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Ja Myung Go

Title: 자명고 / Ja Myung Go
Chinese Title : 女王自鳴鼓
Previously known as: 왕녀 자명고 / Princess Ja Myung Go
Also known as: The Royal Princess of Ja Myung Go / The Story of Self Destruction
Genre: Historical, period, romance
Episodes: 39
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-March-09 to 2009-July-21
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Legend has it that more than 2000 years ago, the Kingdom of Nangnang possessed a mystical Ja Myung Drum (Ja Myung Go) which will sound by itself when enemies invade. In reality, Ja Myung Go does not represent the drum but instead, is embodied by the King’s daughter, Princess Ja Myung. Princess Ja Myung and Princess Nak-Rang are born on the same day and time to the same father but different mothers. It is predicted that one princess will become the nation’s savior while the other will bring the entire nation down. Using her family’s powerful background, Princess Nak-Rang’s mother successfully establishes her daughter as the savior princess while Princess Ja Myung, who is branded the princess of destruction, escapes death with the help of her mother and grows up among the common folk. When she learns of her true identity, Princess Ja Myung returns to her Kingdom, resulting in a new wave of internal politics and power struggles. Princess Ja Myung and Prince Hodong of the rival state of Goguryeo fall in love but fate has it that they cannot be together. Princess Nak-Rang, who is also in love with the Prince, willingly gives her nation up to him by destroying her Kingdom’s mystical war drum. Princess Ja Myung, fighting to save her nation, finally pierces her sword towards her beloved Prince Hodong…


Jung Ryu Won as Princess Ja Myung
Lee Young Yoo as Lee Young Yoo as Ja Myung / Pu Ku (child)
Park Min Young as Princess Ra Hee
Jin Ji Hee as Ra Hee (child)
Jung Kyung Ho as Prince Hodong
Kang Soo Han as Hodong (child)
Yeo Jin Goo as Hodong (adolescent)
Moon Sung Geun as King Daemusin
Kim Sung Ryung as Mo Ha So (Ja Myung’s mother)
Hong Yo Seob as Chae Ri (Ja Myung & Ra Hee’s father)
Lee Mi Sook as Wang Ja Shi / Lady Hae (Ra Hee’s mother)
Lee Joo Hyun as Wang Hol
Park Gun Tae as Wang Hol (child)
Yeo Wook Hwan as Il Poom
Yoon Chan as Il Poom (child)
Park Hyo Joo as Chi So
Sung Hyun Ah as Song Maesolsoo
Kim Ga Yun as Yeo Rang (Hodong’s aunt)
Lee Han Wie as Woonaru
Hwang Geum Hee as Dong Go Bi
Go Soo Hee as Mo Young Hae (Wang Geng’s wife)
Jo Mi Ryung as Mi Chu (Circus owner)
Kang Ye Sol as So So
Lee Won Jong as Cha Cha Song (Circus owner)
Na Han Il as Wang Geng
Kim Hak Chul as Boo Dal (Wang Geng’s soldier)
Lee Young Bum as Eul Doo Ji (Hodong’s mentor)
Jang Doo Yi as Do Chal
Park Jung Woo as Chu Bal So
Ahn Suk Hwan as (prophet)
Jang Ji Eun
Oh Eun Chan as Hae Ae Woo
Lee Sul Goo as Se Jak
Kim Hyung Mook as General Song Kang

Production Credits

Director: Lee Myung Woo (이명우)
Screenwriter: Jung Sung Hee


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  1. 1 : Dbz Says:

    Thanks for the awesome post, saved me some time 😉

  2. 2 : spinkystar Says:

    It takes a long time for me to wait for this drama !

  3. 3 : Elnaaaaaaaaaz ! Says:

    I think it will be good derama .. But I think ! ^__^

  4. 4 : tiga Says:

    Sounds like The First Four King’s God (Legend) the female version…

  5. 5 : k3neZa Says:

    i cannot wait to c da drama…
    hop dat it would b cool…

  6. 6 : k3neZa Says:

    i cannot wait to c da drama…
    lurb love drama…

  7. 7 : mikki Says:

    where can i watch this??

  8. 8 : suellen09 Says:

    omg….i love the main gurl…but i think they need to switch the main guy…sorry ppl …i have my reasons…

  9. 9 : YulGok Says:

    I’m Korean…

    But I didn’t hear this news in this country, even I love TV series.

    What is this series??

  10. 10 : aks Says:

    dat drama b great, sounds like (Legend)

  11. 11 : Cristina Says:

    Great wallpaper! wish this series gonna be as good as Kingdom of the Winds. though ending isn’t that happy. but never mind, GOODLUCK to the cast and crew!

  12. 12 : Sony Says:

    I agree with Cristina.
    I love this cover picture

  13. 13 : sara Says:

    can anyone pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee tell me if there’s any sexual scene in this drama please please please pleaseeeeeeeee

  14. 14 : chin Says:

    hello to all can i ask for a something in what channel the sbs in philippines bcz i like to see a dramas in korea bcoz its nice i hope you will rply 4 ds message……my idol in korea is JEONG RYEO WON AND KIM RAE WON

  15. 15 : chin Says:

    hello to all can i ask for a something in what channel the sbs,mbc,kbs, in philippines bcz i like to see a dramas in korea bcoz its nice i hope you will rply 4 ds message……my idol in korea is JEONG RYEO WON AND KIM RAE WON

  16. 16 : snow Says:

    Don reali understang cos in korean. Wish i take korean. Is it diffcult to learn cos try once but forget easily. Hee Hee i very forgetful one.

  17. 17 : snow Says:

    don reali understand cos in korean. Wish i learn korean. Is it diffcult cos learn once but forget so easily. maybe didn used it offen that why Some more i forget very easily.

  18. 18 : kiki Says:

    The drama is getting really interesting, hopefully the rating will keep going up. I was wondering if we will be getting all flashbacks like that, i prefer they show us how these characters meet and go on with the story for this kind of drama…

  19. 19 : decca1237 Says:

    i just watched episode 1 and it was really good! it left me wanting more, more, more!! but it’s taking too long to upload the episodes on the internet… can’t wait for ep2 to be available.. subbers and uploaders, thanks in advance! fighting!

  20. 20 : sara Says:

    does anyone know if muhyul is a bad guy in this dama??if anyone know please let me know pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  21. 21 : Cristina Says:

    Just finished Ep.1. couldn’t help wandering why P. Hodong loved both Naknang Princesses. and who he really loved most? Great! i really have to watch this to end….. very nice actors and actresses. it’s true that Jung Ryu Won is one of Korea’s Beautiful Face to watch for. it’s new to see her in action… i just wish that they took a more masculine actor as P. Hodong. Jung Kyu Ho looks younger that Ms. Jung. well, will just wait and watch out for this series.

  22. 22 : mina Says:


    korean drama free download~!!


  23. 23 : nhiezah Says:

    can’t wait to watch this drama..i love jung ryeo-won!

  24. 24 : Dae Haneul Says:

    Thanks for posting. I hope that you’ll also post the OST of the drama. I’ll be more than glad. Thanks

  25. 25 : mye Says:


  26. 26 : baran Says:

    download princess Ja Myung Go

  27. 27 : mamie Says:

    i love this drama, but they say the rating is very low in korea, so they want to cut the episode shorter. i think korean surely have weird kind of drama they like. dont understand why they dont like this drama..the story the cast acting overall is ok…

  28. 28 : kosoe Says:

    Hello!! All my new friends I wanna get the drama wallpapers. So, pls told me how should I do to get wallpaper because I couldn’t understand Korean language.
    Thank a lot!
    Ko soe

  29. 29 : thunder Says:

    i am currently watching this series and i enjoy it very much so far.
    However, I think it is sad love story and will probably have a sad ending.
    Please continue to support this series. Fighting!

  30. 30 : m0rteza Says:


  31. 31 : m0rteza Says:


  32. 32 : BoRa Says:

    I am addicted to this drama already ^^ I heard that rating is’t that good but for me this is one of the most enjoyable dramas for me. The story is kinda sad but interesting and pretty intense, though.

    Keep going JMG… I will support you guys through the end ^^

  33. 33 : deggie Says:

    i love this show, m totally addicted to it. I loving the plot, every twists and the intensity of the story line is way too awesome!!! i don’t understand why the rating isn’t good for this show, it is the best the korean series ever. As others have said, i will also support this show !!!!! GO JMG , although jeong ryeo won looks really good in her character, i think she should put on some weight cuzz she does look sick at times…anywayss good luck all the cast and crew…

  34. 34 : Jade Says:

    I enjoy watching this drama, seems to have all the elements of what makes good Korean drama. It is unfortunate that rating is low. I look forward to each upcoming episodes.

    Aja, Aja 자명고 !!!

  35. 35 : eugene Says:

    They both died at the end. After Ja Myung died, prince Ho Dong suffered and his stepmother said bad things about him to his father and after he realized that his father didn’t trust him, he eventually killed himself. So sad!

  36. 36 : Jack Says:

    hi,i have a question?Is this drama finished?can I buy it?

  37. 37 : bahar Says:

    hey!that was terrible really!!!!!!!

  38. 38 : bahar Says:

    please!!!!!how can i buy it?

  39. 39 : melanie Says:

    I really love this drama! i love Prince Hodong, he is so cute! i can’t wait to buy this video DVD soon! with english subtitles of course…I hope Prince Hodong will have more movies or teleseries….He is a good actor and very cute! I love this drama Princess Ja myung.very good story…Congratulations for having good, quality teleseries! and a good actor, actress, director and a very good scriptwriter….Goodluck!

  40. 40 : eugene Says:

    I love Ho Dong and La Hee. They both handsome and beautiful.

  41. 41 : Where are the dvds available for pruchase with English subtitles? Says:

    I would love to find out how one goes about purchasing the korean drama series with English subtitles..

  42. 42 : soleiman91 Says:

    download princess ja myung go

  43. 43 : soleiman91 Says:

    download Princess Ja Myung

  44. 44 : lk Says:

    mysoju.com has up to Episode 5 online. I don’t believe that this drama went to Episode 39 but was cut short to Episode 18 or 20. Why did they do this? It WAS a very good series. What a disappointment.

  45. 45 : Lucy Says:

    when will this comke out on dvd?!?!?!

  46. 46 : Vie Says:

    This drama is so cool… the ending is like romeo & juliet….

  47. 47 : belle Says:


  48. 48 : yuri Says:

    what’s happen to the other episodes i’d just seen only up to episode 5 when will it be out?

  49. 49 : ziena Says:

    i liked the begining more than the later story the acting was good in general but the make up and the clorthes not so convincing

  50. 50 : ziena Says:

    the beginning is better than the later story good acting in general but the romance is a bit boring

  51. 51 : Mohammad Says:

    Hi.Korean People

    my name is mohammad.i am from iran
    ja myung go is a best korean Drama


  52. 52 : forough Says:

    hi korean people . i am now watching this series . i think it is one of the best korean series . i like it very much .

  53. 53 : bidacel Says:

    i dont like the ending of this drama…its so tragic..very sad… but i like puku and hodong. they are good couple..

  54. 54 : some one Says:

    i lvoe too. but fell ramantic of the couper La-Hie and H.doung
    is a bit boring

    from Thailand

  55. 55 : forough Says:

    excuse me some one but i think YOU are Boring not Jung Kyung Ho .

  56. 56 : ratana Says:

    I love this Korean series. It is one of the best series I really enjoy. I love all the characters of this drama. Love, love and love.

  57. 57 : shadi Says:

    mazing drama i love hodong wow cute

  58. 58 : shadi Says:

    love it

  59. 59 : nor Says:

    hi korean people
    it not bad but There is Lack in Story
    and Alandamj emotional Minus
    La-Hie i loved her Reality
    Ja Myung Go Living in fiction and non-explicitly and made me feel satisfied after
    Serial non-bad, but needs to update the story, even if fictional stor

  60. 60 : nor Says:

    hi korean people
    it not bad but There is Lack in Story
    and Alandamj emotional Minus
    La-Hie i loved her Reality
    Ja Myung Go Living in fiction and non-explicitly and made me feel satisfied after
    Serial non-bad, but needs to update the story, even if fictional story
    i love korea

  61. 61 : soma Says:

    hello,my name is soma I’m from iraq and really love this drama i saw many korean drama but this one is so good ja myung and hodong are sooo cute together i love them so much

  62. 62 : some one Says:

    excuse me some one but i think YOU are Boring not Jung Kyung Ho .

    sorry to say that …..H.doung but i’m ok for the actor , Jung Kyung Ho

  63. 63 : forough Says:

    dear some one ,
    i know what was you mean but i wanna say that the series and each part of it was amazing and really exciting , for me at least .
    let me excuse you .
    sorry frnd

  64. 64 : some one Says:

    Dear forough

    don’t worry about that
    I agree c u of another path
    but for love path Rha-Hee and prince H. doung
    i fell unhappy looklike a man use a basic instant but we called
    it a love true love sometime i think Rha-Hee and P. H. doung
    falling in love or in basic instant

    nice to meet u to discut about the drama that u and me love it

  65. 65 : alina Says:

    great love story but where can i watch the all episodes .please tell me .Koreans are making the best dramas ,romances and the best comedies.From europe

  66. 66 : forough Says:

    dear frnd ,
    thanks for your comment and the most thing that you excuse me .
    now i want you to read a short story that i like it so much and it was change some of my oppinon .
    i wish u like it .

    once upon a time , there was an island where all the feelings lived:
    happiness , sadness , knowlege , and all the others , including love ! one day it was announced to the feelings that the island would be sink , so all constructed boat and left except love .
    love was the only one who stayed. love wanted to hold out until the last possible moment .
    when the island had almost sunk , love decided to ask for help .
    richness wsa passing by love in a grand boat .love said :
    richness , can you take me with you ?
    richness answered : no i can’t there is a lot of gold and silver in my boat . there is no place here for you .
    love decided to ask vanity who was also passing by in a beautiful vessel .
    “vanity , please help me !”
    vanity answered :” i can’t help you , love . you are all wet and might damage my boat .”
    sadness was close by so loved asked : ” saddness let me go with you .”
    “oh no … love , i am so sad that i need to be by myself !”
    happiness passed by love too . but she was so happy that didn’t even hear when love called her .
    suddenly , there was a voice,: “come, love , i will take you .” it was an elder . so blessed and overjoyed , love even forgot to ask the elder where they were going .
    when they arrived at dry land the elder went her own way . realizing how much was owed the elder ,
    love asked knowledge , another elder , “who helped me ?”
    “it was time ,” knowledge answered .
    “time ? , but why did time helpe me ?”
    knowledge smile with deep wisdom and answered ,:
    ” beceause only time is capable of understanding how valuable love is”

  67. 67 : some one Says:

    Thank for this story of love, forough

    i like to hear that but sometime i think love is love not to label
    the value but, in fact we always to do that

    best wish

  68. 68 : forough Says:

    dear frnd ,
    in this series the most interesting thing was the real love between ja myung and h.dong.
    i find Rahi as selfish girl who want to reach every thing that are for both of rahi and jamyung . she want more that her right and the point is that h.dong factually never fell in love with her and although she now that she try to have him .
    after all i fallow all the series jumong and the kingdom of the wind and i find this drama more enjoyable .
    good luck

  69. 69 : some one Says:

    Thank a lot ,forough

    i agree c u

    and enjoy c this series although it very sad too.
    I think it a good drama from many path Ex. good actor , actress
    i like the player that the team seek for play in the roll from child
    to adult . P.Hodong , Rha hee(P.Nuk rang . p. Ja myung and anorther
    and the drama writer. and very good for me to know new friend
    by pass this series and suggest to understand main point or
    the interesting point in this drama , please faith i’m not tell a lie

    bey and good luck

  70. 70 : forough Says:

    dear frnd ,
    i thank u too . i find you as a nice frnd that would always ready for communicate .
    i wish our friendship will be as long as korea history .
    best of luck .

  71. 71 : some one Says:

    Dear forough

    now i have understand something from this drama
    i confuse when see lahee cry when p.Hodong kiss her
    i don’t understand while she love her why she cry
    and i think why i don’t like p. Hodong when he kiss her
    now i know

    she cry because of she don’t want kiss she want love
    from his heart , she love him although he not kiss

    i don’t like this scien because of i think p. Hodong
    not genttle look like he try to do a bad thing
    but i don’t know what?

    now i understand he try to make lahee falling in love
    by fact Lahee love him at first to see him
    he don’t know.

    and i think when tne one say she blind because of love
    not wrong , sometime love from kiss not the cause but
    may be love is love from first site when she was adolessent

    for me , this drama very hard to under stand

    please tell me i understand main point.

    thank u
    : i wish our friendship will be as long as korea history .

    :i hope that . thank u

  72. 72 : zayalhawa Says:

    Whsts that i cant bear whats la hai did !!! how she could belive hodong while she kow very wel he loves jamyung!!! how she did that with her father !!! my heart was broken when i saw choi lee surender to that dog hodong’s father & pig hodong who behaive like a prostitute-sorry for this word- i hope leader wang hol could beat them all!!! But to be frankly speaking this epis was awesome !

  73. 73 : Hamed Ambassador Says:


  74. 74 : some one Says:

    Dear Hamed Ambassador

    nice to here people say about this drama
    I vove this drama too although it’s very sad

    nice to meet you Hamed Ambassador

    excuseme for my question

    I would like to know why or what about CHOI LEE ITS
    that take him in your heart

    thank you


    Hamed Ambassador Says:


  75. 75 : ainaz Says:

    i am from iran i really love this drama but really made me cry very tragic my heart really tauched one of my favorite drama forever jung oppa you are the best love you

  76. 76 : kimo Says:

    I really loved this drama show!! It was amazing!! I am micronesian and still I watched this amazing show!! I loved it!!

  77. 77 : kimo Says:

    Awsome! Drama show!! Get this I’m micronesian!! Such a very emotional show!

  78. 78 : kathy Says:

    where can i watch this drama

  79. 79 : TT Says:

    Anyway for people live in the US to watch this? The video won’t load, I got a message “license still pending in you region”

  80. 80 : vanessa Says:

    TIS IS BASED ON THE MANGA! Can’t Lose You by Wann. But they changed the plot a bit. Instead of modern and all tat they changed it to all those olden day stuff. I’m so gonna watch it!

  81. 81 : mutiara Says:

    is it a good drama? i consider to watch it..

  82. 82 : mel Says:

    this picture looks like so romantic..

  83. 83 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much.. so cooll,,,,

  84. 84 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  85. 85 : Ly Says:

    No one seems to have this drama anywhere. Does anyone know where this drama is being uploaded? I’ve gone to Viikii and they seem to have broken links and mysoju only has up to 6 ep. I really want to watch this drama. Please someone tell me.

  86. 86 : carmelita Says:

    You can watch this drama in crunchyroll.com but you have to subscribe and be a member.

  87. 87 : biechen Says:

    Hodong & Jamyung really love each other till the end…great love story…

    Had fun watching Jung Kyung Ho..such a good actor…

  88. 88 : munerra Says:

    ja myung go it is a wonderful drama it really pretty story i love jamyung hodong and lahi

  89. 89 : louis vuitton wallet Says:

    love korean drama much.. so cooll,,,,

  90. 90 : Sandra Says:

    This is not based on a MANGA, it’s based on a real story ~_~. at least go search for some info =_=”

  91. 91 : inez Says:

    bagus ….ost nya juga nice listening……

  92. 92 : Oman Says:

    the drama which I like most !
    and it was the first Korean drama I have seen .

  93. 93 : hairi Says:

    It’s a TRUE STORY.It’s once called LeLang Commandery(China’s commandery).IT’S NOT A MANGA!It Had a sad ending Though,Hodong Died Before Even Seeing Ja Myung/Puku until the old age.They died before the modern age & sadly before becoming a king & a queen.

  94. 94 : i luv skks Says:

    i hate hodong! He is ambitious, he choose to want to be a king than to protect jamyong and lahee’s people. Lahee is pitiful,at first he dont trust hodong, but hodong keep on going to mke her fall in love,but he already love jamyong.. He is heartless through lahee.. And also lahee died because of him,but he didnt do anything to save her.
    I hate him so much, and his father muhyul too, they become so ambitious here..

  95. 95 : madzz Says:

    you can watch this drama on dramaload.com or dramafans.prg
    but the annoying thing is that they have subs for all the episodes except 33 and 35 so im really pissed off coz its near the end and its the most important bits 🙁
    i rally need to find some other website but if its from megaupload then its the same as those websites and wont have those two episodes subbed :\
    crunchyroll and dramafever doesnt apply to the country i live in (UK)
    aaargh so annoying can anyone help i really dont want to miss those vital moments :'(

  96. 96 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Sun Ireland الحلقة الاولى بث   IRIS يهبل     It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl J Ja Myung Go Jejungwon Jewel Bibimbap Jumong – Prince of The Legend Jung Yak Yong Jungle Fish 2 K Kid Gang Kim […]

  97. 97 : PVL Says:

    I love and enjoyed watching Historical Dramas – and it made me appreciate that we live in a Society govern by the Rule of Law and Reasons and enjoying the Freedom that most of us callously taking for granted. Throughout history of mankind, GREED plague in human civilization. Every civilization in history and every ruler have their own share of lust for power and wealth and that has been the cause of wars among nations and creates discord and power struggle which is a Cold Hard Reality that destroys family – wherein only the STRONG SURVIVES, an Era of Conquest. We glimpsed on that Era in Ja Myung Go – it is a tragic but it is really a beautiful love story. Destiny brought Prince Hodong and Princess Ja Myung together but it is their cruel fate that keeps them apart and only in Death they could be together – but in the end Love Prevails – sad but sweet ending for the two people who love each other to death but cannot abandon the nation and its people and the legacy they are bound to protect. It is a sad but it is a good drama and the lead actors are really good as well, KUDOS to everyone who are responsible for bringing exemplary production of this drama, I’m looking forward for another Period Drama like this.

  98. 98 : ilainei idos Says:

    try watching this drama, it’s a good one

  99. 99 : shosho Says:

    here is all english sub except 6 episodes 7,10,13,15,16 & 28 so i hope any one have the rest of sub to upload it.

  100. 100 : cheng Says:

    Even if I really like the love between JaMyung and Hodong, and I know how much JaMyung loved Hodong, but I didnt like the last words saying that if she were to be born again she’ll like to be his mom! I know that this means her carring of him, of course, she knew how much he wanted a mom.
    As I have learned from my professor, a man fall in love with a woman that resembles his mom. And when I heard my professor saying ths, I found it a real truth.
    I know it’s nonsense from me criticizing about it, it’s just that those words hurt me. After a year watching this drama, I can still remember the tragic love story of them when I listen to the OST=>Love is not a crime by Baek Ji Young TT.TT

  101. 101 : cheng Says:

    How much I would have liked if in the end the author would have given us a little of hope for NangNang kingdom, it was really sad.
    If Ja Myung mom and Princess Rahee were alive, so as to give us hope.
    This was the most tragic story of all tragedy……..
    So really hate Hodong’s father.

  102. 102 : cheng Says:

    Like all the characters of this drama excepting for king Daemusing.
    The only character I hate in this drama is king daemusing

  103. 103 : Rokujo Says:

    For some more reflections on this drama. , please check out my website or click on my name!
    I actually don’t like ANYONE in this drama so far except Mo Haso, her maid, Jamyung, Ilpum, and Hodong.
    People on my hate list: *Spoilers*
    1. Song Maeseolsu

  104. 104 : erwan Says:

    it’s a very wonderful drama, only it’s ending is heart-breaking, very tragic.
    it’s not expensive like queen seon deok but the story itself is already a big package, interesting, i even had it’s soundtracks saved in my phone. It’s one of the best drama in south korea. i cried so many times watching this and i will never ever forget the characters.

  105. 105 : Vi Vi Says:

    I did spend only 1 day without resting to watch this film. Luv it!

  106. 106 : Glady Says:

    its such a tragic story!!! but then i cried many time and hated the 2nd Queen, the Crowned princess and that Queen Song Maeseolsu !!!!

  107. 107 : Shadi Says:

    i really love this series.i think i watched it more than 15 times in 2 years.

    i really like hodong and i just hope that this series have a better ending for example jamyung or hodong still alive, i watched it more and more to change end of series in my mind but it couldnt be change.

  108. 108 : jedidah gavina Says:

    wow ….congrats well done to all cast …the dialogue of Prince Hodong and Princess Ja myungo are all deep, it stirred my spirit. A story of love and loyalty to country…it just shows Love conquesrs eveything…

  109. 109 : Kira Says:

    This drama is amazing. LOVED IT!!!!

  110. 110 : moulder Says:

    The story has many flaws, unjustified twist
    stupid characters
    no sense of hope to the faithful and just
    the bad wins over the good
    I’ve wasted my time watching this drama
    incomparable to Jumong, jewel in the palace and Dongyi

  111. 111 : Matt Says:

    Hi @Admin, can you please find out the rating’s for this drama? Thank you very much~~~

  112. 112 : admin Says:

    Matt (111),

    Episode ratings is here


  113. 113 : Matt Says:

    Thanks for the ratings’ information, is it possible though to display it on the page?

  114. 114 : [email protected] Says:

    hi idol:):):) ur so cute!!!!!!!!!

  115. 115 : James Lam Says:

    U guys are good,all the cast they are the best…am move with the kids action…I bet u Nigerians like ur film. Weldone

  116. 116 : lisa Says:

    this drama is very good. i was hesitate to watch it because i don’t very like the main herione, but seeing how she loves her country makes me watch it. the story is very sad where you love a person all your heart but couldn’t live with her or him. i love this drama the most.

  117. 117 : creepygirls Says:

    second season pleasssssseeee.

  118. 118 : Cheezy Says:

    I really luv dis movie,i hpe we’ll b seeing more of Hodoing and Jamyung in seasonal movies.Hodong’s soooooooooo cute and really knows how to be emotional….Song Maesulsoo we’ve heard enough of your Haeawua!!,King Daemushin maybe cruel,but at the same time the only one capable of putting Biryuna tribe back to their place;)….

  119. 119 : zarima Says:

    can anyone tell if the ending is bad or a good one? is there a reasons why is ja myong and hodong died?

    ADMIN can you tell? hehehehe just asking and a little bit curious if you can tell us.. thank you

  120. 120 : ance Says:

    love the drama but i really don’t like the ending…why is it like that?did it really happen?
    can anyone tell me where i can re-watch this drama?

  121. 121 : imdb 7+ film izle Says:

    I have read several just right stuff here. Definitely value bookmarking for revisiting.

    I surprise how a lot effort you place to make this kind of
    fantastic informative web site.

  122. 122 : kimchilee Says:

    I love the songs here but where can i download the songs? the OST has been terminated in this website.. 🙁 please someone tell me where?

  123. 123 : Neerah Says:

    My heart iz dying outta curiousty…i stopped at season 3 nd cant get the other seasons..i feel so sad,my heart iz heavy..seems lyk korean‘s are not similar with the “happy ending“..atleast u guyz shuld try nd make us happy..i rily want to knw wah happened in d end.

  124. 124 : mesete sto ewe Says:

    I’ve watched this movie three whole day and night..cry most off the times..but the end really breaks my heart, i couldn’t sleep after i finished the movie..its really a sad n heart breaker movie,but over all its a good movie..congratz to all the actors n actress..:)..<3

  125. 125 : josh1977 Says:

    its sad ending but we have to deal with its with the korean history…love the story..i love jung kyung ho

  126. 126 : solexsky Says:

    i love u all

  127. 127 : solexsky Says:

    jung yu won wat is ur facebook username?

  128. 128 : solexsky Says:

    i love dat tragg movie

  129. 129 : Genve Says:

    Having just watched the 1st episode, my comment would be on the fighting between the two princessess. I don’t like the fighting between them, too much flying and in slow motion?? ( a bit mythical, like Chinese period movies). Not real!, it’s not a human martial arts, but ghostly sword skill. Hate it!!!

  130. 130 : WitLily Says:

    OST is awesome 😀

  131. 131 : jnt Says:

    i watched this drama because of the OST. love is not a crime by baek ji young.

  132. 132 : Edward Hayes Says:

    evil wins in this show…the good suffers…dumb ending

  133. 133 : bblve07 Says:

    i d0nt like ths kind of historical drama, and i cant bear to see my fav actress parkminyoung to be hurt just for the useless prince,

  134. 134 : Sophie jaejoong Says:

    I knew the ending is sad. But I wanna try to watch this drama just because I want to see Jung kyung ho. I just deeply in love with him bacause of falling for innocence and one more happy ending. But I am worry I’ll cry alot.ㅠㅠ

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