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King of High School Life Conduct

King of High School Life Conduct 04

Title: 고교 처세왕 / King of High School Life Conduct
Chinese Title: 高校处世王
Also Known as: High School King / The King of High School Manners / High School King of Savvy
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 17 + 1 Special
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2014-June-16 to 2014-Aug-12
Airtime: Monday & Tuesday 23:00


A romantic comedy between a high school student who enters a major company who then becomes part of a management team and a woman who is a temporary employee at that same company.

Lee Min Suk (Seo In Guk) is a high school student who plays ice hockey for his school. One day, he suddenly begins works as a company director through his resemblance to his older brother. At work, he meets Jung Soo Young (Lee Ha Na) who is a temporary employee there.


Main Cast

Seo In Guk as Lee Min Suk
Seo Dong Hyun as Min Suk (young)
Lee Ha Na as Jung Soo Young
Lee Yul Eum as Jung Yoo Ah
Lee Soo Hyuk as Yoo Jin Woo
Go Woo Rim as Yoo Jin Woo (young)

People around Lee Min Suk

Seo In Guk as Lee Hyung Suk (Min Suk’s older brother)
Oh Kwang Rok as Choi Jang Ho (assistant manager of Min Suk and Hyung Suk’s father)
Kwon Sung Duk as Choi Man Suk (Jang Ho’s father)

People around Yoo Jin Woo

Han Jin Hee as Yoo Jae Gook (president of Components, Inc.)
Song Young Kyu as Nam Sang Goo (director of Components, Inc.)

Components, Inc.

Jo Han Chul as Kim Chang Soo
Kim Won Hae as Han Young Suk
Park Soo Young as Yoon Dong Jae
Choi Phillip as Park Heung Bae
Lee Joo Seung as Ji Dae Han
Lee Ah Rin as Han Sang Hee
Shin Hye Sun as Go Yoon Joo
Chun Yi Seul as Yoon Do Ji

Poongjin High School

Kang Ki Young as Jo Duk Hwan
Lee Tae Hwan as Oh Tae Suk
Kim Seung Hoon as Kim Dae Chul
Ji Yoon Ho as Park Ki Hoon


Yoon Yoo Sun as Yoo Jin Woo’s mother
Jang Se Hyun as Yoo Jin Woo’s friend
Min Ji Ah as Jung Soo Young’s hometown friend
Shim Hyung Tak as a busy boyfriend
Lee Chung Ah as attractive girl
Park Hee Bon as contract girl

Production Credits

Director: Yoo Je Won
Screenwriter: Jo Sung Hee, Yang Hee Seung

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2014-06-16 1 1.47
2014-06-17 2 1.33
2014-06-23 3 1.66
2014-06-24 4 1.08
2014-06-30 5 1.74
2014-07-01 6 1.95
2014-07-07 7 1.51
2014-07-08 8 1.72
2014-07-14 9 1.45
2014-07-15 10 1.85
2014-07-21 11 2.09
2014-07-22 12 1.92
2014-07-28 13 1.53
2014-07-29 14 1.49
2014-08-04 15 1.74
2014-08-05 16 1.91
2014-08-11 17 1.83
2014-08-12 Special -

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


King of High School Life Conduct Poster1 King of High School Life Conduct Poster2 King of High School Life Conduct Poster3

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  1. 1 : mona Says:

    Looks interesting and promosing, noona dongsaeng again??

  2. 2 : minah Says:

    omo! omo!!!! looks like very interesting drama…..

  3. 3 : d14h Says:

    Waiting for this Drama. Waiting for Seo In Guk comeback to dramaland 🙂

  4. 4 : freedomdemon Says:

    oh~!!! looking forward to this drama~~!!!!!
    waiting this drama appearance, and sure the actors too~!!!
    its sure a watch in happy mood drama~!!! ^^Y
    keep waiting~!!!!! <3

  5. 5 : maknaee Says:

    Lee Soo-hyuk :3

  6. 6 : anne Says:

    waaa.. can’t wait this… seo in guk yay!!

  7. 7 : bell Says:

    Oooooo! Lee Ha Na!!! Lurve her!!! Haven’t seen her for the longest time. So happy she’s back!!!

  8. 8 : Anchel Says:

    Wow! another drama for me… just read the synopsis and i think i have to watch this… just marked june 16 on my calendar… hope i will no be disaapointed… the lead actor was with the Master’s Sun right?

  9. 9 : hny Jo Says:

    hmmm….synopsis nya OK lah! I”m waiting …In Guk si maybe ur drama will coloured my life coz already much borring drama this month ;)) plz do the best!!

  10. 10 : tata Says:

    Soe In Guk Cakkeepppp

  11. 11 : dewi Says:

    ahhh..can’t wait

  12. 12 : taraJJ Says:

    finally .. there is a koreandrama about hockey ice ..
    ok seo in guk i will wait for your action on the ice ^^

  13. 13 : B2st Says:

    Can’t wait again…

  14. 14 : d14h Says:

    This for long trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjycmbsI-yU
    enjoy guys 🙂

  15. 15 : Juana love Says:

    can’t wait

  16. 16 : ruby placheta Says:


  17. 17 : freedomdemon Says:

    today release 1st eps d!!!
    so, quick watch it!!! ^^Y

  18. 18 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    Hah! Very interesting.

  19. 19 : maknaee Says:

    Eps 1 ; waaah Yoo-ah.. I love this spunky-cutie girl! I ship Yoo-ah with Min-suk, while Soo-young with ‘sexy husky voice’ Jin-woo. *finger crossed*
    Can’t wait to watch eps 2 ~~

  20. 20 : Dramadairy Says:

    So sad can’t find English sub! I have been looking forward to this-fresh and zippy.

  21. 21 : Angel Says:

    So far so good!Looking forward for the next episodes. Seo in guk ssi best wishes for your new drama. Hope will be have a high rating!fighting oppa

  22. 22 : Kdramalover Says:

    Where is the rating?looking forward for the ratings

  23. 23 : DramaDrama Says:

    I loved the early episodes. I saw them on DRAMAGO.net where the second lead, Lee Seo Hyuk could steal the show with his fashion model chiseled looks, his perfectly tailored business attire and the kinder, gentler character. Lee Seo Hyuk’s character is edging out the high school character played by Seo In Guk, one of my favorite drama stars.
    Watch with English subtitles here:

  24. 24 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    @DramaDrama he looks like Spy vs Spy to me.

  25. 25 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 1 and it seems that Jung Soo Young really made me laugh a lot. Soo Young loves Yoo Jin Woo. Well, this is a comedy romance drama and I really hope that oneday Soo Young can find her love. She’s clumsy and I don’t think she loves ugly. I think maybe, the writer will transform her to look pretty in subsequent episodes. And I hope that , she will look pretty soon.

    Okay, I will continue to watch episode 2.

  26. 26 : Romi Says:

    This drama is cute and funny and just everything a drama should be. In Guk and his coworker had me laughing the whole time. And of course Soo Hyuk and his gorgeous self is in it so i have no complaints so far! 😀

  27. 27 : maknaee Says:

    High School King of Savvy OST Part.1

    TransFixion – One Way

    *** listen online :

    *** download link :

    *** youtube link :

  28. 28 : maknaee Says:

    I can’t wait the moment Jin-woo got jealous xixixi :p

  29. 29 : mml Says:

    Towards the ending episode 3, Min Suk’s friends discovered his secrets. I think Min Suk’s friends are really too much, they shouldn’t use it to threaten Min Suk and to bargain for expensive gifts from Min Suk in episode 4.

    Am looking forward to watch episode 4 and hopefully, Min Suk can still continue to act on behalf of his brother to help his brother to hold the responsibility of the role and position of the job that his brother appointed Min Suk to assist him.

  30. 30 : Melia Says:

    This drama is so fun…. I like it so much

  31. 31 : MAS Says:

    This drama,I’m looking forward to….I like both hero & heroine,meant to be together.fighting!

  32. 32 : ines Says:

    Yoo Ah grumpy and too very same Lee Min Suk acting right please I do not want to see it to see Yoo Ah

  33. 33 : semutkecil56 Says:

    just finished watching ep. 2 and i enjoyed it. curious about what will happen next whoaaa

  34. 34 : Anchel Says:

    Super nice drama… never a dull moment… Min Suk is gorgeous and funny…

  35. 35 : rona Says:

    very nice so far…looking forward every episode of it..Very cute Seo In Guk!!! Fighting..

  36. 36 : mml Says:

    Episode 4 continues to be very interesting and as to the romance of Min Suk will be getting more and more complicated. His girlfriend Yoo Ah was actually the sister of Soo Young. And what’s the answer for Min Suk, if, holding onto two girlfriends. The romance can be sad in certain ways. Anyway, I do wish that Min Suk will choose Soo Young instead. Soo Young maybe older than Min Suk and that’s not a problem, age is never a problem, if, the guy really loves the girlfriend that he choose to love. And looking at the character of Yoo Ah, who always keep and eye and monitor on Min Suk’s daily movement of his personal activity, I think it’s very stressful to have this kind of person as girlfriend as one cannot find peace.

    And I am not sure on whether will the writer arrange Min Suk to continue to love Yoo Ah ?

  37. 37 : maknaee Says:

    I thought this drama was gonna be a light romcom, but it turn out to have more serious side.

    At ep 1-2, I’m a bit dislike Soo-young’s character. Ep 3-4 made me look her in a new light. I can see heartwarming woman, caring sister. Besides that, I’m already used to see her nerdy-weird gestures.

    Poor Jin-woo 🙁 Seriously, why is his father so mean to him?

    Min-suk’s looking good together with Joo-ah, so does when he was with Soo-young. I’m curious who will he end up with.

    Good job, show!

  38. 38 : niczej Says:

    love triangle coming up for the both sisters (Jung Soo Young and
    Jung Yoo Ah) 😀

  39. 39 : natalie Says:

    MIN SUK is totally sexy this drama gets me laughing …. LOVE IT

  40. 40 : Micc Says:

    If it’s not for Seo In Guk, I don’t know if I would watch so religiously. I don’t get how Min Suk can become so attached to Soo Young. I don’t see that development but just like bam! She got fired and he got all upset! Don’t remember seeing that attraction anywhere.

  41. 41 : mml Says:

    I felt very sleepy after watching episode 6 and the fact was the character of Soo Young made me felt that she’s not a professional secretary. And I don’t like her wearing the spectacle made me felt that she’s not a mature lady.

    There’s no definite answer on why a man can fall in love with an older woman ? And it’s nothing wrong falling in love with a younger man or older woman so long as both parties can accept one another and can find their real love happiness, but towards the character of Soo Young, by now, she should change her appearance and weak nature in order to continue to attract viewers to watch this drama.

    And now, I am looking forward to watch episode 7 and episode 8 and hopefully the character of Soo Young can be smarter, more alert and more professional as a secretary and don’t wear the UGLY spectacle or maybe can wear contact lense to look better.

  42. 42 : ELZZ Says:

    Seriously, Seo in guk really cuteee. lope u so much. i love all about this film but i think the main female actress should be more prettier and younger.

  43. 43 : latifah Says:

    this drama is funny, i love it !!!
    fighthing Seo in guk

  44. 44 : hny Jo Says:

    I’m realy enjoy this drama from begining..So In Guk so cute funny with childish n gentle tamper…hehe also like Yoo Jin Woo with his mysterius face…three of them…love it very much♡♥♡

    I just not like for lightning effec for this drama, makes their face not too good in screen, plz TVn…fix it…make them looks handsome ;))

  45. 45 : melissa Says:

    I am really loving this show, and the actors that portray the characters! I don’t understand why the ratings are so low, because this show is really good. I especially like Lee Ha Na’s role as Soo Young, and the way she is brings a different light to the show. She gives the show it’s comedy, life, and inspiration to others. Her personality according to others may be different, but that is what I like about her character. I don’t think the writer should change anything about her, because that is what makes the show interesting to watch. I am really loving Lee Min Suk’s character, because he does not act like the rest of his peers or coworkers. He is a very kind, gentle, and caring guy. When he is at school he does not act or think like an actual high school student, and when he is at work he begins to realize and go against the cruelty of the work world. I think he and Soo Young are the perfect match because they are in many ways similar, as well as his feelings for her are sincere.

  46. 46 : hny Jo Says:

    hahaha..its so fun see two handsome man act childish in the car scene…n the story more interesting with first kiss…what gona happen after that..hmmm waiting ep 7 so corious.

    I like all the cast here…im waiting to know about the real Lee Hyung Suk n the reason why he missing..n what he wil do if he come then faced Soo Young … did he will like her too…hmmmm.

  47. 47 : Retno Hasyim Says:

    Funny story… love seo in guk .

  48. 48 : mnnolh Says:

    first of all i love this drama and i think its gonna be my no 1 drama because its not like other typical Korean drama and the story is different then other k drama and i really hope the ratings gits up because it deserve to and one more thing you gays has to stop talking about the actress i mien this is her character in the drama idk why people are heating on the poor girle

  49. 49 : hny Jo Says:


    second kiss yummiii….the story refresh my day ;))

  50. 50 : Yohana Says:

    Where can I see it with Eng Subs?

  51. 51 : Anchel Says:

    @yohana… at gooddrama.net; drama.net and dramabay.com its out now eng sub of epi 8… i’m loving every episode of this drama…

  52. 52 : rona Says:

    woah…the kissing scene love it…!! i really really like this drama…

  53. 53 : rona Says:

    woah…the kissing scene love it…!! love this darma..

  54. 54 : Melia Says:

    It’s getting more interesting. Love the character of Lee Min Suk (SIG). SIG is really a talented actor. His acts are adorable.

  55. 55 : Anchel Says:

    For those asking for the title of the song sung during their first hug, first kiss and that awesome 2nd kiss. The title is Fluttering Heart by Honey G. here is the link with english translation.. the melody is soulful and the meaning of the song is very appropriate to our OTP… here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvjWEc9c8vs… Enjoy everybody!!!

  56. 56 : sharl Says:

    I love this drama… I can relate with my experience… LOL!
    Getting excited with it… Thanks for this drama production.

  57. 57 : simon Says:

    i love this drama!Figthing!

  58. 58 : RUBY PLACHETA Says:


  59. 59 : mka Says:

    I was excited to see this drama before. But after watching the first 2 episodes, i decided to not watch it. The female lead is just too old for seo in guk, and her character doesn’t suit him too. Just too bad

  60. 60 : Jyenie Says:

    This drama is not so interesting as a TVN drama. I don’t really like Lee Ha Na’s Jim Carrey acting style. I don’t see the chemistry between SIG and LHN. The second male lead looks so unnatural and have too much make-up on. One thing I really want to complain about the make up for the male actors, why is it getting so unnatural and thicker over the years?

  61. 61 : Jyenie Says:

    I am only very curious about the situation of the elder brother. What is he up to?

  62. 62 : Wellyn Says:

    Thank you uda upload 🙂 Btw, mau kasi masukkan nih.. kalo bisa di sini juga ada download OST nya juga nga ya kyk dlkdrama.com kak 🙂

  63. 63 : Wellyn Says:

    Thank you uda upload 🙂 Btw, mau kasi masukkan nih.. kalo bisa di sini juga ada download OST nya juga nga ya kyk http://dlkdrama.com kak 🙂

  64. 64 : Wellyn Says:

    Untuk Ostnya bisa di ambil dari http://k2ost.com kok ^^

  65. 65 : Marie Q Says:

    SIG and LHN are just fine. I like to see LHN in this drama acting so different from her other dramas. She is one of my fav actress, so refreshing. One of my fav drama so far beside You’ll all surrounded and Marriage without dating.
    Well done to the whole team of this drama.

  66. 66 : Hor Says:

    Wow I suddenly get more interested in this drama. I love the actor (SIG) and the actress ( YHN). They both are adorable and cute. I can’t stop laughing while I was watching this drama. And the romance they showed. Awwwhhhh cannot wait for another episode. ^^

  67. 67 : Madeleine Says:

    Love this drama – watching on kdrama.com Slow pace but you really get absorbed into the characters. Seo In Guk is wonderful. He plays romantic lead and High School jock parts really very well. Female lead is a little too milk toast, nerdy type, frumpy dressing etc. and even sleeps with her glasses on (well that is funny) so that distracts me a little. Everyone doing a fab job, and very well written.

  68. 68 : jangerr Says:

    Love Lee Ha Na! Love her in this quirky character role! One of the few actresses who can pull this off!!!

  69. 69 : bigeye46 Says:

    so sweet and romance drama,,fighting

  70. 70 : bigeye46 Says:

    so sweet and romance drama.fighting

  71. 71 : [email protected] Says:

    I like this drama, nice act n ost.. hwaaatiiiing

  72. 72 : Brooke Says:

    Woah no preview for next episode…..can’t wait next episodes. Seo In Guk will play 2 character in here right (Min Suk and Hyung Suk)….so leading lady Soo Young won’t be with Min Suk (younger one) but Hyung Suk (older one) which I think Hyung Suk will appear in the next episodes….wish Mon and Tue could come faster!

  73. 73 : Micc Says:

    I thought this is just a simple comedy, but guess there is some dark side about the death of their parents.

  74. 74 : leneshae Says:

    This drama is very interesting and full of fun you will not bored to watch it… I Love this drama… It’s exciting… more episode please…

  75. 75 : SooHyukie~ Says:


  76. 76 : Anchel Says:

    AWESOME! love my OTP to the maxxx. Had me entertained since the beginning of the drama and now i’m a certified addict… Mondays and Tuesdays are my longest days to come…

  77. 77 : Snoopy Says:

    Yeah m also waiting for next eps!!!….quite interesting drama! Esp Lee Ha Na! I like her since woman of the sun!

  78. 78 : Snoopy Says:

    Yeah m also waiting 4 next ep!!! Quite interesting drama! Esp Lee Ha Na! I like her since I watch her in woman of the sun!

  79. 79 : bsk Says:

    seo in guk is awesome!!! this drama is my favourite for the summer

  80. 80 : stellar Says:

    @78 Snoopy

    Try to see if you can find the drama called Me Ri Vs Daegu Battle Plans. It’s the first Lee Ha Na’s show I’ve watched and really love her since then.

  81. 81 : Snoopy Says:

    @Stellar.80: really?! Ok! Thanks! I will try to look for it! Anyway, last night I watched this drama ep5! Not bad! N tonight ep 6!!! It’s getting more n more interesting! 😀

  82. 82 : Snoopy Says:

    N have u watched woman of the sun yet?!

  83. 83 : Stringbebe Says:

    Love this drama!

    Dallas, Texas

  84. 84 : hny Jo Says:

    ep 11 n 12…

    so hard breaking…but so cuiiittttt ;)) love n more love this drama…fighting

  85. 85 : Micc Says:

    Is Lee Ha Na going to look like this throughout the drama? I thought she would change her look, but guess not.

  86. 86 : Cindy Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song at the end of Ep11? Or who sang it? Love that song so much…

  87. 87 : jangerr Says:

    @82 Snoopy

    Yessss!!! I’ve watched Women of the Sun. Love it too, especially Lee Ha Na’s role and acting. She’s such a breath of fresh air!

  88. 88 : bell Says:

    @ Snoopy & jangerr

    So happy to find fellow viewers who lurve Lee Ha Na!!! She’s not been acting in dramas for such a looonnnnggg time that I never thought I’ll be able to find viewers who know her, let alone lurve her…

    Anyway, I’m enjoying this drama tremendously. She’s one of the rare actresses who doesn’t mind and can act weird and quirky so effortlessly and convincingly. I’m totally sold!!!

  89. 89 : Snoopy Says:

    This drama plays only on Monday & Tuesday! The other days are all replay Lolz! Can’t wait 4 next ep next week!!!

  90. 90 : Piqueek Says:

    @jangerr I agree with you. Ha Na is also beautiful. Looks like she lost some body mass though. What’s that about? Not that it takes away from her looks.

  91. 91 : Anchel Says:

    Thank God its Sunday already i had to wait less than 24 hours for the 13th episode.. saw the sneak preview and its so hilariously funny, cute and awesome… Our OTP really hit it right.. their really adorable… Love u Min Suk and Sooh Young!

  92. 92 : emerald Says:

    Oooohhhhhh…. make it 20 ep….

  93. 93 : rroxan Says:

    lowest rating tvn ..because i know SBS,MBC,KBS

  94. 94 : bigeye46 Says:

    so nice and maybe i vote this drama bec so cute for king school.

  95. 95 : MadHatterCat Girl1 Says:

    EPIC DRAMA!!!!!!
    And It’s Not Even Finished Yet!!!
    Can’t Wait To Watch More Episodes!!!!!

  96. 96 : eelnahr Says:

    Hoping for a sequel.pretty please :3

  97. 97 : Micc Says:

    I really like Lee Soo Hyuk’s voice! lol!

  98. 98 : tania Says:

    This episode was not the last I hope to have a happy ending 😀

  99. 99 : terazhang Says:

    I like the older brother character more. He’s really chic…

  100. 100 : Micc Says:

    I thought episode 16 is the last, but it’s 17+1. The story is totally stalling and stretching out but I don’t mind.

  101. 101 : hny Jo Says:

    ooo stil one n spec episode for this…hope can see min suk become real director in office ;))..happy end from this couple plz…

  102. 102 : mistygirl Says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like Lee Hana/Jung Soo Young here? She’s sooo not charismatic at all and such a pushover. Her posture is bad and her goofiness makes it irritating and undeserving of SIG. >:( I also pity Lee Soo Hyuk’s character. He does try very hard but everyone around him seems to bad to him.

  103. 103 : hana Says:

    I love seo in guk acting…multi talented actor singer..

  104. 104 : Anchel Says:

    I beg to disagree that Lee Ha Na the actress is such a fine and sweet lady/singer/actress and if many find her character here in KHS irritating it means that she portrays her role perfectly. And her chemistry with SIG is really something… their characters compliments each other very well, and i will really miss them after this series. hope they can work again together.
    and to Soe In Guk You are the best!!!

  105. 105 : Anchel Says:

    Lee Ha Na the actress is such a fine and sweet lady/singer/actress and if many find her character here in KHS irritating it means that she portrays her role perfectly. And her chemistry with SIG is really something… their characters compliments each other very well, and i will really miss them after this series. hope they can work again together.
    and to Soe In Guk You are the best!!!

  106. 106 : mistygirl Says:

    Well her acting is superb. I don’t like the character she portrays, not the actress herself.

  107. 107 : maknaee Says:

    I want more Yoo-ah and Tae-suk kkk, they are so adorable together xD

  108. 108 : stellar Says:

    @ mistygirl

    I beg to differ too. I love Soo Young’s character. She’s such a breath of fresh air! It’s precisely her quirkiness, goofiness and slight awkwardness that makes her so special. What I like is she’s all that without being cloyingly sweet, cutesy and all . She’s also pretty yet she’s hardly aware of it and doesn’t use it or play it up to her advantage. She’s thoughtful, conscientious, environmentally conscious and kind to boot! As a girl, I would love to have a friend like her! And if I’m a guy, I’d be totally smitten!!! She’s such a gem!!!

  109. 109 : joric Says:

    Please share episode 17. I want to see how the story end. I enjoyed watching the drama. Love the story. Seo In Guk is lovable. Thanks.

  110. 110 : Felix Says:


    Agree with you more than 100%. There are people who understand about Soo Young character thank you. You are right stellar, Soo Young is very different than many main female character in korean drama. Most people get used to ‘usual’ female character that get portrayed many times in korean entertainment which can make people has difficulty to understand or tap into Soo Young characteristic. Unique and refreshing.

    Glad Lee Ha Na accept this role after not acting in korean drama after 5 years including this year 2014 if you calculate this year. Hey, I’m a man. I care little about her pretty face when her personality can make a man who can overlook the outer beauty to see beyond of woman prettiness. She’s a woman who can take care of himself and also have deep sense of caring. Well for those who watch this drama focus about Soo Young Character can understand the point I really want to say.

    I do got smitten by Soo Young character. Well this is drama. It is a gem if I can find such woman in real life. Well there is but most man just watch not SEE.

  111. 111 : MadHatterCatGirl1 Says:

    Love This Show!!!
    It’s Brilliant Funny, Actually Quite Unique From Other K-Dramas I’ve Seen!!!
    Even Though It’s Cute At Times, I Really hope the Main Couple Goes there Own Separate Ways In The End In A Friendly Way Of Course!
    I Actually Don’t think They Fit, Not Enough Heavy OMG Type Chemistry, They Are More Really Good Friends They Remind Me Of Siblings!!!
    Though, The Way It’s Going I’m Sure All The Character’s Will Have Some Sort Of Happy Ending!!!
    Also The 2nd Male Lead Is Really Great At His Character I Adore Character’s Who Are Flawed He Seems To Have A Bit More Heaviness Than The Others, Though I Think Both Lead Male’s Are Extremely Awesome At What They Do!!!!
    For Example Seo In Guk Playing two Roles Really Loved That!!!
    The 2nd Lead Lee Soo Hyuk Looks Really Supernatural To Me Not Sure Why, Just Has A Different Look, But I’ve Only Seen Him In Two Shows, Seems Like He’s A Brilliant Actor As Are All The Rest!!!
    I’ve Seen Lot’s Of K-Dramas But Hardly Recognized People From This One!!!
    And K-Dramas All Have Gorgeous Beautiful People Must Be A Culture Thing Or Something!!!

    Any Way, It Is A Beautiful Show, And I Truly Hope It Ends Epic And Wonderful!!!!

  112. 112 : Sarge Says:

    I wish they create a spin off about Hyung Suk too. This is probably the best rom com in 2014 and one of the best this decade. It’s so well written and the characters are ALL very memorable. Even Hyung suk who only appeared in a few scenes made an impact. We want more of him!

  113. 113 : Sadrach (@Sadrach_Dwi) Says:

    this drama good i like it ….seo in guk act natural and good act


  114. 114 : ILoveYouSooYoung Says:

    @mistygirl: it’s precisely the beauty of her character, her goofiness, her being “Soo Young” in general that added spice to this otherwise common and normal and boring “revenge of the Sith” plot drama series. Otherwise, it would just be another typical Korean drama sh1t. It is her character that got me hooked up with this in the first place. Soo Young is so refreshing and always exciting to watch in every episode. Lee Ha Na did justice in portraying her although I must admit that her the character’s being too nice and most of the time naive despite what Jin Woo did to her may seem over-rated and unreal in this time and age but still, it makes you wonder that maybe people like her is what we need in a “dog eats dog corporate world”. Her being simple yet very beautiful as a person is one big factor why this drama is a hit. It perfectly matched the “high schoolness” of Min Suk. So yeah, it is just you who find Soo Young uncharismatic and a pushover because as a man, I totally dig her character and I’m not really into Korean drama sh1t because I’ve had enough of these sh1t in our own local TVs here in the Philippines. And yes, if I am Min-Suk I would marry her. Peace out!

  115. 115 : French viewer Says:

    Even if the theme is a little surreal, this drama was fun to watch.
    Actors and actresses have played very well, feelings and emotions are very real valued.
    Recommended for those who want a little refreshment.
    It’s an unforgettable drama with a good ending.
    Congratulations to the entire team that made ​​this drama.

  116. 116 : qwerty Says:

    Seo in guk never dissapoints me. He was great in reply 1997 and still doing great here. Although I wanted him to play a quite similar character like his in reply 1997,but I’ve never been disappointed because he played this character. He totally nailed it! What a great actor he is. He is also better than several real actors. An addicting drama. Lee ha na is also daebak. Her chemisty with in guk is reallllly cute

  117. 117 : Dane O_o Says:

    [RATING] ep 13-16
    source :wikipedia (AGB Nielsen Rating)
    2014-07-28 13 1.53%
    2014-07-29 14 1.49%
    2014-08-04 15 1.74%
    2014-08-05 16 1.91%

  118. 118 : Sadrach (@Sadrach_Dwi) Says:

    i found link download eps 17 with english sub


  119. 119 : Micc Says:

    Totally crazy wedding and so perfect! Love the guest appearance of Lee Chung Ah! Great run, thank you!

  120. 120 : Satesolo Says:

    I only love seo in guk as lee min suk. I just watch reply 1997 and the other drama, i dont get that feeling. At king of high school im falling in love with you

  121. 121 : Satesolo Says:

    I really want to meet with you lee min suk. Im from indonesia. I watch the final episode last night, anda i felt the empty, losing some one, i watch you for 2 month but i cant see you again. I searced your drama, but i cant get satisfied. Seo in guk, i see the real you in lee min suk. How can i contact you, i dont eat since last night. Please

  122. 122 : MadHatterCat Girl1 Says:

    Just Finished It!!!
    Ending Was Good But Not As Thrilling As I’d Hoped!
    Glad All The Character’s Came Out Happy!!!
    And Was Glad To See My Fave Character (The 2nd lead) Have A Hint of A Happy Ending Too!!!!
    It Was a Rather Fun And Unique Drama seemed To Have More Character Development And Comedy Than Most Do!!!
    And It Was The Least Mushy One I’ve Ever Seen, Which I Rather Liked That About It!!!
    It Was Actually Quite BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Wonderful Work!!!!
    I Hope People Enjoy This Show For Years To Come!!!!

  123. 123 : bigeye46 Says:

    yes nice and good seo in guk

  124. 124 : MissD Says:

    actually , i pair Lee Ha Na & Lee Soo Hyuk in this drama,
    but why Lee Ha Na , make relationship with Seo In Guk 🙁

  125. 125 : hnyJo Says:

    cuteeee ending for min suk n SY..it will perfect if Jin woo with the girl from ramen shop have much scene…;)) anyway tq for all effort in this drama, good job for all crue n cast ;))

  126. 126 : pichan Says:

    is anyone know where can i watch the special episode? i already google it but can’t find it

  127. 127 : Piqueek Says:

    Sweeeet! Wonderful drama!

  128. 128 : mingming Says:

    You can watch the final episode or special @ dramacool.com

  129. 129 : paras Says:

    Like so much whenever So In Guk kiss Lee ha na. They both not dating, isn’t? ^^
    Next, ”ll wait for So In Guk new drama. He’s gud one..^^
    So In Guk,,, gud luck!

  130. 130 : stellar Says:

    Does anyone know if there’s a Special episode? I can’t seem to find it anywhere!

  131. 131 : Audrey Says:

    Guys i havent watched it til the end but i just couldnt bear the curiosity…so what exactly happened with hyung seok that he ran away and left such a huge responsibility to min seok?? Please answer thanks so much!!

  132. 132 : sky Says:

    still cant get over this drama! They are so sweet! Seo in guk daebak!

  133. 133 : sky Says:

    Still cant get over this drama! They are so sweet! Seo in guk daebakk!

  134. 134 : lovekdrama Says:

    Director Yoo is just making use of her?!?! Means there won’t be any jealous scene between them!! 🙁

  135. 135 : john Says:

    Thanks for the nice comments Angelique! Enjoy that Stumptown.

  136. 136 : anon Says:

    aaa i’ve seen this drama! this drama so sweet and cool. ^.^

  137. 137 : Woralak Says:

    I love this dram and Seo In Guk. He’s sos cute and smart.

  138. 138 : Woralak Says:

    I love this dram and Seo In Guk. He’s so cute and smart.

  139. 139 : bmat courses preperation Says:

    I really need to watch this show. Even in the UK I am hearing great things about it.

  140. 140 : heol's hana Says:

    u can see the whole epi include the special on dramabay. if u cant access the site then u can go to dramacool but the site had no special epi. btw the episode has no subtitle. so far i didnt see any

  141. 141 : heol's hana Says:

    i’m sorry. i mean *the special episode has no subtitle and so far i didnt i see any

  142. 142 : Garcia Says:

    This my favorite drama Korea omg Seo In Guk & Lee Ha Na romantic kiss,hug they isn’t dating? I hope they are working together in Another drama as a couple ( i hope become real) please 😥 :))

  143. 143 : Golden Says:

    I’m sorry, I just do not see the appeal of this show. Its started out well, but by the end of it I was just ready for it to be over. I found Soo Young annoying as the show went on, not endearing as I’d hoped she would. Actually, my favorite character was Grandpa. It was well acted, and it was funny in some parts, but I feel it could have been a bit better written and ended more realistically.

  144. 144 : watsonk Says:

    The story gets silly after a while. It is not believable.
    1) Fool the teacher using a dummy.
    2) Not doing any homework or studying.
    3) Highschooler acting as a director in a company.
    4) Playing hockey in the middle of summer.
    5) Plot stretches too long to fit into school semesters.
    6) The 3 male students are too old to be Highschoolers.
    Try too hard to carry a weak plot using cheesy kissing scenes.
    I will give this drama a C+.

  145. 145 : Lulu Says:

    Love this drama! Still holds a special place in my heart and it introduced me to LEE SOO HYUK!!!! You can tell TVN loved it to because it got a special despite the ratings not being super high.

  146. 146 : shaileshkumar gaikwad Says:


  147. 147 : Dorama Says:

    This drama is one of the best I have ever seen. I often think of the characters and their moments even I see the actors in another drama. This one is so lovable, funny, heartwarming and sometimes even sad. It holds a special place amongs my favourite dramas. And Seo In Guk with Lee Ha Na makes it a cherry on top of an altogether tasteful cake. 😉

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