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Title: 밥상 차리는 남자 / Man Who Sets the Table
Chinese Title: 做飯的男人
Also Known as: Man Who Lays the Table
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2017-Sep-02 to 2018-Feb-25
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:45
Air time: Sunday 20:45 (2 episodes back-to-back) (from ep19)


This drama is about a middle-aged man who attempts to recover his happy family.

Lee Roo Ri (Choi Soo Young) tries to get a job at big company, but she gives up. She doesn’t have a good relationship with her strict father. Shen then decides to travel to a foreign country to get away. There, she meets Jung Tae Yang (Ohn Joo Wan) who goes by the YOLO motto. He wanders around the world and places priority on his happiness, but he also carries an emotional wound. After she meets Jung Tae Yang, Lee Roo Ri has a turning point of her life.


Main Cast

Choi Soo Young as Lee Roo Ri
Choi Yoo Ri as Lee Roo Ri (child)
Ohn Joo Wan as Jung Tae Yang
Seo Hyo Rim as Ha Yeon Joo
Park Jin Woo as Lee So Won

Lee Roo Ri’s Family

Kim Kap Soo as Lee Shin Moo (Roo Ri’s father)
Kim Mi Sook as Hong Young Hee (Roo Ri’s mother)

Jung Tae Yang’s Family

Lee Il Hwa as Jung Hwa Young
Shim Hyung Tak as Go Jung Do
Song Kang as Kim Woo Joo
Kim Ji Young as Go Eun Byul


Han Ga Rim as Joo Ae Ri
Lee Jung Hyuk
Lee Se Young as Tae Yang’s friend
Lee Si Un as Tae Yang’s ex-boyfriend

Production Credits

Director: Joo Sung Woo
Screenwriter: Park Hyun Joo

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2017-09-02 1 7.7 (13th) 7.5 (11th) 8.6 (11th) 9.4 (8th)
2017-09-03 2 8.1 (12th) 8.2 (11th) 9.8 (10th) 9.9 (10th)
2017-09-09 3 6.1 (15th) 5.4 (19th) 5.9 (18th) 5.6 (18th)
2017-09-10 4 8.3 (13th) 7.6 (14th) 8.8 (11th) 8.8 (10th)
2017-09-16 5 7.5 (15th) 7.0 (14th) 6.2 (18th) 5.6 (20th)
2017-09-17 6 9.2 (7th) 8.0 (10th) 9.6 (7th) 9.6 (7th)
2017-09-23 7 7.1 (14th) 6.7 (10th) 6.5 (15th) 6.0 (14th)
2017-09-24 8 10.1 (6th) 9.6 (8th) 9.8 (7th) 9.2 (8th)
2017-09-30 9 7.7 (14th) 7.2 (12th) 7.6 (12th) 7.4 (12th)
2017-10-01 10 9.6 (7th) 8.7 (7th) 9.9 (9th) 9.6 (9th)
2017-10-07 11 6.6 (14th) 5.9 (14th) 7.3 (13th) 7.0 (14th)
2017-10-08 12 8.8 (8th) 8.0 (10th) 9.7 (8th) 9.3 (9th)
2017-10-14 13 7.8 (12th) 6.3 (15th) 7.4 (12th) 6.8 (14th)
2017-10-15 14 9.7 (7th) 8.4 (8th) 9.9 (8th) 9.1 (9th)
2017-10-21 15 10.5 (3rd) 9.2 (3rd) 10.9 (4th) 10.6 (4th)
2017-10-21 16 12.1 (2nd) 11.1 (2nd) 12.7 (2nd) 12.4 (2nd)
2017-10-28 x postponed due to the labor union strike
2017-10-29 x postponed due to the labor union strike
2017-11-04 17 11.9 (3rd) 10.4 (3rd) 11.5 (4th) 10.9 (4th)
2017-11-04 18 12.1 (2nd) 11.3 (2nd) 12.9 (2nd) 13.1 (2nd)
2017-11-12 19 10.1 (6th) 9.4 (8th) 9.7 (7th) 8.9 (8th)
2017-11-12 20 11.2 (4th) 10.7 (5th) 12.6 (4th) 11.3 (5th)
2017-11-19 21        
2017-11-19 22        
2017-11-26 23        
2017-11-26 24        
2017-12-03 25        
2017-12-03 26        
2017-12-10 27        
2017-12-10 28        
2017-12-17 29        
2017-12-17 30        
2017-12-24 31        
2017-12-24 32        
2017-12-31 33        
2017-12-31 34        
2018-01-07 35        
2018-01-07 36        
2018-01-14 37        
2018-01-14 38        
2018-01-21 39        
2018-01-21 40        
2018-01-28 41        
2018-01-28 42        
2018-02-04 43        
2018-02-04 44        
2018-02-11 45        
2018-02-11 46        
2018-02-18 47        
2018-02-18 48        
2018-02-25 49        
2018-02-25 50        

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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17 Responses to “Man Who Sets the Table”

  1. 1
    kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Oh my! MY BIAS from GG! Sooyoung!

  2. 2
    sun Says:

    i dont know the leading man here …

  3. 3
    RR Says:

    supper dont know the main actor and all

  4. 4
    RR Says:


  5. 5
    ECLIPES Says:

    pwede nyu po ba palitan ang title ng drama na ito at bakit pangalawa lang ang pangalan ng bida diba dapat una kaso ung una ay babae ano to pakiayos naman habang hindi pa pinalalabas

  6. 6
    ECLIPES Says:

    nanggigigil ako kasi ung kapitbahay namin ang ingay ingay

  7. 7
    Lienvictoria Nguyen Says:

    waiting for the come back of Kim Mi Sook at this year. Really missing her so much. Love her and always support her!

  8. 8
    putek Says:


  9. 9
    Sha Says:

    Sooyoung & all cast, fighting!

  10. 10
    Bambi Says:

    Love the cast!! Pretty good development of each characters …
    Story lines are so great and funny!!
    I can’t wait to watch the next episode!!

  11. 11
    Mokoduk Says:

    Ruri’s parent’s flashbacks to the early 70’s were just awful . . . lol! They didn’t look young at all. They might have used young actors to play their younger selves. I mean it’s 40+ years difference.

  12. 12
    Mokoduk Says:

    Roo Ri’s dad is played by the most unromantic actor I have ever seen in a Korean Drama. His idea of romancing his then young wife to be sounded like someone totally disinterested but doing it because it’s his job. His lines were romantic enough but his delivery was like . . . dude give me a break. I feel sorry for Mi Sook.

  13. 13
    USA Says:

    @ Mokoduk – Agree about the couple’s walk back to the 70s was horrific. The Director short-changed the integrity of this drama with a couple of wigs. I just down-graded to a B-Class drama. Director tried to ‘swing it’ instead of doing it right – which likely increased the entire budget by 20% – hiring younger actors, even pushing out the on-air timeline. Trying to save 20%, the drama got down graded to low quality. This is a classic example of some executives, like this director, try to ‘swing it’ in hopes nobody would see, hear or know about defective pieces in their products – thereby ruining the entire reputation of their company. Audience is forgiving, so we wait & see, but their patience has already been tested… little room for another ‘swing it’ cover job…

    @ Mokoduk – Regarding RooRi’s dad, that is a typical male of that generation & even now – there are wo/men who are naturally unexpressive of their true feelings, that doesn’t mean they don’t love. Often their love goes much deeper than those running their mouth or fingers through. So I dont agree with your evaluation of the actor. Happen to think he’s quite good. Oh

  14. 14
    USA Says:

    The screen writer & director don’t know how to present multi-characters and multi-plots in a seamless, easy to follow, entertaining way. This drama is one twisted-confusing-trying too hard story that leaves viewers confused, lost & frustrated to watch. Usually, viewers judge new drama within the first 2 weeks of airing, and I give this drama F-. Done with this drama.

  15. 15
    Mokoduk Says:

    Ru-Ri’s brother is one cold individual just like his father. When his wife was hurting and crying most men would try and comfort them. He just sat there as she wept and offered nothing to ease her pain.

    And the father . . . holy-moley, that guy is dumb or a psychopath. He can’t see he created the problem in the first place by driving off the former girlfriend.

  16. 16
    Diana Says:

    @@Mokoduk —-
    I agree Lee So-Won is a cold person and appears not to have any feelings for his wife. It could be because he probably was pushed into the marriage by his father as he is now doing with Ru-Ri. So-Won has a lot of material things in his life, lives in luxury, his mother-in-law bought him a hospital, but material things don’t buy love. I don’t remember the entire line when he brought his mother to his second house, and in their discussion he mentioned ” Su Mi.” Something about “not what happened to him with Su Mi.” Sounded like he didn’t want that to happen to him again or can’t remember if he was referring to someone else?? So-Won nor his mother don’t understand why she broke up with him in a nano second when he came back from – “I forgot where – the service? Also, he has that second house as he feels suffocated at times living with his wife and mother. His m-in-law does throw it up a bit to his face all that she did for him. But I do agree he could have more compassion for his wife.

    Choi Sun-Young has no conscious and has no problem killing any one who gets in her way. She is one mean person.

    Jung Hwa-Young appears to have quite a bit of history to her life. Woo-Joo’s father is a real loser and a creep. It will be interesting to find out how she got involved with him and learn about her past history.. I hope Go Jung-Do will be able to handle it all when he finds out the truth about her past life. They make a cute couple.

    It appears Su Mi has not been able to support herself and her child. I wonder where her parents are??? Either she left home when she found out she was having a baby, or they kicked her out, or??? She also seems to be a hardened person now. Certainly her personality was not like that when she and So-Won were in love.

    Lee Shin-Mo is an extremely hard person to life with. God bless his wife for sticking it out as long as she did. Geez…..surprised she didn’t have a stroke or heart attack dealing with him all her married life. Now she decided to stay with him!!!!
    I only have seen 6 episodes, so don’t know everyone’s story yet.

  17. 17
    iam Says:

    maincast NOCHEMISTRY😠😠

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