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The Goddess of Fire 04

Title: 불의 여신 정이 / Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire
Chinese Title: 火之女神 靖兒
Genre: Historical, Romance, Political, Melodrama
Episodes: 32 + 2 Special
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-July-01 to 2013-Oct-22
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama will potray the live of Yoo Jung, also known as Jung Yi (Moon Geun Young), the first female potter in the Joseon Dynasty. After she was kidnapped to Japan during a war, she demonstrated the superiority of Joseon potters in Japan.

This drama also depicts the story of Prince Gwang Hae (Lee Sang Yoon), a sad prince whose life was like a wild storm. He had to let go of Jung Yi no matter how deep his love. He will go through a lonely struggle because he could not put out a flame in his heart toward a woman he loved.


Main Cast

Moon Geun Young as Yoo Jung
Jin Ji Hee as Yoo Jung (young)
Lee Sang Yoon as Prince Kwang Hae
No Young Hak as Kwang Hae (young)
Kim Bum as Kim Tae Do
Park Gun Tae as Kim Tae Do (Young)
Park Gun Hyung as Lee Yook Do
Oh Seung Yoon as Lee Yook Do (Young)
Seo Hyun Jin as Hwa Ryung
Kim Ji Min as Hwa Ryung (Young)
Jun Kwang Ryul as Lee Kang Chun

Royal Palace

Jung Bo Suk as King Sun Jo
Han Go Eun as Lady Kim In Bin
Lee Kwang Soo as Prince Im Hae
Lee In Sung as Prince Im Hae (young)
Park Joon Mok as Prince Shin Sung

Boon Won

Byun Hee Bong as Moon Sa Seung
Lee Jong Won as Yoo Eul Dam
Sung Ji Roo as Shim Jong Soo

Other People

Jang Kwang as Lee Pyung Ik
Jang Hyo Jin as Ma Poong
Song Ok Sook as Son Haeng Soo
Jun Jae Hyung as Gae Ttong
Lee Yoo Jin as Il Nam
Song Young Kyu as Go Duk Ki
Lee Se Rang (이세랑) as Lady Doo Chi
Ahn Suk Hwan as Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Park Hyun Sook as Oh Gook Bi
Choi Ji Na as Yeon Ok (Jung Yi’s mother)

Production Credits

Chief Producers: Go Dong Sun, Kim Seung Mo
Producer: Kim Kwang Il
Directors: Park Sung Soo, Jung Dae Yoon
Screenwriters: Kwon Soon Gyu, Lee Seo Yoon


– This drama is based on a true historical figure, Baek Pah Sun. (Source)

– Due to an on-set accident when a piece of camera equipment fell onto lead actress Moon Geun-young’s face and injured her eye. MBC have to pre-empt episodes 25-26 on 2013/Sep/23-24, airing a special with highlights and behind-the-scenes clips instead. (Source)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-07-01 1 10.1 (7th) 11.1 (7th) 10.7 (6th) 12.3 (3rd)
2013-07-02 2 10.4 (13th) 11.7 (7th) 11.4 (8th) 11.3 (11th)
2013-07-08 3 9.3 (18th) 10.5 (15th) 10.3 (13th) 11.4 (11th)
2013-07-09 4 10.6 (9th) 11.9 (7th) 12.0 (6th) 12.8 (5th)
2013-07-15 5 11.5 (9th) 13.3 (5th) 10.6 (10th) 11.7 (6th)
2013-07-16 6 11.3 (8th) 13.7 (4th) 11.8 (7th) 13.3 (5th)
2013-07-22 7 11.2 (9th) 13.4 (5th) 11.7 (7th) 12.6 (5th)
2013-07-23 8 12.1 (7th) 15.1 (3rd) 11.8 (6th) 12.4 (6th)
2013-07-29 9 11.2 (8th) 13.7 (4th) 10.4 (9th) 11.6 (7th)
2013-07-30 10 10.8 (9th) 13.4 (4th) 11.0 (7th) 11.5 (9th)
2013-08-05 11 10.7 (10th) 13.6 (4th) 10.0 (10th) 11.2 (7th)
2013-08-06 12 11.0 (8th) 14.4 (5th) 11.6 (6th) 13.0 (5th)
2013-08-12 13 8.2 (17th) 10.5 (9th) 9.1 (15th) 10.3 (13th)
2013-08-13 14 8.8 (11th) 10.9 (8th) 9.6 (9th) 10.8 (8th)
2013-08-19 15 7.7 9.6 (12th) 7.8 9.4 (16th)
2013-08-20 16 8.2 (17th) 10.3 (10th) 8.6 (13th) 9.8 (11th)
2013-08-26 17 7.6 8.7 (20th) 8.6 (18th) 9.9 (10th)
2013-08-27 18 8.4 (19th) 10.3 (9th) 9.1 (12th) 10.9 (8th)
2013-09-02 19 8.5 (15th) 9.7 (10th) 8.4 9.7 (14th)
2013-09-03 20 9.6 (10th) 11.5 (6th) 9.1 (12th) 10.4 (8th)
2013-09-09 21 7.6 8.9 (18th) 8.4 9.4 (14th)
2013-09-10 22 8.2 (18th) 9.1 (17th) 7.9 (17th) 9.1 (14th)
2013-09-16 23 8.2 (18th) 9.9 (11th) 7.5 8.7 (20th)
2013-09-17 24 7.9 (19th) 8.5 (16th) 7.2 7.8 (16th)
2013-09-23 Sp 5.4 5.9 4.8 5.8
2013-09-24 Sp 4.6 4.8 4.0 5.0
2013-09-30 25 7.1 8.2 6.0 7.2
2013-10-01 26 7.7 (19th) 8.8 (18th) 7.6 (17th) 8.4 (19th)
2013-10-07 27 7.9 9.2 (17th) 7.4 9.0 (17th)
2013-10-08 28 7.6 (19th) 8.5 (18th) 7.2 7.7 (20th)
2013-10-15 29 8.2 (18th) 9.3 (15th) 9.0 (16th) 10.3 (13th)
2013-10-15 30 6.8 (<8.2) 8.0 (19th) 9.5 (17th)
2013-10-21 31 9.1 (17th) 11.0 (10th) 9.3 (18th) 10.4 (10th)
2013-10-22 32 10.3 (12th) 12.1 (7th) 9.6 (13th) 10.6 (11th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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623 Responses to “Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire”

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  1. 1
    Bacon Says:

    Whoa 32 episodes?? I wanted to watch this but I don’t like Moon Geun Young 🙁 Sorry there’s just something about her that makes me want to punch her lol she kinda annoys me (Even when she was a guest in Running Man) :<

  2. 2
    Dexter Says:

    How could you want to punch Geun Young. so bad. lol lol.

  3. 3
    KDadiktus Says:

    I’m waiting for this!I love Lee Sang Yoon!!!but why Moon Geun Young?hehe!

  4. 4
    Ellaine Says:

    Lee Kwang Soo as Prince Imhae?? Wow!!! Can’t wait to watch!!

  5. 5
    taraJJ Says:

    her acting is superb in PAINTER OF THE WIND, don’t understand why on earth there is someone who want to punch her.. how rude!!! she’s too adorable to be punch..
    and again if you don’t like 32 eps plus MGY so don’t watch this drama..

  6. 6
    lara Says:

    so can we expect another daesang award for MGY this year? hehe

  7. 7
    Mitten Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this drama!!

  8. 8
    Kimbap1398 Says:

    I don’t like the male lead. Rather have kwang soo or kim bum as Moon Geun Youngs partner.

  9. 9
    eny Says:

    I think MGY is good actress, but I don’t know if I will watch this drama or not

  10. 10
    uniqueshop4u Says:

    Why with Moon Geun Young??? Not matching…it is better either Han Hyo Joo or Ha Ji-won…but Ha Ji-Won will play Hwatu for 60 episodes so can’t do…

  11. 11
    Tiredofantifans Says:

    @bacon Before you say anything on MGY, I also want to punch you if you have courage gives your real name and do not be boring and dirty page here!
    @KDadiktus @uniqueshop4u You also do not mess with your critical page and put your real name so we know who is behind his bad language Why MGY ? Because this is the best of his generation, and she received the script well before filming begins CDDA! I would say why Lee Sang Yoon? I do not know him (unknown to the battalion) it is better Either Han Hyo Joo?
    Also unknown and what that name here? it makes me want to vomit!
    Give me your real name so we know that behind his crazy hahaha cowards on top of that!MGY has spent his life caring for the poor, and make donations with his pocket money and you what you do with your life miserable?

  12. 12
    mona Says:

    moon is back 🙂 i hope this drama will be excellent, fabulous and famous

  13. 13
    mona Says:

    omg, kim bum is also here…. greattttttt 🙂

  14. 14
    mgyfanforever Says:

    @Bacon put your real name.,.. so we can punch your face first…

    no haters allowed on this page.. whahhahaahahha.. such a butch of losers and haters……

    #respect.. then will respect..
    if you dont want to do to you….

  15. 15
    aissmae Says:

    @Bacon: TRY TO PUNCH HER, AND I WILL PUT YOU IN HELL! If you hate MGY, can you just leave here and don’t come back you IMMATURE, MONSTER, UGLY CREATURE, YOU LOSER! and then DON’T WATCH this drama if your not in favor on Female lead, don’t bee to Stupid it makes us MGY fan laugh laugh laugh! hahahahahaha.

  16. 16
    marialuisaballes Says:


  17. 17
    yemoon Says:

    our princess is back with her new saeguk drama after 5 years…i hope she gets daesang award again,,love her very much…she is a real actress for me,humble,funny and many actor want to be her couple like jo in sung,jung ill woo.

  18. 18
    hongkongmum Says:

    MTG is a good actress but she is far from being pretty. She is exceptionally short too. But again, all Korean actresses are quite short except a few. I think I shall get scold too by MGY’s supporters. I just express what I truely think.
    I like Lee Sang Yoon though. As they both can act, I am looking forward for the drama.

  19. 19
    cherygel Says:

    Fighting MGY , please the anti-moon geun young whoever you are,Do not exaggerate consult Wikipedia Moon Geun Young to know his history and when you will be in the ankle, return and we shall talk again of it OK?

  20. 20
    MicoRP Says:

    @BACON. Are you for real? You can’t even give a particular reason why she “kinds of annoy” you and you want to punch her in the face with that dirty fist of yours? Get a life!

  21. 21
    ricko Says:

    There are already bad comments on MGY Lol, not take care of it, it is people who know how to make nothing of their day and be mistaken about people in particular, I would like to see the faces in front of me so that I also box them the head if it is really funny haha!! I am a supporter man of MGY for 10 years and proud of the being.

  22. 22
    lia imut Says:

    indifferent I do not care what you say about moon geun young’s what’s in it for me ……………. because the important thing is MOON GEUN YOUNG..she was one of the best actresses……………….. “alive moon geun young” ……..

  23. 23
    eny Says:

    I think somebody statement that she wanna punch MGY is too much,is she ever hurt you?????i don’t think you know her??? it’s OK if you don’t like her acting but wanna punch is really too much

  24. 24
    henry timo Says:

    hey friend please help me to get this drama find me in facebook or henry_timothy@rocketmail.com

  25. 25
    Jvandaouh Says:

    Aigooo, i can’t stand the male lead. First time hearing him and his kinda ugly, i mean not good looking. I was excited when i heard Moon Geun Young, Kim Bum, Lee Kwang Soo will be in the next drama after Gu Family Book. I just can’t stand watching the male lead even thought it might have a good plot…
    I’m not hating Lee Sang yoon, but i wish there was another male lead pairing up with MGY, then this drama would be PERFECT !

    Atleast there are other dramas that seems interesting, Empire of the Gold, Shark, Cruel City and more.

  26. 26
    lara Says:

    @Jvandaouh the drama have not started airing yet and you say it’s bad because of the male lead? its the acting that matters.. >_<

  27. 27
    MGYlove Says:

    Please people encourage the drama so that he can have good notes and especially all the casting who are going to work for 32 episodes, the peace please! And to all the haters, not just dirty this page because the drama has not yet started and pity put your real name or nickname when you can recognize , thank you fighting for the “Goddess of fire”

  28. 28
    angelamiles Says:

    the male lead actor is the lead actor also in my daughter seo young from first episode till last is number one in korea and i watched it his acting is not bad…

  29. 29
    cottoncandy Says:

    @Jvandaouh; i think Lee Sang Yoon is fine. I’ve seen him on ‘My Daughter Seo Young’, he kind a cute and played well too.. So, cant wait to watch this!

  30. 30
    Jvandaouh Says:

    It is up to you what kind of drama you prefer to watch, story plot, acting, the cast, drama genre.
    Not everyone watch dramas because of good acting, mostly people watch dramas because of their favorite actor/actress (might have bad acting), or a interesting movie/drama, good story plot, but not all movies/dramas have good acting.
    Let’s say there’s a really bad drama with a really bad draggy story plot, and a cast you don’t like but with good acting. Will you watch it? I don’t think so, it it normal wanting someone else playing the main role, since you be watching a drama with a lot of episodes. And you wanna go and cheer for the lead couple and stuffs like that.

    I’m just saying the male lead does not fit the female lead as love interrest (my opinion) ! Might later change opinion so don’t get mad dude no hard feelings 😀 and acting is not all that matters unless you’re desperate…

  31. 31
    yeshageun026 Says:

    I love MGY :)) That’s all 😀 !!

  32. 32
    Haaay Says:

    MGY keep up the good work.

  33. 33
    paras Says:

    Not so interesting ‘coz the actor:X

  34. 34
    Reham Says:

    Moon geun Young is the only reason I’ll watch this drama… i miss her great acting and her beautiful,lovely,cute face… MGY IS THE BEST! FIGHTING!!!

  35. 35
    Gold Says:

    why this drama many of episodes? Please, i’m tired for waiting -__-

  36. 36
    Mia Says:

    Encore cette greluche de Moon Geun Young au casting … si seulement elle pourrait disparaitre de la toile dramaland …

  37. 37
    something Says:

    your early comment really different from what you said before…
    you said before he didn’t fit because you dont know Lee Sang Yoon and you call him ugly…you need to check your eyes…he is handsome, gorgeous, manly, hot and cute…he is rising star and more popular than kim bum and lee kwang soo…it not like you who will the only one watching it…nor you will affect the rating…

    Lee Sang Yoon is lead in My Daughter Seo Young weekend drama before YTBLSS..it got rating highest 47%-49% a national drama..im not even a fan of him before but he allkill all gorgeousness in my daughter seoyoung….usually in this kind of drama only ahjumma who will go crazy with the lead..but in his case the young audience also go crazy over him…

    you must be that hallyu drama and actor fans who ignorant with popular ahjumma drama and their good actor..

  38. 38
    Reham Says:

    I’m so happy Moon Geun Young return to dramaland, she is the ONLY actress i LOVE her acting. Saranghae MGY

  39. 39
    Che Says:

    Jvandaouh :


  40. 40
    Che Says:

    MGY : Masih tampak seperti anak kecil , imut ….

  41. 41
    random Says:

    you know who will be watching this drama each week~kim jong kook kekekeke

  42. 42
    kmaniac Says:

    MGY is the only female main cast??

  43. 43
    cherygel Says:

    @Mia Idiot yourself. Jealous person haha ha, why? You are transparent? You want to be on his place then it is enough to ask for a place the asylum you will there be good 😉

  44. 44
    Jvandaouh Says:

    Sorry if it did hurt your feelings about LSG.
    Just because he was the lead in My Daughter Seo Young drama dosen’t mean that the good rating was all because of him… Alot of family dramas in korea have high rating like Unexpected you and Ojakgyo Brothers and many more. Was he the lead in those dramas? (nah) Remember! We are not just watching one person, we are watching every cast playing their role in a drama giving their best!

    Please do not get so hot-headed if someome says something about LSG you’re not happy with. Everyone is allowed to voice their opinion 😛 Watch some variety show to calm down (recommend runningman) 😉
    Wait for the drama, watch it! Peace! 😀 – saranghae –

  45. 45
    yemoon Says:

    MGY always cute,,and the reason why I must watch thiss drama it’s only because our princess moonie…Moonie fighting,,we always love you…

  46. 46
    KDadiktus Says:


    huh?take it easy!you seem so affected with my comment how funny!I just said why her?because she seems so young for Lee Sang Yoon!I’m not here to bash her…I’ve been waiting this drama and I still watch this drama!there’s no need to fight over petty things!its very useless to argue with you cos you have ur own opinion and so do I!so just let it be!Cheers!

  47. 47
    something Says:

    My daughter Seoyoung’s rating is higher than Unexpected you and Ojakyo..
    he is the strongest character in that drama…he got the most buzz among all actors there.. FYI, many drama has high rating but only someone who did awesome will got highest buzz

    and who talk about LSG…are your head all full with Lee Seung Gi…im talk about Lee Sang Yoon (LSY)..are you LSG fan?

    Kid dont call every artists who you dont know / dislike as ugly..
    can i said your favorite ugly too since you said everyone is allowed to voice their opinion…

    i will said the same thing not only for lee sang yoon but for every non-hallyu actor who bashed by hallyu drama fans that ignorant with k-drama as a whole…

    i watch all variety you may never watch…watch what your writing…
    youre annoying…

  48. 48
    taraJJ Says:

    nice trailer.. I hope they will release a long version trailer soon and show some Kim Bum scenes..

  49. 49
    Jvandaouh Says:

    hmm, getting all emotional over this, kind of silly, yare yare…
    I thought we ended this but i guess things never go through your head.
    You won’t stop unless you’re sastified right?
    Don’t keep argue over small things…
    The drama haven’t started to air yet !

  50. 50
    Tired of anti fans Says:

    @KDadiktus And I answered you why Lee Sang Yoon! You understand? As I said to him on my comment Moon geun young received the script well before that the shooting of CDDA begins , I am his fan and I answer those who wonder why she or those who come here under false name or various names while it is maybe the same person that speak badly about her . Because we most of his fans here we know by our nicknames or names,Thus do not judge me because I answered has various persons in my comment and if I offended you I apologize for it…

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