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Love Marriage

Title: 연애결혼 / Love Marriage
Chinese title : 恋爱结婚
Also known as: Date, Marry / Love Match / Match Maker’s Lover
Genre: Romance, melodrama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-Aug-25 to 2008-Oct-20
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


Lee Kang Hyun is a manager at a company that sets up people who have been divorced with dates. She meets a divorce attorney, Park Hyun Soo, and they begin a relationship with each other.


Kim Min Hee as Lee Kang Hyun
Kim Ji Hoon as Park Hyun Soo
Yoon Se Ah as Seo Hwa Young
Park Ki Woong as Yin Kyung Hwan

Extended Cast

Hwang Bo Ra as Kim Soon Young
Ok Ji Young as Yoon Hi Song
Kim Bo Yun as (Kang Hyun’s mother)
Lee Young Ha as (Kang Hyun’s father)
Park Sang Myun as President Ryu
Yoon Yoo Sun as Yoon Hye Sun
Jo Hee Bong as Park Hyun Seong
Nam Yoon Jung as (Hwa Young’s mother)
Yoon Joo Sang as (Hwa Young’s father)
Bae Jin Ah as Lee Chun Nam
Kim Jae Seung as Jo Hyeok Su
Yoon Jin Ho as Choi Jin Ho
Park Hee Jin as Attorney Meong
Kim Kyung Hee as Attorney Tae
Jang Suk Hyun as bachelor 1
Uhm Tae Goo as bachelor 2
Lee Eun Ji (이은지) as Kyung Ae
Ryu Si Hyun (류시현) as Team leader Son
Kim Jae Man as Lee Dong Jun
Seo Yoon Ah as Kim Min Jung
Otani Ryohei (cameo)
Kim Jin Sung

Production Credits

Director: Kim Hyung Suk
Screenwriter: In Eun Ah


Love Marriage Poster1

Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : Joanne Says:

    Look Great !!!

  2. 2 : Alvina Says:

    Park Ki-Woung is in this?! ^_^

    Yay! I LOVED him in My Tutor Friend II

  3. 3 : fionajb Says:

    wah can’t wait to wacth this drama….

  4. 4 : mummybee Says:

    Do you know if the drama is available online?

  5. 5 : Ivy Says:

    mummybee, this drama currently only available online in chinese version. you may check the link on the post.

  6. 6 : SUGARPOP Says:

    i love kim ji hoon, from great inheritance, flowers of life, why did you come into my house, he’s a great actor.
    i can’t wait to watch it with english subs.

  7. 7 : mummybee Says:

    thanks for the link on the post. I have enjoyed the drama so far…. only wish for faster uploads. ; p

  8. 8 : Kelly Says:

    Don’t know is the drama to my liking but the OST Zza la la and Maybe is sure to my liking.Love the OST!

  9. 9 : Imuyachan Says:

    many people give good ratings for this.. i will watch this tonight ^^ hope it’s as good as people say :p

  10. 10 : ana Says:

    i loved this drama i’ve watched three eps of it

  11. 11 : tlk Says:

    Kim Ji Hoon’s acting is quite convincing here. But the female lead kind of overact so it’s quite annoying at times… Also, she is way too skinny!!!

  12. 12 : francis Says:

    yea this drama available online….look great

  13. 13 : khom Says:

    I like this drama. It was a little slow in the begining but I am enjoying it. The lead actor is good looking. 😉
    You can watch this on Mysoju.com

  14. 14 : joan Says:

    love this drama…. waiting for episode 6 to be up… :))

  15. 15 : huimei98 Says:

    this is such a wonderful drama, i’m enjoying every minute of it!

  16. 16 : huimei98 Says:

    this is such a wonderful drama.
    there is not a single episode that i don’t like!

  17. 17 : rarbora Says:

    thank you . waiting for the next episode in english

  18. 18 : simple dimple Says:

    I would strongly recommend this to anyone who thinks My Lovely SamSoon is a good watch! Effective acting and portrayal of interesting characters and realistic storyline…if not, watch it still as the main actor is so damn hot.

  19. 19 : Chaimoon Says:

    This is a new drama to follow. The pacing at the start is okay and I hope it will be that consistent. Good luck in the ratings game guys!

  20. 20 : tynice Says:

    i love this drama! the lead actress is not the typical korean actress you’d see in a drama, but still she was very good. i love kim min hee and kim ji hoon!

  21. 21 : Tina Says:

    This drama is the best drama I’ve watched.

  22. 22 : yaya Says:

    I love this drama! I don’t miss it? It the best so far and like the actress she is funny and i love the actor he it cute and he is a good actor. I love Kim min hee and Kim ji hoon!

  23. 23 : Pikakit Says:

    So, anybody who can tell about the ending? is it a happy or sad ending?

  24. 24 : sc Says:

    Love this drama. So much kissing and hugging. Don’t worry, definately a good ending..

  25. 25 : Tina Says:

    I like Kim Ji Hoon and Kim Min Hee. Kim Ji Hoon is very handsome.

  26. 26 : Pikakit Says:

    Thanks SC for the hint 😉 appreciate it! Since you describe as a good ending then i won’t be hesitate to watch this series (actually very looking forward to watch it asap – miss series drama such Kim Sam Soon) and decided to buy it soon it’s released in dvd

  27. 27 : Tina Says:

    Remember watch this drama if not you will regret. This drama is very funny and touching.

  28. 28 : 007 Says:

    i already watch this drama on Astro but i dont like it that much coz i found that there are no comedy..so bored..for me la..

  29. 29 : meirav Says:

    i love this drama kim ji hoom is handsome it is worth watching

  30. 30 : na injung Says:

    hopefully he will end up with the gf…the ex wife is boring

  31. 31 : lia Says:

    i crazy to watch it…again n again…at astro n my soju…very intresting to watch last episode….

  32. 32 : chaimoon Says:

    Lia, I guess the ending of this drama is beautiful. In my part of the world , we have just started airing it at KBS World. I am now interested to watch this drama in each and every episode. Thanks for the positive feedback.

  33. 33 : chaimoon Says:


  34. 34 : hunny Says:

    can someone pls do something bout Episode 5,the sources that came from BLIP doesnt work at all! i watched epi 1 to 4 and then it stops working at episode 5…i realised only the video source from BLIP only not working! very frustrating…haiz…the drama is really good and the actor is so good-looking!

  35. 35 : sweetvie77 Says:

    I love Kim Ji Hoon here. He is very handsome and he is a good actor.
    After Love Marriage, I start watch every drama that he act. His acting is really good in “How Love/How much Love”.

  36. 36 : chaimoon Says:

    The drama just ended and I loved the ending. I loved their version of “turning back the clock” of superman. I”m looking forward to the next drama starred by Kim Ji Hoon. Soon I hope!

  37. 37 : laylee Says:

    i love this drama…

  38. 38 : lilyzaleen Says:

    great drama love so much

  39. 39 : Lumi Says:

    Kim Ji Hoon’s lawyer is my favorite character in this series, not only is he very handsome and sweet, but mature and a big positive influece on the female lead.

    The merit of this comedy is that it does not have villians, only good people trying to overcome divorce and breakup in a mature way. Separation does not have to be devastating and bitter, it is part of life and the lesson one need to learn in order to continue our growth and maturing process.

  40. 40 : salila Says:

    hi guys, i did not watch that drama yet but i can tell u where to watch it and much more dramas. go and subscribe on http://aznv.tv it’s not long to subscribe really easy and upload winap program to be able to watch it there is all sort of full dramas on this web site and guess what? all with english sub and high quality. have fun ive been watching all my dramas on this site and always been satisfied. and it’s freeeee

  41. 41 : Summerchan Says:

    I really love this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. 42 : tina Says:

    I loved this show, only said I saw the last 2 months of it. I cried at the moment when Lee Kang Hyun said good-bye to her ex after their bike ride home. Funny thing, I’m not Korean at all, I don’t even understand 1 word, thank goodness for subtitles….I loved this show & because of this show I’m hooked on 2 new shows.

  43. 43 : elvan Says:

    I love this korean drama. Kim Ji Hoon is very handsome. Kİm Min Hee is very cute. Really I love all Korean drama. But Love Marriage is very very gooooooooooood!……………

  44. 44 : shelly Says:

    I’d finished watch this movie.., last 2 weeks..

    i LOVE this drama~~~

    cute man.., n cute galz~~


  45. 45 : Wills Says:

    This drama is ok..Not too bad..Just felt that Park Hyun Soo deserves a better gf..Did not really like Lee Kang Hyun and they are not exactly compatible. I liked Hwa Young more..However, the good thing about this drama is that there is meaning to it.=)

  46. 46 : beebie Says:

    i have started to watch this series since yesterday and still can’t tell it’s good or bad…i just knew that it’s quite okay.Main male lead is handsome and female lead is not beauty but cute
    and i think she is suitable in her roll and i will follow up their relation to go which way but in episode 2 ,it seem male lead is interested and care of female lead’s wording.. i will come back to update after watching finished..un- yong..

  47. 47 : ANIEK Says:

    Hmmm….so sweet….so funny…so romantic….I LOVE U KIM JI HOON

  48. 48 : socolaandmusic Says:

    This drama is great. i love it. so sweet funny and has a happy ending.

  49. 49 : Sesy Says:

    Love all kim ji hoon drama… I hope soon i can see kim ji hoon saeguk drama ^_^

  50. 50 : deanaz Says:

    I am a big fan of kim ji hoon, he is soo cute..and hot. please make some new drama soon

  51. 51 : any l Says:

    i love kim ji hoon …very handsome……..

  52. 52 : LYOD Says:

    recommendable. love this drama

  53. 53 : lannie Says:

    what a wonderful drama this was ~ i definitely recommend it 🙂

  54. 54 : jh Says:

    wonderful drama!! especially the last episode.. it ended so beautifully

  55. 55 : sang hee Says:

    now i’d like to watch it based fr some of ur recommendations! i just don’t like the lead actress (i saw her in sis in law 19) she was hateful in that drama. maybe she’ll be ok here.

  56. 56 : sang hee Says:

    Now I can share with you who hv seen or hvnt seen this drama of KJH that it’s a cute love story & i highly recommend this one as well! I really must say all Kim Ji Hoon’s dramas are worth watching! It’s always a big treat to watch him, versatile actor, he can make you cry & laugh with him as well! I just hope he won’t stop making good dramas after his recent hit Pick a Star or Stars Falling from the Sky!

  57. 57 : mutiara Says:


  58. 58 : Michelle Says:

    I lvoe love this drama.

    i never thought i will get hook up with it.

    at first when i saw it i was like “hummmm may b this is not my kind of drama i like”

    but then i dont even wanna go out!

    watch it! its very easy going but really cute

  59. 59 : mel Says:

    i like the ending of this drama..

  60. 60 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  61. 61 : nining Says:

    it’s so fun to watch it,,

  62. 62 : Aroma Says:

    I loved it. Very funny and very sweet. 🙂 And great ending.

  63. 63 : lovekoreandrama! Says:

    will Park Hyun Soo get jealous over her ex bf? i’ve watched till epi 8 but still no love between them?

  64. 64 : Elvie Mendoza Says:

    Kim Min Hee – I will be watching you closely. Keep up the good work.

  65. 65 : Nensi Says:

    Что будет в конце ???????????????

  66. 66 : via Says:

    I loveeeeee this drama.. funny and entertaining.. its easy to watch because the conflict is not getting to exagerated and the ending is very beautifull, I loveee KIM JI HOON.. I love his smile and his eyes.. I wish I am that girl in the drama.. LOL… !!!!

  67. 67 : via Says:

    Kim Ji hoon… Saranghae….!!!

  68. 68 : USA-Mary Says:

    This is an excellent drama! Very funny and full of sincerity! There was enough detours in it to throw a person off track often…you know, like some scenes were not too predictable, compared to some other dramas. I waded through the emotional scenes with the past loves and new loves! Yet, it turned out the way I had hoped, even when there were times when I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen!

  69. 69 : USA-Mary Says:

    This drama is a must see…excellent acting and funny too! Highly recommend it!

  70. 70 : Mizrilla Says:

    Kim Ji Hoon is extremely handsome.. Love him so much.. I just want him in this drama… Hahaha

  71. 71 : ll Says:

    I really like this drama.
    This drama makes me fell sweet.
    BTW: the OST is also very good.

  72. 72 : Ezra Says:

    Love this drama so much!!! very romantic… and very very like Kim Ji hoon, extremely handsome… ^^

  73. 73 : Tomlinson Says:

    Wonderful drama! Will watch it again this weekend!

  74. 74 : Jaril-san Says:

    nice drama…enjoyed watching it…KIM JI HOON is really good looking…i’d picked some striking lines/dialogues…

  75. 75 : ehemehem Says:

    I love him
    He is damn hot…sHEEETT!

  76. 76 : Dhanabati Says:

    Hi, the girl role make the drama more funny.

  77. 77 : danial Says:

    where can i watch this drama?

  78. 78 : sara Says:

    Now, it’s on air from KBSWORLD.

  79. 79 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Great drama:)

  80. 80 : muthia Says:

    ada sinopsis drama LOVE AND MARRIAGE ini nggak ??
    pengen tau kek mana ceritanya..

  81. 81 : Paul Dario Says:

    That girl, Kim Min Hee, has such ugly hair. She dresses horribly and she is homely. I swear, those eyebrows make her kind of ugly. Now, this series is really not realistic. A handsome lawyer could never be interested on this girl. So typical of these writers to put ugly girls in dramas and have good looking guys fall in love with them. That is probably because most of the writers, if not all are women and they are spinsters or pretty homely themesves.

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