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Title: 광개토대왕 / Gwanggaeto Dae Wang / King Gwanggaeto the Great
Chinese Title : 广开土太王
Also known as: Gwanggaeto, The Great Conqueror
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 92
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2011-June-04 to 2012-April-29
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:40


If a man dreams, it will end as a dream. However, if 10,000 men dream, it could be a reality” The most powerful hero and emperor of Korean history! The glorious life of King Gwanggaeto will be unfolded before your eyes. He’s regarded as a king who restored the glory of Goguryeo by wresting power back from Baekje and led the resurgence of Goguryeo to become a major power in East Asia.

A drama detailing the life of King Gwanggaeto the Great, who restored the glory of Goguryeo by wresting power back from Baekje, which had invaded Goguryeo prior to Gwanggaeto’s birth and dominated East Asia under the rule of King Geunchogo.


Lee Tae Gon as Dam Duk / Gwanggaeto the Great
Kim Seung Soo as Go Woon
Im Ho as Mo Yong Bo
Oh Ji Eun as Do Young

Dam Duk’s followers

Hong Kyung In as Yeon Sal Ta
Lee In Hye as Yak Yeon
Kim Chul Ki as Sa Gal Hyun

Goguryeo army

Kim Jin Tae as Go Moo
Nam Sung Jin as Go Chang
Lee Won Bal (이원발) as Mo Doo Young
Im Dae Ho as Mo Doo Ru
Go In Bum as Ma Soo

Later Yan army

Kim Dong Hyun as Mo Yong Soo
Jung Ho Geun as Poong Bal

Ministers of Goguryeo

Choi Dong Joon as Gae Yeon Soo
Oh Wook Chul as Ga Ra Ji
Im Byung Ki as Yeo So Yi
Ban Suk Jin (반석진) as Yeon Do Bu
Sun Dong Hyuk as Gye Pil
Choi Sang Hoon as Lee Young

Royal family of Goguryeo

Jung Tae Woo as Dam Mang
Song Yong Tae as Lee Ryun
Lee Bo Hee as Go Ya
Jo An as Dam Joo

Rulers of Baekje

Park Jung Chul as Asin

The Malgals (Mohe), Rulers of the Grasslands

Kim Gyu Chul as Seol Do An
Kim Jung Hwa as Seol Ji

Other people

Lee Joo Suk as Yeo Moon
Kim Jung Hyun as Dol Bi Soo
Bang Hyung Joo as Yeo Suk Gae
Choi Il Hwa as Tadar (Khitan Chief)
Choi Dae Chul as So Ah Chun
Kim Duk Hyun
Lee Bum Kyu as Jol Gae
Park Yoo Seung as Won Bong

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Jae Young (이재영)
Producer: Lee Won Ik, Park Man Young
Director: Kim Jong Sun
Sceenwriter: Jo Myung Joo, Jang Ki Chang (장기창)


2011 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Awards, Actor (Serial Drama): Lee Tae Gon

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-06-04 1 11.5 (7th) 10.8 (8th)
2011-06-05 2 11.5 (7th) 10.1 (11th)
2011-06-11 3 11.5 (7th) 10.8 (7th)
2011-06-12 4 12.5 (7th) 12.0 (9th)
2011-06-18 5 13.1 (6th) 13.1 (7th)
2011-06-19 6 12.5 (8th) 12.0 (11th)
2011-06-25 7 13.3 (7th) 12.8 (9th)
2011-06-26 8 15.2 (6th) 14.1 (7th)
2011-07-02 9 15.0 (5th) 13.3 (7th)
2011-07-03 10 15.6 (6th) 14.9 (7th)
2011-07-09 11 17.3 (4th) 16.0 (6th)
2011-07-10 12 16.6 (5th) 15.5 (7th)
2011-07-16 13 14.8 (6th) 14.4 (6th)
2011-07-17 14 15.6 (5th) 14.4 (7th)
2011-07-23 15 16.5 (3rd) 15.7 (6th)
2011-07-24 16 18.2 (3rd) 18.7 (3rd)
2011-07-30 17 16.9 (3rd) 16.3 (4th)
2011-07-31 18 18.8 (3rd) 19.1 (4th)
2011-08-06 19 15.3 (5th) 15.2 (6th)
2011-08-07 20 16.8 (5th) 15.4 (7th)
2011-08-13 21 16.2 (4th) 15.5 (6th)
2011-08-14 22 16.3 (4th) 14.8 (6th)
2011-08-20 23 16.9 (3rd) 15.2 (6th)
2011-08-21 24 17.3 (3rd) 16.4 (5th)
2011-08-27 25 15.0 (3rd) 14.5 (7th)
2011-08-28 26 17.2 (4th) 16.5 (6th)
2011-09-03 27 16.8 (2nd) 14.7 (7th)
2011-09-04 28 20.0 (2nd) 19.3 (3rd)
2011-09-10 29 17.7 (2nd) 17.7 (3rd)
2011-09-11 30 15.1 (3rd) 12.4 (7th)
2011-09-17 31 17.2 (2nd) 16.3 (4th)
2011-09-18 32 18.5 (3rd) 18.9 (4th)
2011-09-24 33 17.2 (2nd) 17.3 (4th)
2011-09-25 34 17.9 (2nd) 19.2 (4th)
2011-10-01 35 16.2 (5th) 15.9 (6th)
2011-10-02 36 17.3 (3rd) 18.3 (4th)
2011-10-08 37 16.8 (2nd) 17.9 (4th)
2011-10-09 38 19.5 (3rd) 20.4 (3rd)
2011-10-15 39 17.6 (2nd) 17.1 (5th)
2011-10-16 40 17.9 (4th) 18.9 (4th)
2011-10-22 41 18.1 (3rd) 18.5 (4th)
2011-10-23 42 19.4 (4th) 20.5 (3rd)
2011-10-29 43 19.4 (2nd) 19.6 (2nd)
2011-10-30 44 20.1 (3rd) 19.6 (3rd)
2011-11-05 45 22.0 (2nd) 22.2 (2nd)
2011-11-06 46 22.2 (2nd) 21.6 (3rd)
2011-11-12 47 17.5 (2nd) 17.1 (3rd)
2011-11-13 48 19.4 (3rd) 19.7 (3rd)
2011-11-19 49 18.5 (2nd) 19.0 (2nd)
2011-11-20 50 18.4 (3rd) 18.2 (4th)
2011-11-26 51 18.7 (2nd) 19.3 (2nd)
2011-11-27 52 17.0 (4th) 16.5 (6th)
2011-12-03 53 17.3 (2nd) 17.2 (3rd)
2011-12-04 54 16.5 (4th) 17.7 (5th)
2011-12-10 55 16.2 (2nd) 17.1 (4th)
2011-12-11 56 17.3 (4th) 17.7 (5th)
2011-12-17 57 16.7 (3rd) 16.9 (4th)
2011-12-18 58 17.6 (4th) 17.9 (5th)
2012-01-07 59 15.9 (4th) 15.8 (4th)
2012-01-08 60 15.2 (5th) 15.6 (6th)
2012-01-14 61 15.1 (4th) 16.1 (4th)
2012-01-15 62 15.4 (5th) 17.1 (5th)
2012-01-21 63 13.4 (4th) 14.2 (4th)
2012-01-22 64 12.1 (3rd) 10.9 (5th)
2012-01-28 65 15.3 (4th) 15.8 (4th)
2012-01-29 66 14.2 (5th) 14.8 (5th)
2012-02-04 67 17.1 (2nd) 17.1 (2nd)
2012-02-05 68 17.6 (3rd) 18.5 (4th)
2012-02-11 69 15.7 (3rd) 15.7 (5th)
2012-02-12 70 16.9 (4th) 15.9 (7th)
2012-02-18 71 16.7 (3rd) 16.9 (6th)
2012-02-19 72 17.8 (5th) 17.4 (6th)
2012-02-25 73 17.7 (2nd) 17.3 (4th)
2012-02-26 74 15.2 (6th) 14.9 (7th)
2012-03-03 75 17.0 (2nd) 15.8 (4th)
2012-03-04 76 16.5 (5th) 15.8 (7th)
2012-03-10 77 15.1 (4th) 15.2 (4th)
2012-03-11 78 16.0 (5th) 15.1 (8th)
2012-03-17 79 16.1 (4th) 15.1 (4th)
2012-03-18 80 15.4 (5th) 14.5 (8th)
2012-03-24 81 15.9 (4th) 14.8 (4th)
2012-03-25 82 15.8 (5th) 15.5 (7th)
2012-03-31 83 14.9 (3rd) 13.9 (6th)
2012-04-01 84 16.2 (5th) 16.2 (6th)
2012-04-07 85 16.3 (2nd) 16.0 (3rd)
2012-04-08 86 14.4 (7th) 12.8 (9th)
2012-04-14 87 15.8 (4th) 15.3 (4th)
2012-04-15 88 16.7 (3rd) 16.2 (7th)
2012-04-21 89 17.0 (3rd) 17.7 (4th)
2012-04-22 90 16.2 (6th) 16.2 (7th)
2012-04-28 91 16.6 (3rd) 16.0 (3rd)
2012-04-29 92 17.4 (3rd) 17.5 (5th)

Source: TNmS Media Korea

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225 Responses to “King Gwanggaeto the Great”

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  1. 151
    blackberry Says:

    I really enjoyed watching this drama.The Best historical drama… most exciting and most interesting historical drama ever… love prince Damduk!

  2. 152
    jinene Says:

    great drama..i’m loving LTG more and more…

  3. 153
    daughterr off demmedd Says:

    It is such a great drama. what an exciting story! we wish this drama 100% good luck Lee Tae Gon!!!!!! love U

  4. 154
    Dave Hammons Says:

    I really like this drama and am looking forward to more. I loved the Japanese dramas that used to come on a different channel but they took them off. I wish they would bring them back too. I am really enjoying the princess’ man too.

  5. 155
    Lisa Says:

    How many episodes does it go up to? I noticed that 80 is still not confirmed.

  6. 156
    eaindray Says:


    march 2012 ?????

  7. 157
    jeslynn Says:

    like! i’m enjoying very much!!!!

  8. 158
    yenyem Says:

    very interesting movie…like this!

  9. 159
    cutelady Says:

    Lee Tae Gon! did an awesome job…..

  10. 160
    MDY Says:

    Hellooooo!!! Prince Damduk,

    for me, you are my only Prince!!!!!! love you so much!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  11. 161
    kyung Says:

    thanks for sharing

  12. 162
    poemaddi Says:

    Amazing….. love Prince Damduk!

  13. 163
    decemoo Says:

    Like ittttttttttt

  14. 164
    peeh21 Says:

    I like King Gwanggaeto the Great. I love Tae Gon Oppa… always support him.

  15. 165
    kittinanlovejoy Says:

    Wow! Very impressive!

  16. 166
    anine Says:

    Like this!

  17. 167
    eaindray Says:

    Hello ! My Prince Happy Birthday!!!

  18. 168
    xlikhin Says:

    Our King LTG! Happy Birthday! Healthy, Happy and Successful life!!!

  19. 169
    nicky Says:

    Our King Lee Tae Gon!
    “Happy birthday, have a great one!” “Hope it’s an awesome day!”

  20. 170
    adelene Says:

    Hello Lee Tae Gon! You always pleasure with you Birthday….KK

  21. 171
    Wongel Says:

    A great historical drama.

  22. 172
    Lei Says:

    when is episode 45 is going to be available

  23. 173
    abimael Says:

    whats up with korean kings?cant they order the their men around.specially this king.hes a push over

  24. 174
    lei Says:

    mayb later he’l order his man

  25. 175
    t deepak singh Says:

    dear is nice to the such drama of korean kings and can i get the full dvds because i didn’t some of the epsode, i am so sorry about it

  26. 176
    P. Quinones Says:

    Are these dramas available in dvd [maybe as a set of the title] for less than a jillion samoleans? I’m only working part-time these days.
    I am really enjoying this one, in spite of the actors hamming it up sometimes like that godawful sneer the prince and the generals do, [gagging.]
    I enjoyed “The Iron Empress”, too. I missed “The Legend” because of the job and a broken DVD thingy. [Sniff, sniff]. I heard it was good, too.

  27. 177
    P. Quinones Says:

    1. What’s with the Prime Minister’s hatred of the present royal Family? Is he a descendant of a former family that sat on the throne and he thinks he should be king? Who are the S[D]onobu’s?
    2. Why can’t Deoyong tell Damdeok the truth about her Dad? I think it would serve him right if she ratted him out. I’m hoping she will before her hubby becomes king.

  28. 178
    coralou Says:

    RE P. QUINONES comment: i think what the Prime Minister wants is more power. and he is no descendant of any royal family it just happened that his sister was married to the former king the older brother of Gen. Ko Mu & King Iryeon the father of Damdeok. But if you have watched the other story of Damdeok…The Legend (The First Kings Four Gods) before Damdeok was even born, it was already foretold that the son of Iryeon the youngest prince among the brothers will be the next powerful king of Goguryeo, thus the previous king chose his younger brother to be his successor in order for that prophesy to come true.

    On Jonobu…this is one of the tribes that co-founded Goguryeo with Jumong, because Goguryeo comprises five tribes. Jonobu is the clan/tribe where the Prime Minister belongs, while Jumong came from Gyeberu clan/tribe. If Jumong was chosen to be the king of Goguryeo because it is heaven’s will & that his father was the last prince of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea before it fell. After the fall of the old Joseon Dynasty the three kingdoms which comprises Goguryeo, Baekje & Silla were established.

    Re Deoyong…too late to tell Damdeok because his father committed treason already. And even if she does not tell Damdeok, the latter knows what kind of a man is the Prime Minister.

    Hope I have answered your questions. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all!:))

  29. 179
    nadja Says:

    Why isnt ep 59-60 airing this week?

  30. 180
    coralou Says:

    congratulations to lee tae gon for winning the excellence award in the recent KBS Entertainment Award Ceremony.:) More power to your show and rest assured I will keep watching King Gwanggaeto the Great up to the last episode.:))

  31. 181
    mablerose Says:

    congratulations! my King!!!! I’m very happy for you…

  32. 182
    ag Says:

    Lee Tae Gon has been so perfect in this drama! I’m so happy he won the excellence award. I am really enjoying this drama.

  33. 183
    P. Quinones Says:

    1. A big Thank you for the info, coralou. I still wish Deoyong would come clean and rat her Dad out about Dammang’s death. Show some guts Lady! An almost tearful confession with a pregnancy just beginning to show…. sigh. I know. It’s not to be; but a gal could hope!
    2. What happened to the rock-throwing guy, What’s-his-face? I missed quite a few episodes and he’s not in any of them since I was able to watch consistently.
    3. It’s so interesting to see the Korean view of their history and their heroes, kind of like watching a story about Abe Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt!

  34. 184
    P. Quinones Says:

    Missed a few epi’s. Does Damduk know the Prime Minister was responsible for his bro’s death yet?

  35. 185
    Roxanne Says:

    I have missed a few episodes too, but am so happy that Lee Tae Gon’s talents have been recognized with the excellence award at the KBS ceremony. He is totally the King now… hope I can catch up on what I have missed and will look for this in dvd format. The cast and crew are also to be congratulated as well for putting together this fascinating drama.

  36. 186
    Smr Says:

    I hope that doyeon to pair with bakje asin. damdok already move on from her long time ago & did doyeon lose the baby or kings current wife did smt to her when she told her that abortion

  37. 187
    P. Quinones Says:

    No, SMR! Doyeon is still a wuss. She miscarried and although What’s her face, The Big General’s daughter? tried to help her, she chickened out and ran away. Nobody knows where she went. My guess is that she’ll go to Baekje and Asinah (sp?) or to a temple to hide out because she’s afraid of losing her head like her Dad.
    I was sorry to see Ko Un turn against Damdeok; but after he watched his father killed he’s got a lot to process. Of course, that piggy-eyed Fengba doesn’t help any. I’d like to wring Fengba’s non-existent neck!

  38. 188
    P. Quinones Says:

    Are there any fanfics about these characters and this story out there, yet? I’m workig on one with giving Doyeong some backbone! Not too much, but a little; we chan’t change the ending of the story, can we?

  39. 189
    P. Flynn Says:

    I too want to know if these series are on or going to be on DVD. I have become a real fan of the beautiful sets, costumes and actors.

  40. 190
    Smr Says:

    Hahaha u should wring Febang… no mercy for him but I feel bad for doyeon and ko un wish they meet again may be she can change his mind and I thought she is in leading cast but I can’t see her as many as I want too anyone know if there is writen history gwangeto like THE PRINCESS MAN pls let me know

  41. 191
    Glory Says:

    You are sooo right Fengba has the lives of a cat he seriously needs to get whacked! I like Damdeok he tends to growl a lot, and I mean a lot but that adds to his character, I feel sorry for Doyeong she’s doing the right thing by staying quiet I have a feeling she might end up with Lord Asin? that would be a serious shock and blow to Damdeok after her brother Ko Un betrayed him like that! I like Hwang Hoe his General they’ve come a long way together and yeah whatever happened to rock throwing guy? Yakyeon is ok I think it might take Damdeok a while to warm up to her tho but I think it will work out, oh and his sister Damju had better wake up about her crown Prince Hubby what a rat in a silk gown! oh and the costumes are BEAUTIFUL love them and Damdeok looks sooo much better with shorter hair definately more yummy. I’m up to Epi 54 so I can’t wait.

  42. 192
    Dlk Says:


  43. 193
    Fiona Says:

    Love Lee Tae Gon. He’s a born actor. I can’t wait for the next Eng subbed KGTG episode! I will definitely get it on DVDs also!

  44. 194
    Mary Ying Says:

    is the DVD ready soon?

  45. 195
    Peggy Quinones Says:

    Series DVD Available yet? Price?

  46. 196
    RX-0 Says:

    Anyone know the actress who plays the khitan Ari name?

  47. 197
    Not Sure Says:

    A Google search of Kim Ji Hyun brings up a page of images including a woman in white with a silver bracelet that sure resembles the actress that played Ari on Gwanggaeto. Can’t find out anymore than that she is a model so I can’t be sure it’s the same woman.

  48. 198
    eileen Says:

    the rock throwing guy is Dol Bisu. Yeah, what happened to him

  49. 199
    eileen Says:

    Why did Damdoek call Ko Mu “Grandfather” if he was indeed his uncle? And isn’t his second wife his aunt? Well, she calls Ko Mu “Father”.

  50. 200
    eileen Says:

    All in all, I think it is a great drama. Damdoek (Lee Tae Gon) did a great job in this portrayal. He could not done a finer job. Great cast, but what’s up with Morung Xi? He has such a wild temper. It’s about time someone take off the heads of Fengba and Morung Un.

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