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Marry Him If You Dare 06

Title: 미래의 선택 / Marry Him If You Dare
Chinese Title: 未來的選擇
Also known as: Mi Rae’s Choice / Future’s Choice
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Fantasy, Time Travel
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2013-Oct-14 to 2013-Dec-03
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


A time travel series set in the broadcast television world. Focusing on a writer who meets her past self and gives her advise on her life.

32 years old for woman is an age which may be little too late to start something new or little too early to give up something. The ‘future-self’ comes to ‘me’ today and gives advices about life and marriage. The future-self is trying to bring better life by helping her to meet a perfect spouse.

Na Mi Rae (Choi Myung Gil), a television broadcast writer, travels back in time to meet her 32-year-old self (Yoon Eun Hye) with the goal of preventing her marriage to Kim Shin (Lee Dong Gun) who is a broadcast announcer and thus send her past self down a different path in life.

Meanwhile, Park Se Joo (Jung Yong Hwa) is a handsome and talented Producer who is also a series lead. Seo Yoo Kyung (Han Chae Ah) completes the love rectangle as a reporter.


Main Cast

Yoon Eun Hye as Na Mi Rae
Choi Myung Gil as Na Mi Rae (future in year 2043)
Lee Dong Gun as Kim Shin
Jung Yong Hwa as Park Se Joo
Han Chae Ah as Seo Yoo Kyung

Supporting Cast

Oh Jung Se as Na Joo Hyun
Lee Mi Do as Bae Hyun Ah
Ahn Se Ha as Lee Jae Soo
Go Doo Shim as as Lee Mi Ran
Jang Eun Ah as announcer

Other People

Kim Ji Ho as Black Man
Ba Ram (바람 of Big Star) as Chang Gong (cameo)
Shin Bo Ra as entertainer (cameo)
Lee Jung Hyuk

Production Credits

Production Company: Annex Telecom, FNC Entertainment, KBS Media
Chief Producer: Kim Sung Geun
Producers: Kim Young Gyoon, Park Woo Ram
Director: Kwon Gye Hong, Yoo Jong Sun
Screenwriter: Hong Jin Ah

Episode Preview

Episode 1 – here or here
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-10-14 1 8.4 (17th) 9.5 (12th) 9.7 (10th) 9.9 (10th)
2013-10-15 2 7.9 (20th) 9.0 (16th) 8.6 (17th) 9.2 (18th)
2013-10-21 3 7.2 7.6 8.5 (19th) 9.0 (17th)
2013-10-22 4 5.9 6.7 7.3 8.6
2013-10-28 5 5.8 6.5 6.5 7.2
2013-10-29 6 6.7 7.3 7.4 (18th) 7.6
2013-11-04 7 5.5 6.8 6.5 7.3
2013-11-05 8 4.7 5.8 5.4 5.9
2013-11-11 9 4.6 5.1 5.9 6.8
2013-11-12 10 5.1 5.5 5.4 6.3
2013-11-18 11 4.0 4.8 5.0 5.3
2013-11-19 12 4.2 4.8 4.7 4.5
2013-11-25 13 3.2 3.5 4.5 4.8
2013-11-26 14 3.8 4.3 4.3 4.8
2013-12-02 15 3.5 4.1 4.7 5.7
2013-12-03 16 3.6 4.0 4.1 5.0

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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631 Responses to “Marry Him If You Dare”

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  1. 601
    lovejdg Says:

    definitely agree with Dyan 588.. exactly what im thinking and that’s what the writer wanted us too see.. cant u all see? in the last last episode, clearly mi rae and kim shin took a opposite way. and mi rae want se joo to give the ring when the time is right and then se joo back hug her. and when mi rae comeback to the book store the last shoot that we see is se joo.. actually im hoping the wroter gives us a little bit clue, like mi rae wearing the ring that sejoo gave or there’s a photo of her and sejoo in ppandora box. but no matter what I still love this drama. we cant just think about now.. but we should think about future.

  2. 602
    nlm Says:

    its finished??? -_- i dint realize it……so far it ws good bt a sour ending -_-
    it wuld be better if the ending ws clearer -_-!
    aww it broke my heart…. *sighs*

  3. 603
    neelima Says:

    there ws a better chemistry between NMR and KS than tht of NMR and SJ..
    bt since the character of SJ ws the best (and since m a die hard fan of Yonghwa ssi 😛 ) i wuldnt ever want to see SJ’s character getting hurt…. 🙂

  4. 604
    uggie Says:

    Koq gitu sih endingnya ??? Ga jelas banget, very disapointed !!! Pantes aja rating nya ga bagus…. Sayang banget Yong Hwa kalo ga happy ending jg di Future Choice mending main di The Heirs aja…. Sangat – sangat mengecewakan !!!!!

  5. 605
    milkyas Says:

    wow it such fun and unbelievable dream i hop this dream end happy i hop you will continua work hard i lovvvvvvvvvvvve you kbssssssssssssssss

  6. 606
    rubylyl Says:

    the baby photo in the end, i think that one is Mirae’s brother’s baby rather than her own one… :-p the ending… it’s not mirae’s choice but your choice!! lol!!

  7. 607
    hollywood Says:

    The writer of this drama is very good and very intellectual. Deep story.
    I am currently watching up till episode 12 and cheated by going to the ending out of curiosity due to numerous negative comments from the fans about the final episode. Actually the clues are in this Ep. 12. Audience have to watch this drama by listening carefully to their dialogue.
    When Mirae confess to her brother that she indeed like KS, her brother freak out and oppose because he knew the reason. Future Mirae told him the reason why she is trying to change her past. KS then had this meeting with Future Mirae and she told him the reason too (Spoiler).
    He initially still does not believe Future Mirae. He did later on when he receive the phone call from NTN. He then knew that whatever Future Mirae is telling him is the true. She said that she is so miserable and in pain marrying him. She came back to the past to change her initial choice of marrying for love. Instead she is trying to get Mirae (past) to marry for money. You have to watch and listen to their conversation. My conclusion is that Mira (past) married SJ, had a baby and is happy. She did love both men than but destiny changed as what Future Mirae wanted and did. She stopped Mirae from getting into the accident with KS. Instead it was Yoo Kyung who got into the accident which she found out during a conersation with SJ. SJ told her that he is making another trip to Jeju, taking a break.
    The island where he met the love of his life at first sight. He will come back to be a different person. She then realized that she is not going to be his bride or love one. She then gave up the idea.
    Now, when KS realized how much he love Mirae, he then approached Future Mirae and told her that all can be changed. I will continue my drama to the end which I already concluded and with my analysis. What Future Mirae wanted to change her future was to still have her beloved baby boy alive. When she open the Pandora Box and saw those pictures left for her to see is that of the little boy who is alive and grew up in past Mirae timeline. Her timeline is with KS but without the little boy. The hand that reach out to her is KS and she is quivering with joy knowing that the boy her past has is alive. Now, if she is to marry KS, then it is back to square 1, baby dead and who knows what the next story will be.
    Life is full of ifs and no one can tell the future. It is all in one’s hand with destiny beckoning.

  8. 608
    Rm Says:

    She end up with Se Joo.. Coz she told Se Joo’s grandma that she wun break off with Se Joo over what the grandma said.. So clearly she choose Se Joo in the end…

    In the last ep when she return to the bookstore, her expression show the joy of seeing someone that she hasnt seem for a long while. She and Shin are same industry.. It is unlikely that they dun see each other for the last 3 years.

    Well.. at least thats the ending that I hope to see…

  9. 609
    tee Says:

    Hate the ending.

  10. 610
    The Dare-devil With Curly Hair Says:

    Thumbs up to MHIYD production team! Good job. Really, I love the ending. Finally, the answer is Pandora Box! 😁very smart indeed.

  11. 611
    agahbonita Says:

    I am very disappointed by this film … I think all the fans of Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Yong Hwa were expecting a better ending than that. the producer of this film wants people talk about his film but he proves that he doesn’t want the success of his film… a lot of person complain about the ending and it’s totally normal because nothing is sure… anyone can decide his own conclusion at the end…

    I hope their next film will be better…

  12. 612
    Kingtez64 Says:

    To sum up the story mirae end up with both men in a different time of their lives, so no more deep thoughts of whos and whom..both men had their own affection towards mirae.

  13. 613
    winnie Says:

    I’m rooting for Lee dong gun, i’m a big fan since his “sweet 18 days”. Too bad his relationship with han ji hye did not end well. It’s unfortunate that this drama got low ratings despite having very good actors. two thumbs up for them. I think it’s because a lot of scenes are quite dragging, i slept in the middle of most of the episodes. So sorry for this

  14. 614
    justanotherwatchers Says:

    Guess its the crown prince Jo Ji Hoon who showed up afterall or perhaps even better the chaebol kang ji hwan that mi rae saw in the bookstore! Ho..ho its not a bad option for the ending since the writer doesnt even care less to reveal and leave it an open ending just like that, so why do the viewers should even bother to guess? though pretty much aware of the outcome but still carry on till the last episodes in hoping to be clever enough to find out the answer of NMR’s final choice and yes its’ really annoying that there is no clear clue showed, furthermore, the endless debate of ending goes on in the media. Overall, its quite interesting at the beginning, but disappointed at the end The ratings proved. Mian!

  15. 615
    dorie Says:

    I think this drama is brilliant, something unique. It was mentioned in the mid episodes about the parrarel universe. The 2 Miraes are different. The Old Mirae went back to her Kim Shin. The young Mirae, closed the chapter of her life with Kim Shin and strived to be a better person for Park Se Joo. Park Se Joo came back after 3 years. Mirae still has the ring and of course a better, more successful, confident woman that can give something back to Se Joo. Nice…This is the very first drama of Yoon Eun He that doesn’t have kissing scene…nothing that I remember.

  16. 616
    lulu Says:

    Tricky ending… ive appreciate it more if the ending is clear… anyway still love yonghwa and eun hye♥

  17. 617
    Chaimoon Says:

    What!? What ending was that? Meaning, every follower will have to draw her own ending of the drama? No good.

  18. 618
    M.A Ruszama Says:

    At first I think this drama have a bad ending, but when I think more the ending was good indeed. I don’t bother who mirae choose because the two of them are good enough. So the ending is what we want, sejoo or shin to be mirae choice.

  19. 619
    bitbit Says:

    i dont like the ending…..i wasted my time for watching

  20. 620
    yurismother Says:

    i started to watch this drama with my husband and was very surprised that my husband kept asking me to watch the next episode together, which means that for a guy (like my hubby)to like a kdrama and watch it till the end…it simply means that the series are very very good.

    sadly the ratings are very very low….but this drama is really worth watching. it is full of lessons in life. I am very happy that YEH is part of this drama…i just love her!

  21. 621
    Sunbae Diva Says:

    #588 Dyan and #589 Malou1010 both have reasonable hypotheses for Mirae’s choice; One is likely believe the scenario which involves the male lead of their own preference. I originally thought it would be Kim Shin because IF there is fate, you probably couldn’t change it and Kim Shin followed the typical K-drama Modus Operandi (MO) of treating the female lead like crap at the beginning…although he grew on me. I TRULY would have been satisfied with either choice. I personally prefer Park Se Joo (Yong Hwa) because he is a hottie and was always nice to Mirae, but I have to admire Kim Shin’s sacrifice to try and make Mirae happy—besides he was easy to look at.

    I agree with #579 saviorit–Marry (WHO?) if you dare? The alternative name for this drama is Mirae’s Choice, like the name of her book. All this build up about Mirae’s choice…we keep waiting for her to choose; nevertheless not only do we NOT see who she chose, but writers do NOT give any definitive clues??? I could seriously see Mirae’s romantic choice go either way! Either way, it appeared Yoo Kyung may have been consoled with Mirae’s leftovers.

    #578 RonelaAGArcia – wasn’t the unknown man in the pictures Mirae’s son all grown up? But again who did Mirae choose to be the father of her child?

    Speaking of choices, who made the choice for Yoon Eun Hye wardrobe and hairstyle? She is such a talented and beautiful actress who did NOT look attractive with that bushy hair was an odd color making her pale skin look sooo pasty and sickly :(. The outfit she wore to the lunch to discuss marriage with the chairwoman made her look like Orphan Annie. Even the promo photos above have her dressed like a nerd. We don’t expect her character to be dressed like a chaebol, but can’t the female lead be dressed to accentuate her features? I could find better outfits for her at Wal-Mart!

    #610 The Dare-devil With Curly Hair – What do you mean the answer was in Pandora’s Box? The only possible answer is that just like the myth of Pandora’s Box – EVIL has been unleashed in the form of my thoughts towards the writers for not revealing Mirae’s choice. I can only HOPE they will do a better job next time around.

    I agree with #596 rozlynn that we invest a lot of time in watching these dramas and when the writers pull a stunt like this, it makes you feel like you have wasted your time. Besides, I do NOT recall even one kiss in this drama. Showing Mirae kiss or AT LEAST embrace her choice would have given sooo many of us a sense of satisfaction <3.

  22. 622
    kiran Says:

    i’m not satisfied with this drama..how could there’s no scene kiss between mirae n se joo..they look good together, love is in the air..
    YEH is good at kissing..how could the producer miss that..*sigh

  23. 623
    Shrewheart Says:

    I am so perplexed with the ending. As of date it gave me too much head ache because of that open – ended “Analyze it if you dare” ending of the drama. The writer should make the ending more accurate and concise. He/ She must show us that Mirae had already made her choice in life. I want to be objective as I can be but the plot is like a cheese it has holes all over it.

  24. 624
    mail Says:

    why dis drama got low viewers rating? i thought dis series really worth watching….nice soundtrack, good actors/actresses, full of romances…dis drama indeed very brilliant….I just dont satisfied with d ending…but, im rooting for Mirae n SJ..They look good together:)

  25. 625
    mail Says:

    D best part of dis drama when SJ fell in love at first sight while he was looking at Mi Rae at d sea…n then a good song comes along with it..

  26. 626
    fankorean Says:

    I love the story, and something different, the writer want us to guess what’s happen in the future..Then i therefore know that the end of the stories is that mirae choose Seo joo, that’s why Seo Joo went back unexpected. and also mi rae still have the ring in her hands when she got the book in the store, if you noticed..when the old mirae back to time traveler, she said to future mirae that she’s going to choose the right which not to choose what the old mirae happens in her life..as you turn back to episode one where future mirae does not met kim shin in the first car accident which it twists to another destiny.which kim shin met seo yoo kyung..while seo joo love at first sight with mirae..what the old mirae happen with the past is different in the future..and what the pandoras box open, tells the photos in theyre is the life of old mirae..not the future mirae, that’s why future mirae gave the key to old mirae..

  27. 627
    Tweety Says:

    #626…Was there actually ring on her hand? She used to wear a ring on her right hand all the time but seo joo’s ring she was wearing it on her left hand earlier which I couldn’t see it at the book store.

  28. 628
    joyonghan Says:

    Well, we’ve to make our own final story. so i choose that Na mirae end up with Park Se ju, because Park Se ju have a faith to love Na mirae, she is his first love, also the ring still on Na mirae. When Na mirae back to the book store she smile to Park Seju, because the last she told to Seju grandma that she will never left Seju. for Kim Shin they even choose an opposite way!
    love this series ^^

  29. 629
    Renna Says:

    once again watching this drama :: mirae choose Seo Joo,coz she told SJ’s grandma she never gonna break up with SJ. she asked SJ about the ring, if only SJ heart and feeling someday wont change..she would be happy if SJ give her ring back. SJ back 1 day earlier from US of course for Mirae’s Book launching. Well, like the SJ said ealier about tiny present car..he wont give up to something that he want. SJ hv a faith..loyalty, patience, and of course a huge heart. thats my opinion

  30. 630
    t.t Says:

    Worst drama I have ever seen in my life. So frustrating! I watched it all since i had still a little bit of my will but i regret watching this! They could have at least showed us at the end but oh well i guess not , now “woop-do-doo!” thats it folks!

  31. 631
    EP Says:

    Park Se ju have a faith to love Na mirae, she is his first love, also the ring still on Na mirae. When Na mirae back to the book store she smile to Park Seju, because the last she told to Seju grandma that she will never left Seju. for Kim Shin they even choose an opposite way!
    love this series ^^

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