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Title: 연인 / Lovers
Chinese title : 恋人
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2006-Nov-08 to 2007-Jan-11
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55


Kang Jae is a wealthy businessman and gangster and Mi Joo is a plastic surgeon. These two meet after Mi Joo mistakens Kang Jae as being her sleazy brother-in-law. Kang Jae just happens to be the boyfriend of Mi Joo’s pregnant neighbor, Yoo Jin. Sae-yeon meets Mi-Joo and falls in love with her feisty attitude. Kang-Jae works for the father of Sae-Yeon who is a gangster. Mi-Joo and Kang-Jae fall in love.


Kim Jung Eun as Yoon Mi Joo
Lee Seo Jin as Ha Kang Jae
Kim Kyu Ri as Park Yu Jin
Jung Chan as Kang Sae Yeon

Extended Cast

Lee Han as Tae San (Kang Jae’s left-hand man)
Yun Mi Joo as Choi Yoon (Sae Yeon’s secretary)
Lee Ki Young as Uhm Sang Taek (Kang Jae’s right-hand man)
Park In Hwan as Reverend Yoon Mok Sa (Mi Joo’s dad)
Choi Ha Na as Hong Soon Jung (Mi Joo’s roommate)
Yoo Jung Hyun as Seol Won Chul (Mi Joo’s hospital boss)
Choi Il Hwa as Kang Choong Shik (Mr. Kang)
Yang Geum Suk as Jung Yang Geum (Mr. Kang’s wife/Sae Yeon’s mom)
Kim Roe Ha as Nam Chang Bae (gangster)
Jang Hang Sun
Kim Ki Bang
Yoo Min Ho

Production Credits

Producer: Goo Bon Geun
Director: Shin Woo Chul
Screenwriter: Kim Eun Sook, Lee Man Hee

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  1. 1 : Drama Addict Says:

    Kim Jung Eun displays her charm again in this drama series.
    Lee Seo Jin is hawt!!! he pulls off the head ganster quite well actually.
    watching the 2 of them interact over subsequent episodes just gets cuter and cuter!!!

    Kim Kyu Ri’s character actually gets on my nerves a lot, but oh well.

    It’s good!!! Watch it!!!

  2. 2 : Believe me Says:

    All I could say is that Kim Jung Eun is frkn GORGEOUS in this drama…I\’m glad she doesn\’t have Ronald McDonald hair like she did in \

  3. 3 : Believe me Says:

    Like she did in Lovers in Paris

  4. 4 : jo lee Says:

    Wow this drama is awesome. The story is great. The chemistry between Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin is awesome too, they are such a cute and charming couple, love the way they interact and smile at each other. Of course they can act very well too. I hv to agreed that Kim Jung Eun is frkn GORGEOUS and PRETTY too. She is my favourite actress. GOOD LUCK to this drama.

    This is a GREAT drama, MUST WATCH PLS as the story line is very different fm the usual kdrama. Lovers is as awesome as Lovers In Paris.

  5. 5 : esther Says:

    yo the dude in the drama is soo fucken hawt i would bang that mother freaker ;]] lolslols

  6. 6 : Jubie Says:

    I actually like this drama the first episode got me hooked ^_^ Plus I like Kim Jung Euns character… compared to “Princess Lulu” I never really liked that drama.

  7. 7 : lyptika Says:

    Awesome drama! Even better that Lovers in Paris. A MUST-watch 🙂

  8. 8 : kobo87089 Says:

    the main guy is sooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttt when he hurts people………………………and he has six packs wooooooooooooo

  9. 9 : ji young Says:

    That feak’n docter pisses me off. The rest are ok

  10. 10 : maioni Says:

    does anyone know what the name of gangster guy that works for kang-jae that hardly ever talks????

  11. 11 : Jenney Says:

    Super duper nice drama! Both the male & female lead have fantastic chemistry. I really love the male lead cos’ he’s so HOT and MANLY.

  12. 12 : break Says:

    …a very impressive drama…kje is so adorable, voluptuous, charming and oozing with sex appeal,with a very huggable body…i envy lsj to have hugged her that much…lsj is a typical korean face, but otherwise charming….they look great in this drama…their love scenes, their touches and kisses seem to exudes on-screen drama…they act so naturally typical of lovers…great…great…great…they owe awards for this …hope to see more of this couple on screen…perhaps a movie or another tv drama…

  13. 13 : Soo-Eun Says:

    this drama sound good to me o.o

  14. 14 : queso Says:

    a very cute drama, although with lots of teary moments but nonetheless so emotionally driven, both laughs and tears. mijoo is so beautiful, and refreshing, she does look elegant and smart, very good in drawing out emotions from the audience. i wander how she was able to show a lot of very long kissing scenes in this dram as compared to her other dramas. is lsj her significant other? they must be, their scenes are more passionate and steamy than her other dramas or movies. just asking…

  15. 15 : Panda Says:

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    Thank you,


  16. 16 : megumi Says:

    gorgeous n amazing drama, that’s what i can say, well excuse me, my name’s megumi, am from indanesia.. i’ve watched many korean drama, but this one is the greatest ever, it’s so gigling, romantic, touchy,grat sense of humour, n others. n it’ll always remind u of something, it just give u an idea, that love can’t be forced,n u can’t even deny it, even u insist.. he he e e. i really love this drama, great script, great actors, an actresses, kim jung eun is so lovely n simply natural act in this movie, i love her though. so i recommend to all of drama fans. don’t miss watch it.. u’re fonna love it.

  17. 17 : shaded blue Says:

    wow! what a lovely and sexy couple, lsj and kje. so charming. they seemingly look real lovers. and i just love to see them together. the story is so emotionally heavy. but anyway i enjoy watching evey good moments they have. really, really like to see them both. such a wonderful drama. highly recommended to TV watchers. kje is super elegant and full of charm. a very good dresser indeed. she looks very kissable, embraceable and sexy with the white dress than does yu jin.

  18. 18 : susan Says:

    i love this drama i love KJY shes so lovely as usual, her partner oh so sexy i love his body they blend so well, i love watching them together, as if they are real lovers, and i’m a bit shocked on their intimate scenes together, Ive wathced almost all dramas of KJY and i think this is the first time for her to do those scenes maybe that guy is extra special i guess, but its done in a nice way and its cute, i love them both and I hope to hear more news about them good luck to both of you, Ive been wathching this drama for several times now and i wont stop doing it
    Good luck

  19. 19 : kiss Says:

    Oh, yes, i agree. a great drama, not to mention lots of nice and touchy moments of the starrers. Kje’ s lips so thin and pinkinsh and really, really kissable. he he he. lsj must be lovin’ kissin’ her. what a lucky guy…he has touch and hug a lot of her body…oh my.

  20. 20 : deer Says:


  21. 21 : Kamui6 Says:

    Great drama… funny and entertaining. I could watch Lee Seo Jin smile all day.

  22. 22 : swanie Says:

    Oh my a great drama. i love both of them KJY and LSJ perfect pair, i thought there would be any perfect guy for KJ but only Park Shin Yung but until ‘ve wathced this, Lee Seon Ji is the perfect guy for her, i hope there will be more projects for both of them, i heard he’s still single same with KYJ, i hope to see them soon again in another drama, this LOVERS really touched my heart it makes me smile and cry towards the end, the main character really fits well with each other as if they are not acting, I was a bit shocked on their kissing scene Ive never seen KJY in an intimate scene like that but it was done in a nice way. CONGRATULATIONS to both of you and we hope to see you both together in another project

  23. 23 : carmi Says:

    This drama was HOT!! I like it for the fact that it was not the typical korean drama story line. and there was a part where it will make you sweat…so watch out! a MUST watch!

  24. 24 : frannie Says:

    BEST kdrama i’ve ever seen..i have watched this series for three times already and still never get tired of watching. KJY and LSJ really is a good match. i hope to see lots of series starring the both of them as lead characters. I love them both! so hot and gorgeous. LSJ, though not as cute as other korean actors, exudes so much sex appeal especially when he smiles. 🙂 cud anyone recommend other good romance-comedy korean series?

  25. 25 : catch Says:

    beautiful drama with a perfectly beautiful couple…great acting and very romantic love scenes…they match perfectly,KJE and LSJ.

  26. 26 : Lin Says:

    Once you start on this drama, you get hooked. It sucks you right into the vortex. Such amazing acting by Lee Seo Jin. Such powerful screen chemistry. You ache with the lovers and long for them to be together. Great undercurrents throughout. Do not miss this one!!

  27. 27 : Bunk Says:

    In the beginning, the heroine was SO cool! So witty, and independent, and confident. I loved this series all the way until Kim Jung Eun’s character knowingly went after a man with a pregnant girlfriend, though. I lost all respect for her character after that, and begrudgingly watched the rest of the series.

    Great kiss scene, though. Whoa. @[email protected]

  28. 28 : theresa Says:

    i really love this drama. im so happy to hear that KJY AND LSJ are a couple in real life…. good luck. LSJ may not be handsome, but there’s something about him …. i love it when he smiles.. those dimples… ITS A GOOD DRAMA.. eventhough the subtitle i got was soooooooo bad… KJY AND LSJ made it all worthwhile…

  29. 29 : Grace Says:

    Kimook.com is the best site I have shopped still shopping, their deliver is super faster than other place if you order $150.00 or more.

    LSJ is an outstanding skillful actor; he performed immensely. I wish they could show more than come back each other and hug in last episode, what about this way to be finished have a wedding ceremony in front of Mi Joo’s father with kids surrounded with happy smile in church.

  30. 30 : Melissa B. Puti Says:

    I really love the humor and drama of this series. I enjoyed the team-up of Kim Jung-eun and Lee Seo-jin. They are a perfect match. I just love the chemistry between them.

    As for the story, one can say that love is quite a powerful emotion that when it hits you, you cannot resist! As what happened to Yoon Mi-joo and Ha Kang-jae. Despite all the obstacles, they could not keep away from each other as their feeling became more and more intense for each other.

  31. 31 : ellenadict Says:

    i lovethis korean drama..!!! kim jung eun rockz!!!

  32. 32 : catch Says:

    nice drama with a wonderful couple. i love their chemistry.

  33. 33 : vivian Says:

    I love LSJ and KJE very much Lovers was really a nice series.I hope that their love to each other will end up on church and have children together.this will be a nice true story for both of them i hope they will be together forever and happy…

  34. 34 : alesia Says:

    I love this drama very much,.and Lee Seo Jin is so hot with his six pack…plus ..hisdimples..

  35. 35 : haidee Says:

    wow! this series is fantastic! at first i was hesitant to watch it because i thought it wl be boring but i was wrong…it has a good story…you wont regret if you watch this..

  36. 36 : kawaii Says:

    what a wonderful drama!!! i luv it!!
    LSJ is so COOOOOLLLLLLLL. I like when he’s smiling!!!!! his dimples…..
    The story is good!!! it much2 better than lovers in paris.

  37. 37 : seooi Says:

    All the responses are good, so I must watch !!!

  38. 38 : ratty Says:

    this is a good drama. you must not miss it.

  39. 39 : ellem Says:

    wonderful series…nice plot & good actors… i love the
    chemistry between LSJ & KJE! I’m so glad that they are now real life “lovers” =)

  40. 40 : oya_kokure Says:

    i only just watch 2 episods and i kinda like glued to the series.i cannot wait to dwnload the series!!!! so happy to know that it is a happy ending:D

  41. 41 : wee Says:

    hehe yay

  42. 42 : fay2303 Says:

    I Luvvvvvvvvvv dis KOREAN DRAMA coz s Soooooooooo ROMANTIC(*_~)

  43. 43 : swanie Says:

    Im happy to know that they are real lovers now, wow hope they will be together forever,maybe they developed their feeling thru this drama LOVERS, coz when you watch this drama as if they are not acting, specially the love scene as if for real, i hope to have more news about them and I hope to see them in a new project, movie or tv drama, good luck to both of you hope you stay together and stay happy, youre such a perfect pair GOOD LUCK

  44. 44 : vi Says:

    i’m watching this film at the moment n i really really love it, i love Suh-jin soooo much. He’s so manly…
    And the OSTs are quite good 2… ^^

  45. 45 : Amy Says:

    This is the best Kdrama ever with the exception of MY Girl! It is also the hottest one too! And for the first time while watching a drama, I didn’t want it to end! Usually by the 18+ episode your just like “end it already”!!!! PLEASE!!! but for LOVERS I wanted to see more… I loved it!

  46. 46 : lil baby Says:

    leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!am in love with ya……..all da way frm africa.

  47. 47 : Poohs Says:

    anyone knows what is the outcome of this show was it a good ending? Just watched the 1st episode and its interesting.

  48. 48 : zingzing Says:

    I Just finished this drama yesterday. LOVERS is an incredible and must-watch drama ’cause of the main characters, MY & KJ. They acted very very well, espeacially the love scence, how amazing, i felt like i was watching a Hollywood movie, the scence came suddenly and full of energy!!! What can i say more : BEST DRAMA EVER!! Luv u KJY & LSJ, wish u 2 all the best wishes in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. 49 : Poohs Says:

    anyone know if the ending is good for this show “Lovers”

  50. 50 : Jenn Says:

    Poohs, it’s a happy ending if that’s what you mean by good.

  51. 51 : Poohs Says:

    what happen to the other male lead and female lead? this show just gets me hooked 🙂

  52. 52 : blanca Says:

    i just started watching Lovers the other night & it’s quite nice! Kim has a new look here – quite sophisticated i must say – loved her also in Lovers in Paris! keep up the good work! aja

  53. 53 : melody Says:

    I just finish watching this serial. Its great!!! Both the actor and actress displays superb acting. You must not miss this if you love korean drama.
    Storyline is good, acting is good. I love this show!! I like the actress eyes…look so much like a doll….

  54. 54 : nana Says:

    i just finished watching this film .. its great. the lead actor s so cute.. this is a must watch

  55. 55 : PTL Says:

    This show is fanastic! Loving a person, knowing what you are doing is wrong but still cannot help but love the person. It is so hard. Thanks for showing me this message through the show. Maybe that is why their love for each other is so intense. Maybe that is why the lead actor and actress fall for each other during filming. It is that intense. I really enjoyed this show (enjoyed is a very mild word to use actually).

  56. 56 : Analani Alexander Says:

    I just wanted to comment on the korean drama Lovers & Lovers in Paris.
    There has never been such a show like these 2 dramas which have not only great characters but the emotions of these 2 dramas make you cry and laugh. I have been watching korean dramas for over 7 years now and i love it. But these 2 dramas have been to me the best ever. I love the story lines. I give regconition to the directors for the back bone of the drama, and to top it off the theme songs that have been chosen has even made the drama more of a success. Mr. Yim Jae Bum has such a voice for love songs that i wish i could see him in HAWAII some day. If there is a web site for him i would love to have it. Thank you all for keeping the Korean Dramas family oriented fun to watch every day in Hawaii. There is nothing on the T.V. that i want to watch than my Korean Dramas. Aloha until we meet again…Aloha

  57. 57 : cj Says:

    i love this drama! Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jeong Eun is a perfect tandem.! 🙂

  58. 58 : Tina Says:

    This is extremely good movies. The best movie I ever saw. I love the main characters, their love is really strongly. Especially HA KANG JAE, I really like the way he loves YOON MI JOO. In the prisons for 4 years, he must miss her a lot, but when he could come out, he tried to escape her love. I can understand that is because of his love. He love YOON MI JOO so much, he thinks he is not good enough for her, he used to be prisoner, can not bring happiness for her. He tried to be sad and lonely by himself, but at last they can find each other.
    No body believes I watched the movies for 6 times in 1 week. Now I remember every single details in this movie.
    I hope we have more that love story, love makes person become better one in life, happy ending.
    Thank you so much Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin, you brought us a very touching love story. Best luck to both of you.

  59. 59 : musi Says:

    wow! dis k-drama is really really gud one, one of da best!^^
    wat i really like abt it is da great chemistry between the main leads (yoon min jo nd’ ha kang jea) different from other romantic drama…story wit ganster, twists, romance and some cryin’… loved it!

  60. 60 : ellen Says:

    one of the best ever! i recommend this!

  61. 61 : lorlyn Says:

    nakakakilig talaga,grabeh gusto ko silang makita in person sana pagbigyan nyo ako cge na pls…………

  62. 62 : mjshin Says:

    this drama change my perception of korean drama in a way…
    certain scenes are extremely unforgettable esp the first confession and hugs… that left the female lead crying. not forgetting kim’s teary eyes… really beautiful! she is so cute in her own way! cheers kim jung eun!

  63. 63 : pandabear104 Says:

    This is a very unique drama with intense moments and deep characters that connect with its viewers. I would suggest this series to anyone who can comprehend the inner conflicts of daily life. In other words just try not to go, “huh?”

  64. 64 : Linda Says:

    I am so addicted to this drama after the first episode. i watched 10 episodes in 2 days…. i am in love with the actor…he’s so hot…

  65. 65 : jillianne Says:

    this drama is soooo cool KJE and LSJ..! PERFECT TANDEM! love this drama!!

  66. 66 : Jade Says:

    Wow….i watch finish 20 episodes in 3 days & within 1 week watch 3 times over & over again……

    Really like this show so much…..keep me so addicted…..hahaha

    Also like the actor & actress……really hope they can really beome a blissful couple!!!!

  67. 67 : mygongu14 Says:

    lover’s is one of the best kdrama ever…and i like the lead actress and actor here…

  68. 68 : Kim Says:

    where can someone in the united states buy this drama?

  69. 69 : Korean Fan Says:

    “Lover” was surprising a good romance drama. At first I thought it would involved lots of fighting and killing with violence because the lead actor was a gangster leader.

    Personally I think “Lover” was the best drama casted by Kim Jung Eun. She played the role of Mi Joo, who on one occasion saved a gangster leader. They both fell for each other due to the close contact during his injury.

    I trusted that most viewers would not blamed Mi Joo for becoming the 3rd party into Yoo Jin’s and Kang Jae’s relationship. As we can see, Kang Jae stayed on with with Yoo Jin out of responsibility and for the sake of the unborn baby.

    As described by friends of Kang Jae in some scenes, Mi Joo was the very first woman whom Kang Jae had done something exclusively, eg brought her to watch his car racing game, asked for her permission to give away his mobile contact, etc.

    If you love romance drama, this is one of the series you should not missed.

  70. 70 : Cat Says:

    I love this drama so much! Kang Jae and Mi Joo know each other very well wothout saying out.. their eye contact are pretty touch in my heart…but so sad, can;t c d last ending cox the disc got some problem?
    can somebody tell me what is the ending exactly after Kang Jae jailed?
    I know Mi Joo had depend on pills to get in sleep but do not know the acting after that ?

    Can anyone share with me about the ending?


  71. 71 : Bella Says:

    I love this drama. I watched it 4 times by now. I hope Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jeong Eun get together in real life. You must not miss this if you love korean drama.

  72. 72 : Dave Says:

    The bad guys are crap in this show. They only accounted for one damn casualty , the spectacle guy. Esp that guy who is also the bad guy in Money’s Warfare. He sucks as a gangster !

    Lee Seo Jin’s acting has not improved since I saw him in the other dramas, same old stale expression

  73. 73 : CJ Says:

    is it true that there’s Lovers 2? the Sequel of this drama?

  74. 74 : annie Says:

    i love this drama …great actors!!!!!!!

  75. 75 : Doreen Says:

    This is one of my best and must watch Korean drama.

    I would like to recommend it and I am sure you will really love it. Enjoy viewing…

    For your info. – they are dating in real life – after this drama.

  76. 76 : Karma Says:

    I highly recommend this series
    Gr8 sound track i must say

  77. 77 : Ceejaye Says:

    i love this kdrama. 🙂 KJE and LSJ is the best couple! 😀

  78. 78 : Sany Says:

    Wow…the actor is so cool and so hot kissed ,but it’s nice story then…
    i don’t know why i like to wacthed korean drama maybe so many handsome actors there..
    Just keep wacthing every body…..

  79. 79 : ane Says:

    aja…! kim jung eun..

  80. 80 : Jolene Says:

    I would lyk to know wads tai shan’s real life name??does anyone knows??ie want pictures of him…please reply asap=]

  81. 81 : Wills Says:

    This drama is one of the best korean drama I have seen so far this year with great actors, actresses and cast. The OST is also great!

  82. 82 : sherry Says:

    i really love this drama… i was really crying in the last few episodes of it… it’s really good… congratulations to all the cast… you’ve really done a great job.

  83. 83 : anonymous Says:

    is it happy ending?

  84. 84 : Tuong Vy Nguen Says:

    This movie was so good. The main character is really cute as well. This is one of my favorite Korean movie.

  85. 85 : LaNtIaN Says:

    i rele luff dis drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its 2 gud

  86. 86 : Amy Says:

    Best drama funny and sad and entertaining…… worth to buy and for keep

  87. 87 : za Says:

    tae san real name is lee han

  88. 88 : thiri Says:

    at first i watch this drama cause i like lee soe jin ,but later i like it very much as the hole series are very romance and i like lee very much

  89. 89 : Toni002 Says:

    If I was stuck on a deserted island and had to pick only one drama to take along, this would be it. I loved everything about LOVERS. The main characters, the writing and the directing. I went so far as to find any other work done by the writers because they created the storyline and the actor/actress/director made it just comes alive. The soundtrack is also very good.

    When I’m watching a drama that is just awful or frustrating, I come back to watch key parts of this drama to remind me of what a drama should be. My patience is very low when watching dramas but I found myself going from one episode to the next and not sleeping for 20 hours just to finish this series and it was worth it, in every way.

    Lovers gave you everything and I was very surprised that the two main leads, physical chemistry were not that of two 12 year old virgins (typical of MOST dramas). There are a few faults that can be pointed out but it’s not enough to take away from the drama as a whole, so why nitpick. Enjoy it, for all that it’s worth.

  90. 90 : Hollywood Says:

    Seen this drama and am not too impress with the story. No doubt the actors and actress did a good job portraying their respective roles. I do not like the idea that the lead actor is cheating on his longtime girlfriend. I guess it is not surprising to be low in moral, him being a gangster. The leading actress, a doctor falling for a gangster and knowing that he is already involved with someone. Dishonorable. I am not sure if I wanted to watch it again.

  91. 91 : Toni002 Says:

    Yep, people do really like to nitpick. 90% of the dramas made today involve a third party who is/was a girlfriend or an ex-girlfriend at some given time. And if I remember correctly, the drama started out with him trying to win her back (with the dress, with the car).

    If your only fault is that then you must hate 90% of the other dramas as well. Also, I guess in order for anyone to fall in love they need to be single. If you’re not single then you can’t fall in love. Dishonorable?? No, a Korean drama. Gotta luv it.

  92. 92 : ct Says:

    Love this drama, have watched it many times hehe those who are still considering – don’t hesitate, go and watch it, u will love it too:-)

    Like Lee seo-jin, he has that shy guy look but yet display macho image at the same time, cool! Love Kim Jung eun too, so sweet & demure but yet funny!

  93. 93 : xmasview Says:

    This is the best romantic Kdrama ever! “Lovers in Paris” is very good, but “Lovers” is the greatest! Every element in this drama fits perfectly, the directing, scripting, casting, acting, setting and filming. The OST music is an added masterpiece. The chemistry between LSJ & KJY was so intense that they became lovers in real life. I agree with many of the viewers that KJY never had intimate scenes with her acting partner. LSJ must have already been her “significant other” by the time they were shooting those hot scenes.

    I really appreciate the “sophisticated” theme in this drama. It was very brave of them to show that mature adults in relationships do not simply hold hands, give hugs and peck on the lips. They also need passion and intimacy. This is a breakthrough point for its genre. The development of the love triangle between Mijoo, Kangjae & Yujin was very real. In the end, I came to the realization that “REAL LOVE CANNOT BE DENIED no matter how hard one tries!”

    KJY is a cutie. She is such a convincing actress that when she cried, I often had to cry with her. She can be hilarious one moment, but crying her heart out the next. LSJ is a hottie! So masculine! His look grows on you. He looked so fierce and violent when playing the gangster chief. But, when he smiles, those dimples really melt my heart. I love how they had humorous and witty dialogue while trying to hide their yearning for each other. The supporting actors/actresses also did a wonderful job. Bravo to everyone who made this drama a success! drama.

  94. 94 : farriza Says:

    a must-see!
    wen wil abs air it?! i hope dey wil coz dey dub korean series well…d oder network hav dubbers with stupid voices…it sucks if dey will hav 8!

  95. 95 : oishimanju Says:

    it is happy ending! it is the best! you may not like the story plot if you’re a conservative one, but if you really watch the drama then you’ll understand why the guy has fallen out of love from his former girlfriend.

  96. 96 : oishimanju Says:

    i think it will be shown at the end of 2008 in abs-cbn.

  97. 97 : oishimanju Says:

    this is the BEST KOREAN DRAMA ever! i so so love kim jung-eun! i’m glad that they are lovers for real!

  98. 98 : oishimanju Says:

    cat, you can go to youtube to watch the final part of the series. words cannot capture the intense longing, sadness, happiness and love that mi-joo and kang-jae showed at the final episode.

  99. 99 : oishimanju Says:

    the whole story plus the leads are PERFECT! the best!!!!!

  100. 100 : cindy Says:

    this drama is really nice!! KJE is very good in this drama. and also LSJ.. they’re tandem is the best!!

  101. 101 : rita Says:

    i love the gangster…. LSJ!!! BTW, what happened to the gangster’s ex?

  102. 102 : ujie Says:

    i loooovvve this drama…specially LSJ and KJE…they really good couple…been watched this sooooo many times and still addicted…

  103. 103 : aya Says:

    the best koreanovela…simply wonderful..
    Kim Jeung Eun is an amazing and gifted actress..

  104. 104 : kookie Says:

    one of my faves… i really like sad and tearjerker soaps.. this one is the best… not to mention both lead stars are really talented… great performance….

  105. 105 : janice Says:

    loves is one my favorite k-dramas ever!! the settings, characters and the story is very awesome!! i’ll watch this drama for a thousand times. 🙂

  106. 106 : sandy Says:

    Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jeong Eun is one of my favorite couples!! hope they’ll have another TV series together.. please please.. i want more of them.. that’s why i love LOVERS. 🙂 love this drama and the actors as well.

  107. 107 : mikee Says:

    the story of a gangster and a doctor.. wow! what a nice combination.!! i love this drama. LSJ is so good in his fighting scenes!! and KJE is very good in her acting. the OST of this drama is good. i love it. i hope there’s a sequel of this.

  108. 108 : jack Says:

    lovers is a nice drama with a nice story, settings, OST, actors and actresses.

  109. 109 : gloria Says:

    I enjoyed this drama so much that i decided to purchase it. the lead stars are perfect for each other. I hope they will have another show together soon. I just love the way they look at each other….it give me goose bumps.

  110. 110 : mmlinma Says:

    I too watched all 20 episodes in 3 days and come back for more. what a moving drama! i will definitely watch it again with different translation.

    i watch this because of KJE, she was lovely in “Lovers in Paris”. in this one her role is similar, a lovely, outspoken angel but with more depth, especilly with more failings but makes up for it with more perseverance.

    I want to point out the other male charactor Kang Sae Yan also touched my heart. he managed to find a lot of grace despite having suffered much. What a story!

  111. 111 : cj Says:

    this drama is the BEST! 🙂

  112. 112 : BeautyGSC Says:

    I have watched the first two episode of this movie, i must say that it reallllllly good it made laught out loud. I love the main actor and actress.

  113. 113 : melanie Says:

    isn’t the picture wrong???

  114. 114 : CJ Says:

    i really love this drama! i won’t stop loving this!! LEE SEO JIN is LOVE ♥

  115. 115 : nk Says:

    I like the gangsters – it make the story softer than it should be. I thought at first this would be one of the bloody action drama but am totally wrong. The triangle story and the main character’s decision is too difficult to be accepted in the real life but in the series I can’t help wishing Kang Jae and Mi-Joo a happy ending. For me, this is one of the best K-series.

  116. 116 : Elva Says:

    i lovvve the drama, and lee seo jin is so cool!!

  117. 117 : viv Says:

    Really really like this drama, will buy it definitely. Great OST too. Hope they will have a sequel.

  118. 118 : Kelly Says:

    i agree that this drama should have a sequel. 🙂

  119. 119 : delightfulgirl Says:

    what an amazing kdrama! cried a lot especially by watching ep 19 & 20… the doctor n gangster make a great couple – not only in the drama but also in reality.

    However, the last ep was really hard to watch: why was he denying her and assuring her that he didn’t love her anymore??? I’m certainly very glad about the happy ending, which I believe has been shown to little … consequently a second part of LOVERS would be fantastic:-)!

  120. 120 : Janice Says:

    this drama is the best! i cried in the last 2 episodes.. i thought that the lead characters might not end together.. i was really crying.. love this drama a lot!

  121. 121 : CJ Says:

    i miss this drama.. i LOVE LOVE LEE SEO JIN and KIM JEONG EUN’s TANDEM!! they’re the best ever!!

  122. 122 : jenny Says:

    i love this drama! i love the settings, the cast, story. i love everything about this drama. 🙂

  123. 123 : Mina Says:

    Love the cast v much! Tot the story is illogical esp when Kang Jae rejected Mi Joo when he was in prison & out of prison. So sad after all the effort they took to be together. Gd that there’s a happy ending! Looking 4ward to a sequel!

  124. 124 : Elva Says:

    oh… i didnt see the last epsiode. i only know tt they were together again. and ya, i do agree they shld have a sequel (:

  125. 125 : cj Says:

    i would like to recommend this series. this is one of the best drama ever! 🙂

  126. 126 : smileremy Says:

    i hate to say this but you are all wrong! this is not the only best drama ever but is also the perfect and heavenly drama ever that I have watched.both actors are the best and they do make a great couple. pale pale… shijak!this is where i discovered my idol LSJ and I have watched all his dramas.I recommend to you guys to watch YISAN.

  127. 127 : snuffie Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA TOO!!! LSJ LOOKS DAMN COOL IN THE FIGHTING SCENES! in fact, everyone looks cool in the scenes. the way kang jae’s subordinates are so loyal to him is also heartwarming 😀 i hope they have a sequel too! didnt really understand the ending tho.. what happened to his gang? is tae san became a bodyguard den who leads the gang?? hmm..

  128. 128 : janna Says:

    LSJ is so hot!! KSJ is so beautiful. they look good together. this drama is the best ever! i love this drama. 🙂

  129. 129 : erma Says:

    grabeh its sooo beautiful espescially the story
    you will not regret seeing lovers!!!!!!!

  130. 130 : KRYSTEL E. Says:


  131. 131 : nerie Says:

    i really love this drama so much… i watch it every day… lee seo jin is really amazing i love the way he act.. he is really good.. and also good looking….

  132. 132 : Luna Says:

    When I finished watching this drama I said aloud OMG!!!!!
    It is the most romantic series I’ve seen. I had previously seen Lee Seo Jin in FREEZE, YI-SAN and PHOENIX, but this is the series that made me his fan. His voice is so sexy, his dimples are so cute and his posture is so classy. Can’t wait to see him n another series.

  133. 133 : Janice Says:

    i love the hotness of Lee Seo Jin.. and Kim Jeong Eun is still the comedy queen!! :)) love love LOVERS. 😀

  134. 134 : sTELLApA Says:

    ♥♥♥ i love this k.drama! i haven’t finished watching it coz our internet service provider sucks!!! i have to watch this late at night..but no matter what, i still watch this coz this really has this spunk that made me cry my heart out.. the gangsters were great specially TAE sAN i like him, aside from leo seo jin,,,

    ♥♥♥ everything about the show made me hold my breath and made me think of ” what’s gonna be the end??” and other stuffs..whew,,,i hope i could finish watching this tonight..

  135. 135 : Xiara Says:

    well, i’ve just finished this drama..
    it’s so so romantic..
    rumor has it that the main characters are also LOVERS in real life??

  136. 136 : myra Says:

    ang ganda ng loverkakatuwa tlaga at msayang panuurin….

  137. 137 : Sha-sha Says:

    OMGeeee! I LOVE THIS

  138. 138 : paulyn cisostomo Says:

    how come they speak chinese in the dvd. i thought it should be korean ., i can’t stand chinese language. the sound its irritating. korean language its nice to hear. but if its that okay.

  139. 139 : aizel tuazon Says:

    …..i love this drama so much…,the main character is awesome…i`m a filipina but i really like korean drama…

  140. 140 : Basuha Says:

    I really enjoy this drama good storyline and great acting. I really enjoy the kids and the bad guys. I did wish that Kang’s father wife got what she deserve, the fact she got off killing her husband made me upset. I did appreciate how they showed the assistant and the bodyguard still together. Four years later and she at the concert holding a sign “You finally a real bodyguard” the best part was her being backstage with the singer, you can tell she not far from his side, I just which they had more of a storyline together. They can do a sequel off them. This is a must watch drama, it the kind you can watch over and over again.

  141. 141 : bmw Says:

    i love the korean drama, specially the team up of LSJ AND KJE, hope
    it would them in real life. i looove it sooooo much

  142. 142 : ANNIE Says:

    am still watching the series and in my 18th episode. I am really taking time watching it coz i don’t want it to end…. i just love lookin at him. i like the shy smile and his sincere eyes. i love the curves his mouth makes… i watch korean series all the time and i admire koreans to be very good story tellers and i can always separate my korean fantasies and reality. But this time, its different. i even dream about him. and really, i am happy that he can speak english. i dream that probably we could bump each other in an airport someday and i can talk to him casually without the effort of understanding hangeul. and i don’t mind if he’s with jung eun. i think they really look good….

  143. 143 : shane Says:

    maganda sana ang story kaso lng ang gabi na…hayzz…inaantok na kac akoh…

  144. 144 : shane Says:

    i like the story..but its late here…hayzz…i cant watch..

  145. 145 : honey co Says:

    i love this drama… i just finished watching it and i really enjoyed it.. i fell in love with lee seo-jin’s character kang jae. now i have a different view with gangsters… if i could only find a gangster like kang jae with attractive personality and those eyes of lee seo jin… i’m willing to cry in front of his garve..

  146. 146 : bmw Says:

    I love this korean drama, i love both lead stars. I may be old but with this program i go gaga. although it is shown late in the evening i stay awake just to watch. May day is not complete if i don’t get to see it.
    Hoping that LSJ & KJE would ne real lovers and have a part 2 of Lovers.

  147. 147 : shainye Says:

    the series is great… the casts are great… KJE is a versatile actress… hope to see more series of her…

  148. 148 : Maria Says:

    It’s really amazing that koreans come up with this kind of drama. I’m not fond of watching korean drama before but now I actually browse in the internet for more. I love lovers especially lee seo jin. He’s really the attention catcher of the drama. Actually i’ve watched lovers 3 times and still im watching it in the late night show. The “kilig” factor is there and now im wishing that I can go to Korea to personally see LSJ or even wishing that he will be able to visit the Philippines. Im married but when im watching lovers, i feel im still single.

  149. 149 : mj Says:

    grabe……i love dis drama so much…honestly, i don’t like guy older than me but wen i watched dis drama…my gosh i cnt help to fall in love with LSJ…he’s so nice and his personality sobrang lakas…i love LSJ and i want 2 meet him in person…….

  150. 150 : thea Says:

    i love lovers …. also there team up..

  151. 151 : tey Says:

    I really don’t know why I’m here leaving a comment. But what I do know is that I really fell in love with the character of Ha Kang Jae, which made me also fall in love with Lee Seo Jin. Actually believe it or not I finished the 20 episodes in 1 seating.I started watching from 7AM(April 10) till 4AM(April 11).And I’m even planning to watch it again.Huh have I gone crazy?This is the first time I spent sleepless night with a korean drama, Haaaa! Ha Kang Jae how could I ever forget that character. I’m even planning to go to korea to see this Actor. Am I really that crazy?

  152. 152 : Dar2x Says:

    Lovers–It really touches my heart… especially when He Kang Jae wanted to hold the hands of Yi Mezhu(at the rooftop)…and when He Kang Jae ask Yi Mezhu to sit at the driver seat of the racing car… Yes, you will never regret that you have watched the show and you will have the feelings of watching it all over again…


  153. 153 : Roxy Says:

    my gosh! i really love the series. My gosh Ha Kang Jae. I fell inlove with him. I just finished the series. His character is very nice though he’s a gangster in the series. hahaha. He’s the reason for me to find a way to go to korea. haha. You can i say im a fool. Hehe. But i really admire him. 🙂 And i heard that Lee Seo Jin can speak english and he finished his studies at New York University. I was so glad when i heard that info. I was thinking to my self that it wouldn’t be harder for me if ever i’ll meet him. hahaha. 🙂 Anyways i hope to see him.

  154. 154 : simone Says:

    hey tey , i think we are in the same team…haha

  155. 155 : hermione fleur Says:

    he Kang Jae was totally a amusing and the character of him was too mysterious. i love the episode #19 the most. i also love the main theme song of it although i only new few words.to all fanatic fans of kim jeung-eun and lee seo jin let be it forever. i love the part when yi meizu sit at the racing car and the friend of kang jae said that the when a girl sit on the chair of a racing car it is the wife of the racer.i feel sorry also to shangtai because he die for saving kang jae . i hate nancanpei the most. that’s all.

  156. 156 : iluvit Says:

    after reading everyone’s comment here
    i just wanted to watch it myself
    actually the drama started is currently airing
    here in the Philippines yet late at night
    so I couldn’t really see it
    and so I guess
    i’ll just have to run down the store
    and buy myself a copy.

  157. 157 : Lovers_rocks Says:

    grabeh nkaka adik 2!

    I love Jackie & Jarred!!!

    Can’t wait to watch Lovers this coming monday:-)

  158. 158 : hotmamacrish Says:


  159. 159 : sue Says:

    im so addicted to this korean drama… ilove the character of jareed…
    i watched the dvd from saturday afternoon & i finished it monday 1am…im so in love na with lee seo jin…

  160. 160 : sue Says:

    i love ha kang sae so much….

  161. 161 : Lex-yang-lau Says:

    We LOVE Ha Kang Jae!!! EXTRA RICE PLEASE! ulam na xa!
    Tae San(body guard ni dimple gangster)– Kaldero njud! with matching atchara! kei mas HOTTA2 man xa!——->SARAP NILA!

    -We LOVE the bed scene! lech* lng ung girl(mi-joo) di marunong humalik!
    kami nlng sana un! kakainis!

    -and have you guys noticed that there were no guns used in this series?.. kasi DLI USO ANG “PUSIL-PUSIL” SA KOREA, USO KEI BATUTA!

  162. 162 : Jolie pitt Says:

    I never had the time to eatch this series, but I’m gonna.
    Since The main characters has fell in love in the real world also after finishing this series.. Yes, Kim Jeung Eun and Lee Seo Jin are real lovers now.

  163. 163 : cherrie Says:

    I love the korean drama the lovers……it’s so nakaka inlove sana pumunta dito ung cast ng lovers sana sa pinas…o di kaya sa Iloilo city…para makita ko kung talagang gwapu…c jared….hehehe

  164. 164 : cherrie Says:

    wow grabe ang ganda ng lovers….

  165. 165 : alextech Says:

    my favorite scene is when mi joo was walking to her car in the parking lot and kang jae, from behind the post grabbed her and hugged her…it was the sweetest scene for me…after i saw that…it keeps on replaying in my mind. i need a kang jae in my life…:) super fell in love with this drama…

  166. 166 : paula Says:

    hi everyone. i just finished watching this drama, and i soooo loved it. He Kang Jae is so handsome and i loved his character. he really has portrayed his role well as a gangster. it’s so sweet to know that Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin are real life sweathearts. but honestly, i quite didn’t like the ending. i was expecting more things to happen. can i just ask. i really don’t get the ending. Yoon mi joo was planning to leave right? but with the ending she did decide to stay right? or am i wrong? please explain to me =)

  167. 167 : mOarn123 Says:

    Lovers is such an extraOrdinary dRama……

    I say it’s oNe of kOrea’s beSts……

  168. 168 : RSX001 Says:

    namatay si manong amf!

    sa wakas na tpos ko din story.. hihi

    cute tlga ni mi joo.. kaso mas mganda si yu jin..^^,

  169. 169 : refinnej Says:

    “LOVERS” ONE OF THE BEST KOREAN TV DRAMA… i fell in love with the story. another hit maker.. I LOVE YOU LEE SEO JIN, youre smile captures my HEART….

  170. 170 : sarah mem Says:

    what do i love most about this series? well, i should say.. the entire package.. the cast, the story and its twist, and even the soundtracks (which i don’t understand by heart because of its korean nature).. so weird that am so busy indeed each day, i’m recently having a rigid review for my board exam not to mention that i worked for a call center at night but still i won’t last a day without watching it (over again).. crazy enough.. i even posted a comment on these very page… ahh.. am not really myself these past few days.. and blame it to this nice and cruel series… if only i can see Lee Seo Jin in person… =)

  171. 171 : iris24 Says:

    woah!!! got to love this Korean drama.. it’s very heartwarming..
    this is my first time ever to get hooked wiht a Kdrama..THough I finished watching it already I’ll still watch it during primetime..I’m so in-love with the two lead actors LSJ and KJE..they make good couples, aren’t they?
    I’m happy having known that they’re real LOVERS..the story is great and absolutely incomparable..nice casting and really a beautiful drama.. every time dr. yoon cries I also cry.. haha!! what a heck but love it!!..I love the scene when ha kang-jae went to kang reung to guard and save dr. yoon from chang-bae..it’s so lovely…

  172. 172 : marianne Says:

    best korean drama

    1. lovers in paris
    2. coffee prince
    3. lovers

    4. full house

  173. 173 : marianne Says:

    one of the best korean drama.

  174. 174 : josche Says:

    I finished watching it after two days…as in marathon watching. to those who want to fall inlove over and over again, this koreanovela is a must- see for them. mi joo and kang jae’s scenes drove me both crazy and frantic and sentimental. i really gasped for air in one of the scenes where kang jae sent mi joo to her new house and he stayed for a while. he left the house, right? so mi joo locked the door but after few seconds she heard knocks on the door and as she opened it,kang jae flung himself to her, and they kissed. GRABEEEE! wow! that kiss! it was passionately done! hindi nakakadiri! super nakakakilig talaga! what else can i say? grabe talaga! all their kissing scenes are indeed super passionate! how i wish i were in the place of mi joo.
    One more thing, after seeing this, i automatically fell in love with lee seo jin. He has the look that can melt every woman’s heart. His smile is one of akind. Especially his dimples. My gosh, if i am left with only a wish, then that would definitely be to see lee seo jin in person.

  175. 175 : Ruthie Says:

    Hope you will visit philippines! Kim Jung Eun & Lee Seo Jin, GOOD CHEMISTRY! Love yah!!! Mwahh!!!

  176. 176 : Ruthie Says:

    The best Korean Drama I’ve ever seen!!!

  177. 177 : Ruthie Says:



  178. 178 : sinting Says:

    i was not sure when i bought the dvd for this drama…but after watching it it is my fav drama….love u guys LSJ and KJE…wishing u all the happiness in the world!

  179. 179 : hannii:] Says:


    GOD BLESS.;)

  180. 180 : hazel-philippines Says:

    To all the casts and people behind the production of LOVERS! CONGRATULATIONS! ONE of the BEST KOREAN DRMAS that touches the hearts of the viewers. Kim Jung Eun- You’re the BEST!!!

  181. 181 : sally Says:

    this soap opera was indeed one of the best i’ve ever seen after meteor garden! could’nt sleep till i finished it and even want to watch it over and over again! really the best! hope that the main character could visit the philippines so that we could have the chance to meet and see them in person! even at first Jared seems to be not that of guy but eventually really catches your attention as i look at him! gosh! so guapo talaga! specially when he smile those cute little dimples could take anyones breath! good job!!!!

  182. 182 : sweet>korn Says:

    —> Ang GWAPO ni KANG-JAE! hotta-hotta rin si TAE-SAN! hay nku! sana may mga ganyan dito sa pinas.. ahahahahahahahahahaha!

    -nwi, yeah.. i totally agree with you guys! sobrang nkakakilig! TWO THUMBS UP! di xa boring panoorin at the same time.. ASTIG XA SOBRA! all of a sudden, n.admire q (kht papano) ang mga gangsters, npaka-loyal nla kay kang-jae… nyahahahahahahaahha! kso, i find the ending somehow… disappointing! ba’t ganun? i know nkakasawa na ung happy ending kso nga lng… BITIN! nu b!… sana nman dinugtungan khit konti ung ending part.. like kung kinuha b ni kang-jae ung responsibility to take over sa company nung papa nya…^o^

  183. 183 : hershey Says:

    At first i thought Ha Kang Jae was not handsome but as the story goes i find him more and more attarctive! i really love it when he smiles and his hair is up and messy. So cute with those dimples. Please visit the Philippines soon!

  184. 184 : che Says:

    OMG!this is dfntly one of the best drama ever!even if it is shown late at night and im on a nyt shift in the hospital i always see to it that i won’t miz one scene……… thanx to my head nurse who is also a certified lovers addict………….lovers rock!……hope they could come to the philippines or atlst ABS could intrview both of them….

  185. 185 : baby Says:

    OMG!this is dfntly one of the best korean drama ive ever seen!even if is shown late at nyt and im having my night duty at the hospital, I always see to it that i wont miz a episode……thanx to my head nurse who’s also a certified lovers addict!……….lovers rock! hope they could come to the philippines or atlst ABS could Interview both of them………

  186. 186 : miaka Says:

    wow this korean drama is so nice..great scene as well as superb acting…kim jung eun is great..lee seo jin is hot..nice dimple oppa..hope u can come here in the philippines…

  187. 187 : looli Says:

    i just finished watching it yesterday. All i can say is WOW. Up to know i am still hooked with the character of Lee Seo Jin. He’s great.

  188. 188 : chArm18heArt Says:

    my goodness super nka2inlove!!!…nagaway pa kmi ng parents q dahil d2..hahahah..well..bad3p lng..kc ayaw magdownload ng iba..like nung ep. 19 part 1 and ep. 20 part 1 din..kaazar…d q 2loy alam ung ending..huhuhuhuh…i love them all..hahaha..tEecee…=)

  189. 189 : chArm18heArt Says:

    batet ganun??..pati last episode ayaw din…waaaahhhh..ano ung ending??..huhuhuhu…im dying…i want to watch it….pleeeeeeeeeaassseee!!!!!….huhuhuh,,..

  190. 190 : wena Says:

    sa crunchyroll.com poh….mganda ung copy…tsaka kumpleto…

  191. 191 : jai Says:

    i really really l0ve this tv series.. Tel me wer can i d0wnl0ad d complete vide0?,0h pls tell me..im dying 4 it!,haha! I d0nt kn0w but i feel s0 kilig whenever i saw jackie and jarred, ~their name 0n ph.tv~ t0gether! I l0ve u b0th! Ü

  192. 192 : mau Says:

    i love lovers! its so great! lee seo jin is a very talented actor who admire most by girLs! i hope u guys wiLL go here in the philippines! im watching u everyday and even i bought a dvd only to watch it widout ads!

  193. 193 : kristine Says:

    WOW!!!!!! oPpah is thE mOst aTTracTive pErsoN i hAve eVer seen in TV dRAma Series!!!!………i rEaLLy lOve it…..i aLwaYs wAtch evEry nYt.. even ThoUgh iT’s too Late i sTiLL waTch oUt for it….
    i dOnt caRe if iT rEaLLy aFfect my sLeeping HabiT…..
    aLL i kNow is dT…………..i loVE the sTory….(^_^)……
    lOve yUh oPPah!!!!……………….

  194. 194 : dona Says:

    mga baliw!:) ako rin nabaliw na sa LOVERS!
    kaya lang bitin talaga. can somebody pls. explain the ending:D

  195. 195 : dona Says:

    naintindihan ko na yung ending:)


  196. 196 : Peaches Says:

    Gosh! I’m so really in-love with lee seo-jin character, wish can find a man like him. But can anyone tell me any update on these two “LOVERS”??

    I’m reallye excited to know their real-love story!

    For me LOVERS is the greatest!

  197. 197 : iris24 Says:

    haaay.. the story is so heartwarming… wink..

  198. 198 : iris24 Says:

    litaw na litaw ang chemistry.. and it’s awesome…

  199. 199 : iris24 Says:

    they’re really cute.. this Kdrama is superb!!

  200. 200 : iris24 Says:

    I hope ABS will do an interview with LSJ and KJE..

  201. 201 : rachel Says:

    …………i really like the story………..ehhhmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

  202. 202 : rachel Says:


  203. 203 : joanne Says:

    bakit nawala sa you tube mga episodes ng Lovers?pwede bang ibalik yon?

  204. 204 : joanne Says:

    anybody knows how to view episodes of Lovers sa internet?this is so addicting….

  205. 205 : Ivy Says:

    joanne, there is a link on the above post where you can watch online there.

  206. 206 : CJ Says:

    even though i’m done watching this drama, i still love watching it! this is the best drama ever!!! i love LSJ so very much!! and also KJE.. they’re so sweet!!

  207. 207 : jOceL Says:

    …….it so nice I really love it….

    syang hindi naayos ang episode 2o!!!

  208. 208 : jOceL Says:


    syang hindi naayos ang episode 2o! Ganda pnman!! :]

  209. 209 : sj Says:

    ganda ganda ng story……
    Lyk tLaga namin ang story..
    pati ag cast,,,..:D

  210. 210 : sj Says:

    ganda ganda ng story……
    Lyk tLaga namin ang story..
    pati ang cast,,,..:D

  211. 211 : jean lu Says:

    i really loveeeeeee the story esp the actors n actresses!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeee…….pls make another one!! part two! hahah im a die hard fan!!! 🙂 more power!! 🙂

  212. 212 : PJ Says:

    lols… kng naay dota sa mga lalaki.. mao ni ang equivalent pra sa mga babae… hahah:))

  213. 213 : hotmamacrish Says:

    it’s very rare to some of couple of korean drama love for real hoping that ms.kim jung eun and lee sun jin will last their relationship in marriage and live happily ever after.mabuhay korean’s drama!!!!!

  214. 214 : ngoh Says:

    So cool drama, lovely drama Excellent actor actress and soooooo cute.


  215. 215 : eskopath Says:

    wow….ganda…..nmn poh ng korean dramang yan !!! so watch it!!!!don’t miss it ….

  216. 216 : jajaH_28 Says:

    wee.. wat ending ng story??

    sila ba sa real life??

    fan din tlga ako ng LOVERS.. gurR.. soo kiLig..

  217. 217 : jajaH_28 Says:

    wat ending??

  218. 218 : nessel romero Says:

    this is awesome!!!!
    its really great
    it touch my heart and really make me cry in the ending
    all episodes make you feel hunger for the next episode
    when you watch this
    you never ask for your meal
    all you ask is to fin all the episodes
    how i wish i can hug lee seo jin
    to all that not yet fin the episode
    keep on watching
    go go go

  219. 219 : Merjerie Says:

    Hi!!…ganda talaga ng lovers hindi lang ang lovers pero and lahat talaga ng koreanovela shows ng abs-cbn..true kapamilya talaga ako..LOVERS!!! LOVERS!!!..nakakakilig din…hehe..

  220. 220 : aLhEx_19 Says:

    hi i’m the number one fan of lee seo jin or jarred of lovers.
    super gus2 q tlaga ng personality nia.
    add me up on friendster : [email protected]

  221. 221 : f2 Says:

    ah basta the best tlgaa ang lovers skin.heheheh hindi kompleto ang araw ko kung ndi ko xa watch

  222. 222 : fredelito Says:

    pgkgling ko ng work watch agad akiz ng lovers kz crush na crush ko c jarred…. my gosh ngi2ng babae ako s knya as in…… hay naku bili nga ako khit pirated dvd nya para mtpos ko xa agad kz i cant w8 any longer na eh hehehehe,, uunahan ko na kau mga repapepz bwahahahaha!!!!

  223. 223 : irene Says:

    like the story so much especially the love story of jarred and jackie:):):)
    i was watching it twice already… kilig pa rin ako:):):) azzz innnn

  224. 224 : jean Says:

    i really love the whole story. specially the character of jackie. a woman who is willing to wait. love them.

  225. 225 : xeline Says:

    super ganda ng lovers..!

    i already finished all the episodes (2o) and i agree na sobrang nkakaaddict..!

    4 am na ako natutulog just to watch it again and again..

    mamo move ka talaga sa story..

    sometimes i end up crying buckets dahil sa ganda ng story..

    pag nasasaktan cla, mafifeel mo din yung pain..ang galing..very realistic and convincing un attack ng acting nila..

    sobrang ganda talaga!..kakilig ng scenes and LJS and KJE justified their roles..

    not just in REEL life but in their REAL lives..LOVERS talaga cla..

    there was a time na sinerenade pa ni LSJ si KJE sa kaniang show.. ang SWEET ha, in fairness..!ganda ng voice nia..!

    cute ng smile ni ha kang jae (jarred) especially ung dimples nia..!

    to the director, the actors and staffs of the korean drama LOVERS:
    MABUHAY kayo..it’s the best korean drama i’ve ever watched..!
    thanks for doing a great job..!

    to my KAPAMILYA station ABS-CBN:
    guys..! you’ve proven enough.. you’re the REAl number one station here in the Philippines..! AJA..!

  226. 226 : xeline Says:

    you can watch all the said episodes on the links located above..

    you can also download LOVERS OST..

    their songs are so beautiful and very touching..

    especially go hae by chi yeol and go baek by jung sun yeon..

    yung episode 20 4/4 hindi ngpe play..yun na ung ending eh..

  227. 227 : aiikko Says:

    does anyone here know just where can i download the soundtrack of this show???

    i love it to death.. 😀

  228. 228 : elevan Says:

    how i love everything in this production…..it must have been TRUE GENUSES in the field of movie industry who made this story and a good taste of choosing actors and actresses…..I just love it, this give me reasons to always come home and watch something like this worth of a piece.

  229. 229 : xeline Says:

    aiiko you can download the songs at the link given above..

    click OST and the alternatives.. they’re all working..

    i got my compilation there..

    you can also get the song that was sung by ha kang jae (lee seo jin) in one of the episodes..

    it is entitiled “go baek” by jung sun yeon..

  230. 230 : aiikko Says:

    oh god, xeline thank you so much 😀

    i should’ve downloaded them earlier, its just i ignored those links before hehe.. anyway, thanks again! :))

  231. 231 : rose mae Says:

    shit,..im rily a super big fan of ds koreanovela,..
    gud actors nd actresses,..evrythins gr8!!!
    luv 8 so much,..
    kilig 2 d maxxx!swear!!!


  232. 232 : rose mae Says:

    hello,…know wer cn i fnd llsj’s song?!?!?
    pls help,..

  233. 233 : chefeE Says:

    kinikilig aq kay jarred at kay dr yoon!!!!!
    haha!! ung pa cute na smile ni jarred, super drives me crazzzzzzzzzy!!!
    ang ganda ganda galeng galeng kyut kyut ng lovers!!!!!!!!!

  234. 234 : karen Says:

    one of my fav dramas! love lee seo jin!

  235. 235 : xeline Says:

    welcome aiikko..

    just take it as a granted wish from a friend though we barely know each other..

    if you still have some questions just post it here..for as long as i know the answer, i’ll do my very best to help my “co-lovers fanatics”..


    to ROSE MAE:

    you can find that song at the link OST ADDITIONAL SONG..

    it is entitled go baek (confession) sang by jung sun yeon..

  236. 236 : andie choi Says:

    lovers is a nice story although the character are not so nice..they acted very well lee seo jin is a very good actor as well kim jung yoon….

  237. 237 : andie choi Says:

    ganda nung lovers diba kahit hindi masyadong gwapo si jarred appreciative naman xa kasi magaling syang umarte pati si jackie no doubt maraming nanonood nung mga palabas nya sa korea on that time kasi marami silang kalaban na mga drama……………hi to jo in sung and gong yoo asa well as lee dong wook take care always……hope i could go to korea to meet you all………watching t.v nalang muna

  238. 238 : aiikko Says:

    hi xeline! we can be friends :)) sabi nga sa lovers, si jarred ang coin na pinupulot nila jackie and kenneth kaya sila nagkakilala. so, let “lovers” be the same coin we’re gonna pick ;))

  239. 239 : thereign Says:

    my ultimate fave

  240. 240 : Rei Says:

    hi, inaabangan ko ang lovers everynight.. haha uhm ask ko lng kung happy ending xa? plz reply..para prepared na ko in case sad ending xa hehe.. please… maraming salamat sa ssgot skin.. haha

  241. 241 : stick03 Says:

    happy ending cla,,,
    very very good movie!!!
    one of my favorites drama ever!!!

  242. 242 : jam Says:

    ganda talaga ng lOvers!!pano pO b mapanOod un ng libre at tuloy tulOy..hehe.tnx pOh!

  243. 243 : xeline Says:


    yeah..it’s true..

    we are picking up the same coin..and lovers un..

    i’m really hooked to it..


    i watch it everyday..

    i uber love the story and the way they acted out their part..

    haha..i know aiikko..you’re uber hooked too..! =)

  244. 244 : Hee Soo Says:

    love this darma so much….

  245. 245 : CJ Says:

    i thought i’m the only one who is hooked to this korean drama… kala ko hindi toh magugustuhan ng mga pinoy… i am wrong… lahat pla nahuhumaling sa LOVERS… i do love LSJ.. so cute dimples!!
    i also love KJE bcoz of her acting.. she’s one of a kind.. from comedy to drama to comedy… grabe! how can she do that.. very good!! LOVERS is
    the best!! kht napanood ko na toh sa DVD, pinapanood ko pa rin ito sa ABS CBN every night… kht na napupuyat ako makita ko lang ung dimples ni
    LSJ… at tsaka si Kenneth hot rin.. haha. 😀 I LOVE LOVERS!

  246. 246 : sweetsunset07 Says:

    LOVERS is the best…
    please find time to visit this forum:


  247. 247 : ericka Says:

    anu nangyri dun sa gf ni jarred? 🙂

  248. 248 : aiikko Says:

    2 ericka: lorin had a miscarriage pero hindi nya agad sinabi kay kenneth. at the end of the story, she went to paris (to start a new life or to leran more about baking, i suppose hehe)

    2 XELINE: grabe as in uuuuber uuuber addicted ako haha.

    actually its my VERY FIRST time to get addicted to a koreanovela cause the others i watched were kinda boring, i mean mabagal ang takbo ng kwento and parang pacute ang mga characters (oopps, sorry to offend other koreanovela addicts)

    BUT WHEN I TRIED WATCHING LOVERS, god, i was so into it that after watching the pilot episode, i bought the DVD agad. and after 4 days natapos ko na ang buong kwento 😀

    pati mama ko nagustuhan sya! kc nga superb ang acting nila lalo na si lee seo jin, impressed talaga ako. :))

    haaay xeline, i feel like madami pa tayo pagkkwentuhan hehe. do you have a friendster/multiply account?? i’ll add you 😀 how about ym?? ;))

  249. 249 : aiikko Says:

    2 ericka: lorin had a miscarriage pero hindi nya agad sinabi kay jarred. at the end of the story, she went to paris (to start a new life or to learn more about baking, i suppose hehe)

    2 XELINE: grabe as in uuuuber uuuber addicted ako haha.

    actually its my VERY FIRST time to get addicted to a koreanovela cause the others i watched were kinda boring, i mean mabagal ang takbo ng kwento and parang pacute ang mga characters (oopps, sorry to offend other koreanovela addicts)

    BUT WHEN I TRIED WATCHING LOVERS, god, i was so into it that after watching the pilot episode, i bought the DVD agad. and after 4 days natapos ko na ang buong kwento 😀

    pati mama ko nagustuhan sya! kc nga superb ang acting nila lalo na si lee seo jin, impressed talaga ako. :))

    haaay xeline, i feel like madami pa tayo pagkkwentuhan hehe. do you have a friendster/multiply account?? i’ll add you 😀 how about ym?? ;))

  250. 250 : xeline Says:

    to AIIKKO:

    same here..!

    this is the very first time that i got hooked in a korean drama..

    this is somewhat different xe like what you’ve said, fast pacing yung story and hindi boring eh..

    you can really feel the emotion whenever they are acting their part..i’m so touched..

    i always cry whenever i watch the last part of episode 20 (4/4)..

    ako lang xe sobrang naadict as in.. after watching an episode sa abs-cbn, nag search nako agad sa net..and alas, i found this link..haisht..

    and finished almost half of 20 episodes in 4 hours..haha..then i downloaded the soundtrack..

    whenever i wake up, the first thing that i do is to open my pc and play the soundtrack of lovers..haaaaisht..

    uber uber ganda talaga..!haha..yeah madami pa taung chika..

    give me your email add..i’ll be the one to add you na lang..hehe..

  251. 251 : analyn Says:

    wow gusto ko talaga ang lovers kasi kilig na kilig and im sure ang magkatuluyan ay sina jarred at jackie

  252. 252 : analyn Says:

    go!!!!!!!!jackie kaya mo yan

    ang gwapo talaga ni kenneth

  253. 253 : aiikko Says:

    ok no problem, [email protected] for friendster and nuwave.multiply.com for multiply. patricia is my real name. aiiko is just, you know, a far-fetched nickname hehe. i’ll wait for your add :))

    grabe pati soundtrack maganda noh?favorite ko is yung “confession” ba yun?the one na kinanta ni jarred kay jackie, and i super liked the episode with that scene too :))

    pareho pala talaga tayo, first koreanovela natin toh hehe. i’m hoping there’ll be a sequel ;))

  254. 254 : aiikko Says:

    the post below is for you XELINE ;))


  255. 255 : ako Says:

    waaahh,,ganda na ng episode bukas…
    byebye lorin…hehe

  256. 256 : xeline Says:

    to AIIKKO

    haha..ye ye..this is not my first time nman to wach one..

    kea lang, as i’ve said earlier dito aq na hook ng sobra..

    i’m a very sentimental person and i really liked this drama because it captured the hearts of many..especially the ones with shallow emotions..like me..haha..

    i’m going to add you at fs aiikko..

    well, xeline is just a nick that i’ve got from my bud..its a combination of my long real name..

    i’m head over heels with this drama..

    that must be go baek (confession) aiikko.. go hae, ja mool swe and sarang hal so it na yo are great finds too..love the soundtrack..!uberrr..!

    try to watch this one..

    link here

    you’ll gonna love it..!

    to all the filipinos who are watching, and are about to watch lovers @ abs-cbn..hold tight..! cause this will be the beginning of a story that will be tattooed on your minds.. its a wonderful itzy ditzy story that will make you laugh, cry and fall in love at the same time..

    hope you’ll love this story as me and my newly found friend aiikko did..

  257. 257 : Lil_crazy_kath Says:

    hey yah!!

    I really love the movie.. its beutifull!!!! hope you will have a part 2…

    To all Pilipino’s watching Lovers.. Helloooo…

    God bless…

  258. 258 : erika Says:

    whoaw ! i really love lovers !

    haizt.. grabe..

    i;m definitely addicted to it!

    aja !!

  259. 259 : erika Says:

    ndi ako magsasawa kahit paulit-ulit !!


    i love you jarred!!!!

    love na talaga kta !

    [email protected]!

    guys.. add nio ako..

    usap tau bout lovers !


  260. 260 : erlgeu Says:

    jarred is oozing with sex appeal.love his eyes.goodness,love his nose.love his lips.

  261. 261 : weng Says:

    Hi !!! jarred and jackie, gudlack . . . inlovena talaga me k jarred

  262. 262 : aiikko Says:

    hi xeline! i’m glad i saw you on frenster na 😀
    nakita ko, marami pa tayong things in common, pero lovers talaga ang pinaka-heart ng ating pagkakakilala, hihihi

    sa mga di pa nakakapanood: lovers is amazing, go watch it, soo addicting! :))

  263. 263 : naty Says:

    hay! na-inlove na ako kay jarred! Sana more korean drama pa na starring si jarred. Guapo talaga niya. Panoorin niyo ang lovers ha.

  264. 264 : CJ Says:

    hello everyone!! i’m not the only one na addicted sa lovers.. andami na rin pala natin. haha.. 🙂 anyway, i super duper love LEE SEO JIN!! love his HOTNESS i love Kim JEong EUn’s acting… i won’t stop watching this drama…. nood lang tayo ha .

  265. 265 : CJ Says:

    i love jarred and jackie.. and i hate lorin. but i love kenneth. hot din siya lalo na pag nka-smile siya…

  266. 266 : rOnS Says:

    ….ei i love lovers…kakakilig…grabe krung2 pa rin si jackie….
    …gosh crush koh si christian khit di xa bida….

  267. 267 : rOnS Says:

    …….gosh ka2exite panoorin ang lovers…
    the best talaga ang 2 pumili….

  268. 268 : vicky Says:

    hello…so excited when I watching lovers..
    kakakilig si jarred at jackie…
    ang cute ni jarred kapag nakasmile siya…
    love his character…sa lahat ng gangster siya ang pinakatahimik…

  269. 269 : mardy Says:

    nakakakilig talaga xa sobra! haay monday to thursday hinihintay ko talaga ito, ok lang magpuyat sulit naman kasi kinilig ako sa panonood kila jackie and jarred!

  270. 270 : axnj Says:

    rawr. ampugeeh nun isang gangster. christian ba name nun? gosh. ano real name nya? haha. 😀

  271. 271 : ness Says:

    ,.,w0w hindi lang ako nag iisa!!!yipee!!!!

    ,.,we all love L0vers!!!!!

    ,.,4ever na sana toh!!!!

    ,.,wahHhH exciting mangyayari mamaya!!!!hayyyy!!!!

    ,.,kilig ever~!!!!!!!

  272. 272 : ness Says:

    mga LOvers faNATICSZ!!!!

    ,.,add nyo ako sa fs!!!! [email protected]!!!!!tNx!!!!!

    ,.,san ba makakahanap ng plot ng story!!!???gusto ko nang maunang matapos,,,hahahaha!!!!xana cla jackie and jarred na talaga magkatuluyan!!!!!wahhhh!!!!!!!

  273. 273 : drama queen Says:

    this drama is a mix of everything comedy, action, drama and a whole serving of romance. It a drama at its best, i’ll give it a **** out of *****

  274. 274 : LoU-aNNe Says:

    piNAgpUpUyAtan kO diN pAnOoDin aNg LoVErs…
    iN LoVe na nGa yaTa diN aKo kAy jARreD!!!
    hOpe nA mAgToUr sYa sA maNiLa…

  275. 275 : KC Says:

    si Jarred si Ha Kang Jae diba? Basta ang ganda nung drama super nakakainlove na nakakaiyak! wahhhhhh!

  276. 276 : johanna tiu Says:

    wowww!!!! verry nice sana magpatuloy nalang ang mga kinikilig na koreanovela para maging masaya at kinkilig na nanonood dito sana subaybayan ninyo ito para mas masaya dibaaaaaaaaaa at ito lang ang masasabi ko sa drama na to i love sa nagngangalan na christian dito sa dramang lovers at love all

  277. 277 : johanna tiu Says:

    wowww!!!! verry nice sana magpatuloy nalang ang mga kinikilig na koreanovela para maging masaya at kinikilig na nanonood dito sana subaybayan ninyo ito para mas masaya dibaaaaaaaaaa at ito lang ang masasabi ko sa drama na to i love sa nagngangalan na christian dito sa dramang lovers at love all

  278. 278 : julie kitty Says:

    hahaha ci christian may gusto kay loreen..nakakatuwa..

  279. 279 : gabszie Says:

    Good casting…

  280. 280 : sasori-sama Says:


    in random order

    – 2 ang mamatay sa mga cast
    – they will eat KISSING BURAMI again
    – makukulong si Jarred
    – hindi talaga anak ni Mr. Kang si Kenneth
    – ang totoo nyang anak ay si Jarred
    – makukunan si Lorin
    – yayayaing magpakasal ni Jarred si Lorin
    – BED SCENE the best (Jarred and Jackie)
    – hindi marunong gumamit ng computer si Jarred
    – hindi rin alam ni Jarred ang powerpoint and excel
    – at higit sa lahat di niya alam ang DRAG
    – sila ang magkakatuluyan…SYEMPRE!!!

  281. 281 : checa Says:

    i have finished watching this korean series and i must say it is really really good.. great story and great cast.. makes you wanna fall in love.. its a complete package comedy, lovestory, action and drama.. two thumbs up for LOVERS!! and really nice last episode..

  282. 282 : ness Says:

    ,.,wHattt!!!!may gusto c cHristian kay lorin!!!!hahaha!!!okey lang!!!!
    ,.,kasi mas bagay cna jarred and jackie!!!wahhhh!!!ang galing!!!

    ,.,cno mamamatay sa mga cast!!!???huhuhu!!!!so sad naman yan!!!!

  283. 283 : lene Says:

    ano apilyido ni cristian
    grabe SOLID gwapo nya!!!!

  284. 284 : lene Says:

    hey babalikan ku2 answer my question pls…….. wat true name ni christian

  285. 285 : chloe Says:

    lee han,,lee han un real name ng gumanap na
    christian sa lovers…GRABEH!!!! cute nya nOh!!!

  286. 286 : yEyE Says:


    ang gAndA tLgA ng LovErs!..


  287. 287 : RosZ Says:

    ChRistIAn is So Gorgeous!!!!!

  288. 288 : axnj Says:

    i’m not alone! GO CHRISTIAN!!!! :))

  289. 289 : ajah Says:

    lovers!!!yeeahhh…thyre really are lovers..woohooohhh
    i hope theyll end up together forever..hehe
    yeah…hot c xtian..
    pamatay talaga smile ni lee seo jin(jarred)..
    kaya cguro nainlove si kim jung eun(jackie) sa kanya..aiii..

  290. 290 : criz Says:

    christian forever……….
    go go go!!!!

  291. 291 : megz Says:

    _loVers reaLLy roCk my worLd!

    _mY god!

    _hnD aKoh maPakali paG d koh i2 nKta!!!…as in!!..

    _mA.aaDdict kaH taLaga..

    _sPeciaLLy wHen u sEe jArreD’s DIMPLES!!\

    _jarrEd is so hOt!

    _sUpeR duPer!!


    _u rEalLy mUst sEe ds koReanoveLa!!..

  292. 292 : biAnCa Says:

    sUpEr hOtTiE xi ChRisTiAn! yEah!

  293. 293 : lene Says:

    hey chloe thanks sa pagsabi nang real name nya. . . . . .
    grabe gwapo ni christian
    cute ni jarred !!!!!!!!!!

  294. 294 : lene Says:

    E2 NA nakuha kuna all about LEE HAN Name: 이한 / Lee Han
    Real name: 김남길 / Kim Nam Gil
    Profession: Actor
    Birthdate: 1981-Mar-13
    Height: 184cm
    Weight: 70kg
    Star sign: Pisces
    hahahaha ka PISCES ko sya !!!!!!!!!!!!

  295. 295 : gogz Says:

    ohmi gosh!!! super pogi tlga n christian!!! xa lamg ang dhilan kng bkt aq nano2od ng lovers!!!

  296. 296 : gogz Says:

    question q lang po…base po sa story…my gusto po b c christian kay lorin?

  297. 297 : nova may Says:

    …aNg gAliNg tALaGA nI kiM JeUng-EuN At Lee SEo-jiN UMaRTE,,.. maY NaBAsa NGa aq Na “The LoVErs koREaN drAmA cHaRAcTErS Are REaL LOveRS iN REaL LiFe” nAkA2KIliG tAlAgA sIlAnG dalaWA.. aJa!!!!!!!!!

  298. 298 : jessica Says:

    ay naku guys ang ma d pa nakakapanood ng lovers manood na ang ganda at ang gwapo ni la like jarred&christian!!!!!!!
    i love u jarred and christian!!!!!!!

  299. 299 : Irene Says:

    Ola! don’t miss to watch the LOVERS, i recommend you… it’s really the best story and best cast… you may cry, you may in love and you may laugh.. hahaha… because the cast act so well… i want to congratulate the author for the best story he/she made..hope they continue to write good story like LOVERS…

  300. 300 : ness Says:

    ,.,w0w!!!pareH0 paLa kami Ni cHristiaN ng z0diac sigN!!!hahaha!!!aNg saya!!!
    ,.,db may hawig si cHristiaN kay pa0L0 ng mem0ries of BAli!!!gaNda diN ng kweNtop nito db!!!makat0t0HanaN!!!HAHAHA!!!

    ,.,iL0VE JARRED and CHRISTIAN!!!

  301. 301 : cherie mae Says:

    super astig talaga ng lovers…………………..nakakainlove si jared

  302. 302 : maff Says:


    i like christian!!!!!!!! 🙂

  303. 303 : maff Says:


  304. 304 : aleana jane Says:

    mY gaLLy! i Lyk tHeM so mUch!
    lUv +cHristiAn aNd iRene?!
    pLz..iNfoRm mE wAt’s tHeiR kOreaN nAme(cHristiaN aNd irEne)
    d’ scReEn naMe..i cAn’t find eE?
    mAiL mE pLz?
    [email protected]
    oR tExt mE..
    tHaNx!moRe poweR 2 ‘LoveRs..
    sUpeR kiLig!wAaA!

  305. 305 : ness Says:

    ,.,cN0 p0Ng ireNe!!!???hehehe!!!

    ,.,ask lang po.,.,

  306. 306 : iane Says:

    i love it ….. the best talaga>>>

  307. 307 : frauline Says:

    cHristiaN’s real name is lee han…^^,)
    and irene’s real name is choi ha na..

  308. 308 : Doona Says:

    jared and jackie or kim jung eun and lee seo jin are dating in real life! weeee super labz ko tong k-drama na toh! hahahah

  309. 309 : sWeEtrHiNn Says:

    i LoVe yOu JaRrEd aNd cHriStiAn.,.,., ^^

  310. 310 : daniel Says:

    bwahhahaa how i crazily love LOVERS!! kakakilig cla jared at miss eun…

    kaka kilig din c christian at lorin hahhahahaa ^^ nice channel 2

  311. 311 : Irene Says:

    Ketal? hayyy… christian is realy cute

  312. 312 : dane Says:

    episode 20 made me cry! nakakabitin..
    keep up the good work LEE SEO JIN

  313. 313 : wina Says:

    bihira akong magkahilig sa mga koreanovela..
    o kahit ano mang genre ng plabas..pero itong lovers…
    tlgng wala akong masabi…sapul na sapul ang puso..
    ang gusto ko sa lovers hindi lang tumalakay
    sa love story kundi kung paano ituring ang buhay…
    taas kamay ako sa koreanovelang ito..
    halo-halong emosyon…
    ito yung tipo ng palabas na uulit-ulitin mo…
    hindi mo lang basta makakalimutan…
    sana matuto din ang mga pinoy na gumawa
    ng ganitong klase ng palabas na hindi
    maikakailang may kalidad at hindi mababaw
    ang pagtalakay sa istorya…
    yung tipong hidi ka lang maaaliw…
    matututo ka pa..yun lang…
    two thumbs up para sa lovers!

  314. 314 : annmarie Says:

    I really love “Lovers” to watch..hindi nya ako pinatutulog..ang ganda ng kwento…love ko talaga c jared and ms. eun…pati yong lola kung 75 yrs old naloloka sa lovers..

    i love it talaga…

  315. 315 : milafe Says:

    i love lovers..
    kilig to da max tlga..
    hndi ka tlga magsasawa!!
    go yoon mi joo and ha kang jae!!
    sana gumawa ulit kayo nang koreanovela na magkasama kayo…

  316. 316 : puntoy Says:

    yea! lovers dbest! good casting ! 5 stars! lub it! waa! dme plang naadik nito kala ko ako lang.hahaha! an gnda ni jackie! whoo! sulit tlg ang gabi ko pag nppnod ko ang LOVERS.wohoo!

    nkktwa tlg nung di mrnung mag DRAG c JARRED.HAHAHAHA. :))

  317. 317 : idOl fan! Says:

    wOw!!!.. i really2x Love this korean drama action noble,,, kz it really shOws hOw love grows in mysterious and weird ways in ANY WAY it wud be!!!

  318. 318 : manisan Says:

    i love watching lovers. i don’t mind staying up late at night. it’s worth watching for. the storyline is somehow unpredictable which drives me almost in sane if i missed an episode.

    i like the character of Lee Seo Jin. how i wish i could have someone in my life who is absolutely like him. he’s a knight in shining armor. he’s a real gentleman. his dimples are so cute. he’s the type of guy i want to marry.

    the leading actors in the tv series are true-to-life sweethearts. i just hope their relationship will last forever. they look good together.

  319. 319 : benson Says:


  320. 320 : benson Says:

    …ganda tlaga ng lovers…even if i didn’t watch it everyday mganda pa rin ….ganda ng episode kahapon…

  321. 321 : dolphin lover Says:

    the best talaga ang LOVERS!!! (“,)…
    nkakakilig to the max pg ngkukulitan sina Jarred at Jackie!
    they look so good together! i really love watching this every night.

    pero pwede explain kung bakit umiyak si jackie sa episode kapahon?
    bakit nya naalala yung mama nya kay jarred? di ko ma gets..
    pls explain.. thanks! (“,)..

  322. 322 : nica Says:

    nkklungkot tlaga ang ending ng lovers..
    too many lost lives..;(

  323. 323 : lovely lil gurl Says:

    ..love koh talaga ang lovers.. haha.. ang cute ni christian..yeee..at ang gnda ng katawan ni jarred..haha.. hope may part 2,,

  324. 324 : erica Says:

    ask ko lng din ..
    bkit ba xa umiyak nung nkita nya ung bus? haha.
    di ko mgets ee. :))
    un. ^^

  325. 325 : fiarie Says:

    kakakilig ang lovers…ang gwapo ni christian…ang taray ni lorin…sana wag muna matapos para may inaabangan ako gabi-gabi..

  326. 326 : carren Says:

    shox. d aku pna2log ng lovers.
    pinaiyak p ku sa ep 20.
    grabe ang gnda..
    nakkainis. ^^

    bgy tlga c jackie at jared.
    kyut nla tgnan. hehe..

  327. 327 : Baby lyn Lumanglas Says:

    SOBRA NAKA2KILIG AT NAKA2INSPIRED, Gwapo ni JARED, ang galing ni JACQIE. Keep it up and God Bless. 2 GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!

  328. 328 : fiarie Says:

    hmmm…palagay ko kya umiyak c jakie pagkakita sa bus dhil cguro naaksidente c mama ya sa bus..hmmm..cguro lng..
    cute nga tlaga dimples ni jared

  329. 329 : daYvee Says:

    GrAbE AnG GnDA tLgA ng LOvERs….

    pKI PoSt NaMn PO UnG reAl nAme NI CHRISTIAN pLss…

    CuTe NyA PoH Kc!!!!!!!!!!

    SbRA aNg Ka GWaPuHAn Ni JaREd!!!!!!!!!!!


  330. 330 : emily Says:

    hey guys! who already watched the whole drama? i just want to ask if the ending is good… if you’ll rate it 1-10(10 being the highest) what will be you’re rating? tnx!

  331. 331 : iane Says:

    to emily,,,hi! i have watched it na two times,,, if i rate it, wala bang more than 10…

  332. 332 : yet Says:

    i really like this akala ko nung una hnd ko magugustuhan… Can’t wait na umabot ako sa episode 20 sana maganda ending….

  333. 333 : iris24 Says:

    wow.. dami ng naaadik sa lovers ah.. wohOoooo!!!

  334. 334 : iris24 Says:

    hmmmm… lovers is really one of the most beautiful
    korean drama and it really touches the heart..
    terrific story and great actors.. go Ha Kang Jae and Dr. Yoon Mi-Joo..

  335. 335 : dolphin lover Says:

    gusto ko yung sinabi ni jackie na “anumang magandang alaala sa buhay mo, kahit gaano man yun kaliit o isang beses lang nangyari, habang buhay mo ito dadalhin.” ibig sabihin, hinding-hindi mo na ito malilimutan dahil nkatatak na ito sa puso mo..

    tingin ko ay ang tinutukoy ni jackie sa sinabi niyang iyon ay si jarred.. cguro ang ibig niyang sabihin ay nung iniligtas nya c jarred sa kamatayan..

    hehe! adik talaga ako sa drama series na ito.. nkakakilig! (“,)..

  336. 336 : HannyBae Says:

    so many comments! must be a good drama. Ok I’ll watch

  337. 337 : henri reforeAL Says:

    ganda talaga

  338. 338 : melai campos Says:

    astig talaga nang lovers!!!!! gwapo ni christian….hehehe 🙂

  339. 339 : aleana jane Says:

    ThaNx fRaULine foR iNfoRming wAt’s deiR reAl nAmE.. hEhe,!
    lUv diZ show! gRaVaicioUs!hEkhEk..

    iRene pOh.. un’ cUte pRetty guRl nA xhUper kuLt aNd
    adiqUe qEi cHristiAn.. Un’ fRienD ni jAckie..

    wAaA.. lUv dEm sOoOo..
    Ask qCue lAn’ mGka2guz2 bA xhiE ‘cHristiaN qEi iReNe hErE?
    cUteqC niLa .. hEhE..

    lUv jArRed aNd jAckiE..
    An’ Ganda ni lOriN ..
    eVeN whEn cRying.. mOrE poweR!

  340. 340 : andy Says:


    it’s really nice as in

    this is the best show ever….

    i realling like the part of jarred


    gud luck

  341. 341 : emily Says:

    thanks iane

  342. 342 : twaia19 Says:


    ag rami nting adik, 1st time kng m.adik x koreanovela

    at x LOVERS lng.hehehe.

    spoilers nmn dyan, nkulong c jarred? mkaka.lya b x.???

    jackie s bubbly nd jarred s molten hot!!!

  343. 343 : twaia19 Says:

    i almost cried lst nyt..
    wen jackie heard jarred ws askng lorin 2 marry him…

    dat was really one moving scene wen she was crying
    her heart’s awt…lol.

    guys share nmn other highlights of
    d story…am jst stuck into it.tanx!!!

  344. 344 : ram Says:

    Is there a part II?? omg it’s such beautiful story i really love it:)

  345. 345 : natie Says:

    hey. anu ending ng lovers?
    what will happen in the last 4 episodes… share? 🙂

  346. 346 : cj Says:

    wow grabe and daming adik sa lovers. 🙂 i love the drama! super as in!! i still watch it coz it’s very very nice.. hot hot ni Jarred!! LEE SEO JIN! naawa ako kay Jackie nung umiyak siya dahil nag-propose si Jarred kay Lorin… awww.. it really hurts! so sad!! i do love this series!! marami pang kilig moments dito!! don’t miss any episode of LOVERS!!

  347. 347 : grame Says:

    hay!!! nku all the cast of lovers ay mgaling umarte nk2dla lalo na iyakn
    si jarred mku2long oo pero mk2labs rin sya don wg kyong mgalala dhil sila rn mgkakatulungan bandng huli subaybayn nlng ntin mlpit na mtapos ilng episo.. nlng lam nyo kulang p yung flicks-flicks dto sa koreanovelng ito yung swet moments nla pno si jared wirdo di mo lam totoong nr2mdmn di nya maexpres sobrng seryoso at suplado pa pero yun yung ngustuhn ni jackie sa kanya msya ako nung mlmn ko na itng dlwang bidang ito ay ngkatuluyn sa totoong buhy sila npla nadevelop sla sa isat isa hbang ginawa nla ang lovrs dba sya

  348. 348 : noisyshellae Says:

    As in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!super gwapo ni papa jared!!!!!!!i’m dying too watch the last episode…..kahit wala nang texts basta andyan si jared ko…hahahaha!!!bawal ang distorbo sa akin basta lovers na!!!!more power to lovers….

  349. 349 : nick Says:

    ay!!!!!!!grabe lovers talaga ang the best na korean telenovela, di kompleto araw ko pag di me nakakanuod kaya hate when weekend. Sana may Jared din na dumating sa buhay ko……Mr. Cute Dimple Gangster. Excited na me sa episode na ipapakita nila how i wish na may part II, or sana ulitin uli nila please or magrelease sila ng dvd copy original kahit mahal bibili ako.

  350. 350 : denise Says:

    anu pangalan ni christian?? ahahah gwapo kc

  351. 351 : jessica Says:

    kakaiba talaga ang lovestory…Pamatay lahat ng mga sinasabi ni jarrred….my tanong lang ako,,,,my gusto ba c christian ky lorin???

  352. 352 : accelrose Says:

    uu my gusto si christian kaya lang di cla magkatuluyan………..ang agnda ng end nyan sobrang ganda…..

  353. 353 : dolphin lover Says:

    jarred: im sorry…
    jackie: wag kang mag sorry… lalo na sa babae. kasi ang ibig sabihin
    daw ng Sorry, ay Goodbye.. Pero sinabi mo na, kaya panahon
    na cguro para mgpaalam..

    Nakakaawa talaga sina jarred at jackie. Mahal talaga nila ang isa’t isa kaya lang may responsibilidad kasi c jarred kay lorin. Hindi niya magawang iwan c lorin kasi naaawa at nakokonsensya siya sa kanya. Naaawa talaga ako kay jackie.. First time niyang ma inlove pero nasaktan kaagad siya..

    The Best talaga ang lovestory ng “Lovers”!!! (“,)…

  354. 354 : tinzzz Says:

    maganda nga to… talagang nagpabili ako ng TV sa boarding house ko to watch this.. Pero naisip ko lang what if iremake eto ng ABS? sino yung best a magAact ng Jackie? and Jared? Si Toni? agree kayo? I’m just asking… rally love this series eh.. maganda talaga pagkaplot ng story..

  355. 355 : †♥jeSsa♥† Says:

    !wow tlga ang love sory nito! at ang pogi ni taishan o lee han for short christian! i hv a question.,, my guzto b c christian ky lorin? ok god bless more power!

  356. 356 : gem Says:

    ganda tlaga ng lovers!

    cute ni christian and jarred!

  357. 357 : mitchay Says:

    nope walang gusto c christian kay loren…na awa lng si christian sa sitwasyon ni loren kaya christian help him….

    maganda talaga ang “LOVERS” hehehe maganda then and ending duma-an sila to HURTS and HAppenies…buti na lng in real life sila parin hehehe…

  358. 358 : nick Says:

    sana lahat ng lalake katulad ni jarred napakabaiit nya, napaka ideal man nya, dahil kay jarred di pa ako nagiging man hatered, sa lahat ng masasakit na pangyayari sa buhay ko sila ang naging insperasyon ko. Tnx to jarred and jackie dumiretso ang buhay ko at nagkapag-asa. More power and sana nagakatuluyan talaga sila since they were real life lovers. I really love to watch them in youtube. Sila ang nakakatanggal ng pagod at isipin ko…….

  359. 359 : dolphin lover Says:

    gusto ko yung photo album na binigay ni jackie kay jarred.. wla bang ganun dito sa pilipinas? yung pwede ka mag voice recording sa bawat pahina.. gusto ko mgkaroon ng photo album na iyon! (“,)…

  360. 360 : kheyt Says:

    grave ang gwapo ni papa jaret pwede ba hiramin kay jakie,,,one time lng ohhh….swerte ni jakie grave….sobrang effective ng love team nila at bagay talaga cla…

  361. 361 : nick Says:

    ako rin gusto ko ng photo album na yon, sana pumunta silang dalawa dito sa pilipinas ang sweet kasi nila… just keep on watching lovers mga friends….. mas maganda nag episode mamaya..

  362. 362 : aLeaNa jhAne Says:

    hiNdi mGka2tuLuyAn
    xHie ‘iRene ‘n cHristiAn?
    bAkit phUe?
    hMm.. sAd nAmN..
    PeRo xhie jARred ‘n jAckiE xA
    22ong bUhAy?
    kiLig nAmAn..
    sAna cLa iRene ‘n chRistiAn diN..
    wAt hApPend pLa xA kMay
    ni cHristiAn?
    gLing niLa nUng cNugod niLa
    xhie cHarLie..
    gUzto ko tLgA 2!
    kiLig nA..
    mAy aCtion pAh..
    Lee hAn rEaL nMe ni cHristiAn

  363. 363 : nick Says:

    hi guys my friends in watching lovers, if you want to watch all the episode of lovers just log on to http://www.dailymotion.com search lovers, kahit alam ko ang susunod na mangyayari i still keep on watching the tv series. Ang daming kilig moments ni jared at jakie…… kaya log on na ok pa ang mga sub tittles nila mas enjoy talaga.

  364. 364 : msZ.sZyeTe Says:

    aNg gaNda taLaga nG loVErs….
    dAti i reAlly dOnt wAnt to wAtch iT..
    bUt oNce i wAtched iT…
    i ReaLly loVe iT taLaga….
    i reaLly lOve jaRed…..

  365. 365 : dolphin lover Says:

    kung sana sa totoong buhay, may lalaking katulad ni jarred kang!
    nakakakilig talaga ang mga moments nila jarred at jackie!!!
    nakaka in-love!!! manuod kau sa episode mamaya! (“,)…

  366. 366 : Goong Ju Says:

    It was just OK for me. Don’t really fancy it

  367. 367 : nick Says:

    ayyyyyyyyyyy…….. grabe ang cute ni jarred, ang cute ng lips, dimple, eye at chin nya pag tumatawa, yon ang sinasabing ngiti pa lang ulam na, kaya di me magtaka bakit sa totoong buhay na in love si jackie sa kanya. hay naku kelan kaya me makakakita ng katulad ni jarred. mas madami pang kilig moments ang dalawa lalo na ng naging silang dalawa na ang sweet ni jarred napakalambing, dont miss that episode….

  368. 368 : ice drool Says:

    T_T ang ganda tlga!!!
    sna magkaron ng dubbed na dvd kc mas interesting panuoriiiiiiin.LOL

  369. 369 : aejie Says:

    i used to got to bed early bcoz i go to work very early in the morning but eversince i watched LOVERS i don’t care about the time anymore. I really fell in love with the story. I wish i can see Lee Seo Jin in person. I wish he’ll come here in the Philippines.

  370. 370 : -gweiyz- Says:

    I watch LOVERS every night but because of my addiction to the story, i bought a dvd of it and watched the entire drama for two nights. Grabe sa puyat but it was all worth it!!! the story is so ganda talaga.. nakaka in love. sana it would also happen in real life.. may jared ba talga in real life? napaka sweet and caring and protective nya… kahit na napanood ko na, ill stil watch it every night!!! hope other romantics would also enjoy the drama!!! =)

  371. 371 : CJ Says:

    i still love this drama. and i’ll always be in love with this… excellent story. i love the cast!! LSJ is so HOT!! promise!

  372. 372 : tezia Says:


    Grabeng gusto ko teleserye to kasi nagmamadali me umuwi para lang mapanood to at talang bagay na bagay silang dalawa (jackie at Jarred), grabe picture at website ni jarred na search ko na kaya lang hindi ko maintindihan, buntis naman me pinaglilihan ko na nga si jared kasi gusto ko palagi nakikita picture nya.. hay naku naloloka na me sa lovers nayan talagang maganda..

  373. 373 : ninyah Says:

    dearest lovers,

    we love the movie lovers here in the Philippines.You have a million of fans here.Hoping you came here in the philippines.PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER MOVIE SAME ACTRESS AND SAME ACTORS,DRAMA WITH COMEDY AND ACTION.
    LOVERS,DON’T FORGET THE MOVIE IS WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  374. 374 : dolphin lover Says:

    Nakakakilig talaga c jackie at jarred! Talagang mahal na mahal na nila ang isa’t isa pero alam nilang hindi nila pwedeng ipaglaban ang pag-ibig nila. Hay! Nakaka in-love ang LOVERS!

  375. 375 : dolphin lover Says:

    may tanong ako.. dba gusto na ni lorin na maghiwalay na sila ni jarred? dba nga sabi nya ay wala ring mangyayari sa relationship nila dahil wala ng pagmamahal c jarred sa kanya? eh, bakit sa episode kagabi ay ayaw niya itong pakawalan? bakit gusto pa rin niyang ituloy ang kasal nila ni jarred kahit alam niyang hindi na talaga siya mahal lalaki? bakit???

  376. 376 : jhed Says:

    kep up the god worki lo\ve d show sana may pinoy version…………………………thks love ol k kau no one can bet u abs cbn

  377. 377 : dolphin lover Says:

    wag na mg pinoy version! pangit kng pinoy! peace! (“,)…

  378. 378 : aLeana Says:

    maybe because ayaw niang
    magka2luyan ung dalawa and mas nasaktan sya nung makita nia cla
    jarred and jackie together!

  379. 379 : aLeana Says:

    i lovE tHeM tLga!
    sA mGa ChRistiAn jAN!
    Di nA pO xA -Lee Han..
    giNamt nia nA UnG reAl nAmE Nia aS
    sCrEen nAmE..
    Kim nAm giL!

    jArRed aNd jAckie..
    kiLig kAu!
    aLsO 2 chRistiAn aNd iRene!

  380. 380 : pre_j Says:

    its a nice story …. mejo connected kc saken ‘to …. 1st time ma-inlove pero nasaktan din lang ako whew!!! dats life…. katulad n katulad ng situation en its rily hard………. i really love jackie kahit nung lovers in paris pa, di ko lang kc ncmulan but now gusto ko maview till last episode…. nakakaiyak, GB all 🙂

  381. 381 : megz Says:

    _so00oooo adDicting!!!!

    _proMise guyZ!

    _u’l never gonna regret the puyat,..

    _sana may part 2!

    _sana rin pumunta dito si lee seo jin sa philippines!

    _oh my god!

    _he is so0 s0oooo HOT!

    _i wana marry him!

    _hinding-hindi ako magsasawa na “LOVERS”



  382. 382 : yang Says:

    :this was one of my maxim favorite..not corny otherwise full of kilig!..hope i could find an ideal man like jarred do!..

  383. 383 : lovers addict Says:

    i love lovers~! so much!
    i love jackie and jarred!
    sila ang unang couple na nakapagpakilig sakin! hehe ^_^

  384. 384 : ysa Says:

    I really addicted and watch LOVERs bcoz it so very nice Koreanovela it is so very funny, romantic etch. LSJ how handsome he is ang KJE how pretty she is.. hope u will visit Philippines and guests in BOY and Kris!! ysa

  385. 385 : minah Says:

    …..gwapoh nih kenneth at christian!!!!…ahnm..npa2cn qoh..prng may gus2 c christian kay lorin!!!…22o bah??….mku2long bah c jared d2…z napanuod qoh sah u-tube…nka-posas sya!!!!……

  386. 386 : aLeana Jane Says:

    nAaAdik nA tLga qcUe!
    xUpEr kiLig!
    Last 3 wEeKs nA!
    hAaAy ..
    maGwA2kAs nA 2!
    Im gOnNa miZ DeM ..

    All oF tHeM!
    JaRrEd ‘n jAckie!!
    tHeIr FuNny ‘n kiLig mOmEnts!

    D’ ACtion..
    oN thE gAngstER Side..

    aLL ThE cAst!

    wAts tHe EnDing pO bA?
    EXcitiNg eE?

    aSk qCue Lan’ dN..
    Wat wiLL hApPen bA qHei chRistiAn ‘n iRene d2?
    nAtU2wA qC qCue sA KaniLa!
    teLL mE nAMn pOh pLz..
    tExT mE pO!
    Datz my nUmbEr!
    pLz .. pLz .. pLz..

    iM BeGgiNg gUyS!

    pRa din mAy cHikAhan nA!
    ThAnX xa iNiUe!

    xUpEr.. iM goNnA miZ LoveRs!
    hAaAy ..

  387. 387 : mich Says:

    i just watched Lovers in dvd last night. ang haba pala.
    sa sobrang excitement ko, fast forward agad ako to see the ending.
    basta pag hindi scenes ni jared at jackie, fast forward agad.
    grabe ang emotions pero nakakatuwa kasi sa huli, sila rin pala.
    makukulong si jared pero jackie will wait for him.
    tapos sa ending, pramis, sobrang nakakaiyak.
    pero halikan to the max. hehe..

  388. 388 : twaia209 Says:

    4 mor episodes left….whuhuhuhu.
    but ders a lot mor “kilig” momnts pah.hahahaha
    sna never ending nlng ag lovers. (how i wish!!! ^_*)
    nd i really wish kje nd lsj will team up agen 4 another korean drama.

    ei, my fellow lovers addict
    do u hav any new updates about d couple n real life???

    iv heard dat lee seo jin’s current drama yi san is near to end. nd d couple will left for new york for a magazine photo shoot when d drama ends mybe dis june nah. ds wil be kje’s first trip to ny nd it’ll b xtra special bcoz she’s wid lsj nd as we all know lsj studied in nyu, so hw sweet dba??

    frnds, f u hav other upd8s kndly post rin ha.tanx!!!

  389. 389 : dolphin lover Says:

    Nakakakilig talaga pag nagkukulitan na sila jarred at jackie! hehehe!
    Gusto ko rin mgkatuluyan sina irene at christian pero parang wlang gusto c christian kay irene..

    I can relate to jackie’s situation especially when lorin confronted her about jarred at sinampal ni lorin c jackie.. Well, hindi nman ako nasampal talaga pero i have been in a situation na inaway ako dati ng ex ng boyfriend ko kasi daw inagaw ko sa kanya yung boyfriend niya. Pero nung time na iyon ay friends pa lang nman kami nung guy and hindi ko intention na ma in-love sa guy.. It just happened and I didn’t expect na nasira ko na pala ang relationship nila.. Later, naging kami na nung guy.. Parehas na parehas talaga sa situation ni jackie at sobra akong nakarelate..

    Anyway, me and my boyfriend are still happy ang going stronger pa rin.. So, I’ll be watching LOVERS till the end at susubaybayan ko bawat episode kasi aabangan ko ang magiging ending..

    More Power to LOVERS!!!

  390. 390 : katyx Says:


    ang cute ni jared…………….



    the best……………………………………..

  391. 391 : nick Says:

    I understand Lorin, kaya nasaktan nya si Jakie, napakasakit talaga sa isang babae na iwanan ka ng isang taong mahal mo na naging sentro na ng buhay mo sa mahabang panahon, much worse pa nga ang sa akin kasi we had kids. But sa telenovela to natututo kong tanggapin ang sitwasyon namin na di talaga kami para sa isa’t isa. I just keep on praying na maovercome ko lahat ng pain. But i’m much more lucky than Lorin coz i had my kids and that is one thing my husband could not have. In this novela you can learn many things in life, learning the true love and true happiness in life. More power to Jared and Jakie.

  392. 392 : riza jean_cutie Says:

    nakakabaliw tlaga ang lovers……!!!!!!!!!!sana magkaroon ulit ng korean drama sina jackie at jarred………!!!!!!!!!!!!

  393. 393 : Charlene Says:

    I dont know what would be my night routine if lovers has ended..I might go crazy cgro.. Im Deeply in love with the personality of jarred.. I Wish I could see him in person..

  394. 394 : rhaezz Says:

    hay!!! Sobrang kakilig talga ng drama na to. i’ve always been a fan of korean drama… pero this one is really a more mature story pero just the same, sooooo nakakakilig…. i can’t have a good sleep kung di ko to mapapanood… hay naku malapit na ang ending…kaya every episode is exciting….

  395. 395 : dolphin lover Says:

    Nakakakilig talaga ang episode kagabi!!! Ang sweet talaga ni jarred!!! Nakaka in-love talaga ang character ni jarred!!! Kumanta pa siya para kay jackie kasi daw ngayon ay masaya na siya. Ang sweet talaga kasi kumanta pa siya kahit alam niyang hindi siya sintonado at ang scene ay sa tabing dagat with matching sunset pa!!! Nakilig din ako nung nag offer siya ng kamay para kay jackie at ngholding hands silang dalawa habang naglalakad!!! Ay, talagang nkakakilig!!!!! Tapos na offer pa siya ng coat niya para kay jackie para hindi ito malamigan. At ang the best na eksena ay nung nasa isang room nlang sila ni jackie. Natatawa ako kay jackie kasi hindi talaga siya mapakali! Hehehe! Hanggang sa tumabi c jarred kay jackie at hinawakan niya ang kamay nito at inakbayan niya ito hanggang sa makatulog silang dalawa! Ay, sobra talagang nkakakilig!!!!! Hay naku, nakikilig talaga ako kina jarred at jackie!!!!!!! Nakakakilig talaga ang LOVERS!!!!!

  396. 396 : sweetie Says:

    hi….subrang ganda talaga ang lovers sana my dvd copy yan in tagalog version……cge na pls isa ako sa bibili…hehehehehe! ang gwapo talaga ni jared….kangshai….

  397. 397 : donna Says:

    i really get hooked with lovers….hay!ang gwapo ni jarred with those dimples…hmmmm….gangster n tumitiklop s babaeng knyang minamahal..hope to find that kind of guy(astig but very passionate…will do anything for a woman he loves)jarred…akin k nlng!hehe…and same with jackie every time i see her it reminds me of ate Vi….hehehe!ayt?

  398. 398 : dolphin lover Says:


    if anyone knows wer i can buy a dvd of LOVERS with tagalog version, pls pls pls tel me wer and il buy it!


  399. 399 : nick Says:

    grabee………… sana may Jarred pa akong makita sa mundong ito, how i wish punta sila dito pinas…. me rin wait ko ang tagalog version ng lovers i hope abs-cbn will that kasi pinalabas nila ang sa sring waltz kahit pa magkano bibili me kasi ito ang pinakamagandang telenovela nilang pinalabas, i could not forget this story.

  400. 400 : CJ Says:

    i love Lovers because of the story and the characters. Nkakakilig si Jarred though there are times na may pagka-EMO ung lines niya.. pero kinikilig ako. grabe! his dimples are the best!!! and the best thing na Jarred did is ung lumuhod pa siya sa harap ni Lorin para lang palayain siya because he loves Jackie so very much! awww.. how i wish may gumawa nun para sakin.. hindi ung may luluhod sa harap ko para palayain siya… i love LEE SEO JIN.!!

  401. 401 : ANDIE CHOI Says:


  402. 402 : ANDIE CHOI Says:

    THE SAME AS YOU GUYZ. I LOVE lovers also nice story and im very happy to know that they were really a real couple. they both good actor and actress…. marami nga natatawa skin why daw i like watching it kasi chaka yung mga character but watching it ng tulo-tuloy you will really apreciate the story kakaiba sya from the others when you laygh tuloy-tuloy…the sad emotion nadadala ka rin kim jung eun and lee seo jin ay magagaling plus christian and irene nakakakilig talga kaso malapit na syang matapos two weeks nlang…….ADDICT DIN AKO EH…HE,HE wala akong pinalalampas

  403. 403 : twaia20 Says:

    ang lahat n naloloka k jarred
    try nu pumunta x website nia,..
    at lalo kaung maloloko x katawan nia.hehe
    seojinlee.com ata., try nu lng.

    lovers, best storyline ever.
    and amzing cast.

  404. 404 : julian pascual Says:

    ??ang gwpo ni jarred bagay cla ni jAckie dapat magmahalan kau til death khit na isang gangster si jarred hindi ganun ang love kung hahayaan mu ang isang tao na masaktan dahil nagkamali xia o dahil hndi maganda ang trabaho nya …im 3rd yir from Holy Angel University..

  405. 405 : jaycee javier Says:

    alam nyo sinusubaybayan koh din ang LOVERS sana mkatagpo din ako ng katulad ni jarred…whahahaha ang sweet nilang dalawa… cute din nmn si kenneth ehhh….wheeeeh…..

  406. 406 : broken Says:

    i love Lovers… may kilala nga akong nkaka-relate sa story nito eh.. ndi nman gangster ung guy at di rin doctor ung girl…. related sa kanila dhil ung jarred may lorin din tpos buntis din kaso ung gusto ni jarred nga is si Jackie.. kya aun. Lovers ung tawag ko sa kanila… haha.. kya love ko tong Lovers eh :)) go go LOVERS!!!! i lalalalalaLOVE it!!!

  407. 407 : ashley20 Says:

    im also a viewer of lovers ganda ng story,..kkkilig pagkaastig ni jarred.,..love q tlga xa.,…

  408. 408 : camille Says:

    ang ganda ng story ng lovers sana in reality cla….. i hope sana magkaroon cla together ng koreanovela hit ang gwapo kc ni jarred….nakkakkainlab ung dimples nia………

  409. 409 : CJ Says:

    sina Jarred and Jackie po sa real life.. as in REAL LOVERS sila. and it happened while they’re doing the drama.. astig noh!! cool! kung ako rin nman ang nsa Lovers, maiinlove tlga ako kay Lee Seo Jin eh.. super HOT kaya niya 🙂

  410. 410 : aiz Says:

    ako! addicted to lovers sobrang unique ng story.hehe saka ang cute ni jarred lalo na pag ngumingiti. naawa ako ke lorin pero wah eh anu nga ba magagawa nia diba..buti na lang pinabayaan nia ng maging masaya si jarred…….2wks to go nalang haaaaaaaay

  411. 411 : nessah Says:

    …gosh! the story is very beautiful.. and all the cast there… hehehe ang ganda talaga ng story nya.. at kagaya ng iba ADDICT rin ako araw araw ina abangan ko talaga ang lovers..

  412. 412 : nick Says:

    ayaw kong matapos ang lovers……. sana ireplay uli kagaya ng princess hours, please……………. i really love this story. Kahit panibagong telenovela pero si lee seo jin uli ang di ba. Sobra talagang lakas ng dating nya, dimple, mata, ang galing nyang magdala ng damit sobra. I really like his brown shoes together w/ his black suit sobra, Kaya everytime makakita ako ng brown shoes na patilos with shoe lace sya naaalalala ko, mag log on kayo sa seojinlee.com mas madami pa syang magagandang pictures sobra galing nyang model sobrang sobra……

  413. 413 : neri mae Says:

    ang pogi ni jarred…
    sna pmunta xa d2 sa pinas…
    grebe tlaga…
    invasion n 2…
    go g0o go…

  414. 414 : neri mae Says:

    i love u jarred….
    tsup tsup tsup….

  415. 415 : mimi2008 Says:

    I like watching Lovers. Seo jin is a good actor. I like the way he portrayed the character of Jarred and of course he’s good looking. I like him best when he smiles with his dimples showing! After watching Lovers, i tried my best to get hold of DVDs of his previous works. I recently watched DAMO and he’s really terrific. Wishing you success in all your endeavors.

  416. 416 : kinsme Says:

    hey, guys lam u tapus kuna napuod 2ng lovers pro sinusubaybayan ku parin to sa tv kc ang ganda ulit-ulitin tlga cant resist to watch jarred grabe ang charm nya nakakalaglag tlga grabe ang swerte nman n jacky nakilala nya c jarred, sana i wish aku den makilala c jarred in person. . .good luck guys keep up the good job!

  417. 417 : ganymede Says:

    guyz if you want to watch the complete episode of lover with english subs log on to http://www.mysoju.com
    i love LOVERS….

  418. 418 : dolphin lover Says:

    huhuhu! nkakaawa nman c jarred at ni chairman (yung papa niya)… talagang napakahalaga ni jarred para sa papa niya.. nkakalungkot lang talaga kasi kung kailan pwede na silang magkasama bilang tunay na mag-ama ay saka naman may trahedyang nangyari kay chairman kang. naaawa din ako kay kenneth kasi talagang tinuring na niya na tunay na ama c chairman kang at mahal din niya ito.. nakakalungkot din kasi hindi niya narinig o nakausap man lang ang tinuring niyang daddy sa huling sandali ng buhay nito.. hindi niya narinig nung humingi ito ng tawad kay kenneth.. hayy… nkakalungkot talaga… 🙁

  419. 419 : Janice Says:

    Lovers is a drama that is really worth-watching. 🙂 I love Lee Seo Jin’s dimples. and i love the way he loves Kim Jung Eun’s character. A great drama with great actors.. i also love Lee Seo Jin’s half brother…. They’re both HOT! 😀

  420. 420 : shie Says:

    waaaaaaaaahhh… TWO THUMBS UP for LOVERS…. the best!!! THE BEST DRAMA and STORY EVER…. waaaaaaaaaaahh… GREAT CAST and DIRECTORS… ONE OF A KIND…. congratulations!!!

  421. 421 : twaia Says:

    3 more nights to go, pnu b.yan wla nang lovers
    sna i.replay nla at sna abs will air other korean drama of
    lee seo jin, hmmmmmph. ill nver get tired of him,
    if you fell in love w/ him x lovers
    much more x real life kc sobra niang humble at gentleman.hehehe

    aja lovers.
    best korean drama ever.

  422. 422 : nick Says:

    nakakalungkot kasi matatapos na ang lovers, parang di na kompleto araw ko ng wala na ang lovers. Hoping na ireplay nila uli kasi one of a kind talaga ang lovers ang daming moral lesson na makukuha mo. Sana kahit tapos na ang lovers magkatuluyan talaga si Jarred at Jackie sa real life kasi bagay talaga sila. Kung matutuloy ang photoshot nila sa States mailabas dito sa Pinas ang magazine nila. Hoping din me na ipalabas ang freeze ni Lee Seo Jin maganda rin sya eh. Mga lovers lets just pray for the both of them they may continue thier love stoty in real life.

  423. 423 : tamagurl87 Says:

    ano ba ang name ni CHRISTIAN ha…….gkapoy nko ug pangita…..

  424. 424 : aLeaNa .. Says:

    WakAz nA 2 2night!
    nAka2fRuSTrAte aNg lAst wEek niA!
    bUgbugAn 2 d’ mAx ..
    pRo aUz diN!
    wiLLing tLagAng mAg-aNtay cEe jAckie!
    7 yeArs!

    iNfaiRneZ dN kLa cHristiAn aNd iRene!

    lUv Diz!

  425. 425 : Sierra Says:

    , yup, end na sya mamaya, maganda ang Lovers, ,maganda ang story nya, simple lang pero until the end di mo alam kung ano ang ending, saka marami kang mapupulot na mga ideas, as well as moral values, what i like most sa mga korean drama is yung di sila mahalay, di sila naghahalikan ng matagal, eto lang yatang lovers ang nagbreak ng record na un, (hehehe)..

  426. 426 : jessica Says:

    ganda po tlaga ng lovers…sana po if my chance makita o sila…hahahah…..tlagang fan po ako nila….hooooooo!!!!!!!!!LOVERS!!!!

  427. 427 : CJ Says:

    imma miss lovers.!! i love LEE SEO JIN!! hotness!!

  428. 428 : nick Says:

    hay naku nakakalungkot kasi tapos na ang lovers, sana ireplay…… Pero sana magtuloytuloy pa rin in real life ang love story nina Lee Seo Jin at Kim Jung Eun bagay talaga sila…… San gawan nila ng part 2 bitin kasi me, gusto ko pa makita kung paano nila tinuloy ang love story nila. Mamimiss ko talaga ang lovers lalo na si Jarred sana may lalake pang katulad nya sa mundo. Hay naku nakakaloka talaga ang character nya kaya di ko masisi si jackie na nainlove sya ng husto kay jarred and willing syang maghintay kahit gaano katagal. To Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun thanks for giving us hope in life coz in your telenovelo i learn many things in life. Good luck ….

  429. 429 : ...kitty_phink_heart_27^-^ Says:

    ……..haaayyyyy…i will miss you jarred!!!!
    …. for me, you`re a perfect guy!!!
    ….i dont care if hindi cla nagaguwapuhan sayo…basta for me, you`re a perfect ideal guy….

    …….. i will miss and i will never forget your dramaserye…
    …super ganda…the most touchable drama na napanood q in my whole life….
    …..super kilig!!!

    ……..sana kayo forever ni jackie…tumgal and gumanda pa sana relationship niyo…(in real life)

    ……..sana ulitin uli ang program!!!
    ……..sana may part 2!!!!!!


  430. 430 : manisan Says:

    i haven’t watch any of this week’s episodes. my schedule doesn’t allow me. tonight is the final episode. i just hope that jacky and jared will be together in the end. best wishes for the couple.

  431. 431 : may martinez Says:

    lovers is so nice and beautiful…..
    i watch it every night……

  432. 432 : aia Says:

    although lovers had ended
    ill nver stop wishing that someday they (lsj and kje) team up for
    another project…
    sobrang m.mimiss ko ang lovers
    at sana forever n sina lsj and kje..,
    goodluck to this couple nlng coz’
    am really a huge fan of both…

    lovers d’ best!!!

  433. 433 : Gab Says:

    love ko talaga ang lovers…sana i-replay..pleassse………sana may bilihan ng original DVD ng mga pinalabas na asianovelas sa abs-cbn tulad ng meteor garden noon…in tagalog nah ba….+

  434. 434 : CJ Says:

    imma miss seeing LSJ every night. i hope there will be a replay of Lovers… please please!! i love it!! i hope there will be a dvd in TAGALOG VERSION!!! please ABSCN?!? i super duper love LOVERS and LSJ and KJE.!!

  435. 435 : Mabelle Says:

    waaahhh…i really like the love team of jarred ang jackie.. sobrang bagay cla and also their characters really affects viewers’ emotions..hehe (positive nman) sobrang nakakakilig ung character ni jarred. nagkaroon tuloy ako ng crush to one of my officemates dahil feelin ko look alike cia ni jarred..waaahhh.. sana may replay or another project uli cla ni jackie..sobrang “in” sa viewers ito! one of the best!

  436. 436 : mmlinma Says:

    I found LSJ and KJE playing themselves in “On Air”. you have to find out what he said about where they are going in their relationship! love it!

  437. 437 : criz Says:

    grbe uber nkarelate ako sa story,, d ako mhilig sa korean novels but when i watched lovers grabe nag-iba tlga,, parang buong story d2 mka22hana,, nkakakilig pa yung love story,, naku sana in reality magka2luyan si jackie and jared,, uber bagay tlga silang 2 as in.. sana my is pa silang novel love team sila ulit tyak papatok tlga sila.. bsta ko aja aja lovers!! mabuhay kayo.!! i heart you guys.!!

  438. 438 : jc Says:

    to the person who asked for the name of “Christian” in real life, he is Kim Nam Gil.

    Kudos to Lovers! Great Korean Drama!

  439. 439 : jhanette Says:

    Super ganda tlga ng lovers..Super favorite koreanovela koh aside from Princess hours..Sana nmn mgrelease ang ABS-CBN ng oiriginal DVD ng Lovers in tagalog version..Please!!I really love this korean series tlga..Sana may replay pero wag nmn sana every saturday and sunday lng..Saka wag 10 am i-air. Mas mganda pg afternun or gabi.

    Lee Seo Jin is so hot..super lakas ng appeal..Grabe naka2baliw!I actually fell in love with his character as Jarred. Super loving and romantic..How I wish I could find someone like him to be with 4ever.

  440. 440 : eilahtan Says:

    i have tagalog version.you can email me at [email protected],thanks

  441. 441 : cj Says:

    hey, what do you mean u have the tagalog version? meron kang what?

  442. 442 : shainye Says:

    nakakalungkot at tapos na ang lovers.. pero ok lang kasi lovers naman talaga sila in real life… hehehehe
    KJE may bago syang movie na “forever the moment”, maganda ang trailer at this year may bago rin syang series… excited na me na mapanood ito…

  443. 443 : dayna Says:

    ..hello guys ;p

    like everyone here, i am also a fan of this wonderful korean novela LOVERS…

    …i really like this drama and like you guys i’m also addicted to it..

    …ahhmm i need your help guys, can anyone please give me the english lyrics of Yun in by jo jang hyuk the theme song of Lovers…

    … i hope there’s someone could help me thank you 😉

    …pls. send it in this e-add [email protected]

    ..owww pretty pls pls…

  444. 444 : CJ Says:

    hanggang ngayon nami-miss ko pa rin si Jarred. hindi ako sanay ng walang LOVERS tuwing gabi.. replay it please! 🙂 and also a tagalod DVD.. 😀

  445. 445 : sam Says:

    Lovers is 1 of d superb korean novelas that i’ve been addicted to! Galing at cute talaga ni Doc Jackie, i love d way she carried on her roles. At c fafa Jarred! Nakuh, he’s supremely HOT! Killer smile, cute dimples & such stunning eyes! So glad to hear na totoong cla in real life, they look great together, don’t u guys agree? Nakuh, fafa jarred kung nkakaintindi k ng tagalog, and2 lng poh ako ha, handang handang mging LOVER moh! hahaha! Sna nga mgkaron po ng TAGALIZED DVD!

  446. 446 : janice Says:

    i agree with you!! super hot ni LSJ!! woohoo!! i love him in this series!!! and KJE was great!!! tagalized dvd please.!! 🙂

  447. 447 : asnaira Says:

    hi, its so very beautiful novels, and the character are so best in acting

  448. 448 : zamme Says:

    please make a sequel of lovers!!!!love it!!!!nice plot and lsj is uper cute!!!

  449. 449 : backayon mary claire Says:

    hhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiii idolllll

  450. 450 : janice_singapore Says:

    Oh Korean seemed “Wedding Bells” coming next couple……….you’re getting marry? When? After Kwon sang Woo. Kim & Lee……looking forward.

  451. 451 : zel Says:

    sila in real life???
    wow how nice naman..
    pati daw ba si kwon sang woo ay ikakasal na???

  452. 452 : CJ Says:

    it’s true that sila in real life. and si Kwon Sang Woo ikakasal na rin. Lovers is my most favorite koreanovela. i love it so very much!

  453. 453 : janice Says:

    i miss lovers… 🙁 and lee seo jin and kim jung eun! they’re the best!

  454. 454 : Kat Says:

    This is one of my fave dramas and Lee Seo-jin is HOT!!! Love his dimples and voice.

  455. 455 : Whilyn Says:

    I hate it na hindi sila nagkatuluyan.. kailangan may sequel.. the ending is soooo cruel… i lost 21 hrs 35 min 43 seconds of sleep… kainis!

  456. 456 : Grace Tan Says:

    Hi there,

    I can’t access to watch on line for this drama. Pls advise. Thank you.

  457. 457 : Grace Tan Says:


    I can watch on line for the drama already la. Why? Can pls advise. I have left with last few episodes. Txs.

  458. 458 : akin Says:

    I’ve watched this film for more than 5 times! I luv the romance, some funny scenes especially bout the member of gangsters :D. Luv it..luv it n i hope LSJ will purpose KJE soon.. What a nice couple..

  459. 459 : manilyn Says:

    its kinda beautiful

  460. 460 : manilyn Says:

    -the story is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  461. 461 : grace Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!ur handsome lee seo jin!!!!!!!!!!

  462. 462 : elma Says:

    This is the korean film that all members of our family love very much. The story is very, very good, everything is the best. I love it.

  463. 463 : jo Says:

    i love this drama ‘lovers’. i love the lead actor & lead actress too. highly recommended and u would not regret by wathcing it. trust me.

  464. 464 : lee Says:

    I like to see this korea drama lovers

  465. 465 : dwi purwanti Says:

    i very like this drama.coz i like kim and lee get merry,because them verry cool n cute i love them in drama LOVERS.please don’t break your love kim n lee bravo,if i hear you break i’ll crying n my heart is very hurts.bravooo…………………don’t leaving your love.god blessing you any where,thanks *******I.L.O.V.E.U

  466. 466 : dramafan Says:

    my favorite drama with great acting and good story line.
    glad that lee seo jin and kim jung eun are a couple!! hope they stay together forever.

  467. 467 : judith Says:

    i really miss this movie,,,

  468. 468 : mey Says:

    i love this movie..

  469. 469 : DY Says:

    I want to watch this show but i want to know if the ending is a happy or sad one. I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me 🙂 Thanks!

  470. 470 : Drina Rom Jakarta Says:

    First time i Saw tHis series is When i am Looking for best drama to be watched on Mysoju…
    and this got 5 STAR on it rank..
    i saw the synopsys and i looove kim jung Eun in LOvers in Paris… seeing the male lead character… i knew he is the man who played in Phoenix…
    plastic surgeon and mobSter… mmmmhmmm… i’m wondering…
    i watched it… get addicted… and just loved it!!!!!
    the chemistry of Yoon Min Joo and Ha KAng Jae is the Greatest of all!!!
    you must be felt that it is a true love…
    I even let my tears wet my veil when Kang Jae’s father died…
    I cried also when I hear Lee Seo Jin sang the ost.Lovers to Jung Eun in youtube and knew that the couple already broke up (GOD! WHYYYY?????)
    BUt I know…
    If they’re soulmate…
    Love’ll find the Way…

  471. 471 : mey Says:

    the best k-drama i ever watched.. luv u LSJ 😉

  472. 472 : saba Says:

    hi where can i watch the lovers.

  473. 473 : DY Says:

    You can watch it on mysoju.com saba 🙂

  474. 474 : WEN Says:

    my freinds n` i lov to watch korea drama n` movies i lov to watch “Tree in Heaven” so 3 times the first it`s so funny after @ the end so really made me cry for Yunxi how Hena no see anymore……so really best drama n` director.

    from cambodia.

  475. 475 : CJ Says:

    i want this drama to have a sequel!

  476. 476 : Nellie Says:

    Best drama ever. Has comedy, romance and action.
    DY: YES to your question!

    I have five favorite dramas and Lover’s is #1. Other favs: Thank You, Couple or Trouble; Last Scandal of My Life; Coffee Prince.. I could live off these and never watch anything else!!

  477. 477 : Paris Says:

    Great drama!! Wonderful actors!!

  478. 478 : candice seaton Says:


  479. 479 : butterfly Says:

    I love the show thankyou very much for songs. But I have a question does anybody have the song Dr. Yoon listening on radio (in first episode)while she was driving? Or Does anybody knows the name of the song and singer?

  480. 480 : Essy Says:

    이서진♥김정은 OMG i love this drama!! but i dont get the ending!! does she leave or stay? i wish i could know ㅠㅠ i want this drama to continue~ lee seo jin so hott~ i wish he did another drama but hes too too old >.

  481. 481 : kim Says:

    I fall in love with Lovers. Watched it over and over again!

  482. 482 : julie Says:

    does anyone know where i can buy, or if they are selling the lovers series. i live in cork ireland and am only able to watch one episode on the internet so i really want to see the rest. thanks

  483. 483 : LuoXiaoLing Says:

    I really don’t understand the ending….

    But then again I kinda didn’t really finish it.. I had to go to bed lol it was sooo late but I wanted to know if it was a happy ending (or else I wouldn’t have been able to sleep at all)

    Somebody pls explain? ^^

  484. 484 : LuoXiaoLing Says:

    Julie, you can watch it here: http://www.mysoju.com

    And I forgot to add to my previous comment:

    Lee Seo Jin IS HOT!!!! I want to kiss his dimple lol

  485. 485 : julie Says:

    i checked the website mysoju.com to watch lovers but it doesnt work after the first episode. does any know what other websites i might be able to watch it on. i tried it on youtube as well but that also doesn’t work.

  486. 486 : Toh Yew Seng Says:

    I rented korean drama call “lovers” because it is the third and final series of the love story, interesting and nice. I like Kim Jung Eun as the idol.

  487. 487 : gw ! Says:

    Lee Seo Jin has the cutest dimples >_

  488. 488 : lira Says:

    i really love story its amazing…. a fool gangster fallen in love.. haha love never measure it

  489. 489 : star Says:

    im ADDICTED to dis telenovela story…

    until now im starting to watch it all over again..

    da cast are great!,,.. 🙂

    it is 1 of a kind story of a gangster hu r tough outside but soft hearted in side..

    i RELI LOVE DIS TELENOVELA… it inspires me a lot,..


    KIP UP DA GUD WORK!,.. ;0

  490. 490 : jharfe Says:

    what’s the ending? thanks 🙂

  491. 491 : jhoe Says:

    wow ang cute tlga ni jarred nkakakilig tlga cla…
    pmatay lahat ng cnsbi nya…action n comedy…..
    kilig grabe
    love u jarred

  492. 492 : su jin Says:

    sna ktulad q c jackie o kya aq nlang sya.

  493. 493 : ivy rosae Says:

    ang ganda ng story…..hahayzzz….sana kasing swerte ko rin c jackie..ang cute ng dimple ni jared..

  494. 494 : vic Says:

    when will repair be done?

  495. 495 : shania baduya Says:


  496. 496 : jhoe Says:

    i really get hooked with lovers….hay!ang gwapo ni jarred with those dimples…hmmmm….gangster n tumitiklop s babaeng knyang minamahal..hope to find that kind of guy(astig but very passionate…will do anything for a woman he loves)jarred…ang cute muh tlga

  497. 497 : maria Says:

    oh…..i realy love this drama, it was so touch my feeling.

  498. 498 : gelyn Says:

    so…….grabe ang gwapo n garred…hook n hook ako s kenya….yan ang tipo ng guy..man na man ang dating…kilig 2 d max…..yan ang ultimate type of guy ko…smile palang hay……….sulit na ang umaga

  499. 499 : Rebecca Says:

    I always watch ed that Korean drama because i love that kind of story.. And i like it..

  500. 500 : Rebecca Says:

    I always watched that Korean drama! i loved it so much! i like that story..

  501. 501 : dee Says:

    GOD!! Really love this drama..I’m fall in love with Lee!! Love him soooooo much ^_^

    Lovers is the best korean drama I’ve seen..

    Kim n Lee r best couple in this drama..

  502. 502 : Səltənət Says:

    Lee Seo jin seni sevirem.Mən AZƏRBAYCANDAN yazıram.İ love you sooooooooooooooo much.

  503. 503 : chee Says:

    i love this korean drama! the best ever! they’re definitely a perfect match- Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun…

  504. 504 : irae Says:

    i like this drama from the first episod till the end. what a great drama…everybody should watch it. the line story was so amazing. Great great great. Love LOVERS….

  505. 505 : Emma Says:

    Anybody knows where to watch Lovers online with English subs.? The posts on mysoju.com are either horribly out of sync. or broken, and the ones on veoh are without English subs. Other sites that advertise the series have similar problems to mysoju. There are a few episodes here and there on YT and dailymotion but that’s about it. Pity those who started posting the drama on YT stopped because they thought it was available elsewhere. Any tips will be most welcome.

  506. 506 : chx Says:

    where can i watch it with Eng sub? the files on mysoju.com is broken.. can’t find it either on crunchyroll.com and piggymoo.com.. help anyone..

  507. 507 : me! Says:

    i had the very same problem..
    i went to mysoju but the videos were under repairing..
    i really like this drama!

  508. 508 : me! Says:

    i just wanna say that i found a way to watch it..
    u just need to download it from megaupload
    and download the subtitle from d-addicts on this url….http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_41527.htm
    the link is at the bottom of the page.
    when u wannna watch the vid, just drag the subtitle’s file to the video.
    u’r player will find on its own a way to read the file..
    TADA! yay!
    this is all thanks to my bro!

  509. 509 : Suzy Says:

    erm…is there any other site that shows this drama with proper sync…and with eng sub?? thanksss so much!

  510. 510 : Emma Says:

    Thank you ‘me’ for all the info but like ‘Suzy’ I too wonder whether there would be an easier access to this series (with English subs.) online. For people who just cannot do downloads, and I believe we are many.

  511. 511 : Hav Says:

    Hey guys,

    I was looking for information on this drama and I just wanted to let you know that you can watch full episode clips at dramafever . com . They also have a lot of other dramas (only Korean) you can watch too and they are good quality.

    Good luck! 😀

  512. 512 : Jo Says:

    I love the making of this drama.
    Very well delivered by the main characters.
    These two lovely couples hope to succeed in whatever plans they have in future.Cheers to KJE and LSJ.

  513. 513 : ham Says:

    close to the end of episode 14, when BB has arrived and is walking toward Jo Guk there is a beautiful instrumental piece which is not in the OST of this drama. this exact instrumental piece was also alot at the drama “lovers” and also not included on the OST . does anyone know what is the name of this music and where can i find it?
    thank you for your help…

  514. 514 : ham Says:

    In City Hall, close to the end of episode 14, when BB has arrived and is walking toward Jo Guk there is a beautiful instrumental piece which is not in the OST of this drama. this exact instrumental piece was also alot at the drama “lovers” and also not included on the OST . does anyone know what is the name of this music and where can i find it?
    thank you for your help.

  515. 515 : NICVAZ Says:

    ahhhhh en verdad me encanto se ha convertido en
    uno de mis favoritos, la recomiendo mucho
    tiene muy buena trama, en verdad que ningun
    capitulo te aburre,
    la combinacion de actores fue perfecta

  516. 516 : asiangoodsdvd Says:

    cheap korean drama dvd with english subs at affordable prices!!!


  517. 517 : GYG Says:

    is this just a romance drama or a COMEDY romance drama?
    I always got bored every time I watch a serious romance drama.
    I like Comedy Romance Dramas like Coffee Prince, BBF, You’re beautiful, Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung, What’s up Fox, 9 ins 2 outs.

    Can somebody inform me if this drama is a funny one ?

    Thank youuuuuu

  518. 518 : fznlfj Says:

    I LOVE LEEEE SEO JIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  519. 519 : MINJI KONG Says:

    I LOVE him tooo man!! hes has the hottest body ever!!! i love 2pm tooo my best friedns

  520. 520 : lulu Says:

    whee.. kame 2 i n real life.. hehe prehas n prehas tlaga nym nmin sa knila.. jared and jackie.. haha meant 2 be tlga kme.. aw haha

  521. 521 : avril Says:

    gosh! the story is good????

    but ther character and players are too old for this kind story

    so I thinks its’n good either…


  522. 522 : doodo Says:

    the characters are not old!!!! if u watch it ur gona like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they jus look old in the cover.

  523. 523 : SHINee Says:

    the story gets better after the epsidoes where the guy comes to the girls dad town and hidss there from gangsters/

  524. 524 : odree Says:

    hello all, do this film have a happy end or not ???

  525. 525 : Sarah Says:

    This drama have a happy ending! I recommend it!!

  526. 526 : frhdhra Says:

    where can i watch eng sub of the whole movie please?

  527. 527 : MIKKI Says:

    umm… idk but i watched it on mysoju…….. does it work still???????? 😕

  528. 528 : JunHo Says:

    lol this drama was so good. i thought it was the best one so far. i got so disapointed when it ended,,,,,,, i had no good drama to watch!! and now i want lee seo jin to act again!! not on that scary thing coz i cant watch scary stuff 🙁

  529. 529 : jocelyn Says:

    hi read all the comments and really want to watch lovers on free streaming online video. Links provided earlier are either broken or not available in singapore. pl help!

  530. 530 : aigee Says:


  531. 531 : Nana Says:

    Wow so they became a real couple while filming this series, but too bad that they already broken up? is that true? Anyways, super Love all the Lovers series but this is on the bottom of my list though; My ranking:
    1. Lovers in Praque
    2. Lovers in Paris
    3. One Sided Love Affair (On Air)
    4. Lovers

  532. 532 : adjustable beds Says:


  533. 533 : lovers addict Says:

    all feeling you can find in lovers.

    i really love it. it is my favorite korean drama.

    check it out at mysoju.com

  534. 534 : toronoto swingers Says:

    hi read all the comments and really want to watch lovers on free streaming online video. Links provided earlier are either broken or not available in singapore. pl help!

  535. 535 : Lily Says:

    I watch Chinese sub-tittled on Tudou.

  536. 536 : chris Says:

    hi……………….. what is yahoo messeger? pls. answer pls………………

  537. 537 : chris Says:

    thank you

  538. 538 : chris Says:

    Avatar&Fantastic 4

  539. 539 : chris Says:


  540. 540 : kim Yukie Says:

    be my Lovers ???

  541. 541 : scene.gurl Says:

    as iN i reaLLy love this koreanovela ♥”LOVER”♥…
    sPecaiLLy ♥CHRISTIAN♥

  542. 542 : scene.gurl Says:

    untiL nOw i’ sTill watching ♥LOVER♥!!!!
    I cant remember how many times i’ve watched that…
    their story was the best ever koreanovela i’ve seen on television!!!
    i also admire ♥christian♥!!!

  543. 543 : scene.gurl Says:

    hi !!! nana…
    i ‘ve read your comment..
    i also watched “LOVER IN PRAGUE”
    and i also love it!!!! 🙂

  544. 544 : yongketz Says:

    this drama made me crazy…i love it to the max..i love gangsters all the way….makes my heart beats so fast every time lee and kim have a scene…i am ready to fall in love again….

  545. 545 : Yamila Says:

    Wher can i find English Subs for it…

  546. 546 : eqa Says:

    lovers is the best..

  547. 547 : clau14 Says:

    aaahh.., i already miss the cast of “lovers”.., i really loved it!! especially Lee Seo Jin as HA KANG JAE hehheh., i like him a lot.., i hope i can watch it again..,

  548. 548 : jo Says:

    excellent romantic drama n happy ending. recommended.

  549. 549 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i think i’m gonna watch this… 🙂

  550. 550 : madonna Says:

    very good and controlled acting by jared (Lee Seo Kin)…can we, my sister and I meet him when we passed Korea on our way home to Philippines In Dec 2010?…

  551. 551 : yannie Says:

    pengen liat tapi ragu…. beneran seru g nich tmn2???

  552. 552 : Icey26 Says:

    I was extremely disappointed with the ending. I don’t know why most people said the ending was great when the two of them, logicaly due to the drama, wouldn’t be together after all (sorry for the spoilers). Urgh..i’m so frustrated. The storyline was great but the ending.. not so much esp. after what Mi-joo and Kang-Jae have been through. 🙁

  553. 553 : maej Says:

    hey all,

    I’ve watched Lovers from start to middle of episode 20. But I can’t seem to find the ending. Where can I find it please? please? I’d go crazy if I can’t watch the ending. I’ve tried mysoju and dramafever but both has episode 20 broken

  554. 554 : love love Says:

    the ending is “broken” where else can i find the last part of this? i love love love the movie but the last episode isnt working. =/

  555. 555 : mutiara Says:

    it’s a good movie, and a good casts too…

  556. 556 : nining Says:

    seem like serius drama,, but i want to watch it,,

  557. 557 : mel Says:

    is it a great drama to watch?

  558. 558 : Dree Says:

    errr….is there anyone who can tell me……how bout the ending, happy, sad or hanging end…i,m really curious………….

  559. 559 : des Says:

    i like this series,but little dissapointed in the end…..but this series is memorable for us…lovers is where kim nam gil, i first saw him and that now i idolized him more….

  560. 560 : tloris Says:

    Well I watched the raw and have some qustions:
    1.What is the status of Kim Nam Gil’s relationship with that annoying unni?(btw I enjoyed every second of Kim Nam Gil’s face in this drama, I am heartbroken that he is off to military service when all I want is for him to be in 7 dramas at once;))
    2. What do you mean they don’t stay together in the end?They talk on the beach and hug and then the drama ends.
    3.Is he to continue to be a gangster or is he taking over his fathers company?
    4.What was it that the president is trying to tell him before he got stabbed in his apartment?
    5.Wtf is wrong with his haircut when he gets out of jail?
    6.Where can I find links for download or is someone kind enough to upload somewhere(youtube,todou..?) drama freeze also with Lee Seo-jin.
    7.thankyou for the kind ppl who will answer these qustions.

  561. 561 : nining Says:

    it’s a good drama,,

  562. 562 : Qwan Says:

    hey.. 100% sure they are together . I have seen it. great series.

    funny… sad… and happy

    and the end of the day they are together. watch it !

  563. 563 : cj Says:

    I love Lovers. it’s really one of my most favorite k-dramas. It’s just sad that KJE and LSJ broke up. I thought they would end up together.. well, that’s life.

    Anyway, if you haven’t watched this drama yet, you better watch it! it’s really awesome! I swear! 🙂 You won’t regret watching this drama! 🙂

  564. 564 : maej Says:

    I love this drama. Their chemistry was very visible. @ tloris, but the ending has them back together. You know, that dialogue about the kissing gouramie proves it, and they hugged and kissed. Kissing gouramie is a kind of fish that stays together until the end. And when Mi Joo asked Kang Jae to eat with her, that proves it. Remember that scene in the restaurant when Mi Joo mistook him for her brother-in-law? She said kissing gouramie that’s a fish stays together. So when Kang Jae agreed to eat kissing gouramie with her, that only proves that they’re going to stay together for life. As for the company, Kang Jae, told his stepbrother to continue managing it for him.

  565. 565 : miki Says:

    this drama shows us that the ending of every drama isn’t happy 4ever,,,,!!!!
    but the story is very touching,,,,i like it,,,

  566. 566 : Lily Says:

    This is a memorable k drama, like it very much, I enjoy following happy and sad moments, the ending of the departure of the father and great assistant, but I would assume the couple ended up together as Ha Kang Jae soften down.

  567. 567 : Lily Says:

    the picture shown here is not very attractive, but this drama is definitely a must-watch.

  568. 568 : KPOP7.com Says:

    lol the pic used doesn’t look that eye catching, but the drama is definitely good, recommended to all!

    Download Korean Songs & Albums

  569. 569 : lovebee Says:

    I first watched this when it was aired in the Philippines through ABS-CBN. Thinking how young I was back then, like around 10, I really think that the plot is amazing. It has excellent actors too. This kdrama is one of the best. I shall make some time to re-watch this. A must-see drama :>

  570. 570 : Sandali Donna Says:

    Ehila… Hello.Forgive me but my english isn’t nice.however…i really desire to say that i appreciate this article a lot.Many thanks!

  571. 571 : josh77 Says:

    i love this drama..highly recommended..great kicks by lee seo jin very manly, i think im falling……into watching K-Dramas…..should watch it…

  572. 572 : lea Says:

    great K drama….top banget…ga bosen2 ditonton trus aku aja tiap bulan ngulangin untuk nontonnya hehehe….

  573. 573 : sugarhigh Says:

    love the drama… one question though… did he study while he was in prison? saw two translations… the other one mentioned that he studied while serving his sentence… the other did not mention that… im just curious… so did he?

    thanks in advance for replying!

  574. 574 : cj Says:

    yes, kang jae studied while he was in prison.

  575. 575 : ritz Says:

    this drama is soooooooo great!! I love the story and the characters!! LSJ is so HOTTTT!!!

  576. 576 : USA-Mary Says:

    I, personally, am not into ‘bad’ boys, but this drama had some of the finest, most handsome gansters ever! The wardrobe dept. really knew how to dress Kang Jae’s character and some of the others! Whew…what dap dressing men!

  577. 577 : iPhone repair Says:

    Travel to south korea whilst you are their they have the best and most romantic mountain senery and many taoist and buddhist temples.

  578. 578 : USA-Mary Says:

    @iphone repair. Sounds good to me! I’ve had just a peek at some of the mountain scenery while watching dramas…plus have seen some photos taken by expats there. I agree, South Korea’s mountainscapes are romantic and breathtakingly beautiful!

  579. 579 : USA-Mary Says:

    Would like to see a Lovers II…a continuation with the same cast members! It would be something to see…a reformed gangster (hopefully now married Mi Joo) contemplating on returning to take over his father’s company from his not-so half-brother! How would that decision affect his marriage and change his life? hmmmmm Inquiring minds would like to know!

  580. 580 : Snow Says:

    This is a must watch Korean show. I watched it 3 times. Just that my DVD didn’t turn out well for the handholding part after LSJ proposed to his girlfriend. So fed up. I missed that part. Saw on you tube MV, saw him crying. Why? Can someone tell me? Also, where can I buy the soundtrack? Places like yes Asia all sold out!

  581. 581 : Snow Says:

    What is the name of the hotel or resort in the show ? The room that the couple shared for the first time with water waves behind? I would like to go there. So romantic..

  582. 582 : USA-Mary Says:

    @Snow. You can see it again on Mysoju, it’s working fine ! I would like to shed some light on that particular episode you mentioned, but siince I only saw this drama once, I’m not recalling that particular scene at the moment!

  583. 583 : lovejoo Says:

    i love it

  584. 584 : CJ Says:

    True that! Kang Jae is so handsome! I love the way he dresses! He looks perfect with his dimples! 🙂

  585. 585 : merzy (philippines) Says:

    I WATCHED THIS KDRAMA MANY TIMES OVER. I REALLY LIKE THE STORY LINE AND THE CHARACTERS. IT WAS AN AMAZING LOVE STORY AND HAD A GREAT ENDING TOO. I don’t know what did you see at the end, but i can tell you that the story has a great ending. There is no need to tell you in words but their actions speak. CIAO

  586. 586 : Joyz Ann Baclig (Philippines) Says:

    ♥♥♥ beautiful story… wanna watch it again and again… i love the character of kang jae…. its really romantic…. ♥♥♥

  587. 587 : via Says:

    I have been looking for this drama, but coudnt find it.. I really really want to watch this drama.. 🙁

  588. 588 : lovebee Says:

    @via have you tried http://www.mysoju.com/lovers/ ?
    hope this helps! I super loved this show!!

  589. 589 : feedragee0606 Says:

    wow.. i used 2 days to finish watching tis show.. super nice!!!! great ost too.. going to watch it again.. 🙂

  590. 590 : USA-Mary Says:

    I’m going to have a drama watch-fest this weekend…beginning with this drama! I’m going out to get my snacks today! Everyone, enjoy your weekend!

  591. 591 : christine Says:

    i fell in love with lee seo jin and kim jeung eun! hope that they can be together again for real.

  592. 592 : LoveKoreanDrama Says:

    Hey i wanna know if the main actor will get jealous not? is he possessive? and will the supporting actor really fall for her or is he just using her?

  593. 593 : Jie Says:

    hoping that both Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin would realize that their relationship would be better if they get married ang become in a relationship again 🙂

  594. 594 : MeiLeong Says:

    One of my all time favourites, love the chemistry between the leading actors. It looks and feels like the whole thing is being played right infront of you. Well done to the Directors for a great drama.

  595. 595 : MidwestMs Says:

    I have never been so riveted on one of these presentations as I was on this one. Where to begin, I have discovered a new person to be in ‘like’ with, and that is Lee Seo Jin. I was captivated from the opening scenes with him, yum! He is so effortless in this role, and I do not think it could have been portrayed by anyone else with such conviction. Kim Jung Eun played so well opposite him, and I found out later that at one time they had been a couple. I was a little disappointed that the initial story line had him with a long standing girl friend that was pregnant. I do give kudos though that he seriously tried to stay true to her, but it turned out another way. I would still like to see some of these dramas have a better ending resolution to them, one that is not so rushed. You get through the number of the episodes and they wrap them all up in the last 1 – 3 seconds. Satisfying, not! This is my first marathon watching of a kdrama, and so did not want to see it end. Looked for more with Lee Seo Jin and found his recent one “Soul.” I strongly would not, not, not recommend this to anyone!! Disjointed, convoluted, cheesy, stupid and the only thing it had going for it was being able to look at and enjoy looking at him, and even at times that paled.

  596. 596 : CJ Says:

    I miss watching this drama.. I love Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun. Sadly, they broke up around 3 years ago 🙁 saaaaad 🙁 nevertheless, I love this drama. 🙂

  597. 597 : adik Says:

    i would like to ask..is anyone know the instrumental song played at the end of episode 15 where the hero,heroin n the second heroin see the big photo of the heroin of this drama inside the hero’s house..hihi..tahnxxx

  598. 598 : ajib Says:

    this is my favorite korean drama of all time.^^100% like this…
    there’s a great chemistry between KJE and LSJ..
    great lead actors, great story line.
    KJE is so cute and funny..she’s also adorable..i like her very much…
    just so sad that they’re not real life couple anymore..
    hope they’ll still be together..

  599. 599 : jamphong Says:

    super love this korean drama!!!!!!!!!!!i’ve watched it several times on DVD….great performance by KJE and LSJ..im so inlove with their characters, mi joo and kang jae..one of my all time favorite romantic comedy…Thumbs up!!

  600. 600 : sheryl diane Says:

    i think there is no available copy of this movie in the stores anymore, I really want to watch it. : (

  601. 601 : Of together forevers and then some. « LIFE AS I KNOW IT Says:

    […] lot of Korean Drama in a short span of time makes me very melancholic. I watched LOVERS, FANTASY COUPLE and I'm SORRY I LOVE YOU within 3 […]

  602. 602 : Matt Says:

    This drama will be on air from Monday 14 November 2011 at 9:30 PM Korean time (just before the 45 minute session of arirang News), on arirang TV (arirang World and arirang Arab channels only) NOT AVAILABLE OM ARIRANG KOREA.

  603. 603 : usagi Says:

    I looooooooooove korean drama ^-^

    korean kiiiiissss 100%

  604. 604 : Muniblz93 Says:

    Love the story and the Characters! even though I’ve only watched 4 episodes so far 😀 Il go into withdrawal after the drama ends 🙁 LOVE IT!!!!

  605. 605 : Cecilia Says:

    how do you get the dvd of this drama in Indonesia?

  606. 606 : chaimoon Says:


  607. 607 : Marlenny Says:

    Hola como estan quisiera saber si son muy amable como yo puedo ver el dorama de LOVERS y a la vez descargarlo ya que me gusta y lo estoy buscando en youtube y no esta completo y me gustaria verlo por lo meno por aqui pero no se quieres ver y no se porque, espero que me puedan ayudar se lo voy agradecer espero sus respuestas gracias bye.

  608. 608 : Marlenny Says:

    a sorry con sus titulos en español.

  609. 609 : sanire Says:

    Puedes ver todos los capitulos en doramasonline.com
    estan subtitulados en español. cuidate! =)

  610. 610 : via Says:

    I just watched this drama recently, thank God I finally found the DVD, so happy that I can watch this drama, this drama makes me know about Lee Seo jin, even though he’s not that handsome compare to other actor now, but i can find myself attractive to him, I found him very hot, hehehehe.. but maybe because of his character here that I fall in love with. A gangster with a good heart.

  611. 611 : tij Says:

    can anyone tell me the song of LOVERS at the end of each episode on arirang tv??

  612. 612 : Galia Says:

    Es un K-Drama genial!! I love it!! And I want it! =)

  613. 613 : worldclock Says:

    » Lovers » Korean Drama – just great!

  614. 614 : dwik Says:

    good drama, i like

  615. 615 : simin Says:

    I love korean drama and I love Lee suh jin

  616. 616 : aaa Says:


  617. 617 : atikul awal Says:

    Im from bangladesh(a small country between india & myanmar) & i watch korean drama on arirang tv regulerly.. I love this drama (lovers) so much! Keep going arirang!

  618. 618 : Lois Cyprian Says:

    Love this story very much would love to get a DVD

  619. 619 : Lois Cyprian Says:

    Hello Im, Lois from USA LAS VEGAS, NV. can someonE please tell me the ending of the story for some reason it just went off PLEASE HELP

  620. 620 : Elina Shakya Says:

    I Love Korean Drama. I really like LOVERS……..

  621. 621 : Babs Says:

    I am another lady who could not put this drama out of my mind. I have watched it many times and continue to go back to it….. I would like to compliment Kim Jung Eun…. as handsome and sexy as Lee Sae Jin is, it is Kim Jung Eun whose
    acting was superb…. she played this part like it was a natural and heart felt reaction to “Dimple Boss”….. I was not surprised to learn that they did indeed have a serious relationship during and after this series ended…. and I was sorry to learn that he ended it….. His loss I think!! Are you listening Lee Sae Jin??

  622. 622 : mai mai Says:

    I looooooooooove korean drama ^-^

    korean kiiiiissss 100%

  623. 623 : Bonnie Says:

    I am watching this drama again because of Lee Seo Jin. He has a new drama called Contract and he’s as sexy now as he ever was. Don’t mind feasting my eyes on that sexy thing anytime! The doctor is ugly. Her face has surgery done. She does not look natural

  624. 624 : Drama "Deserving of the Name" ni-l readuce pe Kim Nam Gil pe micile ecrane - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] 2010) – cameo), “Queen Seon Deok” (MBC, 2009), “When Spring Comes” (KBS2, 2007) sau “Lovers” (SBS, 2006) are o cariera de 14 ani in industria sud-coreeana de divertisment, acesta incepandu-si cariera  sub […]

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