Title: 사랑비 / Love Rain
Chinese Title: 爱情雨
Also Known as: Love Rides the Rain
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-March-26 to 2012-May-29
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


“Love Rain” depicts a 1970’s pure love and a love from the present day at the same time. It shows how the offsprings of a previous ill-fated couple, who met in the 1970s, managed to meet and fall in love.

Seo In Ha (Jang Geun Suk) and Kim Yoon Hee (Yoona), a art student and a shy beauty, met and fell in love with each other during college in the 1970s but unfortunately their love was fated to never be.

Now in the present 21st century, Seo In Ha’s son, Seo Joon (Jang Geun Suk) (a liberal photographer) meets and falls in with Kim Yoon Hee’s daughter, Kim Ha Na (Yoona), a cheerful and energetic girl who’s personality is different from her mother’s.

Will their love for each other keep them together or will they have to face the same fate as their parents? (Source)



Jang Geun Suk as Seo In Ha
Yoona as Kim Yoon Hee
Kim Si Hoo as Lee Dong Wook
Son Eun Seo as Baek Hye Jung
Seo In Guk as Kim Chang Mo
Hwang Bo Ra as Na In Sook


Jang Geun Suk as Seo Joon (Seo In Ha’s Son)
Yoona as Jung Ha Na (Kim Yoon Hee’s Daughter)
Kim Si Hoo as Lee Sun Ho (Lee Dong Wook’s Son)
Jung Jin Young Seo In Ha (Seo Joon’s dad)
Lee Mi Sook as Kim Yoon Hee (Ha Na’s mom)
Kim Young Kwang Han Tae Sung
Oh Seung Yoon as Jo Soo (Seo Joon’s assistant)
Park Se Young as Lee Mi Ho (Sun Ho’s younger sister)
Lee Chan Ho as Jang Soo
Shin Ji Ho as In Sung
Kwon In Ha as Lee Dong Wook
Yoo Hye Ri as Baek Hye Jung
Park Ji Il as Kim Chang Mo
Seo In Guk as Kim Jeon Sul (Chang Mo’s nephew)
Yoon Ji Wook as Han Tae Sung’s secretary
Goo Eun Ae cameo

Production Credits

Production Company: Yoon’s Color
Director: Yoon Suk Ho
Screenwriter: Oh Soo Yun

Preview from KBSdrama

Episode 1 (Not Available)
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
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Episode 13
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Episode Ratings (TNmS Media Korea)

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2012-03-26 1 6.1 7.9
2012-03-27 2 6.0 (<8.6)
2012-04-02 3 4.8 (<9.0)
2012-04-03 4 5.3 (<8.3)
2012-04-09 5 5.2 (<8.8)
2012-04-10 6 6.5 (<8.1)
2012-04-16 7 5.5 (<8.9)
2012-04-17 8 6.0 (<8.2)
2012-04-23 9 4.7 (<8.9)
2012-04-24 10 5.0 (<7.4)
2012-04-30 11 4.7 (<7.7)
2012-05-01 12 4.3 (<7.3)
2012-05-07 13 4.0 (<8.2)
2012-05-08 14 4.6 (<7.0)
2012-05-14 15 4.6 (<9.0)
2012-05-15 16 4.2 (<7.5)
2012-05-21 17 4.7 (<8.1)
2012-05-22 18 4.7 (<7.2)
2012-05-28 19 5.5 (<8.8)
2012-05-29 20 5.6 (<7.5)

Episode Ratings (AGB Nielson)

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2012-03-26 1 5.8 6.3
2012-03-27 2 5.2 5.8
2012-04-02 3 4.4 4.9
2012-04-03 4 5.3 6.3
2012-04-09 5 5.4 5.8
2012-04-10 6 5.9 7.1
2012-04-16 7 5.0 5.5
2012-04-17 8 6.4 7.3 (20th)
2012-04-23 9 5.2 5.9
2012-04-24 10 5.6 6.4
2012-04-30 11 5.6 6.2
2012-05-01 12 5.2 5.8
2012-05-07 13 5.1 5.5
2012-05-08 14 5.8 6.0
2012-05-14 15 6.0 7.2
2012-05-15 16 5.2 6.0
2012-05-21 17 5.6 6.0
2012-05-22 18 5.0 5.0
2012-05-28 19 5.3 6.2
2012-05-29 20 5.9 6.8

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


– The drama reunites director Yoon Suk Ho and screenwriter Oh Soo Yun of “Autumn Tale” and “Winter Sonata” for the first time in 10 years.

– The Japan’s Pony Canyon, a subsidiary of Japanese Media Group Fujisankei Communications Group, has bought the broadcasting rights for “Love Rain” ahead of its premiere in Korea (Source).

– ‘Love Rain’ is being featured at an annual international entertainment event in Cannes, France which Held from 1/April/2012 to 4/April/2012.

– ‘Love Rain’ has been sold to twelve different countries and regions.


2012 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Awards, Im Yoon Ah (Love Rain)


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1,494 Responses to “Love Rain”

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  1. 1376
    IVSUK Says:

    What I want to say is I love JKS so that I love Love Rain! U r the best actor and ur performen is great,we all see ur effort in every drama,u r really world prince and u deserve it,ells love u sooooooooooooo much,we are looking forward to ur next drama,no matter how others think of u,ells all around the world r still with u forever,u had said the next 20 years is the most important,and we promise u we will stay with u as well as give the power of ells to support u.The best wishes to Jang Keun Suk from China…^^

  2. 1377
    郭怡琪 Says:


  3. 1378
    zhou Says:

    I love Jang Geun Suk

  4. 1379
    sovannary tea Says:

    I really love this couple ( jang geun suk and im yoona) <3

  5. 1380
    Lynn Says:

    I want to watch this drama, but the rating discourage me. Why is it so low?

  6. 1381
    Lexy Says:

    I want to watch Jang Geun Suk and Yoon Eun Hye in a drama ^^

  7. 1382
    faroodah Says:

    ilove u jks for ever

  8. 1383
    AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    I wish Love Rain to be in the Top 8…keep on voting guys! Fighting!

  9. 1384


  10. 1385
    lovejks Says:

    suk obba,fighting

  11. 1386
    lovejks Says:

    obba fighting.jang keun suk

  12. 1387
    Abigia Kirimova Says:

    Thank you very much. A very beautiful film. About love at first sight. As well as strengthening the relationship between friends, when they get to know each other. Love – not so easy, at every turn. And not everyone will be happy. But as long as we live, we love … Acting, amazing.

  13. 1388
    luzmineth Says:

    so cute

  14. 1389
    AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Please vote for this drama! =) Fighting!!!

  15. 1390
    Dee Yoongie Says:

    I miss Love Rain… :D

  16. 1391
    mehri Says:

    I am an IRANIAN woman.IRANIAN love jang geun suk although your government sanctions us we like korean people so much
    good luck

  17. 1392
    kristin Says:

    i can’t vote for this drama on the Best of Korean drama 2012. Everytime i do so it gives me this “This poll requires a capthcha to register a voting”. What is this??? Something fishy with this poll???? hmmmm. Please someone answer my question. Love Rain fighting! Is this website trying to block votes for this drama????

  18. 1393
    EstherHo Says:

    I vote LOVERAIN!Love Rain fighting!

  19. 1394
    EstherHo Says:

    Love Rain fighting!

  20. 1395
    malagu Says:

    seriously best drama?.

  21. 1396
    shetooyin Says:

    ….very interesting..jang jeun suk and yoona aja!!!aja!!! fighting…..!!!!

  22. 1397
    Magda Says:

    Actually I preffer the time when they all were still in the old time.. the story line is more going, and characters are more real.. In the present time the story line is somehow blury.. the friends are somehow lost the meaning in the story, they are just there without giving any meaning to both the lead actor and actress..

    Love the acting of both yoona & JGS, but only their characters in the present are not quite appealing for me.. I preffer him better in “He is beautiful” though.. :))

    This serie is for me only the type of a show that I would only watch one time… sorry for the fans.. ;)

  23. 1398
    En Says:

    I vote LOVERAIN!Love Rain fighting!

  24. 1399
    Ck Teoh Says:

    Please vote for this drama!!! Fighting!!! :-)

  25. 1400
    pooorr Says:

    poor choosing JGS. u should act on better drama. yoona, u better just become a singer..not a actress… u suck in acting gurls. yuri, soo young & jessica act better than you.

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