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Love Can’t wait

Title: 사랑은 아무도 못말려 / Love Can’t wait
Chinese title : 爱情无法挡
Also known as: The Love That Will Not be Stopped by Anyone
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 124
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2006-Jan-02 to 2006-Jun-30
Air time: Monday-Friday 20:20


Does a high school senior only have to study? A naive high school girls big plan to get married! is a special love story of a high school senior at a girls school with an IQ of 98 but ranking first in looks in her school and of a poor college student studying law. Eun-min meets Tae-kyeong, a college student, when she goes to the university library to run an errand for her sister. She instantly falls in love and lies to him about being a scenario writer and starts dating him. Tae-kyeong of course also falls in love with the charming Eun-min. However, Eun-min’s lie doesnt last long. Eun-min and Tae-kyeong meet each other again as private tutor and student… Tae-kyeong tells Eun-min, who hates studying more than anything, that she should do something else if she doesnt want to go to college, and drags her to the HAJA Center. The reason she listened to him without any further worries is because she believed that he would not ask her to do something thats not right. She has faith in him. She thought that she would be able to live a different life if she were with him. Tae-kyeong was the first thing that had ever been only hers. Therefore, Eun-min decides to get married to him! The marriage was her first accomplishment. The ten-million-won-leased room in the basement that the in-laws found for them has no windows. But why worry about not having a window? One can just draw windows on the wall, place a bucket under the leak in the ceiling and hold a rat-catching event with Tae-kyeong in case there are rats! For some time at first, poverty was just a game for her…


Hong Kyung Min as Kim Tae Kyeong (College student, 25)
Lee Young Ah as Seo Eun Min (senior at a girl’s high school, 19)
Choi Jung Yoon as Seo Eun Joo (Eun Min’s sister)
Choi Kyu Hwan as Hwang Young Min

Extended Cast

Baek Il Sup as Kim Cheol Hwan (Tae Kyeong’s father)
Jung Hye Sun as Kang Soon Ja (Tae Kyeong’s mother)
Yoon Hae Young as Kim Tae Hee (Tae Kyeong’s sister)
Lee Doo Il as Kim Tae Soo (Tae Kyeong’s elder brother)
Kim Ji Young as Kang Hee Jung (Tae Soo’s wife)
Jo Yoon Hee as Kang Hee Soo (Hee Jung’s younger sister)
Park Won Sook as Kang Yeon Sook (Eun Min’s mother)
Sun Woo Yong Nyeo as Kang In Sook (Eun Min’s aunt)
Hyun Suk as (Eun Min’s father)
Lee Hyun Woo as Yoon Ki Hoon (Manhwa artist)
Lee Eun as Oh Young Shim (Eun Min’s friend)
Seo Ji Yeon as Lee Eun Ji

Production Credits

Director: Lee Tae Gon, Kim Dae Jin (김대진)
Chief Producer: Jang Geun Soo
Scriptwriter: Jung Hyung Jung (정현정)

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  1. 1 : Sumin Says:

    this drama starts off cute, and funny, but starts to hit downhill after the couple gets married.

  2. 2 : kim hyunjoo Says:

    where can i watch this drama free? pls can anyone tell me- thanks

  3. 3 : mutiara Says:

    funny… I’m gonna watch this..

  4. 4 : mel Says:

    is it a good drama to watch?

  5. 5 : nining Says:

    love it,,

  6. 6 : sonya Says:

    Where can I watch with english subs?

  7. 7 : diefan Says:

    ahhh why there’s no english subs??
    Love to see Lee Young Ah.. I just watched Golden Bride.. Love love her acting.. she should be good on this one.. well I try to watch her on ‘king of baking… ….”

  8. 8 : Thida Says:

    Where can I watch this drama free?
    I love to see it in English sub title.

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