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Make a Wish 03

Title: 소원을 말해봐 / Make a Wish
Chinese Title: 说出你的愿望
Also known as: Tell Me Your Wish
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 122
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2014-June-23 to 2015-Jan-02
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


This drama is about entangled lives of four women, a stepmother and daughter of a small diner and another stepmother and daughter of a nation-wide food service company, CE Group. These four women’s lives start to be entangled with a suspicious hit-and-run of a man who then is blamed for embezzlement enrages of CE Group while he in coma from the accident. Without any money or connections, the man’s widow goes on a crusade to prove her husband’s innocence and many obstacles and hardships are encountered along her arduous journey. A suspenseful plot and a story about stepmothers and daughters bring up the rear to present a heartwarming drama to viewers. (Source)


Main Cast

Oh Ji Eun as Han So Won
Ki Tae Young as Kang Jin Hee
Yoo Ho Rin as Song Yi Hyun

People from Dongsan-dong

Kim Mi Kyung as Lee Jung Sook (So Won’s step mom)
Song Yoo Jung as Han Da Won (Jung Sook’s daughter)
Park Jae Jung as Jang Hyun Woo (So Won’s Husband)
Lee Duk Hee as Kim Choo Cha (So Won’s Mother-in-law)
Lee Jong Soo as Jang Gyun Woo (So Won’s older brother-in-law)

People from Sungbook-dong

Cha Hwa Yun as Shin Hye Ran (Yi Hyun’s step mom)
Yun Joon Suk as Song Suk Hyun (Shin Hye Ran’s son)
Kim Young Ok as Choi Hoi Jang (Yi Hyun’s Grandma)
Im Ji Eun as Jo Myung Hee (Yi Hyun’s Aunt)


Kim Byung Choon as Ji Sang Keun (Chief of the Strategic Planning Division of CE Group)
Ahn Yong Joon as Kim Deuk Gyu
Jin Seo Yeon as Choi Seo Jin (cameo)
Park Jung Soo as Jin Hee’s mother (cameo)
Go Myung Hwan as Kim Jin Sang (cameo)
Jo Min Ki
Kim Ik Tae

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Kyung Hee
Producer: Kim Hyun Jung
Director: Choi Won Suk, Lee Jae Jin
Screenwriter: Park Eon Hee


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93 Responses to “Make a Wish”

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  1. 51
    Anita Says:

    @Rose, I’m ahead with the eps but watching them raw. I do understand some of the things going on. SW and JH both become brain dead and fall into YH’s trap. JH is not in love with YH. YH manipulates and tricks them all including JH’s mother. It all centers around JH’s father and his business. This drama is very frustrating because the plot is so slow moving. Things do start to move along and heads do come out of the sand once you get to about ep 100.

  2. 52
    Rose Says:

    Hyun Woo’s mother is a user and a loser. Her and money — that is all she cares about.

  3. 53
    Rose Says:

    Anita – OMG — Now I have to wait 20 episodes for SW and JH to get back together. Too long to wait.

    Suk Hyun needs to get Dawon and himself out of his grandmother’s house and soon. Between the 2 witches they are treating her like dirt. She doesn’t deserve any of that crap. I hope she doesn’t lose the baby.

    I wish Sowon’s mother would have told JH the truth that YH is the one the coerced Sowon to break up w/him and let him deal with it his way.

  4. 54
    Anita Says:

    @Rose, The stupidity that happens is going to make you scream. Heads only peaked out of the sand and went right back in until the recent eps I’m at ep 111. Blinders are coming off and truth is coming to light.

  5. 55
    Rose Says:

    I agree with you Anita — “Heads peak out , look around and go back in..

    Sowan’s mother is in “Healer” == started on KBS December 22.

    JH is so stupid — once he found out V P Shin is Sowan’s real other, he should have go straight to Sown, not V P Shin. He wanted to find Sowan’s mother so bad, so he stupidly screws up. JH and Sown have a stupid relationship – no communication and not honest with each other. By the time they get back together, the show will be over. Stupid.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  6. 56
    pauline fantroy Says:

    Rose I agreewith you, he should just fly home and find out the truth.Everyone try to hide every thjng,

  7. 57
    Rose Says:

    Hello – does this program any sites that you can see the episodes with Eng subs??? I can’t find any. I had the same problem with A Mother’s Garden.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  8. 58
    Rose Says:

    I felt sad when Hyun Woo passed away. I actually shed tears.

    I posted earlier that from the moment he woke up, he never had any peace w/V P Shin and HY pestering him every day, and his crazy mother grabbing all the money she could. Sowon is the only one who really did anything for Hyun Woo. HW also should have just told Sowon who her real mother is. What the hell is the big secret???!!!

    I said early on once Hyun Woo was proved innocent, no one bothered to find out who set him up with all that money. So does Sukhyun gets off scott free now w/hitting Hyun Woo with his car? HW recognized SOB Mr. Kim, but that didn’t go anywhere. Maybe if Sowon would have heard that instead of HW’s brother.

    I was wondering why SOB Kim was so close to VP Shin – interesting they were in an orphanage together. They should have stayed in there.

  9. 59
    Anita Says:

    @Rose, The actress who plays HR is also in another daily drama called Family Secrets. The Grandmother is in a weekend one called Rosy Lovers.

    HR and her Stooge must have been in an orphanage that only taught them how to become criminals because these two commit them left and right and will continue too as the drama goes on.

    Everyone in the drama are made to look like even bigger idiots except for HR as the eps progress.

  10. 60
    Rose Says:

    Ki Tae Young (Jin Hee) — his wife Eugene is pregnant. She is a beautiful girl. I am happy for them.

    Why doesn’t stupid Hyun Woo’s mother get a job and make some money to help pay off her debts she incurred, instead of sitting on her rear end making trouble.

    I haven’t had time to see any of the episodes of Rosy Lover yet. I like Lee Jang Woo.

    I have seen the actress who plays HR in quite a few dramas. A few where she is the same as the witch she is in this drama.

    I am glad JH got to hear the crap his mother has been saying to Sowan. Not that anything will change. Sowan is too darn foolish and keeps her mouth shut about everything. If that was me, I would be telling JH everything his mother and YH have been saying to her and making her do.

    I am happy Sowan and JH got away together — Let hateful despicable YH sweat it out a bit. And JH needs to get out of her dam house, the idiot.

  11. 61
    Rose Says:

    The Grandmother who is on Rosy Lovers looks different. She doesn’t have her glasses on and her hairstyle is different. I think it is a different color also.

  12. 62
    Anita Says:


    The actress Kim Young OK who plays the GM is a busy lady to be 77 years old. I love this actress and especially when she plays comedy parts. The list of dramas she’s been in is a very long list.

    The drama gets very frustrating with the going around in circles and no one opening their mouths and speaking up.

    HW’s mother did get on my nerves but she gets better. You will actually like her soon.

    Right now I’m up to ep 118 and HR is still in the drivers seat of committing more crimes. With them adding 2 more eps it’s dragging things out with new plot twist that have made all the good people look like idiots.

  13. 63
    Hen Says:

    It has been a while since I had a chance to get back here–to hear and share about this drama.
    have several episodes taped–including the death of Hyun Woo. My station is up to episode 99, and it seems the Sowon and JinHee are still the pawns of Yi Hyun and her plans to become CEO. Does she plan to kill JinHee after the wedding to get the position? She has never been really clear on how she will become CEO by marrying JinHee. The GM made it clear that it was not a two person position. Hmm…?

    Although Birth-Mom figured out a way to let Sowon know that Yi Hyun lied
    about the loan/investment, Sowan is still allowing YH to call the shots–is there a limit to Sowon’s level of dumb??

    AT EP99, YH is planning to get engaged and rush to the US with JinHee without confessing her “sin”. Since in Korea, “engagement and honeymoon”, is all you need–Wedding is only a formality if you want a ceremony. Oh, yeah, Sowon is sitting home waiting for YH to confess her sin to Jinhee–because she said she would tell him the truth—duh?

  14. 64
    Anita Says:

    Just to let you all know the drama as been extended to 122 eps. Last ep 1/2/2015

  15. 65
    Jackie Says:

    Hi. I am just joining your conversation. I am at ep 99, and am so frustrated with some of the characters that I am about to burst. Jin Hee and SoWon need to communicate with each other, instead to continuing too be pawns in the games and lies that Yi Hyun and Hae Ran play. Why does SW allow herself to be bullied by these two? Tell JH the real reason why she gave him up, instead of letting him believe that she loved her ex-husband. And JH should have guessed the truth anyway. And how come GM, after all these years still is not wise to YH and HR’s games and lies? AS for SOB Kim, why is everyone so blind to what he has been doing? And don’t people in Korea lock their doors? Can anyone just walk in and steal data from a computer? What happened to password protect? And why Da Won’s mother allowed HR to bully her daughter so badly is beyond me. Use that as a bargaining chip: treat my daughter well or I will bring you down by revealing your real identity, especially when HR is also so wicked towards SW. I hated to see YH trying on the wedding dress. I wonder how JH is going to get out of that mess. Why can’t he just say “No, I am not marrying this witch in disguise. Mom, your marry her yourself.”

    I hope things improve from ep 100 on.

  16. 66
    Rose Says:

    I saw all the award shows a few days ago and Sowan and Jin Hee were nominated for acting awards but did not win. Surprised the 2 evil witches were not mentioned for any awards. Tsk Tsk —

    I was surprised Inspiring Generation, only one actor won an award. I thought that was a fantastic drama with many good acting roles. Plus some of the actors/actresses that did win, I don’t feel their parts were all that exceptional compared to other dramas I have seen.

  17. 67
    Rose Says:

    Jackie – I agree with what you said and have said that early on – that Sowan and Jin Hee don’t communicate. Sowan is a dum fool to be subjected to the crap from HY and Jin Hee’s mother. I would never let anyone do that to mee if I loved someone. I would just be honest with the person. I mentioned earlier that Sowan should have told Jin Hee that HY was blocking all his attempts trying to get money for his dad’s company, and that HY made Sowan break up with him. Let Jin Hee then deal with the situation however he wants.

    And DaWon’s mother, at the early part of the show, she seemed to be a strong willed lady who didn’t take any crap from anyone, now she is not like that at all. She needs to step up to the plate and get things out in the open. I am disappointed in her.

    And that S.O.B Mr. Kim should have been kicked out a long time ago. Hyun Woo said he was at the accident, but his brother didn’t believe him, and then everything is dropped like it never happened. Hyun Woo should have insisted that it was him. This drama is very stupid an aspirating to say the least. And they don’t need to extend the drama, it has been drawn out too much already.

    I said earlier that I don’t want to see Sowan and Jin Hee finally get together at the last episode. Very frustrating drama.

  18. 68
    johannes debets Says:

    How unbelievable stupid is this dumb ass show

  19. 69
    Rose Says:

    Just finished watching Ep 95.

    Da Won should have married that neighbor hood friend that liked her. She would not be so mistreated by her mother -in-law, and he would have treated her really nice. Suk Hyun is weak and goes along with his mother w/everything and cries like a baby when something goes wrong. I hope they find out he hit Hyun Woo – not that anything will happen to him.

    I can’t believe the degree Jin Hee’s parents will go through to get him to marry that evil wicked socio pathic witch and JH immediately agrees. Give me a dam break, the father won’t get the surgery and just die if JH doesn’t agree to marry the witch YH. JH needs to hop on a plane and go see his dad before he makes any decisions. How stupid is the writer with this darn show???!!!!! Wonder what the ratings are?

    I am watching because I like Ki Tae Young. I am wondering who Jo Min Ki will be.

    I hope Gyun Woo doesn’t blow anything about Mr Ji to his mother and his girlfriend. She will report right back to YH. Geez…… I thought his name was Mr. Kim

  20. 70
    Rose Says:

    Oh My Oh My — Jin Hee run to the airport and fly home to your dad. I think the evil wicked witch and JH’s mom are up to some dirty trick and they are conning JH. I hate to say this, but is JH’s dad really sick???? They wouldn’t stoop that low would they? Or maybe I am wrong and he is really sick and that is why they want to at least get them engaged. Do these parents/grandparents choose wedding announcements, etc.etc. etc. ???

    I thought it was in poor taste and a slap in the face for the grandmother to tell Sowan that JH and the witch are getting married. She has been pushing that all along and now shoves it to her. It is enough Sowan has had to hear continually from the witch.

    I assume now that JH and Sowan know that VP Shin’s car and creepy Mr. Ji are somehow involved in Hyun Woo’s accident, I suppose this is the end of that story line.

  21. 71
    Anita Says:

    @Rose, The father is really sick and the mother has nothing to do with it. She’s just trying to fulfill her sick husband’s wishes. It’s all YH’s plan to rush the engagement. You will enjoy the engagement day. Someone finally gets smart for once in this drama. After that everyone goes back to being brain dead. It even gets worse when it gets closer to the end.

  22. 72
    Hen Says:

    Hey,Anita, the writer is rushing things now.

    The Grandmother forgave YH too quickly. She should have been kicked out and made to suffer on her own for a least a week.

  23. 73
    Rose Says:

    I can understand if the father is sick, but still what father would go to that extreme to have his son marry someone he is not in love with – to bribe his son that he won’t have the surgery unless he gets married. An why even hang up on JH when he said he wanted to fly home to see him. I just think that is way too extreme and overboard. But after watching so many of these dramas, they are all the same with the parents and grandparents ruling the children. I am not fond of that behavior at all.

    And I mentioned this a while back, that Suk Hyun knew all long that creep Mr Jin was spying on Sowan and family, and he never bothered to tell Sowan, Da Won or JH. No one in this show tells anyone the truth. It is all about lies and scheming behind everyone’s back. And no matter what bad evil thing anyone does, no one cares.

  24. 74
    Rose Says:

    Anita, I am sorry to hear that things are just as bad towards the end of the show, which means in the last episode everyone will be happy and that will be the end. They extended 2 more episodes to have more of the same old lying and scheming. Like why bother.

  25. 75
    Anita Says:

    @Rose, Wait until you see how this writer pulls the crap for redemption and forgiveness. I was not impressed with this drama or writer at all. They went for the ratings boost and dragged things until the end.

  26. 76
    Rose Says:

    Does anyone have any morals in this show?????!!!

    Dawon needs to get her head on straight instead of being an idiot like her mother -in-law trying to cover up what her husband did. Suk Hyun not only treated Hyun Woo liked crap, didn’t do any work, sets HW up with stealing money and then hits him. Oh and Da Won wants her sister to forgot it.

    I think the only normal people in this show are the lady that work’s for Da Won’s mother in the restaurant and her son.

    And when the hell is HW’s brother and Sowan going to get that disgusting Mr Ji out of their house. How dam stupid is this show.

    I would love to bust Yi Hyun in her mouth. I cannot stand the way she talks. I didn’t see the actors interviewed for this show, I wonder how she talks normally the creep.

    Does anyone know what the ratings are for this show???

    Is anyone even watching it??

  27. 77
    Hen Says:

    Why is Dawon such an idiot. She heard Sowan’s Bio-Mom and YiHun plotting to prevent Sowan from entering the contest, and she (Dawon) gives them in detail all of Sowan’s plans–from entering the contest to the recipe she was making.

    She is so busy riding that fence–trying to win over Sukhyun’s mother and stand-up to her at the same time.

    I do hate that the G-Ma did not follow through with kicking Yi Hyun out. It would have been fun to watch her struggle without the family assets for a while.

  28. 78
    Rose Says:

    Hen – I agree – The grandmother brought YI’s suitcase out and then she comes in with Jin Hee. Why did he go out there and let her in?? How dam stupid is he after what she did to him. So darn stupid. I certainly would not want a sister like Da Won. She is one stupid a-hole.

    This show should have ended a long time ago. Everyone are just a-holes.

    Anita — How could the writer go for the rating boost???? What boost could there be???????? It is just the same over and over and over with the 2 evil witches and stupid Da Won and Sowon thinking everyone is honest like her.

    Anita and Hen: Are you watching Healer on Monday and Tuesday nights?
    That is a really good show, tons better than this stupid show. I like Pride and Prejudice also.

  29. 79
    Rose Says:

    How much more stupid can Sowan get – she saw the Kiwi fruit seeds in the drink and still drinks it because the girl said it was pineapple and whatever. Like why would Kiwi seeds be in the drink? She should have refused it.

    Are the ratings good or mediocre for this show?

    I was watching Iron Man and the ratings were bad so it got cancelled, but I did enjoy the show as it was different. Plus w/o the 2 last episodes some things were not explained so they should have finished the drama. This one needs to end and they extend it.

  30. 80
    Rose Says:

    I just saw Ep 108 — that cow pattern jacket that Hi Yhun had on fits her perfectly. She should be in the cow manure pasture with the cows.

    Is Gyun Woo’s wife now going to tell Hi Yhun now that Suk Yhun hit Hyun Woo and HY will have something to blackmail her mother with now?

    I saw that sleaze Mr Ji in another movie, and he was a creep in that drama also. I can’t believe they let him continue to stay at Sowan’ place when a few people knew he was a spy. So stupid.

  31. 81
    Rose Says:

    I find it sooooo surprising that Gyun Woo and Sowan don’t look thru Mr Ji’s room when he was out running from them. Like they have the house on lock down and no one thinks to go thru his things in his room. Don’t they have any minds at all.

    And Gyun Woo tells his dip stick of a wife that Mr. Ji, Suk Yhun etc. were involved in Hyun Woo’s accident and she tells the wicked evil witch right away. Didn’t Gyun Woo tell her not to say anything to anyone until they have solid proof. She has no brains in her head. I said that in my previous post she would blab and she sure did.

    If anyone lives in the East Coast I hope you are all doing OK. I saw the horrific snow problem on TV.

  32. 82
    Hen Says:

    Just watched EP120. What a cop-out!

  33. 83
    Anita Says:

    @Rose, Where I live we didn’t get to much snow but it was a pain anyway.

    As for the ratings they started climbing because people were tuning in to see HR and YH’s demise. HA!!!! This drama was a waste of the actors time. Everyone in it was brainless.

  34. 84
    Anita Says:

    @Rose, If your looking for a really good drama try Lady/Woman of the storm. We are up to ep 65 but it’s really good.

  35. 85
    Rose Says:

    I live in the Midwest and we got a lot of snow — started Saturday evening and it is still snowing — 2:30 a.m. Monday.

    @Anita — did you see Healer?? That is so very good. Each episode moves by quickly and the story line is good. I think it is a great drama Very different from the usual wicked witches, and parents/grandparents enforcing the children to marry who they want them to marry.

    I don’t know anything about Lady/Women. I enjoyed “Mama.” Thought that was a good show.

  36. 86
    Rose Says:

    I am only at Ep 113 — I think Sowan is one stupid broad to think she could believe VP Shin would give herself up, plus she goes to see her in some out of the way place w/no houses. What is with this writer anyway???!!!!Sowan should just turn the dam USB into the police. Why should she care about VP Shin when she wanted her husband dead, etc. etc etc

    What a waste – what is with the stupid writer of this show????

    I thought the show started out well with Sowan trying to prove Hyun Woo’s innocence, but after that it all went down hill.

    Jin Hee is always there most of the time to get Sowan out of the stupid dumb thing she does.

    I almost choked when Jin Hee told HY that “she is like her mother who HY never wanted to be like.” How the hell could he say that to her when she has been an evil witch since she started screwing Sowan and trying to get her hands on him. Like did he forget the fake hurt arm and smashing up the car herself. Like where is his head and the writer’s head??!!

  37. 87
    Rose Says:

    @ Anita and Hen — I asked earlier if either of you are watching “Healer.” It is a really great show, each episode is good. There is a secret he is trying to find out of several dead people from his past and all the shows are very interesting and you have to keep all the names in your head and who they are.

    Sowan’s step mother is in it. She has her hair all frizzed up – like she got an electric shock and sits in some dark place with all her computer equipment and helps Healer out. It is a great show.

    Ji Chong Wook is “Healer.” He plays different characters and is great in them all. He is so good. The first time I saw him was in Empress Ki — he played Emperor Ta Hwan. He is so adorable and cute. Great looking guy and the few interviews I have seen him in he seems really just a nice down to earth guy.

  38. 88
    Rose Says:

    @anita — Lady of the Storm is starting February 6 where I live. Everything Kimchi is just finishing up.

  39. 89
    Rose Says:

    How stupid is the writer of this show???? How could he make Jin Hee and Gyun Woo so stupid to not turn Mr Ji into the police!!!!!???? Like what is wrong with the writer’s mentality???? And then idiot Gyun Woo goes and tells Mr. Ji that the USB is at VP Shin’s house. Did he forget she lives there? The writer of this show must think all of us are lunatic’s. Or I guess the writer or whoever does the script for the actors is a lunatic. This show just continues to go downhill.

    Doesn’t the actors have a say in the scripts to make changes here and there. The actors in the U.S. have some say in their lines for whatever movie they are in. This is just Unreal.

  40. 90
    Rose Says:

    I can’t believe this drama. It appears the writers are not checking on out postings as it sucks.

  41. 91
    Rose Says:

    Make A Wish – I never did figure out what the Title of this show means.

    I have been watching this since August 18, 2014 – when it first aired.

    The only thing I liked about this show was seeing Ki Tae Young. I like him. Maybe he will spend time at home now with his wife. I don’t know how many months pregnant she is. I think they are a cute couple

    How could an evil, wicked, greedy person who has no qualms about having someone murdered, and living like that for 30 years and having her daughter HY turn out just like her, turn into a mild meek person over night??????!!!! And to have Dementia!!! What a cop out. And she only spent 3 years in prison???? Both VP Shin and HY were hateful two faced despicable persons their whole life and because VP Shin gets dementia they all of a sudden change.

    I have not seen Oh Ji Eun (Sowan) in any other drama, but most of the show she had a stupid glazed look on her face like she was in another world.

    Once VP Shin was told she had dementia, everyone looked like they were in mourning.

    This show started off fairly good but went down hill.

  42. 92
    Hen Says:

    So true, so true. It seems that giving the villain a disease is the the new “cop out” that writers are using–instead of the prison sentence that they deserve. Suddenly everyone forgets and forgives all the evil that the person has done.

    The same is being done on “Rosy Lovers”.

    Interesting–this creative license is totally void of reality. While in some dramas, the victim is being sent to prison for very badly staged crimes.

    This was not one of favorites either. The writers don’t seem to understand that the viewers are vested from beginning to end. We expect an ending that makes us feel that our time was well spent–and not a waste!

  43. 93
    Lhay Says:

    @rose, this is the only stupid drama oh ji eun has, her previous drama were all high ratings and she is really a good actress, the director and writer told her what and how to acted out a scene, she just following orders, but her character from the drama three brothers, she was independent and strong, also to smile donghae with ji Chang wook, and my favorite sitcom I live in cheomdang donh, you will love her, she’s so funny and talented.

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