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Joseon Exorcist

Title: 조선구마사 / Joseon Exorcist
Genre: Historical, Supernatural. Fantasy
Episodes: 2
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2021-Mar-22 to 2021-March-23
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


The drama tells the story of King Taejong and his two sons, Prince Chungnyung and Prince Yangnyeong, how they fight the evil spirits who came alive and must be exorcised to save Joseon. The founding rulers of Joseon have taken help of the demons and the monsters to overthrow Goryeo. Later the undead return to target the royal family.


Main Cast

Kam Woo Sung as King Taejong
Jang Dong Yoon as Prince Chungnyung / Lee Do
Park Sung Hoon as Prince Yangnyeong / Lee Je

People around King Taejong

Seo Young Hee as Queen Wongyeong

People around Prince Yangnyeong

Lee Yoo Bi as Eori (Yangnyeong’s concubine)

The Butcher and The Shrine

Kim Dong Joon as Byeori
Jung Hye Sung as Moohwa
Geum Sae Rok as Hyeyoom


Min Jin Woong as Ingchoon
Hong Woo Jin as Hong Suk Joong
Moon Woo Jin as Prince Kangnyeong


Park Hyuk Kwon
Choi Moo Sung

Production Credits

Production Companies: YG STUDIOPLEX, Crave Works, Lotte Cultureworks
Director: Shin Kyung Soo
Screenwriter: Park Kye Ok


Due to a controversy concerning its use of Chinese-style props and food, as well as the drama’s interpretation of King Taejong, Prince Chungnyung, and Prince Yangnyeong—which many viewers pointed out as a distortion of Korean history, SBS has decided to cancel the drama series after airing just the first two episodes.

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2021-03-22 1-1 6.1 - 6.7 (16th) 6.5 (13th)
2021-03-22 1-2 9.2 - 8.9 (5th) 9.9 (4th)
2021-03-23 2-1 5.6 - - -
2021-03-23 2-2 7.5 - 6.9 (9th) 7.4 (7th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : pia Says:

    excited!! love … Korean zombie just hits different..aha

  2. 2 : Cheorin Says:

    ADMIN: I think there’s an error; Kam Woo Sung can’t be Prince Yangnyeong. He plays King Taejong.

    (Please delete this)

  3. 3 : Cheorin Says:

    Those pics are amazing. Beautiful!

  4. 4 : hotmail.com login Says:

    16 eps, looks like a great drama to watch!

  5. 5 : MaxT Says:

    This drama is the 2021 version of Kingdom.

  6. 6 : Pocahontas11 Says:

    excited much

  7. 7 : Cheorin Says:

    Isn’t that David Lee McInnis playing the priest at the start when Prince Lee Bang-Won was tricked by the demon to kill all those people? Later Bang-Won became King Taejong and was never accountable for murdering all those innocent people.

    Was the rationale he didn’t know what he was doing? Today that would be the insanity plea or reduced capacity plea. Was that really how it was during the Joseon Dynasty tho or was the monarch simply exempt from the crime of murder?

  8. 8 : AnCe Says:

    Cancelling this show felt like a betrayal. K-Netizens aren’t their only viewers. It’s a fictional story…it’s a drama…they just inspired the characters from King Taejong’s era. Is it really an insult to history?

  9. 9 : Cha Ri Sa Says:

    It’s really sad, I hope to watch this drama until the end. I already imagined this drama would be amazing

  10. 10 : Claire Says:

    Truth about “Joseon Exorcist”

    Unfortunately, this drama is cancelled after airing 2 episodes. I appreciate all the hard work directors, staffs and actors put on this drama. I feel sorry for them.

    Dramas and movies have been always controversial as people have different views and opinions. But JOSEON EXORCIST is different. I see a lot of people say, “well, this is just a fiction, why are Koreans so serious?” But this is not about zombies or Chinese food or historical inaccuracy. It is a fiction anyway. I will explain what this is all about.

    There is a similar K-dreama called “KINGDOM”. It is a fiction drama too but many people loved and praised about it because Korean culture and tradition were introduced as pure as they are – Korean traditional clothes including Got and Hanbok, Korean traditional food, furnitures, music etc. Many people around the world, who didn’t know about Korea well, watched this drama “KINGDOM” and got to know about K-culture and they fell in love with it. This shows how just a fiction drama could introduce world it’s own culture CORRECTLY.

    Differently from KINGDOM, this drama written by a person who made a contract with CHINA features more of Chinese culture. Korean actors wear no Got, wear weird Hanbok, eat Chinese food etc. FIRST, Korean didn’t want to hear Chinese say “why do you copy ours?” BECAUSE it is Koreans who have been fighting so long over this issue – Chinese copying other countries – due to KINGDOM effect, many foreigners became loving Korean Got and Hanbok. After this BOOM, Chinese started putting Korean Hanbok and Got into their nonfiction historical dramas and says “they are ours. So Korean and China already had conflicts. And as expected, after airing episode 1, Chinese uploaded so many hateful postings about this drama saying it’s their culture and why Koreans copy theirs. So Koreans wondered why on earth especially at this sensitive time was this drama made like this, and found out that the writer made a contract with China.

    SECOND, using Chinese ppl in K-drama is OKAY. If it doesn’t have impure intention. Koreans are not mad about this. WHY CAN’T we have Chinese ppl? No problem. BUT THE PROBLEM IS THAT, they put Korean food such as Kimchi or Bibimbap as Chinese products.. And again, there is a serious current inernational issues – China tries to steal Korean and other cultures and says they all belong to China, trying to absorb cultural capital. “China Money” – Those Chinese PPL they ask Korea to use to advertise China in impure ways.

    To help you understand better, let’s say China claims pizza and pasta are originated in China. Or Shakespeare and Einstein are Chinese. Everyone knows it’s not. But China’s long term goal of such Project is for the next and next and next generations. In their Northeast Project Manual revealed by Chinese, it says “the fake will become true if you keep telling people around the world.” So they are implanting such dangerous idea everywhere, brainwashing Chinese to fight for it. Another example, (sorry to bring it out, no offense) let’s say this writer paid by German writes a fiction drama about Nazi, but all those characters are real. The drama highly praises and worships Nazi, distorting history, and extremely mocks and insults those real heros who fought against Nazi and those victim countries, and claims those countries belong to German. Would this be still a fun fiction or it is now understandable for being controversial and sensitive at least to those victims?

    China even claims that Jesus is Chinese and rewrote the bible.. Such beliefs from China’s Northeast Project is now way beyond comprehensible and THIS DRAMA written by this guy who took “China Money” is helping China achieve its goal. China claims every culture is from China thus every country belongs to China.

    AGAIN, because the WRITER made a contract with China and works for China bringing and implanting such idea, Koreans needed to stop him. This writer’s next drama is also about a Korean hero who fought for Korea’s independence against Japan, and says he is actually Chinese.. THAT IS WHY. This drama, written by this person, was cancelled and abolished.

    Still, it’s just a fiction? Yes I understand. Many people around the world don’t care about other country’s culture once it becomes their own problems.

    There was “Cultural Revolution 1966” killed so many scholars and artists who were against Chinese Connunist Party, burning and destroying heritages from Chinese Civilization such as Grave of Confucius. They also destroyed intangible heritages like Martial Arts because CCP considered history and traditions are feudal. And now China is trying to restore their culture by stealing. Would you support this or help protecting other country’s culture? I hope Chinese also fight against CCP and protect and restore their own culture. I am a big fan of Chinese Martial Arts. I hope too see it again too.
    I hope you guys clearly understand the situation. And thanks for loving K-drama. Have a nice day 😊

    Please read THOROUGHLY before the insult. and do not instigate other readers in a wrong way. It is not about hating to see Chinese food in K-dramas lol Nothing’s wrong with it I love and we all love Chinese food. I am only hating such claims that “Korea belongs to China”, “Everything came from China.” like Jesus and other real historical figures or heroes of other countries.

    It is Nor to deny or erase history of China or discredit their contributions to world history. They have long history and great culture. I am only saying EACH COUNTY HAS ITS OWN VALUABLE CULTURE TO BE RESPECTED AND YOU CAN’T JUST TAKE IT.

    For example, it is true that Chinese came to Canada, helped building railroads. Does this fact and history make Canada belong to China? No right? I am not denying the fact and history about Chinese helped building railroads nor discredit their attributions. I am only saying that it is dangerous and wrong China brainwashes Chinese using such historical facts to fight people and say Canada belongs to China because they built railroads in Canada.

    BACK TO THR TOPIC, THIS DRAMA WAS CANCELLED because the WRITER made a contract with CHINA, implying China’s Northeast Project Idea – which claims “Korea is part of China. And every other culture is from China” in his pre/post dramas. People needed to stop HIM from bringing and implanting such dangerous idea in Korea because it’s getting worse.

    FOR THOSE CHINESE who come insulting me and say “China, the most dominant country and the oldest continuous civilizing country in the world, NEVER EVER tried to steal other cultures especially from inferior culture like Korea, please look.

    .FOR THOSE CHINESE who come insulting me and say “the great China NEVER EVER distorted history or fake its people, please look. https://youtu.be/LFEP3pYwsUo

    And for those who still say “Korea is part of China” “IS” as a present tense, I have no words for you.

  11. 11 : talal aljanabi Says:

    I appreciate what you have done because it will leave a stain on your history.

  12. 12 : MaxT Says:

    I’m glad they axed because it’s not even half as good as Kingdom.

  13. 13 : Meta - S. P. Says:

    Here is one article describing what Claire is referring to. It is a good read and explains what they are doing.

    There are quite a few articles on the Northeast Project.

    What Is China’s Northeast Project and Where Is It Heading …
    skt.skku.edu › news › articleView

    The Northeast Project is China’s national research project on the history and current situation of the Three Northeast Provinces (Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang) in China. Its official name is the Serial Research Project on the History and Current Status of the Northeast Border Region, and this project includes China’s plan to incorporate some of ancient Korean history into its own.

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