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Title: 파리의연인 / Pa-ri-eh yun-in / Lovers in Paris
Chinese Title : 巴黎恋人
Also known as: Des amoureux á Paris / My Sweetheart In Paris / Romance in Paris
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2004-06-12 to 2004-08-15
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 9:55 PM


Tae Young lives in Paris and is working on a screenplay. She meets Gi Ju while working at a friend’s stall and Soo Hyuk, when her bicycle breaks down. Soo Hyuk and Tae young become friends. Gi Ju asks her to act as his fiance for work reasons. Things go badly and everyone returns to Korea.

Back in Korea Tae Young, Gi Ju and Soo Hyuk begin to develop friendships with Tae Young and end up feeling more feelings towards her than they initially thought. However, Gi Ju is Soo Hyuk’s uncle and they had grown up like best friends since they were only about 7 years apart. Their feelings towards her slowly begin to be revealed causing heartache for all the people around them.


Kim Jung Eun as Kang Tae-young
Park Shin Yang as President Han Ki-joo
Lee Dong Gun as Yoon Soo-hyuk (Ki-joo’s nephew)
Oh Joo Eun as Moon Yoon-ah (daughter of Congressman Moon)
Kim Suh Hyung as Baek Seung-kyung (Ki-joo’s ex-wife)
Jung Ae Ri as Han Ki-hae (Soo-hyuk’s mother)
Kim Sung Won as Chairman Han Sung-hoon (Ki-joo’s father)
Park Young Ji as Director Choi Won-jae (President Han’s right-hand man)
Jo Eun Ji as Choi Yang-mi (Tae-young’s friend in Paris)
Yoon Young Joon as Kim Seung-joon (Ki-joo’s secretary)
Sung Dong Il as Kang Pil-bo (Tae-young’s uncle)
Kim Young Chan as Kang Gun (Tae-young’s little cousin)
Lee Se Chang as Park Jung-hak (CEO of J Motors)
Kim Sang Soon as Congressman Moon Ji-hwan (Yoon-ah’s father)
Suh Kwon Sook as Mrs. Moon (Yoon-ah’s mother)
Kim Chung as Madame Vaudier
Kim Hyung Bum
Joo Min Soo

Production Credits

Producer: Kim Yang
Director: Shin Woo Chul
Writer: Kim Eun Sook, Kang Eun Jung


– Park Shin Yang and Kim Jung Eun were awarded the Dae Sang at the 2004 SBS Awards (2004-12-31)
– Lovers in Paris was awarded Best TV Drama and Kim Jung Eun was awarded Best TV Actress for her role in – Lovers in Paris at the 41st Baeksang Art Awards (2005-05-20) as well as the 2005 Asia TV Awards.
– Lovers in Paris was voted one of the highest rated dramas in Korea

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112 Responses to “Lovers in Paris”

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  1. 101
    faye Says:

    hope to see a sequel of this drama! love it, love the character of Ki joo! saranghae Park Shin Yang ssi!

  2. 102
    karim Says:


  3. 103
    Mic Says:

    Just watched the series. I heard all the hypes about it but was hesitated to watch because many people were talking about the bad ending. There were even websites trying to explain what the ending meant. Anyway, watched the first 10 episodes, found it interesting and likeable. In the middle of the 11th episode, it’s getting a little dragging, so I decided to skip to the end and find out where did all the complaints come from. I have to say, I love the ending! Instead of sealing off with a kiss or a traditional wedding scene, the writer was trying to make something more memorable. Though it’s not the most well done plot, but I applaud their efforts, and from the ending I did feel the love and fate of the main couple.

    I haven’t read any of the interpretations of the ending on the internet so my take on the ending could be very different from the writer’s intention, but this is how I see it: Two possibilities, one is a parallel world/after life scenario, the other is what happened in Paris was all the screenplay/book written by the female lead, the ending part where they were in Korea was the real life. She made a wish that she would meet a true love just like the characters in her book, and she did. I personally think the latter is the real intention of the writer.

    Overall, a great drama that worth all the raves!

  4. 104
    imel Says:

    re: Comment #103
    I just finished watching this, too….and here’s my take.

    I agree, I don’t think the ending was that bad.

    However, I think the scenarios after they had met again @ the fountain after 2 years presented the possibilities that Kijoo was talking about after Taeyoung’s question if they would still have met even if Taeyoung was not Kijoo’s housemaid or if Kijoo did not ruin Yangmi’s cigarettes in the street of Paris.

    Kijoo said then that they would probably still meet, or would have already met…thus, the paralleling scenarios of how they met that led to the ending of the drama i.e., her working as his housemaid not in Paris but in Korea.

  5. 105
    Mic Says:


    I agreed with you!

  6. 106
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  7. 107
    Nancy Oh Says:

    Let me ask this question again and again: why do they always choose the main actress that is so plain and unlikable. This one is definitely so.very plain with a odd face and annoying…

  8. 108
    Stephanie Kimble Says:

    I am on my 15th episode and I still do not like Kim Joon Eun. Those buck teeth and those thin lips are annoying. She is annoying the way she just enters this guy’s life andante everyone upset even the nephew and she still wants everyone to like her. Why should they like her? She has nothing to offer.

  9. 109
    sandra Says:

    Love it always. I still want them to pair again on another koreanovela.Wish,wish,wish!!!!It would be blockbuster again, for sure.

  10. 110
    Mui Says:

    Glad that I have watched this drama, it’s such an interesting and touching story. I think that’s what true love is about. Love the cast, great actors, worth watching. Though it was sometime back but still a good drama not to be missed. Was confused with the ending but after I read the comment by #104 imel, I get a better picture. I agreed with imel. Highly recommended to those who have not watched it.

  11. 111
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  12. 112
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