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Master of Study


Title: 공부의 신 / Gongbueui Shin / Master of Study
Chinese Title : 学习之神
Also known as: God of Study / Lord of Studying / Load of Study
Genre: School, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-04 to 2010-Feb-23
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Kang Suk Ho is an ordinary lawyer who decides to teach a bunch of rebellious students. He promises to get five of them into their most prestigious college in the country.


Kim Soo Ro as Kang Suk Ho
Bae Doo Na as Han Soo Jung
Oh Yoon Ah as Jang Ma Ri
Yoo Seung Ho as Hwang Baek Hyun
Park Ji Yeon as Na Hyun Jung
Go Ah Sung as Gil Pul Ip
Lee Hyun Woo as Hong Chan Doo
Lee Chan Ho as Oh Bong Goo
Byun Hee Bong as Cha Ki Bong
Lee Byung Joon as Anthony Yang
Im Ji Eun as Lee Eun Yoo
Go Joo Yun as Lee Ye Ji
Shim Hyung Tak as Jang Young Shik
Park Chil Yong as Ha Sang Kil
Lee Dal Hyung as Park Kwi Nam
Im Sung Min as Bae Young Sook
Kim Young Ok as Lee Boon Yi
Bang Eun Hee as Han Ae Shim
Kim Ha Kyoon as Oh Dal Shik
Park Chul Ho as Hong Choong Shik
Goo Hye Ryung as Hwang Geum Joo
Kang Yi Seul as Kim Jung Hee
Park Hwi Soon as Sa Do Chul
Hong Il Kwon as (Suk Ho’s friend)
Kim Ye Rang
Jun Ji Hoo
T-ara (cameo, ep 7-8)

Production Credits

Director: Yoo Hyun Ki (유현기)
Screenwriter: Yoon Kyung Ah (윤경아)


Based on a popular Japanese manga – Dragon Zakura.


2010 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Special Planning Drama – Actor (Kim Soo Ro)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-Jan-04 1 15.1 (5th) 15.8 (5th)
2010-Jan-05 2 18.5 (4th) 19.3 (4th)
2010-Jan-11 3 23.1 (3rd) 23.1 (3rd)
2010-Jan-12 4 26.3 (2nd) 26.7 (3rd)
2010-Jan-18 5 25.9 (2nd) 26.0 (3rd)
2010-Jan-19 6 25.8 (3rd) 26.0 (3rd)
2010-Jan-25 7 24.6 (2nd) 25.0 (3rd)
2010-Jan-26 8 24.7 (3rd) 24.5 (3rd)
2010-Feb-01 9 24.2 (1st) 24.3 (1st)
2010-Feb-02 10 24.5 (1st) 24.5 (1st)
2010-Feb-08 11 24.3 (1st) 24.6 (1st)
2010-Feb-09 12 23.7 (1st) 23.9 (2nd)
2010-Feb-15 13 21.3 (1st) 21.6 (1st)
2010-Feb-16 14 24.7 (1st) 24.6 (2nd)
2010-Feb-22 15 25.0 (1st) 25.7 (1st)
2010-Feb-23 16 26.8 (1st) 27.4 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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Trailer I & Trailer II

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  1. 1 : raz Says:

    anyway good luck to the cast .

  2. 2 : BigWillie Says:

    OMG, Bae Doo Na is in this drama…. but I don’t recognize her in the photo…

  3. 3 : boru Says:

    the synopsis like jdorama DRAGON SAKURA
    am i right?

  4. 4 : Nyi Nyi Says:

    Hello Fri,
    Very Nice

  5. 5 : :) Says:

    Can’t wait until the drama comes out 😀
    looks like its going to me good.
    LOVE the cast! LOL! Kim Soo Ro XD

  6. 6 : mianahozell Says:

    i want to watch this drama!!!
    after bof,and yab,i hope this drama will be my next addicted!!!!

  7. 7 : Gayatri Miral Says:

    This film looks like Gakushen. It’s teling about the teacher and the rebellion student too. I hope a can enjoy it like the other Korean Drama.

  8. 8 : jeanpyo ",) Says:

    weee,, i’m just so excited for airing of the first episode,,,, i so love the lead student,, the one that’s standing in the poster,,, he’s just sooooooooooo cute!

  9. 9 : Arai Says:

    Can’t wait to see,sound like i will enjoy this drama. Goodluck

  10. 10 : magic Says:

    ya its based on japanese manga Dragon Zakura…i ve watched the jdorama…wonder how would the korean version turn out like…interesting to find out..hehe…Abe Hiroshi played as the lawyer in Dragon Zakura…can the korean lawyer in this drama live up to it???

  11. 11 : k21 Says:

    wow…seen be to a funny n nice drama…look forward to it!! so desperate to watch now!!

    anyone know wher to watch tis drama??

  12. 12 : rinso Says:

    visit @ http://www.pingbook.com/board/index.php?showtopic=48767

    nice to meet you!

  13. 13 : lei Says:

    dont care

  14. 14 : Andrea Says:

    OMG! it’s Sooroo oppa!

  15. 15 : shini Says:

    sounds nice…

  16. 16 : lei Says:

    What’s the role of Soong Yoon Ah in this series? I love to see her acting again.

  17. 17 : cau2it Says:

    very interesting and comedy, you can watch full episodes here: http://www.dramaonly.com/295-lord-of-study.html

  18. 18 : hying Says:

    It’s a very meaningful and nice drama! I love watching it!

  19. 19 : kattlyn Says:

    >>>>>>>…….its have an beutifull movie or the korean drama
    >>>>>>>…….in about “LORD OF STUDY”
    >>>>>>>…….its an beutifull movie


  20. 20 : ocHa Says:

    it’s a remake of Jdorama DRAGON ZAKURA yay!!!wanna see it….

  21. 21 : ... Says:

    OMG dont care

  22. 22 : BiGiKu Says:

    I’m loving this drama so MUCH!!!

  23. 23 : sick Says:

    Come on people let’s comment a lot so it could go on the most commented drama…

  24. 24 : domee Says:

    It’s pretty good. U can watch it all 4 episodes on http://www.dramabang.com
    I can’t wait until next one!

  25. 25 : syaizhajime Says:

    hem..i know it..this drama is dragon zakura korean version…hihi…
    really love dragon zakura..hopefully this korean version is not dissapointed me cuz m looking fwd for it..

    sooro hyung…Family Outing forever ^_*

  26. 26 : clOve Says:

    I’ve ever seen it in Japan version (Dragon Zakura) and it’s very good and inspirative drama, two thumbs up. Hope this drama, will be another succesful drama and also can be better than its previous drama (Japan version)

  27. 27 : chrys86 Says:

    Cool drama and really like the drama OST too. http://mysugoi.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/god-of-study-ost/

  28. 28 : ChubbyCheeks Says:

    Kutee drama its starting to
    get to mee ((; && the actor of the
    2 younger bois Hekkaa kutee
    i’m like falling in likee with themm hehe
    You shoud watch if you are debating of watching

  29. 29 : koreanlovers Says:

    i ever seen DRAGON ZAKURA. can’t wait to get the original dvd!

  30. 30 : m.E. Says:

    where can i watch this drama with english subs? T.T i love it sooooooo much :((

  31. 31 : kakashi hatake Says:

    Ep 13 and 14 made me cry so much… 🙁
    People are all for the students’ love line, but I really like the Seok Ho and Soo Jung love line~ XD

  32. 32 : jaja Says:

    I’ve saw the Dragon Zakura but not that interesting. I hope that this Koreans version will come out better. I am currently watching it on the KBS World every Mon & Tues here in M’sia.

  33. 33 : shalinda Says:

    nice drama and i like the drama

  34. 34 : mikeechogolf Says:

    love u jiyeon

  35. 35 : Eugenie Says:


  36. 36 : erica Says:

    awesome i’ll give it a 9 out of 10 lol just because i have to wait for the subs to arrive lol but other than that i loved the cast and the story… say i learn some stuff to lol mmm anyone that wants to see it at dramacrazy.com they have english subbed episodes 1-9 so yeh still waiting for the others >

  37. 37 : LP Says:

    This is an awesome drama. It makes me want to study again lol. Watch the whole drama with English sub @ http://www.dlaznmovies.com/2010/02/god-of-study.html

  38. 38 : lacus Says:

    Love you Go Ah Sung, you make Pul Ip character so good & real. Really talented young actress. No wonder she’s being nominated in Baeksang Awards. Hope to see you again soon in another projects.

  39. 39 : eugene Says:

    Go Ah Sung makes me love Pul Ip character. Pul Ip is a warmhearted girl. Hyun Jung is pretty but i would prefer a warmhearted girl to Baeh Hyun instead of pretty one. I love BaekPul couple

  40. 40 : hajar Says:

    i luv master of study so muchhhhhh……….all of them were so cute……..

  41. 41 : dian parkxy Says:


    Yoo Seung,
    you’re so cool!!

    Lee Hyun woo,
    yuo;re so cute!!!


  42. 42 : dian parkxy Says:


    Yoo Seung Ho!

  43. 43 : vhee221422 Says:

    wow its really cool,im feeling im one of the caracter…im crying in each episodes…more power guys..all of my friends are watching…

  44. 44 : dya Says:

    nice drama.. love Yoo Seung Ho.. ^^

  45. 45 : are_fieqah Says:

    i love master of study.it gives me encouraged to study smart.i really love this drama especially hang baekyeon n na hyeonjung.muahh…saranghae master of study..chayokk2

  46. 46 : xenia Says:

    I love PULIP.

    And for couple, I love BaekPul (Baekhyun-Pulip).

  47. 47 : ayu Says:

    i love master of study foreva!!!!!hwang baekyon!!!!hong chandu so cute….

  48. 48 : XXX Says:

    seung ho you are so so so cute very handsome

  49. 49 : xaxa Says:

    hi im mongolia yoo seung ho saranghe yu this is nice drama zaza bi bol mongol hvvhed koreannure.bblog.mn next

  50. 50 : Kimchee43 Says:

    such a good drama.. mix of drama and comedy.. I really Love Master of Study!!!…I like also the OSTs… I enjoy watching their behind the scenes in Youtube.. I like the personality of Kim Soo Ro..they are like a group of friends… this monday and tuesday is the showing of their last 2 episodes in KBS World and I think i’ll gonna cry.. :)..I like the episode 14!! more power Master of Study!!! 😀

  51. 51 : dakmrg Says:

    love this drama..also pulip

  52. 52 : nicole Says:

    i love it soooo much..go lee hyun woo love you 😉

  53. 53 : rifa says: Says:

    I really love this drama….
    Terutama Park Ji Yeon(Na hyun jung) and Yoo Seungho(Hwang Baek Hyun)….
    I want ada master of study 2.. and the story is Hwang baek hyun with Na Hyun jung but not with pulip .. he he
    Gomawo,, saranghae MaStEr Of StUdY ….

  54. 54 : Jessica Says:

    I love this drama….
    saranghae ji yeon …
    My friends and i really want God OF Study 2 ..

  55. 55 : Tiffany Says:

    i like it soooo muuuuuuuuuch….
    saranghae yoo seungho,, jiyeon,, lee hyun woo,, and lee chan ho .. hu hu

  56. 56 : eunice Says:

    waaa~ i super duper LOVE this drama… ^^,
    i really cried in so many scenes…i can really relate to it, highschool is LOVE… >

  57. 57 : hayati sahari Says:

    y was’nt this drama aired during my high school time. wish all teachers in the world would watch this drama and really learn smth

  58. 58 : amy Says:

    i really love this drama i cried like a lot at the end its so sweet friends, school, teachers i enjoyed it can’t wait to buy the DVD when its out…SARANGHAE Baekyeon, Pulip, Hyeonjeong, Chandu , Bunggu and everyone in the series!!!!!!

  59. 59 : Alya Says:


  60. 60 : Alya Says:

    This drama is the best drama that i’ve ever watch.. Its so fantastic!! N in this drama i really love is seungho!

  61. 61 : Cennie Says:

    i really love this drama!!! it can make me laugh and cried… this drama teach about friendship and teacher-student relationship… i cried because the story about Hwang baek hyung and Na Hyun Jung families… absolutely i like yoo seung ho and ji yeon!! they are cute couple! =D

  62. 62 : alexiz Says:

    i can’t wait for master of study 2! i hope Hwang baek hyung and Na Hyun Jung to be couple, hehehe… love, love this drama

  63. 63 : clea Says:

    i love god of study!!
    i love ji yeon and yoo seng hoo too!!!

  64. 64 : Liz Says:

    Another Amazing Korean Drama from KBS! Lately, they have been making interesting and have been exploring different stories.. Such A the remake of BOYS BEFORE FLOWER, IRIS, MAN’s Story, and now LORD OF STUDY. They are not afraid to seek something new and discover fresh artists while joining them with veteran artists.. Next, I’m really waiting for Chuno to released.

    I love the concept of LORD OF STUDY. the young artists are charming and acted their part wonderfully. It was an inspiring story about children who has lost their way because of their personal and financial status in life.. It gives hope and encouragement for them to study hard.. for their dreams and love ones…

    I saw the ratings and I am so glad that many people and I hope even the children watched it.. I hope they were touched by the story and inspired them to study hard..

    It may not be like the other dramaS that made me cry so much, or laugh so hard, or so trilled because of the love story.. But It was something special that touched my heart..

    It made me laugh, cry , trilled with the childish puppy love.. but best of all the ENDING WAS PERFECT. I wouldn’t ask for a better ending . Friendship, love for the family, teachers, respect in oneself and believing that you can achieved your dreams.

    Good luck to your next projects… I hope you continue to do well.. =p

  65. 65 : lili Says:

    i like when na hang jun says “bianata, cuaeso”
    just little word but make me crying

  66. 66 : lili Says:

    i agree , i hope hwang baek youn and na hyung jung will be couple.

  67. 67 : student91 Says:

    This korean drama was verrrrrry good to me because i’m still study in university. This korean drama just not involved about study so hard & being smart but also tell us about love and determination. Besides that, I likes their heroin too

  68. 68 : janaville Says:

    a beautiful series came up again.its very outstanding.i have learned many lessons on it , and i really like the story,how it twist ,and also the characters .i like all the characters esp. LEE HYUN WOO !!i really really like him so much ..im also a high school student .
    im looking forward for another set of stories but the characters are the same ..thanks ..

  69. 69 : skyty Says:

    i’m from MALAYSIA,i’m fanatic drama ‘master of study’….
    i very like pleased with the director/screen writer for this drama,also an actor who plays the role of character in the assigned.I really hope this drama will be on display in the chancel of 708 and i really like the way the story plays”master of study” of the study because of the learing and some useful tips to learn and some watching this drama i get the”blow”to the spirit of earneght study of the university thank you very much for creating a”master of drama study”!!
    i’m so pround you all

  70. 70 : limae13 Says:

    cute series .. love it .. ^_^ ♥ ♥ ♥
    someone knows whats the brand of headphones ? thats always wear/use by chan doo ?

  71. 71 : fanfic Says:

    Hope they make Master of Study sequel to resolve Baek Hyun – Pul Ip – Chan Doo love triangle. Love those 3, can’t decide which couple I prefer between Pulip-Baek Hyun or Pul-Ip-Chan Doo.

  72. 72 : Magda Says:

    I like very much the story as I myself am a teacher and the problems are mine too. The teen actors are so sweet and so close to real . This could be a n aim to touch. I use to review everytime I need to recharge . Thank you!

  73. 73 : neza Says:

    i’m very like master of study …….
    chandu and pulip is cocok !!!!!!!

  74. 74 : ennaira Says:

    i haven’t finished watching this drama but so far, it’s been pretty interesting..and i like the baek hyun – pulip couple..although hyun joung is prettier, pulip is someone people will probably open up more to..and i like the ost, especially ddoreureu (sung by jiyeon)..i just have a thing for unrequited love..^^;;

  75. 75 : minna Says:

    I like Baek Hyun-Pul Ip tandem too. Healthy love must make a person better. And Pul Ip definitely always can soothe & advise Baek Hyun to do the right thing & be more patient.

  76. 76 : hello Says:

    anyone no wher i could find the episodes?

    links arent workin.

  77. 77 : sa... Says:

    Nice drama… Ï think this one better than the japanese version..
    But still a lil bit upset with the love story ending..

  78. 78 : sa... Says:

    Nice drama… Ï think this one better than the japanese version..
    But still a lil bit upset with the love story ending.. Huhu….

  79. 79 : nycminho Says:

    can anyone tell me where can I download all God Of Study episode??? thanks in advance!! ^______^

  80. 80 : rara Says:

    hoo, you’ve freakin me out! you’ve made crying loudly then laugh then crying again then laugh again. ahaha. i really love this korean drama. success! 😉

    *na hyun jung! hwang baek hyun! i love you so*

  81. 81 : crystel Says:

    ..i really like this korean drama..
    ..i love HWANG BAEK HYUN..
    ..and also chan doo..
    ..thats all..
    ..i already watched it all..
    ..i miss my high school life because of them..
    ..but thats ok,cause i learn many things how to be a happy teacher..
    ..i will study hard to become that kind of teacher that student will miss..

  82. 82 : Lee Says:

    SeuNgHo is so adoraBLe, so p0gi, and cHANdo0.. hay, wiSh to watCh m0re of them..LaB it!

  83. 83 : blossom Says:

    i really love this drama! it’s make me happy and cry.this drama teach me about friendship and teacher-relationship.Sarangheyo Hwang Beakhyeon,Oh Bonggu,Ji Yeon,Gil Pulip and Hong Chandu.I will never forget about this drama.Never ever forever forget about this drama.I LOVE MASTER OF STUDY VERY MUCH…………..:)

  84. 84 : cecilia Says:

    hellooo…i love the tandem of beak yun and ye…….they are awesome…

  85. 85 : maikaroxas Says:

    i love master of study….nakakakilig talaga…whahaha

  86. 86 : mutiara Says:

    wow dragon sakura became a movie…

  87. 87 : ferina Says:

    like this drama so much.
    i bet yoo seung ho will be next shinest star!

  88. 88 : Alghie Says:

    want to see it

  89. 89 : ardhan Says:

    I will never forget about this drama

  90. 90 : Maudy Says:

    I like this
    because of this drama can enhance learning motivation to students like us to continue to learn by heart the joy ..=)

  91. 91 : kimhuong Says:

    i love master of study.it remind me to study again.i love u Beak Hyun

  92. 92 : mel Says:

    i really like this korean drama…

  93. 93 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  94. 94 : nining Says:

    look interestig,, iwanna wattch it..

  95. 95 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  96. 96 : Astry Soemego Says:

    cant wait to see it…soon 😉

  97. 97 : tina Says:

    i really learn a lot with this drama..

  98. 98 : Elvie Mendoza Says:

    Superb acting and to the director, scriptwriter, etc. let me take a bow

  99. 99 : rinky Says:

    OMG THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE DRAGON ZAKURA! except of the jap ver this is the korean ver! i love this manga and the jap drama and now im looking foward to watch the korean ver now! yay!!!

  100. 100 : Grace Says:

    Great drama, never got to finish it though… maybe i’ll do that soon!
    I really love the youth spirit in this drama, all the actors are so cute! and young!

  101. 101 : NIN Says:

    HHA ..

  102. 102 : jae Says:

    i love this drama hehehe esp ji yeon

  103. 103 : xxeina Says:

    hope to have part 2 and the cast will still be the same..
    i really like this drama..

  104. 104 : xxeina Says:

    hope to have part 2..and the cast will be still the same
    i really love this drama..

  105. 105 : xxeina Says:

    i want part 2..continuation of this drama but the cast will still remain..
    i really love LEE HYUN WOO
    im looking forward to be in KOrea and also learning korean just for him:))

  106. 106 : via Says:

    I LOVE this drama.. its very touchy and funny and interesting.. I wish my teachers were like that.. I am sure I can be a better person.. Watching this drama really give me motivation to study and learn a lot to achieve my purpose in life..

  107. 107 : sie Says:

    the drama is so cool

  108. 108 : korea lovers « nami's world Says:

    […] *Lord of Study […]

  109. 109 : rose Says:

    very inspired story….
    I suggest that every school must have this korean drama….
    It makes me miss my school,my teachers n especially my preeennzzz…..
    Really unforgetable senior high school momentsss…..

  110. 110 : joann.C Says:

    LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! Very touching. Love lee hyun woo he’s so cute!!

  111. 111 : flow Says:

    my tears can’t stop again when i watching this movie.
    for park ji yeon i love u girl.
    your acting make me sad.

  112. 112 : eleonor Says:

    i SOOO love this series..!!!!

  113. 113 : 네다 Says:

    now, i’m watching this drama (ep. 10)
    how poor Hyun Jung is.
    I want her to be Baeg Hyun soulmate
    He have to beg her love
    i am angry at him 🙁
    Na Hyun Jung FIGHTING 😛

  114. 114 : God of Study/Master of Study « Leehaejung's Blog Says:

    […] mau nonton onlinenya juga bisa disini tinggal pilih […]

  115. 115 : vina "lee hye na" Says:

    hwaaaa…kerennn bangetttt…
    seung ho oppaa very cool and handsome..
    saranghaeyo opaa… *mmuuaaahhh*
    ji yeon neomu-neomu yeppo…
    the lord of study very-very the best series…

  116. 116 : indra Says:

    i still watch this series, and i think it’s the best soap opera to wake students spirit up to study math, i just know ep.1 until 5 but i dont know after it. haha

  117. 117 : Go go Says:

    It’s much funnier than verse Japan and more touching too. But it’s less realistic than original version. Of course I like this version more. Especially because Seung Ho and Ji Yeon acting. There’s more chemistry between two character rather than Baek Hyun and Pul Ip. I know this drama focus more to school but too bad that there’s very few love story here. Well more than Japan version f course.
    Park Ji Yeon I’m your new fans

  118. 118 : Rebel Angel Says:


  119. 119 : akiya nicole jade lim Says:

    I like it… I really really love lee hyun woo…hes so handsme….he had caught my attention…really..!!!

  120. 120 : mahsa Says:

    i really like this drama and love yoo seung ho too

  121. 121 : FEBRY Says:

    saw a drama that I normally see, but when I saw this show ..
    This is surely different from the usual that I’ve seen before …
    I am really thrilled with the persistence of a lawyer who usually just want to solve problems and earn money ….
    but in this play he gave up where she worked to educate at a school that is difficult to accept the people there …
    until the end of the school only a few children in his teaching was able to graduate with very good value ..


  122. 122 : meredith Says:

    heart this drama !!

  123. 123 : ruken Says:

    i really love ji yeon and seong ho?????/ ji yeon voice is perfect! i hope their will be part 2 of this drama

  124. 124 : toh quan ming Says:

    this drama is so popular

  125. 125 : iin Says:

    ok ni film

  126. 126 : krisT_09 Says:


  127. 127 : hj Says:

    d’ best…

  128. 128 : hj Says:


  129. 129 : - M Says:

    dont you hate it how at the end theres no romance! 🙁 but in all the other aspects i loved it!

  130. 130 : kyunaa Says:

    this drama teach us to be a better man.and very help me @school!! =D
    love it

  131. 131 : endedsaid Says:

    i want a similar kdrama

    like this drama !

  132. 132 : Jovan Says:

    i like this drama….

    i can relate…my life..weee!!!

  133. 133 : tryna Says:

    like this drama ever …
    i hope Hwang Hyun Baek & Na Hyun Jung can together

  134. 134 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

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  136. 136 : Le Hoang Anh Says:

    I’m from Viet Nam
    This movie helped me very much
    I’ll try my best

  137. 137 : Jj Says:

    Are they going to film Master of Study 2 ??

  138. 138 : Necrid Says:

    Love this drama very much…teach us to become a better man. I’ll wait for Master Of Study 2 where all the kids have become adult…

  139. 139 : Suzuki Says:

    I watched this drama for 3 times and still im watching….love this drama very much…it has inspired me a lot. I want to thanks the entire production crew and cast for making such a great and inspirable drama…i hope there will be Master of Study 2…

  140. 140 : kDRAMAlovers Says:

    I’d been crying and speechless because too happy see this drama.I felt happy , sad and it made us learned how to study well, living better and collaboration of each other (: Fighting …

  141. 141 : LL Says:

    sangat suka drama ini… 4 jempol dah buat the lord of study…

  142. 142 : LL Says:

    suka sangat dengan drama ini…. banyak pelajaran,,,

  143. 143 : rosevine agassi Says:

    drama ini rating nya bgs

  144. 144 : yurin Says:

    coa kaloo hwang baek hyun, sama na hyun jung bisa sama”, saya pengen banget liat loo, tapi kapan sih, ataw d episode k brapa hwang baek hyun bisa suka sama na hyun jung,,,,,,,,,,? saya pengennnn banget liatttt??????????

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    sya jg ska drama ini.
    persahabatan nya okeh banget.
    the best friendship, i think ^_^

  147. 147 : nana Says:

    I looveee this drama, but I’m not satisfied with the ending. I always want pulip can be together with baek hyun. I love both of them! It will be great if they become a couple!

  148. 148 : Mahizan_aisha Says:

    Love this so much ! the story giving me very high value!
    about friendship,about studying,hardship,and how to cope in our life!
    thanks!!!! i learn many things from this drama!

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  150. 150 : lily Says:

    this drama is superp…its awfull

  151. 151 : wilda.yuningsih Says:

    hangung deul am aneun maeu usgineun hago dong-gileul buyeo hal su . . . . . . . .
    😀 . . .

  152. 152 : tiff Says:


  153. 153 : vanilla Says:

    i love lee hyun woo oppa much much !

  154. 154 : Evlin Says:

    Good job for Lord Of Study…,,,,
    Oppa Yoo Seung Hoo..,,,Fighting….
    I like yo’re personaly,…
    I’m looking like Oppa,,,
    God Bless Us,,,,

  155. 155 : Fitri N Jb Says:

    Oppa yoo seung ho….saranghaeyo.
    i love you…
    ilove master of study….

  156. 156 : Love Leetek Says:


  157. 157 : Ann Says:

    Hongki from F.T Island was supposed to be the male lead in this drama…..

  158. 158 : suakcot Says:

    thank where download a ost master of study

  159. 159 : winta Says:

    I really love Yoo seungho & Park jiyeon…I wanted them to have alove scene in z drama but they didnt..they r perfect 4 each other I hope they fall in love in real life!!!

  160. 160 : jow Says:

    Just Finished watch this dramaa…wawwwww..i’m surprised to this drama…i like this drama..nomu-nomu-nomu….

    This drama better than DREAM HIGH, all students (junior or senior) should watch this drama…educated…nothing is impossibe if we study hard give our best..

    congratulation to all the crews..

    this drama will become my top Korean drama and now is is already in group of King of baking, Brillian legacy, and Gumihhooo….

    congratulation againnn..

  161. 161 : jow Says:

    i really like this drama…..good job to all the crews…why i just know this drama in 2012? it seems that this drama was aired in the begging of January 2010..

    again and again this drama will become my favorite one..

    thank you south Korea for producing this GREAT drama series….

    This drama Should be air in indonesia..MUST BE!!!!!!!!!!

  162. 162 : margie Says:

    its pitch black….how can i watch it??? i have been longing to watch this but its all pitch black..cant see anything except black….wat can i do?

  163. 163 : margie Says:

    really cant open any episodes….its either all black or all white

  164. 164 : JesDi Says:

    2nd ep of encore @ KBS WORLD! ilikeit!

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    WOW! it was an interesting story..i would like if there is another season…huhu 🙂 i like gil pulip and chandu character…5 out of 5 isn’t it.

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    i love god of study. the hero is so coool i love him looooooove him

  168. 168 : a2a+13 Says:

    i love this drama……………

  169. 169 : ance Says:

    if only i had watched this when i was in high school i would have loved math… 🙁

    i just started it today so i’m still at episode 4…so far so good…i know this will be a good drama coz 1 of my friend said that this is better than dream high…i loved dream high so i guess i have more expectations that in the end of this drama that i will say…”ahhh so that’s why it’s better than dream high!”…

  170. 170 : 170 Says:

    this drama is totally outstanding. the caste, story was great. just wanted a little bit of more love story in the drama but overall it was too great drama that has enlighten my knowledge…..
    hope to see like this kind of drama more in the future….love all the caste of this drama. the character fits well on everyone in this drama….

  171. 171 : dee Says:


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  174. 174 : Onna Says:

    one of the best student dramas ive seen. great acting and script. i was moved by their joys, cried with them in their grief and hardship. i highly recommend this drama. WATCH THIS!

  175. 175 : Chikkiee Says:

    You all rocks espeacially Yu Seong Hu <3 !!!Saranghae 😉

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    (admin. The information on Shim hyung Tak is incorrect. )

  178. 178 : Master of Study Says:

    This drama is one of the best I’ve seen in a while.

  179. 179 : Master of Study Says:

    Like where was this 8 months ago?

  180. 180 : Drama Lover Says:

    I know right! It’s tots amaze balls!

  181. 181 : Azziris Says:

    Nice drama. Yoo seung hoo are so handsome…:)

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