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The Goddess of Fire 04

Title: 불의 여신 정이 / Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire
Chinese Title: 火之女神 靖兒
Genre: Historical, Romance, Political, Melodrama
Episodes: 32 + 2 Special
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-July-01 to 2013-Oct-22
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama will potray the live of Yoo Jung, also known as Jung Yi (Moon Geun Young), the first female potter in the Joseon Dynasty. After she was kidnapped to Japan during a war, she demonstrated the superiority of Joseon potters in Japan.

This drama also depicts the story of Prince Gwang Hae (Lee Sang Yoon), a sad prince whose life was like a wild storm. He had to let go of Jung Yi no matter how deep his love. He will go through a lonely struggle because he could not put out a flame in his heart toward a woman he loved.


Main Cast

Moon Geun Young as Yoo Jung
Jin Ji Hee as Yoo Jung (young)
Lee Sang Yoon as Prince Kwang Hae
No Young Hak as Kwang Hae (young)
Kim Bum as Kim Tae Do
Park Gun Tae as Kim Tae Do (Young)
Park Gun Hyung as Lee Yook Do
Oh Seung Yoon as Lee Yook Do (Young)
Seo Hyun Jin as Hwa Ryung
Kim Ji Min as Hwa Ryung (Young)
Jun Kwang Ryul as Lee Kang Chun

Royal Palace

Jung Bo Suk as King Sun Jo
Han Go Eun as Lady Kim In Bin
Lee Kwang Soo as Prince Im Hae
Lee In Sung as Prince Im Hae (young)
Park Joon Mok as Prince Shin Sung

Boon Won

Byun Hee Bong as Moon Sa Seung
Lee Jong Won as Yoo Eul Dam
Sung Ji Roo as Shim Jong Soo

Other People

Jang Kwang as Lee Pyung Ik
Jang Hyo Jin as Ma Poong
Song Ok Sook as Son Haeng Soo
Jun Jae Hyung as Gae Ttong
Lee Yoo Jin as Il Nam
Song Young Kyu as Go Duk Ki
Lee Se Rang (이세랑) as Lady Doo Chi
Ahn Suk Hwan as Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Park Hyun Sook as Oh Gook Bi
Choi Ji Na as Yeon Ok (Jung Yi’s mother)

Production Credits

Chief Producers: Go Dong Sun, Kim Seung Mo
Producer: Kim Kwang Il
Directors: Park Sung Soo, Jung Dae Yoon
Screenwriters: Kwon Soon Gyu, Lee Seo Yoon


– This drama is based on a true historical figure, Baek Pah Sun. (Source)

– Due to an on-set accident when a piece of camera equipment fell onto lead actress Moon Geun-young’s face and injured her eye. MBC have to pre-empt episodes 25-26 on 2013/Sep/23-24, airing a special with highlights and behind-the-scenes clips instead. (Source)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-07-01 1 10.1 (7th) 11.1 (7th) 10.7 (6th) 12.3 (3rd)
2013-07-02 2 10.4 (13th) 11.7 (7th) 11.4 (8th) 11.3 (11th)
2013-07-08 3 9.3 (18th) 10.5 (15th) 10.3 (13th) 11.4 (11th)
2013-07-09 4 10.6 (9th) 11.9 (7th) 12.0 (6th) 12.8 (5th)
2013-07-15 5 11.5 (9th) 13.3 (5th) 10.6 (10th) 11.7 (6th)
2013-07-16 6 11.3 (8th) 13.7 (4th) 11.8 (7th) 13.3 (5th)
2013-07-22 7 11.2 (9th) 13.4 (5th) 11.7 (7th) 12.6 (5th)
2013-07-23 8 12.1 (7th) 15.1 (3rd) 11.8 (6th) 12.4 (6th)
2013-07-29 9 11.2 (8th) 13.7 (4th) 10.4 (9th) 11.6 (7th)
2013-07-30 10 10.8 (9th) 13.4 (4th) 11.0 (7th) 11.5 (9th)
2013-08-05 11 10.7 (10th) 13.6 (4th) 10.0 (10th) 11.2 (7th)
2013-08-06 12 11.0 (8th) 14.4 (5th) 11.6 (6th) 13.0 (5th)
2013-08-12 13 8.2 (17th) 10.5 (9th) 9.1 (15th) 10.3 (13th)
2013-08-13 14 8.8 (11th) 10.9 (8th) 9.6 (9th) 10.8 (8th)
2013-08-19 15 7.7 9.6 (12th) 7.8 9.4 (16th)
2013-08-20 16 8.2 (17th) 10.3 (10th) 8.6 (13th) 9.8 (11th)
2013-08-26 17 7.6 8.7 (20th) 8.6 (18th) 9.9 (10th)
2013-08-27 18 8.4 (19th) 10.3 (9th) 9.1 (12th) 10.9 (8th)
2013-09-02 19 8.5 (15th) 9.7 (10th) 8.4 9.7 (14th)
2013-09-03 20 9.6 (10th) 11.5 (6th) 9.1 (12th) 10.4 (8th)
2013-09-09 21 7.6 8.9 (18th) 8.4 9.4 (14th)
2013-09-10 22 8.2 (18th) 9.1 (17th) 7.9 (17th) 9.1 (14th)
2013-09-16 23 8.2 (18th) 9.9 (11th) 7.5 8.7 (20th)
2013-09-17 24 7.9 (19th) 8.5 (16th) 7.2 7.8 (16th)
2013-09-23 Sp 5.4 5.9 4.8 5.8
2013-09-24 Sp 4.6 4.8 4.0 5.0
2013-09-30 25 7.1 8.2 6.0 7.2
2013-10-01 26 7.7 (19th) 8.8 (18th) 7.6 (17th) 8.4 (19th)
2013-10-07 27 7.9 9.2 (17th) 7.4 9.0 (17th)
2013-10-08 28 7.6 (19th) 8.5 (18th) 7.2 7.7 (20th)
2013-10-15 29 8.2 (18th) 9.3 (15th) 9.0 (16th) 10.3 (13th)
2013-10-15 30 6.8 (<8.2) 8.0 (19th) 9.5 (17th)
2013-10-21 31 9.1 (17th) 11.0 (10th) 9.3 (18th) 10.4 (10th)
2013-10-22 32 10.3 (12th) 12.1 (7th) 9.6 (13th) 10.6 (11th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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624 Responses to “Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire”

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  1. 451
    bora Says:

    LOL! Funny! Everytime there’s someone criticized about Kim Bum, his fans will defends him and even used the same words too. Good job Kim Bum’s fan. Well, i watched padam2 and TWTWB but honestly he never impressed me no matter u guys said that most of drama critics praised him a lot. Not that bad but his acting is just hurm so so only. Thank god he got cute face that makes fans being fan girling crazily over him. I just want to test Kim Bum fans actually, what a quick response. I’m so touched. Peace!!!

  2. 452
    Serena Says:

    We use similar words because of peer influence and we love the same actor. Bora, it does not matter what you think because you’re only one person versus millions of Kim Bum’s fans around Asia. It’s sad how you can’t see Kim Bum’s good acting skills and how he’s really into his portrayal with diverse characters. Overall, he’s very handsome, good actor, good singer, has popular dramas, and good songs.

  3. 453
    Besthero Says:

    @peacemaker @cutiepie
    I saw pictures BTS, park gun hyung and MGY practiced really hard when they learned how to make pottery in preparation for this drama. They’re dexterous and skillful because their hands have to be so steady when shaping ceramics.

  4. 454
    Peacemaker Says:

    Despite all the hard work dedicated to make such a masterpiece, ceramics can break easily if you’re not careful. I love the shiny polish for the finishing touch. We’ll get to see more of MGY skills in the proceeding episodes.

  5. 455
    cutiepie Says:

    @besthero @peacemaker
    From what I heard about history, jung yi (baek pa sun) gets kidnapped and brought to Japan when they invaded Korea in the late 16th century. She becomes a venerated figure and now they have a monument dedicated to her.

  6. 456
    besthero Says:

    It’s surprising how there’s not much recorded details about baek of sun’s biography, in contrast to dae jang geum. They both became the first females to accomplish goals that women were hindered to achieve back in that time, but dae jang geum is more well known.

  7. 457
    cutiepie Says:

    Both women should be equally well known, but medicine has bigger impact than making pottery. Oh well as long as GOF’s plot gets better in the next chapters, that would be good and the ratings will get higher.

  8. 458
    Besthero Says:

    @cutiepie @peacemaker
    GOF has been first place for 5 weeks until Good Doctor came out last Monday. I mean…I like GOF but some scenes are tedious to watch. On the bright side, the ratings for episode 12 went up.

  9. 459
    Serena Says:

    Although I’m watching this drama, I’m not going to stay with this thread. There’s no need to keep posting comments. Hope ya’ll enjoy and support GOF.

  10. 460
    Roxanne Says:

    Ditto…Same here with me.

  11. 461
    cutiepie Says:

    What do you think of the child actors? I love the scene when little jung yi (Jin ji hee) stood up to the king and said he’s unworthy of the throne. It’s unexpecting..I was surprised and admired her courage.

  12. 462
    besthero Says:

    Me too. I was also impressed by park gun tae’s skills with bow and arrows. Noh young hak did a pretty good job. Loved the scene when young gwanghae and jung yi got stuck in the deep hole meant to trap wild boars.

  13. 463
    peacemaker Says:

    @cutiepie @besthero
    You know the transition from child actors to adult actors was pretty cool. They each doing an activity and wore similar clothes.

  14. 464
    peacemaker Says:

    And guys..in 2 weeks, GOF is gonna be half way done. Episode 16 out of 32 will come out on Tues Aug. 20th..Time goes by fast! Just hope the story makes more progress and gets more compelling to watch.

  15. 465
    eny Says:

    @serena & roxanna
    OK, let’s go away

  16. 466
    moon Says:

    Miss you so much GOF :'(

  17. 467
    yumi Says:

    @eny @serenna @roxanna
    dont forget meee….
    lets go away 🙂

  18. 468
    natalia Says:

    luv tae do! kim bum ur too handsome & ur look is flawless!

  19. 469
    besthero Says:

    Already?…I can’t wait to see the climax of the plot! I heard baek pa sun married tae do and had 2 sons.

  20. 470
    cutiepie Says:

    @besthero @peacemaker
    I already know the ending! Episode 13 was just OK. I saw the preview for episode 14. Lee kang chun looks angry about something and he’s showing jung yi the tea cup made by yoo eul dam. We’ll see what’s going to happen tomorrow.

  21. 471
    peacemaker Says:

    @besthero @cutiepie
    I think the story’s gonna be more intriguing when the later episodes come out in September. Besthero, when you mentioned the ending…based on real life events about jung yi’s destiny when she goes to Japan, they can’t change the ending for this drama.

  22. 472
    besthero Says:

    I thought so…Ep 14 looks more interesting than the episode today. I’m looking forward to the competition between jung yi and lee yook do later on in GOF.

  23. 473
    besthero Says:

    I wonder if lee yook do will turn bad/evil after he gets beat by a female ceramist?…possibly

  24. 474
    cutiepie Says:

    If so, he wouldn’t even realize that Jung Yi is his half-sister until much later on.

  25. 475
    peacemaker Says:

    @cutiepie @besthero
    Do you guys think hwa ryung might give up her love for tae do in the end and be with lee yook do?

  26. 476
    besthero Says:

    @peacemaker @cutiepie
    Uh..maybe, but I don’t think so.

  27. 477
    cutiepie Says:

    @besthero @peacemaker
    Most likely no, but she should do that.

  28. 478
    peacemaker Says:

    @besthero @cutiepie
    OMG! Guys, the ratings for Ep 13 went down a lot! The director and screenwriter seriously need to make changes and add new things to improve the story.

  29. 479
    Niw Re Dah Says:

    Aigoo….ms. potter!

  30. 480
    usa-mary Says:

    When JY was teaching Prince GH how to prep the clay for the throw wheel, he actually did a step that the director had her to leave out. He threw or slammed the clay on the table numerous times which compresses air pockets. If air pockets aren’t removed, the clay piece will explode in the kiln, causing other clay pieces around it to explode…making quite a mess.

    That brings back memories. In high school, I only cleaned out the kiln once from an exploded piece. Thankfully, I learnt my lesson well and had no more air pocket problems with further projects then or in college!

  31. 481
    Nudge Says:

    Jung Yi is still a self-absorbed & selfish individual.

    Geum Young can only go so far with her skill and I think she’s doing very well. But the writer is clueless IMHO.

  32. 482
    ega Says:

    You can watch The Goddes of fire jung yi ep 13&14 raw/english sub

    Watch here now : http://goo.gl/JLKPez

  33. 483
    fimfim Says:

    guys drama crazy is back with new address. visit to watch drama…
    http://dramacrazy.eu/ 😀 🙂 😉

  34. 484
    temmy Says:

    Hmm! Readn tru ur cmntz u guys never cease 2 amaze me esp Kb’s fans….we all knw dat kb is vry handsome….LSY is als0 hands0me 2 n tall n I luv his actin skills itz superb esp when he dishes out his royal c0mmand…I feel pity 2wards prince G (cuz of what u guys said here dat he didn’t end up wit Jy)I’m als0 a fan of Kb….why does Jy luk s0 small lyk a kid? Awwww….I luv all d kid actors esp Jjh….she’s such a talented actress….w0w she really thrilled me wit her performance diz lil girl is going places wit her actin career thumbs up 2 u my sweetie!!@usa-mary I luv n alwayz enjoy readn ur cmnts n analysis u’ve said it all 4 me,I’ve also read ur cmnt elsewher) u r s0000 intelligent muaaah…maybe u shld go into scriptwritin’ gosh u r damn s0 gud kip it up ok! :))

  35. 485
    Jamie Says:

    LSY’s acting is good i guess, not bad but not superb. I sorta feel bad for gwanghae too cuz he don’t end up with JY. Love the way KB gaze at JY and the way he talks to her..full of emotion. other than good acting and very handsome, his singing is awesome. He’s got strong voice cuz he can go from soft to high range.

  36. 486
    Jamie Says:

    ya know some folks make few comments then leave. I’m one of them cuz since episode 9 til now, GOF got boring and more boring. I’m departing from this thread, but hope ya guys make it thru the drama.

  37. 487
    Damnun Says:

    The episode is too long. The producer should make it in 20-24 eps. Not in 32 episode. Look, the story become bo0oring and waste the time. If its make in 20 eps, the story will be compact, complete, not confusing, and not waste the time. . . The rating maybe will be increase. . . 😡

  38. 488
    Sam Says:

    Ep 16 – pretty good, surprisingly (better than I expected). 2nd half of GOF drama should be better, hopefully. excuse me for going off topic, but its unfair how in Asian culture, Koreans seem to favor korean male celebrities a little more than females. Example: singer bae suzy (miss a) is good singer, dancer, and leading actress, but she is not more popular than kim bum, who always the second lead, altho he’s a good actor. bae suzy became first korean female star to reach over 1 million followers on twitter since 2010. Kim bum reached over 2.5 million followers on Facebook within 9 days! See the difference?

  39. 489
    Sam Says:

    I meant 2 say since she came out in 2010, but gettin’ little above 1 million followers in one week- impressive for korean female star.

  40. 490
    usa-mary Says:

    Since this drama is based on the historical Joseon era, there’s nothing that can be done to change the outcome of who gets with whom. So, I’ll enjoy the reenactment of it.

    I like all the actors in this drama. Everyone is playing their roles very well. It seems that other than the love triangle…Prince Imhae is getting a lot of attention. There should be an acting category just for roles like his! The Most Annoying! LOL

  41. 491
    usa-mary Says:

    Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire! AJA…AJA…FIGHTING!

  42. 492
    monique Says:

    ikr? hav ya notice k-pop guy singers & @actors have more f@n meetings than females do. The guys got more followers on facebook/weibo/ twitter than girls. NO fair!..Uggghhh. but i luv MGY. she always main leading actress. moonie won many awards too. but still, she not more popular than co-star kim bum. in vietnam & some otha countries, KB’s name more famous than MGY. I ain’t no crazy fan of him, but I give credit..this guy so cute, he can act, can sing.

  43. 493
    Damnun Says:

    All Boys over flower bec0me so popular since that drama booming around the world. So dont be surprized abt the “weird justice” in kdrama land.
    Btw, did the relation between gwang hae n jungyi start up the level? I mean did the chemistry between them on the top? Or still slowly?
    Is there a kiss scene between gwang hae and jungyi? I want to see it

  44. 494
    Monique Says:

    I know ’bout BOF bein’ a mega hit and soooooo popul@r, but still, SEXISM is otha big thing for them korean st@rs and Asian audience; some folks still favor m@le stars more than females; girls still get discriminated cuz of their gender….Sad but true. korean actors & idols get more attention and them dudes got more privilege, easier for them to get f@mous than girls.

  45. 495
    Sam Says:

    besides boys over flowers, other reasons why KB and 2 other F4 actors are famous and successful are bcuz of their own talent too – good acting and/or singing; + good looks, charisma, good reputation. these guys got different popular dramas and recorded good songs in their albums.

  46. 496
    Sam Says:

    About GOF, gwanghae and jung yi still going slow with their love line. BTW, I am rooting for Tae Do to end up with jung yi, not gwanghae.

  47. 497
    Nudge Says:

    @monique. Kwang-Soo’s popular in Viet Nam also. I think they call him “The Prince of Asia”. And the RM crew is scratching their heads wondering what the..?

    I’m wondering though, will we get a glimpse of Heo Jun? This drama has the same timeline as “Hur Jun, The Original Story”, both from MBC.

  48. 498
    Monique Says:

    Lee kwang soo ain’t good enough to be “prince of Asia”, this guy don’t deserve it cuz there’s bunch of them otha Korean actors more t@lented and better lookin’ than him; in Vietnam, he somewhat popular but he ain’t as f@mous as song seung hun, kim bum, or lee min ho. these 3 guys more popular and more admired. i know this cuz some folks from Vietnam told me.

  49. 499
    Carolyn Says:

    @sam @monique
    I get what ya guys R saying….I notice it too. my fav’rite kpop girl groups & leading actresses got talent & lots of trophies, but no matter what, kim bum (and lee min ho) R still more famous than the women. after boys over flowers went globally big, KB & LMH got more endorsements (make more money), nonstop fan meetings, and more fans following them via Facebook…same thing with kim hyun joong. These 3 buddies R more popular than some other male stars too.

  50. 500
    Carolyn Says:

    Ep 17 preview looks kinda good, but why kang chun slapped jung yi in the face? Lookin forward to watchin’ GOF.

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