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Looking Forward to Romance

Looking Forward to Romance 07

Title: 연애를 기대해 / Looking Forward to Romance
Chinese Title: 期待戀愛
Also Known as: Hope for Dating / Hope for Love / Anticipate Love
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 2
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2013-Sep-11 to 2013-Sep-12
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


This drama is about the romantic Love story between young men and young women.

A drama about love and relationships, centers on a college student Joo Yeon Ae (BoA) who has both good looks and personality, but she′s actually a novice in relationships, and always fails at getting her man. Meanwhile, Cha Ki Dae (Choi Daniel) is a skilled dating coach who expert at reading women′s minds. He comes to coach Yeon Ae over SNS, but despite the experience he boasts about, however, he also always fails at getting his own girl. The drama also depicts what happens when four youths with completely different views toward love start dating each other.


Choi Daniel as Cha Ki Dae
BoA as Joo Yeon Ae
Kim Ji Won as Choi Sae Rom
Si Wan as Jung Jin Kook
Oh Jung Se as Philip
Kim Min Young as Eun Jung
Park Jin Joo as Do Kyung
Kim Hae Rim as Jin Gook’s junior in university
Go In Bum as Sae Rom’s father
Joo Sang Wook as restaurant staff (cameo)
Lee Mi Young as Sae Rom’s mother

Production Credits

Production Company: IOK Media
Chief Producer: Lee Gun Joon
Producer: Kim Jin Won
Director: Lee Eun Jin
Screenwriter: Joo Hwa Mi


2013 KBS Drama Awards: Special Short Drama Actress Awards – BoA (Looking Forward to Romance)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Special Short Drama Actor Awards – Choi Daniel (Looking Forward to Romance)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Best Rookie Actress: BoA (Expect Dating)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-09-11 1 (<8.1) (<8.2) (<7.5) (<7.8)
2013-09-12 2 (<7.5) (<7.9) (<7.8) (<8.6)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Looking Forward to Romance Poster1 Looking Forward to Romance Poster2

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Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II

Preview – Episode 1 & Episode 2

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  1. 1 : Micc Says:

    Daniel Choi! It’s been a while, I’ll take it even it’s just two episodes!

  2. 2 : emma.abrantes Says:

    looking forward to watch this program especiall Daniel Choi

  3. 3 : dinaz Says:

    Aww..daniel!!cant wait to see u dani baby..but why only 2 episodes?goodluck for this drama..love u!muah 🙂 😀 🙂 😀

  4. 4 : dinaz Says:

    Sept 11..cant wait to see u daniel.. <3

  5. 5 : Lilly Merlin Says:

    Looove Daniel Choi <3 he's a great actor ^_^ can't wait for it

  6. 6 : susan Says:

    just two???
    i think it will be long enough drama….-.-!

  7. 7 : dahlia Says:

    cant wait love my Choi Daniel 🙂

  8. 8 : juliane04 Says:

    maybe 20 eps.

  9. 9 : wdr Says:

    oh why just 2 eps i want moreee BoA acting will be so good here

  10. 10 : dinaz Says:

    Excited..so excited to see daniel 🙂 but 2episodes wont be enough.. 🙁
    Fighting daniel..

  11. 11 : freedomdemon Says:

    much of my favorite actors!!!!! (*o *)
    after read the synopsis, let me think of that, maybe this is also add on little funny too!!! (^. ^)
    watched the trailer, make me more concentrate to it appearance lo!!!!! (0. O)Y

  12. 12 : maknaee Says:

    more episode please ~~~~ i love all the actors <3

  13. 13 : OK OK OK Says:

    Daniel Choi – How come only 2 episodes? Is this just a movie?

    More more episodes please because want to see more of DANIELl.
    Please partner with lovely adorable actress who can act well, OK !!! 🙂

  14. 14 : taraJJ Says:

    choi daniel as a playboy…??? omo can’t wait to see it.. btw, both choi daniel and si wan looking so good with eye glasses ^__^
    is that kim ji won from “what’s up?” ?? i like this girl even she ever make me jealous when she had a hot kiss with kim jaejoong in baek seung hoon mv ’till the sun rises 🙂

    yeah why only 2 eps?? why..why..?? sighh

  15. 15 : Lee Rora Khye Says:

    Only 2 ep….:(

  16. 16 : zarima Says:

    only two episodes? why;;;

  17. 17 : sinopsis kdrama Says:

    oh i cant wait for this drama T_T

  18. 18 : freedomdemon Says:

    hope that it could add on more episodes~!!!!! (*. *)

  19. 19 : Jun Says:

    one word to describe first episode : Awesome!
    LOVEEEE IT!!!!

  20. 20 : novita Says:

    where i can watch this drama?..please tell me

  21. 21 : Fullheart Says:

    Agreed where can’t hs be watched???

  22. 22 : Fullheart Says:

    Sorry. Where can ths be watched. Shoud retread typing.

  23. 23 : Jun Says:

    guess I can’t put the download link here =(
    but if you google it you can find it 😀
    ~ unfortunately no english subtitle yet, just raw video. Anyway, even if you don’t understand korean, worth watching ^^ it’s adorableee!!!

  24. 24 : torri Says:

    @JUN can you tell us please where you watch the first ep , what site ?

  25. 25 : 0708julia_jj Says:

    Because it’s KBS drama special, usually KBS world will upload it in youtube like adolance medley & sohee’s drama but it will takes up 3 week later after airing

  26. 26 : kalak Says:

    The first two episodes’ ratings were a disaster – dead last at 3%!
    What’s happened? People not interested in BoA any more?

  27. 27 : Lisa Says:

    I have found a new site where you can watch all new episode of this drama http://www.hddrama.blogspot.com

  28. 28 : taraJJ Says:

    thank you for the link 🙂

    not everyone who want watch this drama bcoz of Boa.. me for example interesting to watch this boz of Choi Daniel and Kim Ji Won..
    about the ranting, I think bcoz Hope for Dating airing in the same time slot with Master’s Sun (which has more solid storyline and castings) and Two Week (starring by Lee Jun Ki,,we all know that LJK has a lot loyal fans)

  29. 29 : Jill Says:

    I love Daniel Choi and would definitely love to see this drama!

    But as for the ratings i think its because of Master’s Sun and Two Weeks which is both great incredible dramas too! ^^

  30. 30 : sapphirewon Says:

    I love this drama, really really love.. i watch it because of choi daniel,, and he’s really good actor.. i love him, i love cha ki dae ^^

  31. 31 : emmanuel Says:

    I didn’t understand the story when I watched .just forget about the cast what did u think about this drama?

  32. 32 : joan Says:

    nothings wrong with the cast..all i want to know is that is this really an interesting drama?why got low ratings?

  33. 33 : nio Says:

    link please, i can’t found this link for streaming 🙁

  34. 34 : doni Says:

    Here is a link 😀 for this drama

  35. 35 : Misa Says:

    I watched the first two episodes, and it was alright… Hope this drama gets more interesting later!

  36. 36 : mic Says:

    BoA’s Acting is not good. Perhaps this is why this drama have low ratings

  37. 37 : maknaee Says:

    this drama has a good story. i think i got some lesson from watching this drama kkk

    her acting isn’t that bad. the most reasons was cause their air time same with Master’s Sun and Two Weeks. maybe yeah..

    This is my second (or maybe third?) time watching Siwan’s acting. Woaah he does a great job~ he has improving since i watch him on The Moon That Embracing the Sun. Looking forward to his drama next time~

  38. 38 : safi Says:

    plzzzz tell me where can i download or see the videos?

  39. 39 : Zzzzz Says:

    I think this drama make a 1 special episode because the ending is very confused for me hehehe 😴😅

  40. 40 : dinaz Says:

    I was only interested in this drama because of Daniel..it was nice looking at his handsome face.. 🙂 love his acting as always..about the drama well its not as nice as it was publicised..it was going on smooth,sweet and cute until the umbrella scene..i thought that scene was so beautiful but it was totally spoilt by jin guk’s entry..but atlast it was that yeon ae and ki dae were meant to be with each other..so ok!but i wish the drama had ended in the umbrella scene with ki dae and yeon ae meeting each other for the first time..

  41. 41 : diana Says:

    @emmanuel..me to i dont really care about the cast, BUT THIS DRAMA is INTERESTING ^^ so sweet I like it..

  42. 42 : myeon Says:

    I love this drama. But i hate the ending 🙁 need moreeeeee..

  43. 43 : elie Says:

    They should have continued this drama or made it a movie at least. I liked it.

  44. 44 : Rena Says:

    Love this drama!!!! but Wish they had more episodes and more moments together….I wish someone will make the continuation of this drama but the same characters/actors actress…

  45. 45 : annalyn Says:

    its so boring to watching this..its to short for watching 2 episode!

  46. 46 : annalyn Says:

    Its to short for watching 2 episode!

  47. 47 : OK OK OK Says:

    nice movie – i enjoy it very much – ALL main casts put up a good show.

    Siwan ssi, you look so “cute” here – ha ha – I never guess its you if I did not read the actor’s name (I prefer your looks in Misaeng) 😛
    Like Daniel Choi too – suave.

    Please have Episodes 3

  48. 48 : tigerb Says:

    ‘waiting for love’ at you tube: the four people had the wrong reasons getting entangled in their relationships. would have been two disasters had they not broken up, and two people met as they seem meant for each other.

  49. 49 : tigerb Says:

    some people want more episodes, some people think the drama is boring and cut short watching. really it all depends if you feel romantic watching the drama or not!!!

    one thing i can say is that actors should not use eyeglass frames if there are no lenses in them as they look stupid.

    a note to producers and directors: stop using eyeglass frames if you want your actors to look pensive or thinking deeply. their talent to act should do that without ‘no lens eyeglass frames’!!!

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