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Match Made in Heaven

Title: 천생연분 / Match Made in Heaven
Chinese Title : 天生缘分 / 天配良缘
Also known as: Made for Man and Wife
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2004-Jan-01 to 2004-Feb-19
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday at 9:55 PM


The woman shouted for joy when she met him. Dashing and good looking, he was even 5 years younger than she. And he thought he made a great coup when he met her. Sexy and beautiful regardless of age, she even boasted economic power with a stable job. At the beginning, everything was that picture-perfect. But again as there always comes a close to every beginning. That once perfect woman turns into a just ordinary married woman and also, that young prince charming now seems like a bum eating the bread of idleness. One day..she wakes up and shouts out, “I also know how to get angry! And I’m not going for divorce!” It’s strange how their perilous marriage life is maintained even though they know that they are both having affairs.


Hwang family

Hwang Shin Hye as Hwang Jong Hee
Kwon Oh Joong as Hwang Jong Hyung (Jong-hee’s brother)
Park Jung Soo as Jong Hee’s mother

Kim family

Ahn Jae Wook as Kim Suk Koo
Kim Hye Sun as Suk Koo’s sister (runs a small store)
Kim In Moon as Suk Koo’s father
Geum Bo Ra as Suk Koo’s step-mother
Park Shi Eun as Suk Koo’s step-sister

Other people

Oh Seung Hyun as Go Eun Bi (Jong Hee’s rival)
Yoo Yul as Kang Seung Wan
Jo Mi Ryung as Jo Ahn Na (Jong Hee’s best friend)
Lee Joo Hyun as Jung Sang Hyun (male model)
Choi Sang Hak as Bok Je Dong
Han Na Yeon as Nam Jung Ran
Kim Myung Kook as Nam Doo Il
Han Young Kwang
Tak Jae Hoon
Ji Sang Ryul

Production Credits

Director: Choi Yong Won, Lee Jae Won
Writer: Ye Rang

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  1. 1 : fc Says:

    not bad. kinda sweet………….

  2. 2 : janel Says:

    where can i watch this drama? i like Ahn jae wook

  3. 3 : lala lilip0p Says:

    funny lol~!

  4. 4 : mutiara Says:

    Sweet drama..

  5. 5 : mel Says:

    is it a good drama to watch?

  6. 6 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  7. 7 : sang hee Says:

    to janel….i also hope to find this drama even on dvd or online, it seems like a good one & needless to say i’m a huge fan also of ahn jae wook! i got a few of his dvd collection & this one seems hard to find!??? if anyone knows something about this dvd pls post it here. :))) thnx

  8. 8 : sang hee Says:

    oh so happy i was able to buy this dvd, watching right now & liking it! ahn jae wook is so funny in this drama & sweet to his wife! it’s a must see if you guys will ask me! i highly recommend this. it’s indeed hard to find the dvd, i guess it was just sheer luck from a korean dvd store where i drove for nearly an hour to get there! it’s all worth it though, anything for ahn jae wook is worth your while! luv him!

  9. 9 : sang hee Says:

    it’s unfortunate that this drama has not been uploaded online, it’s so entertaining & ahn jae is so versatile that you can give him any roles & you won’t be surprised he’ll do a great performance like in this drama! it’s really worth my while that i drove almost 40 miles to get to this korean dvd store! i haven’t fnished watching but it’s addictive all right! :)))

  10. 10 : Jinjoo Says:

    i’m now getting close to finishing this drama & i don’t wish to be a spoiler but for anyone here who hv seen this i dunno if you’ll agree i’m kinda getting upset or annoyed is the word with Jong hee now coz she’s being so immature & careless in her role as a wife & mother! poor suk koo who is a good husband is being challenged by her whims & scheme of things & that’s not very good! she hang around with this younger guy from the home shopping network without any hesitation whatsoever, not thinking of her twins at home & her husband who also is working hard! I think i don’t agree with her attitude at all!

  11. 11 : Achmad Jayadi Says:

    It’s good drama … I like it!!!!

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