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Lotus Flower Fairy

Title: 왕꽃 선녀님 / Wang-kkot Seon-nyeo-nim / Lotus Flower Fairy
Chinese Title : 花王仙女
Also known as: Lotus Fairy / King Flower Fairy / Fairy of the Flower King / Heaven’s Fate
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 174
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2004-Jun-07 to 2005-Feb-11
Air time: Monday to Friday at 20:20


This drama talks about what ‘fate’ is, and twists and turns of life and the beauty of love and sacrifice through those who strive to overcome that ‘fate.’

Cho Won, brought up in a not so well off but lovely family, meek and amiable, is engaged after a quite short period of dating to Jung Soo, the son of Hang Ja Joo who has just returned to Korea after studying abroad, thanks to the two families’ intimate relationship, Slowly shamanic spirit approaches Cho Won, who, as a beautiful and talented graduate student, is awaiting a rosy future of marriage life with a smart bridegroom from a rich family.


Yoon family

Lee Da Hae as Yoon Cho Won (24)
Lee Young Ha as Yoon Jae Hak (father, 52)
Han Hye Sook as Jang Shi Ae (mother, 50)
Park So Hyun as Jang Shi Mong (aunt, 35)
Sa Mi Ja as Han Mi Nyeo (grandmother, 75)

Kim family

Kim Sung Min as Kim Moo Bin (30)
Kim Byung Gi as Moo Bin’s father
Kim Hye Ok as Moo Bin’s mother
Jung Yoo Mi as Kim Hae Bin (sister)

Pan family

Lee Joo Hyun as Pan Jung Soo (32)
Nam Il Woo as Pan Young Sang (father, 60)
Kim Yong Rim as Madam Joo (mother, 53)

Moon family

Park Tam Hee as Moon Mi Young (26)
Han Jin Hee as Moon Hee Kang (father, 54)
Jung Ae Ri as Won So Jung (mother, 53)
Jung Hye Sun as No Bang Rim (grandmother, 75)

Boo Yong Hwa’s household

Kim Hye Sun as Boo Yong Hwa (46)
Lee Han Wie as Boo Yong Jin (brother, 37)
Lee Jung Sup as Monk Shin (Yong Hwa’s assistant, 68)
Seo Kwon Soon as Shaman Park (Yong Hwa’s assistant, 56)

Other people

Eun Se Hyun as Lee Dong Ha (Mi Young’s boyfriend, 28)
Park Joon Hyuk as Park Hyung Woo (Shi Mong’s coworker, 32)
Kim Ga Yun as Han Ok Jin (dress shop employee, 20)
Shin Eun Jung as a lawyer who likes Moo Bin
Kim Jae Man as Moo Bin’s friend/employee

Production Credits

Producer: Lee Jin Young (이진영)
Original Idea: Im Sung Han
Screenwriter: Kim Na Hyun (김나현)

Official Site


  1. 1 : Toh Lily Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am interested in this drama. Where can I buy a copy of this drama or view it ? Thank you.

  2. 2 : Nora Says:

    I saw episode 1 & some clips of Heaven’s Fate aka Lotus Flower Fairy, but I could not find any information where to get or buy the whole drama. I was very fascinated with episode & clips I saw & very eager to know the rest of the story especially the ending part. Does anyone know? I think it was not downloaded in the internet because it was a very long drama, about 174 episodes. I love Lee Dae Hae in My Girl & Green Rose. She’s a great actress & very pretty, too.

  3. 3 : Nora Says:

    I’m still looking around for Heaven’s Fate aka Lotus Flower Fairy, but to no avail. I really really want to see this particular drama. Lee Dae Hae won her first best actress award on this because of her excellent performance.

  4. 4 : Stella Says:

    Would like to buy the korean drama titled Heaven;s Fate. Please advise.Thank you.

  5. 5 : amy Says:

    I am interested in the drama-lotus flower fairy, where can i buy this dvd in malaysia

  6. 6 : lyssia Says:

    this series is not on sale because it’s 118 episodes.. since it’s so long it’s not distributed. If you want to watch it you might find it on clubbox.

  7. 7 : Nordelm Says:

    Lyssia, how do I find Heaven’s Fate on the clubbox. Is clubbox a website?
    Please let me know & thanks so much for the information.

  8. 8 : Ayelwin Says:

    I am interested in the drama-lotus flower fairy, where can i buy it in Myanmar. Pls let me know urgently.
    Best regards,

  9. 9 : Joanling Says:

    Try yahoo auctions, SG site

  10. 10 : Joanling Says:

    Lotus Fairy is on sale at Yesasia.com

  11. 11 : Richard Says:

    I am the one who interest in the korea language and drama.
    Now also I like Lotus Flower Fairy drama brocasted in our TV programme.
    I like lee da hae (Cho Wan) because she acted different action in different role.
    By seeing her face I got so many selfconfident by myself.
    If you possible please send me lee da hae photo via my e.mail address mention above.

    with full of thanks

  12. 12 : htoohtoo Says:

    I want Cho Wun & Bu Yone Hwa Photos in Lotus Flower Fairy.

  13. 13 : htet su aung Says:

    please,help me
    I want to get cho wan’s mother(bu youne hwa)
    If you have this picture ,sent it me.([email protected]

  14. 14 : NDM Says:

    I watched this drama in Lee Da Hae soompi which provided the website (I can’t remember the name). Anyway, it’s in Korean audio & chinese subtitles. It’s a great drama, unfortunately, I don’t understand chinese or Korean. I wish there’s English subtitles. I didn’t quite understand the ending of this drama which is similar to a lot of Korean dramas in which they are all open ending, you didn’t know if the lead characters ended up together. I hate these kind of endings. Does anyone know what happened in the ending?

  15. 15 : SOME Says:

    i really watch this drama in english sub but i can’t find it and i also speak myanmar so can u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me where can i find Lotus Flower Fairy e-mail me to [email protected] thank for helping me :))

  16. 16 : grace Says:

    I just watched this drama film ( Lotus Flower Fairy), I love this film… and I really want to know the actual name of cho wan’s birth mother ( who act as bu youne hwa)… she’s pretty and her acting is so dramatical..
    could somebody inform me her original name pls ? pls send it to [email protected] thanks

  17. 17 : Winnie Rae Says:

    it is a very nice and meaningful story .. I like it very much .

  18. 18 : INge Says:

    Where can I get the English subtitles?

  19. 19 : sho sho Says:

    this drama is showing now in the Korean channel Arirang with English and Arabic subtitle at 3:30 p.m KSA its 12:30 p.m GMT

  20. 20 : narae Says:

    please tell me where i can find this drama! i want to watch so bad. i cannot wait to watch one everyday! please help.

  21. 21 : yeye sarno Says:

    been looking for a best dvd copy of heaven’s fate… i have to catch via cable 67 here in the Phils. even my 2 yr old daughter loved it… to the writers , producers and actors/actresses… my love for you.. thanks

  22. 22 : chuwon Says:

    I just love this drama finally ARIRANG is airing this drama. Lee da hae is great here,no wonder why she won a best new actress in Baeksang. Her acting is so credible. And to her real mom i think her screen name is Kim Hye sun, a big applause to her.
    Arirang is airing this for 30 minutes per Episode. MBC or in Yes Asia should release a DVD with English subtitle.

  23. 23 : marina Says:

    please please release this with english subtitle i love this drama very much as i am watching it at arirang please can somebody release this with english subtitle.

  24. 24 : Pattricia Look Says:

    14 Oct. 2009

    I am watching Heaven’s Fate in England on Arirang and now up to episode 50. I hope that ther will be a happy ending and Cho-yon and Kim will be eventaully married. But I think the ending will be very sad and tearful.

    Best regards

  25. 25 : Pattricia Look Says:


    The drama Heaven’s Fate is now showing in Europe on Arirang with multi languages subtitles ( Spainish, Indonesian, English).

    You can get the Free To Air (FTA) Broadcast from the Satellites : Arirang
    1. Astra 19.2 Deg East
    2. Hotbird.

  26. 26 : xueer Says:

    whe can i get this drama dvd in singapore
    it was a very nice interesting story

  27. 27 : siti Says:

    Xueer : U can get the dvd in TS shops… I have seen in IMM or causeway pt …but it’s only having chinese subtitles which i cannot buy cos i cannot understand 🙁

  28. 28 : lebigmac Says:

    siti, xueer, if you find it in IMM or causeway point, please let me know. would like to get a copy as well. thanks

  29. 29 : Guess who76 Says:

    It’s very interesting story…. Let’s enjoy it on arirange channel. The whole cast is wonderful and lovable, what’s Lee Da Hae’s newest drama?KUMABTA

  30. 30 : teenaaj Says:

    i really love watching heaven’s fate but it is shown in the philippines for 30 minutes a day. i really feel anxious not knowing what will happen next. can you please suggest some sites where i can watch it. thank you 😀

  31. 31 : patsy Says:

    i’m a mother of three, a retired employee. i really like this korean drama every night at arirang channel here in the philippines. hope u can find us a video website for this show. thanks

  32. 32 : LEigh Says:

    this k-drama, heaven’s fate is showing every night here in the philippines at Arirang.

  33. 33 : Dulce Says:

    It’s also showing here in the US @ KEMS/ARIRANG( Channel 197) @7.30AM, 12:30Noon, 5:30PM in San Francisco Bay Area. I am hoping that they will relase a DVD with English subs. The stroy line is rather interesting, love the drama.

  34. 34 : May Says:

    Help! I’ve been trying to watch every episode of Heaven’s Fate here in the San Francisco Bay Area and today it should have been on at 12:30pm but instead it was another TV program.

    Has the series ended? Have I missed the last episode? I missed yesterday’s episode. The last one I remember is the one where Cho-won’s stepmother was going to try to meet her birthmother.

    Does anyone know where an online version with English subtitles can be found? It’s not on soju.com, I’ve looked. Or at least a website that has a summary description of each episode? I love this Korean drama but I’ve missed all the earlier episodes and the ending ones too. : (

    Help pls ^_^

  35. 35 : Phil Says:

    In the Bay Area and up until 3 days ago, it was on at 12:30p.m., and repeated at 5:30p.m. and 10:30p.m. I can still watch it at 5:30p.m. The 10:30p.m. slot is probably also still valid.

  36. 36 : divya Says:

    Hello Arirang,
    I am an indian but I and my husband really like to watch heaven’s fate. even though we don’t understand korean we follow eng subtitles. now ia m in different place where we don’t get this channel i have misses episodes from 5th jan 2010 and trying to look for the vedios online . pls can tell us where we can see. its really interesting serial which teaches the values of family.
    regards divya.

  37. 37 : charlie Says:

    hello. i am a fan of this drama. due to heavy load of work in the office, i wish to watch this drama in the internet. can you help me how to locate this video>?? thank you and more power to you

  38. 38 : Ging Says:

    Does anybody know where can I wach this Drama online with English Subtitle? Thanks – it will be much appreciated.

  39. 39 : Christian Mcgeever Says:

    Hi – It’s good to read such interesting stuff on the Web as I have been able to fiind here. I agree with most of what is written here and I’ll be returning to this site again. Thanks again for posting such great reading material!!

  40. 40 : Yurat Abraham Says:

    you can also watch it online with english subtitles


    CLick on the top left TV icon

  41. 41 : burberry Says:

    Any ideas on which link I could go to with English subs.

    I’ve followed this drama from the beginning but it now has lost its appeal. Far too dragging, slow, and repetitive. There are so many scenes that the story could do without.

  42. 42 : dee dee Says:

    where can you purchase this drama

  43. 43 : Alyona Says:

    I love this drama and so sad it ended today! 🙁 excellent playing, i love Mi-yeong and Cho-won! and Jeong-su is really cute! lol

  44. 44 : Buel Says:

    cool picsxx

  45. 45 : Mary Says:

    I really loved «Heaven’s fate» it was my first korean drama that i wichted with interest, i also loved songs and i try to find it but i can’t please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 46 : coralou Says:

    i have watched this daily drama on arirang, and the much awaited ending wheather Chowon and Mubin will end up together. and to the delight of this viewer the two ended up together. it’s just so sad that the drama has ended and that i could no longer see them on television. but i am looking forward that i will see the cast at some future drama on arirang.

  47. 47 : fAikA Says:

    i wish i could record the episode 173. i recorded almost all the song but my bad luck one of the music i could not recorded which was in episode 173:(..can anybody tell me where can i download heave’s fate serial’s music album which released in 2004 most probably. plz if anybody know than plzzz let me inform. this is my e-mail address [email protected] . i missed this serial so much. soo sooo much.

  48. 48 : Mujeeb ul Hassan Says:

    Hello Arirang,

    I am an indian and I really like to watch heaven’s fate. I Love to see Lee Da Hae as Yoon Cho-won and Kim Sung Taek as Kim Moo-bin they are really nice.


    mujeeb – Qatar

  49. 49 : Manisha Says:

    Until the end of this drama series, i had never missed an episode but die to certain reason i just couldn’t watch the last episode,i am so heart broken by it. it was so heart touching,sweet love story. i just miss this series a lot.

  50. 50 : mutiara Says:

    I love Lee Dae Hee..

  51. 51 : korean artist lover Says:

    i really love watching heaven’s fate

  52. 52 : mel Says:

    174 episodes of drama? so long…

  53. 53 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  54. 54 : chow Says:

    one of the most beautiful korean drama i’ve ever seen….very beautiful lee da hae and handsome kim sung min.Perfect couple!!!!!!

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