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Kill Heel

Title: 킬힐 / Kill Heel
Genre: Thriller
Episodes: 14
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2022-March-09 to 2022-Apr-21
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:30


The story of the three women’s intense desire to achieve success against the backdrop of the home shopping industry and the heated debate about human nature amid competition.


Main Cast

Kim Ha Neul as Woo Hyun
Lee Hye Young as Ki Mo Ran
– Kim Min Joo (김민주) as Mo Ran (young)
Kim Sung Ryoung as Bae Ok Sun
– Min Soo Hwa (민수화) as Ok Sun (young)
Kim Jae Chul as Lee Hyun Wook

People around Woo Hyun

Kim Jin Woo as Kim Do Il (Woo Hyun’s husband)
Jung Seo Yun (정서연) as Kim Ji Yoon (Woo Hyun & Do Il’s daughter)
Jun Kook Hyang (전국향) as Woo Hyun’s mother-in-law

People around Ok Sun

Jeon Noh Min as Choi In Kook (Ok Sun’s husband)
– Shin Won Ho (신원호) as In Gook (young)
Yoon Hyun Soo (윤현수) as Choi Jung Hyun (Ok Sun & In Gook’s son)
Lee Chang Jik (이창직) as Ok Sun father-in-law
Hong Yoon Hee (홍윤희) as Ok Sun mother-in-law

People around Hyun Wook

Han Soo Yeon as Ham Shin Ae (Hyun Wook’s wife)

Directors at UNI Home Shopping

Jung Eui Jae as Seo Joon Bum (Chief director)
Moon Ji In as Noh Sung Woo
Park So Eun (박소은) as Lim Eo Jin

Show Hosts at UNI Home Shopping

Park Hee Jin as Noh Da Bi (Food show host)
Shin Joo Ah as Go Eun Nara
Yoo Jang Young as Shim Sang Chan

Others at UNI Home Shopping

Kim Hyo Sun as Ahn Anna (Fashion Team’s Section Chief)
Kim Do Yun as Kim Soo Wan / Wa Ni (Beauty Team’s Manager)
Go Yoon Bin (고윤빈) as Oh Na Kyung (Style Team’s Manager)
Shim Wan Joon as Park Jong Soo (Department director)


Kim Sung Il (김성일) as stylist (ep 1)
Jang Ka Hyun (장가현) as Jang Soo Mi (ep 1)
Kang Ji Sub as Designer Yang Pil Won (ep 3,6)
Dong Ji Hyun (동지현) as Kwak So Kyung (ep 6-7)

Production Credits

Production Companies: Ubi Culture, May Queen Pictures
Director: No Do Chul
Scriptwriter: Shin Kwang Ho, Lee Chun Woo

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2022-03-09 1 4.375 -
2022-03-10 2 3.997 -
2022-03-16 3 3.158 -
2022-03-17 4 3.499 -
2022-03-23 5 2.251 -
2022-03-24 6 3.636 -
2022-03-30 7 2.306 -
2022-03-31 8 2.629 -
2022-04-06 9 3.210 -
2022-04-07 10 3.670 -
2022-04-13 11 3.354 -
2022-04-14 12 3.823 -
2022-04-20 13 3.554 -
2022-04-21 14 4.736 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : LemonCandy Says:

    Sounds like the typical cat fights kind of drama. The kind where when competitive women meet out come the claws and whatever that is bitchy. Goosebumps !!

    Don’t think this is a pleasant drama.

    Dont get me wrong. I am not a bigot or a MCP for making such baised comments. I am a female too. But enough to know
    how scary competitive women can be. Shivers !!

    Sorry. Will give this drama up.

    Happy Valentines Day ❤

  2. 2 : soul meltdown Says:

    So, as expected … this drama depicts the worst low down behavior and attitude anybody could be. Not one character is such. Almost all the people, females and males alike here. Oh woah … toxic !! Horrid. A snake pit. How can any work place/environment, or anywhere for that matter, be like this? Could put a nuclear meltdown to shame.

    Eeeeww … shivers … this was how I felt when out of curiosity, I took a quick peek at Ep 1.

    No no no. Better to invest your time in some other worthile material.

  3. 3 : Frankie Says:

    Help, I tried to be patient after watching episode 1 but I stopped watching half way through episode 2. What a lousy script.

  4. 4 : Pane Says:

    just another drama that wants to push woman against women, ultimately putting down women in business to discourage

  5. 5 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Hye Young as Ki Mo Lan is very scheming in this drama. Can’t believe she used her power to force a young male colleague to sleep with her. HORRIBLE + TERRIBLE!!!

  6. 6 : OK OK OK Says:

    so far at Episodes 8. Can watch if
    Kim Ha Neul got good ending till last episodes. He He

  7. 7 : LemonCandy Says:

    I think its not the drama’s intention to degrade women per se. I dont think its the purpose.

    Its most likely that the drama is using the brutal and bitchy competitiveness of women as a base for its story. And as expected, if the story has to be told in its true form, such uglyness cannot be spared from viewers.

    We must know that, this is only a segment of society the story is about. In real life, not all people behave like this or are like this. There are civil people around too.

    I personally believe that the saying about “birds of a feather flocking together” holds true. Only those who are the same will aggregate together, as depicted in this drama. They thrive in such negative environment. Its their ‘manna’. Thefore, this drama is a story about the snakes in the snake pit. No one in it deserves any pity.

    This is a drama that chooses its viewers.

    Have a nice day !! 🤗

  8. 8 : BartSimpson Says:

    #5 OK OK OK

    Hahahaha!! Rape ??!! I think that young guy is having the time of his life!! So could be Ki Mo Lan too. 😁

    Ajushhi Oppa, yeah … you must be secretly liking the scene eh?? You are still watching the drama dont you? Enjoy!

    Fighting, Ajushhi Oppa !! Hahaha !!

    Have a wonderful day! 😁

  9. 9 : tigerb Says:

    three women with different agendas to pursue what they want and showing their greed: one for revenge, two, to take what she thinks us owed her and give to her son, and three to rise up and be on top!

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