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Title: 매리는 외박중 / Maerineun Oebakjoong / Mary Stayed Out All Night
Chinese Title : 玛丽外宿中
Also Known as : Mary is Out at Night / Marry Me, Mary!
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2010-Nov-08 to 2010-Dec-28
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Wi Mae Ri is the cheerful, pragmatic daughter of a failed businessman who had grown used to being constantly on the move to escape from debtors. She becomes fast friends with the free-spirited indie singer Kang Moo Kyul when she nearly ran him over in a car. Meanwhile, her father Wi Dae Han is saved from his debtors by his old friend, Jung Suk, who had just returned from considerable success in the Japanese entertainment industry. Jung Suk, who had harboured a secret love for Mae Ri’s mother, sets up a deal with Dae Han to have Mae Ri marry his son, Jung In. In her desperate to escape this predicament, Mae Ri begs Moo Kyul to pose as her husband, and finds herself in even more trouble than before when her father proposes a 100-day period in which she has to divide her time equally between Moo Kyul and Jung In, after which she has to decide who to marry.


Moon Geun Young as Wi Mae Ri
Jang Geun Suk as Kang Moo Kyul
Hyun Suk Joon as Kang Moo Kyul (child)
Kim Jae Wook as Byun Jung In
Kim Hyo Jin as Seo Joon
Park Joon Gyu as Jung Suk (Jung In’s father)
Park Sang Myun as Wi Dae Han (Mae Ri’s father)
Lee Ah Hyun as Kam So Young (Moo Kyul’s mother)
Shim Yi Young as Director Bang
Lee Sun Ho as Lee An
Kim Min Gyu as Ri No
Geum Ho Suk as Yo Han
Park Chul Hyun as Re Oh
Kim Hae Rim as Ji Hye
Lee Eun as So Ra
Chae Min Hee as Jang PD
Yoon Yoo Sun as Lee Kang-Hyun (writer)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Jung Sung Hyo
Producer: Han Sang Woo (한상우)
Director: Hong Suk Goo, Kim Young Kyoon (김영균)
Original writing: Won Soo Yeon (원수연)
Screenwriter: In Eun Ah (1-10), Go Bong Hwang (11-16)


– Based on the internet comic “Maerineun Uibakjoong” by Won Soo Yeon.
– “Maerineun Uibakjoong” was first published online via cartoon.media.daum.net on February 6, 2009. It was then published as comic book on November 24, 2009
– Won Soo Yeon also wrote the manhwa “Full House” which was adapted into the 2004 KBS drama “Full House”.
– Writer In Eun Ah left the drama due to the drama’s low ratings and discord with the production team. She was replaced with Go Bong Hwang who took over the script from episode 11.


– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Netizens’ Award (Jang Geun Suk)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk)
– 2010 koreandrama.org Awards : The Best Korean Drama of 2010

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-11-08 1 6.7 (<7.7)
2010-11-09 2 7.0 7.3 (20th)
2010-11-15 3 8.7 (15th) 8.8 (13th)
2010-11-16 4 7.0 7.1 (20th)
2010-11-22 5 7.1 (19th) 7.2 (18th)
2010-11-29 6 6.6 (<8.1)
2010-11-30 7 7.1 7.4 (19th)
2010-12-06 8 5.6 (<7.5)
2010-12-07 9 5.1 (<7.3)
2010-12-13 10 5.6 (<7.8)
2010-12-13 11 5.6 (<7.8)
2010-12-14 12 5.0 (<8.1)
2010-12-20 13 5.9 (<7.6)
2010-12-21 14 5.9 (<7.8)
2010-12-27 15 5.3 (<7.6)
2010-12-28 16 6.6 (<7.8)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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2,450 Responses to “Mary Stayed Out All Night @ Marry Me, Mary!”

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  1. 1
    mihomiho Says:

    waiting !!

  2. 2
    Rahayu Says:

    Can’t wait to see this drama…

  3. 3
    엘라 Says:

    i think this is an awesome drama for “Geun Seuk & Geun Young” after He’s Beautiful & Cinderella Sister..wanna 2 watch this drama^^

  4. 4
    zya Says:

    really want to watch this drama… huwa…^^

  5. 5
    cesang Says:

    omg!..my most favorite korean actor n actress worked together. this would be a very good drama, can’t wait to see this…

  6. 6
    ngui ngui Says:

    i’ll be expecting this drama , i hope it would be as good as she’s beautifull 🙂

  7. 7
    yoRoseberry Says:


    waiting!!!!!!!!! i thk will be very nice ><

  8. 8
    Makadoto Says:

    Can’t wait to see Kim Jae Wook…love all the cast

  9. 9
    chichaloca Says:

    walawee..fabulous!! thanx kbs world for presenting the other interesting drama after love, bread and dream..muahx

  10. 10
    ★Parissa★ Says:

    Can barely wait for your new Masterpiece SUK

  11. 11
    becky Says:

    OMG oMG!!!!!! can’t wait to watch this !!!!! so awesome!!!!

  12. 12
    Haura koreanholic Says:

    i can’t wait to see that.

  13. 13
    saa... Says:

    Right here waitng!!

  14. 14
    nafa Says:

    g’ sabar pengen nontooooooon!!!!

  15. 15
    pammy Says:

    can’t wait to see this new drama of Jang Geun Suk.. ♥♥♥

  16. 16
    korean drama fan Says:

    i cant wait to watch this drama, my two fave actors, Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young are a couple!! yay~

    anyway, news from the drama


  17. 17
    shiyi Says:

    we’ll wait for it
    especially for jang geun seuk. 🙂

  18. 18
    ara Says:

    Pengen nonton secepatnya..

  19. 19
    ara Says:

    pengen nonton secepatnya

  20. 20
    Nopi Says:

    Waiting this drama very much.. Geun Couple.. I like it..

  21. 21
    Nopi Says:

    Waiting this drama very much^^
    Love u all Geun Couple^^

  22. 22
    MaryJane Says:

    this is either going to be very good or very lame. too bad it\’s targeting the 16-24 demographic. Oh well, time for some mindless entertainment. aja fighting, lol.

  23. 23
    karamiuiq Says:


  24. 24
    Nigar Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhh i really soooooooooooooo exciting
    but i want to see jang geun suk withn kim so eun
    in some drama

  25. 25
    feidudu Says:

    wow..it’s up here already!..I can’t wait..I hope the production will live up to the expectations!…fingers crossed or you will break my heart!…

  26. 26
    swizz Says:

    just cant wait!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;……………

  27. 27
    calLypSoo Says:

    I can’t wait to watch this drama. I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy this. Sure to watch this because it’s my first time to watch Jang Geun-suk paired to Moon Geun-yoong. This two people were my idol. I’m their greatest fan.
    Wish I can get a copy of this drama as one of my collections.

    The drama interest me much! I’m too excited to watch this. I hope it would be aired in the Philippines soon.

  28. 28
    lollipop Says:

    woaaaaaa!!! cant wait this drama!!!

  29. 29
    niez Says:

    can’t wait!!!! …. >_<

  30. 30
    kali tamu Says:

    desperatey waiting dis serial ……………………………………………………….. i was dreamnt abt d this couply frm 2 yrs finally i got chance to see this couple i love to watch this serial ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  31. 31
    Lydia Says:

    Waitin for this drama! >.<
    love Gamza till die! <3
    onni, hwaiting!
    <3 GeunGeun Couple <3

  32. 32
    kim bo hye Says:

    waiting for this dramaaaaaaaaa….

  33. 33
    ratih Says:

    wait this drama… JGS..

  34. 34
    Rebel Angel Says:

    can’t wait to watch this drama….

  35. 35
    789 Says:

    hope november will come so soon

  36. 36
    zohreh Says:

    this is very good . and I will see this deram sure i am iranian

  37. 37
    nadia Says:

    soooooo happy for your new drama…my lovely oppa!!!

  38. 38
    Tess M. Says:

    I will watch this drama for sure……

  39. 39
    julie Says:

    of course will to be my most wanted movie hunt….really loves Oppa Jang Geun Suk

  40. 40
    Lydia (Gamza Lover) Says:

    my lovely onnie Moon Geun Young always hwaiting!!!
    im gonna support you, till die! <3

  41. 41
    plumbumek Says:

    sooo waiting for this drama 🙂

  42. 42
    lili Says:

    I can’t wait to see this drama. best couple & best story WOOOW
    I’m from iran and i loved korean drama. be happy evry one. 🙂

  43. 43
    astheria Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this drama!!!

  44. 44
    jh Says:

    wah!! Jang Geun Suk !! i wanna watch this!!

  45. 45
    sara Says:

    i can’t wait watching this dram with 2 too handsome boys.but i don’t like the girl.she is not enough beautifull for theses 2 pretty boys.they are both prettier than her

  46. 46
    een hornet Says:

    wait me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 47
    Lydia (Gamza Lover) Says:

    dear Sara ssi….

    who do u mean the girl is not enough beautifull? so, who do u think is more perfect than her? i think JGS too bad for MGY, if u think that MGY isnt pretty enough!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 48
    delilah Says:

    defenitely will not miss this one drama. love all the two male leads as well as the main actress. this will surely be a hit!

  49. 49
    Lia Says:

    wow!! can’t wait to c it! I do really love both of them ^^
    cute actor & actress 🙂

  50. 50
    meimei Says:

    I can’t wait to see this drama..love jgs n miss his drama. I hope someday he wii play with psh again.

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