Title: 드라마 스페셜 2014 / KBS Drama Special 2014
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-26 to 2014-Dec-07
Air time: Sunday 23:55
Related Drama: KBS Drama Special

About KBS Drama Special 2014

KBS Drama Special 2014 is an anthology series that features different stories, cast members and production teams each week, and is presented single episodes.

Episode Title

Date Episode Title
2014-01-26 카레의 맛 / Taste of Curry
2014-02-02 돌날 / First Birthday
2014-02-23 들었다 놨다 / Playing Games
2014-03-02 예쁘다! 오만복 / Pretty! Oh Man Bok
2014-03-09 곡비 / The Dirge Singer
2014-03-16 나 곧 죽어 / I'm Dying Soon
2014-03-23 내가 결혼하는 이유 / The Reason I'm Getting Married
2014-03-30 괴물 / Monster
2014-04-06 중학생 A양 / Middle School Student A
2014-04-13 그런 사랑 / That Kind of Love
2014-05-11 청춘 / Youth
2014-05-18 부정주차 / Illegal Parking
2014-05-25 꿈꾸는 남자 / Dreaming Man
2014-06-01 칠흑 / Pitch-black Darkness
2014-06-08 보미의 방 / Bomi's Room
2014-09-14 그 여름의 끝 / The end of the summer
2014-09-21 세 여자 가출소동 / Three runaway girls disturbance
2014-10-05 다르게 운다 / Cry differently
2014-10-12 수상한 7병동 / The Suspicious 7th Ward
2014-10-19 간서치열전 / The Search for Battle
2014-10-26 추한 사랑 / Ugly love
2014-11-02 마지막 퍼즐 / The Final Puzzle
2014-11-09 액자가 된 소녀 / The Girl in the Frame
2014-11-16 원혼 / Revengeful Spirit
2014-11-23 내가 술을 마시는 이유 / The Reason Why I Drink
2014-11-30 아빠를 소개합니다 / This Is My Dad
2014-12-07 운동화를 신은 신부 / Bride in Sneakers


2014 KBS Drama Awards – One Act Acting (Actress): Kim So Hyun (Crying Differently)
2014 KBS Drama Awards – One Act Acting (Actor): Jo Dal Hwan (Ugly Love)

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13 Responses to “KBS Drama Special 2014”

  1. 1
    Coco Says:

    look good for new season.

  2. 2
    Sharon Says:

    Admin are there going to be a thread for the drama Gods Gift- 14 days???

  3. 3
    aznative Says:

    Watched “The Taste of Curry” on KBS World YouTube channel. It was a very good episode. The actor was in “Pasta”, “The Virus”, and “Ugly Alert” (which I haven’t seen). I didn’t recognize the actress.

  4. 4
    kml123 Says:


  5. 5
    Sharon Says:

    Thanks, admin!!!!

  6. 6
    peter lim Says:

    excellent movies

  7. 7
    Netsanet Meles Says:

    Kbs rocks! Nice movies

  8. 8
    Louis Karosas Says:

    Great shows !!! I am watching on Direct tv – wish the picture was HD !!

  9. 9
    Mimi Tadesse Says:

    I love kbs drama specialy boys over flower

  10. 10
    cristina francis Says:

    hi,my name is cristina francis ,my alien card number is 790522-6220297,and have 2 kids yang,miyong and yang,yoon-chul..they born is gwangju south korea,,anyong haseyo

  11. 11
    cristina francis Says:

    hello mimi ,I know that drama,kuna sayo wacht in you tube Korean drama,my favorite channel in korea is mbc and kbs,,anyong haseyo,,

  12. 12
    judy Says:

    what about 드라마 페스티벌 – 원녀일기 the diary of a resentful woman?

  13. 13
    admin Says:



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