Title: 러브레터 / Love Letter
Chinese Title : 情书
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2003-Feb-10 to 2003-Apr-01
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


As a young “orphan”, Andrea Jo Hyun Jae received horrible treatment while growing up under the care of his aunt (father’s sister). When his uncle (mother’s brother), a priest, found out what happened, he took him under his wings. Growing up in the church orphanage, Andrea longed to become a priest. Years later, Cho Eun Ha Soo Ae came to live in the orphanage after her mother passed away. Although at first CEH was hostile to everyone, Andrea succeeded to become her friends and the two was inseparable throughout their high school years. They rented a place of their own and became roommates after moving to the city to attend university. CEH hide her feeings from Andrea knowing that his goal was to become a priest.While in college, they made friends with Jung Woo Jin Ji Jin Hee who fell in love with CEH. Andrea also discovered that he had feelings for CEH. To complicate things, JWJ’s stepmother was actually Andrea’s birth mother who abandoned him to remarry. Will he choose love over priesthood ??


Jo Hyun Jae as Lee Woo Jin / Andrew
Ji Jin Hee as Jung Woo Jin
Soo Ae as Cho Eun Ha
Son Hyun Joo as Father Peter (Andrew’s maternal uncle)
Kim Yoon Kyung as Seo Young (Eun Ha’s friend)
Kwon Min Joong as Sister Esther
Yoon Yoo Sun as Sister Gemma
Yang Hee Kyung as Maria (Father Peter’s cook/housekeeper)
Kim Young Ae as Dr. Yim Kyung Eun (Andrew’s mom)
Joo Hyun as Dr. Jung Myung Woo
Jo Yoon Hee as Jung Yu Ri
Choi Jae Hyung
Seo Hyun Ki
Son Young Joon
Yoo Seung Ho as young Woo Jin
Han Ye Rin as Hee Jin (Woo Jin’s cousin)
Lee Seol Ah
Yoon Hee Joo

Production Credits

Producer: Jang Geun Soo
Director: Oh Kyung Hoon
Screenwriter: Oh Soo Yun

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48 Responses to “Love Letter”

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  1. 26
    nex12 Says:

    i dont think so..you know wat i hate this drama….i hate the guy.if really love’s andrea he will give up his dream…i dont cry in this series….he didnot give his dream. but y in the end of this drama they still together is a sin father…..ahhahahahahha…oh they have a kissing scene..oh wat a priest..

  2. 27
    lani Says:

    Can someone help me find the name of the Korean actor on Love Letter who likes Yu-ri the deaf girl? He is the guy who runs into her on the steps with his roller blades and then stops his rock performance because he sees her the club and chases after her.

  3. 28
    hm5airy Says:

    hi I’m from Egypt
    I watched this drama twice
    this drama has a great meaning,I have learned a lot from it , thank you
    the acting was perfect especially su ae and Anderea

  4. 29
    joy Says:

    You can download the soundtrack from here


  5. 30
    relyn Says:

    thanks for uploading this type of drama,I really enjoyed watching it over and over.. more power..Godbless

  6. 31
    eugene Says:

    Who can say! At the end, Andrew said that if Eun Ha awake, their love will start again. Who know that it is not the love between a man and a woman instead of brother and sister.

  7. 32
    Yukari DimAandaL Says:

    ., Oh mY god .,!!

    I loVe thiS mOVie So
    mUch .,!!
    Especially Jo Hyun Jae .,
    He is so Hot ,.
    I love his Role .,
    he is so good .,
    I Love all of the
    characters .,
    they are all
    perfect for the Role .,

    I hope there
    is a sequel ^^
    Eun ha became a
    sister .,
    so that she will be always at
    Andrew’s side /.,

    Luv this mUvie ., mWahhxx .,

  8. 33
    tahmineh Says:

    Any time I think about it I thank god for grant us great things in this world like as loving each other. Truly what is love? If it just is an attraction or desire between a man and a woman? of course no. The story of love always is interesting for any person, listening or seeing it. We have a poem about love: love seemed so simple, hazards now abound! Thanks to the breeze-blown musk from charming curls, our hearts in blood of misery are downed. I think true love (like as love between Andrea and Eun ae) comes from heaven and this drama displayed it as beauty. The beauty face of JHJ was very suite with Andrea’s role and Soo Ae was very perfect with face similar an angle. In fact, Eun ae was a lady that changes Andrea’s heart into a heaven when that she dwelt therein.

  9. 34
    fetty arisandi Says:

    I think this film enough good!!
    Jo Hyun Jae I love you!!

  10. 35
    Jerome Says:

    I can say that your headline “ love letter korean drama…” is not absorbing but I consider some readers might like it.

  11. 36
    mutiara Says:

    it’s a good movie..

  12. 37
    ontak Says:

    so romantic drama!!!

  13. 38
    mel Says:

    looks like so interesting… i want to watch this movie..

  14. 39
    kaveh yousefzadeh Says:

    ضمن سلام همانگونه که قبلا به استحضارتان رسید متاثر از اقامت تحصیلی بنده در شهرستان اصفهان در طی سال های 76-79 اینجانب شاهد تسریع و از سرگیری مجدد بلاها ومصائب سازمان یافته بر ضد ما بوده ایم که تا کنون به شهادت جانسوز پدر ومادرم و…انجامیده است. ضمن انکه برشدت بیماریهای مختلف یکی از برادرانم نیز به میزان معتنابهی افزوده اند.بگونه ای که تحمل نامبرده حتی برای لحظه ای هم امکان پذیر نیست.
    از سوی دیگر همانگونه که قبلا به استحضارتان رسید برای بنده هم مشکلات زیادی ایجاد کرده اند که نهایتا به خانه نشینی بنده کشیده شده است.
    مطالب فوق از ان جهت عنوان شد که افق دید جنابعالی نسبت به شرایط بسیار بد تحمیل شده بر ما افزوده شود.
    اما تقاضای بنده ذیلا عنوان می شود:
    از انجا که گفته می شود از سرگیری فعالیت های تحصیلی بنده در کشورهای خارجی و در وهله اول درکشور سوئد مستلزم اخذ پذیرش تحصیلی از اخرین دانشگاه محل تحصیل می باشد لذا مستدعی است با توجه به اینکه بنده به زودی در صورت مساعدبودن شرایط رهسپار کشور سوئد می شوم تمهیدات لازم جهت تسهیل بخشیدن به این مسئله را مهیا نمائید.اگر احیانا پذیرش تحصیلی جهت ارائه به مراکزاموزشی سوئد وکشورهای مشابه نیاز بود مستدعی است اسناد ومدارک منضم به ان را به نشانی پستی بنده(منظور توصیه نامه اساتید) ارسال فرمائید.
    لازم به ذکر است که بنده مترصد گذرانیدن دوره های اموزشی در رشته های جدید مرتبط با رشته تحصیلیم هستم.رشته هایی که بسیار جذاب وکاربردی وساده باشند.کاملا فاقد دروسی نظیر اقتصادسنجی و…باشند. به سایر برنامه های دائمی وروزانه بنده در عرصه یادگیری و تمرین دروس موسیقی و ورزشی وزبان های خارجی خللی ایجاد نکند.به امر مسافرت های دائمی توریستی –شغلی بنده به کشورهای خارجی اسیبی نرساند.بیشتر جنبه اجرائی داشته باشندو…
    اگرمرحمت کنید درزمینه تعیین رشته اتی بنده بگونه ای که همخوانی تام با موارد فوق الذکر داشته باشند توصیه ها وراهنمائی های لازم را ارائه فرمائید بسیار سپاسگذار خواهم شد.
    ناگفته نماند که بنده هیچ گونه رغبتی به طی کردن دوره های اموزشی نظیر انچه که در مقاطع کارشناسی و کارشناسی ارشد ان را تجربه نموده ندارم.
    مجددا خواهشمندم با توجه به ابعادتکان دهنده مصائب و بلیه های تحمیل شده بر ما و شرایط خانوادگی من در جهت تسریع بخشیدن به پاسخ بنده اهتمام شایسته را مبذول فرمائید.
    ضمنا به پیوست نشانی پستی بنده ارائه می گردد.
    قبلا از هرگونه همکاری جنابعالی متشکرم.
    عرضی نیست.
    کاوه یوسف زاده

    نشانی پستی:
    اسلام شهر شهرک واوان میدان امام خمینی خیابان سپیدار مجتمع سپیدار بلوک 4 طبقه 2 کاوه یوسف زاده
    کد پستی:3317843154
    شماره تماس:0228 3170996

  15. 40
    kaveh yousefzadeh Says:

    How do you do?
    Recently I saw one other Korean series under the title of love letter. Before I declare my standpoint about this series I pay attention your consideration about good film qualifications again.
    From my view, some of a good film requirements are following:
    1-it must attract and stimulate its viewer sentiments.
    2-a good film must have a lot of spectators. I mean it must be popular. That is why I don’t accept art works that obtain a lot of rewards in world film festivals.for example I hint to my country films. I hate to watch them a lot. I personally believe on they allocate a lot of budgets to themselves. But their watching nauseate and upset me a lot! These films allocate a lot of budgets to themselves unfortunately!
    Although some of them obtain the best rewards from valid world festivals!?
    But instead when I watch the Korean series such as sad love story,heaven tree,stairway to heaven,huang jin I please so much from watching them. I promise you if these series be presented in Iran TV ,an extraordinary people welcome them!
    3-a good film is so entertainment.
    4- A good film must show the worst hoarse realities with art language. It must indirectly struggle with all of legal taboos and forbidden matters severely. You know in despotic and underdeveloped countries good and bad domains are so limited and superficial. You can find a lot of virgin matters in order to making films about these countries.
    5- A good film must be in service of mankind evolution. When a viewer see a good film his/her moral standards must be promoted optionally and volitionally not compulsory and forcedly!
    6-a good film has a lot of artistic aesthetic scenes.
    7-a good film must adore international and eternal values such as love (I mean merely the love among humans), humanity, philanthropy,…
    It must severely fight against all of racism,fanatic,chauvinism,dark ages,…ideologies!
    8-one of important matters from ancient times till now is this matter that good and evil are merely direct product of social,economic,geographic,environmental,historical conditions.they never are inward, inborn phenomena. This matter is very very important. The main error is lack of this matter. When a film has a static stance about human and his/her moral standard and connive all of external factors and it only suffice to internal and inward ones it oppress to human a lot!
    8-a good film challenge his/her viewer conscience!
    9-it is completely anti traditional.
    10-it heightens his/her smart, analysis power.
    11- There are a lot of erotic sing, dance scenes in the good films. It present love between male and female with the most simple, vivid and direct way.

    Anyway a good film qualifications are so much. I merely allude to a few of them.
    But return to our topic.
    In current weeks I saw other Korean series under the title of love letter.
    Unfortunately I don’t please from watching this series in comparison with other before mention Korean series. Although I prefer it to most of Iranian TV, cinema film and series. But I expected much more from this series.
    Some of My criticisms about this series are following:
    1-i doesn’t accept this series structure and scenario. I don’t like the love purport in this series. I don’t agree with Andrea and soo Ae love sentiments. I believe on Andrea character is so cruel.soo Ae character is weak and unintelligible as well. She is superstitious and fanatic too. I never accept their love as holy one!
    On the other of hand soo ae other lover(young dr jong)didn’t have romantic love with her too. his relation with soo ae was normal one not romantic!
    2-the title of this series isn’t convenient. why love letter?
    I think it had better this series title was Andrea.
    Yes Andrea!
    3-i believe on that it had better lee woo jin shouldn’t select friar job. If woo jin didn’t be metamorphosed to Andrea ,this series quality improved so much. Because his carrier spoil this series a lot. It may you say me that her mother insincerity cause woo jin be a clergyman. As a matter of fact Andrea wanted to forgive her mother. So he became a priest! But he selected a wrong way. On the other of hand as soon as he understood that he loved soo ae ,he must took his cloth out. I mean he should resign from clergy job necessarily. It was so disgusting he be hesitated about selecting his love.
    So he was very selfish and cruel.
    4-i don’t accept the love trend between jong woo jin and soo ae. Because dr young jong love sentiment about soo ae was very usual. He hasn’t any romantic sentiment about soo ae. This matter don’t have any consistency with film frame. Because the series viewer expect to watch a triangular extreme love among soo ae on the one hand and jong woo jin and andrea on the other of hand.
    On the other of hand soo ae love sentiment was meaningless.
    Why soo ae must encourage her main and first lover lee woo jin(or andrea)to be priest? It is so nonsense!
    These two love each other a lot .so it is very funny and disgusting that soo ae repel Andrea. she could encourage him for changing his job not vise versa! This matter spoils film quality a lot!
    5-the end of this series wasn’t good .it seems soo ae and jong woo jin became each other permanent partners. I mean the viewer conclude they marry each other finally. But this matter spoil the series basic frame a lot. Because the love between them wasn’t sacred and romantic at all. On the other of hand Andrea dual and selfish behavior angry his/her viewer viewpoint to himself a lot!
    As a matter of fact it seems that Andrea wasn’t real lover! He became friar. Because he only wanted to forgive others and especially his mother. This is so bad!
    6- This series music wasn’t convenient. Its music hasn’t similarity with series them. It had better the director selected erotic female singers. Although this series wasn’t amorously at all in final analysis.
    7- This series have a lot of boring scenes. Unlike other Korean mention series when I was watching this series, I feel drowsiness most of times. But when I saw the series such as sad love story,…I eagerly saw them!
    These are some of my criticism about this series.
    But this series main privilege has located in good play of actresses and actors. They performed their role so good.
    Anyway this series theme is so better that the films and series that show in Iran TV, cinema. Whether they be made in Iran or foreign countries.

    Among the Korean series that I have seen so far this series rank is following respectively:

    1-sad love story
    2-stairway to heaven and heaven tree
    3-huang jin
    4-bad love, beautiful days, terms of endearment, scent of summer,winter queen,winter of sonata(winter of love) simultaneously
    5-the jewel in palace
    6-sacred love
    7-love letter

    But the best films that I have seen in my longevity are following respectively:
    1-sad love story
    2-stairway to heaven and heaven tree
    3-huang jin

    I intend to see the historical-romantic series huang jin for 3 times again.
    In future I want to provide other Korean (and other countries) romantic series.
    Any way in future as soon as I see other films I declare my view about them.
    Dear friends!
    I like Korea so much! I wish I could come Korea many times in my longevity!
    I have no more to say. I trouble you!
    Best regard
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

  16. 41
    MJ Says:

    Years ago, I had glimpsed of some of its episodes and it made me cry…Never did I thought I would be in the same shoes…

  17. 42
    bambi Says:

    one of the first korean drama that i have watched..sad,but the story is good, great actors, i love ji jin hee..this series also made me cry..

  18. 43
    varandhorn Says:

    I like this drama it’s so sad. First drama to see JoHyunJae then I love him love his smile love his eyes & sight. I’m his fans club after I watch SeoDongYo.

  19. 44
    fennie Says:

    Beautiful story and strong cast. I was watching Glory Jane but I took a peek at this dvd and immediately fell in love with the story, finished it right away. My eyes were sooo puffy crying with the characters. I love all the three main stars plus the mom, and sister. I like the OST too. Great!

  20. 45
    sheila Says:

    this is an awesome story… I really wanna watch this because it is different from all love stories that I’ve watched before… A priest, that who fell in love to someone, I know it sounds impossible but I know in Love, there are no impossibilities :)) but the ending is unacceptable at this Korean Drama because CEH married JWJ…

  21. 46
    yoann Says:

    really andrea has a strong hope….i like his hearth and his decision
    it is a wonderful drama….i love it

  22. 47
    bernadette Says:

    loved “Love Letter” so much… among JHJ’s drama, this is for me the most dramatic…
    if one wants to cry, this is highly recommended…
    JHJ’s acting here is superb… just loved him when he cries… no Korean actor can cry such lovely other than him…

  23. 48
    love letter Says:

    Could I see this drama? Is there any place I can see this drama? Please ~

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