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King’s Family

King's Family 02

Title: 왕가네 식구들 / King’s Family
Chinese Title: 王家一家人
Also Known as: The Wang Family / Royal Family
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy, Melodrama
Episodes: 50
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-31 to 2014-Feb-16
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:55


Based on the things that happen while living with the in-laws, a family drama which emphasizes on the matter of education supremacy and parent favorism.

The Wang family faces a number of challenges: elitism; discrimination; children moving back home after living on their own during colleges; the power dynamics between husband, wife and family; and decisions about when to marry and have a baby given the financial difficulties in today’s Korean society. The first daughter had married into a well-off family, but after they went bankrupt she and the family had to move back to her parents’ home. The second daughter is also having financial difficulties as her husband is jobless, while the third daughter suddenly decided to quit her job. How will the family manage to survive such obstacles? (source)


Wang family

Na Moon Hee as Ahn Gye Shim (Grandmother)
Jang Yong as Wang Bong (Father)
Kim Hae Sook as Lee Ang Geum (Mother)
Oh Hyun Kyung as Wang Soo Bak (1st Daughter)
Lee Tae Ran as Wang Ho Bak (2nd Daughter)
Lee Yoon Ji as Wang Gwang Bak (3rd Daughter)
Moon Ga Young as Wang Hae Bak (4th Daughter)
Choi Dae Chul as Wang Don (uncle)
Choi Won Hong as Wang Tae Bak (The Only Son)

1st Daughter’s family

Jo Sung Ha as Go Min Joong (Soo Bak’s husband)
Noh Joo Hyun as Go Ji Shik (Min Joong’s father)
Kim Mi Ra as Go Min Sook
Lee Ye Sun as Go Ae Ji
Cha Yoo Jin (차유진) as Go Joong Ji

2nd Daughter’s family

Oh Man Suk as Heo Se Dal (Ho Bak’s husband)
Lee Bo Hee as Park Sal Ra (Se Dal’s mother)
Kang Ye Bin as Heo Young Dal (Se Dal’s sister)
Lee Tae Woo as Heo Shin Thong
Hong Hyun Taek as Heo Bang Thong

3rd Daughter’s family

Han Joo Wan as Choi Sang Nam (Gwang Bak’s love interest)
Lee Byung Joon as Choi Tae Se (Sang Nam’s father)
Kim Hee Jung as Oh Soon Jung
Yoon Song Yi as Goo Mi Ho
Lee Sang Sook as Oh Man Jung

Other People

Yoo Seung Bong as Joo Jang Bi
Kim Yoon Kyung as Eun Mi Ran
Choi Jae Woong as Ho Nam Hyung
Lee Sang Hoon (이상훈) as Heo Woo Dae
Kim Jung Hak as Go Yong Joo
Min Joon Hyun as Se Dal’s friend
Kim Ki Doo as hotel manager


Kim Min Hee as Lee Kyung Ah (ep 4)
Suh Joon Young as Gwang Bak’s primary school classmate – fake blind date man (ep 18)
Han Hye Rin as Baek Ji Hwa

Production Credits

Production Company: 드림이앤엠 / Dream E&M
Chief Producer: Moon Bo Hyun
Producer: Song Hyun Wook
Director: Jin Hyung Wook
Screenwriter: Moon Young Nam


2013 KBS Drama Awards: Best Screenwriter – Moon Young Nam (Wang’s Family)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Rookie Actor – Han Joo Wan (Wang’s Family)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Long Series) – Lee Tae Ran (Wang’s Family)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Long Series) – Jo Sung Ha (Wang’s Family)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-08-31 1 20.2 (1st) 19.5 (2nd) 19.7 (1st) 20.5 (2nd)
2013-09-01 2 21.9 (1st) 21.4 (2nd) 23.8 (1st) 24.9 (1st)
2013-09-07 3 21.5 (1st) 21.5 (2nd) 21.2 (1st) 21.7 (2nd)
2013-09-08 4 23.6 (1st) 24.5 (1st) 24.6 (1st) 25.8 (1st)
2013-09-14 5 21.8 (1st) 21.6 (2nd) 22.3 (1st) 22.7 (2nd)
2013-09-15 6 24.8 (1st) 25.8 (1st) 24.7 (1st) 26.5 (1st)
2013-09-21 7 23.1 (1st) 23.0 (2nd) 22.1 (1st) 21.6 (1st)
2013-09-22 8 24.6 (1st) 25.5 (1st) 27.5 (1st) 28.6 (1st)
2013-09-28 9 26.4 (1st) 28.0 (1st) 26.3 (1st) 26.6 (1st)
2013-09-29 10 28.3 (1st) 30.6 (1st) 30.3 (1st) 32.2 (1st)
2013-10-05 11 25.0 (1st) 25.3 (1st) 25.3 (1st) 24.9 (1st)
2013-10-06 12 27.6 (1st) 28.9 (1st) 29.8 (1st) 30.6 (1st)
2013-10-12 13 23.6 (1st) 25.1 (1st) 23.1 (1st) 22.3 (1st)
2013-10-13 14 29.1 (1st) 29.4 (1st) 30.4 (1st) 31.1 (1st)
2013-10-19 15 27.0 (1st) 27.5 (1st) 26.1 (1st) 26.3 (1st)
2013-10-20 16 29.7 (1st) 30.8 (1st) 30.5 (1st) 30.7 (1st)
2013-10-26 17 27.9 (1st) 27.8 (1st) 26.7 (1st) 27.2 (1st)
2013-10-27 18 30.7 (1st) 32.2 (1st) 32.3 (1st) 32.9 (1st)
2013-11-02 19 28.3 (1st) 29.6 (1st) 28.2 (1st) 29.4 (1st)
2013-11-03 20 30.4 (1st) 32.5 (1st) 32.9 (1st) 33.1 (1st)
2013-11-09 21 28.3 (1st) 29.8 (1st) 29.5 (1st) 29.2 (1st)
2013-11-10 22 32.5 (1st) 35.1 (1st) 33.1 (1st) 33.9 (1st)
2013-11-16 23 27.2 (1st) 27.9 (1st) 28.3 (1st) 28.8 (1st)
2013-11-17 24 32.2 (1st) 32.3 (1st) 32.5 (1st) 32.7 (1st)
2013-11-23 25 29.7 (1st) 30.8 (1st) 29.2 (1st) 29.4 (1st)
2013-11-24 26 33.7 (1st) 35.3 (1st) 32.3 (1st) 31.9 (1st)
2013-11-30 27 32.0 (1st) 33.8 (1st) 29.5 (1st) 29.9 (1st)
2013-12-01 28 34.8 (1st) 36.0 (1st) 34.9 (1st) 35.5 (1st)
2013-12-07 29 32.1 (1st) 33.7 (1st) 30.6 (1st) 31.0 (1st)
2013-12-08 30 36.1 (1st) 37.5 (1st) 37.9 (1st) 39.6 (1st)
2013-12-14 31 33.3 (1st) 36.7 (1st) 33.4 (1st) 34.0 (1st)
2013-12-15 32 37.6 (1st) 40.7 (1st) 36.9 (1st) 37.2 (1st)
2013-12-21 33 32.7 (1st) 34.3 (1st) 32.4 (1st) 33.3 (1st)
2013-12-22 34 38.1 (1st) 38.7 (1st) 39.1 (1st) 39.9 (1st)
2013-12-28 35 33.3 (1st) 34.3 (1st) 34.1 (1st) 34.8 (1st)
2013-12-29 36 37.5 (1st) 39.9 (1st) 40.0 (1st) 41.2 (1st)
2014-01-04 37 35.2 (1st) 39.1 (1st) 36.2 (1st) 35.5 (1st)
2014-01-05 38 38.0 (1st) 41.5 (1st) 40.7 (1st) 40.8 (1st)
2014-01-11 39 36.7 (1st) 39.5 (1st) 37.6 (1st) 38.5 (1st)
2014-01-12 40 42.3 (1st) 45.9 (1st) 43.2 (1st) 44.9 (1st)
2014-01-18 41 37.7 (1st) 41.1 (1st) 39.7 (1st) 39.7 (1st)
2014-01-19 42 42.9 (1st) 46.0 (1st) 43.9 (1st) 44.8 (1st)
2014-01-25 43 42.3 (1st) 45.7 (1st) 41.2 (1st) 41.8 (1st)
2014-01-26 44 45.3 (1st) 48.5 (1st) 46.7 (1st) 47.1 (1st)
2014-02-01 45 42.3 (1st) 44.3 (1st) 39.3 (1st) 38.2 (1st)
2014-02-02 46 46.6 (1st) 49.5 (1st) 46.2 (1st) 46.6 (1st)
2014-02-08 47 42.3 (1st) 45.5 (1st) 41.3 (1st) 41.2 (1st)
2014-02-09 48 46.8 (1st) 50.3 (1st) 48.3 (1st) 49.9 (1st)
2014-02-15 49 37.2 (1st) 39.8 (1st) 38.3 (1st) 38.5 (1st)
2014-02-16 50 45.8 (1st) 48.9 (1st) 47.3 (1st) 47.9 (1st)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Angelia's Says:

    Finally here looking forward to this drama

  2. 2 : Yumi Says:

    Husband of 1st daughter is so handsome

  3. 3 : muse Says:

    is that… min joon gook i see?

  4. 4 : Periwinkle Says:

    Hye Sung’s (Lee Bo Young) mom in I Hear Your Voice!!! <3

  5. 5 : Excalibunny Says:

    Hahhahaha.. Funny to see Hye Sung being mentioned here. Anyway, the family drama in this time slot for KBS had always been very successful. From My Husband Got a Family to My Daughter Seo-young to The Best Lee Soonshin; I’ve got high expectation!
    Btw, that’s not MJK.. kakaka.

  6. 6 : 0708julia_jj Says:

    @excallbunny I haven’t watch dramas which you mentioned because I havent seen dramabeans recap them except YTBLSS but from the javabean’s comment,she feels frustated about that show.I only watch family drama Ojakgo Brothers which aired in KBS too before my husband got a family aired and I’ll recommend it and it has been recaped in dramabeans and softy cadence 🙂

  7. 7 : eny Says:

    the rating of weekend drama of kbs in this time slot always high because i heard there’s no drama airing in the same time, plus more people watching tv on the weekend compare too another day

  8. 8 : satchi22 Says:

    nice i will watch this drama hmmmm

  9. 9 : Nudge Says:

    Lee Tae Ran plays a prominent role in “Goddess of Marriage”. Her role in this drama isn’t minor either, so she’s a busy actress.

    I’m looking forward to this drama. If it is anything like “Ojakgyo Brothers” or “Unexpected You”, it’ll be well worth it.

  10. 10 : something Says:

    the family only has one son that why his named is wang daebak..
    Wang Don is the uncle not oldest son…he is 35 because he was born too late and has big age gap with his brother

  11. 11 : Angelia's Says:

    it’s so frustrating. When this drama get subbed i want to know and where can I watch it

  12. 12 : lisa Says:

    nice drama
    read the character descriptions here

  13. 13 : k drama lover Says:

    yeeee where can I find the webside for this drama with eng sub? can someone tell pls??? thx

  14. 14 : Hanover Says:

    Don’t know how the drama will develop, but right now, HSD is just one lazy parasite. So is WD. Two in one “family” is a bit much.

  15. 15 : John k Says:

    Worhorrible drama about gold gigging bitches. This drama gives koreansbitches a bad name. This drama is about money. If you have money, people will respect you and if you don’t they treat you like shit. 50 episodes is too muck,it should end at 16 episodes. Their gonna keep dragging this stupid drama on and on.

  16. 16 : Angelia's Says:

    Dont u know its a family drama oki.

  17. 17 : Geo Says:

    Short and sweet at 16 or 20 episodes would be better. When finished, we can go on to a fresh start with another drama.

    50 episodes would be a waste of time and become stale and boring. It would also allow the story to be like a drunkard, tottering here and there needlessly to make up and fill up the episodes, until finally the end of the story is told in the last one or two episodes. Why need to waste time ?

  18. 18 : Sha Says:

    well, yeah… today i have watched episode 1, and that old ladies really hysteric, they talking so loudly.. so i think i will not watch this drama anymore cuz of them.. btw actress Lee Yoon Ji is pretty and cute in this drama 🙂 hmm or maybe should i continue watching it..?

  19. 19 : John k Says:

    The youngest daughter is so ugly, I can’t believe the romance is going to be about her. All the drama she’s been in gets canceled early or it just sucks.

  20. 20 : John k Says:

    3rd youngest daughter is so ugly, I can’t believe the romance is going to be about her. All the drama she’s been in gets canceled early or it just sucks.

  21. 21 : torri Says:

    @john K Says
    that is not true about her shows been canceled or that it sucks, kings 2 heart her last drama was not cancelled and am not saying this because am not even her fan but seriously!! did you just call that girl ugly, i think your words to describe her is too hash considering she does not even know how you look like , no offense but i just don’t i like calling or hearing others call people ugly and if y really don’t like like her from what i gather i suggest you stay away from the show and save your self from seeing her ugly face like y u describe it to be ,

  22. 22 : Geo Says:

    john k (20)

    Sorry to say, there are better places for you to vent your frustrations with whatever personal issues that you have. Here is obviously not the place. Nobody here will hear you.

    How about standing in the middle of a road intersection and yell at the top of your voice about whatever your frustration is? You sure will get sympathetic ears from People of Authority? And then you will get a lovely single padded private room all to yourself, for as long as you need it?

    Or, how about go talking to the animals at the zoo? They don’t answer back! But be sure you will not be caught for verbally abusing the animals! You know what the punishment is? The abuser is made to clean the zoo for as long as need be.

    Have a Happy Day!

  23. 23 : Angelia's Says:

    John dont make me hate those who named John

  24. 24 : Shen Says:

    Against my better judgement to give my thumbs up at this early stage of the drama, I think up till now the story is so far, interesting and riveting.

    Keeping fingers crossed it will continue to be so.

  25. 25 : Koreana Says:

    Does anyone out there know the title of the theme song?

  26. 26 : chelo25 Says:

    i like this drama. seems better than yblss. but i get annoyed to her mother and the elder sister. being treated like a princess and her considerate mother. i got interested about the 2nd, 3rd and the youngest. Hope this drama will follow the success of MY HUSBAND GOT A FAMILY and MY DAUGHTER SEOYONG

  27. 27 : Angelia's Says:


  28. 28 : Koreana Says:

    Does anyone know the title of the theme song?

  29. 29 : Fifian Says:

    they will do crayon pop dance if the rating is up to 30%…:)

  30. 30 : Angelia's Says:

    It is sad that viki and dramafever are not subbing this drama but I’m sooo happy that it gets high ratings.

  31. 31 : dian Says:

    i hate the 1st daughter, i wish her husband will divorced her, he deserved someone else who will treat him better and not a cry baby wife. the 3rd daughter is cute .. the 2nd daughter need someone better than her current husband, such a loser.overall i enjoy the drama because of the 3rd daughter and her future boyfriend, then 1st son in law and 2nd daughter. hate 1st daughter and their mom and the 2 loser in the family (2nd son in law and the uncle) and the grandma too…

  32. 32 : Shen Says:

    I understand that KBS has released the English subbed version on You Tube.

  33. 33 : Shen Says:

    This King Family is such a noisy family. It’s a wonder how no one has gone out of their mind with this din going on at home. How do they managed to keep sane, I wonder ? Amazing chaos !

  34. 34 : TC Says:

    I would also like to know what the theme song is called? Who sings it, can it be purchased?

  35. 35 : jiigii Says:

    I love OSTs too… it has yet officially released / promoted,
    바람과그대 :오직! 그대만을 사랑하게 하옵소서 ( wind & you
    here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwUPv-NdrlI

  36. 36 : JG Says:

    watch English sub Youtube -by KBS channel

  37. 37 : ohho Says:

    @jiigii oh my gosh!million thanks to you..finally i am able to hear the full version of the OST..it’s soo catchy..really like it..

    i love this drama but yeah since no one subbing it so need to wait KBSW to air it first..what a pity..i have watched 8 episodes of this drama and i think it is an amazing drama and hopefully it will stay like that until the end..eventhough the eldest sister and the mother is annoying as hell, but luckily other characters are all good so far and i really enjoy all the jokes, storyline and all..much much better than YBLSS i suppose..

  38. 38 : flower Says:

    i like this drama coz the story is natural,funny,and fresh….

  39. 39 : Shen Says:

    The mother Lee Ang Guem makes me cringe everytime I see her. She’s such an awful, awful, awful woman. Her attitude and behavior is out of this world. Sound like a broken drum, every time she speaks. Oh me gosh !

    And then there is the Frankenstein ! She’s another piece for sore eyes ! She looks like she’s had her body parts, from head to toes, patched together part by part, to create what is supposed to be a sexy female form. But somehow something is wrong somewhere. There is seems to be no natural flow of the whole human form. (Hard to describe). Comparatively, even something as ugly as the “Hulk” has a natural flow in his psysique.

    The eldest son-in-law is pitiful. He could do with more understanding, emotional and moral support. He seems so sad and alone.

    On the whole, this drama is great. Good story. Hope it will remain like this till the end.

  40. 40 : Nudge Says:

    When Hobak and GwangBak were out drinking, GwangBak said to her sister: “When you get dressed up, you look like a former announcer with a rich husband.”

    I guess that is a reference to Tae Ran’s current role in “Goddess of Marriage” where she plays Hong Hye Jung, a former anchorwoman who marries a rich husband.

  41. 41 : cupcake Says:

    cant wait next episode..

  42. 42 : Nudge Says:

    The family is nuts but they kinda grow on you.

  43. 43 : Nudge Says:

    Hobak’s mother believes Hobak’s savings for a home for her own family ought to given to her sister Subak who had fallen in hard times. Hobak’s mother-inlaw believes Hobak’s money belongs to Hobak’s husband though he didn’t work for it.

    These values seem to conflict with those of Mong Hees family in “I Summon You Gold”, where the mother earned the money and ruled the house. The husband had little power.

  44. 44 : annmasae Says:

    I’m surprised at the positive comments for this drama. KBS America just started broadcasting this drama so i’ve only watched 2 episodes. However there are so many characters that make me so mad. The mother is terrible and only favors the eldest daughter who is so vain and materialistic. The hardworking second daughter married a useless husband and must support her family. The only son does not want to go to school. The third daughter I like but she doesn’t have a steady job. The uncle is unemployed and gets money from Daughter 2. A successful drama needs characters to cheer for but I haven’t found that character yet in this drama. It’s amazing that this drams has 30 % viewership. I guess all the conflicts and terrible personalities make it interesting to most people. It just raises my blood pressure. I’ll watch for a few more episodes but not sure i can stand 50 episodes of this entire family. The third daughter’s possible romance with “Arrogant Bulldozer” would be my only reason to watch this drama.

  45. 45 : Shen Says:

    Yes, this whole family is crazy ! Can drive anyone nuts !

    But one good point is that the scripwriter of this drama is still sane enough to keep and stay with the plot, unlike a daily drama which is currently being aired on tv, where the scriptwriter had totally lost it, in every sense of the word !

    I will try to enjoy this current blast of sanity, until …. keeping fingers cross that scripwriter here, will still keep his head on his shoulder till the end. Otherwise, I’ll just move on to something else.

  46. 46 : Nudge Says:

    Yea. Some of the characters are nuts, but the drama has some beautiful moments, makes it all worth it.

    It’s a good script and great cast.

    It really magnifies some of South Korea’s values. In your face and dares you to take a side.

    The mother who can’t see the injustice of overprotecting and pampering a daughter. And the daughter Subak, like the mother, blames others (husband) for her own misery.

  47. 47 : Nudge Says:

    Episode #10; we are to endure the anguish as Subak’s husband bears the shame and humiliation for seemingly failing in his duty as provider to an extravagant wife and their children. A wife who will not lift a finger for her children, sending them over to her mother to provide the care they need. A mother who’d rather Subak divorce her husband while she is still young. LOL!

    This writer may as well pin a tag of sorts on the actors clothing to inform the audience how they should be seeing the characters. But having read the comments in the Goddess of Marriage thread, that may not be such a bad idea.

    But unlike Goddess of Marriage, this drama do not have the subtleties in human relationships. It overstates such things to the detriment of stretching credulity.

    That said, it is best to adopt a non-discerning attitude in order to enjoy this drama. There is a wonderful cast and many a moving confession — some powered by soju, some not — to warmth the cockles of the heart.

  48. 48 : rory Says:

    yes, some of the chars are nuts especially the mother, 1st daughter “Soo bak” and 1st son in law “Sedal”..there are up and down, positive and negative, mad and funny..I pity Hobak and Min Joong[soo bak’s husband] so much…the way their mother treating them just urghhh!

    I watched till eps 11, and now Soo Bak just moved to her parent’s house..I wonder what will happen next..She[mother]still loves n cares Soo Bak but seems already lost her trust towards Min Joong..especially after Sedal came and brought gifts to them, their mother suddenly treat Sedal super nicely and even calling my Sedal…LOLOLOL…their mother is indeed funny!

    I love Gwang Bak, she’s funny and kind same goes to Hobak, she’s so hardworking and straight eventhough I really can’t stand seeing her jolly husband! “I’m going nuts” *shakes my head!

  49. 49 : /Shen Says:

    The one I feel most sorry for is MinJung (1st son in law). Life currently is hell for him, without any respite.

    I know it is a wrong thing to do, but I wish he would go back to his first love, SangNam’s aunt. I am sure SangNam’s aunt would have been there for him if he falls on hard times. Subak is only interested in MinJung’s money. Subak is a parasite.

    Sedal, is another jerk ! Hope he will wake up in time to save his marriage and family before it is too late. If I were Hobak, I would not “fight” for him. I will just let him go, and say goodbye to him forever. What’s the point of having him around? Who can live on love and sunshine alone, puppy love ?

    It is hilarious that the two old coots (grandma and Subak’s mother) are always wanting a one-up manship on the other ! Come on, old coots, even if you were to go to the moon, who cares ! Your bad attitudes speak louder.

    So far just love this drama. It seems soooo real …..

  50. 50 : Carmen Says:

    There is a drama comming “MISS KoREA”, maybe Wang Soo Bak, go to this drama and stop saying I was Miss Korea, and be a She Is WOW, ha,ha,ha,….

  51. 51 : Lete Says:

    Hey i really like this drama is there any one who know the theme of the song pls’

  52. 52 : Sosina Says:

    Hey am from ethiopia there are so many fan here we like it and i don’t want jon sung ha to marry that loser i want him to be with his first love and pls i want the theme of the song

  53. 53 : Sosina Says:

    Hey am from ethiopia there are so many fan here we like it and i don’t want jon sung ha to marry that loser i want him to be with his first love

  54. 54 : may170 Says:

    link for OST http://www.index-of-mp3s.com/download/mp3/lagu/id/f683de19/king-s-family-ost/

  55. 55 : Lerato Says:

    I’m also dying to know the name of the theme song

  56. 56 : dian Says:

    the name of the theme song : 조항조- 사랑찾아 인생찾아, as for the song between gwang bak and soeng nama : 사랑인가 봅니다

  57. 57 : Nudge Says:

    This drama is zany. Funny and yet at times moving. It is an unusual mix of mellows, but I guess being a Korean drama sometimes anything and everything including the kitchen sink is chucked in.

    Gwang Bak’s struggle to land her first serious boyfriend is hilarious and sweet. Especially when the boyfriend is controlling the courtship through Gwang Bak’s dating advisor. LoL!

  58. 58 : ANNA Says:

    Theme Song – Cho hang jo – find love to find life

  59. 59 : OK OK OK Says:



    I AM ANGRY — FOR YOU !!!!

  60. 60 : Shen Says:

    I am Miss Korea !!! Undaaay !

  61. 61 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 5

    So funny

    Lee Tae Ran’s (2nd dautgher) father quarrel with his wife :

    Our House already have a Kangaroo, you want another salmon. Ha Ha 🙂

  62. 62 : Shen Says:

    What I like about this Family is, no matter how chaotic or dysfunctional it is, it stays together at all times.

    It sounds like what all their bickering have achieved is, bringing them closer to each other rather than pushing them apart. The more the bickerings, the more tensions are dissipated, the clearer the air is between relationships.

    Between the bickerings and silent treatment, do we have a choice ?

  63. 63 : Carmen Says:

    This 2 sisters have a secret Wang Soo Bak (1st Daughter) and Wang Ho Bak (2nd Daughter), I was thinking that the 2nd maybe was in love with the 1st dgtr husband: and the 1st daugter for money did something to get the husband she has right now(the one that was rich and now is poor)–I do think something is in there, time will tell us…I do not like see HoBak beging her husband to stay OMG can she see she can get something better that that men and his family….I hope she does move on she can do it all by herself, she does not need a men…..OMG…and if she do she can get a better one!!!

  64. 64 : OK OK OK Says:

    看到了12集,觉得:大姐夫没眼光,2姐也没眼光~~~~显然,日子不是这样过的~再有钱,大姐作为一个老婆,一个孩子的妈,连饭都不会做,这样的老婆是很失败的!!2姐夫,成天只晓得瞎混,这样的人大概也就电视剧里,会有女人跟! 最后感慨一下:2姐的演技,不知道骗了多少人的眼泪。。。

  65. 65 : OK OK OK Says:

    the name of the theme song : 조항조- 사랑찾아 인생찾아 (@ 56 dian’s credits)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEe-yBziA_w 🙂

  66. 66 : Nudge Says:

    My favourite drama at the moment. 🙂

  67. 67 : Shen Says:

    Yeah, a refreshing and lively drama.

  68. 68 : beth Says:

    May170 ..thank you very much for you effort to put the OST link.

  69. 69 : Carmen Says:

    About the secret betwen the 2 sisters I just find out in episode 17 or 18 one of them, that it has to do with the Miss Korea….what it will be?…..

  70. 70 : Aponglar Says:

    I am so in love with this movie. I just love all the characters.

  71. 71 : Aponglar Says:

    I want to know the song title of gwangbak and seongnam.
    Some one please recommend me.

  72. 72 : dian Says:

    song between gwang bak and soeng nam : 사랑인가 봅니다

  73. 73 : OK OK OK Says:

    Just finish Ep 24 – I am chasing it.

    Very nice drama – no boring moment. Worth watching 🙂

    1st daughter –
    you should wake up. Just because you are Miss Korea CONESTANT – You think you have the right to push your responsibility to other people. WAKES UP !!! your good husband is going to divorce you sooner or later.. 🙂

    2nd daughter –
    you should divorce your husband because all these while you have been taking care of your children and yourself alone. – You are doing very well though you are heartbroken.
    Now you mum-in-law and sister-in-law “snatch’ your sons room. OTOKE.
    And you have to clean, cook for them.

    Lee Ang Geum (Mother) –
    I know your frustration. Cooking, cooking, cooking – whole day cooking and looking after everybody and your mom in law also makes you angry at times. Though your heart are a little lop sided. I still pity your role in this BIG family.

    All know how to eat and and sleeps, no body helps you. 🙁

  74. 74 : OK OK OK Says:

    Park Seung Hwa(박승화) – 사랑인가 봅니다 (King’s Family OST) :


    dian Says:
    November 18th, 2013 at 1:38 am

    song between gwang bak and soeng nam : 사랑인가 봅니다


  75. 75 : OK OK OK Says:

    한수영 (Han Su Young) – 사랑인가 봅니다 [The Wang Family OST Part 2] – FEMALE VERSION

  76. 76 : OK OK OK Says:

    사랑인가 봅니다 I Think It’s Love – 박승화 Park Seung Hwa – with lyrics – MALE

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NM6E_dMYYk 🙂

  77. 77 : dian Says:

    you welcome OK OK OK 🙂

  78. 78 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 66 Nudge

    Hi, glad to meet you here. When I glance thru the comments, find your name very familiar but not too sure are you the one taking the trouble to explain to me about the torrents, website etc etc until I check it out. 🙂

    Yes, this drama I am enjoying very much too. So happy I can watch 20 episodes continuously until I catch up till ep 24 🙁
    Have to wait each week for just 2 episodes.

    Another nice & exciting drama is EMPRESS KI

    Have a nice weekend ahead. 🙂

  79. 79 : OK OK OK Says:

    Han Joo Won ssi – U are a very charming pleasant guy. How come u join the acting industry so late? 🙂
    Hope to see u in next drama as the main leading man. Good Luck & God bless 🙂

  80. 80 : mml Says:

    Wang Gwang Bak should give up Choi Sang Nam and someone or even better. Maybe the writer should change the love line and let her find someone even better than Choi Sang Nam.

  81. 81 : Carmen Says:

    In this family all dgtrs are mess-up…OMG, The older one always with the Miss Korea,she has not realize that is in the past she has 2 kids that her mother for spoil her always take care of them now she is working and she thinks she is single-this will end not good, the 2nd dgtr with a piece of nothing(s…h…t) as a husband, she did let all her family do what they want with her(the university stuff) she work for what she want especialy for the best of her kids, but what she gets a shitter husband,the MIL(mother in law) and SIL(sister in law) please she do not need that kind of men she does deserve better, now the 3rd dgtr for her stupid behavior with adult people she end up like that(Father in law) do not want her, and at the same time her family just because she has more education that her boyfriend her family do not accept him for her future husband(they make a nice couple), but in part she destroy that relationship, now the youngest dgtr she has some secret maybe will not be good…..will have to wait……on the previews I saw it looks so sad for the Father he will be crying a lot…..sad sad sad…we will see

  82. 82 : JD Says:

    Can’t believe the whole Wang family has so much bad luck.

    Why is it that nothing ever works for anyone of them? What could be the matter ?

    As what Carmen (81) said, even now the youngest daughter might be heading for shit ! And no one in the family knows about it, thinking all the while that she’s heading for a great life in law practice ! I would like to see how this will be mighty blow to the mean mother when she finds out. Something is terribly wrong with this family !

  83. 83 : JD Says:

    The parents of Gwang Bak and Sang Nam should not get in the way of their relationship. they should just allow their children to choose their own life partners.

    The reason is that both the parents themselves are clueless about leading their own lives and running their own families successfully, so who are they to judge what is good for Gwang Bak and Sang Nam? Just take a look at the Wang family. It’s just a mess! This is very much to do with parenting skills and attitudes. And Sang Nam’s dad? He’s just a bad example that reinforces the bad impression why people works in the construction business are not good husband material.

  84. 84 : fitra Says:

    hai, would you like to tell me the song in episode 26 when lee yeon ji cried . thanks 🙂

  85. 85 : truth Says:

    I don’t understand why Sang Nam’s father is angry,he was the one stalking Wang Gwang Bak, chasing her wherever she goes or he see her,at first I was thinking he like her that much that is why he can’t let go of her,but his anger look’s to me that he is jealous of his son relationship he has no reason whatever to judge her when he is the bad one here,stalking the poor girl,when she bump into you she already apologizes for the incident,your anger is just BS.If it is because of your first wife, remember everybody is not same even her sister is living right there with you, there are from same womb and blood but differs in character and nature, the answer to judging and truth about your stupid thinking is right there staring at your face.So stop your crap and behave like man leave your son alone to marry who he love your reasons are useless.

    As for the first daughter,her husband need a slap,if he where my son I will disown him because that is not how you keep your family together,men,get your ass together and get out of that God forsaken house you are living, your wife is sleeping with other man, your mother in law can’t stop to abuse you,you keep begging a woman who is self centered,selfish and abusive you too,what are you gaining from that relationship that you are keeping together rather than pain shame,your father in law had already offered you to divorce his daughter but refused you are not a man at all.my anger is too much, if i where your father i will beat a crap out of you.

    Now the third daughter, let me reference to the bible here, according to the bible it says “You Will Know Them by Their Fruits”Wang Ho Bak aren’t happy that good for nothing you call your husband is letting you, go, do you know that your divorce will be called””FREEDOM” you have suffered so much that you dig into cabbages that people dump out side the buildings, you worked your butt out, feed him,and put a roof under his head now THE LUCKY GIGOLO ” found a rich woman aren’t you not happy to dash him to her?what was he to you before ? a husband or third son?so my dear stop sharing stupid tears,let your tears now be a tears of joy,my prayer is this writer give justices to this sinners,starting from the first daughter and her mother,the gigolo husband,and his ungrateful mother.this should not be about forgiveness, than again there will be no lesson learn for sinning against those people who scarifies themselves to give you joy and happiness,rather being grateful to them, you than punish them for giving you self worthy human beings,please writer i know that this is a family drama but it will be for good for-nothing writing if this ungrateful people are left unpunished for their sins.

  86. 86 : truth Says:

    sorry guys, paragraph3,I mean the second daughter not the third,other mistake again roof over his head not under his head.sorry for the mistakes.

  87. 87 : dian Says:

    for truth no 85, i agree with you 1000% . i hope 1st Son in law will married his first love, get rid of the ugly selfish wife. for the 2nd daughter, better get rid of nothing good ugly selfish husband and his family.

  88. 88 : truth Says:

    @dian,you are right ,i too hope the first son in law wise up and leave that house also marry his first love,he keep cry in front of his father in law,the mother in law keep abusing him,even supporting her daughter selfish behavior, and now she is even sleeping with other man,the son in law have no self respect at all,his crying make me sick to my stomach i fast forward any seen he is crying because he have a choice and that choice have already been given to him yet he abandon the choice to be free from abusive and selfish wife,I can’t believe sometime what i see in Korean dramas,I also think the daughter of his first love is his daughter too,every-time the ugly shit wife say ”do you know i was miss Korean ”which is a big lie even her father said she was eliminated in the first round of the competition yet she call herself miss Korean

    the second daughter i hope she too find a good man that will care for her so that her mother in law and that GIGOLO husband will regret their greed for forgetting her hard work to put food on the table for them to eat.

  89. 89 : OK OK OK Says:

    @85 truth

    I also don’t like Sangnam’s father. He is such a cheeky man. After the operation, his doctor already warn him to be careful & not to hurt himself. Just out of the clinic building, his cheeky eyes already starts roaming for pretty girls that he bumb into Gwangbak. Yet he got the cheek to ask her to apologize 🙁

    The eldest daughter – I thought she came home late only but have not slept with any men yet except her hubby.

    I also hope 2nd daughter divorce her husband becoz can’t stand her mum in law & sister-in-law 🙂

  90. 90 : dian Says:

    @ 84 fitra, the song when GwangBak crying 숙희 (Suki) – 마취 (Anesthesia) [King’s Family OST Part 3] .

  91. 91 : JD Says:

    I am speechless. Do not know what to say. Really overhelmed by the events happening in this drama.

  92. 92 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 28

    I have a good laugh after seeing who kidnap Hobak. Hehehe 🙂

  93. 93 : rory Says:

    Ep.26 was too heartbreaking 😥 poor Gwangbak..I hope Sangnam will cancel his wedding plan…

  94. 94 : imhel Says:

    altho this drama is gaining so much popularity, I still don’t like the storyline.

    why glorify what is wrong, unethical and immoral? just like glorifying the womanizing of the husband of the 2nd daughter and glorifying the brattiness and immaturity of the 1st daughter.

    this is what’s wrong with our society today. since the media promotes the immoral and unethical, somehow the general public imitates the fiction because they think it’s okay, then the moral fiber of society breaks down.

    the world itself is soo full of evil already, yet these networks still promote evil and immorality with their dramas. can’t these networks promote and show more goodness in the dramas they create so that life can imitate fiction?

  95. 95 : daniellle Says:

    Thanks for the video clips – “I think it’s love.’ Oh what lovely song to hear. I really watching the drama. So romantic – the love story of the 3rd daughter, Gwangbak. I love the 2nd daughter the most. Such a forgiving and loving wife. And you must not miss the 1st Son-in-law and their mother, so funny.

    Great drama, Great romantic love story. So touching….. Enjoy……

  96. 96 : ptsh836 Says:

    well, gwangbak’s parents are a disappointment in d first place; why do they have to look down on sangnam coz of his lack of education; they shouldnt have, really! wat matters is their daughter’s happiness n after her going thru so much hardship, they finally gives in…haaaaiz…this, u call drama???

    having a set of parental disapproval is bad…having two sets is d pits! im losing patience with sangnam’s dad ovr his unreasonable actions towards gwangbak n making things difficult for d luvbirds! its time he wise up n give in for the sake of his son’s happiness….

  97. 97 : truth Says:

    There are two divorce I am looking forward to in this drama.namely Ho Bak,divorce the gigolo husband,and Min Joong divorce miss Korean.I wander why Ho Bak is crying talking to the two losers who did not listen to her when she was begging them to talk her husband not to leave her yet they glory themselves that they are going to live in big house with so much wealth,for a second a grandmother did not think about her grand children well been, all what she was thinking about was the money,money is much more important than your grandchildren, if this writer make Ho Bak take back the gigolo man i will copy dawn the script writer name never watch any drama written by him or her again.How can one forgive a man whom you spent your years with nursing him,caring for him regardless of his gambling and joblessness only for other woman to appear, everything went into fames,disappear into the thin air even Ho Bak keen down and beg him he push her dawn and walk away,if no punishment is given by the writer?so what is the need for the story?now the writer is showing the children crying,why? writer is showing the gigolo husband crying at the door as if he cares about the children when he was totally ready to abandon the children or for the viewers to say oh for the sake of the children Ho Bak should take him back,BS.

    As for Min Joong,it is long over due to let miss Korean pageant go.wake up men,you don’t look like a man anymore,you don’t heal by letting things go bad, you stop things by not letting it gone bad.Your suppose of endurance from Miss Korean pageant is not required,you let your father dawn for not seeing the trust staring at your face.

  98. 98 : Shen Says:

    I just simply give up on what’s happening to any part of the story anymore. Just simply give up ! Got no hope in me anymore !

  99. 99 : Shen Says:

    Aigoo ! So much bad stuff happening to the Wang family. No respite.

    Is the worst yet to come for the Wang Family ?

    Aigoo ! Will they end up on the streets when the house is conned from under their noses ?

    If so, how are they to get their house back?

    Maybe, Saengnam’s birth mom and her gangster connections can help here to get back the house ?

    And ironically, it might be she (Saengnam’s birth mom) who will bring some sense and order to both the Wang family and Saengnam’s family making the eventual marriage of GB/SN possible too? (Wishful thinking?)

    Unbelieveable how can so much misfortune happen to one family. Can’t some of the misfortunes be preventable ? Such as for a start, kick Subak and her idiotic mom out ! So out goes some misfortunes !

    No, won’t do.

    Love them too much ?

    Have you heard of tough love? Or that to save many more, sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice one or two ? (Hehehe… I love this one. If it were me, I would send them to the jungles of Africa to keep the chimpanzees company, and leave them there, never to return).

    Sedal and his cheapskate mom and sis too should be kicked out of her life by Ho Bak. They are just simply not worth keeping. They are so disgusting, just like Subak and her mom (AG).

    Etc, etc, etc

    (Sorry folks, I’m just ranting to vent my frustrations. Hah…feeling better now.)

  100. 100 : Shen Says:

    These families are just one big bloody mess ! No matter which angle we look at it, nothing fits properly. Sooooo dysfunctional !

  101. 101 : Carmen Says:

    Well well this is getting better and better, finally Hobak is putting everybody on their places, good for her finally she throw the M-I-L and S-I-L (out of her home and I do love all she said to her), and of course the dummy Sedal(money interest); I don’t know but I think she will divorce her husband and he will end up been after her all the time begging like she did to him, and I hope she do not take him back, it will be ok to continue been a father for the kids and that is all!……and a big one is coming I think that Min Joong, will be another divorce and I hope sooo, too, he will do better with the lady that took care of his dad at the hospital, she really have good feelings for him and they too have a daughter , they look really good as family, and he can even take her other kids, anyway the Miss Korea-do not take care of her own kids…and what about when the family find out about the Miss Korea-doing business with the WANG family house…OMG OMG if they losses the house…like Sheen said …Aigoo ! Will they end up on the streets when the house is conned from under their noses ?

    If so, how are they to get their house back?
    .that will be devastated for the father…..and maybe the mother will stop protecting Miss Korea…..we will have to wait…Love this drama….I recommend 100%

  102. 102 : JD Says:

    It is exhausting to watch this drama.

  103. 103 : OK OK OK Says:

    Have watch up to ep35 this Sunday morning. NICE 🙂
    Love Lee Tae Ran – 2nd daughter

    In my eyes – she is very beautiful & good actress

  104. 104 : May Says:

    I love this drama too and it teaches a lot of life’s lesson which real people in real life never gets to learn! More power to all the actors here and I concur on everything you’ve said Carmen!

  105. 105 : mauricia Says:

    Love Lee Te Ran’s hair.

  106. 106 : Jamil Says:

    Love this drama so much! My first korean drama which i saw in KBS world and got hooked right away ! Really interesting drama with real life problems . Now I love watching korean dramas ! 😀 Fan from Bangladesh ! 🙂 keep em coming guys! Love it !

  107. 107 : truth Says:

    if this writer take MJ back to SB,I will greatly regret watching this drama,so this human being on earth write that when you are a bad person,you can be rewarded,every single person that is bad in this drama is been given a reward by this writer,this is so sad.seeing MJ with Wang family again will be the biggest disappointment i have ever watch in Korean drama. for now i will do myself a favor and stop watching.I was thinking MJ will be taking his son as soon as Wang family house is taken way from them,again this is so sad,especially MJ father,poor man that need a decent daughter in law to cook and care for him,he is just bless with a good son but turn to be nightmare.

  108. 108 : Nudge Says:

    The drama is really good.

    The obstacles Gwang Bak and Sang Nam had to face really showed us the depth of their mutual deep attraction. It was moving and IMHO better conceived than many of the recent romantic dramas.

    The actress playing Sang Nam’s mum has that role down to the tee. The character is the same the world over. The gum-chewing, gum-clicking sound she makes and her obviously delusional banter with all the BS is not like it was fooling Sang Nam. Yet, bless his heart he reciprocated with kindness.

    I am guessing this drama isn’t far removed from South Korean culture today, at least insofar as their display of passionate outbursts.

    Really good drama.

  109. 109 : Siok Says:

    I agreed with 101 Carmen, MJ should end up with his first love. Than MJ’s father will have a good daughter-in-law who will look after him. That Miss Korea should be punished with what she thought she is so beautiful and everyhting should be in her favour. I hope this will teach her a good lesson from treating his good husband like dirt when he had nothing. At least the mother-in-law changed for the better. I alos Hobak will not end up with that groof off. Just allow him to be the father of her kids. She deserve a better and happy life.

  110. 110 : Dragon Baby Says:

    This is the BEST drama I’ve watched so far. Good mix of actors and actresses, excellent acting on such a good story. I can watch this over and over again. So msny lessons can be learned about day to day lfamily living. I hope more dramas of this type can be created. Cingratulations to the productiom team and the great cast.

  111. 111 : rory Says:

    I love to see YD & Don couple now but dislikes YD’s mom & SN’s dad couple..they way they go dating just euww & so fake! I just can’t imagine if those two will become a husband & wife soon…
    SN’s dad just too much and so mean towards GB..same goes to SN’s mom, shameless! I think SN might get those good gens from his aunt coz he is so kind and gentleman..I do think also that MJ & SB will back together again just like HB & SD especially when SB’s mom really care & love MJ so much and OMG Jungji is so adorable!! he’s so cute and easy going to everyone..eotokhae..but I know, he deserves a better treat from a woman like SN’s aunt…

  112. 112 : Nudge Says:

    I saw a pic of the writer. She kinda look somewhat similar to SN’s biological mum.. LoL! I wonder if she chews gum and talks through her nose like Fran Dresher. LoL!

  113. 113 : Nudge Says:

    I injured myself laughing. The best drama.

  114. 114 : mml Says:

    i just hope that Soo Bak will not divorce with her husband Go Min Joong. Watching episode 44 will make me realise that the situation was Soo Bak wanted to save her marriage.

    We, now left 6 episodes to watch as this drama has a total of 50 episodes. I hope that the writer can arrange Soo Bak to change her character and awaken her thoughts and convince her husband Go Min Joong not to divorce as she has two kids to handle and her life, maybe, even worse,if, she can’t save her marriage.

  115. 115 : Budgie Smuggler Says:

    @mml Didn’t those two divorce already? Yes it is a bit of a quandary. Soo Bak hadn’t shown much interest towards her own children. The children may end up with Min Joong and his first love with whom he has a daughter.

    A nice touch in the script with the unseen hand of providence, manifesting as Min Joong’s fortune returning immediately after his divorce from Soo Bak. As if it stayed away because Soo Bak was undeserving.

    But it looks like Soo Bak is going through changes in the heart region. Very nice. Very nice indeed.

  116. 116 : Shen Says:

    mml 114

    SooBak wanting to get back with MinJung is mainly for these reasons :

    1) She’s down and out – no money and no where to go, no prospects for a future at all, and under such circumstances MinJung is the best to cling on to now that he his fortune has improved. Remember, SooBak and her mother are all about MONEY ?

    2) Min Jung has proven that he is free of her in every way. Prior to this, SooBak had the misguided thinking that she’s got a hold on him, just cos he allowed her to kick him all over the place, not realising in her dumb brain that he allowed it was cos he was a gentleman and a responsible husband.

    3) Lastly, take note, this is the kicker – it is just simply because there is someone (SooJung) who wants MinJung !! So SooBak’s mind goes, no, this person cannot have him, I will stop it happening. Just a darn selfish of her !

    SooBak and mother did all these not for the children’s sake. It is just for their selfish sakes. Money, money, money sake ! Not for sincere reasons.

    Because of this, MinJung should not get back together with SooBak. If he does, I believe, history will repeat itself.

  117. 117 : Shen Says:

    Up until now, SooBak and her mother, are still SO BLIND as to why and how their lives and their families are in such a mess ! Not even inspite of the fact that SooBak’s irresponsible actions had made them lost their home which took a lifetime and lots of sacrifices to acquire.

    Both of them are totally BLIND !! They go about life like they are wind-up toys. Not looking back, sideways or at anything, no feelings or whatsever ! They are like two little worms wriggling and reacting to whatever they feel effects only them. Nothing more ! They should be stomped on, squashed and fed to the birds long ago !

    If they had taken the time to reflect back on the steps they had taken, and use their brains a little, they will be able to SEE, but unfortunately until this point (a serious one, when now they are almost living on the streets) these two still do not realise what has happened to them, their family, their lives and what lies ahead. (There is still life’s journey ahead waiting for them).

    If only these two will take a pause and look !

    Why are we so passionate about this drama when it is afterall a kdrama? Plenty of reasons. One main one – it is because it is a reflection of the realities of life.

  118. 118 : Shen Says:

    Next – wait till the family finds out that Papa Wang is jobless !

    Misfortune does not rain on them. It pours on them !

    When will this family get to see the light at the end of the dark tunnel !

  119. 119 : Shen Says:

    Just a laughable note to fellow viewers .

    Lately, I’ve noticed that there is someone out there who is trying to pretend to be me ! Yes, try to be ! Except that all her personal claims in her/his posts are fakes and false !

    Well, I am flattered !

    Had not known that I have an avid admirer out there.

    Hahahaha …. far out !

  120. 120 : CW Says:

    Ladies: I was really upset the other day when Sedal’s mother told Hobak that she should tolerate her husband. That it is commonplace for a man to cheat but should be forgiven. Has she not ever heard of the Korean “Comfort Women”? What do you think it feels like to be nothing more than a bed warmer, maid and battering board!! Having gone through that, I can honestly say I know what the Comfort Women felt, are feeling!! Being married should not be a legal excuse to abuse.

  121. 121 : truth Says:

    SB is not a wife,it is only a brain dead husband will take SB back as a wife,first of all,she has never been a wife or cook for her husband not even once as they shows it in this drama,HB was her cook also house keeper plus her mom.all SB does was to spend MJ money instill he become penniless,when MJ became penniless what does SB did,she abandon him,MJ comes back home no welcome,no food,wife is nowhere to be found,she is with other man,father in law was in the hospital SB never went there to care for him,MJ comes back from labor work run to the hospital to care for his father,poor man not once he take a break to sleep from coming back work.SJ is a God sent ti rescue him from that greed mother and daughter.Hope this writer does not disappoint millions of viewers who is expecting happy ending for MJ.

  122. 122 : truth Says:

    Than again ag only want mj back as her son inlaw because he is back on his feet also take him as a fool Where by they can spend money as much as they want.can they go to GB house sn father DC will make them hid under the table

    The lesson here is respect people no matter any condition they may be also don’t take any good thing for granted just be
    cause they act with a good heart.

  123. 123 : Nudge Says:

    This is the best. Indeed this isn’t a genre you can easily define. It has everything in it..hehe..including the kitchen sink. The drama’s like that Korean dish where they throw everything into one bowl and everyone eats from it.

    Ah.. the kitchen sink. It is often around the kitchen sink someone breaks down crying or someone gets hit after a confession. And as soap suds breaks down grease, someone waxes lyrical about a past love and happier times. Only to be interrupted by the yelling (usually the MIL) because daughter number three had left her job, and had taken on menial work, in turn fuelling the neighbourhood tongue wagging rumour cartel.

    Perhaps the incessant loud reproaches and a desire for quiet, for the solitude, lead the youngest to a seafarer’s vocation which would position her far away from her family. The character has a sweet disposition I must say.

    But then the Wang family warts an all, is a lovable bunch. The soft-hearted Mr. Wang, so caring and understanding. And his wife, almost always intolerable, and their daughters, grandma, in-laws altogether are like that Korean meal where you throw in everything, mix it up and everyone eats from the the same bowl.

    Someone in these forums once expressed disgust saying its unhygienic. I like to think that I can trade that particular lack of hygiene for bonding with family and mates.

  124. 124 : truth Says:

    even though they say BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER” that does not mean one should lost self conscience in support of a bad thing because she is your sister or brother, you are not helping but destroying more life. i am ashamed that GB of all people participate in this crime on innocent man who had done no wrong but just ask for a little happiness,MJ has given SB everything a man can give a wife,he never restrict her from whatever she wanted to do,but whenever he comes home, he met a wife that abuse him.SB has three maids when MJ was having a lot of money,HB,AG and other person they show in the beginning of this drama.

    When Mj became penniless he wanted comfort from his wife but all he receive from SB was abuse crying that she can’t show her face again to the public because she is Miss Korean pageant, to make things worst she beginning to look for a way to abandon her marriage,and start having affairs with other man which she thought was Mr right.And GB,HB,and AG saw this and how SB was never a wife to MJ and they still gang up against an innocent man ruin his life,they forget that no one hold SB hand when she sign the divorce papers,HB saw her sister with her two eyes hugging a man in the car also advise her not to continue that affairs but she course at her and rebuke her from advising her to respect her husband.
    I was feeling sorry for GB the way DS treat her,but now I think DS was right he is protecting his son,GB can you give your brother a woman like SB to marry?what are you all fighting for? to slave an innocent man again and leave with no hope to cling to when he becomes penniless again.hope this writer don’t ruin his or her work by ending this drama in a nonsense way.

  125. 125 : Gooddrama Says:

    Minjung , Subak and Sedal Fighting! 😉 my favorite actors in this drama 🙂

  126. 126 : mml Says:

    By watching at episode 46, I think Min Joong will divorce with Soo Bak. I think the final episode is Min Joong will really divorce with Soo Bak and therefore i am not going to continue to watch this drama.

  127. 127 : KnightWatch Says:

    Since Korea has so much credit card debt it’s pretty funny more people aren’t broke in these dramas.

  128. 128 : truth Says:

    I feel sorry for SN,he think moving out will give him and GB joy,wait if he is not careful he will become second MJ where as AG will come all the time asking for money,taking control over his and GB life,telling her daughter what she should do and not to do,this time that GB don’t have a maid she then have one or two,poor SN will just look on just like as MJ look on every day,and they took him for granted,with no respect.SN don’t know his father is protecting him against AG gangs they don’t care if what they are doing is hunting other people probably they get what they want.The ugly truth is that this drama is coming to and end.

  129. 129 : vareena Says:

    @truth, I am so happy that I have supporter for this drama, I wished SB end up in the street or go to hell that deserve her and her worthless mother. I hate both of them so much, but her father is to blame for all of this, he should not put up this behavior from the beginning, the way she raise her children is all clap.

  130. 130 : mod Says:

    Yes, I agree, the father is also to be blamed. He is too weak, a weakling. Useless ! He allows and condones his ignorant wife’s (AG) unspeakable behavior in running the family. AG is so ignorant !

    The only persons I like in this drama are Min Joong and SJ. Hope they end up together. As for SB and AG, go to hell !

  131. 131 : truth Says:

    @vareena and @mod thank you guys,you said it better than i had ever thought,the father is just too useless,allowing his wife AG to do whatever she want,the most painful part of ep46 is that he actually went to met MJ to take his daughter back SB i was kind of saying what a hell” can he give his son such wife to marry?this man is crazy this daughter of yours who just took everything you work all life away from you went into smoke and you are asking other man who you saw with your two naked eyes how he was mistreated by your daughter for him to take such a rude and thoughtless person back,MJ almost committed suicide when he lost everything no one he has to talk to only crying by himself by the river side,those moment made cry with him,now god blesses him back Wang family plan to destroyed him again by using their daughters what a shame to have such uncontrollable family who bully everybody that don’t agree with them.

  132. 132 : truth Says:

    @vareena and @mod thank you guys,you said it better than i had ever thought,the father is just too useless,allowing his wife AG to do whatever she want,the most painful part of ep46 is that he actually went to met MJ to take his daughter back SB i was kind of saying what a hell” can he give his son such wife to marry?this man is crazy this daughter of yours who just took everything you work all life away from you went into smoke and you are asking other man who you saw with your two naked eyes how he was mistreated by your daughter for him to take such a rude and thoughtless person back,MJ almost committed suicide when he lost everything no one he has to talk to only crying by himself by the river side,those moment made me cry with him,now god blesses him back Wang family plan to destroyed him again by using their daughters what a shame to have such uncontrollable family who bully everybody that don’t agree with them.

  133. 133 : truth Says:

    31 is cancelled

  134. 134 : Shen Says:

    The drama is coming to an end, and funnily, I just simply can’t tell or guess what the ending will be like, which usually, it is possible. But this time, I am at a loss. My mind is blank. Cannot guess what Writer has in store for us. Whooo …

    The Writer has taken us on a roller coaster trip with this drama, up down, round and about, with emotion curdling surprises at each turn. A brilliant piece of writing, if I may say so.

    I can’t wait to watch for the ending with abated breath. Come what may, I will accept any ending, Writer, but please do not redeem SB and AG. These two characters do not deserve to be redeemed.

    What I would like happen to these two is that they end up living their miserable lives together with Papa Wang, all other family members having left home to set up homes of their own elsewhere so that they will be out of range of the bad influence of these three monkeyteers. Why? It is because these three monkeyteers will never change. they will be what they are, it is their basic character makeup. As the saying goes, Leopards will never their spots.

    Woooooo … trying to keep an open mind, trying to keep an open mind, trying to keep an open mind. (Oh shit, this is a hard to do).

  135. 135 : truth Says:

    what is this writer doing?having all wang family begging MJ to take SB back,this particular one of this ep47 is disgusting SB father dragging her to beg MJ for forgiveness,the reason why I don’t know,asking your daughter or dragging your daughter to beg her ex husband for forgiveness is too late because he has already move on with other woman,this mean the is calling SJ a trashy woman she is use like a trash , papa wang you can’t do that to a man like you,you are asking MJ to take SB back by her to beg forgiveness,no one dragged her to sign the divorce papers,what about the woman who stand by MJ when he was helpless,who clean him up and give him hope to carry on with life?who came do his laundry,who cook for him,who was a caregiver to his father when he was sick?so what the writer is saying those things does not matter to a MJ,he should just say thank you and goes back to his divorce wife and continue to live a miserable life,dear writer there are charterers that is redeemable in the eyes of the viewers AG and SB characters are not redeemable because you the writer are the one who make it nonredeemable if you redeem it now your act of work will be a thing of useless,dear writer no one is going to buy that act of redemption,think wisely before you end your drama in a disgusting way.

  136. 136 : truth Says:

    if this writer bring back SB to MJ as husband and wife again, what kind of massage is the writer sending,you can cheat,lie,abandon,and still get away with all the bad thing you have done,in fact get rewarded for it and the one who love,care,worked hard,encourage, is given nothing,what is the propose of the story?
    SB can only learn if she marry other man,she will then not take things for granted,she will cook,care for her husband not running around the whole places want to be the head of Korean rich ladies and declare to everybody that her husband is useless man,in fact she can do anything her husband will not mind even if he sees her with other man in bed.

  137. 137 : Shen Says:

    At this point in time, all said and done by everyone and by all things, they do not matter. They do not mean a thing, whatever they may be. Because at the end of the day, whether MJ take back SB is all up to the Writer.

    Now, Writer is playing God. Writer is the only one with the power to decide the fate of these two parties. (Thank goodness, this is only a kdrama).

    As we have seen all throughout the drama, from start till now, MJ has shown himself to be the most stable character among this basket full of nut jobs. And we have also seen how his life is run in such an admirable way which reflects the character that he his.

    And now that he has got his life back and with his real love, and need not have to suffer anymore, will he give it all up AGAIN for these basket of nut jobs by re-marrying SB and getting involved with the mad Wang Family?

    If MJ does so, then he also has turned out to be a nut case, and the Writer being a bigger one. Hope not !

    Let’s hope that both Writer and MJ still have a head on their shoulders, that is, Writer make MJ walk away from the Wang Family for good, taking his two children with him.

    Should Writer want to appear the goodie two shoes in the eyes of the local Korean viewers by making MJ return to SB and the Wang Family, I will be utterly disappointed with Writer, and will have no more faith in Writer anymore !

  138. 138 : WSW Says:

    I also vote for MJ to dump SB. But the problem now is the writer is making MJ and SJ too kind. If SJ is going to keep her mouth shut about not telling MJ about his daughter and MJ because of his kindness take back SB due to his 2 kids.

    I just hope writer don’t screw up the whole ending. It is only 3 episodes left and since like the wang family crisis is still not over and judging from what I see, it is going to end abruptly. Regardless of MJ choosing who, it seem like this drama going to have a rush ending with many loose end. This drama should be extended for another 5-10 episodes to tie up all the loose end.

  139. 139 : Siok Says:

    I hope the ending will be good esp for Minjung to marry his first love sunjong. He should never return to subak as her family is really the most terrible family i had seem with a mother-in-law like this, one should leave this family long long time ago. How money face this mother-in-law??? I really hate her for looking down on her poor son-in-laws and how she favour this stupid miss korea subak over hobak who is really a good daughter. If minjung forgive her, he is the most stupid man i ever seen.Hope the ending will be a good one.

  140. 140 : Shen Says:

    Like I’ve said before, it sure is hard to predict which direction this drama is going to end.

    So far as the drama goes lately, it looks like MJ is leaving SB. But, and it’s a big but here, there are two more episodes to go before the end. It may sound a short trip, but there is no guarantee that within these two last episodes, Writer might not decide to make a dramatic turnaround and….. make MJ be stricken with a strong guilty conscience enough to return to the Wang family ! Oh no ! Not this direction, please, Writer !

    Keeping fingers crossed !

    Recently, it dawned on me that the three elder daughters (SB, HB and GB) are a younger version of AG. Give them time, they might end up full-blown AGs ! Horror of Horrors ! Good grief !

    It took the silly headed YD to make me realise this, ‘cos when comparing, YD is not volatile and or as uncivilised as them. Whereas these three mini AGs are, well mini AGs !

  141. 141 : Shen Says:

    Correction : “Writer might decide to make a dramatic turnaround and …. “

  142. 142 : sang joon Says:

    i hope MJ won’t take Subak & just remarry his first love, she’s far more nicer than Subak, motherly, caring & all that! Subak’s mother is such a delusional woman, so selfish & keeping a blind eye to her daughter’s mistakes! i’m gonna miss this drama which is ending soon! 🙁
    let’s hope it’s an ending we’ll all be satisfied with coz kdramas are quite unpredictable sometimes!

  143. 143 : Indah Says:

    After watched all the episodes up to ep. 47 of this family drama, very much regrets. Why this drama had so high rating? It is a logic sense of drama that Koreans liked.
    I just can’t believed all the daughters still depend on their parent until so old and living together in so small scramble house. The most role I hate is Subak, if I will her, I don’t even dare to ask for forgiveness for all the shits that I had done, shall be happy that her husband found his first love. Actually she doesn’t has feelings at all for him, she had been hunt by her greedy and long-time boyfriend relationships since college, no way to accept her back until now, I don’t see that she realises her mistakes. Really waste my times.
    Eagerly wait for it to finish and watch my next favourite idols, “Very Good Time” family drama. Hope it is much better than this one, so unlogical story.

  144. 144 : truth Says:

    shame on this writer,from ep1 to ep48 you portray MJ as a good decent man why now do you have to destroy his character and his image this way? for example MJ know how it is to be left out in the family,do you”WRITER” honestly think a man you portray as good husband will treat a child like that?you writer should be ashamed for ending your writing in a despicable way.my bad for thinking you are going to end this drama in a good way but fortunately you also have join those despicable Korean writer who should have never given a pen to write.

  145. 145 : maja Says:

    what are forgiveness and second chances all about? they are after all one family… i hope these are what the writer wants to impart in this drama….

  146. 146 : Shen Says:

    So, it looks like MJ is not perfect after all.

    For a deep thinking man like him, he has a serious flaw, that is, to him, not all children are equal !

    He favors his child more than another’s. Now, to me, this is a serious, serious flaw in any adult any time, any where, whether in kdramas or in real life. It is because children, due to their immaturity in age and development, do not belong to the adult category and therefore should be treated with love. On the other hand, adults are utterly flawed creatures by whatever name, and from whichever part of planet Earth they may be. Humans are flawed creations !

    I think we should not get too upset with Writer for depicting MJ as such. It is ‘cos we gotta remember, this story of the Wang Family is based on a composite of the many “don’ts” about life’s lessons that I believe the story wants us to take note, so that we all can learn from it. And this includes, our bias towards children that are not ours (not that everyone has a bias), and how, even a person who might be irrational and steadfast in character as MJ can thus be flawed.

    So I think, what Writer is doing is to continue to keep to the theme of the story even if she has to tarnish MJ’s character in this instance.

    I believe this drama/story (WF) is a very good story in that it teaches us about what is happening in real life. Yes, in real life, whether it may be in SKorea or any other part of the world, such events as happened in WF do happen. We humans are the same every where ! We are “too smart” for our own good most of the time

  147. 147 : Shen Says:

    Correction ” ……and how, even a person who might be rational and steadfast in character as MJ can thus be flawed. ”

    (Apologies for typo error. Must be missing my cup of coffee this morning).

  148. 148 : maja Says:

    i still go for subak and MJ being together at the end … the aunt is not part of the lead cast and from the start it was SB and MJ so i still hope they could still be together …. (actually i really don’t like the aunt from the start) good thing this is just a drama so anything can happen even the impossible depending on what the writer wants… as for me i want them back together

  149. 149 : truth Says:

    after watching the preview of ep50 that is when i know this writer has lost it,the two episode remaining could have been an episode celebrating love instead the writer thought that by keeping MJ crying like a baby and SB acting violent will keep the rating up,even the Korean viewers whom i thought sometime, they don’t mind about some writers meaningless story’s still react unpleasant to this episode 10% lost in viewers shows unhappy with the ending.I feel sick watching MJ crying like fool all the time,that is not a good way of portraying someone Mr or Miss writer,MJ is a grown man should have been portray like a grown man who could have knowledge about children fighting sometime by any little thing out of jealousy,should have acted like a father to children also not excluding Mi Ho in any scene,weather he or she is your biological child or not,it seem unrealistic for the writer to write this nonsenses about MJ at the end of this drama,yes no one is perfect but common scene will tell you right from wrong,it is a shame that this drama end this way with meaningless stories.

  150. 150 : mml Says:

    I don’t think this is a good and nice drama, the last episode ended in a silly and don’t make sense manner.

  151. 151 : Indah Says:

    I agreed with you, mml. Koreans should feel ashamed about this so high rating drama ended like a silly. Luckily, my culture won’t like them, they keep given us a wrong info. how our life can turn into so happy from so rotten which had been done by us? Those greedy people never learn their mistakes even they done wrongs because supported by their family members even they knew that they are wrong. **Sad**

  152. 152 : Shen Says:

    Egrh hyo hyo hyo hyo !!!

    So, the ending is truly a fairy tale after all !!

    Disappointing that Writer finally could not hold on to the last breath of this drama to give it a more realistic ending.

    Writer why do you sabotage your drama like this?

  153. 153 : may170 Says:

    After read all the comment here, i dont have intention to continue this drama again, so dissappointing with all this happen.

    i am very enthusiastic and not passion waiting this drama week after week, until episode 46, but now i dont have mood for finishing this

  154. 154 : Carmen Says:

    I did like this end…I saw the entire drama and the only time I did cry was at the end, with Mio’s mom, I was so sad and still, I really felt her sadness, I dont know why, but I really cry a lot….I will miss this people love them how they were like that family….it was real….OMG so long…now to the next one, I did start with Bride of the cENTURY…AND THIS IS MY NEW ONE…

  155. 155 : Puffins Says:

    although i loved happy ending but the ending seemed rushed and unrealistic…..

  156. 156 : may170 Says:

    Yes, at the end, all happy with all their desires and their couple.
    after all I WATCH THE END, i love it. Like it

  157. 157 : Scheduler Says:

    nice drama

  158. 158 : Scheduler Says:


  159. 159 : bernadetha Says:

    the korean war is nothing compared to this
    Eghy hyo hyo………..
    nice drama keep it up

  160. 160 : Heartheart Says:

    This Korean Drama is just so great. I hope this could get aired in the Philippines. GMA maybe? 😀

  161. 161 : Tribute To Tae Ran Says:

    Celebrate 130K Fans!

  162. 162 : Long series Korean Drama Review Wang’s family | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] King’s family / Wang’s family (2013) 王氏家族 […]

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