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KBS Drama Special 2012

Title: 드라마 스페셜 2012 / KBS Drama Special 2012
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-June-03 to 2012-Dec-23
Air time: Sunday 23:45
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About KBS Drama Special 2012

KBS Drama Special 2012 is an anthology series that features different stories, cast members and production teams each week, and is presented single episodes.

Episode Title

Date Episode Title
2012-06-03 습지생태보고서 / Swamp Ecology Report
2012-06-17 노숙자씨의 행방 / The Whereabouts of Noh Sook Ja
2012-06-24 리메모리 / Rememory
2012-07-01 내가 우스워보여? / You're Amusing
2012-07-08 불 / The Temple
2012-07-15 걱정마세요, 귀신입니다 / Don't Worry, It's a Ghost
2012-07-22 칼잡이 이발사 / Knife Barber
2012-08-19 스틸사진 / Still Cut
2012-08-26 내가 가장 예뻤을때 / When I Was The Prettiest
2012-09-02 유리감옥 / Glass Prison
2012-09-09 칠성호, 운수 좋은날 / The Great Dipper
2012-09-16 아트 / Art
2012-09-23 내 아내 네이트리의 첫사랑 / My Wife Natrey's First love
2012-10-07 '태권,도를 아십니까? / Do You Know Taekwondo?
2012-10-14 모퉁이 / A Corner
2012-10-21 친구 중에 범인이 있다 / Friendly Criminal
2012-10-28 아빠가 간다 / Daddy's Coming
2012-11-04 저어새, 날아가다 / Spoonbill Flies
2012-11-11 환향-쥐불놀이 / Return Home
2012-11-18 복마전 / Pandemonium
2012-12-02 기적 같은 기적 / Like a miracle
2012-12-09 오월의 멜로 / Mellow In May
2012-12-16 상권이 / Commercial Area
2012-12-23 또 한번의 웨딩 / Another Wedding


2012 KBS Drama Awards: One-Act Special Awards, Park Shin Hye (Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: One-Act Special Awards, Sung Joon (Swamp Ecology Report)

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  1. 1 : CJK fan Says:

    Cool! Love the drama specials. Keep posting more in the future. Thanks.

  2. 2 : Kai Says:

    “Don’t worry it’s a Ghost”..i think it’s Park Shin Hye..=)

  3. 3 : KBS Drama Special (Season 3) « Gmtn96's Blog Says:

    […] koreandrama Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  4. 4 : NextDoor Says:

    do you know where i could watch this with english sub??? my favorite sites has not uploaded any…

  5. 5 : pixiedust Says:

    Like a Miracle, with Nam Sang Mi, may be the last of Season 3 specials. The KBS Drama Special Series (from December 2012 to May 2013 should start next.

  6. 6 : avinda Says:

    please tell me, where i can download these movies? i need ur respon guys.
    thanks before 🙂

  7. 7 : armani ar1460 Says:

    Hope p bandits category to show more

  8. 8 : Gisella Gallus Says:

    It is giving a hard time where to downlord this plz 1 gonna help me

  9. 9 : tigerb Says:

    watched ‘my prettiest moments’ at ‘you tube’, maybe this is the drama entitled above as ‘when i was the prettiest’.

    being desired and eventual brief indiscretion by the dying woman was an exciting reprieve of the inevitable. to the young guy, the impulse was to look for happiness from his failed relationship with the girlfriend. that earnest feeling of loving and then being rejected hurts. both of them were vulnerable, but it would never be. it’s a good watch!

  10. 10 : tigerb Says:

    ‘friendly criminal’ (a culprit among friends at you tube) what a friendship among 4 girls and a man! an unfortunate incident 15 years before, the guilt each one bore, everything spilled, and revenge from the victim, ruining the lives who are left behind.

  11. 11 : tigerb Says:

    ‘like a miracle’ (the ultimate miracle at you tube) – the female doctor could sure get a lesson of better bedside manners from the con man, who was more compassionate to the dying people who believed in him – a miracle – because they believed in him – but what was more important that the conman made them felt happy and comfortable and not think much of the inevitable. a very good watch.

  12. 12 : tigerb Says:

    ‘do you know taekwando’ – the after school teacher is not totally a loser. although not really knowing and practising taekwando, but teaching one student how to dodge kids who bully other kids was a success that other ‘loser’ students want to learn how to defend themselves by not being hit by bullies. i think that guy should not be faking it for long and really learn the martial art as it would be cheating, never mind what his teacher in grade 7 told him.

  13. 13 : tigerb Says:

    ‘my wife natrey’s first love’ – all is well that ends well. it would fall on the husband who married a young non-korean wife to resolve the problem of his wife falling for someone else. he said one cannot be marrying for love, but that only applied to him, he had to understand his young wife.

  14. 14 : tigerb Says:

    ‘don’t worry, it’s a ghost’ (Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost at You Tube) the good and bad memories in recovering from amnesia. the guy solved the murder case only to find himself in the middle of it, although not the murderer himself. it’s a good watch.

  15. 15 : tigerb Says:

    clicking pages brought me here, reminds me there’s a lot more in the listing i have not watched. need to go back to you tube if i could find the dramas.

  16. 16 : tigerb Says:

    ‘daddy’s coming’ at you tube: a lazy ex-detective did his best to protect his daughter and ex wife by proving the daughter’s step father is not the murderer, solving two murders at the end.

  17. 17 : tigerb Says:

    at this writing there’s a bunch of the short dramas listed above that are subtitled and now shown at you tube, finally!

  18. 18 : tigerb Says:

    ‘swamp ecology report’ is about 4 young hard-up and striving students whose relationships with each other is tied to poverty but they are doing their best to improve themselves to get out of their situation.

  19. 19 : tigerb Says:

    ‘a corner’: two unlikely people having the same hunger for love from their immediate family met, became friends, and resolved their problems. it’s a good watch.

  20. 20 : tigerb Says:

    ‘pandemonium’: the end scene says the story is fiction but situation depicted can be totally true, anywhere, in a government or private institution.

  21. 21 : tigerb Says:

    ‘gate of non-duality’ (i think it’s ‘the temple’ above’): a monk fathered a daughter, but left her to stay in the temple, and did not want to do his responsibility as a father. meeting the daughter again made him unsettled and agreed that the girl stay with the mother. still he is a monk, could not forget his daughter and had guilt feelings of abandoning his daughter. the gate of the temple means the monk cannot be a monk and a father at the same time. it was not fair to the daughter.

  22. 22 : tigerb Says:

    ‘knife barber’ is ‘butcher barber’ at you tube: the barber is a retired hired killer and didn’t want to do another job, until he saw how a girl was being hit by her husband. he had nothing to lose anyway as he has cancer.

  23. 23 : tigerb Says:

    ‘return home’ is sad. joseon people escaped from qing and returned home only to be sent back to qing to avoid bloodshed. in the interim the escapees were in jail, murders happened and the secret was revealed by one escapee whose own husband wanted her dead.

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