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Title: 변호사들 / Byeon-ho-sa-deul / Lawyers
Chinese Title : 辩护师
Episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Thriller
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2005-07-04 to 2005-08-23
Air time: Monday & Tuesday at 9:55 PM


Suk-ki (Kim Sung Soo) and Suh Jung-ho (Kim Sang Kyung) are colleagues within a lawfirm. Besides being colleagues, they are bitter rivals. Ha-young (Han Go Eun) is a secretary in the lawfirm who develops a relationship with Suk-Ki. This drama tells the story of the ambition and relationships that circle in the lawfirm.


Jung Hye Young as Kim Joo Hee (law firm secretary, 27)
Kim Sang Kyung as Suh Jung Ho (attorney, 35)
Kim Sung Soo as Yoon Suk Ki / Alex Yoon (attorney, 29)
Han Go Eun as Yang Ha Young (secretary, 27)
Choo Sang Mi as Song Yi Ryong (attorney, 35)
Lee Hwi Jae as Lee Jae Suh (attorney, 29)
Jung Ha Na (정하나) as Oh Yuri (American attorney, 27)
Lee Dong Hoon as Jang Ki Soon (attorney, 33)
Kim Byung Gi as Koh Young Joon (law firm president, 51)
Jung Jung Ah as Eun Ae (law firm employee)
Park Gri Na as Min Ji (law firm employee)
Hwang Bo Ra as Shin Ji Na (26)
Jerome To as Tommy (25)
Park Young Ji as Hong In Ki (53)
Park Nam Hyun as Kwon Hyuk Joong (39)
Shin So Mi as Cha Hae Soo (Jung Ho’s wife, 32)
Im Jung Eun as Kim Se Hee (Joo Hee’s younger sister, 23)
Won Jong Rye as Joo Hee’s mother (cameo) ep1
Myung Ro Jin as Ho Sik (prosecutor, 35)
Choi Yeo Jin as Deborah Hong (American violinist)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Nam Won
Director: Lee Tae Gon
Writer: Jung Sung Joo

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  1. 1 : judy Says:

    there’s an old saying: “don’t judge a book by its cover”. It applies to this drama. When i first bought the drama, i find its package doesn’t look attractive. But to my surprise, it’s a good whopping drama, with a suspenseful plot and very good actors and actresses. The actor Kim Sang Kyung gives me a very deep impression with his acting. He is very charismatic, emulates a charming prescence.

  2. 2 : Cathy Says:

    I didn’t watch all of it but I loved that dude Alex who’s very fluent in English. It was very fun to see him constantly fawning over Joo-hee’s disabled (wheelchair) sister. :]

  3. 3 : coollady Says:

    i know this drama isn’t well known, but it is so underrated. i accidentally came upon this drama and was put off first since i usually prefer comedic dramas, but this one left me wanting more. it’s fantastic…the plot, the mystery, suspense, the tension between the characters, the small romance, etc…not to spoil it all, but the ending was sooo awesome…made me cry. haha. watch it…don’t miss out…all the actors are excellent.

  4. 4 : thooru Says:

    first time i watch tis drama,i kind of dont understand what happen to alex and his lovely girlfren..then i came 2 realize their actually involve in a conspirasy…love and mysteries….

  5. 5 : lee jung eun Says:

    i love this story but i dont like it ending

  6. 6 : amiru Says:


  7. 7 : shane Says:

    i luv kim sang kyung and kim sung soo….

  8. 8 : kojonup07 Says:

    hi..to shane and amiru…i agreed with u…kim sung soo and kim sang kyung are great actor and look charming forever…
    btw…i watch that drama again again and again…

  9. 9 : Cm22 Says:

    The cover doesn’t seem so attractive, but gosh it’s good!

  10. 10 : Nyar Nyar Says:

    Hi Coollady,

    Me, too, I’m v addicted to this drama though it’s not too well know.
    And it’s just started here & I cannot wait ot see what willhappen next.
    As you have alreay seen it, pls. pls. tell me will Kim Sung Kyung & Jyung Hye Young end up together (or) is he still with annoyed wife??
    Thks in adv.

  11. 11 : Emma Says:

    Absolutly loved this drama ! I started watching it only becasue of Kim Sung Soo but then I got hoked on the story line and emotions of the characters.. and the soundtrack is pretty amazing it compliments the drama. but i wish the ending was a little bit different ,, at least for them to have the chance to apologize and confess the their love!

  12. 12 : esso Says:

    i don know haw 2 express my admiration with this fantastic drama .i saw it on korea tv i liked it so so so so much that i watched the last episode 3 times .all actors were wonderful specially that guy alex .he is …i can’t find a word which descripes his acting.i also liked the soundtrack so much .tnx 4 this fantastic drama

  13. 13 : sang jo Says:

    this drama is saw beutiful and attractive and i really love the actres in this drama and i want to be a 2nd part for it

  14. 14 : sya Says:

    i love this drama so much!
    first, i like to watch this series just because of the actor – kim sung soo..
    then, i’ve found that the story was so amazing!

    but, i really don’t like the ending..
    it makes me keep on thinking, who is the person that suh jung ho looks in the car that makes him surprised… who knows?

  15. 15 : van Says:

    Hi all,

    would some one please give me the web that you can watch the movie Laywers? thank you so much in advance

  16. 16 : ziena Says:

    great acting and great music

  17. 17 : darena Says:

    where can i watch it online or download it i can’t find it anywhere?

  18. 18 : mutiara Says:

    is it a good drama?

  19. 19 : mel Says:

    looks so serious drama.. but i wanna watch this..

  20. 20 : nining Says:

    , love korean drama much,,

  21. 21 : Tulip Says:

    I love this drama, I love the actors and actress.
    Especially I prefer to director Lee Tae Gon who created this movie. hehe… 🙂

  22. 22 : lv bag Says:

    i luv kim sang kyung and kim sung soo….

  23. 23 : IloveLaw&Love Says:

    Gosh..It is so suspense..I really miss this drama although I really never ever remembered it b4…but I kinda got this feeling that actually some kind of feeling I’ve had feel 5years ago,and the feeling just woke UP when I 1st see Sang Kyung and Sung Soo…I remembered it when I watch it in 8TV Malaysia…and surprisingly back then I keep missed it since I got addicted with RO,but when I find it back I just like WOW!OMG! I really LOVE it after I’ve seen it back,but still I hate the ending,’cause I really love it if Sang Kyung marry Hye Young…I love them both although it’s tragic in the end..

  24. 24 : a2a+13 Says:

    it has been so many year….i can’t even remember the plot of story…!!!BUT………..i still remember that this drama is the best drama that i have seen….i miss this drama,and i try to find it…..

  25. 25 : sherry Says:

    can someone update this drama online with english subtitles…. even the Chinese is not available …

  26. 26 : eny Says:

    wanna watch it but didn’t find it anywhere

  27. 27 : William Lee Says:

    Oh my God, this is probably one of my favorite Kdrama of all time! It’s absolutely incredible!

  28. 28 : Rose Says:

    This was a good drama. Enjoyed the cast – they did a good job in their role.

    I did not expect what happened at the end.

    I could not find this show on any website as a few of the episodes did not have any Eng subs and I would have liked to have seen all of them with Eng subs.

    I like Kim Sung Soo. This is the second drama I have seen him in.

  29. 29 : Kim Says:

    I’m searching for this drama to watch but can’t find it. Anyoneeee help me

  30. 30 : ix Says:

    Can anyone tell me where can i watch this drama with eng sub?

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