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Kill Me, Heal Me

Kill Me, Heal Me 06

Title: 킬미, 힐미 / Kill Me, Heal Me
Chinese Title: 杀了我,治愈我
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Medical, Mystery
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-Jan-07 to 2015-March-12
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


A romantic comedy about a third-generation billionnaire with Dissociative Identity Disorder and a first-year Psychiatrist resident who treats him secretly.

Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) is the third generation of a chaebol family who suffers from multiple personality disorder after going through numerous life-threatening traumas. As he tries to get back on his life on the track with the help of a resident doctor, Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum). The “seven people” whom he created in his body began their battle to be the final dictator that will have control over his life.

Meanwhile, Oh Ri On (Park Seo Joon) is Oh Ri Jin’s twin Brother who is a genius writer. He is determined to find out the secrets and stories of this third generation Chaebol, starts following him around to uncover them but unexpectedly forms an empathy for him instead.


Main Cast

Ji Sung as Cha Do Hyun / Shin Se Gi / Perry Park / Ahn Yo Sub / Ahn Yo Na / Nana / Mysterious X
Lee Do Hyun as Do Hyun (child)
Hwang Jung Eum as Oh Ri Jin
– Kim Amy (김에이미) as Ri Jin (child)
Park Seo Joon as Oh Ri Ohn
Kim Ye Joon as Ri Ohn (child)
Oh Min Suk as Cha Ki Joon
Kim Yoo Ri as Han Chae Yun

Do Hyun’s family

Kim Young Ae as Seo Tae Im (Do Hyun’s grandmother)
Shim Hye Jin as Shin Hwa Ran (Do Hyun’s mother)
Ahn Nae Sang as Cha Joon Pyo
Kim Yong Gun as Cha Gun Ho
Myung Se Bin as Min Seo Yun

Do Hyun’s helpers

Go Chang Suk as Suk Ho Pil (Psychiatrist)
Choi Won Young as Ahn Gook (Do Hyun’s secretary)

Ri Jin’s family

Kim Hee Jung as Ji Soon Young (Ri Jin’s mother)
Park Jun Gyu as Oh Dae Oh (Ri Jin’s father)

Ri Jin’s colleagues

Lee Shi Un as dr. Park
Jo Chang Geun as Dr. Kang In Kyu

Ki Joon’s family

Kim Na Woon as Yoon Ja Kyoung (Ki Joon’s mother)
Kim Il Woo as Cha Young Pyo (Ki Joon’s father)
Kim Hyun Joo as Baek Jin Sook (Chae Yun’s mother)


Kim Hyung Bum as Section Chief Choi
Seo Yi Ahn as Hong Ji Sun (Do Hyun’s matchmaking partner)
Heo Ji Woong as Ri Ohn’s editor
Kang Soo Jin as Lee Yeong Sun
Kang Dong Yup
Choi Hyo Eun as Joo Mi Ra
Park Gun Rak
Seol Chang Hee
Baek Chul Min as Alex
Lee Doo Suk as employee


Kim Seul Gi as Heo Sook Hee (1-3)
Jo Yoon Ho (조윤호) as biker gang’s leader (1-3)
Jung Eun Pyo as Do Hyun’s former psychiatrist (ep 1)
Woo Hyun as alcoholic patient (ep 1)
Goo Joon Yup as The DJ (ep 1)
Kan Mi Yun (간미연) as Se Gi’s former girlfriend (ep 1)
LU:KUS (루커스) as idol group Rocking (ep 8)
Park Seul Gi as The MC for Rocking’s fanmeeting (ep 8)
Jung Hae Won (정해원) as Rocking’s leader J.I. (ep 11-12)
Ahn Young Mi (안영미) as Jum Sool Ga (Tarot fortune teller) (ep 13)
Kwon Yuri as Ahn Yo Na (Episode 20)

Production Credits

Production Company: PAN Entertainment, Huace Media
Chief Producer: Han Hee
Directors: Kim Jin Man, Kim Dae Jin
Screenwriter: Jin Soo Wan


– This is second collaboration between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum after 2013 KBS2 drama “Secret Love“.

Lee Seung Ki and Im Ji Yun were first offered the lead roles, but declined due to scheduling issues with other projects.

– This drama is a joint production between Korean company “PaN Entertainment” and Chinese company “Huace Media”.


2015 MBC Drama Awards: Top Ten Star Awards – Park Seo Joon (Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Top Ten Star Awards – Hwang Jung Eum (Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Top Ten Star Awards – Ji Sung (Kill Me Heal Me)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Ji Sung & Park Seo Joon (Kill Me, Heal Me)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Actress Award – Hwang Jung Eum (Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Actor Award – Park Seo Joon (Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Producers’ Choice Actor of the Year – Hwang Jung Eum (Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Mini-Series): Park Seo Joon (Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Mini-Series): Hwang Jung Eum (Kill Me Heal Me)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Mini-Series): Ji Sung (Kill Me Heal Me)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Drama of the Year – Kill Me, Heal Me
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Daesang – Ji Sung (Kill Me Heal Me)
2015 Korea Drama Festival Award – Drama OST Award: Jang Jane (Kill Me, Heal Me)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-01-07 1 8.7 (20th) 11.1 (12th) 9.2 (15th) 10.3 (13th)
2015-01-08 2 8.0 11.2 (10th) 8.9 (17th) 9.6 (16th)
2015-01-14 3 8.5 11.3 (9th) 10.3 (14th) 11.2 (8th)
2015-01-15 4 8.4 10.4 (19th) 9.4 (18th) 10.8 (10th)
2015-01-21 5 8.6 (20th) 11.3 (10th) 9.5 (16th) 10.5 (11th)
2015-01-22 6 9.2 (17th) 12.3 (8th) 9.9 (14th) 10.9 (10th)
2015-01-28 7 9.4 (18th) 12.0 (7th) 9.6 (14th) 10.6 (10th)
2015-01-29 8 9.8 (14th) 12.3 (7th) 11.5 (11th) 12.5 (6th)
2015-02-04 9 10.2 (16th) 12.5 (6th) 10.5 (12th) 11.3 (9th)
2015-02-05 10 10.9 (14th) 13.5 (6th) 11.0 (11th) 12.2 (6th)
2015-02-11 11 11.2 (12th) 14.7 (5th) 10.9 (12th) 12.0 (6th)
2015-02-12 12 10.2 (14th) 14.1 (6th) 11.4 (9th) 12.3 (7th)
2015-02-18 13 11.0 (10th) 14.1 (5th) 10.3 (9th) 11.1 (7th)
2015-02-19 14 10.1 (9th) 13.2 (4th) 9.4 (7th) 9.6 (4th)
2015-02-25 15 11.2 (10th) 14.6 (6th) 10.5 (9th) 11.3 (8th)
2015-02-26 16 10.7 (13th) 12.8 (8th) 10.4 (11th) 11.2 (9th)
2015-03-04 17 12.1 (8th) 15.0 (6th) 11.5 (9th) 12.5 (6th)
2015-03-05 18 10.6 (10th) 13.0 (7th) 9.8 (15th) 11.0 (8th)
2015-03-11 19 10.7 (11th) 13.4 (7th) 9.2 (16th) 10.0 (13th)
2015-03-12 20 10.5 (13th) 13.1 (7th) 9.4 (17th) 10.6 (11th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : tiffy Says:

    So looking forward to this! Excited to see them pairing together again after secret!! 🙂

  2. 2 : Ayhu Park Says:

    reunion!!! with Park Seo Joon too. I like!!

  3. 3 : LJS Says:

    Omg hahaha daebak daebak!!

  4. 4 : fadila Says:

    excité de vous voir une autre fois ensemble

  5. 5 : dhi kra Says:

    I can’t wait yoopy the best couple like secret I’m so excited

  6. 6 : lamia24 Says:

    i am waitting to see their next drama, they have an amazing chemistery together; i love them both <3

  7. 7 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh wow, what a way to start my new year! Love love love Hwang Jung Eum & Ji Sung in Secret! And my word, add the equally talented & super hawt, Park Seo Joon, I’m totally excited! I’ve been waiting for a rom/com drama for HJE after her Endless Love, I’m glad she took this drama. Counting the days now!

  8. 8 : Queens Says:

    Love both of them.. can not wait

  9. 9 : ilovekimyohan Says:

    yes! i love this couple. i just wish it’s not only onscreen but aff screen also. but it’s impossible

  10. 10 : anb Says:

    And finally I found another drama to watch after Mr.Back. I adore Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. They acting in Secret are really daebaaaakkk. Im waiting this couple for another drama and thanks God it really happened! Success for Kill Me Heal Me.. Cant waittttt!! 😀

  11. 11 : anb Says:


    Helloooo, I think we have a same taste for watching drama 😀

  12. 12 : tigerb Says:

    this is the third drama series i am aware of that the leading man has a neurological/psychological disorder. let’s see how well he can do the job. the first two did great in their roles. i’ll watch the third one. he is a very good actor and i expect the best.

  13. 13 : malou1010 Says:

    @ anb #11

    Hiiiiiiiiii **waves hand** Wow, is this our new home after Mr. Back? Soooo glad to see you here!

  14. 14 : Jati Says:

    WOW!!!! Daebakkk…. I love this couple since “Secret Love”, they have chemistry
    thank you for Koreandrama.org, always giving the info

  15. 15 : MissD Says:

    What .. who will be Park Seo Jun girlfriend in this drama >.<" ???

  16. 16 : Jinci Says:

    Wow….im soo excited for this!!!!

  17. 17 : Indria Says:

    Ji Sung oppa, can’t wait to watch this drama ^^

  18. 18 : rory Says:

    OMG! Where is my Secretaholic gang now?! come on guys! Let’s have a reunion here 😆 😆 😆

    But let me be honest..The 1st didn’t wow me yet..I feel like OMG, why looks so funny[not in a good way]..But please prove me wrong KMHM coz I love this couple so so much! Fighting!

  19. 19 : rory Says:

    *1st trailer

  20. 20 : Sharon Says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I will be watching!!

  21. 21 : Sharon Says:

    Can’t believe they are back together again. This is going to be goooooood! Love the storyline already. Feel I will be crying/laughing in this one.

  22. 22 : Psyche Says:

    Kdramas theme~ different personalities

    7 vs 2 diff. personalities~
    May the best writer win!

    Park Seo Jeon is a BAE <3

  23. 23 : usa-mary Says:

    Hi Sharon and every1! I see some other familiar names here already. There’s rory, tigerb, and malou1010!

    Oh, YES!!! The Secret leads…this is definitely going to be good. They have a phenomenal chemistry. As for the 7 multiples vying for the Alpha Lead position…this is really going to be a show or should I say…they’re going to put on a show! I can already tell that Ji Sung is going to have fun with this role.

    Hmmm…amongst the 7 multiples, I wonder if there will be any females and children? Yah…entities that possess don’t discriminate like mankind does! This writer may just throw in a trans gender representative, who knows! We already know that the personalities will be strong. I can already tell that they will have different ages, unless there are some multiples like twins or triplets among them. I wonder if Ji Sung will dress according to each personality or just adlib with expressive gestures, props, etc. Whatever he has in mind to do, its going to be hilarious for sure.

  24. 24 : usa-mary Says:

    This reminds me when I was a little girl, I recall watching an old movie titled, The Three Faces of Eve; Joanne Woodward played Eve. As you guessed, this woman (a housewife) had a multiple personality disorder which appeared to have happened all of a sudden. It astonished her husband and everyone around her. All three of the personalities were females, had different ages, accents, morals and financial backgrounds. If you can find that movie, I encourage you to watch it. It’s a true story and was fascinating. Since the personalities couldn’t over throw Eve all at once, they would come out strong when the others were sleeping and try to remain in control the longest. I still recall Joanne Woodward going in and out of personalities. What tremendous acting there was back then. Actually, Eve made the 4th real personality and in this drama, Cha Do Hyun makes the 8th real personality.

  25. 25 : amaal Says:

    i am looking foreword to it

  26. 26 : maknaee Says:

    @malou1010 I know this drama will be your next home after Mr.Back 😀 such a great way for you to start 2015, right? kkk

  27. 27 : maknaee Says:

    Hmm… no Choi Woong (as Kwang-soo in Secret) in this drama ?

    I still remember, back In Secret days, Min-hyuk (Ji-sung’s chaebol character) couldn’t do anything without his cutie-loyal secretary, Kwang-soo. Kwang-soo yaa jeongmal gomawooo kkk

  28. 28 : tigerb Says:

    hi rory! you have different gangs!!! glad to see you here. hope you are enjoying the holidays, however it is celebrated in your area. cheers!

  29. 29 : tigerb Says:

    hi usa-mary! i did watch that movie many years ago, and i wasn’t into psychological stuff then so i didn’t finish it. wonder if i can find that again. let’s see how this plays.

  30. 30 : malou1010 Says:

    @ usa-mary #23

    Hello there. Wow, I’m feeling some great vibes in this thread already! This drama looks so promising indeed. Did you see the trailer yet? Not this one on top (it doesn’t work, don’t know why!) but the trailer that was shown in the final episode of Mr. Back. It showed all his different personalities….quite hilarious! I’m excited already, seriously. Ji Sung is great in comedy too. Saw him in Protect The Boss. Finally, Hwang Jung Eum back to Rom/Com genre! She’s great in comedy, as well. Saw her in Full House 2 & Incarnation of Money. Oh wow, we’re in for a real treat here!

  31. 31 : malou1010 Says:

    @ maknaee #26

    Hi there! You’re in too, I hope. Sooo glad to see you here!

  32. 32 : Sharon Says:

    @ usa-mary
    Yes, saw that movie, a oldie but goodie. I don’t remember the ending it was so log ago.

  33. 33 : Snow Says:

    Looking forward to this one. I’ve wanted to see these two together again in a romantic drama.

  34. 34 : Micc Says:

    OMG! I opened this page, saw Ji Sung and I went, yay! Then I saw Hwang Jung Eum as the female lead, and I just screamed! Hahaha! Top of my list to watch!

  35. 35 : TraceyKim Says:

    OMG! my favourite couple is back! i’ve watched Secret, and am soooo love dats drama!

  36. 36 : May Says:

    I saw Ji sung as the male lead and as I scroll down I was surprised to see Hwang Jung Eum as the female lead! My jaws dropped lol. I love their drama Secret so much! Glad to see them again as the lead.

  37. 37 : Micc Says:

    Funny to see many had the same reaction as me when they saw the names of male and female leads. 😃

    Just looked up the writer, she had some good dramas under her belt. Wonderful Life, Capital Scandal and The Moon That Embraces The Sun. High hopes for this one.

  38. 38 : aya Says:

    Waw.. I’m really exiciting to see the drama..
    good luck ji sung and hwang jung eum..

  39. 39 : Marwa. Says:

    No way this is the first time in history that a lead couple stars in 2 dramas in a row!! And i just finished watching secret (i know i was late watching i didn’t have time hh) and adored this couple so i felt kinda empty without them but i can’t wait for this drama to air im so exited !!

  40. 40 : usa-mary Says:

    This is really going to be good…Enjoy!

  41. 41 : KDCraze Says:

    Love Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum perfect combination lead couple. Hopefully the story is good too. Looking forward for this drama!!!!!!!

  42. 42 : ELFish Says:

    YEY!! finally i will see them together again! Love this couple so excited for this!!

  43. 43 : shanti sjafril Says:

    I love Ji Sung. I have seen most of his movies. I can’t wait for this one. It looks exciting from the synopsis. Daebak Ji Sung…..;)

  44. 44 : indowat Says:

    i love it

  45. 45 : Sharon Says:

    All those personalities! I guess one is a baby, one is a gigolo, is the one in the bed a girl? One is a Ahjussi, the one that’s testing the wine is who? And the one with the rope to hang is who? I am confuse about those two personalities.
    I guess they pushed him out the room and close the door. Meaning, they are taking over and he no longer exist.
    I am totally aching to see Ji Sung pull off these characters. His acting has to be on point!!
    Guys, who are the other two personalities I can’t make out and am I right about the others?

  46. 46 : usa-mary Says:

    They are as follows:

    1. Gigolo is gold lame’ jacket.
    2. Baby on floor (looks like a girl).
    3. Ahjussi seated with fishing pole (either retired or a hobby-r and r).
    4. The one with the rope, a manic depressant.
    5. The one with wine, a connoisseur, possibly chaebol with ocd (face mask)?
    6. The one on the bed is either a girl, closet cross-dresser or transgender.

    It appears that the 7th personality has not emerged, yet. When that one does appear, its most likely during his therapy session. I wonder who it will be…an ahjumma or halmoni? Who ever it will be is going to try to rule over all of them including him?

  47. 47 : usa-mary Says:

    Since there are soooo many possibilities for the 7th entity, I thought about a politician, gangster or a fellow psychiatrist or psychology student who would analyze Do Hyun’s analyst which would really be a treat.

  48. 48 : RunawayRyuki Says:

    Homagassshh… The “secret” couple is reunion with new drama.. Cant wait to see this drama,,

  49. 49 : humae Says:

    Yess yess yess
    Secret Couple again..
    HOPE Secret Garden Couple too reunit.. hiks.
    d poster above so similiar with Secret Poster.. when ji sung put his hand on her neck couse his love died . Fighting Ji jung couple.

  50. 50 : Sharon Says:

    The seventh personality has to be cleaver to controle the body. That seventh one may be a smooth operator that can talk its way in and out of anything.

    I am dying to see him play the baby personality. Is the girl in the bed personality a teenager?

    This is going to be really funny if written well. The Manic depressive personality should always want to kill himself, so which personality always emerge to stop him? The Gogol?
    I can’t wait!!!

  51. 51 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon. The girl on the bed could possibly be a teenager given the position she’s in while reading about her favorite stars and applying lipstick. Its a girl thang! LOL The baby is really going to be hilarious when wanting its way out by throwing tantrums, etc.

    Hmmm…I’m not sure who or if any one of them will try to help the manic depressant. Any one of them would probably tell him to just do it and get it over with, so they’ll have less competition. Mostly likely, the manic depressant will try to get the doctor’s sympathy so he can stay in control longer in order to carry out his plan…OH NO! While the others who want to live will continually squash that endeavor since he’s so emotionally weak. I can see him being a fighter when he wants to be though.

    Its going to be hilarious because each one of them will have their own special way of conversing with Dr. Oh, trying to spend more time with her, trying not to let the others out. I wonder if the gigolo will try to talk her into going out with him to a love motel? He looks like the type. Also, I hope the baby is potty trained…UGH! That would be too funny during a session if a fictional oops occurred! LOL The manic depressant, a whiny, woo-is-him sort; extremely unhappy and refuses to be saved type. He’ll be funny, but will most likely get on everyone’s nerves. This is going to be good!!!

  52. 52 : JJ Says:

    Best writer + best actors = epic drama

  53. 53 : reni Says:

    kyaaaaaa mereka jd couple lagiii..
    gak sabar nungguu

  54. 54 : say Says:

    This is going to be real good.. watched SECRET and they’re the best!! I’m soo excited to watch this!!!

  55. 55 : Sharon Says:

    So true, this should be hilarious.
    Guess what? At the same time slot starting January 21st Hun Bin from Secret Garden is coming out with the drama title “Hyde, Jekle and I” and it has the same concept of multiple personality.
    What to do!! I love both Hun Bin and Ji Sung. Well, “Heal me Kill me” will be out first, so may the best DRAMA win!!

  56. 56 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon. Jan. 21st with Hyun Bin! I really like his acting. I just glanced at the title, but didn’t check it out. Another romance, comedy and he’s an employer, too?! That really should be interesting.

    Why can’t there be bosses with multiple personalities that responds to certain scents or fragrances which causes him/her to be generous with cost of living increases? Girl, I’d not only wear that scent/fragrance on me everywhere, I’d change my first and last name to it, too.

    Truth be told, I’ve worked with some folks who would lay claim that they didn’t have multiple personalities, yet I beg to differ. Didn’t even need to wait for a full moon or traumatic situation before emerging. I believe we’ve all worked with a few of those folks some time in our life. Maybe even dated a few, too. LOL What do you think?

  57. 57 : memo Says:

    im so waiting this drama

  58. 58 : Sandy Says:

    So 2 dramas going to feature multiple personalities disorder. Where’s the 3rd? They usually air 3 dramas with the same theme at the same time.

  59. 59 : Sharon Says:

    I have worked with this one lady that decided because she is crazy everyone is going to become crazy and she was the boss. What I have come to realize is that there are crazy people in high positions that should not be there.

    Happy New Year everyone!!!🎉🎉

  60. 60 : rzd Says:

    maybe lee seungi scared to hyun bin in time slot so he didnt take this cast offer. but i like ji sung than lee seungi…

  61. 61 : Sharon Says:

    I was wondering why Lee Seung Ge refuse the role of Cha Do Hyun in this drama. I dint think he is intimidated by Hun Bin, because he is a great actor.
    Honestly, looking at my mental picture of LSG and JS, I believe JS will own it!! This character CDH won’t be easy to portray, he has to go from one extreme to the next and I think JS personality fit this character perfectly.

    Lee Sung Gi, when are you going to do Kang Chi part 2!!!!

  62. 62 : Celine Says:

    Lee seung gi was refusing this drama bcause his schdule. He has his first movie in 2015 with moon chae won, i think he is wondering abt schdule to promote his new movie in this first 2015. By the way he will be guest on running man in this evening sunday with moon chae woon. I think to promote his movie in rm

  63. 63 : Pooh Says:

    i cant wait for this omg it seems really promising!!

  64. 64 : shoosh Says:

    OMG I can’t wait .. balee balee

  65. 65 : Sharon Says:

    Thanks so much for the info. I am definately going to watch him on Running Man.

  66. 66 : anb Says:

    2 days left! Cant wait 😍

  67. 67 : malou1010 Says:

    Hmmm…….it’s actually down to 1 day, 22hrs. & 54min! Yeeeees…….the waiting will soon be over!

  68. 68 : maviada Says:

    ooo, ı m waiting this drama, perfect.

  69. 69 : ayamebla Says:


  70. 70 : amaal Says:

    it seems good drama

  71. 71 : Jake Says:

    Episode 1 projects what this is all about. Lots of action and a little of comedy. Script writer should be more realistic. When confronted with somebody harming you or may potentially kill instinct tells you not only to protect yourself but to make sure that your opponent will be knocked down and will not be able to stand up a fatal blow will render the opponent useless. Though it is a drama, be realistic and scenes that maken sense do not make your viewer look like stupid and can not distinguish between truth and unreal.

  72. 72 : maviada Says:

    it will be good drama

  73. 73 : KDCraze Says:

    Just watched the ep.1 last night. It was soooo good. Ji Sung acting is never disappointed me. I loved it when Ji Sung become the cool dude Shin Se Gi. His looks similar to Kim Jae Joong when he dressed up like that. LOL. Can’t stopped laughing at the last episode. Loved the OST song in this drama. Specially the last song in ep.1. Can’t wait for next episodes!!!!!!!

  74. 74 : se young Says:

    just i can say is the ep.1. is so good waiting for ep. 2.

  75. 75 : Mellymel Says:

    Hi Sharon, usa mary, I havent started yet but will catch up. Im sure it will gooooooood! 😊

  76. 76 : Mellymel Says:

    Wow! usa mary thanks for the update I know hyun bin have kdrama comin up but not sure of the date…thanks again 🙂

  77. 77 : Sharon Says:

    Ok Guys, here we go. Ep 1 is on Viki 92% subbed, but I had to watch!!
    I guess his mom and dad died in a car crash and he became heir of his father’s fortune. I guess there were a fire in his Mansion, therefore, I believe someone wants all his family asset and try’s to do them all in. Just my opinion from watching so far.
    However, Cha Do Hyun was sent to America to go to school. This first scene reminded me of “Heirs” where the dialog was weak and the essence of the scene was not captured well. Why? I believe it was kinda lost in translation and stereotypes.
    So DH was beaten up by this guy after he caught him kicking the heck out of
    His adopted daughter called Jennifer. The police came due to neighbors hearing loud noise. The cops asked Jennifer if the father hit her and she said no it was CDH. He was arrested and charged with Trespassing and assault.
    Now, CDH went home after been released from the police station angry and upset his eyes began to change color and hence the coming forth of a personality. This personality is cool and don’t take no shit. He went to Jennife’s house and beat the shit out of the father. Love the Rap OST that played while he transformed and beat the heck out of the dad. I was pisssed when Jennifer looked down and saw CDH and said thank you. Beach you just send him to jail!!
    Chief Ah came to visit him in New York City from Korea fm due to a business trip and saw him all battered and bruised and asked him what happen. CDH, began to ask him for help because a monster is living in him.
    We now see CHD at a Therapist explaining about this personality that surface when he is angry. The Therapist pull his chair backe when CDH explains that this personality Shin Se Gi leaves a bloodbath whenever he surfaces. ( that part was funny) .
    Here it gets intresting, while describing his encounters with people he does not recognize, but they do him due to his disorder, the Therapist has an anxiety attack. Guys, this part is truly funny.
    This is where the real story begins, I will not go any further and spoiled it for you guys. I will give my final thoughts on this first ep.

    CDH woke up on a plane and realized one of his personalities booked him on a flight to Luncheon. Guys, so far it’s a breath of fresh air. It new, original, and great acting. Also, we will learn about certain disorders and the medication that treats then. What more do we need!!

    Ok, ok, this is a great DRAMA so far. Very entertaining, full of action, comedic spots were place appropriately and it’s going very fast. I love, love, love it so far. JS and HJE has taken over their roles and owne it!! Up and coming actress Kim Seul Gi as Ms. Husky was good.
    Guys! you have to see it for your selves, it’s that good!! Can’t wait for Ep2.
    Guys, I fell in love with CDH personality SSG. He is a smooth talker!! I fell in love instantly!!

  78. 78 : usa-mary Says:

    Viki…Viki…Viki! I don’t really have a problem with watching ads; but, when they leave the realm of selling and begin delving into social consciousness issues…then that becomes a problem. Going from 1 to 3, 30 second ads is one thing, but when its over 10 minutes in length, has a tendency to freeze and not return to the drama…@[email protected]! I refuse to sit through that again and again.

    I’ll just have to watch Kill Me, Heal Me somewhere else… because I’ve already watched Paul McCartney umpteen times with the slaughter house blues.

  79. 79 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahaha!! You have to watch Viki really early, or really late at night to avoid avoid all that!!

  80. 80 : usa-mary Says:

    If I thought about looking at both Do Hyun’s hands and the father’s to see who actually assaulted Jennifer, what about the police? Anyway, thank you Se Gi for buying new threads that suit your style before making a house call to open up a can of whoop asterisk on Jennifer’s appa’s behind.

    If Se Gi doesn’t hurt women or children, what category does Dr. Scottfield fall into? LOL Now, his credentials change when the thought of Do Hyun being overpowered by angry Se Gi and whooping his behind!

    LOL…Se Gi left Do Hyun a video/message…SURPRISE! He went shopping, packed/shipped his clothes, put him on a plane for home. Even made a deal with halmoni asking for 5% shares of company stock if he returns to run the company. Waaaw…wait till halmoni and his oma meet the gigolo! Somebody had better warn the office ladies about Se Gi. I sense the Mac Daddy cometh!

    I already like the Oh twins. Hmmm…airport security didn’t show up during all that ruckus they were making?

    I tell you…there’s no shortage of weapons used in episode 1. Assault with a plastic beverage bottle to using the pole that holds an IV drip. Even the patients in the emergency room forgot how ill they were when drunkard Mr. Can’t Help It Because He’s Handsome which is why he got beat up, came in all enraged! Dr. Oh and her cool self-defense moves. BRAVO!!!

    Goodness me, there’s some awfully fine looking men in this here DRAMA y’all! Ki Joon op-pa! This includes Mr. Ahn and those fine male interns making their rounds with the head doctors and Dr. Oh. Not only will Do Hyun be funny, but the other patients, as well!

    Now, this is really going to be good. This colleague telling Ki Joon not to look at Do Hyun as easy, but find his weakness. Which one?! Happy investigating Ki Joon who thinks he know him. Man…there will be (6 for now-7 total) other folks you’re going to meet. I’m ready for Ki Joon to meet Se Gi at the Paradise watering hole, then later take his street smarts to the job. BRING IT! AWWWWW…PUMP IT UP AT PARADISE!

    From Ki Joon’s remark about Do Hyun sexily shedding his skin makes me think that he’s witnessed the Se Gi personality before to some degree. We’ll find out.

    Dr. Oh acting all skidish with Se Gi after the motorcycle boys showed up. Knowing she can kick butt. LOL…erotic…bromance! This guy’s make-up is more authentic than his pleather studded jacket. WO-AHHHH! Se Gi has some NICE JIU JITSU moves! ROUND HOUSE KICK! One of the doormen was throwing punches! LOL Did Se Gi take that drug Dori Dori that was in that guy’s pleather jacket? He went down for the count, but came back like nothing happened.

    Dr. Oh may not like cold, rough, beastly men, but after watching this drama, us women who think like her may change our minds and want a Sexy Shin Se Gi! LOL

  81. 81 : usa-mary Says:

    Even though I have a w/d…what laundry mat was DH/SG at in his Happy Birthday Suit? I just may have a load or 2 or 3 to wash.

  82. 82 : Sharon Says:

    I had to laugh!! Hahahahaha!! Hahahaha!! when you said, which one of his weakness they want to find. Hahahahaha!! They gots work !!

    I also feel Ki Joon has encountered the SSG personality, but I think KJ believe it’s good boy gone bad. Not that this bad boy has a split personality disorder.

    Why can’t I stand that girl Chea Yun!! And why is one of her cheek bone higher than the other?

    Yes! HJG is doing a good job being Dr. Oh Ri Gin. She fell for SSG smooth talk. Who wouldn’t?!!

    What kind of Therapist run’s away from his patient. Couldn’t he like recommend him to someone else?

    Overall, this drama has not dissapointed me. I was looking for what I have revieved in the first ep in ep 3/4. I hope it continues to make me look forward to future eps.

  83. 83 : fann29 Says:

    Hey, guys! anyone know which subbing group fully sub this drama ep 1 yet? Most subtitle I download so far have too many missing line. 🙁

  84. 84 : usa-mary Says:

    @Mellymel-76: You’re welcome! I wouldn’t have known either if Sharon had not told me.

    @Sharon: I didn’t even notice her eyebrows due to the way she walked towards the table where Ki Joon and Do Hyun was standing. It was as if she needed to return to the bathroom she just came from.

    Sharon when you mentioned the rap OST that played when Jennifer’s appa met with Se Gi’s fists, I didn’t hear a thing. I was too involved virtually with helping him kick his behind. hehehe

    I don’t know about the other websites, but Viki was at 92% when I watched it.

    @MellyMel-76: You’re welcome. It was Sharon who tipped me off about Hyun Bin. I wouldn’t have known either if it wasn’t for her.

  85. 85 : aznative Says:

    Looking forward to watching this drama, but will wait a few weeks (if I can hold out) because I’m trying to finish several other show.

    Are there any “Endless Love” viewers here? I thought I recognized a few names.

    Happy New Year everyone.

  86. 86 : malou1010 Says:

    @ aznative

    Hi there! Nice to see you you here! Yep, I’m here too! HJE doing a Rom/Com after Secret then Endless Love is truly refreshing. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

    Happy New Year!

  87. 87 : malou1010 Says:

    Soooo frustrating! Episodes 1 & 2 are still Raw in my websites. I’m thinking of watching the raw which I did for a few minutes but decided to stop. I want my English subs NOW………Arrrrrgh!

  88. 88 : KDCraze Says:

    Watched ep.2 last night, another great episode and a lot of craziness. LOL Second personality, Ferry Park is coming out now. I think next episode is going to be more interesting. Ji Sung is a good actor, he can act many different character in this drama. Hwang Jung Eum acting is also good she can match Ji Sung well. Loved this drama. Hopefully the story continues to be great.

  89. 89 : Tuyenbx Says:

    I love it

  90. 90 : usa-mary Says:

    These two are a GREAT and FUNNY dramatic duo, period!!! Wow…the way he looks at her. Sexy…Sexy BEAST, Se Gi! She’s literally fighting against her emotions to not fall for him.

    About Se Gi: Watch out when he starts drumming his fingers. ITS SHOW TIME!

    Hmmm…I’ll play with you Se Gi! Do Hyun did assure us that he’s kind to women and children. I’m a woman, so show your kindness you strong, rough beasty man! LOL Yes…that wink! Now, I usually don’t care for bad boys, but… Se Gi is the bad tasting medicine I’ll gladly take diligently 3x a day. Maybe even 4x if time allows. Can we just suppress the others and keep him around? I’ll gladly keep the other 7 away (including Do Hyun) to play with him. LOL

    I thought they were at a laundry mat when he was in his birthday suit. Even better. What hospital are you all at? I’m a virtual medical ‘externist and internist’ doctor for this episode. I’ll tend to all his wounds…yes, I will! LOL

    The stair step interns listening outside the door are too funny. Says one, By judging from her screams, Dr. Oh isn’t hating it? Hmmm….looks like we’ve got a scream aficionado here? Let me be in her place so they can compare screams. LOL Gosh, I will be good! Se Gi, “Should he put his clothes back on?” Me: No baby, I mean patient, just leave your clothes off and….who needs table… Dr. Oh, can we talk? Just get rid of the other 6 after you find out their existence, keep Se Gi and have Do Hyun bring him out when you want to play. Sounds like a winner to me! WOW…THIS MAN…THIS MAN HAS JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF SEXXXXINESS!!! AND A PROTECTOR, TOO!!! Dr. Park didn’t listen to me when I told him don’t do it! Don’t treat Dr. Oh that way in front of valiant and chivalrous Sexy Sir Guy!

  91. 91 : usa-mary Says:

    Is Se Gi’s tattoo growing? At first it was only a black tattoo on his right shoulder blade. Now, there’s a red tattoo as if growing up from the black one pass the nape of his neck stopping behind his right ear. It disappears, along with the make-up and eye color change when Do Hyun comes out. WOW! The graphics and technical work is astounding and its only episode 2.

    Se Gi knows what happened to Do Hyun. All of the personalities are like his defense mechanism from facing the truth. Its as if on one hand, Se Gi is protecting Do Hyun from facing the pain of the harsh treatment of his past. While on the other hand, by keeping his memory repressed, he’s protecting himself and the other 5 personalities from being forced out. What a vicious cycle. I like both Do Hyun and Se Gi’s wardrobe selection. There’s nothing like a well dressed, handsome man to get my attention. I like the women’s coats. Very chic and sophisticated!

    Dr. Oh: Its funny how Dr. Oh prettied herself up for Se Gi and was seriously looking forward to that alluring, fascinating date she tried to avoid. Only to encounter Do Hyun. Its amazing how the writer always has Dr. Oh and Do Hyun’s recall of incidents similar, yet contrasting at the same time. The occurrences only differ according to which personality is out and the time frame it occurred which is sometimes unknown to Do Hyun. Leaving Dr. Oh baffled, disappointed, and dumped. I find it interesting how Do Hyun knew that Se Gi met the doctor, but only recalled Dr. Oh up until the night club incident when escaped patient falsely accused the doctor of being a patient. The intertwining of that the incident and the one at the airport with her brother was his only recalled connection. After that, he has no recollection of how the leather jacket came about, wooing Dr. Oh-Se Gi’s acclaimed first love, the fight scene and how or why he was even at the hospital. The others obviously come out when Do Hyun is traumatized physically in some way, just like Se Gi.

    Well, Chae Yun is a fox. That’s obvious. Wait until she meets the 9-tailed fox male version, Se Gi. This is going to be good. She’ll try to bed him (that’s if Se Gi lets her) and forget about Ki Joon. Do Hyun is planning on having a mirror face off with Se Gi in order to carry out his own plan.

    The patient that escaped to PARDISIO is hilarious! She’s already, ready ‘TO GO’ clubbing! Don’t make promises you can’t keep Dr. Oh! LOL Ri Jin has a unique, loving family. Eating outside in the cold air gives me the shivers just thinking about it. Does their home have a business side to it? It has a spectacular night view. I don’t know hangul, so I don’t know what’s written on the outside sign.

    Bingo…now Dr. Oh made the correlation between Se Gi’s previous behavior. Se Gi has seductive eyes that draws one to him.

    Why does this man keep calling Do Hyun, a grown man, a child?! That’s a psych strategy of trying to undermine his confidence. By the way, his eyes looks as if he’s not alone in there, so he’d better back off.

  92. 92 : Janna Says:

    What happen subtitles is not yet done?pali Pali…..

  93. 93 : fann29 Says:

    Even though both ep isn’t fully sub yet but I can’t wait. To hell with the missing word!
    Wow, Jisung’s acting is amazing. He can really differentiate each character so well. So far, I can see the huge difference between Do Hyun/Se Gi and Ferry Park. Its really hard to do that, so kudos to Jisung. I can’t wait to see next ep and his other character.

  94. 94 : usa-mary Says:

    THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA TO SET OFF THE NEW YEAR! It’s upbeat and sets the tone, hopefully, for the rest of the year. I’m really trying to remain poised and grounded as I watch this drama. Seriously, its just that good!

    The two leads…AMAZING!!!!!!!! The acting is off the chain and is an out of the ballpark hit with me! The chemistry…leaves me speechless (now you know its good if I don’t make a sound)! Even the supporting actors are on point, with time! I’m sopping this drama up like good French bread and pot likker. Crazy analogy, but its true. Now, don’t any of y’all act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. LOL In other words, this drama is good to the last drop. I, like fann29, could care less about the subs, per se, because Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum has caused my waining kdrama fix addiction return.

  95. 95 : Linda Says:

    Gwanghwamun Jun Eum has had so many facial operations that she looks like she has a plastic face

  96. 96 : Linda Says:

    What’s with all these new dramas? The subject tends to be psychosis. Are they getting away from romance and throwing everything in but the kitchen sink, as they say, now?

  97. 97 : Sharon Says:

    Alright!! So, ep 2 gave us a overall picture of SSG character and it was quite intresting. SSG the bad boy falls in love with Dr. Oh Ri Jin. Guys, this scene had me in stitches. Especially the watch scene and 10 o’clock. I loved it!

    Dr. Oh was all dressed up for the date. What’s up with that bow in her hair!! It moved from right to left. And what’s up with CY eyes? One is looking at DH and the other is looking at the eye that’s looking at DH!! What! Yes.

    What’s up with RJ’s father and the jacket?

    A new personality appears, Ferry Park. Is Ferry park a gangster?

    Love ep 2, I laugh a lot! Why don’t that guy just forget about the jacket.

  98. 98 : Sharon Says:

    A lot of people are troubled with some sort of psychological disease. And a lot of people are walking around crazy as hell and don’t know it.
    I kinda like that KDrama move from the Anatomy of medicine and are now concentrating on the psychological mind and when it’s sick it causes us to have a change in our behavior. I think we all could learn a lot from some of these drama.
    KDrama never leave romance out of their drama, no matter how cheesy the story is. Well, there is a few exceptions.
    KDrama has evolved and some are going to like it and some won’t.
    So just enjoy the drama and if you don’t move on to the next that suites you taste.
    By the way, don’t forget the dramas are out there for entertainment only.

  99. 99 : Linda Says:

    I like the main character.Not only is he handsome ( short but handsome) but he is able to become several characters. That takes talent.. And, who doesn’t like bad boys? I am on episode 2 and I like this drama

  100. 100 : Linda Says:

    I DO like it. I prefer Korean dramas to American ones tough even with Korean ones I am picky since I expect a good script. I am glad this one did not start with the character being young ( that part always bores me) also glad that there are parents. Too many dead parents in Korean dramas. They’re so obsessed with death.

  101. 101 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon. I think frustration may have caused Dr. Oh to switch hair clip sides, yet there may be an analogy in there somewhere. Moving from one side, going to another. As in leaving one personality, going to another. Even if it is my concept alone, kdramas have been known to insert subtle hints like that. Now, it would be something if SG’s earring started switching sides. Mostly likely, he’ll keep it on the left side since he doesn’t go ‘that’ way.

    I also enjoyed the scene where Dr. Oh was telling herself that she hoped SG doesn’t say that he never had anyone be rough with him before. Then, he did. That was too funny. Then, when she was trying to escape his attraction, how he took his time to pursue her, as if to say…you can run, but can’t get away from me. Priceless! Then, her mother later tells her to start thinking about marriage to a doctor at the hospital and not with a patient. Surprise…surprise…surprise as Gomer Pyle would say!

    Regarding Ji Sung’s height. Girlfriends, just as long as a man’s height doesn’t began at either my navel, elbow, or ear lobe, we can talk. hehehe

    About the hair bow clip. According to some expats currently teaching in Korea. A lot of Korean women wear bow clips in their hair for daily adornment. I’ve seen some non-Asian American women do it, too.

    Girl, you are too funny! When did CY’s eyes do that! RLOL Also, watch how she walks…its awkward. If that’s her normal walk and not part of the role as CY, I won’t elaborate. But, if its what she’s brining to make her role as CY stand out, I’m on it.

    A scene I thought was crazy was when DH’s mom, while sitting across from her MIL before DH arrived began to shout to get her attention. Almost as if she was hard of hearing which she wasn’t. She was just ignoring her…CRAZY!

    Also, that golf course scene where DH’s mom tried to be courteous to her SIL who snubbed her was a blast. Especially, when she found her and made that woman acknowledger her presence (YES, she did)! Wow! Another thing, a golf course with lots of land! I knew SK had them, but we seldom see it. Its usually a high-rise building roof top with a huge net that catches the golf balls.

    RJ’s father has some type of mental illness. Her mother mentioned that he’s getting better each day. When he saw that shopping bag, he was like a kid expecting a gift from his father who’s returning from a business trip.

    Re Perry Park or Ferry Park! Sometimes the Korean pronunciation of certain words sounds rather jumbled or hard to distinguish. I heard Perry Park, but the subber typed Ferry Park. That’s just like the b’s and m’s sound alike when someone is saying sorry. Or the word used for pregnant…e, i or m. Anyway, I wonder what his personality is like.

  102. 102 : usa-mary Says:

    What else is everyone watching?

  103. 103 : pricillya Says:

    akhhh…. ji sung is daebak here….
    love this couple…
    in here ji sung can act his 7 personality… his eyes, his speech, and his personality is diffrent… if hi to be shin se gi, cha do hyun and ferry park… it’s like real, even he change to be another personality…
    and in here I like hwang jung eum verry much… she is so funny….

    can’t wait the next eps……

  104. 104 : loulou Says:

    17th position?!!

  105. 105 : dhez Says:

    a very different story and yet Im very excited what and how will the story unfold. Very hard for Ji Sung to act different character, the bad guy who fell in love with the psychiatrist, I think I’ll love him, very dif style when it comes to woman he Love and I think Oh Ri Jin also fell for Shin Se Gi.

  106. 106 : maknaee Says:

    I think SG is better than DH kkk. I just can’t stand DH’s feelings to CY -_- Fox doesn’t deserve that. Baddass SG fallin’ to RJ hahaha, well done!

    After watching 2 eps, SG is such a hottie. I want him to come out often, and make me squeeing while watching his moment with RJ.

    RJ is sooo funny, esp when she’s screaming for SG’s wink. LOL

  107. 107 : anb Says:

    Ji Sung is very awesome!!! Really admire his acting skill in here! Cant wait for ep 3. I wonder Ferry Park would be 😀

  108. 108 : Meriam Says:

    hey guys, do anyone know the title of the song in this drama ??

  109. 109 : Lysa Says:

    i am corious too with the ost, from the voice i think it’s like Mad Clawn’s voice.

  110. 110 : Mellymel Says:

    Im catching up…Just watched Ep1. So far so good 😃.

  111. 111 : Tayba Says:

    I am glad Ji Sung got the part and not Lee Seung Ki. I am not sure the latter would have been able to swing the multiple personalities half as smoothly as Ji sung can.
    Ji Sung is awesome! and super cute….

  112. 112 : KDCraze Says:

    @111 Tayba, Yes same here. I prefer Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum also for this drama role rather than Lee Seung Ki and Im Ji Yun. Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum, they both fit the role really well. They both cute and funny.

  113. 113 : agnesia Says:

    Soooo glaaadddd its JI SUNG !!!

    Its fit crop perfect with him tha seung gi, loveeeeee JI SUNG !!!!
    Your acting was so amazing perfect!!

  114. 114 : Storm Diaboli Says:

    Heard that song is from Jang Jae In – 환청 To be released on the 14th. I adore the song and the lyrics are so apt

  115. 115 : Sharon Says:

    Glad everyone is liking this drana as much as I.
    Yes, I believe the right person got the job!!

    DH mom is no joke! Hahahaha!
    I feel a love Triangle comming on. Between DH, CY and KJ. CY is going to have some serious problem, because DH personalities are going to keep helping RJ.
    I guess this personality Ferry Park is the Ajussi in the trailer fishing. I can’t wait to see what this personality is all about. I think we are in for some funny moments.
    Is KJ’s father the one who started the trouble within the family? Is he related to DH’s father?
    I totally enjoy this drama so far and looking forward to more entertaining eps.

  116. 116 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon. You’re right, Shin Rwa Ran is no joke!

    I believe CY will try her best to seduce DH, but the gang won’t allow it. Girl…I’m looking forward to DH going to work to see who’s going to come out first. I’d like to see SG comes out to deal with KJ and that older man who was insulting DH, calling him a baby. I, too, look forward to Perry Park. I wonder if he’s a retired CEO or salary man? Either way, he’s going to be interesting.

    We’ll find out soon how all these characters fit together relationship wise and the connections they have with the family and company.

  117. 117 : Sharon Says:

    I think that Mr. X personality will be the fixer upper for KJ and his dad.
    Mr. X seems to have it down pat in sophistication.

  118. 118 : neyyraa Says:

    Yeah. I love the Ost.
    I just translate the title from Hangul to Eng.
    Its Jae In feat. NaShow – Hallucination. Not release yet.
    *sorry for bad eng and grammar*

  119. 119 : Nha Astari Says:

    It’s Amazing …

  120. 120 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon. That may be so about Mr. X, but I wonder if he’ll have the business acumen or savvy to deal with those two? I’m quite sure he has the intelligence and sophistication to match them in that arena, but dealing with the behind the scenes conniving that DH’s, CEO halmoni warned him about, makes me wonder if he’ll have what it takes? We’ll find out.

    We’ve witnessed what causes Se Gi and Perry Park to come out. It will be interesting to see what triggers the others to appear. Will it all have to do with DH experiencing painful physical, traumatic contact?

  121. 121 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t think it’s all about physical, could be a traumatic events. DH wanted SG to come out, but instead its FP. So I believes it’s the event. What’s going on at the moment.
    About MR.X , why Call him that, is he so mysterious. He even covers his face in the trailer. Makes me go hmmmm. Don’t Mr. X sound like an agent/spy. Like something out of a James Bond Flick.
    So, when he is abused SG comes out and when someone needs his help FP comes out. What the hell would make nana the baby comes out!! I am laughing already.

  122. 122 : da fan Says:

    For those who enjoyed Ji Sung’s work should try watching Swallow The Sun. I thought that was one of his best roles.

  123. 123 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-121: True. I recall DH mentioning that they appear when he experiences either emotional or physical trauma. You made a valid point. I’m going to pay closer attention to who appears depending on the situation he’s facing. I did wonder about that, but was too caught up in the hilarity of the drama.

    I’m with you on what will make the baby come. Also, what will make the teenager and manic depressant come out. I wonder if certain markings will appear just like with Se Gi? That man has eyeliner, different colored eyesm tattoos, and is SEX-Y to a fault!

    By the way, I just really took a closer look at the names of the entities. I wonder if Ahn Yo Sub and Ahn Yo Na are related? That would really be crazy…related entities!

  124. 124 : Lyana Says:

    I love this couple since from drama ” secret ” thank you .

  125. 125 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahaha, that would be crazy!! Ahn Yo Sub is the suicidal one and Ahn Yo Na is the teen. Yeah, the last names are the same, so there maybe some connection between the two. Good observation! Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  126. 126 : Phoo Says:

    Soooooooooooo great this drama JiSung in it ohmahgad😍😍😍😍😍

  127. 127 : tania Says:

    this dayyyy ohhhhh cain wait,,,,,,,,,,,,

  128. 128 : sam_avyn Says:

    The story will be more interesting, i guess Ri Jin will be Do Hyun’s doctor…
    And love triangle will happen between DH-RJ-SG…

    Ost.has been released…wow!daebak

  129. 129 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Sharon & usa-mary

    Guys, great posts! Totally loved them all! LOL to usa-mary’s post about Mr. Smexy, Se Gi in his “birthday suit!”

  130. 130 : malou1010 Says:

    Aaaaahh jinjja, finally, after waiting for what seemed like forever, I got to see episodes 1 & 2 with English subs! It was sooooo worth the wait because at this early stage, I am defi-freaking-nitely loving this drama already!

    Totally agree with everybody about Ji Sung’s acting. His acting is really BEYOND amazing. I am so impressed with how he projects magnificently the gentle Do Hyun character in contrast to his wild alter ego, Se Gi. Do Hyun is such a nice & decent guy who’s so warm, caring, sensitive, & smart. I love his character already. What he lacks, Mr. Smexy Se Gi, most definitely has……..domineering, ambitious, strong-willed, & self-assured. But, & it’s a BIG but, Se Gi thinks with his fist, not his head, which pretty much spells trouble. So, I’d like to see the positive sides of Mr. Smexy to rub off on Do Hyun in the coming episodes.

    Speaking of Se Gi, my goodness, he’s got all the 3 Ps in my check list……..he’s Pretty wild……Pretty cool……& Pretty hot! I’d normally cringe at the sight of a guyliner, just not my kind of thing, seriously. But hello Mr. Smexy……he sure rocks it!

  131. 131 : malou1010 Says:

    Se Gi’s interactions with Ri Jin was absolutely just hilarious. That scene where Se Gi was insisting that Ri Jin “called” him to come out, which baffled Ri Jin (HaHaHa, who wouldn’t?) & she, naturally, was vehemently denying it, was just crazy funny. Hmmm, got to side with Se Gi on this. When she did that impressive judo throw, she hurt him & we all know that’s a BIG uh-oh! So, technically, she did “call” him. LOL! Her confused expressions were incredibly funny. And gosh, when he turned all cheesy with his “The time I fell for you” pick-up line, just hearing her thoughts as she racked her brain to put two & two together, cracked me up, seriously! Talk about her train of thoughts, she sure is a quick thinker. Switching genres in one quick go made me burst out laughing! That fight scene at the club where she was egging him on to take off the jacket, which was not even leather to begin with, had me laughing so hard!

    Se Gi character is truly such a charmer that I, for a momentary lapse of rational thinking, saw the palpable chemistry explode on my laptop screen, & was actually loving the moment! That gaze he gave her could cause paint to peel…..it melted my heart! Darn Mr. Smexy & his charm!

  132. 132 : malou1010 Says:

    I love the Oh twins already! Love her whole family, in fact. They’re such a warm & caring family. Ri Jin’s Dad probably was the catalyst why she became a psychiatrist. Got me thinking right away that she & Nana (a 7-yr-old girl), who’s another personality inside DH’s head would, most definitely, hit it off.

    Hwang Jung Eum is just brilliant as Dr. Oh Ri Jin. She’s such a total performer. Seriously, the things she does to make her role believable! That scene between the Oh twins at the airport must have caused her a lot of bruises for sure! I love her just as passionately when she does melodramas, where she would just tear your heart out into a million tiny pieces; & in Rom/Coms where she would make you laugh out loud, because she’s as wacky funny as can be when she does comedy roles. It truly is a breath of fresh air to see her back to Rom/Com genre in KMHM. Her facial expressions in this drama are such a delight to watch. She brings a lot of energy as the committed resident psychiatrist, Dr. Oh Ri Jin, who’s so devoted to her patients, she’s willing to do almost anything for them, even go clubbing!

  133. 133 : malou1010 Says:

    On a serious note, with the two episodes in, I can’t help but ponder on these things which are absolutely intriguing for me. First off, I’ve noticed that when Do Hyun is focused & centered as shown in episode 2, he can actually BLOCK the appearances of the personalities he has. Second, which truly amazes me, is that it doesn’t necessarily mean that when he’s hurt, the personality that comes out can’t be CONTROLLED. In episode 1, I noticed when he got beaten up by Jennifer’s step Dad, he started to change personalities but something triggered to HALT that personality to surface fully. When the police came, Do Hyun came back. Did anyone else notice this? Third, when Se Gi was practically killing Do Hyun’s doctor, something triggered again which made Do Hyun come back. So he was not BLOCKING OUT like he did before, there’s something in his mind lately that makes him claim his body back. Lastly, Do Hyun cannot, at will, choose which personality he wants to come out. In episode 2, he wanted badly for Se Gi to come out but instead, Perry Park appeared. I guess, given Ri Jin’s predicament, subconsciously, Do Hyun needed a more crafty, resourceful, & grounded ahjussi, like Perry Park, who can be more useful than the fiery Se Gi, who thinks with his fist, which is the last thing that Ri Jin needs right now.

    Oh wow, I am truly loving this drama! I’m very excited to meet the Jolly ahjussi, Perry Park. Wonder how he will save Ri Jin.

  134. 134 : malou1010 Says:

    Guys, for our info on the remaining 5 more personalities, I want to share what I stumbled on Wikipedia. Here goes:

    Perry Park (40 yr-old-man)
    The Ahn twins- Ahn Yo Sub (suicidal teenage boy)
    Ahn Yo Na (extrovert & sassy teen girl)
    Nana (7 yr-old-girl)
    Mysterious X (a mysterious guy)

    My goodness, Ji Sung has his hands full! Can’t wait for the coming exciting episodes!

    Kill Me, Heal Me……..FIGHTIIIIING!!!

  135. 135 : usa-mary Says:

    @malou1010. I like your 3 P’s for Ji Sung. I’m thoroughly enjoying your posts, too. Thanks for the Wikipedia information.

    I’m going to have to do a re-watch of DH being dunked. Until then, I wonder who was going to come out? Now that you mentioned it, I was thinking if it was the manic depressant, AYS who got snatched back or suppressed? If so, they all would be gone, because that would the perfect opportunity he has been waiting for…help with his demise. DH obviously seems to have mastered control when the characters go too far. Well, should I say somewhat mastered it. Though Se Gi has a fiery personality, he’s also quiet, deliberate, and sneaky. DH never knows where he’ll end up destination wise, what deals have been made and with whom, or who he’ll seduce relationship wise. He’s rather unpredictable. Hopefully, we’ll be able to predict who will surface according to DH’s situation, or have a good time trying to guess.

    Doc Oh will definitely will have her hands and mind full with this case! Instead of having 1 patient trying to outwit her, she’ll have multiples from 1 person. Another point I would like to make is how this writer doesn’t only focus on DH’s dilemma, but on the other psychiatric patients at the hospital. Their relationships are interwoven with DH’s and Doc Oh’s some way or another which makes it even funnier.

  136. 136 : malou1010 Says:

    Post #133

    Correction:***** craftier *****

  137. 137 : malou1010 Says:

    @ usa-mary

    Gosh, I just came back to post my correction, & tada…..I saw your post before mine! I would have to take a rain check because on my side of the world it’s my bedtime already. Will come back later.

  138. 138 : Sharon Says:

    You said a mouth full!! Thank for the Wiki info, now I don’t have to guess the personalities.

  139. 139 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, ep 3 is 29% sub on Viki.

  140. 140 : istanbul Says:

    today, ı think ep3 is very good. ji sung is a good actor. perfect drama for me

  141. 141 : usa-mary Says:

    UMMMM…did somebody forget that they’re not in kawaii? Perry Park sweetie, with your bubbling personality, ITS COLD OUTSIDE!

  142. 142 : usa-mary Says:

    Well…well…well! Oh Ri On had the (DEA) po po waiting for the drug peddling deviants! No wonder they weren’t moved when the gang showed up. Clink, Clink!

    Perry Park must be a mechanical engineer and inventor of sorts. Unless he worked closely with the Disney bomb squad, who else makes bombs that talk like that?

  143. 143 : usa-mary Says:

    The first thought that came into my mind when Perry Park dropped those bombs was…chingua Ri Jin…girl since you’ve been trying to get PP’s attention kicking your legs. You better give that chair a piggy back ride out of there! SAVE YO’ SELF!

  144. 144 : Lyana Says:

    <3 this drama

  145. 145 : Mellymel Says:

    @ malou 1010: really enjoyed your post. Thank you for the wiki info. 🙂

    Will wait for the eng sub. Ep 3. So much goin on in this drama. So excited!

  146. 146 : amethyst Says:

    shin se gi!! im in love..hahahaha..he’s like so charismatic person ever alive!! and cha do hyun, cant ever be more gentle( i mean, you’re such a gentleman!)…and i really love the ost, jang jae in ( hallucination)-…ur voice blend so well with the stories..hwang jung eum also..ur scream is so cute and funny!! keep up the good work, guys!! i always support u guys since secret…<3333

  147. 147 : Vicki Says:

    This drama is rocking! It is surpassing any other dramas that are playing right now. Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung are awesome. They are outstanding in their roles and their onscreen chemistry is great. I hope they will win awards for their performance. I can keep watching their dramas forever.

  148. 148 : istanbul Says:

    at ep.4, shin se gi has bees very impressive..voov

  149. 149 : KDCraze Says:

    Watched ep.4 last night. Omo, Cha Do Hyun family is so messed up and he has painful upbringing as a child, no wonder he has multiple personality disorder. When he is sad and have a bad memory of the past that’s when Nana character coming out. I love this drama more and more. Ji Sung you are amazing in potraying each character. I can see the emotion in each character. Next week ep.5 is the first kissing scene. It looks like very emotional kissing scene. Looking forward for next week episodes!!!!!

  150. 150 : KDCraze Says:

    Forgot to mention I love the OST song for this drama also. The word meaning of the song and the tune of the song is fit this drama perfectly.

  151. 151 : Sharon Says:

    Ep, the arrival of Perry Park.

    Hahahahahahaha!! The expression on Perry Park face when Sec Ahn promised to buy him a ship, priceless.

    Ok, so the very smart gangsters are practicing how to fight SSG, but got surprise when it’s PP with two bombs!

    Grandma, look like she could bite the head off a chicken.

    All that!!! For a rice timer!! Hahahaha! Too funny!

    They are beating the hell out of PP, bye PP.

    Love the wonder twins, they are like truly in sync.

    That the dumbest drug dealers/ gangster I have ever seen. Hahahaha!!

    Darn it!! Perry Park did not stay too long.

    Damn!! SSG is smoooooth and fine!! 😍😍

    This part was funny! DH thinks she is crazy, she thinks he is crazy and the gangster is going crazy!! 😀😀😀

    Ok ok ok, I am like shipping like a kid in a candy store. Number 1 DH got some skills!! Riding that bike, strapping RJ on him like a baby to its mother’s back while riding the bike, and untying the rope. Love, love love DH he is so gentle and kind. Guys, I would fall for him too. So I am in love with SSG and DH, can’t help myself. 😍😍😗😙

    Number 2, RJ is in love!! Me too!! And with two personalities!!

    Number 3, the OST is perfect lyrically, rap is on point, singing voice is at 10. I just download it to my phone.

    Is there enough food?!

    Ahhhh, balloons and presents my favorite. 🎈🎁

    I thought the introduction speech to be was quite sincere. Love you DH!!

    Damn! Grandma gave him a power slap. What did she eat for breakfast? She shout so strong. What kinda vitamin is she taking, I want some!!
    So, DH father protected him/ save his life. Grandma, seems to resent DH and that was obvious on their first encounter, but I over looked it. Why?!! I know she does not like DH’s mom could that be it? A class issue.

    So his dad is sick and hidden in a hospital somewhere. Why? Is he in danger if known alive? Aigoo.

    Someone abused DH when he was young. Who was it, His grandma?

    CY told DH to CROSS THE LINE!! So, she has strong feelings for DH.

    Club Paradise Prince, let’s meat again!!! Hahahahaha😃😃

    They met! Awkward. Do you have a bomb, do you have a jacket? That just ease the tension.

    Ep 3 was great!!
    The writer keep it all connected, yet disjointed and I love it. The mystery, the anticipation of who will show up next, the comedy, the excitement!! I can’t get enough of this drama at all.

    JS has taken his acting to another level. I really saw Ajussi!! He potray that character to the 10th power !! 👏👏👏👏👏 JS your acting is on point. It seems that Nana has arrived I can’t wait and my hubby #1 SSG is back!!

  152. 152 : Sam Says:

    My Ji Sung is one of the top notch korean actor he deserve an award…this drama is so very intense acting…speechless love love love him forever❤❤❤

  153. 153 : KDCraze Says:

    @Sharon #151, LOL. I like the way you wrote your comment. I think the one that abused Do Hyun when he was young was his uncle Cha Young Pyo (Cha Ki Joon Father) if I’m not mistaken.

    I’m crazy about this drama too until I didn’t bother to watch other drama. Except for next week I’m going to watch Hyun Bin drama” Hyde, Jekyll and I”. This drama gives me excitement, thrilling and a good laugh. I like the way the writer make love triangle between Cha Do Hyun, Oh Ri Jin and Shin Se Gi. I had a hard time to choose between Do Hyun and Se Gi because I love them both. Love the OST song too, the song word meaning and the tune is sooo perfect for this drama. Looking forward for ep.5, first kisiing scene. Looks like very emotional one. Can’t wait next episode!!!!!

  154. 154 : Sharon Says:

    Yes yes yes, I am in love with 2 personalities. Good boy VS Bad boy=ME
    You think it’s the uncle?! Why?
    The OST is really good!!!
    Kill Me Heal Me, FIGHTING!!

    I will also watch Hyun Bin’s “JHM” next week.

  155. 155 : KDCraze Says:

    @Sharon#154, If you look at ep.4 when he remember about the abused it looks like a man abused Do Hyun and also both Ki Joon and his father is greedy about money and power in the company. He abused Do Hyun to make him weak. It’s always happened like that in chaebol family. Let’s see what happened in the next episodes if my guess is right or wrong. LOL.

  156. 156 : Sharon Says:

    I haven’t watched ep 4 as yet, but I get where you are coming from.
    I don’t know, it’s too obvious. Sometimes the obvious is the truth.
    I will watch ep 4 and see what I pick up.

  157. 157 : TasTas Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA!! SO GOOD!!! this drama started my year off right!

  158. 158 : fann29 Says:

    LOL, is it me or just my crazy imagination. In the end of ep 4, Se Gi look almost like TOP (big bang).
    Seems like Do Hyun is Ri Jin’s type of guy. The disappointment is so obvious that Se Gi feel threaten or jealous. I think I’m gonna ship Do Hyun together with Ri jin if not..then you still have me, Do Hyun ah~

  159. 159 : unna Says:

    ok im really confused about the uncle why do hyun gran =(Seo Tae Im) doesnt like him?? i mean the uncle he is the brother of do hyun father meaning its her son too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some1 explain to me!! plz lol
    i like this drama alot as other k-drama but the writers seems always end up with nonsense mistakes that at some point u lose the interest of the drama 🙁

  160. 160 : Kill Me, Heal Me 킬미, 힐미 [2015] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] viki dramafever dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum top star news dc gallery soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans recap dramajjang thetalkingcupboard recap shikidrama ikurate tumblr blogs […]

  161. 161 : malou1010 Says:

    @ usa-mary #135

    Yep, Dr. Oh is in for a big show! She needs a HUGE dose of energy. Not a problem, though, she seems energetic enough for me! I’m so looking forward to meeting all the personalities, especially Nana. Now, that will be just FUN! I haven’t seen episode 3 yet (still Raw) but I kind of peep at it and oh my goodness, I think I have to eat my words about Jolly Ahjussi, Perry Park, about his craftiness & resourcefulness! HaHaHa! Can’t wait for the subbed episode.

    Btw, your comments about Se Gi are so insightful, I love it! I agree. But one thing I notice about him is that his Achilles’ heel is his attraction to Ri Jin. He’s so darn submissive to her! He does exactly what she tells him to do. Hmmm….taking off his clothes comes to mind in a flash! Also, at the club, remember she told him to turn around & freeze which he did “obediently” with that devilish grin? And the fact he simply hated being inside the hospital but went along with her idea. Take note he did it willingly. So I doubt if Se Gi would ever harm Ri Jin & if he would, she could handle him since she’s a psychiatrist. And she’s got an impressive judo throw when all else fails, right?

  162. 162 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Sharon #138

    You think that’s a “mouthful?” Girl, I haven’t even started yet! Eotteoke? Got hooked instantly & after watching two episodes……my brain just went OVERDRIVE. I’ll TRY my best to tone it down a teensy-weensy bit (Darn, I thought I did!), but be forewarned, I just cannot PROMISE! Aaaah jinjja, I’m so here to stay so just ignore my next post if it bothers you that much.

  163. 163 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Mellymel #145

    Hi there! Glad you did & you’re most welcome. Are you having the same problem like me re subbed episodes taking like forever to come out? Truly a bummer, huh? Oh well, at least we still are getting the chance to watch this amazing drama, right?

  164. 164 : Juana love Says:

    omg i love shin se gi soooo much and perry park is funny😄😄😄😄

  165. 165 : tania Says:

    can wait epsd 5 make me crazyyy

  166. 166 : Sharon Says:

    No, it does not bother me. It was just so much to Ingest that it made my head started to spin. By all means, do you!!
    You has some really valid points in your assessment of the story. So girl, let it all out! Which I know you will do!! Hahahahahaha.

  167. 167 : Kjesin Says:

    I have a feeling that the twins are not real twins. just a feeling. And I’m really loving this drama! Shin Se Gi <3

  168. 168 : aysha Says:

    What about the twins story. I don’t think they are biological brothers and sisters. Or there may be some different story behind them. However I like that brother sister love . So adorable .!!!!!! Can’t wait for next week .

  169. 169 : Mellymel Says:

    Wow! So far I am having a blast with two personalities that’ s out. I am lovin SSG with his bad boy image but so romantic and over protective…LOL. PP oh man talkin bout funny. Honestly I am not so familiar with all Korean actor and actressess but I have seen HJE in full house take 2. First time with JS. JS is the bomb! His acting man…what can I say 👍! I wonder whose next? Could be??? Cant wait!

    Is the rating good? Dunno how they rate?

    @ Malou 1010: Yeah took forever…took so long that my other personality will also come out…LOL 😤😤😤 I am watching it in dramayou its clearer. 🙂 I watched Ep 3 in raw and waitiiiiinnnngggg for the sub 🙁

    @ Sharon: thanks gurl for telling us about this drama ahead of time.

    Guys! I am lovin all your post! 🙂 Thanks!

  170. 170 : sara Says:

    ji sung is soooooooooooooo great actor. the drama has alot of secrets also it is funy and sad.

  171. 171 : agnesia Says:


    He’s playing a role perfectly, you’re doing great great great job!!!
    Playing 4 character in 1 scene was so amazing !!!!

    2 thumbs up for JI SUNG!!

  172. 172 : Tayba Says:

    I was LATE TO WORK because of this drama..
    I had to re-watch episode 4 before leaving cause I was wondering about a lot of things and also simply loving the chemistry between the leads (at least 10 times better than the pinnochio chemistry).
    The next thing I knew, I was half an hour late!

    I LOVE IT!

  173. 173 : Hani Says:

    OMG i really ..really.. love this drama, oppa Ji sun .. m’ speechless….
    i think …i like shin se gi caracter … hihihi….
    Can’t wait for next week .

  174. 174 : ijcg Says:

    Im speechless over Jisung’s acting skill, hes so wonderfully nailed it gooooooshhh!! I love the story as well, and my HJU is so lovely, beautiful and amazing as always! Anticipate this drama a lotttt ❤❤❤

  175. 175 : Dong Says:

    blood pressure must have gone up coz burnt midnight oil watching this, couldn’t wait until daybreak, so addictive. All 4 eps in one go

    Ji Sung’s acting is so good, I actually like Shin Se Gi character, hahaha

    Keep up the good work!

  176. 176 : intan Says:

    I love this drama so much.. and this couple is really match after Secret Love..

    On the last eps 3 (preview for next eps) there is a scene of RJ’s father know about Perry Park.. so,, i am waiting for 5-6 eps coz maybe identity of PP will be revealed on 5/6 eps.. and ooppzz,,there is kiss scene too.. :*

  177. 177 : [email protected] Says:

    I like it, can’t wait for next episode. Give it to me, please…….

  178. 178 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Mellymel #169

    About the rating & ranking, between TNmS & AGB, AGB is more reliable since it’s got more households included in its statistics. What AGB does is to gauge the popularity of all shows be it news, variety shows, dramas, etc. which are shown on specific days at specific time slots. So basically if a show makes it to the Top 20 most viewed shows on its scheduled days & timeslots, then that’s pretty good. It would be better if it gets a two-digit rating since the ranking will be higher. Pretty much, higher ratings & ranking matter a lot when awards are given at the end of the year.

    KMHM’s ratings are doing pretty good but I’m hoping for a much higher ratings & rankings relative to how amazing the drama has been showing us viewers.

    Btw, you should watch them in Secret but make sure you have boxes upon boxes of tissues with you! That drama is one heck of a tear shedder, heart warmer, & an incredible watch! But you will fall in love with their characters, for sure.

  179. 179 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh wow, Perry Park is such a lovable & incredibly hilarious character! Just love how laid-back & spontaneous he is. Absolutely had a BLAST (HaHaHa! No pun intended!) watching his crazily funny character. Okay, with subbed episode, I have to stick to my original take on his character. He’s indeed crafty & resourceful. Oh my gosh, you have to be one heck of an “inventor” to be able to come up with a last minute plan to actually “create” those……….erm, how would I call it?…….vintage looking homemade bombs! Got to admit, I was seriously on the edge of my seat…….eyes glued to my laptop screen…….excitedly waiting for that huge BOOOOM………but instead, I heard something else that made me………..preeeeetty hungry! HaHaHa! His reaction & mine, upon learning the “timer” he used, made me laugh even harder! That accent & that pout were sooooo adorably funny! I want more of Perry Park…….pretty pretty please, writernim!

  180. 180 : malou1010 Says:

    But not to be outdone, Ri Jin never missed a beat, she was so hilariously funny, too. My goodness, even with her TAPED mouth, she still hit all the funny notes & was unbelievable! Her muffled voice (which btw was her ONLY form of communication) was just so freaking hilarious! It sounded pretty much like the sounds whales make in one of the Animal Planet episodes I’ve seen on cable! And I just died laughing seeing her, still with her taped mouth, but eagerly joining & having her “internal” conversations with the kidnappers about the stolen jacket. But the funniest ever had to be that scene where she, despite her taped mouth, was trying her darndest to ALERT Perry Park as the bad guy was slowly inching his way towards him. Oh dear me, she was hysterically funny, what with all the crazy head movements & leg kickings she was doing! I just couldn’t stop laughing!

  181. 181 : malou1010 Says:

    I just looooooove the dynamic duo…….the Oh twins! That “silent code” they pulled off was pretty cool & smart; & that special handshake only the two of them have is just so adorably cute.

    Me too, I got this odd feeling that Ri Jin is adopted. But adopted or not, it really doesn’t make any difference. She has a wonderful family who loves, supports, & simply adores her. While it’s true that blood is thicker than water; undeniably, LOVE is thicker than blood!

  182. 182 : malou1010 Says:

    I’m loving Do Hyun even more as the story unfolds. As his alter egos slowly surface, I’m given the chance to get into his head & to know him better. Thing is, he made them all up to escape reality because his fears then seemed too insurmountable to handle. What is truly saddening is that he has been all ALONE, suffering in silence, while he struggles to keep his sanity. I really felt his loneliness when he told Ri Jin that he has no friends & that he doesn’t need any. It absolutely broke my heart……..I wanted so badly to give him a hug!

    Se Gi’s character is getting darker, he’s beginning to give me the shivers. Do Hyun, most definitely, needs to take full control & NEVER allow Se Gi to get the upperhand. I’m excited to see how Ri Jin would play a vital role in Do Hyun’s struggles to face his fears & accept his reality.

    That endearing ending in episode 3 was so so so beautiful! That scene really got to me. Ri Jin’s warmth & sincerity were so real as she asked Do Hyun his name. Gosh, I felt her heart! I soooo love them & I’m shipping them already!

  183. 183 : malou1010 Says:

    Seriously, this drama gets better with each episode. It’s getting pretty intense, amazingly intriguing, & immensely engaging. The preview for episode 5 & 6 look so darn exciting! Oh dear me, Nana is coming! Now that is one heck of an episode to look forward to! Aaaaargh…….Wednesday & Thursday can’t come soon enough!

    I’m defi-freaking-nitely loving Kill Me, Heal Me!

  184. 184 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Sharon #151

    Loved your post! About the “shadow” abusing Do Hyun, I think you’re right, my guess is also the Grandma. I think she resents him for what happened to DH’s father which landed him in a hospital. His father, being the eldest, should have been the next Chairman but because of DH, he couldn’t so the next in line is DH. But what bothers me is why the secrecy? Another thing, on their first encounnter, why did the Grandma tell DH’s mother that DH is not registered in their family registry? Is his Mom just a mistress? Ooooops, how am I doing? Is your headache coming back? HaHaHaHa! Know what? I have a theory on DH’s father which I am not going to pursue any further because girl, you will have more headaches! You would reeeeally need Grandma’s vitamins!

  185. 185 : Juli Says:

    I should just listen to my heart when it says not to start watchin this drama while its still 4 eps.
    and i dont know what happen while I cannot even imagine my self have to endure the pain of waiting the upcoming episode like this every week later.
    I love this drama so much huhuhu what should I do T_T

  186. 186 : Lisa Says:

    Kill Me, Heal Me (Predictions)

    After watching 4 episodes of Kill Me, Heal Me, I actually am going to lean myself out of the window with my suspiciouns about what is the deal with Do Hyun.

    First of all, people who watched Do No Harm, are you feeling a little deja-vu over there? Because I sure do.

    What I definitely see coming on KMHL is that actually Se-gi is the original personality, or at least Do Hyun’s personality and Se-Gi were once half and half (explains why he is so much more present and powerful than the other personalities), but whatever happened to Do Hyun made him push Se-Gi and every memory he had back and what was left was the peaceful Do Hyun. That’s why I come to the conclusion that actually Ri Jin really is Se-Gi’s first love, just that Do Hyun’s part forgot and made new memories from year eight/nine onwards.

    Ri-On, of course, isn’t her biological brother (he is the second lead after all, even if it is strange considering they grew up as children and Ri Jin doesn’t know the trueth), but whatever happened to Do Hyun/Se-Gi also has to do with Ri Jin and why she has surpassed memories. That’s why Ri-On wants to find out who Do Hyun really is, because he probably knows what happened to Ri Jin.

    I actually enjoy Do Hyun’s character, especially because of all the facets. Each personality shows an extreme version of one single person. We have for example Nana, who is a little 7-year old girl and is one part of Do Hyun because that’s what he is missing. He lost his childhood and therefore nana appeared. We have Perry/Ferry Park, the extreme risky and laid back humorous guy and Yoo Sub, the extreme of sadness (in wanting to commit suicide). And don’t forget Shin Se Gi, the most powerful personality, who is the extreme of violence, the past that Do Hyun wants to forget.

    Since Ri Jin obviously has a love triangle going on between Do Hyun and Shin Se Gi, in my eyes the perfect and logical ending would be of course both. Ri Jin’s first love (I presume he is hers too) doesn’t exist without Se Gi nor Do Hyun, because the boy she met when she was a child are both personalities in one body. The perfect solution would be Do Hyun accepting Shin Se Gi and everything that comes with it (=> his past) which would resolve in losing the other personalities, but gaining Se Gi’s memories and become the Do Hyun Ri Jin knows and that Se Gi (as Do Hyun’s past) treasures. I actrually have to say that would be a brilliant way to solve the love triangle (since I don’t consider Ri On as a real threat xD)

    I hope this makes clear where I think the show is going and I’m proud of myself, because I actually thought this after the first two episodes, but episode 4 confirmed my suspiciouns and sealed the deal for me.

    Find me at tumblr under youthridedaily.tumblr.com ! 🙂

  187. 187 : ahjussi lovers Says:

    can’t wait for next episode everyweek, new story phsyciatry in kdrama, love this drama love chamistry cast…

  188. 188 : shocked Says:

    His level of acting deserves the highest rating. please!
    I never thought they have such an actor in Korea.

  189. 189 : DramaFan Says:

    I somehow have the same idea as Lisa. I think Shin Se Gi is the actual personality. Also, I so FREAKING WANT him to be. I know Do Hyun ans Se Gi are the same person, but I am rooting for Se Gi. I like the part where he doesn’t like hospitals but goes along with her. He’s got a very powerful and protective character.

  190. 190 : Mellymel Says:

    @malou 1010: 178

    Thank you appreciate the info. So far this is getting okay rating. 😉. I will surely check on that (Secret) 😀😀😀 thanks again.

    Ep4: Hmmmm! SSG looks good and bad in his red suit…LOL!
    The so called twins are really cool together.
    Ri jin’s dream what was that all about? SSG was her lost friend? 😀😀😀
    The veggie seller so nosy 😜 why did he said RI Jin does not have any resemblance with her family?
    question, question? cant wait for the next episode 🙂
    Happy watching!

  191. 191 : fann29 Says:

    Se Gi has a strong personality from the start but the appearance of Ri Jin change Do Hyun little by little. Being aggressive and smooth talk at the same time without notice. He is slowly getting the other personality characteristic in his own way.
    After watching ep 5, there are too many unsolved secret and I’m curious about it. It reminds me of secret love once again. The curiosity is so intense. Also, I think that Ri Jin too is the key to unlock Do Hyun past and I’m getting this vibe about the twins somehow has connection with the company especially Ri On.

    I’m in love with Ri On’s character in this drama. Its rare to see the twin’s relationship in kdrama these days.

  192. 192 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 4 was excellent. This chapter delth with Secrets and finding reasons for these secrets.

    Nana has surfaced leaving remnants of her visit. We did not actually see her appearance in DH’s physically, but in the wine cellar there were a teddy bear with its head ripped off and a writing with her name. It seems as if DH was locked away and beaten as a child. To me it’s seems like the torn teddy bear head means broken childhood/anger.

    Ok, so, what’s up with the vegetable seller saying that the twins don’t look alike and that they look nothing like their parents. Here comes another secret! I don’t think they are brother and sisters. I feel RO is in love with RJ.

    I think CY is going to cause trouble, because her little fetcher guy/DH is all occupied with a Doctor. What will the reaction be when CY and RJ meet?

    Oh no, not the creepy cousin. He is like, always lurking.

    Does DH mother have a secret, or is she bluffing?! She said that the secret us the only card she has to play. To keep them in line and also to keep him as SG’s group owner.

    My favorite line in ep 4.
    “You have forgotten my gaze already”? “Shin Si Gi”?!!! “Bingo”. Love it!!!!!

    So, ep 4 was the build up of secrets and more secrets. The closet will be empty when it’s all in the open. The writer has done his research well and the actors has the characters down path. This drama is really good, I can’t find anything to criticize except CY and the silent killer cousin. Hahaha! Overall, can’t get enough. Will watch ep 5 tomarrow guys. It’s 100% sub on Viki.

  193. 193 : Sharon Says:

    I feel RJ is adopted too and her brother is in love with her.
    Hahahaha!! Took two Tylenol before I read you post. I love it, got some good points. What you think about the father?
    Yes, I think DH’s mother was a side chick and she got pregnant. I think DH dad was married before and she died. What you think?
    Damn! I need two more TYlenol.

  194. 194 : fio Says:

    oh myyy..oh myyy..
    it’s complicated feeling.. i just wondered how RJ will manage those personalities..
    if RJ’s “the child” in the fire so she’s DH’s mother’s secret child T-T, and i have strong feeling if RO loves RJ as woman and he knows that RJ is “the child” so he does research about Sejin group.
    waiting for ep. 6.

  195. 195 : Mellymel Says:

    Haha! @ Sharon 192: Agree love that line…i am fallin with SSG😍😍😍

  196. 196 : Big fan Says:

    This is a really good drama. I am going to speculate here also. I think DoHyun is the mystery child (offspring of grandfather and his daughter-in-law). I think that DoHyun’s current mother is not his birth mother. This was why he was abused….
    I agree with some of the others that RiJin is adopted. I love her interactions with her immediate family. I think that RiJin was at the house as a child in the basement with Dohyun, but cannot as yet figure out how she fits into the whole picture at that time period. I also agree that RiOn, her brother, is in love with her.

    @malou1010….I am glad to see your postings again!

  197. 197 : Dhez Says:

    I love this fantastic drama, I dont have any idea how the story will unfold. I’m just wondering why is it HJ&M be the 1st to have english sub, while waiting for KMHM english sub, I’ll peek 1st to see Hjun Bin, but compared to the story of KMHM, I didnt bother to finish part2 of episode 1, I choose to watch KMHM instead even without english sub. Ji Sung is really amazing, I really enjoyed reading and watching behind the scenes of this beautiful drama at http://www.forums.soompi.com. Always updated and a lot of insights too.
    I hope this drama will end with a light heart. Good Luck Kill Me Heal Me Team.

  198. 198 : malagu_ Says:

    Great acting by Ji Sung. Every personalities he portrays here makes me believe. Galing!

  199. 199 : Chillsss Says:

    wahhhhhhh….. daebak !! daebak!! Episode 6 is extremely amazing. SUCH AN EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EP. <3 JJANGGGG ….

  200. 200 : me_nina Says:

    jisung’s acting make me fall in love again and again to him. saranghaeyo, jisung oppa~ kyaa~ ♡♡♡

  201. 201 : me_nina Says:

    i love hyun bin and jisung. i watch both of drama, but the story line of ‘kill me heal me’ more interesting for me. more love for ‘kill me heal me’~ ♡♡♡

  202. 202 : rosie burgos Says:

    Loving Kill Me Heal Me the actors are all great especially Mr. Ji Sung, it is really a challenging role, but you deliver it very awesome. More power to you all. Love and Fighting! from your humble fan in the Philippines…

  203. 203 : KOYKOY Says:

    THIS DRAMA IS GOOD!!!!! EXCELLENCE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  204. 204 : KOYKOY Says:


  205. 205 : fann29 Says:

    Finish watching ep 6. I’m cheering for Do Hyun and Ri Jin’s relationship but I’m also cheering for Se Gi and Ri Jin too. I clap my hand whenever I saw Do Hyun response badly toward Chae Yun. That fox girl is selfish.
    Anyway, the preview for ep 7 really torment me. I really need time machine NOW!!

  206. 206 : KDCraze Says:

    After watching ep.5 & 6. I’m really impressed with Ji Sung acting. He is very good in potraying every different character. I’m totally addicted to this drama now. The conversation between Se Gi and Ri Jin when Se Gi asked Ri Jin to choose between him and Do Hyun is so cute. If I’m Ri Jin I’ll be confused too because it’s the same person. LOL. The first kissing scene is so sweet like in fairytale kiss. Loved Ri Jin monkey dance also it’s so funny. All the secret in the family is coming out now. I don’t like Ahn Yo Sub character (the suicide character) , I hope he didn’t do anytihing harm. Story is getting more interesting. The rating is up also. Kill Me Heal Me Fighting!!!!!

  207. 207 : Elly Fang Says:

    I like this drama.. Good drama..

  208. 208 : AnCe Says:

    this shows how versatile Ji Sung is! is says that it was first offered to Lee Seung Gi…but i think’s perfect for Ji Sung! I love the story and the characters!

  209. 209 : cheeky Says:

    I think I’m going to check this out. I watched only 2 episodes & it seems okay. And since this is doing better in rating than the Hyun Bin’s drama will continue watching it. I’m impressed with Ji Sung, his drama emerged always a winner in rating though its rival drama has top stars in it! Combination of excellent lead actors & strong unique story line is really a must.

  210. 210 : Nha Astari Says:

    I Really Love This Drama, Couple of funny, romantic and Amazing..
    So, Can’t wait for the next episode
    Jisung and Hwang Jung Eum Hwaiting ^_^

  211. 211 : eyll Says:

    I love the ost!

  212. 212 : Mellymel Says:

    Malou 1010: thank you for recomending Secrte love these two together great chemistry. I enjoyed it thank s again 😀

  213. 213 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 5
    Oooohhh, Shin Su Gi is finnneeee. I won’t Screem when you drive fast baby. Well, maybe a little.

    He trew both phones through the window?


    Oh hell no, what’s up with the toys? Hahahaha!! I guess SSG has gone back in time. He is trying to sway the little girl he fell in love with. That would be cute if executed properly, but the way he forced it on her is not romantic at all. SSG is too rough he needs to become a little softer. So I guess the real personality is a little of DH and SG together. A little hard yet soft.

    Hahahahahahaha! Hahahahaha! What the hell was he doing with his jacket!! RJ look totally confused and me too. I guess he was acting like DH.

    Tears rolled down SG’s cheek while he kissed RJ. Why? I guess he knew his time was up. Damn, SG really really like’s RJ a lot.

    Here comes Perry Park. I really like this personality, he is quite expressive of his feelings and funny. His time never last long. Hahahaha.

    He locked the basement door. RJ want him to say he was looking for her. Hahahaha!

    Why are all these big trees growing in the grandmothers living room? Is there no ceiling in there?

    Oh hell no! tell me I wrong!! Cha JP dad had an affair with his son’s wife and got her pregnant!? And that child is missing? Which could be OHJ and OHO!?
    To much info!! I believe the missing baby is OHO. He is the adopted child!!
    But, why was DH abused?!

    Was the child switch at birth? And DH is really the father’s son and OHO is Cha Joon P’s son. That’s why the grandmother abused him, because DH is the rightful heir to the company, not CJP.

    This is hilarious!! She does not know who her heart is beating for and he doesn’t know who’s heart is beating. CRAZY!! But soooo Gooood.

    Love ep 5, writernim!!! Well done.

  214. 214 : meooww Says:

    This drama is so funny and entertaining
    If everyone love ji sung act, i love him too, no doubt about his act…. but i love hwang jung eum more :)) she is so funnyyy… She played oh ri jin so well!
    Oh ri on is funny too, the Oh family really brings the comedy up
    And of course the kiss! Slow motion kiss, argh memorable…

  215. 215 : Vicki Says:

    This drama is on the top spot. Amazing Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum teamwork. They are outstanding in their roles!

  216. 216 : coco Says:

    Eps 6 :
    Oh no … Yo sub appear… Hope oh ri jin will come as fast as possible to save him..

  217. 217 : winniephananh Says:

    wo wo, my dream come true JI SUNG AND HWANG JUNG EUM. love love

  218. 218 : amelia Says:

    @sharon: after i read your comment i little know about conflict in cha family.
    this drama is daebak. i just fallin in love with drama not based on the good looking face of the player, but on their acting and story purely. it’s the second drama that i loved based on the storyline after secret. yes, the players are jisung and hwang jung eum too. hope that the ending of this drama not dissappointing viewers

  219. 219 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Sharon #193

    Aaaahh jinjja, despite the “good” headache you’re still reading my posts? But you know, two Tylenol tablets as a prophylaxis won’t cut it. C’mon, you still need Big Mother’s vitamins to keep you strong & have the same vitality like hers. So, no ifs or buts, go to your nearest Pharmacy!

    Okay, are you ready for the “kill”? No worries, I’ll “heal you” later on, promise. About Do Hyun’s Dad, CJP, don’t you find it quite strange that instead of picking him to be CEO, Big Father, then Chairman, chose his late wife, Min Seo Yun? Why not his own son? Why choose his daughter-in-law? In episode 4, we learned that Big Father chose her because she was pretty smart. Hmmm, quite fishy, if you ask me but that’s another topic. Anyway, there are a lot of options to hone his business skills, like he could have been mentored by Big Father, he could have undergone extensive training, or could have studied abroad, right? So, I’m thinking that the most logical explanation has to be the fact that CJP is not mentally stable. Take note, his wife at some point left him & went to America but later on she was tracked down & came back. There was no mention of divorce either. Ugh, what’s even worse is that I have this sickening thought that he was the one who abused DH initially & perhaps even molested him! If you think about it, what could be more traumatic for a 7 yr-old-child than to be molested & physically abused by your own father at such a young age?

    One last thing (because I can sense you’re reaching for that second dose of Tylenol!), after that huge fire incident at the Mansion, all the household personnel were replaced & he was hospitalized but kept hidden even from DH’s Mom. Why? If he was badly hurt then it’s but normal to be treated in a regular hospital. But why HIDE him? My guess, he’s in a very private specialized facility where his real medical condition could be kept safely hidden, to avoid tarnishing their good name. Makes perfect sense, don’t you think? Oh well, now comes the “heal you” part. Now you know my thoughts on DH’s Dad. Pretty much, ONE less thought from what you’re about to ponder as you watch episodes 5 & 6, which I will do as well. Yay, I saw a subbed episode 5 already! Btw, didn’t even peep at your post coz I haven’t seen it yet. Will read it later for sure!

  220. 220 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Big Fan#196

    Yaaay…….you’re here too! Being a huge fan of HJE like me, I was kind of wondering when you would show up. Soooo glad you finally did! Oh wow, remember my wish for her after she did that heart wrenching yet truly inspirational Endless Love, a drama which we both loved dearly? Since I’ve been crying buckets of tears watching her in melodramas lately, I so wanted her next project to be Rom/Com…….& finally I got it here in KMHM! She’s so killing her role as Oh Ri Jin! I love how wacky funny she has been….just so unbelievable! Gosh, her facial expressions are just priceless…..I can’t stop laughing! But my ultimate wacky funny moment had to be, hands down, that episode where she was kidnapped. Oh my gosh, even with her mouth taped, she was just so hysterically funny! Btw, at the recent 2014 SBS Drama Awards, she got 2 awards for her role in Endless Love- Top Excellence Actress (Long-length Series) & Top 10 Stars. Truly well-deserved! I couldn’t be any prouder!

    Welcome to the KMHM thread, Big Fan!

  221. 221 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Mellymel #212

    You’re most welcome! Oh wow, you finished watching already? How’s your heart?

  222. 222 : Mellymel Says:

    @Malou 1010:
    Yes I did 😊😊😀 finihed it one day I cant put it down . Ohhh I watched it last Thursday I still have the Secret effect. 😥😥😥

  223. 223 : usa-mary Says:

    Secy Ahn Gook so far has it down to the letter as to what each personality likes and uses their desired dream to persuade them to cooperate with him.

  224. 224 : usa-mary Says:

    The next time I’m in the mood to be nosey., I’m going to try using the revolving door. No one will notice as I go round ‘n round, in and out…right! LOL As if there’s a shortage of windows at a hospital.

  225. 225 : usa-mary Says:

    Well…well…well…there’s a bully on the loose! Chief Park treats the 1st year medical interns as if they’re a wad of gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe. As if tapping them on their frontal lobes with his ink pen wasn’t enough; he likes shin kicking them, too. Hmmm…I see a pair of crutches and a leg brace with his name on it in the very near future.

  226. 226 : Tayba Says:

    Anyone here watching “Jekyll and Hyde”?
    I have not started watching it yet and was wondering how it compared….

    I think I would like to hold off on watching J&H until KMHM is done, to better savor the latter.

  227. 227 : hanniekyu Says:

    I love this drama. So far I really enjoyed the storyline. The chemistry between Jisung and HJE are so great (love them in Secret too ^^) and all the entire casts act so good.
    Since the writer same as The Moon That Embrace The Sun, I want to know where the story goes. Can’t wait for another episode. KMHM daebak, fighting!!!

    @meooww: yes, I love Oh family too 🙂

    @Sharon: I think the missing child is Oh Ri On 😀
    Btw, I always enjoyed your comment, well written ^^b

  228. 228 : usa-mary Says:

    Oh Ri Jin and Oh Ri On are the BEST kdramaland siblings that I can say that I’ve ever watched and find hilarious. They’re endearing towards each other, serious, funny and cute! I really enjoy their antics.

    But, writer-nim, what kind of twist is this? If Dr. Oh is adopted, I can deal with that. If she was kidnapped, I can deal with that. But, her twin brother liking her like a man would a woman like some viewers are saying…NO WAY…even if they aren’t blood related…NO!

    Well, if nothing else…it takes patient Heo Sook Hee to liven up things in the hospital corridor! LOL She’s not only is a fantastic escape artist, she keeps her keen eagle eyes open along with her keen hearing. With all the gossip being exchanged among the medical staff, its a wonder all the patients haven’t tried to escape since the staff is too busy meddling in their colleagues personal affairs.

  229. 229 : Sharon Says:

    Why I don’t believe ORJ is the lost child. #1 if she is the missing child, that means she would be DH’s sister and if not, his aunt. If so DH and ORJ will not have a happy ending, becsuse who want’s to fall in love with their brother. No, I don’t think they are. I think ORO is the missing link.

  230. 230 : usa-mary Says:

    I like when Se Gi comes out because the first thing he’s going to do is go SHOPPING…C-H-A-R-G-E IT! He knows quality and has expensive taste…a man after my own heart!

    WOAH…the women in Do Hyun’s family are plastic and caustic! Telling a lie while sitting right across from the person being lied on, being called rabid and talking about telling all Seung Jin Group’s dirty secrets under the auspices of soju and will bite you rabid ‘n all… They make Joan Crawford, the infamous Mommy Dearest look like Elmo of Sesame Street.

    This is some weird stuff in episode 4. Se Gi entrapping Do Hyun’s image in the mirror is like the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits! Se Gi, I know you appeared and protected Do Hyun when he couldn’t handle the abuse, but baby don’t squash him, okay.

  231. 231 : hanniekyu Says:

    @Sharon: Indeed. Agree with you ^^b

  232. 232 : anb Says:

    This drama is very makes me curious and I cant wait patiently for every next episodes. I love storyline and chemistry between JS and HJE. They are my favorite especially HJE. She’s very different with another actress. They chemistry is priceless. Watching this drama is totally A MUST!!

  233. 233 : jelai Says:

    i really love this drama this is the 2nd tandem of jisung and jang eum…

  234. 234 : KDCraze Says:

    @Tayba#226, I’ve watched the first 2 episodes of Hyde, Jekyll and I but for the first 2 episodes I think Kill Me Heal Me storyline is better. Kill Me Heal Me story is more thrilling and fun to watch. The character lead in Kill Me Heal Me is also better. I love Cha Do Hyun and Shin Se Gi character but in Hyde, Jekyll and I, I don’t really like Goo Seo Jin character but I love Robin character. But I will still continuing to watch Hyde, Jekyll and I because I love Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min acting I want to see how the story progress. So far Kill Me Heal Me for the win. Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum have amazing chemistry. It’s fun to watched them. LOL.

  235. 235 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh wow, episodes 5 & 6 were both simply awesome! Totally loved them! Got to admit, seeing Se Gi wearing the “eye catching” RED overcoat with his hair combed away from his face (Heck NO! I want his fringe back & I want it NOW! Jeeeebal, Hair Stylist Team!), & with matching RED sports car, pretty much gave me the chills. Trouble was clearly written all over his face. As expected, though, Se Gi might be tough & rough on the outside but when he’s with Ri Jin, he’s a real softie deep inside! Seems like his heart melts like butter when she’s around. This is actually very encouraging since she could help him to get rid or at least control his violent side, which could benefit Do Hyun in the long run.

  236. 236 : malou1010 Says:

    Hmmm……that first kiss scene between Se Gi & Ri Jin, I’m not wholly into it. Aaaaahh, I soooo wanted it to be Do Hyun! Ooooops……..what the heck am I talking about? They’re ONE & the SAME, so no difference. Good grief, now I’m as confused as Ri Jin! Oh well, at least Do Hyun felt the kiss too since he came back just in the nick of time…….in the middle of the kiss. Perfect timing! But darn it, Do Hyun what the heck were you thinking in episode 6? You almost had it & you blew it………coward! Oh dear me, Ri Jin (a little drunk but still coherent) with those anticipating lips of hers, was so darn disappointed & frustrated (Heck, me too!) when confused Do Hyun backed out from kissing her! Seriously, I just completely lost it when she demanded that kiss from him! HaHaHa! Yah, she has a point too……..those pounding hearts (which included mine, as well!) definitely needed confirmation & what better way to find out but with a kiss? Oh my gosh, she was sooooo freaking funny as she tried her darndest to GET that kiss from him! And with Ri On getting in the picture, it made that scene even more hilarious! But what’s even funnier was when poor Ri Jin poured her heart out to Rin, their dog, because the rest of the Oh family was chastising her. HaHaHa!

  237. 237 : malou1010 Says:

    Speaking of the Oh family, I simply loved how warmly they welcomed Do Hyun to their home. And RJ’s Mom was so sweet (I love her to bits!) when she gave the obviously overwhelmed Do Hyun a load of her delicious homemade food. I absolutely love the Oh family! They’re such a warm & caring people.

    I’m also crazy about the Oh twins! I love how they care & support each other. Up until now, I don’t see what others are saying that Ri On loves Ri Jin in a different way. As far as I’ve seen, he loves & adores his sister, & would do anything to be protective of her, pretty much like any brother would be willing to do for his younger sister.

  238. 238 : malou1010 Says:

    Yaaaay……..Jolly Ahjussi, Perry Park is back! He just brightens my day. Kamsahamnida, writernim! Seeing how “inept” he was with parking Do Hyun’s car, I now have an idea where he got his name. Could it be that Do Hyun, in his subconscious mind, has always been yelling at Jolly Perry everytime he parks his car? Pretty much like this………..Andwae! Aniyo Perry!…….jebal, don’t park there but here……..Aaaahh, jinjja, I said PARK here, not there!………Yah! PERRY PARK HERE!!! So there, he became Perry Park! HaHaHa!

    Gosh, give him a break, writernim! With no boat in sight yet, couldn’t he stay a bit longer? Poor Perry, he was snatched right back in by no less than Do Hyun. Perfect timing, though, pretty much like when he “kiss-crashed” Se Gi’s first kiss scene! Ri Jin, most definitely, has a very strong effect on Do Hyun’s subconscious mind. Good thinking too! Knowing Perry’s love for drinking, it’s a reeeeally bad idea to bring him anywhere near that basement where he could binge drink Daddy Oh’s homemade beer! Now that would be just a disaster in the making.

  239. 239 : eny Says:

    so far this drama is intersting, my only complain is why they give eyes changing with computer effect n the tattoo appear n missing when do hyun ghange too se gi, it’s more like fantasy drama, i hope the changing moment is more realistic

  240. 240 : malou1010 Says:

    Seriously, though, I guess Do Hyun made up Perry Park because subconsciously, he wanted to be as spontaneous, laid back, & fun loving as Perry amidst his rigid & stressful life. I feel that Perry comes out when Do Hyun kind of takes life too seriously & to balance it off, Perry shows him how to enjoy life & how to have some fun, sort of heals him in a way.

    As for Nana, I think all three of them (DH, RJ, & RO) met when they were kids & became friends. They were all together during that huge fire incident at the Mansion, that’s why all three have the same fear of basement & fire. I think RJ accidentally cause that fire incident, that’s why she said she’s sorry when DH saved her from the warehouse fire. DH, on the other hand, has been harboring this guilt from that Mansion fire because he thinks his friend RJ with her twin brother RO died & he did nothing to save them. That’s why he made up Nana to remind him of his childhood friend.

    As for Se Gi, I disagree with some posters who are saying that Se Gi is actually the REAL owner of the body. I believe that Do Hyun is the REAL owner. He made up Se Gi because he needed to forget his painful past & have a fresh start. Se Gi knows everything about Do Hyun- his pains & sufferings as well as his childhood friends RJ & RO. All these were locked in Do Hyun’s mind & he gave them all to Se Gi, that’s why he doesn’t remember ever meeting Ri Jin but Se Gi does. Se Gi has time & again threatened Do Hyun about killing him, so this in itself is proof that he is just an alter ego. Why kill Do Hyun if it would mean killing himself too? Besides, it absolutely doesn’t make any sense at all, that the REAL owner (presumably Se Gi) took all the traumatic past & sucked it all in, then made up an alter ego (presumably Do Hyun) who would then forget about his painful past & take the main role of the body temporarily.

    As for Yo Sub, I think the stressful situations he’s having, like, his problem with Se Gi lately, work-related stress caused by his jerk of a cousin JP,

  241. 241 : malou1010 Says:

    As I was saying, work-related stress caused by his jerk of a cousin KJ, the arranged marriage his Grandma is pushing on him, his confusion on what he’s feeling for Ri Jin, & the uncertainty of whether Ri Jin would ever agree to be his secret doctor…..all these are pushing him to the edge and he feels kind of trapped. This feeling of utter desperation enables Yo Sub to come out.

    In a way, I feel kind of relieved he’s coming out sooner than I expect him to. It’s only episode 7 & he’s here already? I’m really excited how Ri Jin would be able to reach Yo Sub’s heart. If she wins his heart then that’s one less alter ego! But since Yo Na is his twin sister, does that mean she too will come out to foil his suicide attempt? Sooooo glad tomorrow is Wednesday! Absolutely loving KMHM!!!

  242. 242 : mimi Says:

    Kill me Heal me is the best Drama I have ever watched

  243. 243 : Sharon Says:

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!! 🙊🙊
    Yes, I believe that DH is the real person and not SSG. I don’t buy your Perry Park and Nana theory, but believe Yo Sub’s.
    I am going to watch ep 6 now!

  244. 244 : luvKdramas Says:

    KMHM win hands down! Ji Sung is such a great actor and the chemistry between him and Hwang Jung Eum are amazing. KMHM, it’s definitely drama of 2015, 2 thumbs up!

    I have never post comments before and couldn’t resist not commenting on KMHM.

    Keep up the great work Ji Sung!

  245. 245 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 6, guys!! Sorry I am like totally late!!! But, Better late than never right!!

    Ok, so, ORJ puckered up waiting fo DH’s lips, but he swerved her.🙀 Is it because SG warned him not to touch his woman!! Damn!! How the hell you are in the same body and making threatening demands ooonnn youurrr own body!👀

    Wait a darn minute! ORJ yoked DH up and demanded for him to kiss her. She claimed she is tired and confused as to who she has feelings for and if he kissed her shewill be able to recognize/confirm who her bell tolls for and could put her feeling in check. Hahahahaha!! ORJ brother came in the basement and saw ORJ on top of DH and yell for his mother. Hahahahaha!! My brothers would do that too. How embarrassing!!🙈🙈🙈

    Did the mom gave him enough food?! Is the mother saying sorry with the food? Hahahahaha!
    But I must say that HJE played ORJ character very well and it’s not the big acting like screaming etc. it how she acted after she was caught. The holding down of the head so her hair can cover her face so DH could not se her it’s the stomping of her feet and yelling that she did not locked him in. The act of feeling so embarrassed that she had to expell her frustration to the dog. That’s all great acting, because anyone us would have done the same. Bravo!👏
    Wait a darn picking minute!!! Did SSG summond Yo Sub to kill The body, because DH tryed to kiss his woman?!! Shit just got real!!

  246. 246 : Sharon Says:

    Sorry, was not finished!!
    Here we go again. Did you guys see all that liquor and cigaretts that SSG consumed?! Shit, if Yo Sub don’t kill him, that will!! Oh trip, SSG trashed the place, he is serious DH better leave RJ alone, because he is not playing!!

    No, no and hellll no, CY is sleeping with JH!! Are you kidding me!! And she act like she cares so much for DH. Chuck that beach!

    Hahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha! EJ really wanted that kiss, emmmmmberrrrrrrrrrrrsiiiiinnnnnnnnnn!! Hahahahaha.

    DH came up with a really good strategy. Keep ORJ by his side and he will also keep SSG calm and in the process take care of The Company while slowly eliminating his personalities especially SSG with her help as a physician.👌👌

    I like how he put CY in her place, although he did it to protect her from SSG. I am glad he did. Yeah!! 😏😏

    Brother and Sister Relationship, Priceless!!!

    I can’t stand JH!! He is not cute and he is fake.

    Yo sub tries to kill them all!!

    I have to say that this episode made me thank the Writer and Director for A job well done. 👏👏👏👏 love the story and the direction. The actors are great!! PSJ play his character ORO like a real brother. That was his job and he conquered it. Yes he did.

  247. 247 : Sharon Says:

    The barcode colors tell you the type of product that presented. For example, blue barcode represent SSG, green barcode represent Ahn Yo Sub, white barcode represent DH and yellow barcode gave us Perry Park. So, it not fantasy and the red mark on SSG neck is suppose to be the continuation of the tattoo he was in the process of getting, but DH personality came back and ran out of the tattoo shop. Eps 1

  248. 248 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, SG loves to shop and I am glad, because he looks good girl!! I want him to stay a lot longer, with his fineee self. And I want him to kick JH’s ask.

  249. 249 : Sharon Says:

    What’s up!! Where is everyone!! Well I am about to watch ep 7 I have some time on my hands today. Love to hear from viewers!!

  250. 250 : eny Says:

    @ sharon
    for me it’s strange i thought split personality is mind problem i guees the eye didn’t affected n tatto is drawn on the body even the in his mind he’s somebody else but the body is the same so the tattoo should not dissappear suddently, btw this drama still fun to watch

  251. 251 : Dy.K Says:

    Just watched the appearence of Ahn You Na on MBC youtube channel…he (or she?) is really a scene maker 😀 That cute hairpin and high pitch tone (as high as that man voice could do) calling those hallyu star with “Oppaaaa” So far i like this personality…waiting for Mr. X to appear.
    So far watching eps 6 and still continue…maybe i will try to watch Jekyll, Hyde n I or Heart To Heart later if there’s a good review.

  252. 252 : Sharon Says:

    YOOO, Ji Sung deserve multiple awards for his performance in this drama!! Watching ep 7 and had to take a break to say that. It’s not easy to play 7 diffrent character and JS nailed it. He look and act like a 17yes old depress kid. Wow!! JS ROCKS!!

  253. 253 : vc Says:

    its really not easy to play 7 characters at a time. js you are amazing!

  254. 254 : vc Says:

    its really not easy to play 7 characters at a time. js you are amazing! hje you are awesome!

  255. 255 : Mellymel Says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Ep 7 made me cry. CDH mom definitely knows a lot What is she afraid of?

    I miss Se Gi ❤️❤️❤️

    Love ORJ family so hilarious lovin them😊😊😊.

    AYN acting was the best I cant handle it… Oppa! Oppa! (LOL)

    The best drama so far.

    Btw, I checked out Jekyll Hyde and me. I didnt finish Ep 1. No comment till I watch the whole thing. I will not going to watch till I finish this one kill me heal me.

  256. 256 : Sharon Says:

    Oh my gosh!! Did anyone bawl at the rooftop scene in ep7? I did!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫

  257. 257 : love angel Says:

    this the best drama i see i love all Korean drama but this first time i wait for drama ji sung best actor in this drama

  258. 258 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, yes, yes. This drama is more than fun to watch.

    Guys, I realized that, It’s like the whole crew has this great chemistry between them!! The O family act like they are really family. JS and HWE has this amazing chemistry on screen. Park Seo Joon and HWE has great chemistry as brother and sister. Surprisingly, CY and DH have chem between then although it’s a push and pull relationship. As slimey as JH is he and DH has chem. Whoever choose the cast got it right!! I am glad Lee Seung Ki refuse due to scheduling issues, because no one could rock this drama like this cast.

  259. 259 : Carmarie Says:

    I love this drama. I agree with Malou1010, Cha Do Hyun is the real person and not Shin Se Gi. My take is that all three knew each other as children and were together when the fire broke out. Oh Rin On is the missing brother and I think buried in Rin On’s subconscious he knows that he is Cha Do Hyun’s brother. I do not know the circumstances behind him being raised as Oh Rin Jin’s twin brother, but their parents know a lot more then they are saying. I am anticipating the next episode. Ji Sung is a very good actor and this drama showcases his skills and talents. Since this drama takes place so early in the season, I hope he isn’t forgotten about during the award season.

  260. 260 : Mellymel Says:

    Ep7: Yes the rooptop scene made me cry😭😭😭.

    Ep8: Hahaha! CDH is he adapting Segis personality/ character? That ORJ CDH secretaty seems to mistaken him for SeGi. Hmmm!

  261. 261 : fann29 Says:

    Lol, I enjoy ep 8 a lot. I really lol when Yo Na appear. My admiration to JS acting double when he act Yo Na. He act as a teenage girl perfectly well to the point that I actually believe it.
    Though I notice there is a scene cut between Yo Na got a little ‘accident’ and Do Hyun unconscious. Also, what’s up with that cotton in their nose? Both of Do Hyun and Ri Jin’s nose aren’t bleed before so its unreasonable. But I try to ignore that tiny detail because it didn’t effect the whole story anyway.
    I’m so happy how they end their ep 8. So touching. I can’t wait for next week ep. I’ve already watch next ep preview and saw JS act as Na Na. So cute~

  262. 262 : malou1010 Says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay…………Kill Me Heal Me is killing it, in ratings & rankings! Finally, the much-deserved two-digit ratings! I couldn’t be any happier! Keep it up KMHM Team!

  263. 263 : amelia Says:

    i love read comments for KMHM. every comment very LIFE. doesn’t like comments in other dramas which only giving “wow, this drama is good” or “i like the actor, he is very handsome”. people who comment in this drama really sharing each other. telling what he/she guess. i think this is the effect of the story that make us having difference opinion. we can completing each other. i not only love the cast and crew of KMHM, but also love the viewers who loving it <3

  264. 264 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh wow, you guys have watched both episodes already? My turn then! I wanted both subbed episodes to come out before watching so goooooooooootta run now! Be back in a few!

  265. 265 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Sharon

    Hmmm……..which Perry theory were you referring to, the FUN theory or the SERIOUS theory? Just kidding! Btw, you didn’t read my take on DH’s Dad? Oh, alright I got it. It’s kinda long, huh? Still, you did have your stock of Tylenols on hand so girl, what gives? About your take on MSY & Cha Gun Ho (Grandfather), I agree, totally! That’s why in my post re Cha Joon Pyo, DH’s Dad, I said I smell something fishy going on between their “relationship.” So have I somehow instilled a teensy-weensy bit of curiousity in you, that now you’re itching to read my post?

  266. 266 : LD Says:

    Appearance AhnYoNa does influence the ratings! esp. rating from AGB.. Great. This drama is getting better and better..

  267. 267 : marika Says:

    Ji Sung is just gorgeous and I mean it.Awesome acting again from him.
    Is he married and expecting a child?
    This OTP saved me some years of shipping them then.
    they have in both dramas they played THE CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!

  268. 268 : pricillya Says:

    I like kiss scene in kill me heal me, the director choses a romantic Place… Ahk…… It’s so romantic right????

  269. 269 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, guys, guy!! If you have not watch ep 8 as YET! Get it together guys and run to that computer and watch!!

    Ok, so, Yo Na came to life and boy that was hilarious!! I laugh my ask off!!! Then YN hit the pole and was out for the count.

    CY got jealous of DH’s relationships and now stressing to be his woman. I see her messing with RJ in the near future.

    Oh my goodness!!! Oh my lord!! Oh my, my!! The damn kiss had me all mixed up!! Has to do a double take!! Like what the F….!!! DH kissed her so passionately and slow and welcoming and soft and just damn good!! The put his hands around her waist and pull her gently to him so their body’s could meet then he kissed her again this time more hungrly and RJ accept his kiss every drop of it..
    Guys!! guys, guys, guys. Ep 8 got me all caught up in the game!!!

    I usually critique a drama about their inconsistencies, lack of story developement, lack of Chen between cast, direction sucks, or script started out good but ends awful. The craziest thing for me is I can’t find a thing to complain about. This drama is that good!!🌟🌟✨
    The OST is great, cast chem is on point, script is good, acting is off the chain!! The kissing scene shows great acting, because I felt that kiss to to the top of my toe and wanted DH to kiss me!! Hahahaha. Damn!!
    This drama begins my year with a splash and future dramas has to come really good to top this.

  270. 270 : Carmarie Says:

    I loved Episode 8, it made me laugh, Jo Sung’s protrayal of Ahn You Na was on point… the idol worship and the cat fight had me laughing so loud. The scenes between Cha Ki Joon and Han Chae Yon were also great and well acted. I like the pace at which the writers are moving the romance between DCH and ORJ. The kiss at the end of episode 8 was so sweet and romantic…wow.

  271. 271 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahaha!! GUYS!! Did you check out RJ’s face when DH began turning into Yo Na, priceless.
    Hahahahaha, did you guys saw the boy band reaction when YN pushed everyone aside to get to the front of the crowd. It was even funnier when they said boys tend to like their music more than girls and guess who showed up? YN, who looked like DH. Too funny😄😄😄😄

    I must give the writer props for this drama. Writernim, KAMSAHAMNIDA🎉🎈🎉👏👏👍👏🌟

  272. 272 : Sharon Says:


    I like reading your stuff!! As a matter of fact I like reading everyone’s comments. Although Yours can be a bit long-winded😀😃😄 just kidding, just kidding. Hahahaha. What were you saying about the dad? I must have missed that part

  273. 273 : rory Says:

    I can’t believe ep.7 makes me cry so hard..and then Yona makes his/her appearance in ep.8! HAHAHA..Ji Sung!!!! i’m dying of laughing watching ur acting! OMG, he nailed all his characters! Now imagine what will Lee Bo Young’s react when she watched that ep 😆 😆 😆

    Standing ovation! TQ show, I enjoy it so far. All cast really did a great job, great chemistry with each other^^ can’t wait for Nana & Mysterious X

  274. 274 : hebatollah badadwy Says:

    This amazing drama ,,i love this drama so much ..i can not waiting the next eps…and i love the character special shin si gi ……fighting,,,,,,,

  275. 275 : cimm Says:


  276. 276 : Ohrijin Says:

    Waiting For Nana ep9…
    The Best Korean Drama 2015!!!

  277. 277 : agnesia Says:

    This drama was awesome, daebak!! The story, the actor and actress were very pro! Wanjoo big pro!!

    JI SUNG woowwww amazing acting!! You can do all the character and the mimic all differents, you’re done excellent.

  278. 278 : ranazahra Says:

    KMHM place on number two for my favorite drama list. I started watching korean drama when i was eight years old and now i’m 20 yo. My best favorite drama is My Love from another star, before it got so popular and from the first time it was out, i love it so much. KMHM is superb! My heart always pounding so hard from the first episode.. Jisung seriously such an outstanding actor since he can show all the character perfectly fine. I started to have a twisted mind that everytime another personality out, it was not jisung who played dohyun. He can make me think that ALL the character are played from another person who just have the face same as jisung. And also hwang jung eum is so funny and make the story got more interesting. I love KMHM sooo much. I can watched one episode for three times in a day. I love it that much :).

  279. 279 : risat1706 Says:

    Ahn Yo Na daebak~~ success makes me LOL when he run to meet his oppa and when he and Ri Jin were fight. The personalities really interest, especially Se Gi, Perry Park, and Ahn Yo Na..
    Kill Me Heal Me ~~ dae~~bak!!!!

  280. 280 : malou1010 Says:

    @ ranazahra

    My goodness, you started watching pretty young! So you’ve been watching kdramas for 12 solid years…….WOW! That means I’m pretty much a newbie coz I just started watching kdramas 3 yrs ago! But you’re absolutely right, KMHM is absolutely BEYOND AMAZING! Both Ji Sung & Hwang Jung Eum are so incredibly awesome playing their roles! Love this drama to death! Btw, welcome to the thread!

  281. 281 : Wena Jackson Says:

    I can’t wait and I can’t sleep thinking the next episode.
    I’m so in love with you Ji song 😉

  282. 282 : fann29 Says:

    @268: pricillya
    Mine too and I agree its so romantic. The kiss scene makes me go gaga.

    @271: Sharon
    Yes, her expression is so epic. My fav line in ep 8 “So annoying! Look at this ahjusshi’s face, seriously!” I lol at this line and the boy band reaction. Hahaha

  283. 283 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahahaha!! I can’t get over that scene either!! It’s crazy, Hahahaha!
    You know what I also loved in ep 8? The kiss!!

  284. 284 : Sasha12 Says:

    Omg!! HJE & JS!!! They are in another romantic drama!!! Finally my wish came true afterall!!! I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!! My most favorite onscreen Korean actor & actress are back!!! Definitely going to watch this drama!!!!!!!

  285. 285 : ayy Says:

    I will ship JS and HJE if it is JS not married already!! they are look cute together, and their kissing scene is so damn romantic! every single things about this drama is awesome~~

  286. 286 : KDCraze Says:

    I can’t stop laughing watching ep.8. Ahn Yo Na is daebak, running like a fan girl chasing oppa. LOL. Loved the kiss also is soo romantic. Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum is so amazing. It’s the best drama for me that is currently airing.

    @Malou#280, I’ve been watching K-drama for 15 yrs since young with my mum also. I guess most of people who watched Kill Me Heal Me is K-drama addict. LOL. And because Ji Sung is a good actor. I first watched Ji Sung in All In when he is acting as the bad boy. Then watched him in Terms Of Endearment, Save The Last Dance, Swallow The Sun, Protect The Boss and Secret. Those are my favourites Ji Sung dramas.

  287. 287 : ugly519 Says:

    whats up with the rating…this is another good drama…

  288. 288 : kyna Says:

    hope this drama get better ranking…totally in love with this drama…cant wait for next ep…nana..peace~~

  289. 289 : Big fan Says:

    I was not sure if I wanted watch this drama initially since the plot seem so complicated, but I started because I am a huge fan of HJE. I originally fell in love her with the drama “Can You Hear My Heart?” In KMHM she is spectacular as always, but what really surprised me is the versatility of JS. This drama really showcases his talent as a actor… The “twin” YoSub and YoNa were truly amazing! I felt so sad for YoSub and then never laughed so hard watching a drama as when YoNa showed up!

    I am totally intrigued with unanswered question yet….who is the adopted child… RiJin or RiOn…. Which leads to more important question of “Is one of them a child of the daughter-in-law?” Who abused DoHyan?

    Such an excellent drama!

  290. 290 : me_nina Says:

    @Big fan
    i think the one that adopted by Oh family is Oh Ri On. Oh Ri Jin is childood friend and first love of Cha Do Hyeon. but it’s just my opinion~ hhaha~

  291. 291 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Big fan

    Hey there! Glad you’re back! Okay, my take on the Oh twins. After watching both episodes, I have a feeling that both Ri On & Ri Jin are adopted, and Ri On is the missing child of MSY. Guess what? I’d go even further with my wild guess coz I think the late Chairman CGH & his daughter-in-law, MSY had an affair, that’s why she left for America. Now as to who abused DH, I have this awful feeling that initially it was his father, CJP. What’s even worse is that I think he even abused him. Why? I’m guessing CJP is mentally unstable. Precisely why he’s kept hidden somewhere extremely private so his real medical condition could be kept a secret to protect their name. How’s that? Pretty wild, huh? Of course, except for Ri On, I could be way off base with CJP.

  292. 292 : malou1010 Says:

    @ KDCraze

    Oh wow, it’s official then, I’m a newbie! Same here, my Mom got me into watching kdramas. I wasn’t into it before because I find watching & reading subtitles quite tedious but she loves it so much that I gave it a try. Oh my, I was completely hooked! My first kdrama was My Princess & up until now, I love watching it.

    I saw Protect The Boss & Secret. I’m such a huge fan of HJE, & at the same time I loved them so very much in Secret, so pretty much KMHM is a double treat for me.

  293. 293 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh my gosh, KMHM is just so unbelievable! It absolutely gets even better with each episode. Both episodes 7 & 8 were incredibly amazing. Episode 7 was just so powerful & moving. That rooftop scene was pretty intense & emotionally charged. Seriously, when Ri Jin held out her hand & begged Yo Sub to come down with that warm & gentle voice, I just lost it! It was quite an emotional moment. But the highlight for me was that part when she was desperately trying to reach Do Hyun’s subconscious mind, & to bring him back she was crying out his name repeatedly. It was so heartbreaking to see Do Hyun almost drowning, because to me it symbolizes exactly how he must have felt all these years……..suffocated, helpless, & desperate. What made this scene even more meaningful was that for the first time ever, he heard his name being called out…….he heard her desperate voice calling his name…….& he actually woke up & came back because of her! Love love love that scene so much!

  294. 294 : malou1010 Says:

    Ri Jin’s thoughts on why she chose to stay was absolutely beautiful. She said that unlike Do Hyun, she has a loving family who cares for her & accepts her for who she is, & most of all, she has good memories to fall back on to get her through hard times. But Do Hyun doesn’t have any of these. He’s practically on his own as he struggles to keep it together. He lives each day with the guilt & uncertainty everytime he loses his memory & time. He can’t even get close to people so he shuns having friends. Precisely, why she chose to stay & help him, instead. Loved the ending of episode 7 where she told him that it’s okay to grab onto someone else’s hand if they offer it to you……..it was such a sincere & heartfelt gesture! I’m loving this drama sooooo much more! And I’m so very much in love with Do Hyun & Ri Jin!

  295. 295 : malou1010 Says:

    Which brings me to the hysterically hilarious episode 8! Good heavens, I can’t even imagine how the heck HJE & JS managed to get through the scenes without cracking up! Because it was just INSANE! Love love love Yo Na! Never thought Perry Park could ever be replaced in my heart but along came Yo Na! Ri Jin’s horrified look as she laid eyes on the troublemaker, Yo Na, just totally killed me……laughing! And I just knew that she wore that ribbon hair clip for one reason only, that is……..so Yo Na could steal it from her! HaHaHa! Loved how she was fishing for a complement from the obviously distraught Ri Jin! And oh my gosh, that utterly feminine run she did as she rushed to see her “oppa” & that confused look on her oppa’s face at the sight of a grown man wearing a suit with a ribbon hair clip waving eagerly at him……had me dying laughing! It was just craaaaazy funny! I just couldn’t stop laughing.

    But I have to say, Yo Na met her match in Ri Jin! Ri Jin pretty much as spunky as Yo Na finally caught up with her. And sure enough, she made her presence known & felt by hurling something at Yo na’s head! And my goodness, the insanely hilarious hair pulling match began! HaHaHa! MY stomach was hurting because I was laughing so darn hard! Uh-oh, with her hitting the pole, I’m almost sure Ri Jin would definitely find it awfully hard to win Yo Na’s heart the next time she surfaces! Oh writernim, I would reeeeally love to see Jolly Perry Park & spunky Yo Na together………pretty pretty please!

  296. 296 : malou1010 Says:

    On a serious note, I simply loved the first night out of Do Hyun & Ri Jin where they had a heart-to-heart talk, a first for him, since he had never open up to anyone before & hardly talks about his feelings to anyone. And the way they ended the night was just sooo beautiful! I’ve been waiting for that moment when Do Hyun would open his heart to Ri Jin, unafraid & defiant of Se Gi, & just go with what his heart tells him. And with that kiss he did it! Looooove that scene so much! Can’t wait for the next episode where Do Hyun starts to heal with Ri Jin alongside. Sooo excited to see Nana. Seems like no one is aware of Mysterous X, including Do Hyun. Wow, that’s another twist worth the wait!

  297. 297 : malou1010 Says:

    Post #291

    Correction: What’s even worse is that I think he even molested him.

  298. 298 : coco Says:

    Ji Sung and Jung Eum, i cant explain with words.. how i love this couple so muchhhhh..
    no words..no words..
    They did great job

  299. 299 : Big fan Says:

    @malou1010… I really like reading your insightful thoughts…

  300. 300 : kyna Says:

    i just watching jackyl hyde n me…i cant get the storyline n watch it make me sleepy…kill me heal me is the best 2015 drama…hope the rating going up for nex ep…love segi…hehe

  301. 301 : ranazahra Says:

    @malou #280 hahaha yep i started too young till i have a dreamy romantic scenes syndrome from the dramas since then 🙂 and have a mix scenes in mind everytime i started to recall some drama.. Wow look into your inner thoughts about this drama it looks like you’re the writer hahaha such a good guess! Oh ya, for you all who want to see another drama while waiting KMHM to have more episode, please go watch Healer. It also a superb drama, i highly recommend it 🙂

  302. 302 : Nha Astari Says:

    Wuuaah~~ Na Na (Jisung Oppa Daeebaak~~)
    Can’t wait for ep 9 and Ost Part 3 Kill Me, Heal Me..
    Will not sleep tonight >,<

  303. 303 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Big fan #299

    Aaww…..coming from you, it means a lot to me! So have you “moved on” from our sunk ship, KC/IA, in Endless Love? As for me, I had Mr. Back to thank for coz it sure healed my broken heart! HaHaHa! I have a feeling, though, that you & jamie took it to heart coz I’ve never seen you guys around in any threads since Endless Love. I thought my Endless Love gang would all be showing up for HJE in a Rom/Com genre but so far it’s just you & me. Saw aznative a few pages back but she hasn’t been around lately. Anyway, as long as you’re around, I’m good coz I equally like reading your POVs!

  304. 304 : malou1010 Says:

    @ ranazahra #301

    Oh gosh, I’m reeeally addicted to this drama that I can’t help but gush about it in my posts! I assure you that I only do this to kdramas that get me totally hooked with just the initial one or two episodes. And this is exactly what KMHM did! Guess what? I rewatched episode 8 a while ago (actually, this is my 3rd time!) & it hasn’t lost its magic……it was even more hilarious than before! Funny thing is I know exactly what part Yo Na will surface but I still find it insanely funny. Can’t get over this line when Yo Na told Ri Jin to stop talking because she was so loud loud loud loud ! HaHaHa! Then added, what’s with that opened mouth with her teeth showing! And Ri Jin’s expression was just epic!

    Oh my goodness, Yo Na is one alter ego worth waiting for again! In the preview, the alter ego looks like Nana because of the bear but she kinda acts like Yo Na when she said peace. What do you think? And did I get it right that ALL the alter egos will be coming out? Wow! I’m even more excited than ever! Thank goodness, it’s Wednesday!

  305. 305 : agnesia Says:


    Ri jin lips is for se gi and do hyun …. Lol !!
    And looks like she’s enjoyed it much, every second 😀

  306. 306 : Dhez Says:

    Done watching raw episode9, I thought its full of fun already but when Se Gi reappears again, beware for those who make Do Hyun’s childhood experience horrible and miserable. Even though I like Se Gi more but now I pity more Do Hyun and if I am not mistaken Ri Jin already falls for Do Hyun.
    So excited for tomorrows riot episode.

  307. 307 : park jun sung Says:

    why i dont watch this is bcoz jisung is very ugly. i lost my interest….

  308. 308 : Sharon Says:

    I love this because Ji sung is very ugly and I lovvee his ugliness.

  309. 309 : Lulu Says:

    lmaooo y’all are too funny
    also if ji sung is ugly the average person must be as beautiful as a puckered

  310. 310 : sara Says:

    ji sung , u r so cute in yona. u are great actor and renewable in ur roles.
    ur granda , i hate her

  311. 311 : sara Says:

    ji sung doesnt need ur oppinion or u to watch. so u r not important

  312. 312 : Mellymel Says:


    Watched Ep 9 Raw: Poor RI Jin shes so tired. Yona like oppa Ri On thats really funny.

    Yo Sob always made me cry 😢😢😢.

    Haha! My Segi is back with a vengeance! 😡😡😡 Jeolous Shin segi is back

    I am really curious of what Ri on’ saying to CDH.

  313. 313 : Tayba Says:

    Summary of Episode 9:

    OH MY GOD!

  314. 314 : Mellymel Says:

    Wow! Eng sub Ep 9 is on 🙂

    Hmmm…I think Ri On is the child in the basement not CDH. CDH, ORJ and RiOn they probably met all in the house and play in the basement where the fire started and that CDH started it or it could be his mom who probably so jealous since she is a mistress. I think CDH saw all these things thats why his mom was scared that nana is appearing….Just throwing some of conclusions hehehe! ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  315. 315 : me_nina Says:

    wow..ep 9 so funny, romantic, and dramatic. i never stop to laugh.. 😀
    ooh..finally shin segi is coming~ <3
    @Mellymel wow…ur opinion is daebak…i never thought like that. i think maybe it could happen.

  316. 316 : ni.ne Says:

    i really really love this drama.. i cant wait what will happen next.. one of the best and highly recommended drama.. 😉 😉 imiss shin se gi

  317. 317 : Lin Says:

    Just can’t get enuf of tis drama. Ha!ha! Had been laughing insanely cos all characters were so funny. fighting!

  318. 318 : Adeul Says:

    So the writer brother is in love with his big sis? Messed-up even though they’re aren’t blood.

  319. 319 : malou1010 Says:

    Another great episode! My goodness, I think by the time KMHM ends, I would have used up all adjectives coz this drama is just sooooo defi-freaking-nitely AWESOME! Like episode 8, episode 9 was equally hilarious. Okay now, I knew it! There was something about the alter ego in the preview for episode 9 that seemed off to me. I had a feeling the one saying “peace” couldn’t be the 7 year-old child, Nana. Andwae! And yesssssss……..it’s Yo Na! She was just freaking hilarious when she fussed about not finding a single skirt & no make up in Ri Jin’s stuff! And oh my gosh, that line that just had me laughing hard in episode 8, Yo Na again blurted it all out……..I told you not to show your teeth! HaHaHa! Well, well, well she certainly has good taste in men……she likes Ri On! Can’t blame her coz Ri On is smexy especially with that new hairstyle he has now. Oh dear me, must she always have an “accident” everytime she’s snatched back in? Nope, not gonna happen, I don’t think Yo Na & Ri Jin could ever hit it off as friends! To Yo Na, Ri Jin will always be a wench! HaHaHa! Love their scenes!

    Yaaaay…….a dream come true! Jolly Perry Park is back! And tinkering with his favorite device……..the rice cooker! HaHaHa! Oh my gosh, Ri Jin had me in stitches with her energetic dance moves! The sight of the two of them dancing like there’s no tomorrow (at least in RJ’s side!) was just soooooo INSANE! This scene actually brought tears to my eyes coz I can’t stop laughing! I cannot wait to watch the BTS of this scene! HJE was sooooo freaking funny!

  320. 320 : malou1010 Says:

    I love how this drama throws in some humor while not forgetting the serious side of DID. The appearance of Yo Sub gave a glimmer of hope that Ri Jin has indeed won his heart. Just loved the tone of her voice when she talks to him…….it’s been always warm, gentle, & so comforting! And Yo Sub saying thank you to her, that he was tired & would rest, & that he was not thinking of killing himself…….pretty much tells me that he’s now ok and perhaps won’t be surfacing again! Hope I’m right in reading him.

    I’m still hanging on with my first theory that Ri On is the missing child of MSY; that Ri Jin is Nana who was Do Hyun’s childhood friend; that all three- Ri Jin, Ri On, & Do Hyun were childhood friends & all three were at the basement when the fire occurred which was caused by Ri Jin; & that Do Hyun’s secret which made him lose his memory was this traumatic experience of being abused & molested as a child by his father CJP; & that his father is mentally unstable.

    I’m so excited to watch episode 10! I want Ri Jin to finally get through Se Gi, pretty much like what she did to Yo Sub. With Ri Jin being the key to unlock Do Hyun’s memory could it be that by doing so, she would also unlock what’s been kept hidden in her mind as well? Why is she afraid of basements & fire like Do Hyun? Aaaah jinjja, I’m sooooooo in love with this drama!!!!

  321. 321 : derion Says:

    I love this drama, but why is the rating is low. Haha. Btw am not really into the rating but this drama is beyond expectations and I am really hooked. Fighting to the team and staffs !

  322. 322 : trea Says:

    @malou : I have different mind. I think the lost child is Ri Jin. Its more more possible than we compare it with Ri On.
    Let’s start with this. Do Hyun is adopted by MSY and Jun Pyo. Jun Pyo can’t gave MSY child, he is infertile. That’s why CEO Seo very hate Do Hyun, becoz he is not her grandson by blood. That’s why CEO Seo just make Do Hyun as temporer wings to her until her child(jun Pyo) wakes up.. That’s why Do Hyun has very big traumatic coz not only by fire accident but also he’d been treated unwell by his father and his grandma… Of course Ki Joons parents doesn’t know about this (that Do Hyun is adopted child), becoz its the secret of Big Fathers family. If Ki Joons know that big Father don’t have real grandson, Ki Joons family can really takes all the company
    Oh Ri Jin is MSY child, the father is,, i don’t know yet hahaa… But the point is, Ri Jin still don’t have any right to the company
    When big father bring back MSY from US with her unknown child (Ri Jin), this child hidden by big father in the basement. At that time, Ri Jin and Do Hyun actually live together in that house, but Ri Jin always hid by her granpa at the basement. And that’s why Ri Jin have trauma with basement. But Do Hyun often visit her and cheers Ri Jin at the basement. Until that tragedy comes. Fire set by CEO Seo to kill her husband, MSY, Ri Jin, so that Do Hyun can freely promoted as president
    Oh Ri On knews everything becoz at the time he knew that Ri Jin not his real twins, he search everything from the media, going to US, etc… To find everything about his sister

  323. 323 : me_nina Says:

    you guys..did you see at the top on the main cast part of this page…

    Main Cast
    Ji Sung as Cha Do Hyun / Shin Se Gi / Ferry Park / Ahn Yo Sub / Ahn Yo Na / Nana / “Mysterious X”

    Mysterious X??? who is he/she??? another character of cha do hyun???
    hohoho..i’m so curious!!! XD

  324. 324 : Mellymel Says:

    @trea 322: I think so too with your theory that Ri Jin is the lost child. 😀

  325. 325 : daisy Says:

    @trea 322: i think like you.but according to me , do hyun is grandma ‘s real grandson.and msy is real grandpa sister. do hyun’s father isnt grand pa’s son.the relationships of drama is little complex.

  326. 326 : Carmarie Says:

    I think that Ri On is the lost child. In the scene where Ri Jin’s mother is looking at old pictures and the father asked why she was looking at the pictures. She said (paraphasing) that it was because he got her thinking. (In episode 8 the father wondered, if RO’s love for RJ was more than brotherly love) The mother said she wondered if she did the right thing by raising Rin On as her own child and the father said, he is now our own child. They did not know that Ri On was in the other room listening. I think that is why he has such a fascination with Cha Do Hyun’s family.

    Each episode is getting better and better. I loved the scenes with Perry Park and Yo Na, they were hilarious. I was touched by the last scene where CDH is sleeping, dreaming of his childhood in a small room, when a hand reaches his and he tells them not to go, to stay and play with him. CDH reaches for RJ’s hand and she comforts him in his sleep. You could feel the loneliness CDH felt as a child and still feels today. The last scene in episode 9 with them laying on the bed sleep was so sweet. I cannot wait for episode 10.

  327. 327 : Sunshine Says:

    I dont think its RI ON, RI JIN is the real daughter of her Mother’s Friend. Though Ri Jin does not have any blood relation to Do Hyun. I think Se Gi knows already how Ri On feels for Ri Jin. Mystery behind the fire that broke when they were still young and the current condition of Do Hyuns so called Father will answer all the questions we have in mind. No preview for episode 11. I miss Cha Do Hyun already, but I thing Se Gi will help uncover all the things that happen in the past.

  328. 328 : amelia Says:

    oh my goodness, i can’t waiting for subtitle ep 10. Shin Se Gi is back. although in the first i like Ri Jin with Se Gi, but after watching chemistry between Ri Jin and CDH, i like them instead. Shin Se Gi, don’t make a trouble please

  329. 329 : Vicki Says:

    Another phenomenal episode 10th! Ji Sung performance is epic! He makes the drama so exhilarating along with Hwang Jung Eum.This drama has good storyline and great scripts. The plots are all tied in together. This drama deserves Awards and so do the main actor and actress.
    I am a viewer in North America. I can’t wait for every Wednesday and Thursday of the week.

  330. 330 : Sharon Says:

    Watched both eps and I have to give Ji Sung a bow, his acting skills is like off the richter scale. He should receive multiple awards for his performance.

    I laugh so hard in both eps that I lost it, but didnt it get intense in the final ep. Granny got some nerve, don’t she. Shin Gi let her have it and she told him the location where her son was. And wasn’t it sweet how Shin Gi ripped Into Ki Joo, bravo.

    Now, this is what I got. It seems like DH is not Jun Pyoo son, but his brother. They abused him because he was the Chairman’s son. That’s not his grandmother, but his father’s wife.

    The question is how did ORJ get involved. How did she get access to the basement? I know that they played in the park together. ORO has no fear for basements so he was not abused. Did MSY knew that ORO was not hers and hid him away from his real parents because they had access to her child and kept him away from her?
    It’s crazy!! I have a lot of questions??

  331. 331 : trea Says:

    RI’m downloading eps 10 now, can’t wait. Super curious.. Its Ri On or Ri Jin..
    @carmarie : no no.. Eps 9 when appa and omma talks, its not refer to him(ri on) or her(ri jin. Only “that child”. And omma said “i believe in Ri On”, for me it means like “i believe in Ri On, he won’t love Ri Jin other than bro-sis love”

    The question i can’t answer, anyone know?
    Who is Min Suh Hee? Eps 9, shin hwa ran mentioned Min suh hee’s child..
    Who is Joon Tae? Joon Pyo brother?

    Confuseee hahaa… Great drama!

  332. 332 : malou1010 Says:

    @ trea #322

    Hi there! Gotta say that your take is very interesting! I always find it quite refreshing to hear different points of view because it makes watching a drama so much more enjoyable. I’m glad you shared your thoughts.

    Okay, you did say that you still haven’t figured out who the father of MSY’s missing child, right? Aha, my turn to share…..**rubs hands in glee** In my previous post (which is a few pages back), I commented that it was kind of odd for Big Father (the late Chairman, CGH) to appoint his daughter-in-law, MSY as President instead of his own son, CJP. I stated lots of options to make CJP business savvy so he could handle the post which Big Father obviously didn’t do. I get that she’s smart but I smelled something fishy so I deducted that Big Father had an affair with MSY & had a child out of wedlock, & that is the missing child we all have been fussing about! So there we now have a “father!”

    Oh my gosh, poor CJP! He’s being maligned by us while he’s comatose & being kept hidden somewhere. I’m suspecting that he abused & molested Do Hyun which caused his childhood trauma; and my goodness, you think that he is infertile! HaHaHaHaHa! Writernim needs to wake him pretty soon!

    Btw, I hope you don’t mind but I need to clear up something in your post. The car accident of Big Father & MSY where they both died happened before that fire incident at the Mansion. Ok, gotta go now & watch the subbed episode 10!

  333. 333 : malou1010 Says:

    I’m so thrilled about AGB’s ratings & rankings for the current episodes. So far, KMHM has maintained its two-digit ratings & continues to get higher ratings with each episode. Hoping for an even higher ratings & rankings next Wednesday & Thursday. KMHM……….FIGHTIIIIIING!

  334. 334 : amelia Says:

    i’ve been watched ep 10, but what the hell is that!! no preview for ep 11. i have to waiting for next week. oh my… i’m like almost dying because of curiousity

  335. 335 : yuraa Says:

    WHAAAATTT?? “Because you are a SON of Seungjin Group”??? so… so… that’s true that dohyun is the son of chairman?? It driving me crazy…confusing me… duh

  336. 336 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh wow, episode 10 was soooo darn riveting & mind-blowing! With Se Gi surfacing, the pieces of the puzzle start falling into place. As I had surmised before, Do Hyun was indeed abused by CJP. Up to what extent is still unknown but I’m still guessing he was molested as well. But hearing Se Gi tell CJP that he was the reason he became a monster made me think of its possibility.

    Ugh, what’s with this new twist? Did the drama sort of turn way too dark? Okay, with this new turn of events, I have a new theory and I swear it’s gonna be the LAST, jinjja! It appears that Grandpa is actually Do Hyun’s father! Se Gi clearly called him “father”, NOT “grandfather.” So now, since I pretty much deducted that Grandpa (CHG) had an affair with MSY, I’d say that Do Hyun is their lovechild. This explains why he was abused by CJP & hated by his Grandma. CJP took his anger on him for his wife’s infidelity & his Grandma hated him so much because he is a living reminder of her cheating husband. I’m guessing too that in actuality, there was never a “missing child.” It was all fabricated to sort of diffuse or bury the truth that lies within. It has been a well-kept family secret which if revealed would definitely ruin the family name.

    So having established that MSY’s missing child is just a myth, I can now breath freely. It means Ri Jin is NOT related to Do Hyun in any way, shape or form so thank goodness, the loveline has no stumbling blocks! If however my take on who Do Hyun’s Mom is wrong, which is likely knowing how clever writernim has been, I still believe that writernim wouldn’t ruin our loveline. So if not MSY, it has to be Hwa Ran, CJP’s mistress. And I’m sticking on the premise that Ri On is MSY’s missing child.

    Seriously, this drama is soooo addicting! I love love love it so much! Aaaaaargh…………the waiting for next week’s episodes is driving me nuts!!!!

  337. 337 : KDCraze Says:

    @Malou#336, I agree with you about Do Hyun is Cha Gun Ho son (his grandfather). Do Hyun mum (Shin Hwa Ran) is Cha Gun Ho misstress that’s why his grandma hates Do Hyun. And I think Ri On is the missing son of Min Se Yeon and Cha Joon Pyo. The one that Do Hyun grandma have been looking for. Ri Jin is the childhood friend of both Do Hyun and Ri On. Now, the mystery is what really did happened in the basement and the fire accident ?

    I’m really excited to see next episodes but there isn’t any preview for ep,11. Oh well, I really love both ep.9 and 10 this week. Rating is up also that shows that a lot of people in Korea enjoyed this drama as well. Kill Me Heal Me Fighting!!!!

  338. 338 : KDCraze Says:

    Btw does anyone here watched Shine or Go Crazy ? My friend in Korea said that it’s a good drama but I haven’t started watching it. I want to asked opinion from all K-drama addict first.

  339. 339 : me_nina Says:

    the way Shin Se Gi entered to the meeting room with the chair is SOOO FUNNY. it’s SO RIDICULOUS LOL!

  340. 340 : trea Says:

    But i doubt if Do Hyun is hwa ran son..
    ri jin said she has different aura with do hyun (eps.9)

    According to appa and omma talks in eps 8, when appa a bit nervous bout ri on feelings toward ri jin, appa said..”many rumours aboutTHEIR family”
    Omo, it means ri jin and ri on they are in the same family?

  341. 341 : usa-mary Says:

    I know I’m playing catch up, but I just adore Dr. Oh’s parents, especially her dad’s letter to her while at the airport. There’s nothing better than visuals (making a mental note). RJ…where’s her dorm? I just knew she was going to be there 24/7. Too funny, when she’s trying to run away. As if DH didn’t hear the door. Dr. Oh, girlfriend…if it was me, I’d throw myself purposefully into his castle. Forget about the accidental ball…keep me baby. Staying at his home too! I’d become the first sleepwalker in my family after living with DH/SG.

    I like Secy Ahn. He has a good heart and is handsome, too. But, SG has my heart. I’ll keep DH in the daytime for work, driving and SG in the nighttime for…blush (none of y’all business). LOL

    Chae Yun came from Pluto, not Venus. Ki Joon can draw every nook and cranny of her body blindfolded and probably can freestyle quote from 50 shades of gray from experience with her and she wants DH to man up and admit to what?! It was only a 1st love fascination between the two that never came to fruition. Like KJ said, she started out wanting to make DH jealous by using him and they got hooked for real into that bogus, shareholder accumulate more stock thru marriage fiasco. What man wants to reunite with a woman his cousin has dipped and lipped all over? Oh snap! That happens in kmovieland plots.

  342. 342 : usa-mary Says:

    No DH’s mother didn’t tell my sweetie, Secy Ahn that he should arrived early and wait on her, not the other way around since he has nothing to do! All she does is walk around (in somebody else’s home) drinking, arguing, keeping up confusion, and spying on people. I don’t know what type of traumas she had, but she has multiples, too. They’re names are Chardonnay, Merlot, Whiskey, Soju, Makegoli, and Vodka. Straight up and straight out of the bottle. All she needs is a straw with her sophisticated self.

  343. 343 : risat1706 Says:

    Se Gi and Yo Na’s personality always makes me laugh of loud.
    This drama still make me confused about who the real successor of Seung Jin group. Is that really Ri Jin? And why Ri On really interest about Seung Jin group?
    What is Se Gi tell to Chae Yeon? And about Do Hyun, what the real status of him? And is his mother is his mother for real?
    This drama still full of secret. But because of that this drama really interesting.
    Fighting kill me heal me!!!!
    Finally Shin Se Gi shows up again!!!

  344. 344 : Sharon Says:

    Where have you beeeennnnn!!
    Yes the story is progressing splendidly and RJ is on point. What eps are you on?

  345. 345 : uinaa Says:

    @malou1010… please tell me which part and what episode that Se Gi clearly called him(chairman) “father”, NOT “grandfather.”?? I’m so confused…

  346. 346 : usa-mary Says:

    P.S. Now, the way DH’s mother drinks, how will she know which Secy Ahn to take out her revenge on. Is it the heavy eyeliner or what…check out her eyes! The way they appeared while she was looking at Secy Ahn was as if she was already seeing double. Yah!!! Madame Shin, its the one on your left, not the one on your right girlfriend!

    Now this is my type of book club. Members dramatic interaction while reading excerpts from the book. The DISGUISE!!! LOL Not quite like a burqa, but… It kind of reminds me of Ji Sung’s actress wife who played the lead female in I Hear Your Voice when she wore the largest sun visor I’d ever seen in my life (almost like a welders protective mask) to hide her facial blushing/feelings from the young man when he was protecting her from that maniac.

    Yo Na is direct and too much fun! I like how each character’s clothing style changes to fit their profile. Only Yo Na’s clothing is in her mind. Se Gi and Perry Park shipped theirs with DH. Ji Sung…THIS MAN IS AMAZING! Yo Na should meet patient Heo Sook Hee, go clubbing and wreck some havoc! That would be nothing short of double trouble! I have to REPEAT Yo Na’s running after seeing her favorite idol (oppa)!

    If Perry Park and Se Gi are the drinkers. Which one among them is the chain smoker?

  347. 347 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-344: Hey Chingua! I had some business to take care of. Right now, I’m on episode 9, getting ready to meet Na Na.

    These kids have terrible, potty mouths. Oh, its not Na Na, its still Yo Na. WHAT THE… I would have to call child protective services on myself because if Yo Na had slam dunked me like that, her behind would be needing some reconstructive help from Kim Kardashian.

  348. 348 : usa-mary Says:

    Lil’ fast gal! I’ll give you some peace alright Yo Na! A piece of me. What is it with Yo Na not liking Ri Jin’s teeth, but thinks her tongue is sexy? Putting her hand in her mouth the last time; gripping her front teeth. If Ri Jin bites her real good, I’ll bet that will stop that no manners, teenage mutant ninja acting wanna be heffa. LOL Calling an adult a shameless wench.

    Well, I wouldn’t want to hurt DH, but Yo Na would be the first to GO! Marking Ri On’s side of the photo with spit, wanting his telephone number. Lawd…somebody call the dentist to see if he makes house calls. Yo Na called Ri Jin a player and a shameless wench!!! Yah! I’ll give you to more reality eyes to check with. LOL Are they getting ready to leap towards the cellphone?

    Perry Park turning the rice cooker into a bomb? LOL Keep all tool, wires and appliances away from him. He’d probably turn a child’s jack-in-the-box toy into a bomb given the time.

    Whew…poor Ri Jin, going from dealing with a bratty, potty mouth teenager to an ahjussi who’s telling her she’s being nosey for telling him he can’t build a bomb…TILT!

  349. 349 : usa-mary Says:

    Episode 10: Se Gi…point made…booyah!

  350. 350 : may Says:

    I wonder whish character you guys love more??
    I really ship Dohyun with Ri Jin ,,,,I dnt like her with shin se GI ,,,I also like perry park too he is hilarious!!
    Ji sung is a phenomenal actor!!!!!

  351. 351 : sandy Says:

    I really think that Shin Se Gi looks so sexy dressed in black!! I’m so hooked on this drama now. The lead actor, Ji Sung, couldn’t be more perfect for this role as he is not only so versatile but talented in his performance of each of the 5 characters so far!! I loved his performance as Yo Na…Lol….like everybody, I’m also thinking that CDH is the son and heir to the Chairman, Cha Gun Ho, perhaps his brother suffered same D.I.D and the Chairman too…as CDH is the 3rd chaebol with same problem. Shin Se Gi is the only one who knows the truth on this drama. He know the flaws of everyone including the one that says is his so called Mother…I don’t think he can be eliminated….Needless to say, I am so intrigued by this drama. Episode 10 shed more details to think about. I am also suspecting that Ri On is probably the true son to Hwa Ran. He also with Ri Jin had access to the basement as children to accompany CDH. I can’t wait till Next Wednesday!!

  352. 352 : Sharon Says:

    It’s good so far and it’s doing well rating wise. JH from “Fated To Love You” is doing a great job acting. This drama has comedy, romance and adventure. Try it!! Another really good drama that’s on air right now is “Maid”.

  353. 353 : Big fan Says:

    @kdcraze 337… You have an very interesting twist to our guessing game….

  354. 354 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahahahahaha!! Too funny!! Yes, Perry Park and his rice cooker bombs. Damn, he would have a field day at Best Buy. Hahahahahahaha!! Ok, Yo Na and her lamb pj’s with the peace sign, saying RJ does not have any makeup or skirt. RJ, tomboy to the max. I die laughing when RJ thought it was NaNa, but it turned out to be YO Na with the cookie in her mouth. The way she chewed the cookie was priceless. I have said it before and I say it again Ji Sung deserve multiple award for his performance in this drama.👏👏👏

    Ok guys what’s the 2 best line of ep 10?? Drum roll……
    Se Gi: seen that you are unable to differentiate between a joke and a disses your brain’s no good. Hahahahaha!! Se Gi: Omega? Do I have to catch a tuna for you now. Hahahaha!! Too funny.

  355. 355 : putri Says:

    love this drama ^^^^^

  356. 356 : Ekalestari Says:

    I love this drama I want watch every days

  357. 357 : nn Says:

    Shin se gi just look alike jang geun seok right? Cool that’s my type btw hehe

  358. 358 : coco Says:

    I hate it.. no preview eps 11.. Its killing me 🙁
    I’m addicted to this drama
    Hope the ratings go higher and higher until reach 1st rank!

  359. 359 : salma mhdh Says:

    a really awesome drama <3 <3 <3

  360. 360 : malou1010 Says:

    @ uinaa #345

    It was that scene in episode 10 where Se Gi went to his Grandma’s office, sat then staring at Big Father’s (Chairman CGH) portrait, he greeted him……”Hello Father.” I replayed it a few times to confirm.

  361. 361 : malou1010 Says:

    @ may#350

    Me too, I’m shipping Do Hyun with Ri Jin! I started loving them way back in episode 3, where they met for the very first time & Ri Jin asked him what was his name. It was such a heartwarming scene that truly melted my heart! As for DH’s alter egos, I’m totally crazy about Jolly Perry Park & the spunky Yo Na! Their interactions with Ri Jin are just so hysterically hilarious!

  362. 362 : Sharon Says:

    Why did Ki Joon’s secretary say that DH seems as if he has multiple personality? Now Ki Joon is going to figure out that DH has a personality disorder. Damn!!

    I think ORO is going to be DH’s savior after he gets over his hurt that RJ love him as a brother and not as a man. He will help DH especially now that he will be working with DH at ID Entertainment. I am looking forward to RO
    teaming with DH to outsmart Ki Joon.
    Now KJ mom and dad are in for a surprise when they realize the one they are looking for is right under their nose.

  363. 363 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-354: Chingu, Perry Park is talented enough to rig a toothbrush and that’s no lie!

    SUPERCILIOUS SE GI: He’s the true captain of his own soul. Even with his bad boy, rough ‘n tough, walk on the wild side, rebellious, choose him or don’t touch him at all, survival of the fittest mental component to DH’s weak one. He’s immediately reduced to a compassionate, teary-eyed unrequited, La Bete (French movie version) lover (if I may) when he’s near RJ and when it concerns her. The exception is his adamant no-choice, choice he gives RJ to choose between him and DH.

    TRUMP/NO-TRUMP: RJ knows how to work with this La Bete (French movie version). Even with looks that could kill (her), he follows her command when she retrieves him from CY’s home. I really wanted to see CY’s reaction when DH/SG’s was talking to her, not the aftermath. RO also surprisingly trumped SG when it came to retrieving RJ from DH’s home. Each title of RO’s novels contains semi-fictional plots reminiscent of and interwoven with DH’s 1 year’s memory lapse. Seems like someone was either retrieving something or somebody in the last episode.

    SE GI GOES TO WORK: This was the moment I was waiting for. It should be a book all by itself. His cool, dark Johnny Depp/Cyrano/Calvin Klein runway walk presence is reminiscent to evoking a concert crowd to gather with banners and exposed flames from cigarette lighters chanting his name!

    The earlier chair scenes before the meeting with Secy’s RJ and Ahn was so funny! It was a pleasure to witness SG’s boot scooting the chair back into the conference room like a kid! During the meeting, his direct, no-nonsense, rhetorical responses was serious and poignant for Ki Joon. Causing this bewildered guy to revamp his strategies on how to overthrow a once emotionally weak DH/SG. Before, all he needed was just a nudge of a feather to cause him to spiral and flee to America, but now with nemesis DH/SG, its escalated into, as if dealing with Mt. Hallasan. Of course, it didn’t help when his secy raved about DH/SG being cool. What’s with his secy, anyway? Each time when KJ politely and pleasantly asks him to either leave or that’s enough for now (with the chatter) he doesn’t get it. It always takes a provoked, outburst from KJ in order for that fool to listen.

    HALMONI (and his momma) GOT RAN OVER BY SG, NOT A REINDEER: GQ ready and on fire, DH/SG shook up not only the company, but his halmoni. Waiting for her in a dark office took her off guard. Then, to top it off, asked for the company. Even warning RJ to not meet with his mother again. I tell you…chaebol folks sure do enjoy attaching conditions to their gifts!

    Overall, Dr. ORJ is loving being protected by her family, the professor, and DH and his entities. Well, the only exception at this point is Yo Na! The jury may not even convene when it comes to that one. All that’s left is for the people RJ approached so far about her past and possible association with DH to give her a truthful answer.

  364. 364 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahahaha, yes he would , yes he would!! Turn a pen into fire works.

    SG got everyone all twisted up in the game! What the hell did SG do to have Granny give him her son’s location.
    At the end of ep 10 JP was talking asking why is SG bothering him. This drama gets better and better each ep.
    Yo Na keeps me in stiches, she is too much. Spitting on her finger and rubbing ORO picture and why is she always running and either hit something or fall off something, crazy!! Hahahaha.

    Now Ki Joon and his dad has to team up to fight the mighty SG. What I like about SG putting all his little childish self away is that he has insight. The way he reads KJ was just beautiful I was like. BINGO! SG has every ones ticket even ORO, he told him straight up. Stop acting all mighty when you know you look at your sister as a woman and SG is going to get her back.

    Listen, SG has everyon’s card and he is on a mission to destroy what’s in the path of him and RJ been together. I think in the end he will give up/sacrifice himself for RJ’s happiness.

  365. 365 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-364: Fireworks! To Perry Park, fireworks is child’s play. That man wants things that go BOOM! Requiring only tweezers to locate the miniscule fragments left behind. I also liked when SG told ORO that he was going to pull his eyes out of his head. True, SG does have childish ways, but when you really think about it, all the personalities do to some degree. That even includes DH’s mother, halmoni, aunt, etc. Actually, there are very few emotionally mature people in this drama. Recall the hospital staff and Dr. Oh’s date cancellation. Not to mention the infamous revolving door scene. With the exception of Secy Ahn, for one, everyone else has some type of unresolved issues and emotional, game playing baggage.

    When KJ and his dad team up on SG, I hope he has RJ help him solicit the other personalities to come together to wage an all out war against them. Perry Park, Yo Na and Se Gi alone would wreck havoc on those two. I would include Heo Sook Hee for her escape artistry, and the ability to be convincing when it comes to making sane people appear crazy and vice versa. But, since she’s on hospital lock down, she’s unavailable.

    I believe in the end, every personality will mesh creating a balance of strengths that DH needs in order to face future challenging situations.

  366. 366 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Kdcraze #337 We’re in sync as far as DH’s Dad being CGH & Ri On being the missing child of MSY which is a good sign! HaHaHa! But your take on Ri On’s bio parents somehow doesn’t sit well with me. Guess what? I rewatched episodes 9 & 10 & it got me thinking. Nope, this is not a new theory. I’m so done with that! I’m standing firm on my CGH & MSY illicit affair theory but with a jaw-dropping twist!

    Thing is, Se Gi’s resentment towards his Mom, Hwa Ran, was an eye opener for me. There’s really something about her that doesn’t quite add up. So, I’m completely ruling her out of the equation. I firmly believe she’s not Do Hyun’s biological mother, NOT by a long shot! It’s just so unbelievable that a mother could actually turn a blind eye while her son is being assaulted, & at the same time, devoid of any decency or self-respect opted to blackmail the Family for her own sickening selfish needs.

    Going back to my latest theory that MSY had an illicit affair with CGH, my twist is that MSY actually had twins, Do Hyun & Ri On, but she was told one of the twins died! I’ve been racking my brain, trying to figure out how Ri On fits in my theory since I ruled out Hwa Ran as Do Hyun’s bio Mom, then this twist came to mind. Given how Grandma must have hated her husband’s infidelity, the idea of his mistress having twins must have been her final straw. Regardless of their illegitimacy, the twins would still jeopardize her own son’s (CJP) chance of being the heir to the Seung Jin Group. So, I think she planned the whole thing & with the help of RJ’s Mom who was sworn to secrecy, the Oh couple adopted Ri On. This explains why RJ’s Mom appeared guilty of something she did to MSY in the past. And since Do Hyun is untouchable, being CGH’s son, at the same time to cover up the would be huge family scandal he was given to CJP & Hwa Ran. Hence, he grew up thinking Hwa Ran is his mother.

    Makes perfect sense to me since both Do Hyun & Ri On are of the same age, as I have gathered so far. Besides, if MSY’s missing child is posing a threat to the Seung Jin Group’s lineage of power, then it makes my theory even stronger & more solid that indeed, MSY was CGH’s mistress & that she had twins. Okay, that’s my final say on the matter. Now, I can sit back & relax, enjoy the drama to the fullest because I know that Ri Jin is out of the equation, & that the love line is safe, sound, & ALIVE! Speaking of Ri On, I still love & adore him as Ri Jin’s brother so I’m hoping that writernim would make him the brother any sister would want to have……….loving, supportive, & forever protective. The exact same qualities I saw in him that made him so endearing to me!

    I just loooooooove this drama so very much! Wednesdays & Thursdays are now my ultimate favorite days of the week!

  367. 367 : naisy Says:

    Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung, i think they are The Best of the Bests in Korea, in my opinion, a PRIME Actor and Actress! I have seen them in SECRET, they are close to perfect, the acting and chemistry! More romantic scenes from Cha Do Hyun and Ji Rin OR Shin Se Gui and Ji Rin!!

  368. 368 : Dlcne Says:

    @ 336
    I so totally agree with u.this show has really got me.

  369. 369 : Carmarie Says:

    I enjoy reading everyone’s comments and love the many theories. What makes this drama so great, besides the dymanic actors, is the plot. After reading all the theories, I looked at episode 7 and 9 again and this is my theory:
    >Oh Ri On is the missing son of the Chairman, and the sister-in-law, (who is dead or in hiding.)
    >Because of the fire, ORJ, ORO, and CDH all have missing memories.
    >ORJ doesn’t remember anything about the fire or CDH, only that she is afraid of the basement.
    >ORO knows that he is adopted and that ORJ is not his real twin sister. he also know that he is from a Chaebol family.
    >CDH’s father, the one that is on life support. He saved CDH from the fire, because, (and I will check the scene again), when Shin Se Gi was going to remove his life support, I thought SSG said something like that you should have let that bastard die in the fire.
    >CDH’s mother knows about his problems because when she saw the words I am Na, Na she told the housekeeper to go upstairs that she would take care of it and scrubbed the words from the floor. His mother also seems to be worried about CDH’s health.
    >The grandmother also knows about CDH’a condition, but need him to hold off her brother-in-law and his son.

    Shin Se Gi, was the first personality to emerge, and; therefore, hold all CDH’s painful memories. He is frustrated because he was the one that had to bear the abuse, but cannot share the love. He feels that CDH is weak and does not deserve to live, yet he cares enough about CDH to understand that he cannot yet handle all of the pain that was inflicted on him.

    I hope they can extend this story a few more episodes and do not rush the ending. I love this show and hope that the writers and directors do an excellent job until the end.

  370. 370 : Carmarie Says:

    I looked at episode 9 again and have changed my mind about Cha Do Hyun’s father saving him, I now think it was the other way around. Shin Se Gi actually saved his father from the fire. Shin Se Gi told his father, when he went to see him that he should not have saved him since he is probably the reason Do Hyun became a monster. I agree with those you think his father abused him. I hope we find out in the next episode why.

  371. 371 : Carmarie Says:

    Was it Perry Park who set the house on fire? I wonder when he emerged and why?

    This drama reminds me of the book and movie Sybil which was, loosely, based on a true story. Sybil, who was female had two male personalities. The difference between this drama and Sybil is, while protraying a serious subject, Kill Me or Heal Me is funny, sweet, and entertaining at the same time and leave you waiting for the next episode.

  372. 372 : mamalomas75 Says:

    i keep reply Ep 9..with my kids till 50 times so funny scene..daebakkkk

  373. 373 : ayy Says:

    guys, do you have any idea for another amazing
    kdrama? it is kiling me to wait for this drama
    twice a week T.T, maybe you guys have any idea
    to overcome my-cant-wait- disease?

  374. 374 : coco Says:

    @ayy : same here with me. Hahahaa every day i replay kmhm last episode, then i watch the BTS from youtube pfffftt…. :p
    Why don’t u try with Maids, worth to watch

  375. 375 : Dlcne Says:

    Ep 11 preview

  376. 376 : usa-mary Says:

    @Dlcne-375: Thank you for the preview.

    Now we get to see Se Gi and Chae Yun’s one on one. Se Gi is just who Ki Joon needed as a workplace rival. Everything will really begin to unfold now.

  377. 377 : usa-mary Says:

    This is my take on Ki Joon’s reaction after dealings with Se Gi on the job each day once he gets home…

  378. 378 : Mellymel Says:

    I cant wait for Ep 11… Dicne: Thanks for the preview

    Love love Segi he is also funny and have a soft heart. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  379. 379 : JAA Says:

    I can’t stop laughing at ep 8/ep 9 lol
    Oh my goshh Ji Sung lool

  380. 380 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Dicne #375

    Finally, a preview for episode 11! Thank you soooooo much for sharing it with us!!!

  381. 381 : Oversea Says:

    I expected that the 20 episodes end, but I could not resist.
    Yesterday I watched the 10 episodes one after another, the sequence was very well prepared.
    All my stress is gone, I laughed a maximum, and romantic feelings are very well reflected.
    In a word, excellent drama !
    Now it’s too hard to wait for the next 10 episodes!

  382. 382 : usa-mary Says:

    WOW! What an interesting episode.

    Se Gi sure is stubborn! Of course he’s not tamed. I like the right eyebrow movement before repeating Ri Jin’s words with his back turned.

    What’s this?! Se Gi and Ri Jin making a rap song, “I won’t get rid of it, wear it!” PUMP IT UP…PUMUP IT UP! WAVE THE TIE IN THE AIR…THROW IT DOWN LIKE YOU JUST DON’T CARE! POINT TO THE PURSE, RETRIEVE THE TIE…START OVER AGAIN…MOVIN’ SIDE TO SIDE! NOW SCREAM! EVERYBODY SCREAM! Oh…that’s right, it’s the office!

    LOL! From Se Gi’s point of view, he didn’t get angry nor use violence. Well, tell that to his halmoni Seo who he shook up, Ki Joon who saw the bottom of Se Gi’s shoe the whole time during their meeting, and to the pop idol’s arm! He really knows how to exercise constraint.

    The writer didn’t make Yo Na appear when Se Gi met with her oppa, S.I. But, he did allow S.I. to remember those two from his group’s public event. How funny, he thought they created a publicity stunt to force him to sign the contract. If he only knew.

  383. 383 : malou1010 Says:

    So glad AGB’s rating is still two-digit! But I feel KMHM deserves more so I’m hoping for a better rating for episode 12. KMHM………..FIGHTIIIIIIIING!!!!

  384. 384 : Ohrijin Says:

    Arghhhh!!!!! 😀 -excited
    the drama rating is going up!!!
    Fighting KMHM!!!!
    The best korean Drama 2015

  385. 385 : Ohrijin Says:

    Fighting KMHM!!!!
    The best korean Drama 2015 😀

  386. 386 : malou1010 Says:

    I’ve been loving every single episode of KMHM & as expected, I totally loved episode 11! It’s simply amazing! It had lots of feels & humor that really made me tear up one moment then made me laugh out loud later on. Loved all the hilarious moments between Se Gi & Ri Jin. Aaaah jinjja, mianhae Do Hyun! Just this once coz I did try my darndest but…….I just couldn’t help myself! They were so adorably childish but soooooo cute & endearing! That Wheel of Chance he made to force her to choose between him & Do Hyun was sooooooo incredibly funny! Talk about CHEATING……Do Hyun whose photo could be likened to a speck of dirt as compared to Se Gi whose photo nearly occupied the WHOLE DARN board……had me seriously doubting DH’s chances of fair play! Gosh, he made sure that Ri Jin turned the wheel with full force! But what do you know……..fate was on Do Hyun’s side! HaHaHaHaHa! Se Gi’s reactions was just INSANE! I died laughing especially when Ri Jin comforted him (seeing how angry he was!) & said the result was invalid.

    I agree, that “NECKTIE RAP” scene was to die for! Replayed it lots of times & loved it even much more. Another crazily hilarious scene was that audition Se Gi did with Yo Na’s Jay oppa. My goodness, all their facial expressions especially Se Gi’s really cracked me up BIG time! HaHaHaHaHa! That guy really sucked in acting. Undoubtedly, acting is definitely not in his DNA! But I’m guessing, just to spite jerk-face,Ki Joon, he overlooked his acting skills & got his signed contract renewal.

    Aaaaww, what I love most are their bickerings about almost anything, like this scene when he told her angrily that Do Hyun stole her from him; to which she replied emphatically that she was not his yet! But seriously, this conversation that followed next was simply EPIC. It went like this:
    Ri Jin: In order for me to choose you on my own, appeal your charms to me.
    Se Gi: What can I appeal more? My whole existence is a lump of appeal.
    Hmmmm……..got to admit, he has a valid point!

    On a serious note, it was just so heartbreaking to hear Se Gi pleading Ri Jin not to kill him. When he said he was fine just being a fake Do Hyun so long as he could stay with her……I was tearing up! And I’m now very sure, more than ever before, that Ri Jin is indeed Nana as I have surmised before. It was in this same scene when Se Gi told Ri Jin to go with him. In Korean, he clearly said: Kaja Nana. But the English subs had only these written: Let’s go. At first, I wasn’t that sure yet so I replayed it lots of time. Guys, it was definitely……..Kaja Nana!

    So glad I can watch episode 12 tomorrow! Do Hyun is back! With his lost memories slowly coming back, I’m even more excited to watch this drama. I cannot wait for the integration of all his alter egos into ONE COOL Do Hyun!

  387. 387 : trea Says:

    @malou : hey its confirmed in eps 12, the missing child is ORJ
    hahaa… i knew it from the start, it must be her..!!
    THANK GOD, this healing me a little bit from my kmhm addictive LOL

  388. 388 : Carmarie Says:

    @trea – 387

    Is it incest for her to be with CDH? If ORJ is his grandfather’s and aunt’s daughter, would that be considered incest?

  389. 389 : usa-mary Says:

    @malou1010-386: I really like your review.

    @trea-387: If ORJ is the missing child, then it was just as ORO told Se Gi he equally didn’t have any right being with her because he’s the son of Seungji (?) Corp. Which means ORO really did his homework, in addition to what he may have overheard from his parents.

    I knew that old geyser and his dil was a bit too close from those photos. So, incest, yes if they’re from the same bloodline, even if the mother’s are different. Actually, it makes ORJ, DH’s aunt and his father’s sister. What mess! A brother she was adopted (not blood related) and raised with likes her as a woman, but she doesn’t know it and a real brother she likes as a man, but doesn’t know yet that he’s actually blood related. That’s why I waited and didn’t even try to work my brain in that conundrum.

  390. 390 : usa-mary Says:

    @malou1010: I agree with you about the auditions. Hilarious! I thought…at least they could find some straight pins to make it look like it fit the guy. I even had to keep looking at his headdress to finally figure out that it was what the king wore. LOL But, the way he read his lines wouldn’t have helped his appearance at all. The last one seems to have captured everyone’s heart. The Viking battle scream! Maybe if they made it into a musical and he sang his lines would work. Like a Cyrano minstrel.

    Nana! I’m going to replay it so I can see her. Those previews get very tricky at times.

  391. 391 : Sunshine Says:

    Its now confirmed, Ri Jin is the child from the basement. Dont fret she’s not blood related to Do Hyun, but still she’s part of the family. This drama is really interesting. No preview for episode13? I hope they will air it on wednesday even if it is new years eve there in Korea. Long wait will make us all even more excited how the story will unfold. Congrats to all Kill Me Heal Me Team.

  392. 392 : anb Says:

    totally agree with your opinion! 😀

    omg KMHM is really amazing! the plot is good and can makes viewers feel courious every single episode and the lead actors potrayed their role very well. JS deserves a daesang award for his acting skill. I admire him so much. Cant describe more but this drama is totally recommended!!!!!

  393. 393 : Eece Says:

    Jisung is awesome in this drama. Love all his characters and such a great job at acting them out! On the other hand, Oh Ri Jin/ hwang Jung eum is horrible in every way. Can an actress be any more annoying? Her screaming, talking, acting, and pretty much everything else is difficult to watch. She was fine in Secret, but I’m thinking of quitting this drama just because I can’t stand watching her in this one.

  394. 394 : may1570 Says:

    Very interesting drama……
    @ADMIN : could you put EVERY character picture here ????
    i think its very nice and become one cooler person

  395. 395 : John Says:

    This drama is fucking annoying as hell!!

  396. 396 : yuraa Says:

    OMG, Cha Dohyun just like Ahn Yona… when he win againts Shin Segi… look at his expression.. LOL both Segi and Dohyun is so cute…

  397. 397 : usa-mary Says:

    I watched ep. 12 RAW and its off the CHARTS!

    I may just comment before the subs!

    @Sunshine-391: I hope Dr. RJ is not blood related to DH, but just in case that she is, its okay, too. Writers have been known to throw us a few curve balls during the game.

  398. 398 : Dy.K Says:

    Oh yeaaah..KMHM cast n crew rawck!! So glad JS n HJU took this role.
    The writer succeed in making me wonder and confuse about Seung Ji Group. Does anyone here can give me recap about their family relationship, please?
    In ep 9..ORO, you looook good in that style with hair like that, sorry Se Gi but that hair style looks better on ORO. Hey but you still the male lead *cough* after Do Hyun. 😀
    Many hillarious scene in 10-12 eps. ORJ n ORO mega duets in front of car headlight. Se Gi wheels of fate (?). SG n ORJ childish quarrel/rap battle ft Secretary Ahn. Last one is wardrobe sceneee, both of it.
    Put AYN n ORO in one scene, please writer-nim!!!!

  399. 399 : fan29 Says:

    @283 Sharon
    Sorry for the late reply. Been a away from this site and KMHM for a long time. I’ve just finish all the ep I haven’t watch. Yeah for me. ^^
    I love that kiss scene too. I can feel the emotion in it.

    How ironic it is because Do Hyun and the other personalities think that healing means killing them however to Ri Jin, killing means healing. My heart melt when I saw Se Gi’s vulnerable side.
    Anyway, some of Do Hyun’s personality trait I notice represent the surrounding people in Do Hyun personality.
    My opinion, Se Gi’s and Yo Sub trademark represent his father. Those fingers drumming and bookworm. Nana maybe from Ri Jin when she was a child while others…I’m not sure. I will find out in the next ep coming out.
    Lol seems like they starting the sweetest torture to the viewer for not giving any preview. *sigh*

  400. 400 : fan29 Says:

    @398 Dy.K
    Yeah I agree about putting Yo Na and Ri On in one scene together. I would love to see the reaction. I bet that scene would be epically hilarious and might boost the rating. Lol my mind going haywire just imagining them together.

  401. 401 : phoenix Says:

    #395 John

    Ditto! I’ve like this pair in another drama, but they sure do SUCK in this one.

  402. 402 : Sharon Says:

    Hi Guys, watching ep11 and looking at the preview and had a thought @malou1010, yes girl I need some of that vitamin grandma is drinking, because the way SG pull her wrist when she tried to hit him I was about to call 911 or 119. Damn she is strong!! She realized that SG was not joking, see how quick she gave him her son’s location. So fast that we did not even see it, only saw him at his bed side. SG must have beating her with a chair to get that info.

    Isn’t RJ old enough to make her own decisions? RO needs to get with it, he is ticking me off right about now.aaawwwwww, ORO has let go. Good, because you can’t protect her effectively with jealousy and she see you as a brother and not as a man.

    Oh sheeet!! Grandma fainted?? I guess she didn’t take her vitamins after the shock. SG was her kriptonite Hahahahaha!!

    They are really the Wonder Power Twins!!

    Ok, did SG just have a Wheel of Fortune game board?! I would like to buy a “C”.🙋🙋

    CY is thinking of fooling around with DH while been engaged to KJ!! Lawd a merci!!!

    How much I can’t stand KJ let me count the ways, 1 2 3 4………1001 1002…

    I hope Mr. Ahn went to the bathroom before getting into that car with SG.😳

    The end of ep 11 was a bit crazy!! I have a lot of why questions. I hope ep 12 help me to unscramble the end ep 11.
    Overall, ep 11 was the beginning of SG coming to terms with who CDH really is. The memories and flash backs are baby steps to both existence becoming one. As much as SG does not want to give in he is also fighting to let CHD out.

  403. 403 : So happy Says:

    This drama is very entertaining: comedy, mystery, sadness, action…etc all is in one package. Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum are doing a fantastic job together. I have never seen any two leads that are working so well together as a team. Ji Sung is phenomenal in 7 characters! No one can surpass him! This drama should be rated more than 5 stars. Here is my list of the current great Kdramas
    1. KMHM
    2. Maids

  404. 404 : lyn1301 Says:

    Until Ep.12, We still didn’t see Nana’s character although she has came out twice. And I think Mr. X, the seventh character didn’t come out yet too. Will become more interesting in next episode. Can’t wait for it!!! Best drama in first quarter in 2015. Jjang!!!!

  405. 405 : lyn1301 Says:

    @So happy: I think Healer can be no.2, then no. 3 is Maids. Don’t forget Hyde, Jekyll & Me, It can be compared to KMHM too, the story line became more interesting too. Heart to heart is quite good too, very impresive drama. I have watched all of that. That’s all my favorite along this first 2015. Hope can help. ^^

  406. 406 : yona Says:

    It is a really fascinating and mysterious drama.You could not be sure the storyline and the end after watching 12 episodes. This is the success of the scenarist. But I think casting is so important like the scenario. Not so many actors can act like Ji Sung. He is a really talented actor. I admire his acts for all characters.And, Yo Na and Se Gi is my favourite 🙂

  407. 407 : trea Says:

    Thats why i think about do hyun is not a part of Cha family actually
    haha,,, dunno why, is just..i have a feeling like that
    se gi even warning CEO that he will steal the company and give it to that child (ORJ). He didnt have ambition at all to the company, if he is real son of big father he must not think of that. Rather give it to that child why not he steal the company to himself..
    and Se Gi wont fallin love with ORJ if he know ORJ is blood-related to him
    am i right?

    @DY.K , omo i’m totally agree with u…… cant imagine how hilarious if ORO meet Yo Na, omo omo….hahahaha

  408. 408 : arifia Says:

    this drama is the best ! 😀

  409. 409 : amelia Says:

    watching ep 11 and 12 done and it’s going to more interesting. to fill my curious of next episode i watch secret again and again. i just unbelieve with ji sung’s act. he is sooo different in secret and KMHM. even when i compare jo min hyuk with shin se gi which have arrogant at all, they are still different. i think its different from his looking, but it’s not. his looking is different because his expression instead. when i watch drama which ji sung play (protect the boss, secret, KMHM), i don’t believe that these drama are played by ji sung at all. i feel it’s played by different actor. aaah, the director of KMHM really know that ji sung is an incredible actor even when people like me or like us concerned on kim woo bin, lee jong suk, etc

  410. 410 : usa-mary Says:

    Ji Sung in the scene where he’S struggling with not allowing Se Gi to return after experiencing a childhood flashback is…BRAVO…BRAVO…BRAVO!

  411. 411 : usa-mary Says:

    Ji Sung in the scene where he’S struggling with not allowing Se Gi to return after experiencing a childhood flashback is…BRAVO…BRAVO…BRAVO!

  412. 412 : usa-mary Says:

    This is a GREAT drama!

  413. 413 : usa-mary Says:

    @fan29-400: I, too, would like to see Yo Na and ORO meet. That would be hilarious! Especially, since only Yo Na can see that she’s a girl and the uniform she’s wearing. I could imagine her telling him, “Oppa, you’re mine! I spit marked your picture. I like your teeth!” ORO would run away with Yo Na trailing not far behind. Remember her running form? That alone would make me RFLOL!

    @Sharon-402: I liked the idea using the wheel of chance, too. Se Gi screamed like the chef guy in The Greatest Marriage after the Gods intervened in Do Hyun’s behalf. That was too funny!

    I like ORJ’s spunk. She momentarily lets ORO make his forceful point, then lets him have it; leaving him baffled.

    Girlfriend, after Se Gi extended the ‘booty call’ invitation to Chae Yun, she couldn’t even focus. Got second thoughts about Ki Joon after thinking Se Gi’s sultry eyes and his proposition. It was too funny how during the phone conversation she was trying play a game of cat and mouse with DH, pretending to be insulted. That is, until he apologized, telling her to treat it like she’s bitten by a mad dog, and committed to not acting like that towards her again. Girl, I believe that CH broke the sound bearer driving to DH’s home. Forget the phone, she hand delivered that RSVP in person. She was like…BITE ME ‘RABID’ MAD DOG! Girl, Se Gi could make a 10 day water soaked match ignite.

    I wondered who that ‘FLY’ guy was that mimicked Se Gi. It’s Secy. Choi! Hogging the elevator in his beam me up Scotty mode. Either that or he was preparing to have his ultra conservative boss, Ki Joon see him. Secy. Choi obviously wants the same attention Se Gi got from the office ladies. Poor Ki Joon, can’t get away from the thought of Se Gi or his influence no matter how hard he tries.

    KJ hates the thought of SG/DH being around CY. Now, isn’t that special!

    When Yo Na’s idol had DH do the encouragement roar…was too funny!

    Awww…DH likes the thought that Dr. Ri Jin is crying over him.

  414. 414 : Beautiful done! Says:

    I can’t say enough how great this drama is! It is so entertaining. It takes you on a roller coaster of emotions: you laugh, cry, get scared, feeling the warmth, love and romance. Bravos to Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum, who play their roles fantastically. Ji Sung acts with such passion and heart in different character. He captivates you in every episode and keep you interested and engaged. He deserves awards for his work in this drama. This drama is great : good storyline, great casting members, good production, great OST. THIS DRAMA IS GOLDEN !

  415. 415 : Beautifully done! Says:

    @ John .. Go watch your mout with soap! Get psychiatric help because you sound like you hit yourself in the head.

  416. 416 : Naisy Says:

    You guys try Secret Love, their first drama together i think, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. I think they are really gems in the entertainment world of Korea! They are the Finest! Talented ad versatile actor and actress! Good luck to both of you, perfect chemistry!!

  417. 417 : anb Says:

    Its killing me for waiting every wednesday and thursday 🙁

  418. 418 : fan29 Says:

    @413 usa-mary
    Spot on!!That’s what I imagine too. The look on Ri On when Yo Na says about his picture has been spit marked by her will be totally priceless LOL.

    I’m still amaze Ki Joon really falls for Chae Yun even though he knows her ‘true’ face. I thought he was only using her. Well, I don’t mind its Ki Joon because both are manipulating.

    Of course he likes the thought…because its the 1st time he experience that someone actually care for him. aww~
    I really like the way Do Hyun comfort her every time Ri Jin cry. Argh!! Just remembering those two sweet moment in every ep makes me wanna watch it again.

  419. 419 : KDCraze Says:

    @Sharon#352, Thanks. I’ll try to watch Shine or Go Crazy while waiting for KMHM.
    @Big Fan#353, Yes, I love the mystery story in KMHM. Make me want to guess all the time. LOL

    Ep.11 and Ep.12 is another great episode. Amazing to see Ji Sung face and expression change between Shin Se Gi and Cha Do Hyun. Rating is up again. It shows that this drama is better than Hyde, Jekyll and I in Korea. Way to go Ji Sung. Kill Me Heal Me Fighting!!!!!

  420. 420 : usa-mary Says:

    @Beautifully done!-414: I agree. Yet, this is one rollercoaster ride that I don’t mind riding. Unlike some kdramas that are so emotionally driven, they fall short if they don’t turn the viewers into intense balls of irritated confusion.

    Artistically, this drama contains every emotional facet, but without the terrible exhaustion. After each episode, I’ve yet to think will it ever get better in terms of resolving confusing issues and misunderstandings which seem to endlessly drag on and on. I like this drama’s intelligence. It’s like watching one of Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christy’s well written suspense/mystery novels.

  421. 421 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, yes, yes, this drama has the writing down pat. Every plot is well defined and the story is consistent.

    Writernim you have done a great job; your team hit it out if the ball park with this one.

  422. 422 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh wow, my day just got better! Loved AGB’s ratings & rankings for episode 12! Great job KMHM Team! So proud of this drama!

  423. 423 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Beautifully done #415

    Absolutely loved your post! The first one was a winner already but the second one was a sure killer!

  424. 424 : malou1010 Says:

    Guys, count me in! I would really love to see Yo Na & Ri On in one crazy scene together! That’ll be a total riot! But first things first, Ri Jin must return that “Hermes” sneakers to Ri On coz he sure would be doing a loooooooot of running!

  425. 425 : malou1010 Says:

    @ anb, I know exactly what you mean! Pretty much what I feel after watching the Thursday episode. I’m like, Darn, now I have to wait another week to watch the next ones! But to kill time I’m watching their BTS in YouTube. I’m sure you do it too, huh?

  426. 426 : malou1010 Says:

    Okay, I’m off to watch episode 12 now. Be back for my comments later. So @ trea #387, hold that thought! What you said made me more excited & intrigued to watch it.

  427. 427 : usa-mary Says:

    @fan29-418: So, true, because ORO will be looking at DH, wondering…What THE HELLLPPP ME SOMEBODY! We all know how forceful and driven Yo Na is when she wants her way, especially since DH said she’s the worst troublemaker of them all. LOL She’s the type that would tell the fortune teller to change his/her reading about her because she doesn’t like it.

    About Ki Joon. He does really like CY. What I like about the next generation of SeungJin men in this drama is that we don’t see them running around like loose cannons with bargirls or other women, unlike DH’s. Whenever we see KJ, its either at the office or at CY’s home playing Bunny, Bunny…Carrot, Carrot.

    When DH was comforting RJ, he was teary-eyed, too. I like the forehead kiss at this point. Actually, I believe that both DH and CY genuinely liked each other, but CY likes to play games (2 men fighting over her) and she choose KJ to be the other game player which DH wouldn’t ‘graciously’ tolerate.

  428. 428 : the banker from ph Says:

    is this drama worth watching than Hyde Jekyll and I?thoughts please.. 😄

  429. 429 : usa-mary Says:


    I wonder if Alex is Mysterious X or a real person? Remember, Secy Choi found this out in episode 12 and told Ki Joon that Alex was DH’s friend at one time while he was in the U.S. and how DH put a large sum of money in his account before returning to Korea. It makes me wonder how Alex fits into this equation. During each opening segment of this drama, Mysterious X appears to be a connoisseur of fine wine and may just live up to his name.

    In addition to that, while thinking about this drama’s intro, and the newspaper photo/article about DH winning a victory for his team. DH appears to have been an outgoing, popular outstanding player while in college on the football team. I wonder was that the real DH or the Mysterious X (Alex)? Dissecting each personality’s traits whom we’ve seen so far surfaced the following:

    1) Se Ge:

    We know that Se Gi wouldn’t dare touch a football or even fathom playing the game with a bunch of men. Why…

    A. He’s not a man’s man; he’s more of a lady’s man.
    B. Playing the field with a group of women, yes…on a real field, no.
    C. His side-swept sprayed, ala moussed hair would get messed up under a helmet.
    D. His mascara would run.
    E. His temper wouldn’t allow poor sportsmanship from an opposing team member; that’s his M.O.
    F. His temperament doesn’t allow fouls. Poor ref’s.
    G. He’d hurt any male that slaps his bum telling him good job. That’s a woman’s job.
    H. He’d rather wear his flashy, lame’ cropped jacket.
    I. He prefers scoring with women, not scoring with a leather ball.

    In reality, our Se Gi wouldn’t have the patience for bench warming. But would rather enjoy basking in the cheers from his all female fan club base.

    2) Perry Park:

    A. He’s too laid back and more comfortable in Hawaiian shirts.
    B. He’d confiscate all the footballs and helmets; tinkering to turn them into explosive bombs.
    C. He smokes and drinks too much and doesn’t have the lung capacity to run a ball to score a touch down.
    D. After the footballs and helmets, he’d tinker with the cleats.
    E. He’d prefer a fishing rod in his hands over a football.

    3) Yo Sub:

    His woeful, woe is him demeanor is a contagious downer to the pumped up energy of a football game. Why he’s not a likely candidate…

    A. He would squash the teams morale with his hopelessness.
    B. He would check out the goal post for his final demise, in lieu of making a touch down.
    C. He’d taunt the opposing team members along with his own to tackle and squash him to death.
    D. He’d try using the whirlpool to drown himself, while his fellow teammates wait in line to soak their sore muscles.
    E. He walks around with a dark cloud over his head, leaving sadness wherever he goes.

    Actually, he’d be nicknamed Doom Gloom or jinx by the faculty and students. At the most he’d pass out towels to the team. That is, if the imposed restraining order banning him away from the team’s football season practices and stadium game day ever gets lifted.

    4) Yo Na:

    It most definitely wasn’t Yo Na who would be in the nth degree of Heaven surrounded by all those thick, young sweaty males. Why…

    A. She’d call ‘time out’ to apply her make-up. (A girl has to be ready to get a date at all times).
    B. The locker room…humming the tune, “Its Raining Men!”
    C. She’d let every guy get ahead of her while standing in the whirlpool line with no intent of soaking her sore muscles.
    D. She can’t wait to get into a huddle.
    E. She would enjoy being tackled.
    F. They’d ban her from the ‘snap’ line up.
    G. The guys would be scrimmaging to get away from her.
    H. She’d spit mark her team members lockers with…YOU MINE!
    I. She’d tell each oppa what she likes about him and it wouldn’t be their teeth or tongue either!
    J. She’d tell her teammates that she’s in her internship of her sports medicine studies and would like to practice on them.
    K. She’d argue over the use of wearing a helmet when she can wear a clip bow in her hair, instead.
    L. She’d cuss out the referee telling him to go foul himself.
    M. God forbid if any of her teammate oppas parade their girlfriends in front of her. Yo Na has to be the ‘STAR’ of this show!

    Ahhh, Yo Na would be a hoot!

    In other words, its either a secretively outgoing Do Hyun or the Mr. Mysterious X! Because, its also, definitely not Nana.

  430. 430 : malou1010 Says:

    @ usa-mary #429

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!!!!! Holy Guacamole, you’re soooooooo unbelievable! You had me there for a good few seconds, thinking it was a very comprehensive evaluation of your read on the personalities. Oh my gosh, I totally looooooooooove every single one of your “assessments!”

  431. 431 : JCW Says:

    Loving this drama! I’ve never watched a drama starring Ji Sung or Hwang Jung Eum so I wasn’t interested to watch it at first but a friend told me that KMHM is way better than Hyde, Jekyll and I so I decided to watch it. Wow!!! Good thing my friend recommended this or else I’d be missing a great drama! Excited for the 13th ep!

  432. 432 : KDCraze Says:

    @banker from ph#428, Kill Me Heal Me is definitely way better than Hyde Jekyll and I. Just look at the rating say it all. I watched Hyde, Jekyll and I and the story is a bit boring no excitement and thrilling like Kill Me Heal Me. Although I love Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min, their acting in Hyde, Jekyll and I isn’t great. I think Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum nail it in this drama. They both perfect for their role in Kill Me Heal Me.

  433. 433 : Beautifully done! Says:

    @ usa-mary 🙂
    You are so cool! I love your analysis for each character! Rock on, sister! 😉

  434. 434 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Well put together. Keeps interest. Have always liked Ji Sung, very, very talented. Lastly I don t trust ratings.

  435. 435 : rrr Says:

    wow i love you ji sung

  436. 436 : rrr Says:

    for your information i watched many korean dramas when i was 6 years old,and now im 23 years old.Not only korean dramas that i’ve only watched when i was 6 years old, i also watched japanese drama,chinese drama and taiwanese drama.and you see how long and how many dramas that i’ve watched until now.Oh my goodness your favorite korean dramas are MY LOVE FROM THE STAR and this one KILL ME HEAL ME its a new dramas how about the past dramas? you dont mention it? i dont believe you that you watched korean drama since when you are 8 yrs.old because you dont know the past dramas.the past Kdramas are much better like DAE JANGGEUM,ALL IN,MY NAME IS KIM SAM SOON,STAIRWAYWAY TO HEAVEN,ENLESS LOVE 1 AND 2,ATTIC CAT ETC. You Dont know these kdramas?OMG.

  437. 437 : Windyroad Says:

    I have had so much fun watching this drama, except I cried in episode 7 when Yo Sub was trying to kill himself. Ji Sung and Hwang Jung, the lead actress were great in that scene. In fact, they have been great from the beginning. You would not think they are acting in the drama because they are so comfortable together. Great job done by them! I can’t wait for tomorrow to watch the new episodes. Love it!

  438. 438 : rrr Says:

    i loved ji sung the way he act and so handsome ..but i dont like your wife lee bo young in real life.

  439. 439 : Winterbird Says:

    @ rrr.. LOL.
    yeah, he is a great package! He is full of charisma: great acting and good looking.
    All great and hansome men are taken, eh?? But what does his wife do that makes you dislike her??? LOL

  440. 440 : rrr Says:

    happy chinese new year

  441. 441 : rrr Says:

    for your info ji sung and lee boo young are real couple in real life .

  442. 442 : malou1010 Says:

    What a mind-blowing episode! So many big reveals which made the drama immensely engaging, much more exciting, & so intriguing. Seriously, I’m now on the fence who to hate more…….the greedy & heartless Grandwitch (Oh yes! I simply refuse to attach the word “mother” at the end coz it totally leaves a bad taste in my mouth!)……or the utterly despicable child abuser, CJP? My heart aches for Do Hyun……I want to give him a hug! Seeing how terrified he becomes at the sight/thought of CJP, makes me really wonder what else did this psycho do to him? And yes, I’m back to my previous theory that CJP is indeed mentally unstable. I hope he remains comatose & wouldn’t wake up, EVER!

    I’m loving the new Do Hyun! The Do Hyun who came back has gotten a lot stronger, more determined than ever to find his lost memories, & more confident he could handle the truth so he could take back the life that was taken away from him.

    Absolutely loved everything about that scene when Ri Jin finally realized Do Hyun came back. Every moment was captured so beautifully that I can’t help but reeeeeally fall in love with them even more. I just love the way they are together! That forehead kiss was sooooo beautiful & heartwarming……..it just melted my heart! Seriously, the chemistry between Hwang Jung Eum & Ji Sung is absolutely magical! When they are on the screen, you can’t help but be charmed & your heart is captivated completely! After Secret, here in KMHM, HJE & JS are most definitely setting the bar very very high for any drama couple afterward! And to top it off, both are just brilliant playing their roles!

  443. 443 : malou1010 Says:

    Which brings me to the equally heart-stopping scene, where Ri Jin had a flashback of being there in the basement at the Mansion as a child. Unlike others, I don’t believe that this in itself constitutes a confirmation that Ri Jin is the missing child of MSY. Her memory of drawing on the wall merely suggests she was in the basement at some point in time, & probably played with little Do Hyun. I’m still sticking to my theory before that RJ, RO, & DH were all childhood friends; that somehow all three were involved in the huge fire incident at the Mansion; & DH felt so guilt-ridden for not being able to save RJ that he created Nana to remind him of his childhood friend he thought he lost. In fact, in episode 11 Se Gi called Ri Jin Nana so that part of my theory was substantiated. About her lost memory, my read is that she probably saw CJP abusing DH (& who knows what else) in the basement; & that experience was too much for a child to handle that she developed selective amnesia.

    I still believe, more than ever, that Ri On is the missing child of MSY. I’m standing by my latest theory about the illicit affair between CGH & MSY with the twist that MSY had twins, Do Hyun & Ri On, & that the evil Grandwitch separated the twins at birth. She gave Ri On to RJ’s Mom who was sworn to secrecy; & Do Hyun was given to CJP & Hwa Ran. I have explained lengthily in my posts #336 & #366 so, I won’t repeat the reasons why Grandwitch did all these & why she hates DH so much, as well as why his psycho son abused DH.

    So excited for tonight’s & tomorrow’s episodes! I want to know the contents of that Non-Disclosure Agreement with the 5 Billion check which are kept in Grandwitch’s secret safe. So what gives, wicked Grandwitch? What the heck are you hiding? Aaaaargh, I so want to find out, like NOW!

  444. 444 : Winterbird Says:

    @ rrr,
    I know Ji Sung is married to Lee Boo Young and they are expecting their first baby? But why do you dislike her? Is it because he is taken by her? LOL

  445. 445 : Dy.K Says:

    Seems like the writer nim know what we want. They finally meet in eps 13 guuyys! Ri On n Yo Na head to head 😀 And Ri Jin is not there quick enough to save the day. Poor Ri On Hahahahaha.

  446. 446 : fan29 Says:

    @427 usa-mary
    Lol seems like our imagination comes true including your fortune teller. Thanks you so much writer!! Btw I love how you interpret all these personalities. I lol especially the part humming tune of “Its raining men” Hahaha

    Well I kinda pity CY because she’s been used and manipulate by Se Gi about wanting to put a ring and so on but at the same time she deserve it for playing games (2 men fighting over her).

  447. 447 : usa-mary Says:

    @malou1010, Beautifully done!, and fan29: Thanks guys! I just eliminated the possibilities why none of those personalities wasn’t the popular college football player DH and everything began to unfold after that thought.

    @Dy.K-445: They met and Ri Jin wasn’t around?! I’ve just got to see this.
    Thanks for posting.

    @fan29-446: If CY really knew the real Se Gi, she probably would need an aspirin before running back to Ki Joon. Se Gi makes promises to her he has no intentions of keeping or does he? Do we really know th real Se Gi? Remember the mob boss’s daughter? Yet, on the other hand, I recall the beautifully decorated hotel suite with he and Ri Jin. It appeared to be decorated for a night of romantic experience only to ignite the flames of passion, but only turned out to ignite Dora the Explorer!

  448. 448 : Sunshine Says:

    Done watching raw episode 14. Grabe ang ganda. Pardon me for writing it in tagalog, i just can’t express how excited, happy and grateful for the writer who give us this kind of drama, I hope it will not spoil us whatever the outcome or ending of this beautiful story. I wish tomorrow will be wednesday again so that I can see what will happen to Ri Jin and Do Hyun.
    This time writer nim we need Se Gi for them to fight whatever the obstacle may come between the two lead character. But Do Hyun should build strategy of his own to save them both. Evil Mother, Grand Mother and the family of Ki Joon. I hope Ri On will help Do Hyun and Ri Jin. Oh what I am saying now. This episode is one of a kind. Never miss this one.

  449. 449 : usa-mary Says:

    Guys…I had to pause when I heard this and just laugh. With the slow eye blinking going on…she can’t believe her eyes.

    ROFLOL! Cha-Cha-Cha Do Hyun?! Op-pa! Ri On’s EYES…OMG! O-o-o-oppa! ROFLOL! Now, what type matters of the heart is DH experiencing that causes this young teenage girl, Ahn Yo Na, to come out? She’s even pissed about finding his tears and having to wipe them away…and cussing about it, too!

    Its Yo Na’s world now! Yo Na’s going to rock Ri Oh’s world…Heeeey! LOL ROFLOL…her spit dream has come TRUE! Now, who has tears in their eyes YN! Leaping in the man’s arms. RO’s drinks went everywhere! I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN TAKE MUCH MORE OF THIS! TRYING TO KISS RI ON…in a public restaurant at that…ROFLOL! Now, I’m tearing up!

    Making a grown man call his sister and say…save him…that he’ll be good from now on and will do better…ROFLOL!

    That’s why it couldn’t have been Yo Na’s personality on the football field. She’d intercept the football for the purpose of having men run after her. She wouldn’t make it to touch down line, because she would be trying to catch and touch them! All touchie feelie with RO! This is toooo much! LOL

    I agree…Ji Sung should get an award for each personality he portrayed, just like Sharon said. Ri On, you had better hurry up and buy what she’s wants before you see the other side of midnight and it won’t be sun rise either.

    WHAT! Threatening to dance on the TABLE! SOMEBODY GET THIS LITTLE LADY A POLE! Party over here! RO, you had better feed her. You should be glad she didn’t ask for another kiss…ROFLOL!

    Yo Na making a grown my cry?! LOL Check out her gaze…she’s cunning and knows it. NOooooo! Now she wants to be chased! Have MERCY! ROFLOL! I’m DONE! Look how Ji Sung is shaking his hair as if Yo Na has long tresses! LOL Stopping to apply lip gloss? Poor ORO! Now its REVERSED! GUYS…I CAN’T TAKE THIS… Poor RJ…talkative wench…didn’t I tell you not to show your teeth! ROFLOL! My sinuses got cleared on this scene! TOUCHE’ YN at making a grown man cry!

  450. 450 : OhJinNa Says:

    Hahaha… Best ep.13
    when Ahn Yo Na Kissed Oh Ri On

  451. 451 : Nha Mouri Says:

    Daeeebaaak >,< Ep 14 it's Really Amazing..
    I Really Sad to see Do Hyun :'(

  452. 452 : trea Says:

    Eps 13 + 14 : WOW….
    Ji Sung u are the best! When u transform DH into Yo Na… oh my goshhh i can’t believe it!
    And for Park Seo Joon, for next pls do more comedy drama, i looove ur facial expression, its really funny LOL
    Overall this recent episodes, daebak. Except for CY and KJ, pls do more for them writernim. I want CY more realistic and stronger. I want more scenes for both of them, coz they’re interesting in what eps (i forgot) when they had a fight
    Oh yeah and eps 14 it confirmed that Jun Pyo never abused DH, but to Ri Jin! Omg I’m so cried when i watch this scene T_T and its cleared my asumptions, Ri Jin really the missing child, the child of MSY. Jun pyo really hid RJ at basement all the time, DH visits her everyday at 10pm..
    Now the question is, the one who switched at birth with RO : DH or RJ?
    I think KMHM similar with Winter Sonata.. In other words, KMHM is new version of Winter Sonata? Well, we’ll see 😀 just enjoy it
    I don’t wanna rush it, coz i really love this drama.. Don’t wanna meet the ending, coz i will miss it so badly..

  453. 453 : ranazahra1 Says:

    it was so heartbreaking to think CDH takes all the guilty he felt and it turned out to be an Disorder like D.I.D instead of ORJ… ORJ is the one who got abused and she lives quite okay because he got amnesia because of the hurts she felt, eventhough she also have an disorder but not as bad as CDH’s. And CDH seems love her ALOT back then (and of course till now) since she got D.I.D because he couldn’t see the one he loves got abused by his family and his life ruined because he felt too much guilty… :”)

    just thinking about that, already make my heart hurt so bad and cry all over again. i do really love Jisung acting since it was not only his action which is acted, but also his all emotion and HIS EYES. omg i love his eyes too much. the way CDH stared with his kinda innocent spark on his eyes and the gaze that SSG had with so much deep meaning that make our heart beat alittle more faster, the naughty look on Yoona’s eyes, till unsoul look that Yoseob throw, we can differentiated them just by Jisung eye’s acting. you deserve daesang baby…

  454. 454 : Winterbird Says:

    Episode 14 is heart touching. It is really nice to see Oh Rin and Cha Do Hyun coming closer in their relationship and Cha Do Hyun got to know her family. Ji Sung has been excellent in his character role as Cha Do Hyun. He expresses is emotions so well that viewers can feel and relate to him: his gentleness, caring, compassion, sadness, explosive and supressed anger. Hwang Jung Eum is good in her role as well. She really plays a part in assisting Ji Sung’s excellent acting. She complements him so well. They seem to share mutual understanding between colleagues, being very comfortable and it is rare to see such compatibility onscreen. This drama has been very enjoyable from the star. Love it!

  455. 455 : ranazahra1 Says:

    @rrr #436 hello you there… correct me if i’m wrong but it look like you got angry at me wkwkwk i’m serious when i talked that i’ve been watching kdrama (some taiwanese but no japanese and chinese drama) since i was 8 years old and all the drama that you’ve mentioned up there i’ve ever watched it except Attic Cat. i have my own personal reason to choose the recent drama as my favourite instead of the past drama. MLFTS and KMHM are my favourite because their both contained all element that needed to be in a story. love, thrill, romance, sadness, pain, funny, and the fresh ‘thing’ we called unique. and both of them have it all balanced, that’s why i placed them on my first and second. sometimes you got bored when watching some scenes in dramas, but i never get bored watching every single scenes in that both dramas. that’s why i love them 🙂 but i also give my thumbs up for da jaeng geum i love it so much it was excellent, and princess hours i’ve watched more than five times, and autumn in my heart that bring me to the endless tears, and iljimae which is contained amazing action scenes, etc i love them all. but for me, past drama is more focus in one to three elements, not balanced. so some scenes make me kinda bored eventhough overall it was an amazing package. AND! please don’t talk like you’re judging me…. 🙂 everyone have their own taste right? so we can choose anything to be our favourite 🙂 but thank you for noted it 🙂

  456. 456 : Finnyana Says:

    LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH!! especially for episode 13 and 14!! DAEBAK.. I prefer with Kill me heal me, than Hyde Jekyll ..

  457. 457 : abigail Says:

    Aaakhh daebakk..
    noemu choa this drama…
    I loving jisung nd RO RJ
    their acting so awesome,amazing, very good..
    Expecially..I like oh Ri On..
    I falling in love with him…
    he always protect oh ri jin..
    and he so handsome…oppa saranghae ^*^

  458. 458 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    One of a few dramas I am watching these days. It’s really fun to watch who’s gonna come out next!

  459. 459 : sara Says:

    ji sung you are amazing. i like you when you transforom to yona . the story line is great. the cast is sooooooooooooo good.

  460. 460 : janah Says:

    100% excellent

  461. 461 : regan Says:

    Why most of Korean drama doesn’t have season 2.they are far good than other countries tv series.american tv series have never endind seasons.please think about this matter carefully it may worth it

  462. 462 : blessed angel Says:

    I really love this drama ,I love u ji sung oppa

  463. 463 : Vivian Says:

    I am totally in love with this drama! It keeps rolling and rolling in each episode. The casting is great. Ji Sung is outstanding! His acting expands and expands with his characters in this drama. He is such a rare talent. Everyone should watch this drama for the joy and poignant moments. It is a must see drama! Solid 5 stars!
    P.S I am an international viewer.

  464. 464 : MayaF Says:

    Like this drama sooooooo much… JI Sung He is the best actor… Nice drama.. Amazing! Can’t wait for next eps…

  465. 465 : ashiya Says:

    this dram is awesome waiting for next eposide 🙂 😀

  466. 466 : usa-mary Says:

    AHN YO NA…ROCK ON! Ji Sung is outstanding as an actor. This drama was meant for him. It’s amazing how he actually is pulling off (so far) 5 out of the 7 different characters; each with different, passionate personalities, and there’s no resemblance or overlapping of any of their character traits in each one. Except for the fact that they look like Do Hyun, that’s all. His eyes even change when he’s in each character.


    The acting in this drama is totally outstanding of all the actors! Especially, the leads.

  467. 467 : joycee Says:

    amazing drama….i laughed out loud till my stomach hurts in this drama and i even cried…i really love ji sung-shi oppa….

  468. 468 : anb Says:


  469. 469 : dramafreak Says:

    very very good drama….never thought it will be that good at first…after watching it….it is a MUST watch drama!!!! every episode has funny moments….serious moments…sad moments…mixture and well blend…not forgetting to compliment the actors and actresses acting skill….and also the drama scripted is so good too 🙂 Thumbs up!

  470. 470 : Lisa Says:

    Even though the whole plot began to be really predictable after we heard of a missing child in the Cha family, it’s still unexpected in some ways, because one wants to get to know how the characters will handle it and when will they find out when we as viewers already put together all the pieces.

    I guess Se Gi won’t appear now anymore, since it seems like all his memories were transferred to Do Hyun. The only question is: will we still see Na Na or did she disappear too after Do Hyun finding out that Ri Jin is the girl AND what about Mysterious X? When does he appear and WHY?

    What I still worry about (yes, even though it’s dramaland and I know DO hyun and Ri Jin will have a happy ending) is how they are related? I mean, are they step siblings? That would be kinda huge and incest and so on. I’m really keen on finding THAT one out and how Ri Jin got to escape the fire and why the fire happened.

    This is one of the best dramas that I have ever seen and definitely one of the bests in 2014/2015.

  471. 471 : Whitewinter Says:

    @ Lisa ( # 470 )Cha Do Hyun and Ri Jin are not blood related.
    It looks like his dad was involved with her mom, who passed away in an accident but Ri Jin was not the daughter of Cha Do Hyun’s father. Another man was the father of Ri Ji and Cha Do Hyun has a different mom. This is how I processed the plots of this drama up to this point. Yes, it is a great drama!

  472. 472 : Whitewinter Says:

    Pump this drama to the top of the list!!!! To me, the acting alone of the cast deserves awards! Fighting for the trophy!!!!! Yeah!!!

  473. 473 : true Says:

    This is excellent drama. It is my favourite.

  474. 474 : malou1010 Says:

    I absolutely loved episode 14 beyond words! It took me to a whirlwind of emotions & hit me at one place, & one place only……my heart! I was so deeply touched to see Do Hyun experiencing, through the wonderful Oh Family, the warmthness of a loving & caring family, & a sense of belonging which he felt for the first time in his life. And finally, that heartfelt confession by Do Hyun to Ri Jin which really made me tear up! Then, he was this lonely & wounded man who shuns being close to people because he thinks he’s not human enough; yet he struggles to survive & lives his empty life each day clouded with fear, guilt, & uncertainty. But love does not need a reason, & the Do Hyun who has now evolved is determined, more than ever, to hold on to that love he found in Ri Jin, to a point, where he wants to face his fears head on, get back the life he lost, & live his life to the fullest. When he told her…….”No matter what it takes, I want to face everything together with you. The bad memories I have, too. I want to get rid of them by making good memories with you”……it absolutely melted my heart! Loved the way that scene ended! It made me loooooooove them so much more!

    But the ending of this episode left me utterly shocked! It was so unbelievable that I just couldn’t put into words my mixed emotions at that time. I was so enraged, appalled, & flustered as I saw the big reveal unfolding. I must have cried as much as Do Hyun did! The inner struggles between Do Hyun & Se Gi was just EPIC! But I’m all for Do Hyun to STAY & finish off the fight to protect & save Ri Jin. This is Do Hyun’s moment to prove to himself that he has what it takes to FIGHT & WIN his own battles from here on in.

    Actually, I was not ready for this unexpected twist at all. Didn’t think that writernim would ever go way too dark on this. However, I’m still confident the loveline is safe & sound. After all, there are still so many secrets to be revealed. Aaaaah jinjja, that darn Non-Disclosure Agreement with the 5-Billion check comes to mind! Ri On is still on my radar, he’s way too mysterious to pass up. I don’t know but I still have this odd feeling that there’s likely a twin switch angle when another birth secret is unraveled. Good grief, I ate my own words! I did say before that I was so done with theories but darn……here I go again! Oh gosh, writernim, you are, hands down, such a brilliant writer! Hats off to you for giving us this drama that is undeniably BEYOND amazing! And of course, a perfectly written storyline would be nothing if it’s not backed up by a PERFECT CAST, headed by Ji Sung & Hwang Jung Eum who are both just killing their roles!

    I loooooooove this drama so much! So excited for the next two episodes…………is it Wednesday already?

  475. 475 : princess Says:

    @malou1010 u hv said it all 4 me…….n i totally agree with u….i luv ur cmnts soooo much……..we hv met in e.love thread n u never cease 2 amaze me with ur cmnts……may all ur dreams come tru dis new year(Amen)…ji sung u r phenonmenal n u are *unstoppable*…….u hv evolved over d years…..i.thot u were awesome in secret luv……..but dis is 2much…..am not 4gettnd female too…..shez amazin’in her role too.ji sung u r going places n am sooooooo proud of u…….kip it up…… xoxo

  476. 476 : princess Says:

    kmhm is such an excellent drama…..luv yo na’s character soooooo much……

  477. 477 : Carmarie Says:

    Kudo’s to the writers, directors and actors in KMHE. I understand that other actors were supposed to play CDH and ORJ; however, I cannot imagine anyone playing CDH other than Ji Sung, he has nailed every character even Ahn Yo Na. This drama has made me laugh, cry and sigh. Great acting by all actors in this drama, even the grandmother, whom I love to hate. This drama should definitely receive several awards.

  478. 478 : xkx Says:

    Ji Sung i give my standing applause for you.. the storyline always make me curious about what will happen then. KMHM fighting!

  479. 479 : Sharon Says:

    Watch ep 13 and 14 and I am still laughing. YN is a trip!! She found oppa and want him to catch her. Shit, did she like ran in a marathon before? I swear she could out run Usain Bolt.

    Yoo, JS has his acting for this character on fleek!!

    The basement scene where DH was remembering his past; A thought came to mind that puting a child in such a cruel situation will traumatized that child beyond belief. Although the girl receive the physical abuse, he suffered the mental abuse and carry with him the heavy burden of guilt thinking everything that happened was his fault. No wonder he had to split up to deal with it all. That why they say LOVE cure everything. Because, ORJ had a living and cari g parents she was able to overcome although she has flickers of uneasiness she could deal with it. However, DH on the other hand had only rejection, abuse, no love and loneliness. Therefore, he was unable to heal.

    This drama is like a puzzle when you think you have all the pieces together you realize that it just does not fit!! Love love love this drama!!! The writer wrote in a kaleidoscope of reality/comedy/mystery/fantasy and make the story change to the pattern he wishes and I am at his whim waiting for the next chapter he is about to give me. Very skillfully written story!!!

  480. 480 : Sharon Says:

    Damn!! No preview for ep 15.. I am like sick, right about now.

    So, what’s DH mom going to do when she realize her gangster detective almost killed her son. What is she going to tell DH about OJ being kidnap?
    Poor granny, they are going to give her a stroke before the drama is over. I thought she was about to have one when DH came out of the wine cellar.
    What up with the Adams Family?! Morticia keep asking dumb ass question in the car. Damn, figure the ship out just like I am!! Wednesday look as depress as usual, because she really don’t want to marry cousin It.

    Mama got a lot of explaining to do.

  481. 481 : Dlcne Says:

    Ep 15 preview http://youtu.be/LVbodjL85EA

  482. 482 : miko Says:

    wah… can’t wait every episode ..
    hope this drama produce 24 episode total
    fighthing Kill Me Heal Me
    fighthing hwang jung eum
    fighthing park seo joon

  483. 483 : ohanii Says:

    this drama is awesome waiting for today ep 🙂

  484. 484 : marvic Says:

    i have just watched the raw of ep15… and oh my poor heart torn into million pieces!!! hands up to Ji Sung’s acting!!!! His teary eyes says it all…. oh my… can’t wait for the subs and toms episode… another tear jerker episode as CDH will try to say goodbye….. guys, if u love this drama have a look at soompi forum for KMHM… such fab atmosphere and critics out there… amazed how viewers really try ti dig in the cha family secrets and getting nuts in solving the mystery, and getting frustrated every end of the week to wait for the next week episode…

    i so love this drama… and i love Ji Sung more and more….. he should have a dressing for each alter esp se go and yo na!!!!! hahahahaha…. till tomorrow!

  485. 485 : Sunshine Says:

    Will Ri Jin allow Do Hyun to leave her alone. I dont think so. Even if she remember the past, how she was beaten up by Do Hyun’s father, I dont think the love she feel’s for Do Hyun will be gone. That experienced they’ve shared at the basement will give them the strength to stay even more close together. Please writer make it happen, I dont want them to separate for long. Do Hyun’s leaving for America with his Mom wont solve everything. He has to do something, to give lesson to those who are greed in power, money and position.

  486. 486 : bloodys_a Says:

    Daebak! writernim. Has been watched ep 15 sub eng, tearfull eps, and then has been watched raw eps 16, SHOCKED with the new fact in the end eps!!. Two thumbs writernim, never ever crossed in my mind… cool…

    Made me waiting in next week for eps 17.

  487. 487 : torri Says:

    i mean can this guy get any better he is a great actor , there is nothing he cants do i mean i watch him and i just want to hug him, damn!!!!!!he is good !!really good am sure his wife is pretty proud of him ,LOVE THE SHOW

  488. 488 : waytolove Says:

    Only two weeks left for the finish. This drama is going to leave a long lasting memory for me. It is so fine! The acting is outstanding. Love Ji Sung-the best Korean actor, one of the kind! Love Hwang Eum-the beautiful, talented!

  489. 489 : KIM Says:

    Better have 2 personality rather than 7 personality that makes you dizzy..
    I mean, I prefer Hyde, Jeklly, I rather than this drama. It’s not because the actor or actress, but because the story line more smooth and impressive than Kill Me Heal Me.
    Not because Kill Me Heal Me broadcast first, then Hyde, Jeklly, I copy the story. Please see and watch clearly if you did drama lovers. Please see each person act and the chemistry from both drama.
    I hardly watch Korean dramas existing throughout the years and I can only see what is good and not. I hope all the drama lovers can feel it to.
    For Ji Sung & Hwang Jung Eum, I’m so sorry from Secret till Kill Me Heal Me, Hwang Jung Eum act was to bad 🙁 Can’t feel the chemistry between both of you.
    Keep fighting Hyun Bin & Han Ji Min!
    Please looks more better in next episodes for both drama.
    Love it! 🙂

  490. 490 : Carmarie Says:


    I watch both dramas and will post my comments about Hyde, Jekyll and I under HJI. There is no comparison, KMHM is a better written drama. Both dramas have their merit, but the acting is subperb in KMHM. The chemistry between the lead actors is great, they have fun, they cry together and they worry for each other. HJ&I is a nice drama, and there is great chemistry Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min, but the drama has predictable twists and turns, and require very little out-of-the-box thinking on the viewer’s part. With HMKM, as you can see from all the comments, the viewers had many theories about what happened in the past, and what will happen in the future. Hyun Bin is so nice to look at (eye candy) regardless of how poorly the script is written, that is one reason I continue to watch Hyde, Jekyll and I.
    Kim keep the comments coming, because there is nothing wrong with liking HJ&I better, everyone is entitled to their own preference.

  491. 491 : Big fan Says:

    Wow! I just watched Epi 16! What an imagination this writer has!!!!! Outstanding storyline and of course, riveting acting….. I just love this drama. I still have not figured out how each child fits into the family line.

  492. 492 : ilanaru Says:

    KMHM perfect drama !!!!!
    Great acting !!!
    Actors..? stunning !!!!!! Look forward to next week
    everyone has the right to their own opinion but can not help but relate to your comment’s
    Your vision in any way wrong
    Excellent main drama and beyond , you can get an impression of their relationship behind the scenes.
    Really fun to watching them out of the drama
    HJI, other drama I love HB, but the drama really not interesting in any way, boring … I tried several times to see but not attractive at all.
    The truth have to say KMHM- team fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  493. 493 : Sunshine Says:

    So its Cha Do Hyun(Oh Ri Jin)is the rightful heir to the Sun Jin Group. She is the real Cha Do Hyun, who then is the character played by Ji Sung. More Puzzle writer nim. But its more exciting for the coming episode. I just want a happy ending for the character played by HJE and JS.

  494. 494 : anne Says:

    Wow, all the episodes have been interesting and fun to watch. Episode 15 is very intense unlike other episodes which always have suspense, drama and comedic elements . It is the episode which really show off the lead actor’s brilliant acting – his subtle portrayal of agony, despair, anger is simply enthralling.

    Episode 16 simply confirms that the scriptwriter is a genius. He has caught everyone by surprise with the revelation of the true identity of oh ri jin. To have some many viewers guessing the background of the two lead characters and theories from day one of the screening of this,drama speaks volume of the wisdom of the scriptwriters.

    I love the chemistry between the cast, especially between the lead actor and actress. With such a great script and excellent actors/actresses, no wonder the show is a success.

  495. 495 : The truth Says:

    @ Kim, I advise you to get out of this forum because you are alone in your own fight. 99 % will disagree with you. It is too late anyway to do PA or ad for HJK. In this day and age, no one has time to endure 12 hours for a drama to go somewhere.HJM is one step forward and two steps backwards. Good luck, Kim.

  496. 496 : Janar Says:

    I’ve finished ep.16. So they are both -Cha Do Hyun. And Ri Jin was in family register first as Cha Do Hyun, and as I understood current mr. Cha Became Do Hyun later. Very interesting. Ji Sung is genius, love him, love him, love him. No “Jekill, Hyde and I” can be compared with this masterpiece. Thank you all drama crew for this happiness.

  497. 497 : angelica Says:

    @kim : u look so desperate, u jealous with KMHM rite? are u spyman from HJI team? I think u r :p
    Sorry u can’t force us to love HJI, coz i did watch it and I’m not interesting at all. Its about taste rite? SorrryYy 😀

  498. 498 : Amor Says:

    saeng-il chughahabnida Ji Sung!!! jal jinae… Yes, it’s in the bag (already) 2015 KDrama best Actor Award goes to woot! woot! No other than….. JI SUNG…..

  499. 499 : Yoshi Says:

    No, Oh Ri Jin has nothing to do with that greedy family, as blood related. The witch grandma and her cruel son has manipulated changing names to validate the registration of the true heir as soon as they believe that Oh Ri Jin is the daughter of chairman. I believe that grandma has nothing to do with abuse ORJ, but only her son is responsible. And, the two children were too young for understanding that situation. So both ORJ and CDH are confused about their mothers, their names. Also I think that grandma has something to do with the death of chairman and ORJ’ mother. Grandma or her brother.
    I think that KMHM is a great hit of the year but is just the beginning.
    And HJM could be good if KMHM doesn’t exist.

  500. 500 : charls Says:


    Dang.. Hyde, Jekyll & I is nonsense. too many plotholes.. you called it smooth?

    Alright.. example of the scene:

    Sleep in the bed messy hair. Wake up and tadaa ! Hair is done. Don’t need to get hair done in the morning. JUST SLEEP. Hhahaha !

    PLUS OMG .. the Police… Do your job properly..

    Gonna stop HJI already.. Thought I would at least give it a chance. but… oh no..

    KMHM is the real deal !

  501. 501 : usa-mary Says:

    I’ll gladly observe the Sherlock Holmes’ and Agatha Christies’ on this thread who try to decipher DH’s and ORJ’s relationship. As for me, I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride of this writer-nim’s brilliant writing skills.

  502. 502 : usa-mary Says:

    @the truth-495: Excellent commentary and THAT’S THE TRUTH…BRAVO TO YOU! (How’s about 99.9%-smile).

  503. 503 : dhez Says:

    They want to eliminate the real Do Hyun(Ri Jin) that is why she always at the basement and that is why they use that name to Ji Sung’s character because shes the real and solely Heir of Sun Jin Group. I wonder why, is she really true blooded Cha Family? But one thing for sure and we know that already that the two leads are not blood related. Damn I wish I can answer all the nagging questions I have right now. Four more episodes to go. So excited for it.

  504. 504 : Mellymel Says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Brilliant actors and actresses.

    So ORJ and CDH are siblings? There should be a twist in this scenario.
    Well Ep 16 grandmomma mentioned to her bedridden son “if only that is your child” I believed CDH is not really his son. That’s why Segi said it should be RiJin that was saved from the fire not him its the humane thing to do.

    KMHM I was wondering if they even check or read this chain there are so many and they are good reviews and comments 🙂 🙂 🙂


  505. 505 : Mellymel Says:

    @Sharon: I started watching Maids 😉

    Try Blood pretty cool drama 🙂

  506. 506 : Carmarie Says:

    After watching episode 16, I am throwing all my theories out the window.
    The KMHM writers are brilliant. I could not have seen that coming that Oh Ri Jin’s original name was Cha Do Hyun. I have to watch Episode 15 again, because I think I am missing an important piece of the puzzle. After being blind-sided (in a good way) by the revelations at the end of 16, I decided the best thing for me to do is to sit back, enjoy the show and go along with the roller coaster ride – WEeee.
    I just love this drama. I know it is early in the year; however, I cannot see another drama toping this one in 2015. The writers, directors and actors are all outstanding in this drama. I have not been so engaged in a drama since Missing You and KMHM has topped Missing You on my best Thriller/Adventure Kdrama list.

  507. 507 : Ohnana Says:

    I’m Actually agree with Carmarie Said..

  508. 508 : KDCraze Says:

    After a lot of crying in ep.15. Ep.16 is a mind blowing episode. Oh Ri Jin real name is Cha Do Hyun so she is the true heir of Seung Jin Group. My guessing in previous episode is wrong. LOL I must say that the writer of this drama is very clever. This drama gives a lot of suspense and mystery makes people addicted to watch it. I cried and I laughed a lot in this drama too. Only 4 episodes left, writer nim please give a happy ending for Oh Ri Jin and Cha Do Hyun. This is the best drama 2015 for me. Kill Me Heal Me fighting! !!!!!!

  509. 509 : zakter Says:

    even though Ji sung is phenomenal in portraying his acting but I think in ep 1 16 Hwang jung eum stole the show by showing different range of her emotion

  510. 510 : zakter Says:

    i meant to say ep 16

  511. 511 : cimm Says:

    so, i think Cha Do Hyun’s real name is Shin Se Gi..

  512. 512 : meela Says:

    Oh ri jin is cha do hyun…n who the real cha do hyun now..wow daebak make me addicted to the story kmhm,one of the best drama ever in this year.love it…the story make me cry n laugh at the same time.can’t wait for 4 ep left.

  513. 513 : meela Says:

    Oh ri jin is cha do hyun…n who the real cha do hyun now..wow daebak can’t wait for 4 ep left.

  514. 514 : mara Says:

    LOVEEEEEEE this drama ; Agree with person who wrote that is going to be hard to top this drama. My hat is off to every one involved with this drama excellent. Is been a long time since I cried episode 15 and 16 were great.

  515. 515 : ana Says:

    I Love this drama. Really good story line and unpredictable. It remain me of a book “Sybil”. Love this drama a lot!!!!

  516. 516 : shelly andria Says:

    Kyaaa😁……. i lovee this drama❤. This drama really really good after i watched so many drama from korea when i was a middle school. Please make this drama more than 20 episodes

  517. 517 : Mellymel Says:

    Oh sorry need to correct myself. So ORJ and CDH are not siblings. I am expecting more twist and revelations in the four episodes. Ep 15 and 16 made me huhuhuhuhu!!! So who is Mysterious X until now his identity still hidden.

    Miss SeGi 🙁

  518. 518 : Mellymel Says:

    Who is the father of ORJ? One lingering question hhmmm!!!

  519. 519 : Pooh Says:

    my goodness ji sung and jung eum are such AMAZING actors omg?????? srsly one of the bests i’ve ever seen!!!!

  520. 520 : The truth Says:

    To usa-mary,
    Great minds think alike 🙂 <3

  521. 521 : nitta Says:

    The story and ji sung acting are great! But why i keep feeling that HJE is overacting

  522. 522 : malou1010 Says:

    @ zakter #509

    Totally agree with you! HJE was simply awesome! She’s simply brilliant when she does those melo parts. You can feel all her raw emotions & the tone of her voice just totally gets to me! Loooove her so much!

  523. 523 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Mellymel #518

    I covered your question in my post. So if you want you can read my post but……….I was so emotionally affected so I was kinda carried away & poured my heart out there!

  524. 524 : malou1010 Says:

    @ princess #475

    Hi there! Yeah, I remember you! Thanks a lot for the kind words. Same here, I wish you the same! I’m glad you’re watching this amazing drama too. Seems like we do share the same taste in drama, eh? I think I saw you too in God’s Gift- 14Days thread. Are you the same princess?

  525. 525 : malou1010 Says:

    I seriously bawled my eyes out watching both episodes! It just tugged at different emotions, in such a way, that I felt Do Hyun’s pain & guilt & connected with how broken he must have felt as he recalled his lost memories. But what really crushed my heart & soul was when Ri Jin started recalling her own lost memories which she was able to block out for the longest time. I was sobbing the whole time! It was extremely hard to watch a helpless & innocent child being abused physically & mentally while the so-called adults did absolutely nothing to stop it.

    Another hard-to-watch scene which completely reached right in & ripped my heart out was the break up at the beach. The way they said goodbye was excruciatingly painful & sad. Ri Jin knew exactly what was in Do Hyun’s mind beforehand & the fact that she had her back on him, only meant she wanted to make it less harder for him so he could say what needed to be said. With both of them just struggling to hold back their tears, I felt their pain………their love………& I just couldn’t help but cry! And when he finally walked away, I was totally engulfed by the same emptiness that Ri Jin was feeling!

    I do get where Do Hyun is coming from but I’m hoping he wouldn’t stay away from Ri Jin too long. Ri Jin was the woman he needed at those most needed moments in his life that teach a person to trust & to love. They are soulmates who are meant for each other & I believe their deep love is more than enough to get them through their painful past. For both to heal & be WHOLE again, Do Hyun needs Ri Jin to COMPLETE him, as much as, Ri Jin needs Do Hyun to COMPLETE her. I loooooove them so very much! I want my HAPPY ENDING!

    I’m just so glad that it’s been confirmed (as told by RJ’s Mom to her in episode 16) that her father is someone MSY loved before who moved to the States, & NOT CJP. At least it’s now established that Ri Jin & Do Hyun are NOT blood related in any way, shape, or form. I’m so relieved that writernim didn’t drag this out, otherwise, I would be on pins & needles because of the big reveal at the ending of episode 16!

    Which brings me to the ending that felt like I was hit by a ton of bricks! Oh my gosh, I was totally blown away! I didn’t see that twist coming. My heart just aches for Do Hyun! How will he ever cope? Does this mean that Mysterious X will now surface? Does Mysterious X hold Do Hyun’s real identity? When do we get to see the contents of that Non-Disclosure Agreement with the 5-Billion check? Aaaah jinjja, with this big reveal Do Hyun needs Ri Jin back in his life!

    I can’t believe that KMHM is down to 4 episodes! Andwae, writernim, I’m not ready yet to let go of this drama! Undoubtedly, KMHM is a drama like no other! I’m defi-freaking-nitely loving it!

  526. 526 : mayleaf Says:

    Ji Sung and Hwang jung eum have a great chemistry in this drama, and their another drama ” Secret/ Secret Love” as well.

  527. 527 : kkuljaem Says:

    Hello fellow drama lovers,

    i have a blog dedicated to translating comments of Korean netizens on drama articles. Come stop by if you have time. Thanks! 🙂


  528. 528 : Dlcne Says:

    Ep 17 preview

  529. 529 : angie Says:

    honestly k drama these are not good anymore, just that some are more bearable to watch than others. just like kill me, Heal me.

  530. 530 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Dicne #528

    Thanks a lot for sharing the video with us! You’re the best!!! I’m very excited for tonight’s episode. Seems like CJP has a good side, after all. And oh my gosh, I heard him say Perry Park!

  531. 531 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Mellymel

    Hey chingu, I have something interesting for you on the previous page. Go read it!

  532. 532 : malou1010 Says:

    I’m really hoping that after crying a bucket of tears which pretty much just killed my heart, writernim will now be healing my aching hearts for the rest of the episodes! Aaaah jinjja, I still can’t get over the fact that this amazing drama will soon be over! Hopefully, writernim won’t resort to time jumps for our OTP…….just NO! I want a FULL episode dedicated solely to Do Hyun & Ri Jin, TOGETHER with the BEST HAPPY ENDING ever! They so deserve happiness after all the wounds of their past. Jeeeeeeebal writernim!

  533. 533 : angelica Says:

    Pls consider writernim,make it 24 eps pleaseee
    This drama is too gooooodd…

  534. 534 : angelica Says:

    Eps 17, the mystery exploded one by one.
    Surpriseng, really surprising…
    The one who started the fire is… Se Gi….
    Last 3 eps, i don’t know what will happen next.


  535. 535 : miss khun anya Says:

    angelica!!i agree with u..it was awesome!!i didn’t watch any kind of drama as great as thisYup!!THE MOST AND MOST UNPREDICTABLE AND ADDTITIVE DRAMA EVER!!

  536. 536 : koiii1710 Says:

    After seeing this drama for 17 episode, I can help myself not to write in this forum…

    What we think in the earlier episode, most of it might be wrong after 14th episode but more so in 17 episode…

    CJP that we thought as bad person actually one time was a loving father and even went to come to his family (that he has left) to put his son in school and found out that he is being betrayed by them….

    The grandmother…she only thinking how to save her son good name and the company which for her is everything (in some part also Cha Do Hyun/male)…But she still twisted…

    CDH mother… that I don’t think we are wrong (:D)….

    this drama make u thought whether to all rich people..as long as in front of people, u keep ur attitude..they will turn blind what u do inside the house or behind all those people….

    so sad to think what Oh Ri Jin has to face when she is a child….

  537. 537 : JAA Says:

    Come here for Ji Sung 😀
    He’s the best really!

  538. 538 : Nana Says:

    one of the best drama I’ve ever seen. finally after a few years waiting of great drama and finally this drama a heaalinh me,the story is wow wow really daebak!! the writer really genius ! Cant wait for ending. Jisung saranghayeooo 💕💕💕💕

  539. 539 : Nana Says:

    I wish this drama won many awards. For all fans kill me heal me we help vote for this drama !!!!!!!! Fighting kill me heal me

  540. 540 : Sunshine Says:

    Thank you writer nim. You never failed us this time. There’s always happiness after all the sadness from episode 17. Were still hoping for a happy ending for the 2 lead character. Two more episode left, I know there’s more story to come, How the villain will try all their might to grab and take the Seungin Group. I want them to stop trying because, Seungin Group does not theirs to hold. What a nice song played by Ji Sung. I really love the way he sung it. This drama is really good. I hope the writer nim will not betray us till the end. Episode 18 with englist sub is already out. Its 640 am here in the Philippines and hey I’m finish watching it. Thank you for those who made it possible. Off to church for the 1st friday Mass. God bless us all.

  541. 541 : donna d Says:


  542. 542 : Dlcne Says:

    @Malou 530
    Thank u I really appreciate.

  543. 543 : trea Says:

    2 more eps left……….. T_T
    im not ready to say goodbye to CDH, Se Gi, Yo Na, Yo Sub, Perry Park…
    hey how about Mr,X and Nana?

  544. 544 : ilanaru Says:

    BEST DRAMA!!!!!!

  545. 545 : Exotic Says:


  546. 546 : Pooh Says:

    omg @kkuljaem thanks for creating that blog i love reading these kind of things 🙂

  547. 547 : gkhvbk Says:

    great drama!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! :*

  548. 548 : malou1010 Says:

    Seriously, I’m at a loss for words after watching episode 17! Those revelations……those poor innocent & helpless kids…..those twisted & hateful so-called adults of the Cha family……all these just really broke my heart into a million tiny pieces! Having seen CJP’s “good side” didn’t sway the hatred & outrage I feel for him. To me, he would always remain as this twisted monster & cowardly bastard who damaged the heart & soul of those two innocent & helpless kids. Don’t even get me started on the greedy & heartless Grandwitch! She was as guilty as CJP was because she turned a blind eye & allowed her monster son to abuse little Ri Jin. And Hwa Ran was no exception either. She was just as greedy, self-serving, & twisted like the rest. Ugh, totally hate all of them! If my laser death glare could kill, then all three would have been dead seventeen times over by now! While I’m on my “angry” mode, what the heck is wrong with Chae Yeon? Seriously, I really can’t believe how low she’s willing to stoop to get her “man” when clearly, Do Hyun (I’m sticking to this name as I’ve known him for 16 episodes) had rejected her time & again! How pathetic can she be? Gosh, I wish Yo Na would surface just for her……….and pull every single strand of her hair!

    Nevertheless, despite these heartbreaking moments, I was so glad there were heartwarming ones to tide me over. Simply adore & love the Oh family! Through them, Ri Jin had a fresh start & was gifted with limitless love, care, & support which ultimately nurtured her to be this person she has become……..strong & confident, warm & caring, vibrant & happy, & above all, driven & resilient. It really warms my heart seeing how well-raised she has become despite that dark part of her childhood which the Ohs filled with such beautiful shared moments with her that she could treasure forever.

    I’m so so sad for Do Hyun! I’m hoping that he would be able to get past this latest reveal which shocked him even more. I would have preferred him to stay put & deal with the pain himself. He seemed to have gotten a lot stronger from the previous two episodes so I was rooting for him to get hold of himself & fight it out. More than ever, I would have wanted him to dig deep down into his soul & fight for what he wants, & fight the demons that he succumbs to that’s been eating him for the longest time. This is where strength, courage, & trust come into play. He needs to BELIEVE he can do it this time around & above all, he needs Ri Jin back in his life. They need each other to HEAL TOGETHER! Seriously, what Do Hyun needs right about now is a BIG hug from Ri Jin! Good grief, I loooooove this pair so much! Darn it, I want my HAPPY ENDING!!!!

  549. 549 : malou1010 Says:

    @ kkuljaem

    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing the site.

  550. 550 : true Says:

    Ji Sung, you deserve all awards. No one can act like you. KHMH is one of my best dramas thanks to Ji Sung.

  551. 551 : istanbul Says:

    KLHM is the best drama, …great drama… Ji sung sen harikasın..teşekkürler bu rolün için..

  552. 552 : Ohnana Says:

    Oh my God :'(
    this drama will end this week!!!
    I will miss Dohyun, Segi, Perry Park,Yona,Yosub,nana
    especially Ji Sung And Hwang Jung Eum…
    I hope they will acting in another drama.
    Their acting was amazing and brilliant!!!! 😀

  553. 553 : Khalish Says:

    When Mysterious X come out???

  554. 554 : Mellymel Says:

    @Malou 1010: Thank you! Like like what you post. 🙂

    Best so far I have been seen 😀

  555. 555 : rzd Says:

    its going to end this week, its sad… it should get extended..

  556. 556 : princess Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaw i love this drama i wiil miss it too much <3

  557. 557 : usa-mary Says:

    @kkuljaem: I checked out your website…very nice.

    @malou1010-548: Excellent commentary.

  558. 558 : sara Says:

    i will miss ji sungs and KMHM

  559. 559 : rrr Says:

    eyeliner tumbs up!

  560. 560 : rrr Says:

    2 more episodes are waiting im so excited to end this drama!

  561. 561 : dian haerani Says:

    Really hooked with the storyline, good actors, songs and things related to Kill me, Heal me drama..
    I can’t wait to see the next episode.

  562. 562 : sara Says:

    the last scene in ep14 is heartbreaking. even the kids are good in acting.

  563. 563 : NinahFox Says:

    Kill me, heal me best drama ever.. i really like the song too, it hit me… :DD

  564. 564 : Dlcne Says:

    Ep 19previewhttp://youtu.be/oqGTOFvlkzM

  565. 565 : Dlcne Says:


  566. 566 : malou1010 Says:

    Hi Dicne! Strange but you posted the preview twice but both didn’t go through. No worries, thanks for your effort just the same.

  567. 567 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Mellymel & usa-mary

    Gomawo, chingus!

  568. 568 : Dlcne Says:

    Oops sory Malou 1010 I dnt knw what’s wrong with the link.let try it again.


  569. 569 : malou1010 Says:

    Episode 18 was the best! I’m absolutely thrilled that my endearing OTP made up! Looooove all the OTP’s adorably sweet & heartwarming moments…….I couldn’t be any happier! Initially, though, I was on edge, like seriously. Oh my gosh, I almost freaked out when Do Hyun dropped off Ri Jin without any hug or even a tiny peck on the cheek……..I mean, NOTHING……ugh!!! I was like, “What the heck Do Hyun, are you freaking kidding me now? Are you saying goodbye for real?” And when she headed home, I was like, “Do something……..Nooooooo!”

    But what a relief, when out of the blue, the rest of the alters all came out one after the other. Aaaah, what a way to start, with no less than jolly Perry Park surfacing! I’ve missed him but obviously not as much as Daddy Oh did. Poor Perry, not only was he smacked lots of times by his drinking buddy, Daddy Oh, he was again snatched right back in without even tasting his buddy’s homemade beer! My goodness, his facial expression as he was trying his darndest to get his drink, had me burst out laughing! Then along came Yo Sub. He never fails to touch my heart deeply whenever he’s around. As expected, I was seriously tearing up & at the same time I was immensely happy, knowing that Do Hyun wouldn’t have suicidal leanings in the future. That kiss on the cheek he gave Ri Jin was the sweetest ever! And when sassy Yo Na appeared with “lucky” Ri On around, I squeeeeeeeealed! I knew I was in for a real treat……..and did I ever! Having her around either with Ri On or with Ri Jin are totally a blast…….loved it! Aaaaww, Yo Na really loved wearing Ri Jin’s bunny jammies! Hmmmm, she was a little “tamed” this time around & even bonded with Ri Jin!

    I guess we won’t be seeing Se Gi, Perry Park, Yo Sub, Yo Na, & Nana as well. They pretty much said their goodbyes, While it’s good news for Do Hyun, nevertheless, I’m feeling kinda sad because I’d surely miss jolly Perry Park & sassy Yo Na. Oh dear me, now whenever I use the rice cooker, I’d be thinking of Perry Park! As for Yo Na, my dental appointments would always remind me of her “obsession” with Ri Jin’s teeth! HaHaHa!

    Aaaaah jinjja, I’m excited for the last two episodes! I can’t believe that next week I won’t have KMHM. I’ll be missing this drama for sure! Loooooove KMHM so very much!!!

  570. 570 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Dicne

    Neomu neomu gomawo, chingu! Watched it & oh wow, Perry Park is back……….drinking!

  571. 571 : Xam Says:

    Lo empezare a ver!!!!

  572. 572 : love angel Says:

    i will miss you KMHM and all the characters the best drama i ever see i hope for you another drama like this together

  573. 573 : sara Says:

    please don’t make abomb in the end. mr x don’t appear in the end.

  574. 574 : Nessa Says:

    The ratings was going down now become single digit…..they have got beaten by Unkind Women (KBS)…..oh well 🙁

  575. 575 : Nora Says:

    Arg!!! why Mr.X and Nana appear in last episode??

  576. 576 : deladel Says:

    If only there are any BTS that showing SHIN Segi saying Perry Park’s “Eumiii”…
    I wonder what react that should I do…? LOL
    Perry Park annyeong~ hiks

  577. 577 : kdrama freak Says:

    Is it good ending? wrapped up nicely?

  578. 578 : kdrama freak Says:

    Is she half sister? anyone can tell me?

  579. 579 : Mellymel Says:

    Best EVER!!! Perry Park’s exit was very touching.

    I really miss Shin SeGi 🙁

    Last Ep. Yona heart broken…I guess she will exit with broken heart. 🙁

    I hope for KMHM to slam the awards!!! 😀

    Nicely Done!!! Give you all the hail and praise in this one. Great Great Drama 😀

  580. 580 : PERRY PARK Says:


  581. 581 : Nora Says:

    interesting,incredible Drama and Actor
    They Should be given Drama Awards!!!!
    😀 😀 😀

  582. 582 : luvKdramas Says:

    What a great way to start 2015 with such an outstanding drama!! The best, it was worth every second of it! Shed some tears and plenty of laughter.

    ‘Thank you’ so much Kill Me, Heal Me! Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon and Choi Won Young….great casts and amazing chemistry between all of you. Gotta say I love all the personalities….Ahn Yo Na, you’re such a drama queen, gurl!

  583. 583 : luvKdramas Says:

    @kdrama freak –

    No, she is not half sister. They are not blood related. Ri Jin’s biological mother was the ex-wife of Do Hyun’s dad. The late mother returned to her lover in the U.S. and had Ri Jin.

    Enjoy The Drama!! 🙂

    Peace! (as Ahn Yo Na would say)

  584. 584 : Ntkh Says:

    Happy ending… Love your acting, your character so much, Ji Sung!
    I am so sad when Kill me heal me end 🙁

  585. 585 : sara Says:

    oh my god the end of the drama , i will miss it . iwish it was more than 20

  586. 586 : nana Says:

    Ji sung oppa!!!
    Jung Eum noona!!
    i will gonna miss you!!!
    Please work together again!!!
    saranghae!!! 😀 <3

  587. 587 : KDCraze Says:

    Finished watching it last night. Great ending. From the painful childhood love to wonderful love healing each other wound. I really love Cha Do Hyun and Oh Ri Jin couple. I love all the other personalities too especially Shin Se Gi, Perry Park and Ahn Yo Na. Everytime Ahn Yo Na come out, I laughed like crazy. I couldn’t stop laughing when watching Ri On got kissed by Yo Na many times. LOL Poor thing Ri On until he got nightmare with hearing Yo Na name from the new girl he met. Thank You for making this wonderful drama. I love all the casts and the story. I hope Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum won many awards. Specially Ji Sung should get many awards for potraying many different character. He is truly a great actor. I hope they get the best couple award also for this drama. The best drama for beginning 2015. Kamsahamnida and Saranghae Kill Me Heal Me!!!!!

  588. 588 : nina Says:

    i really love this drama. one of the best k-drama i ever watched.

    ji sung such a great actor!!! daebak!!

    shin se gi, i will gonna miss u –<@

    but why the rating not high? T_T

  589. 589 : Adektob Says:

    Love every thing about this film,d acting was great..gonna miss it especially perry park.

  590. 590 : trea Says:

    Great dramaa, great ending, for me it is happy ending and also sad ending
    i cried like a shit when perry park and ahn yo na said goodbye….
    KMHM deserve many awards..

    About the rating :
    I think korean people love to watch family genre that has lots of episodes :)) or some
    kinds of Makjang drama. But for me, this is the best drama so far.. i need time to move on

  591. 591 : Stanislaus Says:

    After a long time, i got to watch a drama without forwarding the scenes of course the last one was “I can hear your voice”.
    I have to give credits to writers who have done a brilliant job.
    Acting wise i loved how Hwang Jung Eum acted and even hats off too Ji Sung for potrating role so vividly.

    Job Well Done!!!!

  592. 592 : Agata Says:


  593. 593 : kdrama freak Says:

    Thank you luvKdrama. Now I can enjoy the drama with ease of mind !!!

  594. 594 : kdrama freak Says:

    Does anyone know why the video for this series keep on breakin when you watch on didiao tv through natnatvip?

  595. 595 : rzd Says:

    best drama this year so far…
    it was very sad when perry park leaving, my fav personality…
    i am going to miss yona and perry park…
    ji sung is great actor…

  596. 596 : rzd Says:

    this drama make lazy to watch other kdrama bcause they not good as this…
    every week waited for new episode and now its over, i feel empty…

  597. 597 : Rozmary Says:


  598. 598 : Korean-American Says:

    One of the best dramas that I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, & anyone who thinks that this drama is over-rated is way off normal.

  599. 599 : Rose Says:

    It looks like Ji Sung lost some weight from when I last saw him in a drama. His face looks drawn and his check bones are not as full as they used to be. He is nice looking.

  600. 600 : sara Says:

    bye bye dohyun bye bye ji sungs , bye bye ri ohn , bye bye ri jin , bye bye kill me heal me. every week at 10 i will miss you.
    yo naaaaaaaaaa , perry paaaark , yo soooooooob , se jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii , all of them are great.

  601. 601 : JCW Says:

    A really captivating and touching drama! Beautifully executed acting by all the actors and actresses. There were countless scenes which I have played numerous times because they were so touching or funny! It only ended a few days ago but I’m already missing it 🙁

  602. 602 : Mohammed Al-Mulla Says:

    it is so beauty series i love this story so much this is wonderful darma fighting 😉

  603. 603 : cat90 Says:

    Healer is much better!

  604. 604 : niczej Says:

    cameo appearance of Yuri of snsd on the last episode at the book store with writer omega right???

  605. 605 : sara Says:

    KMHE every week i will wait 4 u. i will miss you

  606. 606 : Jyenie Says:

    This drama is quite entertaining. Ji Sung’s acting is so good. I am especially fond of Ahn Yona, she is so adorable, I want to pinch her cheeks☺️

  607. 607 : the truth Says:


  608. 608 : the truth Says:


  609. 609 : Naj Says:

    I still cannot move on with kill me heal me even the drama had ended. Love the casts too much.

  610. 610 : Lisa Says:

    How can you compare this to Healer? Two different dramas with totally different plots. Healer and Kill Me Heal Me are both amazing dramas, near perfection in my eyes, but none is better than the other because they have different settings to be considered.

    Ji Sung played 7 different characters and mastered them all with perfection. One really could differeniate between (for example) Se Gi who turned back to Cha Do Hyun but still wore the Se Gi style. That’s an amazing talent.

    Loved the chemistry between the leads, it made me happy that after their fantastic melodrama they had a somewhat comedy. I hope they can do a drama again in the future! 🙂

  611. 611 : Sunshine Says:

    I hope this drama will air here in the Philippines. Paging ABS-CBN. This is a different romantic comedy drama that will love and will surprise everyone. I know its hard to get the rights of this kind of successful romantic comedy drama but ABS CBN have the ability and power to have it.

  612. 612 : phoenix Says:

    Shin Se gi, Perry Park, Yo na.. makes me laught, they are lovable

  613. 613 : reni Says:

    aku bener2 suka ini drama, belom nonton sih, cuma baru baca sinopsis doank.. gregetnya minta ampun.. suka drama mereka di secret love juga, chemistry nya dapet banget. udah gak sabar nontonnya.. kyaaaaa 😀

  614. 614 : mira Says:

    @reni:ceritanye memang bener2 best!!!
    rugi gak nontonya…

  615. 615 : Saoirse Says:

    THE BEST KDRAMA OF 2015!!!

  616. 616 : sara Says:

    the days of drama i miss it. i didn’t see new one till now

  617. 617 : Hanako 花子 Says:

    It is a great drama following my instinct. The actor Ji Sung was really great in this drama as well as the lady actress Hwang Jung Eum. They were great stars for this drama. No doubt it is maybe not an existing disease, but it really was exciting in such a way that you see all kind of characters in a person.
    The writer and producer with in this drama did a good job for this great drama, and am sure it will be one of the top award for this year .
    This year for me the top ones are : Punch, Healer and this drama so far are the three best ones

  618. 618 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ji sung put up a good acting. I like whenever Shin Se Gi appears.
    Ep 15 & 16 is quite bored that I nearly give up becoz both leads keep talking but no other funny characters appear …….. no stylo hippy Shin se gi

    I force myself to continue – Finally i manage to finish 20 episode.

    Now enjoying ANGRY MOM by Kim Hee Sun in a School Comedy 😛

  619. 619 : tigerb Says:

    it’s a good watch although I have many questions in my mind on the details of the story line. Suffice it to say that the series is just a dramatization of how the multiple personalities emanated and disappeared.

  620. 620 : amelia Says:

    very enjoy watched this drama till end even the sadness situation. i think i’m not only watched with my eyes, but also with my heart. i really sad when knowing Cha do hyun’s pain. it’s very heart breaking. maybe KMHM could not be the best drama along 2015 because there are many dramas with famous actor waiting to airing, but i can making sure that KMHM is the only drama that i watched with my heart. i know that writter-nim did not make this drama “box office” in purpose. he just want make a drama which can touch every viewers’ heart

  621. 621 : cuity17 Says:

    so excited, cant wait to watch this, after healer, i can move on now… wakk..kk.., owwh.. i love this couple, i ship them since secret, eventhoug ji sung is married, for me.. on screen, they are belong each other jisung-hwang jeung eum..lol
    @amelia…. nice comment

  622. 622 : Sara Nyang Says:

    I don’t know what to say. Overall the story is soooooooo interesting. I love this drama so much. Its been a long time i didn’t watch a good drama like this. I’d watch this with my family. They also like korean drama since they watch this drama. I love both JS and HJE couple. They really nice together. I can’t wait if they’ll acting again on the new drama. Kill Me, Heal Me Daebakkk!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  623. 623 : pearl Says:

    Wow. Just watched this drama and this was amazing. Love this couple on this drama and before it on Secret. Two thumbs up!

  624. 624 : koreandramalover Says:

    TBH JiSung this actor for me his acting just so-so. not bad nor good (his previous dramas) but after watched secret love, I like him >,< and now kill me heal me wohoooooo I LOVE HIM and i just figured out he really is a good talented actor ever! he carried 7 personalities really make me amazed~~~~

    best actor award belong to you~ hhhh (full of wishes) hahaha

  625. 625 : mei Says:

    wow.. its amazing drama.. touching n beautifull.. great cast, great actor, i looove it. best drama for me..

  626. 626 : reni Says:

    @mira oke punya ini drama. daebak!! akting jisung bener2 keren!!

  627. 627 : nancy Says:

    I REALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA!! JS really a talented actors. I love JS in this drama! Especially when he became ahn yoo na. He acted really excellent. I love PSJ too. But i dont really like HJE in this drama. Maybe its better if HJM take the roleplay. that’s only my opinion. But overall its a really good drama. The plot was unpredictable. And give a surprise and exicted moment when we all know the truth. Really a great job!! ^^b

  628. 628 : Sinopsis Kill Me, Heal Me: Kisah Tujuh Kepribadian dalam Satu Badan Says:

    […] Kill Me, Heal Me, Hwang Jung Eum dan Ji Sung telah bermain berdua dalam Secret Love. Dalam drama melankolis ini, Ji […]

  629. 629 : kenzobella Says:

    Good story, best acting. perfect!

  630. 630 : uggie Says:

    Wow daebak. !!! I really like this drama….

  631. 631 : pxxss Says:

    This is really a very GREAT, FUNNY AND TOUCHING drama! I like his 7 personalities, all so unique and different!!! As you can see from the rating, it really well-deserved and is a drama to watch!

  632. 632 : usa-mary Says:

    The acting in this drama exceeds and surpasses every written word that means exceptional, phenomenal, above and beyond and ingenious!

    The casting crew, cast, wardrobe crew, set designers, stylists/make-up artists, production crew, director, producer, investors and writer…


    Thank you for making my year…

  633. 633 : yeh Says:

    I wasn’t amaze at all.. It’s OK it’s love they look similar genre.. Its more in thriller this drama but it’s OK its loveore romance and comedy ..looking forward for the solutions of this kind of disease

  634. 634 : Alice Johnson Says:

    This was the best drama ever. I went through every emotion possible. This drama is at the top of my list to recommend to anyone considering to watch kdramas. jisuk was amazing portraying all these personalities.

  635. 635 : mia andriyani Says:

    So romantic and funny drama, Ji Sung oppa is a good actor who playing 4 characters very well, especially Yo Na,, good luck for all

  636. 636 : ruby placheta Says:

    nice one. congrats to all. I love PARK SEO JOON…

  637. 637 : ruby placheta Says:

    as expected, Ji Sung is a good actor. i like it when he’s “SHIN SE GI”, a cool bad guy and a nice hair and make-up. it suits him. hahaha! nice job. hope for more to come….

  638. 638 : Pearl Says:

    Ji sung is the best! He played 7 characters very well! the best drama of the year!

  639. 639 : rosie Says:

    For those who’s looking for the auditory hallucination OST without the rapping part, here’s the YT link. Finally somebody posted it. Love the song but I prefer it much better without the rap.

  640. 640 : Korean Drama Review KMHM | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Kill me heal me (2015)  杀了我,治愈我 […]

  641. 641 : Menchie S. Reolalas Says:

    Two Thumbs Up for this drama!!! A very good genre and cast… Actors and Actresses are amazing!!! Fighting!!!

  642. 642 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Applause to all the cast and crew of this KD especially to the writer. You’re really awesome guys.

    Keep it up. I’m looking forward to see you guys again on screen. Great chemistry between the lead actors.

  643. 643 : Shannon Says:

    The best drama so far. So looking forward in their next dramas. Repeating the drama for 2nd time.

  644. 644 : Mrs Fatin Says:



  645. 645 : YANI Says:

    the best drama..and Ji Sung the best actor..

  646. 646 : d0rie Says:

    Ji Sung…bravooo….Now I have concluded. You are best actor ever, worldwide. No one can beat this performance ever. Ob by the way, congratulations for being a daddy. Congratualtions to both of you and Lee Bo Yong. I like her too.

  647. 647 : Rose Says:

    I found this on Oh!K-Pop

    Actor Park Seo Joon confessed a close friendship with the rest of MBC‘s “Kill Me, Heal Me” cast and staff.

    On the June 7 episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” the lead actors of the movie “Beauty Inside” gave in interview.

    During the interview, Park Seo Joon says, “The ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ actors and staff promised each other that we would meet up every month at around the 7th. We have met up three times so far.”

    At that, Han Hyo Joo expresses her surprise, saying, “It’s not easy to get actors together every month,” but Kim Joo Hyuk says, “It’s about time that’s going to end,” inciting laughter.

  648. 648 : rr Says:

    congratulations Kill me heal me got a highest comment in this koreandrama.org !!!

  649. 649 : batchoy Says:


  650. 650 : iya27 Says:

    oh-my-god. just finished watching this drama last night (marathon!) n gosh! Jisung performance was blowing my mind away. every personality he had came alive and I actually believe that they’re a really different person. he made me laugh, he made me cry, he made me feel the pain and I feel extremely sorry for him. I watched all his drama before but I must say that this drama is a masterpiece, best from all. saranghae jisung!

    KMHM isn’t an average drama. its so deep, it wrecking your heart out, so emotional yet still adding laughter scenes. kudos to writer, casts, and all behind the scene of KMHM. this drama has bring us to another level, not about pretty chaebol boy who fall in love to poor girl, but instead it about soul. I HIGHLY recommended it to all of you who haven’t watch this drama. I give all stars in the sky for this drama…..


  651. 651 : iya27 Says:

    BTW… Koreandrama.org should change the comment section template for mobile version. Its quite tiresome to scroll down and read all comment in one page. for input, change it to read more button or page number like it used to be. still love the site and the discussion here…. ❤

  652. 652 : Ivy Says:

    I really love this drama!! Ji Sung is a wondeful actor, how can he play 6 characters at one time?? Unbelievable!! That’s the real actor. He deserves a lotttt of awards!! From all of the characters, I love Shin Se Gi the most. He’s handsome, bad boy, has a good taste on fashion, he’s perfect!! Ji Sung is very handsome, I’m a big fans of him. Hopefully he will be back with another nice drama after this. fighting Ji Sung!

  653. 653 : Junci Says:

    will watch thisss… their characters are lovers now

  654. 654 : She Was Pretty | shewaspretty Says:

    […] – Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum were previously acted together in 2015 MBC drama “Kill Me, Heal Me”. […]

  655. 655 : Xoxoch Says:

    Very recomended drama, thanks to writer who created a beautiful drama, make me laugh, cry, and the main lead, they so natural in act
    Ji sung is a great actor, he can act so natural with different character, and hwang jung eum she great actress too, she act with no worry if she look ugly, makes her act so so so natural
    Oh thank you so much to the writer who write the beautiful idea, story, and lovely ending, happy ending of course
    Im very like shin se gi, ahn yo na, perry park, ahn yo sub, nana, makes me cry n laugh
    And the writer makes farewell goodbye with beautiful way, makes me sad but change with happiness, cause all off that is cha joo young in one package
    Worth it to watch very very worth it
    To the writer keep working like this drama, with happy ending of course

  656. 656 : Jane Says:

    KMHM is the best! And the actor esp ji sung is superb
    I just don’t understand why there’s no award for this

    I would award ji sung , the writer, the pd director, for this superb drama. And it is an educational drama that lets us into the world of multi personalities

    Keep it up! You people are great !!

  657. 657 : Gagay Diaz Says:

    Omo. Just finished watching this drama. One of the best Korean Drama for me. Hope it will win as Kdrama of 2015. As well as Ji Sung oppa for the Best Actor. Hope his hardwork will pay off. Kudos to the production! 🙂

  658. 658 : Joonie Says:

    Joonie <3

  659. 659 : Nicole Says:

    Highly recommended!

    The show is a mix of everything. From comedy, to drama, to mystery, to romance. Have been laughing a lot while watching it. Just love the chemistry between the two lead. Good acting on Ji Sung’s part too, felt like he were 7 different actors (for the 7 different personalities). Daebak! 😀

  660. 660 : Trang trần Says:

    I cant speak english well so i only can say i love this film so much

  661. 661 : delma Leyva Says:

    This is the drama i saw in 2015, and Ji Sung for me is the best actor. I’m From Havana Cuba

  662. 662 : delma Leyva Says:

    I vote for Ji Sung And Kill me, Heal me

  663. 663 : Nguyen Xuan Truong Says:

    i love this film so much. and the music so good

  664. 664 : 2015 MBC Drama Awards (Winners List) – KoreanEngSub.com Says:

    […] Kill Me, Heal Me […]

  665. 665 : Rose Says:

    MBC 2015 MC Awards —

    Best Couple Awards —- Ji Sung & Park Seo Joon (Kill Me, Heal Me)

    Popularity Awards —-
    Actor: Park Seo Joon (Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty)
    Actress: Hwang Jung Eum (Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty)

    Ten Star Awards ——
    Ji Sung (Kill Me Heal Me)
    Hwang Jung Eum (Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty)
    Park Seo Joon (Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty)

    Writer of the Year —-
    Jo Sung Hee (She Was Pretty) and Ha Chung Ok (Make a Woman Cry)

    Producers’ Choice Actor of the Year (chosen by PDs from KBS, MBC, and SBS)
    Hwang Jung Eum (Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty)

    Excellence Actor (Mini-Series): Park Seo Joon (Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty)


    Ji Sung (Kill Me Heal Me)

    Drama of the Year

    Kill Me, Heal Me

    Top Excellence Awards

    Top Excellence Actor (Mini-Series): Ji Sung (Kill Me Heal Me)
    Top Excellence Actress (Mini-Series): Hwang Jung Eum (Kill Me Heal Me)

  666. 666 : acel0 Says:

    oh wow .. JS and HJE .. always the drama is very good..
    secret and kill me, heal me.. you will regret if you never watched those kdrama..
    plus She was pretty is daebak too 🙂 this drama is very new to me.. JS is very cute too

  667. 667 : CoolBeans Says:

    I am very happy he is back in another drama. I definitely missed Perry Park, Shin Se Gi and Ahn Yo Na form Kill Me, Heal Me!

  668. 668 : gmail account login Says:

    This drama is really amazing! Except it ends too fast 🙁 I think I need one more episode to make every details more logical. But anyways, I love it, I love the feeling of this tragedy.
    And the main OST is too perfect “Auditory Hallucination”, although I’m not good at English but I force myself to remember this hard word.

  669. 669 : DeeAn Says:

    💗💗💗 I’ve finished watching entired episodes. Love it! Love the all the cast, love the storyline, love the sountract. Best 2015’s korean Drama!!!

  670. 670 : Amy Says:

    Just finished watching it.. I fell in love with everyone in this drama.. OMG can’t believe that this drama move my heart.. I miss everything in this drama.. Love it so much.. ❤️❤️❤️

  671. 671 : My name Says:

    My favorite film… Daebak cha do hyun n oh ri jin.. 😍😍😍

  672. 672 : putri andini Says:

    Saya baru nonton kill me heal me agustus 2016 ini. Padahal saya sudah download dari maret 2015 tapi ga saya buka2 sangka saya drama ini romantis bgt ternyata ini drama bagus bgt jalan ceritanya
    Keren !!! Hwang jung eum unnie saranghae you are the best!!!
    Jung eum unnie sama ji sung oppa memang best couple dah di secret dan kill me heal me ini pokoknya ga ada yg bisa ngalahin chemistry couple ihi ada sih song jong ki ma moon chae won juga chemistry nya ngena bgt

  673. 673 : putri andini Says:

    Jung eum unnie ini putri andini dari indonesia. Unnie bener2 best actress keren semoga cepet diberikan anak yang cantik dan mungil kaya unnie

  674. 674 : apps on pc Says:

    Run androud application on your pc/computer by using this method. Keep sharing this post.

  675. 675 : Gingercite Says:

    Just watch this drama on 2019. This drama is soooo good. The story is interesting… Can’t stop watching until the end because you’re so curious about what will happen next. Thumbs up for the actors. Love it 👍👍👍👍. Very recommended to be watched

  676. 676 : Kay Says:

    Kill Me Heal Me is one of my favorite kdramas of all time. Ji Sung is absolutely phenomenal with an unforgettable performance. Hwang Jung Eum is also fantastic. The story is so compelling with heart, romance, humor, and drama. Everything about this drama is perfection!

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