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Marriage Contract

Marriage Contract 03

Title: 결혼계약 / Marriage Contract
Chinese Title: 結婚契約
Previously known as: 100일의 아내 / Wife of 100 Days
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2016-Mar-05 to 2016-Apr-24
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55


Kang Hye Soo (UEE) is a single mom. Her husband dies in an accident and she raises her little daughter (Shin Rin Ah) alone. Afterwards, She learns that she has brain tumor. She then signs a Marriage Contract with a rich man, Han Ji Hoon (Lee Seo Jin) in order to find a guardian for her daughter.


Main Cast

Lee Seo Jin as Han Ji Hoon
Lee Gun Ha as Han Ji Hoon (young)
UEE as Kang Hye Soo

Ji Hoon’s family

Kim Yong Gun as Han Sung Gook
Park Jung Soo as Yoon Sun Young
Lee Hwi Hyang as Oh Mi Ran
Kim Young Pil as Han Jung Hoon

Hye Soo’s family

Shin Rin Ah as Cha Eun Sung (Hye Soo’s Daughter)

Promise Restaurant

Kim Kwang Gyu as Park Ho Joon
Lee Hyun Kul as Gong Soo Chan
Pyo Ye Jin as Hyun Ah Ra
Ahn Ji Hoon as Jo Seung Joo


Kim Yoo Ri as Seo Na Yoon
Jung Kyung Soon as Shim Young Hee
Kim So Jin (김소진) as Hwang Joo Yun
Jin Sun Kyu
Baek Soo Ryun as Hye Soo’s landlady (ep.1-2)
Oh Dae Hwan
Min Bok Ki

Production Credits

Production Company: Pan Entertainment
Director: Kim Jin Man
Screenwriter: Jung Yoo Kyung


2016 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Actress (Special Production): Lee Hwi Hyang (Marriage Contract)
2016 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Special Production): UEE (Marriage Contract)
2016 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Special Production): Lee Seo Jin (Marriage Contract)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2016-03-05 1 17.3 (2nd) 18.4 (2nd) 17.2 (2nd) 18.2 (2nd)
2016-03-06 2 17.1 (2nd) 18.5 (2nd) 18.0 (2nd) 19.3 (2nd)
2016-03-12 3 16.6 (2nd) 17.0 (2nd) 17.3 (2nd) 19.5 (2nd)
2016-03-13 4 17.4 (2nd) 17.9 (2nd) 17.8 (2nd) 19.6 (2nd)
2016-03-19 5 17.0 (2nd) 18.2 (2nd) 18.0 (2nd) 19.7 (2nd)
2016-03-20 6 17.9 (2nd) 18.4 (2nd) 19.3 (2nd) 20.6 (2nd)
2016-03-26 7 16.1 (2nd) 17.3 (2nd) 18.4 (2nd) 20.3 (2nd)
2016-03-27 8 18.5 (2nd) 19.8 (2nd) 20.4 (2nd) 22.4 (2nd)
2016-04-02 9 18.0 (2nd) 19.6 (2nd) 18.9 (2nd) 20.7 (2nd)
2016-04-03 10 18.4 (2nd) 20.6 (2nd) 22.0 (2nd) 24.6 (2nd)
2016-04-09 11 17.0 (2nd) 19.0 (2nd) 20.6 (2nd) 22.4 (2nd)
2016-04-10 12 18.1 (2nd) 18.7 (2nd) 22.9 (2nd) 25.4 (2nd)
2016-04-16 13 17.1 (2nd) 18.4 (2nd) 19.6 (2nd) 21.5 (2nd)
2016-04-17 14 19.0 (2nd) 20.1 (2nd) 21.3 (2nd) 23.4 (2nd)
2016-04-23 15 18.0 (2nd) 18.7 (2nd) 19.3 (2nd) 21.5 (2nd)
2016-04-24 16 20.3 (2nd) 22.8 (2nd) 22.4 (2nd) 23.6 (2nd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : pamela Says:

    I think the plot is beautiful and the story is good

  2. 2 : Metoo Says:

    Promising 🙂

  3. 3 : LindaT Says:

    Love the actor, but UEE face is so stiff that I hate watching her in dramas.

  4. 4 : queens Says:

    @linda 3# agreed with u.

  5. 5 : Jin Says:

    Uee as a mom? I’m not really sure about it but her acting gets better everytime i see her i think she’s improving a lot i might consider watching it ^^ hwaiting

  6. 6 : Jazz Says:

    Looks interesting… For a change

  7. 7 : OK OK OK Says:

    Uee – Brain Tumour? Will it be a sad ending? I don’t like to watch sad ending story.. Hope its a good ending.

  8. 8 : joan Says:

    Wow…..im going to watch this drama i love Lee Seo Jin. and i think this drama would be a good one.

  9. 9 : Runaway_Ryuki Says:

    Why UEE…??? I don’t like her acting, @Linda T, I agree with u

  10. 10 : ikram Says:

    My favorite idol turned actress. Love her acting. Can’t wait to see her new drama

  11. 11 : Ahmed Says:

    Exited for to see this drama especialy uee is the actress .her acting is so touching

  12. 12 : Amira Says:

    I saw the teaser and all the other video related to this drama and i can say i love the story and yhe main actors especialy uee, i love how she always try to do different roles and everytime she make me know that she’s a great actress

  13. 13 : nana Says:

    Omo my favorite idol turned actress uee i love all her drama and i am exiting to watch this one

  14. 14 : muppetpuppet Says:

    OH, MY GOD. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!! The protagonists are two of my favorite!!

  15. 15 : belinda c.billones Says:

    Base on the trailer I think it’s a good story. I’ve seen uee’s drama that is why I like her, I have no idea with the lead actor. But I will give this a try.

  16. 16 : JungEunJi Says:

    huh… just realized how much that photo of UEE looks a lot like Jang NaRa.

  17. 17 : dramalady Says:

    Do Koreans have so many brain tumor cases? All dramas are surrounding brain tumor, cancer and temporary forgetfulness to make stories. I cant bear to watch this kind of drama. But I have to watch this one as I like both leads 🙁

  18. 18 : Ahlan Says:

    My favorite actress uee can’t wait to see her drama

  19. 19 : Samar Says:

    Can’t wait to see this drama especialy uee new role as single mom

  20. 20 : Tayba Says:

    I am glad to know that I am not the only one who has trouble stomaching UEE!
    Still, I must admit that she did up her game for “Fool’s Love”

  21. 21 : OK OK OK Says:

    Sounds like Super Daddy Yeol story…… with some changes….. ???

  22. 22 : fakra Says:

    come here because of uee, love all her drama and i am exited to see her in this one

  23. 23 : Soumayma Says:

    Uee my favorite idol turned actress 😙😘😚

  24. 24 : Hapi Pappi Says:

    I’m not crazy about Uee but I like Lee Seo Jin since Phoenix so I’m looking forward to this drama.

  25. 25 : Gelaida tecson Says:

    Im so excited to this drama fighting UEE you improved your acting skill..congrats 😀😀😀

  26. 26 : Gelaida tecson Says:

    Uee saranghae

  27. 27 : atik Says:

    I think it will be sadly drama,, maybe in the end uee will died,,:(
    but i still looking foward for this drama. Bookmark done!! 😀

  28. 28 : Marriage Contract, o novo drama do canal MBC Says:

    […] Fonte: KoreanDrama DramaFever […]

  29. 29 : Ahmed Says:

    First episode was great can’t wait to see the next ep

  30. 30 : Kdramasubindo Says:

    mantappp nih film kayaknyaa

  31. 31 : bigeye Says:

    uee is nice actress and lee seo jin very good actor and rough

  32. 32 : Ukaran Says:

    What a nice drama 1 and 2 ep were good. The acting of the lead actress is so touching. She make me cry even thought I didn’t understand what they are saying

  33. 33 : Marimar Says:

    It is a such warm and lovely drama .there is comedy melodaema and romance in this one pworth to watch and the lead actors have a perfect cheminie

  34. 34 : claudia Says:

    I love Uee , i want to see this drama , first two episode were good

  35. 35 : Christy Says:

    I love Lee Seo Jin but I hope he would break-away from the characters he’d portrayed in the past. They’re like pretty much the same – cold, angry, more the silent type. How about taking on a character that is witty and easy-going, and yet charismatic with some action? Korean-style James Bond?! Pierce Brosnan?! Hee…hee…

  36. 36 : mariana Says:

    I agree with your comment Christy, 100% !

  37. 37 : Hapi Pappi Says:

    Christy, Mariana and me makes Three!
    Lee Seo Jin, our main man! How about it?! Take up a totally different role like Christy suggested – witty, easy-going and yet charismatic like James Bond style! I think Kim Hyun-Joo would work well as his lead actress!
    How about it?! Think LSJ and KHJ would have another great on-screen chemistry like Ji Jin-Hee and KHJ in I Have A Lover?! How about it, my man?!!!

  38. 38 : Prudence Says:

    A rich father having affairs while keeping his wife at home and making another woman bore him a bastard?! He even took the bastard son into his house where his family lives?! Treating the mother in front of his bastard son like garbage and keeping his mouth shut while his wife fought for her territory with cruelty and demeaning the other woman in front of the whole household?! In front of the servants and the bastard son?! Is this acceptable and we don’t need to blink an eye?! No cries of attacks to our values and principles?! We are not shocked or disgusted?! We welcome this?! This is part and parcel of the society we live in now?!!

  39. 39 : ZHIAN Says:

    i LOVE THIS DRAMA. . .


    UEE BORN TO ACT . . .



    (not interest in please come back mister, and bored with one more happy ending)

  40. 40 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 1
    I enjoyed watching it because its interesting. 😛

  41. 41 : OK OK OK Says:

    wow, looking forward to ep 3
    How will it be after the marriage contract starts….. 😛

  42. 42 : tigerb Says:

    @ 38 Prudence: it’s shocking, right? you’d think these people lack GMRC. i, too, did not like those kind of scenes when i first started to watch s.k. dramas. can’t remember the title of a series now, but i dropped watching that because of those kind of scenes. hopefully, that scene would be the first and the last in this series.

  43. 43 : Marimar Says:

    Uee act is great i don’t know why they said bad comment about her .and i loved her acting more in this drama .good drama can’t wait for the next ep 3

  44. 44 : Samar Says:

    The same here .i don’t know why people hate her i love her dramas she is one of the best idol turned actress. And her acting in this drama is so touching .love the drama and the lead actor and actress can’t wait for next saturday to see them in the marriage contract

  45. 45 : LuvK Sin Gal Says:

    This drama will keep me happy while waiting for Descendants of the
    It’ll be my 2nd fav.
    I like UEE, she’s pretty, has great style (loves her dressing!) and I think she acted really well to show her torment and anguish.
    Actually for Seo Jin, I didn’t really like him after watching 3 days 2 nights with Taecyeon. He seemed very egoistic.
    But he carries the drama well.
    Hope the drama will keep its intensity and worth watching.
    Seo Jin and Uee, FIGHTING!!!

  46. 46 : ikram Says:

    i can say this will be my fvorite drama for 2016 , great story line with great acting. i love the main girl acting she make me cry and touched by her role and her cute child

  47. 47 : HOPE26 Says:

    After watching the 2 episodes I really think that this is a Good drama.. someone wrote that UEE has a stiff face here.. well maybe because the theme is melodrama not a comedy. I also like the other cast and the main actor.. he’s great! I just hope there will be a happy ending.

  48. 48 : alli Says:

    uee acting is great and the age gap between the actor and her didn’t affect their great actibg, the drama is so exiting

  49. 49 : karim Says:

    uee tou are the best ,your acting is improving in every new drama

  50. 50 : houga Says:

    exiting drama with great cast

  51. 51 : Omo Omo Omo.... Says:

    Will try watch this one

  52. 52 : Misu Tira Says:

    My favorite actor. The story is a bit too much because the actress is having brain tumor, loan shark and donate her liver. A bit too unrealistic.

    I still love to see this drama very much.

  53. 53 : mml Says:

    I hope that, the romance is sweet and eventually Kang Hye Soo ‘s sickness can be cured. Through proper medication, there’s still a hope that, Kang Hye Soo can be alive and that it all depends on the writer on ,whether the writer wants Kang Hye Soo to be alive or to be dead after the medical treatment.

    I just hope that , the writer will make Kang Hye Soo to be alive and her sickness can fully be recovered upon continuous proper medical treatment.

    I always hate to watch melodrama cos melodrama always makes me cry for nothing. And I really hope that , this is not a melodrama and hopefully it turns up to be a fruitful marriage for Kang Hye Soo and her daughter can happily enjoy having a happy family. And also Han Ji Hoon can become a good husband and also being a good father to make up a happy family, romance drama for this drama.

  54. 54 : buttercoco Says:

    i really love the plot so far

  55. 55 : bigeye Says:

    nice one

  56. 56 : suti Says:

    it really is a tearjerker drama but strangely this is my 2nd best interest after descendants of the sun…
    i hate the tearing scenes but i also found it interesting how seo jin and uee interact, love is on the way for both…. can’t wait…
    really hope for a happy ending please, writer-nim…

  57. 57 : uoiua Says:

    this drama become more and more interesed, 3 and 4 episodes were wonderful ,love the story line and the acting of the lead actress is so touching; i can’t believe that this drama become my favorite one

  58. 58 : jamila Says:

    love love love this drama

  59. 59 : kariii Says:

    truly uee is one of the best idol turned actress ,good drama worth to watch

  60. 60 : zied Says:

    great drama can’t wait for the next week

  61. 61 : tigerb Says:

    life can be so complicated. one little twist today, if another one can come in the next two episodes, maybe will be smooth sailing in the next four, although one rock is posing hurdle in episode 4. interesting!

  62. 62 : flower Says:

    I already hooked to the drama!!!!!! Best !!

  63. 63 : flower Says:

    one word for the drama Best !!

  64. 64 : ahmed Says:

    one word best drama ever

  65. 65 : OK OK OK Says:

    High ratings – Congratulations !!! 🙂

  66. 66 : Grace Says:

    yes.. my best drama ever. Love Lee seo Jin and Kim kwang gyu. They’re funny as I’m watching 3 meals a Day without Taecyong.. Compare to descendant I preferred choosing this one. Story line is good.. good luck guys!

  67. 67 : Marriage Contract [MBC] - Korenesia Says:

    […] source: 1 & 2 […]

  68. 68 : Tosca Says:

    Such a touching story. Very nice.
    I love the main cast. Especially the daughter. She is so cute. Her acting jjang!!
    Very recommended to watch!!

  69. 69 : ouertani Says:

    love the main cast especialy the mother and her daughter, my best drama till now for 2016

  70. 70 : samar Says:

    this drama become my first interest ,love all the cast especialy the lead actress she is great ,love the story line ,the cute child ;just the best

  71. 71 : dramafreak Says:

    this drama is so great so far, i really the casting too they are good actors, and i cry like tons on my third and fourth episode, cant wait to see another episode please come fast! <3<3<3

  72. 72 : Houda Says:

    Saturday come faster cant wait to see next ep

  73. 73 : Kayleen Says:

    After read the synopsis of this drama, I know the plot of this drama might be interesting and a lot of emotions. Lee Seo-jin is a veteran actor but I like his styles, kind of Asian James Bond always smart dressed-up in suits except his movements is very stiff, maybe his pants are too tight for him. Hahaha!
    About this leading actress, Uee, seem many fans complaint about her acting skills but I don’t think so. I feel her eyes is too big, not flexible movement, always starring like blind girl and I thought she was one in this drama. In ep.4, she doesn’t even shows any scary emotion when riding roller coaster with her daughter. I feel awkward, watching her.
    Anyway, I think I pick a right drama to watch on the weekend. Hope the ending don’t make me wipe like stream.

  74. 74 : olfa Says:

    love the couple lee seo jin and uee they are great actors ,the drama become my first interst ,can’t wait for tomorrow

  75. 75 : Sonson Says:

    Today new ep can’t wait .uee fightng you are the best

  76. 76 : olfa Says:

    can’t wait to see ep 6 lee seo jin start to fall in kove with uee .the best drama with great actors and great story line

  77. 77 : olfa Says:

    love love love and i can’t understand people who said uee has expressless face , her face is so full of feeling and her acting is so touching

  78. 78 : bigeye Says:

    yes nice that good

  79. 79 : DSant Says:

    Happy that the rating for this drama is going up and hopefully it will continue to increase.

    The OTP are doing well in portraying their characters and the child actress playing ES is so adorable and really smart.

    A lot of issues to be resolved i.e liver transplant of OMR, brain tumor of HS. the falling in love between the OTP. Will rich Dad accept HS as her DIL. JH Mother seem to like HS and vice versa.

    Since this will be 16 episodes in total, I don’t think this will turn into makjang and looking forward to a happy ending.

  80. 80 : LY Says:

    I’m at episode 6. I’m so glad I chose to watch this drama.

  81. 81 : LuvK Sin Gal Says:

    hee…hee… Still peeking here whilst waiting for Descendents of the Sun. Actually, gets a little bored with the war scene in DOS so this is a good interval drama.
    Not that unbelievable considering Uee has a child to think of, for her to sell her liver. Plus loan sharks are very real in Korea. Highly possible, except for a rich man to like her.
    Still, the 2 leads are a good eye-candy.

  82. 82 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 5
    is so touching when the little girl accepted Lee Seo Jin to be her step father and ask him.
    Do you really love my mother and marry her?
    If you really do, please do not die so early like my father…… This sentence is so touching !!!

  83. 83 : park jun sung Says:

    Howaahh, besides descendant of the sun, i really like this drama. Hmm when i’m waiting DotS, i watch MC, when im waiting MC i watch DotS

  84. 84 : Nina Says:

    So touching..

  85. 85 : olfa Says:

    so touching drama and great actress and actor

  86. 86 : Jon Says:

    Will HS able to donate her liver to OMR now she is rushed to hospital bu JH ?
    Ep 7 coming up..I love HS and EY acting..very good. Singapore fan

  87. 87 : Christina Thibert Says:

    I really like the male lead actor. Seen him in other performances-good acting. Also love the child actor, smart as a button. I think she & Femalelead do well together. I’m enjoying the story line thus far.

  88. 88 : Sharon Says:

    I have been off the DRAMA scene for a while because nothing has interest me, but this drama made me do a marathon watching all six ep consecutively. The acting is great both UEE and Shin Rin Ah pull their characters off easily. Drama Has a little humor, yet it covers a serious social and ethical delima of Organ donation. To be placed in juxtaposition of choosing life/ death if you are rich/poor. However, sad to say the outcome is always in favor of the rich.
    Excellent writing Jung Yoou kyung, love it so far. Please, Please, don’t make the ending a disappointment because the script is well written so far. Therefore, give us a memorable ending. Fighting!!

  89. 89 : Meech Says:

    I really love this drama…can’t wait to watch the next ep 7:)

  90. 90 : loumas Says:

    can’t wait for saturday ,uee you are the best actress ever

  91. 91 : loumas Says:

    the best drama ever, it is my first interest right now

  92. 92 : Humy Says:

    Like the plots of this drama, quite touching. Just only 6 episodes, already feel sorrow for Kang Hye Soo, single mom.
    What don’t understand is why Korean mother-in-laws always not think-straight and uncivilised toward their in-law? Her son died in an accident, and she can’t afford to take-care her only grand-daughter, should be happy of her daughter-in-law got someone married her and take-care of her well-beings, moreover Hye Soo was an orphan. 🙁
    OMG! Ji Hoon’s family is more complicated. Treated his mom like trash by her own family members.
    Hope the writer give some mercy, don’t despairing the story further down. Thinking about a single mom is already sad, her husband died early and she had a lot of debts and living poor, further sad. Now, so young already have brain tumor, impossible to cure especially in brain, throat and heart, deeply sadden.
    Preparing to invest few tissue boxes before ending.

  93. 93 : KMGirl Says:

    i agree with everyone , this drama is great .

    i must confess that i used to dislike uee acting ( i dont remember why) but that wasyears ago, but i gave her chance one day and i discovered that shes acceptable and drama after drama she improved a lot , she always got a great chemistry with the lead actors after that i kept looking online to see if i missed one of her dramas .

    for this drama i liked it since the first episode and i must say that i cant wait each week for the new episode .and maybe i seem weird but without comparing I prefere this drama over descendant of the sun
    i must be part of a minority but i dont feel anything while watching the lead couple ( i like the secondary caracters and couple) for me there is no chemitry but i watch it for the acting , the music , the filming 🙂

  94. 94 : miki Says:

    I didn’t expect high ratings :):)

  95. 95 : thiadujun Says:

    @KMGirl i agree with you. I love song joong ki so much. But i prefer 2nd couple on descendants of the sun. And i prefer waiting this drama than descendants of the sun.

  96. 96 : swift inhyun Says:

    Good storyline, but picked the wrong actress. Cannot see the chemistry between the two leads.

  97. 97 : Cassie Says:

    I like SOng Jongki but I prefer the storyline here. Acting is good too. Uee can act and even if this is my first watching the lead guy act, he is also good. The chemistry is also good. I just hope it doesn’t end in tragedy. Hye Soo needs a break from the school of hard knacks. The child needs a mother too. So i hope that it ends well my dear writers. Good LUck

  98. 98 : Jon Says:

    Poor UEE..life is unfair but all will end well

  99. 99 : Normah Adam Says:

    I prefer Marriage Contract rather then Decendents of the sun, Uee keep fighting, lets the negative comments be the stepping stone for your great sucess, you have the capability to become one of the greatest star.

  100. 100 : Ikram Says:

    Uee you are the best in every drama your acting is oustanding 😙😘😚

  101. 101 : bigeye Says:

    lee seo jin is cool guy and this drama make me sad n cry..

  102. 102 : joy Says:

    Uee can’t act well but probably soon she will..still love lee seo jin though. Good actor …

  103. 103 : loumas Says:

    uee acting is so great ,it is so touching .she did a great act here,truly she is one of the best idol turned actress

  104. 104 : yuri Says:

    i don’t know why some people molesting uee by saying that she couldn’t act, if it is the case why she is nominated for many drama award also why directors and producers give her such a great role, uee is the best idol turned actress .and she got a lot of praises because of her acting in this drama. uee fighting

  105. 105 : ilmasq Says:

    the best drama ever with great cast,love the caresma between the lead actors, and i an falling in love with the actress ;her acting is so touching thump up for her

  106. 106 : Sandy Says:

    First time watching both lead actors!! Marathoned all 8 chapters and found it very interesting as script was able to capture my undivided attention. Liked the plot, and loved little girl’s performance. I don’t think it’s a boring drama!!! Can’t wait for next episode!!!

  107. 107 : Jon Says:

    Uie is getting good in acting with each drama. She is very good as a actress in Marriage contract. Just finished watching ep 8 ..lots of twist and turns…

  108. 108 : park jun sung Says:

    Wahh rating keep up. Cant wait for eps 9. Will be greet scene between JH and HS. Hmmm JH is such a cool ahjussi with lonely heart… 😭😂🌟✨

  109. 109 : park jun sung Says:

    Unfortunatelly, JH will leave HS. Ahhh… why he hasnt power to confess his love

  110. 110 : Jon Says:

    Jung Hoon’s manners are bad. He should not throw monies at the driver when he arrived at the restaurant. No wonder Na Yoon dumped this jerk. Na Yoon seems a nice girl (up to now). She should just leave Ji Hoon and find her own destiny…

  111. 111 : Sharon Says:

    UEE, came through playing the sad pitiful life of HS. Lee Seo Jin plays the confuse yet feeling obligated JH to a father that raised him when his mother could not due to her drinking habbits. I feel bad for JH because he has never experience love and the solidity of a family that’s truly his. This new emotion that he feel for HS and her child is pure; it’s like having the family that he has always wanted, ahhhhh.
    I guess they will be coming together to seae for his mom and maybe find the feeling they both have been denying.
    Saw the preview love the kiss scene, but now the story is about to take a dark turn when JH finds out that SH has a brain tumor. What will he do then? Will he be able take custody of ES if anything serious happen to HS, or will her ex mother-in-law want to take her grandchild. Can’t wait!!

  112. 112 : Olivia C. Says:

    Love this drama sooo much!

  113. 113 : jamila Says:

    my favorite drama for 2016

  114. 114 : Jon Says:

    Why must JiHoon tells his mom that it will be their last time together just before the operation. He should tell her after the operation. Script writer , I hope you have a reason for this. Han Sun Gook, all wives should be sticky like chewing gum, else they will be loose women. Wife stick to husband regardless, just like family. HSK you are cruel man, like what Jun Hoon said.

  115. 115 : tigerb Says:

    @park jun sung 108: you’re such a romantic! nice to see you here too! i would have skipped this series because i can’t stand the despicable father and meddling parents, but it’s a different story line. so hopefully this will have a happy ending for hye soo who has a very sad life but gave her best despite the odds.

  116. 116 : park jun sung Says:

    Waaa you r here too. Did u following this drama. I has started from eps 1, and i think the story not bad at all. Honestly sometimes i like the story when a man has no will to marry like in this drama. The drama is quit and silent. I feel the lonely situation in this dtama. Kkkk.. nice to see you, we have same taste i guess

  117. 117 : karam Says:

    the best drama ever

  118. 118 : samar Says:

    my favorite actress uee ,you never disappoint me . my 1st interst till no even dos didn t compare to this warm and lovely drama

  119. 119 : tigerb Says:

    @park jun sung: ji hoon has no will to marry, but he has won over the heart of a fatherless girl. it’s getting there, i think, after all they are the leads. my guess it’s a happy ending. let’s enjoy this, hopefully that father quits his controlling trait!

  120. 120 : aya Says:

    D-2 can’t wait saturday

  121. 121 : suti Says:

    ep.9 seems very promising 🙂 really can’t wait…
    i found this drama is really interesting, i love it, i like the main leads and the little girl is so cute and smart, so adorable…
    this is my first time watching LSJ drama, and he really did great, so i watched his other drama ‘wonderful days’ and finished it within a week (50 episodes)!!! and i love it… he is a great actor…

  122. 122 : HUONG CHI Says:

    Very recommended to watch!!

  123. 123 : OK OK OK Says:

    waiting for ep 9 and 10 everyday….. 🙂
    the little daughter of UEE is very cute when she is obedient and talented in acting

  124. 124 : aya Says:

    omo ep 9 was woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  125. 125 : Lea Says:

    My hubby used to hate korean drama……but when i watch this drama he also follow me watch it. Imagined it…a man who hate kdrama can turn liked that….not the great DOTS but Marriage Contract….I think something touch his heart with this drama. Congrats to the writer…and thats kiss at end of ep9 wow………..

  126. 126 : Hannah Says:

    Steady on 2nd place. Haha. When will this drama be on the 1st place?

  127. 127 : Sonson Says:

    This drama diserve to be in first place truly the best drama ever

  128. 128 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 9
    Still very touching. finally they kisssssssss

  129. 129 : Grace Antonio Says:

    My one of the best drama, ever! my fav actor lee seo Jin, all cast are great.. Good job..

  130. 130 : bigeye Says:

    what a pity but sad..yes very touching n finally they kiss

  131. 131 : Jon Jake Says:

    Oui Ji Hoon, taking advantage to kiss her not once, not twice but three times. Soooo jealous of him…

  132. 132 : Jyenie Says:

    I shed a few tears for ep 9😢I really hope Hye Soo is not going to die and will have happy ending with Ji Hoon.
    Wow, the kiss of the two leads is so usually hot in Korean drama😉

  133. 133 : Jon Says:

    I cried buckets on ep 10….Poor Ji Hoon. having his father take away his spending power, but.at least his father cannot take away his dignity.
    Ji Hoon did the right thing telling Na Yoong to forget about him..love cannot be forced..some things are not just they are…

  134. 134 : Jyenie Says:


  135. 135 : park jun sung Says:

    Seem like that brother of ji hoon’s mom will donate his part of liver to his sister. So ji hoon mother will safe. And for hye soo, actually, i dont have any idra hoe can she survive until the last eps. Poor her…😰

  136. 136 : park jun sung Says:

    Ji hoon, plis, dont easily lost hope while hye soo said “no”. U should keep stand up and depend ur heart. I think he has cool personalities, and charismatic.

  137. 137 : Sharon Says:

    Since ep1 water has been welding up in my eyes a few has fallen but there has not been an ep so far that I have not felt or seen water from my eyes. No tissue has to keep a roll of toilet paper beside me, Has to put on my shopping list.?
    Love the kiss scenes especially the third in JH kissed her with feelings and she received it with longing. Having a real MAN holding her was special for her and having this oneness with ES and HS has completed JH. Finally, he has all the makings of a real family that he has always wanted, but it has come crashing dow again Reminiscent of his childhood.
    Poor JH and HS never quite seem to get a break from the heavy hands of fate.
    Will HS be happy with her cash? Yes, because before her death her she can finally save her child from the life she herself suffered. Will JH be able to move on from this great disappointment? No, he will become this hard, more hateful person than he was before wallowing in self pity.
    Has this story taken a turn for more toilet paper? Yes! Can they become anymore pitiful? Yes! Can ES turn this story around? Yes! How? With her cute little Pollyanna self. I love that kid!
    Looking forward to the next six eps going to be a lot of tossing and turning in them, but I have lots of toilet paper.

  138. 138 : ilay Says:

    every week, im always looking forward for this drama’s episode…my 1st fave nowadays.
    I even replayed LSJ’s special appearance on RunningMan haha

  139. 139 : norlela Says:

    Marriage Contract is the first drama in 2016 that I give a 5 Star drama.
    The best ever, Thank you to all the crew.

  140. 140 : Jon Jake Says:

    This drama is better that Descendent of the Sun in believable script.

    So will OMR die or live
    Why did KHS take the balance of money from Ji Hoon’s father ?
    At Ep 10 ending did KHS mean it when she rejected the ring and Ji Hoon’s love ?
    Will Jun Hoon come up with something against his brother ?
    Will KHS recover from her tumour ?
    Why Ep 10 ending has no trailer for ep 11 ?
    Will I go crazy asking all this questions ?

  141. 141 : jeweles Says:


    HA! So Cute!

    Watch the ep 11 trailer on the official website:

  142. 142 : Jon Jake Says:


    Thank you for the link.. hiaz..no english subtitle and I don’t understand Korean..and from the look of things, everything going downhill..

    3 more days to next episode..until then let’s all pray …

  143. 143 : Sharon Says:

    I am gearing up for this Wkend eps and I have toilet paper. ( still haven’t gone shopping)
    Guys, there is a Drama I came across called Goodbye Mr Black, it’s really, really good, try it out.
    Back to this drama Contract Marriage, will HS mother-in-law swoop in after learning of HS illness and take ES? That would be a real hard blow for JH. I am not too worried though, because of the Cintract marriage. Been married make JH her dad right? Did they have to register her as his child for him to be her legal Gardian? This don’t look good for JH.

  144. 144 : Olivia C. Says:

    Can’t wait to watch the next episode…love it!

  145. 145 : peecee Says:

    i don’t know why but i feel awkward watching this two protagonist getting all physical… well i love the story so far… the poverty can really drive some ppl so far to even sacrifice even if its their body parts. i have loved all UEE drama so far…well m sure she will have gud one in future too… 🙂 😉

  146. 146 : Torri Says:

    Okay so I have lee Seo dramas before and I have alway liked the guy but damn I just watch today’s ep the last scene were he begs the girl to take him back it’s amazing how well he acted there. it so touching, so really I mean the man can act this is what we call acting .goooooood job !!!! To this writer I say bravo well written script now can You please not kill the girl let her be healed for now it should end with something like she might have a relapse for the tumour in like 10year can it end that way rather than her actually dying . Please please !!!!!!!

  147. 147 : suti Says:

    #146 torri – agree with you… i like ep.11 ending where ji hoon begs hye soo to stay by his side… so touching, so great acting…
    i really hope this will have a happy ending… otherwise, it will be toooo d*amn cruel for hye soo, eun sung and ji hoon… and of course such a waste for all the tears all these episodes….

  148. 148 : Lu Lu Says:

    OMG… i cry buckets everytime i watch this drama, Uee’s acting superb, sooo believable, so genuine, i can feel her sorrow, her kid also can act. What a great drama.

  149. 149 : jon Jake Says:

    Sun Gook is really mean offering OMR’s brother money for her funeral expenses. At least one thing taken care off and that is OMR now has a relative donor. Blood is thicker than water.

    Poor Na Yoon..still wishful and hopeless in this love triangle..she seems to have lost weight..

    As for Ji Hoon…he is really tormented (and going all tofu) by Hye Soo’s rejection.
    Just bear it Ji Hoon in the next few episode. Hope your pain will be rewarded

  150. 150 : Rep Says:

    can someone tell me is this drama recommended?

  151. 151 : park jun sung Says:

    in the way i said. For me this drama is really good. I really like the story, not so really good like secret garden or I hear your voice, d, but beautiful. Simple, warm, and cozy. U can imagine the love live of family here. Dont expect handsome or beautiful artis, idol group member or etc. Cz i guess u dont find it here. But i admire to the main lead. He os such a good man, with cool personality like james bond. Haha

  152. 152 : tigerb Says:

    @Rep: yes, a tearjerker but good love story with close to reality what would a person do if she is in a state that she might have to leave her fatherless daughter.

    @park jun sung: you guessed it right, the brother is donating part of his liver to omr! we can’t have a lady have two reasons go to the hospital! and i like your recommendation to Rep. lsj has a james bond personality! lol! am waiting for him to draw his gun!
    sorry, i know you have a message for me at DotS. honestly, i need to watch 2nd half of ep. 11 onwards. i had the misfortune of something going wrong while watching the ep so i watch something else. you’re still ecstatic with the kiss? i’ll catch up!

  153. 153 : bigeye Says:

    the drama make me sad and touching..fighting..thank

  154. 154 : Olivia C. Says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful drama. I love it!

  155. 155 : Ikram Says:

    I don t know what to do there is only 4 ep and this drama will finish .what i am going to do i become addicted to it

  156. 156 : Lu Lu Says:

    Omg soooo sad, now they both finally accepting each other but i doubt she can be healed. I am scared she cannot make it and eun soo will end up taken care by him. I seriously doubt this drama can hv a happy ending unless really got miracle happens they three can live happily, only 3 more ep left.

  157. 157 : Iam17 Says:

    I got hook to this drama….the lead actor is very good and soooo amazing.. He seems like lee byung Han.. I highly recommend this drama❤️❤️❤️

  158. 158 : Lulu Says:

    Omg ahjusi … That dimple, that smile… Plus he is so manly and romantic, he’s a type of man every woman can only dream of, he knows the meaning of true sacrifices towards the pple he loves, like his mother and woman. He can go all the way in terms of sacrifices. These couples’ acting really moves me, they looked genuine. Rating is good, steady on 2nd from the start. But i still believe she will die in the end. Thats why he is rushing with the time so he can make her happy before she leaves. so sad.

  159. 159 : Olivia C. Says:

    Very light, very inspiring, very beautiful story of love and family. Thank you and congratulations to MBC, the whole team and staff of ‘Marriage Contract’, especially to lead roles ‘Han Ji Hoon’, ‘Kang Hye Soo’ and ‘Cha Eun Sung’ for a job very well done. Their acting was superb and all natural…love it! Please, don’t let ‘Hye Soo’ die!

  160. 160 : suti Says:

    ep.14 is the best episode so far… lot of sweet scenes and finally i can watch with smile from beginning till the end…
    the chemistry is so good, the three main role were doing great, love it!
    now i think i can patiently wait until this weekend for the last 2 episodes… my expectation, ep.15 will be hard and tearful… but still i’m hoping for a happy ending… please writer-nim….

  161. 161 : jon Jake Says:

    Producer, writer please leave out Na Yoon..she ‘s already suffering much humiliation (from Ji Hoon and Jun Hoon’s mother) although she does not show it. Please don’t surprise us with sthg silly (like she committed suicide due to unrequited love and her family taking revenge (although this could extend the drama beyond 16 episodes). Alternatively, you write that she found someone new, with same melodrama …

    Ep 13 ending I cried buckets..he really loves her..sob sob..

  162. 162 : Jyenie Says:

    I think the surgeon from US will save her life😊

  163. 163 : tigerb Says:

    guess the last two episodes will deal with hye soo’s health and how ji hoon, hye soo and eun sang will fare. hoping for a not too sad ending.

  164. 164 : tess manalo Says:

    love this drama as well as the actors. such a great drama but i hope it will have a happy ending…..

  165. 165 : OK OK OK Says:

    Now at ep 14
    Every episode is so touching because all acted very well.
    Hope its a happy ending…. 😛

  166. 166 : Logan1707 Says:

    This is such a beautiful drama, 2 more ep to go…I can’t believe this drama will be over next drama. I love to see LSJ and UEE, they are sooo gooood together. Well I believe this would be a happy ending story as the most of weekend dramas always like that 🙂

  167. 167 : Lorna samonte Says:

    The best ipisodes14makes. Me feel happy ,sad n hoping a happy ending ,i had this confidence tHAt the treatment in the U S something better at the perfect time .

  168. 168 : jon Jake Says:

    Ep 14 what OMR ‘s advice to Ji Hoon is worth mentioning..that we sometimes lose the life precious things when we become protective of the material things we built up.
    Finally Ji Hoon has set himself free to love life precious relationships.

  169. 169 : jham2025 Says:

    i cry a lot to this drama,i hope it will be a happy ending..

  170. 170 : nba 2k16 mt method Says:

    I appreciate looking at your web sites. Thank you!|

  171. 171 : Eun soo Says:

    I like this drama….. i hope it will be happy ending

  172. 172 : Sharon Says:

    Crying is the thing I do best during this drama! I have been crying since ep one.
    Anyway, did you guys saw the end of ep 11? Did I cry or did I cry! It was epic, I was like damn, Lee Soe Jin can act!
    I was begging HS to be with him sobbing and blowing my nose in the tissue. But, didn’t UEE/HS pull off that crying scene at the hospital! I was like girl you just got more booking for other dramas. What about SRA/ES that kid SLAY her role asES. I can hear the chi ching ching and see the bling bling for her in the future.
    Now finished ep 13 and 14 and I must say I am pleased! The story although a bit repetitive of the HS refusing JH it all came out in the wash.
    JH is finally having his family no matter how long or short it may be and HS has finally felt secure in the arms of a man.
    Nothing else matter right now at this appointed time in their lives because the both need each other to survive.
    The writer did an excellent job from ep one to present. I love how the writer metaphorically base the characters as Beauty and the Beast, a job well done.

  173. 173 : Hannah Says:

    I really hope they will give us all a good ending. Personally, I love this drama even though it doesn’t have all the dramatic effects like suicide, murder, action or evil characters that you feel like killing that person, this drama manages to make me stick to it. UEE has sure improved a lot on her acting. I used to dislike her, but now I think I can accept her as an actress.

  174. 174 : JJ Says:

    According to A Koala’s Playground :-
    she’s the secret long lost daughter of a rival chaebol family.

  175. 175 : Jj Says:

    Looks like the last 2 eps will be very interesting

  176. 176 : catshee Says:

    I like this drama a lot. Life is full surprises.Others may good but unluckily,sadness and sorrows are possible to happen. I am a korean drama fan, this drama series including the actors, are doing really good. The only drama story that i cried a lot and I enjoyed watching every series.:)

  177. 177 : Lu Lu Says:

    Jst watch raw ep 15, things really getting worst, looks like she really dying, so sad indeed. I wonder hw the writer can make it a miracle for her to recover from her illness. i really dont want sad ending, its too sad.

  178. 178 : Hannah Says:

    The ending of ep 15 is so sad. Why do I get the feeling that Hye Soo will die eventually? There’s no way she can survive, I don’t know what miracle can she have to survive.

  179. 179 : suti Says:

    ep.15 is another tearful one and really worries me because there’s no sign of miracle whatsoever…. HS seems like already starting her farewell message to everyone…
    i like that scene when she treats her mother-in-law for lunch and tells her about her being sick… that expression of her face speechlessly painful… d*mn, uee is doing it so great!
    now i don’t really feel like waiting for the last episode, i don’t like sad ending but ep.15 doesn’t seem like it’s gonna have a happy ending…
    so upsetting because it’s so unfair…

  180. 180 : JOY Says:


  181. 181 : Ahjumma2012 Says:

    I fell in love with this drama. I’m prepared for a sad ending, while hoping for a good ending. Maybe if she falls and hits her head, off to hospital, she has brain surgery, there is 1% chance of success. If she’s dying anyway, why not go for it? I can”t help it. I’m addicted to happy endings!

  182. 182 : park jun sung Says:

    done watch ep 15. Hmm i wish a miracle come, but it didnt come until the end of eps 15. Is it possibly that HS can survive? Is it possible there is accidental miracle? If she die, its too bad, unfortunately. Just let her lived 10 years later.

  183. 183 : karolii Says:

    Time Flies fast and the drama is already over!!
    At first, I doubt about Lee Seo Jin and Uee become pair because 17 years of age gap.
    But, what i see is different. They matched well. I never see LSJ have a wide grin on his smiles (can see his 12 teeth, hehehe) and look happy before, and for Uee, never look mature from this.

    I’ve watched all the episodes and if I can summon: 3.5 out of 5 stars. It’s good. But, I think some of the plot just waste the story. It’s a pity. Then, love to see some camera movements (thanks for camera director, hehehe. The picture is good). Even this drama is overshadowed by the successful of DOTS (actually, all of the drama), but Marriage Contract is also good, hard to reckon with. Recomended for K-Drama addict to watch.

  184. 184 : suti Says:

    finish watching ep.16 raw… really nice ending, lots of sweet scenes, kisses, smiles, laughs, happy faces…
    this is one of the best ending, beautiful and yet very realistic.
    highly recommended.

  185. 185 : Olivia C. Says:

    Thank you Director Kim Jin Man for the happy ending. Also, a million thanks and congratulations again to the whole team. You all did an amazing job! I fell in love with the main characters – ‘Han Ji Hoon, Kang Hye Soo & Cha Eun Sung’. Their acting skills were excellent! I love it! This is my best drama ever – a very beautiful & inspiring story of love & family!

  186. 186 : ikram Says:

    truly the best drama ever ,great leaing actors writer director the child and all who contribuated to to make this super drama

  187. 187 : Yaya Says:

    Beautiful story, beautiful ending

  188. 188 : Logan1707 Says:

    Oh man…I’m gonna miss this beautiful drama a lot. One of the best dramas until now for me even I like it more than DOTS. The best couple and amazing chemistry of UEE and LSJ.

  189. 189 : Simon Says:

    Good drama, attract my attention from beginning to the end. I prefer a different ending but the ending is still good.

  190. 190 : Ahjumma2012 Says:

    Wow! The end. Excellent drama!!! I didn’t get the miracle I hoped for, but still a realistic ending. Congrats to all involved in this production, with special kudos to writer, director, main leads and the supporting cast. My favorite of the year so far!!! I find nothing appetizing to watch now. Can anyone recommend something delicious to sink my emotions into? Thanks.

  191. 191 : Loesea Says:

    A very beautiful drama that is beautifully wrapped up… Every single scenes in the last episode is well written and acted. The drama really pulled you into the scenes and it’s hard to not to be carried away. The dialogues between the main characters (Ji Hoon, Hye Soo and Eun Sung) always squeezed our hearts.
    The scene where Ji Hoon saw the surgery light turned off and thanked the doctor for delivering the slight good news, where Ji Hoon thanked Hye Soo for surviving, where Ji Hoon & Hye Soo danced together and Hye Soo stepped on his feet, where Ji Hoon covered Hye Soo’s illness in the restaurant, where Hye Soo’s hand walked onto the tulips followed by Ji Hoon’s were the top scenes that really touched my heart. It truly delivers the meaning love and family. Bravo to all of the drama crew!!!

  192. 192 : Irene Says:

    I feel this drama has been over shadowed by DOTS. It should have a higher rating given the excellent chemistry and acting skills by Ji Hoon, Hye Soon and Eun Sung. The three truly deliver the power of love, family unity and sacrifices. I hope these traits help bring miracle to Hye Soon recovery.

  193. 193 : bigeye Says:

    i praise for all and also PD too..the drama is nautral and beauitful story..i admire lee seo jin is good actor..

  194. 194 : tess manalo Says:

    great drama. i hope to see the two leading actors in another yeat great romance drama. they ;ool so good together. pleas, let them ve in another drama series. what a good looking pair…..

  195. 195 : Hannah Says:

    Beautiful ending, even though the writer didn’t state whether Hye Soo died or not, we all know Hye Soo’s situation, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that they cherish the moments they’re together, and not living in regret. I love it when Hye Soo said everyone dies and has their own date. Who cares? I have Eun Sung and Ji Hoo by my side. :’)

  196. 196 : Quote of the Week: Terry Pratchett | Cozybooks Says:

    […] forgiveness I’d been denying? (Thanks, Tim)’ We see this in the movies a lot (like the kdrama Marriage Contract). A character is told they have only a short time left to live and suddenly their eyes are opened […]

  197. 197 : nzul Says:

    I’m looking for good drama to watch, is this drama worth trying? I read all your comments and still cant decide, i think i will be crying out my heart if i watch it,

  198. 198 : Sharon Says:

    What can I say?
    Just love, love, love, take nothing for granted. Tell your children, husband, family you love them!

  199. 199 : [email protected] Says:

    loving saturday sunday drama….now….missing already !!

  200. 200 : tigerb Says:

    for the love of his mother, ji hoon committed a deed that gained him true love. he did not expect that meeting the poor widow with a child would make him throw away fame and fortune to give love in return. The experience may be short lived and difficult when he knows what’s in the looming, but he has no regrets. it’s a very good watch! the lead cast is excellent: lsj as expected, the little girl is very good, and this is the best acting I’ve seen of uee so far.

  201. 201 : silverswan Says:

    The story is quite good but do not like the actress, looks all the way artificial act. The little girl acts better than the mother.
    Anyway it is not one of the best drama to me

  202. 202 : saliva Says:

    uee is the best actress ever ,love all her drama ,truly she is the reason that this drama suced beside seo jin and eun sung

  203. 203 : aya Says:

    the best drama ever,with great cast love the couple lead they are perfect together love the little child,truly highly recommended drama ,it must win a lot of awards and the lead actress did a great job, her acting is so touchful and perfect

  204. 204 : ahmed Says:

    the best drama for 2016 i like it more than dots,love all the cast but the lead actress was the best and the outstanding one ,she makes you feel her pain and live with her caracter ,her daughter was so cute ,highly recommended

  205. 205 : lamis Says:

    I really really loved marriage contract! It is one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen. Would recommend it to anyone. uee and lee seo jin are the best … great job

  206. 206 : Kamal Says:

    Classic story but done well – well done to the writer, PD, staff, and actors. I was particularly impressed by UEE’s portrayal of HS. Coming into this project, I bet a lot people were wary of her performance, but she deserved all the praise, well done.

  207. 207 : SAMAR Says:

    It was a very beutiful drama i am happy and satisfied with the smart ending as long as we didn’t have to see HS die, it was hard enough to watch her illness progress and her pain. So thank you writer-nim ,thump up to uee beautiful and great actress

  208. 208 : akilat Says:

    I love, love, LOVE this show. The portrayal of romantic love between Ji Hoon and Hye soo, love of a friend between Joo Yeon and Hye Soo, and familial love between Ji Hoon & his mom, Hye Soo & Eun Sung……just LOVE.

  209. 209 : marialopez Says:

    That dancing scene was probably my favorite out of the whole drama…Ji Hoon breaking down in her arms…man I don’t think a box of kleenex was enough….BEAUTIFUL DRAMA from ep 1 to ep 16;truly well done and especialy 2thump up to the lead actor and actress

  210. 210 : akilatatio Says:

    I enjoyed this drama so much. The storytelling was great and so were the actors. I rewatch every day and i am still not done with it ,the main actress is one of the rare actress that affect to me she make me cry with her even thought i didn’t know korean

  211. 211 : Sonson Says:

    Best drama ever .

  212. 212 : latika Says:

    no doubt! i don’t like this drama before, but because the rating so high, i think must watching too…

  213. 213 : Julia Says:

    This drama was soooooo good and I missed them already especially the lovely couple LSJ and UEE. It’s highly recomended for the people who hasn’t watched it. You are going to love it!

  214. 214 : samira Says:

    It’s been a wonderful heartfelt show,i already miss uee and seo jin couple

    JiHoon & Hye Soo really have a prerfect chemistry. This couple really make me want they as real couple.the lead actress is so great thump up to her

    all I want to say is that UEE deserves an award for her acting in this drama. Outstanding!

    uee had me impressed in multiple scenes, but honestly – her overall performance is just too good truly she diserve a top excellence award not just an award

    if LSJ and UEE tells us that they are actually dating … that might help take away some of that poignancy leftover, they are too perfect that we can beleive there is something between those two

    Can’t say enough about UEE in this drama. I’ve seen her in 3-4 roles before and never seen her just inhabit a character like this. She was stellar start to finish. She had the big moments, like her breakdown at the bus depot, but it was in the small moments where she really thrived, when she cut her hair, when she hurt herself trying to cook, when she took her hat off at the end and danced barefoot. She hit every note perfectly without ever overdoing it. Fantastic work.

    This drama was excellent from start to finish

  215. 215 : jo Says:

    This drama was just perfect. A lot of marriage contract/kdramas in general seem to have identity crises, where they start out light and glib rom coms, but become stupidly makjang and melodramatic.
    I think this drama was wonderfully paced and a beautiful HUMAN drama. The director really shined in these last episodes, as did the writer and the actor. I loved the direction he took with the ending of maybe ep 14? Where seokjin is running to his family? Or ep15, where the balloon pops? Subtle, not dependant on music, so so good. And props to the music director too, for not drowning this series with music. It came in and left without being overwhelming. Just, SO GOOD

  216. 216 : thahiras Says:

    UEE is really really great (i watch her in jung woo chi and Hogu’s love, she’s really improve her acting, i like her in Hogu and reaaaaally like her in this drama) , eun sung is love, and all the actress and actors in this drama are really great.

  217. 217 : nn Says:

    I usually stick to rom-com but really like LSJ and Uee so decided to check this drama out. Like so many of you, I got totally sucked in. So many quiet, heartfelt moments. Kudos to Uee and LSJ and the child actress!

  218. 218 : Drama Queen Says:

    I just this drama. It had me crying a lot. Because it is so touching. The relationshhip between Ji Hoon and Hye soo is so rea because they are real boyfriend and girlfriend, l just love every drama that Hye Soo is in and Eun Sung have me in stitches with the words that comes out of her mouth. I truly enjoy this Drama. Well the writers and Producers did well. Thumbs up

  219. 219 : jikkk Says:

    I seriously never thought Marriage Contract would be this kind of drama for me. I just wanted something to watch and I like UEE and Lee Seojin but wow, this drama took my heart with it

    at first i just see it to killing time. But i got hooked in the early episode. And falling love so hard for this character…
    OMO this drama is just beautiful

    I was impressed with UEE, she got better and better as the drama progressed. A lot of the time she out shone the rest of the cast. I feel like she can graduate out of the idol actor category into serious actress with this project.

    Yay go UEE!!

    I have no problem with UEE’s acting. I do wonder if she can pull off a single mother character. With terminal illness some more. But she nailed it. I will remember Hye Soo forever and she will be in my list of KDrama angels.

    I think this was the best kdrama ending I’ve seen. It was perfect.

    I started the drama thinking it would have fun fake-marriage hijinks, but they never materialized. After crying each episode, I kept saying I wouldn’t watch the next one, but I’m glad I did. It was a stellar drama.

  220. 220 : ikkkrammmmmmmm Says:

    the best drama ever

  221. 221 : OK OK OK Says:

    Its worth watching. Good casts, good acting, good story…. = NICE 😛

  222. 222 : Sonson Says:

    The best drama ever highly recommended

  223. 223 : loumas Says:

    love this drama i repeate so many times dreat actress thump up for all the cast

  224. 224 : samira Says:

    the best drama for 2016 and the lead couple ARE SO LOVELYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  225. 225 : lamounas Says:

    uee and seo jin and all the cast truly the best drama for 2016 even DOTS is not comparable to it ,highly recomended

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