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Love Frequency 37.2

Love Frequency 37.2 01

Title: 사랑 주파수 37.2 / Love Frequency 37.2
Chinese Title: 愛情頻率37.2
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 6
Broadcast network: MBC every1
Broadcast period: 2014-Nov-12 to 2014-Dec-24
Air time: Wednesday 21:00


In Love Frequency 37.2, 37.2 degrees Celsius is the same temperature in which one falls in love.

A radio DJ that also holds a doctorate in psychology, DJ Captain (Yoon Gun) hosts the show “Pirates Radio” on an underground frequency, where his listeners call in to seek his advice on love, from memories of first love to relationship issues, and so on. Each episode covers a new love story, but DJ Captain isn’t without his own secrets and story.


Yoon Gun as DJ Captain
Choi Yoon So as Go Dong Hee
Yoon Jin Wook as Song Joon Young
Jun Ji Hoo as Kang Hee Tae
Ah Young as Jung Sun Hee
Im Yoon Jung
Kang Ki Young
Dong Hyun (동현) as Go Min Ho
Im Do Gyoo as multi man
Joo Ah Sung
Ji Soo
Lee Se Young as Nurse
Son San

Production Credits

Producer: Heo Moo Ran
Director: Shin Seung Yup, Park Soo Chul
Screenwriter: Park Jung Hee, Shin Hye Mi

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  1. 1 : jolene Says:

    this is very interested drama thank

  2. 2 : usa-mary Says:

    So far, I like it. Its entertaining and funny.

  3. 3 : usa-mary Says:

    Okay, DJ Captain. I know you have your love advice wheels turning for the relationship problems you’ve heard from thus far. Since I’m on ep. 2, PLEASE HELP THIS FOOLISH WOMAN 1ST!!!!! Her problem is waaaaay more serious than the others! She’s ignoring her gut feelings and creating her own victimization.

    First, what’s this woman’s motive for even dating this younger guy…sex? She didn’t even think or weigh the situation before jumping into a relationship with what…a high school senior or a college freshman? Whichever one he is, it’s still bad. Dating a man 5 years younger does not denote taking on the role of his parent(s) by buying him what you deemed as ‘appropriate’ clothing because you wanted him to look suitable to accompany you on your first date. WHAT?!! Actually, he looked just fine to me as he was. As long as he didn’t come out on the date wearing only a trench coat, dress shoes and socks with nothing else underneath, he’s fine. BUT, NOOOO…you started it girlie and don’t have the guts to be firm with yourself and say no, it was just for that time only. (Actually, I still don’t advocate buying a man anything whom you just met and started dating regardless of what age he may be). Then, you want to justify your denial (hating what you’ve started it, but still won’t admit the need to stop it) by using the word ‘love’ as your reason. I see how the word LOVE so easily gets blamed, misused, abused, and confused by onlookers. Its the true victim here. She’s not in love, she’s not even in lust, she has a very poor self image. So what if a guy ended a relationship with you…good riddance. Just say next…

    Oh, don’t blame the younger guy. You opened your wallet as a freebie and he’s showing you what how he really feels about you and sees you. Then, you have the nerve to go to your girlfriend for advice. PLEASE STOP BEFORE I BECOME VIRTUAL AND SLAP (NON-STOP) SOME SENSE INTO YOUR HEAD! How can you listen to what she’s saying when you’re ignoring your own self?!

  4. 4 : usa-mary Says:

    If nothing else, these love relationship scenarios are factual occurrences of human nature. Even though the next scenario is even worse, I look forward to hearing from DJ Captain about this one. In the meantime, I give my viewpoint on the matter. Mr. Yoo-nim didn’t even put the bait on the hook before this young woman like a starving fish, leaped out of the water into the boat with the man looking for his bait. Not caring what kind of bait he has to offer which in reality, he doesn’t have the right to offer anything or fish (for a companion) in unchartered waters (because he’s married). This young woman scolded her emo, now herself has launched into forbidden waters with Mr. Yoo.

    I don’t care if its the Great Gatsby’s halmoni! Run girl…as far away and as fast as your feet will take you away from that man! You’re naïve and he’s experienced in the art of women’s emotions. Smoking and dating Mr. Yoo are both addictive, bad habits. One will wound the body while the other will wound the heart. I need a Louieville Slugger for this hypocritical male varmint.

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