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It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl

Title: 괜찮아, 아빠 딸 / Gwaenchanha, Appa Ttal / It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl
Chinese Title : 没关系, 爸爸的女儿
Also Known as : It’s Alright, Daddy’s Daughter
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 17
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Nov-22 to 2011-Jan-18
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 20:55


Eun Chae Ryung is a spoiled daughter who had always completely relied on her father. When he is involved in an accident one day, she finds herself rudely awakened from her sheltered life and forced to mature, encountering numerous hardships before she gradually becomes an independent person.


Eun family

Park In Hwan as Eun Ki Hwan (Chae Ryung’s father)
Moon Chae Won as Eun Chae Ryung
Lee Hee Jin as Eun Ae Ryung
Kang Won (강원) as Eun Ho Ryung
Kim Hye Ok as Heo Sook Hee
Yoo Seung Mok as Heo Man Soo

Choi family

Lee Bong Gyu as Hyuk Gi’s father
Lee Yong Nyeo as Hyuk Gi’s mother
Choi Jin Hyuk as Choi Hyuk Gi
Shin Min Soo as Choi Duk Gi
Lee Dong Hae as Choi Wook Gi

Jung family

Park Geun Hyung as Jung Pil Suk
Yun Woon Kyung as Yeo Chang Ja
Im Do Gyoo as Jung Jin Goo
Jin Se Yun as Jung Se Yeon
Choi Ja Hye as Seo Hee Jae

Park family

Lee Won Jae as Park Kwon (Jong Suk’s father)
Park Hye Jin (박혜진) as Mo Yoon Kyung (Jong Suk’s mother)
Jun Tae Soo as Park Jong Suk

Other people

Hong Yeo Jin as Lee Soon Jung
Song In Hwa as Go Yang Mi
Jo Han Joon (조한준) as Park Moo Sool
Kim Dong Gyoon as Kwak Kyun Woo
Im Eun Hye as Geum Joo Hye
Son Ji Hyun as Shin Sun Hae
Hwang Sun Hee as Ma Ri Sol
Min Ji Oh as Kang Bo Ra
Kim Gyu Jin as Shim Byung Chun
Park Sang Hoon as Shin Sun Do
Kang Min Hyuk as Hwang Yeon Doo
Park Jung Geun as Kang Dong Bo
Marco as Marco
Sung Chang Hoon as Ricardo
Song Yi Woo as Jo Ah Ra
Seo Dong Soo as Professor Kang
Lee Jin Ah as Jun So Hyung
Yoo Byung Sun (유병선) as Min Hyun Gyo
Lee Sun Ah as Ah Young
Yum Dong Hun as Ah Young’s dad
Choi Sung Joon as Doctor Hong
Kim Min Seo as Park Da Bin

Production Credits

Producer: Kim Young Sub (김영섭)
Director: Go Heung Shik (고흥식)
Screenwriter: Han Joon Young

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-11-22 1 10.1 (8th) 10.9 (8th)
2010-11-29 2 8.6 (15th) 8.7 (16th)
2010-11-30 3 7.6 (18th) 7.9 (16th)
2010-12-06 4 (<7.8) 8.1 (18th)
2010-12-07 5 (<7.3) (<7.3)
2010-12-13 6 8.1 (19th) 8.5 (16th)
2010-12-14 7 8.3 (17th) 8.6 (15th)
2010-12-20 8 7.9 (<7.6)
2010-12-21 9 7.4 7.8 (20th)
2010-12-27 10 7.2 (<7.6)
2010-12-28 11 7.3 (<7.8)
2011-01-03 12 6.9 (<9.5)
2011-01-04 13 8.1 9.6 (18th)
2011-01-10 14 8.0 (<10.3)
2011-01-11 15 8.0 (19th) 9.3 (17th)
2011-01-17 16 (<8.5) 9.2 (20th)
2011-01-18 17 9.1 (16th) 10.9 (11th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : Chel Says:


  2. 2 : Trixie Says:

    Can’t wait to see Donghae in the drama.

  3. 3 : syaa Says:

    LEE DONG HAE ! 🙂 OMG seriously can’t wait to watch this drama ! he was the cutest one in SuJu aite ? —> my friends said that so 😀

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  5. 5 : 리사 Says:

    OMG! i tot the girl in the pic is Son Ye Jin, makes me happy for a while 🙁

  6. 6 : alyssa Says:

    i cant wait for this drama… specially lee donghae….


  7. 7 : chichaloca Says:

    i love moon chae woon 🙂

  8. 8 : Carmina Says:

    Moon Chae won love her…. interesting drama.. Donghae!!!!!!!!

  9. 9 : emi Says:

    At long last Moon chae won got a lead part! I love her acting at take car of young ahjussi/ oh my lady

  10. 10 : Abbie Says:

    i really really like Moon Chae Won in painter of the wind as a second lead actress. i’m looking forward to see her taking lead in this drama.

  11. 11 : myra elf Says:

    donghae oppa!! i must watch this drama! super junior’s member who are involve in acting are incresing! i know they can do that! siwon,heechul,kibum, hangeng,and now shindong,sungmin and donghae! ^^

  12. 12 : kdfan Says:

    Yay MCW! please dont let me down. Hope it will be a great drama.

  13. 13 : mira Says:

    i really can’t wait to watch this drama

  14. 14 : nan aiury Says:

    dong hae ,,,,i can’t wait but where english sub…

  15. 15 : mona Says:

    i wanna watch this drama. moon chae won is one of my fave actress 😉

  16. 16 : lovejoo Says:

    omo omo i saw Choi Jin Hyuk in My Precious Child. and he was so hot it was a pitty that he had such a charecter in that drama. now we can see him as the main lead and iam very happy.

  17. 17 : chan myae Says:

    Oh my dong hae ,I hope your drama be successful.DONG HAE OPPA FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 18 : shwe yi Says:

    I really like dong hae . He can’t get lead role but i will watch this drama.He is really cute.

  19. 19 : CoAige Says:

    I’m sooo loooking forward to this drama ..
    been waiting so long for Moon Chae Won to FINALLY get a leading role.
    loved her in brilliant legacy

  20. 20 : toh quan ming Says:

    i find this korean drama is very touching and interesting but i am waiting for this korean drama dvd to be released next year and then i will rent and watch it.

  21. 21 : AYu Says:

    I like U Moon Chae Won 🙂

  22. 22 : dinna Says:

    Another must seen drama of 2010. Love Moon Chae Won and Dong Hae suju.

  23. 23 : haessy139 Says:

    donghae oppa.. saranghae!!!

  24. 24 : haessy139 Says:


  25. 25 : sujuelf Says:

    ahh.. i can’t wait to buy this CD and watch all episode.. i love donghae… love his acting..

  26. 26 : arnlicious Says:

    ommo !
    donghae’s here !
    can’t wait to watch it.
    but i need eng sub. ^_^’

  27. 27 : sujufans Says:

    love donghae :* :*

  28. 28 : sujuelf Says:

    ahh.. where i can see the first episode??? anyone?? please tell me.. huhu..
    love donghae… who is the partner of donghae in this drama??

  29. 29 : yokoma139 Says:

    donghae.. i really like you.. ahh.. good acting.. keep safe..

  30. 30 : yokoma139 Says:

    ahh.. i hope super junior13 will have their drama also where they were complete.. hwaiting for that.. but now.. let’s concentrate in this drama and the “president” where sungmin also the cast…

  31. 31 : chinching554 Says:

    ahh.. i hope this video will dominate whole Asia and the whole world…

  32. 32 : chinching554 Says:

    donghae my love.. keep up the good work ahh….. we love you.. elf love you….

  33. 33 : chinching554 Says:

    ahhhh.. donghae in it’s ok daddy’s girl, then sungmin in president then siwon in athena.. wow…. let’s support them.. let’s comment always.. so that this drama’s will be number 1!!!!!!

  34. 34 : Trixie Says:

    Let spam more comments here. Let support SuJu Donghae! and support all SUJU member in acting. This drama must watch.

  35. 35 : mona Says:

    wanna watch this drama……

  36. 36 : suju4ever Says:

    donghae oppa hwaiting !!!
    love u sooooo……………

  37. 37 : nimnxoxo Says:

    guys..you can watch here=>


  38. 38 : Donghaefreak Says:

    i watch this drais a nice because of donghae! anyways this is an awesome drama! =)

  39. 39 : Donghaefreak Says:

    *typo error*
    i watch this drama because of donghae. anyways this is an awesome drama =)

  40. 40 : hae-in Says:

    support for all actor ‘n actress. especially for our DONGHAE!!!!!!!!

  41. 41 : pyong Says:

    No one likes to sub the episodes in eng…
    They just subbed episode 1-3

  42. 42 : Vote4MSOAN Says:

    Hello Viewers

    Moon Geun Yuong, also known as Korean little sister, who has not disappointed us in her acting as a child actor as well as in her adult acting career. She was great in Painter of The Wind recently as well as Young Eun Suh in Autumn Tale/Autumn in My Heart in the past. Currently, there is competition going on Between MSOAN and PK for the Best Drama of 2010. It is an undeniable true that MGY is a great actress who has real talent; she doesn’t just depend on her look to get famous. These have proven in her past series as well as the current one (MSOAN). I know for sure that MSOAN is far better than PK in both acting skill and the storylines. I am asking for your vote on MSOAN, and if you have any doubt, Please watch both MSOAN and PK and place your vote.

    Thanks all and Happy Holidays.

  43. 43 : Yuzana Min Says:

    I wanna watch It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl because of Dong Hae.
    I can’t wait to watch it.
    I love Dong Hae so much.
    Warmly Welcome Dong Hae as an actor!!

  44. 44 : tlan555 Says:

    I watch It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl.
    Good drama! Love it!!!^^

  45. 45 : kdfan Says:

    great to see mcw and cjh in lead roles. donghae is great too. watched til ep11 sofar and altho rating is not high, it has a steady buildup of storyline. not the kind of drama that will have raving following but all the actors are doing a great job delivering their stuff. unfortunately it was ep 9 when we start seeing some mcw and cjh scenes together, what a long wait! ep 11 was sweet – love the piggyback ride and some chemistry going on between the leads.

    u can watch it at http://www.dramacrazy.net.

  46. 46 : Lynn K Says:

    ommo…this drama is nice!!!! why is the rating so low?? sometimes we seriously cannot believe or rely on the ratings to judge a drama…hehe… i love this drama…very touching… and i love Suju Dong Hea =)

  47. 47 : nuni Says:

    ☆ – I ♡ u Donghae – ☆

  48. 48 : ksuju Says:

    donghae !!

  49. 49 : mie Says:

    wow.. drama ini sangat menyentuh. figure ayah yg luar biasa, membuat semua orang yg menontonnya jadi lebih menghargai orang tua nya.. it’s really great..
    donghae oppa you’re awesome.. saranghae ^^

  50. 50 : jenny Says:

    i want it.!

  51. 51 : Kevin Says:

    Did anyone know what is the name for the song and singer in the beginning of Episode 2 ( at the pub scene where Park Jong Suk go into the pub ) ? Please help . Thank you.

  52. 52 : via Says:

    I have watched this drama till episode 6, and I am curious about what happen next, this drama is very touching and heartwarming, I am very amazed with the father role here, he is so very lovable father towards his children. I wish I had a father just like him.. I’ve cry so many times watching this drama especially when the father get the wrong accused and he beg forgiveness for his mistakes to the victim’s brother (wook ki) and later he found himself quilty for the crime he actually didn’t commit and finally the dicease ‘hermocerebral’ because of the Hypertensy and makes him have to get the surgery and coma for several days. And its very sad when Ae Ryung get married, she actually wants her dad to take him to the altar, but his condition makes him have to stay in bed, It’s very touching and sad when the father remember that he supposed to take her daugther to the altar on her wedding, he just jump out the bed hospital and try to reach the shoes and the suit on the table which already prepared actually for him. I cry a bucket of tears because of that scene. I wish next episode will be more heartwarming and exciting. I have to go to work so I will continue tonight.

  53. 53 : carmen Says:

    I agree with who wrote== this drama is very touching and heartwarming, I am very amazed with the father role here, he is so very lovable father towards his children, it gives me goosboom I love it, but they really destroit the drama with the END–I want it to see more, but I guest that by the sinopsis it did what is explain teach a dgtr to live by all she can do in life.. but it is ok! I think all dramas I want to see more.. it was a good drama after all..

  54. 54 : via Says:

    Ugghhh… I really Hate this, my electricity went off last night makes me can not watch the whole series.. ahh I am dying to see what happen next with Chae ryung and Hyuk ki, Hyuk ki voice is very sweet and very good when he singing, is he really can sing? I just watch till half of episode 10. when the father finally get out from the hospital and realize about their new home which really small and dirty, I bet he must be feel bad about this situation. uhhhh.. I am dying to see what happen next. Anyway, I just bought the DVD but only till 16 episode, which one is true? 16 or 17 episode, I hope chae ryung and Hyuk ki getting married in episode 17 ;p

  55. 55 : It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl « rusdarugentyu Says:

    […] cre : koreandrama.org […]

  56. 56 : carmen Says:

    OH I just notice it have another episode 17, that is good becuase I want to see more………I have not see it yet…

  57. 57 : David Tom Says:

    Where can we watch this free drama…
    can anybody suggest….


  58. 58 : yuni Says:

    Good drama, I like it

  59. 59 : Eunyat Says:

    I really fall in love with the drama. First, I watched it because of Super Junior Lee Donghae who plays as Choi Wook Ki but as I watched it episode by episode, I became addicted with the story plot itself. This is a very good drama portraying the importance of love in the families. And I am really sad this drama is over too soon. I just finished watching it and I really want more episodes though.

  60. 60 : via Says:

    @David Tom

    you can watch this drama from mysoju.com

  61. 61 : koreafanz Says:

    crito ni kawe tok tengok agi, tengok ngepeng jah. kawe komen mugo ado dong hae super junior tapi mace sedak jah crito ni.

  62. 62 : ira Says:

    I really like this drama, I cried when I was watching it…

  63. 63 : Ghada Says:

    Hi everyone, me too i want to know the name of the song, plz

  64. 64 : tia Says:

    i’d love to have the soundtracks, so far i only got 3-4 songs, and still am searching for the main ost, with male’s voice.
    do you know where i can download it?

  65. 65 : loren-saranghae Says:

    Choi Jin Hyuk, I very like your song…. But I can’t search for. The name song

  66. 66 : wii Says:

    i love this drama so much, very touching.
    i cried on every episode, and i’m always curious about what happen next.
    every person in this drama was so nice, except park kwon n park jong suk.

    choi jin hyuk’s song is Enough to die.

  67. 67 : niel Says:

    wuahh searching the free ost is so frustating but finally here the link.. can i put it here?


    I don’t understand why I can’t play it in my computer, but it’s ok in my phone.. all the songs are good! im still looking forward for “daddy,daddy” by park sang hoon, the song in the pub

  68. 68 : monique Says:

    love this drama plot was very good…..recommend to watch

  69. 69 : gita Says:

    i love this drama,very touching..
    wanna have father like that ..

  70. 70 : Blue Ye Says:

    Niel, thanks for the link. I found the songs that I want.

  71. 71 : syukria Says:

    Many trace and message in this drama…
    Very touched and nan nomu nomu chuwa!!!!

  72. 72 : it’s okay daddy’s girl « Novikasastriani's Blog Says:

    […] dan cinta Buat sinopsis cerita, foto-foto pemain, soundtrack drama, bisa diliat disini, cekidot 🙂 On the PopPressed Radar Print Magazine's New Visual Artists Saint Petersburg Unveils […]

  73. 73 : chyinje Says:

    Despite its low ratings, it’s a good drama to watch. Touching and lots of life lessons to be learnt. The chemistry between Hyuk Gi and Chae Ryung is good and the OST is nice. Two thumbs up!!

  74. 74 : bunnie sheep Says:

    It’s OK,Daddy’s girl is a drama that makes me ca’n wait to see it.It was very wonderful,made me felt envy with Chae Ryeong.I wish my dad became great as same as Eun Ki Hwan.He wasn’t strong,he wasn’t a hero,but he did anything to protect his children.Ae Ryeong was a goog daughter.She loved Hong’s doctor,but married with Jin Goo.I saw a high sacrifice from AR.

  75. 75 : devi Says:

    Ahhh I’m already falling with choi jin hyuk, his cool and his voice heard so sexy, he a good singer too but I can’t find it in everywhere.

  76. 76 : sheryl Says:

    this is a good drama..support choi jin hyuk !!

  77. 77 : Kathleen Says:

    It was an amazing drama! 🙂 One of my favourite!

  78. 78 : go mi Says:

    Choi Jin Hyuk

  79. 79 : Shoeshe Says:

    Moon chaewon is really great actress.her crying scene is superb.in this drama shes playing as eun chae ryung and in her next drama shes playing as lee seryung.if you havent watch her new drama”the princess man” so just watching it right now I bet you will like it so much trully the best kdrama 2011.her acting in the princess man make her career glowing and right now she is the top actress and the most populer in korea.

  80. 80 : Puspa Says:

    so touching…i can’t stop crying..

  81. 81 : zarima USA Says:

    finished watching this kdrama…. and OH MY GOD I cried a bucket of tears here ssssssssssssssooooooooooooo nice and not a boring story… the love story is so cute for them,,,

  82. 82 : pusat pengobatan herbal Says:


  83. 83 : Drama Lists Says:

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  84. 84 : It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter | Nashelf Says:

    […] koreandrama […]

  85. 85 : clodine Says:

    i may be the only latecomer watching this drama and Choi jin hyuk brought me to watch it, i nvr thot it’s this nice n v touching esp the two brothers who go out of their way to take care of her father! amazing brothers! luv this drama although i hvnt finished it but i already got addicted! 2 thumbs up but i guess it was not popular when it was airing!

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