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Jewel Bibimbap

Title: 보석비빔밥 / Jewel Bibimbap
Chinese title : 寶石拌飯
Also known as: Assorted Gems / Bosuk Bibimbap / The Jewel Family
Previously known as: 손짓 / Sonjit / Hand Signal / Hand Gesture
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2009-Sept-05 to 2010-Feb-21
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45


The four siblings in the Gung family were named after precious jewels: eldest daughter Bi Chwi (Jade), eldest son San Ho (Coral), second daughter Ryu Bi (Ruby), and the youngest son, Ho Bak (Amber). Like an assortment of beautiful gems, their colours may clash and their sharp edges chip away at each other. Using an analogy of a bowl of rice with assorted ingredients to illustrate the workings of a family, the key to a great dish is using the right balance of ingredients in order to create a good mixture. Assorted Gems tells the story of the different lives of the family members and how they learn from their clashes to find the perfect balance.


Gung Family

Go Na Eun as Gung Bi Chwi (Jade)
So Yi Hyun as Gung Ryu Bi (Ruby)
Lee Hyun Jin as Gung San Ho (Coral)
Lee Il Min as Gung Ho Bak (Amber)
Han Jin Hee as Gung Sang Sik (father)
Han Hye Sook as Pi Hye Ja (mother)
Kim Young Ok as Kyul Myung Ja (Sang Sik’s mother)
Jung Hye Sun as Baek Jo (Hye Ja’s mother)

Seo Family

Lee Tae Gon as Seo Yeong Guk
Lee Ah Jin as Seo Kkeut Soon (sister)
Park Geun Hyung as Seo Ro Ma (father)
Hong Yoo Jin as Lee Tae Ri (mother)

Other people

Michael Blunck as Kyle Huntington
Jung Yoo Mi as Lee Kang Ji
Seo Woo Rim as Sa Jang
Yoon Jong Hwa as Yoo Byung Hoon (Ryu Bi’s ex)
Jung Yi Yun as Myung Sun Mi (nurse)
Choi Jae Ho as Jo Bang Kyu
Hwang Hyo Eun as Ma Ye Soon (Seo family maid)
Kwon Min as Hwang Woo Bin
Han Ji Hoo as Tae Seong
Hong Suk Chun as Hong Sa Hyun (bald PD)
Oh Mi Hee as Kyle’s korean stepmother
Shin Shin Ae as Hye Ja’s friend
Seol Woon Do as Seol Hwang Do
Kim Kwang Gyu as bald doctor (cameo)
Lee Seol Hee
Noh Haeng Ha as Hye Jung

Production Credits

Director: Baek Ho Min
Screenwriter: Im Sung Han
Producer: Kim Jung Ho


2009 MBC Drama Awards: Female Excellence Award (Go Na Eun)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Award (Kim Young Ok)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Award (Jung Hye Sun)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-09-05 1 7.5 7.9 (18th)
2009-09-06 2 5.7 (<9.9)
2009-09-12 3 8.2 8.5 (20th)
2009-09-13 4 10.0 (15th) 10.5 (15th)
2009-09-19 5 9.0 (16th) 9.5 (16th)
2009-09-20 6 10.8 (13th) 11.1 (11th)
2009-09-26 7 13.9 (7th) 14.5 (6th)
2009-09-27 8 14.3 (7th) 14.7 (7th)
2009-10-03 9 12.5 (5th) 12.8 (5th)
2009-10-04 10 15.8 (7th) 16.0 (6th)
2009-10-10 11 13.6 (8th) 13.9 (8th)
2009-10-11 12 13.7 (6th) 14.2 (6th)
2009-10-17 13 13.1 (7th) 14.0 (6th)
2009-10-18 14 14.3 (7th) 15.4 (5th)
2009-10-24 15 10.6 (12th) 11.2 (11th)
2009-10-25 16 15.9 (7th) 16.7 (6th)
2009-10-31 17 14.5 (5th) 15.6 (5th)
2009-11-01 18 15.0 (7th) 15.3 (7th)
2009-11-07 19 15.9 (5th) 16.7 (5th)
2009-11-08 20 15.9 (7th) 16.9 (6th)
2009-11-14 21 16.6 (5th) 17.3 (5th)
2009-11-15 22 16.2 (7th) 17.1 (7th)
2009-11-21 23 16.6 (5th) 17.3 (5th)
2009-11-22 24 15.8 (7th) 16.3 (7th)
2009-11-28 25 17.0 (6th) 18.2 (5th)
2009-11-29 26 17.4 (6th) 18.5 (5th)
2009-12-05 27 14.3 (9th) 15.9 (7th)
2009-12-06 28 20.2 (4th) 21.4 (4th)
2009-12-12 29 17.5 (4th) 17.6 (5th)
2009-12-13 30 20.1 (4th) 21.1 (4th)
2009-12-19 31 19.4 (3rd) 19.8 (4th)
2009-12-20 32 20.2 (4th) 20.8 (4th)
2009-12-26 33 19.8 (4th) 20.3 (4th)
2009-12-27 34 23.0 (3rd) 23.8 (3rd)
2010-01-02 35 21.4 (3rd) 22.4 (3rd)
2010-01-03 36 23.3 (4th) 24.5 (3rd)
2010-01-09 37 23.2 (3rd) 24.9 (2nd)
2010-01-10 38 23.7 (4th) 24.5 (3rd)
2010-01-16 39 22.2 (2nd) 23.1 (3rd)
2010-01-17 40 21.9 (4th) 22.3 (3rd)
2010-01-23 41 22.8 (3rd) 23.3 (3rd)
2010-01-24 42 23.5 (4th) 23.4 (4th)
2010-01-30 43 23.9 (4th) 23.9 (4th)
2010-01-31 44 23.7 (4th) 24.3 (4th)
2010-02-06 45 22.3 (4th) 22.4 (4th)
2010-02-07 46 23.9 (4th) 24.5 (4th)
2010-02-13 47 18.7 (4th) 18.5 (4th)
2010-02-14 48 18.5 (4th) 18.6 (2nd)
2010-02-20 49 23.5 (4th) 24.2 (4th)
2010-02-21 50 25.8 (4th) 26.1 (4th)

Source: TNS Media Korea


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  1. 1 : Well Says:


    That picture look funny =)

  2. 2 : raz Says:

    The cast looks interesting.good luck!

  3. 3 : Givarine Says:

    Wow it looks like a really cool show. Can’t wait

  4. 4 : Rice Eater Says:

    You need the fast forward button when watching this show. It’s not horrible but it sure as hell isn’t great.

  5. 5 : yas Says:

    I’m Iranian I like Korean’s films

  6. 6 : Mei Says:

    I’m Singaporean, I enjoying watching Korean’s drama since 2002.
    Lee Tae Gon, you are a good actor, keep it up.
    Jewel Bibimbap – an interesting story,ha..ha… can’t wait.

  7. 7 : 큐티 Says:

    GREAT DRAMa!!!! so far 🙂 i watched ep 1-2 and its fun ^^ hehe .

  8. 8 : Rice Eater Says:

    this show is freaking awesome.. The white guy in the cast is hilarious.

  9. 9 : John Says:

    I’m liking this show more and more. The interaction between Ruby and Kyle is especially fun to watch! 😀

  10. 10 : Mei Says:

    I’m enjoying this drama so much. Jade, Ruby, Coral & Amber are really good siblings.

  11. 11 : yen_nguyen Says:

    I’m happy that the rate is improved with each episode. This drama is really nice, up till now I always wait for weekend watching it! Love it!

  12. 12 : Mei Says:

    I’m agreed yen_nguyen comments. I’m really enjoy watching this drama.

  13. 13 : Jagiy Says:

    I love Korean Drama. I like to see Lee Hyun Jin who played as Gung San Ho. I’ve seen him in drama called Family’s Honor also in ??? I forgot the title (it’s drama comedy). I think he’s cool. I hope to see him more.

  14. 14 : kay Cook Says:

    I start watching this drama few day’s go…i’m really enjoy wayching this drama…..

  15. 15 : Linda Says:

    OMFG ! It’s not playing on mysoju D: . Can anyone tell me other websites that HAVE it w/ENG SUBS . I’m dying to watch it ]; T-T ….

  16. 16 : KBC12 Says:

    @ Linda

    watch on Viikii.net. Eng sub/ep32 is done…enjoy it……

  17. 17 : Gem12 Says:

    I love this a drama! !!!!…..

  18. 18 : Mei Says:

    I’m very happy the rating improving. Is a very comedy drama, can’t wait till the last series,ha…ha.

  19. 19 : cat 78 Says:

    I love this drama…..

  20. 20 : Capricia Says:

    Hi Everybody,

    I love Korean Films. Wow! I will watch this film and it must be hiliarous! Have a nice weekend! Take care. 😀

  21. 21 : santy Says:

    I love this drama.I like to see Lee tae gon

  22. 22 : KBC12 Says:

    I love this drama ! ,JB is one of those rere drama that my interest nest to my Cityhall has end, JB is funny but romantic ! ……………………love drama and love see Lee tae gon

  23. 23 : Mei Says:

    Can anyone tell me where can I watch episode 47 to 50? I enjoying watching this drama from the start, very very sad I cannot watch the last 4 episode.

  24. 24 : DM Says:

    The ending was terrible and turned the 50 hours I invested into a complete was of time. Don’t watch this drama if you care about a proper ending that makes any sense at all. Im Sung Han (the writer) sucks! 🙁

  25. 25 : sia ho san Says:

    Korean dramas make me salute film including the stories this movie talk about family lives of everyday people

  26. 26 : Dee Says:

    Is it worth to watch? I mean for 50 episodes?

  27. 27 : Eka Says:

    worth to watch! Love it:)

  28. 28 : Yuri Says:

    I really love to watch this family drama!! ^^ It was really great!
    But still, I’m not sure what’s really going on in the last episode. It’s kinda confusing…

  29. 29 : mutiara Says:

    it’s very long, but still it’s a great drama, so it’s worth to watch… hmmm, if u have much time to watch…

  30. 30 : ardhan Says:

    I really love to watch this family drama… 🙂

  31. 31 : mel Says:

    another family drama… i will watch it..

  32. 32 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much..
    wanna watch it,,

  33. 33 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  34. 34 : ninenine Says:

    Love it much. I love Tae Gon.

  35. 35 : yellowor Says:

    I love korean family drama. watch it much, the story are very nice and funny. good actors and actress.

  36. 36 : avantar Says:

    I like this drama bec of Lee Tae Gon. He’s great actor, love a lot.

  37. 37 : laluna Says:

    very nice story, all actors and actress are great. especially love Lee Tae Gon.

  38. 38 : phyu(Myanmar) Says:

    I finish watch “Jewel Bibimbap”. i like a lot, I love lee Tae Gon, he act very narural, love him much!!

  39. 39 : juliet Says:

    I love you Lee Tae Gon and his action is good.

  40. 40 : juliet Says:

    I like this family drama and I love Lee Tae Gon.

  41. 41 : strawberry Says:

    This drama is great, Our recommends. falling in love lee Tae Gon in this drama.

  42. 42 : ATDL Says:

    Lee Tae Gon’s drama are always the best. I always give support him.

  43. 43 : ATDL Says:


  44. 44 : ATDL Says:


  45. 45 : sana Says:

    I like this drama <3

  46. 46 : soclose Says:

    Lee Tae Gon is my favourite actor. He is a very smart, handsome and wonderful. He has a good-natured face. He looks very active, cheerful and charming. His actings are very lively and natural. His movements are light, smooth and graceful. The way he speaks is very politely and attractive. He wears decent dresses of different styles. I have watch some films which features Lee Tae Gon as actor.
    Especially, so cute in Dear Heaven, fall in love so much with Wang Mo. I also like in Jewel Bibimbap, love him a lot. He is a wonderful actor who can play his role very well. I think that he is gifted for acting naturally. To me, his most outstanding feature is that he can appeal to the hearts of the audience with his overall acting. I appreciate and admire him pleasant way of acting. He deserves his good reputation. After seeing him so many times in movies, he becomes very close and intimate to me. He is the actor I like to meet and talk. I like to see how he looks and behaves in his everyday life.
    May his good reputation and popularity last for a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 47 : powerfull Says:

    This drama is great!!!!!!

  48. 48 : powerfull Says:

    The actors and actresses done a great work!!!

  49. 49 : wann Says:

    I like this drama bec of Lee Tae Gon……

  50. 50 : Chue Says:

    I love Lee Tae Gon, he’s the best actor, his acting is very natural,i like him a lot.

  51. 51 : mygirlbebe Says:

    I love Lee Tae Gon, he is the best koreanactor..love his acting..very talented and natural..

  52. 52 : mygirlbebe Says:

    I also like this drama, very nice drama bec Lee Tae Gon. he will always the best korean actor in my heart… always love him…

  53. 53 : Ati- Iran Says:

    a dreadfully GREAT drama… i love it

  54. 54 : soong ji Says:

    love this dramaaaaaa !<3

  55. 55 : yoemonn331 Says:

    NICE DRAMA!!!! I love Lee Tae Gon…

  56. 56 : gloria Says:

    love this drama!

  57. 57 : hermes bags Says:

    I also like this drama, very nice drama bec Lee Tae Gon. he will always the best korean actor in my heart… always love him…

  58. 58 : Boris Says Says:

    I loved watching The Jewel Familiy, excellent casting, my best regards to Choi Ah Jin, congratulations to this Girl.

  59. 59 : Bee Says:

    I love the story quite a lot in general.
    But i only finish 39ep.
    I dislike the problem between bi chew,hobak,young guk and kkeut soon.
    I find it really stupid and i pretty much skip through the whole of ep39.

  60. 60 : gingee Says:


  61. 61 : peter Says:

    I really love this korean drama. It makes me laugh and cry. I really like all the cast they really look like a family.

  62. 62 : JD Says:

    After hearing all the positive comments about this drama, the only question I can ask is “Are we drinking the same stuff?”

    Jewel Bibimbap may have started out fine, but the ending was terrible. Kyle and Ruby should’ve ended up together, and so should Kkeut Soon and Ho Bak. Tae Ri also dies needlessly on the way to Kkeut Soon and Ho Bak’s wedding, wrecking what started out as a light-hearted and promising comedy and turning it into a stupid and boring tragedy. In short, watching Jewel Bibimbap ended up being a total waste of time and effort.

  63. 63 : sara Says:

    I totally agree with you Jd. it was totally awful

  64. 64 : Dlk Says:

    I enjoyed this Korean family drama superb acting.

  65. 65 : via Says:

    wow.. thank God I havent finished watching this one, I also hope that Kyle will end up with Ryu Bi, what a mess.. 🙁

  66. 66 : kdrama freak Says:

    Perfect casting and strong story line. Enjoy very much. highly recommended. so when will be Lee Tae Gon next drama?

  67. 67 : Leila Hutchins Says:

    Go Na Eun is Jade? Really? I liked her in this drama but I am watching Goddess of Marriage and I hardly recognized her there. She looks very plain in this drama plus I hate her role. Can’t believe it’s the same person.

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