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Title: 연인 / Lovers
Chinese title : 恋人
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2006-Nov-08 to 2007-Jan-11
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55


Kang Jae is a wealthy businessman and gangster and Mi Joo is a plastic surgeon. These two meet after Mi Joo mistakens Kang Jae as being her sleazy brother-in-law. Kang Jae just happens to be the boyfriend of Mi Joo’s pregnant neighbor, Yoo Jin. Sae-yeon meets Mi-Joo and falls in love with her feisty attitude. Kang-Jae works for the father of Sae-Yeon who is a gangster. Mi-Joo and Kang-Jae fall in love.


Kim Jung Eun as Yoon Mi Joo
Lee Seo Jin as Ha Kang Jae
Kim Kyu Ri as Park Yu Jin
Jung Chan as Kang Sae Yeon

Extended Cast

Lee Han as Tae San (Kang Jae’s left-hand man)
Yun Mi Joo as Choi Yoon (Sae Yeon’s secretary)
Lee Ki Young as Uhm Sang Taek (Kang Jae’s right-hand man)
Park In Hwan as Reverend Yoon Mok Sa (Mi Joo’s dad)
Choi Ha Na as Hong Soon Jung (Mi Joo’s roommate)
Yoo Jung Hyun as Seol Won Chul (Mi Joo’s hospital boss)
Choi Il Hwa as Kang Choong Shik (Mr. Kang)
Yang Geum Suk as Jung Yang Geum (Mr. Kang’s wife/Sae Yeon’s mom)
Kim Roe Ha as Nam Chang Bae (gangster)
Jang Hang Sun
Kim Ki Bang
Yoo Min Ho

Production Credits

Producer: Goo Bon Geun
Director: Shin Woo Chul
Screenwriter: Kim Eun Sook, Lee Man Hee

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624 Responses to “Lovers”

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  1. 601
    Of together forevers and then some. « LIFE AS I KNOW IT Says:

    […] lot of Korean Drama in a short span of time makes me very melancholic. I watched LOVERS, FANTASY COUPLE and I'm SORRY I LOVE YOU within 3 […]

  2. 602
    Matt Says:

    This drama will be on air from Monday 14 November 2011 at 9:30 PM Korean time (just before the 45 minute session of arirang News), on arirang TV (arirang World and arirang Arab channels only) NOT AVAILABLE OM ARIRANG KOREA.

  3. 603
    usagi Says:

    I looooooooooove korean drama ^-^

    korean kiiiiissss 100%

  4. 604
    Muniblz93 Says:

    Love the story and the Characters! even though I’ve only watched 4 episodes so far 😀 Il go into withdrawal after the drama ends 🙁 LOVE IT!!!!

  5. 605
    Cecilia Says:

    how do you get the dvd of this drama in Indonesia?

  6. 606
    chaimoon Says:


  7. 607
    Marlenny Says:

    Hola como estan quisiera saber si son muy amable como yo puedo ver el dorama de LOVERS y a la vez descargarlo ya que me gusta y lo estoy buscando en youtube y no esta completo y me gustaria verlo por lo meno por aqui pero no se quieres ver y no se porque, espero que me puedan ayudar se lo voy agradecer espero sus respuestas gracias bye.

  8. 608
    Marlenny Says:

    a sorry con sus titulos en español.

  9. 609
    sanire Says:

    Puedes ver todos los capitulos en doramasonline.com
    estan subtitulados en español. cuidate! =)

  10. 610
    via Says:

    I just watched this drama recently, thank God I finally found the DVD, so happy that I can watch this drama, this drama makes me know about Lee Seo jin, even though he’s not that handsome compare to other actor now, but i can find myself attractive to him, I found him very hot, hehehehe.. but maybe because of his character here that I fall in love with. A gangster with a good heart.

  11. 611
    tij Says:

    can anyone tell me the song of LOVERS at the end of each episode on arirang tv??

  12. 612
    Galia Says:

    Es un K-Drama genial!! I love it!! And I want it! =)

  13. 613
    worldclock Says:

    » Lovers » Korean Drama – just great!

  14. 614
    dwik Says:

    good drama, i like

  15. 615
    simin Says:

    I love korean drama and I love Lee suh jin

  16. 616
    aaa Says:


  17. 617
    atikul awal Says:

    Im from bangladesh(a small country between india & myanmar) & i watch korean drama on arirang tv regulerly.. I love this drama (lovers) so much! Keep going arirang!

  18. 618
    Lois Cyprian Says:

    Love this story very much would love to get a DVD

  19. 619
    Lois Cyprian Says:

    Hello Im, Lois from USA LAS VEGAS, NV. can someonE please tell me the ending of the story for some reason it just went off PLEASE HELP

  20. 620
    Elina Shakya Says:

    I Love Korean Drama. I really like LOVERS……..

  21. 621
    Babs Says:

    I am another lady who could not put this drama out of my mind. I have watched it many times and continue to go back to it….. I would like to compliment Kim Jung Eun…. as handsome and sexy as Lee Sae Jin is, it is Kim Jung Eun whose
    acting was superb…. she played this part like it was a natural and heart felt reaction to “Dimple Boss”….. I was not surprised to learn that they did indeed have a serious relationship during and after this series ended…. and I was sorry to learn that he ended it….. His loss I think!! Are you listening Lee Sae Jin??

  22. 622
    mai mai Says:

    I looooooooooove korean drama ^-^

    korean kiiiiissss 100%

  23. 623
    Bonnie Says:

    I am watching this drama again because of Lee Seo Jin. He has a new drama called Contract and he’s as sexy now as he ever was. Don’t mind feasting my eyes on that sexy thing anytime! The doctor is ugly. Her face has surgery done. She does not look natural

  24. 624
    Drama "Deserving of the Name" ni-l readuce pe Kim Nam Gil pe micile ecrane - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] 2010) – cameo), “Queen Seon Deok” (MBC, 2009), “When Spring Comes” (KBS2, 2007) sau “Lovers” (SBS, 2006) are o cariera de 14 ani in industria sud-coreeana de divertisment, acesta incepandu-si cariera  sub […]

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