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Maids 06

Title: 하녀들 / Maids
Also Known as: Servants / House Maids
Chinese Title: 下女们
Genre: Historical, Thriller, Action, Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2014-Dec-12 to 2015-March-28
Air time: Friday & Saturday 21:50


A drama about the lowest class of servants during the Joseon era.

In Yub (Jung Yoo Mi) is a beautiful noblewoman who becomes a servant overnight when her father is framed and labeled a traitor. She ends up falling in love with a fellow servant, Moo Myung (Oh Ji Ho) who is the most attractive servant and skilled warrior in Hanyang. He is also a mysterious man who hides his real identity and pretends to be a servant. Meanwhile, Eun Gi (Kim Dong Wook) is a man who has everything from intelligence to looks. He is the chosen groom for In Yeob and will forms a rivalry with Moo Myung.


Main Cast

Jung Yoo Mi as Gook In Yub
Oh Ji Ho as Moo Myung / Lee Bi
Kim Dong Wook as Kim Eun Gi
Lee Shi Ah as Heo Yoon Ok

Gook In Yub’s family and servants

Jun Noh Min as Gook Yoo
Lee Cho Hee as Sa Wol Yi
Im Hyun Sung as Poong Yi
Ji Seung Hyun as Duk Goo

Kim Eun Gi’s family

Kim Gab Soo as Kim Chi Kwon
Jin Hee Kyung as Lady Han

Heo Yoon Ok’s family and servants

Park Chul Min as Heo Eung Cham
Jun Mi Sun as Lady Yoon
Lee Yi Kyung as Heo Yoon Seo
Lee El as Lady Kang
Jun So Min as Dan Ji
Lee Yun Kyung as Dan Ji’s mother
Chae Gook Hee as Hae Sang
Kim Jong Hoon as Dduk Soe
Jun Soo Jin as Gae Ddong Yi
Shim Hoon Ki as Yong Joon
Kim Hye Na as Ok Yi


Ahn Nae Sang as King Taejong (Lee Bang Won)
Lee Do Kyung as King Taejo (Lee Sung Gye)
Lee Chae Young as Ga Hee Ah
Uhm Tae Goo as Chi Bok
Yang Seung Pil as Ba Woo
Kim Tae Hwan
Ye Soo Jung
Lee Shin Sung as Jong Dae

Production Credits

Production Company: Drama House
Director: Jo Hyun Tak
Screenwriter: Jo Hyun Kyung


– In the afternoon of 13/Dec/2014 at 1:30pm, JTBC production studio for this drama had erupted in a fire. Most staff were out eating. However, a 35 years old female staff dies at this massive fire. The second episode of this drama has now been cancelled, with staff stating that it is more imperative they take care of the fire and the tragedy rather than shoot the episode. An official statement will be released soon, according to staff. (source)

– The production team announced on 2105-Jan-07 that this drama will be Start broadcasting with “edited version of episode 1” on 2015-Jan-23. (Source)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2014-12-12 1 2.141
2015-01-23 1 (see note) 1.632
2015-01-24 2 1.695
2015-01-30 3 1.565
2015-01-31 4 1.872
2015-02-06 5 2.190
2015-02-07 6 3.025
2015-02-13 7 3.048
2015-02-14 8 2.620
2015-02-20 9 3.083
2015-02-21 10 3.484
2015-02-27 11 3.371
2015-02-28 12 3.215
2015-03-06 13 3.493
2015-03-07 14 3.271
2015-03-13 15 3.421
2015-03-14 16 4.675
2015-03-20 17 4.081
2015-03-21 18 4.001
2015-03-27 19 3.816
2015-03-28 20 4.725

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : coleen Says:

    oh my God! I cant wait, the story is soooo interesting!

  2. 2 : KDCraze Says:

    I think the story is the same as The Servant ( The Story Of Bang Ja ) korean movie in 2010. The only different is The Servant is 18+movie whereas this one is the drama series and the actor and actress is different. The only reason to watch this because of Oh Ji Ho. I might watch this later.

  3. 3 : Lee min HA Says:

    Sounds like Princess’s man plot. :3

  4. 4 : Pinky Says:

    OMG! Can’t wait to see Oh Ji Ho’s drama again….. Must be very interesting!!

  5. 5 : milkyas Says:

    omg i hop this derma like princess man can.t wait to see this derma its so interting plzzzzzzzzzzz upload in english subtitle plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. 6 : angelamiles Says:

    the synopsis seems very interesting to watch…

  7. 7 : Isnihart Says:

    The plot is too similar to some modern rom coms. Like the girl’s father is the ceo of some company but overnight it went bankrupt and so she was forced to work to pay his father’s debts. Here goes the male actor that hides his identity from everyone so that he won’t catch some attention because he’s too special that someone might snatch his specialty from him and suddenly he noticed this girl. Out of the norm and because she’s different because she’s from a wealthy family. And then the second lead would appear trying to catch the girl’s attention which was already starting to fall to the main lead. The second lead would come in as his knight in shining armor but is friend-zoned.

    THE DIFFERENCE IS THIS IS SET IN JOSEON ERA which I am fond of. I just hope this won’t be too predictable and the female lead won’t be some weakling who is always in need of the male lead’s help smh

  8. 8 : joan Says:

    im going to watch this,i think it’s an interesting story

  9. 9 : chanab db Says:

    seem interesting,actually historical korean drama are always interesting and hope tis drama is also work well with the loyal audience.

  10. 10 : Cindee Says:

    Cant wait for this drama i still have to wait for so long 11 days seems like a year.. I think this will gonna catch everyone ‘s attention

  11. 11 : coolgirl Says:

    I think this is a good drama I’m so excited to watch this ohh can you just please put it some engsub:-) 🙂

  12. 12 : Cindee Says:

    Finally! The day arrived 🙂

  13. 13 : ben Says:

    OMG!! Oh Ji Ho!! Im gonna watch this episode!! XDD

  14. 14 : gemmagahye Says:

    I heard that the production set for this drama has caught on fire and someone dies in the fire . 🙁 R.I.P

  15. 15 : harleydaz Says:

    Missing female dies at JTBC drama “Maids” massive fire
    JTBC production studio for drama, Maids destroyed by fire.


  16. 16 : tigerb Says:

    sorry to hear about the mishap and loss of life to a staff.

  17. 17 : Pinky Says:

    Sorry to hear the misfortune of a staff die in the fire! RIP. But I hope the drama won’t postponed too long, because I really want to watch OJH’s drama.

  18. 18 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Great drama sOöö far 👍😂😘

  19. 19 : angelamiles Says:

    R I P to the one who unfortunately died because of fire, i hope everybody is okey they are lucky that they are on their break. so sad to hear such shocking news…

  20. 20 : nian Says:

    where can i watch ep 2 with eng sub? thnx

  21. 21 : sousou1979 Says:

    In a tragic accident on the set of JTBC drama Maids on December 13, a female crew member lost her life when the studio erupted in flames. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but a member of the production team has offered a public apology for the accident. UPDATE: The series will be delayed until January as a result of the fire.
    source : DF

  22. 22 : Ashby Ahwinona Says:

    My thoughts are with the family and with all the staff involved in the production of “Maid.”

  23. 23 : BBLake Says:

    I loved the first episode and will patiently wait for the second, my thoughts are with the family of the deseased, it is so sad that this happened to her, may she rest in peace!!

  24. 24 : ana Says:

    So sory to hear that somebody from the staff died.Rest in peace!

  25. 25 : aisyah Says:

    2.141 for a rating in a pay tv channel consider high for the first episode. but how unfortunate that the incident to be happen. may the staff rest in peace. this is so sad.

  26. 26 : ja Says:

    what about the episode 2? did the producer of this KHD still continue to air the entire episode? or did they cancelled it already? I have watch the episode 1 and it was good so far.

  27. 27 : nian Says:

    wasnt ep 2 suposed to be aired 9/1 what is going on. they have changed the date too many times now. i dont know if im supose to belivie this new date now!!

  28. 28 : blessed angel Says:

    It is a nice drama I’m hoping to watch next episode

  29. 29 : torri Says:

    watch the first two ep and the main lead the girl this is her best roll yet she is great in that role , cant wait to see what happens next

  30. 30 : kez Says:

    I am falling for this drama and it is just 2 episodes.
    The storyline is also very interesting, hope it will be one of very successful dramas in this year.

    I wish you the best in filming. FIGHTING!!!!

  31. 31 : calla_liliy Says:

    really like these drama even just watch the 2nd episodes. Fithing!!!

  32. 32 : ugly519 Says:

    I watched the first episode and I waited for the others to come…finally read something about the fire…BUT have now watched the second episode…I have to say well done to the writers, actors, crew and staff…

    My prayers go out to the family of the deceased writer…also to anyone else who may have gotten injured…

  33. 33 : dramakid Says:

    Anybody know where I can download this drama?please share the link.I really want to watch cos it looks interesting

  34. 34 : torri Says:

    y can watch it for free on dramacool or dramabay but am not sure if u can down load it from this two site enjoy

  35. 35 : Adeul Says:

    The drama obviously do not show the grittier side of the Choseon era, but the inferences are abundant thankfully.

    When the men on horseback captured In Yub’s former maid servant (Wol Yi played by the lovely Lee Cho Hee) they would have raped her. It’s the done thing. Slaves are at the bottom of the social order with none of the protections of the law. Wol Yi could not, even if she wanted to report rape with constabulary.

    The danger to In Yub were numerous. It’s conceivable she would have been violated at the onset. For the sake of the story I’m glad she wasn’t.

    This type of treatment of fellow humans were not confined to the Choseon culture. The treatment of indentured servants and slaves (similar in that both are property of their owners) were especially bad in some cultures.

  36. 36 : Sharon Says:

    Watch ep 4 and can’t wait for ep 5. The story is strong and the acting is great. Excellent watch!!

  37. 37 : Sharon Says:

    This drama is really really good!!

  38. 38 : Mi mi Says:


    EP 1 TO 4

  39. 39 : 하녀들 | Picture This – Say Kimchee Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=37687 […]

  40. 40 : Beautifully done! Says:

    I love this drama. The storyline is very intriguing with many great plots. It keeps you wanting to see more and more one after another. The casting members are great in their roles. The main actress and actor are good. As for a historical drama, this one is scoring high points. It is a great drama!

  41. 41 : fushia Says:

    Anyone knows where can I download full this drama? :'(

  42. 42 : inoel Says:

    This drama is good. you can download each episode at myasiantv.com. but the episode with english subtitle is uploaded after three days the episode is shown. it’s worth the wait though…

  43. 43 : inoel Says:

    This drama is good.
    You can download each episode at myasiantv.com. but the episode with english subtitle is uploaded after three days the episode is shown. It’s worth the wait though…

  44. 44 : fushia Says:

    inoel!! Thank You so much 🙂

  45. 45 : Naisy Says:

    At first i hesitated because i don’t watch historical drama, but this one, from ep 1 to the latest, i can say, this is a Masterpiece!! Must watch Drama! Good luck to the cast ( Truth is, i am not familiar with the actors and actresses in thisDrama)! To the main Female Lead, good job!

  46. 46 : Jerin Says:

    This drama is the second best in my list among those that are being aired. It has great storyline, great casting members. The plots are tightly weaved into together to keep the viewers interested. Highly recommended!

  47. 47 : aznative Says:

    @ Administrator

    Will episodes 9 & 10 air on Friday & Saturday following the Lunar New Year (Thursday the 19th)? I’ve seen a lot of weekend dramas have been rescheduled because of the holiday. Thank you!

  48. 48 : meili Says:

    good drama.thumbs up!

  49. 49 : annmasae Says:

    really enjoy watching this drama on dramafever.
    unfortunately the episodes are not available until monday.
    the lead actress is great as she evolves from a spoiled princess to a compassionate maid. can’t wait for the next episodes!!!!

  50. 50 : Sharon Says:

    Both eps 7&8 were pretty good. It showed how strong the bond between the maids are and they are like family, both male and female servants.
    The story is getting to a point now where MM is starting to question his stance due to IY tugging at his conscience.
    Finance minister is a nasty piece of dunk. He is Soo cold and calculating. I wish EK would stop his crap and get a hold of his emotions. Becsuse his action has gotten her sold to another house.
    This drama is really good, love the story.

  51. 51 : rrr Says:

    nice rating bravo!

  52. 52 : Sam Says:

    it’s really a great Kdrama tnx 🙂

  53. 53 : cheeky Says:

    I’m planning to check this one! Please be good!

  54. 54 : Sharon Says:

    Why the hell is YI pissing me off!! She was told stay, but, oh no, not her. She had to go see the king. Getting everybody in trouble.
    SW is a best friend. She is like a ride or die chick and I love her loyality.
    What’s up with the fat steam dumplin servant?!! Cans some one beat the ship out of him. He is always passing the stop sign.
    JD is a selfish person and I can’t stand her. She does not even care for her mother’s feelings. She just keep doing what she pleases and her mother keep begging.
    The story is starting to fit and that’s good!! Who think that MM is the lost son of the King? I don’t, but I could be wrong. I think it’s YI.

  55. 55 : Carmen Says:

    I think MM is the king son….and if he is I hope he can help all those good Maids, and that he marrie Yi, about the girl that married just to harm Yi, I think she is just crazy…how can she married a men that do not love her? OMG she likes to live in missery….I hope that her mother and herself paid for all the bad things they do…..

  56. 56 : Sharon Says:

    Her mom is as crazy as she is!! The mom tell steam dumpling servant to kill the maid after she have the baby!! She is a sickie. Yes, ugly YO need to stop by a beauty shop and buy some.

    If MM is the king’s son and he falls for IY and she falls for him, some people are going to be in trobllleeee.

    I love SW to death. She is like the kinda friend, sister everybody would love to have. When you say someone got your back, SW name just pop up in flashing lights.

    What do you think about the finance minister? He is a cold and cruel man.

  57. 57 : Naisy Says:

    This drama must be seen in a regular tv channel, not in a cable tv only. Many are missing this Wonderful drama! Very entertaining! I guarantee you 101% you will never regret watching!!!

  58. 58 : vhelle Says:

    Yeah right its a very interesting drama👍👏💞

  59. 59 : Georgina Says:

    I am following this drama closely. Great drama. I am very pissed off with the English subtitles which comes out 2 or 3 days late :(. Chinese subs worse still, no where to be seen 🙁

  60. 60 : Carmen Says:

    I do agree 110% with you if they fall in love there will be people mad….she will get the best men MM and IY, yes SW is the best friend to have, That finance minister, is really a 2-3 face, he is a mean man, I hope he gets to be estrech to dead….he is meam mean mean,and that steam dumpling servant will feel so sorry for not been a good men to IY, you know he knew her from before, and all and now that she is maid he treat her bad….no, no, no….she finally acept her status and is doing her part as a maid….I know that if she goes to be a rich girl again she will treat all maid better that those ladies in there.

  61. 61 : Megumi Says:

    The fat servant is so evil how can one kill a lady going to give birth – the truth of sin when human greed that over ride their conscience…..
    Great show.

  62. 62 : Sharon Says:

    I am sorry, but IY is getting on my last nerve!! Why the hell she went to the King with no proof? Then she was about to seek out MM. Now the Defence Minister slap the hell out of her for her insolence. I was like, he save your darn life, check yourself.

    Defence Minister is standing up to his wife, About time.

    I feel so bad for KG, because his father totaly messed his life up.

    The head maid is a cruel person, she knows that MM is the son of the king and yet she is planning to use him to kill his father, crazy.

    Oh my goodness, dough boy killed OK Yi. They should string him up. He is a dirty piece of slime. I wish some one would bake his ass.
    Ep 11 was a bit dreary, however it’s the beginning of the third phase of the story. I guess now we are going to see MM realizing his feelings for IY and IY will now began to realize that her feelings are changing for MM.

    I am so sad about the fact that although everyone in this drama is of the same race and the same nationality they perpetrate evil and cruelity on their own and feel justified doing so, because they are
    Rich and rich people don’t lie, steal, kill, frame,or rape. Only POOR people do bad things like that, so no matter how innocent a poor person is he/she is always guilty. Damn!! POOR PEOPLE LIFE MATTERS!!!

  63. 63 : Carmen Says:

    It is too bad that they do not know about DNA test, that way they will know the MM is his son….

  64. 64 : naisy Says:

    I have been waiting long for In Yub and Moo Yung to have some romantic scenes, till now Ep 12, there is none! I hope at Ep 13, there will be. Thanks

  65. 65 : Adeul Says:

    All that plotting and all the bustle, yet the pace remains slow. Twelfth episode and still at the discovery stage. I can’t really make out who is on what side in order to root for them. Shit, I don’t think the writer even knows what’s going in his own story.

  66. 66 : Carmen Says:

    That is so funny “the writer do not know what is going on on his own story!” OMG, can you imagine that? In Yub has more lives that anybody in this drama…I do love her, with her courage how she talk to the king and the people arownd her…Her ex- is so stuped….why doesn’t let her be happy with Moo Yung–soon to be the Prince….And about the king, tell me in witch drama you seen a strong King…they are not that many….He needs to understand that his son was instructed or race with the wrong information about him….he needs to understand his blod son.

  67. 67 : dramalady Says:

    This drama is amazingly well done. I have not seen a drama so good for quite a time. Bravo!!

  68. 68 : dramalady Says:

    i have cried a river in the process she came from a delicate lady to a diligent maid. I love her charactor and Moo Myung’s. Eun Gi is also good as he is very true to his lover.

  69. 69 : Sharon Says:

    OMG!!! Ep 13 was great!! The end when MM pull the horse trick, priceless.
    What are they going to do now!! IY will soon marry a Prince!!
    Saw the preview, why is IY on the Farm again? I am totally confused, gots watch Ep 14.

  70. 70 : the truth Says:

    This is one of the best historical dramas. The acting is great and the plots are well constructed, keeping you on your feet and want to watch more. I love this drama!

  71. 71 : icegirl Says:

    Am not a fan of historical dramas…but am glad i decided to give this a shot! (well, Oh Ji Ho was a big factor! lol!) Good acting, well written plot, interesting characters…can’t wait for the next episode!

  72. 72 : Ally Says:

    Gosh, ep 13 was MINDBLOWING! Can’t wait for the further episodes. 😉

  73. 73 : luvKdramas Says:

    So far, this is the 3rd historical dramas that I’ve watched so far and I must say that I am really enjoying this historical drama (also Shine or Go Crazy and Jang Ok Jung). Great casts and the story line is just amazing! Oh Ji Ho/Moo Myung is indeed a very handsome man.

  74. 74 : usa-mary Says:

    Sharon…where are you?!!! hehehehe

  75. 75 : naisy Says:

    Could have been a Perfect drama, if not for the ending, not good. What happened to In Hub and Moo Hyung? Are we viewers the one to use our imagination to create a good ending? There are no Sweet moments or romance in the end between two leads. But still a wonderful drama, almost a masterpiece! Maybe you should make Part 2, In Hub and Moo Hyung as husband and wife! I will be waiting!!! Please…!

  76. 76 : Carmen Says:

    I think the End was ok…because he was still looking for her after 1 year, so he did not want to take the prince position at all….and how a Prince will be with a Maid….unless she will be the cuncubine like Dongyi….so lets run our imagination anything is possible…they end up togueter…for ever and ever…what can we expect when this drama from 24 episode finish in episode 20……and for the start had problem….I think the writer left them….anyway I am satisfy with this end.

  77. 77 : naisy Says:

    And also, the actor who played the role Master Eun Ki, he nailed it in the Final Episode. My heart broke when he died. He is such a Good Actor!!!! I will look forward for his next Drama!!

  78. 78 : fran Says:

    very nice drama. all the actors and actresses are good. one of the best drama for 2015…thank you for all your hard work. kudos to all of you…

  79. 79 : Sharon Says:

    Just finished watching this drama and felt a bit cheated. The first and second chapter of this drama was great, but the third chapter left me irritated.
    I felt the story became repetitive and the romance was close to none. The ending did not rock my boat at all. I began to feel as if I had wasted my time watching this terrible ending!!

  80. 80 : Lily Says:

    Amazing story and drama love ohjiho but there is zero romance the ending is very very very bad though it killed the story

  81. 81 : Hanako 花子 Says:

    The drama is ok average and I do not think it is that amazing comparing to “Shine or Go Crazy” and to me it can include in Top Ten but it wont get to No.1.
    Among these two dramas, there are few that really have great story which made you wanting to watch and continue each episode as they are emotional, touching, exciting, thrilling , everything that it gives you kept thinking of the drama.
    For me these are the dramas I like most this year :

    Shine or Go Crazy, Kill me heal me ,Healer, Birth of Beauty, Punch, Prime Minister & I & Maids. The King Face is not bad either. The dramas I do not like this year and waste of time watching are : Surplus Princess, Misaeng, Pinnochio, Heart to heart, Hyde, Jekyll and I

    Well not everyone has same taste, but maybe some people would agree

  82. 82 : Adeul Says:

    An interesting comment.

    There was talk about a US “Misaeng” to be made by Marvel, though I question the wisdom in buying a story where the characters and their South Korean work environment are tightly coupled.

    “Misaeng” is arguably the best work I have seen in years. It shows the reality of South Korea’s blue-color working class without omitting what makes Korean dramas worthwhile — heart.

  83. 83 : Carmarie Says:

    I agree with Lily. I liked this story but the ending killed it. They could have at least kissed. I was so disappointed with the ending of the story.

  84. 84 : Christine Says:

    Ugh, that ending! We need a second season! Iris did it, so can you! In Yub and Moo Myung need to have babies, lots of little princes and princesses. He needs to take his throne and she needs to build a faction.

  85. 85 : Maids | the1tvjunkie Says:

    […] Souces: AsainWiki and KoreanDrama […]

  86. 86 : CUITE Says:

    YA,watching it for …. Oh Ji Ho..

  87. 87 : Adeul Says:

    The ending is weak. I think it is because we rather In Yub left her feelings for Eun Gi buried. If this was a book, there’d be mention of it in a sentence or a paragraph, but in a screenplay it is a mistake to play it out precisely because, it robbed us of the time needed for In Yub and Moo Myung to settle into their new life together.

    They only hinted on a life together in the last few seconds. But we are not sure because of all the uncertainties up to that point. We needed convincing. But that never happened. Frustrating!

  88. 88 : Simon Says:

    The drama is OK as long as you don’t try to analyze the plots, so many of the plots make absolutely no sense. The king is a person who killed his brothers to get to his position yet he let someone who plot to kill him live? (the finance minister and his son). Just watch and don’t even try to reason with the plots.

  89. 89 : victoria Says:

    this drama is story is good and also the rating.
    good job!!!!

  90. 90 : victoria Says:

    nice drama.

  91. 91 : ery chris Says:

    Just finished this drama. Though i was late to watch but i like it so much. For me, This is second best historical drama afterEmpress Ki. Eun Ki really loves In Yub after all. He didnt choose his father or in yub but sacrifice himself to save in yub. And i like the ending…Moo Young wait for in yub after 1 year. And he didnt become a prince but want to stay as ordinary people with in yub…well good job for all of the casting. Really beautiful drama

  92. 92 : rr Says:

    beautiful story. i love this drama.
    i will support this drama to the final poll closed this year.

  93. 93 : rian Says:

    one of the best drama this year.
    i loved the story. very good. congratulations.!!!!!!!!!!!!
    good job.

  94. 94 : lila Says:

    This drama is such a great drama. The story-line is really good written. No dull episode. It has all reasonable moments. The drama doesn’t suit those who seek for romance. I really like how they portrait the two protagonists : not only kind, but also smart and quick witted. I myself prefer girl who smart rather than cute to be the lead. I almost stop watching ep 2 because it seems a bit lack and quite boring at the beginning but after ep 3, the story is growing up well. For the ending, I don’t find it bad. It’s a good ending. Some viewers find it bad for the co-lead to die, but for greater picture, his death is the best punishment for all bad characters and good turnover point for the two leads. Anw, this drama is highly recommended

  95. 95 : emma Says:

    Eun Ki was the best character and the only one worth watching or sympathising with. I could care less about the rest.

  96. 96 : aeling Says:

    so luv this drama story line very good hope for more high quality drama like this

  97. 97 : xue Says:

    Oh Ji Ho is so freaking HOT >< sexy manly voice.
    ep 13 finally Moo Myung and In Yub shared a kiss! this drama is really one of the best written and directed currently.

  98. 98 : syilvi/melody Says:

    the second saeguk drama I loved to watch after Princess Man.. love story line & the cast.

    I Love This Drama.The Storyline is Very Even Better The Moon Embraces Sun For Me.

  99. 99 : superb Says:

    the drama is good. beside king of baking kim tak gu this is the drama that i cant wait to watch the next episode. i hope this drama will be popular. the storyline is even better than moon embraces sun for me.
    One of the best historical drama ever!

  100. 100 : rian Says:

    good drama. i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. 101 : lia Says:

    This drama is such a great drama. The story-line is really good written. No dull episode. It has all reasonable moments. The drama doesn’t suit those who seek for romance. I really like how they portrait the two protagonists : not only kind, but also smart and quick witted. I myself prefer girl who smart rather than cute to be the lead. I almost stop watching ep 2 because it seems a bit lack and quite boring at the beginning but after ep 3, the story is growing up well. For the ending, I don’t find it bad. It’s a good ending. Some viewers find it bad for the co-lead to die, but for greater picture, his death is the best punishment for all bad characters and good turnover point for the two leads. Anw, this drama is highly recommended. I would give 99.9/100.

  102. 102 : candy Says:

    Woah finally this is the drama that ive been looking for. Ive watched many korean drama but didnt find it interesting til i watched maids. The sypnopsis is really good and the acting for the actor are good as well, it’s not all about romance, and what i like in this drama is when moo myong act so cool but secretly have a feeling for in yub and help her in many times, i think it’s more romantic than all those cheesy romantic words also i’m speechless with kim eun ki’s love. Till the end of his life, he still sacrifice for in yub! What an exellent drama. I totally recommend this.One of best saeguk dramas for me!! spent my sleep time till 3am for this drama just bcoz so curious ’bout the next ep…

  103. 103 : Marggie Says:

    I have loved it so much please we need moooooore from episode 21

  104. 104 : OMG Says:

    this drama is really pretty good story.
    i love it.
    one of the best drama that you must vote this year to become on the top 8 poll closed this year.

  105. 105 : OMG Says:

    watch and you will enjoy it.
    im telling you guys this drama is so really pretty good story that you must be vote and support this year.

  106. 106 : xue Says:

    Oh Ji Ho is so freaking HOT >< sexy manly voice

  107. 107 : kathlyn Says:

    i like this drama because it is interesting.
    good job!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. 108 : sun Says:

    i enjoyed watching this drama.
    the best drama for all seasons this year.

  109. 109 : best Says:

    i watched it many many many times. the story is really pretty good.
    i agree at the above comments. the best historical drama and best drama this year. i really enjoyed watching this drama compared to some others
    dramas that very common in synopsis and the story is boring,not interesting.
    MAIDS drama is the best drama that you must be to support and vote by this year, by december is the coming voting for the top 8 poll closed and after that is for the best drama. so please vote MAIDS coming this december for the best drama this year.

  110. 110 : england Says:

    hello, to all cast,to writer,to director and to admin of this drama.
    super super beautiful the story is good.
    congratulations! this drama is the best drama that i’ve ever seen this year.
    lets vote 100 percent MAIDS!!!!

  111. 111 : StormDiaboli Says:

    This drama is so good but I just cannot seem to get past the halfway mark. It is just too painful to watch.

  112. 112 : vic Says:

    this drama is much better than ”jumong”.
    so that the result of this rank for this year is much better.
    it must be on the top .okay
    vote for the best drama like this ”maids”.

  113. 113 : denise Says:

    i agree,
    best historical drama,
    best story,
    and the rating is high,
    and the channel is PAY TV .HIGHEST RATINGS for pay tv channel .
    please watch and you will see this is the best of the best drama this year.
    and vote this coming december.

  114. 114 : candice Says:

    One of best saeguk dramas for me!! spent my sleep time till 3am for this drama just bcoz so curious ’bout the next ep…

    Feel sad for the tragic love story and I don’t like In Yeob being with Moo Myeong .. it’s like why would u have a feeling for him? for me Moo Myeong didn’t do anythimg based on his own will, he just looked like a puppet that couldn’t do anything on his own (he did what others told him to do, he just took an advantage as a prince) he didn’t deserve to get In Yeob’s heart.. he was using his position n power (chances from the king) to save In Yeob and he was just being selfish…

    I thought why In Yeob thanked Moo Myeong for she’s being the noble back. IT WAS ALL BCOZ EUN KI NOT MOO MYEONG.. Who did ask King Taejo to write a letter about the secret task for InYeob’s father?!?! IT WAS EUNKI MANN PLZZZ!!

    I’m pretty sure INYEOB LOVED EUNKI MUCH MORE than she did to MooMyeong… She gave some space in her heart for MooMyeong NOT BCOZ SHE LOVE HIM.. It was bcoz she pity him and felt like she owe him…

  115. 115 : tigerb Says:

    this is a series really worth watching, a little mystery, a little thriller, romance, etc. gutsy lady who faced all odds to resolve her family’s honor be restored. no loose ends at the end. it paid to read some history on king taejo and his son to understand the rift between father and son, but in here there was a twist, i think, to make the writing simpler. the official title should be ‘servants’ not ‘maids’, as the story involved how servants were treated in general – as chattel commodities – in those times.

  116. 116 : Sura Says:

    This drama really moved me,it’s the first time I am watching oh ji ho,can anyone suggest any movie that I can watch with oh ji ho in it,his my sweetheart already lol

  117. 117 : Chan잔 Says:

    I like this drama. I am a big fan of Oh Ji Ho. All of his drama are really interesting such as Cheo Young 1&2 and many more. 👍Fighting Oh Ji Ho 👏

  118. 118 : victoria Says:

    let’s vote and support Maids

  119. 119 : Emma Says:

    Daebak..!!! This drama is really awesome..!!! I couldn’t take my eyes from looking to the TV screen when watching it. But yes, this drama is not suitable for those who search for rom com type of drama. This drama is about struggle. I really love ‘Maids’.

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