know for sure the adult cast will be too.
    @Gretz16 Yes, Hyun SM”s debut is impressive. Even now I can imagine how miserable Chang Hee’s adult life is going to be – being married to such a brat! And I also fear for the mother, being married to such a monster, who would kill to get whatever he wants and do whatever it takes to get the woman he wants. I feel so sorry for Chang Hee already!

  121. 121 : irene Says:

    It seems to be a promising drama. I just hope that Jae Hee will be the lead actor.

  122. 122 : sassygrace23 Says:

    I just watch the preview of the next episode, i’m so excited. I think Hae Joo and Kang-san will be more close in this part. It seems like KS ask HJ to teach him welding, and HJ told him to call her Master. They are really cute, and a good match. Kang-san have the knowledge but doesn’t have the skill which Hae Joo does. If they work together it will be perfect. On the other hand, Chang Hee was told by his father to beat II Moon in any way. and Chang Hee told Hae Joo that he aim to own the whole shipbuilding company near their place. I can’t wait to see the next episode. …

  123. 123 : sara Says:

    Revenge, tension, lost child, birth secret, evil master, mean and jealous with a big inferiority complex young master, brat master’s daughter, cold lonely but warm-hearted hero, kind gentle and manly second hero, hard working heroin, I-am-in-love-with-a-man-whose father-killed-mine concept, coward butler and Mr.FATE who relates all of these unrelated things.

    At the first glace, everything seems cliché. But I liked 2 first episodes. The child actors are great and I’m sure pretty KYJ will overshadow HJH.
    Her Hae joo is so pretty, hard-working and kind that you can’t help but love. She will suffer more in this story.

    Chang hee is a lonely boy with a big scar inside. So he wants to live in his own world till a day comes that he can beat their master’s son. The young boy is very very pretty and i can imagine JH playing this role with that serious expression on his pretty face.

    Kang san is the one i like the most. Partly because i know, the adult actor is the white prince. He described KS as a gentle boy with toughness inside. It seems so. If the girl falls in love with CH, he will be a boy with lots of fake smiles. Something like JIW’s character in METS. For now there’s nothing but love challenge between two boys but the story will be very complicated if CH ‘s father kills or frames KS’s grandpa.

  124. 124 : sara Says:

    I meant at first glance*

  125. 125 : Charlie Says:

    I so like Kang San’s character. The young man is not as pretty as Chang Hee, when Kim Jae Won was little, he was much prettier, but he got good charisma. I can actually see Kim Jae Won in him.
    It’s nice to see a girl is doing men’s work. I like tough girls.

  126. 126 : sassygrace23 Says:

    i love Par Ji Bin playing the role as Kang-san, he is cute and funny. When he was talking to In Hwa over the phone and say’s, “That little kid knows i’m handsome” i really laugh loud. Kang-san and Hae Joo is always bickering which i find more fun and interesting to watch. I love a couple who always have a rough start and happy ending,… It will be more interesting when Kim Jae Won takes over the adult rule… 🙂

  127. 127 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    Finally watched ep2 and I can’t get enuf for this drama I can’t wait for nxt saturday and sunday:( I’m totally addicted!ep1 and 2 made me cry lol

  128. 128 : Kdrama Fan Says:

    I am just loving the drama in this story. I have decided to focus my weekend attention to this rather than Five Fingers. Hehehe 😀

  129. 129 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Kdrama Fan, This drama is really worth watching, everything is just perfect . From the list of cast , and story line, all are great… :).. i love how the actors portrayed their role. It’s very natural and realistic, you can really enjoy the whole scene.

  130. 130 : swift Says:

    Too much of oppression of the rich and cruel people on the weaker people, hope the storyline will move on for the characters to be adult, hope it will not linger too long during their childhood.

    Kim Jae Won is acting in this drama that has some similarity with ‘Can You Hear My Heart’, which focuses on the events during childhood and eventually all the characters will still be entwined until they grow up.

  131. 131 : grace Says:

    🙂 I was so excited for this drama because of Kim Jae Won, he is such a good actor. After watching the first 2 episode, i’m pretty sure it’s gonna be one of my favorite Kdrama. I like all the cast, the kids are very talented too. I’m looking forward for the adult cast but i’m also enjoying the child cast part.

  132. 132 : nadhira Says:

    at first, i just watched this drama because of the young-lead actress. BUT, it’s more interesting than i thought. the storyline unpredictable, and it’s really natural. I don’t know, but, this is the one which should to see. DAEEBAK XD

  133. 133 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hello everyone… 🙂 Don’t miss to watch the 3rd Episode of May Queen this coming weekend… here are the list of previews….from youtube

    Episode 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8rTg2TuZ2Q

    Episode 2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=316tSRqDnQ0

    Episode 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWH76wcPxb8

  134. 134 : wendy Says:

    just watch the first twelve minutes of episode 1..does anyone think its quite similar with glory jane at the beginning? haha

  135. 135 : Cathy Says:

    It maybe a bit similar to other dramas but i think this will make a big difference on casting and how they perform their role. I love all the cast , they act very natural. The kids are very talented too. I just love everything about this drama. and i’m waiting for Kim Jae Won appearance… i like him a lot. 🙂

  136. 136 : sassygrace23 Says:

    @ Koreandrama.org. 🙂 thank you so much for updating “May Queen” page. Can you add some photos too?… The Official Website uploaded new photos of Han Ji Hye and Kim Jae Won while making the trailer, we really appreciate it if you can add even just 1 of those photo stills… this is the link http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/mayqueen/photo/… Thank you… May Queen Fighting… 🙂

  137. 137 : gemerald Says:

    Please add Son Eun-seo (손은서) too, she will play the adult role of
    Jang In-hwa (장인화)… 🙂 Thank you… Tomorrow is week end… i’m so excited to watch the 3rd episode… 🙂 Don’t miss to watch guys…

  138. 138 : jan2kay Says:

    My all time favourite actor..Jae Hee…. Do I have to wait ’til Dec to watch it?? Huhuhuu..ㅠ__ㅠ

  139. 139 : hny Says:

    I’m join to watch this cuz the little girl from METS.. I really like his act.
    watch ep 1 n 2 ..for me this is ordinary story same like Indonesian drama but here the young cast is interesting..they have good skill in act, I like this week episode ..I hope the young cast have long scene in this drama..so I can enjoy this drama more longer !!

  140. 140 : wendy Says:

    @hny maybe indonesian drama (sinetron) copied other kdrama’s storyline –because this kind background of main leads we can almost find in melodrama–..well,it’s not surprised me..

  141. 141 : wendy Says:

    Sorry i forgot to put ‘many’ before the word ‘melodrama’..

  142. 142 : Kim Says:

    Hello everyone… 🙂 Don’t miss to watch Episode 1, Episode 2 or Episode 3 of May Queen this coming weekend…..Watch and Enjoy!

    Episode 1 Sub – http://www.kimchi1st.com/2012/08/may-queen-ep-1-eng-sub-mbc-romance.html

    Episode 2 Sub – http://www.kimchi1st.com/2012/08/may-queen-ep-2-eng-sub-mbc-romance.html


  143. 143 : sassygrace23 Says:

    @ Koreandrama.org 🙂 Thank you so much for adding new photos, specially Kim Jae Won. I always visit your site for new updates and share it to others. I’m happy that this site is well updated.

    Anyway, tonight is the 3rd episode, i’m so excited. I love all the cast. And enjoying this drama so much. It may look similar to other drama but the most important is how the cast perform their role and made it more unique than the rest. 🙂 … May Queen have my full support… fighting…

  144. 144 : hny Says:


    I think u Indonesian too…yap ..sinetron Indonesia or Kdramas’s are same they like to copied !!

  145. 145 : wendy Says:

    @hny iya..haha..makanya gw ga gt suka lagi sekarang jadinya nonton program tv indonesia.. sinetron copas..boyband juga copas..hadeuuhh, coba yg ditiru cara korea mengemas budaya n pariwisata lwt drama..lha ini jiplak cerita..dulu jg niru princess hours trus apalgi gt..haa *lho kok jd curcol gini :p

  146. 146 : gemerald Says:

    Episode 3 is very funny and exciting, 🙂 Park Ji Bin and Kim Yoo Jung always fight but they help each other… they are so cute, i love them both. 🙂 May Queen is the best…

  147. 147 : Gretz16 Says:

    Don’t miss to watch Episode 4 guys… this is the Preview… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSOCKmer67M

  148. 148 : sara Says:

    Tonight i watched KJW ‘s interview with Showbiz Korea. He talked about his acting transformation from a always innocent angel to a tough guy in this drama. I’m very looking forward to see him but i don’t like his being the second lead.

  149. 149 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Sara, he is not the second lead, He is the mean male lead in this drama, 🙂 Did you watch the episode 3 last night? I always thought Chang Hee and Hae Joo was a good pair, but after watching the episode 3, i realize that Kang-san and Hae Joo is a better much. :)…

  150. 150 : sassygrace23 Says:

    Episode 3 is great, i really enjoy watching it. I read on the news today that the rating improves a lot… I think episode 4 tonight will be much more exciting… i just watch the preview… May Queen…fighting…

  151. 151 : kdbig Says:

    LOVE this drama, the child actors are really good in portraying their characters. :3

  152. 152 : sara Says:

    So he is the mean lead. I understand. I ‘m waiting for subs. But the girl loves CH, i think. I don’t want KS to suffer.

  153. 153 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Sara, YES, Kim Jae Won is the mean lead. I just finish watching 4th episode on live stream. Kang-san save Chang Hee from a falling object and he hurt his leg badly. I love Kang-san character, he behave like a naughty boy but he is actually kind at heart. Chang Hee is good too but i think because of his hard life, he will be full of hate and become vengeful when he grow up. I’m so excited to watch the adult part but i’m enjoying the child part too. Their acting is really impressive… i love them all…

  154. 154 : sandy Says:


  155. 155 : wendy Says:

    i like kang san ‘s character..i wish he is the main male lead instead chang hee..

  156. 156 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Wendy, yes, i agree. I love Kang-san character too. He is a spoiled brat but he has a kind heart. Park Ji Bin portrayed his role very well. 🙂 I really like him…

  157. 157 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Sara, what i mean is Kim Jae Won is the “first” lead… i write the word “main” wrongly… 🙂 sorry…

  158. 158 : CMY Says:

    Anyone know the drama OST track lists ? Thanks ^^

  159. 159 : hny Says:

    @wendy…yoi ga jelas apa yg slh ma sinetron kt !! sama aku jg jarang ntn tv th,,,plg cm buat brita aja 😀

    not finished watch ep 3..but part 1 already makes me sad for Hae Joo..that evil mother really doesn’t have love for HJ ..even a bit !! I know she hate HJ cuz she think HJ is a child from his hubby n another woman …but as a mother she has an evil heart…poor HJ..
    also I like park ji bin as Kang San..he also amazing in BBF as GJD’s brother. but If I become HJ when we are young..I will fall to chang hee (young) he so cool and handsome ;-)…and then when grown up..maybe I will change my mind and fall to Kang San (Kim jae Won)…hahaha…is just my imaginations 😀

  160. 160 : wendy Says:

    @gretz16 yup.. adult chang hee may be will be a really, really cold hearted person because he had already had deep hatred for jang do hyeon.. and if i am hae joo, i will prefer kang san who is such a humourous n nice person instead chang hee who looks serious all the time..lol

    @hny sama..hihi..hanya liat berita aja drpd bikin emosi liat acara tvnya yg mulai banyak ga mutu..

  161. 161 : wendy Says:

    @gretz16 sorry for th typo..i mean “humorous”.. 🙂

  162. 162 : wendy Says:

    is there anyone knows in which episode the adult role begin?

  163. 163 : hny Says:

    I like Chang Hee n Hae Joo scene they look great together…I want have a kids with face like them ..’tampan dan ayu’…looks into chang hee n Hae Joo (young) they like flower in beautiful frame !! @ wendy…jgn buru2 dong pingin liat actor dewasanya..aku masih pingin liat the kids play this role 😉

  164. 164 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Wendy, i agree, 🙂 Chang Hee is good but his character is too quite, and when he grows up, he will be full of hate . I like Kang-san character, although he is naughty, he has positive perception and good judgement. Maybe, when he grow up, he will be like his grandfather, it’s very strict in business but he has a good intention and never take advantage of others. I’m happy that both of them are good friends, i know that they will fall apart when they grow up because of love and business rivalry , but i hope they will remain good friends at the end…

  165. 165 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Wendy, the adult part will take over on the 9th episode, that will be 3rd weekend of Sept. 🙂

  166. 166 : Liencah Says:

    @Wendy: I think ep 8 or 9 t’ adult role will begin ^^.,.,

  167. 167 : kalabalunaa Says:


  168. 168 : sara Says:

    Oh, so he is the main lead. I thought he is the mean character.

  169. 169 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Sara, 🙂 , he is a bit naughty in this drama but not a bad guy. Kang-san (Kim Jae Won) will be paired to Hae Joo (Han Ji Hye) when they grow up. Chang Hee (Jae Hee) will marry In Hwa (Son Eun Seo).

  170. 170 : wendy Says:

    @gretz16 is it true? i thought jae hee is the main lead so hae joo will be with chang hee in the end..

    @hny haha..abis gregetan ngliat hae joo masih susah n dibenci mama angkatnya..

  171. 171 : Gretz16 Says:

    I i think you misunderstood it… Jae Hee is Chang Hee, he will marry In Hwa, not Hae Joo. Hae Joo and Kang-san will be together… :).. Kang-san is played by Kim Jae Won… 🙂

  172. 172 : padma Says:

    yup..i know..i thought the main lead is jae hee n han ji hye..so the couple in this story will be chang hee n hae joo..kim jae won is the second male lead in this drama (in my opinion)..

  173. 173 : wendy Says:

    @gretz16 haha i’m sorry.. i forgot my username in this page is wendy..lol

  174. 174 : wendy Says:

    it’s a relief for me hae joo will be with kang san (because i prefer kang san to chang hee) but i think kang san’ll be just be one-sided love to hae joo..

  175. 175 : wendy Says:

    aahhh sorry for comment (174) i forgot to add “if” in that sentence..actually i wanna say “…for me if hae joo will be with…”

  176. 176 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Wendy, i don’t think so. Hae Joo will love Kang-san when they grow up… it is given on the relationship chart on Official website. Hae Joo will love Kang-san, same goes to Kang-san to Hae Joo. Chang Hee will have one sided love to Hae Joo, and In Hwa will also have one sided love to Kang-san… 🙂

  177. 177 : wendy Says:

    @gretz16 aaahhh so it is..i’ve never seen the chart..it’s going more interesting since i know that actually kang san is the real main lead.. 😀

  178. 178 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Wendy, you should check out the Official Website or FB page more often, they have a lot of interesting updates everyday… 🙂

  179. 179 : annelee Says:

    dying to watch this drama unfortunately online is not available in my country.Can’t wait to watch KJW in action. When will it be available in DVD or show in Singapore?

  180. 180 : sassygrace23 Says:

    @ annelee, which country are you now? If viki.com is not available in your region you can Watch May Queen 메이퀸 Korean Drama online with English, Chinese, and other translation at dramacrazy, there are a lot of websites that offers online viewing for this drama… try searching on the internet… 🙂

  181. 181 : hny Says:


    is that true..HJ will end with Kang San when their grown up..wow I love it…

  182. 182 : wendy Says:

    @gretz16 okey..thanks for the info..

  183. 183 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ hny, i think so. 🙂 It’s already given on the plot that Chang Hee will marry In Hwa, so that means Kang-san and Hae Joo will be together. 🙂

  184. 184 : monica hen Says:

    i hope the ending is hae joo with kang san :)…coz kang san is really nice…..

  185. 185 : sara Says:

    It’s good. Child actors are great. KYJ is very very pretty and adorable and i’m not sure HJH can be as adorable as her.

    But some of the characters are really hateful and completely evil. Chairman, his son, his daughter, the step-mother. I don’t like when a drama makes you feel like you want to kill one of the characters, let alone 4. I don’t like HJ being super nice and angelic towards everyone except KS who ‘s a very kind and nice character.

    But what should i do when my white prince is the lead and you rarely can see two great actors like JH and KJW in one drama. So much pretty + great acting skills. I overlook the unsatisfying details. Let’s enjoy the journey. Please don’t make us disappointed drama.

  186. 186 : gemerald Says:

    @ sara 185, you are absolutely right. This drama had it all. From the cast down to the story line, everything is just perfect. This kind of drama is seldom to come by. Everyone shouldn’t miss it. I really enjoy watching the child cast, they are very talented and natural in portraying their role. I love Kang-san character, he is really funny and cute. I’m glad that this drama isn’t just about sad story, and tears but also full excitement and fun. I’m really looking forward on the adult cast, i just can’t wait to see the young and adorable Kang-san turn out to be a handsome prince with a killer smile Kim Jae Won. 🙂 In general i love all the cast. This drama is definitely worth watching for… May Queen fighting…

  187. 187 : Lorem Says:

    Very nice drama so far. However, to my mind, the title still doesn’t fit, not even remotely. Perhaps it will make sense later on. 🙂

    I love the pace. Just perfect. Filled with anticipation. It has that gentle build with the promise of an exciting climax. Ah.. so good when a talented writer and director hook up for a drama. Great things happen.

    Keep up the good work.

  188. 188 : Cathy Says:

    Hello guys, i’m just sharing this news that i read from Hancinema :)… I just realize, although FF have higher rating than MQ in Seoul, on the 4th episode , MQ rank 1st on Nationwide rating according to TNmS… 🙂 . i don’t really care much about the rating because no matter what the rank is, i will love “May Queen”… for me it’s the best ….

    “May Queen” beats “Five Fingers”

    According to TNmS, MBC drama “May Queen” rated 14.2% on the 26th and exceeded SBS “Five Fingers” which rated 13.8%, 1.2% lesser than the previous day. The first to third episodes of “Fiver Fingers” beat “May Queen” but the fourth episode ended up being 0.4% higher than “Five Fingers”.

    Women in their 40’s (11.5%) were most to watch “May Queen” and women in their 50’s (13.2%) were most to watch “Five Fingers”.

    Read more at http://www.hancinema.net

  189. 189 : sara Says:

    I’m a bit confused though. I love White prince sooooooooo much. He has a very pure, innocent and heavenly beauty with a killer smile along with a manly personality. He can capture you, no matter what role he plays. I bet he can play a villain and just with a smile turns to an angel. So, i don’t know if my love for KS is because the adult actor is KJW or KS is more attractive than CH. Although Park Gun Tae is very pretty and CH is a lovely character. It’s interesting for me to know how your love for the actor can affect the way you feel about the character he plays.

  190. 190 : gemerald Says:

    @ sara, Actually i’m also thinking about it, just like you, i love and admire Kim Jae Won so much no matter what role he is taking in a drama. I’m wondering if i love Kang-san because it will be Kim Jae Won role in the adult part. But after watching Park Ji Bin playing the role as young Kang-san, i think i love the character all together. I also like Chang Hee character, Park Geon Tae portrayed it very well and he is very cute too, but i feel like i pity the character more than i like it because of the hard life that he is going through. KS character is more fun and exciting for me, his role is like a complete package, he can be funny and serious at the same time. 🙂 i just love the way it is…

  191. 191 : sara Says:

    My mom didn’t like KS. But, after i told her the adult actor is KJW, she totally changed her mind coz she likes him. It means your love for the actor affects your feelings for the character. The same for Hae joo. I love KYJ. She is so pretty that you can’t take when she is hurt. But i don’t feel the same for HJH. It happened in METS too. KYJ as young Yunwoo was so great that your heart ached for her but I never felt the same for HGI. I hope HJH can do a good job.

    I’m so excited to see KJW’s transformation from a super sweet character to a dark and lonely one who just tries to hide his real feelings and even if he smiles it would be fake. PJB is doing a great job and it will be perfect if KS’s personality changes when PJB is still playing the role. I’d like to see how KJW portrays the character.

  192. 192 : gemerald Says:

    @ sara, i agree. 🙂 I did like Park Ji Bin as Kang-san but i love him more because it’s Kim Jae Won role later on. His personality as an easy-going and care-free kid will change in the adult part which i think more suitable for Kim Jae Won, melodrama is his forte. He can act so well, that you can even imagine yourself being in his character and feel the same way as he does. That’s how good he is. When he cried or in pain in the drama, i also feel the same way, it really breaks my heart to see him in tears, but his sweet smile is like a miracle too. When i see him smile, no matter what mood i’m in, everything turns bright and i can’t keep myself from smiling too. 🙂 He is a wonderful actor with a great personality… 🙂

  193. 193 : Gretz16 Says:

    🙂 OMG, the adult cast filming had started. :)… Watch the BTS video on youtube guys, for sure you gonna love it..


    The adult cast are just as charming as the child cast does… 🙂

  194. 194 : swift Says:

    there was one scene in ‘can you hear my heart’ by kim jae won when he parked his car under cherry blossom trees with all the petals coming to him, a scene that i can never forget.

  195. 195 : sara Says:

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Great scene. The other one is when Maru tells him he ‘s just a deaf person. I can never forget his teary eyes.

  196. 196 : swift Says:

    i wonder why the second lead guy in ‘can you hear my heart’ not appearing in dramas. i actually liked his character more than kim jae won’s.

  197. 197 : kimchilee Says:

    why does the lead actress here looks like the actress from Dong Yi? are they twins?

  198. 198 : swift Says:

    they may look alike but the lady in Dong Yi is different person and not related

  199. 199 : sara Says:

    I super loved Dong joo but i do loved Maru too. He was very pitiful and seeing him crying like a baby broke my heart. Their relationship was the most interesting part of the drama. But they even didn’t give him any award. I hope KS and CH would have the same hate-love relationship.

  200. 200 : swift Says:

    Since the synopsis mentioned about KS and CH who would be competing to win the love of the lead lady, and i am assuming CH will manage to capture the heart of the lead lady as per the normal concensus in KDramas i have watched the first love will always triumph in the end

  201. 201 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ swift 🙂 I do have the feeling that CH is the first love, but i’m pretty sure she fall to KS later on… and base on the original character description given on Official Website, CH will marry In Hwa. 🙂 so, it’s definitely KS and HJ in the end.

  202. 202 : swift Says:

    that would be nice as I actually prefer KS compared to CH. i find CH’s character somewhat discomforting, he does not stand up to fight for his father, he lacks self confidence and have huge amount of bitterness with the life he has to endure with his father. whereas the lead lady’s character is very strong, although she knows the mother is not her biological mother, yet she endures all the hardship and tries very hard to win the mother’s heart

  203. 203 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ swift, i agree… the story is very complicated if HJ will end up with CH, their character seems not compatible. KS is much better, even if he will change his personality, he has a kind heart, and also willing to protect and stand up for HJ in anyway that he can… it would be more interesting if they are together… 🙂

  204. 204 : sara Says:

    But guys, both CH and HJ came from the same background. They both are poor orphan without motherly love. So they can complete each other. CH can find a motivation for living and HJ somebody to lean. I ‘m sure they fall in love with each other, at least for some time. But i also love KS more and want him with HJ.

  205. 205 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ swift, I think CH choose to marry In Hwa because he want to take revenge to Do Hyeon, he want to take over his company, but before he can do that, he have to get Do Hyeon trust, for sure Do Hyeon will ask him to compete with Kang-san in the business. So, i suppose the rivalry between them is not mainly because of HJ, i don’t think KS will fight with him just because of that, KS treat him like a good friend even if they have different status in life. CH may love HJ but i think his ambition to be successful and revenge will be his first priority because his heart is full of hatred.

  206. 206 : swift Says:

    nice going, your assumptions are very well put. i think that is the plot the script writer of this drama is going for. such a pity CH may turn out to be a mean person with so much anger and hatred that will drive him to success but pitiful in trying to gain happiness and pure bliss in life

  207. 207 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara, 🙂 They have the same background and determined to achieve their dreams but they have different way of achieving it, CH is motivated by hate and vengeance that’s why he want to be successful, HJ is motivated by love for her family. KS is more suitable for HJ in achieving her dreams because he loves her and always their to support and protect her. And aside from that, KS parents is a close friend of HJ biological parents, the only problem is , we don’t know yet how KS parents died and how is it connected to HJ family.

  208. 208 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ swift, i only assume that the plot is like that because both KS and CH base on their character is good in nature, they have a kind heart. 🙂 the only difference between them is the status in life. KS was born rich and CH is not.

  209. 209 : swift Says:

    we must take note that CH’s motivation is very unhealthy, he only sees that success that he needs to achieve is due to the unfair treatment he and his father has to endure. i am not sure how the script writer managed to insert some soft emotion within CH when he is with HJ, because in nature of someone who is supposedly consumed with so much of anger and bitterness would unlikely have any compassion for other people

  210. 210 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ swift, 🙂 i’m not even sure if i like CH because he is good or i like him because he is pitiful. 🙂 No matter how i look , i prefer KS to be with HJ, it’s not because he is rich and good but because he is more suitable for her in many ways. I like CH but the direction he is going through to achieve the success that he want is wrong. The chemistry between CH and HJ when they are young is much better than when HJ is with KS, but then, they will grow up and the situation is more likely to change. I just can’t understand CH father, why he is letting Do Hyeon to treat them like that and make his son suffer. I can’t figure out what is his real motive.

  211. 211 : Gretz16 Says:

    May Queen Episode 5 Preview is out guys… you can watch here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6Nyns4nwA0 🙂 I’m so excited for tomorrow’s episode… looks like Hae Joo’s father is going to do a big mistake… 🙁

  212. 212 : sara Says:

    @swift- Gretz16
    HJ will influence CH in a positive way. Even now she is helping him by saying encouraging words. That’s why he is softer when he is with HJ. Even if he’s supposed to turn to a mean person, it will be after he ‘s forced to let go of HJ. I mean when he learns about his father’s secret. Then we ‘ll see angst.

    CH is the one who knows what her most favorite thing is. He is the first one who admires her with nice words. It means HJ experiences her first love with him. There’s a scene with adult CH and HJ riding bicycle and both of them seems to be very happy.

    I also prefer KS. He is very supporting now. But as we know he is going to change to a dark and tough person. Then, CH changes, KS changes and naturally HJ will change after losing her first love. Who can help her back to life again? It seems KS can do it.

  213. 213 : Gretz16 Says:

    🙂 @ sara, Actually i think this drama won’t be focusing much on the love story, because if they really want to make a big twist on the love triangle they shouldn’t put on the plot that Chang Hee will marry In Hwa , and on the relationship chart, the love line is only between Kang-san and Hae Joo. Which means the story from the child part won’t have much connection to the adult part later on. I don’t think the story is so predictable, there’s much more of it than we thought. The child part only uncover how they become related to each other, CH and HJ past are already known, but KS past is unknown, and it seems like it will make a big difference to his character when he grow up. 🙂

    Since Hae Joo will work at Kang-san company , i suppose that they will have more bonding later on. On the other hand, Chang Hee choose to work for Do Hyeon, maybe the real conflict will start from there. 🙂

  214. 214 : annlee8 Says:

    Frustrating! Cannot watch online always message came out ……..video not available. I dying to watch this drama as my favourite actor KJW is in.Any help?

  215. 215 : Cathy Says:

    @ annlee8, i think the video that you watch is the one uploaded in youtube. 🙂 May Queen video uploading on youtube are already prohibited so you can’t watch it there. Try watching it from viki.com, dramacrazy.net, kimchi.com, dailymotion, epdrama, etc. so many site to choose. 🙂 Just type May Queen Korean Drama online videos in your search engine… then choose the site that is available in your region. If you still can’t find it, check out May Queen facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MayQueenKoreanDrama2012 , they always update the sites for online viewing. 🙂

  216. 216 : sara Says:

    I agree. It’s quite unpredictable. I’m just waiting for the childhood part to get finished. I can’t wait to see our smiling angel.

  217. 217 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara, I just finished watching Episode 5 on live streaming… Hae Joo and Chang Hee have a good bonding here, not much on Kang-san because In Hwa is like a tail, she keep following him, and it’s really frustrating me… :)..
    i think Episode 6 will be much better. 🙂

  218. 218 : sara Says:

    I’m waiting for subs. So HJ and CH are getting closer. But we love KS more.
    I hope writer doesn’t make In Hwa an annoying shallow character. I hate her even now.

  219. 219 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara, 🙂 Yes, i’m actually waiting for KS and HJ to get closer. I like CH but i still prefer KS than him. :)… maybe because i love Kim Jae Won, and that will be his role later on… In Hwa is really annoying, she bluntly told everyone that she like KS and want to marry him one day. I’m wondering if HJ will think that KS and IH will probably together someday, so she don’t think of KS much. 🙁

  220. 220 : gemerald Says:

    May Queen Episode 5 Rating
    AGB Result:
    13.7 – Nationwide – Rank #3
    14.7 – Seoul – Rank # 2

    TNmS Result:
    14.5 – Nationwide – Rank # 4
    15.6 – Seoul – Rank # 3

  221. 221 : Liencah Says:

    I wish that childrens can make rating to 26 %.,.,

    chayoooo KYJ, PJB, n PGT ^^

  222. 222 : something Says:

    rating today is much better for today (AGB) May Queen 14.6% , Five Finger 11,8%, new drama air special episode King’s dream 8,2%, but seem like next week this time slot will add one more competitor that was The King’s dream it manage get 8,2% on its special episode, eventhough there are Gag concert in this slot too..

  223. 223 : gemerald Says:

    May Queen 메이퀸 Korean Drama Episode 6 Rating:

    AGB Result :
    14.6% – Seoul – Rank # 4
    15.6 % -Nationwide – # 4

    TNmS Result:
    19% – Nationwide – Rank #4
    16.6% – Nationwide – Rank # 4

    The rating is getting much better so does the drama. 🙂 I love it… so exciting…

  224. 224 : Cathy Says:

    This drama is awesome… 🙂 The child cast has superb talent… i love it..

  225. 225 : swift Says:

    after watching ep 5 & 6, i think i am gonna get heart burn. the script writer of this drama really make the viewers get riled up with anger and frustration at the mean characters of this drama. I hope in the coming episodes HJ will live a more comfortable life, a person can take only so much of hardship in life.

  226. 226 : Cathy Says:

    @ swift, i cried a bucket when i watch episode 5 and 6… my heart really ache for Hae Joo, 🙁 On the other hand, i love the part when she was with Chang Hee and Kang-san… 🙂

  227. 227 : swift Says:

    wow!!! the ratings for this drama is very good, the viewers must really like watching melodramas with a lot of sob sob sob scenes

  228. 228 : raneen Says:

    this drama make me cry in every episode, really graet actors and actresses, but when they will release the ost?

  229. 229 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ raneen , maybe the OST will be released when the adult cast started, usually videos for OST come from the scene of the drama, that means they can only take some scene from the adult part when it started… 🙂 So far, this drama is wonderful, and i think viewers are started to appreciate it base on the viewers rating… 🙂 I hope it will get better and better when the adult cast take over…

  230. 230 : izura Says:

    feel sad watched episode 6. when Hae Joo cried feel want to cry also . hopefully loosing father will make her become stronger to face her life in future 🙂

  231. 231 : hny Says:

    needs struggle to watch this week’s episode .. is really hard to connect to the link .. but finally it’s work !!
    watch ep 5-6 brings my emotions to the top .. I can’t cry when see HJ suffering, just want to kick something .. (this my reaction if I feel so so …) 😉
    then I was stunned to see Chang Hae n Hae Joo together..
    Chang Hee’s father .. it looks more evil than the Do-Hyeon … HJ’s father death would be one of the reasons for HJ to not with CH .
    but I prefere HJ with KS… but I’m not sure either if they could end up together while story about KS family still not opened yet.
    so I’m so curious for adult act .. but stil want watch the kids .. otoke !!

  232. 232 : annipanca Says:

    EPS.6 was really sad episode but I think that was the climax of the drama and become more interesting to watch…do you think CH knew that his father murdered HJ father?…can’t imagine if HJ also knew about it. Poor Hae joo.

  233. 233 : Lorem Says:

    The song at the end of each episode which begins with “Goodbye to romance..” is very wrong. The mood from the first episode to the 6th episode is somberly. The song is not even close. I hit the mute button by the 3rd beat of the first measure. That’s how pained I am by it. (shudder)

    On the upside, I’m liking this drama more as it goes along. Kim Gyu Chul fits his character like a glove. By his countenance, one would not be wrong in thinking he’s a kindred spirit to Dicken’s Uriah Heep.

    Great casting. Great drama!

  234. 234 : Cathy Says:

    @ hny, I am more like you. the kids chemistry are awesome, specially CH and HJ, but i also prefer KS to be with HJ. HJ and CH relationship is just impossible to work out because of what CH father had done to HJ father. Even if we say CH had nothing to do with it, HJ will only face more heartache when she is with CH. As for KS, i’m so curious what’s behind his parents death and how would it affect HJ. I think it’s a dark secret that could hurt KS deeply that he will even change his personality from being easy-going and care-free kid to an indifferent person. It was mention that he won’t trust anyone when he grow up because of his parents death. I hope HJ could help him to return to his previous self and be happy again. 🙁 For sure my heart will bleed if i watch KS in pain or hurt, knowing that the role will be played by KJW, my world will surely turn upside-down… 🙂

  235. 235 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Lorem, most of the drama that i watch had several OST, i think the song at the end is only one of it. And if i’m right, it is referring to HJ and CH romance. Their budding love will be cut short because of the tragic events that happen between them. 🙂

  236. 236 : Emily Says:

    By reading most comments on episode 6 make me feel sad already…so I better skip epi 6 and wait till next week to watch epi 7 with hope to see adult casts 🙂 too much tension in this drama but will try to enjoy as much as I can since I like all the casts and their acting.

  237. 237 : gemerald Says:

    @ Emily, if you skip episode 6, you will miss a lot of exciting events, :)…

  238. 238 : Emily Says:

    @gemerald : Heh…really 😀 ??? Now that you said it, i find it is hard to skip epi 6…lol..must check it out to night…thank

  239. 239 : gemerald Says:

    @ Emily, 🙂 yes … absolutely… 🙂 I notice that in episode 6, Chang Hee envy Kang-san in silent, maybe because he realized that KS is very smart, he didn’t expect him to be a genius kid. He was stunned when he saw KS solving a mathematics equation, and he is doing it even without looking at the book.

  240. 240 : sara Says:

    It’s getting hard to watch. The tension is increasing and HJ is suffering more and more. Her only supporter dies and CH is not a bit useful. He is so pathetic.

    I really can’t stand the step-mother. The writer needs to make her a bit more humane. She is a complete witch now.

    CH’s father also is a real evil. There are lots of hateful characters in this drama. The worst thing to happen is ,CH’s father would tell Madam that HJ’s father killed her child and in result she’d also hate HJ. I hope the children part gets finished soon. Watching KJW’s smiling face can be a fresh breathe.

  241. 241 : sara Says:

    Error *Breath

  242. 242 : Lorem Says:

    @Sara 240 Haha. Yea, the stepmother character is over the top. The writer is overstating it.

    One problem with overstating and reiterating Hae Joo’s good qualities is that it can lead one to thinking her compassion and forgiveness of her stepmother is normal for the average teenager. Or worse, that Hae Joo is really an incarnation of a saint…or a bodhisattva.. or something like that…haha.

  243. 243 : annelee Says:

    All the wonderful ratings and comments are very frustrating to me as I cannot watch on line. I am in Singapore please tell me where to watch this drama on line………I tried all the suggested website however it said it is not available. Gosh! don’t tell me I have to wait till the show is over for the DVD to be released!

  244. 244 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ annellee, are you a Chinese? Try to check out May Queen thread at baidu.com , they uploaded MQ videos in youku and toudo.com , exclusive for all Chinese fans , i hope you can watch it from that site, videos are also uploaded in youtube but you have to type the Chinese character of MQ when you want to search for it. 🙂 Good luck… Adult part will start at episode 9, Kim Jae Won will be their by then, i know you like him a lot same as i do… 🙂

  245. 245 : Alexa Says:

    Is Kim Jae Won the main actor of this story with who she would end or no?

  246. 246 : hny Says:

    Hi, all may Queen fans 😀

    it seem almost of you are love Kim Jae won and can’t wait to see his act !!..( don’t tell anyone cuz.. me too 😀 )
    no doubt for KJW act but for lead actress.. I didn’t know anything about her and almost all her drama I never watch it, so guys .. is she good in act ??? cuz Kim Yoo Jung portrays his role very good..

  247. 247 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ hny, 🙂 i watch her drama East of Eden, she’s quite ok… 🙂 i’m not really sure because it been a long time. But i remember , that drama gained a lot of fans when it was aired in Philippines. 🙂 She may face a little bit pressure when she takes over on HJ character because KYJ really did it well, but we just hope for the best. 🙂

    I’m so excited to watch Kim Jae Won oppa, his character will be different from little Kang-san because of his personality change when he grow up. I know he can act well, for sure he will be love by fans and viewers… 🙂

  248. 248 : OK OK OK Says:

    I want Jae Hee end with Han Ji Hye (though i like Kim Jae Won too in Love Patzzi, Romance, Wonderful Life)
    I also like Jae Hee in Sassy Girl Choon Hyang, Witch Yoohee, 1 mum 3 dads…)
    I hate to see 2 good actors acting together. Two of them will get hurt fighting for 1 lead actress. I want all of them to be happy 🙂

  249. 249 : hny Says:

    tq 4 answer my Q.. I hope she can handle the pressure and do the best here so we can continue admiring the character of Hae Joo . Cheers !!

    @ OK OK OK
    LOve Patzzi !! u right.. now I remember where I see KJW at first.. he play w Jang Nara there … I liked it though drama ends with friendship ‘
    maybe this drama will end up like Love Patzzi too… no… I hope not 😉

  250. 250 : grace Says:

    I read on the website that Chang Hee (Jae Hee) will marry the character of In Hwa (Son Eun Seo), that means he can’t be with the Hae Joo ( Han Ji Hye). It’s really difficult to choose between Kim Jae Won and Jae Hee because both of them are really good. 🙂 I love them both… Kim Jae Won is really hot and absolutely good looking… while Jae Hee is very manly and attractive too… If i’m Hae Joo, i rather not to choose, than hurt one of them… 🙁

  251. 251 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ hny, i love all Kim Jae Won drama, but my favorite is CYHMH and Wonderful Life :)… i really wanted to watch Rival, but i couldn’t find any site that offers English sub for that drama. I only watch the Korean version and it’s really interesting, i love the OST too. I read from one of his interview before that is was his favorite song, the title is “Miracle”. I hope “May Queen” will be as good or even better from his other drama. 🙂 I’m just worried that the chemistry may not be strong knowing that Han Ji Hye is already married in real life. :)..

  252. 252 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 249 hny

    I have not watch Kim Jae Won’s drama for the past recent years after he went to China to act. Even his most recent partners with Korean actress in CYHM heart) I don’t quite like it. So disappointed.

    I hope Jae Hee & Kim Jae Won can partner with A List actress like Eugene, Eun Yun Hye, Jang Nara, Ha Ji Won etc for their future project – I like them very much.

    Han Ji Hye is not a bad actress (real life married with prosecutor). My first show with her is Summer Scent. She likes Sung Seung Hun very much but SSH end up with Son Yeh Jin. I enjoy HJH drama in Sweet 18 with Lee Dong Gun. 🙂

    I am happy for Kim Jae Won Kim Rae Won, Jang Nara in Love Patzzi. They are all very famous.

  253. 253 : Emily Says:

    @gemerald 239: yeah…I know from the start that KS is a smart kid, he doesn’t like challenging and showing off despite the fact that he is a grandson of the president of the shipyard. He look so cool and that is the character of the lead actor..heh…I like him much more than JH….Hope KS and HJ can be together 😀

  254. 254 : annipanca Says:

    Check this out, Kim Jaewon new picture during reading May Queen script yesterday at MBC
    I don’t know why only Jaewon there…where is other adult casts??

  255. 255 : grace Says:

    @ annipanca, i think the Administrator of May Queen Website usually post Kim Jae Won photo first because among the 3 adult main cast , it seems like he is the most famous and well receive by Korean viewers… 🙂 It’s just my guess, no offense to other cast fans, i quite curious also… most of the news and interviews of MQ cast that i read and watch, Kim Jae Won is always the main topic and on front page… even on the Official website, although adult
    part haven’t start yet, his photo was already on the front line… 🙂

  256. 256 : hny Says:

    @Gretz16, OK OK OK

    I also not watch much KJW’s drama .. I just watch Love Patzzi from one tv station here and when KD famous in my country.. I start look for KD cd/dvd and one of it is CYHMH… I also doesn’t like with lead actress in CYHMH from begining episode but then I found in the middle eps.. she act more better and makes good chemistry with KJW.. but to bad.. the cd was broken in last eps.. so until know I didn’t know the ending 😉

  257. 257 : gemerald Says:

    @ Emily 253, 🙂 i like that character of KS. He is down-to-earth and good at heart. 🙂 Even if he very rich, he doesn’t look at social status when he make friends with Chang Hee and Hae Joo. I hope Chang Hee won’t betray him as a friend…

  258. 258 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ hny, 🙂 the ending of CYHMH was nice… everybody is happy. Actually, the drama itself makes the viewers stay with it, it has a very good story line, and all the characters are performed very well . I love that drama because you can almost see it in real life, it’s not just entertaining but also have a lot of lesson that you can learn from it. I love the relationship as brothers of Kim Jae Won and Nam Goong Min. It’s really good to watch. I hope in May Queen, Jae Hee and Kim Jae Won will have a good bond as friends even if they are rival in love and business.. 🙂

  259. 259 : Cathy Says:

    @ OK OK OK

    I’m wondering why My Love Patzzi was too short, :(… but as you said Kim Jae Won, Jang Nara and Kim Rae Won are really good indeed. Three of them have a very good chemistry. I saw a lot of photos of Kim Jae Won and Jang Nara, they are very cute and lovable. 🙂

  260. 260 : annipanca Says:

    @grace, it is true. I agree with you. From the begining only Kim Jaewon was well exposed. Maybe because of his excellent act in CYHMH so they were prefer to bring up him more than others…as a big fans of Jaewon, I am so proud to know it, but I also have respect to HJH and JH…:)

  261. 261 : hny Says:


    yes I hope so.. also the best end in may Queen -_-

    me too .. I get upset when it ending so soon.. Love Patzzi ost that sing by Jang Nara also great.. my daughter love the song v much and always ask me to play that song every morning 😉 Jang Nara n KJW is cute cauple on that time…

  262. 262 : grace Says:

    @ annipanca, 🙂 yeah, you’re right. May Queen have a solid line up of cast. I’ve seen Jae Hee and Kim Jae Won in Wuri’s Family, 🙂 and i love them both in that drama, i hope they will do the same in May Queen. 🙂 Han Ji Hye is very pretty, i like her gentle aura. 🙂 I think Kim Jae Won and her is very good together… 🙂

  263. 263 : Cathy Says:

    @ hny, The title of OST is Sweet Dream right? I like that song, it’s very nice in the ears, and her voice is very cute. Actually i wish that Kim Jae Won end up with Jang Nara in that drama. I think they look good together. 🙂

    Do you know if Han Ji Hye already have kids? I saw her previous photos, she is much beautiful than the present look, or maybe just because her hairstyle is different… she’s still pretty actually… 🙂

  264. 264 : sara Says:

    I’ve watched Summer scent, East of Eden and The duo. She is quite boring and i couldn’t relate to any of her characters. That’s why i was totally disappointed with the female lead. Ah, the other problem, If we can cal it so, is, she is married and we all know how conservative they get when the actress is married. Remember JDG in AGD. I hope all my predictions would turn to be false and we can see Han Ji Hye as a more mature actress here.

    Yeah, good point. HJ also is not normal. She is too good to be real. Everybody loses their control if somebody keeps hurting them mentally or physically. But she apologizes. She is more like Cosette in Les miserables. Will our Smiling prince/KS be her Jean Valjean? I hope so.

  265. 265 : ptsh836 Says:

    @annelee #243:

    have u tried “kimchidramas.net”? they are pretty fast with eng-subs…now at epi 6.

    im following this drama concurrently with ‘five fingers’…both dramas takes us back to when the casts were children. however, may queen is taking a very long route in telling its story…in that every small detail is laid out for viewers to eschew…thus taking up so much time when some fans say it could be told in 2 epis. im not complaining however coz all d child actors are great n very talented but ‘five fingers’ adult actors are taking over at epi 5 n we’re still having to attend HJ’s dad’s funeral!

    hopefully the story picks up pace soon n i wud like to applaud d writer/producer/director for such an ambitious project…the shipyard scene is awesome n to propel HJ to such heights will entail lots of drama hours nontherless…

  266. 266 : hny Says:


    really !!.. she still look pretty now and his body.. wow.. I hope have it too 😀 .. most K actress have good body even after pregnancy .. I don’t know what they done to have it… maybe they do more exercise, more died,.. etc… but I rather die than to do that all 😉

    O no!!.. I hope she can do the best.. but if there is a romance between them happen .. I hope she can forget his hubby for while 😉 hihiiii..

  267. 267 : ptsh836 Says:

    dear admin:

    ive been trying to submit a comment of mine since 24 hrs ago but this stupid comments page simply refuses to accept….it jus abt swallows everything up n accuses me of duplicating my comments when i tried numerous times after….

    i went over 2 the other pages n there were no problems at all!

    kindly look into this matter coz i wud like to contribute a piece of my mind….thank q ^^

    (@ptsh836 from admin: we already approved your comment in #265, we have no idea why your comment move into our spam box since you have no problem to comment in other page. Please let us know if this matter happens again. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.)

  268. 268 : Cathy Says:

    Just sharing news about one of the cast Kim Jae Won 🙂

    Actor Kim Jae Won has been selected as the MC for new show ‘Get it Beauty HOMME‘, the male version of ‘Get it Beauty‘ led by Eugene.

    ‘Get it Beauty HOMME’ will be delivering the latest trends and beauty tips for men in their 20′s to 30′s, and will air its first episode on September 16th.

    Women will also be able to enjoy the show as well as it will provide various tips they can relay to their significant other.

    Praised for his milky, flawless skin, Kim Jae Won seemed to be the perfect fit as the MC for the show, and he is said to have shown off his wit and humor during the recordings.

    The actor commented, “There are a lot of men who are taking an interest in beauty these days, and I am one of them… I’m looking forward to an enjoyable time with the audience as we deliver beauty know-hows that are applicable to real life.”

    Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

  269. 269 : ptsh836 Says:

    @ admin:

    thanks for ur speedy reply….ive seen my comment n am happy for ur response <3

  270. 270 : Bijay Says:

    With every episode going it seems to get more and MORE BETTER THAN FIVE FINGERS….it will be a sensational when the older actors show up…up May Queen !!!

  271. 271 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hello guys, this is the synopsis and original character description of cast posted at MBC English Official website… 🙂

    Set in the local setting of Ulsan, this drama is a story of human triumph and success that the heroine Hae-ju achieves. Starting a life in utter poverty will make life depressing and leave a person with a lifetime disadvantage in some cases. Overcoming these obstacles, Hae-ju ultimately finds success. Burdened with the secret past of her parents, Hae-ju navigates treacherous waters to reach her goal.

    Character Description:
    Cheon Hae-ju (Actress: Han Ji-hye)
    She possesses natural confidence along with a sunny disposition. With an infectious curiosity, she has an enormous positive outlook on life. Her father was a sailor so she also became interested in boats, which led her to learn how to fix them. But the accidental death of her father when she was a sixth grader revealed a secret about her past. She is unable to leave her family because of the sense of duty she feels towards her late father. As she turns into a young adult, she gets involved in offshore oil drilling and finds out that her real biological father committed his life to oil exploration…

    Kang-san (Actor: Kim Jae-won)
    He is a friend of Chang-hee and the grandson of the founder of Haepoong Group. Growing up with a silver spoon in his mouth, he was always cheerful and full of energy. He has a photographic memory that serves him well in the interests he pursues. He had a crush on Hae-ju just like his friend Chang-hee. After spending 15 years abroad, he returns to South Korea and is reunited with Hae-ju, and the old feelings he had for her return once again. Hae-ju’s charm and bubbly personality gradually melts Kang-san’s heart.

    Park Chang-hee (Actor: Jae-hee)
    He was Hae-ju’s first boyfriend. Chang-hee is a perfectionist who keeps his guard up all the time. He is preternaturally smart but also a workaholic. Many people mistake him as the son of Cheonji Group’s chairman when, in fact, he is the son of the chairman’s butler. He chooses the daughter of the Cheonji chairman over Hae-ju as his wife in order to become rich and end his parent’s miserable life. This leads to him being on the opposite side in the rivalry between Cheonji Group and Haepoong Group where Hae-ju and Gang-san work alongside each other…

    Credit: MBC Global Media

  272. 272 : Heather Oh Says:

    I loved this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved Han Ji Hye!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m really waiting for the drama ost!!!!!

  273. 273 : sara Says:

    Thank you for the description. It’s very helpful.

  274. 274 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    I love this drama so much!!!I can’t wait for ep7!:)

  275. 275 : grace Says:

    Episode 7-8, is the last episode of child cast, i’m gonna miss them so much, they are great… 🙁 … they made this drama so promising. But i’m so excited to watch the adult cast 🙂 i’m really waiting for Kim Jae Won oppa… 🙂

  276. 276 : eny Says:

    i’m not watching this drama yet, the rating seem improve make me interesting, i see the moon embrace the sun and i like it when the child actor/actress act but i drop it after adult cast appear

  277. 277 : sara Says:

    Although child cast is great, i’m starting to get a bit bored. HJ is so helpless and doesn’t have any power to save herself and the drama is starting to get nerve-racking coz evil characters are the winners for now. That i don’t like at all in any drama. So, we need a time gap and adult actors to come. I can’t wait for Smiling angel to appear.

  278. 278 : gemerald Says:

    I love the child cast, i think the pace is just nice, it more interesting to watch when you don’t miss anything. 🙂 I’m really enjoying this drama. It make me cry and laugh at the same time. Next week, the adult part are going to start, i will surely watch the episode 7 tonight, and 8 tomorrow. 🙂 .
    I’m so excited to see Kim Jae Won and his sweet smile… 🙂

  279. 279 : Alice Says:

    Kim Jae Won will have to shows on 2 different network and almost in the same time slot, it is going to affect the rating? Well, i know that he is one of the most popular artist in Korea, and Koreans love him for his gentle image and good personality. He will be very busy filming 2 shows, considering that he is not fully recovered yet from his shoulder injury, i hope he won’t over work himself and got into trouble. It’s good to see him again in this drama. Does anyone know where can i find the OST?

  280. 280 : yoon Says:

    nice story & interesting well done MBC

  281. 281 : Gretz16 Says:

    Guys, Episode 7 Preview is now available in youtube 🙂 check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHIReE2r6Ao 🙂

  282. 282 : Emily Says:

    @gemerald : I too like the young casts but not much as adult casts 😀 hope u enjoy epi 7&8…. That step mother get on my nerves, I don’t wanna see her..so will wait till next week…

  283. 283 : Emily Says:

    @Gretz16: tq for the link of epi 7 preview. Look very complicated and too much angst…

  284. 284 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Emily, you’re welcome 🙂 … I tried to upload the Episode 6 preview, but i don’t know why youtube block it…

    @ Koreandrama.org , i just want to suggest Admin. i think it’s better put this link 0n Episode 6 preview rather than leave it unavailable…


    It’s available but only in the Official Website… 🙂 youtube block it, that’s why i can’t share it here. Thank you… 🙂

    (@Gretz16 from admin: Thanks for inform us, we just add it. Please take a look.)

  285. 285 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Admin. Thank you so much for your quick response 🙂 I’m so happy to see that this page is well updated… 🙂

  286. 286 : Gretz16 Says:

    Guys, Don’t miss to watch the last episode of child cast :)…

    Episode 08 Preview : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqXPi4DkGxs 🙂

  287. 287 : Rudy Says:

    killed the story at ep7 think befor you write

  288. 288 : grace Says:

    “May Queen”
    Episode 7 Rating:

    Seoul:15.5% – rank # 4
    Nationwide:14.6 %- rank# 3

    Seoul: 17.4% – rank # 2
    Nationwide: 18.9% – rank # 2

  289. 289 : hny Says:

    ……………………O M G………………………..

  290. 290 : ptsh836 Says:

    @Rudy #287:

    ~is ur comment directed at the scriptwriter??

    ~can u be more specific n dun keep us guessing at what ur thinking??

    ~makes me all d more curious….who killed d story at epi 7???

    ~why do u feel that way..??

  291. 291 : grace Says:

    At last we can see our adult cast ….

    Episode 9 Preview… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwCJ8F2ts7A

  292. 292 : Gretz16 Says:

    May Queen Episode 09 Preview HD

  293. 293 : orchids Says:

    luv u jae hee 🙂 keep rocking 🙂

  294. 294 : chaepenn Says:

    i really love this drama esp. hae joo and chang hee. i love the chemistry of them.

  295. 295 : jeany Says:

    MBC weekend drama “May Queen” broke its own record again.

    According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, “May Queen” rated 15.7%. this is 1.1% higher than the previous episode and the best so far.

    “May Queen” created a gap of 5.2% with “Five Fingers”.

    “May Queen” and “Five Fingers” started off at the same time on the 18th in August. “May Queen” drew attention with the cast of Kim Jae-won and Han Ji-hye, those who haven’t been seen for a long time and the excellent performance of the younger actresses and actors.

    “Five Fingers” drew attention with Joo Ji-hoon as his fist drama in 5 years. It went through the issue of Ham Eun-jeong from T-ara stepping down and Jin Se-yeon put in her place due to the ‘T-ara happening’.

    Meanwhile, KBS 2TV “Gag Concert” rated 22.3% and remained in first place and KBS 1TV “The Great King’s Dream” rated 12.2%.

    Source : news.nate.com/view/20… ( Korean )

    Read more at http://www.hancinema.net/may-queen-breaks-own-record-creates-gap-with-five-fingers-47302.html#m2JQQHzcGmiTmSUw.99

  296. 296 : jeany Says:

    Actor Moon Ji-yoon is joining MBC TV drama “May Queen”.

    Kim Dong-hyeon has done well as Cheon Sang-tae and is now handing over the baton to Moon Ji-yoon.

    Cheon Sang-tae by Moon Ji-yoon is the brother of Cheon Hae-joo (Han Ji-hye) and Kang San’s (Kim Jae-won) school friend. He is a walking disaster who causes trouble everywhere he goes and talks big. He bothers Hae-joo and puts her in danger but is going to be the funny one.

    Family Actors chairman Yang Byeong-yong says, “Moon Ji-yoon is going to show something different. His steady acting talents should create a good character”.

    Moon Ji-yoon starred in the recent KBS 2TV drama “Big” as Hyo-sang, an innocent PE teacher and was in the movie “My P.S Partner” with Kim Ah-joong and Ji Seong as Ji-seong’s friend.

    Moon joined “May Queen” on the 7th this month

    Source : http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c... ( English )

    Read more at http://www.hancinema.net/moon-ji-yoon-cast-for-may-queen-47315.html#KBAPoyjzzJemqejW.99

  297. 297 : jeany Says:

    The grown up cast of “May Queen” is going to appear now.

    The child actors and actresses roles ended in the eighth episode and the grown ups will appear from the next.

    Hae-joo’s (Kim Yoo-jeong) father passed away in an accident and her family had to live with butler Park (Kim Gyoo-cheol) as they lost the house as well.

    In the meanwhile, Jang Do-hyeon (Lee Deok-hwa) exploited Kang Dae-pyeong’s (Ko In-beom) shipyard and Kang-san (Park Ji-bin, Kim Jae-won) goes abroad to the States by request of his grandfather who asks him to find the shipyard back.

    Jang Do-hyeon accidentally discovers a scar on the back of Hae-joo’s neck and butler Park got more and more anxious the more he suspected. With the condition of paying off her debts, he sends her and her family back to Hae-nam.

    Lee Geum-hee (Yang Mi-kyeong) realized that Hae-joo could be her daughter and set out to find her once they had left and she found a piece of clothing Hae-joo wore when was young. Butler Park ordered some men to kidnap Hae-joo and her family and shut them up in storage.

    They managed to escape when the men are not looking but Hae-joo dove into the ocean in the end while being chased by them.

    Hae-joo, San and Chang-hee (Park Geon-tae, Jae Hee) dispersed like this but the grown up cast is going to appear from next week.

    Source : tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read… ( English )

    Read more at http://www.hancinema.net/spoiler-may-queen-appearance-of-the-grown-up-cast-47305.html#dk8JwPD1r6B0DGyl.99

  298. 298 : Rebel Angel Says:

    hhaaa, after can you hear my hear, now kim jae won oppa gain in this drama, na jijja johahae… hahaha, I really love to see see him in previous drama, well, him in every drama he starred… well, hope the storyline will not disaappointed, well if it so, I think I could endure because of Kim jae won oppa… oppa fighting!!!

  299. 299 : sara Says:

    I’m glad childhood part is finally finished. Episode 7 was a tearful one. I don’t get why the writer put this much pressure on a 13 year old child. Her crying breaks my heart. I wish time gap makes this drama brighter. Looking forward to Smiling angel’s comeback.

  300. 300 : jeany Says:

    @Rebel Angel , i’m also a fan of Kim Jae Won… i like to watch all his drama, he is an amazing actor. But i love this drama all together, all the cast are very talented. I enjoy it so much… 🙂

  301. 301 : Jennie Says:

    The story of May Queen is very similar to that of Equator Man. Both started off with stories of childhood and how their lives become entwined. The boys develop friendships which will eventually turn them into enemies and love rivals when they become adults. The children all grow up with scars and ambitions. For some, like Chang Hee, they will have to pay the price for the sins of the parents. For others like Hae Joo, they become tough and ambitious and for others like Kang San, born as a prince charming with not a blight on his character continues to be the Prince who eventually wins the girl. Let’s see whether May Queen is any different from the same old story when the adult cast come in.

  302. 302 : hny Says:

    I see eps 9 preview.. Han Ji Hye look fuller than I saw at the poster…also KJW makeup is too thick I see his face looks like Edward Colin from Twilight .. 🙂 I really love the kids cast ..hope can see their new project,,Bye kids 😀

  303. 303 : Cathy Says:

    @ hny, i don’t find any wrong about the preview, 🙂 or maybe, i should say, i don’t really mind what does the characters look like in the drama, what matters most to me is i enjoy watching it… 🙂 I watch the preview of episode 9 a lot of times already, i don’t think they put make up on Kim Jae Won, he still look the same way that he use to be… 🙂 handsome and cute as always…

    I’m gonna miss the child cast, they really did a good job…

    May Queen fighting… 🙂

  304. 304 : annipanca Says:

    @hny, I saw preview of episode 9. Nothings change with Kim Jaewon oppa face. He looks so natural and handsome as always. I don’t think he look like Edward on twilight…so different. Jaewon oppa skin is naturally bright and good. 🙂

  305. 305 : Remely Says:

    @ Jennie, 🙂 it’s very common for KDramas to have some similarities to the previous one, it’s not surprising. I choose to watch this drama because the cast makes it more unique than the others, it’s like watching an old story without getting bored. I love the child cast, and i’m surely gonna love the adult cast because i like all of them specially Kim Jae Won. 🙂 All i can say is, “MAY QUEEN” is a “MUST” watch drama… 🙂 … fighting guys…

  306. 306 : annipanca Says:

    @Remely, totally agree with you :). May Queen drama is my top priority to watch…specially Kim Jaewon as lead there…actually I keep re~watching it through this link 🙂

  307. 307 : sofia Says:

    I love this drama a lot :). This drama become my first schedule on weekend. This week the drama is entering adults casts, must be more exciting to watch. I just feel curious, do you think Kang-san grandfather will still appear? Cause I like his character :). What’s happen with Hae Joo’s uncle also?…this getting interesting…can’t wait to watch. I wish the drama airing everyday 🙂

  308. 308 : Jennie Says:

    @Remely I am not saying that this drama is bad and I am a huge fan of Kim Jae Won 😀 Most of us are always drawn by the acting of the child cast and we see this in many dramas eg Giant, Equator Man, The Moon Embraces The Sun, Will It Snow for Christmas etc. The child cast have never failed to capture our interest and in each and everyone of these dramas, they have earned the respect and awe of the viewers. In order for May Queen to continue to attract the viewers, I am expecting a better script than the usual churn of the mill melos and it’s for the adult cast to execute it with a lot of finesse and flair. Just because I like the stars does not mean that I cannot be critical with their performance but I hope and am confident that Kim JW and gang will be fantastic. I am only worried about the script 😀

  309. 309 : Remely Says:

    @ Jennie, Will, i hope so… the story line is very important to keep the viewers support, no matter how good is the artist if the character that is given to him/her is not well written, they won’t be able to do it well. As for adult cast, i’m quite confident on their talent and experience, i’m 100% sure Kim Jae Won will definitely do better than his child counter part Park Ji Bin, I think Jae Hee will do as well, what worries me is Han Ji Hye. Kim Yoo Jung did an excellent job portraying her role and draws a lot of support, i know Han Ji Hye is very experienced artist, but sometimes the viewers get so attach to the child artist and they won’t be able to adjust it in the adult part.

    In general , for me “May Queen” story line and cast are excellent… 🙂 Even there is some flaws on it, which we can’t avoid in all dramas, i think everything is going well in place… I’m sure this will be an interesting and promising project.

  310. 310 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sofia, Kang-san grandfather and Hae Joo’s uncle are still around :)… they will be working together at Hae Poong company, for sure they will assist Kang-san and Hae Joo to get back the large part of the company that was taken by Do Hyeon. 🙂 It’s pretty exciting right? I’m a bit sad because Chang Hee will be in the opposition, i just hope they won’t severe their ties as friends while competing. Chang Hee is only a pawn to Do Hyeon, he will use him like a puppet just like the way he do to his father, i hope Chang Hee will be smart enough to make the right judgement.

  311. 311 : sara Says:

    I feel the same worry about HJH and unfortunately it’s not just about viewers attaching to child actress. Sometimes, the adult actress is not as good as the child actress and her performance will be overshadowed by her. We had this problem in METS and EM too. In former HGI portrayed a total different YW who was weak and neutral and in latter the lead actress was lost between two excellent male actors.

  312. 312 : Remely Says:

    @ sara , HJH is a well experienced artist, i watched some of her drama and she’s done great, KYJ is indeed great artist too, but if we base on performance i think both artist is comparable. What worries me is that, on the child part, she’s been through a lot of hardship, viewers tend to give her more sympathy. On the adult part she is already capable of standing for her self without looking so miserable so the audience won’t have the same feeling than the previous character…

  313. 313 : sofia Says:

    @Gretz16, I am so happy to know both of grandpa and uncle still there. I just can imagine if Kang-san alone to face all that problems..:)
    About Chang Hee, I thnkd that his possessions from young that he has to own the company that’s the reason he married In Hwa. Now, I get it also based on eps.8 why Chang Hee married In Hwa beside his possessions…he lost Hae Joo 🙂

  314. 314 : sofia Says:

    Sorry, I meant can not imagine if Kang-san alone to run the company 🙂

  315. 315 : Gretz16 Says:

    🙂 I just want to share this news guys… 🙂

    Baek Seung Hee Casted To ‘May Queen’ As Jo Min Kyung, ‘The Character That Bothers Han Ji Hye And Kim Jae Won’s Relationship’

    Actress Baek Seung Hee is to act with Kim Jae Won and Han Ji Hye.
    Baek Seung Hee’s company stated on September 10th, “Baek Seung Hee was casted to the MBC TV weekend drama ‘May Queen.’ She is currently filming for the drama.”
    In ‘May Queen,’ the child actors stopped appearing on September 9th(8th episode). The older actors are to act after them.
    Baek Seung Hee is to act as the team leader of Hae Poong Group Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering cattle, where Hae Joo(Han Ji Hye) also works at. Jo Min Kyung(Baek Seung Hee) is not only smart, cold and tough, she also has a doctorate degree in marine plant. As Hae Joo entered Hae Poong Group with her great mechanical skills, she started feeling jealous. Jo Min Kyung sent confidential documents to Jang Do Hyun(Lee Deok Hwa) and is planning to ruin Kang San(Kim Jae Won) and Hae Joo(Han Ji Hye)’s relationship.
    Baek Seung Hee stated, “I’m already really into the character Jo Min Kyung. I want to be an actress that is acknowledged by the viewers with my mature and detailed acting.
    Baek Seung Hee debuted as a CF model and appeared in SBS TV ‘Secret Garden,’ KBS 2TV ‘Crime Squad,’ MBC TV ‘Me Too, Flower,’ MBC TV ‘I Do I Do.’
    ‘May Queen’ now has the older actors featured and has a total of 32 episodes. They plan to have an exciting story line with the older actors for the future. It airs every weekend at 9:50 P.M.

    🙂 I hope she doesn’t pissed me off that much. I haven’t even watch how is she going to ruin Kang-san and Hae Joo relationship but i’m already starting to hate her character. 🙂 I hope our May Queen couple will stay strong for each other. MAY QUEEN FIGHTING…

  316. 316 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie I hv less time for KDs now so hv put off watching this and Five Fingers and planning to marathon them later when more eps are out. but knowing that this one is similar to Equator is discouraging me to watch it bec I didnt enjoy EM at all. Rating looks promising though not high. I shall check back occassionally and decide again later.

  317. 317 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Koreandrama.org Admin.

    Please change the link for episode 9 preview, MBC already block it on youtube. The preview was re-uploaded at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=438622916179694

    Kindly update please. 🙂 Thank you…

  318. 318 : bizzu Says:

    Thank HEAVENS……I had a dilemma which to watch, Five fingers or May Queen….Thank God I watched this !!!

  319. 319 : Charlie Says:

    I love this drama, love the kids. And I’m big fan of both male leads, especially Kim Jae Won. I hope the adult cast will carry on. I’m sure KJW will be great, he will not disappoint us. But I never watched any drama with the female lead, hope it won’t be like the Moon and Sun.

  320. 320 : sara Says:

    Don’t get your expectations too high coz you will be disappointed even more. I was disappointed the moment i hear who they cast for the female lead, just like the moon and sun. I’m watching coz they rarely cast two great actors like KJW and JH in one drama. I can’t wait for KJW’s comeback.

  321. 321 : sara Says:

    typo error *heard

  322. 322 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Charlie and sara, just enjoy watching guys, if you keep comparing it to other drama that you already watched, and always focus on the negative side, you won’t be able to enjoy the show and get more disappointment. So far, this drama is great, and base on the previews and photo stills that i saw, i think it’s getting better and more interesting… 🙂

    Anyway, the preview for episode 9 was change by the official website, watch the latest preview for tomorrow night episode at http://youtu.be/2RyqZHzO3V4 :)…

    @ Admin. sorry for giving you so must trouble, i didn’t expect that they will change the preview for episode 9… please update http://youtu.be/2RyqZHzO3V4
    Thank you… 🙂

  323. 323 : sara Says:

    I know i just need to enjoy watching it but when child actors do a great job , you fall in love with the show and we have an actor like KJW ,who i love so much, in the drama, your expectations get too high and you want the drama to be perfect. Then the adult part starts and you would see there’s a big gap between child and adult actor’s portraying of the character, to the point that sometimes, you can’t like the adult actor at all and would miss the child actor. Unfortunately, this problem has repeated in several dramas and we can’t help but compare. I sincerely hope she would do a good job and our thoughts would turn to be false.

  324. 324 : sara Says:

    And thank you for the link. Our smiling angel among those girls and dancing? Wow, i can’t wait for his comeback.

  325. 325 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara 323 , I’m not really worried about the adult cast talent, i’m more concerned about how the writer develop the story to make it more interesting. As for Hae Joo character, Kim Yoo Jung and Han Ji Hye have totally different role to portray. Young Hae Joo portraying a helpless girl and living like hell, her character had so much pain and hardship, while the adult Hae Joo is the opposite, as an adult, she will be tough and strong and already capable to stand for her self, the situation also is so much change. So, in general, you must give different standard on judging their talent in acting. It should be base on how they portray their respective role. Most of us give more credit and feel more attachment to young character because she been through a tough life. We develop more feeling for her. 🙂 I think Han Ji Hye can do her part well too. 🙂

    Honestly, i’m more excited to watch Kim Jae Won transformation, his character in most of his drama is a bit introvert and soft-hearted , so i’m really curious what’s the difference of his character as Kang-san. I love all his drama, and his acting skills is getting better in every show that he made 🙂 …

  326. 326 : kimchilee Says:

    @Sara, I agree with you that the child actors did such a great job and will fall in love with the drama. We get to be disappointed when replaced with adults as in METs and GIANT. While at least METs had the young Kim Soo Hyun as a replacement with Yeo Gin Goo, it did not go so well with Giant, the older actors who replaced the young actors, Yeo Gin Goo and Kim Soo Hyun as you kept seeing the child actors in the older actors faces and kept wishing they would continue acting. Nevertheless, the adult actors carried themselves rather well that you just kept watching it bec the storyline was great. So I have full confidence the adult actors here shld do well but hopefully the story as well. Everyone here should try watching Giant.. really good acting by the young actors esp Yeo Gin Goo, the boy who acted as the Prince in METS.

  327. 327 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi, Yeo Gin Goo is one of my fav actors, irregardless of his age. I’m going to hunt down everyone of his dramas n watch them one by one. You know he said in an interview that he knew he wanted to be an actor since the age of 3. Amazing, isn’t it? A lot of children are still on an all milk diet at 3. To me, he is like Dakota Fanning at a young age. She too is an acting prodigy.

  328. 328 : Angelie Says:

    Hey guys, i also like Yeo Gin Goo, but this is not the right place to discuss about him. 🙂 Sorry for interruption. I did watch METS, the story is totally different from May Queen, i’m wondering why you guys keep comparing the two drama, even if they have the same child cast, i disagree about your conclusion that the outcome of the adult part specially on Hae Joo character won’t work well. Their part is just about to start and you haven’t even seen it but you already made a judgement just because of what you watched on the other dramas. After watching the first part of adult cast tonight, i’m sure all of you are wrong about HJH, she is doing great, and everything is going well… i really enjoy watching them just the way i do to the child cast. So, just enjoy the show guys, forget about what you watch on other programs if you really want to enjoy and appreciate this drama.

  329. 329 : KDaddict Says:

    I was passing by n saw an old friend who was expressing a favorable opinion abt a particular actor. I dropped her a line to say hi by echoing her opinion. Didn’t realize that was not allowed. Didnt realize that constituted Discussion. Didn’t realize comparison wasn’t allowed either. Hmm…… This commenting business is really getting dicey.

  330. 330 : sara Says:

    It’s not because the two dramas child actor is the same. We can compare every two dramas which included child and adult part. We’re not comparing the story. It doesn’t mean we don’t like this drama. Although I’m not into this kind of melodramas, i like this one because of KJW. One of the guy said everything would be different in adult part and we should judge child and adult actors separately and based on different standards. It’s right. But some characteristics never change when you get older. HJ is a strong, brave, hardworking, optimistic, adorable girl. What we say is : “We hope HJH’s HJ won’t be a complete different one”. That’s all.

  331. 331 : sara Says:

    Another fan of YJG here. He was born with acting ability. I forgot about adult Hoon in METS long ago. But young Hoon is still alive in my mind. Really, why their portraying of the same character is this different? Who ‘s to blame for? The writer, the actors, the director?

  332. 332 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hello everyone… have you watch episode 9 last night? It was amazing… and another good news for all May Queen fans… the went up again and May Queen rank # 2 in both AGB and TNmS result. I’m so happy to know that viewers appreciate this drama more …

    Anyway, this is the episode 10 preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tSePqT7TVg… how i wish i could make the time faster… can’t wait to see my handsome prince Kim Jae Won… :)… i really love him…

  333. 333 : Gretz16 Says:

    i mean the rating went up again… 🙂 sorry, i miss one word….

  334. 334 : kimchilee Says:

    hey.. nice to see you here and agree with me abt YGG.. he even overshadowed the now hot Kim Soo Hyun in TMETs when they both appeared together! ah .. such majestic air about his acting as a Prince.. yeah.. seen him acted since he was around that age I think in Queen of the Games and onto Iljamae. I too have been trying to follow all his dramas.. likewise for Lee Hyun Woo, the guy in Equator Man and currently in To Beautiful You.. where on earth can did Korea find such great child actors.. hehe!

    Anyway, the child actor, Park Ji Bin is so grown up now.. you saw him in Boys over Flowers when he was a small little boy and already I thought he was a good actor there. Now he has grown so big and cute! As for the young Park Gun Tae acting as the tortured soul, he’s done a pretty good job here as well. ah.. i am so glad the K-dramas here are finally beginning to show pictures of the child actors and recognised their potential. I look forward to watching May Queen as this drama is captivating enough for me to all 8 episodes in one night!

  335. 335 : KDaddict Says:

    There is another child actor whom I like a lot. I can’t find his name at his moment. He was in a Cha Tae Hyun movie. Cha played a happy-go-lucky DJ. One day a young woman showed up at his apt claiming to be his daughter. She has a little boy w him. That’s Cha’s grandson! Hahaha. Funny movie. Lovely little boy. I looked under Cha Tae Hyun, but can’t find the name of this movie. The little boy was also in a KD, dressed in velvety 3 pc suits, with a head of curly hair, in a very big house.
    I’m trying to limit myself to 3 KDs at a time. So, I’ve Faith, Arang, Reply 1997, n am starting Nice Guy when 1997 ends. 😉

  336. 336 : KDaddict Says:

    OK, I got it! The little boy is: Wang Seok Hyeon. The name of the movie is Speedy Scandal. He was also in the KD, My Fair Lady.

  337. 337 : Lenny Says:

    OMO! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EP! I’V BEEN WAITING FOR 3 WEEKS FOR THIS EP! FINALLY, THEY BECOME ADULTS!! It’s pretty obvious that Kan San and Hae Joo are gonna end up together though. They were all so cute when they were 12 but now, Kan San and Chang Hee Oppa are hawt as!!! <3

  338. 338 : kimchilee Says:

    After watching many K-dramas, I wonder if it is truly the korean culture in the corporate world where you have the rich bullying the poor, the bosses shouting and abusing their employees? Of all that I have seen, this drama has the worse case of abuse I have seen where the rich abusing the poor. is it truly their culture to have such abusive bosses or rich people..?? aiiigooo..

  339. 339 : hny Says:

    aiiiiigoooo……. 😀
    I enjoyed the change character of HJ became more powerful and independent. All the grief and suffering seem already buried. When adult ,character of somebody could have changed but there is definitely a habit that still carry.
    I remember the simple habit that HJ always do.. is when she replied ‘Ne ..she change it become ‘Yeaaaag !! she made ​​in his utter thew but in ep 9 I see adults(HJ) seem eliminates it . may be she can’t do that in formal place but I thought she free to express his thew when with closest ppl. I hope next the adult HJ will notice it.. coz I like when HJ say ‘yeaaagh 😀
    Big Kang San O-O… bikini arround!! it’s yummmmy ..

    BTW .. a women who play as HJ aunt .. I dont know why I got the impression his acting style as mimicking Kim Shun Ah … now his hair style also look like KSA in I do I do!!! but for me his act ..strange !! never mind his not the lead actress anyway..

  340. 340 : eny Says:

    lately, many korean drama give child actor/actress longer time to act, it’s really good thing, first i see baker king then TMETS, Equator man and this drama. Is it the impact of the success of baker king, i don’t know?. So far i enjoy watching this drama

  341. 341 : kimchilee Says:

    @KDaddict, will try to see which boy who you are referring to in Speedy Scandal (I’ve never even heard of this drama! haha).. i have a bit of problem identifying which drama you refer to when mentioned in short alphabets.. like RoI.. i had to scroll over all the drama list before I realised it was actually The Return of Iljamae! haha.. I’ve given up on Faith, have yet to watch Arang and 1997.. I had been following Giant and now To Beautiful You. I cant wait for Nice Guy to start.. anticipating it..!

    coming back to this drama, I am so glad they made the adopted mother’s blabbering nags toned down a bit.. am beginning to get annoyed with her throughout the 7 episodes.. the producers chose well .. the kang San boy looks exactly like the adult actor! i cant wait to see the adult side of the story now.. yes!

  342. 342 : Prinna Says:

    I love to see the three main kids actors and actress and they are so good in their acting. They will grow up to be good actors and actress. Good Luck! We hope to see more of their acting!

  343. 343 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    I really love this drama so much!Kim Jae Won rocks!The acting of HJH is not bad…tho I love KYJ since Iljimae, Dongyi n TMETs…but guess HJH portray her role well as HJ!coz if not? the ratings won’t be high.^^But one thing for sure the child actors truly moved me!

  344. 344 : Charlie Says:

    @sara 320,
    I watched ep 10, I am actually not disappointed with the grownup HJ. She is doing good job carry on what has been layed out by the child actress. The chemistry between her and JH is great. I am not sure whether I would root her with KJW. Maybe they will develop new bound when they work together. I’m waiting to see more stories between them.
    I can’t wait for the weekend to come.

  345. 345 : ifah Says:

    I love this drama ! Keep fighting MAY QUEEN ! dAEBAK !

  346. 346 : sara Says:

    @Charlie -344
    Although it’s too soon to judge the drama, i ‘m not disappointed either. She seems okay. All the characters seem okay and are doing a good job. I always root for my Smiling angel. He is just so sweet and adorable that i can’t see HJ and i unconsciously find myself looking for him when the drama starts. You know, he is in my top 3 favorite actors. When he smiles, the world becomes a better place to live.

  347. 347 : sara Says:

    Sorry i meant JH. Typo error

  348. 348 : Charlie Says:

    JH is also one of my favorite KD actors, but I don’t have top three since there are so many cute guys in KD. I find myself crushing on one after another. It would be very difficult to pick top 3. The good thing is that I don’t have good looking guys as such around me in my real life. Otherwise, I’ll never find time for KDrama.
    Did you know that KJW is also considered as a Smiling Angel by a lot of viewers?

  349. 349 : Charlie Says:

    @kimchilee 338,
    It bugs me a lot too. Sometime, I even wonder if the reality is really like that, then can SK be considered as a true democratic country. I can only hope it’s only a drama, not real life in that expect.

  350. 350 : cathy Says:

    great drama , agree child actors doing excellent jobs ,
    adult actors likely doing good job to , all we need is interesting script ,
    i like Kang San character than another one .

  351. 351 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Charlie 348, you are right about Kim Jae Won, except from “Killer Smile”, 🙂 “Angel Smile” is also given as one of his nickname because of his angelic smile. Every time i saw that smile, my day is complete, it’s like a sunshine that makes your whole day fine and bright.. He is awesome portraying the role as Kang-san, the way he give life on that character is more than enough to make the viewers love the drama so much. He is very cute and adorable, actually i can’t find the right word to describe him. He is really great…. everything about him is amazing. He is good-looking, and outstanding actor, with great personality on and off the camera. I just love every bit of him… 🙂 oppa fighting…

  352. 352 : Gretz16 Says:

    MBC weekend drama “May Queen” rated its best record so far and created a gap with SBS “Five Fingers”.

    According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 17th, “May Queen” rated 17.7%. This is 0.9% more than the previous episode.

    On the other hand, “Five Fingers” fell 1.2% and rated 9.2%. The two dramas started at the same time and competed with similar viewing rates but the official appearance of the grown up cast led to “May Queen”s victory.

    “May Queen” showed Kang-san (Kim Jae-won) reuniting with his first love Cheon Hae-joo (Han Ji-hye).

    Cheon Hae-joo went to meet her boyfriend Park Chang-hee’s (Jae Hee) father was told to get out of his sight.

    Meanwhile, KBS 1 “The Great King’s Dream” rated 12.3%.

    Source : http://www.segye.com/Article... ( English )

    Read more at http://www.hancinema.net/may-queen-breaks-own-record-beats-five-fingers-47555.html#qzi6fE4aWCVecA7S.99

  353. 353 : sara Says:

    By Smiling angel, i meant KJW. 😉 He is the only smiling angel for me. JH is not my fave. I’m mostly watching because of him as i said

    “I always root for my Smiling angel. He -KIM JAE WON- is just so sweet and adorable that i can’t see Jae hee and i unconsciously find myself looking for him when the drama starts.”

  354. 354 : sara Says:

    Yesssssssssss. Me too. You said you couldn’t find the right word to describe him so i tried to find a poem which can describe our sweet KIM JAW WON.

    When burdens are so heavy
    And all of life seems wrong
    The sweetness of his lovely smile
    Give me courage to go on.

    Isn’t it describing him in a good way?

  355. 355 : kimchilee Says:

    @Charlie, I think its their culture.. shouting and looking down on the less fortunate.. cannot be just drama bec almost every drama I see has them shouting at the less fortunate.. even in the historical ones.. must be their culture.. also, the rich must always have bodyguards around them like those mafias.. why do they do that in so many dramas.. can someone enlighten me that its just dramas..?

    anyway.. i love this drama even though the little girl’s stepmom irritates the hell out of me and the main evil man, annoys the hell out of me with his shouting and throwing things at his employees… aiiigooooo!

  356. 356 : sara Says:

    That’s what i always think when i’m watching some of the dramas. They make me feel that the hierarchical society of Joseon era is still hidden in deepest layers of modern Korean society, although the surface is modernized and we can see the traces of western culture clearly. As this hierarchical pattern is used frequently in their own made dramas, it must be originate from the current truth of their society. If not, people don’t welcome it.

  357. 357 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara 354, i love how you describe it, you are absolutely right. I read from psychological books of happiness that a person can on project a perfect smile when the true feelings comes from the heart. The happiness of a person can see through his eyes , and that’s what i see from our Kim Jae Won oppa. I also watch a lot of interviews of actors that work with him, they all said that Kim Jae Won is very cheerful and friendly in person, he is very easy to work with and always get along with all the staff. I think that’s what makes him so well-love by Koreans and International fans. His personality as a person is good so does his acting skills… :)… oppa is perfect…

  358. 358 : jianpark Says:

    annyong… does anyone here know where can i download the song GOODBYE ROMANCE by sonya… because i really like it… like the way i like this drama (MAY QUEEN) i’m hooked with it… i cry a lot for these drama… PLEASE tell me where can i download… kamsahamnida 🙂

  359. 359 : sandy Says:


  360. 360 : eny Says:

    i like this drama, i’m not continue watching five finger because the story have much similarity with baker king kim tak goo. i watch baker king many time and i really like it, i just wanna watch something different

  361. 361 : sara Says:


    Yes, our Oppa is perfect. This is how he was in two episodes.

    1. He comes and throws some papers and is very pissed off.
    2. He sees Inhwa and runs away. He is very pissed off.
    3. He goes to his grandpa and yells at him to return to home. Irritated.
    4. He is in the club and doesn’t care about the girls even a bit. Careless.
    5. He enjoys classical music. Artistic.
    6. He pretends he can’t swim and kisses HJ when she does CPR. Mischievous and childish.
    7. He still has HJ’s headdress. Romantic.

    All of these expressions without his angelic smile. I felt i really missed his smile and wondered when he would do that. Then at last, he smiled at Hae joo and i realized with that bright, beautiful smile, he can play a serial killer and will be forgiven quickly. He knows the magic of his smile. So he shouldn’t smile, if he wants to be a bit mean and revengeful. Just a smile and revengeful KS will disappears into air. Even that strict Ilmoon tends to hug him, if she smiles. 😉

  362. 362 : sara Says:

    Sorry, in last sentence i mean *if he smiles. Typo error

  363. 363 : Charlie Says:

    @ 351,
    I couldn’t agree with you more on the Smiling Angel. When KJW smiles, the world is a better place.

    I’m glad we are rooting for the same angel. My bad. I don’t know how I read your comment. 🙂

  364. 364 : Lorem Says:

    Episode 9 things picked up. “O! O! O! (everyone join in) Oppan Gangnam style!” But it was all good from the start.

  365. 365 : kimchilee Says:

    @Sara, well described about the Joseon era. Anyway, the adult actors are so good now that I have totally forgotten about the child actors, unlike what I saw in Giant. am so in love with Hae Joo and Kang San bright and cheery smile now.. the person I pity most will be Chang Hee.. it seems he can never break free from the chains of hierachy due to his father. Poor fellow is going to suffer all the way in this drama.. aiigooo.. so pity him.

  366. 366 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ kimchilee 365, I also pity Chang Hee, his life is so miserable because of his father,.. but his life is his choice now, he can still improve it if he really want to. He just need to choose the right decision for himself, i hope he don’t follow his fathers steps. I love Kang San the most, he give so much life in this drama, it will surely break my heart to see him get hurts if he knows that Hae Joo is already Chang Hee girlfriend. I know he is very persistent towards Hae Joo, i hope he won’t give up on her easily. I really want them to be together. 🙂

  367. 367 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara 361, Kang San shouldn’t smile so much, otherwise all the girls on this drama will be rooting on him. 🙂 Did you notice Hae Joo reaction when he smile at her and called her nickname, she was stunned and in just a second he was forgiven for stealing a kiss from her… i don’t think she could bear to get angry with that sweet smile… Ryan Kang smile is indeed a killer smile, nothing can be compare to him…

  368. 368 : yoan Says:

    @jianpark 358
    you can download it here

    anw,i love this drama too! 😀

  369. 369 : sara Says:

    I also enjoyed the adult part. When i saw Ilmoon’s adult actor, i thought he was still the young Ilmoon. They are really look alike. I agree with you about CH. But isn’t he a bit weak? I hope they don’t turn him into a dark character with a inferior complex, after he finds out the truth. But the most interesting reaction is HJ ‘s real mother’s. I think she will lose her mind at the end.

  370. 370 : sara Says:

    So, we both love the same angel. Nice to meet you Kim Jae Won angel lover. 😉

  371. 371 : Charlie Says:

    @ kimchiee 355,
    Although I don’t agree with the exaggerating way of displaying social divides in KDrama. But if you refer it as a culture, I can’t jump on your wagon to bash “their culture” as I inherited “their” culture, wether I like it or not.

  372. 372 : Charlie Says:

    I think Kang San knows that he is not HJ’s first love. But he’s not going to give up on her, instead he’s going to fight for her heart. So I’m not worried that he’d get hurt when he find out HJ and CH are actually dating, secretly.
    KJW, show us your sweet smiles, that’s what we are here for. 😉

  373. 373 : jianpark Says:

    komowo… thanks a lot… i really like this drama… again thanks…

  374. 374 : sara Says:

    By inheriting the culture you mean you are Korean?

  375. 375 : Gretz16 Says:

    Back to the drama guys, Kang San started to wonder why Do Hyeon is so obsess about oil drilling even if the chances is not high. Do you think Kang San will discover about Haksoo’s death when he dig out more info about Do Hyeon’s wrong doings?

  376. 376 : Gretz16 Says:

    Back to the drama guys, Kang San started to wonder why Do Hyeon is so obsess about oil drilling. Do you think Kang San will discover about Haksoo’s death when he dig out more info about Do Hyeon’s wrong doings?

  377. 377 : kimchilee Says:

    @Sara, Charlie, Gretz16,
    I think they chose the child actors and adult ones well, the children in Kang San and Ill Moon look alike the most!! esp Kang San.. wow.. both has that magic smile!

    Ya.. i wonder how HJ mother is going to react when find out the truth? imagine married to the man who killed the husband and trying to kill HJ? shudder…

    As for Chang Hee, I read somewhere along here that he will decide to marry Ill Moon’s sister.. thus the beginning of his suffering I suppose.. so maybe there is hope that Kang Sang will end up with HJ.. fingers crossed! 🙂

  378. 378 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ kimchilee, the plot given indeed say that Chang Hee will marry In Hwa, and the relationship diagram also shows love line between Hae Joo and Kang San, which means, the love triangle is not the main conflict in this drama. Everything are already arrange accordingly.

    I think the true battle will start after Chang Hee married In Hwa, and go against Kang San and Hae Joo over the business.

  379. 379 : Cathy Says:

    Actually the villain is Jang Do Hyeon, Chang Hee is only a pawn to him. Kang San only want to get back Hae Poong which is taken over by Do Hyeon, and Hae Joo will surely want justice for her biological father Hak Soo and also for her father Hong Chul death.

    And side note: Kang San parents cause of death still unknown… I think Do Hyeon also have something to do with it.

  380. 380 : Deby Says:

    Hey everyone! I’m really enjoying this drama!!! And o want To as you who do you think will be with HJ???kang san or chang hee?? And what do you think is going To happen???? Spoilers.?

  381. 381 : sara Says:

    I hope KS finds the truth sooner than CH. But if CH marries Inhwa, it means he will find the truth about his dad, Haksoo and everything sooner than anyone. That’s why he will be filled with anger and revenge. I’m happy CH and HJ will break up. I don’t know why those stupid girls in dramas, always choose the poor, weak and difficult one while the other guy is way better. I don’t know why young HJ treated KS-who was very nice to her- poorly and protected CH- who was weak and hopeless-in an exaggerating way.

  382. 382 : sara Says:

    I think HJ’s mother will end up in mental hospital or will die. She gets very sad, when that Ilmoon guy calls her step-mother, let alone when she realizes her own mistakes.

  383. 383 : orchids Says:

    jae hee fighting <3 \m/

  384. 384 : jianpark Says:

    i really love this drama, i cry a lot for this drama… i read in somewhere that changhee would marry in-hwa because he will know what his father did to haejoo…
    @Deby… i think its kangsan and haejoo… i love them both…
    does any one here where can i download the song at the end… it’s GOODBYE TO ROMANCE by SONYA… i really love the song… thanks every one… let’s enjoy watching this koreandrama… again, thanks

  385. 385 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara 381, I think Hae Joo feel more comfortable with Chang Hee when they are young because the have the same hardship in life. And she never realize Kang San kindness because of the way he behaves. Kang San is very easy going and nothing bothers him. He don’t even bother to compete with II Moon and Chang Hee while in fact he is much smarter than them. Actually, i find that, Kang San is childish in some ways but the way he think is more mature than Chang Hee. When II Moon insult Chang Hee father in front of them, the first one who reacted is Kang San, he also stand for Hae Joo when II Moon is going over board.. regardless of their status, i think Chang Hee shows to much weakness… there is no way he can protect Hae Joo, I’m also disappointed that the writer exaggerate it to much. But i’m pretty sure , Kang San and Hae Joo will end up together .

  386. 386 : sara Says:

    Agree. KS was mature even as a child. There are few dramas that make the viewers happy and give them what they want. It seems here lots of us want HJ and KS together. I will be too disappointed if it won’t happen. Coz KS- even as a child- was much more attractive than CH. I didn’t like young CH. He was suffering from inferior complex and is still suffering. His character was in complete contrast with HJ. Unless a strong, hardworking girl like HJ is stupid, she never falls in love with a weak boy like CH.
    The other exaggerated character is Ilmoon. You can’t stand him. He is very jealous, stupid, negative, weak, inflexible and dark. Now he is just a typical evil boy whom we’ve seen frequently in K-family dramas. I hope the writer gives him a chance to find love and changes his life.

  387. 387 : Charlie Says:

    @sara 386,
    Good idea. To let Ilmoon fall in love. Maybe that girl will be HJ. Who knows.

  388. 388 : senahensem Says:

    Jae Hee *-*..

  389. 389 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara, i think the writer really tend to match Hae Joo with Kang San, in most dramas, first love always last forever, but i think this drama is different from usual , they make it more like in reality. Because in reality first love is always not the right one. Hae Joo first love is a part of her experience in life that will give a lesson and teach her how to make the right choices. 🙂

    @ Koreandrama.org Admin. , episode 11 preview is already available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP5n3E7AnkU&feature=youtu.be , 🙂

  390. 390 : jedi Says:

    I want HJ will ended with CH ^^” until CH char turn a jerk??? LoL. I feels pity for CH, has evil father, get married without loved, and at last lost his dearly woman if the writer will ended her with KS ^^` , but I hoped NOT!!!

  391. 391 : Cathy Says:

    I want Hae Joo to be with Kang San, they are more suitable for each other. Chang Hee is pitiful, but talking about what is good for Hae Joo, i think Chang Hee will only give her nothing but pain. He love Hae Joo but he could never protect her from his father who did a lot of bad things to Hae Joo’s family.

  392. 392 : eny Says:

    i think CH father isn’t that bad, he endure all pain and did a lot of bad thing to protect his only son who left by his mother and after all the hardship he just want his son to be success.
    CH didn’t do anything when his father insulted by Ill moon, it’s because his father told him to endure and Kang san live with love of his grandfater didn’t know about the hardship of life it’s not because of KS more mature than CH

  393. 393 : gemerald Says:

    @ eny 392, before i thought CH father stay at Geum Hee house and endure Do Hyeon’s bad treatment because of guilt, but after some time i already doubt it. He always encourage Chang Hee to beat II Moon in any way, which i think it’s not a good a idea because the more he excel, II Moon feel inferiority towards him and treat him badly. Why his father let his son suffer so much? Chang Hee is smart and hard working, he can succeed even if he is not at Do Hyeon’s house. Kang San is a spoiled brat, he doesn’t know about hardship, but he knows what is right from wrong, he knows when he should do something or not. When Do Hyeon went to his grandfather’s company, he knows something is not right, but he is helpless. Even if In Hwa is Do Hyeon’s daughter he didn’t regard her as an enemy, he always bash her off just because he doesn’t want her to have any hope and gets hurt knowing that he only loves Hae Joo. Kang San always do his own way but his action always shows consideration for others. On the other hand, Chang Hee is different , he want to go with the flow, but in his heart he was against it. He is not being honest to himself, he can do something but he is not doing it. Now, he is already grown up and successful but he still follow Do Hyeon’s order. When is he going to do the right thing for himself?… i actually like him, but i think he is a complete failure.. i don’t think he can protect Hae Joo even if he want to…

  394. 394 : jedi Says:

    CH’s father really evil same as JDH. Both of them really egoist person.

  395. 395 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ jedi 394, you are right.. CH father is evil. The hardship and pain that he and his son endured is because of his selfishness and greed. He want to be rich that’s why he let CH suffer so much. His intention is good, it’s for his son future, but his ways and actions is not right. He let other people suffer just because he want a good life.

  396. 396 : eny Says:

    don’t you remember ep 1 when HJ father killed by JDH,CH father beg JDH to let him alive because he has 3 years old child and promise he will do everything for him, JDH also thread CH father about his friend untill he decided to kill him.
    CH or KS , they know about right or wrong but the different is KS doesn’t affected other but CH should think of his father because his father doesn’t have power like KS grandpa

  397. 397 : gemerald Says:

    Even if Gi Chul was threaten by Do Hyeon, when he killed Hae Joo’s foster father, it’s his own decision, Do Hyeon was not aware of it. He only think about saving himself. He did promise to do everything for Do Hyeon to save his son but what’s going on now is totally different, he is getting greedy. He is using his son to get what he want and Chang Hee will be tied up to his responsibility on his father, for sure if he finds out what’s his father did, he will hide it from Hae Joo and he will always feel the guilt of betraying her. He is already successful now, it’s time for him to do what is right, if can’t do it now, he never will… he will follow his fathers steps because he is weak… he can’t face the fact that his father did a lot of horrible things…

  398. 398 : kimchilee Says:


    yes..i think HJ’s mother will suffer nervous breakdown..the mere mentioned of her being step-mother is enough to shake her up so much..her character is also very unstable already.

  399. 399 : eny Says:

    it’s true that gi chool choose to kill HJ’s father but there’s battle in him because he doesn’t wanna do it either even later he become more greedy about success but he’s definitly not real bad person.
    That’s what i like about this drama , the charracter more realistic. Most people are like that the purpose is good but they choose the wrong way, everyone have their reason and sometimes cross each other.
    That’s why i like BAKER KING and BRIDAL MASK because it close to reality

  400. 400 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Koreandrama.org Admin. here is the link for episode 12 preview 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQb0ixDYPaQ

    Enjoy watching guys, this drama is really good, you can see the dark side of life in reality, and people choices made them what they are, either they choose the right or wrong path they have to face the consequences that brought by their own decision. Not all things turns out on what you want them to be but it’s to you how to deal with it.

  401. 401 : kimchilee Says:

    I just finished watching ep 11.. I must say I am really hooked on this drama.. so intense and acting by everyone is just fantastic. I love the characters in Kang San and Hae Joon.. I feel so sad for Chang Hee. I am glad they did not make In Hwa into the usualy bitchy rich lady but a successful and compassionate considerate lady.

    I even like Ill Moon’s father at one stage where he reprimanded Ill Moon for speaking bad about the mother.. very good acting.. this drama certainly wowws me at every turn.

    Cant wait for episode 12 and more….May Queen fighting!!

  402. 402 : Gretz16 Says:

    @kimchilee 401, i’m enjoying it too. 🙂 I feel bad for Kang San, for sure he will be heart broken to know that Hae Joo is dating Chang Hee. I love the way he express his true feelings for her, and the way he encourage her to pursue her dream. When she is with Chang Hee she always cry and losing hope, while Kang San is always their to cheer her up, he even do silly and funny things just for her :)… I feel sad for Chang Hee but no matter how i look at the situation, even if i count Kang San out of the scene, he and Hae Joo can’t be together, it just impossible after all what his father did.

  403. 403 : eny Says:

    i see it too, really hard for CH and HJ to end up together,eventhought i hope they will together till the end but it’s almost imposible

  404. 404 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ eny, you are right… i think the only reason why Hae Joo came into Chang Hee life is to make him realize that there’s still hope behind all his suffering. Her presence made him feel the way of being love. This will be his guide on every decision that he is going to make. But unfortunately Hae Joo deserves better life too. Being with Chang Hee will only bring her unhappiness in the future. I’m not saying this because i like Kang San more than him, i’m just stating the fact that Hae Joo deserve to be happy too after all her suffering that cause by Chang Hee father and Jang Do Hyeon.

  405. 405 : hny Says:

    tonight eps will more interesting.. when Kang San already know who is his rival !!..eps 11.. I didn’t find that HJ n CH has the feeling of love is so profound, I agree w @eny n @Gretz16 that’s the only reason why Hae Joo came into Chang Hee life is to make him realize that there’s still hope behind all his suffering. So.. I just want to see how Kang San take HJ’s heart !!

  406. 406 : nina Says:

    really hope that abound number of episodes to 36 !!

  407. 407 : KDaddict Says:

    Can someone tell me if this is a melodrama? TQ.

  408. 408 : cathy Says:

    i like Kang San character too , KS & HJ started as friend with the same interest which can lead to beautiful love …but HJ & CH as two suffering people need each other , not love at all .

    KS is really nice , smart , open minded person .

  409. 409 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ cathy, i agree… KS is very open minded . When he found out Hae Joo and Chang Hee is dating, i can see the pain in his eyes but he choose to keep it to himself. He understand very well how did it happen. He is blaming himself for not being around for so many years. He is not angry or against Chang Hee, all he want is to protect Hae Joo. When he saw her get beaten by Chang Hee father, he is very angry. He confront Chang Hee and told him to give up on her just because he know Hae Joo is suffering. It’s his way to protect her, it’s not because he is against their relationship.

  410. 410 : senahensem Says:

    i hope HJ & CH will end up together…

  411. 411 : Badkitty0011 Says:

    love love love this drama jus got done watching ep 12 and omg Chang Hee dad is really getting on my nerves he has no rite to touch Hea Joo

  412. 412 : hny Says:

    @KDaddict.. yap but not So so Melo !! most same like Innocent Guy..

  413. 413 : maya Says:

    i love young chang hee and adult kang san..hope hae joo end up with kang san even though i love jae hee/chang hee too but i know she will just suffering herself if she wants to be with chang hee..

  414. 414 : gemerald Says:

    I love Kang San for Hae Joo because it’s best for her.. she will suffer more if she stay with Chang Hee…

  415. 415 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ hny, when do you think will Hae Joo realize how Kang San love her? He already made a lot of things for her but she doesn’t even notice it. I feel bad for Chang Hee too but i can’t really bear to see Hae Joo end up with him after all his father did to Hae Joo … i find it too frustrating when i see Kang San is hurt, which he don’t even deserve it… If i see him in pain, i wish he is not so nice to Hae Joo.. 🙁

  416. 416 : ChangShin-Jye Says:

    Ohmmmooo… gomawo…. Well, you’re all right!!! But well… its expected that KS and HJ will end up… it so obvious. I like them very much but I don’t want to mess with the first pair I like… HJ and CH …. Hahaha… I like them to end up… well… I think they are cute together (Is it just me!?) well… gonna share that. no offends. Well, its the choice of the production staff who they HJ to end up… I’m sure its KS, Anyway!!! ^.^

    — Really hooked to this show… I can’t wait weekends because of MAY QUEEN!

  417. 417 : ChangShin-Jye Says:

    @Gretz16 / You’re right!!! I feel quite bad for CH >..< But I realize what did CH's father did…. there's a time when HJ needs to space herself in CH… it would be hard for herself because CH is her first love and she's really in love. Well… nothing can do…. HJ is for KS!!!! Cheers for the both!!! Good luck…

  418. 418 : hny Says:

    I think soon HJ will realize KS feeling but it’s take a long time for HJ to admit that’s she like KS too..maybe it will happen in ep 19-20.. hope more faster..

  419. 419 : Gretz16 Says:

    @hny, 19-20 is too long already, i hope they will make it faster, it will end up on that point anyway, they don’t have to drag it too long. But i think In Hwa marriage with Chang Hee will be soon, i just don’t know how they manage to convince her, she seems like crazy in love with KS, why she choose to marry Chang Hee?…

  420. 420 : sara Says:

    I just watched ep 11. It was good. But i want more KJW. I can’t get enough of him. Loving him put me in a dilemma. Sometimes when i see HJ ‘s love for Ch, I think my lovely KS is too good for her. But i don’t want him to get hurt because of her either. I hate CH’s father but now i’m happy he ‘s trying to separate them. I don’t like CH at all. He is too weak.

  421. 421 : lantn Says:

    I m absolutely agree with you. I like Hae Joo with KangSan!Hewil bring her the happiness she is deserved to have.

  422. 422 : hny Says:

    In Hwa character is easy one !! n his the one who life freely here.. I think soon In Hwa will interested to CH .. I do not know how but the writer must have plans for them.

    Nado..think that KS too good for her,,,,, but she better w KS n just want the screen full with their scene 😀

  423. 423 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ hny, i agree with sara, i find it like KS is too nice for Hae Joo. But you are also right, they really look good together. I really hope to watch more of their scene.

    I can’t say anything for Chang Hee part… i just leave it for the writer to do something better for him… 🙁

    I’m all the way for team KS… 🙂 fighting…

  424. 424 : orchids Says:

    m feeling very bad for chang hee….coz i was in his team from starting n wanted him to end with hae joo but i think its better if she ends with kang san coz he can makes her happy…..n chang hee hv to pay for his father’s deeds……….i really want to kill his father…how can a person like him is surviving on earth……huh :@

  425. 425 : Charlie Says:

    I think CH will find out what his dad had done to HJ and her family and realize he can’t be together with HJ, and he will leave her.

  426. 426 : Mae Galeon Says:

    i like all the casts in this drama…nice one!Kudos!

  427. 427 : sara Says:

    MQ is the story of three families, their kids and shipbuilding as a mutual point among them. There is an evil chairman Jang/ father of Ilmoon and Inhwa who is a very ambitious person n in love with his friend/ Haksoo’s wife. Haksoo is a petroleum expert and his dream is building a drill ship. Jang kills him and Park Kichul, Chang hee’ s father and Haksoo’s friend witnesses everything. He promises to shut his mouth to save himself and his son. Jang wants him to kill Haksoo’s little daughter/Hae joo to make her mother alone so she is forced to marry him. Park Kichul kidnaps the child and gives her to his former junior in the army/ Chun Hong chul. He accepts her in return of getting some money. First part.

    13 years later. Children have grown up and Jang and HJ’s mother got married. Inhwa is in love with Kang san, the heir of a shipbuilding company. HJ is busy with helping her family coz they are very poor and her father has lots of debts. Chang hee is a very smart but weak boy who even can’t protect his father but still Ilmoon hates him out of his jealousy. Jang is still following his dream for building a shipbuilding company. SO…

    1. he orders his men including Park to destroy people ‘s houses and pear orchard.
    2. KS ‘s grandpa is against him. So he frames him for embezzlement and takes over his company.
    3. HJ’s father realizes the truth about HJ and gets killed by Park.

    In the middle, the kids get closer and a bond forms among them. HJ falls in love with CH. KS falls in love with HJ. Inhaw is in love with KS like crazy. Following the tragic happenings said above HJ and her family leave the city. KS goes to US and CH stays. Part 2.

    15 years passed and now all of them are adults. CH is a prosecutor but still Jang’s errand boy, weak and in love with HJ. KS has returned with a revengeful heart and is still in love with HJ. HJ couldn’t studied and works as a worker in shipbuilding company and is still in love with CH. For now KS doesn’t know she is CH ‘s girlfriend. He is as nice as an angel and helps her. That’s why most of us ship him with HJ. Besides Smiling angel plays the role.

  428. 428 : hny Says:


    hope after read summary from @sara..u come n join us here.. N decide which tim u are..KS or CH 😀

  429. 429 : lantn Says:

    Poor Kang San, now he regretted all the years he had stayed away from Hae Joo to do study for his grand pa in America. .. Oh how I wish Hae Joo will soon realise how wonderful he is …

  430. 430 : KDaddict Says:

    Thank you so much for that lovely n informative summary. I’m going to print it out, mark the names of the actors next to the char names, n study the whole thing. As u know, I’m afraid of melo’s. So I want to know what I’m getting into. Many thanks.
    I see. So, this is kinda like FOTGs, where viewers root for one guy or the other. No wonder you r all so excited. Should be fun. 🙂

  431. 431 : kimchilee Says:

    omigod! am dying here.. saw episode 12.. what agony will Chang Hee go through slowly learning about his father’s deed?? how will be react to his father..? So that may be the reason why he had to leave Hae Joo ..? as i said in the beginning.. CH will suffer a lot in this drama.. i just hope the writer will somehow made CH and In Hwa fall in love in the end. In Hwa is rather good – for now – hope she continues to be so and not turn evil or some rich bitch like the brother, Ill Moon. That fellow has nothing coming out of his mouth but shit.

    aargh.. this drama kept me wanting more..

    @KDAddict – strongly suggest you watch this.. better than Gaksital!

  432. 432 : Gretz16 Says:

    I just want to share my prediction on how Chang Hee broke up with Hae Joo. I think all of you remember this scene from the first trailer ..
    When Kang San hug Hae Joo he told her that “From now on I will never let you go”…
    Hae Joo seems so upset and crying in this scene. I think this is the time when Chang Hee broke up with her and told her that he is going to marry In Hwa to fulfill his father’s wish. Maybe Kang San went to comfort Hae Joo and give his assurance that he is always their for her.

    By this time, Chang Hee must have known that his father killed Hae Joo’s foster father, for sure he couldn’t bear to put his father in jail, and couldn’t face Hae Joo because of guilt. The only way to broke up with her without revealing his father’s crime is to make Hae Joo believe that he choose In Hwa because it’s his father wish. It will be very hurtful for Hae Joo but base on her character, for sure she will accept that decision without second thought because she is aware that Chang Hee father is against their relationship and CH is just being filial.

    I’m not very sure if Gi Chul will tell Chang Hee everything , but i have a feeling that he won’t. The best way to convince his son is to tell him that he killed Hae Joo’s father by accident. In that case, Chang Hee will not ask to much… 🙂

  433. 433 : jeany Says:

    I am also team KS 🙂 … he is really cute and amazing… his love for HJ is unconditional, i think they are really meant for each other. CH is HJ first love , i think the writer made it that way so that his character won’t be so pitiful to the extent… but i think 15 years with HJ is more than enough, aside from being with her who shared the same hardship in life, he didn’t really do anything beneficial for HJ. I think it’s better to say, Hae Joo did a great job being his angel all this years.

    Now it’s KS turn, he been waiting and loving HJ for so many years, since he was young, he is HJ guardian angel who always their when she need help. Fate bring them together,… 🙂

  434. 434 : sara Says:

    Your welcome. I hope you join us and share your ideas with us. It’s not a melo like Innocent guy. It’s more like family dramas i believe. But it’s good. For me the number one reason for watching this drama is KJW. I love him like crazy.

  435. 435 : sara Says:

    After watching ep 12, it’s hard to be rational. Why HJ doesn’t love KS? As she says he is perfect. I know i’m biased here. But i ‘m going to fangirl KJW in this comment just once. Sorry guys. 😉

    I know i shouldn’t watch a drama with this mindset. But what should i do? I just can see KJW. Sometimes i think it’s not important whether he is KS or CH. Having him in the drama is enough. I can love every character he plays. He is just too perfect to be rejected by any girl. He is breathtakingly adorable and nice. He is like an angel. A pale lonely angel who’s drinking alone. So i hate when HJ hurts his feelings. I hate CH. I hate HJ’s mother and all of their dating moments. How she can be this dense? Every girl prefers KS.

  436. 436 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara, we have exactly the same feeling. Maybe i’m just crazy in love with Kim Jae Won too. 🙂 I’m starting to dislike Hae Joo character for hurting Kang San, i hate the writer for making the situation so complicated. I like him as Kang San but i think i love Kang San more because it’s KJW.

    I understand Hae Joo character, to be in love with Chang Hee is actually not bad. They made Chang Hee character so miserable, so they have to shower him some love too. Maybe i’m just being irrational because in all KJW drama that i watched he only love one girl , and i think he deserve to be love in the same way.

    Anyway, i’m team KS ’til the end, no matter what is the outcome of this drama, i will support KS… and love KJW forever. 🙂

  437. 437 : KDaddict Says:

    I went back n read the comments from page 1! Seeing how you guys are all so involved w this, it must be a special show. I’ll catch up w you over the weekend. Thx for the thumbs up, @kimchilee, @hny, @sara.

  438. 438 : Jennie Says:

    @Gretz I agree with you that Chang Hee deserves to be loved in the same way. I have been supporting Chang Hee even though I love KS (and KJW of course) dearly for the simple reason that both the pairing of HJ and CH will be a more compelling story than one of HJ and KS. They both have been through so much and their bond is unbreakable. I think I will be happy that as long as we get a good ending for KS, it isn’t important whether he wins the girl at the end or not. Honestly speaking, I am not a huge fan of HJH and I’m kind of secretly happy that KJW isn’t paired with her in the end – now that’s a fan girl thinking aloud lol

  439. 439 : Jennie Says:

    Maybe I should clarify further. I am not in favour of KS being second best. It will be difficult for me to see HJ switching sides from Chang Hee then to Kang San. Unless the writer intends to make Chang Hee’s character become so hateful that all the love and compassion we have for him in the beginning is thrown out of the window ;-( So even if HJ eventually falls for KS, I hope it will be a believable one, and not because she gave CH up because he marries InHwa.

  440. 440 : April Says:

    I love Kang San , too. I hope HJ and KS will become a couple and i believe in that. huhhu. Vote for them <3

  441. 441 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Jennie, honestly… there’s something in this drama that i’m a bit confuse, no matter how i convince my self, i find the lack of chemistry of Hae Joo character on both two male characters Chang Hee and Kang San…
    There are lots of sweet scene between her and Chang Hee , but i’m not satisfied, looking at them don’t make me feel in love, unlike other dramas that i watch, on some drama even a simple scene of a couple makes me giggle… for them i feel nothing, i only see a couple dating or comforting each other but the atmosphere doesn’t affect me at all.. The scene with Kang San, all i saw is KS cute , funny, and natural sense of humor… i find it hilarious than romantic… i’m i the only one who feel that way????… 🙂

    But anyway, i love watching this drama in general, the love story is just a part of it, it doesn’t really affect much. All the cast are performing their role with excellence specially Kim Jae Won… his is very natural, and his sense of humor is very refreshing… 🙂

  442. 442 : sara Says:

    @Gretz16 -441
    Agree. I feel the same. I hate anything that hurts KS. So as KS i want her to be with him. I don’t like HJH. So as KJW, i don’t want her to be with him. I’m confused. I don’t know i should see him as KS or KJW. My first and top bias is Lee Seung ki. I had the same problem when i was watching K2H. Everything he did, was pleasant in my eyes coz he was LSG. But his actions weren’t justifiable as Jae ha. Now the same problem with this drama and KJW. I just can’t understand why a girl rejects someone like him. He is……………………….. Any girl’s ideal man.

  443. 443 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara, the answer is simple… this is drama, not real… we love KJW as an actor, at the same time we love all his characters which makes us more attach to him. He is performing his role according to the script, and the writer make it that way… what can we do?????????? 🙂

  444. 444 : kimchilee Says:

    @KDaddict, I shall look forward to your wonderful comments about the drama.. missed that over at this site. Enjoy your marathon of this drama for I am sure you will.. 🙂

  445. 445 : Sina Says:

    I like both actors and don’t mind who she ends up with. I want her to be happy. Hope she find out soon about her real mother. I’m liking her step mother now cause she care about Hae Joo now. Not like before. Chang Hees father is so evil that I just want to smash him up. He brings the devil out of me.LOL…….

  446. 446 : sara Says:

    Yes, this is just a drama and this confusion occurs when you crazily love the actor. As we love KJW. :),

  447. 447 : Kyusneezes Says:

    I just started to watch this drama yesterday…i’m on ep 6 and they Are still young..CH is good looking (he can pass as siwon’s dongsaeng) but I prefer KS ha! He’s bubbly and he can scare IlMoon he’s just like his granpa ^_^
    Reading the reviews above, it looks like HJ and CH will end up together…i love jae hee but the young kang san took my heart..let’s see what will happen when i watch the ‘grown up’ episodes..if jae hee can make me switch line ^^, #KangSanLine

  448. 448 : eny Says:

    i like this drama too, but for me bridal mask is still no 1 drama of the year

  449. 449 : eny Says:

    HJ end up with KS or CH, I don’t mind as long as the story is good i like this drama base on the story not because an actor/actress, i hope thuis drama still good till the end

  450. 450 : senahensem Says:


  451. 451 : beabi Says:

    maybe becoz the drama is good thats why the rating is going up.and the actors are very good.maniduseyo ha ha ha

  452. 452 : taiki Says:

    enjoy your watching.anyonghi kasayo

  453. 453 : jergens Says:


  454. 454 : Jennie Says:

    @Gretz and sara I think the problem here is that there is no chemistry between HJH with both the guys. Normally, we will be rooting for the female to end up with the best guy but in this case, we have two very good characters in the drama who are also very popular actors and an actress whom we are not very fond of. Under normal circumstances, if the chemistry is right, we’ll look beyond her “shortcomings”. No doubt she is very comfortable with them but as good friends and not as lovers. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one Gretz, I feel the same way too – I don’t get that delicious thrill of excitement when I see either pairings together, like the one I get when I see Maru and Eun Gi (Nice Guy) or Yoon Jae and Shi Won (Reply 1997) together. Perhaps it has something to do with her being married in real life? Anyway, I’ll still continue to watch because of KJW and also because I’m curious to know how the story will end 😀

  455. 455 : lantn Says:

    I just can’t understand why the director chose HJH!!!! Bad choice!

  456. 456 : sara Says:

    My sister exactly says the same things. I was worried about casting HJH from the beginning. She is neither a great actress nor a good choice for playing the role of HJ. (Add to this her being married in real life.) I accept that she is livelier here but you can’t love her as much as you loved young HJ. Young HJ was very cute and adorable when bowed and introduced herself. Her ponytail was very beautiful. But HJH isn’t a bit adorable and cute.

    Also i hate when the girl is dense and doesn’t notice the boy’s love. It’s not like that such a pretty, rich boy helps you for the sake of God. See the expression on her face, when KS comes a bit closer to her or touches her. She looks at him with round and fearful eyes, open mouth and walks back. If somebody watches this scene without knowing the whole story, one thinks the boy is going to rape her.

  457. 457 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Jennie and sara, as long as they make a happy ending for everyone specially to our Smiling Angel KJW, i don’t mind who will end up with her… 🙂

  458. 458 : yoan Says:

    i start watching this drama bcause of its high rating,and surprisingly i get really hooked..i really hope haejoo will end up with kang san

  459. 459 : tc Says:

    @Sara (456) and Jennie (454)

    I share the same view and experienced similar feelings when the female lead turned adult in METS. Coincidentally, it was the same young actress playing the child version in METS and I was mesmerized by her acting. Then when Han Ga In ( married as well) took over, I lost the connectivity and could not feel the chemistry between her with both the male leads.

    However, HJ’s character here is more energetic and livelier than HGI’s character. We just crossed 1/3 of the series and hopefully, the chemistry between the OTPs will built up. Both male leads are so awesome!

  460. 460 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hello guys, tomorrow is weekend… 🙂 Watch Episode 13 Preview at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oquc81incJ8&feature=youtu.be

  461. 461 : lantn Says:

    @Gretz16 Thank you so much for the link. I’m so happy after reading the summerry on that site. So Chang Hae will marry Inward as some of you have guessed and Hard Join will be with Lang San. Woohoo!!!

  462. 462 : lantn Says:

    My mobile has gone crazy! It Hae Joo &Kang San…lol

  463. 463 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ lantn, 🙂 you’re welcome… the description of the video is taken from the Official Website… You are right, Chang Hee will marry In Hwa on the later part of the drama, that’s why everyone is expecting that Hae Joo will end up with Kang San. The adult part was just started, so we only see the part of Hae Joo first love … Her love story with Kang San haven’t start yet.

  464. 464 : yoan Says:

    @gretz16, thanks for the links..really happy to see HJ together with KS!! can’t wait for saturdayyy 😀

  465. 465 : Charlie Says:

    @sara 456,
    After reading your comments, I can’t stop :0) Very funny.

  466. 466 : xxx Says:

    where can i download the ost??

  467. 467 : eny Says:

    so i’m not the only one, i enjoy watching TMETS when child actor/actress act after adult cast act i lost interest and didn’t continue it.

    i lost interest to watch arang too. The only drama i watch untill finish this year are wild romance, a gentlemen dignity and bridal mask, i hope this drama still good till the end

  468. 468 : sara Says:

    Yes, it’s really funny. How it’s possible that she is totally into a weak boy and rejects the great one without hesitant. She is stupid, right? There’s no other reason.

  469. 469 : lolhe Says:

    whats the main song of this drama :/ i cant find anywhere 🙁

  470. 470 : yoan Says:

    @lolhe, u mean the ending song? it’s Goodbye to Romance

  471. 471 : KDaddict Says:

    @sara, @hny,
    TQ for the great summary. I finished ep 4, when their spending a whole ep on the children being lost at sea gives me a clear indication of the pace that can be expected fr this show. At the end of ep 4, instead of being happy that the children r all alive, the parents r so keen to blame n slap Hae Joo for being the one to pilot the boat out to sea. No one bothers to point out that the problem is with the boat being under repair!
    What Chairman Hang did to the poor woman at the center of this maelstrom also rankles me: he killed her husband, the geologist, had sb kill her only child, so that she would be alone n desperate, n then turns her into his wife n his children’s mother! That just takes makjang to a new level!!!
    Chang Hee has seen n hates how his father kowtows to Jang’s family all his life. You guys r saying that he’ll end up marrying Inhwa. My, that’s just too unkind a fate. I don’t see how Inhwa can respect him, or how he can look her squarely in the eye n stand up straight.
    Plus, u all don’t seem to like HJH’s lack of chemistry w the guys, nor JH’s inability to choose the rt guy.
    So for all these reasons, I’m checking out. U guys have fun.
    There r a few interesting shows coming our way. There just aren’t enough hours. I’m real excited for The Great Seer. Waiting!

  472. 472 : sara Says:

    Yes, you are right. And more right about “few interesting shows”. Now that “Reply to 97” finished, the only one i’m very excited about is “Innocent man” I’m watching this one mostly because of my smiling angel KJW and faith because of charming CY. “To the beautiful you” was good at first and totally meaningless now and “Arang and the magistrate” has gone to a way that i don’t like it a bit. Looking forward to “I miss you”.

  473. 473 : drama freak Says:

    heard lots of compliment about this drama…..haven’t watch it….guess will have a try when more episodes are out =)

  474. 474 : yoan Says:

    473, you should try it..this drama makes me become KJW lover..he’s suh a cutie here =D

  475. 475 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    What kind drama is this? At the end of Episode 14, how come an individual can block official government investigations? Is this prosecutor going to be succumbed to his evil father’s plea in the next episode? Then, this drama is a joke like “Five Fingers” currently being aired. Both Five Fingers and May Queen are absurd in their assumptions and plots. Scriptwriters of these two dramas looked stupid. Korean newspapers already pointed out how these two drama scriptwriters exploited flammable and absurd plots in previous dramas. They know how a drama can appeal to the public to maximize conflicts between the good and the evil. But come on, the life is more complicated than such black and white arguments. Korean drama must grow up to appeal to the audience not only in Korea, but also in other countries/cultures, rather than hurting innocent people with sinister, shallow twists repeatedly until the end of the drama.

  476. 476 : Gretz16 Says:

    Episode 14 Preview : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6e6cp8-gNU&feature=youtu.be

    Episode 15 Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CajrtyY9Vhw

  477. 477 : swift Says:

    Urghhhhh….. so who is it going to be Kang San or Chang Hee, so difficult to choose. Any which should be good. I am assuming the writer will create a storyline for Hae Jo to break up with Chang Hee for a while then she gets close to Kang San. Then later Hae Jo will reconcile with Chang Hee again. What a heartbreaker.

  478. 478 : Beth Says:

    I love the storyline, i love both the young actors/actress and the adult ones. Hoping to see Hae Jo become successful in the story and end up with Kang San in the end.

  479. 479 : sara Says:

    The story is going forward smoothly. HJ is bitten again by CH’s father, CH gets angry and leaves home and KS helps her unconditionally and gets jealous every time he sees them together.

    I know the story is going forward like this to show HJ’s great love for CH and to make us prepared for their soon-to-happen break up and to show us how hard their break up will be for her. But KS is suffering and i can’t stand watching his jealous, sad face, when he doesn’t lack anything. I’m not used to see KJW as the second lover. I don’t like it.

    Now i’m sure i don’t like the story line and i wouldn’t watch it, if it wasn’t for KJW. I’ll get really pissed off if she ends up with CH.

  480. 480 : swift Says:

    CH’s character is difficult to predict as he is driven by anger towards his father and evil Do Hyeon. But we can anticipate that CH will still have compassion for his father due to the ill treatment his father received when CH was young. This will cause CH to have indecision to choose between his father and JH.

  481. 481 : Anni Says:

    I am totally agree HJ with CH will get together in the end of story. I think that both of them have a strong chemistry than with KS. Why we must always think that first love is never have a good result in reality? Think it and believe it that first love will be the last love and forever. I hope this drama will show us that first love is true love and last forever. Why we must do something as usual, make it different.. Don’t you think that it will be better? I hope the ending story doesn’t make us disappointed. Hwaiting Chang Hee Oppa ^^ Keep Hae Joo by his side.. Hwaiting!!!!

  482. 482 : Venny Says:

    Hwaiting Chang Hee Oppa.. I hope your love with Hae Joo will last forever to the ending story… CH & HJ Hwaiting!!

  483. 483 : kdramalovers Says:

    481 & 482.. you two are the same person,aren’t you??
    HJ is much more suitable with KS in this drama, since KS so dearly love her..and i hope they’ll be together in the end

  484. 484 : Charlie Says:

    CH can’t be with HJ. His father killed HJ’s father. No matter how bad CH’s father is, JH can’t accept CH abandoning his own dad. If she know CH’s dad had killed her dad, then I don’t think she’ll ever see CH again.
    But did CH and HJ spent the night together in ep 14? That won’t be good. That wouldn’t be fair to KS!

  485. 485 : Charlie Says:

    Sorry. Typo. Spend.

  486. 486 : addylovesbwoowd Says:

    Chang Hee and Hae Joo belong together. it’s hard to break up a 15 yr relationship (which i feel most ppl forget about) she’s not suddenly going to fall for Kang San because he has a crush on her or whatever. he’s been absent for 15 yrs ppl!!! I ship CH and HJ but i know they won’t last because this is kdrama land and the heroine never chooses the man whose father killed her father…lol…but i sure enjoyed that kiss in ep 14!!! i’m happy with that…she can go to kang san…then ofcourse i’d hv to quit the show…

  487. 487 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Anni 481, i think you miss something, did you ever read the character description, Chang Hee wil marry In Hwa… how HJ is going to end up with him if he is already married on the later part. Second, Hae Joo love him, but is it going to be the same when she found out what did his father done to her and her family? and beside he will cover up his father wrong doing that only means he have to betray Hae Joo to protect his father. Third, Hae Joo made it clear to him, nobody can ever make her abandon her family not even Chang Hee, because her family is everything to her. Base on this reasons, even if you count Kang San out of the scene, it’s more than enough to prove that Chang Hee and Hae Joo will never be together….

    Side note, i rewatch episode 14, Chang Hee ask Hae Joo to stay with him on the night she went to his hotel room, but Hae Joo said she should go home… which means she only went their to dry herself because they get on the rain but she didn’t spend the night with him. 🙂

  488. 488 : jean Says:

    @ addylovesbwoowd, 15 years is indeed long… they both live in misery all those years… If Hae Joo leave 100 years, do you think it will be fair if she live another 85 years of miserable life with Chang Hee, is it really worth it just because of that so called “FIRST LOVE”??????? C’mon guys… she is a girl who have a lot of dream and wish to have a happy life, i don’t think she will choose to live a life which she doesn’t deserve. This drama is about Hae Joo, and what is best for her will be the main priority… If this drama is about Chang Hee life, we could assume that they twist the events so that they can be together, but unfortunately it’s not the drama is all about. 🙂

  489. 489 : CINDY Says:

    no matter what was tne ending, i don’t think chang hee will end up with hj.there was a bit mountain between them

  490. 490 : hny Says:

    @Anni 481
    actually I also want if first love can be last love forever but only when I imagine HJ n CH Young.. not after they grown up and many more reason like @Gretz16 say.. So althought CH n HJ spent night together(or not).. I still didn’t find their chemistry.. so I just can say.. ‘let me go my first love 😀

  491. 491 : Lorem Says:

    Would Hae Joo have spent the night in a hotel room with Chang Hee, had he told her what his father had done? If no, then Chang Hee’s so-called love and seducing HJ was selfishly motivated (lust). The man has no honor and merely wished to gratify himself.

    Perhaps the writer intended for the character to be pitied in the end. A fractured soul marred by witnessing over the years, the abuse Jang Do Hyeon heaped against his father. Pffft.

    So this can only lead to Hae Joo finding that Kang San is the one who loves her, truly. Ahhh.. the drama of it all.

  492. 492 : Lorem Says:

    It is Hae Joo and Kang San, twoo wuv I say 😉

  493. 493 : Lorem Says:

    Okay, okay whether Hae Joo had spent the night with Chang Hee or not, the point remains. He is eliciting those moments of happiness under pretense. When HJ learns the whole truth, I think those are memories she’d rather forget. Ahh.. I’m sucked in.

  494. 494 : jean Says:

    @ Lorem… i find Kang San love is more genuine than Chang Hee, KS love and support for HJ is unconditional, he sincerely give his blessings to CH and HJ relationship as long as CH don’t make her cry and HJ is happy. Chang Hee on the other hand is different, he love HJ but it looks like he is keeping her by his side not because of love but because she is the only one he can lean on and give him strength to continue to live. He is doing that more for himself, not for HJ. He dated her for 15 years, he should know better what is best for her, why he have to keep his relationship with her for 15 years if he really love her?

  495. 495 : lantn Says:

    Something fishy here! I have twice suggested the link for EP 14 Eng sub but couldn’t see them on here??????

  496. 496 : Gretz16 Says:

    @lantn, you can’t post spoiler or unsafe site on this thread… all the post with that kind of link will go to the spam box, you can only see it here when the admin approve it… it happens to me before… 🙂

  497. 497 : sara Says:

    Very well described. Really, CH can’t be together with HJ. It seems most of the people are shipping her with KS. I watched some parts of ep 14 without sub and i was really disappointed when she went to hotel with him. So I still haven’t watched it even with English sub. Now, that i read your description i will watch it. I hope you are right and they haven’t spent the night together. It would be very unfair to KS.

  498. 498 : Charlie Says:

    @Gretz16 487,
    Based on the conversation, maybe. But when they kissed in a rain, it was a night and when she was in the hotel and CH had to leave for work, there was daylight outside. I sincerely hope they didn’t spend the night.

  499. 499 : lantn Says:

    [email protected] Oh thanks for letting me know. I’m glad they didn’t punish me for that. Ha ha ha… Any suggestion for some other good dramas to watch?

  500. 500 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara, charlie , and lantn , let’s just enjoy the show… since we merely watch the first 4 episode of the adult part… we should expect that they have to start it from this kind of settings.. i just hope that they won’t drag it to long because it’s no point actually. In episode 14 CH already started to lie to HJ about the kidnapper , he did that to protect his father, and the first sign of betrayal towards HJ. Sooner or later she will find out everything and we all know that CH will marry IH too. About KS and HJ relationship, i find all their scene kind of starting to know each other well, and obviously they are enjoying it. I love their bonding as friend and how they work and help each other. I can see how perfect they are… for sure they be happy together.

  501. 501 : sara Says:

    You ‘re right. We have to enjoy the show. But how we can do so when the story doesn’t go in a way we want it to go. It seems they spent the night together and i was surprised coz although they are dating for 15 years, they were living in different cities and barely could see each other but HJ was very very comfortable with him and didn’t feel shy even a bit for being alone with him in a hotel room for the first time. She even just wore a long shirt without skirt or pants. Does it mean it wasn’t their first time? I was shocked coz young HJ was really innocent. Besides, she seems more like a gold digger. In the day, she makes KS to cook for her and teach her and at the night sleeps with her lover and enjoys her love life. You feel she is using KS. I’m saying this regardless of my love for either for KS or KJW. I’m saying it, mostly because her portraying of HJ ‘s character has fundamental differences with what KYJ did as HJ.

  502. 502 : sara Says:

    Sorry typo error
    “I’m saying this regardless of my love either for KS or KJW.”

  503. 503 : Lorem Says:

    @Jean-494 I thought the 15 year relationship was mostly emailing each other??

    Yes it’s Kang San who has ‘twoo wahv’ (sorry couldn’t resist) for Hae Joo. And no doubt they will end up together in the end as someone already posted that tid-bit coming from a higher source. Who knows ??

  504. 504 : Lorem Says:

    I do very much like the expression of affection between lovers portrayed in k-dramas. Not having the heavy pashing and tongue sandwiches is a welcome change to what I grew up with watching TV/Movies. It shifts the focus away from gratifying oneself to deeper thoughts of caring and pleasing ones beloved.

    The actual meaning of love is to please the beloved and not wanting or expecting anything in return. That is the ultimate realized state.

    Not so easy to reach, but our favorite romance kdramas attempts to reflect that condition to some degree or other. But when the writer leans on devises too much, his/her duty as a transparent medium to that wonderful state is compromised. We feel let down, disappointed and often angered.

    The fix; everyone dress in Joseon attire and throw tomatoes and eggs at the guilty writer in a public arena. I fear this drama’s writer is perilously close to a public humiliation.

  505. 505 : dammy Says:

    i think i will stop watching this drama for now and wait still dey finish cos i really want ch and hj to end up 2geda if dey do i will return to it if not i wont,every1seems to be missing the fact that ch father probably saved her life and he was just trying to protect his own kid at d same time dats really d least he cud do for an illiterate servant who witness the death of his first boss hj father,and he really didnt want to kill hj second father dats was a mistake him not wanting dem to be 2geda is probably cos he doesnt want her ard his son which will bring her closer to his current boss family am seeing more to the story dan kang san nice,smiling problem free face getting the gal but who knows…..

  506. 506 : lantn Says:

    Even I don’t like CH father at all but I think he twice saved Hae Joo. First when she was a little baby he didn’t follow his boss command to kill her but gave her away to her adopted father and then the second time when he tried to avoid hitting her and end up hitting her adopted Dad. Chang Hae will marry Inwa for Hae Joo sake. He will come to understand that only Kang San can her the happiness she is deserve to have without any trouble thinking about the past.

  507. 507 : lantn Says:

    And I will stop watching this drama if Hae Joo still stubbornly chose Chang Hae instead Kang. San! I don’t know but in the preview of EP 15 it looked like she was shock when she saw KS kiss IW while they on the stage!!! Maybe she has started liking KS?

  508. 508 : Jennie Says:

    @sara It’s interesting that you too have noticed the changes in HJ from young girl to adulthood. I was pretty surprised how bossy she became as an adult and how she took control on her family matters. I know she had no choice but I think the writer has deviate too much from the original character. I like the young girl HJ was, one who was always outspoken but always gentle in conveying her opinions. I don’t like the adult HJ at all as I find her too loud. She’s like this loud ahjumma next to these two sophisticated young men 😀

  509. 509 : lantn Says:

    @Jennie Well said! That what I have in mind too! I sick of her complaints about couldn’t go to university because the family. She is not great at all. In this drama only KS character is the greatest.

  510. 510 : lantn Says:

    Look at the rating! It’s going down! I believe the viewers in Korea also don’t like the hotel parts in EP 14. Hae Joo’s image is no longer like an innocent girl… and is she deserve to have KS after all? I don’t think so….

  511. 511 : swift Says:

    Please note that this drama is going to be 32 episodes, so we can anticipate the storyline to drag a bit on the love triangle portion. Other than that, the storyline will focus on how CH, KS and Hae Joo’s uncle will plot to topple the evil Do Hyeon. Also, the conflicts in relationship of CH with his father.

  512. 512 : yoan Says:

    even if the ratings going down, i’ll still watch this drama..i know that CH father saved HJ when she was a baby..but he really killed her father..it’s not an accident,but he’s really determined to do so from the start..and KS is just too charming here that it’ll be a pity to drop this drama..anw, i hope the ratings will go up..fighting!!

  513. 513 : sara Says:


    1. The most disappointing part is her becoming sneaky. Young HJ was kind, gentle, smart and caring but adult HJ is selfish, stupid and without a drop of kindness. I loved how young HJ held his little sister, starved and let her family eat and tried her best. She was caring and her relationship with her father was touching. Adult HJ barely remembers her father and even doesn’t know what her siblings are doing.

    2. I wonder why she calls her step-mother “mom” now. Young HJ called her “mother” with a respectful tone. You could feel she loved her but felt a scary distance with her too. But now she has forgotten everything and although the step-mother didn’t allow her to study, she calls her “mom” with a completely different tone and more like one of those stupid girls in family dramas.

    3. In most of K-dramas the second guy is super nice and the girl is super fool and rejects him but as far as I’ve seen, the girl also helps him and accepts his kindness with a grateful heart and shy expression or tells him she is sorry. (I can’t stand it though) But HJ is shameless. How she can treat a perfect guy like KS in such way? She is just exploiting him. I really hate her and that hotel scene too.

  514. 514 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara, you are really getting emotional because our oppa KJW is getting bullied… 🙂 it’s quite funny but i also feel the same on some point but i tried to convince my self that the writer just need to do it for the best, after all , this drama is 32 episode so i understand that they have to drag it a bit longer. I did notice that Hae Joo character when she was young is totally different from the adult.. maybe they are trying to emphasize the strong character but the way it was portrayed was wrong , because the character looks dominant instead of strong.. specially the way she reprimand her sister… you can feel the strong personality of young Hae Joo when she is helpless and still have that positive outlook. While the adult Hae Joo look weak in that part, did anyone notice?, she keep putting her self down every time she want to comfort CH.. she always tell him that he is suffering because she is not good enough for him, she keep blaming her family for not getting into University. It’s very different from the young one right… Actually, KS and Jang Do Hyeon saw her potential and great talent but she seems not aware of her own capability because of the thought that CH father doesn’t want her for his son because she is not good enough, And CH is another hopeless , all he can say to her is “IT’S OK” for him even if she doesn’t have any great achievements . That only makes HJ feel pity on herself instead of getting assured. What kind of boyfriend is he?

  515. 515 : yoan Says:

    i agree with you..the adult HJ seem so weak,and i didn’t like when she always told her mom the fact that she couldn’t attend university..she said it countless times to the point it’s getting annoying..but i’ll continue to watch this for KS oppa..and i hope CH will marrying InHwa soon,so HJ can go to him lol

  516. 516 : yoan Says:

    i agree with you..the adult HJ seems so weak..and she keep blaming her mother for not being able to attend university..she said it countless times to the point it’s getting annoying..but i’ll still watch this drama for KS oppa..and i hope CH will marrying IH soon..so that HJ can go to him lol

  517. 517 : sara Says:

    Yeah, i can’t stand watching our smiling angel being sad because of such stupid, shameless girl. I agree with you about HJ and CH. But what if the writer decides to: CH’s father dies, he divorces Inhwa, HJ never falls in love with KS and forgives CH and CH and HJ end up together at the end? Can you imagine KS being alone or with Inhwa? Wouldn’t you want to go and kill the writer on the spot?

  518. 518 : Jennie Says:

    @sara LOL, we are now resorting to murder eh? Honestly, I think the actress playing Inhwa is quite good. I like how she “chases” KS around and idolizes him 😀

  519. 519 : lantn Says:

    I love reading the discussions on this site.

  520. 520 : OK OK OK Says:

    In Hwa’s father is a devil. Hae Joo bio logical mum must be very thankful to Chang Hee’s father that he did not kill HJ when she was a kid. 😀

  521. 521 : hny Says:


    U do not have to sacrifice yourself to go to jail coz murder…..wakakaka!!
    So Don’t worry dear .. if HJ n CH end up together..KS wouldn’t be alone coz I will accompany him 😀

  522. 522 : jedi Says:

    HJH acts not improved, it’s remind me of her character at East of Edn (really eyes soar to watched her at that drama). I don’t think I would like adult HJ anymore, till the end of drama. I will continue just because of Jae Hee. ^^`

  523. 523 : sara Says:

    Haha. You think i let you be with him? huh? 😉

    @Jennie- 518
    I love being here. It seems KJW lovers gathered here. You love the girl who’s chasing and idolize our dear smiling angel. I hate, him being ignored. One wants HJ and CH break up ASAP and we all have one thing in common: HE IS TOO GOOD FOR HJ.

  524. 524 : sara Says:

    i mean *idolizing

  525. 525 : yoan Says:

    yup i’ve been waiting for that to come..it’s true that e is too good for HJ but,it what’s make him happy..so i guess we’ll just hv to stand it..
    i only watch KJW drama My Love Patzzi..but didn’t feel anything for him that time..this drama is the one that make me love him..and plan to watch his other drama..how about Can you hear my heart?is that good?

  526. 526 : sara Says:

    “Can you hear my heart” is one of the sweetest dramas I’ve ever seen plus a veeeeeeeeeery sweet KJW as Cha Dong Joo. His pretty smile, pale skin and innocent character melt your heart and makes you fall in love with him even more. Highly recommended. I still watch it from time to time.

  527. 527 : Jennie Says:

    @sara & yoan Yes, yoan. I second sara’s comment that CYHMH is one of the sweetest drama ever. KJW is soooo adorable here and you’ll just melt when he flashes that smile of his in that drama. Best part is that the female lead actress is equally good and as attractive as KJW, so they are perfectly matched. And the second lead guy is awesome and lovable. The bromance is as interesting as the romance in that drama. Highly recommended from me too 😀

    PS Oh dear, too many superlatives but I do love that drama v.v.much 😀

  528. 528 : yoan Says:

    thanks for info guys..i’ll definitely watch that drama..not now maybe,cause i’m watching MQ and NG at the moment..but will start download it now 😀

  529. 529 : sara Says:

    KJW, here, is not as much sweet as he was in CYHMH. Regarding how he chose “Me too, flower” and this one, it seems he is seriously trying to shatter his so sweet image and shows a new charismatic side of him. I love his transformation in MQ. He is doing great in portraying a lonely guy who’s pretending to be cool and calm. But what should we do? He was born sweet and nothing can’t shatter that sweetness. Just a smile and you want to eat him.

  530. 530 : yoan Says:

    really??i think he portrays the character so well in this drama..mischievous,smart,sweet and lovely of course 😀 your comment make me wanna watch CYHMH asap 🙂

  531. 531 : Jennie Says:

    @sara Ah yes, pity he had to drop out of Me Too Flower. He would have been perfect for that role. I like that drama anyway, despite the low ratings 😀

  532. 532 : eny Says:

    i’m not a fans of any actor/actress in this drama, i never like KJW drama before, i like JH drama “delightful chun hyang”. but so far i still like this drama

  533. 533 : kimchilee Says:

    I think everyone is misunderstanding CH’s intention.. I pity him the most.. he found out what his father did to HJ. how can he reveal what his dad did to HJ? so he has to bear the burden of his father’s sins..worst is HJ kept telling him to go back to his father.. how agonising is that? and why is her heart so cold towards CH all of a sudden just bec CH left the father for obvious reasons that he did not like what the father did to HJ. HJ still did not appreciate what he did.. stupid or what? sigh.. i dont like how HJ’s character is slowly emerging.

    I like In Hwa’s unswaying love for KS.. she is pretty and pretty capable too.. someone different who at least does not depend on her father for money like most dramas we have seen.. I hope she dont turn out to be a bitch like the usual dramas..like her brother, Il Moon. He is the most ‘p.. in the… ass” person in this drama.

    Initially, i did not like HJ adopted mother but the writers must have heard how annoyed we were with her in the beginning with her constant nagging and whinning.. but she turned out alright after all.

    As for KS.. well.. may the best man win the girl altho I prefer him to be with In Hwa.

  534. 534 : Sina Says:

    I agree. In Hwa is pretty and independent. She loves KS so they can be together. I like HJ and CH to be together.

  535. 535 : sara Says:

    Be noted, this comment is full of love for KJW. A bit subjective.

    HJ is just stupid. She even can’t understand what’s better for her. This drama has a very cliche subject matter. Nothing new. The only reason for watching for most of us is our love for a certain actor in this drama, i think. For me, it’s KJW. I’m a huge fan. So as KJW, i don’t want him to be paired with talent-less HJH or SES (who is she, BTW?), but as KS, i ‘m not used to see him as second lover and when he is way better and more perfect than first lover. So, like an evil mother in law, although i hate the girl, i want my dear son to be happy even if it’s in the price of separating that stupid girl from her lover.

    And I don’t like Inhwa. It’s good that she knows how precious our adorable KS is. But as a lover? Impossible.

  536. 536 : yoan Says:

    i’m not satisfied with HJ character as well..but because this is a 32 episode drama,i guess the writer hv to drag the story..don’t think it’s good for her if she just suddenly goes to KS,when she’s in a relationship with CH for 15 years..i’m positive she’ll most likely end up with KS,we’ll just hv to wait a bit for that
    btw,it’s not the actors that makes me watch this drama..it’s the story line that attracted me..but for now,honestly i watch this cause i’ve fallen for KJW 😀

  537. 537 : yoan Says:

    forgot one thing,except the strory line there’s KYJ who makes me watch this drama in the beginning..i like her since TMTES

  538. 538 : kimchilee Says:

    @yoan, right.. am watching this bec the story is well written and of course the actors.
    I have no preferences for any of the actors here but watching their performances. Admittedly, i watched this bec of KYJ as she is such a delightful actress and got interested in other child actors here. Then came the adult actors whom i see also put up great performances. I must say that i did not really like KJW dramas before but now that I have seen him here, i think i’ve grown to like him since..his smile of course. As for CH, i neither like nor dislike him. Its just that he is so pitiful in this drama and more to come for him as i can see him falling under the evil chairman’s threat like his father did.

    Of course I know KS may eventually end up with HJ as its what this drama is all about, the usual triangle love theme.

  539. 539 : zehnee Says:

    I personally like this drama. ait may have its weakneses but it has its strength and intensity. The story line is good and the actors/actresses, even the kids , carry well their respective roles. keep up the good work writer/s.,and the director and the rest of the staff. THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THIS WONDERFL TV SERIES.

  540. 540 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 538 Kimchilee

    I like both Jae Hee & Kim Jae Won. You are right. CH is very pitiful here. That is why I stopped watching the drama before the adult casts appear becoz afraid to see Jae Hee suffer.

    Will continue to watch if the ending is good. No body “suffers” hee hee

    Have a nice weekend 😀

  541. 541 : kimchilee Says:

    @ok ok ok, yeah you are right.. avoid watching it to prevent the agony but do come back to this site for more comments! cheers!

  542. 542 : sara Says:

    Most of the episode is wasted and full of unnecessary scenes. Just 15 last minutes is worth watching and few major things happen. KS tells Inhwa about his real feelings and CH understands the truth. But two interesting things:

    1. I don’t know why smiling angel KJW seems so tired and sleepy in this ep. When he is talking to Inwha, he frequently closes his eyes just like someone who’s dying to sleep even for a moment. Still he is acting great.

    2. HJH’s expression(s?)

    a. Sad face: round eyes, open mouth
    b. Surprised: round eyes, open mouth
    c. Angry: round eyes, open mouth
    d. Happy: round eyes, open mouth

    Is she kind of fish or something?

  543. 543 : jedi Says:

    @sara(542), Your comment for her expression really cracks me up. LOL

  544. 544 : kdrama Says:

    HJH eyes r pretty unique i think,bcause her single eyelid..
    @542 ur comment makes me LOL

  545. 545 : kdrama Says:

    good to see the ratings are up again though..it’s not a flawless drama,but i like it though..

  546. 546 : sara Says:

    Nothing wrong with her eyes. I’m ONLY talking about her FACE EXPRESSION which is pretty the same throughout the episodes. She is neither a good actress nor as adorable as young HJ.

  547. 547 : addylovesbwoowd Says:

    Goodbye to romance?? lol more like Goodbye to May Queen. I do not like nor will I entertain the direction this story is heading. The writers shouldn’t hv made Chang Hee soo lovable so that way we wouldn’t hv grown attached to him and haejoo being together…now they wanna make him the bad guy then KangSan will come and save the day!!
    I am not biased like 80% of the ppl watching MQ who all happen to worship Kim Jae Won… their judgment is definitely clouded. why does Kang san deserve to be with Hae Joo more than Chang Hee?? gimme one good reason….and i don’t wanna hear that “oh he loves her more”… disqualified!!!! i give the writers 3 weeks to FIX this mess or else!!!!

  548. 548 : hny Says:

    Oh, guys..all of u are so funny today 😀

    I watch ep 15..n @sara says right..Most of the episode is wasted and full of unnecessary scenes…And I’m starting blamed the writer also the lead actress… his act so so bad… hope she can fix that soon coz all the story is belong to her or I’m gonna tired to watch this too…

  549. 549 : kdrama Says:

    KJW saves this show

  550. 550 : sara Says:

    You asked why KS is more deserved to be with her? I’ll try to answer you regardless of my big love for KJW. Okay. What is love?

    In real life: Something which can help you grow better, make you happy, give you comfort, fill your empty heart, help you, give you strength to go on, lift you when you fall, have faith in you no matter what. What KS does in this drama.

    In MQ: Something that hurts you, makes you cry, makes you lonely when you are in need, makes you anxious coz always there is a jealous but strong rival there or your love’s parents are against you. He makes you wait for him. He doesn’t know you are hungry, sad and lonely. He even can’t protect you. What CH does in this drama.

    Actually, i don’t like HJ and she is not deserved to be with KS either. Just a look and you can see how weird she is. She plays with KS, learns from him, works for him. He pays her sister’s debt, he cooks for her, helps her, always is by her side and at the end of the day, she goes to hotel room and makes love with her boy without remembering it was KS who was with her the whole day. Really, is this fair?

  551. 551 : swift Says:

    As expected, CH breaks up with HJ. But will they reconcile. Since it is in the middle of the drama series, we will expect to see alot of turmoil in the relationship. KS will surely take full advantage of the situation, whereas IH would be even more determined to help CH and HJ to get back together.
    The writer of this drama can really get the viewers get worked up will the evil plots of IH’s father and the scruples of CH’s father.

  552. 552 : yoan Says:

    did HJ really make love with CH??i get that they spent the night together at hotel..but did that really happened???

    hey,i love to see how much you love KJW lol

  553. 553 : kimchilee Says:

    oh gosh! can’t help but like CH and pity him so much.. but darn! I hate that he has let himself become so weak and let the President control him.. just like the father. I really hate the father.. ungrateful and lying conniving evil man who really destroyed his loving son.. i believe he will eventually become bad to learn all the bad traits from the President. As the president said to him, the dog he feeds will come back to bite the owner..perhaps that is what CH will do to the President in the end.

    but this made me think, is CH the lead actor here or KS? it seem that CH has more parts in this series and KS seems to be the 2nd lead.. even from the child actors, CH has more scenes with HJ.. so if CH is the lead actor here, then the likelihood of CH and HJ couple is more likely to happen, no? then what will happen to poor KS? aish.. why must they make both men so good and now we cannot decide who shld get the girl?

  554. 554 : cheeze Says:


  555. 555 : sara Says:

    Yeah, the next morning they were together and the bed was messy. They can’t show more than this in a weakened drama like this one. Yeah, i love him to death. He is in my top 3. Actually he is my second huge crush. So my comments are a bit biased and subjective. I know, but i can’t help but love him like crazy. You can see the mood of drama changes to better every time he appears. I was dying of cuteness in the scene he was scared of height and HJ dragged him by force.

  556. 556 : addylovesbwoowd Says:

    @sara…a hotel room scene? how can u insuinate that they did the do cuz they spent the night at the hotel?? CH can’t take HJ to his house so they obvioiusly have to get an hotel.

    @kimchille – i totally agree. im just as confused as you are about who the lead actor is. we all know the lead usually gets the girl, but from the way it was advertised, you would mostly think KangSan(kjw) was the lead because he’s more popular and most people are only watching because of him and also he promised to get the drama ratings above 14%…so he may be the lead.

    we’re only halfway thru the drama…alot can still happen…

  557. 557 : Jennie Says:

    Reading the comments here is more fun than watching the drama LOL.

    @sara I love how you love KJW. You’re so cute. (>‿◠)✌

  558. 558 : ptsh836 Says:

    @sara hit d nail on d head by her apt description of han ji hye…round eyes; open mouth 🙂 i think han ji hye is too soft n has too delicate features to act out the tough n resilient character of hae joo…as a result of which she specializes in only two distinct expressions…lolol

    in a way, the casting of han ji hye, to me, is a lil’ regretful coz she’s married in real life n there goes a major part of d fun of playing hook-up with d female n male leads, something which viewers enjoy doing while watching kdramas… i would definitely prefer any other single actress instead!

    ive only 1 complaint agst kim jae won/kang san…his makeup is too pasty n covers up his natural, translucent complexion thus making him appear unnatural…at times, his undereye dark circles are so blatantly glaring…u can tell he lacks so much sleep in order to film this drama.

    as for d debate as regards who the male lead is…my guess is kang san coz a male lead does not turn bad/evil at half time n promises to unleash untold miseries upon the evil president as revenge for mistreating his father…a male lead will not make u feel all gloomy, sad n pity 2wards his character…he will bring lots of sunshine, laughter, love n hope for a bright future; something kang san can deliver to hae joo while chang hee will most probably languish in self-pity n doom.

  559. 559 : cheezy Says:

    Way to put it girlfriend, KS is a breath of fresh air, n thats what HJ needs
    right now. CH, his like his daddy in many ways, its gonna show alot pretty
    soon how his character really is. His a selfish guy, toward HJ and
    her family. Although thats not her family, but shes very kind to them,
    treatin them like her real family. Remember he ask her one time, just to
    leave them and go on their own to find their own place. OK his evil, now
    his going to hide all his daddy dirty secrets. OK n her mom makes me wanna throw up, she plays this fragile lady. I like the stepmom, although shes was mean to HJ but she really thought back of what she did to HJ. It really got to her. KS is very thoughtful and alot of ways. YAYYYYYYY

  560. 560 : yoan Says:

    yup,that scene was hilarioussss..i love every KS scene,especially when he went to HJ house..and what mom said about him is absolutely right..he’s way soooo perfect,much better than CH..

    after watching this,KJW become my top 3 as well..hehe..haven’t like an actor for so long after i fall for PSH in Prosecutor Princess 😀

  561. 561 : swift Says:

    Hhmmmm….. so CH wants to break up with HJ. Next week will only be concentrating on HJ trying to understand CH’s decision. KS would be relieved and yet provide comfort to HJ.
    I can understand CH’s decision as he emphatize with HJ’s reaction if HJ finds out that his father killed her father. Since HJ loves her father so much, if knowing CH father killed her father, it would be difficult for HJ to accept CH.
    Being a son, CH still had to protect his father and thus the evil DH is holding the trump card of revealing CH’s father as a murderer.

  562. 562 : sara Says:

    Thank you. I even made a nickname for him in my language and never call him KJW when i ‘m talking about him with my mom and sis. It can translated to something like “sweet cookie”. Haha. Isn’t he like a sweet cookie? You know he has manly looks and voice. He even behaves like a real man but he is kinda like a baby too. Remember CYHMH. He stuck to Woori like a baby, got his face closer and begged her to kiss him. OMG, he melts your heart. You want to pamper him. There is no other actor like him with these kind of qualities in K-drama land.

    What they did in the hotel room then? You mean they just stayed up till dawn, stared at each other and chatted or HJ slept on the bed and CH on the floor? From the innocent, optimistic view, your idea can be possible. Mine is from realistic, pessimistic view. I hope what you say is right. I want our sweet KS to be her first one.

    Welcome to KJW lovers club. I wonder how much you ‘ll love him, if you watch CYHMH.

  563. 563 : sara Says:

    You know smiling angel’s skin color is more like Caucasians. That’s why even with a light make up his under eyes circles get more obvious. Isn’t he so cute and sexy even with that sleepy expression? 😉

  564. 564 : yoan Says:

    sweet cookie? that’s so cute..now i can’t wait to watch CYHMH..still in the middle of downloading the episodes 🙂
    btw,since KJW is ur 2nd huge crush..who’s ur 1st huge crush?can i know?

  565. 565 : sara Says:

    Of course, my first huge crush is Lee Seung gi. Imagine how much i love him when smiling angel is my second one and this is how i love him. I have hung two big posters of him and a smaller one of smiling angel on the wall of my room so i always can see them. They are a part of me now. You know who’s my third crush? Yoon Si Yoon. I adore him. who are your top 3?

  566. 566 : kdfan Says:

    I just started on this show. marathoned 10 eps past 2 days n used up more tissues than expected. The plots r not new but the setting in port cities n the ships r refreshing n interesting. Thx for posting great comments. I was deciding btwn this n 5 fingers. Think this may be a better choice.

  567. 567 : Jennie Says:

    @sara Haha, you must be my twin lol. I like all 3 of your top crushes. All 3 of them have got killer smiles too 😀 But how come you don’t have a poster of Yoon SY on your wall? Back to the drama, I suppose we’ll see CH going to the dark side now but I still don’t get how the writer is going to be able to persuade us that HJ can fall out of love with CH and in love again with KS, especially when she thinks herself in love with CH for 15 years!!!!
    @kdfan Hi, so you’re jumping onto the wagon huh? 😀 This thread is quite fun especially with dear sara around. Ok, don’t bash me for saying this but FF isn’t that bad as some viewers have said on that thread. I like that one too. Am watching too many melos and family dramas now!!!! My current craze is NG and heehee after Arang, do you know Micky dear is next with YEH in a melo, I Miss You? So so excited with that one!!

  568. 568 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie yes too many melos, i’ve never cried so much! at least there is oohlala for some laughs. I saw the news abt Micky & YEH. We wanted YEH with Joowon remember? YEH & Micky is still great news to me. I can’t wait to find out Joowon’s lucky lady.

  569. 569 : sara Says:

    They say there are 6 other people like you around the world, so it can be right. 😉 I’m going to do something with YSY too. One of my wishes is to kiss three of them. 😉

    I also am wondering how she will fall in love with him. If you compare this love triangle with the one in Baker king, the first girl got married to another girl for her ambitions and revenge. Then the second girl helped Takgu so much that he finally forgot his first love. I believe we will have the same pattern here. As you said, CH is going to dark side. He ‘ll marry Inhwa to satisfy his ambitions and get revenge. This is the the first shock for HJ. Then KS helps her to be back to life again. So, finally she will see who’s better for her. (I hope, coz she is too stupid to do this. But Takgu was sooo smart.)

    I still don’t understand why she loves CH. As a girl i don’t see any charming point in his personality.

  570. 570 : yoan Says:

    most of my crush is actually just ‘temporarily’ lol..usually happens after i watched some drama..my ‘actual’ crush is only two i guess.. PSH and KJW (new one) hahaha..
    oh..i can’t imagine how much you love LSG as ur 1st huge crush,since you sooo dearly love KJW ur 2nd crush this much..
    Yoon si yoon?? he’s the one that replaced KJW in ‘Me too flower’ right?such a coincidence lol..

  571. 571 : Jennie Says:

    @sara Baker KTG was too long ago and I don’t really remember any romance between Takgu and the girl. At least, I don’t think it was shown that he fell in love with her in the end. There was some affection, yes, between them and that was how it ended, right? He didn’t declare his love or anything like that, am I wrong? So, if HJ and KS do end the way that Takgu the way I think , then I like it better with an open ended ending becos it’ll be more believable than HJ falling in love so quickly with KS. He’s too good for her.

  572. 572 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Yes, I remember lol but YEH with Micky is too good for me..it’s a dream pairing 😀 Next batch of dramas are pretty exciting, aren’t they? Other than Joo Won’s drama, there’s one more, another melo (sigh) starring Jo In Sung with Song Hye Gyo. Love these two too 😀 Back to this, the childhood part was pretty good and was mighty impress again with the kids’ acting. However the moment I saw a changed HJ when she became an adult, I was disappointed and it’s a wonder that I have come thus far, all because I like to see KS 😀 CH’s story reminds me very much of Man From Equator, so that one is very predictable. Am only surprise that HJ has chosen CH so early in the drama. It would have been more fun if they showed how the two men woo her instead.

  573. 573 : Dhanabati Says:

    Hi, i like both sassy chunha hero and can u hear my hero. I hv most of the drama for 2012 bt i hv nt watch this drama n i wanna watch. There is no channel so thts why. If someone download and sell. From manipur, india. He he

  574. 574 : kdfan Says:

    @jennie it is a little similar to Equator but not as dark and I prefer this one bec of KS’ character. There is also similarity with fotg esp HJ’s story as a missing kid. Also the love triangle as well to me it is the same problem of how the girl can move on from the past relationship so easily. The kids acting were fantastic, they really deserve to get best actor or actress awards! I think it could be the same as fotg where the first relationship were fated n happened quickly and then ended quickly. But in fotg i think it ended much earlier so it gave a lot of room for the second relationship to be believable. I am sceptical with the possibility of the second relationship wit HJ n CH having shared so much n so deep. I do want HJ to end up with KS but i also want it to be believable.

  575. 575 : sara Says:

    Takgu chose her and we could see he liked her at the end. The other couple also fell in love. As i said before, i ‘m watching this drama solely because of my sweet smiling angel. So, i will be very disappointed if he can’t get the girl and can’t have any romantic scene. I can’t stand if the girl never tells him “i love you”. It’s unbelievable too. Coz you know he doesn’t lack anything. So, i don’t want HJ to be with CH.

    But, the problem is i don’t like neither HJ nor HJH. She is not deserved to be with him. She is blind and can’t see how he is shining. She even doesn’t know why she loves that weak CH.

    In result, open ending is good. KS is standing on the beach and staring at ocean and HJ on a boat waves her hand while she is riding towards him.

  576. 576 : sara Says:

    Ilmoon is just a one dimensional, empty character. But i’m happy he is finally using his decoration-thing- called- brain and doing DNA test. I wonder why madam Jang doesn’t think of it. Lots of so-called complicated problems in K-dramas can be solved just by doing a mere DNA test. It’s 21 century after all. If you think she is your lost child, do a DNA test. This way, we as viewers, are not needed to take out our hair and say “what the heck are you thinking?”

  577. 577 : sara Says:

    Yeah, he is the one. Have you watched My girlfriend is a Gumiho? If yes, you definitely remember Miho’s famous love line. I use the same line and say:

    Seung gi yah, numu numu numu numu numu numu numu joa.

    My smiling angel, numu numu numu numu numu joa.

    YSY, numu numu numu joa.

    This can tell the difference. 😉

  578. 578 : Mary Says:

    Worth watching?

  579. 579 : kdfan Says:

    it’s interesting reading the discussion on who deserved whose love more. the reality is love creates a lot of wonderful feelings but it can also hurt, worse, kill. when one puts conditions on the love, that’s where problem begins. example when CH expects HJ to put him first over her family = problem. when HJ expects CH to wait until she is successful to be worthy of CH’s love = problem. when KS expects nothing but just love HJ anyway = wonderful character loved by viewers.

    If CH could just do the right thing by turning his father in, he could win the girl. its not impossible, after all sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. but clearly the path to glory is not destined for CH bec it seems to me the writer has reserved it for KS. No matter how hateful CH will become, he is a victim of circumstances. As for HJ, with such a tough life she is balancing her priorities quite right. There is a very strong bond between CH and HJ despite not being physically together over the years. I would call them soul mates. It is hard to see them part ways.

  580. 580 : yoan Says:

    yes,i watched My GF is a Gumiho..but couldn’t finish it because i watched from the dvd..and the last disc (contains several episode) is broken
    hahaha each one is decrease by two numu lol

  581. 581 : Jennie Says:

    @sara LOL but don’t forget that in KDland even the DNA results could also be altered or specimen changed by the bad guy :-D, so it’s not game over yet.

  582. 582 : sara Says:

    Yeah, thank you for reminding me. We have seen it in various dramas. Baddies are rotten to the core in K-drama land. I prefer humane baddies. Ones you can feel their pain and their only motive is not their greed for fame and money. Here evils are like empty shells. You can’t believe chairman Jang has been doing any evil thing just to build a drill ship. Why this ship is very important? Why rich boys are always suffering from a psychic disorder in K-dramas, e.g Ilmoon, Majun, Junpyo? Have you seen any normal guy among them?

  583. 583 : Jennie Says:

    @sara Oh yes, we have our sweetie KJW in CYHMH and in this drama. KJW is always the well-to-do decent guy who’s just about perfect in everything 😀 . Before the start of this drama, I thought KJW would be playing the role of CH and I was actually looking forward to seeing him play the role of a bad guy. Well, I guess he just doesnt have the “bad guy” face to play the role heehee.

  584. 584 : swift Says:

    I think the writer will create romance of Il Mon with Young Joon, hahahahah….. to think that Il Mon is supposed to be the heartless son of DJ, and Il Mon may have change of heart upon falling for Young Joon……. just assuming

  585. 585 : sara Says:

    Although, here he is not as sweet as his other roles but yes, you are right, he “just doesn’t have the “bad guy” face to play the role”.

    I saw his interview with Arirang TV. He talked about his acting transformation through this role so i thought he would be the bad guy this time but i kept wondering how it was possible with that angelic face. Then i watched the first episode of adult part. He was serious looking, sitting on a boat with some girls in bikini, then we saw him in a night club, he yelled at the secretary and threw the papers angrily. “Yes, he is far from the usual sweet KJW we all know”, i thought.

    Then this scene: he pulled HJ’s leg and pretended he couldn’t swim and… bang… He smiled for the first time in the drama. All of that seriousness went into air and sweet sweet KJW was back. That’s when i realized how magical his smile could be. He can cast a witch on you with that smile. Still he is a great actor with a quality that lots of other actors doesn’t have. He can play the role of a villain who is evil to the core inside and angelic and pretty outside, easily. Now i know his face is not a hindrance for his choosing of roles.

  586. 586 : sara Says:

    This is what i think too. I hope the writer makes him a better person. Although Yoo Joung also is a hateful, stupid one like her sister and can’t change him into a better person.

  587. 587 : sara Says:

    585# sorry error it has to be “lots of other actor don’t have”.

  588. 588 : Lorem Says:

    We’re half way into this drama, I fear it is going to drag its feet and take a few contrived plot twists. I mean where else can it go really. Chang Hee broke off with Ha Joo giving Kang San the green light I suppose.

    The writer is just a bit predictable and dull. Heh… I think if aliens landed in the shipyard, we’d all say “Huh, aliens landed.” and carry on watching mindlessly.

    Cham-kkan-ma-nyo! Did you say “aliens!!” Nah, just wondered if you’re awake.

    Ah but seriously, though the acting isn’t great, I just love the characters. Hae Joo’s family is a crack up. The mother went from a harsh windbag to a softhearted lovable woman. The middle sister is a thief in the making and the older brother is set for a life of bludging off others.

    Meanwhile perhaps Chang Hee is starting to wonder what he had done in a past life to be born to a father who is a murderer, a liar and a coward.

    Then there’s the adorable Bong Hee, who is really Hae Joo’s maternal aunt, keeps throwing herself at Hae Joo’s uncle. Then she ends up crying as he keeps rejecting her. Ah but she bounces back and won’t be deterred.

    And Hae Joo’s new uncle is really her uncle. Wonderful how he saw in her things which made him feel a kinship.

    Then there’s Jang Il Moon. An ingrate who never grew into a better version of himself. Always judging others, even breaking the heart of the woman who raised him.

    I look forward to next installment.

  589. 589 : eny Says:

    ep 17 is really sad’ finally CH father make a good decision eventhough it fail. I always think that he did everything just for CH goodness even he choose the wrong way.

  590. 590 : swift Says:

    CH breaks up with HJ. As usual HJ accepts the decision and yet suppresses her sadness, while KS notices her sadness and tries to comfort her.
    HJ’s family for the first time celebrate her birthday.
    A short scene of Il Mon and Yoon Joung, I think writer is trying to create romance of these two characters.
    HJ’s brother starts working with KS’s grandfather.
    CH’s father have a change of heart and requests CH to runaway with HJ and start a new life together.
    HJ’s uncle finally confesses he likes HJ’s aunt (this was a rather funny scene).
    CH’s father gotten beaten up by DH.
    CH got HJ to the airport to runaway abroad.
    DH sent text message to HJ of the plate number of the truck used by CH’s father killing HJ’s father.

  591. 591 : Shortcake Says:

    Park Gun Tae is look like Choi Si Won oppa’s junior . Handsome <3

  592. 592 : cheezy Says:

    I hope this drama stays on track. I like how its carrin us this far. True colors
    of CH is coming out little by little. His very selfish, only cares about himself.
    He does not care about anybody. He wants to run away from his problems.
    Still hidin his daddy dirty secrets. He thinks by runnin away would solve
    everything. Awwww KS his always comin to the rescue. I hope HJ would open up her blind eyes, and see the different kinda love, that she gettin
    from this two guys. True true love from KS, and selfish cruel love from CH. CH and the daughter of the evil man deserves each other, cuz they both the same. I hope they catch him the dad, his sorry greedy butt. I can wait
    for HJs real mom to find out the truth that she married the man that kill her
    first hubby lol! she married the enemy sicko sicko thats nasty.

  593. 593 : sara Says:

    After that “let’s break up” of CH nothing special happens. Everything is going on normally. The only major happening is CH’s father sudden yet unbelievable change of heart. But as other episodes, interesting points:

    1. For the God’s sake, why are you doing this writernim? Your only excuse is “this drama is 32 eps”? They are wasting sweet smiling angel’s talents. Just look at his scenes. Two people are talking and he opens the door and says “what are you doing?” or he talks with HJ and tries to help her. WE WANT TO SEE MORE ABOUT HIMSELF MINUS HJ. You mean he is born to be that stupid HJ’s errand boy? We all know he is the only charming character in this drama, so his air time must be much more.

    2. Is HJ in her right mind? Haha, this girl is so funny. Let’s read the conversation:
    CH:” let’s break up. Even if I dislike it, he is my father and I can’t go against him.”
    HJ: “anyway, it’s not a good reason for resigning. I just want you to be happy and see you smile,” while she is caressing his face.

    Few hours later with KS. He defends her and wants his coworkers to not give her any work coz she is his employee.

    HJ with angry round eyes and open mouth: “why are you doing this? You just turn me into a stupid one. I don’t want you to be my white knight.”
    KS with an innocent surprised look:” is something wrong?”
    HJ:” leave me alone and just let me work.”

    Haha. Is this precious creature your boxing bag? Why she takes out her anger on him and pampers the one in fault? I don’t get this writer. Even just by reading the lines, you can notice how funny and stupid this girl is.

  594. 594 : sara Says:

    Oh, i forgot to write this. I found an evidence that proves that famous night in the hotel room wasn’t completely pure. CH tells HJ “i take responsibility for what I’ve said and DID to you for 15 years” What is he talking about? What he did that requires him to take responsibility? As far as i know, taking responsibility in K-drama land means more than just empty words. Something important must be involved. Although i hope i’ll be wrong.

  595. 595 : kdfan Says:

    @Lorem your comments about the alien cameo cracked me up 😀 me too enjoy the show’s characters.
    the story was interesting until it starts turning CH evil. i would still watch to see how stepmom n real mom story unfold. although stepmom was so hateful earlier now i feel so sad she is so attached to HJ. Love the cute samchoon and bonghee. Kimjiyoung is such a fantastic actress!

  596. 596 : sangjhoon Says:

    i’m also liking bong hee & samcheon character in this drama, they’re cute/adorable & i also like san oppa he’s so cool & mischievous in more ways than one so i hope he gets the girl after all CH broke up with her already! i’m still thinking the real mom of HJ is something else, after all those years she seems out of zinc from the real world, remarrying the murderer of her husband albeit of course she didn’t know it at that time (even now). way to go MQ, you’re one of da best shows this year!

  597. 597 : eny Says:

    I though this drama more focus on CH not HJH it’s weird because the title is May Queen but i like this drama. It’s like when i see baker king, the story focus more to second lead than the main lead.

  598. 598 : addylovesbwoowd Says:

    i love how we all think chang hee is 2nd lead. half the websites i know list Jae Hee’s name first before Kim Jae Won..for example….if u scroll above, you’ll see that this site lists Jae Hee as the lead actor…ts really confusing tho. KJW is the popular one but his role here is a bit irrelevant compared to his epic performance in can you hear my heart… i think the directors used KJW to advertise this drama…just like Dream girl…where we all tot Beyonce would win the audience but instead Jennifer Hudson stole the show…

  599. 599 : addylovesbwoowd Says:

    @eny.. i only love Baker king for one reason! Joo Won (2nd lead) got the girl. Joo won’s the reall treat in that drama.. i luv my oppa!!

  600. 600 : alice Says:

    @ addylovesbwoowd, i think you got it wrong… jae hee name always comes first before Kim Jae Won because they always base it in alphabetical order not because of the role they are taking on the drama…

  601. 601 : eny Says:

    i think JAE HAE is the main lead male in this drama, i just think the title is may queen i so the story more focus to HJ but her scene is always around there, work,CH and KS.
    i like baker king because it’s story and start like joo won acting, i like joo won better the main lead
    I’m not really know KJW but i know jae hae because of his drama really popular in my country many years ago “My SASSY GIRL/Chun Hyang”

  602. 602 : hny Says:

    watch eps this week … I just laugh at how the writers like to describe the relationship between HJ n CH is so deep, see how HJ cry .. a very sadness at parting with the CH … scenes like this are common in other Korean dramas … and the moment as it is Usually made ​​me join was touched .. but weird .. not in the scene HJ n CH … OMG, when it would’ve been nice ost! perfect but still can not touch me: D
    I’ve ever been in a situation like HJ when saparated with a man who actually has the highest place in my heart .. even though I can get up and find another guy who can make me happy and I can make him happy but still different. that’s what people say about me and my partner, they said my partner more2 love me then I do .. and it makes me feel uncomfortable and guilty about him ! .. that’s my old story, not anymore: D
    I just think it KS will end up with HJ it mean KS will feel the same like my partner.. is really a pity .. my KJW too good to be a loser … if HJ were me..I’m not gonna accept KS love ..ohhh that’s why I do not like the writer describes HJ’s grief like in this eps. .aiiigooo

  603. 603 : jedi Says:

    I think Adele had same experience like you, and from that I really enjoyed heard “someone like you” ^^`

    I think you don’t need to feel quilty with your boyfie, maybe you feel you treated him not as much as he did to you, but I believe he never think liked that.

  604. 604 : sara Says:

    Who says JH here has stolen viewers hearts while they all started to watch because of KJW? I, for one solely watch this because of KJW and by the help of FF button. I don’t have any problem with JH. He is a good, handsome actor. But CH is nothing but a coward, weak, selfish character while KS is livelier, more adorable and sweet even if his air time is lesser. He changes the mood of the drama just by his beautiful smile. But i really am angry with the writer who is abusing my smiling angel.

  605. 605 : sara Says:

    I exactly felt the same in that break up scene. And even i said the same thing to my sister. Beautiful scenery, nice OST and a romantic dialogues but you can’t feel anything. HJH is awfully awful.

    As i read in story description, KS was supposed to go to the dark side. Even sweet smiling angel talked about his acting transformation but till now we haven’t seen anything like that. It seems the writer has changed her idea. She wants to kill us by creating an innocent angel like KS Who is rejected by a good-for-nothing girl. I’m too angry so it’s better for me to go for now.

  606. 606 : addylovesbwood Says:

    @alice…they don’t list the actors in alphabetical order…they usually list the leads first…look at all the other dramas on this site. there is no way they’re in alphabetical order.

  607. 607 : addylovesbwood Says:

    @ sara. i totally agree with you.

    1. the writer seems like she’s unsure how she wants this to play out.
    I for one was not moved by Hae Joo’s tears in this weeks episode. I do not think she loves Chang Hee as much as the writers are trying to portray. She wouldn’t hv left him hanging at the airport if she really loved him.

    2. As far as CH turning into the bad guy, i don’t think thats the way its heading. I still think CH is the victim and he needs to use watever means he can to get his revenge on that old bastard!

    3. I think its fair to say at this stage that HJ and KS most likely won’t end up with eachother….then its too early to tell….it all depends on whether CH marries In Hwa.

  608. 608 : sara Says:

    So, it’s mostly writer’s fault+HJH’s awful acting. Really, for whom she is writing? For whom fan sites and official webpage exist? It seems she just wants to satisfy Korean ajummas with family dramas cliches while the genre here is romance, melo. If Innocent man is melo, i don’t know how we can call this drama melo too when you can’t relate to heroine at all.

  609. 609 : eny Says:

    of course writer try to write good story, if somebody doesn’t agree with him it matter of taste.What i see untill now the story is good. If HJ easy to get close to KS the story will not interesting anymore it will be no conflict and boring. i just wonder how can people say the writer is stupid just because their favorit actor didn’t get the lady.

  610. 610 : hny Says:

    @eny…is not the point.. KS will get HJ.. if the writer want end this drama sweetly! but what we all talk about is…HJ’s heart.. even one day she said she love KS…for us the viewer who watch from begining..will said that’s a lie..why.. true love only happen one in our life… Love who can be like our soul etc..if we miss that love.. see what happen to HJ in eps.17.. the grief because a true love..! it mean even she end up with KS ..KS is not win HJ heart… only a half of HJ’s heart or only for comitment to continue his life (maybe) ..coz HJ heart n soul are take it by CH… ooh @eny hope u understand..my english so bad.. 😀

  611. 611 : hny Says:


    ya u right..tha’s why I’m trembling when hear that song… tq

    @sara…I wonder why she can’t makes us feel that’s important moment ya!.. I think HJ’s cheek is too chubby…that’s why his face expression is so so 🙁 loLLLLLLLLL

  612. 612 : sara Says:

    We as viewers have the right to criticize the writer. What’s wrong with it? It’s not like all the writers are good ones. Lots of them are not. That’s why all of the dramas are not worth watching.

    1. Every drama target a certain age group. It seems this one despite its good cast- minus HJH, has targeted older generation. No thrilling moments, no beautiful hug, kiss scene as in a melo like Innocent man and mostly cliche moments like ones in family dramas. Her mother screams and hits his brother and sister. They are eating food or drink alcohol while complaining about their misery.

    You even can find some holes, if you are detailed enough. HJ ‘s real mother says her daughter blood type is not AB. So HJ can’t be her daughter. Then in the hospital and finds about her own blood type and possibility of HJ being her daughter. How it’s possible she doesn’t know her own daughter’s blood type? If she was in love with her husband, how she could marry Jang just a short time after his death? What was the reason of sudden change in HJ’s step-mother’s behavior? Why adult HJ doesn’t have the same relationship with her father? Why she is completely different? Why some thugs hit CH on the street in broad daylight and in the airport and there’s no police officer there? Is Korea such a lawless country? How it’s possible Jang as a mere rich man can do everything he wants and every powerful one from chief persecutor to detectives are in palm of his hand? Is he a president or something?

    She also is wasting the cast. As a smiling angel lover, i do want him to be in the spotlight. In one hand, how it’s possible that a perfect guy like KS can’t win a girl’s heart? It’s ridiculously incredible and makes you have a expression like HJ with open mouth and round eyes. In another hand, he is too good for her and i don’t want her to be with my smiling angel. Personally, i just want her to break up

  613. 613 : sara Says:

    to break up with CH and choose KS at the end. A Baker king ending.

    typo error: “Then in the hospital she finds about her own blood type”

  614. 614 : tiny Says:

    where can watch this drama?

  615. 615 : anonymous Says:

    This is ridiculous what some people are saying that true love is only one, How come HJ’s mother doesn’t know her daughter’s blood type, why HJ’s mother marry another guy right after her husband’s death such and such. It’s common that you don’t get to test your blood until you get your license or reach certain age that you want to know your blood type. HJ’s mother seems having some previous relationship with the current husband before she marries the dead husband. I remember somewhere she said something like that to her husband. Life doesn’t always go easily as you wanted or goes just straight forward. Every body has different character and different interest. You can’t make standard by saying true love is only one. HJ doesn’t want to leave everything for CH; therefore, I guess she doesn’t love him like crazy or I don’t know I can’t judge her feelings. Even though I don’t know whether there is a too good guy like KS. I like him too and think he is wiser than CH. I just don’t understand how he chase the girl for so long when she has another man. Or it could be possible just I am not like that. Anyways, this drama is so much mess just like life. Some scenes and ideas are little bit complicated or unreal, but still it is interesting. Movies, showing pure love that is build by every single episode and then there they get problem and such are sweet, but boring. I just want to know how things will turn out? anything can happen.

  616. 616 : anonymous Says:

    by the way I am 22, not that old. But not that young

  617. 617 : hny Says:

    @anonymous…I don’t know U’r definitions about true love..but for me it is only happen one in my life according to my own experience in a relations with men till now I’m 35, and true love not always with a first men who we like..for me if we can find true love more than one.. I stop call that “true love” 😀

  618. 618 : jianpark Says:

    true love? i dont know because i still not find the right man for me, and i’m already 32. maybe true love cannot easy to find. for me you just cannot just point the man for you, maybe you feel something. true love maybe someone that can feel you secure, and can make your heart beats fast.. and i think the love for haejoo from changhee it’s not truelove, because i think lovers should fight for there love no matter what.

  619. 619 : sara Says:

    Firstly, don’t say “ridiculous”. Have some respect for others, please. What you say is just your own opinion and everybody have their own too.

    You must not have watched enough K-dramas to know such unbelievable and illogical things always happen in such family dramas. Interesting!! You mean a woman can marry another man just a short time after her husband ‘s death?!! At least she can wait for 1 year or something. I don’t understand you. So what? Life doesn’t go as you want so you must forget everything easily? It didn’t seem to us that she didn’t have any option but remarrying.

    Everybody have their own definition. I’m 28. Have experienced my first and failed but not true love and this is my definition. True love and first love are two different things. First love is not necessarily the true love too. I think CH is HJ’s first love not true love. First love always comes with lots of disillusionment and selfishness. You think they are the only one for you. You think they are perfect. You worship them like a god and you experience your first-times with them. That’s why first love has a special meaning for every one. Here for HJ and CH.

    But true love comes with scarifying. It’s wiser and you put your lover in the priority. I think KS’s love for HJ is the true love while CH and HJ ‘s love for each other is more like a habit and obsession.

  620. 620 : alice Says:

    @ sara , i agree with you on your definition of first love and true love… Chang Hee and Hae Joo was indeed belong to what we call first love…. although they are trying to portray a couple who are deeply inlove, i don’t find their love for each other to be strong enough. both of them have a first priority before love… HJ choose her family more than CH and on the other hand CH can’t leave his plan for revenge before settling down with HJ.

    Kang San love for Hae Joo is the best example of true love… it’s unconditional, sincere, and truly amazing… he love her without expecting any in return ….
    the writer made his character so perfect that i feel so bad very time i see him getting hurt ….. i actually wish that the writer will make another character for him… someone who deserve his love… someone better than hae joo… honestly speaking… he was too perfect that even hae joo is not good enough for him…

  621. 621 : sara Says:

    “the writer made his character so perfect that i feel so bad very time i see him getting hurt ….. i actually wish that the writer will make another character for him… someone who deserve his love… someone better than hae joo… honestly speaking… he was too perfect that even hae joo is not good enough for him…”


    My heart aches for KS.

  622. 622 : eny Says:

    it’s OK if you critized the writer but if you say stupid that’s really wrong the writer has their own vision about the story n sometimes we don’t really agree with that, n some people critized just because their favorit actor doesn’t get what he want’s or not yet get what he wants

  623. 623 : hny Says:

    @sara , more patient girl ! till the end.. uli KJW needs U to support his drama 😀

    I think that’s exactly what I want to explain in my post 602 n 610.. the relations between HJ n CH is not a true love but only a First love..but the writer makes the grief of HJ break up with CH is like missing her true love, show us that their love is so deeply…and what KS do for HJ it is an example of true love .also agree w @jianpark ..is not easy to find true love..
    it’s so nice to share what we think/knew about love..here.. with you guys 😀

  624. 624 : jedi Says:

    Even though KS so perfect, I loved CH more, and my prediction comes true, the candy NOT sweet at all hahaha…

    Never mind if some of you forget about my post about the candy in the beginning ^^`

  625. 625 : sara Says:

    Yeah, we should support sweet smiling angel. I hope writer also be more kind to him.
    When you break up with your first love, you don’t know if they are your true love. You just are too involved to know that. But as times goes by, you put the puzzle pieces together and realize what you have experienced was not true love. I hope HJ will realize it too., unless i don’t know what should i do with the writer.

  626. 626 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hello guys… i’m back,… i miss a lot because of my two weeks holiday. I will try to catch up… i miss my smiling angel so much… 🙂 San oppa fighting…

  627. 627 : sara Says:

    Hi, dude. Welcome back. Looking forward to your comment.

  628. 628 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara… nice to know that you are very active and always support our Angel Smile oppa…. take it easy girl.. 🙂

    @ Koreandrama.org Admin. here is the episode 19 preview… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUtgzSH4yqs&feature=colike
    i will try to upload those previews that i miss to post here soon… please update this page… thank you… 🙂

  629. 629 : eny Says:

    when i watch this drama i thought jae hae would be adult kang san, may be because i see jae hae’s role in “my sassy girl chun hyang” more like child kang san. when he portray different charracter i respect him more n begin search another drama of him. His drama is my first rom- com drama that i watch and i like it.
    I like actor/actress that doesn’t stay with the same charracter

  630. 630 : Gretz16 Says:

    Episode 20 preview… 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzOT052L9C4&feature=youtu.be

  631. 631 : AJaAjaFighting! Says:

    Hi peeps…am also a fan of kdrama and I started watching MQ just yesterday…please take care of me 🙂

    I now stopped watching and will resume tomorrow as my eyes are now tired…now on 12th epi…love this drama so far…aside from Hae Joo, I love Kang San and Jeong Woo’s characters…yeah that Samchun…it’s weird that I love watching HJ and JW together in a scene…I thought their acting is very effective, there was a connection and I feel it 😛

    Though I haven’t watched 12th to 18th epis yet plus there are more 18 epis to go, my prediction is that HJ will end up with KS instead of CH (just by looking at the poster and some publicity photos, LOL)…CH looks like some sort of having a dark character at the end, or prolly becomes a scapegoat so HJ can be happy…but who knows, we’ll see…! 🙂

    Anyway…be back soon…Cheers to you all…Fighting!

  632. 632 : kimchilee Says:

    Right.. i also do not like the break up scene with CH and HJ.. CH more upset than HJ who seem immuned to the breakup.. but later part of the scene showed us she suffered much too but not in front of CH. I also dont like the fact that she can just go the KS house even when sick and sleep there.

    The more I watch, the more i felt that KS is the second lead actor bec his screen time is not as much as CH. the focus of the story seems more to be on CH.

    I also cannot understand how such violence can persist towards the CH father and no one can beat the evil chairman. CH should know the law and he shld know he is being threatened. As for CH father, i still dont understand why he continues to let CH become like the chairman’s dog. what happened to his threat to to the Chairman that he will expose the Chairman’s murder of HJ father? Shouldnt he at least tell CH that much so that CH can undertand why the father killed HJ father in the end?

    So in the end… I still say CH is the most pitiful of them all.. such great acting.. While I truly like KS, I pity CH.. the writers certainly worked around his character that he overshines KS.. leaving KS to be just like a smiling angel.. which is about all he does in the drama.. not much display of intense emotion.. hope as the drama progresses, KS will be more serious in character to achieve and win back his grandfather’s company from the evil chairman.

  633. 633 : Gretz16 Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Kim Jae Won for almost a decade now and also watch Jae Hee drama at almost the same time frame… even if Jae Hee started five years earlier in entertainment industry than KJW, base on acting skills, popularity ,achievements and awards received… JH is obviously far behind KJW. But i can say that both of them really improves a lot.

    I followed May Queen since the very start, i know that the writer give more emphases to CH character than KS, but i can understand why they do that. KJW is the cast of the drama who had much more supporters than any of the other cast, CH role is very pitiful and complicated, fans and supporters of KJW will surely react negatively if they put his character in the disadvantage position. We can see that CH role is in the losing end in the drama , so to make the viewers loyalty, the production team choose to put KJW in a safe and more convenient role. The producer of this drama value their business and want to make more money, since MQ started, KJW become the artist model of one of their main sponsor, he also become the MC of the show who promotes several beauty products for men, he is always a topic on the magazines and news in Korea compare to his fellow cast. His popularity is a very good source of income on the producers of this drama, so it’s very clear that they won’t put him as a loser at the end. A lot of us here say’s CH character is more important but just by reading all the publicity made by MQ Official Website and news in Korea, even if the weight of CH role is more than KS role, we can see that they give more attention to Kim Jae Won rather than Jae Hee..

  634. 634 : eny Says:

    about attention of public i believe that KJW more popular than JH, n about award i see award in south korea mostly choosen by voting so the most popular is the winner esp if they popular betwen teenage fans.About their project drama i see jae hae produce more popular drama than KJW.

  635. 635 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ eny, i know that Jae Hee have more projects than KJW because he started his career first, he also took dramas constantly, while KJW only took drama when he want it… he make his studies become his first priority than his work, he finish his university and also studied abroad to upgrade it. As i remember, he took 5 years break after he finish Hwang Jin Yi, and started again in CYHMH in 2011… he did make another drama in China in 2008 but it is only aired their not in Korea. Jae Hee projects become a bit popular not because of him but because of his counterparts. Even if Jae Hee never take a break in Entertainment Industry except when he went to the army, Kim Jae Won still more famous than him.

  636. 636 : Angelie Says:

    I agree with Gretz16, KJW is more popular than Jae Hee. I actually think that both of them had a unique talent. KJW is the best in portraying a good guy character, i can say that it’s his forty…. 🙂 while Jae Hee is best in portraying a villain role, it’s more suitable to him.

    Anyway , i like them both…

  637. 637 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Koreandrama.org Admin, here is the

    May Queen Episode 16 Preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAssrGCvD8A&feature=related

    May Queen Episode 17 Preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vlxp-to2k9c&feature=plcp

    May Queen Episode 18 Preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baSe26YRcUc

    (@Gretz16 from admin: Thanks!!!)

  638. 638 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Admin. 🙂 you are so fast. Thank you for the quick response…

  639. 639 : sara Says:

    Wow, more than a decade? You are great. Accept my bow, please. Your comment about him is perfect and correct point by point. They already have wasted his character enough. I’m sure they don’t dare to put him as a loser at the end. They can create an angel like KS and leave him by himself.

    In case of popularity KJW is more popular and who can say otherwise. He is a great actor and like a real angel. He treats his fans with respect and kindness. Even one of his nicknames is “fool for fans”. I watched one of his interviews and he called his fans “my family”. For us fans, not only the acting skills and looks but actor’s personality is very important. Smiling angel seems to be such a warm and down to earth person off screen. I hope we can see him in a better project next time.

    Honestly, i don’t know about JH. He also might be so good off screen. I’ve watched his Chunhyang, three dads, one mom and few episodes of color of woman. Although he is really a talented actor but i believed his best performance was Chunhyang before MQ. His choice of roles has not been good since then. But here, he is doing a great job. I love when he holds his anger. His eyes becomes red and fierce. He is suitable for evil roles with a painful past.

    I hope the writer show us a new view of love. CH is obsessed with HJ. HJ is obsessed with CH. Inhwa is obsessed with KS. None of them seem to be the real love. So it would be nice, if the writer makes HJ find the real love in KS and Inhwa and CH in each other. The only carrier of true love in this drama is our sweet KS.

  640. 640 : sara Says:

    TYPO error.
    it should be “they can’t create an angel”

  641. 641 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara 🙂 i know you are a big fan of Kim Jae Won too, i made a lot of friends from many countries because of him. I like him not only because of his excellent talent in acting but also because of his good and down-to-earth personality. I been following his activities for so many years , and i know how he value his fans as a family and how fans love him. He is really a good actor and a person who is beautiful inside and out. 🙂

  642. 642 : sara Says:

    I left a comment in his English official website. I don’t know if it’s useful or anybody reads it. But i expressed my disappointment in his short air time and requested more of him in the drama.

  643. 643 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara, i just read your comment in ALL ABOUT KIM JAE WON blog site… 🙂 don’t worry, even if that site is outdated right now because of technical problem the admin will forward your comment and views in his Korean Official Website.. 🙂 i already inform the Official Fans Cafe Admin in Korea to check it out…

  644. 644 : Angelie Says:

    Everything is getting more interesting now… secrets are slowly revealed and put things in the place where they should be. 🙂 I think the writer arrange the sequence and cast roles accordingly… on the first 8 episode, they reveal about Hae Joo life, from 9 to 18 episode, it’s about Chang Hee, and now from 19 episode they are starting to put Kang San in the limelight… 🙂 everyone was given their own opportunity to be the center of attention. I know that , the past episodes made the majority of the viewers which is KJW fans more impatient, but now is the time for him to shine again. The writer save the best part for him actually :)… I’m not saying this because i’m one of the fans of any of the cast… i’m just telling what i observe. In general i like this drama and everyone who is in it that’s why i watch it… 🙂 this is a great drama and all the cast are very talented….

  645. 645 : hny Says:

    I’m glad that everything is move on in this eps .. I see HJ act improved now also his face not too chubby anymore, maybe coz the make-up or else, make her face looks tiny so that his face expression more good and succeed to make me touched and moved to tears as she spoke with her ​​mother while she drunk…
    I do like how the writer makes In Hwa falls to CH..And for uli smiling Angel..he worth it for HJ heart..hope can see the writer makes his moment, hope not long… fighting MQ !

  646. 646 : JP Says:

    Must watch! Hae Joo made me cried so much and well done for her excellent acting skill…can relate so deeply to the character she portraying. San oppa’s…love this character!

  647. 647 : sayonna Says:

    hey…. i guess u all are de fan ob kim jae won…. yes it your opinion n by meh view i guess no m confident dat jae hee iz far more better dan kim jae won…. luk u guys said kjw did only selective project bt i guess non were gud and by da way he had a side role…. so i think u understood meh word ryt guys….. n regarding fans jae hee has got more dan kjw if u wont believe meh den bother to check ot dere websites…… juzs luk at dere page in diss korean drama org…. u guys can be crystal clear….

  648. 648 : grace Says:

    @sayonna … 🙂 i think you’re one of Jae Hee fans, i find your comment a bit too different from the rest. I’m not a big fan of both actors , it’s just happen that i feel intrigue and drop some comment. I notice that most of the comments are from Jae Won fans, but i don’t think they are criticizing Jae Hee. Most of them praised KJW but it doesn’t mean they don’t like JH. Regarding who is more popular, in General, i think KJW is indeed more popular, you can’t just base it on their page in this site. Try checking out their Official Websites, specially in Korea and you will understand what i mean. I think In this site, most of KJW fans gather here in MQ page not in his page, and JH fans gather in his page not here because there is no way they can out number KJW fans comments. Will… i’m just saying what i notice… i hope you don’t mind. I’m currently watching May Queen and i’m starting to like both of the actors…

  649. 649 : sayonna Says:

    hey…. @grace i think u are directly pointing meh wid dose harsh words n u say dont mind … i guess u re trying 2 act cool…. ryt…. n whetever it be i juzs lyk jae hee n u say dat u are neither de fan of both den y r u praising more kjw dan jae hee… bt luk i dont care whom u appriciate more … n luk be neutral…. if u lyk both…. u got my word ryt…..

  650. 650 : grace Says:

    @ sayonna , take it easy girl. It may sounds harsh and unfair but i’m just stating the fact. I don’t mean to offend you. I’m not praising KJW, and disregard JH, i appreciate their talent as an actor. I think you are just being too sensitive.

  651. 651 : cembil Says:

    @sayonna, we all have a favorite actor or actress. If you like JH, maybe because you knew him only. But do not talk bad about others actor that you really don’t know, specially KJW. As far as I know, compare of JH, KJW is more famous, it’s reality, you have to face it…:)

  652. 652 : rose Says:

    @ cembil , don’t bother about sayonna comment, i think she doesn’t know what she is talking about. 🙂 I’m a new KJW fan… please guide me… i like him so much.

  653. 653 : jean Says:

    I also love KJW …. he is a great actor… 🙂 oppa fighting…

  654. 654 : cembil Says:

    @rose, thank you for support ^^. I just hate and don’t Like when people who don’t know about jaewon oppa talk something not nice to him. As fans we should be fair. I never said something bad about JH and others…Jaewon Oppa is not a perfect actor also, but we should not talk something bad…well actually for my eyes KJW is perfect man 🙂

  655. 655 : Gretz16 Says:

    What’s going on guys?????…… We all love to watch May Queen. Everyone have it’s own preference which actors or actress we like. Please respect each other. We are free to show our views but please avoid attacking any of the cast or fans. 🙂 …. just enjoy the show….

  656. 656 : rose Says:

    @ cembil , i also think KJW is perfect… he is so cute and sweet. I don’t care what other people say. I just like him.

  657. 657 : cembil Says:

    Well, the most important things is I like May Queen drama…all cast are very good and professional specially the young cast. But still hoping to watch love scene bettwen KS and HJ….huhuhu 🙁 when it will happend ????..KS don’t give up your love to HJ, please….KS Oppa Fighting !!

  658. 658 : wilma Says:

    Honestly speaking , Jae Hee is not as good as Kim Jae Won… it’s just happen that his character as Chang Hee is more complicated than Kang San . If we base on acting… KJW is more natural and realistic… JH is only good when he deliver the fierce and angry attitude, but when he is acting the emotional CH, his acting is so weak that you can’t even feel the attachment to his character. PEACE to Jae Hee fans…. i’m just being honest to what i feel.

  659. 659 : cembil Says:

    Come on guys, let’s not talked who is good and who is bad…I love KJW Oppa. I am a big fans of him but we all here to support May queen. They all have their role…but for sure I know Jaewon Oppa only suit for good guy so there has to be someone who play as bad guy… :). just keep supporting May Queen as the story getting more interesting and touching 🙂

  660. 660 : nvzious Says:

    Honestly I watch thiz drama because of kim jae won… But after I watched 1st episode I ♥ this drama so much…. Kim jae won u are a great actor… Kang san fighting !!!!!! Fighting!!!!! ♥ u

  661. 661 : sara Says:

    KJW lovers respect each other and others opinions and the best way for preventing a fan war is not replying to harsh comments guys. Just praise smiling angel to your heart content. He is an angel so badmouthing him doesn’t change anything.

  662. 662 : sara Says:

    Ep 19,20 were the best episodes so far.The pace was okay without any unnecessary scenes. Seeing CH as a cold, evil character is good and i’m glad Inhwa is falling in love with him. For the first time, i felt sorry for Ilmoon and hoped he could find somebody to lean.

    Finally, it took 18 episodes for the drama to get here so we can see more of smiling angel KJW on the screen and of KS not as a mere HJ lover but as an individual character. More than anything, smiling angel’s acting talents was noticeable. He shines like a jewel as KS. I wonder how he can show sadness in his beautiful eyes while he is smiling widely. His conversation scene with CH when he tries hard to hold back his anger by pressing the sofa is excellent. I love that KS doesn’t beg for love and we can see this clearly in taxi scene. I just didn’t love when HJ coldly said to grandpa that she didn’t like KS. At least she could say she liked him as a friend. I just don’t like this girl.

  663. 663 : Badkitty0011 Says:

    Finally the mom tells her who her biological mom is its about time she told her.

    Im so happy now I hope everything would fall into place after all the suffering Hae Joo went through cant wait for ep 21 and 22

  664. 664 : Gretz16 Says:

    The secret of KS parents and tragic death are started to uncover, so does HJ real parents plus her poster father cause of death. Everything is going into place sooner or later. While CH is on the way to his revenge, he will hurt HJ, KS, and IH in the process… i feel really disappointed of his way of thinking. Although i know that Jang Do Hyeon deserve punishment, it shouldn’t be on the expense of innocent people…

    Note: I started to notice, KS character actually had much more burden than CH… KS grow up without knowing his parents and should uncover the cause of their tragic death, he need to do it without hurting his grandfather who is against it. he also have to take back his family company from JDH, he have to help HJ to achieve her dream, loving her unconditionally without expecting in return, he have to put limitation on his feelings because he also have to consider that CH is his friend who is HJ first boyfriend… He have to treat IH as friend and never take advantage on her even if she is JDH daughter, Despite of all this conflicts, he manage everything wisely, and make it look less complicated than CH character. KJW did a really good job portraying his role as KS…

    This drama is really exciting… i’m really looking forward on the next episode…

  665. 665 : hny Says:

    is true that HJ said she didn’t like KS to his grand pa !! ooh , cruel ..I think I miss that scene..well, HJ will regret it soon 😀

  666. 666 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ hny and sara , if i where in HJ situation in that moment , i will say the same answer as she did even if i like KS… it’s something about PRIDE guys… a girl shouldn’t admit she like him specially in front him after all she keep saying she didn’t , she will lose face if she did, and i think she’s not sure of her feelings also. When she got drunk and told KS that he should stop being nice because it’s scary, i think she is trying to say that she’s afraid She will fall in love on him eventually… if he keep being so nice to her…

  667. 667 : Gretz16 Says:

    i think KS is smart enough to understand HJ answer, the situation is so awkward… 🙂 and beside, if HJ say YES … the whole story will be cut short… it won’t be exciting anymore.. I want them to fall in love and build a strong relationship without the help of other people, i want them to find the true meaning of love by themselves… 🙂

  668. 668 : kdfan Says:

    agree with Gretz16, HJ was just being honest not cold. the girl has enough on her plate right now, last thing she could think of is falling in love. this has to come gradual and by now we know for sure HJ & KS will be a couple soon. Ep 20 is great. it’s the turning point for HJ and everything else is also getting more interesting.

  669. 669 : Alice Says:

    I love KS grandfather, he back up KS and support him in any way he can. It’s really funny to see him getting involve in their love issues. I admire their bond as grandfather and grandson, 🙂 i keep laughing when the grandpa told KS when he insist to make the things to be done …”OK, i will be the grandson and you’ll be the grandfather” … even HJ laugh when she heard that….

  670. 670 : Angelie Says:

    I also like KS grandfather … both KS and him are good people… fighting arafuji…. 🙂

  671. 671 : eny Says:

    there’s people compare JH and KJW,
    I think better actor for harder charracter, n second man sometimes gets harder charracter. Hardest charracter in this drama is jae hae may be he’s not as natural as KJW, but KS role isn’t really hard, what if KJW as CH ????? it could be worse or better??? but the production house must be thinking JH is better actor.
    in the Moon/Sun Jung Ill Woo get critic about his acting n KSH not but the charracter that JIW is much harder than KSH, n baker king Majun role is harder than Kim Tak Goo, normally “cast better actor for harder charracter”

  672. 672 : Angelie Says:

    @ eny , i think if they switch the role… i’m confident that KJW can act that well as much as JH did. His emotions can see through even in his eyes when he is delivering deep emotion… it something that is natural to him. I should ask this back to you… if JH act the role as KS, do you think he can be funny and natural as KJW did?

    I agree to production team when they put KJW in KS role, it’s not because CH character is much harder or his talent is less better… i think they put him on that role because in this drama KS is the hero… they put him in that character because that’s the role that is more favorable to viewers. It’s not a matter of who is a better actor, it’s a matter of who could pull more attention…

  673. 673 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Angelie 672 , you definitely hit the spot… i agree with you in your opinion

    “I agree to production team when they put KJW in KS role, it’s not because CH character is much harder or his talent is less better… i think they put him on that role because in this drama KS is the hero… they put him in that character because that’s the role that is more favorable to viewers. It’s not a matter of who is a better actor, it’s a matter of who could pull more attention…”

    Guys, regarding on who is better actor, i think we should not get to work out about it. 🙂 When the PD choose the casting they already pick the best actors for the drama … this is something that we should always remember…

  674. 674 : cembil Says:

    Kjw as Kang san is a good choice. I can’t imagine if KJw as CH…no bad and mean guys have a smooth and cool face like KJW. They role already match and suitable… 🙂

  675. 675 : rose Says:

    @ cembil , i agree … i think they also base it by the look . KJW face is angelic and sweet …. being a good guy is more suitable to him… JH is also good looking but the role of bad guy suits him well too.

  676. 676 : cembil Says:

    @rose, it is true. Like Gretz said, the PD already choosed good actors and actress for each characters from young and adult. That’s why makes this drama so wonderful…I am so proud of them 🙂

  677. 677 : yoan Says:

    i’m back guys 😀
    just went back from holiday..and just finish watch ep 20..i loveeee how the story going..more KJW scenes and i think HJ will soon fall in love with him..i like the way IH fall for CH as well..and with those secret reveal,this drama is getting so interesting..

  678. 678 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ yoan, 🙂 welcome back girl… i also went for a holiday and just came back 2 days ago… i just finish watch episode 19 and 20 with english subtitle and i am very satisfied on how the story progress… 🙂

  679. 679 : alisonya Says:

    hy #@GRACE ..i don’t think sayonna iz wrong ,she is just showing her feelings about how much she appreciate than kjw……u don’t hav 2 take it so seriously..nd by the way jae hee iz far more better than kjw…i prefer jh…….

  680. 680 : grace Says:

    @ alisonya , 🙂 i never say she was wrong. I think you should read the comments again and think about it who is taking it seriously. 🙂 Anyway, it doesn’t bother me who you like more… it’s already good that you are enjoying May Queen because of JH… keep it up girl…

    Anyway, by any chance, is it you and sayonna is the same person? i just find it weird that your way of writing is almost the same with her. hmmmmm
    PEACE>>>>>> 🙂

  681. 681 : eny Says:

    @angelie n gretz
    i can say this because i already see jae hae in funny charracter and he can do that “chun hyang n one mam three dad” n i see JH in colour of woman as mature man. n KJW i see him in “can you hear my heart n 100 days with mr arrogant” i think his charracter not really different. It doesn’t mean that i hate KJW. The production choose the best for every charracter it’s true but of course the will choose actor which have more wide range acting for the extreme charracter (better actor).

  682. 682 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ eny, 🙂 i watch Jae Hee “Sassy Girl Chunyang , Colour of a Woman” and the rest of his dramas, i can say that he was a good actor too.. compare to KJW, i know he has a wider range of acting because he is 5 years senior in Entertainment Industry and took more projects than him. But i think KJW become more popular and recognized because of his good improvement in acting despite from the fact the he is on and off the camera… if we count the number of projects that they made, JH had much more than KJW but the one who got more awards and recognition is KJW… Well… i’m not saying i don’t like JH… i really appreciate his talent as an actor… maybe it’s just a matter of taste.. i love everything about KJW that’s why i find him perfect in every way. It’s not that i don’t like other actors. I hope you understand what i mean 🙂

  683. 683 : Gretz16 Says:

    I think this is a good news to all Jae Hee fans… 🙂 i just want to share and please confirm it by yourself…


    “When Jae Hee got out of the military two years ago, he was one of the few actors to not take on an acting gig straightaway, and in fact it was over a year later than he chose to return to acting through the cable drama Color of Woman. Folks were wondering why he was so quiet and out-of-the-limelight, and now the answer is clear. He was dating, getting secretly married, and having a baby! Totally not pulling anyone’s leg here. Jae Hee just dropped the bombshell news that he is married with a non-celebrity Ms. Lee and they have a one year old son together. I’m guessing he’s realized that its time to reveal this low key relationship since the baby is almost a toddler. I’ve given up on May Queen now that the drama has turned his Chang Hee all bad and mopey, and is trying valiantly to switch up the love lines even if it makes no sense to me. But I was quite pleased with his portrayal in the episodes I saw, but May Queen would be his second bad drama in a row after Color of Woman. I’m thrilled he has settled down and wish him best of luck in a happy marriage and parenthood, but he needs to pick better projects. I never feel like its a waste of my time to watch him act, and now that he’s unveiled the married man side of him, I’m looking forward to how he develops his career now that the family bit is all settled. That’s one more off the market, but I couldn’t be happier for him.”

    Source: http://koalasplayground.com/2012/10/22/jae-hee-drops-bombshell-news-of-his-secret-marriage-and-one-year-old-son/

  684. 684 : sara Says:

    Who says portraying a good angelic character is easier than the evil one. Depending on how the actor can relate to that character, it can turn up good or bad. Some of the actors have qualities which can help them portray a character better. Some of them can’t play a good or evil character because of their physical appearance. Because that beautiful looks can play as a two-edged sword. Suppose director’s goal is to create an evil character whom you can’t stand looking at. He must choose an actor who is suitable in case of appearance. Unless, people won’t feel that hatred and passion he is looking for. You can’t cast an innocent ship to play as a wolf and it doesn’t have anything to do with acting ability. KJW has a very innocent, angelic face. He is a great actor. He can play an evil too. But what’s the use when people can’t hate him or even fall in love with him more than the good character? He can play CH as good as KS. But then the whole thing must change. Coz viewers will love him more and want him with the girl even if he is more evil. Being this adorable and innocent is not my smiling angel’s fault. Every character has their own qualities and the suitable actor must be cast. That’s why we sometimes say “that actor is doing great in this drama but he is miscast”.

  685. 685 : sara Says:

    It’s not related but what i said applies on Yoon Si Yoon in Baker king too. Takgo’s role was as difficult as Majun’s. But can you imagine someone with fierce eyes of Jo Won playing the role of sweet Takgo?

  686. 686 : grace Says:

    @ eny , i don’t agree when you say

    “they will choose actor which have more wide range acting for the extreme character (better actor).”

    I think it makes more sense to say they choose the actor that is more suitable on that character. It doesn’t mean he is better than the other that’s why he was given to that certain role.

    Pardon me but i find it funny when i read on some comments that the “2nd lead always get the harder role and that means he is better”. i think it’s a nonsense. How can you call it 2nd lead if he is better than everyone.

  687. 687 : sayonna Says:

    hey dere… i guess grace makes some sense…. thumbs up yarr….. How can you call it 2nd lead if he is better than everyone…….
    omg…. luk dese ppl arguing over de small talk…… n grace by da way i dunno who de hell iz alisoyna… n still u think itz meh…. omg wtt can i say 2 dese ppl……

  688. 688 : sassygrace23 Says:

    CONGRATULATION to JAE HEE. 🙂 never expect that you are married for more than a year now, but anyway, i give you my Blessings. Luckily you didn’t the role of Hae Joo partner . it will be very awkward to see if you are acting like a sweet couple then at the middle of the drama you reveal that you are married :).

  689. 689 : grace Says:

    jajajaja…. you can fool everyone but not me. You should improve or at least change a bit of your writing. Changing name doesn’t work at all.

  690. 690 : sara Says:


    It is such a shocking news. I hope this won’t have any negative effect on the drama ratings. Congrats to JH.

  691. 691 : Mae Says:

    lucky it’s not KJW… i will faint if he is hahaha i can’t let go of Jaewon easily.. i mean will difenitely get jealous if he already have a girl in his heart that he want to settle with.But i will surely give my blessings if he found the right one. 😀 CONGRATS to Jae Hee…

  692. 692 : jedi Says:

    I don’t think so this “shocking” news would be impact to ratings. I liked JH more than KJW, but I think if they switch each other roles, JH as KS and KJW as CH, I believed they’ll great too, so no need to compared both of them. Just KJW so far always take the typical nice guye roles, and JH, huh, he didn’t take good projects since DGCH.

    By the way, congrats to JH!!!

  693. 693 : jedi Says:

    Right now I want to see they Family Picture ^^`

  694. 694 : Anni Says:

    yeah right.. both actors are great.. i never doubt there talent because i can see their achievements.. 😀

  695. 695 : eny Says:

    @ grace
    i didn’t say second lead always get harder charracter i say “sometimes”. Good actor/actress make them suit for the charracter not charracter make it suitable for actor/ actress. It’s true that sometimes they cast someone that looks alike the charracter.

    I see some people comment about 3 iron in this thread that make curiouse is it really good?, I search it in youtube n surprise, the movie is good, the story is wierd, unique but awesome. This is the best korean movie i ever watch. Most korean movie i watch is good at the beginning but the ending part always drop, that’s why i’m not a fans of korean movie but i like korean drama

  696. 696 : OK OK OK Says:

    Jae Hee married? I am so heartbroken !!!

  697. 697 : Gretz16 Says:

    May Queen Recap and Review from Episode 19-20

    ‘May Queen’ Kim Jae Won’s Birth Secrets Revealed?

    The secrets behind Kim Jae Won’s birth is inciting curiosity from the viewers.
    On the Saturday episode of MBC’s “May Queen,” Kang San (Kim Jae Won) had a conflict with his grandfather Kang Dae Pyung (Go In Bum) about his parents.
    His grandfather realized that Kang San was looking for the truth behind his father’s Japanese name and says, “When did you find out? Why are you trying to find someone who’s dead? Didn’t I say I don’t want to see his face?”
    Kang San says, “They are parents to me. I have a right to know, why are you trying to stop me? I want to know my mother’s name, where she was born, who her relatives her and how she met my father and how she passed away.”
    His grandfather says, “She made him desert everything, including his own father and son. If your father was alive, the company wouldn’t have fallen apart that way, so don’t talk about them in front of me.”
    Kang San retorts, “Fine, then let me ask you one thing. Where did they die?” His grandfather replies, “They were in a car accident in Japan and fell into the water. They got what they deserved. I raised you, don’t talk about them.”
    Source: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/6284/20121022/may-queen-kim-jae-wons-birth-secrets-revealed.htm

  698. 698 : Gretz16 Says:

    May Queen Upcoming Conflict ….

    The girl who plan to destroy Kang San and Hae Joo Relationship

    Baek Seung Hee is to act as the team leader of Hae Poong Group Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering cattle, where Hae Joo(Han Ji Hye) also works at. Jo Min Kyung(Baek Seung Hee) is not only smart, cold and tough, she also has a doctorate degree in marine plant. As Hae Joo entered Hae Poong Group with her great mechanical skills, she started feeling jealous. Jo Min Kyung sent confidential documents to Jang Do Hyun(Lee Deok Hwa) and is planning to ruin Kang San(Kim Jae Won) and Hae Joo(Han Ji Hye)’s relationship.

    Source: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/5589/20120912/baek-seung-hee-casted-to-may-queen.htm

  699. 699 : dian a Says:

    its realy 32 eps?? tooooooo much bored…
    why not only made 16 eps…
    the point of the story is too short…
    I was disappointed….. T_______T

  700. 700 : Mae Says:

    It’s 32 episode but i feel it wasn’t enough… they should make it longer because i really enjoy watching it… i love all the cast specially Kang San :)…. May Queen fighting…

  701. 701 : hny Says:


    that’s a good info. . next eps would be more worth to watch, a relationship would be interesting if there was a rival,.. right ! whatever the girl would be in this drama ..hope can make HJ have more feeling to KS..

  702. 702 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ hny , i think the conflict will test KS and HJ trust for each other… remember the model plan for the thruster that KS made? It’s a confidential document that only him and HJ knows … i guess that document will be stolen by team leader Jo and send it to Jang Do Hyeon… this will ruin KS plan and might cause misunderstanding between KS and HJ … will… this is just a guess… 🙂 let’s see if it happen…

  703. 703 : sara Says:

    dian a
    Agreed. The drama doesn’t have enough material for 32 eps. It would have been better, if it was 24 eps at most That’s why it took 18 episode for the drama to come to a better point.

  704. 704 : Anni Says:

    today is friday… i’m so excited for tomorrow next episode… i can bear everything as long as i see Jaewon oppa… so inlove with him:…

  705. 705 : sara Says:

    M too. I’m sure i never would watch this drama specially with HJH as a lead, if smiling angel KJW was not in this drama. He, with that pretty smile is a big reason. I just his next role would be a very very good role. Like SJK’s in NG.

  706. 706 : Gretz16 Says:

    May Queen Episode 21 Preview … 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qj2UyU1WnU&feature=youtu.be

  707. 707 : addylovesbwood Says:

    Finally thank goodness! this drama was starting to drag. I’m glad the truth about HJ’s biological parents is out in the open. I just need her and Chang Hee to make up… PLS DRAMA GODS!! stop torturing me!!! i really want CH + HJ together!! I love Kim Jae Won but i don’t want his character to get the girl this time!!

  708. 708 : addylovesbwood Says:

    Would you like to be an admin for the facebook page Afrisan Drama? it’ll be great to hv you on our team. I see you have great talent for engaging people in conversations!!

    Pls say yess!!! lool

  709. 709 : addylovesbwood Says:

    Playing the good/funny guy is just as difficult as playing the bad guy. even Jang Dong Gun admitted he was having a hard time in AGD with the comedy aspect of it.
    But I absolutely disagree with your comment sara. I can totally see Joo Won taking on Takgo’s role in Baker King and vice versa.
    Proof? watch Joo Won character in Ojakygo Brothers. He’s one acting that can act both roles with perfection! watch bridal mask to see his transition from evil/badass to good.

    sara Says:

    It’s not related but what i said applies on Yoon Si Yoon in Baker king too. Takgo’s role was as difficult as Majun’s. But can you imagine someone with fierce eyes of Jo Won playing the role of sweet Takgo?

  710. 710 : sara Says:

    Do you write about K-dramas there? Good work. I’m not into Facebook for now. I eve terminated my account a while ago. Anyway thank you for your compliment and offer.

    As for Jo Won, although he can play a Okjakyo brother’s drama role, he is not sweet at all. His eyes are fierce. He doesn’t have that innocent, adorable look. But look at smiling angel KJW, he is innocent like a sheep, sweet like a candy, pure white like snow and adorable like a baby. When he smiles you can feel the butterflies are flying in the air. JW never can give you such a sweet feeling but KJW mostly and YSY can.

  711. 711 : jedi Says:

    @Sara – 710,


  712. 712 : Gretz Says:

    @ sara , you’ve been a fan of KJW for quite sometime right? are you a member of Kim Jae Won Fans Club on facebook? I thought you are the member with the screen name Dhalia …. 😀

  713. 713 : sara Says:

    No, i’m not a member of his Facebook fanclub. I ‘m not into Facebook and my name almost everywhere is including the word “sara”.

    Let me make you surprised. I didn’t know he was this great. I fell in love with him only after CYHMH and then, he became my second biggest crush. I’m in love with him like crazy. You know, i’m a person who falls in love with somebody hardly. Although i like lots of actors,idols,singers and praise them but i ‘m not in love with them with my heart. It’s just that objectively, i know they are great. But i love this smiling angel with my whole heart. I would faint if he lied about his marital status.

  714. 714 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara , 🙂 i like him so much since i watch his drama Wuri’s family, back then, he was so young and just entered the world of Entertainment, he look so innocent and sweet.. actually except from his age, nothing much changes on him now, he’s still as sweet as an Angel to me. 🙂 I cried a lot for him in his drama “RIVAL”, the love line is almost the same as May Queen, he love the girl unconditionally, and the girl did nothing but to take advantage of his kindness until she realize she is losing him and she’s unknowingly crazy in love with him, well.. actually the girl thought he died when he save her… 🙂

    But same like you, i fall in love with KJW in his drama CYHMH … he was awesome in that character. That role really suits his angelic smile and sweet personality. I watch a lot of his interviews, every time he was ask about his love life , he will just answer with a joke… but he did say that he plan to get married at the age of 35 … 🙂 he always separate his private life from work, i never heard him in any news dating anybody.. his fans and supporters seems to respect his privacy…

  715. 715 : kpopstars Says:

    I love May Queen!! It’s 2nd best to My daughter Seo Yeong. I read all of your arguments and I think #sara and a couple of you on here need to seriously get a life. People like you should never review drama because it’ll be 100% Subjective. KJW does not own and is not the only one in May Queen. His character is near irrelevant to the story line and it seems like he’s not even the winning man.

    2. I respect any actor for keeping his or her private life away from their career, it doesn’t necessarily imply that they’re lying about their lives. Jae Hee did not lie about his married life! he simply omitted it from interviews. can you blame him? do you fangirls really think your favorite stars aren’t in relationships that you don’t know about? people want privacy.

    3. As far as KJW goes, yes he does seem to have more fans internationally because of his hit drama CYHMH but Jae Hee probably has more fans in Korea and on this website. I checked out both actors and noticed Jae Hae had over 1,000 comments and KJW fell slightly below on comments.

    4. Let’s stop bickering about KJW sweet smiling angel (puck) i’m pretty sure he would puke at hearing how u ppl call him smiling angel…

    5. GET A LIFE PPL!!

  716. 716 : Jane Says:

    @ kpopstars , 715

    ..your 1st comment are acceptable to me, that’s if we base on May Queen story outline in the first 10 episode of adult part… as a Jae Won fan, we do appreciate the other cast too, but it’s normal if we favor KJW in our comments because we love him… there’s nothing wrong with that…

    ..on your 2nd comment, i never read any comments here that saying Jae Hee lied… unless i miss to see it.. we do respect Jae Hee privacy the way we respect KJW private life… we do think KJW is dating privately, obviously ,it’s impossible for a handsome and capable man like him to have no one in his heart. He is our star and we want him to live normally and be happy too… it’s not a kind of thing that bothers us..

    … in your 3rd comment, if you really want to know who is more popular between the two actors in Korea and International , you should check out their respective Official Fans Cafe,… 🙂 or you can visit the most viewed websites in Korea like Naver, DC, or Daum … you can’t just look at one site that you often visit and assume everything was their…

    … your 4th comment is a bit overboard … if you want us to respect you and your favorite actor… give us some respect too. Some comments here compare both the actors performance and tell their personal views but none of us use (unpleasant) word to describe JH, so, you better watch your word when you want to say something about KJW…

    You should be the one who need LIFE searching… thanks for being concerned ….

  717. 717 : yoan Says:

    i agree with you and i love your comment..you’ve said everything i wanted to say..cheers!

  718. 718 : sara Says:

    As you particularly called my name, i reply your comment.

    1. I love SMILING ANGEL KJW TOOOOOOOOOOO much. I said several times in this forum that my comments are a bit subjective too. Because the drama, itself is nothing special. Imagine this story-line with some unknown actors. I bet it wouldn’t have this high ratings. So you can’t deny the influence of an actor in raising the drama viewers. I, for one am watching this drama just for SMILING ANGEL KJW. We all have the right to praise him as much as we want and nobody can tell us to not do it. We should get a life? What do you mean? Nowadays, media is a part of our life and whether we want it or not, it has its own effects on our unconscious minds. Also, what we love is a part of our life. Loving someone is a good, positive feeling and makes your life better. So, i’m always thankful. Coz his smile makes my day better. You see he is a part of our life. Can you deny it?

    2. Who said anything about JH? Most of us are SMILING ANGEL KJW’s fans and don’t care about JH, let alone his private life. Of course, we all respect him as an actor. We all know our faves date. And why not? They have the right. You think we are a bunch of high schoolers?

    3. As for popularity. JH is not a high profile actor. If he was, he never could get married and escape the paparazzi ‘s radar. It clearly shows he is not that popular there. How we can deny? SMILING ANGEL KJW is more popular and one of the reasons is his angelic face and his personality. Of course, if you go and see a JH fanpage, his comments are more than 10000 and SMILING ANGEL’s just 1. How it can prove who’s more popular. It’s better to go and see other Korean and international websites which are not mere fanpages.

    4. We keep “bickering” about SMILING ANGEL KJW and you can count how many times i wrote “SMILING ANGEL KJW” and be a hater as much as you want. I wrote it in capital letter so you can see it more clearly. Really? You know him personally? Can you do me favor and tell him, although he is a monster, his fangirls call him SMILING ANGEL coz they are stupid?

    5. Learn how to respect others, before writing anything.

  719. 719 : Anni Says:

    Should i call this thread Smiling Angel Kim Jae Won VS. Devil Eye Jae Hee ????…. 🙂

    Most of KJW fans praised his sweet and angelic smile , along with his natural and good personality portraying his role, his character may look irrelevant in this drama for some people but he gain a lot of supporters, thanks to his great acting skills and good image..

    Jae Hee also was praised by his fans and supporters by doing a great job portraying his EVIL character … the way he project the anger and cruelness in his eyes is absolutely perfect. Portraying the good guy in the first part of this drama doesn’t give him much support because he look rather weak instead of being a guy who have a good character.

    Anyway… Cheers everyone….. 🙂 I love reading your comments and watching May Queen is really good and entertaining to me… Fighting…

  720. 720 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hi guys … i cut the episode 22 preview from the last night episode… 🙂 i temporarily recommend this link to watch it because i haven’t upload it in youtube … https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=454683624573623 🙂

  721. 721 : addylovesbwoowd Says:

    Drama Gods have offically angered me!! They want to extend MayQueen by 8 more episodes!! Now it’s offically gonna drag.

    I’m glad i get to see more Jae hee / Kim Jae won not at the expense of the storyline dragging. I hope the writer/directors have enough to keep me interested for eight more episodes
    @gretz that link didn’t work for me..
    @kpop stars. each person is entitled to their own personal opinion.
    @ sara thats okay. it’s cool if you are not on facebook

    What do you guys think about the extension? it hasn’t been confirmed yet but i hear the producers are pushing hard.

  722. 722 : sara Says:

    Thanks for your understanding. Really? They are going to extend it 8 eps? That’s given coz the drama is doing great in case of ratings. But i absolutely disagree coz the drama already doesn’t have enough material for 32 eps, let alone 40. That way, the story will be dragged and love triangle will become more complicated. What i hate the most in K-dramas, ANGST, comes in. Most of the times, the writer will be forced to add some boring materials to the story. Like one of the characters suddenly passes out and we will see 3,4 eps in hospital but the real plot doesn’t move even a bit. Then, when you skip those eps, you won’t lose anything.

  723. 723 : eny Says:

    Tired about some fight about the actor, i just enjoy drama with good story n good acting, i give my opinion base on my love for drama not because the actor/actress is my favorite. I would never watch drama if the story is bad even if i like the actor n i would not watch good story with really bad acting cause i will not get the emotion.i know for their fans their actor is the best no matter what other say…………Peace……

  724. 724 : Ngoma Says:

    I am surprised with all the slapping that is going on. I think they should reduce the episodes too.

  725. 725 : star Says:

    i am sure that HJ and chang hee will staying loves with together untill the end of this story!!

  726. 726 : sara Says:


    Ep 21 mostly focuses on HJ and her decision for staying with her current family. Finally, we can see the truth of KS’s parents death and Inhwa is really falling in love with CH.

    1. KS character was charming but he is more charming now. He has lots of wounds in his heart, still has to pretend to be happy and carefree, forgets his pain and protects HJ. KJW’s acting in that scene with his grandpa was excellent. His eyes were full of sadness. My heart aches for him.

    2. What’s with Inhwa? Was she really that deeply in love with KS? Now, she is waving just with some romantic tricks. It proves she was just obsessed with KS.

  727. 727 : cheezy Says:

    Wow its so nice that HJ really finding out about CH, it was puppy love all
    that 15 years. True love is just around the corner, yayyy!!!!! I really
    hope the HJ and KS get together, cuz their background are so similar.
    It would be nice for them to have kids, so they can give them all the love, cuz both their parents didn hav the chance to give them that.

  728. 728 : Anni Says:

    @ star 725, i think Chang Hee will keep HJ in his heart forever but i don’t think HJ will feel the same way for him as she did before. i can bet to that… 😀

  729. 729 : eny Says:

    i hope there’s no extension,the story will be slow, i don’t like that idea, i already feel the story slower in ep 21

  730. 730 : annelee Says:

    The director enjoys playing on our emotions as he knows we are dying to know will HJ ends with Kangsan? Will Im Hwa father be punished?

  731. 731 : hny Says:

    😀 wakakakakaka… enjoy read all the comments like enjoy watch this drama! ..but @sara it’s crazy if They are going to extend it 8 eps…I don’t like if the story will be like, HJ will back to CH at the end..it mean she repeat his mother’s love story who back/ remarried with his first love JDH…akhhhh hope nottttttttt…!!!

  732. 732 : sara Says:

    I don’t like it either. Maybe some people say i’m taking it too seriously. But it would be big insult to women if HJ and CH end up together. It’s not because of my big love for smiling angel or something. But seriously, who would accept a man who married another women and belittled you to death? This kind of stories don’t happen in modern era in which women hand big responsibilities. A complete anti-feminist material.

  733. 733 : Gretz16 Says:

    I watch this drama since the very start until now, the last time i remember i cried badly because of it is when the young Hae Joo ask her poster father who was her real mom, she told him that she know she wasn’t Dalson real daughter.. that scene is really heart breaking… since then i didn’t cry again because all the next episodes are not really touching… but when i watch episode 21 when Kang San found out about his real parents cause of death, and confront his grandfather ,my heart broke into small pieces. I can really feel the pain that he was going through.. the pain learning the truth and the hate that he is trying to hold is just to much for him to bear… i couldn’t explain how upset i am seeing those two helpless because of the mistake made from the past.

    I also feel so sad when KS grandfather told Hae Joo that he was worried how would KS face the world all by himself… he had no family except from him and now that they fall apart, KS is all alone. I can see that his grandfather was remorseful for what he did in the past, but he can’t do anything to change it… what was done is done and now KS was hurt and helpless.. i hope he could manage to hold on to himself and face life positively just like the way he always do…

    There is something fishy on that book specially that it was sent by Jang Do Hyeon… i hope KS find out the truth soon…

  734. 734 : sara Says:

    Really, subjectively and objectively this episode was boring, all about that drill ship thing, full of tears, full of unnecessary scenes and that “changing the test result” material without any plot movement. Really, is Korea such a lawless country with conglomerates more powerful than law, than prosecutors, than government? Smiling angel! Why you need to choose this drama in which you cruelly are used as just a pretty mannequin? I also like @Gretz16 am looking for his moments in each and every ep but this writer is wasting his talent.

  735. 735 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ 😀 sara .. i think his talent won’t be wasted because his character may look irrelevant but he manage it really will which makes it look more interesting than those
    suppose to be in the limelight.. you can see it by yourself, a lot of viewers including yourself watch this drama because of him.. KJW is the best as an actor all his fans appreciate that…

  736. 736 : CARMEN-PHL Says:

    nice drama……where can i download this with eng sub….or probably purchase the cd of this…

  737. 737 : sara Says:

    Yeah. We all love him so much and want him to be in the limelight and to shine more than anyone else. Although this drama is a heroine-oriented drama , he still shines. I just hope his next drama would be a very nice one with an actress we can stand watching her. The only thing that makes me happy is high ratings. This means more successful days are in front of him and the possibility of seeing him in another drama soone, is high.

  738. 738 : emerald Says:

    i still have hopes for HJ and CH til the end… i think the writer will give CH a chance to live a simple and happy life with HJ. cause his childhood he was walking into dark light. i think in the end CH and HJ will be together again… hehehehe… im just thinking of a positive end of CH and HJ… cause im so stressed with this drama… its amazing…

  739. 739 : eny Says:

    why i feel that CH-Inhwa scene is really romantic??? he doesn’t love her

  740. 740 : ptsh836 Says:

    @sara #737: i admire your faithful support for KJW n like many other viewers, is confused ovr who the male lead is as both are equally popular n are famous A-list actors….mayb in my opinion…both CH n KS is…that is to say both are equally given the chance to shine…the first half of d drama is monopolised by CH n the remaining half by KS…^^

    i also did not like how KS was sidelined during his youth where greater emphasis was given to CH. again, despite lesser screentime, your smiling angel was in his element! i like his character the most coz he’s always positive, active n mischievous even during his adult years, save for being sad n hurting ovr his parents unfortunate fate…he’s really charming n kind as well n ive a feeling this current episode where both HJ n him discovers their unhappy past is the writer’s way of linking them up as future love partners seeing that they share some sorta similar unfortunate past??

    CH, meanwhile openly courting Inhwa is confusing coz we do not really know his agenda for doing thus….is he genuine or is this part of his plans to avenge the chairman, Jang Do Hyeon. no one knows for sure what he is thinking…

  741. 741 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ ptsh836 ,
    This is my opinion why Chang Hee was courting In Hwa… He knows that Jang Do Hyeon is only using him and once he’s done he will throw him away like rubbish… to avoid that to happen, Chang Hee want to marry In Hwa so that he can secure his position, if he is already a part of their family, it’s hard for Jang Do Hyeon to eliminate him specially when his precious daughter truly fall in love with him.. i don’t think he love In Hwa right now, but i hope he will learn to love her at the end… 🙂

    I agree that the writer give every character a chance to shine, maybe he have to put more part for Chang Hee at the beginning because he will be the antagonist , the focus on the later part is KS and HJ because they are the protagonist… it’s like “Good VS. Evil” then the Good one will always end up as the winner… 🙂 i just hope everyone will have a happy ending..

  742. 742 : roxyalso Says:

    What is this acceptance of men hitting women in the face, in these dramas? I am not Asian, but if I were, there is no way anyone is going to hit me in the face. Also, I have to say this, some of these actors have had the worst nose jobs done, I feel so bad for them. I have seen Korean fans and know that the majority do not have these little petite noses. I hope the Korean ladies realize how pretty they are, JUST THE WAY THEY ARE! I’d love to know who made the decision, in order to be an accepted popular actor or music entertainer, one would have to go under the knife?

  743. 743 : sara Says:

    You know when you are a huge fan of an artist, you want him to overshadow everyone and be in the limelight alone. Although he shines even when his airtime is lesser than the lead actress. When you have a super-star like smiling angel in your drama, you must watch what are you doing as a writer. Sometime you hear a writer says : I’ve written this role with him in my mind”. So when you watch the drama, you can’t imagine anyone but that actor to play the role. Coz it is suitable for him physically and mentally. I felt like this when i watched “Can you hear my heart”. The role was so suitable for smiling angel. His Cha dong ji was as adorable and angelic as himself. But here, although he talked about his acting transformation and a KS who would go to the darker side, we can’t see nothing but abusing him as a pretty model who is pretty in everything. Specially i was wowed by his black clothes which were in contrast with his very white skin. In spite of all of this, he is the most adorable, normal character in this drama and is trying hard to make the drama bearable. His parts are my only favorite parts of the drama and i use FF button in most of other scenes. I loved his and his grandpa’s conversation scene and i wished it was like that till the end. We even don’t need that girl. Let’s see a story about a conflict between a grandpa and his grandson.

    Actually, i can’t relate to CH, HJ, Inhwa, Ilmoon. They are always on the excessive side. CH, once, too coward and weak and once too evil and revengeful without having a normal balance in his character.

    Inhwa: I wonder why she is giving in so easily. She was very consistent even as a child. Now, how it’s possible her heart sways just by some stupid romantic tricks?

    And we have HJ. Her love is too strong that it can’t get swayed even when an angel like KS is giving his love unconditionally. How it is possible?

    Ilmoon was just a little child when his mother died. He should barely remember anything. What’s the reason of his unreasonable behavior?

  744. 744 : sara Says:

    Korea is still a patriarchal society sot hitting by a man/just the man you love and reacting as nothing happened is one of the usual features of being nice in family genre K-dramas. But if you watch high quality dramas like City Hall, you will be wowed by how strong the heroine is.

    As far as i know, PS is very common in Korea and you can barely find an actress without going under knife. But our smiling angel is 100% natural. As you see he even doesn’t have double eyelids. He is a pretty typical Korean man.


  745. 745 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara, i get what you mean, but we should consider that May Queen is about Hae Joo not KS. That’s why KJW character wasn’t the main subject on the drama. CYHMH on the other hand is different because KJW role was the main subject, it was all about him and the people he cares. Actually i even feel a little bit bad for the other actors on May Queen specially HJH, she was suppose to be the main content of all May Queen publicity and advertisement because she was the main character but we can see that it’s not.. if we visit the Official Website in Korea you will surely notice that the artist that was given the most priority to be recognize was KJW, they hardly post update without his photo being publish first. 😀 that’s how

  746. 746 : Melda Says:

    For what I have watched until episode 22, I am more comfortable that CH with In-hwa and HJ with KS. I just feel that those pairing will be better even CH might not love In-Hwa in the beginning. HJ will be happier with KS.

  747. 747 : Anni Says:

    exactly…. they wasted a lot of time.. if they started it this way it would be a lot more interesting … 😀

  748. 748 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Still loving this drama to date and can’t wait to watch the succeeding episodes. CH is evil by choice in order to take revenge. I do not think he would end up with HJ because of his choices in life. CH would feel more damned when he finds out that his father kept a life-long secret about HJ’s true identity and looks like he would harbor that responsibility in behalf of his father who I feel will be killed in the end (kre, I want him to die, his character is so annoying, LOL). 😛

    After all the chaos and too much slaps and tears, a romance will start to blossom between HJ and KS. The viewers will be able to experience the romance but it will be very brief as if in the last 10 minutes of the last episode, just to give the audience a peace of mind that HJ is in good hands and lives happily ever after.

    Yeah right, those are my predictions!!! 😀

  749. 749 : Anni Says:

    @ sara , you’re right, after i read comment at 744 i tried to find out more about how plastic surgery become a trend among Korean artist..it’s actually very common to them. after i did my research i found out that most of those artist who belong to “A” list of popular actors DID NOT go under the knife, Kim Jae Won, Kwon Sang Woo, Su Ji Sub, Bae Yong Jun and many others who is very popular for decades are not interested in plastic surgery.. 😀 however there are more Korean actress who did go for surgery to look better..i don’t want to mention there name because it’s not really neccesary. I’m just pointing out that KJW is 100% natural and real :-D…

  750. 750 : sara Says:

    This is exactly the problem. The story is about HJ and people around her. So if they wanted to put her in the spotlight they would have chosen another male actor not someone as big as smiling angel. HJH can’t equalize him neither in popularity nor in acting talent. That’s why all the attention is given to KJW.

  751. 751 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara, i think the PD specially choose KJW because of his popularity. When this drama was first introduce along with HJH and JH as the main cast, it didn’t get much attention, few websites made a survey for most anticipated drama and it didn’t even get into top 20… after the news leak out that KJW is going to join the team, it became a front headline in every news almost every week , specially when they keep dragging the confirmation. KJW only accept the offer after a lot of discussion between his agency and MBC.. i actually feel frustrated at that time because some news confirm his appearance then news after news they said it wasn’t confirmed yet, i keep monitoring because i’m a big fan of him and really want to watch him in a new drama, i have a strong feeling that he will surely be a part of it because MBC never mention any actor that will be their second option just in case he refuse the offer. Only few minutes after he finally confirm his decision to join, during his exclusive fan meeting in Korea, the news was already a headline in Japan and China Korean websites.. The website who made the first survey make another one and May Queen turn out to be in the first 5 of most anticipated drama … I think that made the PD decide to put more promotions using KJW as the frontier because the response of Korean fans is great.. 🙂

  752. 752 : Lyn Says:

    @ sara, nowadays they don’t make drama to make the artist popular, they make it to make money, so the first thing they would consider on doing a drama is which artist could make it a center of attention and get high rating. Of course they still have to consider the content and who will be suitable to be a part of it but i don’t think they will care if the main artist will be recognize or not .. i agree that KJW popularity did help a lot to boast the viewership, considering the plot of the story, there’s really nothing much on it, i don’t think they will reach the high rating that they are having now without him as the cast …

  753. 753 : Alice Says:

    i’m watching mainly because of KJW. At first i find the story quite interesting and the child cast are amazing, but after watching 22 episodes, i could barely endure watching because KJW was in it. the story become to slow from episode 9 to 20 episode, it only gets better now at episode 22. i hope they won’t drag the story further, we are going round and round without hitting the point.. anyway, i enjoyed the episode 22 last weekend, i’m looking forward for the next one specially for Smiling Angel KJW. fighting.

  754. 754 : sara Says:

    @Gretz16, Lyn
    This is exactly what I’ve been trying to say in my recent comments. The PD, the production team, the writer, MBC, his agency all are using him as a mere moneymaker, headline maker. I mean he is not KS or anything in this drama. He is smiling angel KJW. The writer forgot his character for 20 eps to the point that even we, as his fans see his character irrelevant to the story. Although i’m happy that this drama proves how popular he is locally and internationally, but i feel bad for him. I feel bad when in whole episode, he just opens the door, helps HJ and promotes drama sponsor’s clothes. Still, as @ Alice also says, he is the only reason we ‘re watching this sh** of drama.

  755. 755 : Anni Says:

    @ sara, 😀 just rekax girl, either in drama or reality we can’t always get what we want, KJW may not be able to use his acting skills will in this drama but it definitely boast his good image and popularity because of nonstop promotion and advertising using his name.

  756. 756 : Gretz16 Says:


    Actor Kim Jae-won was hurt again but apparently
    it’s not serious.

    According to his agency, Kim Jae-won injured the
    muscle in his inner thigh on the 31st while making
    the twenty fourth episode of the drama.

    Kim Jae-won got hurt during the scene where he’s fighting off the bad guys but he finished the scene without a stand in.

    He was taken to the hospital right after and got it checked but it’s nothing serious. He just needs constant treatment.

    Previously, Kim Jae-won was hurt in the shoulders
    during the drama “Me Too, Flower!” and had to
    step down.

    Meanwhile, Kim Jae-won is currently taking on the
    role of Kang San in the drama “May Queen”.

    Source : http://www.osen.co.kr/articl
    … ( English )

    I hope the production team of May Queen will take more precaution when ever they do something not safe or dangerous… i don’t want KJW oppa to get hurt again. They already know that he is not fully recovered yet from his past injury, he very sensitive in any form of accident even a slight one… :(…

  757. 757 : sara Says:

    Thank you for sharing. OMG. I ‘m scared every time he rides motorbike in the drama and now he s injured again. Thank God he is alright. Please, be more careful dear staff and production team. He is not recovered fully.

  758. 758 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara , me too… i feel so worried every time i saw him riding motorbike after his accident last year. He’s been under regular physical treatment until now because of his shoulder injury, yesterday, i read in the news that his work schedule is so tight that he can’t even take enough rest. He always need to travel from Ulsan to Seoul every after filming because he also have some work to do in Seoul, they didn’t disclose his activities but they mention that he was working on some projects aside from MQ and Get It Beuty HOMME program.. I hope he could take care of himself properly, he’s been working so hard…

  759. 759 : Gretz16 Says:

    May Queen Episode 23 Preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkVwNrcvGTw&feature=youtu.be

  760. 760 : Flower Says:

    JH better KJW in acting..JH Faithing!!

  761. 761 : Best! Says:

    flower..i agree 100%. i hope JH/CH is the hero until the end..love u acting soo cool and excellent! faithing [email protected]!

  762. 762 : sara Says:

    I’m sorry to say this. You are free to express your opinion. But don’t exaggerate please. JH by no means is NOT better than smiling angel in acting. His best work ever is Sassy girl Chunhyang. He hasn’t played any impressive role after that. And DON’T COMPARE THEM BASED ON YOUR BIASED VIEWS AND SEE THE TRUTH.

  763. 763 : Karen Says:

    @ sara, i agree. i actually like both actors but talking about who is a better, i think KJW multiple awards for excellence acting proves that. He receives awards in almost every aspect and category, either in acting, popularity, or look, he is entirely recognize in Korea and International. On the other hand JH made a lot of dramas but he only receive very few recognition. His skills in acting is getting better and above average but not good enough to excel from the others.

  764. 764 : Emily Says:

    @ Flower and Best, i hope i could support you because i also like JH, but i think it’s better not to compare him to KJW. They are both unique in there own way. By there look or acting skills, i think we all know who is better. KJW excel in both. But i still like JH because he is my biase.

  765. 765 : Lynn Says:

    I favor JH although I don’t compare the two. Sure, Kim Jae Won did recieve more awards than JH, but that doesn’t mean JH’s acting skill is worse than KJW. Some actors are just so underrated and JH is one of them. I personally think they are equally skillful in acting. The reason that JH recieved very few recognizations is becuase he sucks, and I meant really SUCK at choosing his projects. My last watchable JH’s drama was witch yoo hee. That says a lot considering I am his fan. So I just hope he chooses better project after May queen coz I didn’t see enough of him yet. I am not KJW’s fan and I don’t think he is overrated either since I believe he deserves the success he has right now. Peace!

  766. 766 : Anni Says:

    @ Lynn, none of KJW fan had ever said that JH is worse. I Do agree that he was underrated but not worse. KJW is also not overrated, i think he deserve all his recognations , he himself had once said, not all his projects was successful, some fails too.. it’s a part of thier work and he learns a lot from his mistakes and thankful that he is being recognize for his hard work. Some fans may not be able to understand the world of entertainment that’s why some artist gone unnotice and underrated.

  767. 767 : Best! Says:

    peace…thnks @lynn,sara and emily..i agree with u all.but i still like so much JH.for me…i like his secret talent and amazing acting skill.he can make multi acting..sorry.so i hope JH is the best in this drama becoz im his fan…faithing!

  768. 768 : sara Says:

    Glad we are such civil fans and can discuss about our fave actor in a nice way. Thank you guys. Enjoy reading your comments.

  769. 769 : Bina Says:


    i dont think who is the best actor and who is worst actor but i actually want see the main lead who get everything woman, success, carer, and maybe some achieve, this drama is good story line but i don’t wanna watched may my mother will like it but not for me if the main get loose for the second lead even is fav actor or fav actress, hopefully this drama could be more entertainment.

    Ho i liked both actor KJW and JH that two people have different style to deskripsion of the caracter they also have get after ward from their act carer. I like JH on romantic comedy have been act by him that’s is very entertainment. I like KJW on can your hear my heart and life is beatifull i like both actor. I’m little disappointed why KJW and JH must be face to face on one drama but on one side i also waiting JH acting on this genre like this.

    Hope the main lead Take it not the second lead SEE YA

  770. 770 : Bonnie Says:

    @ Lynn, I like what you said about Jae Hee. I like him a lot but he hasn’t picked any good projects after sassy girl. That makes me sad. Honestly, I can sit through Kim Jae Won’s dramas although I am not a fan, but I will sleep through Jae Hee’s dramas although I am a fan. That’s how bad his projects were 🙁
    I do agree that he is indeed underrated. If he was to choose better projects, he would be more recognizable.

  771. 771 : Gretz16 Says:

    May Queen Episode 24 Preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff0gdHhF0Hc&feature=youtu.be

  772. 772 : Gretz16 Says:

    In almost all thread that i visited about Jae Hee , i’m wondering why his fans keep complaining about his choices in drama ? i watch Sassy girl Chunyang and i find it OK… i’m not his fan but i don’t think he is a bad actor. So far he is doing quite well in May Queen although i don’t consider this project good for either Jae Hee or Jae Won. I’m a big fan of KJW, if i compare it from CYHMH, i think this drama will fall far behind in term of story outline. All the cast are great, but the story is not that entertaining… 🙁 i always use FF button while watching this drama..

  773. 773 : Bonnie Says:

    Gretz16, i think that’s the point Lynn and I are trying to make. The problem is Jae Hee really didn’t pick up good projects. Sassy girl might be just okay for you, but that drama gave him a lot of momentums due to high rating and his comical action. That’s the drama that get him awards. If Jae Hee could choose just ‘Okay’ dramas like that one, he might be more recognizable than he is right now. Like I said, if a fan like me couldn’t sit through his other dramas, non-fan like you will probably never be a fan, hehe. This is how he lost his momentum, I think. I do agree that there is nothing special about May Queen. In fact, this is Jae Hee second worse drama in a roll after his flopped drama color of woman 🙁

    No hard feeling here Gretz16, I am just trying to make point to support my favorite actor and it might be a bit subjective, but I do think that from time to time, luck can play a role in success. And Jae hee hasn’t been very lucky in choosing his projects. Sigh.

  774. 774 : ptsh836 Says:

    @sara, gretz16, lynn, karen, emily, anni, best, bina, bonnie n all fans of jae hee:

    i have the same feeling abt jae hee n his popularity in kdramas…i remember watching n rewatching him in ‘delightful girl, chunhyang’ for d first time n i liked him so much then…he was simply great in romantic-comedies n he had amazing chemistry with han chae young…so an idol was born. i then followed him to ‘witch amusement’ but dis drama was not very outstanding…i felt something missing, maybe chemistry issues with han ga in…i did not know what!

    but i persevered n was constantly on d lookout for his new dramas n came upon ‘1 mom n 3 dads’…here, he had to fight off 2 other big names for breathing space…again, he was not very outstanding here….i knew then the problem did not lie with him but his choice of dramas so i blamed his managers…o.0″

    when it came to ‘color of women’….i got smart suddenly…i read viewers’ comments beforehand to prepare for any possible heartache; i was right! i avoided dis drama n saved my sanity! ^^

    now…after hearing so much abt ‘may queen’ i put my trust in jae hee once again coz i also like kim jae won n han ji hye….looks like i never learn my lesson…jae hee has yet to really step out of his shadows n deliver his winning punch, strive with all he’s got n come out tops…on top of these 2 big stars…should i blame d drama once again or hold my horses n wait for that amazing moment any time soon???

  775. 775 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Bonnie, will… i understand that, it always happen in every artist not only to him. KJW also fail in his movie 100 Days w/ Mr.Arrogant but he is a bit more lucky because his fans support is very strong , his next projects always get above average rating and keep him on the right track. Actually what made him so attach in his fans in Korea is not only his drama projects but his outside activities, he sponsored Children charity in Korea and Japan since 2002 until now, he is also an army ambassador and University ambassador.. all this activities are outside his work but made him more close to people around. He receive a lot of recognition in his drama Romance and Great Inheritance , so does International Popularity award from China in 2005 and 2008 if i got it right. CYHMH is another good project for him . May Queen is only one of his drama so far that can be consider OK but not outstanding.

  776. 776 : Best! Says:

    Thanks all..i agree and like opinion u all..:).lets cheers and support our fan actor/actress!..but i also dislike to watch this drama now…nothing interesting since ep 20..sorry.maybe cause JH character not suitable for him in this drama..i miss his cool and romance acting..:(

  777. 777 : sara Says:

    I agree. Although choosing the suitable project is the main factor for an actor to be successful or not, but it’s not all. His outside activities, his relationship with people, his character as a human, his looks play a very important role too. Even advertisers are always looking for people who have positive image among people. Personally, i think smiling angel KJW is the man here. His character and his relationship with his fans and people make him more successful. People love his smile, his down to earth and hardworking personality. I remember when he injured his shoulder while filming Me too, flower. He was so devoted to his work that didn’t get surgery, waited for his shoulder to get better and at the end was forced to drop the drama. Even after that he sent a message for them and wished them luck. I’ve seen lots of celebrities hug their fans in their FM, but it was the first time i saw one of of them hug them with his whole heart and with a very big smile. You didn’t feel he was just doing that as a part of his activities. That’s why smiling angel is the king of our hearts. It’s not strange if people choose the one who can give them better feeling.

  778. 778 : sara Says:

    Dear admin,
    May i ask you to use the poster 4 above with child actors as the main picture of the thread? We still haven’t forgot their great performance. Thank you so much.

    (@sara from admin: poster 4 is great, but the current poster is the best poster to present this drama. thanks)

  779. 779 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Dear Admin

    The list of previews is up to 36 and the number of episodes above the synopsis says it is 32…so it is extended or must be a typo? Thanks.

    (@AjaAjaFighting! from admin: We just deleted the list of preview to 32. Thanks for inform us.)

  780. 780 : suju2011 Says:

    Please, Music Drama may queen

  781. 781 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    With only 8 episodes to go, I do not think there is enough time to punish the bad guys or prolly punishment would not be enough…too carried away that I would like to put them in a pot and boil them!!! Hehe!

    Love this drama! Still fighting!!! =)

  782. 782 : Gretz16 Says:

    Regarding about May Queen Extension guys, i read a news from Daily News Korea this morning, they confirmed that May Queen will end on December 23, which means the 6 episode extension was confirmed. 32 episodes suppose to end on Dec.02, but since it will end on 23rd… it will have a total episode of 38… which means 14 more episode to go… May Queen fighting..

    this is the link for the news confirmation …. http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1352102546413239002

  783. 783 : sara Says:

    Ep23, 24
    I wonder why i always waited for English sub while there ‘s no need for that when you watch a drama with the help of FF button, When the plot doesn’t move a bit, when they mostly talk about business and ships, when the only reason for my only fave. char. KS being there is to talk to HJ or to cheer her, when they just cry, yell, eat and hit, When the lead actress is too weak to be the lead.

    I don’t know how an uneducated girl knows more than a P.D? She wasn’t this genius in childhood. I’ve given up this drama since long time ago and seeing smiling angel’s pretty face is my only reason for watching this drama. Just watch CH-Inhwa’s kiss before HJ and KS ‘s eyes. The best example for comparing HJH, KJW’s acting. She just wide opens her eyes for showing any expression but KJW shows his surprise deeply in his eyes without making them round and this is not a challenging role.

    Such a terrible news really. The plot already is draggy and they are going to drag it more.

  784. 784 : hny Says:

    gets tired watch this week eps …esp the last scene of eps .24 ….HJ character become more dumb !…I don’t want to complain abt her actually ..but how come on that situations his act like wonder women who can fight with does ppl while a man besides her ask to wait , I know she already hard to makes that thing and love it…but she don’t have to be strong women …it’s a cruel action who make KS become the one who suffering the most !
    really dissaponinted …

  785. 785 : Anni Says:

    @ sara, i do admire your loyalty for KJW, but i think you are seeing this drama a way too negative and personal. Sometimes if you look one sided you will overlook the best. i always love KJW and i think he is doing really well in this drama if you look at him as his character Kang San not the actor KJW. the story is now moving forward and his character was the main high light…

  786. 786 : Anni Says:

    @ hny, i think hae joo was to concern about the plan and never consider about her safety. KS on the other hand acted more rational , he wanted to stop her because he knows it’s dangerous but because things gone fast he have to protect hae joo by all means, i actually feel that he was fighting at that time not because of the plan, he was fighting because hae joo was in danger.

  787. 787 : hny Says:

    that’s why I said his char eps by eps more more dumb n unlikeble ,really sorry if she is ur bias or else to u .but I follow this drama from begining not bcoz I KJW fan …I like his act but not so so …here HJ char is really not impress me …and the writter is the most to blame :))

  788. 788 : Anni Says:

    @ hny, i don’t really bother about the cast acting, for me they did quite well than expected that’s why the rating is very good. i’m more concern on whats going on the drama. things aren’t turning better for the leads but at least they get my full attention and im quite entertained too. i get too attach sometimes that i couldn’t help but to get angry every time the leads are being bullied… KS is the most pitiful now, he had a lot of things to take care of and hae joo isn’t much help….

  789. 789 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Though May Queen enjoyed 2nd and 3rd spots in the ratings in the past weeks, I only hope that this was not the only reason for the extension.

    Yeah, I feel that the phasing of the story is now becoming slow but am not complaining about it. I have already set my mind that MQ will end in 3 weeks time and adding 6 more eps I think would not contribute much to the story – it’ll just ruin the excitement and my interest (or perhaps of some viewers as well). Could they just include the 6 episodes in the DVD instead?

    Please conclude on the 32nd episode…Thank you!

  790. 790 : Gretz16 Says:

    i’m waiting for pay back time.. i think it’s gonna take forever,… poor KS, when is he going to have a chance to destroy Jang Do Hyeon,? Can they make it a bit faster?????

  791. 791 : Best! Says:

    @Anni, i think i agree with u about the cast acting did quite well…espclly char JH..he has struggle and do the best to be CH (adult) for multiply act..amazing.

  792. 792 : sara Says:

    This is only possible if you watch the drama for itself not bcoz of one of the actor. For me, KJW was the only reason from the beginning. I don’t like HJH and was frustrated about her casting. The subject matter is not interesting to me coz it’s more family like rather than melo. The real melo would be something like “innocent man”. You can see most of us are very disappointed at how drama is going forward and how they deal with KS character.

    As for good ratings, it doesn’t mean the cast is doing very well or the script is brilliant. You need to pay attention to the age range of viewers too. We witnessed really great acting and story line in the drama “Faith” and great acting in “Me, too flower”. But they were completely ignored by viewers. Ratings are just some figures for producers to earn more money but they can’t guarantee the quality of the drama.

    And the reason of my negative views is not just becoz i’m very disappointed at how the writer ignores KS as an individual not as KS, himself, there are other factors involved too. Anyway, i hope reading my comments don’t upset this drama fans.

  793. 793 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara, every time i miss our Angel Smile KJW, i always re-watch CYHMH… i never get tired to watch him on that drama.. 🙂 He is funny and cute in May Queen but the story can’t make you feel attach to the drama…. CYHMH story is great , you will be able to feel the emotion of every character. actually that’s the first drama i watch that i like all the cast including the villain stepfather and Bong Woori Aunt … every character was performed well… I love Cha Dong Joo, Bong Woori, and Jang Jun Ha, their relationship was very unique.. they are rival in love and wealth but love prevail between them as a family… I hope KJW will have another great drama like that in the future… really looking forward for it.

  794. 794 : sara Says:

    Agree. I also watch it time to time. CYHMH is a very sweet and heartwarming drama. A drama with lots of adorable characters. Oh, now that i read your comment, i feel like watching it again. I miss him so much. I started to watch romance too. He is just soooo adorable and innocent there. Specially the hot kiss/noodle scene. I wanted to eat him. MQ has made me so disappointed that i just want to watch him as a lead, as an actor not a model for clothes. Poor smiling angel, poor us.

  795. 795 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara ,
    In May Queen, product advertising are too obvious . I actually check all the clothes that KS wears, it look so simple but it’s all from famous designers and the price will really makes you say…Woowwww…. it’s really expensive…all the things that he wore from head to toe are sponsored by famous brands….

  796. 796 : angelie Says:

    Hae joo phone is also promotion …. she is using the latest GALAXY NOTE II… The bar where In Hwa and Chang Hee do the kissing scene is also one of there main sponsor. 😀

  797. 797 : Jane Says:

    Hello guys, do you think KS will die here???? i’M new here and miss a lot of part. I’m just wondering if KS will sacrifice his life to protect Hae Joo til the end. It seems like he is the only one she can depend on except from her uncle.

  798. 798 : Bonnie Says:

    @Jane, I am 100% sure KS will not die. No way!!! He is such an important character in this drama, so he is going nowhere, don’t worry! I am worried about Chang Hee on the other hand since he is a villain here. Although I am Jae Hee fan, I can’t help but thinking about Chang Hee’s downfall at the end of the story. sigh.

  799. 799 : Jane Says:

    @ Bonnie, why Chang Hee don’t help KS instead of going against him. He knows that KS treat Jang Do Hyeon as enemy which means they have the same goal, i don’t understand why he is fighting with KS also. KS didn’t do anything bad to him. He likes Hae joo but he is very fair… actually 3 of them are all victim here, helping each other is the best way to solve the problem.

  800. 800 : Karen Says:

    i want to ask something also. Does anyone have any idea why HJ doesn’t want to let her uncle know that she is his niece YOO JIN? She didn’t tell KS also that his father is her real father bestfriend…

  801. 801 : Best! Says:

    @Jane, i agree. KS, CH and HJ is main cast in multi character. they helping each other although different way..

  802. 802 : monika Says:

    the main poster is awful I couldn’t recognize the lead actress after I loved her in My boyfriend is B type A and My sweet eighteen!

  803. 803 : wazabi Says:

    l lost interesting..to this drama since joo hae joo end up with park chang hee.i really can’t continue watch them..because i feel sorry for kang san.

  804. 804 : sara Says:

    These are called “plot holes”. Even if you ask the writer, she can’t answer you. Bcoz she just wants to drag the story.

    That’s why i can’t like this drama. I know advertising is very important and using a famous, pretty actor like smiling angel for advertising is natural. But not at the price of scarifying him as an actor. Hyun Bin was a real alive model in SG/ I mean in a positive way, but the story was so strong that you couldn’t feel it. But here it’s so obvious that he is in lots of scenes just for advertising the cloths. Look at the scenes with him, grandpa and HJ. Boring, unnecessary scenes.

  805. 805 : Karen Says:

    But now Park Chang Hee want to marry In Hwa..he dump Hae joo to pursue his revenge to Jang Do Hyeon. Although i love to see Jang Do Hyeon suffer, i don’t agree on his way of taking revenge.. He is hurting everyone in the process.. I prefer KS way, he set his mind to take justice not revenge. His goal is motivated by love not hate. Sometimes people have the same goal but different purpose, that’s the difference between Chang hee and Kang San that why they have different way of dealing with it.

  806. 806 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara,
    i understand your point about the advertising but in any way i think promoting products won’t make any difference in the story of the drama, all of this are just props so it didn’t really bother me.

    Regarding the scenes between KS, his grandfather, and HJ,.. maybe we have different perception also. Actually i like those scenes, and i find it more entertaining than those scenes when HJ is nagging and yelling at her siblings. I personally love the bonding between the 3 (KS,HJ and Grandpa) :).. why?????… Although KS and HJ is not dating being close with their love ones is very important to develop a good relationship. Their bond is actually stronger because of that. Don’t you find it strange? Hae Joo was in relationship with CH for 15 years but they only had so little memories together. While KS and HJ are just good friends at the moment but already shared a lot of happy and memorable moments , actually most of their scenes are happy :)… I don’t really care now if they are going to date soon or not, what i want to see is how they solve all the problems together.

  807. 807 : jianpark Says:

    it’s very good drama, extended until episode 38…

  808. 808 : Badkitty0011 Says:

    omg omg ugh why do they keep letting the bad guys win. When is HJ and KS gunna get their justice like seriously I thought she was gunna get a break with finally finishing the thruster thing.

    The drama is so good tho one of my top 10 this year 🙂

    Hope Hae Joo can get justice after all shes been through

  809. 809 : Bonnie Says:

    @Jane, I think the reason that Chang Hee didn’t work with Kang san is because he want to gain the trust from Jang. If you watched the previous episode, Jang insisted Chang Hee to stay with him and serve him for the rest of his life or else he will let him and his dad suffer. So Chang Hee chose revenge and vowed to completely take away everything and bring down Jang. In order to do that, he needs to pretend to be Jang’s dog. If u think about it, Jang is not stupid for he knew all along that Kang san’s motive is to take back Haebong shipbuilding company since Jang took away that compant from his grandfather, so Jang also had a plan to block kang san from that. If Chang hee work with kang san, Jang will eventaully know that chang hee is not being faithful. Chang Hee will get caught and his plan of completely crush Jang will be ruin. I don’t think chang hee would want to risk that. Plus, Chang Hee didn’t know the story of Kang San and Hae Joo’s parents, so he doesn’t completely know the whole Kang san’s plan. Same goes to kang san, he doesn’t know the evil deeds Chang Hee’s father did in the past and what Chang hee has gone through. You have to remember that chang hee and kang san is not best friend, so their knowledge on one another is so shallow, so how csn they trust each other and risk their chance of revenge? Especially Chang hee, his revenge toward Jang is so strong that he wanted to destroy Jang completely while San just want back his shipbuilding company.

  810. 810 : sara Says:

    You know, maybe i’m complaining a bit too much. But as much as i love smiling angel, i’m disappointed at the story and writer. I wish smiling angel would choose another drama.

    I know what you mean. Those scenes are actually meant to make HJ-KS closer. But they are too cliche. They can choose better environment, better lines. You know choosing the shipbuilding business as subject matter is boring by itself. So they should choose fresh locations and situations for these three characters. Now, it seems the only important thing for HJ is shipbuilding. I don’t know why she can’t see KS as a man. She knows how he feels but pulls his leg and treats him like a child. While we know how sad and wounded he is. When she can notice it?

  811. 811 : Jane Says:

    @ Bonnie, i know what you mean, it’s not that i want CH help KS openly, what im trying ti say is, CH knows KS also want to destroy JDH , if he is smart enough he could help KS secretly by not letting JDH know about KS plans. Obviously he is stabbing KS now at his back just to make JDH trust him, that is very stupid move , he knows JDH he is not a person who would trust someone that once tried to betray him.. CH is too foolish to think that way.

  812. 812 : Jane Says:

    and another thing, CH knows that the company was taken by JDH from KS grandfather, isn’t it selfish to take something that by right belongs to someone else? I understand his hardship but he only think of himself when he is taking his revenge, his actions had no difference from JDH… he was blinded by hate and that makes me feel very disappointed of him even if i pity him.

  813. 813 : Bonnie Says:

    @Jane, well I feel your frustration. I am also frustrated because I know Chang Hee chose the wrong path for his revenge. But the situation is not permitted for him as I believe that Chang Hee cannot reveal the truth of his father’s crime to Kang san. Imagine what Kang san will react after finding out that Chang Hee’s dad killed Hae Joo’s father. He couldn’t even take the fact that Chang Hee’s dad abused Hae Joo. So the situation is a mess for Chang Hee. Now, tell me how do you manage to not let Jang suspect on Chang Hee? The moment Chang Hee works with Kang san, that meant Jang plan to control his current company is in jeopardy. And do you think Jang will not suspect Chang Hee? Remember, Chang Hee is the executive directior in Jang’s company, he is the next person who know almost everything regarding Jang business plan. So if something unusual happen, the first person that Jang suspect is Chang Hee. Do you think Chang hee want to that to ruin his plan. Absolutely not!
    Of course, we don’t see the whole story yet so at the end, who know, maybe after Chang hee bring down Jang, he will possibly become the Chang Hee we used to know in the beginning. Finger crossed although I doubt it since the plot pointed out that Chang Hee will become the president of Cheonji group. In reality, if a person can climb that high, he’s less likely to back down, so I expected the war between Chang Hee and Kang san. Indeed, Kang san will take it all at the end since the write will show that good deed always win over evil deeds. Again, I am also irritated with all this mess, but I kinda understand the whole Chang Hee situation. When Chang Hee decided to walk the dark, he will do it and whoever or whatever is on his way, he is going to step on it and pave the way for his success first.

  814. 814 : Diane Says:

    I really want to see HJ and KS being together at the end. I still think that this drama is one of the best in this year. Just hope that the ending will be satisfying since they extent it to 38.

  815. 815 : Bonnie Says:

    One more thing, Jane. You are right that Jang doesn’t trust chang hee yet since Chang Hee used to stabbed him. And chang hee himself knew it. This is why he tries so hard to make Jang trust him all over agian. His first goal is to gain a complete trust from Jang. He needs to help Jang wholeheartedly in order to gain that. If Chang Hee is just alittle careless, his plan will be over!

  816. 816 : Jane Says:

    will… it’s true that he needs JDH to trust him completely but using innocent people as an expense for his selfish motive is really unacceptable for me. Do think CH way of revenge is right? Actually he is digging his own grave by doing this.

    I’m a fan of both actors, so it’s not a problem to me who wins.. what i’m trying to justify is their characters on the drama…

  817. 817 : Janice Says:

    i don’t want to think this way because i like chang hee when he was young but i think his motive is not only to destroy Jang do hyeon.. he also want to destroy kang san because he feel inferior to him..

  818. 818 : Karen Says:

    KS is poor thing。。… when he was young he save CH life.. now he save HJ。。 he is suffering a lot because he is so kind… i hope he will be happy at the end.. he deserve to be happy and have a good life… i don’t know if CH can redeem himself but i hope he will be more considerate and think of others also because he is not the only one who suffer , everyone is a victim too..

  819. 819 : Bonnie Says:

    @Jane, at least we have something in common. That is, we all think that Chang Hee way of revenge is wrong. That’s why I told you in previous comment that I am so frustrated with his action. However, this is the path he chose. I expect this to happen since he chose to walk the dark. Do you expect him to have conscience toward Kang san? He even pushed away Hae Joo he loves so dearly, so who do you think Kang San to Chang hee? Noone! Of course if Kang san doesn’t involved with Jang, he will be safe. Unfortunately, he is!

    You might not care who win at the end, but I do care! Even though I am Jae Hee’s fan, I am not afraid to see him lose at the end. I want the writer to show everyone that there are ways to solve any difficult situations without attaching ourselves with sins. I want the writer to show us that we can deal with situation the way Kang san did, the way that is not causing harms to innocent people. I want the writer to send out a good message that greed and revenge will give us nothing and nothing at the end. Now I am just hoping that writer give Chang Hee to redeem himself and don’t let him suffer so miserably at the end. Finger crossed!

  820. 820 : Jane Says:

    @ Bonnie, i think that’s the message the writer is trying to convey. There are a lot of ways how to enforce justice. Chang Hee and Kang San took different way to deal with it even if they have the same goal. I hope this drama will give us good lesson at the end. Every decision you made in the present will affect your future, making a sensible and right decision is not an easy thing to do..

  821. 821 : Jane Says:

    In addition to that.. i think even if Kang San doens’t get involve with Chang Hee , he won’t be safe either.

  822. 822 : Jane Says:

    i mean, you know what kind of person is Jang Do Hyeon, he doesn’t want anyone to be succesful than he is. Given to Kang San availity he will surely get into the top even if he don’t take Jang Do Hyeon down. and this kind of thing is not acceptable to JDH.. Being the grandson of Hae Poong group owner KS have his own battle to fight and the possibility that JDH also killed his parents give him more reason not to give up.

  823. 823 : Bonnie Says:

    Well, that is what I said Jane. Kang san involved with Jang, that’s why the story is going the way it is. The moment he is in Jang way, war between them happens.
    Since this series is not ended yet, we can’t conclude anything. Let’s wait and see what will happen next, shall we? 🙂

  824. 824 : Best! Says:

    @Bonnie, yes i agree with u all comment…:)…i also JH fan.

  825. 825 : Caroline Says:

    OMG, Love Jae Hee oppa so much! Jae Hee oppa fighting!!!
    Is that true that Jae Hee oppa and Jae won oppa are best buddies? If so, why do us fans compare them? I am sure they have no intention for competing with each other. They are just trying to be the best they can be.

  826. 826 : Jane Says:

    @ Caroline , i think it’s true.. i read it in some news articles before.. they kniw each and work together since 2001 in the drama Wuri’s family.. their friendship start there. They also went on the army at almost the same time and hang out together during their break.. 😀 and now they are working together in May Queen.. the possibility that they become close friends are high.. will… comparing them is natural for fans but the actors i think they really take it personally..

  827. 827 : Jane Says:

    i mean they don’t really take it personally..

  828. 828 : sara Says:

    I don’t think they are best buddies. It ‘s better to say they are military buddies. Smiling angel KJW said in his interview that they drank together when they were on leave while in army but they haven’t been in contact after discharging. Anyway, he was happy to work with JH. I’m happy he is happy.

  829. 829 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hi guys… here is Episode 25 Preview.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkDbbYKFA-w :)…

  830. 830 : cembil Says:

    Watching the preview eps.25, seems KS is fine from the car accident on eps.24..pblms now, he has big enemy, JDH. JDH will put KS company in trouble. I think it is time for Hae Joo to help Kang San… 🙂

  831. 831 : cembil Says:

    @gretz16, thank you for sharing it. I am hoping no more sadness for KS on next episodes but I think still happens…ahh please let KS happy and keep smiling…no misery for him.

  832. 832 : sara Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Our kind KS is fine but he seems sad. I hope he can be happy.

  833. 833 : kimchilee Says:

    I’m into episode 23 and i really really cannot stand HJ now.. she is soooo horrible towards KS for wanting to go back to the Cheonji shipyard to work for Chang hae.. she even got into argument with KS over that.. how stupid can she get for going back? KS even offered her a job when she was out of it! aaarrrgghhhh… cant stand her.

  834. 834 : Jane Says:

    @ kimchilee , i think she just purely stubborn.. KS doesn’t want her to go back in ChunJi because everyone is bullying her and he just can’t stand it anymore. HJ don’t understand KS good intension, all she think about is her dream to make a ship.. she never think that she have more opportunity of doing that if KS succed on rtablishing Hae Poong …

  835. 835 : sara Says:

    Agree. I can’t stand her either. She is not “purely stubborn”, She is just too dumb and stupid. One of the worsen heroins I’ve ever seen in K-dramas plus HJH ‘s weak acting.

  836. 836 : cheezy Says:


  837. 837 : wazabi Says:

    i cant continue watching this drama..i really can’t bear KS being sad like that.HJ character make me hate her this far….cant stand watching her being cool to KS.

  838. 838 : chris Says:

    my heart was cut into pieces every time i watch KS in pain… i can’t continue watching him this..way 🙁

  839. 839 : gemerald Says:

    i want ks to stop loving hj. he deserve someone better than her. she is stupid and good for nothing loving her will cause him too much pain. i hate hj.

  840. 840 : sara Says:

    I watched KS’s part of ep 25 and my heart ached for him. I can’t stand watching him suffering like this. When he cried my heart was going to explode. Then i needed to watch a video of smiling angel where he was smiling widely to forget his crying, sad face unless i couldn’t sleep. This stupid HJ must pay back for all of his suffering. I hate her.

  841. 841 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hello guys… here is episode 26 preview http://youtu.be/NdqUOSL7s8o 🙂

    I’m so sad for KS too… to be honest… i started to hate HJ character for hurting him… that foolish boy love her so much.. otokke…????????/

  842. 842 : Scott Says:

    Typo –

    The name of heroine played by Jihye Han is not “Jeon” hae joo but “Chun” hae joo. Please correct the family name.

  843. 843 : Aga Says:

    i like KS…..hope ks always smile and happy in the end with success in ship company. hope ks forget hj to move life…

  844. 844 : gemerald Says:

    i think KS can never let go of HJ.. he was so in love .. even if he gets angry with her, ones she smile he can’t resist it.. i’m quite happy to see him ignoring her but it didn’t last long.. 😀 he can’t just ignore her specially when she started to act like flirting with him..it seems like she can’t bear to let her oppa giving her a cold shoulder too..

  845. 845 : hny Says:

    lazy!!!!….. I want watch this week eps but after read comments …makes me more lazy to watch this..so I decide to skip MQ.. I’ll wait for KJW next project, sajalahhhhh…bye smiling angel 😀

  846. 846 : Beepo Says:

    I think In Hwa is the most annoying creature….

  847. 847 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ hny , i love episode 26… try to watch it… 🙂 i get annoyed from the past episodes because they keep hurting KS but on episode 26 everything is going well on him except from having his grandfather in trouble at the end.. but most probably his grandpa won’t die.. … 🙂 Hae Joo started to realized that she like him because he gets mad at her and ignored her for some time… 🙂 i actually wish he should always get angry… he is so cute when he is mad at her, he doesn’t want to talk and ignored her calls… 🙂

  848. 848 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    I like this drama but I do not think the extension will keep up with the ratings, with the last epi fell at 4th…and yes, who knows? Can they just end it as per the original number of epis? They will just keep on dragging the story out with no substance. Just my thoughts!

  849. 849 : sara Says:

    Really? She starts to love him as a man? I still haven’t watched it coz i hate that stupid girl. So i need to watch it. Now, i’m watching Romance. Smiling angel cries so much. I just can’t take watching him crying and sad. That innocent face, OMG.

  850. 850 : Gretz16 Says:

    @sara , you can watch episode 26… things is getting a bit better between them but if you haven’t watch episode 25, you better don’t … KS was badly hurt on that part. 😉

  851. 851 : Gretz16 Says:

    rating always drop during Sunday because of different programs but i think episode 25 really affect viewers emotion and can’t stand to watch KS suffering so much that’s why rating drop badly on episode 26… they have to back up otherwise the rating will surely drop further.. most of viewers are KJW fans, it’s breaking their hearts to see him in so much pain, how can they watch him like that….

  852. 852 : hny Says:

    tq for tell abt ep 26..dahaeng-iya to hear she began likes him..but can’t continue watch now, perhaps after it end I’ll continue to watch n of coz if the story ending good 😀

  853. 853 : sara Says:

    I agree with you about ratings. I just watched ep 25 KS’s parts and couldn’t stand watching him suffering like that. I don’t get why he must suffer. It’s HJ’s story. She must suffer. Why the most popular character must beg for love while we viewers look at the screen with surprised eyes and question marks rounding our head? “why this girl keeps rejecting this angel of a man???????” %-}

  854. 854 : jeany Says:

    Is there any possibility that Kang San dad is alive… according to Jang Do Hyeon assistant , he was not sure… what does it mean? He was there when the car drop on the cliff and they search his body, then afterwards it was shown the car explode. Why it seems like something happen before the car explode… or is it just my wishful thinking??? I actually hope that KS father survive on that accident and he was the Noble Company President who’s been helping and supporting KS all this while. I find it weird when Mario (Noble Company Representative) told KS that the Noble President care for him so much. and beside, the same as KS father, the Noble president is also interested on oil drilling and wanted to get rid of Chun Ji … was it just a coincidence???

  855. 855 : yoan Says:

    where did u watch ep 16?i’m dying to watch it but the subtitle isn’t up 🙁

  856. 856 : yoan Says:

    * i mean ep 26

  857. 857 : Gretz16 Says:

    I watch it at dramacrazy.net , they just upload the english sub about an hour ago… 🙂 viki is not available in my region so used to watch it at dramacrazy.net … 🙂

  858. 858 : yoan Says:

    i see..i’ve download it already,just wait for the subs..guess i’ll hv to wait for a bit to watch it..
    thanks for ur info anw 🙂

  859. 859 : Gretz16 Says:

    that’s good. 🙂 episode 26 is much better than the past, it’s getting better and moving on.. i hope the writer won’t make a turn and lost the right track again.. 🙂 i feel giddy moving back and forth.. things aren’t clear yet but at least something interesting is going on rather than dragging about the birth secret of hae joo .. KS and their parents death , together with Jang Do Hyeon misdeeds getting light are more worth to watch… 🙂

  860. 860 : jianpark Says:

    i’m curious about the right hand of Jang Do Hyeon, i think something fishy on him.? he’s looks maybe, that why i’m curious… the story is getting better,. 🙂 i can’t wait for the next episode..

  861. 861 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ jianpark , you mean Jang Do Hyeon assistant (Mr.Choi) ??? That guy is heartless and cold he never hesitate to hurt or kill if he ask ti. But i hope he is one of those people who betray JDH later on.

  862. 862 : jianpark Says:

    @Gretz16, yap he is. i hoping it too, that he will betray JDH soon..
    viki is not working on my region too., i also watching it on dramacrazy.net. i really can’t wait, ’cause i really love it…

  863. 863 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ jianpark , me too.. i’m watching at dramacrazy. I wish this time KS succeed on rebuilding Hae Poong, II Moon betray his father, i don’t know know what’s going on to CH but i hope he don’t screwed up everything that Jung Woo is planning.. Assistant Choi may have some hard feelings towards JDH too because he’s been his assistant for a long time and JDH isn’t that nice.. i remember from the past episode on the child cast JDH slap him so hard and called him stupid because the yacht had leakage and the water goes into it getting his shoes wet… do you remember that part?

  864. 864 : Aga Says:

    so sad….i hope KS’s grandpa alive…and also hope KS against Jang without HJ….

  865. 865 : jian_park Says:

    @ Gretz16, i hope so that he will succeed. yeah, Il Moon betray his father. CH is too greedy for everything now, he is using In Hwa for his revenge for JDH. yap i remember that part because i don’t want to miss every single episode. you think that was Assistant Choi? and if that was Assistant Choi maybe he is planning something on JDH… by the way where you from?? just asking if you dont want to answer that’s okay… thanks

  866. 866 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ jian_park , I’m from Hongkong .. I love Kim Jae Won that’s why i watch this drama. 🙂 I use to check out all websites most (Korean and Chinese) for updates regarding this drama. 🙂

    Do you think Kang San grandfather will survive? , i hope he pass the info he got from that guy to Jung Woo before he die. II Moon gave Jung Woo some documents about JDH funds but most likely it was fake and planned by Chang Hee to put him in trouble, Jung Woo couldn’t put it in good used.

    Chang Hee is getting too far .. i hope it wasn’t too late for him to redeem himself. Playing with In Hwa feelings won’t do him any good…

    On the other hand , Everything seems doing well on Kang San side right now, having Noble Company as his back up, for sure he can enter Chun Ji again and make some headache for JDH company. I just hope HJ won’t screwed up things again, she is a bit careless and ignorant for causing trouble on KS without even realizing it.

  867. 867 : jianpark Says:

    @ Gretz16, so your from Hongkong, me, i love RAIN (BI). 🙂 i see kim jae won before and i find him cute when he smiles. were the same i also check out the websites just to watch drama. most korean and japanese.

    i hope Kang San grandfather will survive. because i think it’s not time for him to go. Il Moon give some papers to Jung Woo and i think that was a fake too because Chang Hee is behind that., and Chang Hee is too angry to Il Moon.

    you got it right Chang Hee is getting too far..

    yap everthing is going smooth on Kang San sides,. hope that he will succeed to what he was planning. 🙂

    me i can’t wait for the next episodes, they dont preview it. so i’m so excited. 🙂

  868. 868 : Gretz16 Says:

    The preview usually come out every Friday afternoon.. 🙂 I like RAIN too 🙂 i love his drama The Fugitive : Plan B .. but because i’m a long time fan of Kim Jae Won, he is always # 1 in my heart. I like a lot of Korean actors but only few had gained my loyalty and on my top list aren’t new artist, most of them are on Entertainment for decades. My top 3 favorite actors are Kim Jae Won, Kwon Sang Woo, and Hyun Bin but i really appreciate those artist with great talents aside from them.. it’s just that my loyalty is on this 3 actors.. i love them since i was 16 years old, and now i’m 27 and still loving them the way i did as before…

    May Queen is a bit inconsistent on their story plot, sometimes i find it interesting, sometimes it makes me angry.. 🙂 but surely , i will keep watching it ’til the end.. 🙂

  869. 869 : jianpark Says:

    @ Gretz16, i watch the The Fugitive: Plan B for just 2 nights. i like CNBlue too.
    i watch Kwon Sang Woo in Stairway to Heaven Cinderella Man and Daemul. i like him too.
    sometimes i think i’m too old for this stuff, like watching korean drama, liking some korean actor but this me. it’s make me feel happy. i’m 32 but i really enjoying watching it.
    i watch My Queen because of Han Ji Hye, because i saw her in Sweet 18. and she’s cute there. so that’s why i’m watching it.
    i like the first few episodes. i cried watching it,.

  870. 870 : Gretz16 Says:

    I only watch Han Ji Hye at East of Eden , i don’t know much about her but i like her in that drama. In May Queen, the character that was given to her aren’t so good, i love her when she is happy and smiling, the way she deliver it is very natural, but she’s having a problem when she cried or delivering scene with deep emotion, her face expression doesn’t change at all or it’s just blank, i don’t know why. I’m not saying she’s a bad actress but there’s something lacking on her that i couldn’t attach my feelings on the way she act. Maybe because of the script or directing i also don’t know… i don’t mean any offense, i hope you don’t feel bad about it…

  871. 871 : jianpark Says:

    of course i don’t feel bad, i also notice it to her.
    i also like Kim Sun Ah.
    thanks to you i have someone to talk about this things. 🙂

  872. 872 : jianpark Says:

    @ Gretz16 are you a member in the fans club that Kim Jae Won have in facebook?

  873. 873 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ jianpark , yes i am… i’m actually the creator of that page. I’m Admin.CHEN of the fans club. I manage it together with other loyal fans from Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Taiwan. We also manage the May Queen page on facebook.

    Kim Sun Ah is the girl in Scent of a Woman right? i watch a lot of drama and most of the time i can only remember their character name not the real one.. 🙂 I watch that drama because i like Lee Dong Wook :)..

  874. 874 : Gretz16 Says:

    I’m quite surprise that you know about Kim Jae Won Fans Club on facebook .. it was created not long ago.. about 11 months almost 1 year by now. Usually i hang out on the Official Fans Cafe in Daum net Korea and Chinese KJW fan site Baidu .. but because of language and communication problem we decided to create a fans club for English speaking fans.. KJW had 2 Official Fans Cafe, one in Korea, the other is in Japan but recently he acknowledge various fans club , KJW DC Gall which is manage by Korean University Students, KJW Star Zone also in Korea but manage by different fan group, then KJW International by Taiwan fans Group, and another one in China i forgot the name of the group. He also have Killer’s Smile family from Vietnam and Thailand FC.. His fans are huge but divided into groups because of language differences but we often communicate as one when there are activities in his Official Fans Cafe in Daum .. Because May Queen is coming to an end all the fans club is planning to organize a celebration, it’s going to be held in Korea but fund raising are contributed by all.. 🙂

  875. 875 : jianpark Says:

    i have my facebook account and i search for KJW, that’s why i know it. i love to read the comment on that page and all the picture is so nice. can i join that club? on your club for KJW. is really nice to hear that everyone is having a Group although it’s divided because of the language differences.
    –by the way i’m from Philippines..

  876. 876 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ jianpark , sure .. feel free to join the club.. most of the new members now are from Indonesia , Taiwan and Vietnam because Can You Hear My Heart was aired on their country recently. And one thing i think i should let you know also.. I’m from Philippines too but currently living in Hongkong … nice to know you here. 🙂 I hope May Queen will be successful overseas just like CYHMH did. This year CYHMH DVD was top selling in Japan … 🙂

  877. 877 : jianpark Says:

    thank you… so your from philippines too. nice too know that. i think i’m going to start to watch CYHMH,. of course May Queen is going to be successful, because KJW is there… 🙂

  878. 878 : Gretz16 Says:

    🙂 @ jianpark … i hope so…May Queen cast are great too. all of them had unique talents. 🙂 anyway Can You Hear My Heart is highly recommended.. for sure you will like it … it’s not just about love story, it’s also about family and you will learn a lot of lesson in life..

  879. 879 : jianpark Says:

    your right, all cast are great :)… i’ll take it from you, i’ll start to watch it tonight., THANKS. it’s nice to chat w/ you, hope to chat w/ you again here…
    THANKS again… 🙂 🙂

  880. 880 : yoan Says:

    it’s fridayy..and i’m waiting gretz16 to post preview for next eps 😀 😀

  881. 881 : jianpark Says:

    i’m waiting too… i’m excited…

  882. 882 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ yoan and jianpark … 🙂 the official website haven’t post the video for episode 27 preview… i’m waiting too… i will upload it on youtube probably tonight… 🙂 …

  883. 883 : jianpark Says:

    @Gretz16, Thank you… i’m planning not to sleep tonight because i can’t stop watching Can You Hear My Heart,. this is really great story and the way they act, really awesome, the best… 🙂 🙂

  884. 884 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ jianpark … 😉 you know what, when i was watching that drama i sleep around 3am for the whole week just to finish it.. it’s really great ,you can’t bear to stop watching until your eyes give up.. 😀

  885. 885 : yoan Says:

    wow,i’m planning to watch CYHMH too..i’ve downloaded it,but because both drama starring KJW, afraid i’ll mixed up their character lol..so i guess i’ll watch it after MQ ends 🙂

  886. 886 : Gretz16 Says:

    Guys, here is May Queen Episode 27 Preview… 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUrlJLQT-bM&feature=colike

  887. 887 : jianpark Says:

    @Gretz16, thanks… 🙂

  888. 888 : jianpark Says:

    @yoan, you should watch it, it’s a great story…
    @Gretz16, i can’t help it. i don’t want to stop until i finished it… again Thanks for the preview of May Queen, 🙂

  889. 889 : Gretz16 Says:

    Here is May Queen Episode 28 Preview… 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hO-Y6tLyQo&feature=colike

  890. 890 : sara Says:

    That stupid, good for nothing HJ is still crying over CH’s marriage while KS is in that bad situation? I really hate her. I’m tired of my own complaining. Why choose such drama smiling angel?

  891. 891 : haibara Says:

    @sara really? CH and IH finally married? i stop watching it since ep 12. i’m tired with HJ.. and continue with reading the recap until ep 24 and stop reading it too.. the story become boring and draggy..
    KJW,,, why you choose this drama.. T.T

  892. 892 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara and haibara , 🙂 i know you find this drama not suitable to our Angel Smile KJW, but i hope you still give your full support because he is doing his best in this drama. As a fan we have to appreciate his effort and hard work. 🙂 And i have a good news for you guys … KJW was chosen by MBC to be the representative of May Queen for Best Actor in 2012 drama awards.. they started the online poll 2 days ago, and the result will be 20% of the overall ranking.. he is now on 2nd place , the leading drama is Bridal Mask (Gaksital) , but the votes are very close … You can check the result at http://awards.emn.kr/news/index.php?tcode=starpoll303

    There are a lot of drama in 2012, being in second place is very good for him.. 80% will be base on the judge rating but i know he stand a chance to get that awards because he is doing quite well now.. 🙂 fingers cross … i want oppa to win this year…

  893. 893 : HellsHeaven Says:

    Why that dummy HJ at their wedding? I am also tired with HJ and do not want to see her face in drama.
    HJ character is without any pride and I as far as I remember her love for CH started since they fell from bycycle one day.
    KS is too good for her, she only deserve CH the backbone less man.

  894. 894 : HellsHeaven Says:


    How can I vote there ? I do not understand its all Korean language :/

  895. 895 : ptsh836 Says:

    @sara #890:

    you’re lucky you were not told to ‘just drop it’ (this drama) by some overbearing n impatient fans judging fr the number of times you hated HJ ;)…

    for the time being, KS is not getting any support from anybody, not even HJ n grandpa, his only living relative is now dead! what to do but to bear the pain KS is suffering now…he can only hope that clueless HJ will once n for all remove CH fr her system; its about time she lets him go n move ahead with her ship building dreams or else its gonna take forever to achieve it!

    a heroine who spends all her productive time moping around for her first luv is simply too taxing on our nerves n too lame….aaargh, enuf is enuf!…get a move on n start focusing on poor luv-starved KS instead ……^^!

  896. 896 : Jane Says:

    @ HellsHeaven , i think HJ attend the wedding to congratulate them and see by herself how silly she is for loving a man who is not worth loving for.. 🙂

  897. 897 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ HellsHeaven , you have to register on the site before you can vote, if you are using google chrome app , it’s very easy to register because the whole site will be translated in English … once you registered, just click KJW photo and the voting window will appear … you only have to click the RED CHECK sign to get your vote counted … 🙂

    Note: On the registration form you need to write your name in Hangul (Korean) , to solve that problem, you just copy and paste any Korean word that you like will do .. then answer the rest of the information needed… 🙂 i just register last night.. it’s fast and easy…

  898. 898 : HellsHeaven Says:


    Thanks 🙂

  899. 899 : sara Says:

    Agree. That’s why i say i’m tired of my own complaining. I wish i could drop it. I just watch smiling angel’s parts anyway but i can’t drop it completely. Just the thought of him being in a drama makes me happy but for example last night, i watched the last 15 min and he was on bed with unshaven face, sooo exhausted, lonely and hopeless. Still he forced himself to smile widely when facing HJ’s family. As much as we love KJW or any character he plays, we can’t bear seeing him this wrecked while he just has helped the girl from the beginning. It’s childish but as if the writer hates smiling angel.

  900. 900 : sara Says:

    Good news. Thank you for sharing.

  901. 901 : sara Says:

    I voted. He is at the top now. Go and vote smiling angel’s lovers.

  902. 902 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara , did you manage to register on the voting site? i saw your name post a message for KJW but not sure if it was you… my username on that site is Gretch16… He is leading on the first place right now and i’m so happy for our Smiling Angel…

  903. 903 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara , i just saw your name… i posted new cheer comment after your message on that site…

  904. 904 : Prinna Says:

    Hopefully Hae Joo and Kang San are together in the end. Hae Joo is stupid enough to go back to Jae Hee after being betrayed! Look at Hae Joo’s mom, how stupid she is that her current husband did all kinds bad thing to her real daughter and her previous husband. Nobody will forgive this kind evil person!

  905. 905 : cheezy Says:

    Greedy, Greedy, Greedy, thats all chang hee is all about, power and greed.
    thats what his aiming for, and his gettin it soon. Oh yeah KS and HJ I truly
    hope they get together in the end. Pleeeezzzz happin endin, cuz they had
    too many sadness in their whole entire life. Her real mom, she just act so
    I feel like throwin up when I see her. How can she married that disgustin
    man. No wonder the brother inlaw can’t stand her. Shes disgustin herself.

  906. 906 : Ippy Says:

    cheezy #905

    I thought Chang Hee is trying to bring down the company? He indirectly planted the evidence that had the bad boss arrested in ep27. He hates that family for the way his father and he were treated. So he’s on a revenge.

    I don’t get that strange way the actor (Jae Hee) speaks. His lips and eyes move but his face is deadpan. What’s that about? Is that normal for him or a portrayal of his character? Anyone know?

  907. 907 : grace Says:

    @ Ippy , he is trying to destroy Jang Do Hyeon for revenge but he want the company for his own. The reason why he is directly trying to ruin KS at the same time is because KS wanted to destroy the company to rebuild Hae Poong. His motive is not just revenge but also greed…

  908. 908 : Diane Says:

    i think the drama is good (there are more better drama), but it would’ve been better if there are romance in it….KS and HJ of course…..

  909. 909 : Caroline Says:

    Oh man, Oh man, oh man. Though I want KS to be with HJ, but ep 28 really made me cry for CH and HJ. The scene at tourism place is really touching and heartbroken for both of them. When CH called out HJ at that place, I wanted to bust out crying. For a second, the old and sweet CH came back. Such a powerful moment. That moment CH called HJ’s name, there was something deep behind that name. There was so much left unsaid in that one little word.
    “Hae Joo ah”, she turned around and he couldn’t say a word. But you could see it all written in his face. What a price he paid. Even with all the bad things he does every now and then the old sweet CH pops out in this ep. He won’t be happy coz he gave himself over to the devil. I think his misery has just begun. sigh. This kind of situation really make me go crazy.

  910. 910 : Alice Says:

    @ Caroline , sorry but i don’t agree with you if you want to say CH called Hae Joo name with full of love, i’d rather say it was full of guilt and regret because he choose to hurt her and use as an expense for his revenge. Of all the things in the world, i believe that love has the power to change everything and CH doesn’t have that. His love for HJ wasn’t strong enough to take away the hate in his heart. Actually if we really think about it, KS had more reason to grow hate in his heart but because he choose to love than hate he don’t have any regret…

  911. 911 : chris Says:

    i agree with alice. CH deserve more punishment and pain because of the bad deeds that he made. I use to like him more than KS because i find him pitiful but the things that he had done to others specially to KS and HJ are really something unforgivable. If he hurt them unpurposely, it’s acceptable, but because he did all the bad things purposely for his own benefit that really made me hate him to the core. Even if the writer kill him instantly i won’t have any complain.. sorry… i hate CH and feel so bad for KS….i hope he find happiness that he deserve…

  912. 912 : sara Says:

    Yeah, I registered and put a message for him. I saw your message . I’m Soooo happy for our adorable smiling angel too.

  913. 913 : sara Says:

    I agree with you about JH’s acting. It was better in the beginning of his revenge but now he only tries to show his anger and frustrations through unnatural face mimic and seems more like robot. Look at Song Joong Ki’s acting in Nice Guy to realize how real melodramatic acting means. I feel it’s difficult for him to adjust himself to getting away from his usual acting style.

  914. 914 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hi guys… since we are all here for May Queen and our favorite cast … please support May Queen on the online poll in this site… click here to vote… http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=23799

  915. 915 : sara Says:

    Although our smiling angel is one of the cast. The drama itself is terrible and is not deserved to be among the best when we have other excellent ones. Smiling angel’s fan are already disappointed in the drama or has dropped it.

  916. 916 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara , i get what you mean 😀 and i do feel the same . It may sound a bit unfair to other dramas that have a better plot but KJW got my full support,.. i’m voting because of him , regardless what kind of story the drama had.. his character was perfectly portrayed and that was good enough for me to go on.。

  917. 917 : Gretz16 Says:

    News Update : May Queen: Kim Jae Won Shines With His Acting, Not Looks

    While Kang-san may have fallen, Kim Jae-won shined out with his acting skills, in addition to his looks.
    Kim Jae-won’s appearance in the drama ‘May Queen’ has been met with acclaim for his bright and sunny portrayal of Kang-san, who hides his sadness with his smiles. The charming Kang-san’s smile was only possible with Kim Jae-won, the fans have claimed.
    When Kang-san loses his loving grandfather Kang Dae-pyung (Ko In-bum) because of Jang Do-hyun (Lee Duk-hwa), and loses his fortune to boot, on the 27th episode of the drama, his acting skills have earned great acclaim as well. Kim Jae-won’s rage and wailing was intense enough to wipe out the playful and bright Kang-san as we knew him.
    Losing everything, screaming, and going into a shock, losing words, trying his very best to suppress his screams, Kim Jae-won’s breathtaking portrayal of Kang-san’s anger was the high point of the episode, and the testament to the actor’s ability.
    Kim Jae-won’s good looks earned him a reputation as the ‘pretty boy actor’, perhaps unfairly belittling his acting skills with his excellent vocals and refined acting because of his reputation as a handsome prince.
    Kim Jae-won’s portrayal of Kang-san was surely a testament to the actor’s abilities in ‘May Queen’. Conveying both the charms of a charming character and his intense emotions with excellence, his presence in the show is surely a gift to the drive of ‘May Queen’ and its strength, reaching over 20% ratings in its last episode.

    Source: http://koreandrama.com/may-queen-kim-jae-won-shines-with-his-acting-not-looks/

    Newsen.com and TVDaily.kr

  918. 918 : Caroline Says:

    @ Alice and Chris, Sure, CH was not forced to do the bad things, also he messed up, by not telling HJ the truth about his father killing HJ’s father. but some part of me blames HJ who isnt there for CH, nor really interested what problems he had even she realized that he had serious problems, turning him several times down. sure enough, he has gone insane and mad. CH is a bad, but his father and DH made him that, if HJ had cared for him and left with him things may have been different. I know she couldn’t desert her family but, it was clear CH was in pain and needed her. That was the man she loved and she couldn’t go with him to find out what was wrong, her family wouldn’t have died if she took a few days to be with him. Once she walked away she sealed her own fate and even if she didn’t know it she was making a choice.
    Once DH men grabbed him he had to make a choice between his father or HJ and if he had chosen her and she found out what his father had done would she still want to be with him, I doubt it. DH and CH father gave him no choice but to join the DH team and for that he plotted revenge. CH didn’t go out of his way to hurt HJ in the beginning but she kept holding out hope that they would be together, so he had to get drastic to dash those hopes. Regarding Alice’s comment that CH doesn’t love HJ enough, you are wrong, He fully and truly loved her and still loves her. He even left behind his father that is doomed and desperately wanted to get away with her. I know that he lied to her, but who wouldn’t? His situation is irreparable because if anyone knows how much HJ loved her adopted Dad, CH was fully aware of this. And here he finds out that his very own father murdered the father of the woman he loves. How do you fix that? I don’t think you can.

  919. 919 : Jane Says:

    @ Caroline , are you trying to say that CH wrongdoings are justified because his father, and Jang Do Hyeon give him no choice but to become bad and Hae Joo deserted him for the sake of her family.??? I think being good or bad is a choice that only him can decide for himself. You can’t blame others for that specially when you are hurting those innocent people just to get even on those people who hurt you.

  920. 920 : Ippy Says:

    @grace – 907

    Ahhh ..you’re right. The greed is there, yes.

    So the apple don’t fall far from the tree.

    Chang Hee’s more capable than his father, but they are really both just selfish mofos.

    But I wonder why the scriptwriter is prolonging Hae Joo’s “penny drops” moment? Seems like forever. That moment when she flashes that Chang Hee’s love was for his own gratification. A love that is about as deep as ones affection towards a pet. A pet it seems he wilfully threw away when it could no longer serve his interest. Wae? Wae? Wae?

  921. 921 : Caroline Says:

    @Jane, Well, if only all the people can just go to the good side, there will be no bad people in this world. Surrounding and situation can make a person a certain way. Sure, we choose to do bad thing or good thing by our own, but people around us can be a crucial factor that can lead us to become good or bad. Don’t you think that it is important to raise a child in a good environment? I bet a lot of people say that it is very very important. That’s something you can’t deny. Sometimes, people are stretched so far beyond their physical and emotional limits. That explain why certain people behave in a certain way. I am not saying that I don’t blame those people who commit sins, but I am saying that they are making a mistake. Everyone has demons inside and for some people, demons got the best of them. I work in psychiatric hospital and I am actively involved in human right abuse organization, so I can say that I fully understand the situations of the patients and victims from reading numerous cases. Sure, I blame CH for choosing revenge and allow the devils to take over him, but at the same time, I understand his situation. Sure, I don’t support him for hurting innocent people, but what is the definition of demons? For me, when you are a demon, there is nothing you can do but to hurt others that are in your way. When you choose a path, whether it is good or bad, you want to succeed because you are the one who choose to walk on that path.

  922. 922 : Caroline Says:

    lol, didn’t realize I wrote out such long comments here 😀

  923. 923 : HellsHeaven Says:

    875 @ Jianpark

    I think the biggest one is Kim Jae Won Fans Club (in FB)

  924. 924 : May Queen | Haru2subS – High Quality English Subtitles for Korean Dramas Says:

    […] Chun Hae Joo (Han Ji Hye) is a woman who pulls herself up from a harsh life and makes a name for herself in the shipbuilding industry. Park Chang Hee (Jae Hee) and Kang San (Kim Jae Won) are the two men who war for her love. – Korendrama.org […]

  925. 925 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ HellsHeaven 923 , Kim Jae Won Fans Club on FB is considered small , the FB fan page that is manage by Chinese fans from Taiwan is much bigger. The only advantage of KJW FC , most of the members speaks English and can communicate well.

  926. 926 : HellsHeaven Says:


    This one has above 4000 like but more active thn that of 12000 like. I do not know which one is managed by Taiwanese.

  927. 927 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ HellsHeaven, the page with 12K LIKES is no longer active because the owners account was block and she can’t update it. The page that was manage by fans from Taiwan have 9K LIKES.. but also less active than the KJW FC with 4K members…

  928. 928 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Now watching ep 27…hmmmm…since Il Moon has no ally, looks like he’ll be on Hae Joo and Kang San’s side in the end. IM will also be the one who’ll divulge to his stepmother that her real daughter is still alive.

    Romance between HJ and KS started to blossoms, I think.

    My predictions again, LOL!

    Fighting! =)

  929. 929 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Done watching ep 27, defo a tearjerker! Still waiting for ep 28 eng sub 🙂

  930. 930 : JP Says:

    Wow…superb esp 28. There were a lot of emotions especially when KS homeless and the scenes when HJ and CH met at a place when they were dating. Also, when CH on the altar met with HJ’s eyes…one can really felt emotially related to their despair. Please vote ‘May Queen’ for the Besr Drama 2012 as it deserves to be in Top 5. Currently, it is way behind on the 10 or 11th spot.

  931. 931 : Zira Says:

    I hope that HJ will like KS soon…

  932. 932 : HK Says:

    it’s good if Hae Joo with Kang San, Chang hee with In Hwa and Il Moon with Young Joo(Hae Joo’s sister)….. lol 😀

  933. 933 : jianpark Says:

    waiting for the episode 29 preview…
    hope that Hae Joo will realized that Kang San is the right man for her… 🙂

  934. 934 : JJ Says:

    Please vote for this drama.
    Yesterday it was in the top 5 and now it’s down to the 12th.

  935. 935 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hello guys… 🙂 here is May Queen Episode 29 Preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D07yWbtm4M
    Don’t miss to watch tomorrow night :)…

  936. 936 : fourgreenrose Says:

    The lead female character, Hae Jo, should be a young, intelligent and gifted woman. Even so, she cannot be a team leader for design team and cannot be expert in propeller design without any education. It is not realistic.
    She should be a nice and lovely girl, but she always shoot from the hip. She eat like a beggar, disgusting, and her outfit is really awful. I like Han Ji Hye very much and she try her best to act in this drama, but the character is not well defined and not balanced. I am a little bit despointed, Mr. Son Young-mok, because Presindent and Empress Chun Chu were good dramas.

  937. 937 : sara Says:

    I totally agree with you about HJ’s character. She is just an uneducated welder but she knows more than KS who has P.H.D. Even her father was just an uneducated worker and he died when she was 14. How she knows lots of things just by welding? CH is a prosecutor but now the director of a shipbuilding company. What he knows about shipbuilding is yet to be discovered. Ilmoon was always second but he was very smart and good in studying. How he’s turned to a stupid, back stabber character, we should ask the writer. And somebody tell me how old HJ’s aunt and uncle are? A simple calculation can tell they should be over 45. But they haven’t changed a bit after years. Weak work of make-up artist.

  938. 938 : lemon Says:

    plzzzz tell me who the main actor? Jae Hee or Kim Jae Won

  939. 939 : lemon Says:

    i dont want to watch dis drama if Ja Hee is not main actor… bye2 may queen

  940. 940 : you Says:

    there to many comment from KJW fan… not breathing here

  941. 941 : Bonnie Says:

    @Lemon, people are saying KJW is the main lead, but if u watch the drama, u will definitely feel that Jae Hee is the main lead coz his story line is focused a lot. He got alot of airtime. But he is a villain here, so u might hate him for his actions.

  942. 942 : sara Says:

    It’s not important who’s the lead. What’s important is who’s the scene sealer and here he is smiling angel KJW. That’s why he has been chosen as the nominee for the best actor award.

  943. 943 : eny Says:

    this story is more about chang hae/ jae hae

  944. 944 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hi guys, episode 30 look promising … here is May Queen Episode 30 preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pc76XZKkm0c&feature=youtu.be

    @ sara , don’t bother about those who are keep insisting who is the lead, it’s just a waste of time. We all know who is the main attraction in this drama and that’s it. 🙂 Just enjoy the show..

    Anyway, Smiling Angel KJW is leading on the online poll for Best Actor Award 2012 in Korea, they have a very close competition with the leading man of the drama”Nice Guy” . Kim Yoo Jung is also leading first on Most Outstanding Actress beating Son Eun Seo who is also nominated on the same category , Annaesang is also leading for Most Outstanding Actor .. I’m actually having fun monitoring the result. Even if the it’s only 20% of the overall result, i’m quite happy that KJW was supported by his fans well …

  945. 945 : Anni Says:

    Just want to make a clarification, this drama is about Hae Joo (Han Ji Hye) . It’s not about Chang Hee (Jae Hee) nor Kang San (Kim Jae Won). You all have to understand that having long or short screen time doesn’t mean they are the leading artist. The PD have to drag the story to catch the target episode. And any way, the 3 artist are the main characters . Just by looking at the official poster your common sense already can tell you that.


  946. 946 : you Says:

    seem like i watch baker king kim tak goo once again…. couple was not what we were expected…

  947. 947 : Anni Says:

    @ you , sometimes what makes us disappointed is our expectation. It’s actually not the writer or PD’s fault.

  948. 948 : Lynn Says:

    @Lemon, if you are JH’s fan, you should watch it to support him. Don’t worry , you will see him a lot in this drama. Like Bonnie said, he gets a lot of screen times. If you are a fan, You will pity him by trying to understand his twisted feeling and situation, rather than hate him.

  949. 949 : JP Says:

    To all May Queen’s fans, please remember to vote http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=23799. It deserves a better racking. 😃

  950. 950 : sara Says:

    I also check the result and am very happy to see him at the top. That’s why i say he is the scene sealer. He has such loyal fans. But you know Song Joong Ki ‘s fame is sky racketing these days and his performance in Nice Guy was super excellent. I wonder who the judges will choose. Hope it will be our smiling angel.

  951. 951 : ida basarang Says:

    i hope HJ love KS too…

  952. 952 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ sara, I know that Song Joong Ki is doing well too. He is a junior actor with great talent and potential , also quite popular among youngsters who often use internet. But Kim Jae Won talent and popularity was proven and the loyalty of his fans is really great. Did you notice? During day time and working hours in Asia , Song Joong Ki always get high votes, that means he is popular among students. While Kim Jae Won votes are in it’s highest rate during night time and off work , which means his supporters are around those age that is already working, let’s just say around his age. 🙂 Anyway, both of them seems to have a good chance on getting the award. 80% will be up to judges, so let’s hope that our Smile Angel got their favors. Fingers cross.. 🙂 KJW fighting..

  953. 953 : sara Says:

    Agree with you. He even was behind SJK once. SJK is 27. Our smiling angel 31. Just 4 years difference. I wonder why their fans range of age is very different. They even both are milky white or it’s better to say they both are like strawberry milk. Haha. They have different auras.

  954. 954 : Gretz16 Says:

    @sara , our Angel Smile although quite young looking than his age, he was more mature. His fans range are aging 20-35 , that this age most of women are attracted with guys with more mature personality. SJK seems to attract younger fans like students because of his dramas, he was paired with younger actress and also most of it are love story. KJW projects are mix with love story and family drama. both of them are good actors. Neither one is OK to me… 🙂 to be fair..

  955. 955 : gemerald Says:

    Guys… you have to watch episode 30… it’s great. I love it. San and Hae Joo is already dating…

  956. 956 : Janice Says:

    Episode 30 is debaek. <3 KS and HJ relationship getting into the next level pluz JDH crimes was slowly uncovered all thanks to uncle Jung Woo. Can't wait for the next episode. May Queen Fighting….

  957. 957 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Admin. please update the rating for episode 30
    TNmS Result:
    Seoul : 24.8% – rank 2nd
    Nationwide : 20% – rank 2nd

    AGB Result:
    Seoul : 22.6% – rank 3rd
    Nationwide : 21% – rank 2nd

    thank you 😀

  958. 958 : haibara Says:

    Really? KS and HJ started to dating? hmm… wanna watch it again… since Nice guy ended, i just watch Missing you.. wanna watch this drama again…

  959. 959 : Jane Says:

    now hae joo stalking kang san. this is funny.. he is avoiding her and she keep following him instead. 😉 hehehe change position… i hope KS reject her again just like what he did in episode 29… he is really cool when he gets angry.. i love it:

  960. 960 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    She kissed and they hugged…with 8 more epis to go, not sure what to expect in the coming episodes…anyway, MQ fighting…!!!

  961. 961 : you Says:

    i want chang hee n hae joo.. y dis drama twist like dat..
    i dont want to watch next epsde..really dispmnt…

  962. 962 : xixi Says:

    KS and HJ, I am telling ya, I am still getting the friendship vibes from these two. Absolutely zero sparks from them, sigh!

    I guess, the writers made CH and HJ love too strong since the beginning coz I still have a feeling that CH-HJ love is still burning. Too bad earlier plot was all centered around HJ and CH, so KS was kinda left out.

  963. 963 : cheezy Says:


  964. 964 : cheezy Says:


  965. 965 : ptsh836 Says:

    ive yet to see epi 30 but in epi 29, HJ was on a screaming fest, shrieking even at KS, her sis n Il Moon….gawd….the way she jumped on top of IM’s table n took a swipe at him, shovering him all ovr d place …hey, HJ, are u a ‘kangphia’?? (gangster). it was funny d way IM was all shook up by d sight of mad woman, HJ!

    n then KS got an earful so bad he had to close both his ears fr dis shrieking manic…i almost had to sympathise with his predicament….he jus had to get rid of her Quuuuuuick!!!

    come to think of it…HJ has only been speaking demurely with CH n sometimes KS but most of d time, she stretches her vocal cords to extremes with other characters….d worst being her closest family members… no wonder her bro wanted to throw her out at d flimsiest opportunity…

    i dislike her sober expressions @ CH’s wedding….why, she should have expressed more pain n hurt then smilling sheepishly at her ex n his new bride!

    so far, no one has got into d great mind of CH n figure out what he’s planning to do…at d expense of using InHwa’s innocence to achieve his revenge; his stoic expressions throughout has not given him away jus yet but i wonder how long he’s gonna keep up d pretense.

  966. 966 : Jane Says:

    ptsh836, CH didn’t manage to convince everyone regarding his marriage to IH. Remember KS told IH at the restaurant? He said she was being decieve. KS know CH wasn’t truthful. Bong Hee also have the same feeling. I think only HJ will be convince because she is a bit stupid.

  967. 967 : eva silvertop Says:

    i hope nxt episode HJ more more more love KS..

  968. 968 : sara Says:

    I’m just soooooooooo disappointed in this drama so i don’t write anything but i do like your description.

  969. 969 : you Says:

    in my opinion… CH only do wat he do now just because to take revenge n also to protect people around him who he care about… CH cannot accpt JH coz fell guity wat hhis father done to JH… just watch… CH xcually in JH side… he juz pretent to get IH’s father trust… i cant remember which ep CH told his father that JH give him live a light…

  970. 970 : yanie Says:

    where can i watch this drama immediately?

  971. 971 : jianpark Says:

    @yanie you can watch in http://www.dramacrazy.net 🙂

  972. 972 : jianpark Says:

    8 more episodes and it’s done… i’m gonna miss this…

  973. 973 : cris Says:

    @ you 969 … 😀 hahaha do you think CH stabbing KS and HJ at the back because he care??? I think he care more about his own butt and devil father. He want to take everything from JDH as way of revenge to satisfy himself and sit like a KING in Cheonji Company…. If betraying and hurting innocent people for his own benefit looks like a way of showing care… then.. i can’t say anything.. 😉 PEACE…..

  974. 974 : jianpark Says:

    CH is too greedy, all the things his doing right now is just for himself…

  975. 975 : Fannie Says:

    It is obvious that CH is just pretending to go thru all the evil things being told for him to do, to get the trust ofthe evil boss. Am wondering how is he going to explain his side when all things are in the open. Maybe he is blocking KS of being a success, so that HJ can still return to him, if ever.it would take alot for him to redeem himself, because he has done a lot of bad things to both HJ and KS, including slapping her and stealing her azymut thrusher plans.as of the last episode, im still confuse as to whom HJ will end up with. KS is much more suitable for her coz of their shared destiny in pursuing their fathers dream and CH alsohadbthe right to be with her in the end coz he becomes what he is today because of the rbefusal of HJ to run away with her and his guilt of knowing that his father killed the foster father of HJ.looking forward to the end of this drama.

  976. 976 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    What I am more concerned about is whether or not Bong Hee will end up with Samchun? LOL! 😀

  977. 977 : y Says:

    argh…i can stand wit extended ep… wat? i should’ve to wait another 1 month? to know the ending?

  978. 978 : jianpark Says:

    @AjaAjaFighting, yeah i’m curious too… 🙂

  979. 979 : jianpark Says:

    still waiting for the ep.31 preview… thanks 🙂

  980. 980 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hello guys… Here is May Queen Episode 31 Preview http://youtu.be/-amm38Dwz-s 🙂

  981. 981 : jianpark Says:

    thank you Gretz16… waiting for this…. 🙂

  982. 982 : Aga Says:

    I vote it everyday…hope it can be at Top 8 Drama of the year 2012

  983. 983 : cris Says:


    May Queen episode 2 text preview..

  984. 984 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hello guys… It’s me again… Just want to share May Queen Episode 32 Preview… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO5TLE65izQ&feature=colike

  985. 985 : Lorem Says:

    It didn’t sit right with me, that the script at the beginning of Episode 31 didn’t play out as a father feeling “betrayed” by his own son. Rather it played as a father disappointed at his son’s lack of accomplishments, comparing him to Hae Joo.

    That was shitty directing/writing. The script didn’t have to play out like that, especially because that was a pivotal moment in the story. It marked the beginning of the collapse of Jang Do Hyeon’s empire.

    We needed that shift, as if witnessing the first brick fall away, knowing others will follow. I felt the director trivialized the moment.

    Yea, yea… I’m still watching this drama. The story is good. The dramatization is a let down.

  986. 986 : JP Says:

    Wow. ….it is getting so exciting now…with CH taking bolder steps to move forward his plan of revenge and KS is getting the care and love from HJ. Love this drama of its story line. I have been voting for it as the Best Drama and hope all the fans out there is doing so….

  987. 987 : amyz Says:

    i really want hae joo and kang san together…anyways , PCH should not under hae joo name..hopely..

  988. 988 : kdfan Says:

    gawd .. ep 32 Kang ‘Macgyver’ San in action together with the Macgyver theme song. so corny ….

  989. 989 : Diane Says:

    it’s getting more exciting……

  990. 990 : luvee Says:

    still wait the new episodes ><

  991. 991 : smile Says:

    CH Faithing!!

  992. 992 : hunee Says:

    So excitin episode, love wen KS got jealous about HJ wen she was
    so concerned about CH. Lovers quarrel, awwww nice, and they almost kissed. Its gettin excitin. Yayyy, thank u, keep the gud writing producers
    writers, directors, whoever counts.

  993. 993 : smile Says:

    CH character actually the best because many watcher hate his act..that mean CH character and act is successful…CH you got it!

  994. 994 : jianpark Says:

    the story is getting better and better, that’s why i really love this. when HJ do the stolen kiss for KS love that scenes, they both look like a teenager that have their first kiss… i’m excited for the next few episodes… 🙂

  995. 995 : kazumi Says:

    jewon love(^^)

  996. 996 : jean Says:

    If there’s a lot of viewers who HATE Chang Hee as the bad guy for Jae Hee good portrayal on the character, Kang San also received an overwhelming love and support thanks to Kim Jae Won great acting on portraying his character… 🙂 KS fighting…

  997. 997 : Prinna Says:

    I feel pity for Hae Joo’ real mom. I think that Hae Joo should live with her real and not real momor family live all together happily one big family. They can live in a bigger house.

  998. 998 : kazumi Says:

    Jae WonLOVE

  999. 999 : Shabby Says:

    The drama is good..hope that CH and HJ will be together again..coz 15 yrs.thats not easy to let it go..CH fighting…

  1000. 1000 : yoan Says:

    just finish watching ep 32 and it was so good..finally can see HJ and KS together..can’t wait to watch next ep 🙂

  1001. 1001 : Lynn Says:

    @Shabby, CH and HJ? They are not possible anymore! They just can’t. I love CH, but I just don’t want him to be with HJ. I just want him to be happy at the end and finally realizes the love IH gave to him. His poor soul deserve a second chance and live happily 🙂

  1002. 1002 : fourgreenrose Says:

    How can an intelligent guy like San to be so easly fooled? His grandfather was killed. He knows he is in danger too. How can this be? The screenwriter is such a disappointment.

  1003. 1003 : smile Says:

    @Lynn..I agree .I hope CH happy at the end.

  1004. 1004 : Lorem Says:

    @fourgreenrose #1003 Yes, and not have password protection on the laptop while working on a $million project. (???) I suppose the writer had never worked in a business environment, let alone R&D ..mmm. But having been robbed twice by the same people, San oppa did nothing to secure his investment.

    And there’s Hae Joo, with an above average intelligence, stupidly runs out of the airport into the car-park where bad guys can’t be seen giving her a thrashing. She was probably thinking there’s more airport security outside than inside the airport. Duh!

    I want to like the characters and the writer tells us they are smart, then makes them thick as a brick.

  1005. 1005 : Lorem Says:

    Woops I meant prev comment for @fourgreenrose #1002

    Think I’ll stop my negative comments here so not to ruin it for others watching. 🙂

  1006. 1006 : cris Says:

    I don’t think KS would put everything on his computer, even on the thruster propeller that he made before he already said that he didn’t put everything in details on the stolen. Choenji only manage to make it because HJ help them. If you are working on a plan it should be done on a computer and the assistant have an access into it because he’s been working for them for a long time and already trusted. Who would think he will betray KS out of money…. and i think KS already anticipated that something might go wrong again, of course they won’t show us yet because they are dragging the show for another 6 episodes.

  1007. 1007 : kazumi Says:

    Jae Won LOVE(^0^)

  1008. 1008 : LilyAiren Says:

    Lee Seung Gi MV Return bought me here….. the starring 4 that mv is the children in this drama….

    I wonder if this drama can make me feel in love with them for the second time, should I continue ?

  1009. 1009 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    This drama has been consistent in the ratings and should be in the top 8 at least for now…please vote for this drama as one of the 2012’s best…fighting!!!

  1010. 1010 : kazumi Says:

    JaeWon LOVE

  1011. 1011 : y Says:

    love CH for HJ is high enough.. enough to let HJ go…

  1012. 1012 : jianpark Says:

    my curiosity is killing me, i’m so exited on the next episode..
    please every one vote for this drama. hope that this will win,.
    Kim Jae Won keep up the good work… figthing 🙂 ♥

  1013. 1013 : cris Says:

    Hae Joo and Kang San are meant for each other. Their destiny is to be together. Their fate started from their parents and they have the same dream that keep a strong bond for the future. CH choose to marry IH and that’s his destiny…

  1014. 1014 : jean Says:

    CONGRATULATION Kim Jae Won oppa… 🙂 I’m so proud of you for winning the “TOP HALLYU STAR AWARD” on the 20th Korea Cultural Entertainment Award Ceremony today. You did well. Keep up the good. I always love and support you. I hope you to receive more awards this year … Fighting …

  1015. 1015 : cheezy Says:

    So true, Hae Joo and Kang San are so so meant to be together. They had
    so many bad luck, but hopefully the table will turn on them for true
    happiness. You know like marriage, kids, get their company back, the whole nine yards. Fighting, fighting, fighting, can’t wait for the next

  1016. 1016 : cris Says:

    @cheezy, have you seen the latest photo spoiler at May Queen FB page??? HJ and KS finally had their real kiss…:-D i hope the writer won’t cheat again… i got so mad when they supposed to kiss at episode 32 and Sang Tae pop up from nowhere and spoil the whole scene.. this time i wish no one interupt them hahaha

  1017. 1017 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hello guys… May Queen Episode 33 Preview is out… watch this :)…

  1018. 1018 : cheezy Says:

    Thks cris, no I haven’t seen the May Queen FB page. Awww must be
    romantic, sucks if they cut it out again. Love this whole drama, the
    suspense, the actors n actresses. HJ and KS truly deserve some kind
    of happiness. They are so due for all that, can’t wait for next episode n so
    on. I wish it wasn comin to an end.

  1019. 1019 : Sai Says:

    will ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ overtake ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ and go the Final Round in ‘The Best Korean Drama of 2012’?

    It’s in your hand!!!!!!!!! 2 more days to end ‘The Preliminary Round’

    Please vote ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ in http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=23799

    current result :-
    Faith (SBS) 12.68% (31,372 votes)
    Rooftop Prince (SBS) 12.19% (30,151 votes)
    Innocent Man (KBS2) 8.15% (20,162 votes)
    Arang and the Magistrate (MBC) 5.93% (14,670 votes)
    Time Slip Dr. Jin (MBC) 5.15% (12,747 votes)
    Love Rain (KBS2) 5.14% (12,708 votes)
    The King 2hearts (MBC) 4.65% (11,504 votes)
    A Gentleman’s Dignity (SBS) 4.64% (11,479 votes)
    The Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC) 4.56% (11,287 votes)

  1020. 1020 : kazumi Says:

    Jae Won LOVE

  1021. 1021 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    May Queen, Love Rain, Innocent Man, To The Beautiful, King 2Hearts and The Moon That Embraces The Sun ought to be in the Top 8…because these are the dramas I have seen and still watching at the moment…LOL! Please vote for these dramas…Fighting! =)

  1022. 1022 : Slyer Says:

    Is it only me who feels sorry for CH ???

  1023. 1023 : jianpark Says:

    after watching ep33, it’s really awesome. now KS and HJ finally have their real kiss… feel sorry for CH but it’s his destiny maybe this is his karma for what he did for HJ before. but at it goes HJ is much better for KS. hope both of them got a nice ending love them both.
    hope JDH pay for everything that he did…
    now that ending is coming, i feel sad,. i really love this drama…
    Kim Jae Won for me is the BEST…i wish you good health and more drama to come…항상 미소
    🙂 🙂

  1024. 1024 : cheezy Says:

    Yayyy, they finally kiss!!! oh wow its about time! After HJ was confrontin
    CH, he still didn say sorri,or apologize, ok thats not love that he had for HJ. What a fool. oh yeah I don feel sorri for his sorri butt. CH deserve whats
    comin to him. The uncle tryna helped him. oh well greedy boy!!!. He got
    really greedy, his hungry for power in a wrong way. I truly wish that they
    have a nice ending. I hate wen they rush rush everything at the last 10 minutes of the episode. Pleeezz make this drama as one of the 2012 drama
    to talk about. I hope this drama makes it to the top dramas.

  1025. 1025 : Gretz16 Says:

    @cheezy, when HJ confess to KS that she love him, i really scream so loud and YESSSSSSSSSS…….. everyone at home look at me and say you are crazy hahahaha… 🙂 i love that part. i’m been waiting for a long time for Hae Joo to tell KS what she really feel for him.

    I’m so disappointed with CH, why he just can’t say “SORRY” to HJ. After all the pain she had been through because of his father and him, he ought to apologize but he never did. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. He is so self centered that he could only think about his pain, he never consider what HJ feel all this while. It’s also a bit surprising, when IH got upset he quickly say SORRY with sincerity but never to HJ whom he said he love. It’s even more ridiculous to ask HJ to give up on making the drill rig with KS because JDH want it for Cheonji. He is to much..

    KS deserve to be happy, he’s been on so much pain and really work hard for everything. He very considerate and understanding. Everything about him is amazing. I really love seeing him being love by HJ. 🙂

  1026. 1026 : something Says:


    TnMS rating for ep 32: 24.5 is (2nd) not (5th)

  1027. 1027 : kimchilee Says:

    I think everyone got CH’s character wrongly. My view is that bec of what CH’s father did to HJ, his only consolation is to make HJ hate him. And also for treat HJ badly, he had to make her hate him. But behind that coldness, there is caring CH who plans to make and take over Cheonji shipping so that he can avenge what the president did to everyone.

    I am glad HJ’s mom did not turn out as weak as she appears to be.

    I am also glad finally KS has gotten HJ’s affection at last. But I hope CH will find happiness that he deserves from IH.

  1028. 1028 : Lynn Says:

    @slyer, you have me who also feel so sorry for CH. What a price he has paid for his father’s misdeeds 🙁

  1029. 1029 : Lynn Says:

    @kimchilee, I also think that a lot of people misunderstand CH character. Oh well, at least there are some who understand his situations and his twisted feeling. I think I am getting tired of explaining myself over CH character since KS supporters are everywhere, hehe. Don’t get me wrong though, I love KS, who wouldn’t love such a nice guy? But I won’t be too harsh on CH like SOME of KS supporters because I see the pain behind CH’s coldness. CH is the most interesting character in May queen in my opinion.

  1030. 1030 : cris Says:

    @ Lynn, you can justify CH misdeeds towards Hj.. i agree to that but how about his misdeeds towards KS??? He almost ruin the person’s life just to satisfy his own selfishness. I know you couldn’t find any symphaty for KS because he has very strong well and the bright side was on his way but it doesn’t mean CH misdeeds are fine and acceptable. KS fans are not being mean to him. They are just saying he have to pay for pain he cause others.

  1031. 1031 : ptsh836 Says:

    i think d writer has failed to portray CH’s character properly so that viewers will get a glimpse of what is going thru his mind; most of d time…we are left to do d guessing work, so some of us get it rite while others do not! normally there will always be a sidekick of sorts be they friends, confidante or even girlfriends who gets d main characters to open up n reveal jus a lil’ bit of his plans, be it of revenge or anything else…

    so its not surprising that viewers are split in their opinions of CH, whether his act of revenge is d noble or selfish sort…in this case, sacrificing KS n HJ along d way was a part of his grandiose plans to topple JDH…d question in most of our minds is was it necessary to inflict so much pain along d way; hurting innocent KS d most…d good thing abt his revenge, tho is throwing HJ n KS together to create a beautiful union between d two which also happens to be his only sore point!

  1032. 1032 : bella Says:

    HI again to all,

    Im going to be sad its soon to end huhuhu! just luv watching this May Queen atlast KS and HJ kissed bwahahahhaah finally! i got crazy when they kissed…bwahahaha, it was a long journey for them they deserved to be happy.. looking forward for the happy ending between KS n HJ…cross finger…:) KS n HJ Fighthing…..

  1033. 1033 : Lynn Says:

    @cris, I am not saying that CH should get away from all the bad deeds he did. While a lot of KS supporters are too harsh on CH, I chose to go easy on him because I think about the reasons that drove him to the dark and tried to understand it. And who said I don’t sympathize KS? I always think it is unfortunate that KS has to be involved in this. However, you have to remember that KS planned to revenge on JDH any way, so either way, he is still in danger because he goes against evil JDH. When CH started his revenge, he didn’t go out his way to ruin both KS and HJ, it just happened that KS and HJ’s properties was in JDH’s hands, so they want them back.

  1034. 1034 : angelie Says:

    @ptsh836 , yeah…. that’s the question in my mind. Was it really necessary to ruin KS and HJ ???… He want revenge , they want justice. All of them are aiming to destroy the evil guy. Aside from CH greed i couldn’t find any reason for his unreasonable behavior.

  1035. 1035 : evzln666 Says:

    i loved kim yoo jung in this drama too. she’s gonna be successful actress

  1036. 1036 : Hanako Says:

    I had only watched to Episode 5, one of a good drama with violence, jealousy, hatred..but I can predict that Hae Joo will end up with Chang Hee unless something happend to him, her second choice will be Kang San. It is a sad beginning no doubt but to me Hae Joo and Chang Hee’s life is so unfortunate and the wrong doing and fear because or a murder. How do you feel living in this world full of fear and with someone threatening you and that you have to work for a murderer?? Kang San is a happy go lucky boy who probably likes Hae Joo but Chang Hee is a quiet person who kept everything inside his heart..that is all I know for now..Good drama somehow but in fact never like dramas that is too long but I will watch this one to the end

  1037. 1037 : kazumi Says:

    Jae won LOVE

  1038. 1038 : sushi Says:

    Hanako- I am a lurker here for some times now and I felt the negative vibes from Chang Hee character because not a lot of comments here favor him. I decided to watch the drama because my friend recommend this to me since they love the drama so much and they know I adore Han Ji Hye.
    I am on episode 10 right now. So far, I love Chang Hee character more than Kang San because his character is more interesting. Or maybe because the story seems to revolve around him? I know I might dislike him later on since comments here are somewhat negative regarding Chang Hee character. However, I wonder how the writer is going to convince me to hate CH since I strongly root for him since the first episode. If he turns to a bad guy, at least he is not a plain bad guy, but a bad guy with a story. As of now, I love Chang Hee and Hae Joo together 🙂 I watch this with my dad, my grandma and my two aunties. They all love and root for Chang Hee and Hae Joo too. My grandma is such a big fan of CH character, lol…and I told her that he is going to be a bad here. She confusingly responded, “how?” 😀

  1039. 1039 : angelie Says:

    @sushi, 😉 since you are new here im not gonna spoil your excitement.. i’ve watch this drama from the very start until episode 34 including livestreaming… i knoe everyone root for CH at the beginning but you will find out soon why KS was prefered by everyone on this thread. 😉 Enjoy watching…

  1040. 1040 : Alice Says:

    @ Hanako , if you are rooting for CH, enjoy it while he still young your hair will probably fall out once you saw him grow up and what he become… 😀 im glad that KS grow up with proper upbringing.. he will be HJ light once CH brought her too much pain and darkness

  1041. 1041 : Hanako Says:

    Thanks for all your feedback. If Chang Hee changes he must have a motive, and may take revenge of what happened in the past. Kang San is a good person too, but I am sure Hae Joo prefers Chang Hee, he may end up with In Hwa towards the end or else he will stay as a bachelor. A person changes all because of the bad expereinced they faced in the past. And Jang DH is a real terror, and as for that coward, Chang Hee’s father, trying to do whatever the boss told him even as to commit murder, just imagine what will become of his son then? I had watched till Episode 9 now, but I still have the aim on Chang Hee and Hae Joo will end up together. When we watch the drama we can tell from there how the story going to be. To Hae Joo , Kang San is a good friend from young. Like it said there re two men chasing for her so I do not think she will end up with Kang Sang anyway..:~)
    it is still a long way to the end until epsiode 38 and am still not sure if there are additional episodes after 38..let’s enjoy the drama. Hae Joo was great when she was with the drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun. I also watched many dramas by Chang Hee and Kang San, they were both great actors

  1042. 1042 : Alice Says:

    @Hanako, 😉 it’s better if you watch without skipping any part. You are right change because he want to revenge but that revenge turn into greed that he can even ruin KS and hurt HJ badly in the process. I think you miss to read the character description. CH end up marrying IH at the middle part. 😀

  1043. 1043 : Alice Says:

    @ Tanako, you still have a long way to go. at the beginning everything seems predictable but actually it’s not what you think it is… you will find out soon why… it would be helpful to you if you read the character description that is given at the info of every preview… just check it out。..

  1044. 1044 : cheezy Says:

    Wow!!! this is so exciting, KS is such a character, he has a sense of humor.
    His so loving, funny, caring, and rich too. hayyyy. KS and HJ, wow powerful kiss, wish they have more coming, can’t wait. That was so great what they
    did to that evil man. they sure turn things around on them. CH is turnin
    more and more like his father in-law. I’m sure he wants to save the world like superman, awwww oops too late buddy. CH can stop, but he doesn’t want too. fighting for KS and HJ yayyyyy. Really enjoyin this drama, hope
    the ending is exciting as all the episodes so far.

  1045. 1045 : Gretz16 Says:

    @cheezy, episode 34 was so intense.. i was so mad while watching KS , HJ, and Uncle JW being betrayed once again by CH. I really scream yessssssss…. when they outsmarted CH and JDH. i almost want to cry in frustration when Uncle JW was packing his things at the office i thought he is already ruined, I can see how pathetic CH look when he watch the TV and saw the bomb shell that KS save for them.. 😀 Hahahajaja

  1046. 1046 : hunee Says:

    @Gretz, hayyy sorri. It was such a good episode. I really enjoyed it. I hope
    the next one is excitin as this one. CH and JDH are so alike. They both want what they can’t get. Very power hungry on their part. I hope her
    real mom has some kind of plan. Cuz she look to vunerable, hope she
    doesn crack lol, lol,. KS and HJ look so romantic and good together. CH
    well!! hopefully he will be happy with the stepsister, cuz he can’t get
    Cinderella (HJ). Very good actin in the drama, really really lovin it.

  1047. 1047 : hunee Says:

    @Gretz, sorri its cheezy, forgot to say at the end.

  1048. 1048 : Gretz16 Says:

    @hunee :-D… agree with you.. KS and HJ is such a romantic and cute couple.. i really love how their relationship develop. No doubt they are in love… 😀 I hope CH realize his mistake and stop hurting everyone and himself. I prefer him to love IH and live happily.

  1049. 1049 : Hanako Says:

    From the start it was the murder case..the father of Chang Hee. Chang Hee’s father is the worst because of covering the murder case for JDH. All his life he felt no guilt. The son Chang Hee do not even know his dad committed such crime as near to murder JH’s father. If Chang Hee change it must because it was his father’s fault but he is not a bad guy as he is also a Prosecutor. I do not aim for a person who is good looking, I am aiming for the story. No doubt Kim Jae Won had always been main actor and for this one he is the second best. They are all good friends from young except JDH’s son who is ill mannered. I still go for Chang Hee will end up with Hae Joo no matter what happens…:~)

  1050. 1050 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Hanako… keep it up girl…. 😀 … we didn’t really expect San to be with Hae Joo at the beginning but you will find out soon how CH twist his fate to worst by choosing the wrong path of revenge. Kim Jae Won is good looking but we like his character not only because of this… if you watch further you will know why he is being love by everyone here. 😀

  1051. 1051 : gemerald Says:

    @ Hanako , sorry for this but i really laugh when you said you want Hae Joo to be with CH no matter what happen. I should understand you because you are new and you don’t know what happen next yet but to save you from further disappointment i just want you to prepare yourself. KS stays as good as what he is since he was young , with kind heart and unconditional love for HJ but CH is no longer as the way he was before… not because of revenge but he let his greed take over and become a monster more worst than JDH and his father. 😀

  1052. 1052 : ptsh836 Says:

    @Hanako #1049:

    i think you should at least watch till halfway of this drama before commenting n wishing for this n for that…@@

    CH had already chosen his path ie of revenge against JDH n IH was a part of his schemes; by marrying IH, he was already assured of 50% success, the rest of it he went along with JDH n his wicked schemes in order to get into his good books. this, he also achieved n finally he secured d position he was aiming for in cheongji shipbuilding. now, its a matter of time before he oust JDH completely n take over d whole company.

    there is no more going back for CH…for HJ or for his own personal happiness! he made a choice n he will have to stick to it whether he likes it or not!

  1053. 1053 : Lynn Says:

    @Hanoka, I am with you about wanting to have CH and HJ together. I am always on CH side, however, it’s no denied that both of them can’t be together. I don’t want to spoil anything, but as you watch further you will understand why they can’t be together no matter how desparately you want them to end up together. Since you are a CH biased, you have to prepare for the worst becuase you’re soon going to be so disappointed how writer flipped the table around on CH character. But at least I am not alone here since you also sympathize CH, yay 🙂

  1054. 1054 : jean Says:

    😀 I can’t count how many times did HJ reject KS love… he was in so much pain and yet he persevere and stay what he is. When he decided to give his blessings to HJ and CH relationship even if it hurts a lot i really admire how strong he was. He help HJ and stay by her side without expecting anything in return… for that reason i choose KS to be with HJ. He can give her happiness that she deserve. CH choose his own path and dump HJ on the way… what ever reason he has i don’t think it will be good enough to justify all his mistakes.

  1055. 1055 : grace Says:

    i don’t care about CH… i’m happy that KS and HJ are fighting together for justice and love each other. HJ told KS on episode 34… no matter what fate would KS has, she want to be with him. 😀 that’s enough for me. I know they are meant for each other.

  1056. 1056 : wazabi Says:

    if Hj end up with CH a milliion of viewer will disapointed.that’s
    my opinion…because everyone love KS more than love CH.

  1057. 1057 : Diane Says:

    i love episode 34 so much…..KS & HJ did a great job. I feel sorry for CH. Actually he is a kind person, because of hatred, he had to give himself to the devil. I didn’t expect HJ’s mother become that strong. Anyway….this drama is getting more interesting.

  1058. 1058 : kimchilee Says:

    @Hanako #1041

    Hae Joo did not act in Moon Embraces the Sun.. It was Han Ga In. I initially confused Hae Joo (Han Ji Hye) with Han Hyo Joo, the girl who acted in Dong Yi as they look somewhat similar.. gosh .. so hard to tell them apart sometimes..

    Anyway, I dont really like Hae Joo’s character here, the grown up one.. her shouting tends to get so annoying .. but then maybe that is probably bec she was brought up by that step mother who screams and shouted at her all the time when she was young.. so she probably inherit the shouting from there..

  1059. 1059 : kimchilee Says:

    I would also like to add that maybe CH avenged KS part was bec he could not stand KS going to HJ at that time .. so he planned his revenge as such.. at the same time, he has to show that evil man that he can be bad to gain enough trust from him. But you will all like CH when he so discreetly saved Hae Joo from being killed by telling KS to save her at the airport.

    I think CH will not end up with HJ in the end bec he is already married to In Hwa. I think his motive is to just ruin that evil man and take everything from him. He will later return everything to KS and live happily with In Hwa as In Hwa loves him very much too. I am sure he cares for In Hwa too. Its my thinking of the ending as such that’s all.

  1060. 1060 : grace Says:

    @kimchilee.. i hope he does… i don’t want him to mess up with KS because it’s not really necessary to do so.. they were all good friends when they are young.. i hope at the end they will stay as friends… He can’t be with HJ, that’s his fate . KS and HJ belongs to each other and no one can separate them now.

  1061. 1061 : saraSJS Says:

    Dear friends,
    Since there ‘s someone who ‘s using my name repeatedly regardless of how many times i asked her to not do it, i decided to step back and i will use this name from now on instead of “sara”.

  1062. 1062 : Bebe Says:

    I am a fan of (Jae Hee), will support him as always. Love..Love…Love
    I havn’t start (May Queen) yet, but he will not disappoint me regardless what is his character. Happy to see you again after (color of women) Jae Hee. You are my best actor, I Know you will earn yourself an award with this drama, congrats!

  1063. 1063 : Bonnie Says:

    Now that Bebe mentioned about the award. Anyone know when will be MBC drama award broadcasting? Do we get to find out the nominees before the award show?

  1064. 1064 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Bonnie, MBC award ceremony will be held at the last weekend probably Sunday, of December. Nominees usually posted on their bulliten board at MBC Website.

  1065. 1065 : cris Says:

    😀 So excited about the MBC awards… Kim Jae Won already won the Top Hallyu Star of the year from Korea Cultural Entertainment Award ceremony last December 6, it’s a great achievement for him because the nominees includes all top stars in all TV network in Korea. I hope he will gain another award at MBC, a great actor …. he really deserve it… KJW fighting..:-D

  1066. 1066 : sue Says:

    so tired hear about KJW….

  1067. 1067 : sue Says:

    sooo annoying… everytime i read d comment alwaz about KJW….


  1068. 1068 : Analyn Says:

    Kim Jae Won just won the Top Hallyu Star 2012 early this month. He beat Kim Hyun Joong who is widely popular as K-pop singer overseas, that’s amazing ,his popularity as an actor in Korea had deep rooted. 😉 so happy for him . His effort and talent is well appreciated by viewers. I hope he will win more awards at the upcoming MBC awarding. 😀

  1069. 1069 : Alice Says:

    @ sue 1067, you can write about your favorite actor more often if you like but please don’t say those aweful remarks.. KJW fans are just being loyal and supportive to him. There’s nothing to get annoyed for that. If you are not a fan it’s OK. But please don’t show this kind of attitude here. You are more annoying. :-/

  1070. 1070 : Clear Says:

    oppss sorry, donT get annoyed but im also KJW fan and new on this thread. I really love his acting in May Queen. I cried a lot when he was sad or upset, i can really feel his emtion and get attach into it. He is great on delivering deep emotion. You can even see the pain in his eyes just by looking at him. He also have great sense of humor. I keep laughing everytime he do silly things. I always giggle on his cute scenes with Hae Joo.

    Jae Hee is also good. He can prefectly deliver hate and hatred but i find it a bit lacking in emotion when he tried to be sad or upset. 😀

  1071. 1071 : cembil Says:

    @sue. Your words more annoying us. If you want to bring up your favorite actor or actress in May Queen go ahead but please. We are will support all casts in MQ but as Jae Won fans I definitely get disturbed with your words and disturbing my mood. We keep talking about KJW because Jae Won more popular than others, FACE IT! And his style in MQ And his activities on his life become famous and it proved with the award he has got. all Korean news always make him become HOT TOPICS. We all love MQ. PEACE !!!!! 🙂

  1072. 1072 : Jade12 Says:

    sorry for annoying someone, cos Im going to talk bout KJW. hehe… Im with MQ untill now just becos KJW in there. the story doesnt attract me much. Im so proud of his good acting in MQ and hoping he’ll soon comeback with a new drama. He’s loved by us not only the good looking, lovely smiling but also his good acting and kindly behavior in the life. so no reason can stop us talking bout him. hehe… I love reading discussion here, Im a silent reader. keep talking u guys. hav fun ^^

  1073. 1073 : hanver Says:

    good drama

  1074. 1074 : jianpark Says:

    @Jade12, me too i love reading discussion here talking about their own opinion, of course everybody here has their own say who they really like but for me KJW is great actor, although at first i don’t notice him, but after Gretz16 told me to watch Can You Hear My Heart,. that’s it, i already like him. following news about him. now i can say that i’m one of his million fans… haha 🙂
    to all fans of KJW keep fighting and always smile 🙂 🙂

  1075. 1075 : Gretz16 Says:

    Thanks to all KJW supporters and fans… 🙂 i’m one of you all the way. Athough May Queen story doesn’t have much good impression to me. I really admire KJW acting in this drama. The story is a bit dark and he is one of those characters that made it light and makes you watch with a smile. I actually like most of the cast. They performed their character well. The only thing that made the drama a bit off putting is how the writer made a twist on the story plot.. he made it from good to worst… But i’m still watching it because my love KJW is on it… 🙂

    Keep fighting guys… after May Queen ends, see you on the next KJW project… Keep in touch..

  1076. 1076 : Jade12 Says:

    @jianpark: yeah, a good choice. You know Im a fan of KJW after watching CYHMH. How I love my lovely CDJ so much. just rewatch it many times without feeling boring. hihi..
    so how bout Romance? did u watch it? ahhh! u must love him more, the story’s romantic and touching too.
    @Gretz16: If Im not wrong u are an admin of MQ fan page and KJW fan page. thank u so much for updating inform in time to us. I greatly appreciate this. I often visit them to get news bout JW oppa. MQ’s not good, my heads ache frequently. I always use FF button just to watch Kang Sans scenes. hehe… He’s cute as usual. Thats the reason I still stay with MQ.
    surely Ill be with KJW and all of u, lovely fans, in the next projects of him. love u all. love our smiling angel.

  1077. 1077 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Jade12 , nice to know you here. You’re right I’m Admin.CHEN of MQ fb page and KJW FC page on fb. I separate the 2 pages to be fair to the fans of the other cast of MQ but no matter what i do, the news i always get is about KJW. Most of the news updates is about him. I know JH fans get so annoyed about it but what can i do? I even read @Lynn comment at JH page said that KJW fans are so vocal and she feel it was ridiculous. Will… everyone here have their own preference, to become vocal is not something ridiculous in my point of view. 🙂 May Queen is going to end soon. I hope KJW will have a better project than this. Good luck to everyone… 🙂

  1078. 1078 : jianpark Says:

    @Jade12: i’m still not see it, now that you advice to watch it… then i’ll watch. thank you…
    @Gretz16, thank you for always updating ’bout KJW… just don’t mind other people about saying something. at least for us we know that we are supporting KJW all out… and we like him so much because he is very good in what his doing…
    PEACE… 🙂 🙂

  1079. 1079 : cheezy Says:

    Hayyy, all n all, this drama is the bomb, luv every episodes. The writer
    are totally twistin things around to the end. Suspense after suspense, sure keepin us on our toes. Yesssss good luck to everyone.. with their new projects. Happy Holidays everybody. Hope the new year gives us great dramas. Thank you, thank you.

  1080. 1080 : jianpark Says:

    @cheezy: your right, only 3 episodes left but the story is really getting better and better… the writer is really awesome… happy holidays too… 🙂

  1081. 1081 : Lynn Says:

    @sue, LOL, I knew that you were sooo going to be in trouble the moment you talked crap about KJW 😀
    That’s okay, you can talk to me about JH or other actors here. At least I have your back on JH, hehehe.

    A lot of JH fans admitted that they gave up on coming here because they don’t want to see all those negative comments about JH/CH as they saw them as being biased and so objective. I am not sure if you are one of those fans, but some of the comments here although are KS biased, but they are subjective. I have no problems reading those comments because they are insightful. I appreciate comments from ptsh836.
    Not gonna lie, I also get annoyed with those objective comments. But what can we do, they love KJW. We have to give them prob for being such a loyal fan to their idol 🙂 As a lurker for such a long time before starting to comment here, I kinds of know who are KJW’s fans and whose comments are so objective. So, I just avoid reading those. I guess this is one way to cope with this, sue 🙂

  1082. 1082 : sue Says:

    guy i now that KJW has that award… who dont know about it?
    i once like him from My love patzzi drama untill now… but u all too annoying.. talking that and that about him.. juz like other dont know about it…

    juz like his fan too obsess about him.. give me feel like ”’arghhh u guy soooo annoying..”’

    i dont say i dont like him… i juz want to say u all too annoying…

  1083. 1083 : Jade12 Says:

    @gretz16: I followed your MQ fb from the beginning, I can understand your feeling Gretz. Yes, I’ve seen u tried to be fair by updating every news about MQ for everyone not only KJW news. But most of the news is KJW, I admit ^^. So what can we do? hehe….

    It’s so funny that u feel annoyed becos people talk about their preference. Remember this is a forum where u can discuss whatever you like and no one can stop it.
    As a fan I can sympathize with them who praised their idols for awards again & again. Arent u glad to see your idol broadcast in all the news??? arent u feel happy when your star win the awards? sharing the happiness to everyone who have the same taste is not ridiculous at all. So just keep vocal hihi….. And who dont want to see these, just skip over.hehe…

    Back to MQ, ep 35 made me so disappointing. The writer, I hate him. He made the story more and more bad. I cried when the uncle & the niece met each other after a long time, also the mother & the daulghter. The feeling of being cheated made me feel so bad. Cant accept the fact that HJ is Mr Jang’s daughter. And her mother lived in happy with the man who raped her, her husband and the raper were still good friends after that awful fact?? crazy!!! its not logical. There’s still lots of things ilogical in this drama but I think I should stop here. hehe….

    One more thing, Sannie and the uncle are the most pitiful. 🙁

  1084. 1084 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Jade12, glad to hear that. 🙂 PEACE… i love all the cast but of course i still have the one that i love the most and it’s KJW. I’m not going to deny it, sometimes i get a bit too defensive when someone say anything not nice about him specially if i know it’s not true.

    Actually i find it like, JH fans get annoyed not to KJW but to his fans hehehe… sorry for that guys… I’m a fan of him, i understand what does it feel when your idol get bashing from other fans. I became subjective when CH character started to hurt KS character. I hate CH because he was bad in the drama but it doesn’t mean i hate JH. I love him when i watch Delightful Chunyang… i know he is a good actor too. But don’t get me wrong guys. I don’t mean to offend you.

    Back to MQ… my heart heart really aches for Uncle Jung Woo and KS on episode 36. Hae Joo was being cold to KS and throwing her temper on him because she was upset for being JDH daughter. KS was so good to her and love her so much, she feel bad about it but she can’t bear to tell KS the truth. I can’t hold back my tears watching both of them in pain. Uncle Jung Woo was on the same situation, he is mad about everything but what can he do. HJ is not his niece and that’s the fact.

  1085. 1085 : rudy Says:

    the ep 36 is a crap you dont have nothing to wright, why did you wright this crap, to many dna and stop wrighting this crap

  1086. 1086 : Jade12 Says:

    @Gretz16: They may have mistaken between the actor & his character. Im a fan but I object to crazy fans. They admire their idols extremely that they’re willing to be furious with whoever make any personalities gainst their idol’s character.

    In my opinion, if you were a real fan, u must be glad that your idol did well. Making people hate him is his success in acting. hehe… If JW’s character did wrong things I also objected to, though as his fan I feel sad, of cos. ^^

    Im glad to see JW & CH close to each other behind the scene. they are just opponents in the drama u guys. heehe… Im sure they would be sad if their fans had wars. peace guys ^^

    say sth about CH. To get his ambition, he harmed HJ & KS though they’re innocent. CH sometimes made me difficult to understand. I didnt know what were in his mind. I thought he still had 1 bit conscience and felt not hate him as much as before when he told HJ that she were in danger and left a message for Kang San to save HJ from being sent to Philippine. And then again he made me angry again by making other plans to harm HJ & KS. I dont understand his action for what purpose?

    I was right not to watch 2 late eps. The writer had no more intersting idea?? He reused the old script I saw in many Korean dramas. The girl’s the enermy’s daughter, she then feels guilty about that, and his man’s still beside her unconditionally whatever…. her her…. such an old motif !

    I often learn some lesson from dramas I used to watch but MQ doesn’t leave me any useful lesson after watching it. Kind characters are always harmed and the evils still cause trouples and always be the winners. dont understand such a big Group (sorry I forgot the name of Mr Jang’s Group) had no talented person and had to user small-minded action like stealing ideas and products of others….

    Life’s enough tired, it’s not all sunshine and roses, I sometimes wanna forget this by watching dramas hehe… I want to dram. I want to see romantic scenes of young people, wanna see they succeed their career. MQ’s dry as shipping industrial itself.

    sorry for talking too much today.
    Have a nice day ^^

  1087. 1087 : Hanako Says:

    Revenge is in CH’s mind, he is not a bad guy. He already said he became this way because of HJ. And because of his father and what he did to Hae Joo he is taking reveng on Dong’s family. My fren had finished watching the drama. Who do you think HJ ended with? My prediction was correct from the very start..:~) Anyway congrats to all the main actors and actrecess who really did a good job with this drama and all the suspense especially Chang Hee who really acted well all throughout. That was why he was the main actor and KJW is still the second best…:~)

  1088. 1088 : Jade12 Says:

    oh hoh…. tks for reminding me this guy. I coudnt stop laughing when CH blamed HJ for what he became: “You made me like this!”. haha, like a child. sth like “I became an evil is because of your fault, the circumstances made me like this….”
    He didn’t want to take responsibility for his action, for his choice, made HJ feel guilty for his life. He forced HJ to choose him not her family. Always think of himself first. That’s so selfish. Poor HJ, even she wasnt received an apology from him.

  1089. 1089 : Bonnie Says:

    Well, at that moment, HJ also deserves the blame although the decision is CH’s. I think the way of writing came out very awkward. The choice of words the writer used is not very good at all.
    But yea, part of the reason that CH became like this is HJ. Like some of you mentioned in earlier episode, HJ doesn’t love CH enough to figure out what was wrong with him. He desperately wanted to give up everything to live with her, but she refused. Yes I know that CH should have explained in detail but I am sure he will explain it to HJ if she were to leave with him back then. But she just didn’t click on what happened with CH. Come on, she loves CH for 15 years and she didn’t bother to figure out what drove him to become a completely different person?
    Now, HJ found out that JDH is her father so she is frustrated and lash it out on KS. Well, I understand her the same way I understand CH, it is sooooooo hard to accept the fact that your dad is actually the one that ruins your lover’s life. And CH, he found out the fact that his dad KILLED the father of the only woman he loved. Try putting yourself in their shoes.

  1090. 1090 : Bonnie Says:

    @sue @Lynn, count me in as someone who roots for JH and sympathize CH, heheh 😀
    @Hanako, thank you for shipping CH-HJ couple 😀 I shipped them too, however, I think there is no turning back for them. Our ship sunk deep into the ocean already, haha 😀
    Enjoy watching the rest of drama 🙂

  1091. 1091 : sukma Says:

    I love korea

  1092. 1092 : Hanako Says:

    This is a comment page, why with all the insulting comments..I do not undesrtand.. When some one gives comment , it is only a comment, and the drama is a drama, I favor all actors include KJW , and this drama does not mean Jae Hee is bad, it was all the wrongs the father did. Every one has their own sufferings, why get so pissed off..do not be disappointed in the ending, as the drama already ended in other channels.
    I think to me the comments here are all childish..a comment should be something about the drama, how good the actors or actress are, the producer and writer for the story, does not mean you like KJW , and he is not the main actor in here, I liked his dramas too Rivals & Can you hear my hear beat as he was the main actor there. It is also ok if Hae Joo go back to her first lover..then it is a good ending after all the three of them were friends when young.. in this drama as I mentioned KJW was second best..if u do not agree, does not matter but do make sarcastic comments. People who do that are childish and this is my first time seeing all these kind of comments as I had commented in other website..all good comments and give thier ideas not fighting for the actor..

  1093. 1093 : Zijila Says:

    Ha ha..i think the comments here more interesting than the drama. Honestly, i dont felt anything when watched this drama.
    The story drag too long…too much nonsense 🙂

  1094. 1094 : Gretz16 Says:

    🙂 hahahaha This is great, who ever wins, i’ll be happy for everyone. When i started to watch this , i never expect anything other than entertainment. This drama made me cry, laugh, anxious, pissed off, angry, and emotional, to the extent that i can’t even sleep well , i can’t imagine how much time i invest in this drama. Will, that only proves that all the actors are great… they did their part well… i know the story isn’t that interesting but because of the actors i manage to watch it until now.. only 2 episodes left to end this drama and i’m happy that i became a part of this thread. For those who are curious about what we can expect next weekend at the end check out May Queen FB page… new BTS photo was posted.. it was taken from the filming of the last episode… https://www.facebook.com/MayQueenKoreanDrama2012 :)…


  1095. 1095 : gemerald Says:

    @Hanako, i’m glad you started watching this drama a bit late, and i guess you didn’t join the May Queen soompi thread… otherwise you’re going to have a heart attack… 🙂 Just take it easy girl.. sometimes comments from other viewers makes our blood boil, but after a while and try to read it again, you will feel funny about it.. just like you said some are childish but that’s what makes the thread more exciting. Enjoy watching… and anyway, you mention that this drama already ended in other sites, i think you got the wrong info. the last episode will be aired next weekend… 🙂 that means you still have 2 episodes to catch up…

  1096. 1096 : JSJ Says:

    Winner takes all ..

    Sannie Oppa fighting…

    Sorry to Chang Hee shippers…

    i have to shout it loud…

    Hae Joo is only for Kang San..

    Chang Hee is for In Hwa…

    Happy Ending… 🙂

  1097. 1097 : Cute Says:

    STAR WARS the finally jajajajajajaja this is crazy, but it’s fun. Keep going guys. Let’s see who win. I’ll be back later to check it out.

  1098. 1098 : Mary Says:

    @Hanaku 1092, i actually doesn’t want to comment on this thread, i just usually lurk around but your comment got my attention. I wonder who told you that this drama had already ended and Hae Joo end up with CH? are you kidding? Did you really watch this drama or you just watch a part of it and assume everything. I’m not KJW or JH fan, but i watch May Queen because i like Kim Yoo Jung (the young Hae Joo). I really laugh when i read your post. You started bashing the rest but you didn’t check out first if what you think is right. I bet, when you watch the whole series, you’ll feel too embarassed :). Sorry, i am very straight forward person. I agree that most of the post here are from KJW fan girls and a bit biased but at least when they post comment, they know what are they saying, so does Jae Hee fans… they argue because they have different point of view but they know what’s going on.

  1099. 1099 : Ilovekoreandrama Says:

    🙂 lol… somebody is trying to be funny here:)

  1100. 1100 : Jenny Says:

    May Queen is an inspirational drama which is hard to find these days. The hardships that the characters have to overcome depicts the everyday life that we all have to face, it reminds us that no matter how difficult challenges can be, we should never give up and look ahead!
    I have to admit that I’ve not seen too many of KJW’s dramas except for this current one and Can You Hear My Heart, but his acting has greatly matured and improved between the 2. Acting is not just saying the lines but really bringing the audiences into the character’s feelings. The character KS itself is quite amazing, I sometime joke around with my friends saying that this character really portrays a Perfect Man!

  1101. 1101 : Angie Says:

    i been watching this drama and of course i did follow the threat on soompi too but i never actually care about what they said….lols…

    to me i enjoy this drama thru out….how they deems HJ as useless and KS as being play a lesser parts and how they whine about CH being nice and turn towards the evil path……however i still enjoy the drama as a whole…

    to me HJ is not submissive but what the writer said is border on the truth and facts of life…..the adopted family is the only family she has knows…..as a kid where does she has to goes? no where…all they care about is HJ must be this and this and this…..lols but honestly…i stop analyzing the writer motives and just go with the flow of the stories and i find i can connect with HJ character more and i find it endearing and heartbreaking that she went thru everything for the so called ‘family’ that she has and was never appreciated from the beginning.

    while for KH of course he is the cutest and his smiles brighten up the whole screen …. and he became even more so when he is with HJ lols….he is cool and sophisticated when he wish to be…but i think he is the main pole of the drama while some ppl whine about CH being the main one…..i wouldnt give it that far….HJ n CH n KS are all inter-related…without each of them there is no stories and there is no plot to move on from there…….so i say bravo and im sad to see the drama coming to an end 🙂 i will root for HJH n KJW

  1102. 1102 : jianpark Says:

    good day to all, reading all the comment here is getting my attention more. everybody got their own opinion who they admire most, it’s either HJ or KJW. i can say that reading comment/discussion here is my daily routine in the morning, than to read the newspaper… hahaha…
    2 more episodes and it’s end,.
    PEACE everyone and have a nice day to all of us…:) 🙂 🙂

  1103. 1103 : jianpark Says:

    oh i mean JH… not HJ, SORRY… 🙂

  1104. 1104 : Taurus Girl Says:

    I watch the drama from the very start until now. I know there’s a rivalry between the actors among the fans going on here but i’m not IN to that. Jae Hee and Kim Jae Won characters are two different personalities and they portrayed it well. CH, KS, and HJ went through life hardships and deal with it in different way as well. CH character look more complex because he turn bad from good but it doesn’t mean he is better than the other one. KS character is more inspiring, he had gone to all up and downs in life and he manage to overcome it. As a child CH gone through hard life but things went more smoothly while he grew up. He didn’t have to take too much effort to gain HJ’s heart because she already give it too him from the very start. He also become a successful lawyer and gain JDH acknowledgement. While he is growing up having revenge as his goal, he forgot to treasure what he had. KS on the other hand had the same issue, after his grandfather company was taken over by JDH he have to live alone overseas, overcome loneliness, have to come back successful and take back the company as his main goal. KS have to face the fact that he lose the chance to win the girl he love and treasure in his heart for a very long time because of his long absense. He deal with it in a good way. Fair and honest. He strive to gain back the company by starting a new one. Even if he was knock down so many times he manage to stand on his feet and continue to follow the bright path. If you really think about it, no one in reality can be as much strong than he was, or i should say, being on his feet is really hard to take. CH path is easy, everyone can do it. He actually just go with the flow. He took every chance that was given to him even on the expense of others happiness. He choose the easiest path to overcome life. Of course he end up on the darkness because he left his light behind he didn’t fight for it. After one blow, he give it up just because it’s easier to travel without it, just to realize in the end that he actually need it but it’s gone.

    This is my own opinion… don’t get me wrong…. Either KJW or JH is good to me. They are great actors. But if i apply it in my real life, i want to be as strong as KS (KJW) character. I want to overcome everything through hard work. and i’m really inspired of his character.

  1105. 1105 : Jessie Says:

    I also like KS character (KJW)… i want a man like him in my life. It’s not because he is good looking. It’s because he character is more inspiring. I feel so attach to him because he portrayed it well. I’m looking forward to his new project after May Queen. :)… i think i should watch CYHMH too. this is the first drama that i watch KJW. From now on, i’m one of his big fan… fighting.

  1106. 1106 : cembil Says:

    @Taurus Girl, that’s good. I like your opinion. Being a bad guy is so easy specially when all conditions support to build up the character. I like JH as CH, the character suit for him. He has done good job so made people hate and feel sorry for him…(mean only the character in drama)…but KJW has done an awsome job also…he can drag our emotions when he feel bad, sad, happy and funny…we can feel his sorrow during the situation after his grandfather passed away…we can feel his love after they made their real kiss at night <3 . If I may say, he so perfect to be KS. Being a main actor doesn't mean have to more perform but will show out at the end in successfully….Gosh! I can't believe this drama will ended this week..I surely going to miss KJW JH HJY And SÉS…Thanks to them for making this drama so colorful with all situation aside of stupid writers…lol PEACE !!! 🙂 Thank you MBC for bring up all good actors and actresses…I LOVE MAY QUEEN ♥ ~

  1107. 1107 : Jade12 Says:

    haha, It seems that I kindled the stars war. Excuse me, I didn’t mean to offend you guys, JH’s fans . just give my opinion about his character. I’m glad there were more interesting comments after my point of view. I especially like Taurus Girl opinion. A silent reader like me just want the discussion here more lively, I think I succeed. hehe….

    Forget all upsetting! We eat, sleep, happy, laugh, cry, …. and angry all together with May Queen for almost a half of this year. 2 more last eps to go. Enjoy watching this weekend.
    Ignoring the crazy writer (hehe), all the actors & actresses did well. Tks for their hard effort for May Queen.

    @jianpark: we have the same daily routine. hehe…. Enjoy!

    @gretz16: Tks for the photo. My inspiration in MQ is back hehe… Hope a bright future for our couple. Especially Kang San, he was injured too much, he deserve having a happy ending.

    Now Im back a SR ^^

  1108. 1108 : jianpark Says:

    @Jessie, you should watch it CYHMH it’s a nice drama….

    @Jade12, hehe… enjoy too!

  1109. 1109 : Clair Says:

    This drama doesn’t have much moral lesson that you can learn if you just barely watch it. But if you really analyze the characters, there is a lot on it. LOVE, SACRIFICE, BETRAYAL, and FORGIVENESS.

    I agree with Taurus Girl opinion. KS character is very inspiring so does HJ. Both of them overcome the hardship in life without any short cut. KJW is a great actor, his character look irrelevant from the beginning but because of his excellent way of giving life on that character he pulled a lot of viewers sympathy. CH role is very complex and the story seems to project his life , i can say that the young CH (Park Geun Tae) really did a good job. Everyone pity him because of his great acting. Jae Hee on the other hand, shows an excellent job on delivering hate and anger through his eyes but his face expression when he is sad is somewhat lacking of emotion. For example, the time when he broke up with Hae Joo, i find that scene very funny. It supposed to be dramatic and emotional but i couldn’t feel anything at all. It’s like 2 actors practicing their lines. Another one is when he heard JDH beating his father in the room. He is supressing his anger and should show pain and hate, but the way he acted is not natural , you will find it so lacking and by force. (Sorry for being harsh). As for KJW, he is excellent on delivering Sad, Happy, and Awkward emotion but one thing is lacking, the chemistry between him and HJH. 🙂 Maybe because their bond is more like being best friends rather than lovers. And the fact that Hae Joo keep rejecting his love. Over all rate… everyone got Satisfactory mark… 🙂 …. PEACE… I’m not going to say who is the best…. it’s better jugde it by yourself according to your standard.

  1110. 1110 : alma Says:

    OHHH LALALA. i love Kim Jae Won… 🙂 should i say sorry for it? Will, I’m Sorry. He took my breath away. I can’t live without seeing his smile hahahahha just kidding. I really do love him. Otokke?

  1111. 1111 : dramagod Says:

    I won’t argue who is better, hehe. I just like Jae Hee very much 😀

  1112. 1112 : ptsh836 Says:

    d biggest upset in dis drama happen in epi 36; ie d discovery of HJ’s biological father…not satisfied with two dads, d writer had to add one more to create a silly twist to this massive project…viewers had been acceptable with HJ having two dads but now a third?? its getting ridiculous, its a shame to end dis great drama on that note…n how will this impact HJ’s mother??

    jus two epis to the end n this had to happen?? HJ is having a hard time digesting the facts that she had been on this quest for revenge against her father?? of all people!! i wonder how d writer is gonna wrap up this tale with this new development…dun tell me HJ will give up all plans of revenge or she’s going full scale regardless…

    why do you think d writer had to make JDH her father?? will HJ be able to achieve her dreams of building d first drillship?? another good thing to come out of both these epis…we finally had a glimpse of what n how CH is gonna take his revenge…after keeping mum abt this issue for forever…he’s hell bent on making JDH pay for all d cruelty n abuse his father received.

  1113. 1113 : asley Says:

    i think the writer did it so that JDH feel remorseful at the end and stop harming HJ. Just like what they said he can’t be jailed because the limitation of the crime had expired and could no longer be prosecuted. The only punishment for him is to loss everything that he had which eventually happen when HJ and KS took over Choenji or destroy it for good and build a new one. CH miss the chance for revenge, he actually choose greed. After they lost the drilling rights to KS and HJ, he should accept defeat. He hate JDH but he want what he have , so he get along with him. He wanted to destroy him but i think HJ and KS already did it for him. He just need to let go and move on.

  1114. 1114 : asley Says:

    i think the only problem.that left now is how HJ going to deal with the fact that she is JDH daughter. and how is she going to handle her relationship with KS. She already completely fallen for him and knowing that her father cause too much pain to KS she might not be able to deal with it well if she decided to keep the truth from him.

    the thing about revenge is over. they choose to compete with JDH to achieve their dream and they are almost their。

  1115. 1115 : Shabby Says:

    There is any more website to wacth this drama…

  1116. 1116 : ptsh836 Says:

    @Shabby: have u tried ‘gooddrama.net/’, ‘maadu.com’ or ‘mykrdrama.blogspot.com’….

    they’re all good n fast! 😀

  1117. 1117 : fannie Says:

    i was also shocked to learn that HJ is the daughter of JDH.maybe what the writer is trying to portray is to make HJ feel what it feels like to know that your own father killed the father of the man you love, just like CH, when he discovered that his father killed HJ’s adopted father.Because it is so irrational to twist the story when you only have 2 more episodes to go. maybe the writer wants a happy ending for CH and HJ.He wants to justify why he made CH such a hateful character, who only aspire for greed and power.he wants to redeem CH character.Cant wait for the next final episode.merry christmas and happy new year everyone.

  1118. 1118 : ptsh836 Says:

    @fannie: your theory abt why d writer made JDH d father of HJ jus abt rang a bell in my head!

    cud it be d only way to stop CH in his tracks as to his quest in making JDH penniless n lose everything in his possession…now that HJ is JDH’s daughter, will CH finally stop d wheel of destruction n repent before he, himself is destroyed by hatred n d fire of revenge raging in him?? i guess nobody else has d power to stop him except HJ…his father failed, n his wife was oblivious so its left to HJ…

    what abt HJ n KS’s relationship? will it affect KS now that its clear it was JDH, HJ’s father who killed his parents? can they still continue after knowing this fact?

  1119. 1119 : Shabby Says:

    Thanks ptsh836….

  1120. 1120 : Momim Says:

    I think it is awesome story between father & daughter like day & night, black & white etc. specially thanks to the writer to write the story for making the nice drama. also thanks for every one whose are related to this drama. I’m waiting for another one.

  1121. 1121 : Gretz16 Says:

    News Update: December 19,2012

    Son Dam Bi and Kim Jae Won to host the ’2012 MBC Drama Awards’

    Having confirmed the hosts for their ‘Entertainment Awards‘, MBC has now revealed that singer Son Dam Bi and actor Kim Jae Won will be coming together to emcee the ‘2012 MBC Drama Awards‘ taking place on December 30th.

    Representatives of both sides confirmed the news on December 19th. Kim Jae Won’s agency revealed, “Kim Jae Won has had a close relationship with MBC, so he gladly accepted the offer without any hesitation. We believe his appearance will be all the more meaningful.”

    The actor is currently starring in MBC’s weekend drama ‘May Queen‘ while Son Dam Bi received praise for her improved acting in MBC’s special 50th-anniversary drama production ‘Light and Shadow‘, which came to an end in July 2012.

    The ’2012 MBC Drama Awards’ will be taking place on December 30th at MBC located in Yeouido, Seoul.

    Source & Image: TVReport via Nate

  1122. 1122 : LoveKD Says:

    Don’t like the twist abt that HJ is JDH ‘s daughter !! Spoilt the story !!

  1123. 1123 : Diane Says:

    i agree with LoveKD. “Don’t like the twist abt that HJ is JDH ‘s daughter !! Spoilt the story !!”

  1124. 1124 : hunee Says:

    Oh I hope its not true, yuckeee, please make a mistake that the paper
    was switch somehow.

  1125. 1125 : are-da Says:

    the overall i see dis drama from beginning till ep 36… the drama is more story about CH n HJ

  1126. 1126 : kazzan_girl Says:

    is this a good drama??
    I ask, because I have not watched this drama .. because I’m busy with school 2013 and cheondamdong alice…..
    maybe I’ll watch it if it’s good drama

    *please answer me*

  1127. 1127 : Christine Says:

    @ kazzan_girl
    for me, beside AGD this is one of the best drama of the year..worth to watch..

  1128. 1128 : ptsh836 Says:


    you’ll find your answer if you go thru post #1 to #1125;

    you’ll discover why we’re all hooked to this awesome drama…nobody can tell you how good this drama is coz everyone has their own opinion n taste…this is something you have to do yourself!

    so do not take a short cut, do your homework n convince yourself…that’s all i have to say…enjoy!!

  1129. 1129 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Just want to ask what happened in the last episode? The rating drops?!

  1130. 1130 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Is the reason why may Queen drastically drops its ratings from 23% to 19.4 is because the story is getting horrible in the last few episodes? HOW SAD!

    Can we consider it as the reason why MBC did not include them in Popularity Awards for Best Couple?

    Lee Sun Gyun & Hwang Jung Eum [Golden Time]
    Lee Sun Gyun & Lee Sung Min [Golden Time]
    Ahn Jae Wook & Nam Sang Mi [Light & Shadow]
    Park Yoo Chun & Yoon Eun Hye [I Miss You]
    Yoo Seung Ho & Yoon Eun Hye [I Miss You]
    Lee Jun Ki & Shin Min Ah [Arang & the Magistrate]
    Park Joon Gyu & Yoo Seung Ho [Arang & the Magistrate]
    Lee Jun Ki & Kwon Oh Joong [Arang & the Magistrate]
    Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won [The King 2Hearts]
    Jo Jung Suk & Lee Yoon Ji [The King 2Hearts]
    Kim Soo Hyun & Han Ga In [The Moon that Embraces the Sun]
    Kim Soo Hyun & Jung Eun Pyo [The Moon that Embraces the Sun]
    Yeo Jin Gu & Kim Yoo Jung [The Moon that Embraces the Sun]
    Lee Jang Woo & Oh Yeon Seo [Oh Ja Ryong is Coming]

    Even in Popularity Awards section for Male and Female, i couldn’t see any names from MQ except Han Ji Hye if i am not mistaken ! I thought the drama is so good due to its high ratings plus it was actually extended! Then why are they not dominating the nomination list?! Im CURIOUS!

  1131. 1131 : asley Says:

    episode 37 was great… KS and HJ finally overcome their struggles about HJ being Jang Do Hyeon daughter. KS accepted and love her despite the fact that her real father cause him to lost his entire family and business. I really admire him for loving HJ unconditionally.:-D

  1132. 1132 : Janice Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666, i think you got it wrong, the rating drastically drop on episode 37 not because of the story, it’s because they change the broadcast schedule in a later time due to the Presidential deabate.

    About the cast not being included in the popularity award online voting, On the male , KJW can’t be nominated because he already won that award last year. JH is not that popular so i guess they didn’t nominate them. Han Ji Hye however is on the list. On the best couple category, i think either one of the couple fits on that award. KS and HJ only start their love story at the last part. while CH and IH got married without love. CH and HJ didn’t end up together.

  1133. 1133 : Janice Says:

    i mean either of the couple not fit on that awar d…

  1134. 1134 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Janice thanks for the info, i now realized why the ratings drop on that episode. But i have one issue here, So if an artists already got a popularity award, then he/she will not be nominated again even if their drama is successful? I mean what happen to Ha Ji Won, Lee Seung Gi, Han Hyo Joo, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jun Ki, Park YuChun, Jang Geun Suk and others who actually get male or female popularity award not only once or second time but more than of that.

  1135. 1135 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I really thought that MBC is not fair not nominating the main casts of May Queen. Are they not satisfied with this drama? Common this drama has remarkable high ratings!

    But I assume that they will be nominated in the performance award, i mean the top excellence and the excellence award.

  1136. 1136 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666, 🙂 i’m also bothered at first why KJW wasn’t included for Popularity award category despite of his overwhelming popularity in Korea, and i tried to look for the answer. Janice is right, an artist can not be nominated for Popularity award category more than once or consecutively if he already won it. The above artist you mention indeed won several popularity awards but not on the same awarding event…

    Let me give you an example :
    ***Ha Ji Won Popularity awards:**
    2003: MBC Drama Awards – Netizen Popularity Award (Damo)
    2005: 26th Blue Dragon Film Awards – Popularity Award (Duelist)
    2006: KBS Drama Awards – Netizen Popularity Award (Hwang Jin Yi)
    2007: Asia Model Festival Awards – Most Popular
    2009: 30th Blue Dragon Film Awards – Popularity Award
    2010: SBS Drama Awards – Netizen Popularity Award

    Note: She won popularity award twice on Blue Dragon Awards but not consecutive year… and the other popularity awards are won in different events.. not the same network..

    Therefore: KJW can not be nominated on MBC popularity award this year because he won that last year… maybe on the next awarding but not now..

    The good thing is, this rule of awarding is not applicable on major awards, that means, any artist can win any major awards consecutively on the same event… and hopefully he does, along with the other May Queen cast… 🙂

  1137. 1137 : Gretz16 Says:

    This are the names on my wish list for MBC Drama Awards
    I hope they win a major award this year….

    Kim Jae Won
    Kim Yoo Jung
    Ahn Nae Sang
    Jae Hee

    🙂 Merry Christmas everyone… i’ll be watching the last episode tonight.. 🙂

  1138. 1138 : sassygrace23 Says:

    OHHHH…. MY Gosh…. on episode 38 preview… Jang Do Hyeon give the micro film to KS and HJ, then he tried to commit suiside, i hope HJ will be on time to stop him. He need to be punish for all his sins but i don’t think killing himself is the best ending….

  1139. 1139 : Gretz16 Says:

    For those who want to watch May Queen episode 38 preview on youtube… this is the link.. 🙂 http://youtu.be/u9aeXvIyZrk

  1140. 1140 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Gretz16 for that, I don’t like MBC rules at all. Those who deserves, should be nominated. That’s their bonus!

  1141. 1141 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666 , yeah… you’re right. A lot of artist actually deserve to win an award but what can we do? We don’t even know how they judge the winners. On the popularity award category, obviously it’s base on online votes, that’s quite OK, everyone can contribute but for the other categories, only the Network facilitators know it. They can choose who ever they like. 🙂 …

  1142. 1142 : hawson Says:

    Watch May Queen Ep 38 Final Eng Sub http://synopsiskoreandrama.blogspot.com/

  1143. 1143 : hawson Says:

    Watch May Queen Ep 38 Final Eng Sub http://synopsiskoreandrama.blogspot.com/2012/12/watch-may-queen-ep-38-final-eng-sub.html

  1144. 1144 : Cathy Says:

    @ptsh836 1128, 🙂 i’m always out of words everytime somebody is asking if this drama is good. My Mom and Sister keep bothering me why i’m so hooked on this drama.. i always tell them, it’s just because i pity all the characters and i’m angry with the writer, i want to know how is he going to end it.. :)…

  1145. 1145 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Gretz16 I think the only credible award-giving body in South Korea is Baeksang Awards.

  1146. 1146 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Koreandrama.org Admin, Please add the photos from Official Website. I really appreciate it if you grant my request.. thank you so much… 🙂 this is the link.. http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/mayqueen/photo/index.html?list_id=2064741

  1147. 1147 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Koreandrama.org Admin. 🙂 thank you so much… Merry Christmas.. :)… I’m looking forward for new dramas on your site…

  1148. 1148 : smile Says:

    Bravo & Congrates JH! finally you are lead cast in May Queen…i mean character CH make MQ become most interesting from first until ending…thanks very much JH oppa!see u next drama…fighting.peace..:)

  1149. 1149 : Janice Says:

    I’m so happy that KS and HJ end up together. I love how their relationship grow , yhey manage to overcome everything and stay together no matter what happen. Only one thing i learn from this drama. It’s from KS character. In life even if it seems like you have nothing left to move on, staying positive will give you new hope and new things to treasure.


  1150. 1150 : Alice Says:


    KS and HJ forever.!!!!… <3<3<3<3

    i love the scene in the forest, KS and HJ are so cute and romantic. You can call it childish but their love for each other is so innocent and pure. HJ find true happiness through KS, both of them deserve to be happy. 😀

  1151. 1151 : Jane Says:

    Woww… May Queen manage to get the 25% rating target… CONGRATULATION..

    I remember during MQ press conference Jae Hee and Kim Jae Won made a joke, JH said he will go diving at Ulsan beach if they manage to reach that rating, KJW made fun of his comment and said, what should he do? He doesn’t know how to swim. 😀 and the viewers replied he had nothing to worry because Jae Hee is his HYUNG (Older brother) he can piggy back him under the sea… 😀 hahahaha ….i don’t think this two will go diving during winter season, i will put it on the list of credit and ask them to pay back later.. This guys did a good job… well done. 😀 See you in your next project.

  1152. 1152 : bella Says:

    Waaaahooooo… it was nice ending as what everyone expecting good job to the production n crew of MQ, im gonna miss KJW waaaaaaaa… goodjob to all the actors and actress…. it was a long journey, cried, hatred and happy moment for me… MQ was part of my 2012 life.. advanced happy new year every one…. 🙂

  1153. 1153 : Lynn Says:

    OMG, I love the ending. The ending I expected from CH character. He soooooo deserve to be happy. I love JH as well as CH 🙂 Hope to see you in your next project, JH 🙂

    It is such a long journey. I am happy to be a part of the MQ family. We might have disagreement, but I am happy to get to share my opinion to everyone here. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all of you 🙂

  1154. 1154 : Gretz16 Says:

    Good news everyone MBC network Drama awards finalized the list for Most Popular Male and Female Artist, and Best Couple Award… Kim Jae Won and 한지혜 (Han Ji Hye) are included on the finalist… please support them by voting at this link…
    Vote for Most Popular Male and Female : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/event/2012mbc/popular/index.html

    Vote for Best Couple Award : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/event/2012mbc/couple/

    Thank you so much… and Merry Christmas to everyone…

  1155. 1155 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Gretz16 So MBC added them? hMmmm thats why I am puzzled that they were not included on its first release.

  1156. 1156 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666, yes … according to what i’ve seen on the Official website May Queen pass the standard qualification for popularity award… they surpass the rating target on the last episode and i think that’s what get them into the final list. KJW also was added on the nominees of popularity award… 😀 i think MBC lurking around this thread and saw your comment that they are being unfair so they change their rule and add him hahahaha…

  1157. 1157 : hunee Says:

    Awwww that wuz such a cute ending, I luv it. Thank you!!! Everybody
    turns out to be happy at the end, yayyy!!!!! Merry Xmas everyone!!!

  1158. 1158 : cris Says:

    hahahaha it’s great that it ends happily… Hae Joo and Kang San are so cute. After a very long time , they finally got each other .Watching them makes my heart beat fast. Falling in love is a good thing. At first i thought they are lack in chemistry but i was wrong, the writer didn’t give them a chance to fall in love earlier, HJ keep rejecting KS at first that’s why you can’t feel any chemistry but when they finally get into that moment things just went the way it was expected. KJW and HJH is a perfect match.. 😀

    Merry Christmas everyone..

  1159. 1159 : bella Says:

    hi everyone!

    i tried to hit the link mentioned above by gretz16 because i want to vote but its korean language i dont understand ? helppppppppppppppp….. is there any MBC page that translate to english ? i relly want to vote huhuhuhu…. i do appreciate guyz if someone answer my ???? thanks………. 🙂

  1160. 1160 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Gretz16 because of my comment KJW was added to the popularity awards nominees?! hahahahah I do have some influence?! Yikes! But honestly this drama and the cast deserve all the nominations from popularity to the acting awards. HJH and KJW would likely be awarded for Top Excellence since Kim Soo Hyun would probably get the Daesang Award. I also love TMETS. and recently I am addicted to I Miss You. jejeje I am betting for these three series to be acknowledged by MBC this year!

  1161. 1161 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Gretz16 any news what series will replace MQ? Only CDDA and MDSS air on Sat-Sun schedule next week?! That’s quite advantage for CDDA.

  1162. 1162 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666 , 🙂 i think May Queen, TMETS and I mi

    ss You cast will surely receive an award. MQ was belong to soap opera category while TMETS and IMY are included in mini series which means the actors in this drama most probably don’t complete with the same major award.

    @bella, there’s a tutorial instruction posted at May Queen FB page, you can check it out. although they write the instruction in Chinese it’s very easy to follow because they use pictures as guide… 😀

  1163. 1163 : jianpark Says:

    first i want to say CONGRATULATION to the actors/actresses they acted so well, specially KJW. to the writer and director and staffs. and for US who watch it for 5 months… great ending, like it. i’m sure, i’m going to re-watch it again…
    i’m going to miss KJW. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    hope to see more drama for KJW… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1164. 1164 : dramagod Says:

    I am so happy with the ending. I am extremely happy that CH is happy at the end. And In Hwa also, I am glad that this girl is so mature in love. Seriously, she was someone who was chasing KS around crazily without knowing the meaning of love, and at the end she is someone who grows so matured because of her love towards CH. I love this couple.
    I got teary eyes when CH said Cheonji made him unable to breath when KS told him that he needs CH’s help to run the company. Poor CH, he had to endure this because he needed to do things that must be done for people he loves. I love the scene CH and KS talking and at the end, CH looked up to the sky and said, “the sky is so clear, this made his eyes irritated and watery.” this is like saying, it is a shame that he was unable to stay in the light for all these times while it’s always there right before his eyes.
    The scene when HJ asked him what is he going to do if he handed over Cheonji? He said, ” Escape from the darkness!”. That scene is touching too.
    I am happy with the pairing in this drama, KS and HJ, CH and IH, Uncle and BH, yay.

    Happy holiday everyone!

  1165. 1165 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666, sorry for the typo errors on my comment at #1162, 😀 I heard the new drama that replace MQ is 100 Years of Heritage if i’m not mistaken. It starred by Kim Eugene… but the broadcasting will only start next year. I don’t know what is the program for MQ timeslot on next Saturday.

  1166. 1166 : Ying Says:

    Haven’t finished the drama, but Chang Hee will be happy at the end? YES, YES, YES, that’s all I am asking for, could careless for the rest. I just want him to be happy.

    See you next project Jae Hee. Wish you all the best.

  1167. 1167 : emerald Says:

    he really deserves to be happy anyway,,, happy holidays eveyrone…

  1168. 1168 : Gretz16 Says:

    [News] Jae hee “Kim Jae Won knew about my marriage
    but ignored it”
    Actor Jae Hee expressed his gratitude to fellow actor
    Kim Jae Won, both from “May Queen”.
    In a recent interview of the “May Queen” crew, Jae Hee
    opened up to speak about his marriage which was
    announced during the making of the drama.
    He said, “I was going to announce the truth when the
    drama was over. It hurts to think it came out a little
    differently than what I had planned but I was
    congratulated a lot”.
    “Most of the people around me already knew. I didn’t
    hide it but it just wasn’t widely known”.
    When he was asked about anyone who he worked with
    that knew about his marriage he answered, “Kim Jae-
    won knew about it. He said he felt like a rock was lifted
    from his chest when reports about my marriage came
    He also added that he couldn’t tell Han Ji-hye about his
    marriage because he had just met her.
    When he was asked if he regretted not letting the fact
    of his marriage be known sooner he said, “That comes
    down to the fact that I am a celebrity. My thought of
    marriage is about the man accommodating to the
    woman but I didn’t think I should hold a press
    conference to announce my marriage to a common
    woman. If I had not registered marriage and tried to
    hide it then I am a bad person but I was proud of my
    marriage and was able to announce that I am happy”.

    I think it’s really good that Jae Hee had someone to talk with that can fully understand his situation. As a fellow artist and good friend, Kim Jae Won surely know how to symphatized with his feelings. Being a famous actor had a lot of advantages and disadvantages. They are being watch by everyone and unfortunately not everyone has a good impression on everything they do. Im happy that Jae Hee is happy now.

  1169. 1169 : Honey boo-boo Says:

    it’s been a long journey and thankfully the series finally came to an end after 19 weeks!! I’m happy to have this off my back tho i’m not as emotional as I was halfway thru the drama when we were all struggling to figure out whether chang hee or kang san was the 1st lead and what role they would eventually take on. I lost interest in this drama after realizing Chang Hee was fated to be with In Hwa and Hae Joo with Kang San. Although they lacked chemistry onscreen, both actors still perfomed well. I can gladly say I got one good thing out of MQ and that is Jae Hee. I walked in not knowing anyone of the cast but fell in love with Chang Hee’s character the first time I laid my eyes on him. I loved him so much that it hurt me to see him self destruct all in the name of paying for his fathers mistakes. I’m content that he found happiness with In Hwa at the end tho I strongly feel the writers cud hv brought him and hae joo back together.

    The writer did very well with the storyline. Of course there are things that dont go like us wanted, but the writer did successfully convey the reality of life. You don’t get every single thing you wanted, but it might be the best choice without you realizing it. Chang hee for me the hero, for his sacrifice. He deserved better, but that is life. Two thumbs up for this great drama! 🙂

  1170. 1170 : Honey boo-boo Says:

    Gretz16- thanks for your updates on Jae Hee 🙂

  1171. 1171 : grace Says:

    i cried a lot for the young Hae joo (Kim Yoo Jung) and adult Kang San (Kim Jae Won) in this drama. They are amazing artist. 😀

    I’ll be waiting for their next project. Fighting. <3<3<3<3

  1172. 1172 : iam Says:

    love jae hee

  1173. 1173 : Tyuy Says:

    So disappointed with the ending!!! A 15 years love can be forgotten just like that! Its so absurd to belief that there was no loyalty in them. Or was it because no chemistry in older CH and HJ? Events during teenaged days were better. There was a chemistry between teens CH and HJ. The acting from older CH a bit wooden when he’s with HJ. Perhaps that’s the reason why the writer give the ending like that. Hmm.. Still remember how sweet both couple: cycling together.. helps that teen CH gave during HJ hardships

  1174. 1174 : Analyn Says:

    i agree, HJH doesn’t have chemistry to Jae Hee… I think even to Kim Jae Won… both guys are good but the actress doesn’t suit them.

  1175. 1175 : Ttuk Says:

    @Tyuy #1173 Mmm.. a year passed before Hae Joo & Kang San committed to their relationship in those ending scenes. However there is in Hae Joo’s character (personification of the writer’s moral ambivalence) what I can only describe as a bizarre sense of compassion.

    About Kang Do Hyeon’s suicide scene: By now Hae Joo had given her heart to Kang San whose parents and grandfather all died at the hand of Do Hyeon. Her own life’s woes were brought about by Do Hyeon. The death of both her doting fathers were due to Do Hyeon. The pain and anguish her own biological mother suffered over the years were due to Do Hyeon. The suffering her adopted family went through after the loss of their father was due to Do Hyeon, yet the great Hae Joo finds kindness and forgiveness towards this person. WTF!

    I was finding it hard to like Hae Joo but managed only to pretend that I liked her. There’s a weirdness about the writer of this saga that had come through her. Hae Joo for me is like most things we get today — GMO foods, pesticides, global warming, sustainable development, preservatives, fluoridated water and other nasties we ingest because we are told they’re good for us. Hae Joo is nice, sweet, pretty, smart with the kind of girl-power that can throw a man across the room when provoked. Yet like the Stepford wives, she’s too good, too perfect too lovey-dovey but not to trust. (To be clear, I liked the actress. I’m referring to the fictional creation.)

    Jang Do Hyeon’s final monologue as he finds a nearby tower.. and climbs up to the top… to throw himself off… In an effort to make it clear to whom what it’s like when you’re shattered…la-la-la-la.. errr..I digress. Aigoo.. as he climbed to off himself he rationalized away his life (writer is setting us up for the next scene) specifically his bad deeds, by describing himself as a combatant of sorts in the war that is the struggle of “life” or what we simply call “life”. So now I should feel sorry for the guy right? Seriously?

    Anyway it all ended and I survived it. The world didn’t end on Dec 22nd. The May Queen sailed to the arctic to drill for much needed oil.

  1176. 1176 : Ttuk Says:

    Heck, if Hae Joo ruled the country all incarcerated criminals will be released from prisons.

  1177. 1177 : Ttuk Says:

    Back to Do Hyeon’s final monologue and that sinister insertion of the warrior in a war — the war of life. You see, combatants are exonerated for killing opposing combatants in times of war. Do Hyeon’s suggesting that his evil deeds are no more than the actions of a warrior at war. In other words he’s insinuating that he should not be judged guilty for his actions as he was doing what any combatant would do. The problem is he could NOT be thinking that way then go and kill himself rather he killed himself because he is gripped by a guilty conscience. Justifications for ones own atrocities cannot co-exist with the full weight of a guilty conscience that immediately results in suicide.

  1178. 1178 : sahel Says:

    did Chun Hae Joo marry with Kang San? please answer me i watched to ep 20

  1179. 1179 : Leveru Says:

    Had the producer decided not to extend this drama to 38 episodes, but stop at episode 32, I’m guessing the ending will be like this:
    1. HJ is not Do Hyeon’s daughter.
    2. HJ is back together again with CH. (Maybe CH never even get married to In Hwa. KS however will remain as a good friend, like elder brother to HJ. This is because in earlier episodes, it can be seen that whilst KS gives many hints to HJ in playful way, however HJ has never accepted his advances towards her).
    3. Il Moon won’t be as pathetic (silly) as Sang Jae. He should be almost as smart as CH, considering his school exam result during high school days.

    BTW acting wise KJW gives a good performance. While HJH is pretty, to much shouting spoil her acts, good if her can squeeze more her tear gland. But what is a dissapoiment to me is the performance by JH as CH, so stone. Not much expression shown and his body language is equally bad. The only time that I can recall where he gives good acting was when he walks to the aisle to get married (not when he looks at HJ though). I would prefer other actor taking CH roles. Since I just finished watching Bad Guy and Queen Song Duk, I think Kim Nam Gil would be perfect to take this role. He is such a charismatic actor.

  1180. 1180 : Sina Says:

    I really like this drama. Very nice ending. Hope for more dramas like this one. Thank you….

  1181. 1181 : Genve Says:

    Not so nice ending. Would be better if the writer leave Chang Hee alone with his father, rather than welcoming In Hwa back into his life. In the first place, he married In Hwa not because of love, but revange. Only Desperate woman (InHwa) would want to come back to a man (Chang Hee) despite knowing that the man married her because of revange. And to make Chang Hee welcome her with open arms just one year of separation, is indeed a ridiculous ending!

  1182. 1182 : Analyn Says:

    @Genve, Chang Hee married IH just a month after he broke up with HJ, 😀 that’s more ridiculous.

    @Leveru, i think even if the managent didn’t extend it for 38 episodes the ending will be the same. Remember the character description given when they started this drama, Chang Hee will marry IH to bring his father out of misery. The relationship chart given on the Official website also shows love line only between KS and HJ. It was also mention from the very beginning that HJ will have 3 fathers, that means JDH to be as one is already on the original script. I think the only thing they added to drag the story until 38 ep. is when they make CH as bad even more than expected.

  1183. 1183 : cris Says:

    @sahel, Hae Joo end up with Kang San , they didn’t show a wedding but they got engage at the ending. For what i understand when Hae Joo move out from Chun family house, she live together with him. They make the drillship together and KS promise HJ mom that he will marry HJ once they complete the drill. 😀

  1184. 1184 : helen Says:

    this drama indeed have a remarkable rating. They started in 2 digit figure and not even once fall in single digit. the actors really did well. Congratulation guys. I’m now at episode 30… KJW was damn good when his grandfather past away. I think that’s the most memorable and touching scene in this drama. the rest are just OK..

  1185. 1185 : kimchilee Says:

    the more i watch this drama, the more irritated i am with Hae Joo.. her mood swings towards KS was so horrible, if i were KS, i’d have left her long ago. she just have to shout and shout and nag and nag.. gosh.. must be the upbringing from her forster mother.. aish.. she is the most annoying character in this drama.. it was the forster mother in the beginning and now her. I also cannot stand HJ’s mother over exaggerated emotions… aish.. more irritated when they made HJ as the daughter of Do Hyeon.. what a big disapointment this drama has turn out to be. 🙁

  1186. 1186 : kimchilee Says:

    Finally, finished watching this drama. Its the perfect ending we expected it would be. Happy that Chang Hae found happiness at last. The forest scene that KS and HJ spent together were rather amusing.. loved the amusing scenes the two of them shared especially KS’s loving jokes towards HJ all the time about kisses.

    Well, at least the ending did not spoil the whole drama and lifted the disappointment of HJ being the daughter of DH.. very good ending. Kudos to everyone of this Drama!

    It was fun sharing our likes and dislikes about this drama. Now… to the drama of I Miss You.. the best thrilling drama with an entirely different genre ever to have seen in a K-Drama! best acting from the 3 main characters there too!

    Happy New Year to all and fans here alike!

  1187. 1187 : Gretz16 Says:

    CONGRATULATION to all the cast of May Queen… Big celebration must be done… all the cast on the Official poster won an award..

    MBC Drama Awards 2012
    Kim Jae Won – Best Actor Award
    Han Ji Hye – Best Actress Award
    Jae Hee – Excellence Award
    Lee Duk Hwa – Golden Award
    Yang Mi Kyung – Golden Award
    Kim Yoo Jung – Child Actress Award

  1188. 1188 : kimchilee Says:

    what! Han Ji Hye won Best Actress with all her screaming and naggings?? what!?

  1189. 1189 : Angelie Says:

    @kimchilee , yes .. May Queen cast got most of the major awards.. 🙂

  1190. 1190 : FF Says:

    For all May Queen’s lovers..
    I wanna ask how is this drama storyline? Is it darker than Five Fingers? What makes it better than Five Fingers? Tq

  1191. 1191 : FF Says:

    I need comment from who has watched for both drama.. If it’s nice,I’ll try to watch it

  1192. 1192 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Congrats Team May Queen with 7 Awards, I Miss You got 6 awards, METS took 9 awards!

    @Gretz16 Our best won big in MBC Drama Awards 2012. Cheers!

  1193. 1193 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Congrats Team May Queen with 7 Awards, I Miss You got 6 awards, METS took 9 awards!

    @Gretz16 Our bets won big in MBC Drama Awards 2012. Cheers!

  1194. 1194 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666 , 🙂 cheers for that…. i’m so happy that everyone got what they deserve. 🙂 i saw a lot of fans of other artist complain about those actors who recieve an award that they think they don’t deserve specially on the actress awards, but i’m still glad because nobody complain about May Queen cast winning their awards. I think everyone really know they deserve it. 🙂 hahahaha ….


  1195. 1195 : kimchilee Says:

    @Gretz16, sorry.. you wont be glad.. I am the only one complaining abt HJ winning the award. she shouted too much to the brink of irritation and her facial expressions are limited to smiling when crying, when laughing and when working…just smile .. what kind of expressions are those? not much acting there I’d say and so, not so deserving.

  1196. 1196 : Gretz16 Says:

    @kimchilee, 🙂 Nothing could make me sad because i only care about KJW 🙂 …. he won what he deserve and i’m thankful for that. About the other awards i can’t say anything, maybe because her competitors are not good enough to beat her for that award. I never watch their drama so it’s not good to judge, i’m just stating my opinion. 🙂

  1197. 1197 : kimchilee Says:

    @Gretz16, ah.. that’s ok.. your KJW won and at least I am happy that CH won an award too!

  1198. 1198 : kdrama freak Says:

    Good melodrama worthwhile watching. All actors and actress and the child actors and actress act very well. Lee Hoon and the female partner are so funny, bring life to the drama. JH so good looking so is KJW.

  1199. 1199 : helen Says:

    Glad that this drama made it and gained a lot of viewers. The rating was impressive, actors really work hard and their effort were paid off. Congratz to all the cast specially to KJW, JH, and HJH. 😀 Great team work guys.

  1200. 1200 : RIAFY Says:

    I don’t like Jae Hee acting in this drama. I couldn’t get attach at all. He is not good as a villain but he is not good as a protagonist either… the guy who act as Assistant Choi is even more convincing than him. What happen to him?

  1201. 1201 : Dev Says:

    Sorry to tell that l hate hj, the way is why CH become bad guy, she should fight for their 15 love relationship. And this the first time i like most Jae hee oppa act. He deserve win this award. And also kim jae won oppa, he cute in here,diffrent oppa when he play in drama can you hear my heart hehehehe but still loves it all.
    The last over all i likes this drama

  1202. 1202 : flor Says:

    I don’t blame Hae Joo for what Chang Hee has become, she may be have some lacking in their relationship but CH itself have his own selfishness. His love and obsession for revenge is very unhealthty. KS have the most inspiring character, he portrays the kind of person with humanity and balance the hate and love despite of difficulties. He manage to overcome what CH can’t do. Help HJ to achieve her dream so does the people around her. A lot of you here says that his character is not relevant because it wasn’t as complicated as CH but i guess most of you overlook the good lesson that his character is trying to uphold.

  1203. 1203 : m31r1n Says:

    Park ji bin is young role of jae hee right? There’s a mistake write up there. Tx

  1204. 1204 : Gretz16 Says:

    @m31r1n , NO, it’s correct.. Park Ji Bin is the young character for Kim Jae Won, not Jae Hee. 😀

  1205. 1205 : Alice Says:

    To all Kim Jae Won fans… 🙂 since i saw that you are majority here.. i want to share this post i got from KJW fan page on FB.

    Make it a daily habit to Vote for Kim Jae Won oppa on this links…. for Most Popular Male Artist…
    Japanese Site : http://e-vote999.com/ninki03/tvote.cgi?event=vote3

    – Vote every 12 hours or twice a day
    Chinese Site : http://www.ttpaihang.com/vote/rank.php?page=1&voteid=824&sortby

    – Vote daily , once per IP adress..
    PPTV voting site : http://korea.pptv.com/jrzt/sjmr/

    Thank You…

  1206. 1206 : Reivo Says:

    Episode’s 7 so very sad. Hae joo appa, death.

  1207. 1207 : Karen Says:

    Kim Jae Won is so hot in this drama.. 😀 … honestly i love Jae hee oppa but KJW is just simply irresistable, i can’t ignore his presence and have to admit that i started to like him in this series.. both guys are awesome.

  1208. 1208 : [email protected] Says:

    you should watch this drama. Its awesome. at first i dont like the lead girl but i started to like her because of this drama. youll like her chrcter in this drama and of course youll love kim jae won more! i soo love the ending!

  1209. 1209 : lia Says:

    you should watch this drama! at first i dont like the lead girl but i started to like her in this drama. youll like her chrcter in this drama and of course youll love kim jae won more! i soo love the ending!

  1210. 1210 : ruthaliehs Says:

    i love JAE HEE!… i just thrilled with the character he portrays.. even in CYHMH i love the other guy.. Nam Goong Min.. maybe i just dont like KJW that much.. kyak!..

  1211. 1211 : Carol Says:

    I love Jae Hee but not his character in this drama.. i’d rather see him act completely as bad guy rather than at the middle. He seems like he can’t bring out the life of the character naturally in this role. Most of the time he expressionless , i find it boring. And he look matured too. I love the character he played in Sassygirl Chunyang…. that suits him well.

    Kim Jae Won did quite well on his character, if you base on the beginning of the story, you find it irrelevant but because of his excellent portrayal, you will feel the attachment on his character. This is the first drama that i watch him, i’m very impressed on his natural charm and kindness. It seems like he is one of those artist who could perfectly act as a good guy because it was natural in him. I’m gonna check out his other dramas. 🙂

  1212. 1212 : Bee Says:

    KJW is a good actor, however, I am sorry to say that his character in May queen is really irrelevant. His character is not important enough to the point I feel he was not the main lead, but CH was. I don’t feel any emotional connection between the main couples as well. KJW and HJH have absolutely no chemistry.
    Well, maybe I have to blame the writer for not writing an relevant character for KJW and focus too much on CH and HJ’s love life in the beginning.

  1213. 1213 : Clair Says:

    I love how KJW portrayed his character in this drama. The writer didn’t put to much emphasis on his part but i think he made an excellent job on giving life on that character and make it stand out by itself. I think viewers love him because of that not because he was paired with the heroine. If not because of his strong charm, i think KS character will completely overshadowed by CH. The writer put to much importance in CH role, his life itself is more complicated than Hae Joo. I’m a bit disappointed on how Jae Hee portrayed it.. his role is quite good opportunity to show off his acting skills but somehow, the only part where he acted well is when he showed hate in his eyes, the rest of his acting look weak and lack of natural feeling. I think he could do better.

  1214. 1214 : 花子 Says:

    ひどい、ひどいドラマ!! Never like this drama and a very unlogic story for the main actor to get married to someone he do not love gor revenge. spoilt the whole drama….After downloading, I deleted the drama as I NEVER like the story, I would prefer I MISS YOU!!!

  1215. 1215 : 花子 Says:

    ひどい、ひどいドラマ!! Never like this drama and a very unlogic story for the main actor to get married to someone he do not love for revenge. spoilt the whole drama….After downloading, I deleted the drama as I NEVER like the story, I would prefer I MISS YOU!!!

  1216. 1216 : Ariane Says:

    Kim Jae Won, his smile is like the sun but it’s amazing how he can convey his happiness as well as his pain and sadness. Many actors can only do one of these perfectly while he always succeeds in making me laugh and making me cry with him… I think i love KS not because of his character but because it was portrayed by Kim Jae Won. I’ll be looking forward for his new dramas. Although the story of this series is not as good as his previous drama Can You Hear My Heart, Romance, and Wonderful Life, i should say that his acting skills improves a lot and reach the next level. 🙂

  1217. 1217 : ruth Says:

    i think JAEHEE made a good job here, coz i see his other drama hes into romantic comedy, and i used to his comic role, maybe thats why other may say hes lacking on portraying his role, coz we used to the old one.. but hes so good he can be very funny as well as can be the badass. CH and HJ have great chemistry,.. i like also CH and In Hwa.. and i find il MOon and HJ sister cute, i laughd and moved with their scenes.. haha.. and at the beginning CH father so annoying that i want to kill him myself.. haha.. i love Jae hee.. oh why why!

  1218. 1218 : ruth Says:

    maybe the drama hve been more interesting if CH and HJ reconciles coz from the begining they gve emphasis on their love life that i hardly feel the chemistry bet KS and HJ theyre cute if theyd be frens only. and Ks is a good actor its just that i like CH character more

  1219. 1219 : christine Says:

    the story of this drama is not really that good but i agree that the actors and actress done well. Except from CH character, the rest of the characters like Hae Joo and Kang San are badly written, the writer didn’t put more emphasis on their role but surprisingly Kim Jae Won manage to stand out because of his charm and great acting. You can consider his character irrelevant in the beginning but because everyone loves him, the viewers tend to ignore the flaws of the drama and just watch him with the hope that he will have happiness at the end. 😀 It’s funny but i stayed in this drama until the end not because i like it but because i want to know what will happen to KS and CH. I expected that HJ will be happy that’s why i didn’t really give much attention to her. I hate to listen to her nagging, and the way she scream is really pain in the ears. I like HJH but not her character in this drama. Jae Hee is good too. I prefer him to act as a baddy than a good one. His charm is opposite with KJW. 😀 JH has strong aura while KJW has gentle side.

  1220. 1220 : anabelle Says:

    @ruth, sorry to say this but i don’t think Han Ji Hye had any good chemistry neither with the guys. CH and HJ acted sweet because they portraying a couple but the feeling of being really in love is so lacking and their chemistry is really bad. everytime i watch them talking about their relationship i can only see two actors saying their lines, i don’t get feeling on it. KS and HJ.chemistry is bad too if we talk about being lovers. Maybe because their love story only start at the end, they didn’t really have much time as a couple in the drama. But their bonding as good friends are great. I should say i love seeing them teasing each other as friends rather than lovers. 😀

    but i love Kim Jae Won and Jae Hee.. they are good actors.

  1221. 1221 : Analyn Says:

    i love Kim Jae Won <3<3<3 how i wish i could see him in person.

  1222. 1222 : Karen Says:

    @Analyn, it’s one of my life time wish to see him. His Official Fans Cafe is having regular annual fans meeting. The schedule is not fix but they do it yearly. Next month, February 17 will be this year schedule. Too bad i didn’t able to register . I have to wait until next year before i can attend and see him. I’ll make sure to sign up early hehehe

  1223. 1223 : yullieanne Says:

    why not there soundtrack??

  1224. 1224 : Ella Says:

    this is my 1st time to comment coz i just cant take the how Jae Hee act. He is such a bad actor. He has such a bad acting skill. I wonder why coz he’s been an actor for a long time. Does he not learn anything?

  1225. 1225 : mml Says:

    I never watch May Queen this drama but instead i watch a hundred years inheritance this drama, so far i have been happily watching , given by MBC with 2 episodes once a week….

    For those who not yet watch a hundred years inheritance this drama, you can start watching , is a drama that concerns a very wicked evil mother in law, i strongly believed that a hundred years inheritance this drama the rating can be better than May queen this drama ……

  1226. 1226 : huey Says:

    Park Ji Bin as young Kang San. He did it well as genius kid. Ahn Nae Sang should’ve get award for his role as Hae Joo adopted father.
    However this drama is not logical, it doesn’t deserve to be the best drama. A diabetes guy can’t have offspring, yet Jang Do Hyeon has 3 children.

  1227. 1227 : Gretz16 Says:

    DVD is now out in Japan stores … Kim Jae Won has upcoming fans meeting in Japan to promote it. 🙂

  1228. 1228 : cen Says:

    hae joo is so stupid. i have to skip her part everytime she plays the scene. watching her is just making me wanna slap her face because she is soo stupid. omg!!! she sucks!!!

  1229. 1229 : Grace Says:

    @ cen , I have to put a lot of patience watching this drama because of her character. She cause so much pain to Kang San. It even came to the point when i want him to give up on her and just move on to his life. Hae Joo had so much hardship but her character is just too annoying everytime she act stupid. Chang Hee give up on her in just one blow while Kang San hold on to her from the beginning ’til the end and yet all she did is hurt him. Although this drama end well, i still can’t get over on how Kang San suffer and endure a lot of pain. His kind heart doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. I really feel bad for him, and love him even more. Kim Jae Won portrayed that role very well.

  1230. 1230 : May Queen (MBC)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  1231. 1231 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I am currently watching this now, hmmm episode 26. And the story compels me to continue watching it. I love the characters, and damn I even like Hong Chul and Bong Hee team up. I love this couple. They are very funny. This couple brought light comedy scenes in this kind of heavy dark dramas.

  1232. 1232 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    WRONG INFO. Not Hong Chul but the Head prosecutor, the brother in law of Geum Hee. His character was not written here?!

  1233. 1233 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Hae Poong Group

    Go In Bum as Kang Dae Pyung
    Lee Hoon as Yoon Jeong Woo
    Kim Ji Young as Lee Bong Hee

    AH I GOT IT. So the prosecutor is from Hae Poong group? Is he the WELDER now? hahaha and Kim Ji Young also member of Hae Poong group? as far as I remember she was an oil expert on the Chunji company. Now how came hshe was labeled for the rival company? tsk tsk confusing.

    So it was Jeong Woo and Bong Hee love team after all.

  1234. 1234 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Kurayusaki666 , Jeong Woo and Bong Hee belong to Haepoong Group because they are in the same side with Kang San and His Grandpa. It doesn’t mean they are also a welder. They just help out the team Haepoong characters. 😀 they are yhe good side.

  1235. 1235 : samah Says:

    I loooooooooooooooooooooove this drama <3<3<3<3

  1236. 1236 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Gretz16 I was just only joking about this. I know they are not welders. But labeling them to that company does not fit at all since those two are not working under that company. Chun Ji and Hae Poong are companies right? So it does not make sense to put them in those sections.

    It could have been better if the groups are Jang Do Hyoen group and Kang Dae Pyung Group. Then I will not complain.

    I am so late with this thread. I am actually on episode 27 right now. hahahaha And I’m loving this drama so far.

    And I’m very furious on Chang Hee’s father. He’s bipolar, conscienceless, greedy, ambitious in a negative manner, selfish. Does he have a heart at all?!

  1237. 1237 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666 , 🙂 Chang Hee father surely have a heart, otherwise he won’t live that long… 🙂 hahahaha just kidding. His heart is full of selfishness and greed, that’s what makes him survive but makes everyone suffer including his own son. And because of the bad impression that he planted on his mind, Chang Hee also made the people around him miserable, so does himself.

  1238. 1238 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Gretz16 I personally would like to commend Lee Hoon as Yoon Jeong Woo
    and Kim Ji Young as Lee Bong Hee on their respective acting skills. I really appreciated how they pull it through.

    I am on Episode 37 right now. But I think among the actors in this drama the most effective in terms of portraying their role are those two I mentioned above and Park Chang Hee’s father. I can fully absorbed their characterization. And from the 4 leads, Kang San delivered the best performance. Chang Hee need to push with his hateful appearance or looks. I can’t feel the hatred to the deepest level. While Hae Joo, i don’t know, I may harsh with this one, she acts LOUSY but I can still give her an A+ for her strong character coz it lifted her acting skills.

    So for now, I have no issues why Hae Joo took a long time in realizing her love to Kang San. Coz they say, time heals at the right time. Congrats to the writer!

  1239. 1239 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666 , I do agree with you about the couple Bong Hee and Jeong Woo , i like them from the beginning ’til the end of this drama. I had a hard time liking the adult Hae Joo (Han Ji Hye) maybe because i have a deep attachment to Kim Jae Won who portrayed as Kang San. He was hurt badly and gone through so much pain just to be love only at the end which i find it really frustrating. I agree that broken heart heals at the right time, but no matter how i look at her relationship with Chang Hee, i can’t feel deep emotion on them, that’s why i find it unconvincing, for her to take so long to move on. I don’t know if i have to blame it to the writer , or to her acting. I like her when she act cheerful but when she is cryingor in deep emotion, i tell you…i find it like the young Hae Joo (Kim Yoo Jung) is 10X much better than her acting. Sorry for being harsh… it’s just my opinion… nothing personal.

  1240. 1240 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666, Another character that i love in this drama is Kang Dae Pyung. I like the bond between him and Kang San. I cried a lot when he past away. Kim Jae Won performance on that scene is really touching.

    I also love Chun Hong Chul,and young Hae Joo… they are great pair as father and daughter.

  1241. 1241 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Gretz16 Yeah I agree with your assessment to Han Ji Jye’s acting performance here, when she’s cheerful and when she’s crying (LOUSY performance).

    And about your secong comment #1240 I could no longer angree. You hit the jackpot! I love their respective bonding. I really thought this drama deserves more awards than other dramas.

    And BTW, you are not harsh at all. We almost have the same thoughts. Only the developments between Kang San and Hae Joo is the issue. But nevertheless, this one is a very good drama. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  1242. 1242 : Anahita Says:

    Why, I know people who suffer from diabetes and have had children. Both people who have had this condition since childhood and people who have developed it after the birth of their children. It may be recommended for women who have diabetes not to get pregnant, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

  1243. 1243 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    May Queen snub by Baeksang 2013! Aigoo! WHAT HAPPENED?!

  1244. 1244 : Karen Says:

    @ Kurayuzaki666 #1243 , what you mean???…

  1245. 1245 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666, im glad that we have the same thought. Well, nothing can be perfect and everyone had different views, so some might not agree on my opinion. Im currently looking forward for HJH new drama but i don’t know if im.gonna watch it while on air. I just find it too long. It is expected to be 50 ep. I don’t have a patient to watch that long if she perform the same way.

    May Queen is currently on air on Japan TV.

  1246. 1246 : kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Karen May Queen has no nomination in Baeksang this year both in popularity and performance sections. They are BIG LOSERS. So I asked, why no nominations?!

  1247. 1247 : Eve Says:

    Yes. What a shame! I enjoyed this drama a lot. Just finished it. Hae Joo and Kang San are so lovely together. they should be paired up again. great chemistry and acting. and, Bong Hee and Jeong Woo are great too. These four made me cry and laugh so much. So refreshing. They should get awards this year. More of these good dramas and acting please!!!

  1248. 1248 : Karen Says:

    A lot of popular dramas not only May Queen was not included on the nomination. I did check out the list. 😀 I don’tthink they are losers.. we can see that the cast also are outstanding. Maybe it’s not the best of all but still not the worse. Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Jae Won are my favorite in this series.

  1249. 1249 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Karen they are categorically labeled as losers. with high ratings and as one of the most awarded series in MBC Drama Awards 2012, how come they did not get even a single nomination in BAEKSSANG particularly the popularity awards for Han Ji Htye and Kim Jae Won. That’s ridiculous!

    What happened to Baeksang?! Did they overlook this?!

  1250. 1250 : Karen Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666, even in MBC Drama awards they didn’t get the popularity award so it’s very unlikely for them to be nominated in that category. Although they received quite a number of awards, the major one was given to TMETS and The Daesang was awarded to horse doctor. Baeksang Awards is for overall dramas and movies in all network, just imagine how many category they have and how many dramas was aired in 2012 from Monday to Sunday in 5 major networks in Korea. Being nominated os good but even if they are not, that doens’t mean they are losers. If you really watch the drama you could see that they have a lot of flaws in term of the story content. The cast performance are considered excellent but the quality of the story and how it.was develop is only average.

  1251. 1251 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Karen they did not win the popularity awards BUT THEY ARE NOMINATED IN THAT CATEGORY IN MBC DRAMA AWARDS 2013. Can’t you see the PICTURE?!

    What’s with quality compare to popularity? That’s a conflict dear! Popularity is about being popular, being most talk-about and being overrated. Han Ji Hye is much popular than other nominees in Baeksang Popularity section as well as Kim Jae Won.

    I am not surprise that they did not get any nominations for the performance section, but at least grabbing nominations for popularity section is a equalizer since this drama is way popular and has high ratings.

    And for emphases, I AM TALKING for POPULARITY, NOT for PERFORMANCE. Adios!

  1252. 1252 : Gretz16 Says:

    @ Karen , and @ Kurayuzaki666 ,…. cool down guys . . 🙂 . We don’t know how they choose and who nominated the nominees, so, there’s no point to argue about it. I also saw the list of nominees and i agree to Kurayuzaki666 that some of them are actually less popular if we compare to Kim Jae Won. And i also notice that only few artist are from MBC … mostly, are from KBS2 and SBS. I also read a news that on voting for popularity award, you need to register and pay before you can vote. So, the awarding is actually partly a kind of business. It’s not just simply awarding who is the best or popular. I used to think that Baeksang Award is the best in term of credibility, but i guess i was wrong. Anyway, there’s quite a lot on the list that is really popular, hopefully the one who deserve it win the award. 🙂

  1253. 1253 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Gretz16 actually there are reports that Baeksang has lost its credibility last 2 years ago esp. last year for giving the Best Actor award for Kim Soo Hyun over Shin Ha Kyun (Brain), Park Shi Hoo (Princess Man), Han Sak Yung (Deep Rooted Tree) and Cha Seung Won (The Greatest Love). In own point of view, out of these 5 great actors Soo Hyun is the youngest but at the same time the weakest. so many had questioned th outcome. Some points it because of the high ratings. PERHAPS! But as far as I know, Baeksang mainly looks for quality not for quantity.

    Baeksang is now on its Political strike I think. I was just disappointed that stars from this drama are snub and excluded. They deserve even a single nomination.

    @Karen Peace. I am not angry. Im just stressing/showing a clearer picture.

  1254. 1254 : Karen Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666, i’m quite disappointed too. I don’t mean to argue. Maybe we just have different view and understanding on how Baeksang Arts Award choose their nominees. I’m not really sure how they categorize it.

    May Queen recieved major awards from KCEA (Korea Cultural Entertainment Award) and MBC Drama Award in 2012. I’m quite surprised that not even a single nonminee is included on Baeksang Award.

  1255. 1255 : klk Says:

    I just finished watching this drama. Love it! Also love the chemistry between Hae Joo and Kang San.

  1256. 1256 : Jahaleel Says:

    i highly recommend this drama. believe me this is one of the good ones worth watching. from casting, storyline, pacing… everything is well made and well connected. you wont regret giving time on this.

  1257. 1257 : Alice Says:

    Hey..guys… good news for all Kim Jae Won fans and lovers..
    Check out the latest news about Kim Jae Won 김재원 new drama “I Hear Your Voice” alongside with Lee Bo Young … at http://koalasplayground.com/2013/04/19/sbs-swaps-out-can-we-love-for-i-hear-your-voice-with-kim-jae-won-and-lee-bo-young/

  1258. 1258 : May Says:

    Good news for all Jaewon fans… it seems like your going to see you oppa on screen again… here’s a news update surely you gonna love.. 🙂

    Actor Kim Jae-won and actress Lee Bo-yeong might appear as a couple in a drama.

    Kim and Lee have been offered roles in the upcoming SBS drama “I Hear Your Voice” but haven’t decided on anything yet. If Kim Jae-won agrees to star in this drama, it will be his first come back to SBS in 9 years since the 2004 drama, “My 19 Year Old Sister in Law”.

    Kim Jae-won’s agency claims, “‘I Hear Your Voice’ is one of the many offers he got. He’s looking through them and will decide what he wants to do in due time”.

    Lee Bo-yeong’s agency claims, “She was going to take a break after “My Daughter Seo-yeong” but the synopsis was so good she’s thinking about it”.

    Meanwhile, “I Hear Your Voice” is written by Park Hye-ryeon from “Get Karl! Oh Soo-jeong” and “Dream High” and is about a public defender who fights for the 1% of innocence.

    Source : http://www.osen.co.kr/articl... ( English )

  1259. 1259 : Karen Says:

    Not really good because i read on the recent news that Kim Jae Won rejected the role on I Hear Your Voice. I think he is considering other drama offers. He can afford to be picky because he is quite in demand this days and he is receiving quite a lot of offers. I think his schedule is very tight because he is always in and out of Korea for other activities in Japan and China.

  1260. 1260 : Rose Says:

    Looks like our May Queen cast will turn into rivals on weekend ratings soon. I just read this news:

    According to MBC Officials Kim Jae Won is being considered to cast as main lead on upcoming MBC drama “SCANDAL”, the successor drama of 100 Years Of Inheritance, which is currently aired during weekends. Casting is in progress and nothing is confirmed yet. The drama will start after 100 Years Of Inheritance ends.
    Check out more details at http://m.media.daum.net/entertain/enews/view?newsid=20130429145806069

    What do you think guys? Kim Jae Won decline the offer from SBS “I Hear Your Voice” , do you think he would accept this offer considering that he had quite close ties on MBC?

  1261. 1261 : Analie Says:

    I read rumors from other sites that MBC offered two option for Kim Jae Won ,
    first option is upcoming drama “Medical Top Team” which will follow after When a Man Fall In Love end. Then second option is upcoming drama “Scandal” after 100 Years of Inheritance.

    I guess that’s the reason why he decline SBS offer to lead in I Hear Your Voice. He haven’t give his decision yet. But i have a feeling that he will announve it during his special fans meeting on May 18, organize by a Japanese company for his fans.

  1262. 1262 : Sina Says:

    Great drama. Love the actors and actresses.

  1263. 1263 : Gretz16 Says:

    Good news guys. Kim Jae won oppa next drama is finally confirmed.

    Title: Scandal 스캔들
    Date of airing : July 2013
    Broadcasting station : MBC
    Time of airing : 9:45 pm (Sat/Sun) (Korea time)
    FB page: https://www.facebook.com/MBC2013Scandal
    Writer : 배유미 Bae Yoo Mi
    PD : 김진만 Kim Jin Man
    Eps: 50 (70mins each)
    Main Cast : Kim Jae Won, Jo Yun Hee

    Story : 하은중 Ha Eun Joong (Kim Jae Won) was kidnapped in an act of revenge when he was really young by the man who believed that Eun Joong’s real father was the mastermind behind the collapsed building incident that killed his son. Eun Joong who grew up to be a policeman, was shocked to find out the truth that the father he loved so much was actually his kidnapper. His life began to get entwined with 우아미 Woo Ah Mi (Jo Yun Hee), a 26 year old single mom as he seeks out the meaning of life after encountering numerous despairs and tries to heal the wounds in his heart.

  1264. 1264 : Olive Says:

    I heard , KJW new drama “SCANDAL” is on the same time slot of May Queen before. It starts airing on first of July and it’s 36 episodes drama. 🙂 I’m so excited.

  1265. 1265 : Sandy Says:

    I’m sorry, but this drama is just so so. It doesn’t take long to realize that the good guys will never, and I mean never win in this drama until the last episode. Also, there is just way too much drama. There was absolutely NO chemistry between the lead actors. I wasn’t convinced that she was in love with Kang. At times there was a lot of over acting. I kept waiting for the bad guys to get some pay back, they never really did. After episode 24, I just lost interest.

  1266. 1266 : Alfe Says:

    @Sandy, you are actually lucky that you could skip some episodes that you don’t like. I watch it on live streaming before and Hae Joo character really drive me nuts, to add up, HJH acting is so bad. Even if it ended happily, i was never convince that she was in love with Kang San, it seems like she only stick to him because he is the only one who could make her dream in reality, and the fact that San was deeply and unconditionally in love with her. I feel bad for San because he had endure so much pain on the entire series. Sigh…

  1267. 1267 : Maurine Says:

    Good news guys, May Queen 메이퀸 Korean Drama will be broadcast in the Philippines at GMA Heart of Asia (GMA7)

    Cast • Chun Hae Joo – Han Ji Hye (Andrea Han) • Kang San/Ryan Kang – Kim Jae Won (Francis Kim) • Park Chang Hee – Jae Hee (Daryl Jae)

    🙂 Their names sounds better right?

  1268. 1268 : May Queen | Haru2subS - Everyday is a Kdrama Day Says:

    […] Chun Hae Joo (Han Ji Hye) is a woman who pulls herself up from a harsh life and makes a name for herself in the shipbuilding industry. Park Chang Hee (Jae Hee) and Kang San (Kim Jae Won) are the two men who war for her love. – Korendrama.org […]

  1269. 1269 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    BAD NEWS or GOOD NEWS! Kim Jae Won is going to be married soon and soon to be a daddy! Crying now?! LOL

  1270. 1270 : rm018 Says:

    I’m on episode 8, this drama hasn’t disappointed me =)

  1271. 1271 : gretz16 Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666 , When i read KJW message and announcement for us on his Official Fans Cafe, i was so shock, then i honestly feel sad at first and can’t hold my tears back. But somehow, after some thoughts and imagining about his baby., i feel better now and i really wish he is happy. 🙂

  1272. 1272 : Nudge Says:

    This drama was a string of plot devise after plot devise, which became tedious, and frankly, offensive.

    I understand that viewers watched because among the cast were their favourite actor/actress, and I have nothing against that. But charismatic and gorgeous talented actors aside, what’s left is a horrible succession of scenes that I can only describe as an orgy for sadists. I barely survived it.

  1273. 1273 : Joy Says:

    @Nudge , honestly speaking I was a big fan of Kim Jae Won and i wanted everyone to watch all his works. On this series most of the cast are good on portraying their characters but the story can push you to the edge that you might even wish to fly to Korea right away and struggle the writer .. 🙂 It’s a relief that it ends happily but i still can’t forgive him for giving me so much torture along the way. Sigh.. I’m glad you survive it. The only thing that motivates me watching this ’til the end aside from being a fan of KJW is the hope that the good people will get what they have to and live happily.

  1274. 1274 : enjoy! | Movies Says:

    […] All Night (KBS2) Pasta (MBC) Faith (SBS) The King 2hearts (MBC) Big (KBS2) You’re Beautiful (SBS) May Queen (MBC) KangChi, The Beginning (MBC) Scandal (MBC) To the Beautiful You (SBS) Poseidon (KBS2) Mischievous […]

  1275. 1275 : Sandy Says:

    This drama started out good, but then it went no where. It was the same in every single episode, evil guys always won. It also turned ridiculous in the storyline– I’m not sure what the writers were thinking. Also, some of the acting was over the top–in a bad way. I was just ready for this drama to end. There was absolutely NO chemistry between the leads. I was disappointed over all.

  1276. 1276 : putri andini Says:

    Bener2 drama keluarga yang terbaik…semoga di indonesia bisa ada sinetron yang jalan ceritanya kaya may queen…

  1277. 1277 : Fitria Says:

    I like the plot of this drama. Very unpredictable especially in the last episode. Thanks for the casts, director, and scriptwriter. I think May Queen is the best korean drama of 2012 🙂

  1278. 1278 : verwin Says:

    i like this video so much

  1279. 1279 : mml Says:

    Espisode 15, there’s something made me laugh, very interesting. Although, recently, i started watching this drama.
    Still not too late, to realise it’s an interesting drama.

  1280. 1280 : Naumi Aprilia Siregar Says:

    I Like It . This Drama is Good 😀

  1281. 1281 : lee hye ae Says:

    I WANT TO WATCH THIS DRAMA!!! ^^ I’ve watched some clips of it on YT and I loved the Hae joo-Kang san couple. <3 Hae joo somehow reminds me of Go eun sung from Shining inheritance. Kim jae won is sooo handsome and I'm also reminded of Joo ji hoon whenever he smiles. They both have the kind of smile that can make a girl's heart melt. ^^ The young counterparts also did a great job. I now understand why this drama gained high ratings and even had an extension due to its popularity. It really is a drama worth-watching. ^^

  1282. 1282 : sekandi dalaus Says:

    Befor Korean movies, i had a believe that no cotinent can produce good movies like Europe. But know Korea which is an Asian opened my eyes that its not only Europe but also any other continent/country can make it even beter than who you think is best. Thanks for that great job i love your mivies very much, never let it down

  1283. 1283 : sekandi dalaus Says:

    Kang san and heju(brat girl) were my best actors. It was really a sweet drama

  1284. 1284 : Anna Lester Says:


  1285. 1285 : Little Says:

    Drama has a STRONG CAST of Child/Teen Award Winning Actors & Actresse with many years of Experience like
    -Kim Yoo Jung—as Chun Hae Joo (Young)
    – Park Geon (Gun) Tae—as Park Chang Hee (Young)
    – Park Ji Bin—as Kang San (Young)

  1286. 1286 : ingabire hannah mercy Says:

    i like the movie its interesting n also nice to watch kang san n heju were the best actors n i think they should end up together as a couple

  1287. 1287 : A.N Says:

    The worst drama ever, the lead actrees terrible, her character was the worst she gets more slaps than the last 10 years in 38 eps, they should have save the last 15 eps honestly the only one good was Kim Jae Won, the ending is like wth? The mom forgive the horrible mad,killers hubby?? Is like crazy worst drama ever ever ever ever.

  1288. 1288 : choopatiu Says:

    i missed jae Hee..so far the drama is ok.

  1289. 1289 : 2nddegreebernn Says:

    I super like this drama Hae Jo, Kang San & Chang Hee.. love you Han Ji Hye 🙂

  1290. 1290 : Anj Boral Says:

    Why is the title of this movie May Queen?

  1291. 1291 : blessing nicholas Says:

    i love this drama.but koreans should improve in how the end there movies.they are they worst people in ending a film.gush.movies like fashion king should not be classifield as a movie rather a childs play or school drama

  1292. 1292 : MDevout Says:

    Kim Jae Won is my favorite actor but i didn’t finish this drama because it was too long, now i don’t know where i left off and i don’t think ill start it again,

    I am in regret!!

  1293. 1293 : witika Says:

    Salah satu drama korea yang harus ditonton.. 😙😙😙😙

  1294. 1294 : jojo sadat Says:

    Thanks a lot to everyone that made the drama happen heju and in wha were the best players .heju love u so muchhhhhhh please contact me at the this email jojosadat @gmail.com

  1295. 1295 : Baeksang Award 2016 Vote | Setajam Silet Says:

    […] May Queen […]

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