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Title: 왕꽃 선녀님 / Wang-kkot Seon-nyeo-nim / Lotus Flower Fairy
Chinese Title : 花王仙女
Also known as: Lotus Fairy / King Flower Fairy / Fairy of the Flower King / Heaven’s Fate
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 174
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2004-Jun-07 to 2005-Feb-11
Air time: Monday to Friday at 20:20


This drama talks about what ‘fate’ is, and twists and turns of life and the beauty of love and sacrifice through those who strive to overcome that ‘fate.’

Cho Won, brought up in a not so well off but lovely family, meek and amiable, is engaged after a quite short period of dating to Jung Soo, the son of Hang Ja Joo who has just returned to Korea after studying abroad, thanks to the two families’ intimate relationship, Slowly shamanic spirit approaches Cho Won, who, as a beautiful and talented graduate student, is awaiting a rosy future of marriage life with a smart bridegroom from a rich family.


Yoon family

Lee Da Hae as Yoon Cho Won (24)
Lee Young Ha as Yoon Jae Hak (father, 52)
Han Hye Sook as Jang Shi Ae (mother, 50)
Park So Hyun as Jang Shi Mong (aunt, 35)
Sa Mi Ja as Han Mi Nyeo (grandmother, 75)

Kim family

Kim Sung Min as Kim Moo Bin (30)
Kim Byung Gi as Moo Bin’s father
Kim Hye Ok as Moo Bin’s mother
Jung Yoo Mi as Kim Hae Bin (sister)

Pan family

Lee Joo Hyun as Pan Jung Soo (32)
Nam Il Woo as Pan Young Sang (father, 60)
Kim Yong Rim as Madam Joo (mother, 53)

Moon family

Park Tam Hee as Moon Mi Young (26)
Han Jin Hee as Moon Hee Kang (father, 54)
Jung Ae Ri as Won So Jung (mother, 53)
Jung Hye Sun as No Bang Rim (grandmother, 75)

Boo Yong Hwa’s household

Kim Hye Sun as Boo Yong Hwa (46)
Lee Han Wie as Boo Yong Jin (brother, 37)
Lee Jung Sup as Monk Shin (Yong Hwa’s assistant, 68)
Seo Kwon Soon as Shaman Park (Yong Hwa’s assistant, 56)

Other people

Eun Se Hyun as Lee Dong Ha (Mi Young’s boyfriend, 28)
Park Joon Hyuk as Park Hyung Woo (Shi Mong’s coworker, 32)
Kim Ga Yun as Han Ok Jin (dress shop employee, 20)
Shin Eun Jung as a lawyer who likes Moo Bin
Kim Jae Man as Moo Bin’s friend/employee

Production Credits

Producer: Lee Jin Young (이진영)
Original Idea: Im Sung Han
Screenwriter: Kim Na Hyun (김나현)

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54 Responses to “Lotus Flower Fairy”

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  1. 51
    korean artist lover Says:

    i really love watching heaven’s fate

  2. 52
    mel Says:

    174 episodes of drama? so long…

  3. 53
    ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  4. 54
    chow Says:

    one of the most beautiful korean drama i’ve ever seen….very beautiful lee da hae and handsome kim sung min.Perfect couple!!!!!!

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