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KBS Drama Special 2017

Title: 드라마 스페셜 2017 / KBS Drama Special 2017
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2017-Sep-03 to 2017-Nov-05
Airtime: Sunday 23:40
Related Drama: KBS Drama Special

About KBS Drama Special 2017

KBS Drama Special 2017 is an anthology series that features different stories, cast members and production teams each week, and is presented single episodes.

Episode Title

Date Episode Title
2017-09-03 우리가 계절이라면 / If We Were a Season
2017-09-10 만나게 해, 주오 / Let Us Meet, Joo Oh
2017-09-17 당신은 생각보다 가까이에 있다 / You're Closer Than I Think
2017-09-24 혼자 추는 왈츠 / Dancing Waltz Alone
2017-10-04 정마담의 마지막 일주일 / Madame Jung’s Last Week
2017-10-05 강덕순 애정 변천사 / Kang Duk Soon's Love History
2017-10-15 나쁜 가족들 / Bad Families
2017-10-22 우리가 못자는 이유 / Why we can not sleep
2017-10-29 슬로우 / Slow
2017-11-05 까까머리의 연애 / Buzzcut Love


2017 KBS Drama Awards: One Act Acting (Actress) Award – Ra Mi Ran (Madame Jung’s Last Week)

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  1. 1 : tigerb Says:

    i’ve always liked most of the episodes in the past, but can’t watch the oncoming ones until months later, subbed.

  2. 2 : tagalog salita Says:

    natatae na ko

  3. 3 : hotmail sign up Says:

    If We Were a Season – Like !

  4. 4 : SarangNoona Says:

    waiting for Buzzcut Love…

  5. 5 : tigerb Says:

    watched ‘dancing the waltz alone’ at you tube. it’s difficult for lovers to be competing for a job, or, they did not even know if there was love at all, only to find regret after 3 years.

  6. 6 : tigerb Says:

    ‘if we were a season’ – young love going on to a pause. their closeness at childhood will not die forever.

  7. 7 : tigerb Says:

    ‘let us meet, joo oh’ – it ended well, little comedy on the side.

  8. 8 : tigerb Says:

    ‘you’re closer than i think’: “love is ultimately about heart, not about the truth”, that’s what i quoted from the subs. what about the deceptions? many familiar faces in the cast.

  9. 9 : tigerb Says:

    ‘madam jeong’s last week’ had more excitement and eventful than the many years she was in hiding.

  10. 10 : tigerb Says:

    ‘kang dok soon’s love history’: a country girl, looking for her love, soon learned that life outside her familiar neighborhood could be dangerous, and that she can be useful where needed.

  11. 11 : tigerb Says:

    ‘bad families’ (a bad family at you tube): a dysfunctional family whose members know what is wrong with them. the realization can be a start of a happy change.

  12. 12 : Park Eun Bin face abuz de putere pentru razbunare in “Nothing to Lose” - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Dong Ha este un actor din aceeasi generatie cu Park Eun-bin, pe care l-ati putut urmari in drame, precum: “The Accidental Couple” (KBS2, 2009), “Empire of Gold” (SBS, 2013), “3 Days” (SBS, 2014), “Glorious Day” (SBS, 2014), “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle” (SBS, 2015), “My Love Eun Dong” (jTBC, 2015), “Glamorous Temptation” (MBC, 2015), “Beautiful Mind” (KBS2, 2016), “Chief Kim” (KBS2, 2017), “Suspicious Partner” (SBS, 2017) si “You’re Closer Than I Think” (KBS2, 2017). […]

  13. 13 : Josephinecundangan Says:

    I love suspicious partner most i still can’t move until now, hope you do a season 2 when chang wook discharged , same cast praying love them most and miss them all.thank you for making such a wondeful and memorable drama for us who love ji chang wook and nam ji hyun .

  14. 14 : tigerb Says:

    comments 12 and 13 are wrongly posted on this page.

  15. 15 : tigerb Says:

    two seemingly losers could not sleep for feeling so pathetic and insecure of their future, individually. the girl thinks nothing better can come up while the guy has better hopes of his status, and meeting the girl made him happy and purposeful. deciding that both of them together can face up their future, come what may, leaning on each other, made them feel secure and can fall asleep! ordinary but not!

  16. 16 : tigerb Says:

    ‘slow’ is about a high school kid who is in baseball. he’s a little bit slow psychologically and mentally which affects his performance as a baseball player. he wanted so much to succeed, but his family life or social life is so lacking. he met a female schoolmate who he thought is a friend and thought she could be an inspiration for him to succeed, but it did not happen. it’s sad that both he and the girl are bound to be losing opportunities while young.

  17. 17 : tigerb Says:

    ‘buzz cut love’: i like this story. two people surprisingly found love and happiness amidst their low moments in life. it may not last as the girl is terminally ill, at least they are happy together.

  18. 18 : Nelson Says:

    Wow…you just wrote a post of my flavor so i want to thanx for it a lot. It’s been pleasure reading it.

  19. 19 : Tellpizzahut Says:

    Indeed you shared really Precious Information.

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