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Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire

The Goddess of Fire 04

Title: 불의 여신 정이 / Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire
Chinese Title: 火之女神 靖兒
Genre: Historical, Romance, Political, Melodrama
Episodes: 32 + 2 Special
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-July-01 to 2013-Oct-22
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama will potray the live of Yoo Jung, also known as Jung Yi (Moon Geun Young), the first female potter in the Joseon Dynasty. After she was kidnapped to Japan during a war, she demonstrated the superiority of Joseon potters in Japan.

This drama also depicts the story of Prince Gwang Hae (Lee Sang Yoon), a sad prince whose life was like a wild storm. He had to let go of Jung Yi no matter how deep his love. He will go through a lonely struggle because he could not put out a flame in his heart toward a woman he loved.


Main Cast

Moon Geun Young as Yoo Jung
Jin Ji Hee as Yoo Jung (young)
Lee Sang Yoon as Prince Kwang Hae
No Young Hak as Kwang Hae (young)
Kim Bum as Kim Tae Do
Park Gun Tae as Kim Tae Do (Young)
Park Gun Hyung as Lee Yook Do
Oh Seung Yoon as Lee Yook Do (Young)
Seo Hyun Jin as Hwa Ryung
Kim Ji Min as Hwa Ryung (Young)
Jun Kwang Ryul as Lee Kang Chun

Royal Palace

Jung Bo Suk as King Sun Jo
Han Go Eun as Lady Kim In Bin
Lee Kwang Soo as Prince Im Hae
Lee In Sung as Prince Im Hae (young)
Park Joon Mok as Prince Shin Sung

Boon Won

Byun Hee Bong as Moon Sa Seung
Lee Jong Won as Yoo Eul Dam
Sung Ji Roo as Shim Jong Soo

Other People

Jang Kwang as Lee Pyung Ik
Jang Hyo Jin as Ma Poong
Song Ok Sook as Son Haeng Soo
Jun Jae Hyung as Gae Ttong
Lee Yoo Jin as Il Nam
Song Young Kyu as Go Duk Ki
Lee Se Rang (이세랑) as Lady Doo Chi
Ahn Suk Hwan as Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Park Hyun Sook as Oh Gook Bi
Choi Ji Na as Yeon Ok (Jung Yi’s mother)

Production Credits

Chief Producers: Go Dong Sun, Kim Seung Mo
Producer: Kim Kwang Il
Directors: Park Sung Soo, Jung Dae Yoon
Screenwriters: Kwon Soon Gyu, Lee Seo Yoon


– This drama is based on a true historical figure, Baek Pah Sun. (Source)

– Due to an on-set accident when a piece of camera equipment fell onto lead actress Moon Geun-young’s face and injured her eye. MBC have to pre-empt episodes 25-26 on 2013/Sep/23-24, airing a special with highlights and behind-the-scenes clips instead. (Source)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-07-01 1 10.1 (7th) 11.1 (7th) 10.7 (6th) 12.3 (3rd)
2013-07-02 2 10.4 (13th) 11.7 (7th) 11.4 (8th) 11.3 (11th)
2013-07-08 3 9.3 (18th) 10.5 (15th) 10.3 (13th) 11.4 (11th)
2013-07-09 4 10.6 (9th) 11.9 (7th) 12.0 (6th) 12.8 (5th)
2013-07-15 5 11.5 (9th) 13.3 (5th) 10.6 (10th) 11.7 (6th)
2013-07-16 6 11.3 (8th) 13.7 (4th) 11.8 (7th) 13.3 (5th)
2013-07-22 7 11.2 (9th) 13.4 (5th) 11.7 (7th) 12.6 (5th)
2013-07-23 8 12.1 (7th) 15.1 (3rd) 11.8 (6th) 12.4 (6th)
2013-07-29 9 11.2 (8th) 13.7 (4th) 10.4 (9th) 11.6 (7th)
2013-07-30 10 10.8 (9th) 13.4 (4th) 11.0 (7th) 11.5 (9th)
2013-08-05 11 10.7 (10th) 13.6 (4th) 10.0 (10th) 11.2 (7th)
2013-08-06 12 11.0 (8th) 14.4 (5th) 11.6 (6th) 13.0 (5th)
2013-08-12 13 8.2 (17th) 10.5 (9th) 9.1 (15th) 10.3 (13th)
2013-08-13 14 8.8 (11th) 10.9 (8th) 9.6 (9th) 10.8 (8th)
2013-08-19 15 7.7 9.6 (12th) 7.8 9.4 (16th)
2013-08-20 16 8.2 (17th) 10.3 (10th) 8.6 (13th) 9.8 (11th)
2013-08-26 17 7.6 8.7 (20th) 8.6 (18th) 9.9 (10th)
2013-08-27 18 8.4 (19th) 10.3 (9th) 9.1 (12th) 10.9 (8th)
2013-09-02 19 8.5 (15th) 9.7 (10th) 8.4 9.7 (14th)
2013-09-03 20 9.6 (10th) 11.5 (6th) 9.1 (12th) 10.4 (8th)
2013-09-09 21 7.6 8.9 (18th) 8.4 9.4 (14th)
2013-09-10 22 8.2 (18th) 9.1 (17th) 7.9 (17th) 9.1 (14th)
2013-09-16 23 8.2 (18th) 9.9 (11th) 7.5 8.7 (20th)
2013-09-17 24 7.9 (19th) 8.5 (16th) 7.2 7.8 (16th)
2013-09-23 Sp 5.4 5.9 4.8 5.8
2013-09-24 Sp 4.6 4.8 4.0 5.0
2013-09-30 25 7.1 8.2 6.0 7.2
2013-10-01 26 7.7 (19th) 8.8 (18th) 7.6 (17th) 8.4 (19th)
2013-10-07 27 7.9 9.2 (17th) 7.4 9.0 (17th)
2013-10-08 28 7.6 (19th) 8.5 (18th) 7.2 7.7 (20th)
2013-10-15 29 8.2 (18th) 9.3 (15th) 9.0 (16th) 10.3 (13th)
2013-10-15 30 6.8 (<8.2) 8.0 (19th) 9.5 (17th)
2013-10-21 31 9.1 (17th) 11.0 (10th) 9.3 (18th) 10.4 (10th)
2013-10-22 32 10.3 (12th) 12.1 (7th) 9.6 (13th) 10.6 (11th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Bacon Says:

    Whoa 32 episodes?? I wanted to watch this but I don’t like Moon Geun Young 🙁 Sorry there’s just something about her that makes me want to punch her lol she kinda annoys me (Even when she was a guest in Running Man) :<

  2. 2 : Dexter Says:

    How could you want to punch Geun Young. so bad. lol lol.

  3. 3 : KDadiktus Says:

    I’m waiting for this!I love Lee Sang Yoon!!!but why Moon Geun Young?hehe!

  4. 4 : Ellaine Says:

    Lee Kwang Soo as Prince Imhae?? Wow!!! Can’t wait to watch!!

  5. 5 : taraJJ Says:

    her acting is superb in PAINTER OF THE WIND, don’t understand why on earth there is someone who want to punch her.. how rude!!! she’s too adorable to be punch..
    and again if you don’t like 32 eps plus MGY so don’t watch this drama..

  6. 6 : lara Says:

    so can we expect another daesang award for MGY this year? hehe

  7. 7 : Mitten Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this drama!!

  8. 8 : Kimbap1398 Says:

    I don’t like the male lead. Rather have kwang soo or kim bum as Moon Geun Youngs partner.

  9. 9 : eny Says:

    I think MGY is good actress, but I don’t know if I will watch this drama or not

  10. 10 : uniqueshop4u Says:

    Why with Moon Geun Young??? Not matching…it is better either Han Hyo Joo or Ha Ji-won…but Ha Ji-Won will play Hwatu for 60 episodes so can’t do…

  11. 11 : Tiredofantifans Says:

    @bacon Before you say anything on MGY, I also want to punch you if you have courage gives your real name and do not be boring and dirty page here!
    @KDadiktus @uniqueshop4u You also do not mess with your critical page and put your real name so we know who is behind his bad language Why MGY ? Because this is the best of his generation, and she received the script well before filming begins CDDA! I would say why Lee Sang Yoon? I do not know him (unknown to the battalion) it is better Either Han Hyo Joo?
    Also unknown and what that name here? it makes me want to vomit!
    Give me your real name so we know that behind his crazy hahaha cowards on top of that!MGY has spent his life caring for the poor, and make donations with his pocket money and you what you do with your life miserable?

  12. 12 : mona Says:

    moon is back 🙂 i hope this drama will be excellent, fabulous and famous

  13. 13 : mona Says:

    omg, kim bum is also here…. greattttttt 🙂

  14. 14 : mgyfanforever Says:

    @Bacon put your real name.,.. so we can punch your face first…

    no haters allowed on this page.. whahhahaahahha.. such a butch of losers and haters……

    #respect.. then will respect..
    if you dont want to do to you….

  15. 15 : aissmae Says:

    @Bacon: TRY TO PUNCH HER, AND I WILL PUT YOU IN HELL! If you hate MGY, can you just leave here and don’t come back you IMMATURE, MONSTER, UGLY CREATURE, YOU LOSER! and then DON’T WATCH this drama if your not in favor on Female lead, don’t bee to Stupid it makes us MGY fan laugh laugh laugh! hahahahahaha.

  16. 16 : marialuisaballes Says:


  17. 17 : yemoon Says:

    our princess is back with her new saeguk drama after 5 years…i hope she gets daesang award again,,love her very much…she is a real actress for me,humble,funny and many actor want to be her couple like jo in sung,jung ill woo.

  18. 18 : hongkongmum Says:

    MTG is a good actress but she is far from being pretty. She is exceptionally short too. But again, all Korean actresses are quite short except a few. I think I shall get scold too by MGY’s supporters. I just express what I truely think.
    I like Lee Sang Yoon though. As they both can act, I am looking forward for the drama.

  19. 19 : cherygel Says:

    Fighting MGY , please the anti-moon geun young whoever you are,Do not exaggerate consult Wikipedia Moon Geun Young to know his history and when you will be in the ankle, return and we shall talk again of it OK?

  20. 20 : MicoRP Says:

    @BACON. Are you for real? You can’t even give a particular reason why she “kinds of annoy” you and you want to punch her in the face with that dirty fist of yours? Get a life!

  21. 21 : ricko Says:

    There are already bad comments on MGY Lol, not take care of it, it is people who know how to make nothing of their day and be mistaken about people in particular, I would like to see the faces in front of me so that I also box them the head if it is really funny haha!! I am a supporter man of MGY for 10 years and proud of the being.

  22. 22 : lia imut Says:

    indifferent I do not care what you say about moon geun young’s what’s in it for me ……………. because the important thing is MOON GEUN YOUNG..she was one of the best actresses……………….. “alive moon geun young” ……..

  23. 23 : eny Says:

    I think somebody statement that she wanna punch MGY is too much,is she ever hurt you?????i don’t think you know her??? it’s OK if you don’t like her acting but wanna punch is really too much

  24. 24 : henry timo Says:

    hey friend please help me to get this drama find me in facebook or [email protected]

  25. 25 : Jvandaouh Says:

    Aigooo, i can’t stand the male lead. First time hearing him and his kinda ugly, i mean not good looking. I was excited when i heard Moon Geun Young, Kim Bum, Lee Kwang Soo will be in the next drama after Gu Family Book. I just can’t stand watching the male lead even thought it might have a good plot…
    I’m not hating Lee Sang yoon, but i wish there was another male lead pairing up with MGY, then this drama would be PERFECT !

    Atleast there are other dramas that seems interesting, Empire of the Gold, Shark, Cruel City and more.

  26. 26 : lara Says:

    @Jvandaouh the drama have not started airing yet and you say it’s bad because of the male lead? its the acting that matters.. >_<

  27. 27 : MGYlove Says:

    Please people encourage the drama so that he can have good notes and especially all the casting who are going to work for 32 episodes, the peace please! And to all the haters, not just dirty this page because the drama has not yet started and pity put your real name or nickname when you can recognize , thank you fighting for the “Goddess of fire”

  28. 28 : angelamiles Says:

    the male lead actor is the lead actor also in my daughter seo young from first episode till last is number one in korea and i watched it his acting is not bad…

  29. 29 : cottoncandy Says:

    @Jvandaouh; i think Lee Sang Yoon is fine. I’ve seen him on ‘My Daughter Seo Young’, he kind a cute and played well too.. So, cant wait to watch this!

  30. 30 : Jvandaouh Says:

    It is up to you what kind of drama you prefer to watch, story plot, acting, the cast, drama genre.
    Not everyone watch dramas because of good acting, mostly people watch dramas because of their favorite actor/actress (might have bad acting), or a interesting movie/drama, good story plot, but not all movies/dramas have good acting.
    Let’s say there’s a really bad drama with a really bad draggy story plot, and a cast you don’t like but with good acting. Will you watch it? I don’t think so, it it normal wanting someone else playing the main role, since you be watching a drama with a lot of episodes. And you wanna go and cheer for the lead couple and stuffs like that.

    I’m just saying the male lead does not fit the female lead as love interrest (my opinion) ! Might later change opinion so don’t get mad dude no hard feelings 😀 and acting is not all that matters unless you’re desperate…

  31. 31 : yeshageun026 Says:

    I love MGY :)) That’s all 😀 !!

  32. 32 : Haaay Says:

    MGY keep up the good work.

  33. 33 : paras Says:

    Not so interesting ‘coz the actor:X

  34. 34 : Reham Says:

    Moon geun Young is the only reason I’ll watch this drama… i miss her great acting and her beautiful,lovely,cute face… MGY IS THE BEST! FIGHTING!!!

  35. 35 : Gold Says:

    why this drama many of episodes? Please, i’m tired for waiting -__-

  36. 36 : Mia Says:

    Encore cette greluche de Moon Geun Young au casting … si seulement elle pourrait disparaitre de la toile dramaland …

  37. 37 : something Says:

    your early comment really different from what you said before…
    you said before he didn’t fit because you dont know Lee Sang Yoon and you call him ugly…you need to check your eyes…he is handsome, gorgeous, manly, hot and cute…he is rising star and more popular than kim bum and lee kwang soo…it not like you who will the only one watching it…nor you will affect the rating…

    Lee Sang Yoon is lead in My Daughter Seo Young weekend drama before YTBLSS..it got rating highest 47%-49% a national drama..im not even a fan of him before but he allkill all gorgeousness in my daughter seoyoung….usually in this kind of drama only ahjumma who will go crazy with the lead..but in his case the young audience also go crazy over him…

    you must be that hallyu drama and actor fans who ignorant with popular ahjumma drama and their good actor..

  38. 38 : Reham Says:

    I’m so happy Moon Geun Young return to dramaland, she is the ONLY actress i LOVE her acting. Saranghae MGY

  39. 39 : Che Says:

    Jvandaouh :


  40. 40 : Che Says:

    MGY : Masih tampak seperti anak kecil , imut ….

  41. 41 : random Says:

    you know who will be watching this drama each week~kim jong kook kekekeke

  42. 42 : kmaniac Says:

    MGY is the only female main cast??

  43. 43 : cherygel Says:

    @Mia Idiot yourself. Jealous person haha ha, why? You are transparent? You want to be on his place then it is enough to ask for a place the asylum you will there be good 😉

  44. 44 : Jvandaouh Says:

    Sorry if it did hurt your feelings about LSG.
    Just because he was the lead in My Daughter Seo Young drama dosen’t mean that the good rating was all because of him… Alot of family dramas in korea have high rating like Unexpected you and Ojakgyo Brothers and many more. Was he the lead in those dramas? (nah) Remember! We are not just watching one person, we are watching every cast playing their role in a drama giving their best!

    Please do not get so hot-headed if someome says something about LSG you’re not happy with. Everyone is allowed to voice their opinion 😛 Watch some variety show to calm down (recommend runningman) 😉
    Wait for the drama, watch it! Peace! 😀 – saranghae –

  45. 45 : yemoon Says:

    MGY always cute,,and the reason why I must watch thiss drama it’s only because our princess moonie…Moonie fighting,,we always love you…

  46. 46 : KDadiktus Says:


    huh?take it easy!you seem so affected with my comment how funny!I just said why her?because she seems so young for Lee Sang Yoon!I’m not here to bash her…I’ve been waiting this drama and I still watch this drama!there’s no need to fight over petty things!its very useless to argue with you cos you have ur own opinion and so do I!so just let it be!Cheers!

  47. 47 : something Says:

    My daughter Seoyoung’s rating is higher than Unexpected you and Ojakyo..
    he is the strongest character in that drama…he got the most buzz among all actors there.. FYI, many drama has high rating but only someone who did awesome will got highest buzz

    and who talk about LSG…are your head all full with Lee Seung Gi…im talk about Lee Sang Yoon (LSY)..are you LSG fan?

    Kid dont call every artists who you dont know / dislike as ugly..
    can i said your favorite ugly too since you said everyone is allowed to voice their opinion…

    i will said the same thing not only for lee sang yoon but for every non-hallyu actor who bashed by hallyu drama fans that ignorant with k-drama as a whole…

    i watch all variety you may never watch…watch what your writing…
    youre annoying…

  48. 48 : taraJJ Says:

    nice trailer.. I hope they will release a long version trailer soon and show some Kim Bum scenes..

  49. 49 : Jvandaouh Says:

    hmm, getting all emotional over this, kind of silly, yare yare…
    I thought we ended this but i guess things never go through your head.
    You won’t stop unless you’re sastified right?
    Don’t keep argue over small things…
    The drama haven’t started to air yet !

  50. 50 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    @KDadiktus And I answered you why Lee Sang Yoon! You understand? As I said to him on my comment Moon geun young received the script well before that the shooting of CDDA begins , I am his fan and I answer those who wonder why she or those who come here under false name or various names while it is maybe the same person that speak badly about her . Because we most of his fans here we know by our nicknames or names,Thus do not judge me because I answered has various persons in my comment and if I offended you I apologize for it…

  51. 51 : KDadiktus Says:

    I perfectly understand what u’re trying to imply at…and I’m not affected if you don’t like LSY eithet..cos I’m not a type of fan who will fight and wud die for my fave actors…its kinda pathetic!

  52. 52 : KDadiktus Says:

    and sorry to dissapoint you I dont use many alliases to bash other people’s idols it’s not my cup of tea!I don’t do such cheap stuff cos it won’t make me famous!so drop it and letsnot argue….and ruin this thread cos I don’t waste my time fighting over nonsense stuff…cheers.

  53. 53 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    @KDadiktus And well so much the better if you do not come any more it is not a big loss hoho We do not beat we defend her from stupid people who know how to only criticize, And if you followed since the beginning it is not us who wanted to strike, it is the person who left a comment at the beginning who wanted to strike MGY Why???? She made anything bad? Then do not come to judge because it is not certainly I that began!!!Yes that allocate us that people rotted who hide behind their screen to say nasty things that proves that in the real life it is them the real pathetic persons, hypocrytes !A word to the wise !

  54. 54 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    And I carry very also my speudo, has to meditate

  55. 55 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    Hoyaaa that reminds me the fans of Park shi hoo who did not stop criticizing MGY Of the beginning of the shooting of cdda till the end and even later, And also they threw false rumors about MGY one week after the end of CDDA to say to you the nature of certain fans and when the piece of news about the park shi hoo fell anything more, they closed their big mouth, and the I say what takes place all around returns, and our MGY since the end of CDDA kept a low profile as usual its currency to be far from projectors alalala

  56. 56 : KDadiktus Says:

    Oh well,I have no plan of not coming on this thread cos I will be reading other people’s opinions on this drama…I don’t have anything bad against mgy…only I said why her? cos shes too young for LSY and I guess there’s nothing wrong with what I said…I was just surprised that you mentioned me.But anyways…let’s move on…

    If only the admin here will comment and tell who is using many aliases on this thread then I wud be happy…I’m sure the admin knows the IPs who visited their site and used many pseudo names.So,cheer up @Tiredofantifans cos I won’t be a threat to ruin this thread and MGY 🙂 I’m here for Lee Sang Yoon but not enuf to look for a fight and defend him cos he’s not part of my business hehe!

  57. 57 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    Oh that I would be happy if the administrator could give the names of those who use heaps of nicknames, To see them malicious gossip.I have nothing to blame me ,This is why I love my nickname it is in memory for certain fans madwomen hoyaaaa

  58. 58 : Mee Says:

    I dont like Moon Geun Young. She is a bad actress. She can only portray Moon Geun Young and her kid’s face is annoying.

  59. 59 : Moon Says:

    I am satisfied to see names known here since the last one drama of Moonie,and impatient person to be in July 1st to see her. Aigoo Moon Geun Young a bad actress? Then be going to need to explain me all the prices that she won since she began as child actor + Daesang the youngest Korea which gained, really strange your definition of bad actress unless you can not support her to be on a foot of estal and you in your small insignificant life lol lol

  60. 60 : Miffed Says:

    This is embarrassing and ridiculous !! Shame ! Shame ! Shame !

    I came here wanting and hoping for info about this drama, and what do I get ?

    A bunch of viewers behaving badly here even before the drama is aired. Shame !

    Is this kind of behavior necessary ? From mature and educated people like you?

    Everyone is allowed their opinion, but can’t we the other viewers be allowed to read and understand what your opinion and stance is, in a clear, friendly and proper manner ?

    Not need to resort to “fighting” to get your opinion through.

    If this goes on and it is so unpleasant, who would want to know or care to read what your opinion is ?

    This is sickening.

  61. 61 : Miffed Says:

    @Bacon (1)

    In future, should you feel like punching someone, please go punch a tree first before you crawl to this site with your violet inclination.

    Thank you for your attention.

  62. 62 : marian Says:

    @bacon really?before you do anything to MGY can i punch you first for a second..lol…goodluck moon i know this is gong to be a massive success..aja!!

  63. 63 : Mee Says:


    I just expressed an opinion so why you need to attack my personal life? Maybe you are the insignificant one who needs attention?

    Dont talk to me about her candy awards in the world of Hallyu. Moon Geun Young is a bad actress because she can not portray somebody else but a cute little girl (AIMH, Little bride, MSOAN). Her acting when she needed to play somebody more complex (Tale of two sisters, Cinderella step sis, CheongDamdong, Innocent step, Love me not…) was bad because only her baby face could not save her.

    She can never come close to real actresses like Lim So Jung who strangely who has not so many candy awards.

    I guess you will enjoy this drama since for her die hard fans, watching Moon Geun Young’s dramas is all about watching her cute baby face.

  64. 64 : Moon Says:

    @Mee Yes because we are his young fans and you a frustrated, jealous HELMONI, here we are to support Moonie and the drama, and you come here why? Just to say your comment in $2, it is what I read especially that there is no comment about the drama but on mgy it is necessary to go on its pages dedicated for her to show your comment, I agree that you do not love him but who wants to know? Here it is for the drama only besides has not begun yet that antis comes to spit at her? Is it reasonable?
    And you speak to me about Lim Jung that I do not know moreover, that you say that it is the good actress and who has not so much price as mgy, why? For me if mgy gained so much price it is thanks to the actor’s talent and then the baby’s face has nothing to do with the action and if that hampers persons do not look then that’s it!

  65. 65 : annebelle Says:

    wow.. so glad that moonie finally back in saeguk! Miss her so much, she looks really pretty in her hanbok. Can’t wait to watch this drama soon. And just wanna responds to all bashing comments here, “bash anyone else only shows how jealous we r and how bad we r, even you deny it, but I know to accept anyone achievments is no easy while we have nothing to be proud. if you don’t like someone stop bashing and do something better than bash someone else. And let’s respect to each other”

    불의 여신 정이 fighting!!!

  66. 66 : Mee Says:


    I can go on any web page say anything I want as long as I respect the rules in place in my comments and I respect the people I write to.

    What I said about Moon Geun Young is my opinion based on how I enjoyed her work and how I judge her. She is a public person so I can criticise her professionnal qualities and not her person that I dont know and this is what I did on this page and I have the right to. Anyone can come here and try to prove me wrong but it needs something called argument and not an hysterical posture like yours while you are trying to tell people what they can on this page.

    As for respect, it is something you dont know about maybe since in your first comment you wrote to me, you already started to attack my personal life when you did not even know me. In your second comment, you even start speculating about how I can feel (jealous? frustrated??…) Did I ever talked about you? Have I ever implied anything about you personaly? No because I know what respect is.

    I believe you are just a kid in your puberty crisis and I wont bother writing to you or reading you anymore.

  67. 67 : sakurablossoms Says:

    Wow! Korean dramas are seriously starting to become redundant. Why does every female artist in Joseon have a love affair with a crown prince? Oh wait, let’s not forget that without her he can’t keep his position because a faction or two is out to get him. Well, let’s see if this one turns out different. MGY is good as a teen actor, a bit like Lindsay Lohan. She has enough acting experience under her belt, but she is a bit of a type-cast. I think I’ll wait til the series has ended before watching it. I have a feeling that the writers will struggle with the plot as the series unfold. I’ll review this comment in a few months to see if I’m right or not.

  68. 68 : Moon Says:

    @Mee You come here to say that you do not love him it and that it is a bad actress. Which report with the drama your comment and as I answered you anybody wants to know, this page is to speak about the drama and it is immature Internet users frustrated as hiding from you under false name that spoil and make dirty web pages…You are here why? Have you something to do with the drama or one of the actors?Because you already know , that if you come here for belittlement Moon Geun Young,You go to fall on his fans and to defend her .You do not speak about me, because I am not a bad Internet which is going to go on a new page dedicated to a drama to show my frustration for an actor or an actress who I do not love, not I am not a member of the lot!
    For the newcomers that will be my last comment here, for those whom I know of name where the fans of mgy, I prefer not to stay here and to read stupid comments on moonie, I prefer to go somewhere else, now for your @mee or whoever you are there is proverb in my country which ” speak to my b….., my head is sick “!!!I hope that the new drama of moonie will be for its height of its talent and I encourage all the team and the production, colleagues of moonie of the drama because there will be many episodes.

  69. 69 : OK OK OK Says:


    Wow, who will ends up with MGY 🙂

  70. 70 : OK OK OK Says:

    If Moon Geun Young is not a good actress, I don’t think many investors will spend money to invest on her – as LEADING actress.


  71. 71 : marialuisaballes Says:

    I dont choose any leading man as long as my bias MOON GEUN YOUNG is the leading lady any will do cause, she can carry whatever she projects. She’s VERSATILE, TALENTED AND BEAUTIFUL! Those who cannot accept that, is very envious of her. All her project are rating high and she’s very in demand. MGY FIGHTING! WE’LL ALWAYS BE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU! FAN CLUB FROM THE PHILIPPINES

  72. 72 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    [Notice] The second teaser of ” Goddess of fire ” will be released on June 17th later “Gu family book”
    OMG can’t wait , maybe we see kim bum 🙂

    @moon back, just do not take care of its users frustrated monsters 😉

  73. 73 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    The Press Conference of Goddess of Fire Jeong Yi is on June 27, 2013.
    Time: 2 PM (KST)
    Place: Yeongdeungpo Time Square
    source: Moon Geun Young International Fanclub

    11 Days to go guys can’t wait ^_^

  74. 74 : Ttuk Says:

    Let’s face it, we are naturally drawn to someone beautiful. Since I don’t think of Moon Geun Young as a prima donna beauty, I ask myself; why does she steal my attention so?

    I’ve come to accept she is what an actress is supposed to be — a conduit to the character they portray. That for me is most attractive thing about Moon Geun Young.

  75. 75 : Miffed Says:

    @Tired of Anti Fans

    Thanks for the info.

    MYG fighting !!!

  76. 76 : Periwinkle Says:

    LOL guys just ignore the trolls and just support this drama 🙂

  77. 77 : eny Says:

    I first watch MGY in cinderella’s step sister n she makes me cry so much, I try watch another drama/movie of her but i doesn’t always could finish it but so far I see she is one of good actress in Korea, may be the best in 20’s, may be her drama choice that i not really like

  78. 78 : kiki Says:

    Lee Kwang Soo is a prince! hahaha! #PrinceOfAsia

  79. 79 : eny Says:

    I forgot, lee da hee, how old is she????she’s good too

  80. 80 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    second teaser guys

  81. 81 : Haaay Says:

    Grrrr! can’t wait

  82. 82 : linazh Says:

    i love Lee Sang Yoon from “the Duo” the cast great.. can’t wait

  83. 83 : moonLOVER Says:

    I’ve never seen that actor but MGY is in, So, I’m in!
    For sure is I don’t blame or say bad things to that actor!
    Because he’s my Moon co-star!

    But, I wanna say something to some people who wrote bad comments to my Moon! Every action have a reaction! We, MGY fans are always support to our Moon and Pray for her Everyday! So, if you do something wrong with her, God will punish back to YOURS!

    Be Peace and Let support our own IDOLS ! AJA…

  84. 84 : violet88 Says:

    i was excited when i heard Kim Bum was casted against MGY.. But if i look at the poster seems like he’s not the male lead in this show.. :(. what a waste, i think MGY and KB will make a great pairing as an OTP..

  85. 85 : xxx Says:

    I love lee sang yoon, i’m waiting his come back after my daughter seo young. He is great actor, but i think he doesn’t match this character. So sad he is too handsome and tall for being king.
    and also why MGY? i don’t have high expectation for her, i already watch cheongdamdong alice her act so bad. She can’t deliver love chemistry with Park Shi Hoo. and i don’t want to watch same thing happen again. i hope they cast another lead actor and actress.

  86. 86 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    I hope that they are going to put Kim Bum as main actor, it is better with MGY lol!

  87. 87 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    It’s a pity for you MGY is the main actress and she him will stay, UNDERSTOOD?

  88. 88 : cherygel Says:

    Oh another troll, I know that it is the same person who is jealous of MGY, who leaves the same messages, hooo woe is you and shame on you .

  89. 89 : ricko Says:

    @xxx You say that she had no chemistry with park shi hoo, I conceive and I agree with you, she has of to feel something bad in him looool!
    His act so bad in cdda? The fault of the writer !!
    Everybody knows that MGY can play anything, you always follow me? Look at his profile in Wikipedia!!!
    And when your actor Lsy or other one will have gained the awards as her + daesang, we can speak about it !!!!
    You do not want that that reproduces to have a chemistry put a cowl on your head 🙂 😉 😉

  90. 90 : ricko Says:

    At the moment he does not manage to equal mgy, she is known since her childhood and Lsy just comes from the glory ushtttt !!!!!!!

  91. 91 : tyarachunnie Says:

    moon & sang yoon fighting!!!cant wait for watching both of u in this drama…

  92. 92 : eny Says:

    i prefer mgy with the lead now than kimbum as the lead, with more acting experience i wish i see better acting, kimbum isn’t bad but so far i just see him in simple charracter, it’s not surprising if PD n producer trust LSY as the main lead. I think they consider the acting quality more than popularity in this drama

  93. 93 : TV Novel – Eun Hee « rohmatwidi48 Says:

    […] and Flower (KBS2) Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire (MBC) Empire of Gold (SBS) Scandal (MBC) Goddess of Marriage […]

  94. 94 : xxx Says:

    @ricko (LOL) calm down dude! it’s just my opinion. whatever you say, i don’t really care. if you love MGY it’s up to you, but for me she is not great actress (i don’t mean she is bad, i just don’t love her act).

    and if all of you hate LSY, i don’t care since i love him.

    i hope they have high ratting, it’s too sad looking my fav actor have low drama rate.

  95. 95 : berastia Says:

    I love Park Gun Tae ♥♥ . I like MGY, but i agree she dont have chemistry with PSH, just my opinion .

  96. 96 : Aasma Says:

    @65 annebelle & 74 Ttuk wow..beautiful and sensible comments..loved ur ways of description of moon as an actor…
    Love MGY…she is the first korean actress i liked..waiting eagerly for her drama..i know she’s gonna rock….

  97. 97 : Park jun sung Says:

    Hey hey i think MGY is n0t too bad. Yes, although i’m not her fans, but i like his role in cinderella stepsister. She was so evil there, and i like it.
    Back to topic. Hmmm seem like that i will watch this one. Its a thriller drama, rit? From the trailer above i fall in love with lee sang yoon. Omwo0o, he was so handsome ahjusi with babyfaced. Huft finally i found good drama after vacuum recent month for TWTWB.
    But, why the episode a bit long 🙁

  98. 98 : Park jun sung Says:

    @eny and @tired of antifans
    hmm, i think lee sang yoon is the best choice as the main actor, also the best actor to role a prince, rit?
    Yeah i kn0w that kim bum is good actor, but he is too young to role as great prince, his face is “flower boy”. . . No matter how old kim bum, his face always young and like a cute boy.

  99. 99 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    I’m not saying that Lee Sang Yoon is bad as I have ever seen in any drama again, it is true that it is better as a king, I said KIm Bum is more appropriate with Moon Geun Young as they have baby faces 🙂

  100. 100 : Park jun sung Says:

    Hmm hope the child story not take a lot slot

  101. 101 : eny Says:

    @tired with antifans
    i don’t mind if the age seem obviouse from their face, because i see some drama with main actor/actress has some obviose age gap but they can deliver the emotion of the drama n i see many beautifull/handsome face pairing but fail to deliver the story
    Honestly i still 50:50 to watch this drama or not because the synopsis not really interesting to me

  102. 102 : Park jun sung Says:

    so what do u think about this couple? Which couple did u prefer? MGY with kimbum or with lee sang yoon.
    Btw, what recent drama did u watch now?

  103. 103 : Park jun sung Says:

    I just a bit curious, why some people here really hate MGY? What did she do? Her acting not too bad. And her face pretty enough. Emmm remember kdrama “jang geum”? I think her face alm0st same with one who role as jang geum. Especially in the picture above when she wear potter clothes.

  104. 104 : GDARAGON Says:

    MGY –> KOOKIE Jong Kim, ideal woman type! Lol

  105. 105 : inge Says:

    hwaiting moon geun young ! i’ll waiting youre dramaaaaa :*

  106. 106 : eny Says:

    @Park junsung
    I think for the lead i prefer MGY n LSY, but i don’t know they should end up together or not it depend on the story, I think the lead man doesn’t always have to be with the lead female.
    I watch JANG OK JUNG, FUGITIVE OF JOSEON, SHARK n I HEAR YOUR VOICE now. My next interes is Empire of The Gold because of the cast n the production team is the same with the Chaser.

  107. 107 : Park jun sung Says:

    hmm. . . Hope they will end up together. Cz from the sinopsis above seem like that the childhood story is abt when the prince and potter fall inlove. Prince want to told his feeling to jungyi, but there is something happen to jungyi. So the prince live with regret and wait his love comeback. Haha, its my prediction. . . Who kn0w that this drama has good ending. And i’m glad that one who role the prince gwang hee is lee sang yoon. Its the first time i kn0w him, i fall in luv with him after i watch the trailer. OMG, he’s so handsome even with old age.

    Btw, have u ever watch kdrama “bad boys”? Kim nam gil also cast there. Is kdrama Shark alm0st have some genre with bad boys?

  108. 108 : eny Says:

    @park jun sung
    yes i watch it, one of my favorite korean drama.the genre is the same thriller n about revenge, In shark he makes the girl she love solve his father murder case using some hint because her family involvement.
    I never see LSY drama before i just read his filmografi, looks like he already make many drama n her latest drama is successs

  109. 109 : Park jun sung Says:

    u d0nt watch kang chi?

    What?? In this drama my lee sang yoon and lde kwang soo is crown siblings?? Aish! Are u kidding me, that ugly tall men? Huh. . . They have different face, LSY is so handsome, but LKS. . . ?

  110. 110 : eny Says:

    I’m not watching Kangchi, the story didn’t attract me, even the writer is the same with baker king which i love
    I think I’m gonna watch this drama, the synopsis i read in DB, but here it seems little bit different esp paragraph 2
    LSY n LKS face is really different,…..may be different parent/hidden son????

  111. 111 : eny Says:

    i see an actor that almost perfect for LSY role,he already act in the role that almost similar with LSY charracter n i think he’s really good, n he’s absolutly has big charm for noble family role but there’s only one problem he’s to old for prince role, he’s 40’s
    Reminds me the role of Kim sung soo in Bad Love

  112. 112 : Park jun sung Says:

    kim sung soo? Is he one who role in full house with song hye gyo? How old LSY? I think he is more than 30 years old. But yes, kim sung soo older than him.

  113. 113 : Park jun sung Says:

    DB? Did u mean dramabeans?
    Oh yes, me too. I also d0nt watch kangci. I d0nt know both king2hearts and kangci i dont have chemistry with LSG. All people said that he is so handsome but for me he’s ordinary. Not catch my heart. . . Sorry.

    Btw, maybe LSY and LKS in this drama being cousin. You kn0w exatcly that they face if force to be sibling are to far far away. Haha

  114. 114 : pung Says:

    Episode 1 Preview
    Thanks to: 복을 행

  115. 115 : eny Says:

    @park jun sung
    Yes iot’s dramabean, i often visit there to see new drama
    I never like LSG drama, i just see a bit when his drama airing in Indonesia but never really like it, not a fans of his acting too, i always see him as the same guy in every drama, i only see him longer in Brilian Legacy but still not really like it

  116. 116 : Park jun sung Says:

    aigoo we are really same. I also dont know what special in LSG? And yes, i only like his acting in brilian legacy. And see how anonymous are so love him so much, many many people love him, its make me a bit sicks and jealous. . . Why should LSG? Why my fav actors is not?! Its hurt

  117. 117 : jewelleng Says:

    lee seung gi being mentioned here. i dont have chemistry with him either i guess because i never get to finish king2hearts and didnt even bother with kangchi… although i have to bow down with his acting esp in king2. just hands up! he is really wonderful if you will just pay attention. maybe because he is not that handsome thats why we tend to ignore him. but mind you.. he has a great personality and even tagged as korea’s sweetheart. also he is a singer and a great dancer. many people could not just resist that. and i could easily give him the best dressed award anytime. he just carry himself smoothly. having said all that i guess i am also one of those who adore him. maybe not as mush as i adore my other biases but still he is one of those that i will still keep an eye on.

    …and ofcourse i still plan to see kangchi given the time 🙂

  118. 118 : eny Says:

    i don’t hate LSG, I don’t know him personally, I just doesn’t really like his acting.

  119. 119 : Park jun sung Says:

    i know that LSG has good personality and skill. Oke, the point is i’m not interest with him. He is not my cup of tea.
    Actually i have watch king2hearts until the end. I’m force my self to love him but i cant. I m really sorry for LSG fans here.
    Okey stop talking about him, or there will be anyone who offended about this discussion. 😀

  120. 120 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    Tomorrow is the big day <3

  121. 121 : lara Says:

    i just want to clear up something,if we based it in history, LKS (Imhae) and LSY(Gwanghae) character are brothers ..not cousin.. >_<

  122. 122 : Fösho Says:

    Cant wait download it tommorow! Hope the rating is good

  123. 123 : taraJJ Says:

    yes.. me can’t wait for tonight show..
    hope MGY’s acting is going to be epic like in Painter of the Wind.. also can’t wait to se Kim Bum in his first saeguk drama..

  124. 124 : juns Says:

    i am really lookin forwad to this drama..as i am a big fan of moon geun young..lop..u..n i will definately watch this drama..<3<3

  125. 125 : moonLOVER Says:

    Episode 1 finished 😀

  126. 126 : moonLOVER Says:

    Really great! I LOVE IT <3

  127. 127 : fosho Says:

    wait, so kang chun(jung kwang ryul) is evil here? or something else? he not fair with jung yi father when they made a handycraft for king. hmm seem like jung yi father will die. molla, i watch it without sub. a bit not understand what they talking about. waiting sang yoon and MGY appears. still long… 2-3 eps later?

  128. 128 : spinadoodle Says:

    i tried to watch the 1st episode out of curiosity. don’t think i will continue. i’ll check out the reviews and watch the ratings though.
    there are a lot of current faces from other successful dramas, but the cast comes across as a little ad hoc this way though. at least it is not like the dae jang geum, yi san, and dong yi recycled cast. in any case, i’ve had my fill of artist, crown prince, and the particularly the venemous women of the inner palace. especially now that there is jang ok jung and war of flowers being out right now.

    BY THE WAY! Does Joseon have any notable female scholars? Now she would be a real heroine to be portrayed in one of these dramas?

  129. 129 : bella Says:

    I can’t wait to see a cute MGY & kimbum…they are like cute couple for me..

  130. 130 : fosho Says:

    good rating for the premiere. increase plis…

  131. 131 : fosho Says:

    episode 2 preview 😀

  132. 132 : Fan Says:

    Lee Sang yoon… my longtime fav actor!!

  133. 133 : karen Says:

    Love the last bit when She covered him with her skirt 😛
    SO sweet!

  134. 134 : Moon Says:

    Fighting GOF………..You’ll heat up 2013 and beat other 😀

  135. 135 : 7sax Says:

    Where to watch episode 1 with Eng sub?

  136. 136 : marialuisaballes Says:

    wasnt able to watch episode 2, though some of the young casts are new to me they are really good actors. waiting for my bias MOON GEUN YOUNG to appear. FIGHTING GOF! from the PHILIPPINES FANS OF MGY

  137. 137 : tyarachunnie Says:

    whoa….this drama is daebaaak…luv it ..cant wait for next ep…luv prince gwang hee already…cant wait for gwangsoo too…evil giraffe..:D

  138. 138 : damnun Says:

    seriously. i cant download it anywhere. damacrazy is shuted down…. whuaaaa ep drama cant download, dailymotion tooo 🙁 🙁

  139. 139 : damnun Says:

    any suggested site to download guys?? plissssssss

  140. 140 : moonLOVER Says:

    episode one with Eng sub. Subtitling not correct properly but u can understand it 😀


  141. 141 : damnun Says:

    Thank u very much for the link. Episode 2 still raw 🙁
    why the subs come slowly 🙁
    where i can read the recaps?

  142. 142 : moonLOVER Says:

    Dear damnun,

    Yes, it takes time for sub! Have to wait two days! So, may be today night we can watch episode 2 with sub!
    I watched all of her dramas and could read recap quickly before raw come out except this one(GOF) 🙁 And lots of site for recap 🙁

    yes, my 1st experience with MBC 😀

  143. 143 : damnun Says:

    is the translator think that this drama belongs to “ordinary drama”?? Oh my god, what the rude!
    Finally i found a recaps in dramabean.
    What i’m confuse about is, when prince gwang hae helped by jung yi after he fall into hole, he said “you’ve fallen for me”. Serious i dont know what that sentences mean? The grammar is something wrong or else? Is it mean “i fall in luv with u”?

  144. 144 : moonLOVER Says:

    @ damnun

    are u sure it that recape?? It’s just only gf impressions for two dramas! She said she’ll not recap both of them! I still hope Miss Koala will recap it but……….

    As my opinion, you’ve fallen for me may be Right! Coz he wanna say
    She likes him that’s why her heart beat faster 😛 😛

  145. 145 : taraJJ Says:

    hey sis, never though u gonna like this drama too..
    hv u read gwangsoo line account? he said he will become more evil in this drama than in running man hehe.. btw, I barely see your name in pinkcrazy,, did u rarely visit that blog??

  146. 146 : damnun Says:

    the owner of dramabean said that she/he didnt want write the recap. But after watch 1st ep. Seem like that she will think again. Yes, i know she dont recap ep 1-2. She just comment about premiere eps.
    Did u mean koala playground? If she dont want to recap this one, so what current drama she wrote? GFB? Aishhh. . . (–“)

    when gwang soo will appears as adult cast?

  147. 147 : vic Says:

    Bad News!! http://www.dramcrazy.net is shutting down
    can anyone recommend me a good site where I can watch latest Kdrama episodes with english sub??? Please..

  148. 148 : damnun Says:

    its what i said on my comment (138) above. I like download kdrama in dramacrazy becoz its episode has size about 70-80mb/ep with good quality too. But now its gone. . . Btw dont worry you can watch it on epdrama, or gooddrama.net . . . I suggest that site, cz its easy not heavy to open the site. And its available to download (by IDM tools).

  149. 149 : Haaay Says:

    My site for downloading drama is azdrama.net their video is good even their subs and i am using IDM too but jung yi is’nt available yet just wait several days.

  150. 150 : Haaay Says:

    azdrama.net is good for downloading drama using IDM their video is good even their subs and full ep too but jung yi is’nt available yet just wait several days.

  151. 151 : taraJJ Says:

    I dunno either since gwangsoo didn’t mention which eps his first appearance in this drama.. let just wait coz I’m so exited to see him.. and of course kim bum too 🙂

  152. 152 : tyarachunnie Says:

    @tarajj ..yes..i like this drama too…very exited for watching all of my bias here…i like moon,lee sang yoon & kimbum too and of course gwangsoo kirin…yup i read gwangsoos line account too..he is so evil here..cant wait for his appearence..
    yes i barely visit pinkcrazy…and follow that site n jyj3 too..im chunsas…:)

  153. 153 : damnun Says:

    @tara and @tyara
    u also could follow @6002sky . Its always update JYJ news especially for yoochun.
    Haha, gwang soo being evil here?? His face is often role in comedy cast, dong yi, city hunter, etc. I curious how he make this become so evil. . . Kim bum is match if he being evil than gwang soo.
    Well, both of u, did u know when i can read the recaps? Hhhh. . . Unfortunately there is a bit problem with my internet connection. I cant watch it online instead download it.

  154. 154 : vic Says:

    @Damnun – thank you!! I am watching on epdrama.com now..

  155. 155 : moonLOVER Says:

    have u finished watching GOF ep 2 with SUB?
    for me, I did it 😀

  156. 156 : meryl Says:

    Do not wait for the recap of the other sites, they say what they want to say and it does not interest me their point of view, it is waiting for the subtitles and make your point of view yourself! I’m watching the episode 2 and I would say my point of view!

  157. 157 : moonLOVER Says:


    You’re right Dear! We watch it and they entertain us!
    That’s all. Yes, I’ll never wait for recap anymore. Their POV make me UNHAPPY 😀

  158. 158 : taraJJ Says:

    thanx for your info dear… I’m sorry I can’t give you any site/blog which recap this drama bcoz I don’t tead recap anymore esp DB.. there is no fun of it

  159. 159 : taraJJ Says:

    oops typo error.. I mean read..

  160. 160 : taraJJ Says:

    @moonLOVER and @meryl
    I agree with both of you.. never read or wait for any recap no more, there is no fun of it, just wacth kdrama and be entertained.. hey I feel the same too, their point of you different from mine and lately their recap dramas that I don’t want to watched

  161. 161 : meryl Says:

    I finished the two episodes, I have to say I like the play of children, they are really good, I love the friendship between yi jung and tae do, they are really cute.
    Jung-Yi (Ji Jin-Hee) defied his father Lee Gang-Chun who came to his house, and sprinkled salt on it lol she is funny too, strongly next week!

  162. 162 : damnun Says:

    just correct ur comment. Its mean “jin ji hee”, not “ji jin hee”, cz both of them is different name and person.

  163. 163 : damnun Says:

    @moon @tara @meryl
    sorry, its my fault, i dont mean to read the recaps. What i actually look for is “synopsis” each eps. Recap is not tell us detail of the story, but sinopsis is did. U know what i mean, rit?
    And yes, i read the opinion in dramabean too. OMG, she make me sick and hurt. Especially comment in the recaps.
    They said that lee sang yoon is UGLY! What the hell, are they blind or something else? Urg 🙁

    unfortunately i m not yet watch ep 2 🙁 is ep 3-4 still abt childhood?

  164. 164 : meryl Says:

    @daumnun ok thank you for the correction, lee sang yoon is not ugly it is rather a sexy gun lol, dramabeans she said anything that “the website it is full of trolls

  165. 165 : joowonbiased Says:

    Hi, where do u watch korean series now since dramacrazy has shut down?

  166. 166 : meryl Says:

    @joowonbiased there dramaholics , http://korean-eps.com/

  167. 167 : meryl Says:

    @damnun yes child actors have six episodes in all
    @ Joowonbiased also Gooddrama

  168. 168 : Park jun sung Says:

    ow, thamk u for the info. So, its until 6 eps to MGY and LSY appears. Waiting. . . :mrgreen:

  169. 169 : Park jun sung Says:

    Anw, this drama almost same with drama ➡ the moon embrace the sun. Just hope its will same successfull

  170. 170 : taraJJ Says:

    already love the younger actor/actress too… even they are still young but their drama resume…. just WOW! bam, just remember that jin ji he is the girl who played king’s spoiled younger sister in moon that embrace the sun

  171. 171 : taraJJ Says:

    you can watch it on http://www.epdrama.com too

    it seem you like joo won? me too 🙂 beside jungyi,now watch ojagyo brothers

  172. 172 : hokiyu Says:

    go go go!!!!

  173. 173 : damnun Says:

    as yu know the best side to watch kdrama (dramacrazy) is gone now 😥 so exchange that today, the good site from hundred sites offer watch online just epdrama and gooddrama.

    😯 waw, thats why seem like i ever seen her before (jungyi young). If im right, she is one who role as kings younger sister who fall in love with shaman older brother. Isnt it? 😕

  174. 174 : taraJJ Says:

    yap you are right, she played king’s younger sister who fall in love with shaman older brother… and the handsome brother played by siwan 🙂

  175. 175 : damnun Says:

    As i know he is member of ZE-A?? 😕

  176. 176 : moonLOVER Says:


    Ha, we have same feeling for dramabean comments! They said they don’t like my monnie. lee sang yoon, I don’t know him before. But I think he looks so smart, and cute when he’s smiling. I ship him and my Moonie.
    I believe this drama will heat up 2013 likes a FIRE! YAY…………

  177. 177 : moonLOVER Says:

    Forget to say, I’m fond of LSY coz he’s Christian guy 😛

  178. 178 : karen Says:

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy for tomorrow !

  179. 179 : damnun Says:

    haha, i know your feeling. And yes, lee sang yoon is a smart guy in real life. He study in seoul national university, the best university number 2 in korea. And he study in physic major. Imagine that? Study in best university in korea physic major. Really smart men 😀 . For me physic is difficult and bored subject, but he did. Wow, its make me more fond of him.
    Haha, i think a lots of korean star is christianity. Buddhist, hindu, or moeslem is minor there.

  180. 180 : taraJJ Says:

    @damnun #175
    yes siwan is memeber of ZE:A

    @damnun & @moonLOVER
    I never watched Lee Sang Yoon’s dramas before, can you give recommendation about his dramas? but I hope its not daily drama with long eps bcoz I can’t stand watching drama with 100+ eps….
    oohh is he the same Lee Sang Yoon, who played the bad guy on Heading the Ground (No Limit)??

  181. 181 : KBfan Says:

    Can’t wait to see Kim Bum as the mane of glory. He is SO HANDSOME!!!
    When I showed the American girls, they think he is BEAUTIFUL. They also said that among Asian guys, no one is better looking than him. He deserves to be the leading actor now that he has more experience and improved his acting skills. I hope Goddess of Fire becomes a big hit and receive high ratings!!

  182. 182 : KBfan Says:

    So far so good, but I hope the story becomes more interesting when the adult actors appear. Hopefully GOF will get nominated for multiple awards!!!

  183. 183 : moonLOVER Says:


    So, my new crush is Really Smart Man 😀


    Dear, I’m also new fan of LSY. But I heard his drama My Daughter Seo Yeong is really really good. It got the highest rating and He also won lots of award for that drama. So, you should try then! Just only 50 episodes. 😀
    let try together!

  184. 184 : moonLOVER Says:

    Waiting for EP3 eng SUB 🙁

  185. 185 : tyarachunnie Says:

    @tarajj….yep..lee sang yoon play as bad guy in no limit with yunho…he is also in drama “duo” with chun jung myung..
    i like him from drama my doughter sooyoung..he is soooo kind in that drama..

  186. 186 : taraJJ Says:

    waah thx for the info.. that’s why I never pay attention to LSY coz I don’t like his role in No Limit… maybe I will try Duo coz a friend of mine also recommended me to watch that drama, maybe after Jungyi ya…
    My Doughter Sooyong? yes I heard this drama was good with high ranting in Korea but with 100+ eps.. I dunno.. I can’t stand long eps dramas…

  187. 187 : Emz Says:

    I love him in My My Daughter Seo-young, try it 50 ep. worthwatching …

  188. 188 : damnun Says:

    i dont knuw, maybe you better watch my daughter seo young than the duo. Many people said that ending in the duo is so suck and dissapointment. I dont want u waste ur time. In my daughter seoyoung he become perfect man who want to marry. Aish seem like its would be great.

    @tara & @moonLOVer
    yes me too. Its also first time i watch him. And im in love with him now 😀
    unfortunately why the rating drops. Huhuhuhu hope its will increase after adult cast appears. 🙄

  189. 189 : MoMo Says:

    no worry, the rating of 4th epi increased..

  190. 190 : moonLOVER Says:


    Hey rating Improved 😀
    don’t worry Our Yoon Young Couple will beat other dramas with FIRE ………….Yay fighting 😀

  191. 191 : hope Says:

    You’re the best GOF!

  192. 192 : RainbowsHorizon Says:

    “[Jung Yi, the Goddess of Fire] is also the story of the King Kwang Hae, drawn in a new aspect, whose life was like a wild storm. He had to let go of Jung Yi no matter how deep his love was.” I very much hope that they’ll put some twist in here. I am cheering for LSY and MGY. Hwaiting~

  193. 193 : KBfan Says:

    Just saw the preview for Ep 5…I’m SO EXCITED that the adult actors will finally come out in this episode next week! The ratings will definitely get higher 🙂

  194. 194 : Park jun sung Says:

    Hh, finally the child story is ended. . . Lee sang yoon waiting. . . Yoon young couple 😀

  195. 195 : Audi Says:

    Lee Sang Yoon is very handsome in every way, physically as well as in person. In real life, he is a very quiet fellow, and an introvert. Keeps a low profile, dresses simple, not flamboyant. We would even pass him by should we come across him on the street, not knowing that it is him. That is why there is much news about him.

  196. 196 : Audi Says:

    Correction :

    ” That is why there is NOT much news about him. “

  197. 197 : Audi Says:

    My Daughter Seyoung is way, way much better than The Duo.

    Here in this drama, Lee Sang Yoon shines as an actor.

  198. 198 : Aasma Says:

    Loving the show..Am a moon fan but didn’t miss her much in last 4 epis..the child actors and the story was good..Saw MGY in preview and some vids posted by mbc..she is looking so cute and kim bum is looking handsome..can’t wait for the episode..

  199. 199 : tikitakawoone Says:

    Nice episode ^_^


    WATCH NOW : http://goo.gl/AZhoX

  200. 200 : damnun Says:

    Episode 5. . . . Aw aw lee sang yoon is so handsome. Too handsome 😀 HHH prince gwang hae adult finally found jung yi adult. Emm, cant wait their love story.

    are u korean who stayed in korea?
    Ow, LSY is kind of smart men, right? Aigoo he is such as a perfect husband. Marry me. . . 😥 (he is not yet married, isnt it?)

  201. 201 : damnun Says:

    Wuaah, its unusually guys. Today gooddrama.net has posted ep 5 with engsub at 11 am. Wow so fast. . . Hope next ep as fast as today. . . Thank u gooddrama.net

  202. 202 : damnun Says:

    Yaah, i have finished watch ep 5. Emm, i wait a long to watch the adult cast appears. And then, its start on last 15 minutes 😡 . .
    Jung yi walk into gisaeng house to sell cheramic she made (actually she pretend to be a man –“). And in same place prince imhae had a party with gisaeng. And the bad things is he called his self as prince gwanghae 😡 . He pretend to be my gwang hae. . . And actually jungyi hear that. Okay, she believe that imhae is gwanghae. Imhae leave a crown belt to jungyi. Actually its real gwang hae’s belt not imhae’s. The next day, real gwang hae come to gisaeng house to looking for his belt. And yes the story came so fast. He finally met jung yi there. Aigoo what make me mad is my lee sang yoon start appears in last 5 minutes before ends. . . KyaAaAaAaAaA
    cant wait next episode. Jung yi will know the real gwang hae handsome face. . .
    Btw, i think lee gwang soo is not match role as villain. When he act as evil, its appears as jokes. When he mad, its like a jokes. Hhh. . .

  203. 203 : Audi Says:

    @damnum (200)

    I guess you must be curious as to how I got the little bit of info regarding Lee Sang Yoon ?

    Well, the info came from my friends, during one of our get-together sessions. Just harmless chit chat.

    Until as recently as 2 months ago, we believe that he is still single.

    Hope this satisfies your curiosity.

  204. 204 : Jewel Says:

    Super excited to watch the next episode! 🙂

  205. 205 : Jewel Says:

    But I don’t like it because lee bum doesn’t get jung. I liked him better. :'( :'(

  206. 206 : Jewel Says:

    Sorry guys if you like the prince guy. (Hides behind someone)

  207. 207 : Zeentaa Says:

    Goddes of fire Jung Yi episode 6 eng sub : http://goo.gl/kGkXF

  208. 208 : damnun Says:

    i’m confuse. . Hehe
    so, you’re not a korean but u have friends in korea, and she/he told u about LSY daily news?
    Btw, lee sang yoon type of kind man, with warm hearts, isnt it? How old he is? More than 30? Why he didnt marry someone? He is a perfect husband in my list after ji jin hee ahjussi 😛

  209. 209 : damnun Says:

    lee bum? Did u mean kim bum? Hehe, he will found another girls there such as hwa ryung maybe.
    Huwahhh i need a little more scene of gwang hae and jung yi. At least, In next episode please 😈

  210. 210 : taraJJ Says:

    I know I supposed rooting for our prince gwang hae.. but I can’t help myself smiling at tae do and jung yi scenes, esp when tae do didn’t recognize jung yi.. so cute hehehe…

  211. 211 : Melda Says:

    Hi Everyone…I have finished watching My Daughter Seo Yeong. It is a very good drama (worth watching even it is 50 eps).. Both of The Lead Actors are very good. I noticed LSY and Lee Bo Young since that drama. It is one of My Favourite Lists after Secret Garden.

  212. 212 : Audi Says:

    I think Lee Sang Yoon is in his early thirties, just past 30, I think. He used to have a girlfriend, but somehow their relationship did not work out. So he is single now. Yes, he is a nice guy

    I like Jin Ji Hee too, but I do not have any simple info about him apart from all other official info that can be found on the internet.

  213. 213 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama is excellent! I look forward to seeing Jung Yi, as a potter. Wow! There’s nothing like a manual throw wheel for a good leg workout!

  214. 214 : damnun Says:

    kyaaaa tae do better with hwaryung. She is pretty enough. Haha 😛

    @melda and @audi
    btw, i actually want to watch MDSY, but later if i have much time.
    Its bad that LSY and LBY broke up. LSY is so handsome ahjusi. Fufufu 🙁

    @Audi :
    just correction, his name is “ji jin hee” not jin ji hee. . .
    Jin ji hee is refers to a cute girl who played young jungyi in this drama. . 🙂
    well, the latest news from ji jin hee is in september he would comeback with his new kdrama called “kind words / a thousand words”. If u ever watch american tv show “desperate of housewife”, its those korean version.

  215. 215 : damnun Says:

    yes, this drama is excellent. You can see day by day the rating start to increase. Especially when adult cast appears. 😀

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Well, just finished watching ep 6. Emm such a great scene especially first 30 minute show. Incident between jungyi and prince gwang hae is funny 😀 . MGY acting is so cheersful but LSY still clumsy to interact with MGY together. They still didnt show the chemistry. But i believe that its will rise soon. Waiting for the moments when jungyi recognize the truly identity of the real gwang hae

  216. 216 : KBfan Says:

    Some people think LSY is just OK (not that good looking), but on the other hand, they think KIM BUM is BEAUTIFUL, VERY HANDSOME, and ADORABLE. For previous dramas that he starred in, he is too good for his female co-stars. Moon Geun Young looks better with Kim Bum than LSY.

  217. 217 : MissAsuzyWeLove Says:

    I can’t wait ep7 Moon Geung young and Kim Bum….. Daebak…..love it too people in the Phillipines “Mahal Ko kayo”…..sarangheo….

  218. 218 : damnun Says:

    haha, its ok. Never mind, its ur choose. Despite i’m only the one who luv LSY and MGY couple, its oke guys 😀 HAHA

  219. 219 : KBfan Says:

    I hope the ratings for Goddess of Fire goes up higher than Gu Family Book. You should encourage your family and friends to watch GOF!!
    My American friends said they will definitely watch because of the hot and handsome KIM BUM!!! I can’t wait until episode 7 and 8 next week.

  220. 220 : damnun Says:

    i have force my sister to watch GOF, but it doesnt work. She enjoy watch anime, urrgh 😡
    if good doctor airing, is the rating drops? I hope not

  221. 221 : KBfan Says:


    Please try to get your family and friends to watch GOF.
    In order for GOF to be voted Drama of the Year, it must beat Gu Family Book.
    Last year 2012, Moon Embracing the Sun was drama of the year, and now it’s GOF’s turn. We must try our best to increase the ratings.

  222. 222 : eny Says:

    I don’t like The Moon Embrace The Sun, i drop it after adult actor appear, I think the adult story of the main couple isn’t interesting at all, that drama get highest rating in 2012 but many people say the rating is overate for that drama n i agree.
    I think the best drama of 2012 is Bridal Mask, many good praise for that drama n after that success all the cast get another project easily when they are unknown before, the rating is not higher than TMETS but I think it reasonable regarding the genre
    Haven’t watch GOF may be later

  223. 223 : damnun Says:

    hehe, i remember u ever said to people (in angry situation) that you usually watch kdrama that not many people like, and dont watch drama that many people like. Hehe 😀

    emm, i think its doesnt make a sense. The rating come from participant who gave a tools called “nielsen tools” by organization surveys (AGB and TNmS) in korean area. So for us who live in around the world, especially watch it via online, its will not influence the rating. Btw, did u stay in korea?

  224. 224 : damnun Says:

    @eny & @KBfan
    so both of u didnt watch kangci and TMTES? Emm, i dont watch both those drama. I dont know i just lazy.
    And i agree with eny, i think TMTETS got too much rating. The story yeah good. But not so good. Look, i think secret garden and princess is much much better in story. But they got rating just 20-30 percent.

  225. 225 : KBfan Says:

    I ALREADY KNOW that the ratings only count for the audience in Korea,but I was not sure what countries you guys are from. I was hoping at least some of you are from Korea. Never mind the last message I posted because you guys are from different countries.

  226. 226 : eny Says:

    in angry situation?????I don’t remember know when??? but i remember said sometimes i enjoy drama that many people don’t like it’s true,…….

    I really like Shark now, other could wait

  227. 227 : usa-mary Says:

    I am enjoying this drama very much! MGY is my favorite actress since watching her magical performance in C-Alice last year. Of course, Kim Bum is my long awaited to see favorite male in this drama. Though I don’t recall LSY as Prince GH, I take notice of him from now on.

    The teenage years portrayal in this drama has me captivated. Especially, how the casting company closely selected younger actors/actresses who resemble the young adulthood actors/actresses. Simply remarkable!

    I look forward to watching ep. 7!

  228. 228 : yemoon Says:

    moon geun young eonnie and kim bum oppa i wish they will be a couple in this drama…they look good together.

  229. 229 : damnun Says:

    Look like that everyone here are deal with MGY – KB couple. . . 😯

  230. 230 : Hansens Says:

    Goddes of Fire Jung Yi ep.7 English sub

    Watch now : http://ow.ly/nd1YP

  231. 231 : KBfan Says:

    When I go into asianwiki.com about GOF, I cannot believe some people think MGY is too good for KIM BUM. That’s NOT true. If you look at comment 69, you will see he has A LOT of good qualities that make him better. Despite getting the second lead, he’s a good actor and his dramas are good.

  232. 232 : samia Says:

    très beau drama

  233. 233 : Delisa Says:

    Goddes of fire Jung Yi ep.8 with english sub
    watch here : http://ow.ly/nfF4D

  234. 234 : eny Says:

    i’m not surprise even LSY more respected actor than Kimbum but he’s more popular oversea because of her teenage drama n many people esp teenager will ship young handsome pretty couple, i guess visitor of this web is youngster base on the comment n list of the popular drama in this website

  235. 235 : urtheone Says:

    OMG..LEE SANG YOON is very manly…i love him so much

    he is so perfect for the role..

  236. 236 : urtheone Says:

    i mean perfect for the role as prince gwang hae..if the spoilers are true that he and jung yi did not end up together in the end….ohh i still go w/ him..tell the end of this journey ..

  237. 237 : KBfan Says:

    LSY is NOT more respected than Kim Bum. People around Asia give Kim BUm A LOT of credit for his beautiful looks. They think he’s a good actor, good singer, and his dramas are good. Besides, like you said, he is more popular than LSY anyways.

  238. 238 : taraJJ Says:

    I hv to agree with @kbfan, ppl love kim bum bcoz he is good actor if he has handome pretty face like @eny said that would be bonus..
    but I guess let’s just stop the argueing who more respected or more popular than who.. just enjoy the drama, shall we???

  239. 239 : taraJJ Says:

    @usa-mary #227
    if u like Moon Geun Young’s acting try to watch The Painter of the Wind… her acting in that drama was superb. MGY even won Daesang in the 2008th SBS Drama Awards.

  240. 240 : moonLOVER Says:

    I’m with you! Let’s ship YoonYoung (Y)

    I first shipped YoonYoung Couple. But when i started watching GOF
    I was fond of GeunbBum too. I’m not sure which couple should I ship till last few minutes! But now I reject GeunBum! Kim Bum is perfect ( May Be).
    But his fans are tooooo bias! If they like him, praise him as they like but no need to make offense other idols! I don’t care anything about KB right now!I don’t hate him but I don’t like him too because of his some fans! Bye Bye KB!

    MGY, may be she’s not the best ! But for me She’s The Best! I Love her, Yes, I love her Heart! That’s why I can’t see other idols except Her!

  241. 241 : moonLOVER Says:

    If some of you guys think KB is too perfect for MGY, you guys make producer and find a perfect girl for KB.

    Don’t judge my MGY! Anyways, anyhow, MGY is the best for me!

  242. 242 : KBfan Says:

    It’s not KIM BUM’s fault that his fans are SO OBSESSED with him. He deserves all the praise because he is indeed BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, and PRECIOUS. A LOT of his fans think he is too perfect for MGY. My friends and I definitely agree 🙂

  243. 243 : KBfan Says:

    I’m surprised with the second part of your comment because KIM BUM REALLY DOES have a HANDSOME AND PRETTY FACE. Even though he is the second lead in GOF, he is getting more praise and more attention than LSY, the leading actor himself 🙂

  244. 244 : damnun Says:

    @urtheone and @moonLOVER
    yeah, lee sang yoon is actually so handsome. I like yoon young couple 😀
    Wait, i dont judge MGY, this topic is abt kim bum and LSY.

  245. 245 : damnun Says:

    @KBfans @taraJJ
    i dont said that kim bum is bad. I dont say anything. I just said that i like LSY MGY couple that KB MGY couple. Cz actually LSY MGY is lead couple. Well, for asianwiki comment who said that MGY too good for KB, im not really care about it. Actually u know exactly that kdrama land is cruel, im not too care if LSY or KB popular or not, has a great skill or not, etc. Cz in kdrama land what ever how their skill, if they attracted viewers, their drama become popular, if they cant attracted the viewers, their drama become quite viewers although the story good.

  246. 246 : damnun Says:

    Hah? Gwang hee and jung yi didnt end up together? Plis dont scary me. Writer, plis dont make worse ending 😡

  247. 247 : eny Says:

    people in Asia doesn’t know about LSY n it’s normal popular actor get many praise of fans, esp teenage fans, I think people in drama or movie production regard LSY is better actor than Kim Bum, sorry i don’t hate kim bum, I watch his drama too. Kim bum just act in few drama that the role not really difficult n most rom-com that not really proven his acting skill

  248. 248 : damnun Says:

    Yes eny right. Its also the first time i see LSY. I dont know did he is a good actor or not. Instead im not yet watch my daughter seoyeoung.
    I just want to reinforce, i dont care who actors are more popular and has better skill, LSY or KB. I dont care even LSY is not has great skill and popularity as far as kim bum. The point, i just love him no matter how bad he is (even i know that he is not too bad what i said above).

  249. 249 : taraJJ Says:

    maybe bcoz I wached LSY’s drama before this the title is Heading to the Ground (I guess before he acted on My Daugher Soe Young), he become evil guy so that’s why I hv bad memory about LSY..
    yeah I like the interaction between kim bum and moon geun young in this drama but the minnute I saw LSY… whoa I think this guy really has charisma.. all bad memory about he’s being evil jerk guy in HTTG all ready gone.. he is handsome too i guess..now I just enjoy watch this drama and see who is going end up with Jungyi..

    ohyeah I watched this drama bcoz I want too see how Lee Kwang Soo could potrait evil role as Prince Imhae… I never see him evil before.. all his role is being goofy funny guy, u know dongyi, city hunter,nice guy etc esp his variety show running man

  250. 250 : moonLOVER Says:

    I still thinking if KB is too perfect for MGY, which girls are same level with KB? or No one else 😀

    Koala said in real life Tae Do married with Jung and had two sons!
    It means TaeDo and Jung will end up together 🙁

  251. 251 : taraJJ Says:

    really?? wah I almost forget this drama based on real history…

  252. 252 : damnun Says:

    really? OMG 😥
    aigoo, its disapoint me 🙁 why she should end up with tae do if the main lead is gwang hae. Okay, writer could focus in jung yi and and tae do. Just make gwang hee being a not too important role. And change the poster with tae do and jung yi smile together. So viewer didnt misunderstanding. Gahhhh, its reduce my attention, its make me thought twice. Should i continue watch it or not. . . 😥

  253. 253 : KBfan Says:

    You are WRONG because KIM BUM chooses DIVERSE ROLES that CHALLENGE HIM, and he already has 4 good dramas. He played the guardian angel in Padam Padam and hot headed gambler, in That Winter, The Wind Blows….in which he received SO MUCH PRAISE for his good acting skills. He also played a crime suspect with a supernatural ability in The Gifted Hands, and now he is a sword fighting warrior in Goddess of Fire. He needs to get training and practice MORE martial arts than the other characters in GOF.

  254. 254 : Suzy Says:

    I don’t know who Kim Bum is and I wont bother to know.

  255. 255 : moonLOVER Says:


    Yes, that’s the ending of real story !

  256. 256 : moonLOVER Says:


    Let hope the writer can change the script too 😀
    Anyways, I am not interest in who is end up with whom!
    Just support our OPT . Jung loves GH prince. That’s true!
    And they two also so cute together! <3
    YoonYoung fighting 😛

  257. 257 : moonLOVER Says:


    Same as you…..hak hak
    I just saw some scenes in the drama BOF which I didn’t finish yet!
    That’s all..

  258. 258 : KBfan Says:

    If you don’t know who he is, then you don’t have to post a comment saying that you won’t bother to know. It’s kind of rude…..We’re talking about one of the most BEAUTIFUL Asian actors . Do not criticize him, or else you will be attacked by his loyal fans.

  259. 259 : damnun Says:

    can u tell me what happen with LSY MGY? Is there an interesting moment? Im not yet watch ep 7-8 🙁

  260. 260 : damnun Says:

    ah forget,
    what the meaning of OPT?

  261. 261 : moonLOVER Says:


    Jung knew the real GH prince! Ha, her face full with surprise
    and may be Her beat more faster 😀

    Why u didn’t watch it yet?
    Eng sub also out already!
    or u can watch some cut scene in youtube.

  262. 262 : damnun Says:

    Oh really?? KyaAaAaAa i will watch it now. . . 😯

  263. 263 : damnun Says:

    What ep?? Dont said its in last part of ep 8?

  264. 264 : Suzy Says:

    @KBfan (258)

    Sorry for my bad English. I shall repeat, simply… and clearly :

    I don’t know who Kim Bum is. I truly do not know.

    Am I interested to know? No, I am not interested to know.

    BTW he’s all yours !

  265. 265 : damnun Says:

    Just finished Marathon watching ep 7-8 😀
    kyaAaAa next ep 9 is so interesting. Especially the scene when gwang hae help jung yi from the river. KyaAaAaAa its so romantic. And when they decided to go somewhere together. Aigoo gwang hae always smile, smile, and smile. Its make me melting. Grrrrr its would be worse if gwang hae and jung yi cant end up together. . . 😀
    Aigoo lee sang yoon is a man who has hottest smile. Although he didnt happy or in serious, his face still look like he smile (u know what i mean, right?)
    hohoho i recognize that MGY too young for LSY. He is old. But when LSY and MGY come in couple. I think its not bad. LSY became younger when he stand inside MGY. Especially when he smile 😀
    Heuuu somebody help me 😉

    Note : i like the song in ending. Anybody know the title?

  266. 266 : damnun Says:

    im waiting the moment when gwang hae recognize who jung yi is. Its would be awkward moment. He fall in love again

  267. 267 : KBfan Says:

    @ Suzy
    Are you saying that I don’t understand English well?…You said “I shall repeat, simply… and slowly”. I hope you realize that you insulted an American born citizen. How rude!

  268. 268 : moonLOVER Says:

    @KBfan @ Suzy

    I don’t know why but u guys comment made me LOL 😀

  269. 269 : moonLOVER Says:


    I still waiting that moment too 🙂 yes, LSY looks older than MGY. But don’t worry about love lines coz MGY did chemistry with her co stars who are older than her.(one of her co star is almost 20yrs older than her)
    Fighting Gof!

  270. 270 : moonLOVER Says:

    forget to answer,
    MBC just released only one ost for Gof. So the song in ending part could be that song Tears also love (http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=m44ysL6460c&guid=&hl=en&gl=US&client=mv-google )

  271. 271 : KBfan Says:

    I was just responding to the kind-of-rude and awkward message.
    For comment 250 that you made, it’s hard to find a girl who’s the same level with KIM BUM because he is NATURALLY beautiful, but A LOT of Korean female singers/actresses had plastic surgery. KB is too perfect for them.

  272. 272 : Love101 Says:

    I really do hope that Jung and Tae Do end up together!!!!! Rooting for them!!xD
    Kim bum!>.< <3

  273. 273 : usa-mary Says:

    For Prince Imhae to be the eldest prince, he is the most conniving, lying, sneaky, and hilarious troublemaker I’ve ever seen! He’s more like a court jester than a prince.

  274. 274 : Suzy Says:

    @KBfan (267)

    You asked for it.

    Oh…. I am afraid, very afraid, she’s an American born citizen !


  275. 275 : KBfan Says:

    SHUT UP! You fell for my trick…In your face! I was testing you and it turns out that you are ignorant. If you didn’t make a comment about KIM BUM, then none of this would have happened.

  276. 276 : Kdramalover Says:

    For comment 275, I support KBfan because you are rude and disrespectful.
    If you don’t want to know about an actor, then just say NOTHING. You couldn’t even do something that easy.

  277. 277 : TeamKimBum Says:

    How can you be so rude to KBfan? I can’t believe you fell for KBfan’s trick to test your personality. You are gullible because you THOUGHT he or she is American. You don’t have to be from the USA to speak good English.

  278. 278 : KBfan Says:

    Your sarcasm is scornful and cynical. Even though I was aware that you’re rude, I wanted to see how far you would go. I can’t believe you failed my little test…. Hahahahaha

  279. 279 : damnun Says:

    Aigoo all fans of kim bum is come here guys. Wew, so thriller situation.
    May i give a title for this battle “who is kim bum? The kim bum is. . .” LOL
    @usa mary
    thats what i thinking about. I think gwang soo cant act become evil. I dont know his act always like a jokes *sigh* he is not scary me with his evil, but he make me lazy to see him. 😡
    ow, have u listen it. Im not yet. The song in the ending seem like historical song compared with farm sound effect. Haha

  280. 280 : damnun Says:

    hey, not all female korean artist had plastic surgery. Song hye gyo, IU, suzy, han ga in, ha jiwon, jang nara, etc.
    Wait wait? There is no one who cant stand together with kim bum? I think kim bum is good, but no so perfect and amazing as same as what u imagine, hffttt there is another great actors who have great skill except him. Song seung hoon, gong yoo, seo ji sub, hyun bin, etc. He is not the one most perfect guy in korea u know.
    And whats wrong with MGY? She hadnt plastic surgery, she is pretty, and her skill get a lots of rewards from profesional since she young. You can see in her profile in this web. Look she got many many awards for his skill than kim bum. If u dont like MGY end up with kim bum, okay, there is LSY who already catch her heart.

  281. 281 : damnun Says:

    seriously i really dont care did korean artist have perfect skill or not. I really dont care. If he/she catch my heart i will watch their drama even they have low skill. . . Who’s care with skill. The point is if they have handsome/pretty, many people will watch it.

  282. 282 : KBfan Says:

    I NEVER said he is the “one most perfect guy in Korea”. When I look at him, I cannot find any flaws because he IS PERFECT from head to toe. You just won’t admit that he is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL guys. So many girls agree with me. The are certain Korean actors who look as good as him, but American girls said that among Asian guys, NO ONE is better looking than KIM BUM. SO what if MGY has more awards than KIM BUM?…She cannot sing or play piano like him.

  283. 283 : KBfan Says:

    Just like comment 240 by moonLOVER, I’ve had A LOT of girls and even guys tell me that KIM BUM is too perfect for MGY. She looks like a 12 year old. They said that she is NOT HOT and not that pretty. On the other hand, they said that KIM BUM is SEXY, BEAUTIFUL, and GORGEOUS. No matter what you say, damnun, KIM BUM IS VERY ATTRACTIVE and has PERFECT LOOKS. Remember that so many other girls think the same as me 🙂

  284. 284 : Kdramalover Says:

    I totally agree with KBfan. You need to give KIM BUM more credit for his talents. He is a good actor (who can play diverse roles). He is a good singer with smooth and strong vocals…also I’ve seen him play piano, guitar, and saxophone. He’s got big hit dramas, and his songs are good too.

  285. 285 : usa-mary Says:

    This period drama is so exciting! I like how convincing the cast is in this drama. Each role complements the other, and Tae Do’s protective caring for Jung Yi is endearing.

  286. 286 : Kdramalover Says:

    Tae Do is my favorite male character in this drama. He is loyal, protective, kind, very good at martial arts, and really handsome/ hot, too. Kim Bum is getting more praise and more attention than the leading actor himself. I hope KB will get the main leading role for other dramas after Goddess of Fire.

  287. 287 : Untamed Shrew Says:

    Oh I don’t know. To me, Kim Bum looks more like someone from modern day Seoul dressed in 15th century theatrical Joseon costume.

  288. 288 : taraJJ Says:

    I think the title of the song is “Tears Are Also Love” sang by Baek Ah Yeon. Baek Ah Yeon has sang numorius KD ost such as Daddy Long Legs from Cheongdamdong Alice Ost, Introduction of Love from When A Man Fall In Love and etc… You can check up on YT or kpopmusicdl, if you want to dload that song.

  289. 289 : taraJJ Says:

    Prince Hwang Hae is charismatic character I guess but I have to say Kim Tae Do is my male favorite character too in this drama… hahaha I guess its happened again when I’m rooting for second male character, this remain me when I fall soo hard for Moon Jae Shin (Yoo Ah In) on Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Kyung Takkie (Kim Jaejoong) on Time Slip dr.Jin.. whoa 😉

  290. 290 : usa-mary Says:

    MERCY!!! I thought the drama Dong Yi had some royal scoundrels in it. This one is running neck and neck with the tragedies. Let’s see who we have here…

    1) There’s the royal ‘palace village idiot’ Prince Im(pish)hae. When he was born, was he a breach birth baby that got slapped at the wrong end or was he slapped at the right end and like a tsunami it traveled and erupted in his brain affecting his conscience?

    2) The Queen ‘conniving-psycho kitty-cat’ Consort, Lady In Bin Kim. Who raises more hell than her (raised) hair. It seems that every king favored those soft-spoken, sneaky, hidden agenda, devious type women. No wonder the kings didn’t live very long. These women created utter chaos while sweetly smiling in the king’s face!

    Lady In Bin Kim’s 2 sidekicks:

    3) Blues Brother #1…the ‘backstabbing’ advisor (?)!

    4) Blues Brother #2…Bunwon Chief Lee. Trusting him is like trusting cyanide.

    These people all have the same trait. They will lie just as quick as they can look at you! The auspicious days chart was really off when these people were conceived and born!

    Oh well…since this is historical, there’s no way to desire a better ending for the good, honest folks in this drama.

  291. 291 : Suzy Says:


    Whatever !

    From the various posts of yours above, now I see the the picture. You are a lonely love sick boy after all !

    There is no point in engaging any further in this argument on this BEAUTIFUL Kim Bum topic. Your heart must be bleeding.

    Like I said, KIM BUM IS ALL YOURS !!!

    Have a great time, American born citizen !

    Fighting ! My hottie manly Lee Sang Yoon and MGY !!!

  292. 292 : Suzy Says:


    Let’s leave KBfan to his Kim Bum.

    His emotions and psyche are at the moment, at a stage where it is useless to try to engage him in an open discussion.

    Let’s wish him well, and we focus on our hottie LSY, MGY and the drama.

  293. 293 : Suzy Says:


    KBfan is love sick !

  294. 294 : KBfan Says:

    You still think that I’m American, but I’m NOT. You still don’t realize that you fell for my trick…hahaha
    FYI, I am not a lonely love sick person because according to my social network, there are MILLIONS of girls around ASIA, who are OBSESSED with KIM BUM. For my international friends, some American girls are obsessed with him, too.

  295. 295 : Kdramalover Says:

    You are seriously pushing it with your rude attitude. Especially the mean comment about KBfan’s emotions and psyche. I’ll have you know that I’m also a HUGE fan who is IN LOVE with Kim Bum. KBfan is not a lonely love sick person.

  296. 296 : TeamKimBum Says:

    I agree with Kdramalover. Also, I agree that your choice of words are rude, mediocre and ignorant. Why do you have to be so disrespectful to KBfan?
    Furthermore, I’m also a VERY BIG fan of the BEAUTIFUL KIM BUM, along with millions of other girls on the planet. MAJORITY RULES!!!

  297. 297 : cutie pie Says:

    What is your problem?… Just because someone is a huge fan of the VERY HANDSOME KIM BUM doesn’t mean that you can make a mean comment to the person. I LOVE KIM BUM as much as his other fans around Asia. KBfan is NOT a lonely love sick person.

  298. 298 : Best-hero Says:

    I’m OBSESSED with KIM BUM too and I’m not a “lonely love sick person”.
    Based on your rude comment, it seems that you lack morals and need an attitude makeover.

  299. 299 : KBfan Says:

    Just in case you misunderstand…when I said “social network”, I was using figurative speech in order to imply that my friends around the world and SO MANY other people (strangers) are ALSO HUGE fans who are IN LOVE with KIM BUM. It’s nice how other people are defending me by proving that I’m NOT a lonely love sick fan.

  300. 300 : Peacemaker Says:

    Based on other fans’ comments, you need to watch your mouth before you insult people. How could you say someone is “lonely” when there are so many other people who would love to meet their Korean idol Kim Bum.
    Ever since I saw Boys Over Flowers, I’ve had a HUGE crush on him for 4 years, and I still do.

  301. 301 : KBfan Says:

    @Kdramalover and @cutie pie
    Thanks guys…I’m lucky to have acquaintances like you two because you are supportive and all three of us are fans of the same actor. I hope you enjoy watching Goddess of Fire.

  302. 302 : moonLOVER Says:

    @ KBfan
    I’m a loyal fan of Mgy that’s why i try to avoid saying bad things or critics to other idols. I believe she also don’t like this manner. Yeah, she looks like 12yrs old, she is not that much pretty, she can’t sing or playing piano. You forget, she is an actress not a singer. As an actress, she can do her best than other actors. Korea said she’s the best in her generations. Leave her alone or I’ll start telling the weak points of your perfect idol !

  303. 303 : taraJJ Says:

    waah all the comments here make me turn off to see this drama.. I’m big fan of MGY since Endless Love and I like Kim Bum since BOF bcoz I guess KB is one of handsome Korean actor which I want to see his perfomance thru dramas and I want see LSY acting as a good person in this drama but dunno reading all the arguments about the actors/actress not about the character or how the storyline develope make me want ti stop watching it.. I guess I will watch it later after this drama end first, beside there are many good drama coming soon such as Good Doctor, Master of the Sun and Who Are You

  304. 304 : moonLOVER Says:

    @ taraJJ

    Sorry to heart like that. Yeah, I also wanna be here to discuss about GOF. But some of that prefect man’s fans made me insane! I wish they will leave my moon alone and proud about KB in his own official page. So, we can discuss about characters in here. Yes, this page is for GOF drama. Not for actors or actress! Still love GOF..

  305. 305 : damnun Says:

    Kdramalover? Cutie? Teamkimbum? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA how shame are you. Do you think im stupid?! I know how you make a lots of fans of kim bum wrote comments here. But becoz im kind and humble, i will not expose your big shameful action! Just stop invite ur friends come here.
    Whats wrong with MGY? Even im not her fans but i think u have look her like a trash actress. Hey i think MGY such as a good young actress in korea. She got many awards a long her career. But how abt kim bum? He just good, not so good! He’s acting just ordinary! How do u can said that he is too good for MGY? Its kidding me?! He just has baby faced and cute smile. Thats why people like him. Let me guess, if he had ugly face did u still support and proud of him? I think not, hahahaha
    seriously, its make me start to hate kim bum.
    Ah forget, why you always said “people in america” instead you are not american? Did u are a shaman who know everything?

  306. 306 : damnun Says:

    im really sorry for this annoying scandal. Lets us clean it, and you can comeback next week.
    U can see that im not fans of MGY and KB. But this girl ➡ KBfan make me burn up.
    Btw, thank u for the info of the soundtrack.
    @usa mary
    actually im a bit confuse abt your comment (290).
    What the connection dong yi and GOF did u mean? Hehe 😛
    just ignore it and lets built a peace thread here. If she want to praise her perfect man, she can go to kim bum page. 😡

  307. 307 : hope Says:

    1. Mgy can’t play instruments than KB ( I AGREE)
    2. LSY isn’t more handsome than KB ( I AGREE)
    3. Perfect KB (said by his loyal fans) is second male lead for GOF (I AGREE)

    That’s true! LOL 😛

  308. 308 : damnun Says:

    forgive my mistakes. Lets not be fight again. You can be happy cz your kim bum got the lead girls. He end up with MGY. Not with my prince LSY. Its pain for me, but its okay. Yeah, maybe LSY is not m0re handsome than ur prince kim bum, but i love LSY.

  309. 309 : myeon Says:

    ok i started to love this drama <3 although this drama has so many lacks for me, but it has a good meaning on it.

    anyway, i think in the end Jung Yi will end up with Tae do. since this is base on true history, and in history, jung yi will go to japan. poor gwanghae 🙁 he has so many troubles in his life, yet he can't be together with the girl he loved. what a lonely life as a prince 🙁

  310. 310 : KBfan Says:

    EXCUSE ME?…For comment 305, WATCH YOUR MOUTH and WORD CHOICE!! HOW COULD YOU accuse me of doing something like that? Besides Kdramalover and cutie pie, I DO NOT KNOW any of the other people. I NEVER EVEN asked my two acquaintances to defend me. If you go on Facebook, there are so many girls (whom I don’t know) that post compliments about KIM BUM. …Also, KB grew out of his baby face and now he is manly and sexy. damnun, I DO NOT think you’re stupid and I don’t even know you.

  311. 311 : Kdramalover Says:

    Since I’m on the same side as KBfan….based on comment 302, we don’t care because KIM BUM only has a few weak points..he is always the second lead and he doesn’t win that many awards YET. However, when it comes to looks, he IS PERFECT and DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. I also agree that KIM BUM grew out of the baby face and he is manly and hotter than ever. Kim Bum improved his acting skills, and his dramas are good. He can sing and his songs from the Hometown album are good, too. His co-stars said that he is mature, friendly, and really nice.

  312. 312 : Kdramalover Says:

    For comment 308, are you apologizing for the WRONG, HARSH things that you said to me in comment 305? You did hurt my feelings when I first read it. I DO NOT think of MGY as a “trash actress”. She is talented and passionate about acting. I enjoy her other dramas, too.

  313. 313 : Kdramalover Says:

    Since you guys are SO ANNOYED that KBfan posted so many comments, I’m just gonna speak for my acquaintance….for example, comment 312 is what KBfan told me in first person point of view about feeling hurt by comment 305.

  314. 314 : Cutie pie Says:

    So what if MGY wins more awards than KIM BUM? He is still regarded as a good actor and one of the most popular Korean actors.
    In the USA, people don’t keep track of how many trophies you have. For example, Johnny Depp doesn’t win that many awards, but A LOT people said that he is their favorite actor. He is still successful anyway.

  315. 315 : Cutie pie Says:

    There is NOTHING “shameful” about three acquaintances posting comments on the same webpage. BY coincidence, all 3 of us are fans of KIM BUM. For other people, we have NO IDEA who they are or where they come from. Based on perfect looks from head to toe…and the combination of acting and singing, I personally think Kim Bum is TOO good for MGY. On facebook, his many other fans would agree with me.

  316. 316 : best-hero Says:

    Whoever this KBfan is, I don’t care…I was only defending the person because I couldn’t stand someone else’s rude attitude. I was just trying to break up the argument. Since I adore Kim Bum, I was standing up for my idol, too.

  317. 317 : Suzy Says:

    To all my darling KB lovers from the post above (you know who you are) :


    I am not interested in him at all.

    Ahh…. also, no need for you to explain yourselves to me. I am not interested to know either.

    I observe and make my own decisions.

    I know who are the sincere and honest viewers here. (I do not need to mention their names because they know who they are). They are the ones who find that they need not have to get into my face to make me accept their ideas or their Kim Bum.

    Troublemakers !

    MGY and Lee Sang Yoon fighting !!!

  318. 318 : Kdramalover Says:

    Wait a minute…. We are just LOYAL fans who give our “SINCERE AND HONEST” opinions to show dedication to our idol. Also, we defended KBfan from your rude attitude. It doesn’t matter if you don’t Kim Bum in the end. He already has support from millions of other people.

  319. 319 : Suzy Says:


    Unless you too belong to the pack of crows circling here to pick on the little birds.

    If not, we’ll see you in future posts here where we can still continue to have a good exchange regarding dramas we have watched, like we always do.

    From what I see, KBfan is still suffering from “indigestion” from a “rejection” very early in his posts here. Some people don’t know when to call it quits. He’s still hanging around here trying to get his pound of flesh.

    He should understand that there is democracy here, wherein viewers make their own choices and decisions regarding their idols, etc. Unfortunately, he does not respect that. He’s beginning to make himself a nuisance. Disrupting the atmosphere here.

    He created his own problem. He has to see this through himself.

    I had felt sorry for him initially, seeing that he is lonely and love sick. But not now. He is just a bloody bully.

  320. 320 : Kdramalover Says:

    HOW DARE YOU COMPARE MY ACQUAINTANCE and Kim Bum’s other fans to a “pack of crows picking on little birds?” Everything you said in comment 319 about KBfan is REALLY MEAN and WRONG. You’re always using strong OFFENSIVE words. You should be ashamed of yourself!!! In comment 318, I spoke to you politely, but according to your response, I’m very disappointed. KBfan didn’t mean to disturb anyone. He IS NOT LONELY AND LOVE SICK. He has a lot of friends who support him. He knows that everyone is entitled to their opinions, but he is SO DEDICATED to his idol. I just wish that you can be more polite.

  321. 321 : Kdramalover Says:

    I will still post comments about events that happen in the next episodes of GOF, but from now on, I will communicate with OTHER PEOPLE, not a mean person like you. I can’t believe you used phrases like “indigestion”, “pound of flesh”, etc. KBfan is not a “bloody bully”!!! He is a good person who is a member of the LGBT community and he’s very loyal to his favorite actor. Why can’t you understand that?

  322. 322 : cutie pie Says:

    Even though KBfan is overly defensive and talks too much about Kim Bum, at least he does NOT use HARSH, OFFENSTIVE, AND IGNORANT words like you. KBfan knows that we all have our own opinions, but it’s still a DEBATE so you can defend your opinion. Based on comment 319, you have NO professionalism in choice of words.

  323. 323 : Kdramalover Says:

    Let’s have an agreement..shall we? From now on, Kim Bum’s fans and I will not talk to you ANYMORE….and YOU will not talk to us anymore. We are going to enjoy the rest of GOF and post our own comments about what happens in the drama. Both sides are going to stop arguing.

  324. 324 : damnun Says:

    @KBfan @kdramalover @cutie or many people who addict of “perfect kim bum” (i cant mention it one by one cz there is to much kim bum fans who judge us (me and suzy)

    listen, you can proud abt kimbum anywhere, anytime. BUT PLEASE dont be OVER LOADED. You can see my friend taraJJ. She like kim bum more than lee sang yoon, but she could handle her emotion, not over loaded.
    And please, if u want to compare kim bum with other artist, you can wrote ur comment in his profil page. Dont do that here.
    All fans kim bum here has same taste in language. Did you are one person who pretend in a lots username? Ahhh forget it, not important for me.

  325. 325 : moonLOVER Says:


    Thx for everything! We don’t know each other and we also have different idol. Yes, i don’t know LSY and i have never seen his works! Just saw in GOF and start googling him. But i promise, i’ll try to watch all of his works. Count me in to your team. Because i respect you guys that why i respect your idol. I saw you guys keep saying good things about LSY but didn’t judge or look down to MGY nor KB( if someone didn’t start that fire).

    I never judge or look down to other idol coz i know i can’t stand if my idol get judge or look down by other. And i believe that they have their own talented.

    Thank you!
    (p.s. LSY is so lucky coz he get such a loyal fans and he surely will proud for you guys)

  326. 326 : damnun Says:

    Wait, so u mean we will in “cold war” ?? Gahhh its like a child. . . Go a head buddy! 🙄
    Note : aigoo dont say anything abt skill of actors. Seriously i really dont care abt skill. 😡

  327. 327 : moonLOVER Says:


    Btw, have you already finished listening the sound track that you asked?

  328. 328 : damnun Says:

    no at all. Im not too good person as what u said 🙂 but thank you for your words. Just enjoy the show.
    Btw, i just curious, if jung yi will end up with tae do. So what happen to gwang hae? Is he marry someone else or maybe die in vain? Urg 😥

  329. 329 : Kdramalover Says:

    Me, cutie pie, and KBfan know each other…so we have similar taste in language. As for the other people, there are strangers to us.

  330. 330 : TeamKimBum Says:

    @Kdramalover and @cutiepie
    I am so excited to see Ep. 9 because in the preview, Prince Gwanghae finds out that Jung Yi is a girl.

  331. 331 : cutiepie Says:

    Me too!!…I just saw the 2nd preview on Facebook. Hwa Ryung tells the head of Bunwon about Jung Yi’s identity. She betrays her childhood friend.

  332. 332 : best-hero Says:

    I love the scene when Tae Do saves Jung Yi from the three guys who tossed her into the river. It’s so funny. Tae Do is a really good looking guy. I stare at him from beginning to end when he appears on screen.

  333. 333 : Kdramalover Says:

    @best-hero @teamkimbum
    I can’t wait until Mon and Tues either. I want to see Tae Do fight with the assassin who killed Yoo Eul Dam. In Ep. 8 when Tae Do looked for Jung Yi, he didn’t realize that he walked pass that guy.

  334. 334 : Cutiepie Says:

    @besthero @kdramalover
    I sort of feel bad that Lee Yook Do is being used by Hwa Ryung, and he’s in love with her, too. What would happen when he realizes that she loves the handsome warrior, Tae Do?

  335. 335 : Cutiepie Says:

    You know…there are some strangers who speak the same dialect. For example, in the southern region of Vietnam, they use the same choice of words, in contrast to the Northern people.

  336. 336 : TeamKimBum Says:

    @best-hero @kdramalover
    I had NO idea that Kim Bum can play a warrior so well!!! He is so hot and gorgeous. So many people love his protective character. Watching him fight is so satisfying 🙂

  337. 337 : besthero Says:

    Remember the tournament scene? It was awesome, but I got pissed when Tae do didn’t win 1st place…I mean, he beat everyone at archery and sword fighting. He looks SO GOOD with the long hair! Oh…Beautiful man.

  338. 338 : damnun Says:

    @kdramalover and @cutie
    what make me curious is, for the example, after i post comment, KBfan reply my comment, then kdramalover start to post comment below KBfan, after that cutie continue what kdramalover talk abt, then teamkimbum come also post comment continue what cutie said, and etc. And all of you post almost in same time. Did u always make a promise to online together or something else. Its a bit weird for me. . .

  339. 339 : damnun Says:

    Its not happen once or twice, but many times.

  340. 340 : Kdramalover Says:

    Cutiepie, KBfan, and I stay in contact through our personal online accounts. For obsessive fans that I’ve seen, for example, I know a few girls who search for lady gaga morning, noon, and night. As for TeamKimBum and best-hero, they seem to be tagging along with us because on this web page, we show that we’re HUGE fans of Kim Bum. Based on their comments, it shows that they have the same idol as we do. It’s kind of awkward how they are tagging along with us, but oh well..we all love KIM BUM.

  341. 341 : Kdramalover Says:

    If you find us suspicious, then maybe Cutiepie and I shouldn’t post anymore comments on this website. We don’t want you to misunderstand us and we don’t want to get falsely accused of something we’ve never done. It makes us feel uncomfortable.

  342. 342 : moonLOVER Says:


    I don’t wanna you try koala blog coz she like jung and tae do not prince. So, you may be sad about that. But i’ll post you what koala wrote in her blog.

  343. 343 : moonLOVER Says:


    This is official description of Gof.I willl not post all. I’ll just post about LSY and mgy , the part that you wanna know.

    The 15th ruler of Joseon,
    but a sad ruler who did not
    have a temple name in the
    annals of Joseon history
    since he was deposed. Since
    he was young he had all the trappings of being a ruler.
    His intelligence is his
    downfall. His mother died
    after giving birth to him and
    his father King Seonjo
    resented him for that. Despite not having a father’s
    love, during the confusion
    after his passing he seizes
    power and becomes the
    King. But his position is still
    under threat and there is not a day he can spend in
    peace. His given name is Yi
    Hon. His father’s love was
    all given to his younger
    brother Shinsonggun, and
    above him his elder brother Imhaegun stands to inherit
    the throne. He is talented in
    learning and martial arts,
    and when he was young he
    meets Jung Yi when he goes
    hunting with King Seongjo. She is different than others
    he’s met, she is not afraid to
    yell at him and he doesn’t
    have to be a prince in front
    of her. She is also not
    constrained like other females are around him. He
    really wants to see her,
    because only this girl can
    understand his loneliness
    and worry.

    Yi A skilled potter with an artistic
    soul and an unsurpassed gift
    for this craft. She is a
    tomboy who is not afraid of
    confrontation and has a
    quick thinking mind. She was born in a kiln with
    natural talent for ceramics.
    She wanted to become a
    blacksmith more than a
    potter, but her fate thought
    otherwise. Her ability to make a ceramic after one
    look is recognized by King
    Seungjo, and it isn’t until
    after her adopted father dies
    that she vows to become
    the top potter in all of Joseon and trains to enter
    the Palace pottery
    department. She uses her
    passion and talent to
    overcome every obstacle in
    the pottery department and others jealousy and the
    limitations of her gender. As a woman, she becomes
    the youngest potter in the
    department. She starts to
    make all the ceremonial
    items used by the royal
    family as well as their personal use items. She
    engages in a head to head
    battle with her nemesis Lee
    Yook Do and in the end
    emerges victorious as the
    head of the department. Her name will forever remain in
    Joseon annals as one of the
    most prolific and decorated
    potters in history. But in the end, Jung Yi falls
    into a trap set by the mad
    jealous Lee Yook Do and
    becomes coveted by
    Japanese shogun Toyotomi
    Hideyoshi who wants her for her ceramic talent. Jung Yi
    becomes the only one who
    can end the Japanese
    invasion. Jung Yi decides to
    sacrifice herself to end the
    invasion and goes abroad to Japan with Kim Tae Do.
    There she creates the
    famed Joseon-era ceramic
    that will endure for
    generations in Japan.

  344. 344 : cutiepie Says:

    I’m with you on that…I don’t want people to misunderstand or think bad about us either.

  345. 345 : damnun Says:

    @kdramalover and @cutie
    yeah yeah just go a head. I’m deal with ur agreement abt cold war. U dont need go out from this website. Who said that i prohibit your aspiration. And for the last, i admit my mistake especially for KBfan. And forgive all my “monster words”. You could continue your conversation with all kim bum fans here. I will not disturb you anymore. . .
    so there is nothing a news abt what happen to gwang hae at the end? Hmm seem like its not good at the end. He didnt meet the happiness

  346. 346 : cutie pie Says:

    Thanks for apologizing to KBfan. If you look at comment 319, there is someone else who was being VERY MEAN to KBfan and hurt his feelings.
    I was shocked by the strong and brutal words that humiliated KBfan.

  347. 347 : moonLOVER Says:


    There are 32episods in it. So, at least 20 episods are for jung and prince love line 🙂 fighting…

  348. 348 : damnun Says:

    okay, i tried to enjoy the show although its would be the pain ending for prince

  349. 349 : lana92 Says:

    Oh, I’d love Taedo to have Jung Yi in the end. They have a deeper relationship than Jung and Kwanghae. I don’t have anything against prince kwanghae either but I just wanna see Taedo happy.

  350. 350 : best-hero Says:

    I hope in the end Tae Do gets to be with the woman whom he loves dearly. He’s got so many good qualities. Because of his devotion, loyalty, kindness, and sacrifice (later on), he deserves Jung Yi. By the way, for the 2013 seoul international drama awards, KIM BUM is the YOUNGEST nominee!! He got nominated for That Winter, The Wind Blows because of his really good acting skills. 🙂

  351. 351 : damnun Says:

    of course tae do will end up with jung yi cz in the real story, thats what happen.

  352. 352 : TeamKimBum Says:

    YEAH!!!!….for the People’s Choice Actor category, I saw Kim Bum is the youngest actor among all the guys nominated. It’s nice to be recognized for his hard work. Since he rose to fame in 2009, he already has popular big hit dramas. As for the characters he played, they’re interesting and diverse roles. He’s got talent in acting, and he keeps getting better. 😀 About GOF, if jung yi marries Tae do in the end, I’d definitely be happy.

  353. 353 : moonLOVER Says:

    Before jung marry with tae do, he’ll get lots of pain by jung. So, I surely know KB fans will hate jung. I wish they will divide character between actor! They can hate jung but not my moonie! (My prediction that will happen soon) 🙂

  354. 354 : moonLOVER Says:


    During this week, what drama else you’re watching ?

  355. 355 : TeamKimBum Says:

    We will NOT hate Jung Yi. When it comes to romance, you cannot force someone to love you. When Tae do is heartbroken, KIM BUM gets to show his acting skills for emotional scenes. Then, he will get even more praise by his fans. 🙂 He’s already getting praise for playing a protective, loyal warrior so well and for his impressive martial arts skills. Besides, most people support the Tae Do and Jung Yi couple anyway.

  356. 356 : besthero Says:

    Just to clarify..We DO NOT hate MGY, but we’re not big fans either. Based on teamkimbum’s logical comment, Kim Bum is getting even more popular and successful for his portrayal. His acting skills keep getting better and better.
    Don’t be too sure about your prediction because we will prove you wrong. Tae Do’s heartbreak is a good opportunity for Kim Bum to demonstrate his passion and talent in acting.

  357. 357 : Suzy Says:

    Great ! Ah, peace and quiet at last !!

    Sometimes, we need a few hard knocks to show us the right direction, don’t we ?

    This is life…. a school of hard knocks.

  358. 358 : Suzy Says:


    Thanks for the helpful notes. Makes me understand the story better.

  359. 359 : moonLOVER Says:

    @besthero I said about JUNG not Mgy! Coz I’ve already experienced in CA. They hate character that’s why they hate actors! Anyways, you and teamkb answer made me relax 🙂 thx


    Yes, we got peace 🙂
    And you’re welcome my fri.
    Will you watch GOF today? I can’t wait anymore 🙂

  360. 360 : KDchix Says:

    Ep9 Preview

  361. 361 : KBfan Says:

    Thanks, I appreciate your apology. I admit that my mistake is that I was talking way too much about Kim Bum and I over defended my favorite actor.
    But if you look at comment 319, everything she said was SO WRONG! I am NOTHING like a “bloody bully” because all my life, I DO NOT abuse people. I’m always doing volunteer work to help others and provide my genuine kindness. Also, I am NOT “lonely and love sick” because I have A LOT of good friends and I was voted friendliest girl in high school. At first, I was hurt by all the harsh and brutal words of the REALLY MEAN comment (319) but now I don’t really care anymore.

  362. 362 : KBfan Says:

    I made a typo because I meant to say I was voted friendliest “boy”. I nominated my classmate for friendliest girl and other people voted too so she won. For GOF, I saw episode 9…The story is getting more interesting because Jung Yi’s identity has been revealed when Gwanghae saves her from drowning. My favorite scenes are the ones with Tae Do in it…of course.
    I hope you enjoy GOF and keep watching 🙂

  363. 363 : damnun Says:

    @moon (354)
    i dont know, i dont watch anydrama except jung yi. Actually i want to watch shark, but i dont have much time now. Probably later. . .
    And i also have plan to watch two weeks and master sun. Hw abt u?
    its okay.
    Actually, i really dont know what the meaning of “love sick, bloody bully, really mean” bcz my english was limited.
    So u are a boy student? Where do u stay?
    Btw, how fast u watch ep 9? Did u understand hangul?

  364. 364 : urtheone Says:

    prince gwanghea ..prince gwanghea..ur the man

  365. 365 : moonLOVER Says:


    I watch just only jung yi coz of MGY! I wanna watch Who Are you coz all actors in there are Mgy co-stars 🙂 but not sure!

  366. 366 : TeamKimBum Says:

    Cant wait for Ep 11 and 12 next week…Jung Yi finally wears a hanbok after revealing that she’s a woman. The love triangle is starting to get more intense, but not to worry…In the end, Tae Do gets the woman he loves because of his devotion, patience, and sacrifices that he’s willing to make.

  367. 367 : besthero Says:

    Just to remind you …Gwanghae still doesn’t know that tae pyung (Jung yi) is the girl he met when he was little. So later on, when they start to develop feelings, that’s when the conflict will start to get more intense. Aawww…Tae do is going to be heartbroken, but Kim Bum will get more chances to impress the audience with his emotional acting skills. Yay!!

  368. 368 : teamkimbum Says:

    I already know that…I forgot to correct the sentence before submitting my comment. Just watching Tae Do makes my heart melt. He is SO HOT and BEAUTIFUL. His sword fighting and archery skills are awesome!

  369. 369 : Anna-May Says:

    I think I’m gettin’ second male lead syndrome. Kim bum’s the main reason why I’ve been watchin’ this drama till now. Very handsome man indeed. His acting scenes..full of passion that I never get bored.

  370. 370 : Peacemaker Says:

    I wonder..when will jung yi find out lee kang chun is her real father? Competition between her and lee yook do is going to be interesting.
    Tae do’s love for jung yi is so heartfelt. Everybody loves his character.

  371. 371 : bigeye46 Says:

    wow so good drama

  372. 372 : Kdramalover Says:

    Jung Yi’s going to be really mad when she finds out later on that her real father ordered the assassin to kill her (adopted) father. I’m also waiting for the fight scene between Tae Do and the assassin. That’s going to be awesome!

  373. 373 : Peacemaker Says:

    Me too! I’m looking forward to that scene. Watching Tae Do fight is always worthwhile. If you watch behind the scenes, Kim Bum practiced shooting arrows and did (most of) his own stunts for sword fighting. He’s quite skillful 🙂

  374. 374 : xxx Says:

    i don’t think jung yi will end up with tae do in the end…
    because if you look at the list of the cast, it’s Gwanghae first not tae do…so i think Gwanghae is the lead actor..

    just my think…

  375. 375 : John k Says:

    This drama is boring as hell. Jung yi looks like a kid. No wonder it has a low rating. They picked the wrong actress to play Jung yi. I prefer someone who looks like an adult.

  376. 376 : Kdramalover Says:

    If you read the character descriptions in “koala’s blog”, you will see that in the end Jung Yi and Tae Do will go to Japan together because of the Japanese invasion of Korea. For other sources that have the short summary of the plot, Gwanghae ends up letting go of Jung Yi no matter how much he loves her. I don’t mean to ruin the surprise, but they already provided information about the drama in certain websites. Even though tae do is the second lead, Kim Bum is getting more praise and more support from the audience than the leading actor.

  377. 377 : cutiepie Says:

    I’m SO glad that Tae Do ends up with Jung Yi. He deserves to be with the woman that he protects and really cares for. His character is the most endearing in Goddess of Fire. Go Kim Bum!!! You always have my support.
    Keep up the hard work. 🙂

  378. 378 : Kdramalover Says:

    Same here…I always give Kim Bum my full support. After all, Tae Do is my favorite male character in GOF and he is one the the reasons that motivate me to continue watching this good drama.

  379. 379 : Kdramalover Says:

    Oops…I made a little error because I meant to say “one of the reasons” for me to watch GOF. I’m also impressed by Tae Do’s charisma, heroism, and loyalty.

  380. 380 : Tina Says:

    i laughed so hard when lee kwang soo came out. hes so funny 🙂

  381. 381 : Nudge Says:

    @John #375 I know what you mean. For some reason this drama, unlike her Painter of The Wind, do not present her well.

    Without doubt Geum Young is one of the most talented in her field. I’m mesmerised by her on-screen performances and to me she’s not attractive. So it must be a transcendent quality.

    I find Jung Yi unappealing though. Self absorbed. Always putting others in harms way with her selfish pursuits. Her naivety is off-putting.

  382. 382 : iheartkdramas Says:

    Can anyone tell me if this drama is worth the watch? I want to start this one, but I’m a bit iffy about it. If it’s not that good, I’ll pass … but, if you guys think it’s worth watching, tell me! Oh, and please tell me how the pace of this drama is. Any opinions are welcomed 🙂 The more, the better 😀

  383. 383 : Males Man Says:

    JANG SEUNG WOO…….!!!!!

  384. 384 : usa-mary Says:

    In my opinion, this drama is well worth watching!

    Moon Geun Young is a wonderful actress. I, personally, don’t get off into comparing actresses appearances, like whether one is prettier than the other or another person should have been chosen for a role. On one hand, it could be viewed as constructive thinking, yet on another its conceited thinking.

    This young woman brings charisma to each character role she portrays. She has an innate beauty that shines through which heavy make-up and plastic surgery can’t duplicate. MGY…FIGHTING!

    Episode 9: Really guys…LOL! The ceramists…all men, faked illnesses and funerals just to get out of being punished along with the Chief Ceramist’s son if he can’t duplicate the Ming teacup. Wow…what camaraderie! They were a sad, weak bunch of losers, and I don’t like calling people losers either!

    Jung Yi aka Tae Pyung is courageous! In this drama, a person like Jung Yi, is considered a trouble maker to many. Yet, in defense of her naïve innocence, she’s a cute, petite country girl whose not familiar with the rules of the royal court. She believes in honesty (which could be viewed as a double standard since she’s posing as a male) and if it means putting her life on the line, she’ll reveal the truth to save a life which is seen, on one hand, as troublesome for those who care about her. On the other hand, its seen as a nuisance for those who like hiding behind deceitful lies as if its their crowning of glory, like the Bunwon Chief Ceramists. I like the fact that she was bold (to disguise herself) in her venture of pursuing her dream. I understand her passion. No one can extinguish that flame. I know of female artists who used male aliases to sell their artwork and literature because the view of the world, up until the 20th century was that only men were artists and writers, not women. These women were terribly misunderstood, yet excelled because they followed their destiny. There’s bound to be mistakes, misunderstandings, and problems that arises when trying to achieve ones dreams and goals, mostly due to envious people who enjoy creating problems because they lack what it takes to succeed by their own merit. Just like the queen consort and, the other low self-esteem royals.

  385. 385 : katy Says:

    I just finished whatching “I hear your voice” and right now my kdrama standard is too high. I hope this drama is also good

  386. 386 : eny Says:

    I think i will delay to check this drama again, i watch empire of gold n Shark before n now after shark ended i really can’t ignore good doctor

  387. 387 : eny Says:

    I already watch 4 drama a week, I can’t take other drama anymore.
    @Katy after I hear your voice i’m interested with Master sun, the story seems unique too n I wanna see So Ji Sub in romcom

  388. 388 : damnun Says:

    What make me want to watch this drama is becoz there is lee sang yoon. But after its go a head i lost my interest, the reason is
    1. LSY didnt end up with MGY
    2. Seem like that there is no one who praise to LSY here
    3. Of course if the lead man (LSY) didnt end up with lead woman (MGY), its will be worse ending.
    I dont kn0w, i didnt feel should continue watch this one 😡 bye

  389. 389 : bella Says:

    Waow,one reason i watch this drama because our moonie..and kim bum….they like good together and i hope they will together in ending..
    I hope moonie get baeksang award again with this drama.

  390. 390 : moonLOVER Says:

    @ damnun

    I watched this drama because of MGY. But, i don’t care praise. I just care her. If i see her face, that’s enough for me. My love is only for her.

    I think prince GH and Jung are really cute together. His smiles and his dimple appear when he saw Jung. That’s so sweet.

  391. 391 : damnun Says:

    fortunately u are MGY fans, so its okay who will be end up with her. But i’m fans of LSY. . . 😥

  392. 392 : eny Says:

    I watch drama that my favorite actor didn’t get the girl many time, but it doesn’t matter to me, for me i can watch his performance, his acting is more interesting. My favorite actor is Kim Sung Soo,how many time he get the girl?he almost loose the girl in every drama
    For praising, popular actor get praise easily even if they are not really good esp from his fans.I think i can only regard the praise from people that really have experience in acting or movie/drama maker on of course from jurnalist of reputable magazine that usually independence, I know it’s hard
    I ever visit thread of drama, fans of another actor attack his rival in the drama, even praise him with stupid reason, sometimes fans is really blinded by love

  393. 393 : Kdramalover Says:

    I just finished watching episode 11. There’s mostly tae do and jung yi scenes. Yay!! Kim Bum’s charisma and thoughtfulness make my heart melt…as always. episode 11 is really good and not boring like episode 9. Have you seen it yet?

  394. 394 : Cutiepie Says:

    Just finished a few minutes ago. Aaww…Tae do bought a jade ring for jung yi. I just love watching scenes with this couple. So cute! Kim bum is awesome! Can’t wait for ep 12 tomorrow.

  395. 395 : KBfan Says:

    @kdramalover @cutiepie
    Hey guys! I loved the scene when Tae Do almost proposed to Jung Yi. It was so sweet, but he got interrupted. I feel bad that she doesn’t love him, but we know that in the end, they will end up together. I’m surprised by the low ratings for ep 11 because its better than ep 9 and 10.

  396. 396 : queen528 Says:

    i knew the story would be like the love triangle between dae jang geum, the king and officer min. the king had to give up plans of making jang geum a concubine to make her become Joseons first female doctor. i would agree Prince Gwangheon giving up his love to give way for Jung Yi’s success. first he is a prince. whether he becomes the crown prince or not in this story, matters in the royal court when jung yi be crowned a princess will be complicated for her because of power struggles. that means he would really have to let go for the best. it will be best for jung yi to end up ti with Taedo who loved her dearly and willing to give up the world just to be with her

  397. 397 : Kdramalover Says:

    Same here, I’m surprised too…but don’t worry, just keep enjoying the drama.
    Episode 12 looks pretty good.

  398. 398 : Hanna Says:

    Am i the only one here who support prince gwanghae and jung? I started to watch this because of kim bum too but i got hooked by lee sang yoon character. Please make them be together 🙁

  399. 399 : bella Says:

    Waow,,i just finish watch ep 11,,now i like GeunBum couple…they looks goods together…

  400. 400 : Anna-may Says:

    Sorry..but in the end jung yi will end up with tae do. There ain’t no way she gonna marry pince gwanghae. Besides, MGY got better chemistry with kim bum. He such a beautiful man..better looking than so many Asian guys I’ve seen which includes lee sang yoon.

  401. 401 : usa-mary Says:

    Episodes 11 and 12 are so good and too funny!

    Its a wonder that the royals lived as long as they did with all that supposedly, hidden evil going on.

    -Hwa Ryeong is learning well, the tips of the trade from Madam Haeong Soo. It didn’t take too much for HR to convince Ceramist Lee with her swaying words, which made his eyes light up like the aurora borealis!

    -I enjoy the relationship between Teacher and JY. Especially, when warning her of what to look for when traveling alone with Tae Do. I laughed so hard when he pulled her aside and said that TD could knock up 100 women! Then, when he made the ‘only one room’ remark, send him to the outhouse. LOL Teacher didn’t stop there, adding the craziest facial expression like that eye wink and then, the supposedly ‘bedroom eyes’ look to be aware of…now that really did it!!! I couldn’t even begin to imagine TD’s bedroom eyes after seeing Teacher’s (the culprit voice of experience)! LOL

    -When Prince Gwang Hae supervised the selection of Jung Yi’s hanboks, I could see animated hearts coming from his eyes!

    -Prince In Hae is the most unlikeable, silliest and funniest royal that I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t have an honest or truthful bone in his tall, lanky body! I cringe when he appears, brewing with new confusion, but laughs while his silly self lingers, always trying to convince PH of his shenanigans. Prince IH…to Prince GH…this is the best you’ve ever done; congrats brother for not being in the running as Crown Prince any longer…please support me!

    -The way Prince Gwang Hae has JY responding back to him reminds me of a sorority pledge line!

    -Its torturous for JY to teach Prince GH how to make pottery on the throw wheel when she’s learning herself. She told Ceramist Lee, “I’ll dig up the trees and dirt as well, so please don’t tell me to teach His Highness!” Too funny!

    -Prince GH and JY reminds me of the movie Ghost as she was helping him make the pottery on the throw wheel. Hearts fluttering and facial blushing!

    -The gossiping triplets: See evil, hear evil and speak evil lately seem to always get caught by TD whenever they bad mouth JY. What a wonderful, funny scene. No water was even going in the trough! LOL

  402. 402 : usa-mary Says:

    @401: The 6th paragraph should read always trying to convince Prince GH, not PH!

  403. 403 : vallery Says:

    @anna-may are you sure? hahaha you make me laughed …kim bum has a pretty face..very pretty..too pretty even for the prettiest girl out there..while lee sang yoon is a handsome man , dashing and debonair..very manly ok ? 🙂

  404. 404 : Anna-may Says:

    Just do research yourself…people made comments in other websites and they’re talkin bout how jung yi gonna end up with tae do. Kim bum is PERFECT from head to toe, very handsome guy. He only 24 and he’s “getting manly”. Compared to him in boys over flowers, NOW his face look older and more mature.

  405. 405 : Anna-may Says:

    One more thing…debonair, dashing? Have ya seen Kim Bum dressed in ALL WHITE suit at 49th Baeksang awards in may? Lee sang yoon was there too, Kim Bum chosen the BEST DRESSED man, not LSY. As for GOF, the ending ain’t gonna be jung yi and gwanghae, but tae do and jung yi.

  406. 406 : Kdramalover Says:

    Just to let you know..KIM BUM IS VERY HANDSOME and based on different websites, he is always in the list of the MOST HANDSOME Korean actors, NOT lee sang yoon. It’s OK if you support the jung yi and gwanghae couple. Everyone has their own opinions, but I support the tae do and jung yi couple (like most people do).

  407. 407 : damnun Says:

    Oh please, d0nt start compare LSY and KB again. I dont have powers again to fight abt it. . . 😡

    yes yes yes kim bum is perfect, whatever did you said! But plis dont start to bullying my LSY!

  408. 408 : Kdramalover Says:

    Ok, relax 🙂 Like I said, everyone has their own opinions. It’s OK if you support LSY, but I will continue supporting Tae Do (KIM BUM) and jung yi.

  409. 409 : Nudge Says:

    I guess the use of the term “goddess” doesn’t mean someone with supernatural attributes, or even a person who is extraodinarily gifted from birth.

    As the story played out, I was at a loss as to what the term meant, because Jung Yi exhibited nothing impressive other than the ability to patch broken pots. Even so the old potter did the real fine work while Jung Yi was asleep.

    So when later Jung Yi becomes the best ceramicist in the land, she had learned her skill from others. It can’t be said her abilities are supernatural or mystical or even inexplicable.

    I guess the term “goddess” used in this context means any female who excels in her field.

  410. 410 : Nudge Says:

    @usa-mary #401 “..Prince In Hae is the most unlikeable, silliest and funniest royal..”

    Kwang Soo, Running Man’s Icon of Betrayal is a good fit for the part.

    What a mysogynist the Chief Ceramist of Buwaon is.

    Shortly the Seven Year War between Korea & Japan will begin. Prince Gwanghae will lead the nation on his father’s behalf. This was the time of the great Admiral Lee Soon Shin who also appeared in the fantasy drama “Gu Family Book”.

    According to the synopsis this is the time when Tae Pyung will be taken to Japan probably as war booty, if the character really existed as someone dear to Prince Gwanghae. The prince, later married Lady Ryu.

  411. 411 : Nudge Says:

    I think the chief of Buwon would have a female killed for farting even at a distance from himself. Such a bizzare character.

  412. 412 : vallery Says:

    you guys are funny..thats is my opinion and i’m entitled of my own opinion..
    beauty is in the eye of the beholder..
    Different people have different ideas about what is beautiful…
    for me lee sang yoon is more handsome..

  413. 413 : bigeye46 Says:

    lsy and tae do are equal but so cute acting n so funny and as lee kwang soo is good actor bec he know prefect for betray and thumb up

  414. 414 : Anna-may Says:

    Whatever…what ya say don’t matter cuz MAJORITY RULES. Not every person, but still, everyone said Kim Bum is BETTER LOOKING. American girls said to me and I quote ” Among Asian guys, no one is better looking than Kim Bum.” They even said he better looking than a lot of white guys too. if ya look at comment 405 & 406 again, what me and Kdramalover said make sense cuz of research and votes from MAJORITY of fans.

  415. 415 : cutiepie Says:

    We’re defending Kim Bum seriously and we’re not trying to be funny.
    From what kdramalover and anna-may, I totally agree!! Since I’m a huge fan of Kim Bum, I went into google.com and typed “most handsome korean actors”. From the different websites I clicked on, Kim Bum is ALWAYS on the list. Anna-May is right. When I look at him up and down, he is PERFECT from head to toe. What a BEAUTIFUL actor! When I think about it..he’s more handsome than so many Asians and white guys I’ve seen. Also, he’s better looking than some black guys and some hispanics too.

  416. 416 : anna-may Says:

    i get the whole “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” phrase, but the public ain’t gonna care about the minority’s opinions cuz y’all outnumbered by Kim Bum’s fans and supporters (the MAJORITY). Did ya know..he got voted most handsome F4, most charming, and best smile? i ain’t surprised. Now he’s known as the “Korean Legolas”.

  417. 417 : damnun Says:

    i’m with you 😀

  418. 418 : usa-mary Says:

    Kim Bum as Tae Do makes the most endearing and warmest facial expressions at Jung Yi. When he smiles (with his fine self), it looks as if his eyes are dancing and could even melt an Alaskan glacier! His eyes and facial expressions conveys his thoughts and feelings explicitly in this role as Tae Do. I just can’t get enough of watching his manly, protective and heroic presence! I, personally, wouldn’t have wanted to live in that era, but maybe, it wouldn’t have been too bad if Kim Bum was around!

    Lee Sang Yoon as Prince Gwang Hae is definitely from good stock! Broad shoulders and he really knows how to draw out a deep, authoritative, firm voice when enforcing his royal commands. The dialogue between he and Jung Yi always intrigues me, as it does when she’s with Tae Do.

    I don’t know what it is about the costumes these men are wearing in this drama, but my goodness they look sexy to me! Don’t put them on a horse, too!

    Park Gun Hyung as Ceramist Lee Yook Do is also a favorite of mine (as the doctor from I Do, I Do). He’s handsome and kind. Though he has eyes for Hwa Ryung, there’s no doubt that his wicked father, Chief Ceramist Lee, would ‘allow’ him to bring her home. Its clear that he hates her and anyone else that interferes with his influence over him. That man had a serious, emotional problem if he actually was the way he’s being depicted.

    Well, the king in this drama doesn’t have the swag like the king in Dong Yi did, but at least one of his son’s does, Prince GH. The younger prince is a sweetie, but has a crazy, conniving momma. Her evil doings are falling upon this kind young man. Awwwww, what a shame.

  419. 419 : vallery Says:

    ohh my goodness 🙂 that is my opinion ..your opinion is ur opinion ok! if u guys think KB is the best then i’ll respect for that..lee sang yoon is the main lead here no matter what u guys say…

  420. 420 : Anna-may Says:

    That ain’t gonna matter cuz kim bum is gettin’ more praise and more attention than the main lead. tae do is more endearing than gwanghae cuz the dude’s heroic. MGY got more chemistry with kim bum than LSY….Of course! Remember, MOST people support the jung yi & tae do couple.

  421. 421 : cutiepie Says:

    Based on our opinions and previous comments, my other point is that we are on the WINNING SIDE (majority) no matter what. According to history, Jung Yi, known as Baek Pa Sun, married a man named Tae Do in real life. So in this drama, Kim Bum (tae do) will get the girl in the end. A lot of people that I know have “second male lead syndrome” because they are cheering for Kim Bum and most people want his & MGY’s characters to end up together.

  422. 422 : eny Says:

    this is getting annoying, i check this thread to see the comment of this drama but what i get just attacking the cast, this is always happen if the second lead has more fans just like may queen thread n the story is about love triangle.

    I’m not fans of any actor of this drama but if you compare about who is more handsome, I thnk kimbum is handsome in front of most of teenager but LSY is more attractive in front of mature lady. For me Kim bum is handsome but not atrractive for me but LSY isn’t really handsome but he’s more attractive to me because he looks more mature

  423. 423 : besthero Says:

    I hope you realize that Kim Bum is in his 20s and LSY is in his 30s.
    Kim Bum is still growing and he’s “getting manly-er”. LSY is OLDER by almost a decade, that’s why he looks more mature. Beside teenagers, I know A LOT of mature ladies who said Kim Bum is more handsome than LSY. After I saw kdramalover’s comment 406, I did research myself and it turns out that Kim Bum is ALWAYS on the list of MOST HANDSOME Korean actors, NOT LSY. In these particular websites, Kim Bum is one of the most popular actors who were voted by MAJORITY of fans as one of the best looking!

  424. 424 : eny Says:

    mature looks doesn’t always about the age, for me kimbum is handsome n cute n handsome face isn’t something that always make somebody attactive
    I don’t wanna fight about looks here, attractive n handsome is about preference/taste

  425. 425 : besthero Says:

    Yeah, but for the public perception, SO MANY people care about the FACE and the whole physical appearance. People told me when they look at Kim Bum, they said he’s BEAUTIFUL and perfect from head to toe!! Besides preference and taste, remember the phrase that anna-may used “MAJORITY RULES!”. Other than looks, Kim Bum’s co-stars said that he’s very nice, considerate, down-to-earth, and sweet.

  426. 426 : besthero Says:

    Also, the AGE DOES have affect on many people’s mature looks. For people with baby faces, some people grow out of it, but some people never do. It really depends, but Kim Bum is gradually growing out of it. Compared to him in Boys Over Flowers, his face NOW looks more mature and older. Currrently, he ‘s half boyish and half-manly, but wait until he gets older. As time goes by, he will become more manly.

  427. 427 : Suzy Says:

    Hahaha hehehe……

    Thanks for your entertainment here, Kim Bum lovers !

    Keep it up !

    You make my toe laugh ! Hahaha hehehe….

    Majority wins ! Haha, so says my toe. Hehahahaha….

    Poor lemmings.

    LEE SANG YOON FIGHTING !!! You are the best,.

  428. 428 : Suzy Says:

    KIM BUM pretty boy ! You are the prettiest flower boy ! Not my type.

    LEE SANG YOON, you are my man ! Fighting !

  429. 429 : besthero Says:

    It’s RUDE AND OBNOXIOUS to call people “lemmings” (rodents), and EVERYBODY knows the popular phrase majority rules. No matter what, most people support Kim Bum and the minority is outnumbered.

  430. 430 : cutiepie Says:

    Who’s talking to you? We were having an interesting debate, but you just interfered and called us rodents for no reason. How despicable!

  431. 431 : Kdramalover Says:

    There are 2 scenes that I’m excited to see in GOF. when Lee Kang Chun finds out that Jung Yi is his biological daughter and the day when tae do fights with the assasin who killed Yoo Eul Dam.

  432. 432 : anna-may Says:

    Those ain’t gonna happen ’til a while later in the drama, but it’ll be interesting to watch. when lee yook do got beat up tryin’ to save hwa ryung…hilarious! the dude ain’t good at fighting but he still tried.

  433. 433 : Peacemaker Says:

    @kdramalover @anna-may
    Lee Yook Do should take martial arts lessons from Tae Do if he wants to protect Hwa Ryung. Besides, tae do is already a teacher for the guard who appeared in episode 11.

  434. 434 : cutiepie Says:

    There is some other person trying to mock people for no reason. I can see the sarcasm in comment 427: “thanks for your entertainment here, kim bum lovers..keep it up”. Take a look at comment 319 (the words are brutal) and you’ll see what I mean. Vallery, since you and I are sticking to our own opinions no matter what, then let’s agree to disagree. I had fun debating with you (I mean it literally, no sarcasm). It’s nice how you are loyal and supportive to LSY. I’m the same with KB. Thank you for respecting my opinions. Let’s stop debating here and just enjoy the drama.

  435. 435 : teamkimbum Says:

    @kbfan @cutiepie
    Prince Im Hae is so funny! Lee Kwang Soo makes me laugh with his silly facial expressions and schemes. I’m excited to see Jung Yi compete with lee yook do. She will definitely beat him and become the top ceramist of Bunwon.

  436. 436 : KBfan Says:

    Even though Lee Kang Chun is a misogynist, I think after Jung Yi becomes the head of Bunwon, he will be proud when he finds out that his biological daughter is so talented with pottery making skills.

  437. 437 : cutiepie Says:

    @teamkimbum @Kbfan
    I remember the episode when jung yi was carving the pretty flower and lee yook do carved the dragon to decorate the bowls. His father questioned why it was done by a female, but lee yook do said if he didn’t witness “tae pyung” do it, then he would have assumed it was made by a girl. They didn’t realize at the time who jung yi really is.

  438. 438 : anna-may Says:

    @cutiepie @teamkimbum
    i was watchin’ behind the scenes..tae do practicin’ archery and sword fightin’. The dude can fight! besides havin’ a stunt double for difficult scenes, KB did most of his own stunts. based on usa-mary’s comment, i noticed the way he looks at jung yi and show of emotions by facial expressions..good acting skills. seo hyun jin and the manwho play lee kang chun are good actors too. they’re into their characters, eps. when they’re angry and raise their voices.

  439. 439 : Annoyed haters Says:

    HOW ANN0YING THIS PEOPLE. . . I don’t care how perfect a flower boy named KIM BUM!!! Its not important to discussed. As you know, nobody perfect, just GOD is.
    I have plan to watch this drama but this thread really annoying me!! Stop talking “PERFECT”, its annoying. I leave this thread. Hell thread.
    Anwy, i agree with suzy. Why kim bum not role in flower boy series than in this drama. I think he should replace a old man who pretend as flower boy *??* in drama dating agency cyrano. Its the match cast for kim bum.!

  440. 440 : Annoyed haters Says:

    Kim bum is baby cute face. Not handsome manly! So why if he often in list of MOST HANDSOME list?? He just cute handsome thats why many people votes him. If he ugly who want to vote him. People just praise his handsome!

  441. 441 : maknaee Says:

    guyss -___- just stop this fanwar between KB and LSY’s fan. let’s just enjoy this drama, ne? ^^ there’s no use for you bashing each other, no matter whose fans you are, just supporting this drama like you are supporting your bias~

  442. 442 : Roxanne Says:

    hey..I’m new and just started watching goddess of fire. It’s good but somewhat boring. MGY ‘s a good actress. I enjoy lee kwang soo’s humor. love watching jung yi and yook do make ceramics and i admire their talent. My fav male character is kim tae do. don’t mean to be annoying, but I think kim bum’s very handsome. besides that, i read in the news – he gets praised for good acting skills in padam padam & that winter the wind blows. he plays character tae do well, and I think character suits him. he had baby face, but now lookin more mature and growin’ into a man, this guy has good singing voice. I watched his Japan concert.

  443. 443 : besthero Says:

    @peacemaker @cutiepie
    I heard from a few sources that hwa ryung will turn bad after she obtains money and power. Besides, she’s jealous of tae do’s love for jung yi, so she becomes her rival. Even though lee yook do loves hwa ryung, he doesn’t realize that he’s being manipulated. We’ll see what happens.

  444. 444 : peacemaker Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised. Although, I feel kind of bad for her because she has deep feelings for tae do since she was little, but he doesn’t care that much for her since he loves jung yi. If there’s more conflict, then the story will be less boring and more intriguing to watch.

  445. 445 : bora Says:

    me getting boring n annoyed too especially for Kim Bum fans. I know he’s cute but sorry, so far his acting is not so excellent as u guys mentioned above. I only know people praised his acting after reading here or maybe only his fans praised his acting actually. ‘PERFECT’? That word never exist for me even though I have my own bias but I never dare to call him perfect.

  446. 446 : Roxanne Says:

    His fans never said his acting is “excellent”. No matter what you say, he is a GOOD actor and among the most popular. Besides his fans, the drama critics give him a lot praise for his role as the guardian angel in padam padam and his role as park jin sung in that winter the wind blows. He was really into his character…facial expressions, body language, emotions.

  447. 447 : theworstme Says:

    This drama is awesome. Just like other historical drama i like. it reminds me of DongYi, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Horse Doctor. Expecting more action and pottery competition.. can’t wait for the next episode… Moon Geun Young, Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Bum are awesome. Keep it up!

  448. 448 : besthero Says:

    Yeah. Besides conflict, I love prince imhae’s comical and mischievous personality. Lee kwang soo is hysterical…you should watch the variety show Running Man. For other actors of GOF, the guy who plays lee kang chun…he portrays a cynical character pretty well.

  449. 449 : cutiepie Says:

    @peacemaker @besthero
    For this drama, it should have less than 32 episodes because some boring details are not necessary to be included. I’m also wondering how jung yi will find out lee kang chun is her real father and lee yook do is her half brother. In the last episode, gwanghae found out who jung yi really is…can’t wait to see what occurs next.

  450. 450 : peacemaker Says:

    @besthero @cutiepie
    Yep..this drama would be better if the story is shorter and get to the point.
    I think for episode 13, it’s most likely about making ceramics..I’m excited to see jung yi and lee yoo do demonstrate their artistic skills. Just love watching them carve and design pottery by hand. It’s really impressive.

  451. 451 : bora Says:

    LOL! Funny! Everytime there’s someone criticized about Kim Bum, his fans will defends him and even used the same words too. Good job Kim Bum’s fan. Well, i watched padam2 and TWTWB but honestly he never impressed me no matter u guys said that most of drama critics praised him a lot. Not that bad but his acting is just hurm so so only. Thank god he got cute face that makes fans being fan girling crazily over him. I just want to test Kim Bum fans actually, what a quick response. I’m so touched. Peace!!!

  452. 452 : Serena Says:

    We use similar words because of peer influence and we love the same actor. Bora, it does not matter what you think because you’re only one person versus millions of Kim Bum’s fans around Asia. It’s sad how you can’t see Kim Bum’s good acting skills and how he’s really into his portrayal with diverse characters. Overall, he’s very handsome, good actor, good singer, has popular dramas, and good songs.

  453. 453 : Besthero Says:

    @peacemaker @cutiepie
    I saw pictures BTS, park gun hyung and MGY practiced really hard when they learned how to make pottery in preparation for this drama. They’re dexterous and skillful because their hands have to be so steady when shaping ceramics.

  454. 454 : Peacemaker Says:

    Despite all the hard work dedicated to make such a masterpiece, ceramics can break easily if you’re not careful. I love the shiny polish for the finishing touch. We’ll get to see more of MGY skills in the proceeding episodes.

  455. 455 : cutiepie Says:

    @besthero @peacemaker
    From what I heard about history, jung yi (baek pa sun) gets kidnapped and brought to Japan when they invaded Korea in the late 16th century. She becomes a venerated figure and now they have a monument dedicated to her.

  456. 456 : besthero Says:

    It’s surprising how there’s not much recorded details about baek of sun’s biography, in contrast to dae jang geum. They both became the first females to accomplish goals that women were hindered to achieve back in that time, but dae jang geum is more well known.

  457. 457 : cutiepie Says:

    Both women should be equally well known, but medicine has bigger impact than making pottery. Oh well as long as GOF’s plot gets better in the next chapters, that would be good and the ratings will get higher.

  458. 458 : Besthero Says:

    @cutiepie @peacemaker
    GOF has been first place for 5 weeks until Good Doctor came out last Monday. I mean…I like GOF but some scenes are tedious to watch. On the bright side, the ratings for episode 12 went up.

  459. 459 : Serena Says:

    Although I’m watching this drama, I’m not going to stay with this thread. There’s no need to keep posting comments. Hope ya’ll enjoy and support GOF.

  460. 460 : Roxanne Says:

    Ditto…Same here with me.

  461. 461 : cutiepie Says:

    What do you think of the child actors? I love the scene when little jung yi (Jin ji hee) stood up to the king and said he’s unworthy of the throne. It’s unexpecting..I was surprised and admired her courage.

  462. 462 : besthero Says:

    Me too. I was also impressed by park gun tae’s skills with bow and arrows. Noh young hak did a pretty good job. Loved the scene when young gwanghae and jung yi got stuck in the deep hole meant to trap wild boars.

  463. 463 : peacemaker Says:

    @cutiepie @besthero
    You know the transition from child actors to adult actors was pretty cool. They each doing an activity and wore similar clothes.

  464. 464 : peacemaker Says:

    And guys..in 2 weeks, GOF is gonna be half way done. Episode 16 out of 32 will come out on Tues Aug. 20th..Time goes by fast! Just hope the story makes more progress and gets more compelling to watch.

  465. 465 : eny Says:

    @serena & roxanna
    OK, let’s go away

  466. 466 : moon Says:

    Miss you so much GOF :'(

  467. 467 : yumi Says:

    @eny @serenna @roxanna
    dont forget meee….
    lets go away 🙂

  468. 468 : natalia Says:

    luv tae do! kim bum ur too handsome & ur look is flawless!

  469. 469 : besthero Says:

    Already?…I can’t wait to see the climax of the plot! I heard baek pa sun married tae do and had 2 sons.

  470. 470 : cutiepie Says:

    @besthero @peacemaker
    I already know the ending! Episode 13 was just OK. I saw the preview for episode 14. Lee kang chun looks angry about something and he’s showing jung yi the tea cup made by yoo eul dam. We’ll see what’s going to happen tomorrow.

  471. 471 : peacemaker Says:

    @besthero @cutiepie
    I think the story’s gonna be more intriguing when the later episodes come out in September. Besthero, when you mentioned the ending…based on real life events about jung yi’s destiny when she goes to Japan, they can’t change the ending for this drama.

  472. 472 : besthero Says:

    I thought so…Ep 14 looks more interesting than the episode today. I’m looking forward to the competition between jung yi and lee yook do later on in GOF.

  473. 473 : besthero Says:

    I wonder if lee yook do will turn bad/evil after he gets beat by a female ceramist?…possibly

  474. 474 : cutiepie Says:

    If so, he wouldn’t even realize that Jung Yi is his half-sister until much later on.

  475. 475 : peacemaker Says:

    @cutiepie @besthero
    Do you guys think hwa ryung might give up her love for tae do in the end and be with lee yook do?

  476. 476 : besthero Says:

    @peacemaker @cutiepie
    Uh..maybe, but I don’t think so.

  477. 477 : cutiepie Says:

    @besthero @peacemaker
    Most likely no, but she should do that.

  478. 478 : peacemaker Says:

    @besthero @cutiepie
    OMG! Guys, the ratings for Ep 13 went down a lot! The director and screenwriter seriously need to make changes and add new things to improve the story.

  479. 479 : Niw Re Dah Says:

    Aigoo….ms. potter!

  480. 480 : usa-mary Says:

    When JY was teaching Prince GH how to prep the clay for the throw wheel, he actually did a step that the director had her to leave out. He threw or slammed the clay on the table numerous times which compresses air pockets. If air pockets aren’t removed, the clay piece will explode in the kiln, causing other clay pieces around it to explode…making quite a mess.

    That brings back memories. In high school, I only cleaned out the kiln once from an exploded piece. Thankfully, I learnt my lesson well and had no more air pocket problems with further projects then or in college!

  481. 481 : Nudge Says:

    Jung Yi is still a self-absorbed & selfish individual.

    Geum Young can only go so far with her skill and I think she’s doing very well. But the writer is clueless IMHO.

  482. 482 : ega Says:

    You can watch The Goddes of fire jung yi ep 13&14 raw/english sub

    Watch here now : http://goo.gl/JLKPez

  483. 483 : fimfim Says:

    guys drama crazy is back with new address. visit to watch drama…
    http://dramacrazy.eu/ 😀 🙂 😉

  484. 484 : temmy Says:

    Hmm! Readn tru ur cmntz u guys never cease 2 amaze me esp Kb’s fans….we all knw dat kb is vry handsome….LSY is als0 hands0me 2 n tall n I luv his actin skills itz superb esp when he dishes out his royal c0mmand…I feel pity 2wards prince G (cuz of what u guys said here dat he didn’t end up wit Jy)I’m als0 a fan of Kb….why does Jy luk s0 small lyk a kid? Awwww….I luv all d kid actors esp Jjh….she’s such a talented actress….w0w she really thrilled me wit her performance diz lil girl is going places wit her actin career thumbs up 2 u my [email protected] I luv n alwayz enjoy readn ur cmnts n analysis u’ve said it all 4 me,I’ve also read ur cmnt elsewher) u r s0000 intelligent muaaah…maybe u shld go into scriptwritin’ gosh u r damn s0 gud kip it up ok! :))

  485. 485 : Jamie Says:

    LSY’s acting is good i guess, not bad but not superb. I sorta feel bad for gwanghae too cuz he don’t end up with JY. Love the way KB gaze at JY and the way he talks to her..full of emotion. other than good acting and very handsome, his singing is awesome. He’s got strong voice cuz he can go from soft to high range.

  486. 486 : Jamie Says:

    ya know some folks make few comments then leave. I’m one of them cuz since episode 9 til now, GOF got boring and more boring. I’m departing from this thread, but hope ya guys make it thru the drama.

  487. 487 : Damnun Says:

    The episode is too long. The producer should make it in 20-24 eps. Not in 32 episode. Look, the story become bo0oring and waste the time. If its make in 20 eps, the story will be compact, complete, not confusing, and not waste the time. . . The rating maybe will be increase. . . 😡

  488. 488 : Sam Says:

    Ep 16 – pretty good, surprisingly (better than I expected). 2nd half of GOF drama should be better, hopefully. excuse me for going off topic, but its unfair how in Asian culture, Koreans seem to favor korean male celebrities a little more than females. Example: singer bae suzy (miss a) is good singer, dancer, and leading actress, but she is not more popular than kim bum, who always the second lead, altho he’s a good actor. bae suzy became first korean female star to reach over 1 million followers on twitter since 2010. Kim bum reached over 2.5 million followers on Facebook within 9 days! See the difference?

  489. 489 : Sam Says:

    I meant 2 say since she came out in 2010, but gettin’ little above 1 million followers in one week- impressive for korean female star.

  490. 490 : usa-mary Says:

    Since this drama is based on the historical Joseon era, there’s nothing that can be done to change the outcome of who gets with whom. So, I’ll enjoy the reenactment of it.

    I like all the actors in this drama. Everyone is playing their roles very well. It seems that other than the love triangle…Prince Imhae is getting a lot of attention. There should be an acting category just for roles like his! The Most Annoying! LOL

  491. 491 : usa-mary Says:

    Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire! AJA…AJA…FIGHTING!

  492. 492 : monique Says:

    ikr? hav ya notice k-pop guy singers & @actors have more [email protected] meetings than females do. The guys got more followers on facebook/weibo/ twitter than girls. NO fair!..Uggghhh. but i luv MGY. she always main leading actress. moonie won many awards too. but still, she not more popular than co-star kim bum. in vietnam & some otha countries, KB’s name more famous than MGY. I ain’t no crazy fan of him, but I give credit..this guy so cute, he can act, can sing.

  493. 493 : Damnun Says:

    All Boys over flower bec0me so popular since that drama booming around the world. So dont be surprized abt the “weird justice” in kdrama land.
    Btw, did the relation between gwang hae n jungyi start up the level? I mean did the chemistry between them on the top? Or still slowly?
    Is there a kiss scene between gwang hae and jungyi? I want to see it

  494. 494 : Monique Says:

    I know ’bout BOF bein’ a mega hit and soooooo [email protected], but still, SEXISM is otha big thing for them korean [email protected] and Asian audience; some folks still favor [email protected] stars more than females; girls still get discriminated cuz of their gender….Sad but true. korean actors & idols get more attention and them dudes got more privilege, easier for them to get [email protected] than girls.

  495. 495 : Sam Says:

    besides boys over flowers, other reasons why KB and 2 other F4 actors are famous and successful are bcuz of their own talent too – good acting and/or singing; + good looks, charisma, good reputation. these guys got different popular dramas and recorded good songs in their albums.

  496. 496 : Sam Says:

    About GOF, gwanghae and jung yi still going slow with their love line. BTW, I am rooting for Tae Do to end up with jung yi, not gwanghae.

  497. 497 : Nudge Says:

    @monique. Kwang-Soo’s popular in Viet Nam also. I think they call him “The Prince of Asia”. And the RM crew is scratching their heads wondering what the..?

    I’m wondering though, will we get a glimpse of Heo Jun? This drama has the same timeline as “Hur Jun, The Original Story”, both from MBC.

  498. 498 : Monique Says:

    Lee kwang soo ain’t good enough to be “prince of Asia”, this guy don’t deserve it cuz there’s bunch of them otha Korean actors more [email protected] and better lookin’ than him; in Vietnam, he somewhat popular but he ain’t as [email protected] as song seung hun, kim bum, or lee min ho. these 3 guys more popular and more admired. i know this cuz some folks from Vietnam told me.

  499. 499 : Carolyn Says:

    @sam @monique
    I get what ya guys R saying….I notice it too. my fav’rite kpop girl groups & leading actresses got talent & lots of trophies, but no matter what, kim bum (and lee min ho) R still more famous than the women. after boys over flowers went globally big, KB & LMH got more endorsements (make more money), nonstop fan meetings, and more fans following them via Facebook…same thing with kim hyun joong. These 3 buddies R more popular than some other male stars too.

  500. 500 : Carolyn Says:

    Ep 17 preview looks kinda good, but why kang chun slapped jung yi in the face? Lookin forward to watchin’ GOF.

  501. 501 : imhel Says:

    I like Moon Geun Young since seeing her in My Little Bride, then in Cinderella’s sister, then Painter of the Wind. I also loved her in Innocent Steps and in Love me Not….However, I don’t know how she chooses the drama she’ll appear on but these last three dramas (Mary Stayed out All night, Cheongdamdong Alice and Goddess of Fire) have all been misses for her. They haven’t been really showcasing her talent…and the scripts have been poorly written. She missed out on good roles such as the one played by her friends Shin Se Kyung (When a Man Loves) and Moon Chaewon (Good Doctor). She could have done a better job than Shin Se Kyung in When a Man Loves and she could have equally done a good job like Moon Chaewon. Tsk Tsk Tsk if she keeps up on with these kind of choices in drama, I don’t know how her popularity will last. She needs a good drama and she needs it NOW.

  502. 502 : mayhappyday Says:

    i wonder why this rating’s so bad. i enjoying this drama so well as i enjoying d other drama at same time airing(mon-tues drama). i love how the sw use ‘ceramics’ as d main theme. n i love jungyi, prince kwanghee, taedo, even d antagonist one.
    every ep success makes me curious~ overall, this recommmended drama for u.

  503. 503 : Sam Says:

    I wanna watch episode 18 cuz it looks intense and pretty good. BTW, is there any Korean drama more popular than Boys Over Flowers? I was impressed with the high ratings unlike GOF.

  504. 504 : Dung Says:

    GOF is really really good drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  505. 505 : badat1973 Says:

    gi atay mani c prince gwanghae …maka laglag man ug panty iyang smile..xd

  506. 506 : usa-mary Says:

    Since this drama is historical, I’ll take it as face value and enjoy it.

    I, personally, like MGY’s versatility when trying different roles. She challenges herself and her ability by not becoming pigeon-holed into one character type. BRAVO to you MGY! As Jung Yi, she’s passionate and eager to fulfill her innate (predestined) desire of becoming a potter. It’s not being selfish or arrogant to fulfill one’s inner calling. In this world there are leaders and followers. Some folks calling is stronger than others because they listen to it; while some other folks just plain settle for doing nothing exceptionally well. It’s obvious and proves that Jung Yi was truly a leader, a forerunner as the first female potter of her era. That alone created jealousy and misunderstandings then and even on this thread to date (though I’m not surprised). I’m even more convinced that only true leaders can understand another true leader’s pursuit of bringing their dreams into fruition. While followers, who usually don’t understand the drive to see the vision come to pass do nothing except complain, bad mouth and question the motives of the driven few. Now, I can understand if its an act that’s detrimental to the health and wellbeing of a society, but condemnation because she wanted to become a potter??!! Anyway…she succeeded, even if she was taken by force and taken to another country…she succeeded and is remembered in history for her contribution. BRAVO!!!

  507. 507 : Sam Says:

    even tho MGY is good actress, i feel bad some people criticize & say her acting in GOF is not good. They think she not suited for this role and they don’t like how she looks. On other hand, even tho Kim Bum’s acting is just OK in a saeguk drama, so many people talk positive about him, and they think his role as Tae Do really suits him. Unfortunately, Korean actresses are scrutinized more harshly than actors, when judged about acting skills.

  508. 508 : pajarda p kunnig Says:

    she is a good actress, i like her acting!!!!!

  509. 509 : bella Says:

    Mgy always a good actrees for me,,,

  510. 510 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sam-507: Very well said! I, to this day don’t understand how an actor/actress in kdramas can get scrutinized by their viewing audience to the point of getting ousted out of the entertainment industry. That’s so sad.

    One good thing that I can say about the peoples views towards the actors roles in movies or dramas here in the U.S. is that when its fiction, its viewed as fiction. Regardless of how mean, cruel or poker-faced the role…it’s only a role. The person acting out the role play is looked upon as doing their job…they’re getting paid to work; that’s it and all. If a movie or drama is considered to be not so good or a poor box office draw, no one’s career is placed on the line because of it. The actors just move on to the next project and their fans look for the next gig that will make their favorite actors shine.

  511. 511 : natalia Says:

    KB, historical drama is not ur thing, but ur acting is good in modern dramas/movies. i luv padam padam, that winter wind blows, the gifted hands. don’t worry about haters cuz most people know you CAN act.

  512. 512 : sam Says:

    Thank you. For Kdramas, some folks don’t like the actor/actress bcuz they don’t like the character they play. Asian audience favor male stars over females, that’s why a lot of the actors are more famous than the actresses. They don’t get “ousted” from entertainment industry, but actresses get judged more harshly.
    I agree with your comment about KB. Just to let you know, on bright side, everyone knows he’s a good singer. As matter of fact, he’s better at singing than acting, so he’s got talent.

  513. 513 : sam Says:

    for another example, even tho bae suzy and lee seung gi are leading actors & won a lot of awards, some folks still think they are bad actors. I don’t get why, but I feel bad for these two.

  514. 514 : natalia Says:

    Thanks! for GOF, I wonda why there no preview for Ep 19. just gonna wait ’til next Monday.

  515. 515 : Sam Says:

    Not a problem. to be honest, I’m not really a fan of KB, but I was just giving an example to support my statement in comment 507. No matter if I like or don’t a celebrity, i still give credit for their talent…just to be fair.

  516. 516 : Natalia Says:

    Ep 19 preview just came out on Facebook. Looks good, can’t wait 2 watch!

  517. 517 : usa-mary Says:

    @sam-512/513: I’ve observed the bias in kdramaland first hand and its not pretty! Even though I find it unjust and unwarranted how an actor’s livelihood can be effected by the viewers criticism of a mere role; its how the S.K. entertainment industry was set up by its $nvestors. (I intentionally placed a dollar sign to represent the letter I). I’ve also noticed how the industry utilizes other venues to ensure the actors livelihood during their acting hiatus which is a huge plus…i.e. modeling, singing/song writing, commercials, movies, etc. until the savage (audience) beast is soothed. Then, they slowly make their return to the screen. I just hope the actors toughen their skin more and live their lives by not taking it personally which I imagine can be daunting at times! Its no wonder why a lot of them secretly go to therapists, and I don’t fault them for that.

    I came across an old Estonian Proverb or adage that goes…One woman never praises another! Male favoritism is society driven and reinforced. So, we women somewhat grin and bear it in varying degrees.

  518. 518 : sam Says:

    You made very good points, but I already know about the procedures that are prevalent in the Korean entertainment world. speaking of male favoritisim, there’s somethin’ else I wanna mention. altho I’m not really a fan of Kim Bum, I admit for a supporting actor, his level of popularity is quite impressive. Unlike the Korean (leading) actresses, he is famous around the world and has international fans ioutside of Asia such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, South American countries, the Arab world, and a few European countries too. It’s unfair to the talented women, but I still support the actresses.

  519. 519 : sam Says:

    Despite sexism & male favorism in society, kb still made it all this way bcuz of luck, talent, hard work, good singing skills, & improvement in acting,

  520. 520 : sam Says:

    Instead of crammin’ everything together, I rather post separate comments. I know that everyone has their own biases, personal opinions & preferences about celebrities, but the audience should still give credit to their talents even if they don’t like or (even hate) a celebrity.

  521. 521 : Sam Says:

    Since the new school year is starting soon, everyone is gonna be very busy. I won’t have time to watch GOF anymore. we’ve had an interestin’ discussion, but I’m gonna have to stop posting comments and leave this thread bcuz of priorities in life.

  522. 522 : usa-mary Says:

    @sam-518: That’s good. I mentioned S.K.’s entertainment industry in general retrospective terms, only. My speculative views wasn’t intended to come across as a FYI or a 101 class course. I work at staying clear of pigeon-holed and tunnel-vision views regardless of gender.

    @519/520: I commend all those who make it in any industry despite the drawbacks and challenges.

    @521: Cheers! Thank you for sharing.

  523. 523 : John k Says:

    What kind of drama is about stupid pottery? This drama sucks ass!!! The rating is low because of the writer and actors.

  524. 524 : cherygel Says:

    MGY is not proved, the game is good and go read Korean articles, they say that the acting is really good, especially KB and MGY even if the score is low!

  525. 525 : hanna Says:

    Park Gun Hyung as Lee Yook Do and Moon GY once partners in INNOCENT
    STEPS …..

    others don’t like this drama … so what !!! suck ur ass …. H A T E R S

  526. 526 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama is about more than pottery…its historical! One doesn’t have to be Korean or Asian to enjoy period or era dramas. Yet, I dare say, one must have an interest in historical reenactments, of which I do. If it hadn’t been for the creative, innovative invention of pottery for cooking and eating, we’d still be eating with our hands off of huge leaves!

    Yes, I will and did go there:

    @John k-523: By the way…ratings on one hand has nothing to do with enjoyment! On the other hand…John k, your nasty metaphor has a lot to do with you!

  527. 527 : Yumi Says:

    How far this tory goes? Far far and long time i leave the story and this thread

  528. 528 : Yumi Says:

    I mean “story”

  529. 529 : sofiah Says:

    i love this drama

  530. 530 : John k Says:

    Omg! a white girl talking shit.

  531. 531 : zehnee Says:

    I have been watching this wonderful historical drama and I admit I like all the main characters – as usual, they are good. I patiently wait for the weekly episodes to come. Thank you Korean Drama.

  532. 532 : hope Says:

    GOF still the best for me !

  533. 533 : imhel Says:

    Alas, this drama has sunk into the bottom of the ratings. Again, no matter how good the actors are, if they don’t have a good script to work with, their acting is never going to soar and the drama is not going to fly.
    MGY’s acting here is not used to the fullest, neither is Lee Sang Yoong and Kim Bum’s acting.
    And the storyline gets so boring because the dialogues just go around and around and is not even fast-paced….therefore it’s saturated with useless dialogues.
    Very unfortunate for MGY…hopefully she’ll be more shrewd, discerning and astute in her choice of dramas next time.

  534. 534 : billy Says:

    so true, something is wrong somewhere…i seem to be getting this “heavy feeling” watching this drama…the story is interesting enough, so I cant pinpoint exactly why im losing interest…

  535. 535 : robyn Says:

    I feel sorry that people say MGY’s acting in this drama is not good. They also said she not suited for this role. On bright side, everyone likes Kim Bum’s endearing character because tae do is the saving grace of this drama. even tho he’s the supporting actor, he outshines the leading actor lee sang yoon.

  536. 536 : Carmen Says:


  537. 537 : hayley Says:

    MGY’s a good actress, but I’m disappointed with her character jung yi. sorry that people are bashing on MGY for her portrayal in this drama. lee sang yoon’s acting is OK, but prince gwanghae is not that cool. ive gotta luv tae do and his devotion to jung yi. from many online comments ive seen, most people say kim bum is “not great, but still a pretty good actor”. i’ve never heard nasty or harsh criticism about him.

  538. 538 : torri Says:

    i find the king here stupid and foolish i mean what father can be jealous of his own son i mean the king drives me crazy , he is not wise , he is not smart and i mean the guy cant read in between the lines to see that his crazy wife is playing him like the fool that he is ,

  539. 539 : bubbleme Says:

    kim bum is sooo gay… peace.but i have to say this..

  540. 540 : Carolyn Says:

    You’re the one starting an argument, but you saying “peace”? Everyone knows Kim Bum is straight. He is not gay!!! He had a boy image and now he is getting manly. The long hair is only for GOF.

  541. 541 : Natalia Says:

    Shut up, HATER!

  542. 542 : Bianca Says:

    Seriously, you ain’t got nothing else to do, but you “have to say” that KB is gay? You the one who’s soooo wrong, calling a straight dude gay!

  543. 543 : Marie Says:

    Seriously! KB is not a gay. He is straight man. Better I just ignored it! Goddess of Fire, Jungyi still the Best for me! I will watch till the end! MGY, KB, LKS, PGH, LSY and the rest actors doing good job for their character.

  544. 544 : Rhe Says:

    Sorry Guys…Is there any Kiss scene between Jung yi And The Prince??
    Which episode?? I jusy can’t Wait see them

  545. 545 : Ninnin Says:

    Will jung yi and prince gwang hae end up together?… i hope so…

  546. 546 : Jackie Says:

    I wonder when will Kim Bum get the main leading role for his dramas? So many people want him to be the leading actor. In GOF, Kim Bum outshines lee sang yoon because MGY has better chemistry with KB and the audience likes his character tae do. On the bright side, KB is still one of the most popular Korean actors around Asia and he is famous around the world. Check out his fan made Facebook accounts from foreign countries in South America, Turkey, Mexico, and the Arab World. He’s got so many followers!

  547. 547 : dinaz Says:

    I guess they wont be airing any episode this week due to moon geun young’s eye injury..

  548. 548 : OK OK OK Says:

    OIC, thanks for the news, dinaz

    I was searching high & low for ep 25 but couldn’t. Never expected that

    MGY has hurt her eyes 🙁 Get well soon 🙂

  549. 549 : Swift Says:

    Storyline getting to be bit draggy, no wonder ratings have been dropping. Hope the writers are able to make the storyline more interesting. I do enjoy watching Korean dramas that depicts their country history.

  550. 550 : theworstme Says:

    At first, this drama is great.. i thought it would be great and interesting like Dongyi , horse doctor and Moon embracing the sun… but later in the last few episodes.. the story started to became dull and not interesting.. maybe the writer should think a better way to create good story.. i thought she will be kidnap to Japan during a war, and will demonstrate the superiority of Joseon potters. – i’m still waiting for this but story is so slow and few episodes to go. i hope the last 8 episodes will not disappoint me. Anyway, the actors and actresses were so good. MGY !!!!

  551. 551 : myeon Says:

    @theworstme (550)

    I’m so agree with you. Actually i like the child parts more.

  552. 552 : hanna Says:

    OMG.. Moon had an accident on set ….get well soon

  553. 553 : dong keun Says:

    where i can watch this drama?? i need link thank you

  554. 554 : rm018 Says:

    Why the ratings become low. Is it not a good drama? I’m planning to watch this. Is this worth watching?


  555. 555 : imhel Says:

    rm018 (#554)
    although the actors are great actors in themselves, the story/script is not well written…the story has gotten to be boring and draggy. you can probably watch it but you can fast forward on most of the scenes since most of them are overly repititious, you can even skip some of the episodes…..that explains the low ratings

  556. 556 : lovetheheirs Says:

    @imhel #555
    Awww. I’ll get bore with that if I will just keep on fast forward most of the scenes.
    I love the two main lead hope the drama will get better and could bring back a good rating

  557. 557 : swift Says:

    LOL the Japanase warlord is also acting as minister in King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang

  558. 558 : Hankk Says:

    I had my doubts about the length of this drama from the beginning.
    Drama-wise, it is a bit long, and not really good written indeed.
    But the educative element is very well done. Specially for someone like me, in far away Europe, who’se only means of learning about Korea’s culture is by watching drama and internet-research.

    One thing comes to mind in all of this: The Korean Celadon ceramics are/were highly praised, because in comparisation with Chinese and Japanese, it was more “simple”,”pure” and “basic”, more in line with Buddhism. That is highlighted many times in this drama, without using words.

    And that is exact the reason why I think no one else as Moon Geun Young should have played this role.
    Lot’s of Korean actresses, ( and actresses of other countries ) can be more sparkling and shiny at a certain moment.
    But I have a weakness for the “simple”,” pure” and “basic” way of acting that Moon Geun Young does.
    And because of that, I don’t mind in fact , if it is 32 episodes.

  559. 559 : Sam Says:

    That is a sweet compliment. Unlike you, other people are giving Moon Geun Young hate and criticism. They said her acting in this drama is not good. They don’t like the way she looks and they think she is NOT fit to play this role. On the other hand, you give her praise because she is a good actress. That was nice of you.

  560. 560 : Hankk Says:

    I seldom post here, but I do post more in the forum that was started after Dramacrazy and it’s forums ended a few months ago.
    ( See link below )
    You get to know your people better, and there is a filter for people who only want to post in rude language because that gives them a kick.
    I have learned it is no use to try to convince somebody about the value of somebody or something.

    MGY I saw first in her early movies, Innocent Steps and My Little Bride.
    I watched Korean movies in 2009, because a forumbuddy from a Canadian forum lived there in that year, and spoke about.
    Just out of curiosity.

    Good looking actresses and actors ! Actresses and actors are most of the time goodlooking, in every country: Comes with the job.
    But many Koreans, male or female, can really act !
    And that does not come automatically with the job, examples enough !
    I found MGY a cute young actress, that was all.

    But with Painter Of The Wind and Cinderella’s Sister I was convinced she was an absolute top-actress, one of the best in the world, not only Korea.
    ( Both drama’s were not the highest in rankings: Who cares ?)

    In my very short personal list of Best Actresses are: Jennifer Ehle, Megan Follows and Moon Geun Young.
    The ones that are often below the radar of the masses, not in the headlines or in the gossips.
    Just craftswomen that do their job for 100 %. Nothing more but certainly nothing less.


  561. 561 : Sam Says:

    I agree that moon geun young is one of the best actresses in Korea and Asia, but she is NOT one of the best in the world. She’s only famous around Asia, but she’s not well known in other continents around the world.

    For Kdramas, her acting was good in Cinderella’s Sister and Painter of the Wind. However her acting is NOT that good for Cheongdamdong Alice and Goddess of Fire.

  562. 562 : Sam Says:

    You said that most Korean actors and actresses can act, but it’s actually half and half because there are some people who cannot act.

    Unfortunately, Korean actresses get criticized more harshly than actors because of SEXISM. People who watch Korean dramas are mostly women and they favor the actors. This is why most K-actors are MORE FAMOUS than actresses. The men have fan meeting tours around Asia, but so far, only ONE actress had a fan meeting tour. Its NOT fair! The actress I’m talking about is NOT moon geun young, but someone else.

  563. 563 : hankk Says:

    @Sam K-561

    It is only my own personal list, and there she is listed for sure !
    I don’t care about hypes, general public and whatever.

    Cheongdamdong Alice was pretty lame as a drama. Goddess of Fire is not the winner of this season. Only in the last parts coming, she is able to become a little bit more mean, and that suits her well in fact.

    I think a next drama for MGY could be a real deep drama again, where she can play a darker role, like in Cinderella’s Sister.

  564. 564 : Sam Says:

    Honestly, the main reason why I watched some episodes of Goddess of Fire is because Kim Tae Do is my favorite character. The actor who plays this admirable character is Kim Bum.

    I’m becoming a fan of him because he’s very handsome and his acting is pretty good. Unlike most Korean actors, he is famous around the world and he has fans outside of Asia.

    Also, I think he’s one of the best singers because if you compare him to other K-pop idols, he can sing as well as they can.

  565. 565 : imhel Says:

    Alas, this drama has sunk again into the bottom of the ratings. No matter how great the actors are, if they don’t have a good script to work with, their acting is never going to soar and the drama is not going to fly.
    MGY’s acting here is not used to the fullest, neither is Lee Sang Yoong and Kim Bum’s acting.
    And the storyline gets so boring because the dialogues just go around and around and is not even fast-paced….therefore it’s saturated with useless dialogues.
    Very unfortunate for MGY…hopefully she’ll be more shrewd, discerning and astute in her choice of dramas next time.

  566. 566 : angelamiles Says:

    The ratings very low but they add 2 more special episodes…

  567. 567 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    They add 2 specials due to Moon Geun Young’s accident.

  568. 568 : jacky Says:

    when is the remaining ep. 29 – 30 , 31 – 32 ?

  569. 569 : ann-m Says:

    So far, the only “GOOD” episodes in GOF are eps. 1-11 and 28-29 (so far). I bet the last 3 episodes will be good too. Besides that, the ENTIRE middle of GOF is NOT GOOD and SO BORING! Overall, this drama is okay.

  570. 570 : ann-m Says:

    Hope the ending will be happy…Support Tae Do and Jung Yi couple!

  571. 571 : Becky Says:

    I think i really loves this movies.it a mixturd of art,science and love.thumb up to those amazing actors and actress who contributed to the realization of this movie.pls what the last season of jung yi?

  572. 572 : French viewer Says:

    Tae Do’s dead. Should he not go to Japan with Jung Yi ?
    Finally the war broke out, so Yung Yi will be kidnapped to Japan at the last episode ? Will Yung Yi and prince Kwang Hae end up together ?
    Overall this drama is interesting, the actors and actresses are talented. You can feel the love of the prince to Yung Yi, you can feel the hatred of Lee Kang Chun to Yung Yi and his ambition to make his son the chief of Buwon…
    There remains only the last episode. To see…

  573. 573 : Nara Says:

    So many people are MAD about tae do’s death!! Whats wrong with the writers of this drama? How could they let the most lovable character die? In history, tae do and jung yi go to Japan and end up getting married! GOF is so disappointing!

  574. 574 : Samantha Says:

    @french viewer

    I hope u realize that Tae Do’s love, devotion, and sacrifice for jung yi is stronger than gwanghae’s feelings for her. So angry and sad that Tae D got killed 🙁

  575. 575 : Diane Says:

    Such waste of time. Could’ve been good drama if weren’t for BAD directing and script writing. Better luck next time.

  576. 576 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 31
    I thought Jung Yi & Tae Do will marry each other in the end bc Prince cannot marry a commoner easily.
    Didn’t expect Tae Do end up like this. So sad 🙁

    Ep32 My guessing Is Jung Yi agree to go Japan in exchange of her fellow men lifes & finally come back to Korea to meet prince Kwang Hae 🙂 after many years of separation

  577. 577 : XXX Says:

    @OK OK OK

    definitely agree with ya! jung Yi cannot marry prince/king gwanghae anyways.
    On facebook, A LOT of girls outraged ’bout tae do’s death. They postin’ lots of angry comments. in this drama, Kim Bum gets more attention & outshine lee sang yoon. next time, kim bum should be the main lead for his new drama. hope his next project’s gonna be better than GOF. wish him luck!

  578. 578 : jenna Says:

    I feel so so so bad for kim bum. waitin’ 2 see his next “big hit drama” and him as the “leading actor”. GOF really pissed me off.

  579. 579 : Soulmates Says:

    I cried a lot in episode 32 🙁
    So sad

  580. 580 : Diane Says:

    Episode 31 is da saddest and da most shocking! More sad than Ep 32!

  581. 581 : OK OK OK Says:

    Luckily I didn’t know the ending when i watch this drama…. ha ha 🙂

    The writer at least manage to please me a little by sending MGY back to King Gwanghae in his imagination – no change of his love for MGY 17 years later 🙂 though I feel sad for all the 3 🙁

    I like Lee Sang Yoon very much when he acted in My Daughter Seo Yeong. He is so smart, suave, mature, handsome, very rich & kind hearted…..
    Finish watching 50 episodes becoz of him (also like Lee Bo Young there – strong character)

    Hope Kim Bum & Lee Sang Yoon both can act as 1st leading man in their own next drama with good script and good leading actress. 🙂

    I watch Fire of Goddess becoz of MGY, Kim Bum & Lee Sang Yoon (All I like – FIGHTING !!!!!)

  582. 582 : Diane Says:

    Lee sang yoon’s OK, not that great. KIM BUM is more popular! He both actor and good singer. KB is beautiful, flawless from head to toe, hot, friendly, talented. Luv him. Hope he gets leading role in next “good” drama. I’m done with goddess of fire’s boring pointless story. Moving on to other new dramas. Bye bye!

  583. 583 : Mary Says:

    I can’t believe I continued watching this drama all 32 episodes!!!!!!!! It dragged on for sooooo long that it became meaningless, in my opinion. They rushed the last 2 episodes which made the ending terrible for me. (Spoiler) Kim Bum dies, Jung Yi leaves to Japan and the king ends up all alone. Nobody was happy at the end. I expected something way better!!! I mean why did they add the war conflict??? That was pointless. Instead, they should have focused more on how Jung Yi would get acknowledged more as a first Joseon female ceramist, isn’t that what this show is supposed to be about, “Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire”? Or maybe, they could have filmed more about how each character, perhaps happily, lived their lives after 17 years. I guess the screenwriter wanted to produce a sad ending!!!! Overall I give this drama 2 stars out of 5 just for the sake of the ceramic arts used in this drama.

  584. 584 : Carmelita147 Says:

    I don,t like the ending. I still like a happy fairy tale ending.

  585. 585 : puput Says:

    why do all the screepwriter always end their drama patheticly? do their lives have tragedy……please write down a story that make people happy…..
    This year, many dramas ended tragically …… and so unpleasant….. 🙁

  586. 586 : OK OK OK Says:

    Yes I agree with what you all said.
    At least have happy ending, then more people will watch. It will generate more revenue and also bring more popularity to all the actors & actresses.
    And we can more good memory to this drama. 🙂

  587. 587 : Carla Says:

    Overall, GOF is BAD drama! 1) kim tae do gets killed! How could the scriptwriters change history? 2) very little romance development between the two leading actors 3) boring plot that keeps dragging on 4) annoying, useless characters like the king 5) sad ending

    Hope kim bum gets main leading role in his next drama that actually has a “good” story!!!!

  588. 588 : Joanne Says:

    Yeah, couldn’t agree less with cha, Carla!

  589. 589 : mylo Says:

    Too disappointing! Waste of time, money, and cast!

  590. 590 : mylo Says:

    just waitin’ and anticipatin’ 2 see their next projects…SOON!

  591. 591 : Joanne Says:

    This drama wasted 32 hours of my time….sigh

  592. 592 : Nina Says:

    Kim bum’s the only reason why I sticked around watchin’ GoF.

  593. 593 : Carmen Says:

    People are saying that the END of this drama was SAD, no way was sad it was just…no end at all…OMG, this drama was really bad, staring with that King—-so,so,stuped, the one son that always was drinking, the manipulate wife, the vendor of all the stollen ceramic, OMG…like Joanne says a wasted 32 episode hrs….unbeliabable…..I just keep saying this year is still the worst year in Korean dramas…..omg…..the best so far right now is Heirs, Secret,Fam.King

  594. 594 : Nina Says:

    Besides the heirs & secret, Don’t forget that winter the wind blows. That’s a good drama and big hit too.

  595. 595 : Carla Says:

    I disagree wit u bcuz even tho a couple dramas this year ain’t good, 2013 is NOT the worst year of Kdramas…remember, we got new dramas comin’ out at end of dis year = pretty man starring jang geun suk, man from the stars, golden rainbow, and now empress ki just came out.

  596. 596 : Joanne Says:

    I really can’t wait until kim bum’s next drama!!!!! …I feel bad Tae Do, his lovable character, has gone to waste because of bad, boring storyline. Hope he’s gonna have a new good drama at beginning of 2014. and hope its gonna be WAY better than GOF.

  597. 597 : Nina Says:

    Kim bum seriously needs to be the leading man for his dramas from now on, both his look and his acting skills matured. he got potential to headline his own drama.

  598. 598 : Nylon Says:

    @nina @joanne
    I support wat u guys said. Good luck in ur future projects, kim bum!

  599. 599 : lila Says:

    how could MBC make a drama this bad? tsk tsk tsk

  600. 600 : katie Says:

    i wonder if GoF’s gonna get any award nominations…perhaps not, except for best couple award kim bum & moon geun young.

  601. 601 : theworstme Says:

    The ending is so BAD!!!! i hope the writer makes it a happy ending… anyway i just finished watching this drama.. the first ten episodes is so cool… the next ten episodes started to get boring.. and last 10 episodes is so annoying because of the repetitive story line… i thought the last two episodes will makes the story better but im so disappointed.. tae do died, jungyi kidnapped to japan and after 17 yrs the prince became king and left alone…. out of 10 i give it 7.5 .. because of the artist and not the story 🙂

  602. 602 : Dev Says:

    Me too, hate so much this ending, and there is not happy ending for anyone, no romantic scene, no hug, no kiss, and no love confection also, it’s a wasting my time for watch 32eps,

  603. 603 : Rifgail Says:


  604. 604 : Tjen, Sari Says:

    I watch the Jang Ok Jung and this Jung Yi, these two serials was a sad ending, maybe the real history having a sad ending too, so they do the same thing to this serial.

    I’m not agree for the ending too, but we can not change the real happened at the past, the cast is doing a good job and all the crew, really like the historical stories, we can know the culture and history of Korea, as I’m not from korea.

    Good luck for all the stars, Kim bun, MGY, LSY… waiting for your next project.. GBU

  605. 605 : colina Says:

    yes the ending isnt as we expected but,, i still like to watch it.

  606. 606 : RUBY PLACHETA Says:


  607. 607 : nova Says:

    secara keselurahan cerita menarik, namun hanya ending ny saja yg kurang menarik.Kenapa setelah semua penderitaan yg di alami oleh jung yi,cerita happy ending dengan gwan hee tidak di lanjutin sampai ketemu jung yi kembali setelah 1 thn jung yi pergi ke jepang..Semoga penulis bisa lebih menaruh cerita yg menarik dari happy ending di next story ny..

  608. 608 : yeaon Says:

    Yes ..the history was like that ..I read it. It was like that ..you should not expect every drama to have happy or good ending ..you should expect sad ending as well. that is how life is happy and sad ..anyway am not through with it ..but when am through I will comment again.

  609. 609 : Quinn gun tae Says:

    Aww I love this movie soo much. it was nice, not all that romance but nice. i like the song when tae do and jung yi always shows up. too bad tae do died and jung yi was kidnapped, but its history and we can’t change it. I vote 9 out of 10 I only watched this movie because of Kim and Park gun tae. so inlove with them. I LOVE THIS MOVIE

  610. 610 : Hein Says:

    This drama is TOO GOOD!!! I really love Moon Geun Young. She is good acting. She is very lovely. She is pretty. She is excellence. 🙂 Good doctor’ actress Moon Chae Won is not good acting. I don’t love Moon Chae Won. 🙁

  611. 611 : Hein Says:

    She is good acting. 🙂

  612. 612 : ndja Says:

    just watch this drama.keep repeating the jung yi and kim tae do scene.damnnn their chemistry is just so greattt..love this couple.thats why i like the ending that jung yi is not ended with prince kwang hee…hihi..peaceee

  613. 613 : fashionista Says:

    ….lee sang yoon is good in all of his acting! he’s reall cool and handsome!!!!!

  614. 614 : Little Says:

    I first watched KIM BUM in the 2008 MBC Drama “East of Eden 伊甸园东” where he played Main Character Lee Dong Chul (Song Seung Hun) as a 16 y.0. Teenager. PARK GEON (Gun) TAE (then 12 y.o) played the the Role of Dong Chul’s 10 y.o brother LEE DongWook.
    7 years later, IN this Drama JUNG YI, these 2 Boys (NO, actually, now they are 1 adult man & 1 teenager) MEET ONCE AGAIN, But Act both ACT as the SMAE Character – KIM TAE DO….Haa!
    Kim Bum as Kim Tae Do
    Park Geon (Gun) Tae as Kim Tae Do (Young)

  615. 615 : MLittleN Says:

    Acting as SAME Character in 2003 Drama “Jung Yi”
    Kim Bum as Kim Tae Do
    Park Geon (Gun) Tae as Kim Tae Do (young)

    Acting as brothers of a Mining Family in the MBC 2008 Drama “East of Eden”
    Kim Bum as young Lee Dong-Chul (15 years old)
    Park Geon (Gun) Tae as young Lee Dong-Wook (10 years old)

  616. 616 : miss Says:

    I like the drama, but don’t like how it ends, since Tae Do is dead, Jung yi surpose marry the price

  617. 617 : BING Says:

    i am so amazed with the story , i developed love to korean teledrama that i can stay in front of the tv for wholeday and half night with only bath and meals as my break ..
    but i am always disappointed on how the story ends …for almost 4 days to finish the 32 episodes , then here comes the ending hanging ? what the hell? i HATE THE ENDING SO MUCH …that i almost broke my 32 inch television…
    why did Tae Do died ? because its history ? oh come on ….
    then what happens to jungyi in japan ? even one scene showing her success nothing? how ridiculus is the writer …grrrrrrrrr
    Same with prince Kwangyi even one scene on his Reign as a king nothing ??? it leave as viewers HANGING…..if that is history why leave us in that kind of ending ? that is not fair ?????

  618. 618 : jen Says:

    I love this drama!! At first, I decided to watch this only because of moon geun young. But while watching it, I started to love all of the cast!! All of them are really good. How about the storyline? I also like it 🙂 the scenes made me angry,sad and happy, it really touched my emotions just like all of my favorite kdrama, so I’m adding this to my FKDs 🙂 . About the ‘no kissing scenes’, I actually like it that way. It only proves that love isn’t shown through kisses or anything. For me, it’s perfect, except for the ending. I’ve finished watching it yesterday and I’m still sad because of it.Tssss, the ending made me cry. But that’s how it’s supposed to be right? Because it’s based on a real historical figure? haaa, but I still hope that Gwanghae had found Jung in the end -.- . Well, I’ll just make up my own happy ending XD . Anyway, If anyone here had read this, may I know the site where I can watch the additional episodes? tnx.

  619. 619 : uggie Says:

    Jadi penasaran pengen nonton drama ini……………..

  620. 620 : Nurul Aryien Says:

    Really dont like the ending… suppose prince gwanghee marry to jung yi.. while taedo is dead its seems like the drame ending with nothing good memories for me.. lee sang woon acting so cool.. i love it

  621. 621 : Aera Says:

    I love MGY. Her acting also good. She is humble too. If you don’t like her or anyone just keep quiet and move on. Why so hateful? There must be something wrong with you then.

  622. 622 : minmin Says:

    Read Bacon’s comment on MGY and some of the objections to the post. I have not finished watching this drama. I waited patiently for the adult “Jung Yi” character and was sorely disappointed. Sorry, MGY just wasn’t suitable for the character. The film / entertainment industry is a tough industry – people are drawn to dramas/movies based on physical as well as personality appeal of which physical makes the first impression. It was a difficult watching MGY – her eyes look squinted and she doesn’t seem to have any feminine appeal. Not sure whether I would continue 🙁

  623. 623 : minmin Says:

    Just finished the series. Must say I got used to MGY and her acting is good. Ending was non-conclusive and not what I expected. Overall, good series other than it being abit long.

  624. 624 : tigerb Says:

    i’m at episode 20 and getting bored with jung yi’s role being relentless in pursuing her dream to be a ceramist, but to the point of being stupid! i came here to read comments after ep. 20 but could not find help regarding the story if i should finish this series or not!

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