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Love to the End

Title: 끝까지 사랑 / Love to the End
also known as: Love Until the End
Chinese Title: 愛到最後
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Family
Episodes: 104
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2018-July-23 to 2018-Dec-31
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:50


This is a drama with a loving and successful story that keeps one’s only love for a lifetime and finally finds happiness.

When she was a teenager, Han Ka Young’s (Lee Young Ah) father went bankrupt. Her parents then divorced. Because of her difficult situation, Han Ka Young has taken care of the housework and her family since her teenage years. Nevertheless, she has a bright personality. Her father then starts a cosmetics company. She works at her father’s company and takes her job seriously. Meanwhile, Han Ka Young has never had a boyfriend. One day, she meets Yoon Jung Han (Kang Eun Tak). He is a successor to a family owned glass factory. Han Ka Young then falls in love with him.


Main cast

Lee Young Ah as Han Ka Young
Kang Eun Tak as Yoon Jung Han
Hong Soo Ah as Kang Se Na
Shim Ji Ho as Kang Hyun Ki

People around Ka Young

Park Kwang Hyun as Han Doo Young
Lee Eung Kyung as Seo Mi Sun
Kim Ha Kyoon as Han Soo Chang
Han Ki Woong as Park Jae Dong
Lee Min Ji as Jang Hae Li

People around Jung Han

Jung So Young as Yoon Jung Bin
Park Ji Il as Yoon Sang Min
Nam Ki Ae as Ha Yeong Ok

People around Se Na

Kim Il Woo as Kang Jae Hyung
Bae Do Hwan as Choi Man Sik
Ahn Seung Hoon as Jung Hoe Jang


Eun Hae Sung as Kei
Lee Tae Ran
Lee Hyun Jin
Yoo Ji Yun
Hong Il Kwon


Jun Se Hyun

Production Credits

Director: Shin Chang Suk
Screenwriter: Lee Sun Hee


2018 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actor (Daily Series): Kang Eun Tak (Love to the End)


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  1. 1 : han ko young Says:

    i love this shit

  2. 2 : Windsun33 Says:

    Why do ALL of these supplied descriptions have that “she has a bright personality” line?

  3. 3 : Barbara lopezz Says:

    Because it’s beautiful, there’s no drama were without a person with bright personality, love it shit

  4. 4 : Sara Says:

    I thought I will like this drama but I think I’m going to pass. It’s so annoying to see the main girl follow the guy everywhere telling him she loves him and she will wait for him etc etc….it just put a lot of burden on the guy and even if he ends up liking her, it would come out of pity not real love. Just annoying main girl. He said he is not interested just move on. It looks like we r in one of those silly dramas where the girl in her 30s is obsessed with one guy and never moves on. They are so annoying dramas. Kdramas need to start be more into showing that people really grow up and feelings change. That’s what reality is. Girls don’t get stuck up with a guy who don’t even like them.

  5. 5 : Barbara lopezz Says:

    Fuck you Sara

  6. 6 : dodee Says:

    I love this drama, cuz of the main guy, I watched some of his other drama.
    They were good. This one is different cuz the main girl is doing the chasing.
    Love it shes determined to get him, and tells him I’m interested, if not, its his loss and her gain. Love it. I hope they get marry and have some kids. We need children in this type of dramas, if they’re long and have many episodes.
    Its makes it more interesting to watch. Peace out.

  7. 7 : Barbara lopezz Says:

    Love your comment dodee

  8. 8 : Juliyana Says:

    I am like it what Lee Young Ah play on drama plot. She so sweet.

  9. 9 : dodee Says:

    I hope the main guy does not listen and spend too much time with the ex-girlfriend. It feels like shes controlling him. Okay dude get over and move on. Have a mind of your own, be a man. I hope the director does not make the main girl look vunerable and naive. Not good, I hope she has some fighting spirit in her for the sister-inlaw. Shes got too many secrets and tricks, I know thats not the real daughter, cuz she acting funny. Pleez make this drama watchful.

  10. 10 : SusaninLA Says:

    Am REALLY hoping “Love to the End” does not mean Sena/Yoong Jung. But am so
    happy Sena has good allies to help her out–Yoong Jung’s older sister and Sena’s older brother. Agree with dodee’s first comment–Yoong Jung let’s move on with the love story with Sena. Please?

  11. 11 : DSant Says:

    Watching this drama cause of Kang Eun Tak, I really don’t like Sena she is a manipulator/user. She only loves herself and would do anything to her advantage.

    Hoping, that the OTP will have a happy ending, but; since this is a daily drama with at least 100 episodes it may take time to sort out all the plots.

  12. 12 : meirav Says:

    Where is ep 23?

  13. 13 : dodee Says:


  14. 14 : dodee Says:

    Why is the evil girl Sena always always get the upper hand???? When is Ga Young gonna find out??? This is dragging out to long for them to find out.
    Make it fun. Great drama. Enjoying watching it.

  15. 15 : meirav Says:

    where is ep 31?

  16. 16 : meirav Says:

    where is ep 39?

  17. 17 : Leigh08 Says:

    I don’t know if it’s only me, but this drama is a little bit misleading, why the antagonist (Sena) seems to take out her revenge to the Hans & Yoons not with the Kangs. I thought she’s avenging her poster mother.

  18. 18 : Kdramafan Says:

    Very stupid plot. It is painful to watch these stupid people hurt by Sena. Why do the lead people not tell about Sena?

  19. 19 : Bea Betto Says:

    I cried tonight. No please, Why Ga Young, Please mercy

  20. 20 : Wati Wansi Says:

    I can’t look at Sena s face.. so annoying..get rid of her.

  21. 21 : meirav Says:

    where is ep 68?

  22. 22 : Ishyang Says:

    This drama disappoints me. The evil doungs of Sena is overly exaggerated… if this is comedy its reeling wd slapstick. Way too much that it makes refuse to see the drama. You guys are losing viewers.

  23. 23 : Naagin 3 Says:

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  24. 24 : Benji Says:

    Birds of a feather flock together Emily & Sena hurt others & selfish to the bone poor poor poor thing

  25. 25 : Starlight Says:

    According to Entertainment Weekly, November 19 show, Lee Young-Ah and Lee Young-Ah are dating for about a month or so.

  26. 26 : dorie Says:

    Love this drama. Again Kang Yeun Tak did not disappoint me. He is one of my top favourite Korean actor to date..most handsome.

  27. 27 : Debbie Tiausas Tindoy Ladaga Says:

    At first I like this drama but now I find it annoying. I don’t like the Yoon family.especially JH. He married Emily for a shallow reason. Hope GY would give up on JH and HG would also give up on JB. I like GY and HG to end up marrying for real and give YS a cute little brother. I want JH regret and get jealous of them. He is so nice and so caring and give much concern of Emily of which GY didn’t have such treatment back then. .

  28. 28 : Dramacool9 Says:

    Hey,According to Entertainment Weekly, November 19 show, Lee Young-Ah and Lee Young-Ah are dating for about a month or so.

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