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King’s Woman

Title: 왕의 여자 / Wangui Yeoja / King’s Woman
Chinese Title: 国王的女人
Also known as: The King and the Woman
Episodes: 42
Genre: Historical
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2003-Oct-06 to 2004-Mar-02
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama centers around Lady Kim, a scheming concubine, and the events from the reign of King Seonjo to Prince Gwanghae, which were filled with acts of immorality and bloodshed; all in the name of protecting the throne.


Park Sun Young as Lady Kim Gae-si
Ji Sung as Prince Gwanghae
Im Dong Jin as King Seonjo
Kim Yoo Suk as Prince Imhae
Hong Soo Hyun as Queen Inmok
Lee Hyo Choon as Queen Uiin
Sa Kang as Yu-ssi Bu-in
Lee Hye Sook as Inbin Kim-ssi
Lee Hoon as Lee Han Min
Lee Ah Hyun as Heo-ssi Bu-in
Kim Hye Ri as Dong Jeongwol
Im Hyuk as Iicheom
Lee Doo Il as Lee Gichuk
Jung Tae Woo as Peseja Jil
Lee Kyung Hwa as Peseja Bin
Kwon Oh Min as Grand Prince Yeongchang
Shin Eun Jung as Kang Ah
Kim Byung Gi as Maeng Jicheon
Choi Jong Hwan as Yoo Huibun
Yoon Joo Sang as Jeongchul
Im Hyuk Joo (임혁주) as Kim Haseo
Choi Dong Joon as Jeong Inhong
Kim Ho Young as Lee Deokhyung
Heo Hyun Ho as Yoo Seongryong
Shin Kwi Sik as Kim Jenam
Kim Young Chan as Prince Shinseong
Jung Jin as Woo Haewol
Min Wook as Kim Ryu
Ki Jung Soo (기정수) as Lee Kwi
Ahn Hong Jin as Prince Neungyang
Kim Mi Ran (김미란) as Lady Jicheonbok

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Yoon Jung Gun
Director: Kim Jae Hyung (김재형)

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  1. 1 : kimster Says:

    i really want to watch this drama with english subtitles but i don’t know where i can watch. if someone knows, please let me know.

    thanks in advance! 🙂

  2. 2 : corina Says:

    i am interested in korean history, culture and language and i want to watch this drama. if someone can help us, please. thank you very much.

  3. 3 : cynthia Says:

    looking desperately withthis drama,i’ve searched and searched but can’t find it.i became a fan of him when i watch him for the 1st time in protect the boss, since then i followed throuh internet his old dramas,many dont exist anymore like ths one above, i was really hooked by him,a good awesome and handsome actor the best,making him as my number one in the list now

  4. 4 : dee Says:

    i got hooked on this drama when i lived in korea.. i have been searching high and low and cant find it anywhere 8-( if anyone finds it please let me know this was one of the best shows ever

  5. 5 : saw Says:

    lady kim is very selfish for her prince.

  6. 6 : Edward Pastory Says:

    where can i download this drama with eng sub?

  7. 7 : Aimee Unidad Esguerra Says:

    Where can I download this drama?

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