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Mackerel Run

Title: 달려라 고등어 / Mackerel Run
chinese title : 奔跑吧 鲭鱼
Also known as: Run! Mackerel / Go Mackerel / Dal Go
Genre: Comedy, Drama, High School
Episodes: 8
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2007-May-12 to 2007-Jun-30
Air time: Saturdays 16:40 (4:40 Korean time)


A high school drama filled with hilarious moments.


Lee Min Ho as Cha Gong Chan
Moon Chae Won as Min Yoon Seo
Kwon Se In as Baek Hyun
Jung Yoon Jo as Yoon Sae Mi

Extended Cast

Lee Bong Gyu as Min Joo Hwa (Yoon Seo’s father)
Lee Sa Jang as Heo Young Sook (Yoon Seo’s mother)
Lee Geum Ja as Lee Kyun Jin (Gong Chan’s mother)
Lee Byung Joon as Ma Do Shik
Kim Joo Young as Go Bong Tae (Gong Chan’s friend)
Go Kyu Pil as Jang Dong Gun

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Baek Ji Hyun, Park Jae Hyun
Producer: Kim Yong Jae, Choi Young Hoon, Kim Hong Sun

Official Site


  1. 1 : melly Says:

    want to wactch it badly with eng sub.plsssssssss sub it someone plssssssssssssss.

  2. 2 : special person Says:

    ermm..,may i know how to watch it from here??
    i wanted to watch it very badly but can’t since i can’t find it,hee..
    if there’s no subs,it’s okay,i’m indonesian-korean still able to understand of course,but i want to watch it here,so pplleeaassee,,i need someone to tell me,okay?,,thanxx

  3. 3 : amy Says:

    lot of laugh
    minho is so cute!
    he’s so adorable

  4. 4 : bulet Says:


    This is to watch mackrel run with english sub

    Please help to sub in english or in french

  5. 5 : Sarahning Says:

    start to wacth this drama because lee min hoo….

  6. 6 : darcy amiel Says:

    for those who want to watch this drama with English sub here’s the link http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=3BD88940A4F8F059

    but ep 8 is currently not available.

  7. 7 : rahma Says:

    oh my god…!!! LEE NIB HO soo cutes….

  8. 8 : apple Says:

    owww…i can’t wait to watch that drama here in philippines!lee min ho…you’re sooooo cute!!!!

  9. 9 : iya Says:

    I had finished the story, at dvd. The story is funny, so much laught…. and damn Min Ho is so cute… LOVE LOVE LOVE… I LOVE HIM ~.~

  10. 10 : ami Says:

    here lee min ho is very handsome.
    i think. he is better in mackerel run than boys before flower

  11. 11 : mianne916 Says:

    i have finished watching this drama..this is really funny and lee min ho is so adorable..i like his role..its damn cute,,and getting cuter evrytime he pout his lips and cry…weeew this drama is so cool…try to watch it,,short but awesome..!!!

  12. 12 : pia Says:

    i think this drama really BAD..!!
    but you can seen lee min ho before plastic surgery in there..

  13. 13 : lee arriane Says:


  14. 14 : lee arriane Says:

    park bo young is an ugly girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15 : lee eun Says:

    min hoo makes me illfill….
    but i like it…
    sarange lee min hoo…

  16. 16 : abby Says:

    love this drama
    so funny
    min ho is really a cutie!

  17. 17 : nurul Says:

    minho is very cute

    this drama is interesting…….

    and has a lot of funny…

  18. 18 : nadia Says:

    minho is very cute…….

    i think this drama is interesting……..

    and has a lot of funny…………….

  19. 19 : nisa hitori Says:

    it’s funny….i love it…
    min ho…saranghae…

  20. 20 : wea05 Says:

    phew!! i love this drama!!! sooooooooo much!! and i already watch it! wewewe…. this drama is so funny esecially lee min-ho!! he is my crush!!!

  21. 21 : Lydia Says:

    ouch, this drama make me laughing!
    Min ho s so cute 🙂

  22. 22 : neda Says:

    hi who can help me?
    i want mbc freq.

  23. 23 : kimberly Says:

    i like this drama so much.. it’s quite short but really good… Lee Min Ho was so cute especially when he’s standing under the rain with Yoon Sae Mi. That was the first time he called her in her name. Gong chan felt so sorry because hE suspected yoon sae mi in publishing a bad article about Min Yoon Seo… that’s so cool..,

  24. 24 : Annie Says:

    The Lee Min Ho that starred here looks like Kim Rae Won. LOL

  25. 25 : YJ Says:

    MIN HO SO HOT!!!!!he rocks in that show

  26. 26 : noura Says:

    great drama….!!

  27. 27 : noura Says:

    great drama… love it.!!

  28. 28 : rebecca Says:

    perhaps you can try

    to look for the videos there are many more too:)
    hope i was able to help:)

  29. 29 : mutiara Says:

    waaah,, I’m gonna watch this…

  30. 30 : mel Says:

    i want to watch this… looks like interesting..

  31. 31 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

  32. 32 : max Says:

    love its ending….

  33. 33 : lol Says:

    is this drama on one hd ???
    answer me please

  34. 34 : lol Says:

    is this drama still on one hd??
    answer me please
    i’m addicted 2 this drama

  35. 35 : min ho Says:

    warh ! i xtngk lg tis story ! but i think tis is a great movie ,,

  36. 36 : Meutia Says:



  37. 37 : avygail Says:

    i’m asking for a website where i can watch mackerel run with eng sub. i’ve been looking for so long time to watch this drama.thank you 🙂

  38. 38 : minoz Says:

    i like LEE MIN HO …

  39. 39 : dewi Says:

    cepetan dk tayangin ini, coz pasti lucu. i miss u min hoo

  40. 40 : adda9297 Says:

    best nyer citer……………..lucu lar…. hahahahahahahahha

  41. 41 : daniel Says:

    great drama!!!!!!!!!!

  42. 42 : hong ye Says:

    hello moon chae won and lee min ho. this is the most funny drama . i just love all of u guys

  43. 43 : lina Says:

    great drama

  44. 44 : jenna Says:

    great drama..but I found something interesting..I think barbie plagiarized its OST Summer Sunshine..
    This is the song from Mackerel Run

    This is the song from the movie Barbie in a Mermaid Tale.

  45. 45 : ojaswi Says:

    great drama

  46. 46 : Shoeshe Says:

    I just want recommendation to you all about moon chaewon new drama in 2011.mcw get the main role as lee seryung in sageuk drama called the princess man.if u havent watching it so check the princess man online with engsub right now.i bet you will like it so much.in 2012 tpm will starting be aired in 10 country in asia.please tell me how do you think about it because for me tpm is drama unforgetable

  47. 47 : sajina Says:

    love korean drama much,

  48. 48 : shinichi... Says:

    when i look this movie…i feel love in heart… lepas aq tngok filem nie..bru aq tau ttng cnta d skolah… dn btpa sdih nya bla tpksa bpsah ngan seseorng yg amat d cntai… dn ia mncitakn ttng sorang bdk yg tknal dgn msalah dsplinnya ..bknya dri popular nya… aq slalu bmmpi ttng crita nie… sbb akhir movie ni ..mreka tpksa bpsah krna dri keiginan ibunya…dn adakah mreka akn btemu kmbli..lpas skolah atau sebaliknya…. AKU TUNGGU SAMBUNGAN FILEM INI….

  49. 49 : vitalia runtukahu Says:

    i like

  50. 50 : siti nabila Says:

    the movie is very cool and funny.i like it very very very much…………

  51. 51 : bea Says:

    I felt inlove with this drama. I watched this from youtube and didnt sleep until I finished it.

  52. 52 : lee eun tan Says:

    Cha gong chan is very cute cute cute

  53. 53 : lee eun tan Says:

    love lee min ho as cha gong chan

  54. 54 : watching.................. Says:

    i have’nt watched it yet but intend to do it ASAP coz…………. its got MIN-HO man , i would love to watch this 🙂 🙂 🙂 i hope it makes my december vacation duty 🙂 🙂

  55. 55 : watching.................. Says:

    hmmm , ppl can anyone post the links for downloading this series for free ……. 😐 it would b nice if i had it downloaded coz i can watch it any time i wabt ………. so plz plz plz 🙂

  56. 56 : Amyneite Managuelod Says:

    i really like this comedy-drama, i really like the way lee min ho acts here. he’s so cute in this drama. hahaha. . . ang kulet!! Sana my mabili akong disc nito.

  57. 57 : lintang Says:

    oppa is verry verry cute

  58. 58 : lintang Says:

    i verry like this drama

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  60. 60 : novilovedramakorea Says:

    kwon se….so cute…love u….imut banget….apalagi pas lagi mikir….lucu….

  61. 61 : toyeen Says:

    omo,i feel 4 dong chan alot even with his good deeds they think he was bad.i cried alot in d drama especially towards the end.loved it.cheers

  62. 62 : meleena Says:

    ohhhh!! love it..itss too good but ending is not so good but i always lov lee min ho’s any serials…lop u ummahh<3<3<3

  63. 63 : ahn_nesya Says:

    wuahhh i really shiper baekhyun and yoonseo…

    baekseo couple cuteeee together…

    moon chae won <3 kwon se in

  64. 64 : Olayemi Says:

    Korean film are d best in d world,a film full of love,comedy.LEE MIN HO best actor

  65. 65 : Sefunmi Says:

    Although have not watched it but intend to bcos of long leg oppa lee min ho……he is so cute and cool i love all is notable works

  66. 66 : rahul gaha Says:

    why they only male 8 episode???its an awesome darama and they also didn’t show that they meet again in future…..i want to see more episode…….lee min ho look good in funny chracter not in serious chractor like in boys before folower

  67. 67 : valentina Says:

    Is realy an interestin movie. Love d part played by lee min ho (funny guy) kip it up dear, alwaz smile u luk gud wen smilin. Wen is d season comin out

  68. 68 : lolly Says:

    I love Lee min ho he is the best of the best

  69. 69 : Awosanya Ayomikun Says:

    Lee min ho…..am xpectin mackrel run season two

  70. 70 : Awosanya Ayomikun Says:

    I wonder wat will happen in season 2(curious look):|

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