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Title: 러브스토리 인 하버드 / Leo-beu-Seu-to-ri in Ha-beo-deu / Love Story in Harvard
Chinese Title : 爱在哈佛
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2004-11-22 to 2005-01-11
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Love Story in Harvard portrays the dream and love pursued by foreign students studying in Harvard. It demonstrates bright, hard-working, and romantic characters and storylines.

A young love story set at the famed Ivy League school in the United States. Kim Hyun Woo (Kim Rae Won), a 1st year law student at Harvard Law, enters into a rivalry with classmate Hong Jung Min (Lee Jung Jin) for the affections of beautiful medical student Lee Soo In (Kim Tae Hee). The two men are both from prestigious families, while Soo In is from a poor family. Can the trio resolve their romantic differences and chase their dreams at the same time?


Kim Rae Won as Kim Hyun-woo
Kim Tae Hee as Lee Soo-in
Lee Jung Jin as Hong Jung-min
Kim Min as Yoo Jin-ah

Extended Cast

Joo Hyun as Lee Yong-goo (Soo-in’s father)
Kang Nam Gil as Oh Yung-jae (law professor)
Jung Sol Hee as Han Seul-gil
Ben Wells as Ricky Don (Jung-min’s friend)
Suh Ji Hee
Lee Yoo Jung

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jang Soo, Lee Jin Suk
Writer: Choi Wan Kyu, Song Eun Hye
Production: JS Pictures

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130 Responses to “Love Story in Harvard”

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  1. 101
    dian Says:

    I very like,,,,
    ksah cnta yng sngt menyentuh….
    Sya tk mmpu brkata apa” lgi stlh mlihat filmx???
    But knp tdk prnh di tyngkan di indonesia??

  2. 102
    elle Says:


  3. 103
    V Says:

    i love u kim

  4. 104
    beng Says:

    I miss you Kim Rae Won!!!!! I keep on re-watching this drama…and if I’m not mistaken this March 19 is your birthday…….happy happy birthday!!!!!1

  5. 105
    syahrul efendi Says:

    movie Love story in harvard is me favorite movie of all time, nearly 15 times I play, the movie love story in harvard I capture in my life. much to change my thought patterns change, and the only movie that motivates me is so strong. I think I wanted to be a character in the movie ini.love harvad story in the best drama movie I watched in my life.

  6. 106
    den Says:

    it was my first drama…i really liked it..the story was so real..the guy loved heroin soo deeply,,,,i really enjoyed their chemistry’

  7. 107
    immayya pagala Says:

    the movie inspired me to do my best in my study ………a billion of thanks i ….rate …the movie …..kodus….1000%

  8. 108
    immayya pagala Says:

    the movie inspired me to do my best in my study

  9. 109
    joo rae won Says:

    @dian(101) : Love Story in Harvard pernah tayang di Indonesia melalui saluran AnTv (kalau gak salah tahun 2006-an), cuman ya gitu tayangnya di jam malam.

  10. 110
    hany Says:

    very good…….
    i like su in and hywoon….

  11. 111
    HOTTEST Says:

    skrg lagi tayang di jaktv/daaitv (lupa channelnya yg mana)

  12. 112
    tiio peby Says:

    film yang sangat romantis dan sangat menyetuh dihati..
    .aqhu suka..
    .ditayang kan lagi lagh di LBS TV


  13. 113
    wdr Says:

    GREAT DRAMA!!! i love u both! :*

  14. 114
    Bram Says:

    I love that Drama,
    coz It is my inspirateor. I wish that i can be your friend. pray for me so I can continue my study in Harvard University.

  15. 115
    onetama Says:

    how if I want to download this drama?? give me link please T_T

  16. 116
    toni Says:

    film yg sangat romantic & kisahnya pun sangat bagus, ane sendiri sering putar ulang, karna ini best film korea, Okey!

  17. 117
    Belinda Says:

    Wish people could write in English in a way that is understandable.

  18. 118
    List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Love Story in Harvard Rating : 3 out of 5 […]

  19. 119
    witlily Says:

    Very romantic, great chemistry 😀

  20. 120
    fahjeen18 Says:

    Thank you so much… i really really love this drama…

  21. 121
    kate le Says:

    dude please watch BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS!!! you will love it!! trust me

  22. 122
    Hong Kyu Hwa soul Says:

    the most romantic drama 🙂 i love it

  23. 123
    arsenia Says:

    ive been watching this drama since 2004 and until now 20013 ilove this korean drama if kim tae hee is the actress i always watch all her dramas and movies so with kim rae won except if i dont like his lead actress i dont watch it

  24. 124
    maest1212 Says:

    I have been watching this drama yesterday, not finish yet then … because of my curiosity of many who mentioned it was one of the best amongst other best KDrama, besides, also to fulfill my longing to watch great acting of Kim Rae Won in A thousand Days promise with Soo Ae … or Lee Jung Jin in 9 End 2 Outs with Soo Ae … or Kim Ta Hae in IRIS 1 with Lee Byung Hun … what a surprised for me that in fact the 3 had been actually met in one tittle Korean Drama, this LOVE STORY IN HARVARD … Really love their love and friendship story … so natural like it is happening in a real life …

  25. 125
    Pasta4Me Says:

    This is truly an intensely romantic drama! Although I’m really disappointed that DramaFever doesn’t have this wonderful drama, I was able to access it through YouTube. With the exception of some episodes, most of the drama is complete.

  26. 126
    Love Story in Harvard 러브스토리 인 하버드 [2004] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] website cast ratings hancinema daum soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org spcnet review review: […]

  27. 127
    tigerb Says:

    a beautiful love story. i heard about it and did not want to watch it but learning that kim rae won is in it, i decided to do so. he played a lawyer here and 10 years after also a lawyer in ‘punch’. krw was much younger then but he played his role as a student transitioning to a young lawyer with ease. he was a very good actor then, as he was in ‘punch’, but more mature and serious. this is very much worth watching, see the trials and tribulations of people in love.

  28. 128
    KTW oppa Says:

    Rewatched this after so many years cos of DOCTORS- cannot get enough of KTW!
    So drawn by his charismatic and convincing acting!
    Still so good and felt like I was watching this for the 1st time!
    All three were so good, even KTH. She has not aged since 2004!
    Jun Jin too I like. Watch 1000 years, very good too.
    Didn’t like KTW in 1000 years promise though. Don’t like the lead actress.
    Support KTW, KTH & LJJ👍🏻

  29. 129
    Christie Says:

    The goood actor KIM RAE WON..the good korean drama👏👏👏👌👌👌💕💕💕

  30. 130
    Korean Drama I Have Ever Watched | My Life My Journey Says:

    […] #33 – Love Story in Harvard (2004) Rating : 6 out of 10 […]

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