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KBS Drama Special 2015

KBS Drama Special 2015 01

Title: 드라마 스페셜 2015 / KBS Drama Special 2015
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2015-March-13 to 2015-Nov-28
Airtime: Friday 21:30
Airtime: Friday 22:50 (from 2015-July-31)
Airtime: Saturday 23:50 (from 2015-Oct-24)
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About KBS Drama Special 2015

KBS Drama Special 2015 is an anthology series that features different stories, cast members and production teams each week, and is presented two episodes. This season is the first season that single episode has been increased to 2 episodes which are airing in the same day.

Episode Title

Date Episode Title
2015-03-13 가만히 있으라 / Stay Still
2015-03-20 바람은 소망하는 대로 분다 / The Wind Blows to the Hope
2015-03-27 머리심는 날 / Hair Day
2015-04-03 웃기는 여자 / Funny Woman
2015-07-31 귀신은 뭐하나 / What is the Ghost Doing ?
2015-08-07 붉은 달 / Red Moon
2015-08-14 라이브 쇼크 / Live Shock
2015-08-21 알젠타를 찾아서 / Finding Argenta
2015-08-28 그 형제의 여름 / The Brothers' Summer
2015-10-24 짝퉁 패밀리 / Fake Family
2015-10-31 노량진역에는 기차가 서지 않는다 / Noryangjin
2015-11-07 낯선동화 / Strange Fairy Tale
2015-11-14 비일 / Secret
2015-11-21 아비 / Father
2015-11-28 계약의 사내 / Contract Man


2015 KBS Drama Awards: One Act Acting Award (Actress) – Kim Young Ok (Snowy Road), Lee Ha Na (Fake Family)
2015 KBS Drama Awards: One Act Acting Award (Actor) – Bong Tae Kyu (Trains Don’t Stop at Noryangjin Station)
2015 KBS Drama Awards: Best Child Actor – Choi Kwon Soo (The Brothers’ Summer)

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  1. 1 : dina vasguez Says:

    I love watching k-dramas!

  2. 2 : dina vasguez Says:

    http://WWW.VIKI NET.COM

  3. 3 : neea Says:

    any idea where I can watch this subbed other than viki? Viki blocked in my country

  4. 4 : tigerb Says:

    @neea #3: i don’t know if the new drama specials are available but i watched the old ones at ‘you tube’ and they are subbed in english. good luck.

  5. 5 : neea Says:

    @ tigerb #4:

    thx, will do that

  6. 6 : tigerb Says:

    red moon – ‘crimson moon’ at you tube:

    this drama is a depiction of a reason why prince sado was placed by his father in a rice chest to die. In here, sado supposedly had mental illness, and his father was angry that sado built coffins under the palace including one for the king. the king could not draw his sword to kill his own son and I think he did not also want his son be killed by the his enemies. i find it cruel that the king made his young son live alone in a palace away from the family – a good start for a mental illness to develop.
    in another drama I watched, it depicted the reason that sado committed treason against the king that’s why his father put him in the rice chest to die. but in there, he was framed by political foes who did not want sado, the prince, to become king.
    it’s a sad affair about heirs to the throne but something that probably happened many times over during those times and not just in korea, when the throne is at stake.

  7. 7 : Bbob Says:

    Had watched Crimson Moon too. Don’t know whether this version of the story is real or not, but whatever, it sure is a very sad story.

    I am not surprised if isolating and abandoning a young kid to live in a haunted house alone could have made him go crazy. Anybody too could go crazy in this situation. And then finally, to condemn him (Prince Sado) to a slow death in a rice chest. How cruel can this be ! All in the name of the royal’s pride.

  8. 8 : tigerb Says:

    ‘what is the ghost doing?’: ‘what is the ghost up to’ in you tube. moral of the story: if one is very sick and will die in a short period of time, that person should let his/her loved ones know of the fact and not tell a white lie so the loved ones can be spared of the sad ending. the lie might cause anguish, hatred and untoward feelings that last for a very long time. which can be detrimental to that person’s health. fortunately here, in the ’49 days’ the soul lingers on earth, ill feelings were resolved. unfortunately for the young guy, he becomes a ‘medium’ for spirits who needed something to tell the living! it’s a good watch!

  9. 9 : tigerb Says:

    @Bbob: i learned that the story of prince sado has been depicted in many dramas in the past. currently there is a movie that is shown in korea about him, and upcoming is a drama too. i guess s.koreans are so fascinated with his life story. i wonder what was the real reason his father left him to die. history is interesting, however it is recorded: facts with twists of rumors, lies, etc. etc.

  10. 10 : tigerb Says:

    ‘live shock’: it’s a good one thriller worth watching!

  11. 11 : tigerb Says:

    ‘stay still’ – ‘the cupid factory’ at you tube but no english subs. too bad, can’t watch it.

  12. 12 : Korean Show Says:

    Great! waiting…

  13. 13 : tigerb Says:

    @Korean Show: you’re waiting for what? have you watched the dramas listed above?

  14. 14 : tigerb Says:

    ‘finding argenta’ (‘in search of argenta’ at you tube):
    nam seunghi would have been too sorry because, a) she has a bad left knee which does not give her a very bright future as an athlete, and b) she learned her birth mother is actually alive and abandoned her when she was a toddler to pursue her career as an athlete. but meeting her mom and understanding how passionate her mother was as an athlete strengthened seunghi ‘s motivation to pursue her own and give her best to pole vault. it has a happy ending, but in real life, i think the father is selfish. although he is supportive of his daughter’s dreams as an athlete, the motivation is more on because he is a member of the athletic federation and proud of his daughter’s accomplishment. knowing his daughter’s bad knee, he should prepare a back up plan for her future before the girl’s knee would buckle under her. it’s a good watch!

  15. 15 : tigerb Says:

    ‘the brothers summer’ at you tube: it’s always good to tell the truth to a child as misconceptions can unduly hurt feelings, and some hurt can be traumatic and can be worse as the child grows up. this is a heartwarming story. what i’m bothered about is the depiction of racism in s.korea, makes me think it’s true.

  16. 16 : Nyacchi Says:

    @tigerb: “Stay Still” is on youtube but it is called “Let Stand Still”. The special called “The Cupid Factory” on yt is a completely different drama.

  17. 17 : tigerb Says:

    @Nyacchi: thanks for the info! now that you mentioned it, i compared the korean alphabet from this page and you tube, and i was wrong! sorry, readers for the wrong info! actually, i had a hard time looking for the dramas in past years lists as some did not have any links, and what i did was comparing the korean titles with those in you tube – for wanting to write a helpful comment for those who wanted to watch the specials. i still would like to watch ‘the cupid factory’, do you know where i can find with english subs? thanks again!

  18. 18 : tigerb Says:

    ‘let stand still’ eps. 1 and 2 at you tube have no english subs at this time. can’t watch! oh well.

  19. 19 : tigerb Says:

    the links in the list above are for teasers only (in korean) and i have not found english subbed full versions of the dramas, except for those i commented on. i wish the other dramas i have not commented on above get subbed too.

  20. 20 : Rose Says:

    @ tigerb —

    Thanks for the info to see them on you tube. I will watch them on there. Thanks also for you explanations.

  21. 21 : tigerb Says:

    @Rose: you are welcome. i saw the later short dramas in the list above are uploaded by kbs, have not watched them yet as i’m back to watching a drama series, ‘jang yeong sil’ at ‘you tube’ which i find interesting. will post what i think after i’ve watched the short dramas. enjoy!

  22. 22 : tigerb Says:

    contract man at you tube: it’s a futuristic depiction of how the government could control its people by monitoring their moves, and cause their deaths unquestioned. the contract man is just one of those people who thought he was doing his job, it turned out he was the one being monitored. if he’s fired and couldn’t do anything anymore, he should have just killed the head of the nursing home and call it even. not much of a psychological thriller.

  23. 23 : tigerb Says:

    strange fairy tale @ you tube: this story is not a fairy tale at all. it’s an all too common story of children being victims of parents separating without the children’s knowledge of the truth. parents might say that they are protecting the children from the truth, which would eventually come out, all too hurting because the children have been lied to and did not expect it from their parents. glad things turned out for the better specially for the older child. it’s a sad but a good watch. i wish stories like this teach people a lesson.

  24. 24 : tigerb Says:

    ‘secret’ is a very sad affair. the s.k. husband was so insecure of what was so obvious to his co-workers and other people, he married a foreign wife who is young and pretty. but his real insecurity was hidden to all, including his wife – he could not read, and got himself in a big financial mess. his wife learned of his secret only after he was murdered, by someone who she thought was a friend. the only thing good that happened was that the husband proved to himself that he could trust his wife before he died.

  25. 25 : tigerb Says:

    ‘noryangjin’ (trains don’t stop at noryangjin @ you tube) the guy’s life has been so pathetic for the last four years, having the same hum drum routine and unable to pass the civil service exam. he met a girl, who would have done the same thing he would when he could not take it anymore, by jumping the bridge. fortunately, the girl’s mind change and insist on meeting him and giving him encouragement. he could not share his happiest moment when he finally passed the exam, he learned that the girl had died. well, he learned lessons from the girl: to live life at each moment. it’s a good watch!

  26. 26 : tigerb Says:

    fake family at you tube: the girl is so overwhelmed by the problems of the family, to be breadwinner of a mother and her half brother, that she wished they are gone. her mom died and she dumped her brother, and went to a place where she thought she might be alone and happier, only to find out that whatever family members she had, she missed them. it is a happy ending as her half brother, who knew her as the only family, came to visit.

  27. 27 : tigerb Says:

    “funny woman” an aspiring comedian who is not funny at all met a judge who inadvertently got attracted to her.

  28. 28 : tigerb Says:

    ‘hair day’: thought it’s a comedy of three young people and their families, but had problems, eventually a happy ending for everyone. it’s a good watch!

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