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Title: 아이리스 / IRIS
Previously known as: 쉬리 / Shiri
Genre: Action, mystery, thriller, romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-14 to 2009-Dec-17
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Related Series : IRIS Series


Kim Hyun Joon is an assassin who belongs to a top secret organization known as the “NSS” whereas T.O.P is an assassin who works in another secret organization located in the United States called “IRIS” and was ordered to kill Hyun Joon. Seung Hee is a psychological analyst who plays an important role in bring Hyun Joon into the “NSS.” Jin Sa Woo is Hyun Joon’s colleague and falls in love with Seung Hee as well but keeps this to himself.



Lee Byung Hun as Kim Hyun Joon
Oh Eun Chan as Kim Hyun Joon (young)
Kim Tae Hee as Choi Seung Hee
Yoon Je Moon as Park Sang Hyung
Yoon Joo Sang as Oh Hyun Kyu
Kim Hye Jin as Yang Jung In
Hyun Jyu Ni as Yang Mi Jung
Na Yoon as Hwang Tae Sung
Kim Yoon Tae as Kim Sun Hwa’s interrogation agent
Sung Woong as NSS agent


Jung Joon Ho as Jin Sa Woo
Kim Young Chul as Baek San
T.O.P as Vick
Gil Geum Sung (길금성) as Eo Sung Shik
Im Hyung Joon as Jin Sa Woo’s subordinate
Ryu Seung Ryong as Head of IRIS mercenaries
David McInnis as Ray (IRIS Operations Team Leader)
Lee Jung Yong as military training instructor / IRIS mercenery
Son Jung Min as IRIS mercenery
Ito Masayuki as Japanese IRIS member

South Korea’s Blue House

Lee Jung Gil as Jo Myung Ho (president)
Jung Han Yong as Jung Hyung Joon (president’s male advisor)
Myung Ji Yun as Hong Soo Jin (president’s female advisor)
Jung Jong Joon as Kwan Oh Hyun
Park Yong Ki as Yoo Kang Oh

North Korea Party

Kim Seung Woo as Park Chul Young
Kim So Yun as Kim Sun Hwa
Choi Jong Hwan as Eon Gi Hoon
Jang Dong Jik as Kang Do Chul
Lee Un Jung as Baek Kyung Hwa
Kim Ho Seung (김호승) as terorist agent of North Korea
Yeo Ho Min as Oh Kwang Soo
Kim Min Chan (김민찬) as Kim Hyun Suk
Jo Won Hee (조원희) as Hong Seung Ryong
Lee Suk Goo (이석구) as Yoon Sung Chul
Park Soo Hyun as Park Joong Kwon
Jo Ji Hwan as North Korean agent
Kim Hyung Jong as North Korean agent

Other people

Kim Gab Soo as Yoo Jung Hoon
Yoo Min as Sato Eriko
Miyama Karen as Yuki
Jung Ho Bin as Kang Chul Hwan
Jo Han Chul as Captain Jung (ep.1)
Choi Jong Ryul (최종률) as Shin Yoo Sub (ep. 1)
Park Sung Taek as Japanese agent

Production Credits

Production Company: Taewon Entertainment
Director: Kim Kyu Tae, Yang Yoon Ho (양윤호)
Writers: Choi Wan Kyu, Kang Je Kyu
Screenwriters: Kim Jae Eun (김재은), Jo Kyu Won (조규원), Kim Hyun Joon (김현준)
Executive Producer: Choi Ji Young
Producer: Kim Young Jo


2010 3rd Korea Drama Awards: Best Producer Award (Jung Tae Won)
2010 5th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Drama – Best Actor (Lee Byung Hun)
2010 46th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best TV Drama
2010 46th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best TV Drama Actor (Lee Byung Hun)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Grand Prize (Lee Byung Hun)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Novella Drama Excellence Award – Actress (Kim Tae Hee)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Novella Drama Excellence Award – Actor (Jung Joon Ho and Kim Seung Woo)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Yoon Joo Sang)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee)


– Filming sites include Hungary, Russia, Japan, China and the U.S.
– The production cost for this drama is 20 million dollars, making it the most expensive Korean drama to date (10/2008).
– Japanese distribution rights for the drama series “Iris” was sold to TBS for a record ¥ 400,000,000 / ₩ 5,300,000,000 ($4.3 million USD).
– This drama is somewhat based on the film Shiri.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-10-14 1 24.5 (2nd) 25.4 (1st)
2009-10-15 2 25.3 (1st) 26.1 (1st)
2009-10-21 3 27.9 (1st) 29.3 (1st)
2009-10-22 4 26.2 (1st) 27.2 (1st)
2009-10-28 5 29.6 (1st) 30.3 (1st)
2009-10-29 6 28.9 (1st) 29.8 (1st)
2009-11-04 7 30.7 (1st) 31.1 (1st)
2009-11-05 8 30.9 (1st) 31.9 (1st)
2009-11-11 9 32.7 (1st) 33.3 (1st)
2009-11-12 10 33.7 (1st) 34.5 (1st)
2009-11-18 11 34.1 (1st) 34.9 (1st)
2009-11-19 12 31.3 (1st) 32.3 (1st)
2009-11-25 13 32.0 (1st) 32.5 (1st)
2009-11-26 14 32.5 (1st) 33.4 (1st)
2009-12-02 15 34.7 (1st) 35.5 (1st)
2009-12-03 16 35.7 (1st) 36.5 (1st)
2009-12-09 17 37.2 (1st) 39.1 (1st)
2009-12-10 18 35.7 (1st) 37.8 (1st)
2009-12-16 19 35.0 (1st) 36.4 (1st)
2009-12-17 20 39.9 (1st) 41.8 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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Official Site

KBS Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : Emily Says:

    Wow, it’s Lee Byung Hun… he hasn’t starred in a drama for a long while, looking forward to this one…

    hehe, I’m first to comment, YAY =)

  2. 2 : raz Says:


  3. 3 : flame017 Says:

    hi t.o.p it’s good to c u in this drama.let’s keep an eye on him !!!!

  4. 4 : PVL Says:

    I love Lee Byung Hun – It’s been six years after his last Drama – ALL IN – I’m looking forward for this one !!!!!! – Seeing the thriller – this Drama is worth watching for – and hopefully the ratings will be good as well – Good Luck to all the casts of IRIS – and I hope more projects for LBH after this – he is really a good actor.

  5. 5 : honey b Says:

    Wow I love action n thriller drama. I’ve never seen itu since Air City
    IRIS fighthing!

  6. 6 : maira3003 Says:

    Can’t wait to see this drama, just because LBH is in it…hahaha! I live in Indonesia, there’s KBS here, is it different with KBS2? Will IRIS be aired here, then?

  7. 7 : deanaz Says:

    can’t wait to see this drama soon…both lee byung hun and kim tae hee

  8. 8 : MK Says:

    can’t wait!!!!

  9. 9 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    yey! kim tae hee..love her!

  10. 10 : Sony Says:

    Kim Tae Hee is back!

  11. 11 : Well Says:

    Wow. I’m looking forward to this drama.. it looks good.

  12. 12 : 4ever Says:

    cant wait to wait… ~ kim tae hee… aza!

  13. 13 : 4ever Says:

    wrong typing… *watch … fighting

  14. 14 : LoL Says:

    I can’t Wait..

    LoL… looks damn cooooool.

  15. 15 : sharmaine Says:

    very exciting, i love kim tae hee and lee byung hun………… ^_^

  16. 16 : Sony Says:

    It’s interesting drama.
    I’m glade Kim Tae Hee in this.

  17. 17 : marites gerona Says:

    all-star cast!!!love all the actors and actresses here. kim so yun, in a new short hairdo– so sexy…

  18. 18 : kate Says:

    Oh!!! God,,, IRIS will play soon
    I’m waiting to see Kim Tae Hee for long so i will see her soon on IRIS
    How cute she is??? I can’t imagine
    This Drama will famous soon,,,

  19. 19 : Well Says:

    It’s today, rite ?

  20. 20 : Alaa Says:

    I’m looking forward to this drama from along time

    very exciting ^____^

  21. 21 : sam Says:

    hi ,

    this drama not today it will Premiere on KBS World : 2009. 11. 11

  22. 22 : GG Says:

    Can you post the ratings?

  23. 23 : wee Says:

    Looking forward to see this show but why LEE show name is the same as the BOF prince and SS501 leader name Kim Hyun Joon…..

  24. 24 : Well Says:

    First episode only 1st in seoul ? gratz !!

  25. 25 : LadyHawk Says:

    Absolutely mesmerising just to watch LBH again. Production is on another plane altogether. BIG BUDGET screams everywhere! Music is eerie, haunting, yet very sad. I know I’m going to love the OST. My most favourite dramas always have awesome OSTs! Bodes well for the series…

  26. 26 : hien Says:

    oh i love lee byun hun, he’s getting old but still very very attractive n fit…. ohhh i love him… he’s such a good actor, look at his face n u know his feeling cant wait for the next episode….. thanks for the very soon eng sub

  27. 27 : henry Says:

    It is nice watching IRIS Site
    link here
    SO Cool~~~

  28. 28 : Ella andryani Says:

    so expensive this drama..
    I wanna watch it….

  29. 29 : Jay Says:

    IRIS is really good. im very impressed wit the quality of the show n i think the big-budget is not wasted. jung joonho totally looks like an older version of hangeng ;d

    byung hun is excellent… so is taehee. i hope the story continues to be interesting n solid.

  30. 30 : BIGPIE Says:

    i want iris
    so, i exiting now,
    but in korea
    very very very beautiful !!!

    😀 😀 😀 😀

    i’m young boy! so

    Kim Tae Hee Love her

  31. 31 : flower Says:

    i have watched the 2 episodes last night ..excellent drama-good combination of action, romance with some comedy, love it & good acting..like LBH & KTH can’t wait for next episode.

  32. 32 : flower Says:

    i have problem with mysoju website for the last few days..anyone know the problem? are they doing some maintenance? now i’m browsing other online korean drama website..which is less stable..

  33. 33 : kate Says:

    Sarang heee!!! Kim Tae Hee

  34. 34 : hien Says:

    eps 3 pleassssssse huhuhuhui’m grieving for it hhuhuhuhu

  35. 35 : lala Says:

    I waited this drama long time ago….coz love LBH n KTH..so now I very extited to see this drama…LHB you very sexy man n KTH you are most beutiful women…aja..aja…

  36. 36 : yumi Says:

    it’s friday already…why there’s not rating for eps 3 and the up;oading…pleasêêê let me watch huhuhuhu

  37. 37 : yumi Says:

    i love lbh and kth, pơr the other guy but i like it that way

  38. 38 : 1 Says:

    love lbh

  39. 39 : 1 Says:

    i want him

  40. 40 : 1 Says:

    i love iris the most

  41. 41 : mench cuadra Says:

    I already watch the 4 epdisodes so far the best…the kissing scenes are also the best..hahaha..LBH and KTH they haen’t done a drama for a long time and this one is a good comeback…looking forward for another thrilling and exciting episodes…

  42. 42 : cindy Says:

    LEE BYUNG HUN…..he is the best awesome,versatile,true actor!!!!just too mesmerizing!love every seconds he appeared on IRIS….He is a legend!

  43. 43 : 1 Says:

    omo, how could this be real, it’s sơơơơơơơơơơơo good, i cant breath watching eps 3 n 4. omg, im so into it, it;s the best, my man is so manly and super hot…the love was so adorable and strong….

    i love him, i cant ccry but hurting with him…omg

    have to wait another week to see him again…why were you born to earth huh?????/

  44. 44 : 1 Says:

    quick quick quick

    now have to wait another week….

    wait till u have dvd i will watch you over again n again….

  45. 45 : 1 Says:

    LBH……………. when will you die huh? i will die with you

  46. 46 : hien Says:

    is there a lot of people watching this series????? WATCH IT….. IT’s $%#%^*&%# awesome…………………..

    cant say anything now……. he took my breath away…..

  47. 47 : 1 Says:

    i miss him already

  48. 48 : Loretta Says:

    I am seriously enjoying this series. It has it all and I look forward to
    seeing the story unfold. The actors are on point and the writers are holding
    to the line, well done!

  49. 49 : Tania Says:



  50. 50 : Janis Says:

    Kim tae hee PRETTY WOMAN!

    Lee Byung Hun ~ he seriously is one long drink of water ~~Yummy!

  51. 51 : Sony Says:


  52. 52 : hien Says:

    it’s friday already….rating please and eps 5 6 pleasêEêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêêe

    i love you all who upload the drama…thank you 1 billion times…..

    and i love LBH 100 billion times more……

  53. 53 : r Says:

    where is eps 5 n 6?????huhuhu
    The rating is so high, im waiting every minutes….
    Please dont let me die …..
    Love love

  54. 54 : raz Says:


  55. 55 : 3 Says:

    @raz : omg, r you saying there will be no more eps or what? the one with chinese suc is already out, im waiting for the 5 n 6….. i dont get what you mean by copyright holder???

    pls tell me

  56. 56 : raz Says:


  57. 57 : 3 Says:

    hic hic i cant understand korean to watch it without sub….
    how come they have it with chinese sub???

  58. 58 : 1 Says:

    eps 5 n 6 with subtittle please…..





  59. 59 : magsie Says:

    This series is so gooooood. Cant wait for the next episode.

  60. 60 : iris Says:

    best actress, best actor, great drama

  61. 61 : hien nguyen Says:

    i’m waiting for the next eps 5 n6 with english suc every day mu goah… it’s so harsh waiting like that, people with the copyright or something please dont let me n others wait that long……

    i watch the one with chinese sub and couldnt understand anything


  62. 62 : elle Says:

    soooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!love it!!!! kim tae hee you’re so beautiful!!!!!

  63. 63 : PVL Says:

    Just want to let you know – those who are dying and relentlessly waiting for the English Sub-Title – you can watch Episode 5 in U-Tube – Oh boy ! I cannot wait for the sub-title on the next episode.

  64. 64 : zaen Says:

    it is like a mini-movie series, awesome..

  65. 65 : hien Says:

    i dont know why there hasnr been eps 5 6 with eng sub in here? while the chinese sub is aready have eps 7…..

    yeah u r rite, im dieing……


  66. 66 : Flower Says:

    where is episode 5 & 6..i’m checking mysoju daily..can’t wait for the eposide to be online.

  67. 67 : 2 Says:

    seriously , will it continue to have eps 5 6 7 8 with end sub on here or not

    im running out of patience…..


  68. 68 : Dot Sakamoto Says:

    This Drama is Bad. Lee Byung Hun is at his best in action packed movies. I have not seen his American movies, but saw previews and it was awesome. Iris is full of action, excitement, suspense and Romance. It will definately hit top of the charts. I am anxiously waiting for episode 9. Although no subs, but it’s okay because this movie is awesome.

  69. 69 : elle Says:

    dung!!!!!can’t watch iris coz there’s no english sub!!!!!!!!!!what a heck

  70. 70 : nancy Says:

    how come the link mysoju only contain episodes up to 4?? from what i know of IRIS is already on episode 8. why arent the rest up yet???

  71. 71 : iris right fuccing now Says:

    who the FUC does the subtitling. DO YOUR FUCCING JOB AND SUBTITLE THEN! im sick of waiting to watch the episodes u idiot fuc

  72. 72 : hien Says:

    seriously i dont think they r gonna post the new eps with english sub here anymore…..



  73. 73 : PVL Says:

    We should be thankful and show appreciation to those who are responsible for doing the English Subtitle for this Drama – there is English Subtitle online on episodes 5 – 7 – check google.

  74. 74 : nens Says:

    one of best korean drama series that i’ve seen…bravo to the people behind IRIS…and to the actor and actress of ”IRIS ” UR ONE OF THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  75. 75 : grace Says:

    omg, i ve already watched eps 5 6 7with end sub………..

    what a relief, i can sleep to nite……

    i love it

    4 who wanna die but watch these do to eppdrama, they have our iris there….

    love you lbh

  76. 76 : topismine..=)) Says:

    omg!!!! honestly i’m a person who doesn’t watch anything like iris’ genre.. but damn.. this got me hooked! i lalalalalove it…. i wanna learn hanggul.. so i dont have to wait for the subs anymore…but dang! the language gets my tongue so twisted hahahha.. but just fine.. even if i dont learn the language i could still understand wth is happn’n in the dramas!!!! A MILLION THANKS TO THE SUBBERS!!!

  77. 77 : Luna Says:

    I hate to disappoint all those that rely on viikii (through mysoju) for this series. All videos of Iris have been removed and the series dropped due to request from KBS2, who has the rights to this series.

    One way to see further episodes is to download it through torrents or megaupload, and wait for the subbers to finish subbing them. BTW: these dedicated people are working hard on several ongoing dramas and we don’t pay them enough (when was the last time anyone here made a donation at their site?) So we need to be patient and be thankful that they are around.

  78. 78 : Simon Says:

    For IRIS fans in Singapore, IRIS will be showing tonight (11 Nov), 9pm, local time, on KBS World, Starhib channel 173. So don’t miss it! 🙂

  79. 79 : Wondering Says:

    Was Iris aired on the 12 Nov 2009? How come I don’t see any ep9 RAW online.

  80. 80 : Wondering Says:

    I meant on the 11 Nov 2009 not 12 Nov 2009.

  81. 81 : Cyence Says:

    For Malaysia, IRIS will be showing starting 11 Nov, 9pm, local time, on KBS World, Astro channel 303. So don’t miss it!

    Also on this week : 11Nov 9pm – Episode 1, 12Nov 9pm – Episode 2, 13Nov 3:50am replay, 15Nov 11:10am replay


  82. 82 : 1 Says:

    rating for eps 9 n 10 pls

    iwatched it without sub, even if dont understand any language but i can guess some hihihi
    is she gơnna see his face i dont think so huhuhuhuhuhưhuhuhu

  83. 83 : kate Says:

    HI!!! IRIS
    I have watched 4episode in this website, OMG!!! episode 3 is the best one love scene i never watch before. hehehehe 😀 Kim Tae Hee & Lee Byung Hun is the best couple even if in the real life or in drama, they are the best couple. I wish they can become a real couple….

  84. 84 : just-just Says:

    hmmmm….how exciting this drama,it’s like a blockbusterrrrr movie….

  85. 85 : just-just Says:

    very nice baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. 86 : caralee Says:

    hi,guys if u want to watch episode 6-7-8-9-10 just go to dramacrazy.net…but epis 8-10 s no subtitle just watch and use ur common sense to uerstand…ha ha ha…

  87. 87 : carole Says:

    i love this drama of kbs2. . .
    so full of action pack thrills. . .
    and also i love the actors and actresses playing in the drama. . .
    i am so proud of them and also for the crew and staff of IRIS two thumbs up for you guys. . .
    regards also for the subbers. . .

  88. 88 : shatrina Says:

    i can’t wait for the next episode to be aired. . .(episode 11)
    i just can’t get enough of IRIS. . .
    from the very first time that it was showed up to know. . .

  89. 89 : chaos Says:

    thanks for the subbers for doing their very best to finish the english sub for this drama. . .
    i just love this drama. . .
    every time i watch this drama i always end up wanting for more. . .
    can’t wait for the next episode to be aired. . .
    i just wish the ending would be good. . . ^-^

  90. 90 : Badrun Rahman Says:

    I wanna watch this dram but I cant find the showtimes:[
    i have kbs worldd:]

  91. 91 : USA Says:

    I just started watching this drama and all I can say is BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!…that’s just for the first 2 episodes. This is the first and BEST drama about espionage that I’ve seen, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. It has humor, action, romance, style, commoradary, is a suspense-thriller and is classy. I must say that the male actors really prepared physically for this drama. The physiques are amazing. Excellent storyline and acting. Looking forward to finding out how it will unfold. I commend everyone for producing this drama.

  92. 92 : wang Says:

    Great drama. Kim tae hee is the best actress. She is also very beautiful.

  93. 93 : Vijera Says:

    Any one know where I can find ep 8-10? with eng subs plz 🙂

  94. 94 : Vijera Says:

    http://www.dramastyle.com ep 8 not working for me somehow:(

  95. 95 : chaos Says:

    i just watched episode 8 of Iris in http://www.dramacrazy.net with english sub. . .
    i’m just waiting for the episode 9 and 10 to have an english sub also. . .
    although i understand korean language a little i still want to fully understand the whole show. . .
    anyway even though i don’t fully understand all their lines i still give a two thumbs up for the drama. . .

    i like how the story goes and the characters evolve. . .
    can’t wait until the drama finishes and reveal the ending. . .hehe ^-^

  96. 96 : Des Says:

    Cannot wait till the DVD is out. Will definately catch this drama.

  97. 97 : caralee Says:

    to all those crazy!!!!trying to find nxt episode…http://www.dramacrazy.net episode 1-11 is available!!!go n rock n roll!!!!

  98. 98 : kangd Says:

    Great drama. I love Kim Tae Hee. Beautiful, intelligent, good acting actress like Ms. Kim is very suitable to the role of main female spy agent. Hero needs beautiful lady by his side to make movie more interesting

  99. 99 : USA Says:

    Very, very INTENSE DRAMA!!!!! Everyone’s is great!

  100. 100 : USA Says:

    Very, very INTENSE DRAMA!!!!! Everyone’s great!

  101. 101 : Debbie Says:

    i’m falling love with this drama..wow!!!!…

  102. 102 : chaos Says:

    really can’t get enough of this drama. . .
    just finished watching episode 12 and i can’t wait for the next episode to be aired. . .
    seung hee and hyun joon finally saw each other again. . .^-^

    i’m really falling for this drama too much. . .
    i love it to the core!

  103. 103 : dana4 Says:

    subtitleeeeeeeee……………..pls………………………i’m gonna be crazy,because i dont understand what’s really happening………

  104. 104 : java Says:

    well,see you nxt week…………..episode 13-14….i wonder what will happen for the nxt episode????????????????

  105. 105 : Kang Choi Says:

    Kim Tae Hee is beautiful & she acts great. I want happy ending

  106. 106 : thirsty Says:

    5 episodes per week is better,can’t wait for so long!

  107. 107 : hien Says:

    i love him sơơơơơơơơơơơơơ much…
    i try my best not to watch the eps 11 n 12 coz i wanna wait for the sub hic hic hic ……..

    people pls dont let me and everyone else so…haunted…
    pls sub plsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplspslpslsplsplspls

  108. 108 : Mel Says:

    fantastic drama! really ♥ it!!

  109. 109 : chaos Says:

    i really want a happy ending for this drama atleast. . .
    but i doubt of they can give a happy ending. . .
    but still i have my fingers crossed and praying for a happy ending. . .^-^
    i really love kim tae hee. . .she’s really adorable. . .haha
    i just love her. . .
    she’s one of my favorite korean actress. . .
    and what can i say?!
    this drama totally caught my attention. . .

  110. 110 : Donna Seoul Sister #1 from USA Says:

    I Love this show and can’t stop watching it. I don’t even understand the language, but I totally get the main story. The acting is the best that I have ever seen on Korean television. I am in love with the two lead NSS male characters. They are so fine and sexy. Lee Byung Hun should be voted Sexiest Man in the World. I love the music, especially the love song. I am going to buy the sound track this week. I am so glad I found this site. I can now watch the show with English subtitles. When the show comes out on DVD, I will buy. It will be one of my treasures from my time living in Seoul.

  111. 111 : sofia Says:

    super duper love it…nice casting….its definitely a must see series….wow…rating is soo freaking high….i love kth and lbh….they must have a happy ending…..but korean plot…we can never tell…..just wish…fingers cross…mwahhhhhhh

  112. 112 : USA Says:

    I also ‘HOPE’ that this drama ends well. Like Hyun Joon amd Seung Hee gets help to escape and go into permanent seclusion together far, far away and live peacefully. I’ve cried enough from watching other dramas to last me a life time. My tear ducts need to go on hiatus from sad ending dramas.

  113. 113 : USA Says:

    Just finished watching episode 12. Wait a minute, who was doing the hitting? Really need to see episode 13; omg I hope it wasn’t who I think it is. I’m REALLY HOPING for a good ending, now! Although it seems questionable at this point.

  114. 114 : USA Says:

    P.S. Thank you ‘caralee’ for the info on where to see the next episodes.

  115. 115 : PVL Says:

    This is the only Korean Drama that makes me anxiously waiting for the next episode – though I don’t understand the language – but over the years of watching Korean Dramas I have picked up some words but enough to understand more or less what’s the story all about and of course I cannot wait for kind hearted people to post the English Subtitle on each episode – not fast enough at my liking but I’m grateful for the effort and for sharing to the none Korean Speaking people like me so that we can enjoy the show as well. I wish it would have been more than 20 episodes in Iris – nonetheless it is a good drama and above all I love Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee, they are such a lovely couple, and to all the casts they are doing a good job also.

  116. 116 : chaos Says:

    Iris is one of the few korean dramas that sticks to my head although i already watched many korean dramas this is the only drama that really caught me off guard. . .the rating is also superb. . .can’t wait for episode 13 to air. . .i really want to know what will happen next now that seung hee and hyun joon saw each other again. . .^-^

  117. 117 : alex Says:

    i cant belieave on the episodes 6 – 10 the episode where yuki died that was so sad she was so young im really mad at that guy with the white gun

  118. 118 : chaos Says:

    @alex: the guy with the white gun is TOP. . .^-^

  119. 119 : kanna Says:

    it’s a really good watch
    i was surprised how good it is
    very riveting

  120. 120 : 2 Says:

    im so happy coz i found eps 10,11,12 with the sub.

    tomorow ……………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  121. 121 : choi Says:

    Iris is the best Korean drama. Actors & Kim Tae Hee’s action are great. Kim Tae Hee is the most beautiful korean actress & elegant.

  122. 122 : elle Says:

    can’t wait for episodes 13&14!!!!!!!
    KTH I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much,hope to see you in person!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. 123 : chaos Says:

    episode 13 & 14 for today and tomorrow. . .
    can’t wait enough to watch it. . .

  124. 124 : Cyence Says:

    To Badrun Rahman – If you are in Malaysia, the air time is every 9pm Wednesday and Thursday, then both episode will be re-run again on Sunday starting 11am.

  125. 125 : USA Says:

    I agree with PVL. This drama’s 20 episodes are too short. Usually the dramas that I’ve watched in the past drag on and on with an incident that should have been done and over with in 2 episodes; maybe 2 1/2 at the most. Yet, this drama, and I’m actually saying this, is too short. Still, I’m enjoying it immensely. The action and intensity of it is incredible! I don’t know about anyone else, yet I have to unwind after playing catch up with the episodes.

  126. 126 : Tintin Says:

    I’m waiting for the subbed episode of Iris!!! Hope faster come out!!! Omg… but i watch the latest episode (ep 13) without subbed. It was nice.. though i do not know what they were talking about. =_-” I saw hyun joon tapping his finger on the table when interrogating seung hee…. What is he trying to tell seung hee?? Can anybody tell me.. PLEASE!!!

    p.s hope the subbed version faster come out.

  127. 127 : lala Says:

    Love this drama….my fave now # 1

  128. 128 : Malou Says:

    Please tell me where I can watch epi 10 to the latest.

    Any links please!!!

  129. 129 : Malou Says:

    Need with english subs…please epi 11 to 13 thanks!!!

    This is the best drama, I’vr seen..

  130. 130 : tintin Says:

    Just watched episode 13 online with sub!!! NICE!!!! WAITING FOR EPISODE 14 AND THEN HAVE TO WAIT FOR A WEEK FOR EPISODE 15 =DD

  131. 131 : suerainy Says:

    OMG…tintin!!! you watched ep 13 already?? Where can I find it?

  132. 132 : suerainy Says:

    Where’s ep !3? I’m dying to know what happen to our ill-fated lovers!!!

  133. 133 : SEONKYO Says:

    i didnt know IRIS is popular in USA
    im proud …………as korean

    i wanna say more………….but i dont know english well T _ T


  134. 134 : sojuice Says:

    you can get english sub up to eps10 or ahead of subs2 and down load them if you dont want to watch stream.


  135. 135 : tintin Says:

    hey i watched ep 13 on http://www.tudou.com (just type iris) but it’s in chinese sub… no english sub. the english sub videos is not so fast uploaded.

  136. 136 : chaos Says:

    i just happen to finish watching the episode 14 of Iris online and i am already at the edge of my seat thinking what will happen next in episode 15.
    i already thought that it was the president helping kim hyun joon. . .^-^but what i really don’t understand is the last part of episode 14. . .i’m already curious on what will happen on the following episode. . .can’t wait for next week to air. . .Iris is just the best. . .

  137. 137 : shatrina Says:

    IRIS rocks!
    even the soundtrack. . .
    so far it is the best korean drama i have watched. . .
    it will really put you to the edge of your seat while watching it. . .
    and you will ask for more. . .
    you won’t gt enough of it. . .
    IRIS deserves the rating!

  138. 138 : aqilsmommy Says:

    hi i’m a BIG fan of IRIS.where can i watch episode 14.many thanks

  139. 139 : tintin Says:

    hey.. there’s no preview for the next episode 15??

  140. 140 : shatrina Says:

    @aqilsmommy: you can also watch IRIS in http://www.dramastyle.com it is always updated but there is still no english sub for episode 14 yet. . .

    @tintin: yup!there is no preview for episode 15. . .too bad. . .i’ve been looking everywhere for the preview of episode 15 but there is none. . .

  141. 141 : n0kz Says:

    hello people! please help! wer can i watch episode 12 – 14 in eng subs? hahahaha!! i cant wait to seee!!

  142. 142 : n0kz Says:

    desperately need to watch episode 11-12-13-14 in eng subs… somebody help! im dying here…! crazy over this drama!

  143. 143 : whatever Says:

    where can i watch 11-14 WITH ENG SUBS?

  144. 144 : whatever Says:

    oh,&& lee byung hun and kim tae hee look so good together!
    they should def. date
    im obsessed:]
    i feel like this drama is too short,lol
    i dont know what ill do when its over!!

  145. 145 : shatrina Says:

    sorry guys but i haven’t found a site where there is already an english sub for episodes 11-14. . .it is still not available. . .
    too sad that episode 15 has no preview. . . :-]
    from what i heard and read. . .IRIS will have a season 2 just like those american drama. . .but i don’t know if it will be going to be the same cast or not. . .still hoping that KTH and LBH is still part of that season. . .

  146. 146 : adhie Says:

    thanks so much @shatrina.

  147. 147 : adhie Says:

    yeah…i made up my mind…for 2009 with some of the k-drama that i’ve watch this drama IRIS is best of the best.its definitely the 2009 best drama for me……:D

  148. 148 : n0kz Says:

    thanks @shatrina. please do update if you have the information. I dont want to catch episode 15 on tv next week and not knowing what happens in episode 11 to 14.. :/

  149. 149 : Vietshadow Says:

    guys can you tell me which website i can get ep 11 english sub!?

  150. 150 : PHboy Says:

    is there anyone here who knows a website or link where i can watch episodes 11 and up with english subs?? thanks.. your help will be appreciated so much^^

  151. 151 : shatrina Says:

    sorry guys. . .as of now there is still no english sub for episodes 11-14. . .i’ll just update you then if ever the english sub is already released or just go to this site if you have time. . .:
    http://www.dramacrazy.net ; or
    but i’ll try me best to find a site where we can watch IRIS updated with English sub already. . .

  152. 152 : Vietshadow Says:

    Thanks @ shatrina! yur da best

  153. 153 : r Says:

    i truely understand the feeling of waiting n waiting for the eng sub everyday. Dont wanna be nasty but really piss off if u r already in to de drama but they keep u waiting.
    Lucky me i found iria with my language sub, n they do their job very quickly n accurate. many thanks to the vietsub.

    I had to watch ep 9-12 without sub coz i cant be patient anylonger. Then i re watch them with de sub,muchh more better….

    ppl who do de sub, plspls with all my heart do it now. Its like dropping water into dessert…….

  154. 154 : golliwog Says:

    I love this drama! It’s so exciting.

  155. 155 : n0kz Says:

    urgh. it’s still not out yet?

  156. 156 : n0kz Says:

    ok guys, episode 11 subbed! let’s watch now!!


  157. 157 : USA Says:

    IRIS IS ON F-I-R-E!!!!! I too understand how it is to wait patiently for an excellent drama to get subbed, and then there’s not complete subbing (not referring to IRIS in this case, whose subbing is excellent, though, there have been countless others that make me go WHAT?!!?). I’ve experienced a person speaking 2-3 complete sentences and the subbing is one short sentence; eventhough the person is still speaking. LOL!!

    Oh well, back to IRIS. I’ve surfed the net numerous times looking for other alternative sites; yet, when there’s only 1 company that has control of the subbing in your language, what can one do? I just first ad lib; just like ‘r’ does by watching the drama in its native language and re-watch when the eng subs comes out. Or watch other a-dramas/movies/comedy sticoms in the meantime. I purpose to be patient, yet it can only go so far, sometimes.

  158. 158 : PVL Says:

    It came out in print that KBS is considering a 2nd Season for Iris and filming for the sequel will begin May 2010, however, Lee Byung Hun will not be a part of the original casts, I don’t think Season 2 would enjoy high rating as it is right now without LBH. I really hope that if the Production will push through he will be part of the casts again – IRIS with the absence LBH will never be the same and not exciting at all.

  159. 159 : whatever Says:

    WTF?! IRIS 2 without lee byung hun?
    thats not good,i mean like..i got so attached w/ him being the main character && he looks so cute with kim tae hee!!
    i hope he’ll change his mind or have time to do this drama next yr:[
    or if they could replace him with SONG SEUNG HUN!
    now that i will seeeeee,hehehehe

    iris is ending soon though:[
    im super sad,nothing to look forward to when i get home from school..

  160. 160 : whatever Says:

    && i never watch lee byung hun in g.i joe
    he’s going to be busy doing the second one so he wont be able to do iris 2 i heard
    is he good in the first g.i joe?
    can he talk good english?
    i hope he makes it BIG in america:]

  161. 161 : n0kz Says:

    ok guys, episode 12 subbed! let’s watch now!!


  162. 162 : hien Says:

    i love iris i love lbh

  163. 163 : hien Says:

    i will be extremely sad when this series ends.

    why lbh didnt attend in a lot series like others……

  164. 164 : hien Says:

    his eyes r so touching…it’s always misty …omg ooooooooooooo ilove him so much
    i love iris

  165. 165 : hien Says:

    i wanna give this drama a hundredsssssssssss comments

  166. 166 : suerainy Says:

    I’ve just finished watching ep7 at KBS World. In Malaysia, the episodes are usually aired a month after they were aired in Korea. So, sometimes I become a little bit impatient waiting for the next eps to be aired. Luckily, I get to see the recent eps online!!! Iris is just so intriguing and I kept wanting for more…Let’s hope it has a happy ending…Please get hyun joon and seung hee together again…I cried when I watched ep 14 (although I didn’t understand korean) when the two finally met…LBH’s character was so believable, the expression on his face shows it all, that he still loves seung hee and to hurt her in order to protect her…I LOVE IRIS!!!

  167. 167 : suerainy Says:

    IRIS 2…wow! that’s great…i agree with PVL .IRIS without LBH is like Korean drama without its English subtitle ;), (especially for us who don’t know Korean). They have to cast LBH, or else it would lose it’s attraction and excitement. I want LBH!!!

  168. 168 : smith Says:

    I like IRIS & beautiful, talent Kim Tae Hee. Next season of IRIS needs interesting story, script to continue to actract audience.

  169. 169 : vi.etshadow Says:

    Guys! Iris Ep 11-14 Subbed


  170. 170 : n0kz Says:

    Yup! Yup! It’s out! Pretty excited!!

  171. 171 : tintin Says:

    just watch ep 15.. LBH and KTH meet again at the last scene of ep 15!!! Really looking forward to ep 16 now!!! OMG.. Why they alway end with LBH and KTH meeting each other at the last minute of the episode.

  172. 172 : suerainy Says:

    Ep 15 was a cliffhanger…I was waiting anxiously when LBH and KTH would meet again…And yes, just I figured…They were to meet, but at the end of the episode…Why? Why? Why? Looks like I have to wait another day for another episode…Anyway, kudos to the Iris crew for a great job making this drama….I LOVE IRIS..saranghaeyo…

  173. 173 : suerainy Says:

    Anyone knows if the series is gonna be prolonged? I mean, for a great show like Iris, having 20 eps is just toooo damn short!!!

  174. 174 : shatrina Says:

    just finished watching episode 16. . .i bet episode 17 will be very exciting and i am also very excited to watch episode 17. . .but definitely i am also sad because the drama will end up very soon. . .the meeting of LBH and KTH is so short. . .^-^why is it that Jin Sa Woo is always there to keep them apart. . .T.O.P. is also back in episode 16. . .
    i just wish the following week will be fast approaching ’cause i wanna watch the next episode already. . .

  175. 175 : shatrina Says:

    i bet the rating will go up higher from episode 17 to the last episode. . .the rating that IRIS received from the viewer is well deserved. . .
    Go IRIS. . .
    I wish they would continue to make korean dramas like these. . .but still IRIS will be the best. . .

  176. 176 : chaos Says:

    keep up the good work Team IRIS. . .
    the best korean drama i’ve watched so far. . .
    i’m gonna buy the box set when it is available. . .hehe^-^
    so i can wacth it again continuously without waiting. . .

  177. 177 : elle Says:

    Can’t wait for the remaining episodes and for its second season!!!!!!!
    I looooooooooooove this drama especially KTH!!!!!!!
    Bit disappointed about LBH’s disappearance in season 2;-(

  178. 178 : shatrina Says:

    yeah!I wish LBH will still be at the season of IRIS. . .
    it was LBH who’s the main actor of the drama. . .
    i will he will stay. . .
    IRIS will never be the same again without him. . .

  179. 179 : moon Says:

    i really love kim tae hee she is a good actor in iris drama She tried hard in this drama So she is very good

  180. 180 : suerainy Says:

    Is it 100% confirmed that there will be IRIS 2 and LBH will not star in it? If that’s so, I guess it won’t be as exciting as its predecessor. Coz I think what makes IRIS super special is LBH, he’s such a great actor…I LOVE IRIS!!!

  181. 181 : USA Says:

    Episodes 15 & 16 are off THE CHAIN!!! I’ll watch anything that LBH stars in….he can be mime artist, it wouldn’t matter to me! LOL!!!

  182. 182 : USA Says:

    There’s nothing like watching a grown man moved by the passions of his heart; even if it is just acting. (smile)

  183. 183 : kate Says:


  184. 184 : shatrina Says:

    ei guys. . .Episode 15 and 16 is already has an english sub in http://www.dramacrazy.net. . .


  185. 185 : shatrina Says:

    thanks OHitsPAUL for the english suubbed of episode 16. . .
    ur the best!. . .

  186. 186 : how yen yum Says:

    a great korean series hven seen b4!!!

  187. 187 : Ant Says:

    IRIS is BRILLIANT!!!!! Way to go!!

  188. 188 : KTH4EVA Says:

    KTH is so good! IRIS Rocks! Getting to admire KSY too! Cheers all!

  189. 189 : Earleen Says:

    Sana ipalabas nmn tagalized ng iris d2 sa philippines! Ng malaman ng tv networks d2 how to create a real drama na worth for million peso commercials nila

  190. 190 : mysha Says:

    i’m d big fan of LBH,he can be anyone….romantic, hilarious guy, fighting scene….. sometimes bad guy too.

  191. 191 : PVL Says:

    My wish finally come true – yes it is definite – IRIS will be back for a Second Season – it was confirmed by Taewon Entertainment, the drama’s producer – but it is sad since LBH recently announced that he will not join the cast in the second season because he has committed to do a Hollywood movie and that’s good news too, but I really hope he will reconsider, 2ND Season without him is no fun and exciting at all and I hope the Producers of the show will consider as well that IRIS is Lee Byung Hun.

  192. 192 : shatrina Says:

    it is sad that LBH won’t be available for the next season. . .but who knows he might change his decision. . .next season would be dull without him. . .

    @earleen:you are right!i also hope that IRIS would be aired in the philippines soon…it is worth playing for anyway. . .and i bet everyone will also be hooked as we are. . .

  193. 193 : lala Says:

    LBH = IRIS…so if next season exclude LBH is not IRIS…..

  194. 194 : suerainy Says:

    Come on Taewon Entertainment…please do something so that LBH could somehow star in IRIS 2. It wont be totally the same without him…just look at him, and how he portrays the character…the man’s got loads of charisma…he had a great chemistry with KTH, dont ruin it by bringing in new lead actor…please persuade LBH to stay…I LOVE IRIS!!!

  195. 195 : lou8 Says:

    if the schedule of lee byung hun is conflict to the taping of iris 2. please give the role to song seung hun, he is the only actor that can give the same acting like lee byung hun. at te same time they are truly bestfriends. please…………….

  196. 196 : hien Says:

    people of iris… vote for it pls …it’s at the 3rd place now
    i wanna bring my Iris to number 1…


  197. 197 : subin Says:

    I like movie Iris and love him Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tea Hee.

  198. 198 : suerainy Says:

    Hey guys and girls, fellow IRISians…why don’t we make some kinda poll or vote to show our support for LBH…maybe it could persuade him to stay… and maybe it could show the producers how serious we are of how much we want LBH to be the leading role in IRIS 2…honestly, I just couldn’t picture IRIS without LBH in it…:(

  199. 199 : micmoe08 Says:

    this is my first time voting on this page, but iwant to vote only b’coz i love
    KIM TAE HEE! shes very beautiful, and very good actress.
    i have love her since i watched LOVE STORY IN HARVARD.
    she and KIMRAEWON has good chemistry. i missssss them so much.
    hope they will have another drama, after RAEWON finish his military schooling.

    can i vote everyday? just asking…

  200. 200 : PVL Says:

    Good idea Suerainy – we should bring our sentiments to the Management of Taewon Entertainment – that Iris – is not Iris without Lee Byung Hun

  201. 201 : shatrina Says:

    yup!IRIS is not IRIS without LBH in it. . .
    also let’s vote for IRIS to be the Best korean Drama in Year 2009. . .^-^

  202. 202 : chaos Says:

    i’m voting for IRIS as the best korean drama in the year 2009. . .^-^

  203. 203 : whatever Says:

    GO IRIS!
    best drama of the year 😀
    lbh and kth=best couple of the year!

  204. 204 : IRIS Says:

    Dear Fans,

    Please support the IRIS as the best korean Drama, we need your vote, please log on to :


    and vote for IRIS.

  205. 205 : bard Says:

    Yeah hope IRIS will won the best for this year ^_^

  206. 206 : chaos Says:

    how many times can we vote for IRIS?
    is it if you already voted for it, you can never vote again or you can vote again?thanks!
    ’cause i want to vote as many as i can. . .so that IRIS will win. . .

  207. 207 : suerainy Says:

    Fellow IRISians.. only 13& voted IRIS??? Come on, it’s worth more than that…let’s vote so that IRIS will be the best korean drama in 2009…How many times can one vote anyway?
    Is there a best actor category? Let’s vote for LBH!!! Is there a best couple category? Let’s vote for LBH+KTH!!! Is there a best kiss category? Let’s vote for LBH+KTH!!! They rock!!! OMG, can’t help it…I’m pretty obsessed with IRIS bcoz of LBH…so pls let LBH remain as the main character in IRIS2…

  208. 208 : suerainy Says:

    I’ve just voted IRIS…yay!!! but what the heck?? We can only vote once?? How on earth could that be? I wanna vote IRIS like a 1000 times!!!

  209. 209 : haha Says:

    C’mon YAB will win!

  210. 210 : PVL Says:

    I believe you can only vote once – I voted twice using 2 different computers – but I will keep on trying to vote daily if I can –

  211. 211 : It'sTimeForShoutOut-USA Says:


  212. 212 : PVL Says:

    I find a way to vote more than once – as long as it is different email address – email the link – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=977 – to your another email address and then you can vote again.

  213. 213 : elle Says:

    LET’S VOTE FOR IRIS FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  214. 214 : whatever Says:

    is there a poll for BEST COUPLE?
    lbh and kth definately win that award!
    i find you’r beautiful is very overated..
    its aggravating

  215. 215 : ainie Says:

    IRIS is d best drma in tis year…..
    d plot is great n fresh thy do somting new in ths drma….
    d actor actress give thy best shot n look natural….

    so i will vote ths drma best of year…

  216. 216 : chaos Says:

    here comes the organization of Baek San at episode 18 to rescue Baek San and his company. . .so sad that TOP killed her. . .i forgot her name. . .i’ll try to watch again later to get her name. . .ah. . .for the first seconds and minutes of episode 17 i was thinking where is Seung Hee. . .then all of a sudden she appears to rescue Hyun Joon. . .i’m glad they are back together again. . .but the next episode is so intriguing since the IRIS organization that Baek San is a part of will show up. . .can’t wait to watch episode 18 tonight. . .

  217. 217 : chaos Says:

    where is the rating for episode 17?why is it not posted yet?. . .
    anyways IRIS is the best korean drama for 2009!
    once you started watching this drama you’ll get hooked to it instantly. . .it is like you can never predict what will happen and also the characters that they made are very interesting and KTH and LBH looks good together. . .the best couple!

  218. 218 : haha Says:

    oh c’mon! who’s the cheater?

  219. 219 : shatrina Says:

    IRIS episode 17 is already up in http://www.dramacrazy.net but it is still raw. . .i wish the english sub will come soon. . .’cause the last four episodes are very important to me. . .and for everyone. . .

  220. 220 : suerainy Says:

    Soooo excited to see ep17. Yay!!! My heart was beating like crazy when I saw LBH and KTH were finally together, this time with a longer scene…Good for them…Wouldn’t be it great if they were a real couple..sigh…anyway, let their happiness remain until the very end, please…please don’t let anyone died or anything…and one more thing, dont forget to vote for IRIS as the best drama!!!

  221. 221 : kate Says:

    IRIS!!! IRIS!!! so awesome…

  222. 222 : mmflower Says:

    LBH & KTH is the best couple of the year…IRIS is the best drama of the year

  223. 223 : suerainy Says:

    where is the rating for ep 17 anyway???

  224. 224 : Norme Says:


    Love IRIS…Can’t wait for the next episode..Will vote for IRIS…

    Best drama 2009…keep fighting…

  225. 225 : bard Says:

    Yeah love d drama, the plot make me entertain ^_^ but ilike Kim Seon Hwa character compare to Choi Seung Hee ^_^ any way good job everyone in this production ^_^

  226. 226 : whatever Says:

    omg,ep 18 is so cute
    the kisses between lbh and kth:D
    oh,i wonder why there didnt show the extended scene of the kiss when lbh and kth met again..i think it was ep 16 in think
    i saw it in the video :

    around the 2:31 mark!
    its HOT!

  227. 227 : Cyence Says:

    can’t wait for the DVD to come out… it is killing me with only 2 episode a week… KBS2 Malaysia only shown up to episode 8 this week arghhh…

    Happy Viewing…. YES Must VOTE! 🙂

  228. 228 : suerainy Says:

    just saw ep 18…it’s driving me nuts, coz I understand a word they are saying…but judging from the look of things, and how mysteriously KTH disappears, I’m guessing the happy ending I’m hoping for will not materialize…So, is KTH a double agent then? Is she working for the North or something???

  229. 229 : leenC Says:

    I also just finished watching episode 18. they say that seung hee will be in danger and she is in IRIS..omg i cant put the picture together..

  230. 230 : Yap Says:

    anybody know where to download Iris English Subtitle ?

  231. 231 : suerainy Says:

    Yay!! Rating is almost 40% for ep 17…can’t wait for ep 19 and 20…what’ll happen to LBH and KTH? Ep 20 means the end of the show…I’m gonna miss this show terribly…I know they’ll be IRIS 2…but it just won’t be the same without LBH, right Taewon Entertainment?

    IRIS 2 = LBH = IRIS 2

  232. 232 : lady Says:

    ooo.. so, it has a happy ending?? well, actually, i want hyunjoon be with seonhwa at the end.. i like seonhwa more than kth… hope seonhwa be with hyunjoon although hyunjoon is not my taste.. hu3..

  233. 233 : shatrina Says:

    just finished watching episode 18, and i’m really troubled about the twist of story. . .i don’t get it. . .seung hee a part of IRIS?!. . .could it be possible. . .but come to think of it the call that she got when she woke up who could that be?and she mysteriously disappear. . .where could she go to?arghhhhh. . .i really can’t wait ’til next week to watch episode 19 and 20 to get the answers. . .

  234. 234 : suerainy Says:

    IRIS is somewhat based on the film SHIRI right? If that is so, Seung Hee could be the bad girl. Then, the ending might not end well, for seung hee and hyun joon. They might not be together, and either one could be dead. I certainly dont want Hyun Joon to end up with Seon Hwa. I was glad in ep 17 when she finally parted her ways with Hyun Joon. She has become like this disturbing and somewhat irritating third-wheeler. It’s like whenever there is Hyun Joon, she had to be there too. She tried so hard to part Hyun Joon and Seung Hee.

  235. 235 : elle Says:

    OMG what was that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t hardly wait for the remaining episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LBH and KTH must end up together,if possible…
    Oh it’s drivin’ me crazy,honestly…wehehehe

  236. 236 : suerainy Says:

    To Whatever (whoever you are…xD). Thank you, thank you for the youtube link…you really made my day…When LBH and KTH were finally reunited at ep 16, I thought the scene was too short…now I know what actually happened…they had a passionate kiss after all…it’s getting hot in here!!!

  237. 237 : ShoutOut-USA Says:

    Thank You, to the viewer ‘whatever’ for posting the kissing scene. I, also, wondered why that scene was left out, after viewing youtube. I actually thought while watching that episode of IRIS, why after all that time and all they’ve been thru separately and collectively; finally, they know that they’re both still alive, there was no way, for two people in love like, them to ‘just’ hug and get a kiss on the bridge of the nose….no way! The passion in LBH’s eyes, alone, shows he deserves more than that!

  238. 238 : PVL Says:

    We don’t get everything we wish for in life and for most of us it seems we won’t be getting our wish in IRIS as well (LOL) – to have a happy ending for Hyun Joon and Seung Hee – It says it all in one of the OST “CAN’T I LOVE” it is really nice song but the lyrics are really sad – (Even if we love each other to death, our love will still end after all) – I just hope Hyun Joon won’t die in the end so that he would be able to come back on the next season, if ever LBY change his mind. Actually it is not only the kissing scenes that were left off in episode 16 – the part that Seung Hee point a gun on her head – was not shown either. The head of the Organization (IRIS) didn’t resurface yet that might have a connection with Seung Hee – her disappearance after she gets a phone call and when she is back she is not on herself – IRIS is a flower – and this was first disclosed by Seung Hee on the earlier episode – and her name surface in a data that she is part of the Organization, what a distorted fate for the two people who love each other but couldn’t be together, it is really sad, (my one cent).

  239. 239 : suerainy Says:

    I’m bracing for the inevitable here. I think I somehow know how the end is gonna be like, and it’s not gonna be a happy ending for Hyun Joon + Seung Hee (sigh). But, one thing crept in my mind, why go all this trouble of creating this beautiful relationship, when eventually in the end it will be destroyed by betrayal. It’s just too damn depressing. I guess that makes IRIS so special and unique then. Even so, I think the story’s not just about these two characters alone. The storyline, the scripts, it’s just amazing…I hope with IRIS 2 in production, it’ll receive the same or higher rating as its predecessor, whether LBH will be in it or not.

  240. 240 : Lia Says:

    I can’t find episode 12 with subtitles anywhere, and I need to know what happens! Help? Please!

  241. 241 : elle Says:

    ooooooooooh….i could feel a sad aura on its ending and it’s kinda upsetting:-(
    can’t wait for the last 2 episodes
    i hope in the next season there will be a satisfying ending between KTH and LBH, if ever the latter would change his mind and do iris instead of GI JOE..

  242. 242 : shatrina Says:

    i guess we’ll just have to wait for the final 2 episodes of IRIS. . .i just wish no one between seung hee and hyun joon betrays each other. . .i really hope fore a good ending though. . .it’ll just be a waste if those two would end up one betraying the other. . .but since it is based on the film Shiri then it is not a happy ending between them . . .huhu

  243. 243 : n0kz Says:

    where to watch episode 17 & 18 with eng subs?

  244. 244 : suerainy Says:

    I’ve been waiting for ages for ep 17 & 18 to be eng subbed!!! I’ve checked dramacrazy, dramastyle, mysoju constantly, and still no subs…I’m going nuts here…somebody help me, please!!!

  245. 245 : red_renn Says:

    yeah..me too been waiting for ep 17 and 18 to be subbed.
    Cant wait to see d ending.
    TOP is hawt here..Always!!

    Hope they win best action drama 2009!

    TOP Hwaiting!!

  246. 246 : ShoutOut-USA Says:

    I may be mistaken, but I’ve got a feeling that Kim Sun Hwa is not gone for good. The parting of ways between her and KHJ was just too heartfelt….hmmmmm. There’s little more than a comrade relationship going on between the two. Whether KHJ verbally expresses it at this point or not; it’s obvious (yet, he’s a faithful man to CSH). When KSH told Seung Hee to go back to Seoul and wouldn’t tell either CSH or KSH that either one of them were alive. I knew KSH wanted KHJ for herself. I even knew before the scene actually came up, that if KSH saw KHJ with his shirt off that she wouldn’t harm a hair on his head, and it happened just as I thought it would. LOL!

    This drama is so-o-o-o GOOD!

  247. 247 : whatever Says:

    omg, so seung hee has something to do w/ iris?
    i havent seen the ep w/ eng sub so i have no idea whats going on..
    but thats so wierd
    like,it seems as if she really do love him
    ill be sad if she betrays him
    but i dont think so,theres probably some twist
    she couldnt just betray him bc shes spent all her time trying to find him and all their cute memories cant be FAKE!
    ahhh,im going crazy

  248. 248 : BanKaYa Says:

    suerainy, you talked too much!!!

  249. 249 : suerainy Says:

    BanKa Ya…you wanna die??…he he he…xD

  250. 250 : June Says:

    IRIS ..i can’t wait 4 the final episod
    LBH & KTH among the best couple in the drama for 2009

  251. 251 : Perla Says:

    To those who love’s IRIS – like I do – lets join hands to put IRIS on the top – the best Korean Drama for 2009 – we have until January 6, 2010 to make this possible, Please don’t forget to cast your votes – this the link http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=977

  252. 252 : Lydia Says:

    Iris is a great spy, intrigue drama. Luckily has English subtitles. If not I will be guessing all the stories.

  253. 253 : smileremy Says:

    i am so dying waiting for the sub ep 17 & 18 and after reading all the contents, i cant stop thinking of the spoilers mentioned…awwwwww

  254. 254 : Perla Says:

    WORD – was out – Kwon Sang-woo has been offered a part of the 2nd Season of “IRIS” – he has not decided whether to take the role or not yet – Oh well – I’m just sad that Lee Byung Hun won’t be back for the Second Season next year, I’m still hoping though.

  255. 255 : suerainy Says:

    Fellow IRISians…:) I think I’m the guilty one out of many viewers here who likes to rant about the spoilers…so sorry…just couldnt help it…I just love it so much and excited by it…I couldnt just say it loud to myself, now can I? People might think I’ve gone cuckoo, so this is where I pour my heart out…so, please don’t get mad…

    Dont forget to vote for IRIS yes!!!

  256. 256 : suerainy Says:

    I found a link which shows a different angle and a close-up shot of that super sexy and uber hot kiss between LBH and KTH (ep 2) at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8vBu5fLBWM

    Great actors = great kissers ;)…Enjoy…

    Thanks a zillion Boxster Gal who posted it.

  257. 257 : suerainy Says:

    Hey guys…check out this super-sexy and uber-hot kiss between LBH and KTH (ep 2) at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8vBu5fLBWM. It’s a close-up shot and a different angle from what is shown on TV (Be warned that this video is not suitable for minors ;). Great actors = great kissers. Enjoy…thanks a zillion for BoxsterGal for posting it.

  258. 258 : suerainy Says:

    sorry guys…i didnt mean to post the messages twice…

  259. 259 : suerainy Says:

    Hey guys…please go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8vBu5fLBWM for another angle/close-up shot of LBH and KTH’s kiss. Enjoy…thanks BoxsterGal…

  260. 260 : hien Says:

    hey guys and gals, i dont know why IRIs has been cut a lot of scenes such as kissing scenes of LBH and KTH.?

    that’s so pissed me off

  261. 261 : yaya Says:

    nice tomeet you ilove to watch this drama and ihope ican meet the actor and the actress of this flim

  262. 262 : shatrina Says:

    i wish they haven’t cut scenes that are also important to the viewers, maybe for them it is not important but i bet to us those cut/deleted scenes are just so important to us fans of IRIS. . .
    well the ending is coming so fast now. . .
    i just hope no one between seung hee and hyun joon would betray each other. . .
    their love for each other wouldn’t be fake. . .

  263. 263 : shatrina Says:

    episode 17 and 18 with english subbed is out now on http://www.dramacrazy.net
    to everyone who hasn’t watched it yet with english sub enjoy!

  264. 264 : PVL Says:

    I’m more than convince that Seung Hee has a connection with the head of the Organization – IRIS -Baek San parting shots to Hyun Joon “YOU BIT THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT” I believe he is referring to his relationship with Seung Hee, it is really interesting how the story unfolds – it is sad that it will come to an end – so fast.

  265. 265 : elle Says:

    why kwon sang woo?
    haaay i hope this drama will have a good and satisfying ending….
    LBH and KTH are such a lovely couple here….
    2 more episodes to go and i can’t hardly wait for it!
    I looooooooooooooooooove KTH!!!!!

  266. 266 : elle Says:

    i think the love of seung hee for hyun jun is really true true true!!!!!

  267. 267 : Rose Says:

    Best drama, best actress KTH, best actor of the year. We, Aian American fans, love Kim Tae Hee’s acting & beauty

  268. 268 : suerainy Says:

    Yes, PVL. You took the words out of my mouth. Totally agree with you. The “forbidden fruit” that Baek San referred to might be Seung Hee. Maybe he was furious or downright jealous (?) because Hyun Joon had fallen in love with Seung Hee. Or maybe it had something to do with Hyun Joon’s parents. At this juncture, all we can do is wait, wait and wait (sigh) until the remaining episodes are aired.

  269. 269 : suerainy Says:

    Shout out to all the subbers of IRIS…luv you guys…you made it possible for us to understand and enjoy the drama!!! muah…muah…

  270. 270 : kate Says:

    OMG!!! Kim Tae Hee so cute all episode

  271. 271 : elle Says:

    I loooooooooooooooooooooooove Kim Tae Hee and Lee Byung Hun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  272. 272 : elle Says:

    IRIS-THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA FOR 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  273. 273 : shatrina Says:

    yeah!seung hee is the forbidden fruit. . .
    i thought so too that she might have a connection with the leader of IRIS. . .
    and also when she mysteriously left she might be meeting the head of IRIS. . .i think she might be the daughter of the head of IRIS. . .just my thoughts. . .but all in all i love IRIS so much. . .just hoping for a justifiable ending. . .

  274. 274 : elle Says:

    bloody hair just voted once and i can’t vote for the second time!!!!!!!!
    Really want Iris to win as the best korean drama for 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. 275 : suerainy Says:

    so guys what happened in ep 19??? Right now in Malaysia, KBS is only airing ep 10 of the show…I’m going nuts here…

  276. 276 : ShoutOut-USA Says:

    To: Suerainy…go ahead and have your fun. That’s what this site is all about, in my opinion. Sometimes it’s too bland, literally! I have a tendency to view my thoughts and opinions on here, as well. Actually, I do it irregardless of what others think. It’s all in fun. Heck! Sports is not the only thing to get excited about in this LIFE! Besides, this is the BEST and only espionage a-drama that I’ve seen on mysoju. I get excited when it comes to WANTING to see the SUBS and the next episode, too. I practically devour the internet looking for the next episode in whatever language they have to offer, whether I understand what’s being said or not. I’ll get the jest of it by watching. LOL!!! I have even gone so far, on occassion, to plead with friends (only the ones that empathize with me and my quest) to tell me about the end of a really good movie they’ve seen and I will still go to watch it…so I guess that puts me in the category of a spoiler. Oh, well! It doesn’t matter to me, if it’s one that I really want to see. LOL!!! Again, have fun.

  277. 277 : FanofIris Says:

    Best drama of year, best sctress KTH, best actor

  278. 278 : elle Says:

    just finished watching episode 19, though i didn’t understand it’s worth wathcin’ it…
    I was surprised or rather shocked on the next episode wherein Choi Seung Hee being the sniper?…

  279. 279 : linnie Says:

    is sueng hee really one of the IRIS and did she really going to kill the president in the next episode? ……..

  280. 280 : suerainy Says:

    Will someone please put me in a mental institution??? I’m going crraaazzzyyy, all because of IRIS…I just watched ep 19 with chinese subs…didn’t understand a single word, but just so happy to see LBH + KTH. What were they talking about when they met at the restaurant??? Did LBH tell KTH that he already knew she was involved in IRIS and he’s ok with it? And saw the snippets of ep 20. If KTH were the sniper, then I guessed she might be killed in the end, just like the film SHIRI…hu hu hu…or do they have alternative ending?

  281. 281 : n0kz Says:

    tonight is the last episode for IRIS! OMG! i can die waiting for the eng subs.. hahahahahaha!!

  282. 282 : PVL Says:

    One more night and the MUCH ACCLAIMED DRAMA – is done – and while we wait the inevitable end – we just have to enjoy and relax – whatever the ending would be – Suerainy – it won’t do any good if you’re institutionalize – since you will miss the 2ND Season of IRIS(LOL). I don’t want to be a spoiler – but I believe Seung Hee is not a member of IRIS – she is a victim of circumstances – the conversation in the restaurant is something to do with IRIS/ NSS/Baek San and Seung Hee’s father – I don’t want to make an assumption since my knowledge of Korean Language is limited – but more or less I can guess what would the ending be – Just remember – there is a 2ND Season – so more or less you have an idea who will die or will disappear in the end. I’m hoping that LBH will be back for the next season though, for me – It won’t be Iris without him.

  283. 283 : suerainy Says:

    thanks PVL…your words of wisdom has certainly brought me back to sanity :)…As you said, she could be a victim of circumstance, in order to be alive, she had to make a choice to kill or be killed…whatever it is, I really wanted desperately for LBH + KTH to be together…and fingers crossed, LBH to be in IRIS 2…Yay!!!
    And guys, do you think that the cast and crew of IRIS had the time to read these comments that we posted?

  284. 284 : sweety Says:

    Why most of the videos in mysoju are not working now… I instead have watched online in http://d2a9e4c9.thesegalleries.com

  285. 285 : tat Says:

    That was an appallingly poor ending that didn’t explain anything.

    HJ gets killed.. no one know who but gets sniped at the very last min where he driving to meet CSH in Jeju….his last thoughts will always be CSH whom he saw waiting for him.

    Mr.Black & IRIS is still Unknown, the relationship between Mr.Black and CSH is still Unknown.

  286. 286 : PVL Says:

    I couldn’t wait to watch the last episode – I couldn’t watch it at work since I don’t have an upgraded Adobe Flash Player in my computer – so I guess I have to give up shopping – for the last day of sale on the bag that I want to have for Christmas (LOL) – if Hyun Joon gets sniped out on the last minute that means it is not clear if he really died – that’s good – they could resurrect his character on the next season (Viewers Demand).

  287. 287 : tat Says:

    @PVL He is really dead this is clear.

  288. 288 : PVL Says:

    Thank you Tat – that means the remote hope of him coming back for the 2nd Season is not possible at all – that’s too sad.

  289. 289 : tat Says:

    @PVL, you are welcome

    yeh the end does not make sense many questions remain unanswered…about iris.

    1.) Who’s Mr.Black?
    2.) what is the relationship between Mr.Black and CSH?
    3.) what is the target of IRIS?
    4.) was CSH a active IRIS member?
    5.) is HJ death a price to pay for her becouse she doesn’t killed the President….

  290. 290 : ShoutOut-USA Says:

    Ep. 20. Oh well, so much for my tear ducts being on hiatus from sad endings. I really liked the computer technology used in this drama. Very, very nice.

  291. 291 : elle Says:

    WHY WHY WHY??????????????????????????????????/
    IT MADE ME CRIED OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  292. 292 : elle Says:

    IRIS 2 without LBH will not be as thrilling as it was anymore!!!!!!;-(

  293. 293 : leenC Says:

    I thought something good will happen In the end, it really turned out unexpected. however, i have to mention that KTH is really beautiful in that white outfit. she must have plugged her ears with the earpiece, thats why cant hear that shot….so sad! but great job for the production team and actors and actresses!

  294. 294 : KD Says:

    Since everyone is so crazy about what was the dialogue exchange between CSH and KHJ, here it is:

    KHJ: I know who you met and where you were when you disappeared from jeju island…I saw it with my bare eyes something unbelievable. I’m guessing that your situation would be similar to what happened to me two years ago which absurdly swithed my life into total confusion. What is the relationship between you and iris?

    CSH: I met baek sang gook and I got request from him to work for iris but I rejected it. It was my father who established NSS. My father was sentenced to death after the president’s death because he established the company by the president’s request. Imagine how harsh the world to my mom and me who were stigmatized of a killer of president after my dad’s death. There were no one helping us when we were in such hard situation except baek sang gook. I never doubted him. I thought he did it in deference of my dad. However, he was the iris and it was iris who helped me. I swear I didn’t know about this, but as soon as he reveals his identity , he enforced me to work for iris. He was like my father and it was him who killed your parents and the one who was like my father is asking me to kill YOU in the name of iris. How can I tell you the truth after I have found out all this.

    KHJ: Baek Sang once told me that the world has turned out to be exactly what I have planned, but I’m glad that you have made a wise choice. (when he hugged her) I think iris is after something or someone.

    My opinion: I believe that iris is after a document because baek sang mentioned about it with the unknown boss over a phone conversation (if that’s what you call the mysterious ‘Him’)

  295. 295 : suerainy Says:

    Thank you KD for that extensive translation. At last, we know what’s the nature of relationship between Baek San and CSH. Both CSH and KHJ were victims of circumstances.
    Even though I’ve not seen ep 20 yet, the thought of LBH dead, makes me sad though. So, it’s confirmed now that he won’t be appearing in IRIS 2. Oh well, that’s life then. You can’t always get what you want now, can you?

  296. 296 : suerainy Says:

    In the final episode, LBH’s character was shot, but we didn’t know for certain he was really dead right??? There’s no funeral or anything. And nobody knows he died!!! That’s just not fair!!! I know that we’re supposed to read between the lines. But, I’m just keeping my options open here…Who knows maybe he will change his mind, and make a comeback for IRIS 2. IRIS is a huge success, there’s no reason for him not to be in it.

  297. 297 : elle Says:

    @suerainy yeah it’s not really fair,the ending’s vague….
    I’m hoping that LBH will change his mind and come back for the next season:-)

  298. 298 : PVL Says:

    Hopelessly romantic as I am – I always aspire for a happy ending – IRIS is such a Great Drama with a lousy ending as most had said – Everything hangs in the balance or I should say NOTHING is certain the way it ends – it looks like Hyun Joon met his demised in the end – but actually they keep their options open – anything could happen in a story line – only if LBH change his mind – as they say “Keep the HOPE Alive”. From what I’ve gathered from various news agency of Korea – IRIS is the Nation’s first Spy Action Drama – Full- of awesome action scenes, excitement, humor, suspense, classy and to complete – Romance. It is not only well received in Korea but around the world as well. – It amazed me the used of Advanced Technology in this Drama – IRIS showcase Korea around the world – and I learned something too – the different model cars that are featured in this Drama – is KIA – (Korean Automobile Industry). Thank you everyone for all the interactions – we did or I should say the ongoing ……. ones. IRIS doesn’t ends here – there is 2ND Season – right?

  299. 299 : suerainy Says:

    I hated, hated, hated and hated the ending…why did they have to kill LBH’s character anyway? I was so frigging excited when I saw Hyun Joon and Seung Hee so happy again, spending time together, holding hands…Now, I said this is the ending that I hoped for, for a romantic fool like me, after all the speculations and wrong guesses I made. They were so romantic together…But, I spoke too soon, when bang!! Hyun Joon got shot!!! I couldn’t believe it. My jaw almost dropped to the floor!!!It’s just unfair!!!

  300. 300 : suerainy Says:

    As much as I hated the ending, thank you so much to all the cast and crew for IRIS. I must say IRIS was one of a kind, all the elements of suspense, drama, thrills, and most important of all (for me, I guess), romance, all mixed in one. I become a loyal fan from the very first episode. I didn’t know who LBH before, and now I know. What a great character actor he is! When he’s happy, you want to feel the happiness too. And when he’s sad, you feel like crying and comfort him. And I must say the technology, is just out of this world!! The location and scenery was breathtaking too. I had the time of my life watching IRIS. It is one of the many Korean dramas that I hold special in my heart. To me, Korean drama does not appeal to Koreans only, but to all viewers all over the world.

  301. 301 : ThaiPErSOn Says:

    Love of IRIS But i don’t like the ending….i’m disappointed.

  302. 302 : ThaiPErSOn Says:


  303. 303 : java Says:

    hu hu hu….why?why?why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!who killed him!!!!!!

  304. 304 : just just Says:

    oh!!!!that,s why u offer the nxt episode to kwong sang ho….bec. he,s going to die!!!!!! im so sad hu hu hu….

  305. 305 : Mondy Nabila Iskandar Says:

    Yes of course

  306. 306 : Mondy Nabila Iskandar Says:

    Iris drama Saranghamnida

  307. 307 : caralee Says:

    OMG!!!my it breaks my heart…..how long kim tae hee is going to wait??
    well,actually is good tricks to all the viewers that the lead actor will got shot at the end..congrats to the director and producer of this drama…especially to the writers….

  308. 308 : dana4 Says:

    yeah,he got through all the hardship from the begining just to live and at the end he got shot for one bullet then die!!!!!!pls…let him ressurect in the nxt series…………………….im begging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  309. 309 : kate Says:


  310. 310 : Iris Shan Says:

    Sigh… Why the ending like that… Really dissappointed… Who is the main person behind of IRIS? Is it there will be Part 2?

  311. 311 : Sin Says:

    so much trill…… just end like that…… should just cut off the last bit

  312. 312 : Sin Says:

    so much thrill…… and just end like that…… should just cut off the last bit & end at the hotel…. what a disappointment

  313. 313 : Daniel Says:

    a very sad episode..wil thr b a season 2?hope hyun jun does nt die..omg its so sad TT

  314. 314 : PVL Says:

    When LBH announced that he wouldn’t be in 2nd Season – because of the conflict of his schedule – I feel bad since 2nd season without him is no fun at all, a new Hollywood movie is good too but I prefer him in a drama – since it means seeing his million dollar smile a lot – so I sort to downplay the ending would be but I don’t expect him to be killed in the end – being a romantic fool as I am – I wish they let Hyun Joon propose to Seung Hee first (LOL) – and for sure that makes Suerainy happy and ecstatic right? – For sure you are really funny Suerainy – you put a smile on my face reading your comments – (by your heart) – As I said keep the hope alive – who knows LBH will change his mind (Viewers Demand) – for now we just continue to rally and try to make IRIS the Number One Korean Drama for 2009, so everyone who loves IRIS lets all do our best to get the votes counted – thank you.

  315. 315 : wei3057 Says:

    Where Can i watch this drama without downloading?

  316. 316 : KD Says:

    To all the IRIS fans out there, I actually liked the ending. To me, it was a good ending or else there wouldn’t be IRIS 2 (no guarantee it will be as good as IRIS 1). As much as I like KHJ and CSH, the twisted and suspenseful plot which their lives were predisposed into the circumstance made the drama intriguing from the very beginning til the end. It draws our predictions and imaginaries beyond the scope. I mean, every episode was tipping us off the edge of our seat. It’s not a sad ending, but an opening to IRIS 2. It was a romantic reminiscing moment of love which grabs our emotions and tears, yet very sublimed. Like some of you are hoping…leaving an option to LYB to make a decision, which was a pretty smart ending by the Producer.

    Happy Holidays!

  317. 317 : elle Says:

    be happy for there’ll be a second season for IRIS:-)
    can’t wait to watch it folks!!!!!!!

  318. 318 : shatrina Says:

    the ending is so sad. . .but who knows the director and scriptwriter made that kind of ending to suspense the viewers for the second season of IRIS. . .and also LBH might accept the second season of IRIS that’s why they kept it hanging like that. . .he might be resurrected in the second season. . .we’ll just have to wait and see till the next season. . .but still it’s the best drama i’ve watched so far. . .i wouldn’t say it has a lousy ending but the ending just meant the second season is still of a good catch to watch. . .

  319. 319 : Mr.Black Says:

    Mr.Black is a pussy fxxking douchebag IRIS

  320. 320 : koala Says:

    what a sad love story?…….how touching the ending hmmm….he’s very good actor anyway….a tears of dying person…..wow!!!!

  321. 321 : chaos Says:

    i just wish that LBH would be resurrected in the second season. . .
    it is so sad that CSH and KHJ love story didn’t end well. . .
    it is so ironic that when he was in the time of proposing to CSH that is also the time that the sniper would shoot him. . .
    if in the second season the character of KHJ is changed then it wouldn’t be IRIS. . .it would be a different drama then. . .although it is IRIS season 2. . .
    IRIS wouldn’t be the same without KHJ. . .

    i just wished that it wouldn’t be like that. . .
    after all so many hardships that KHJ had faced. . .
    after all he gone through just to be alive. . .
    the only happiness that he has would just end up just like that. . .
    it would be so unfair. . .
    and no one can replace the acting of LBH. . .even though i am a fan of KSW. . .a could say that KSW is good in drama but definitely not in action suspense story. . .i would still go for LBH. . .

  322. 322 : becca Says:

    who are the director,writer and producer of this drama?well,congrats!!!!!
    you really something!!!!!!

  323. 323 : chaos Says:

    follow-up to my response earlier. . .
    no offense meant to the fans of KSW. . .
    just stating the facts. . .

  324. 324 : chaos Says:

    Congrats to the Director, producer, writer and everyone in IRIS including the wonderful cast. . .
    they made a very good drama that will put you to the edge of your sit. . .wanting for more. . .
    i just wished that the second season will be as good as this drama. . .
    the cast made their very best to portray the roles they are portraying. . .
    two thumbs up for you guys!

  325. 325 : Jolim Says:

    A very good drama indeed though ending was less than perfect after all the hardship LBH has to go through; he is an excellent actor indeed. It has been a long time for me indeed to be able to see a nice combi of KTH and LBH. Sure hope that they will end up together in real life.

  326. 326 : suerainy Says:

    Well, after reading your guys’ comments, the ending might not be bad after all was it? It’s wide open for interpretation. Yeah, who knows, LBH might make a comeback and star in IRIS 2 due to a change of heart and viewers’ demand. Us viewers have the upper hand in determining whether one’s show is going to be a success or not, right? I heard the filming of IRIS 2 will be somewhere in May 2010? So, it’s still a long way to go and who knows what will happen?
    PVL, I’m happy that you enjoy reading my comments. Yes, it all came straight from yours truly heart and passion of watching Korean dramas. And yes another thing, that I really looked forward to when watching IRIS was to see LBH flashes that million dollar smile of his. My heart skipped not just one beat, but a 1,000 beats!!! It’s so infectious!!!

  327. 327 : s0ujir0 Says:

    @ all,

    Maybe* KHJ didn’t die? You wouldn’t know until IRIS 2 comes out!

    Hope for all KHJ’s fans.

  328. 328 : ezra Says:

    i was waiting for the copy of this show…huhu when will I see this one..i hope sooner Philippines woud have a copy…

  329. 329 : shatrina Says:

    it’s still a long wait for the second season but i wish that LBH would really have a change of heart. . .
    but still watching IRIS makes my 2009 complete. . .
    i’m still buying the DVD when it comes out even though i’m from the philippines. . .
    i hope that Filipinos could also make such kind of drama. . .
    LBH is indeed a great actor after all. . .
    the drama is worth watching for because of the actors who played in the drama and the plot itself. . .

    i’m just going to wait patiently for the second season. . .
    who knows it’s still LBH on the show. . .

  330. 330 : chaos Says:

    even though i’ve already watched many kind of korean drama. . .
    still IRIS is the best drama for me. . .
    it’s the first drama that caught me off guard. . .

    patiently waiting for the second season. . .

  331. 331 : adelin Says:

    i love this drama IRIS… i hope LBH wil act again in IRIS 2. Congrats to director, writer n everyone who act in this drama…….. i haven’t finish watch this drama but i wil follow until end. Thank to KBS World that they give me a chance to watch it. I from Malaysia

  332. 332 : Perla Says:

    Right – Shatrina I wish they will produce quality drama like Iris – I’m sorry and sad to say but I know the History of Korea more than the Country that is close to my heart – and where I came from. I enjoy watching their historical dramas and I really appreciate the knowledge on their culture and ancient history. Iris is the first Korean drama I had watch with love scenes and kissing scenes, and I love that as well also (LOL)- KUDOS to the Director, Script Writer and to all the Casts of IRIS for the job well done- LBH really demonstrate his superb talent in acting – until the end.

  333. 333 : hien Says:

    i love this dra ma

  334. 334 : hien Says:

    i love lee byung hun till i die… ipromise

  335. 335 : hien Says:

    iris rocks……..

  336. 336 : hien Says:

    oi em yeu anh qua anh 2 oi, cu coi anh hoai khong chan, anh 2 lee hang nhat

  337. 337 : elle Says:

    IRIS 2 AND LBH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOGOGOGOGOOGOGOGOGOGO

  338. 338 : elle Says:


  339. 339 : suerainy Says:

    My wish for 2010 is for LBH + KTH to be a real life couple :p…wouldn’t that be great???!!!

  340. 340 : IrisFanss Says:

    The role of KTH is difficult to play. Kim Tae Hee has to express many different emotions through out the drama, so she deserves the title the BEST ACTRESS.
    LBH: best actor.
    They (LBH, KTH) deserve title “best couple” of all dramas of this year.
    This is really the great drama

  341. 341 : SweetCandy Says:

    I agree that it is not easy to any actor to successfully convey various emotions of character to audiences.
    Kim Tae Hee did show, portray various emotions of main female character “Seung Hee” successfully. She is truly the best actress.

    I love this drama & wait for buying DVD to keep at home.
    Wish LBH, KTH to become best actor, best actress and best couple of the year.

  342. 342 : Asian American fans Says:

    I think the role of Kim Tae Hee is more difficult. Character “Seung Hee” has different emotions, situations to express than character of Sun Hwa (north agent).

    Sun Hwa shows only 1 emotion: sad & cool of a broken heart killer.

    Kim Tae Hee did portray various emotions of main character “Seung Hee” successfully.

    We wish KTH become the best actress

  343. 343 : VickyVivian Says:

    Sad ending, but this is really the best drama with best actor LBH, best actress KTH.
    Wish them get the title “the best couple” in all dramas of this year.

  344. 344 : PVL Says:

    Suerainy – that’s not a wishful thinking at all – though she denied the rumor that she is in relationship with LBH during her last meeting with reporters after IRIS had ended – BUT she said “that their personalities match and they are been good friends” – so theirs hope on them and that will makes you happy right? I love that to….

  345. 345 : RedRoses Says:

    Wish them get the title “the BEST COUPLE” in festival, celebrity of dramas of this year.
    They LBH, Kim Tae Hee) acted like real in all various situations, scenes, emotions & deserve the title best actor, best actress.

  346. 346 : elle Says:


  347. 347 : shatrina Says:

    IRIS should win the Best Korean Drama of The Year in the Festival;Best Actor – LBH; Best Actress – KTH;and Best Couple of the Year. . .also they should get the other awards that the festival will give. . .
    IRIS deserves it more than the other drama. . .
    The other drama was just like any other drama. . .but IRIS it isn’t just any other drama. . .

    IRIS deserves any award that it will receive. . .

  348. 348 : Cyence Says:

    Malaysia just into the 8th episode… can’t wait for the rest of the episode… and when is the DVD release… what a torture!

  349. 349 : Cyence Says:

    Lee Byeong-Heon, who starred the just concluded KBS hit, “IRIS”, said he wanted a different ending of the drama, JoongAng Ilbo said Saturday.

    “I suggested a happy ending in which I would hide to a remote place together with Seung-hee, my lover in the drama”, he said.


    I would wish for a similar ending too… both KHJ & CSH will hide and lead a normal life… place like Akita Prefecture, Japan… wishful thinking…

  350. 350 : Pinky Says:

    Cyence (349)

    Can agree more…… I don’t really want this ending… so sad…. I hope the drama have a happy ending, and they both leave together and hide in a place where nobody can find them… no more dangerous task for them.. 😀


  351. 351 : suerainy Says:

    In the KBS world website, they had this article written on which actors wins or loses by appearing in IRIS. Of course, LBH receives rave reviews, which I totally agree. I think what makes IRIS special is because of LBH himself. He really did a fantastic job on his portrayal of Hyun Joon’s character. He’s like a chameleon, able to change from one emotion to another effortlessly. It’s so believable. But I somewhat disagree when the article stated that Kim So Yeon did a great job on her portrayal as a North Korean agent. I really think her character had no development at all, more like a one dimensional character. She always looked gloomy and miserable. Just my two cents…

  352. 352 : Brigit Says:

    Can you post the KBS world website where article written on which actors wins or loses by appearing in IRIS” ? Thanks
    I also think the role of Kim So Yeon is easy & dull. I agreed her character had no development at all, more like a one dimensional character. She always looked gloomy and miserable.
    So, I can put my comments on KBS world website

  353. 353 : suerainy Says:

    Hey Brigit, you can go to Link here to read more on the article…

  354. 354 : sunny Says:

    I agree with you too. Role of Kim So Yeon is easy to play, just cool & sad, monotone.
    Kim So Yeon gets poor performance.
    Who wrote the stupid article on KBS world website ?

  355. 355 : suerainy Says:

    it doesn’t state who the writer is…but all praises must go to KTH too right? This is the first time I’ve seen her acting, I haven’t watched her previous dramas..But I think she did pretty good, I mean her character went through a lot throughout the entire drama…

  356. 356 : SmallBrother Says:

    Some saw drama “Stair to Heaven” then has the prejudice with Kim Tae Hee. Director assigned her to portray the bad character in drama “Stair to Heaven”. So, after seeing that drama, some did not like her, it means she did the great job.

    In drama “Iris”, Kim Tae Hee has to portray the character of Seeing Hee with many different emotions. It is difficult to change from happy to sad to ……..

    Role of Kim So Yeon is very easy, cool & sad, really dull & monotone. Article in KBS website is unfair when writing KSY did the great job. I believe Kim so yeon did bad job.

  357. 357 : SmallBrother Says:

    Director assigned KTH to portray the bad character in drama “Stair to Heaven”. So, after seeing that drama, some did not like her, it just because they did not like the opposite character she got in drama. It means she did the great job to portray “bad character” & made audiences did not like “bad character”. Some confused “bad character” in drama & actress herself.

    I always like Kim Tae Hee acting & beauty. She did great job in drama IRIS

  358. 358 : La Belle Says:

    Tears on my eyes when seeing Seeing Hee’s acceptance of the deat of lover Hyun Joon & when seeing Seeing Hee was tortured by her lover Hyun Joon.

    Kim Tae Hee did the great job to me. I vote for Kim Tae Hee, no one else.

  359. 359 : HyunJoon.SunHwa Says:

    I understand that they have to make such ending due to LBH’s schedule. But I have some things on my mind which were not cleared even after the story ended. Like.. What happened to Baek Sang, Who were the other members of IRIS and what really it is. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the upcoming season. I’m going to miss TK1 and TK2. And TOP. 🙁
    About the love story, at first I’m really moved with the story of Hyun Joon and Sung Hee. I loved how they first met, and how they started being together.. When Sun Hwa came in, I didn’t really expected that she’ll be involved to Hyun Joon. All I thought was she’s just another character. Someone who’ll try to kill Hyun Joon but will be friends with him afterwards. As the story unfolds, I’m becoming a fan of Sun Hwa’s character. Why? Because she’s not that typical girl like Sung Hee. She has a strong character but you will see that she also has her own weakness like what each us have, which is her feelings for Hyun Joon. As they parted ways (episode 17), that scene really made me cry. I always thought that somehow Hyun Joon has also something inside of him for Sun Hwa but maybe it’s just her love for her as his friend and as his great partner. As the story ends, I was really hoping that they will end up together (and Sung Hee will be arrested for agreeing to Baek San’s offer to kill Hyun Joon, which she might have tried) but I think that’s how the story was written, so I can’t do anything about that.. Haha. But still, I’m for team Hyun Joon and Sun Hwa! 😉

    For those who haven’t watched IRIS yet, you better watch it now. You’ll regret it if you don’t. Haha.

  360. 360 : AntiSunHwa Says:

    If Hun Joon & Sun Hwa become the couple in real life, it will be ok, but not in drama.
    In drama, you like a couple of Hun Joon & Sun Hwa because you like to have affair with spouse of your friend.

    Sun Hwa is just the supporting role & the acting of Sun Hwa is just so so, too monotone.

    I love Kim Tae Hee’s acting as main leading actress.

  361. 361 : MessageToHyunJoon.SunHwa Says:

    Just because someone does a big favor to you, you have to marry his/her ??? How many time you want to marry ?
    It seems that you are greedy & not loyal.

    Love & friendship is different.

    You cannot say you love your significant partner if you do not want to sacrify for your significant partner.

    If HyunJoon misunderstood that Seung Hee help Iris & denied Seung Hee because of that, it means HyunJoon was never really love Seung Hee. His true love of Seung Hee will be believable if he showed his support to Seung Hee. Any way, Seung Hee is so perfect (beautiful, inteligent, nice, supportive to HyunJoon especially in saving the President’s life) & I love her too.

    I agree Kim Tae Hee did great job as main leading actress.
    Her role is exciting.

    I cry when Seung Hee was tortured by her lover.

  362. 362 : PVL Says:

    I’m not in authority or a member of any Award Giving Body – just a simple viewer who appreciate a good acting if I see one – but to call Kim Tae Hee’s acting in Iris, as “Mediocre” is really a simple-minded assessment. I beg to disagree – since her acting is up to par just like anybody else and she is good, or should I say – she is not just a pretty face after all – But everyone is entitled to their own opinion – as much to say since she win an award for Iris “Special Award” – I don’t know exactly what are the criteria for winning the “2009 Republic of Korea National Awards” – but I guess it dispels something, Right? (My one-cent – in response to the KBS Article)

  363. 363 : PVLFriend Says:

    With actors, ” 2009 Republic of Korea National Awards” is nothing.
    They love the title “best actress/ actors” like American actors dream to win Oscar with best actress/ actors.

    KBS Article must be put in the toilet.

    With eye drops, it is very easy to have tears in eyes of north female agent in the farewell scence between north female agent & LBH. How can the KBS article write north female agent did the great job. North female agent’s acting does not worth a cent.

    Contrary, Kim Tae Hee did the great job in many different scences : being tortured, accepting the death of lover, bed scence, funny scence, professional scence, struggle with terrorist, etc… but the article wrote she failed to do her job.

    It is clear that this article has the prejudice & UNFAIR. Perhaps, someone wants to take the role of Seung Hee in the next season & put wrong comments to Kim Tae Hee ‘s acting.

    We beleive Kim Tae Hee did the great job & deserve “the best actress”

    If someone love Kim Tae Hee’s acting, it is better to put possitive comments on KBS websites & other websites with “IRIS” news.
    I cannot keep silent anymore because I felt Kim Tae Hee was treated unfair. KBS article has the big bias on her.

  364. 364 : PVLFriend Says:

    KBS Article must be put in the toilet.

    With eye drops, it is very easy to have tears in eyes of north female agent in the farewell scence between north female agent & LBH. How can the KBS article write north female agent did the great job. North female agent’s acting does not worth a cent.

    Contrary, Kim Tae Hee did the great job in many different scences : being tortured, accepting the death of lover, bed scence, funny scence, professional scence, struggle with terrorist, etc… but the article wrote she failed to do her job.

    It is clear that this article has the prejudice & UNFAIR.

    We beleive Kim Tae Hee did the great job & deserve “the best actress”

    If someone love Kim Tae Hee’s acting, it is better to put possitive comments on KBS websites & other websites with “IRIS” news.
    I cannot keep silent anymore because I felt Kim Tae Hee was treated unfair. KBS article has the big bias on her.

    [email protected]

  365. 365 : PVL Says:

    Yes you are right the KBS Article is really out of line – and really bias – I don’t know what authority that writer has to make an assessment like that – it is really in a bad state, I have been putting my one cent (comment) on every article I came across with – and I will continue to do so as I see fit – thanks.

  366. 366 : pigrabbit Says:

    i think your beautiful is better than iris.
    eventhough it has high ratings your beautiful gained more popularity like what boys over flowers has achieved. XD

  367. 367 : suerainy Says:

    pigrabbit….You’re Beautiful is for boys and girls…hu hu hu…

    IRIS is for the Men and Women, enuff said …IRIS rocks!!!

  368. 368 : suerainy Says:

    and I must say…I’m not trying to downgrade You’re Beautiful or anything…But how come with a mediocre rating of somewhat 12%, can it be voted/considered as the Best Drama of 2009??

  369. 369 : lbhkth Says:

    huhu so sad that lbh got shot… n y must kth put on the earfon at that hour huhuh… if lbh is going to be replaced, please welcome SO JISUB!!

  370. 370 : Math Says:

    1) If people understand statistics, they will know this poll has no statistic significance & the result of this poll will mislead audiences. The best drama of this poll is meaningless.

    2) Why this poll has wrong result ? because the policy is wrong.
    Best drama equals the only top one but this poll let audiences choose as many dramas as they like. How can the result is correct. It seems they must study math again.

    3) Todays, with eye drops, north female agent can easily have tears in eyes on the farewell scence with LBH. It is too easy to make the face cool & sad throughout the drama. So, any actress can play that role. Why north female agent deserve any praise? KBS article is really unfair.

    4) I believe Kim Tae Hee did the great job especially in the scenes of being tortured, accepting the death of LBH, kissing, bed scence, struggling with terrorist & shooting the terrorist (as the sniper).

    5) “You are so beautiful”: I did not see it because the poster, story, brand new, pre-mature actors do not actract me.

    I’m picky. I love the drama/movie with good story, good director, good script plus good/famous actors & actress. Beautiful and good acting actress il always prefered.
    Kim Tae Hee has both beauty & good acting.

    What do you think when director use the ugly actress to portray the role of the beautiful lady. It likes the famous movie “Gone with the wind” with the main actress is too ugly. I can not swallow it.

  371. 371 : PVL Says:

    Honestly I don’t want to make a comment regarding “You’re Beautiful” since I didn’t watch it – I’m way out of my teen years – but how could You’re Beautiful is better than Iris when they are on the 8Th place (their best) among other contenders on the same time slot – my nieces and my nephews did enjoy it though. Yes I watch Korean Dramas – but not just any dramas – I only watch the one with substance – good story line and above all I watch according to my pleasure – and Kim Tae Hee has it all – Beauty, Intelligence, Elegance, Charm and Impeccable acting ability. As for Lee Byung Hun – he really is a good actor, he came to the island for- The 2005 Hawaii International Film Festival screening of his movie “A Bittersweet Life and he is the only Korean actor I know who could speak English well – English is not my first language either so I really appreciate it and I love him more.

  372. 372 : whatever Says:

    i hated the ending;i was so happy that they were together
    like i acidentally read a spoiler that he died,but i didnt believe it bc it was so close to the ending..
    but i hope that he will be in IRIS 2 since it didnt reallyshow that he died bc he never like closed his eyes or anything like that

    && they become a real couple outside:)

    i knew that they were having him killed once i read taht he wont be in iris 2;i had taht feeling..but i think once they know that iris is not iris w/o lbh,they’ll reconsider!!

  373. 373 : elle Says:

    KIM TAE HEE’S THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  374. 374 : elle Says:



  375. 375 : elle Says:

    DAMN THAT ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  376. 376 : shatrina Says:

    I don’t agree with that article. . .
    for me KTH did a very great job in portraying the role of Seung Hee. . .
    it is so hard to do such role. . .but after all KTH did a great job for it. . .
    for me she deserves to be the best actress. . .i really love her acting. . .
    i have watched KTH in the other dramas that she played on and i believe that she really did a great job in IRIS. . .she really evolved as an actress. . .
    i really love her. . .

  377. 377 : Lovers Says:

    I love LBH & Kim Tae Hee’s acting too. I love happy ending with both KTH, LBH in the next season

    Bad KBS article. How could KBS article give the north female, male agents a praise when wrote KTH failed to do her job & Sa woo had bad job.

    KBS article was unfair. The role of both north agents are dull, just cool, sad & sometimes needs eye drops for the farewell scence.

    Sa woo’ s role is more difficult than north male agent. Ofcourse, LBH is the best leading actor.

    KTH’s acting is so great throughout the drama (professional, happy, sad, kiss, bedscene, struggle with terrorist & is tortured by her lover in drama)

  378. 378 : Rain Says:

    Great job for Kim Tae Hee & LBH.

    KBS article does not worth a penny. Sun Hwa role was vague, too easy to play, just sad & cool face only.

  379. 379 : Storm Says:

    North agent Sun Hwa’s ACTING IN THE DRAMA WAS SO PLAIN HOW COULD SHE get a praise ?

    It is really unfair when KBS article wrote KTH failed to do her job.

    Kim Tae Hee’s acting was so great & she must get the praise.
    LBH gets great job too.

  380. 380 : ShoutOut-USA Says:

    For Iris 2, I wonder what the writer has in mind in order to top this one. Well, if that person can pull it off, and I believe that the writer and director will (because of money, a great cast and script), we will see another #1 hit. Still hate that Lee Byung Hun will not be in it, though. He’s sizzling, HOT (psssssss)!!!!!! LOL!!1

    P.S. my tearing actually began with Sa Woo in the department store. This man can REALLY act!

  381. 381 : International Fan Says:

    Great job for both of Kim Tae Hee & LBH. Want to see both of you in the next season of Iris (if any).

    Sa woo did good job. KBS article “which star lose or win in Iris” does not worth a cent when it gave both north agents a praise but gave KTH, Sa woo negative comments.

    The role of both north agents are so easy to portray.

  382. 382 : suerainy Says:

    Hey guys…didn’t mean to get you all upset and angry with the article…I came across it and I thought it would be great to share it with you guys… And I must say, the article didn’t do justice with Sa Woo’s character too. I think his character evolved as well…From being a trusted friend to a foe..from being a good guy to a bad one…I mean, it must be hard for him to hide his feelings for Seung Hee when he knows, he’ll never have her…I kinda like his character…

  383. 383 : Titanic Says:

    I really upset with cruel, unfair KBS article “which star….win …in Iris.” It is good to regain the justice for Kim Tae Hee & Sa woo, they did the grat job as well as LBH.

    Kim Tae Hee & Sa woo, LBH deserve the praise than both north agents. It is real difficult to portray many emotions of Seung Hee. I cry when seeing Seung Hee was tortured.

  384. 384 : lovekoreandrama Says:

    Just finished watching this movie a few minutes ago. Very cool but a little hate the ending.. But over all this drama was GREAT!!!

  385. 385 : Honey Says:

    My opinion about drama:

    1) Hyun Jun did not shoot Sun Hwa when she tried to assassinate him. So, Sun Hwa owed Hyun Jun a life.
    So, getting the bullet in the arm at the final episode is somewhat can be interpreted that she pays what he did for her in the past ?

    2) Seung Hee save Hyun Jun life (in episode 17, 18 or 19) by shooting the terrorist who was going to shoot him.

    3) It is bad when Sun Hwa misled & made both Hyun Jun & Seung Hee believe that their long time lover was died. Sun Hwa’s maneuver to get the love is cruel.
    Sun Hwa loved Hyun Jun & lied to him & made him believe Seung Hun was died. It is bad.

    4)If Sun Hwa told Seung Hee the truth that Hyun Jun was alive, the result would be different.

    5) In Akita, Japan, if Sun Hwa told Hyun Jun that Seung Hee was alive & was looking for him, the result would be different.

    6) Man does not have to sacrify himself to marry any woman just because she saves his life, especially when the fact is that he spares her life in Japan first. If He did not spare Sun Hwa’s life, how could she live until now?

    7) Any way, it is up to Hyun Jun to choose who he felt in love.

    8) Seung Hee loves only him. She said that she would die with him as needed (at Hungary). She tried her best to look for him & that made her was captured & tortured, etc…

    The role of Seung Hee is very difficult (romantic scene, action, etc…) & Kim Tae Hee’s acting stole my heart.

    Role of Sun Hwa is easy, just cool, sad with the help of eye drops.


    What is the hell with KBS article “Which stars win or lose in Iris” when it gave Sun Hwa a praise & gave Kim Tae Hee unfair negative comments.

  386. 386 : Honey Says:

    Prior note is just my own opinion about 1 triangle in drama. Other person can think different. Some love to have both wife & mistress. Some distinguish friendship & true love. Friendship is also valuable.
    Drama has much more details, stories, plots, triangles than my prior short note.

    I think Seung Hee is smart to shoot terrorist to warn about the plot & then remind Hyun Jun to save the president & also does not let Iris know she destroys Iris’ plot.

    Great job for LBH, KTH

  387. 387 : PVL Says:

    According to Jeong Tae-won – the head of Taewon Entertainment, which produced IRIS – the ending was a PLOY so that people will remember the drama for a long time afterwards. So it is a business move after all – in preparation for the 2nd Season – It is all for a PLOY? that’s really a devious maneuver and it’s heartless, considering that I cried a bucket on their “PLOY” (LOL) which I’m sure lots of you guys were devastated also the way Iris ended. Like ShoutOut-USA – I’m curious also what would be next plot of the writer – It would be tough for IRIS 2 to emulate the succes of Iris 1 – it would be interesting to watch if the next guy could pull it off – but if I were Jeong Tae-won I will reconsider the significance of having the Second Season without of LBH.

  388. 388 : suerainy Says:

    What an effective ploy indeed!!! I bet fans of IRIS were glued in the front of their TV sets wanting to know how the ending would be like. Hyun Joon’s death was like an anti-climax. I expected Seung Hee’s the one to be eliminated but it turned out otherwise. I expected a happy ending but it turned out the opposite. Anyway, kudos to the producers on how they managed to keep us at the edge of our seats until the very end of the show…

  389. 389 : ilah Says:

    just finished watching this drama… i felt pity for Kim So Yeon.. Why a lot of people hate her acting performance???? eventhought she brought an easy character(just like what u guy thought?) but it wasn’t easy…. what ever it is, Kim So Yeon fighting… love her character… lonely, sad n fall in love with hyun joon but unable to confess…

  390. 390 : shatrina Says:

    even though the ending was just a PLOY. . .IRIS still remains to be the best drama for me. . .it puts as at the end of our seat until the very end of the story. . .although the ending didn’t turn out that well and what we expected maybe the writer has other plans for it. . .maybe. . .just maybe. . .LBH would still be in the IRIS 2. . .still hoping he will be in it. . .
    As for the character of Kim So Yeon. . .I appreciate her acting skills in the drama but still KTH is the best for me after all. . .she had done a great job portraying the role of Seung Hee. . .

  391. 391 : ToIlah Says:

    No one hate north female agent.
    BUT, it is REALLY UNFAIR to give north female agent A PRAISE and criticize Kim Tae Hee that she failed to do her job.

    Role of Seing Hee is more difficult. Tears in my eyes when she was tortured & I am very happy with bed scnene, etc…

    It is stupid to think that audiences will remember drama more with sad ending. I prefer happy ending.
    Example: “Mr & Mrs Smith” has the happy ending & it is the hit movie.

    I agree: Seung Hee is smart to shoot terrorist to warn about the plot & then remind Hyun Jun to save the president & also does not let Iris know she destroys Iris’ plot.

    Great job for LBH, KTH

  392. 392 : irislover Says:

    i really curious who kill hyunjoon…… i dnt like the ending of this movie…
    who kill hyunjoon???? is it mr black???

  393. 393 : ShoutOut-USA Says:

    I have a suggestion of what to do with unfavorable critques from synics. The steps to take are as follows: 1) Place the news article in the bottom of your pet bird’s cage. No bird. 2) Use the news article as a liner for your pet cat’s litter box. No cat. Maybe a dog. 3) It works well as a pooper-scooper. No dog. 4) Just pour SALT on it! Do it outside of your home, of course. I wouldn’t want that negativity in my home if I were them.

  394. 394 : PVL Says:

    I don’t think anybody hates Kim So Yun in particular or the character she portrayed – I for one truly appreciate good drama or good acting if I see one – and IRIS is quite a revelation that makes you quest for more – it didn’t end the way I envisioned it would be – but overall everybody did a good job. To ILAH – the comments on Kim So Yun was brough about because of an article by KBS – She was singled out for her outstanding performance in IRIS and characterized Kim Tae Hee as a Mediocre – which is very unfair or I should say a plain naivety on the part of the writer to make an analysis like that and also with Jung Joon Ho, it is really unfair to say that he didn’t deliver on his part as well. I had watch Kim Tae Hee’s past performances and I can say she improve tremendously – and she really shine in Iris. I don’t have a chance to watch Kim So Yun before – and she really did a good in her own right as well, but I must agree that her role is not more complex as Kim Tae Hee’s – I’m curious of all the comments that I watched the previous episodes again – her character seem so remote and reserved with that sad look and not so much of a dialogue either no comparison on Kim Tae and Lee Byung Hun’s character – just a look and it conveys a thousand words even in the midst of danger just a glance and it says it all – the love they have with each other – one particular scene that really warm me is the downtown shoot out – when Seung Hee appeared – no need of a dialogue – just a look and it says it all.

  395. 395 : American Fans Says:

    1) Shoutout-USA, I do not understand what you suggest.
    Perhaps, it is better to complain at website of KBS.

    2) With me, Kim Tae Hee successfully portray the role of Seung Hee, she must get the praise than north female agent.

    3) With me & my friends here in The United States, Kim Tae Hee is the best korean actress. We do not like she was treated unfairly.

  396. 396 : PVL Says:

    I don’t think Shoutout-USA is implying anything – he/she means it as a joke (No offence – am I right?)

  397. 397 : ShoutOut-USA Says:

    Personally, I just don’t understand and never will understand the need to rail on someone that accurately portrayed their role in a drama that was a #1 hit. Either it’s because it wasn’t who these people wanted to see in the drama (which is after the fact) or the person was ‘TOO OLD’ or ……????? I choose not to take the time or effort to understand that reasoning. LOL! What I do know is that there’s surely a difference between critiquing and criticizing.

    Anyway, in my observation, there were no weak links anywhere in this drama. Everyone carried their own weight (acting roles) to the max. They had excellent chemistry amongst each other.

    What I’d really like to see is all the critics experience being placed in lead acting roles for 3 days (1 day wouldn’t be enough). No holds barred. Taking on grueling work hours, crazy weather conditions, not wearing enough clothes during the crazy weather condtions (no shivering allowed), dealing with crazy directors (LOL), hmmmm, yoga seems good right about now. Having to get facial expressions and voice fluctuations just right and on cue. Dealing with being sleepy, thirsty, hungry, multiple takes, time, travel, looking perky or not, heavy make-up, waiting on set until your scene, and only them and God knows what else. I’d say there would probably be more empathetic people out there.

    What’s even more funny to me is, what did they expect to see. Did they want her to swing from the rafters, be giddy…WHAT??!!! LOL!!!

  398. 398 : ShoutOut-USA Says:

    I’m actually not complaining….just commenting like everyone else, freely. Everyone has the right to agree or disagree with me about anything they choose. From a to z. Whether they like someone’s acting in a role, etc. I believe we can agree to disagree, maturely and with humor. To me, it’s being able to converse. Get an understanding of where peoples thoughts are. It’s all in good humor.

  399. 399 : ShoutOut-USA Says:

    Actually, American Fan, what I wrote is in agreement with what you’re saying. Please read what I wrote again. -From one American to another.

  400. 400 : ShoutOut-USA Says:

    To me Kim Tae Hee was great in IRIS. Let me be more specific. I am, also, referring to the not so positive publicity she received for her role in IRIS.

    It’s very clear to me from everything else I wrote about her role that she was excellent. I don’t see where you misunderstood. If you read throughout this drama, you will see that I enjoyed her acting. So, what’s the problem?

  401. 401 : ShoutOut-USA Says:

    In 393, I’m referring (in humor) by suggesting what a person, who has done their best (as an actor/actress in this case) could do with negativity in written form. In other words, get the negativity away from oneself. It’s just paper, anyway. Not allow negative comments to be anymore than what it can be used for. Don’t let it get inside of one’s head to become bothered or depressed by it, is what I’m saying. I suppose, that’s the comment that was being referenced.

  402. 402 : American Fans Says:

    KBS does not read any opinion here about its article. So, who cares ? They continue to think their (KBS) opinions is absolutely right.
    Opinions here are useless, just waste time. Bye!

  403. 403 : American Fans Says:

    Here, when we go to the shopping mall to shop, we only buy what we like. If the service is bad or if there is the problem with the products, etc… we will complain, he…he… We are clients.
    Shopping mall wants to sell products ???? he…he….

  404. 404 : ShoutOut-USA Says:

    That’s so correct. I agree with you. Yet, I’ll take it a step further. Put those negative opinions on the bottom of the bird cage and not care about it. By the way, I’m not your adversary nor will I come across as one. That type of behavior has no merit, whatsoever.

    Opinions are just what they are, opinions.

  405. 405 : American Fans Says:

    KBS has webpage to collect comments from viewers about IRIS.

    If KBS does not receive any positive comment about KTH’s acting, how can it know viewers like KTH’s acting in Iris ????

  406. 406 : American Fans Says:

    Similarly, perhaps, a lot of people like Iris drama. Anyway, they do not want to spend time to vote or to put any comment. Who know they like IRIS ? how much they like IRIS in comparison to other drama?
    Contrary, viewers of other drama are eager to post comment, to vote.
    In result, there would be the misunderstanding that IRIS is not as good as other drama based on the result of voting, the total number of comments

  407. 407 : suerainy Says:

    We viewers have different opinions, just like our backgrounds, races, etc…We see things differently…just like IRIS…some of the characters we like, some we don’t like…This website is the platform on where we voice out our opinions…These opinions, some may agree, some may disagree…but the bottom line is we’re here to have fun…don’t take things too seriously…I must say I enjoy reading you guys comments…it really lighten up my days…thanks guys…

  408. 408 : ShoutOut-USA Says:

    Nice comment suerainy. I like to interject humor in my comments from time to time, to lighten the sites atmosphere, just from another perspective about an issue or topic. I’m an artist and I have what I call creative peripheral vision; even eyes in the back of my head. Just kidding, LOL! Yet, this is the first time I was misunderstood on here. Ha ha! That’s okay. I live in a large metro city where there are people from all over the world. I live around many diverse people and we interact. I can honestly say that I have been afforded some of the most interesting conversations when it comes to the meeting of the minds by my neighbors and co-workers, alike. So, I don’t take anything to heart.

    Moving on………Peace Out!

  409. 409 : PVL Says:

    WELL SAID Suerainy – Yes – I Do have a life – a very hectic one at that – outside family and work – but I just want to have some fun and excitement – by Interacting to all of you guys – we may agree – disagree or differ on our opinions but I hope we could do that positively clean – and to ShoutOut-USA I welcome humor and meeting of the minds. And to all Christians or to those who observe and celebrate Christmas – May you have a good and a safe one this year – Merry Christmas Everyone.

  410. 410 : Peter Pan Says:

    I heard that they will mke the second part of IRIS. i hope this is true because i dont like the last scene in the last part.more power thnx

  411. 411 : elli Says:

    i like this drama, but not the ending

  412. 412 : USA Says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates this day and for those that don’t, have a safe, warm, wonderful day.

  413. 413 : Max Says:

    This discussions here is for fun. Becuase everybody has different opions, so, there are surveys, places to collect all viewr’s opinions about dramas, actors, actress for consideration.
    You have to come to the right place to speak out, to vote to have your opinions COUNTED. No one come to your club/place to hear your opions. If you do not speak out at the right place, the result will be against your will. Then, plase do not ask why this article, this ceremony awards, etc… make the conclusion against your will. The fact, you refuse to execute your right when others do not.

    Just see to the poll at this webpage, one must conclude that “Iris drama” is not at good as “You are beautiful drama”.

    You do not agree? why you do not vote?
    You do not agree with KBS article, why you do not speak out at the place the article was posted?

    Similarly, at other places where they collect opions about actor, actress’ acting, performance of drama(s), they will also get the conclusion against your will because they did not receive your opinions.

    At the end, at ceremony awards, awards will be given to the drama, actor, actress that you do not think they deserve award.

    It seems American fans was misunderstood.

  414. 414 : Bob Says:

    Oh my God! I saw some ask why “You are beautiful” is the best drama based on the current result of this poll when its viewers ratings are always less than 12% or so.
    Why ? High ratings of viewrs does not mean all viewers like it than other dramas. Maybe, at that moment there is no “boys over flower”, no other choices, so viewers have to see IRIS, or just because viewers just see anything at random to kill the time when they feel boring or alone.

    Do not hate me. The fact, only viewer’s vote, opinions reflect their feelings. Rating of viewers can be interpreted that many people see this drama, it help this drama, because if it is too bad, why they see it?

    But for the award “the best drama of 2009” at ceremony awards, high viewers’ rating is not enough, viewer’s comments, vote, article’s comment, etc… also will be counted for consideration.

    Perhaps, some here like IRIS, this actress, this actor, but their opinions will not be counted like MAX said. I agree.

    My part, I vote for IRIS,
    leading main actor, actress: I vote for LBH, Kim Tae Hee
    supporting actor, actress: I vote for Sa woo, Sun Hwa

  415. 415 : Perla Says:

    The Fact speak for itself – IRIS – is going to have a 2ND season – So if You’re Beautiful is the best – they should have a 2ND season too – right? But looks like – there is not even a remote chance or possibility for that – how could they, when their best is on 8Th place among the contenders Iris included – which enjoyed the 1st place position – from start to finish – Iris is such a HUGE SUCCESS and that prompted Taewon Entertainment to have a 2ND season – all I know I will be watching Iris next year – whether it is good as 1st – remains to be seen – (just my humble opinion).

  416. 416 : suerainy Says:

    I agree with Perla, rating is just statistic…it doesn’t reflect what the story is all about…As for now, I don’t give the heck, if IRIS doesn’t win any of the awards…To me IRIS will always be No. 1…And I don’t agree with Max when he said that viewers didn’t have the choice, and they had to see IRIS. You knew for sure when the story’s good or bad, when you see the first one or two episodes of the show…you either love or hate it…you either continue watching it or just turn off the tv…you have the choice…

  417. 417 : Max Says:

    suerainy misread Max’s message.

    1) The choice means the better choice. With few, perhaps they like …… for example “Boys over flower” but that film was not showed on Wed. Thurs.

    Sometime viewers (not majority) open TV when coming home as a habit & do not care what was on the TV. They just need something at the time they got dinner.

    2) Max agree with you IRIS is good.

    3) Anyway, regardless of what you shout, the conclusion will be against your will because YOUR VOICE IS NOT COUNTED.

    4) Why they do the survey? the marketing? the collection of viewers’ opinions? They make conclusions based on what they received only.

    This is my last time here, BYE. Good luck for your shouting about IRIS.

  418. 418 : Max Says:

    Easy to understand, just see example following:

    What happens if “Queen Seon Duk” was showed at the same time on the same day with “IRIS” ??? IRIS rating is still the same if it was showed at the time frame of “Queen Seon Duk” ?

    “Queen Seon Duk” also has high viewer’s rating.

    So, they need the poll to know viewers’ opinions after viewers saw both dramas.

  419. 419 : Perla Says:

    That’s more been better – to have these dramas on the same time slot – to find out the sure winner – There’s always competition among Networks – but it is not likely they purposely go after each others necks just to edge on the ratings – good business acumen don’t allow them to do that – after all -their life span depends on good ratings (on domestic viewers) and if it gets good reviews that’s where the money comes in – on the Endorsements. After-all it is the VIEWERS who determines the success of a drama and for me IRIS is the sure winner.

  420. 420 : Mad Says:

    Perla Says “it is the VIEWERS who determines the success of a drama”. It is right. But, THE DISCUSSIONS ON THIS PAGE ARE JUST FOR FUN (one prior message said) . NOTHING IS COUNTED regardless what you shouted HERE.

    They count opinions of viewers (domestic & international) that they receive AT THEIR PLACE only. Why do not come to their place to speak instead of shouting here?

    I combine some messages I saw here. So rediculous!

  421. 421 : Mad Says:

    Why do not vote & shout : why drama “you are beautiful” has higher votes ?
    So funny!

  422. 422 : Mad Says:

    Every year, at ceremony awards, there is the award of “the best drama of the year”, best actor, etc… etc…… So, they collect viewers’ opinions for consideration.

  423. 423 : Mad Says:

    Come here for fun, each person has different opinion, so, please do not take it important about which drama, etc…. get award.

  424. 424 : Perla Says:

    Yes – supposedly just for fun – not to mention some logic – that are so absurd – and for “You’re Beautiful” getting the most votes – but of-course – the Baby Boomers – that have access to to Modern Technology – made that possible – what a way to interpret success – I would say – but -it is just my honest opinion.

  425. 425 : Tic Says:

    By definition of “Baby Boomers”, Baby Boomers are all above 50 years old. Hm… how can they click like crazy? hi…hi…. you mean very young generation?

  426. 426 : Perla Says:

    Right – Young Generation (I stand corrected) – seems like life is not complete without computer –

  427. 427 : suerainy Says:

    Hi Mad…This section is for IRIS fans to comment…So why would we want to shout out for You’re Beautiful? Am I right or am I right? 🙂

  428. 428 : U.S.A. Says:


    This quote makes me think of Kim Hyun Joon, the fictional character, and also, some of the best commentors here.


  429. 429 : PVL Says:

    Sinister in a way – because they lack of understanding or unable to judge or improvise interactions with other people on a normal or acceptable manner – Respect of ones opinion is one thing !

  430. 430 : U.S.A. Says:

    PVL and suerainey….you both don’t know HOW MUCH I enjoy your commentaries. I knew I’d draw one of you or both of you out with that quote. LOL!!! I’m laughing so hard now! We’re going to take back our values when it comes to respectful commentary under the IRIS category, just like they did under the CITY HALL category on koreandrama.org. Those people under that drama category don’t play with foolishness, AT ALL! Go take a look. I’m serious. THEY MAKE ME PROUD!!! I comment under that drama category, as well.


    SMILE! ** SMILE!

  431. 431 : elle Says:


  432. 432 : Cyence Says:


    Channel: Discovery Channel (Malaysia Astro 551)
    Date: Monday, December 28, 2009
    Time: 7:00:00 PM
    Get a glimpse into the unique world of Lee Byung Hun and his love affair with Seoul, a city from which he derives inspiration.

    Also on this week:

    Repeat Date/Time
    29-Dec-2009 6:00:00 AM
    1-Jan-2010 3:00:00 AM
    2-Jan-2010 9:00:00 AM

    I am amaze by his english!

  433. 433 : lou8 Says:

    its confirmed that there is iris 2. sad to say lee byung hun will not join in the drama. i hope song seung hun will take part the role of lee byung hun. please i really like song seung hun.

  434. 434 : PVL Says:

    Thanks U.S.A. – I will take your word for it – but before I input my one-cent – I have to watch it first – I really enjoy interacting – anything under the sun – Suerainy – you’re missing in action – are you on a Holiday mood? (LOL)

  435. 435 : PVL Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS TO – Lee Byung Hung Hun – He really shine this year – First, was The National Congress Award and now The Pride of Korea Grand Prix Award.

  436. 436 : ql Says:

    to all Iris fans out there. the drama was great wasn’t it? I personally want to make some comments on LBH and KTH relationship in the drama. their acting were great!!! but the one thing that really got my attention is that they never said the words “sorry”, “I love u”‘ nor “Thank U” towards each other. their affections and actions in the drama speak for it all. it really touches me and it speaks their level of understanding and loving and honesty for one another. It’s like no more words need to be spoken. it is silently understood among the two.

  437. 437 : U.S.A. Says:

    Wow! ql, I never noticed that until you mentioned it. Those words were never spoken between the two of them. It seems they were both really in sync and on a higher spiritual level emotionally. Thank you for pointing that out. This makes their relationship even more beautiful.

    Thank you PVL for sharing about Mr. Lee!

  438. 438 : suerainy Says:

    I’m happy and honored that someone took notice of my comments…:) PVL, I’m laying low as I’m preparing to become a cool, suave, super agent like KTH..he he he…yeah baby!!!
    Yes Cyence…I did watch HIP KOREA and when I knew it featured LBH shi, my brain stopped functioning for a while. My eyes were glued to the TV set, and I didn’t even have the time to wink, too afraid to miss anything. Yes, for a non-native, he speaks good English with an American accent. He has come a long way, and I’m glad that he has reached his goal to become a superstar.

  439. 439 : suerainy Says:

    ql, what a great comment and observation. I couldn’t agree more. When I watched HIP KOREA, someone commented that Korean actors have these unique ways of interpreting their emotions through their eyes…Same goes with LBH…just watch ep 13 and you see what I mean. When Hyun Joon had no choice but to torture Seung Hee in order to save her, he was really hurting inside. But, there’s no word needed, you can see it through his eyes…His eyes were all misty… and you can sense that he was in the verge of a breakdown. It made a huge impact, to me at least, because I cried as well…:(

  440. 440 : elle Says:


  441. 441 : Perla Says:

    Suerainy – I’m glad to hear – you’re keeping it cool – that’s what I miss – you don’t fail to amaze me with your antics – Yes LBH speak English well – I didn’t see him in person when he came in my part of the world back in 2005 – but I watched his interviews – and I was amazed back then – the 1st Korean Celebrity that don’t require an interpreter – others who came before and after him – can’t even say simple Thank You – in English (no offense intended). It has been confirmed by Arirang that definitely there is 2ND Season of Iris – I’m just sad since LBH won’t be part of it.

  442. 442 : momomiko10 Says:

    im saving my money to buy this blockbuster’s dvd ^^

  443. 443 : U.S.A. Says:

    Saw HIP KOREA on youtube, featuring Lee Byung Hun. It was a very nice program. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing Cyence.

  444. 444 : U.S.A. Says:

    WHO AM I KIDDING!!! IT’S TIMES LIKE THIS WHEN I WISH THEY MADE 50 inch COMPUTER SCREENS! LOL!!! Someone only posted part 2, but that was good enough for me! My, my, my….I will behave myself! LOL!!! I am thankful for the REPLAY feature! LOL!!!

  445. 445 : faye in american samoa Says:

    to the cast of iris…wow…what a show. i’m in the process of watching the show and so far, there is not one episode that is boring. the adrenaline goes beyond words because the show is fast paced and just wonderful to watch. the storyline between the 3 main characters and the romance between them is amazing. one is evil and one is so inlove with the girl and the girl likewise. that is some drama. jin sau is evil as he can get. he is so good in his character it’s believable in my own eyes.. tho’ he’s so good looking and be just so evil that is the charm of hisself and how good of an actor he is. i watched him throughout the show and i found out that the look in his eyes makes him the best evil guy in the show. well, on the other hand, i hope the show end up with a good one regarding lbh and sunghee. they are so inlove and they are also believable with the way and caring they have for each other. you just hope and wish they be more involved with their body language and the forbidden longing they have and just unable to do it because of other forces that make it for them impossible. oh well, i live on this tiny island in the south pacific and we get to watch KBS and all the dramas and other shows. i was raised i n california and i tell you, i got real tired of american shows and now i found out that i’d rather watch korean shows since they leave a lot to the imagination. to the iris show, i love your drama. it’s fast-paced and just good to watch. i really love this show and i hope you have more and hope to have more good endings because you guys tend to have unforgiving endings that makes us mad…okay..get the word around that i hope i dont end up breaking my tv if lbh ever dies in this drama…..love to you all…faye

  446. 446 : Hilary Says:

    Wow! It’s been so long LBH hadn’t acted a drama n KTH. Anyways, i thought it was gonna b like All In, LBH’s previous drama, but i must say this was something totally different to another lvl. May not be the best of the cast members, but the plot does progress in quick pace and also does develop a more suspensful and interesting aura, though it kinda dropped towards the middle. But in the end its kinda sad. Got disappointed that they did not solve IRIS completely. Thought they were gonna unsolve all of IRIS n identified Mr. Black. Oh n btw, TOP does name his name somewhere in the. first episodes. Anyways, after giving seconds of thoughts, the plot was overall quite unique and fun to watch, and not just an action thriller that will disappoint the audience with a dramatic and disappointing ending. Man I just hope ppl will make more dramas that do carry such elements of uniqueness and fresh ideas, yet fun and great to watch for the audience, rather than just making an copied version of other dramas, that lacks originality. Anyways, recommend it for all those who are new to korean dramas, and for those who are desperate to watch something that they can watch addictingly all night, eating ramyun n having ur parents tell u to go to sleep, but u just can’t help resist the temptation. 4.8Stars. Thanks to all the cast members n directors for making such a valuable worth while drama to watch, to keep me busy with something fun. TYVM. Hope to see more dramas like this in the future.

  447. 447 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    WANTING TO BE LOST AGAIN. -Author Unknown

    I found this poem fitting to my interpretation of HJ and SE’s times of separation from each other.

    Hopefully, IRIS 2 will be such a success that there will be an IRIS 3, and HJ will return; surprising all of us. (A writer can pen just about anything, when given free reign). -aka U.S.A.


  448. 448 : insie Says:

    i just bught a dvd copy of this tv series..^^ hahaha.. i wanted to watch this because of T.O.P.^^ big fan of BIGBANG.. hahahaha.. but the series itself is really good.. My dad and my kuya (older brother) liked watching it too..^^ two thumbs Up for the IRIS..

  449. 449 : suerainy Says:

    Happy New Year guys!!! Did you guys watch KBS 2009 Drama Awards on 31 Dec 09? Although it had no English translation, I had so much fun watching it…All because of LBH. He came together with KTH (arm-in-arm, so lovey-dovey). They certainly looked cute together…Congratulations to LBH for winning the Daesang’s Award (top honor’s award). He truly deserved it. LBH + KTH won the best couple as well (I wish they are a couple in real life, yay!!!) IRIS won a few other awards as well. Go to this link if you wanna see the complete list of winners: link here
    Congrats again to LBH, KTH and IRIS…

  450. 450 : BiGiKu Says:

    Ahh!! Iris won so many AWARDS!!!

  451. 451 : elle Says:

    KTH AND LBH CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  452. 452 : ladiigodiva Says:

    OMG! This drama was just perfect from the start until the end.
    I don’t know, well..since the first time i saw it i have a feeling this could be great and as i put it into DVD player, i can’t take my eyes from the screen anymore…!!

  453. 453 : vicky Says:

    CONGRATULATION LBH, KTH, IRIS DRAMA. It is really the great drama, great actors, actresses. I love Kim Tae Hee’s acting & beauty.

  454. 454 : shatrina Says:

    Congratulations to all the IRIS actors and actresses and everyone behind IRIS! You truly deserve the award guys. . .
    And a very huge Congratulations to LBH. . .

  455. 455 : kdramaLova Says:

    best drama ever!!!!! along with bof

  456. 456 : nicky Says:

    truly one of the best kdrama i ever saw
    i saww the whole 2o ep in days
    thats how good it was
    but i still cant come to terms with the endin………
    luvin LBH+KTH
    love 4rm ireland

  457. 457 : cougar_df Says:

    I have never watched a Korean movie before, and it was mostly through my wife’s influence (she watches A LOT of Korean movies), that I decided to give IRIS a go. I must admit it had me glued to the screen for hours and if not for fatigue, I would have watched all 20 episodes without a pause. As it was, I completed all the episodes in about 30 hours. I do have one criticism though – I don’t understand Korean or Chinese and had to turn the English subtitles on. Up to episode 13, the translation was excellent, but then from episode 14 onwards, it was quite clear the translation was done by a different person(s). Not only were the acting names changed so that I couldn’t follow the story line, the English was so atrocious I could hardly figure out what was really happening. If the producers want this series to become a hit to a wider audience, it needs to get serious about the quality of the English subtitles. With a record budget spent on this series, it would have been a very bad decision to cut back on the standard of the subtitling, if that was what happened. If there is a sequel to IRIS, I hope the English subtitling would be done correctly this time. Other than the poor standard of English subtitles, this was a stand out drama that had me on the edge of my seat.

  458. 458 : shanna Says:

    can i ask when can i but the dvd of iris? im here in u.a.e. please… thanks!

  459. 459 : shanna Says:

    sorry my spelling is wrong..where can i buy the dvd of iris drama?im here in abu dhabi u.a.e. thanks!

  460. 460 : nhia Says:

    really like this drama..
    one story what describe about love…
    but we’ll be so enjoyed about action..
    a ienteresting story,,
    love, friendship, and about world what sometime so clichue for uS but it’s really real..

  461. 461 : Ira Says:

    OH MY GOD, maybe IRIS is the best drama korean i have ever seen in this year (or perhaps in the rest of my life) ;p. I love this drama which combined love, friendship, strugleness, aggresiveness. and so on. and I Give 4 Thumbs to LBH. HE is such a damn talented actor. he hasn’t just a best expression but he also make a viewer into this drama so deeply. sorry for KTH, she is so adorable but in my point of view she has just enough acting but that’s fine. I prefer KSY acting, oh my she is so talented . and scene when Sunhwa leave South Korea who played by her, i teared so much. for me, KSY’s acting better than KTH’s. (not bashing me KTH fans ;p)..
    sorry for the bad grammar. hehe.
    can’t wait for IRIS season 2, but i’m so sad that LBH not part of that drama anyomore. oke finalli i just wanna say, IRIS IS SO DAMN GOOD EVER KOREAN DRAMA . 🙂

  462. 462 : Iria Says:

    Iris is really excellent & exciting. LBH acts really great, looks like real.
    I like Kim Tae Hee’s acting than other actresses. I think KTH is also more popular & more beautiful.

  463. 463 : dory Says:

    what exactly happen in the end? is it an accident or iris kill him or seung hee? clueless…

  464. 464 : dory Says:

    just finish watching iris…my comment: it was not until episode 6 that i found this drama amazing…the earlier episodes show so much about HJ & SH love, not just love but intimate love…there i thought this drama is not as what i expect but then after ep6 its just become better and thrilling…though i still have some confusions throughout the story…and i think the ending wasnt all that. even their last mission & situation is not satisfying enough.. i thought the scene about the nuclear bomb and when NSS was terrorized is bigger and better scene than the ending when the attempt to kill the president. the last scene should at least hv an explosion i thought…and the very ending, i really didnt get it. what was it actually..? well, this is just my personal review..it still a veryy good action drama…credits to the actors…

  465. 465 : Sunny Says:

    How can KSY’s acting is better than KTH’s acting ?
    Most of time, KSY has the stone face & look down to the floor. What is wrong with the floor ? The scene when Sunhwa leaves South Korea, KSY just put natural eye drops to her eyes. Any actress can does that. Perhaps, you feel pity for Sun Hwa because she does not get the love although she does everything & even lies to get it. (Sun Hwa makes Hun-jun, Seeing hee thought their lover was died). The feeling for Sun Hwa can be mis-interpreted to that KSY’s acting is good.

    I am not a fan of any Korean actor, actress. Objectively, Kim Tae Hee successfully portrays many different emotions, situations & her acting is really better than KSY.

    I agree Kim Tae Hee is more popular, more beautiful than KSY.
    Acting of LBH is so great.

  466. 466 : Sunny Says:

    My prior short note is just for Ira, he..he…

  467. 467 : Perla Says:

    Exactly !! How could Kim So Yun’s acting is better that Kim Tae Hee when all she portrayed was sad, and gloomy face since her love was not reciprocated by Hun Joon – I don’t remember her ever laugh or smile at all – I’m not a fun of anybody but I appreciate good acting if I see one – Kim Tae Hee indeed delivered a good performance in Iris- and her acting had improved tremendously – why can anybody see that, she received a lot criticism in the past that they tend to stereotype her acting to the point of being prejudiced – when in in-fact she getting better on her craft – I feel sorry for her – for all these uncalled criticism – give a girl a break – will yuh !!!.

  468. 468 : Mike Says:

    Iris is so great. It is really the best Korean drama of years. Frankly, LBH’s acting is so great. I have to say that Kim Tae Hee’s acting is exciting & better than KSY. She made the big progress.
    I just saw the clip that showed this couple (LBH, KTH) walking on the red carpet. They are really the best couple in dramas. KTH is so beautiful with the elegant, sexy dress.

    Hm… KTH is more popular than KSY, how could KSY receive the award of the popular actress ??????

  469. 469 : Juana Cruz Says:

    This site is very informative and helpful.
    This proves useful than other sites available.

    Thanks for the webmasters and all who is part of of this site.

    Keep up!

    from Philippines!

  470. 470 : Perla Says:

    It really beats me why the media in particular has all praised on Kim So Yun’s acting in Iris – when in fact she didn’t really do that much – Yes she is good too – but her character is not that complex compared to Kim Tae Hee – she had the same facial expression from start to end – (sad and lonely) it is really ridiculous to say that she is better than Kim Tae Hee – and as I said you don’t have to be fan of Kim Tae Hee to appreciate her acting – she is not only pretty but she really did a marvelous job in Iris – and her team up with Lee Byung Hun – is exquisite, they really look lovely together.

  471. 471 : Peony Says:

    congratulation to LBH, KTH. Your actings are GREAT, GREAT!

    I threw KBS article away. I appreciate Kim Tae Hee’s acting. Indeed, KTH acts a lot better than KSY.
    I also love KTH’s beauty & intelligence. Her body gestures, speeches are elegant, smart.

    In fact, I believe KTH is far more popular than KSY.

  472. 472 : SS Says:


    just hope u know the official DVD for Iris is not released yet anywhere, so the only subtitles available online for Iris is all by fans. believe the subs u got frm ep 14 onwards might have been by other grps of fans which is not the main team subbing it for fans.

    anyways kudos to IRIS for the awards they bagged at the recent KBS drama awards. personally i have grown attached to the cast of the drama namely LBH and KTH, they were excellent together, i have become a bigger fan of them both now.. and also JJH, KSW and KSY. great team 😀

  473. 473 : HOPE Says:

    CONGRATULATION IRIS, LBH, KTH. LBH’s acting & Kim Tae Hee’s acting are really great.
    The team of actors, actresses in Iris is good.
    Hopefully, in the next ceremony award, IRIS will beat Queen Seon Duk in all categories & IRIS will continue to win more awards.

  474. 474 : lala Says:

    First……..I watch IRIS coz LBH, I know his acting is very good
    Second….and I Falling in love about story,intrique n special effect, almost
    like hollywood movie
    Thirdh……romantic scene is touch
    Fourth……IRIS is the best ever

  475. 475 : Pax Says:

    You still like IRIS if the role of Seung Hee were played by the fat actress who has small eyes, big face with many pimples, big belly ??? Hm…if so, how can Hun Jun & Sa woo fell in love with 140 lbs, ugly face Seung Hee ? hi…hi…
    You just need LBH only, right ?

  476. 476 : elle Says:

    kim tae hee and lee byung hun the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  477. 477 : dave Says:

    very nice drama..
    LBH & KTH acting so perfectly.. hope they will be real couple..

  478. 478 : c'lia Says:

    good drama..
    but i don’t like the last episode..
    hiks =(

  479. 479 : kate Says:

    Kim Tae Hee AHHHHHHH Sarang Hee…

  480. 480 : liz Says:

    Love this drama!! Honestly, I felt I was not watching a drama series but a movie. love the story , another beautiful and unique drama from Korea..
    The ending was tragic but It fits the story.. I really felt like watching A very wonderful movie!!!

  481. 481 : shatrina Says:

    i love IRIS so much among the other korean dramas that i’ve watched before. . .and can’t wait for the next season of IRIS even though LBH won’t be a part of it. . .

  482. 482 : Wang Says:

    Next season of IRIS really needs very strong main actors like LBH. Role of Sawoo, killer needs the new replacement (new character). I do not like Kwon Sang Won. His performance in Cinderella man is too bad.

    How is about Daniel Henney & Dennis Oh ?
    Hun-Jun just gets severe injury in head, short coma, then recovers in the next season with LBH again ?
    I like heros with beautiful, elegant, smart ladies by their side.

  483. 483 : Tom Says:

    Wow, Kim Tae Hee is gorgeous in the clips that KTH & LBH on the red carpet, interview & KTH behind KBS award (I saw clips on youtube.com). Anyway, there is no subtitle, so I cannot understand.
    Next season of IRIS, who will be the main actors ? I hope LBH & other handsome & well acting actors, but not the guy in Cinderella man.

  484. 484 : melanie Says:

    To the Writer and Director, please expedite the shooting of IRIS 2 (May 2010) is too far please do it in February hehehe, wanted to see it earlier. We wanted all casts back in season 2. But if not, Kwon Sang-woo or Ko Soo to be LBH replacement. They are perfectly matches the character.

    We want to see more actions and pro filing work in tracking IRIS organizations. Additional pro filers will be needed. Kim So-yeon is the best partner/pro filer for Choi Seung hee if not Chae rim or Song Hye-gyo will be perfect, maybe they are assigned in different countries like IRIS organizations located in different countries. They are beauty and brain like Kim Tae-hee and innocent looking, pro filers are like that.

    In my opinion additional castings is vital in tracking and killing the organization as big as IRIS.

    Thank you.

  485. 485 : Perla Says:

    Wang, that would be nice story line – a very effective twist – have Hyun Joon in a Coma – in that way he could come back anytime – I don’t think Kwon Sang-woo would be effective as an agent more or so as a lover or a good kisser compared to LBH (LOL). Lee Byung Hun – SIMPLY THE BEST.

  486. 486 : Hot kiss Says:

    I just found out they cut many scenes, not just the bed scenes only. There are more hot kissing scences between Hun Jun & Seung Hee in the extended versions such as in ep. 16, etc… that I did not see in the standard versions. So interesting! so hot!

    To express the character of NSS female secrete agent, one must have the smart eyes & face like Kim Tae Hee.

    Chae rim or Song Hye-gyo maybe too soft, not wise.
    Chae rim is older & SHG is too young, not mature enough for the role of experience secrete agent.
    KSY is suitable for the role of the cold heart person or the bad person like she did in drama “all about eve”. In recent interview, KSY said she like to play the role of the opposite of main character.
    Ko Soo is neither hot nor handsome nor famous in the world.
    Kwon Sang-woo has the muscular body with the stupid, non-expressive face. He is also not famous in the world.
    If Iris wants to expand reputation to the world, it needs famous actors plus beautiful, smart, popular lady.

  487. 487 : Hot kiss Says:

    If all cast is the same, KSY continues as north agent.
    NSS Profiler must be smart. Seung Hee is smart in job, but also so sweet, loyal, supportive to her lover. I love it.
    I love Bedscenes, kissing scences SO MUCH! Romantic scences are really touched.

  488. 488 : Hot kiss Says:

    NSS Profiler is also the secrete agent who analyze the deep thought inside, the behavior of other people/enemy/etc…. How could profiler (secrete agent) has innocent look at work? If profiler has innocent look, profiler fails to function as the role of profiler/psychologist. It is ridiculous when the spy, secrete agent, profiler has the INNOCENT LOOK.

    Innocent look is just for the young, unexperience girl (not for the psychologist/spy/secrete agent).

  489. 489 : melanie Says:

    To HotKiss,

    I respect your views.

    However, have you watched Criminal Minds series of the USA? Look at the women personalities there (they are all Pro filers) none of them looked like fearless or intimidating persons. Pro filers sometimes can be an actress pose as bait sometimes to catch a criminal, not only deep thinker or good in analytical but can do everything when cases needed for it. That’s why innocent and sweet personalities needed for a pro filer jobs and in real life the same personalities.

    I don’t want to offend you just to make clear things out. If you have other actors and actresses in mind go ahead. I just lay down my preferences.


  490. 490 : melanie Says:

    sorry for the misspelled word Pro filer it must be profiler.

  491. 491 : dave Says:

    to hot kiss..

    where i can find the bed scenes and kissing scenes which was cut from the movie..

    thank you..

  492. 492 : Hot kiss Says:

    To Melanie:
    1) Criminal Minds series does not hit at all. Profiler can be a weak woman who can be used as bait sometimes to catch a criminal, but she is not innocent. In real life profiler can express the nice, sweet personality but not INNOCENT. They have experience. The word of INNOCENT was used wrongly. Profiler can have some softness but not innocent. Profiler has many levels, depends to the level, the function will be different.
    I do not want to mention more details. Just find out the truth yourself.

    2) In IRIS, Seung Heeis is not the regular Profiler. She is the psychologist & also the secrete agent, the team leader, the LEADER (high level), THE ELITE PERSON. At first several episodes, she is the supervisor of Hun-Jun & Sa-woo. So, the EXPRESSION of an innocent look is NOT suitable for this role.
    At work, the eyes must be sharp, determined. With lover, her eyes must be SWEET, etc….

    3) I have opening mind. I just say the truth that the competion is tough & the drama will hit if it has good director, good story & good actors, actresses. Famous actor in the world like LBH is always prefered. Ofcourse, I do not mention American actors (Tom Cruise, etc… )

    Different life style, different standard living, different culture, etc… will lead to different views. I am an Asian American who has been here in USA for the very long time, so, perhaps my taste is picky.

  493. 493 : Hot kiss Says:

    When I search the word of Kim Tae Hee or Lee Byung Hun, or “Iris kiss ep” I found full version (extended cut) of hot kissing scences, bed scences on http://www.youtube.com. without english subtitle.
    I want to buy DVD with full version, not cut version. Anyway, I do not know where to buy DVD english sub. IRIS is great! but I prefer happy ending.

  494. 494 : melanie Says:


    Sorry i don’t emphasize earlier the word innocent. What I mean in innocent, is an innocent look, it doesn’t mean doesn’t know anything. I’m talking of the look, that enemies may not suspected because of the innocent looking. Mostly intelligent persons I’ve known are with the same characteristics.

    Don’t get me wrong Criminals minds is a hit because until now their up, am watching their recent episodes right now.

    Anyway hotkiss nice talking to you here. Thank you for further explanation. I;m here to hear other sides for sake of IRIS.

  495. 495 : Nick Says:

    Melanie, baby, how old are you ?
    In “Criminals minds series” in USA, profilers have INNOCENT LOOK ? It is all in your head. They have intelligent look & act to mix in the group.

  496. 496 : Nick Says:

    Right, many kissing scences between Hun-Joon & Seung Hee were cut in KBS but were shown in OCN. These cut kissing scences show more love between Hun-Joon & Seung Hee. SO HOT, SO HOT! I guest DVD will show “extended cut” bed scences & kissing scences.
    Wow ! great job LBH, KTH. These scenes are really touched. I love them so much.

    Without the cut kissing scenes, few may misunderstand that Hun-joon has chemistry with Sun-Hwa.

    In Iris, some scences translate Seung Hee is the profiler, some scenes show she is the superviser of Hun-Joon at the beginning and she is also the team leader, high level (level I). Sypnosis says she is the psychologist, etc…..

    Kim Tae Hee expresses the professional look & also the sweet look, etc….

  497. 497 : Wheat Says:

    Melanie, my dear, above synopsis shows ” …. a top secret organization known as the “NSS” ……….Seung Hee is a psychological analyst …..”
    So, she must have the very strong background of psychology. This role must express the smart look, not innocent look.

    When a judge asks a psychiatrist, psychologist that “why you do not ask your patient about his/her thought of suicide? ” then, psychiatrist, psychologist will express an innocent look ? … hi….hi…
    If you work in medical field, you will know the result.

  498. 498 : melanie Says:

    I don’t know you guys what’s your interpretation of innocent and sweet look. Whatever I don’t care. Maybe check you dictionaries or ask your mama about it (hehehe) esp. you Nick check your dictionaries.

    Anyway, we are all here to comment about the IRIS drama. Not in criticizing others opinion.

  499. 499 : melanie Says:

    Further explanation, other definition of innocent is “harmless”. Please refer to this (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/innocent) This is the term perfect definition I want to share with you guys. If you remembered the episode when Sung Hee was poses as bait, acted playing in a casino, her suspect doesn’t even think that she is a spy, he discovered it when someone informed him through call.

    Hotkiss is right to say that other term for it is inexperienced and applied to little girls, Wheat is correct in saying lack of knowledge.

    Profilers, psychologists, Team leader, Supervisory etc. can be smart, sweet and innocent (harmless) at the same time when cases needed for it.

    Thank you. Peace!

  500. 500 : Nick Says:

    Stupid Melanie. Respect other person if you want to be respected. Ask your mama yourself. Talk with your American neighbors about Criminal Minds series & innocent profilers & let them teach you.

  501. 501 : melanie Says:

    Say it to your self Nick. Don’t get mad. You asking me how old I am?, that’s why i replied ask your mama what innocent meant.

    We are here because were matured enough to accept other views, if you get mad then that’s your problem. I just depending what I believed in and accepting others views like Wheat and Hotkiss. You, your taking it too personal.

    Peace again.

  502. 502 : PVL Says:

    Remember Rodney King ” CAN WE JUST ALL GET ALONG” I hope we can all do that here as well (LOL)- to have our views without to resort the use of name-calling. We may differ in our opinions but we should do that in an acceptable manner and more responsibly. I’m glad that Iris will have a 2ND Season – and I would love to see Kim Tae Hee and Lee Byung Hun again and all of the original cast as well- but if it is not possible that’s fine too – but I just hope that the next guy can pull it off. I truly believe that LBH is SIMPLY the best for the job though. Where is Suerainy – now that we need her wisdom – Hi there! – I hope you have a good start for 2010.

  503. 503 : suerainy Says:

    gee guys…i’m missing all the action here, i had not been here for the past one week, and you guys started name calling? Are you guys having a cat fight or something? LOL! It shows how passionate we were of IRIS, the beeessstttt ever drama. Now, like I said earlier, we are all here to have fun…we may write things that other people opposed to, but what the heck, we write it anyway. But, let’s not hurt each other’s feelings, right? Let’s R.E.S.P.E.C.T each other and continue to write all the good and yummy things about IRIS…
    Hi ya PVL!!! It’s good to see you’re back. I was wondering where you were…

  504. 504 : melanie Says:

    Hello there,

    I can’t wait for the IRIS season 2. Started counting days nights. 🙂

  505. 505 : Nick Says:

    Stupid Melanie said what she thought. And I say what I think. It is you who neither accept nor respect other person. Melanie is just the INNOCENT, stupid person.

  506. 506 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    Hi, fellow IRIS fans! Just passing through, which I do periodically, and sensed the negative vibes coming from here even before I opened this thread! Why don’t those who are angrily involved ‘ignite’ this thread with constructive comments about the scenes or episodes, instead of setting each other on fire with your words! We all want to hear your creative thoughts. There’s enough confusion and distress out in the world as it is, why bring to this site!

    I will not douse your words with more distressed words, yet I will STAND UP FOR WHAT’S RIGHT! We’re all adults on this site (or should act like we are), who wants to enjoy each others comments. We realize from time to time that everyone will not agree with someone else. Yet, that will not MAKE or BREAK someone’s day. If you agree, FINE! If you don’t, GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON! Somewhere else, if need be; until you can regroup and get yourself together. I’M AWARE THAT I DON’T OWN THIS SITE NOR AM I A MODERATOR FOR IT! It’s just plain and simple that being negative is absurd and will create a once upbeat atmosphere into a dismal one. If you’re (whoever) is socially inept when it comes to interacting with other people, there’s help out there for you. If you’re not, just PROVE US WRONG!


  507. 507 : PVL Says:

    Well-said Shoutout-U.S.A. Welcome back – now we should start with a decent interaction and have fun as well – that’s why we are all here on this site – how about that Suerainy, you made me smile on your comments. I would really like to believe that we are all mature adults here who accept or ruled by reasons.

  508. 508 : melanie Says:

    Hello there, I don’t want to say anything anymore. 🙂 I would rather continue counting days and nights waiting for season 2 to come.

    Loved IRIS and that’s the reason why I’m here. I will concentrate on imagining what will be the scenes in season 2. Like, how Seung Hee continue her life without Hyun Joon. In my thoughts so painful.

    Loved Kim Tae hee and whoever her leading actor is, hoping it will have a good performance as LBH did in season 1.

  509. 509 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    HI, PVL! Thank you, very much! It feels good to comment here, again. I’ve been passing through, but never left a comment. Of course, that’s obvious. As always, I get a kick out of you and Suerainy’s comments. You both make me laugh and smile! You know, a harmless, thought provoking debate now and then can even be fun and interesting. Yet, it’s bad when people go beyond that. I could sense, just from their words, that the earrings and heels are coming off, the shirt sleeves being pushed back, and eyes rolling around in their sockets. They needed an e-fire extinguisher for their keyboards! LOL!!! I’m thinking, let’s get the e-fire department to put out the e-flames! LOL!!!

    As an a-drama fan, I welcome a good discussion, yet I deplore nonsensical, behavior and I don’t mind stepping up to the plate to deal with it face-to-face. Or should I say, key-stroke to key-stroke. For those of us who understand how life ‘really’ works and value the time we have; we realize our comments can be fun and without duress. We, collectively, can and are going to make this thread, one among the best on here. I’m READY!

    HI, Suerainey-wherever you are!

  510. 510 : PVL Says:

    Now, I really have a good laugh – Shoutout-USA – I’m at work right now and so busy to throw a punch for a good discussion. Lets just keep it going having fun with our interactions – I for one welcome constructive criticism it’s one way to obtain knowledge. And to Melanie Welcome – We all have one thing in common – We love Iris.

  511. 511 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    I’m so glad you’re laughing! We need burdens removed and yokes destroyed. One of the best ways is through laughter. I briefly read some of the comments to just get an idea of why the sparks flew. Since, I’ve made my overall point quite clear. The only comment I’ll make is regarding the FBI profiler. Television shows may touch on this profession, but believe me, the reality of this occupation is quite different from a fictional view.

    Some years ago, I had to attend a meeting on security. I thought it was going to cover the security of bank documentation, like fraud, embezzling, etc. But, the person that spoke was a female FBI profiler from the national headquarters in Quantico, VA. As I recall, she did touch on banking security in general, and when an FBI profiler is called in to investigate. As I thought on Melanie’s comment about profilers, I recalled that this FBI profiler was not plain looking (she wore make-up) nor was she drop dead gorgeous (being a female myself, I can speak objectively). Yet, she was very pretty and appropriately dressed for the corporate atmosphere. But, when she began entwining some of her profiler experiences with security breaching…I couldn’t tell you if she was black or white, blonde or red headed, straight haired or wearing an afro. At that point it didn’t matter. All I could think about was, I tip my hat to these people, if I was wearing one. I’m glad I had not eaten breakfast that morning and even skipped lunch that day (seriously, it took awhile). When I returned to my desk, I had to give a review to the other administrative team on what was said. All I could do was first apologize to them and say that it was a bit early in the morning to hear the things she talked about. I wasn’t mentally prepared.

    People can debate actors and actresses roles however they want to, but IRIS is fictional, and the situations these people experience visually is REALITY! Their position carries a deep, heavy psychological responsibility. I’ll just stick to watching IRIS, thank you!

  512. 512 : melanie Says:

    Thank you PVL for the warm welcome.

    I just started here last week.
    I stumbled this site because of my addiction to IRIS, even I used Google to find good site discussing about the drama.

    I felt relieved having you around there with favorable and much better to say and to discuss. Certainly found the right place.

    I apologize for the name calling. Though I want to say it again HOTKISS is a good sport, truly an open-minded person.

    I don’t welcome any kind of fights instead welcoming love and peace with open arms. I don’t look at how heavy, damaging, absurd and senseless but giving away understanding that will help and make feel better.

  513. 513 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    Melanie, I personally, want to greet you by saying ‘HI, FELLOW IRIS FAN’ and ‘WELCOME’ you to this thread. We all have to make personal adjustments at times, and that’s okay. You’ll find that there are people here who will respect each others different view points about character roles, scenes, IRIS in general, etc. So, have fun! I respect your honesty.

  514. 514 : HotKiss Says:

    Sorry Melanie, please do not count me on your site. I have opening mind about Iris only. I do not agree the way you shout other to ask Mama about the word “INNOCENT”, then you claim you are a mature adult who understands english well. It is ridiculous. Film has fictional character, but I cannot imagine “innocent psychological analyst”.

  515. 515 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    To Hotkiss, and all other newcomers to the IRIS site. I want to say, ‘HI FELLOW IRIS FANS’ and WELCOME! Together, we can make this site an enjoyable one. I’m looking forward to it.

  516. 516 : PVL Says:

    I truly believe that if we only adapt an open mind or adept at adapting changes we are all in a much better place – sometimes our stubbornness gets the better part of us and it is not healthy. It is always been my resolve to live life light-heartedly, and I like to believe that I am living on that crusade, Can we all just get along? (LOL). Peace to all.

  517. 517 : melanie Says:

    Thank you too Shoutout USA for welcoming.:)

    Again I welcome peace and love. Sorry for the term mama. I never have any intention of hurting anybody else, that’s why I put hehehe on the side.

    As what the others suggested let’s be one and united to come out a constructive views on IRIS.

  518. 518 : melanie Says:

    Dear All,

    Anything or news about IRIS season 2?
    After the work I tried searching news about IRIS season 2 but can’t find one. These days are not my lucky days in finding news. My fingers are aching in searching for any updates.
    Please help me find one 🙂

    Please, please share with us everyone, we will be delighted to hear news.

  519. 519 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:


    @Melanie. Since the announcement of an IRIS2 was just last month. It is too early for those involved with it’s production, to provide any concrete information about it now. I’m sure that they are already in the planning process. So, patience is a virtue, until they provide us with an update.

    I, personally, am going to look at IRIS, again. Usually for me, the 2nd time around is when I can actually see what I missed. Just by having to read subs makes it a little more challenging to get the whole scope of what’s happening. There are always traces of clues and hints in these dramas. So, I’m going clue hunting.

  520. 520 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:


    @511. For clarification, if any is needed. I mentioned this personal experience because of some comments that I read, and just wanted to share, that’s it and all. It is only to provide truth; not to rekindle a flame. We need to know the difference between the two. Anyway, an FBI profiler’s role is to come in after-the-fact of a crime scene; when the local police aren’t able to solve a crime in a certain time frame. These FBI profilers witness a REALITY that IRIS’s visuals couldn’t even touch. My point is that when we keep in mind that IRIS is fictional and scripted, and it’s only role playing, then we can, purposefully, stay open to each others views. I’m going to re-watch IRIS and make some more comments! Peace…Out!

  521. 521 : suerainy Says:

    hiya guys and girls…dudes and dudettes…all fellow IRISians…how ya doing…You know what I like so much about this site? Firstly, it brings all IRIS fans together, all around the world. Secondly, we got to share our opinions, comments and views on IRIS. Thirdly, I get to make new friends…Hi PVL! Shout-Out USA! You guys rock!! Fourthly, not only we talk about IRIS, but indirectly we tell some things about ourselves too. To Shout-Out USA, it’s rather interesting that you somehow connect and relate your profession to IRIS. I truly enjoyed reading your story and I’ve learned some thing about you. When you mention the profiler, he or she can be anyone. That’s why you can’t judge a book by its cover. Just like KTH’s character. Don’t let her beauty fool you, ’cause it’s all a facade. We know she is able to present us with myriad of characters which I think is very effective. And what we see or watch on television may or may not be a reality. But who knows, things happen. Unexpected things. That’s why you get all these miracles and the unexplainable things in the world. And one of the miracles that I wish for is for LBH to star in IRIS 2…amen to that!!!

  522. 522 : suerainy Says:

    I’ve just finished watching ep 19 of IRIS. You guys might say boo-hoo, it’s yesterday’s news, the show ended ages ago, we saw that already!!! But, here in Malaysia, KBS World does not air the most recent episodes. We are a little bit left behind, one month to be exact. So, like if you guys already watched ep 5, in Malaysia, it only started to air ep 1.
    I am just truly addicted to IRIS. That’s why although I’ve seen it a few times online, I just couldn’t help it, I wanted to see it on telly as well. I kept wanting more and more and more… And just like what Shout-Out USA said, I watched it cause I wanted to see if I left out any clues. ‘Cause the first time I saw it, I was so engrossed and focused with the subtitles, and there was no viewing satisfaction and connection to the show at all.
    Well coming back to ep 19, one of the highlights I think, was when Hyun Joon pointed a gun at Baek San and made BS begged for HJ’s forgiveness for killing HJ’s parents and the horrendous things BS did to HJ. BS sarcastically told HJ that the forgiveness was not necessary as this was HJ’s punishment for eating the forbidden fruit. BS warned HJ, that HJ’s efforts to crack IRIS will go in vain and that in the end HJ will die without HJ even knowing why. It made me thinking that this was the clue that BS presented to the viewers!!! Eureka!!! To me, it foreshadowed HJ’s fate, because whatever BS said was painfully true and in the end HJ was shot dead…
    And one more thing, I liked the way BS referred Seung Hee as the “forbidden fruit”…it sounds damn sexy!!! Aaaah, how I wish that a Korean namja would refer me as his “forbidden fruit”…:p

  523. 523 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    Hi, Suerainy. Speaking of forbidden fruit. There’s NO WAY I could have been an actress in IRIS because I’d have a basket full. LOL! Beginning with the training camp before KHJ and JSW were recruited to NSS. Those men were really buff! I don’t drink beer, but I’d take one of those six packs any day! LOL!!! Don’t even let me get started with the scene when KHJ broke through the leather straps after receiving an injection…..MY, MY, MY, I WILL behave myself! It may have been fiction, but his body wasn’t! LOL!!!

  524. 524 : Cyence Says:

    can’t wait for tonight episode, think not mistaken, is the last one, am I right, suerainy!? I think both of us is from Malaysia…

    Happy Viewing…

  525. 525 : rodz Says:

    hi there!!! especialy for the IRIs fanz just like me!!!
    is that true that they wil be IRIs season2!!! oh my heart is overwhelming after reading ur coment here felow IRIS fanz!!!!some fanz said that there wil be season!!!

    Is that true?
    well if its true i cant wait to see it!!! hehehe

  526. 526 : Nic Says:

    LBH & KTH the best, best, best! Buy why Iris 2 don’t have original cast? Read that LBH wont be in Iris 2 coz he will be filming GI Joe….noooooooo!!!!

  527. 527 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    Hi, FELLOW IRISans! I imagine, right now, that the creativity wheels are ferociously turning in order to make IRIS 2 top IRIS. I’m looking forward to it myself!

  528. 528 : JangLee Says:

    At above website, I see a list of “Top 20 Korean Dramas of 2009” as following:
    1) You are My Destiny (Ep178) KBS1 42.5%
    2) Queen Seon Duk (Ep62) MBC 33.9%
    3) Wife’s Temptation (Ep56) SBS 32.1%
    4) Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance (Ep28) SBS 31.5%
    5) IRIS (Ep20) KBS2 27.8%
    What do you think, Fans of Iris ? I found “extended bed scences, kissing scences in ep 16, etc….”. Thank you, HotKiss.
    Perhaps, majority of TV viewers in Korea is the elderly & teen? Iris is suitable for mature people.
    With me, IRIS is the BEST. I rather see old parts of movie “Pirates of Caribbean” than other Korean dramas like Shining Inheritance, Wife’s Temptation, You are My Destiny.
    Queen Seon Duk is good but I like IRIS more.

  529. 529 : JangLee Says:

    Miscalculation? Above ratings based on TNS Media Korea, Iris may have the average ratings around 32% ? not 28% or so.
    Anyway, I love IRIS more than other Korean dramas. It is the BEST.

  530. 530 : PVL Says:

    The significance of statistics and surveys is misleading – since interpretation of data is base on sampling and we know that it is not always accurate. One thing I’m certain though – IRIS – simply the best Korean drama in time – that’s why there is 2nd Season right? (LOL)

  531. 531 : Wang Says:

    Ep. 20 has “extended cut bed scences” too ???
    Romantic scences are really attractive. It is such a best couple in Korean dramas I have ever seen.

  532. 532 : PVL Says:

    Wang – I don’t think there is – otherwise it should have been in You Tube by now – Iris is the only Korean Drama I had watched that kissing scenes are so intense and love scenes were done beautifully – others – making love is left on anyone’s imagination – or it is done poorly – seeing Iris I really think these Korean Actors should get lessons from LBH – how to kiss, and I truly believe that they should not get Best Couple Award only but Best Kissing Award as well for Iris (LOL).

  533. 533 : Wang Says:

    Thanks PVL. I feel sad a minute. When I saw new kissing scence of ep. 16 (that was not in standard version of KBS), I hope there are additional kissing scences when they (LBH, KTH) are on vacation (ep. 18 or so) & extended bed scence in ep. 20.
    The dialogue between them in ep.20 is so lovely, …hi…hi…

  534. 534 : melanie Says:

    Nice reading your discussions.:)

    My fave episodes in IRIS are (1) when the couple visited Japan, the sweet moments and the bed scenes (of course). Love is really the strangest thing in life. (hehehe)

    (2) When Sung-hee never give up in finding Hyun-joon, the everlasting love she gave to the man he loved on that scenes made me felt sad and happy at the same time.

    The last one, there are two scenes, when Sa Woo poke a gun in Hyun joon’s and the other when Hyun joon wanted to kill Baek San if not refrain by NSS (i forgot his designation). In this scenes you may feel the same in real life if someone you trusted and respected betrayed you definitely you wanted a revenge. The crying of Hyun joon made me cry also. The good thing with Hyun joon he showed a real friend to Sa Woo, he never doubted Sa Woo and whatever Sa Woo did to him he accept it and treated the fact as part of the mission. He put his self to Sa Woo’s plight.

    Somehow in our lives we can reflect on this episodes, maybe we experienced the same predicament, whatever and what is important is forgiveness. I am certain that there are true friends out there and will do the same what Hyun joon’s did to his best friend.

    By the way, I inviting you to this radio station. (this is a non-obligation thing, just an invitation). This is an English radio station you may want to listen to, ask for advices and request songs both English and Korean songs. The DJ is Sue Park, she’s a Korean and this radio station located in South Korea. Here is the site: http://tbs.seoul.kr/efm/mTown/. There are other shows too. You may listen to a radio or to this site.

    The good thing though friendship is around the corner and can be possible in any race, culture and beliefs.

  535. 535 : PVL Says:

    Suerainy – Now I’m really honored – that makes my heart swell a bit – with Joy and pride – I really enjoy your antics as well – and about the “Forbidden thing” – nothing wrong or no harm will come about to have dreams and we could indulge ourselves to some fantasy once in a while. That proves that we are only human after all – and we should enjoy life to the fullest – and the beauty of it all – Is all for FREE (LOL). Melanie – quite true that friendship is not limited to race, background, beliefs and culture – and yes it can be nurtured, I really have so much fun interacting with everybody, I hope we continue to do so and draw knowledge with each other, and have fun at the same time.

  536. 536 : noor aysha Says:

    Hai I’m Aysha from Malaysia. And just would like to comment that This is the best korean drama that i ever watched, and i just a bit sad to see the ending as the hero been shot..and i really hope that he will be there in IRIS 2 and i hope this time he can live happy with the girl friend…

    I love the hero chracter as well as the team…

  537. 537 : kate Says:

    So sad 🙁 at the end, Y Y??

  538. 538 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    Already started re-watching IRIS. It’s very interesting how the set-up for KHJ and CSE’s meeting was carefully planned (as we found out later). Baek, obviously, had an extensive character profile on KHJ (from orphanage days to training camp) in order to know the type of woman that would gain his attention; pretty, intelligent, politically well-versed, and with just the right touch of haughtiness. After all, with Baek’s NSS and IRIS connections; his level of security clearance between both organizations, would enable him to gain access to any type of information he wanted on anyone. Especially since he was somewhat of an undisclosed patron to the orphanage where he had KHJ placed. The writers of this drama are brilliant from beginning to end.

  539. 539 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    I enjoy coming to this IRIS webpage to re-boost and inject my views about anything involving IRIS in general and scenes, specifically.

    In all honesty, as a female, if IRIS didn’t have any romantic scenes in it (not talking about bedroom scenes, either) I wouldn’t have watched it. I have never been enthralled about men dodging bullets, being on the lam for politcal or for whatever reasons, blood spewing, terminators, bombings or the like. Eventhough, I’ve watched a few. IRIS, as the exception, is the most intense, suspensefulj, mystery a-drama that I have ever actually enjoyed. The romantic scenes, to me, provide a calming effect to all that intensity.

    P.S.- Don’t mind me, when I express my views as I watch the men during training camp, etc. I have eyes to see and I use them. I believe the writers had FEMALE VIEWERS in mind when they had the men running around with their shirts off! LOL!!! Personally, if a man is handsome, regardless of his ethnicity, I’m going to say so. They were created for us females to look at! LOL!!! Plus, if a male doesn’t have charisma added to being handsome, it’s just another burly body to me. Having been a fine arts major in college, I’ve drawn so many nude male models, that lust has never entered my mind. So, my approach to the male form is totally different. So when I do jest….just overlook me! It’s all in good humor! LOL!!!

  540. 540 : Cyence Says:

    ShoutOut-U.S.A., most of the write have FEMALE in mind, I have no doubt to think that 90% of the viewer for Korean Drama is Female… 🙂

  541. 541 : Cyence Says:

    Dear Kate & noor aysha;

    Sad to say KHJ will not be in IRIS 2, he has to do GIJoe 2. Accordingly they want to put him in FUTURE IRIS that is if IRIS 2 is profitable…

    Check out and see of the viewer, they have post quite a few site to let us know how KBS think…

    Enjoy the repeat tomorrow @ 11am 🙂

  542. 542 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    @541Cyence….Personally, I can’t elaborate on the total number of female viewers that watched IRIS, but by it being #1 from beginning to end speaks for itself. (“”) IT’S THE BEST!!! I can honestly say, as a female myself, I was glued to the screen watching IRIS, way before KHJ and CSH had their first kiss! I flowed with the intensity of it with absolute enjoyment. IRIS’s plot and the acting is PHENOMINAL! That’s why it’s so exceptional to me. I’m in the process of re-watching it. (“,)

  543. 543 : Goong Ju Says:

    Just finished watching it last week. It was well written drama and many exciting things happen unexpectedly. Good cast and well acted. Thumbs up to all the cast.

  544. 544 : suerainy Says:

    I think so too, the high percentage that IRIS successfully garnered was contributed much by the female viewers. I mean where as can you get an amazing and superb storyline that has all the elements of suspense, adventure and a high-octane action, and to top all that comes this sweet, super sexy and a heartbreaking romance between the two main characters, which appeal to the female viewers. One of the many reasons I that stayed loyal to IRIS was because of this romance. And another was LBH himself. When I saw LBH running around with his shirt off (ep. 1), showing his perfect, tanned and come-to-mama’s body, sinewy muscles and oh, that sinfully sexy six-pack…I couldn’t think straight…a rush of blood went straight to my brain…I went numb…my jaw dropped to the floor…and I kept praying, please don’t ever wear your shirt again…just keep it removed until the end of the story…LOL…It’s getting hot in here and I suddenly had the urge of having a cold shower…

  545. 545 : nhung trinh Says:

    I don’t understand at the end of the story who killed kim hyun joon (lee byung hun). Can anyone tell ?

  546. 546 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    @544 suerainy! You are so funny! LOL! I actually watched ep. 1, 2x. So, I’m not very far along in IRIS the 2nd time around! I don’t want to miss anything since I already know the plot. Be Blessed!

  547. 547 : pipilebeau Says:

    It was a horrid horrid ending. Too abrupt. No explanation as to where the sniper was hiding. And now to know that LBH won’t be in Iris 2 makes it worse.

  548. 548 : melanie Says:

    Suerainy like U.S.A-Mary enjoyed reading your comment. I myself released a guffaw while reading it and if not hold on tightly on my desk I fell down on the floor. Really you made me happy. I will do it again ha!ha!ha!..

    About the six packs, got the chance to talk to my female friends and discussed regarding IRIS, they also mentioned the six packs of LBH and the kissing. I can say viewers mostly are women upon hearing friends and reading other comments in other sites.

    I am an IRIS ultimate addict. I watched it in one time seating for 16 hours. I am an IT, my life is all about computers and internet having them longer is heaven. I did all the research to fulfill my curiosity and while waiting for the time to come over to doze me. Everything I’ve found on the net put it on my bookmarks.

    Regarding the story ending, many had felt the same because of sad ending. A sad ending twisted viewers; ours make believe to have a happy ending. In my opinion, I think the writers hanged us there to make us curious fulfill those curiosities by watching the sequel and curiosity will lead them to higher ratings.

    @PVL is right that fantasy is free. But doing it excessively it become hallucination like what I did in the episodes candy kissing and shirtless LBH, I whispered to myself one more time please. hehehe.

  549. 549 : suerainy Says:

    Thanks melanie and USA-Mary for enjoying my comments…I was afraid that the moderator was not going to post those comments, because when I hit the “submit comment” button, there was this “your comment is waiting for moderation” message…I don’t know why…probably it was not suitable for minors? Or perhaps I was obsessing and lusting way too much of LBH…LOL. I couldn’t help it, it’s the absolute truth…I’m glad that they did post them and I’m glad that people get a kick out of reading my comments…Thanks Mr/Ms Moderator…

  550. 550 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    Hi, FELLOW IRISans! aka U.S.A.-Mary, as well (I have an alias, LOL!!!)!

    @548 Melanie

    Wasn’t the technology something! While trying to keep up with the subtitles, I was MESMERIZED by the tech set-ups! I was thinking, WOW, I want (level 1-security clearance) to get into NSS, go from one department to another, to play around with all the software! LOL! Frankly speaking, who ever these ‘behind the scenes’ people were that designed and orchestrated the technology design for the NSS offices, laptops, and for IRIS, overall, are PHENOMINAL!

  551. 551 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    @suerainy, actually…to me…there wasn’t anything vulgar or inappropriate in it. Plus, I was too busy laughing because I TRULY understand! I had to use eye drops, after watching the the training camp scenes! I didn’t even want to blink! LOL!!! I even commented somewhere with in this thread how the men really prepared, physically, for this drama! They so-o-o-o knew this would get us ‘female’ viewers attention! Sly rascals! LOL!

    P.S. I’ve gotten that message, as well, usually when my comment is to lengthy. So, whatever their criteria is for this site, YOU PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS! ha ha ha!

  552. 552 : RAMON Says:

    hi…I’m Ramon from Malaysia. Congratulations to all crews, actors and actress, you all made it!! i think this is the ever best korean action drama i’ve been watched, i really got into the feeling of sadness, tears, exasperation, and everything! salute to Lee Byung Hun for bringing his feeling go along with the scripts.
    Anyhow, i’m bit dissapointed on how its ended, i think its not really interesting and hanging just like that. i hope there is a continuosly to this story and i really hope.

  553. 553 : melanie Says:

    @550 Truly the technology is something. Everything is simpler and easy. Everything you need just Google it..

    In my experienced I have seen small and bigger servers but not as good as NSS and Criminal minds 🙂 – in criminal minds (sorry to mentioned this again but like very much this series) like the girl hacker there same with girl hacker in IRIS but sad to see how she was killed, used and betrayed. I wonder who will be the next hacker in IRIS 2. hehehe

  554. 554 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    @553 Melanie. Hi! It doesn’t bother me when you mention Criminal Minds, not at all. I welcome the analogy. I, too, hated when NSS’s female hacker was senselessly murdered by Vick. Yet, Vick got his own justice that was due him! I wonder, too, who will replace the female hacker, and also, who will return to NSS! I’m looking forward to seeing it, too!

    This is a SHOUT OUT TO ALL IRISans. Hi, suerainy and PVL! Everyone, hope you’re having a GREAT DAY!

  555. 555 : PVL Says:

    You Guys are funny – I just leave it to you – young blood to talked or discussed Oozing Virility from every pore – as Suerainy termed it – “Sinewy Muscle” – I’m way pass my prime years to bother (LOL) truth be known – my romance is like a dormant volcano but now it is back to life once again capable of spewing ashes once more and – it’s because Iris – rekindles it – ha ha ha. Kissing scene in Iris is way different in ALL IN – it is not as intense but – for me it is really intimate and sweet, maybe because it is somewhat real. I see more mature LBH in Iris and I love it better, not only because of his sinfully six-pack but because he is really good on his craft and I cannot help but admire and appreciate it and his team up with Kim Tae Hee is exquisite- they really look lovely together. And to U.S.A. & Suerainy – you guys really surprised me, I surprise myself as well – these prove we know how to enjoy life.

  556. 556 : suerainy Says:

    PVL…he he he…I can assure you that I’m not a young blood…but as the saying goes, “Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese”. LOL. So, who cares if you’re young or old, as long as you get to see IRIS…It’s certainly a pleasure to watch a drama as superb and out-of-this world like IRIS.
    Right now, I’m in the process of re-watching IRIS. But no matter how hard I try, I always ended up watching ep 1, 2 and 3 again and again and again…Perhaps I’m being cursed by LBH’s “sinewy and sinfully six-pack”. LOL! Somehow, I just couldn’t erase those six-pack out of my mind…HELP!!!

  557. 557 : suerainy Says:

    Guys and girls…special announcement to those in Malaysia!!! Be sure to catch IRIS special tomorrow,Thursday, 21st Jan, 23.20 @ KBS World, channel 303!!! It features behind the scenes, interviews with the cast members, bloopers and etc…be sure to catch it…Yay!!!

  558. 558 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Hello, FELLOW IRISans!

    @suerainy, PVL and melanie.

    I have laughed so hard that I began to have tears from each ones comments. Oozing virility…dormant volcano spewing ashes again! Shouldn’t it be lava?!!! LOL! I literally rolled when I reread..come-to-mama! OMG…YAH!!!! Then, keep the shirt off a little longer (like) until the end please! ROFLL!!! By the way, who told them to put those sweaty, bare-chested men on film like that anyway! ROFLL! When I first saw them with their shirts off, I just kept saying…why are they doing this…they are so wrong…you all know you are not right, not at all! If technology was advanced to the point where I could just reach into the screen, whenever I wanted to…there would be a few actors MIA from a few dramas; beginning with this one! ROFLL!!!


    Yes, ladies, we’re breathing, blood pumping, instinctively subdued women! We’re not out of control! Nope, not at all!

    @PVL. I, too, enjoyed LBH’s acting. (PLEASE, NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE REGARDING THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT ABOUT THIS SPORT!) Yet, if they had cast a sumo wrestler in his place…..I’ll end with that! SMILE!

  559. 559 : Bluemoon Says:

    Do anybody know whether the ending is good or bad?

  560. 560 : Apple Says:

    Sad ending. I do not like the ending, but, it is the best Korean drama in a decade so far. Storyline is sophisticate. Strong action scences & romantic scences show great passion I have ever seen in Korean dramas. LBH, Kim TaeHee is the perfect couple.
    Please do not miss “extended bed scences ep.3 or kissing scences ep.16”. Some channels shorten the bed scences, kissing scences.
    Women like romantic scences & men like violent scences only? So innocent!

  561. 561 : bahtiar Says:

    i totally being crazy because of it,, it was the best korean drama i’ve watched,, i like the most is the ending,, i was very sad,, to be truth, my tears fall from my eyes without i know it,, it totally touching my heart,, i hope there will be new season for IRIS,, and again, i’m totally crazy because of it,, thank you to Taewon Entertainment for the amazing job,,(”,)

  562. 562 : Yukia Says:

    I don’t like the ending!!!!! Why he must died??? T_T i prefer kim tae hee and lee byung hun married… huhuhuhuhu…
    SAD ENDING!!! and no explanation for the end.. who is killed Hyun joon. and seung hee must revenge for it…
    oya, and who is MR. Black? should be that is not the end of movie. Hyun joon kill Mr black first and then get Marry… 🙂 that’s more Happy Ending…

  563. 563 : shatrina Says:

    the ending is really sad but there is the Season 2 of IRIS which of all our questions will be answered. . .and hopefully there will be Season 3 so that LBH would come back. . .hehe

  564. 564 : Oh Says:

    Finish IRIS. Thumbs UP. I like all cast, especially LBH, KTH.
    Romantic scences get both deep affection & strong passion. Actions scences are tough, modern technology.

    Does any one see article “Scorecard: how did Iris’ stars measure up?” on several webpages? This article is absurb. Kim Tae Hee acts a lot BETTER than KSY.
    The fact, KTH & sawoo wins the award of acting & LBH wins the Grand Prix. They deserve that.

  565. 565 : Rose Violet Says:

    Just now Im watching this series, its really nice, action; romance, but in case if there is a part 2 I suggested, the leading actor is Lee Jun Ki or Dennis Oh… Because they are good in action, What you think about these?, Well Regards to all characters esp. kim tae hee;

  566. 566 : recha Says:

    actually this is a good drama but i am very disappointed with the ending, it is make me regret why do i waste my time watching this drama if the ending is like that. i am a fan of Korean TV drama i hope a better ending in another drama, i am from Indonesia and we Indonesian people does not like Korean drama with sad ending. i am very disappointed.

  567. 567 : shatrina Says:

    @ recha: it is not yet the final ending of IRIS. . .there is still season 2 so you don’t have to be disappointed. . .the ending is just like that to keep the fans hanging , since they are having a season 2. so you should never feel disappointed yet.

  568. 568 : VioletRose Says:

    Oh NO, please do not make Lee Jun Ki as main leading actor, he is too ugly, not MANLY & his action is not to the level of LBH. His drama “Hero” has extreme low ratings. If he is the main leading actor, I can not see Iris any more.

    I do not mind if both Dennis Oh, Lee Jun Ki are new SUPPORTING actors (small roles) in Iris.

  569. 569 : SISi Says:

    I realy liked the Film But what a terrible ending is this I realy don’t understand why Kim is finaly dead while his Enemies are alive this is just like punishing the viewrs who have been following the end very interestingly

    Sisi from Africa

  570. 570 : Korean Drama Lover Says:

    Very bad bad ending!

    I’m very sad. Glad…I don’t waste my 20 hours of time just to get the bad ending story.

    When I feel something is wrong in the middle of this episode then I just skip watching from episode 7 to 19.

    What are miracle! In the last episode what I expect is happened.


    Thanks God….I was escaped from wasting my time watching this drama with bad ending.

    If you are not a kind of love story watcher then proceed this drama with bang bang gun.

    But if you are kind of a romantic-heart-lover then don’t ever watch this drama even for just 1 episode.

    Just find another drama. This is really bad ending love story drama.

    I really hate this drama!

    I don’t know what Kim Tae Hee feels when she acting with this bad ending drama. Even I thought she was with terrorist site at the end.

    What a bad directing. What a bad storyline.

    You really make me feel sorry to Kim Tae Hee because I thought she was in bad side. But she didn’t. Hope the director can improve your directing skills if you want to make a good surprise story to watcher.

    Thanks Kim Tae Hee…I know they have to choose you to make this drama hit high ratings even the storyline and the directing are bad.

    Love to see your cute face again.

    Hope I can meet you in the heaven….Kim Tae Hee.

    Hope you know me then…

  571. 571 : Korean Drama Lover Says:

    To the director and script-writer, if you do this bad ending story again in IRIS 2 (if any), then I will come out from Heaven for a while and find you in the hell and hit you very bad. After that I will come back to Heaven and meet my Kim Tae Hee in Heaven.

    If you don’t want to go hell then let the current leading actor and Kim Tae Hee get married and WE don’t want another new actor spoiled their relationship.


  572. 572 : PVL Says:

    Hi there – U.S.A.-Mary & Suerainy -Ain’t Human Nature Funny? I cannot help it but burst into laughter.

  573. 573 : melanie Says:

    Hello PVL, U.S.A.-Mary and Surerainy,

    I missed everything due to doomsday – internet downtime. I felt alone without connection hehehe.

    PVL you’re very right, human nature are really funny once more I releasing a GUFFAW. I thought I will only received flak, bow and arrow, but am wrong in here I will find part of my happiness.

  574. 574 : YellowRose Says:

    Bravo “Korean Drama Lover”. I like your following sentences:

    ” To the director and script-writer, ……….If you don’t want to go hell, then let the current leading actor and Kim Tae Hee get married and WE don’t want another new actor spoiled their relationship”………..
    GIVE US HAPPY ENDING STORY!!! THEN WE WILL SUPPORT YOUR DRAMA.”…..and support your DVD too……ha….ha…… funny!

    Kim Tae Hee is really gorgeous & cute. She is the most Korean beauty to me.

  575. 575 : Alya Says:

    GREAT DRAMA!!! 4.9 rating (on scale 1 to 5)

    So it is not a happy ending, so what?? Life is sometimes bitter in the end….

    Different story line from most Korean drama I’ve watched, great cinematography, great actors and actresess, expensive film!

    Loves how the cameramen work with their camera angles!

  576. 576 : Korean Drama Lover Says:

    YellowRose… just let me know if you want to join me doing my planned if these director give us bad ending story again.

    Alya.. I agree there are many different storyline in Korean drama. But Korean drama with love story almost every viewers expected and knew there is always happy ending story.

    I feel really bad for this Iris ending story. Make my day feel bad. No smiling from my face for 24 hours. Huh…

    My rating 2.9 out of 5.

  577. 577 : Daniel Says:

    I agree the ending is really sad and bad. Well, as we all know that Mr. Black is still around and i’m hoping that there will be IRIS 2 and Kim
    Hyun Joon is not dead but just lost his memory.

    Choi Seung Hee will try her best to bring his memory back with the help of Kim Sun Hwa.

    Further down, Kim Hyun Joon will fall in love with Kim Sun Hwa and was killed while tracking down Mr. Black and Hyun Joon gain back his memory while holding the dying Sun Hwa.

    And the action began when he and Seung Hee fight together to end IRIS…………


  578. 578 : YellowRose Says:

    How could Hyun Joon fall in love with Sun Hwa when he never falls in love with her from the beginning until the end of drama? Throughout the drama, he expressed his love with Seung Hee & his friendship, partnership with Sun Hwa.
    Perhaps you missed extended kissing scences so you have a false hope that Hyun Joon will have a little feeling about Sun Hwa.

    I do not like anyone who betrays his/her lover. I believe Sun Hwa is the 3rd person who tries to steal the love from Hyun Joon. Sun Hwa knows Seung Hee is alive & is looking for Hyun Joon & but she does not tell Hyun Joon about it. Sun Hwa wants Hyun Joon believe that Seung Hee is died. Sun Hwa hopes Hyun Joon’s love of Seung Hee will reduce by time if he still believes that Seung Hee is died.

    I guest Hyun Joon will have a short coma, a short term of few memory’s problems but in his deep inside, his love with Seung Hee is still there, just unconsciously . Then, he regains full memory quickly.

    Seung Hee is NOT a terrorist, NOT an Iris member. She is just grateful to SanBak because he raises her. So, at final episode, she damages Iris plan & help Hyun Joon to save the President.

    So, next season, she will find out Hyun Joon’s accident, will bring him to hospital, will take care for him & will come back to NSS to prepare the plan AGAINST Iris to revenge for Hyun Joon’s accident.

    Perhaps, she may pretend to follow Iris group, but the truth she is still an NSS agent & her duty is to figure the secretes of Iris organization for NSS to catch Iris. Iris member will fall in love with Seung Hee but she does not love him, she is loyal to Hyun Joon.

    Later, when Iris knows that Seung Hee just pretends to follow Iris but the fact she finds Iris’ secretes for NSS, Seung Hee’s life will be in danger. Then, Hyun Joon will fully recover at that time & he will fight to save her. North side will cooperate with NSS to fight Iris. Then, there is happy ending with Seung Hee & Hyun Joon go to the remote area & live happily.

    Iris needs more well acting, good looking actors as new characters because some old characters were died {sawoo, vick (Iris killer), NSS computer girl, female secretary of president, etc…}
    Current leading actor LBH is still in the next season.

    Korean Drama Lover, you agree my imagination ?

  579. 579 : YellowRose Says:

    Ofcourse, Kim Tae Hee will be seung Hee again. She is so beautiful.

  580. 580 : YellowRose Says:

    I add to my prior imagination: During the fight against Iris, a new character, a man will save Sun Hwa’s life. Then, Sun Hwa drops her one-way love to Hyun Joon. She finds a new love, the real 2 ways of love. Then, she will give Seung Hee + Hyun Joon the good blessing.

  581. 581 : Cairo Says:

    I like this face of KTH

  582. 582 : Korean Drama Lover Says:

    First, I agree with Daniel’s imagination. This is truly happy ending story that always happen in most Korean drama. Simple storyline but acceptable because at the end it is happy ending story.

    I also agree with YellowrRose’s imagination. When I read your imagination my heart is pumping very quickly. Make me nervous just by reading. Oh…I don’t know what will happen to me if your imagination will filming. Your imagination too complex, complete and a lot of event must happen before Seung Hee and Hyun Joon partnering again. If the director read your storyline then he will choose your story because your storyline give him more episodes to direct yet adding more dvds to buy for. Hahaha…

    I completely agree with your imagination for the ending story:

    ”I add to my prior imagination: During the fight against Iris, a new character, a man will save Sun Hwa’s life. Then, Sun Hwa drops her one-way love to Hyun Joon. She finds a new love, the real 2 ways of love. Then, she will give Seung Hee + Hyun Joon the good blessing”

    Very romantic ending story by making every actors get their own life partner and make viewers who love to watch Sun Hwa feel happy for not let her alone.

    *H A P P Y E N D I N G S T O R Y*

  583. 583 : NewStar Says:

    I like YellowRose’s imagination. But, I want to modify that, Hyun Joon has short coma (period he joins GI Joe). Then he wakes up with few memory’s problem, but his love of Seung Hee is still there, unconsciously at the bottom of his heart.

    Because from the beginning of Iris drama, Hyun Joon falls in love with Seung Hee from the first sight, so later, even with few memory’s problem, he still falls in love with Seung Hee again, from his first sight right after he regain his consciousness from coma. It is just his instinct even though he does not regain his full memory yet. It is just because she is the type of girl he likes.

    Later, when he regains full memory, of course, he will love Seung Hee more & he will fight Iris to save her life. He will use his love to compensate for her suffers when he is in coma.

    Huh, who will play the role of new Iris member (Boss or high level staff of Mr. Black) who will fall in love with Seung Hee as YellowRose’s imagination? I hopes it is a handsome, mature actor with good acting skill.

  584. 584 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    @572 PVL. Hi there! I totally agree with you! LOL! Humor is an added spice to life which makes it so-o-o much more fun to sample! LOL!!! Hope you’re enjoying or enjoyed your day, PVL.

    Hey, Suerainy, Suerainy…where forth art thou, Suerainy?!!

  585. 585 : southeast Says:

    great movie nice setting good job

  586. 586 : farhana Says:

    The story is interesting but the ending is a little bit sad….The actors and actress did a good job to make this drama meaningful … I like Lee Byun Hun’s character because it is more challenging…..I hope the second session will be more awesome…..

  587. 587 : Daniel Says:

    Well i do agree with Yellow Rose and Korean Drama Lover but it’s just my imagination.
    Like i said Hyun Joon lost his memory so anything can happen.
    I guess all who watch wanted a happy ending.
    I do hope to have a happy ending if not my wife will nag at me about the ending LOL.
    All the best to you peopl here.

  588. 588 : suerainy Says:

    To be honest, I didn’t like the ending at first. But, if you look at it from a different point of view, it has a great ending actually. Of course for us female viewers, we crave for the happy ending; man meets woman, man falls in love with woman and man lives happily ever after with woman. But that can be a bit boring and you can somehow predict what the ending is going to be like just watching the first few episodes. But Iris is totally different in the sense that it keeps viewers at the edge of their seats (in my case my jaws dropping to the floor as well because of LBH’s six-pack…LOL!) and it made the viewers wanting to see more. If you watched IRIS Special, LBH commented that he actually liked the ending, as it will keep the audience wondering of what will happen. So, it is widely opened for our interpretations…And as for now, what we can do is to use our own imaginations to picture in our minds what the ending will be like (the wilder, the better LOL!!) until it satisfies us…

    Shout out to PVL and USA!!! How are you doing guys? I was away for a few days watching the Australian Open Tennis on the telly. Sadly, my favourite player, Rafael Nadal had to bow out due to injury…:(

  589. 589 : Rex Says:

    I do not like sad ending, because I see drama for my entertainment. I want drama makes me feel happy after a boring day.

    Hm, why Hyun Joon has to lose his memory after head’s injury ???? As statistics at neurology department, not all patient with injury in the head suffers the lost of memory. If some one read newspaper, there is the news that a small child with nail(s) in head is still alive.

    Why there is no formal, correct english subtitle for any episode of Iris, any conference or advertisement of Iris ? My relative told me that TV at his country translates that Sunwa has a bullet in her heart but he sees Sunwa only has injury at her arm only. Besides, a lot of thing there is either no translation or incorrect translation.
    So, people can interprete in their own version ???

  590. 590 : melanie Says:

    Sad ending really hurts.
    Seriously while I watching the ending episode like you do I imagining Seung hee will walking down the isle, then showing more extended kissings, lovey-dovey scenes and showing six-pack often, hehehe.

    After watching it I realized, the writers decided to kill the hero because it was needed in the story and it was perfectly made. For so many years we seen and used to have a happy ending dramas and will agreed to @588 Suerainy it bit boring. Writers tried another style, twist to make it more interesting. I myself liked the twist and style. With that, am dying to see the season 2 to satisfies my curiosity, like seeing a hacker again and to nail down IRIS Godfather esp. Baek San. More importantly wondering who is the new love of Seung Hee? Is there possibilities that Sun Wha and Chul Young be lovers? All these questions at the back of my mind can only be answered by season 2.

    One more thing this is the biggest challenge for the producer and writers how they can replace LBH without hurting viewers of his absence, putting new hero with virility, masculinity character and with charisma and definitely with six pack. hehehe.

    Here all of us help them and put pressures in them to come up great story in season 2. Our suggestions are their hints and ideas because viewers play an important role to their stories. So come up, find styles and twist your brains out. hehehe.

  591. 591 : Rita Says:

    I do not like sad ending of Iris season I.

    Series 007, James Bond never dies & all movies of 007 ( Quantum of Solace, etc…. ) are all famous & interesting. I like that style.

    “The writers decided to kill the hero because it was needed in the story and it was perfectly made” ??? I DO NOT think so.

    Iris attacks Hyun Joon, so Seung Hee has to revenge & she will find all the information of Iris for NSS. She risks her life for Hyun Joon & for NSS & for her territory, South Korea. How Seung Hee can fulfill her duty? Who will help Seung Hee when she is at risk? Who will fall in love with Seung Hee? But, Seung Hee loves only Hyun Joon, so I feel pity for new character who may fall in love with her.

  592. 592 : suerainy Says:

    @591…I don’t think it will do justice if you compare IRIS to 007. (I think I like IRIS way much better). Ok, the similarity is there, with the spy thingy and cool gadgets and all. But if you watch the James Bond movie, they all have the same ending and very predictive indeed, and to me they just lead to boredom…You just know what’s going to happen eventhough you go for an hour’s bathroom break…LOL! Like I said earlier, the IRIS producers did a wise choice for opting to do that ending, bearing in mind that LBH had a commitment to do GI Joe 2, and he might not join IRIS 2.
    That’s why I love Korean drama, it’s sooo unpredictable that you have to stick until the end of the show to know how the story ends.

  593. 593 : Wang Says:

    I love HAPPY ENDING.

    I like YellowRose’s imagination of Iris season II:

    “Seung Hee brings Hyun Joon to hospital & takes care for him, then will come back to NSS to prepare the plan AGAINST Iris to revenge for Hyun Joon.

    Perhaps, she may pretend to follow Iris group, but the truth she is still an NSS agent & her duty is to figure the secretes of Iris organization for NSS to catch Iris. Iris member will fall in love with Seung Hee but she does not love him, she is loyal to Hyun Joon”.
    I add: Seung Hee convinces Iris member to betray Iris. He finally accepts because he sees that Iris is cruel & also because he loves Seung Hee.

    Later, when Iris knows that Seung Hee just pretends to follow Iris but the fact she finds Iris’ secretes for NSS, Seung Hee’s life will be in danger. Then, Hyun Joon will fully recover at that time & he will fight Iris to save her. ”
    I add: Hyun Joon will cooperate with Iris member (who will betray Iris) to save Seung Hee’s life & to catch Iris members.

    I like Melanie says “Sun Wha and Chul Young be lovers”.
    A part of North Korea cooperates with NSS. North agents work together & then they have the feeling about each other. Then Sun Wha marries her team leader (North korea team leader).

    Ending of season II: Seung Hee & Hyun Joon go to the remote area & live happily as YellowRose’s imagination.

    Season III: new plot, new terrorist & NSS needs the help of experience agents like Seung Hee & Hyun Joon ???? or some Iris members (who escape the cath of NSS) come back for the revenge ???? Iris member have the support of other new system of terrorists ?

  594. 594 : Rita Says:

    – Bearing in mind that Hyun Joon can be in hospital when LBH participate GI. Joe.
    – Bearing in mind that season II of Iris can be started a little bit later to wait for LBH.
    – Bearing in mind that Quantum of Solace hits & gains a huge money from tickets all over the world regardless you, suerainy, do not like it
    – Bearing in mind that unpredictable story will be welcomed only if it still logical & interesting.
    – Bearing in mind many audiences prefer that Hyun Joon does not die.

  595. 595 : Paula Says:

    A lot of chat here! My opinions: Happy ending, sophisticate & exciting storyline, handsome + experienced actors needed.

    “Boys over Flower” has the predictable storyline. There were version of Japan & Taiwan before the version of Korea. So, all audiences know the end of it, but why they still see version of Korea??? It is because the storyline is so lovely to see it again & again. Frankly, version of Korea is better than version of Japan, Taiwan, China. Korean version has logical storyline & nice actors, actresses.

    So, predictable storyline is still very good if it is sophisticate, logical & exciting.

    My part, if I do not like the storyline, I will drop drama regardless it is unpredictable or predictable storyline.

    Oh my God, I can not bear Kwon Sang Won’s acting.

  596. 596 : Paula Says:

    My opinion, any actor is better than Kwon Sang Won. I cannot continue seeing Cinderella man after first several episodes, too boring.

  597. 597 : Ling Says:

    Uh. I do not like sad ending. Anyway, I RATHER Hyun-Joon DIED than he is still alive with either a period of loss of memory or a period of small problem of memory.

    So, what will Seung-Hee do to fight back Iris? A man (Iris’ terrorist) who shot Hyun-Joon dead spare Seung-Hee’s life because he loves her?

  598. 598 : Korean Drama Lover Says:

    Good opinions Guys! Lets pressure the director and script-writer to give us happy ending story. I can accept any storyline for Iris 2 although it requires 20 episodes but at the end I want one condition storyline only………….

    I want happy ending story…I want Hyun Joon marry Seung Hee and have 5 children as Hyun Joon request before. No more hidden enemy and no more Iris 3.

  599. 599 : LindaC Says:

    Iris is great except its sad ending. I prefer Hun-Joon is still alive WITHOUT any memory loss even though it is temporarily. If not, I want Hun-Joon DIED.

    I HATE the story that “Hun-Joon has short term memory loss, then regains full memory”.

    I can accept Hun-Joon recovers slowly in hospital WITHOUT memory problem, so LBH can film GI. Joe.

  600. 600 : LeBeau Says:

    Hi everybody, IRIS is excellent! I insist that Hyun-Joon has to sing this song “Nothing gonna change my love for you, Seung Hee” for the rest of his life & for the next seasons of IRIS…… ha…ha….ha…..

  601. 601 : Chu Says:

    Iris is great. I am looking for what will happen in the next season.

  602. 602 : Fiat Says:

    IRIS with English subtitle online, clear pictures on http://www.dramafever.com
    At this website, if there is no poster of Iris, just search word IRIS, then it will show up.
    Kim Tae Hee is very beautifu. Lee Byung Hun is handsome with 6 packs.

  603. 603 : Daniel Says:

    LOL i have six packs too and managed to squeeze all into one. Imagine 6 into one hahahaha….
    Go IRIS 2 Go. Give us your best shot

  604. 604 : LoeSea Says:

    IRIS only worth one word… P E R F E C T.
    All the casts, the storyline, the scenes… Were perfectly prepared..

    I supposed Lee Byung Hun will always be the pioneer to play what we call High Qualified Drama..
    Fighting!!! Can’t wait for another best drama from you Byung Hun shi..

    Is it true that there is the 2nd season of IRIS?

  605. 605 : Wonder Says:

    Next season of IRIS, storyline will be more attractive ?
    Season I, actors take off their shirts, what else will they take off in the next season?
    It seems that Sun-wa likes to show off her body (just look at Sun-wa’s dress at prior ceremonies from 2006 to 2008). So, next season, will Sun-wa shows off her body? bare ………? for example in a scene that Sun-wa tries to seduce Iris’ terrorist for information.
    No cut of Seung-Hee’s kissing scenes in the next season?

  606. 606 : Jbozz Says:

    The storyline was interesting pretty hype up in the beginning.

    But im saddened that the heroes died while driving back and holding a wedding ring.

    I was thinking the hints given by the chief of NSS

    “Because Adam eat the fruit, he must bear the wrath and retribution”

    Actually it end up that the terrorist triumphed and succeed in stoping the North South reconciliation talk.

    Worst of all, the protaganist died. So sad after watching the last episodes.

    There shouldn’t kill the terrorist, because they could have successfully planted a mole in the IRIS.

  607. 607 : Fiat Says:

    “There shouldn’t kill the terrorist, because they could have successfully planted a mole in the IRIS.” What do you mean ???????

    All terrorists died on site (including the secretary of the President). Baek San was captured.
    Seung Hee is not the terrorist. She is the NSS agent but Baek San raised her when she was a small child. She rejects to work with Iris. The fact, last episode, she killed terrorists & ruined their plot to assassinate the President.
    IRIS with English subtitle online on http://www.dramafever.com

  608. 608 : LoveIrisDrama Says:

    um… To me IRIS is the best in comparison to other Korean dramas so far. LBH, KTH: both thumbs up.

    However, there are rooms to improve. I hope for the more interesting storyline in the next season, if any. Choi Seung Hee has room to develop the character’s appearances such as the different clothes in different situations & seasons ( action scenes with cool or determined face + impressive leather pants & boots; romantic scenes with lovely, sexy dresses; vacation in summer with sportive shorts plus tee shirts, scenes at work with professional shirts & skirt like season I , etc….).
    Anyway, above is just my opinion.

    LBH is great.
    KTH, I want you looks younger, more beautiful. Be advised that simplicity & humbleness are beauty & they make fans like you more.

  609. 609 : rain Says:

    IRIS is the best kdrama. worth watching…
    this series makes my world stop.
    i recommend this series to everyone. you fall in love
    at the same time makes you lose your breath..
    waaahhh… this is so PERFECT!!!!
    season 2 pls

  610. 610 : Squirrels Says:

    The fact, after eating given chocolate, squirrels refuse to eat anything else. Then, they will die gradually if they are not given chocolate anymore.
    IRIS likes delicious chocolate with truffle . After seeing IRIS, I become a squirrel. I do not want to see any new Korean dramas. I am just waiting for new Korean movie or drama that have LBH & KTH. If not, I rather see American movies here.

    I love Kim Tae Hee’s cute & beautiful face. Next season, I expect she will have a perfect & healthy body form in addition to her small & young face.

  611. 611 : alma Says:

    best drama i cant wait to wacth the next season i really love this drama

  612. 612 : Valerie Says:

    will there be a 2nd season? why did you have to kill the main actor? it ruined it for me, otherwise, I loved the beginning until the end, please advise if there is a 2nd season?

  613. 613 : madurachi Says:

    This is the BEST drama me and my husband has ever seen. We are not koreans but we watch only korean dramas.

    Who would have murdered the drama hero? His best friend “Jin Sau” was also part of “Baek San” plan?

  614. 614 : garry Says:

    i wonder who is Mr.Black…the story should’nt come to the end yet…but the main actor died.so,will the 2nd season release?no more interest except the main actor isn’t dead yet

  615. 615 : Bullet Says:

    I saw some Korean dramas & I was disappointed.
    I am used to see American movies, series because they are at my convenience, days & nights. Anyway, I was convinced by my friend to see IRIS. Unbelievable, IRIS is the phenomenal of Korean dramas.
    Its storyline is sophisticate & everything moves rapidly. Action scenes meet American standards.

    I am impressed by IRIS’ romantic scenes because many American movies just have action & sex only, not action & romantics. Besides, IRIS also has humors. Flirting under table between 2 main characters are funny & so lovely. IRIS is really GREAT. Frankly, to me, IRIS is exciting, interesting than many famous American series such as X-files series, Smallville series, etc…

    Perhaps, I have to come to Korea for vacation this coming summer. In Iris, I saw many wonderful places. All Korean girls are so lovely & smart as Seung-Hee ??? name of actress is Kim Tae Hee?

  616. 616 : peter Says:

    Great storyline, but kinda hate the ending because the main actor died.
    Why is that almost all korean drama’s I watched are sad ending.
    I hoped there will be a 2nd season, and the main actor lives.
    Congrats to all the casts and crews!

  617. 617 : Andy Says:

    Kim So Yun is also great, somehow I think so yun match better with LBH. And the whole movie is just great. Probally Iris 2 will be something like KTH have LBH baby and the stories goes by. I hope LBH will be in Iris 2

  618. 618 : Chu Says:

    IRIS does worth watching & I prefer other actress (Han Ye Seul or other) plays the role of Sun-Hwa. I am sick of the way that Kim So Yun portrays the character of Sun-Hwa. Kim Seung Woo’s action scene is bad.

  619. 619 : Muradi Says:

    Yeah, so yun matches LBH, but Kim Hyun Joon matches Seung Hee and KTH matches me. So, I cannot accept any Seung Hee’s pregnancy. Seung Hee’s pregnancy, if any, will end up with miscarriage, ha…ha…
    I’m just kidding…..
    so yun, I neither like her style nor her acting.

  620. 620 : ekushay Says:

    haha.. IRIS IS AWESOME!!
    but kinda disappointed that LBH wont be in the 2nd season *O*
    hope seung hee doesnt end up with a new guy or something..
    well just kidding , but seriously iris is great~~

  621. 621 : Nooreo Says:

    can someone please answer my questions? Was the episode where the main character gets shot in his car the last episode of the season? And who shoots him? Also what parts do T.O.P act in (which episodes?) does he die or something? Thank you ♥T.O.P♥ I only saw one episode but ♥IRIS♥

  622. 622 : Alya Says:

    Episode 12, when KHJ open the confidential files of Baek San…how come the computer screen said “SUCESS”….wrong spelling!!! the computer screen should be written “SUCCESS”

    Laugh at that moment, so there is a flaw in this great movies hahaha

    Home work for the director if there is IRIS season 2……Pay attention to details!!

  623. 623 : GreatestActor Says:

    IRIS is great & IRIS season 2 will be greater because I will participate it. Hyun Joon has gone. Seung-Hee is left alone. Now is my turn. I am the greatest actor, far better than LBH because both Seung-Hee & Sun-wa and even the NSS new computer girl will have my baby soon. So, IRIS season 2 will be very interesting & please all audiences right? I am invincible !!!!!

    Top appears in several episodes including ep.16 (which he kissed then killed NSS computer girl). “Vick” would be died if Top is too busy to participate IRIS season II.

  624. 624 : marites gerona Says:

    the best drama ever except for the last episode….

  625. 625 : ToTo Says:

    I guess the director love bad ending, and why not the director just kill all the cast in IRIS. That would be perfect.

    I hope IRIS 2 the director use dragon ball to revive LBH.

  626. 626 : tala Says:

    Iris was a great drama, but the ending sucks, man come on, have
    some happy ending sometime.

  627. 627 : Stevan Says:

    It is a very interesting story especially when the rival enermy is just your neighbour country. Provide wonderful background for the drama. It is suspenses and great twist. Love it. looking for similar story or background.

  628. 628 : iris Says:

    like this drama very much
    like this
    like this
    like this

  629. 629 : marites gerona Says:

    TOTO : youre comment is so funny! i feel the same way too! haha!

  630. 630 : gloria Says:

    ohh wow loved itt till the last ep !
    or mayB the last 5 minutes of the last ep !
    rlly? can this drama get any moree better?! death after deathh hah. that was juss fantastic. yup; nobody was sad at the ending LOL.
    seriously, HELLO? mr.director LBH won’t fricken die if the IRIS wazz a happy ending and then lefftt to GIjoe! (; HAHA. soo many exclamation marks -0-

  631. 631 : ratna Says:

    oh.. i love it this movie… T.O.P Big Bang so cool..

  632. 632 : Rainy Says:

    IRIS is the best Kdrama so far. I love it. I hope, Rain will play the role of Iris’s killer who shot Hun-Joon at last episode. Rain has experience of an assassin already. I also hope SSH, Oh Ji ho will join IRIS 2 .

  633. 633 : Cute tata Says:

    iris is the most favorite story for me. I always cry during watching it because of it sad love. I don know why the director give hyunjun died at the end of the story. They must meet each other at the end:'(

  634. 634 : Steffani Says:

    I like an idea that Rain will play the role of Iris’ sniper who shot Hun-Joon at last episode. Rain is trully an experienced assassin. Hun-Joon will not be died if IRIS 2 will be delayed until late Spring next year (that time GI Joe 2 will be completed, I guess so).

  635. 635 : HAm Says:

    Is it really the ending of IRIS. I thought he will find everyone in list of IRIS. Is he dead or live??? Im confused… Can we see season 2?? Its really nice, and cool, but if thats actually the ending, then thats not good. Hoping to see its season 2 with him alive

  636. 636 : Taky Says:

    #1 Kdrama. Thumbs up. Possibility of IRIS season 2 is very high. Only producers, director, writer and then, maybe actor know the fate of HunJoon. Stay tune for IRIS season 2.

  637. 637 : elle Says:

    SEASON 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  638. 638 : Olga Says:

    Great drama! Good casts. I am waiting for the next season.
    Kim TaeHee is adorable.

  639. 639 : ulitapepe Says:

    I like this drama


    thank u so much)))))))))))))))))))))))

  640. 640 : Moonlight Says:

    I love this drama too. The kissing scenes between Hun-Joon & Seung-Hee are not forgettable, especially the kiss after Hun-Joon got slapped on his face, ha…ha..ha… They really deserve kissing award.

  641. 641 : elle Says:


  642. 642 : elle Says:


  643. 643 : Movai Says:

    I find this on internet:
    Byung-Hun Lee is now one of the leading nominees in the 2010 Green Globe Film Awards categories of “10 Best International Actors of the Decade.
    You can vote for Byung-Hun Lee at http://www.movie-voters.com and enter into an opportunity drawing for two Gold Seats at the Green Globe Film Awards.

  644. 644 : Movai Says:

    Accidently I see that news on internet. It is true or false, I do not know.

  645. 645 : Movai Says:

    IRIS this very exciting, I like it a lot. All casts are great but I like Byung-Hun Lee & Tae-Hee Kim the most.

  646. 646 : Movai Says:


    I see the news at this webpage. True or false, who knows?
    Wrong or true news, who knows?

  647. 647 : elle Says:


  648. 648 : rain Says:

    the best korean series!!!

  649. 649 : LoeSea Says:

    Dear Mr. IRISmaker..
    Kindly need ur attention,..
    All of us here yearn to see the next chapter..
    Urrrrgh, unclear ending like this is very hateful… Huhuhu!!!
    However, we’re still IRISlovers.. Can’t wait to see season II..
    We’ll wait patiently, hence we’ll get good story..=)

    Russia, Hongkong, and New Zealand will be good for next chapter shooting location..
    Kwon Sang Woo, Ji Sung, and Rain/Jo Ji Hoon will be good for next chapter guy cast..
    Song Hye Kyo, Yoon Eun Hye, and Lee Da Hae will be good for next chapter lady cast..

    Of course Lee Byung Hun must be alive and destroy the IRIS..


    BTW, I read in imdb.com that there is IRIS the movie.. I hope this is the next chapter for IRIS drama..

  650. 650 : Rashi Says:

    I just finished IRIS. It is great!
    Next season of Iris must have Kim Tae Hee, my favorite actress.
    I prefer LBH to continue Iris instead of other new actors.

    Oh my God! Please get rid of Kwon Sang Woo. Any actor is ok, but not Kwon Sang Woo.
    I like Rain to be Iris’s assassin. Oh Ji Ho, Daniel Henney are good candidates.
    Acting of LDH is not good. “World we are in” of SHK has low ratings & SHK is busy with movie in China. I think SHK is overated.
    The actress in Boys over flower is pretty.

  651. 651 : IrisLoyalFans Says:

    Iris: thumbs up!
    Dear Producers, Director, Writer:
    Following is the suggested casts for Iris 2:
    Actors: Lee Byung Hun, Rain, Oh Ji Ho, Joo Jin Mo, Han Jae suk,
    Actresses: Kim Tae-Hee, Kim Hye Soo, Chae Si-ra, Uhm Jung-hwa
    We are sick of Kwon sang won.
    Loyal Fans of IRIS

  652. 652 : IrisForever Says:

    No offense to Kwon Sang Woo’s fans – but I don’t think he will do justice as an NSS Agent – in comparison to LBH – I would like LBH back for the 2ND Season – It won’t be Iris without him.

  653. 653 : ViewersofIRIS Says:

    Iris is great, but frankly I believe that ratings of Iris season 2 will reduce if Kwon Sang Woo joint it. KSW is not hot as LBH, Oh Ji Ho or Rain. KSW’s acting is not good too. No offense to KSW’s fans.

    Producers once said that Iris team acts flawless, so why do not continue the old team & add new hot actors to make drama still exciting?

  654. 654 : elle Says:


  655. 655 : melanie Says:

    loved KO SOO also and KSW.

  656. 656 : Paula Says:

    Love IRIS. Without LBH, KTH, it won’t be IRIS anymore.
    LBH, KTH: main leading actor, actress
    Additional actors: Oh Ji Ho, Daniel Henney, Rain, Dennis Oh, Ko-soo, Joo Jin Mo, Jeong Woo-seong.
    Hot actors gather huge girl fans.

  657. 657 : Wang Says:

    IRIS = No #1. Patiently wait for IRIS season #2.
    Please do not reduce popularity of IRIS.
    No offense.
    Kwon Sang Woo = not hot = bad acting = poor rating = No #10

  658. 658 : Tyo Says:


  659. 659 : Glamour Says:

    Fantastic! IRIS is exciting right from the beginning.
    Anyway, I do not like the technique of camera men. Some scenes are flashy too much. However, I still give IRIS the maximum total score.

    My friends are right when they say Iris is better than some popular American series such as Star Gate, X-files, Smallvilles,…

    Lee Byung-Hun is such a great actor. He is the best choice for Hun-Joon.
    Kim Tae Hee is the best choice for Seung-Hee: smart, professional, romantic, determined, lovely & funny, etc….
    KTH is so beautiful. I zoom in & out the screen (LCD HDTV) & I love all her body gestures. I think her face is expressive & more beautiful than Angelina Jolie.

    Storyline is very good. I cannot imagine IRIS without LBH & KTH.
    Perfect job for IRIS team.
    I see Iris (English sub) at http://www.dramafever.com
    Connecting HDTV with laptop/computer, one will see the drama Iris (pictures are very clear) on the bigger screen (even 55 inches or more) than seeing in just laptop/computer.
    I do not know where to buy DVD.

  660. 660 : Kima Says:

    IRIS is so hot, so sexy, so exciting!
    I do not like the last ep. I want Seung-Hee save Hun-jun life by getting a bullet to her arm. I want Seung-Hee & Hun-jun live together happily.

    I like Rain to join Iris 2. It is wonderful to have both 2 hot superstars LBH & Rain in hit drama Iris with the most beauty KTH.

    um…um…. I like actors to have shower scenes (not just take off the shirts) & supporting actress show off the body line with bikini, hi….hi….hi….. It is necessary to do so to maintain, defend IRIS’ championship of Iris, hi…hi…hi…. The storyline needs to be good or even better the first season. Right ?????

  661. 661 : kikysr Says:

    best drama i’ve ever seen n the soundtrack is the best too… b^_^d

  662. 662 : Jirshi Says:

    IRIS: the best! wow! wow!

  663. 663 : elle Says:


  664. 664 : elle Says:


  665. 665 : just an opinion Says:

    still watching on dvd . no comment

  666. 666 : Abb Says:

    Iris is great. I like it except the sad ending.
    Please tell me where you order DVD of Iris online ? I want to keep a set at home. Thank you.

    In drama “East of Eden”, is it true the rumor that Song Seung Hun favors his girlfriend & other actress quits the drama? or the actress quits drama because everything does not follow her will & she cannot keep the spotlight for herself? hm….hm…. it seems that it is not good to have both SSH & other actress in IRIS #2. I do not like IRIS #2 will be interrupted.

  667. 667 : Abb Says:

    Now, I remember “East of Eden” stars SSH & LDH. LDH quits drama. This drama is just so so & I do not like all casts.

    I like IRIS. It is the best.

  668. 668 : BigBoy Says:

    “Words do not come easy to me. How can I find a way to make you see I love you” KTH, “words do not come easy”.
    Just kidding ! I like Iris.

  669. 669 : rain Says:

    will there be season 2?
    who will be the lead actors?
    i hope lbh will still be there…

  670. 670 : hancock Says:

    Jung Woo-sung and Cha Seung-won confirmed on IRIS season 2

  671. 671 : Wang Says:

    It is good when Jung Woo-sung teams up with KTH again. I like this couple in movie “The Restless”. It is a good movie.
    I suggest Jung Woo-sung to do more exercise to have 6 packs.
    Who plays the role of the sniper who kill Hun-Joon?

  672. 672 : YellowRose Says:

    It is interesting to imagine that ” THE BAD” (Hun-Joon, LBH) will be in coma & “THE GOOD” (Jung Woo-sung) will cooperate with Seung-Hee to fight terrorist. Leader of Iris (Cha Seung-won) falls in love with Seung-Hee, so he spares Seung-Hee’s life, so she has the chance to steal information of Iris.

    When “THE GOOD” deeply falls in love with Seung-Hee, ” THE BAD” (Hun-Joon) wakes up & still loves Seung-Hee very much. Wow, it will be very attractive. Just see the triangles of love in movie “New Moon” draws huge audiences. And of course, Seung-Hee will be end up with Hun-Joon & they happily live together at a remote area.

    During the fight against Iris, a new character, a man will save Sun Hwa’s life. Then, Sun Hwa drops her one-way love to Hyun Joon. She finds a new love, the real 2 ways of love. Then, she will give Seung Hee + Hyun Joon the good blessing.

    Movie “Tho good, the bad, the weird” stars LBH, Jung Woo-sung

  673. 673 : YellowRose Says:

    I want Kim Tae Hee is back in IRIS season 2.

  674. 674 : Fans Says:

    I find this:
    “Part of the cast of IRIS 2, the sequel for the hit drama IRIS, has been revealed. Though it’s been referred to as IRIS 2, the real name is Athena: Goddess of War, Athena for short”.


    we like Kim Tae Hee is the leading actress in this drama.

  675. 675 : IrisAddicted Says:

    I watched IRIS again & again. Love it too much.

    Hun-Joon died ??? Jung Woo-sung and Cha Seung-won tries to make the frozen heart of Seung-Hee meld down? But, Seung-Hee kills her time with works & she only wants to revenge for Hun-Joon??? Wow, what will happen? Any shower scenes of actors? any girl with bikini at beach?

    Kim Tae Hee is really beautiful. Some photos show she looks like the Goddess. She is also smart & determined. She is so suitable for the leading female role.

    Jung Woo-sung and Cha Seung-won both have muscular body to show off? What is the rest of casts?

  676. 676 : Irisforever Says:

    It won’t be Iris – 2nd Season if the Title is change to Athena and the casts are new sets of actors and actresses. Oh well – good luck to Taewon Entertainment – I still like LBH / KTH team up and the rest of the original casts of Iris though.

  677. 677 : IrisFans Says:

    Athena: Goddess of War
    Leader of Iris is the woman? supporting role actress is the goddess of Iris who create the war?

  678. 678 : IrisFans Says:

    Sorry, I misunderstood. Terrorist group’s name is Athena (not Iris). I found:

    “They are using the Greek goddess Athena’s name for a terrorist group in the drama. The terrorist group Athena’s leader will be played by Cha Seung Won. He will play Son Hyuk who always finishes any type of mission”.

    “Jung Woo-Sung will play as the member of intelligent agent with the most outstanding skills and he has to fight a threat of terrorist organization and conspiracy to the safety of the Korean Peninsula.”

    “Jung Woo-sung and Cha relationship on the sequel are comparable with Lee Byung Hun and Jung Jun Ho on the first though whether it will talk about friend betrayal or not, it still not clear as well.”

  679. 679 : IrisFans Says:

    I found at http://www.dongdrama.com/jung-woo-sung-and-cha-seung-won-confirmed-on-iris-season-2.html

    “Until now, the producer is still maintaining the composition of ‘IRIS Season 2′ in order to there is a similar story line between the first and the second.”

  680. 680 : ade Says:

    waw…. this grama is the best…..

  681. 681 : elle Says:


  682. 682 : elle Says:


  683. 683 : elle Says:


  684. 684 : rain Says:

    i say no now to iris 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    kth and lbh only should be the cast!

  685. 685 : myloveKTH Says:

    I look forward to wacthing IRIS 2 – ATHENA -…..
    But, i am not satisfied with casting not included KTH…..
    Do you think so?

  686. 686 : LikeKTH Says:

    I will watch Iris #2 (ATHENA) only if Kim Tae Hee is the main female lead.

    Without LBH, main actress will have a very big burden to push Iris #2 to any high rating because both 2 actors Jung Woo-Sung & Cha Seung Won are not popular. I do not know who they are. I just see their name in the new casts of Iris #2. These 2 guys have nice body & acting skill ??? Supporting actresses will have sexy body to show of ??? Storyline is ok???

  687. 687 : Ging Says:

    It is a big let down for me for LBH not on the 2ND Season of Iris – though I’m not ecstatic for the choice of the new casts I’m still looking forward for the 2ND Season – but if KTH won’t be part of it, I don’t think I will watch it all, so just good luck for Athena or what ever the new title is.

  688. 688 : MyGod Says:


    On the 3rd, the director commented, “The role for the female lead is still undecided. Both Jung Woo Sung and Cha Seung Won are tall charismatic actors so we believe that the actress must be of equal stature. We are considering this decision very carefully.”

    Does Director hint that he wants a taller actress? taller and uglier and less famous and no acting skill but lower salary?
    Uh… I will NOT see Iris if KTH is not there.
    Producers want to cut cost??? so how is the quality?

  689. 689 : Fans Says:

    If it is true that the Director comments ” “ Both Jung Woo Sung and Cha Seung Won are tall charismatic actors so we believe that the actress must be of equal stature”, I think this stupid Director wants other actress (not KTH) in Iris #2.

    The reason director mentions “actress must be of equal stature” is not true.

    In movie “The Restless” Jung Woo Sung & Kim Tae Hee is the main couple. They made a wonderful couple in this movie. They match each other perfectly.
    In drama “Sweet spy”: Nam Sang Mi is short & Dennis Oh is very tall, so much taller than her. Anyway, they are still a nice main couple in drama.
    And many other examples.

    If producer, director do not choose KTH (and maybe LBH), I think you are right that they want to cut the cost .
    The fate of the Iris season 2 ??? I will not watch it.

  690. 690 : elle Says:



  691. 691 : elle Says:

    kim tae heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  692. 692 : korean drama Says:

    This is the BEST action Korean Drama .If there is anything better please do let us know…

  693. 693 : AsmallFan Says:

    So far, I think Iris (season 1) is the best drama.
    I respect the human right. For any drama, movie: seeing or not is up to individual.

  694. 694 : AsmallFan Says:

    So far, I think Iris (season 1) is the best drama.
    People is free to do what they like.

  695. 695 : AsmallFan Says:

    Please do not suggest anybody to see or not to see anything.

  696. 696 : Fullhouse Says:

    I like Iris. It is really the best Kdrama.
    Iris 2: “Athena”: it remains to be seen.

    I guess Director of “Athena” will let LBH, KTH join the first episode of “Athena” to draw the attention. He also introduces his new casts in this first episode. Then, he will cut the role of Hun-Joon & Seung-Hee in the next episode. So, storyline is ????

    Right, the height of actors & actresses is not the true issue. SHK & Rain made a nice couple in “Full House”. I do not see any problem when Rain is too high & SHK is too short.
    Jung Woo-sung is shorter than Rain. KTH is taller than SHK.
    Woo-sung & KTH is also a perfect couple.

  697. 697 : wonxzoe Says:

    this drama is probably the best drama bein made from korea…the eway they show loyalty…love…storyline is really can be feel by the audience…they show the hard but smooth way of story bein made…love it…coz even tho the small part played in this drama is also become important ppart of the story…10/10 for me…=)

  698. 698 : iris Says:

    so wait let me get this straight…..KTH will not play as the main actress , LBH is really dead….and there will be alot of people who r going to be gone from the 1st iris in the 2nd IRIS???…..i dunt think it will as popular to the 1st iris then….

  699. 699 : shower enclosures Says:

    Enjoy reading this, thank you:)

  700. 700 : pete tim lung Says:

    Can anybody figure it out who kills Kim Hyun Joon???? will there be another season or is it just suspense? please gimme a feedback on this?

  701. 701 : Tyki Says:

    Rumor that Ha Ji Won is a female lead for Athena (iris 2) ????
    Oh my God! BYE BYE Athena. I do not like it.

  702. 702 : Tyki Says:

    I love Iris with LBH, KTH only. It is great.

  703. 703 : yanti Says:

    bisa gak dibuatin the second iris. make good ending please…!

  704. 704 : ShoutOut-U.S.A Says:

    Hello-o-o, PVL and Suerainy! Looks like everyone in front of the camera and behind it, that’s involved with IRIS’s spin-off ‘Athena” has their work cut out for them, even more so than before? What do you all think?

  705. 705 : ShoutOut-U.S.A Says:

    Hello-o-o, PVL and Suerainy! Looks like everyone in front of the camera and behind it, involving the spin-off of the Iris drama, ‘Athena’ has their work cut out for them. I’d say even more, so than before! What do you all think about it?

  706. 706 : elle Says:

    well I will not watch “ATHENA”

  707. 707 : elle Says:

    KIM TAE HEE AND LEE BYEONG HUN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  708. 708 : elle Says:

    NOTHING WILL BEAT IRIS SEASON 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  709. 709 : PVL Says:

    Hi there shoutout-U.S.A. – nice to hear from you – Yes – I definitely agree – it is a spin-off but for Iris fans like me – it is totally a rip-off – if this move can emulate the success of Iris remains to be seen. It is completely a new production so they shouldn’t associate IRIS on it at all. And Hi to Suerainy.

  710. 710 : elle Says:

    IRIS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  711. 711 : wang Says:

    Oh la la! Athena: “It is completely a NEW PRODUCTION so they shouldn’t associate IRIS on it at all.” That is right. Anyway, they still call it the name “Iris #2”? They still link it to IRIS to get more attention & to get attention from the start. They will open the web page for Athena separately or still use this page for Iris?
    It is better not to take a role than taking the role in the dull drama.

  712. 712 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    @ PVL. How have you been, Ms. meeting of the minds kindred spirit? I’m just taking a brief moment here, to check on you! It looks like their spin-off of IRIS (ATHENA) has ‘spun-off’ to not so good of a start! They really, really have their work cut out for them since they changed so many main actors! Makes me wonder how convincing they will be via media promotion of this drama to get people to watch it. Nonetheless, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens.

    Suerainy….where forth art thou? I know you are around here somewhere!

  713. 713 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    @PVL…I forgot to change back to ShoutOut-U.S.A. @712. I apologize for any confusion. BIG SMILE!

  714. 714 : MrRight Says:

    Just finished Iris. Great! How is Athena? Is Athena the completely new drama? Regardless of anything, I guess ratings of Athena will be high, because new fans of Athena’s new casts plus almost old fans of Iris will see Athena for sure.
    Many old fans of Iris have curiosity, so they will see Athena regardless they like new casts or not. After seeing Athena, viewers will show their responses (happy, disappointed, etc…). Later, regardless of viewers’ responses, they would have already seen Athena and its ratings would be high already. If you miss Athena, it will be your own damage. Hi..hi..hi… Am I RIGHT? I run away before someone can kick me out.

  715. 715 : elle Says:

    kim tae hee and lee byeong heon forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  716. 716 : Emo Chat Says:

    This was kewl =) count me in for more =^__^=

  717. 717 : hancock Says:

    IRIS wins the best drama in 46th Baeksang Awards


  718. 718 : SS Says:

    Congrats to Iris & LBH at the 46th Baeksang Awards.

    I hope Iris The Movie will be released soon, cus I’m curious to know who was the person who shot KHJ at the end of Iris the drama.

    I will still support Athena : Goddess of War even though it’s a total different cast, will watch it and wait for the real Iris 2 with LBH & KTH again in 2011. This is the only time I’m hoping for time to pass quickly haha.

  719. 719 : kim Yukie Says:

    Love action drama …

  720. 720 : elle Says:

    IRIS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  721. 721 : Mar2010 Says:

    Kim Tae Hee & Lee Byung Hun at 14th China Music Awards, March 28, 2010

  722. 722 : momomiko10 Says:

    this drama is so great!!!
    i love it so much..but the ending is just so-so..but still..its a great drama to watch^^

  723. 723 : wang Says:

    Thanks for the link of KTH, LBH at China.
    Happy Birthday to gorgeous KTH. Could someone translate the video? Thanks!

  724. 724 : elle Says:

    KIM TAE HEE’S SO BEAUTIFUL at 14th China Music Awards, March 28, 2010!!!!
    Such LOvely couple!!!(LBH and KTH)

  725. 725 : Mar2010 Says:

    If you like, still have time to vote for LBH: MTV awards (best fight, GI joe)


  726. 726 : wang Says:

    I found “IRIS the movie has been released on March 22nd through the 34th Hong Kong International Movie Festival. The audience present at the event was surprised to see a surprise alternative ending – it unveiled the identity of the man (or possibly woman) that shot Hyun Joon in the series!”


    IRIS MOVIE: I want to see it.

  727. 727 : wang Says:

    Wow, IRIS MOVIE, different content with drama but have same casts with LBH, KTH

  728. 728 : suerainy Says:

    It’s good to be baaaccckkkk…Ola to my hombres, PVL and Shoutout…How r u guys doing?

    A little bit disappointed though that both LBH and KTH will not reprise their roles as the main characters. Well, we just have to wait and see how Athena fares. But, I must say I’m glad that Woo-Seong was chosen, I so fell in love with him when I saw him in “Daisy” and “A Moment to Remember”.

  729. 729 : elle Says:

    CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH IRIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  730. 730 : elle Says:

    FOREVER IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FOREVER KTH AND LBH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  731. 731 : ShoutOut Says:

    Ola! Tu eres mi amiga! ¿Qué pasa, suerainy?

    Well, that’s about the extent of my Spanish!

    I’m looking forward to watching ATHENA and see what it will bring to us by way of entertainment, as well. They undoubtedly know that they have to STEP UP THEIR GAME in comparison to IRIS! For some reason, I believe they will. Hopefully, there’s a season 3 with the combined actors from IRIS and ATHENA. PEACE, OUT!

  732. 732 : Urcisio Says:

    u can have a copy of iris :
    just view the link:
    that is free from virus,pls notificate me if u like the quality of that movie,.
    here’s my fb:
    [email protected]
    comment there about the movie that i gave to you

  733. 733 : rain Says:

    when will iris the movie be released?

  734. 734 : debt Says:

    Just wanna say thank you for the selective information you have posted. continue publishing this articele.

  735. 735 : Tania Says:

    Excellent! Iris drama is excellent although the ending is bitter (against my will). Anyway, I hear the rumor that the IRIS MOVIE is sweet (sweeter ending) and …… (no spoiler). Very interesting!

  736. 736 : elle Says:

    can’t wait for IRIS THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!

  737. 737 : elle Says:


  738. 738 : Mar2010 Says:

    Different clip of gorgeous KTH at 14th China Music Awards, March 28, 2010
    (search on http://www.google.com) KTH speaks chinese a little bit?

    link here

  739. 739 : Mar2010 Says:

    Link can be found at http://www.youtube.com, OR you can come to this this web-page: http://www.8sports.net/kim-tae-hee–lee-byung-hun.html#
    then click to youtube from there


    link here

  740. 740 : Mar2010 Says:

    It is different clip of KTH, LBH at 14th China Music Awards, March 28, 2010 that I found when searching google

  741. 741 : Mar2010 Says:

    14th China Music Awards, March 28, 2010: KTH receives award:

    Link at youtube:

  742. 742 : Mar2010 Says:

    KTH receives award of “international influential actress”.

  743. 743 : Mar2010 Says:

    If I misunderstood, please correct. I do not understand languages of China and Korea.

  744. 744 : elle Says:


  745. 745 : wang Says:

    “Soo-ae was chosen for the role because of her extraordinary acting skills and ability to subtly express many emotions.” I do not oppose director to choose her but I oppose the comment of her good acting skill. They inflated her for advertisement.

    “Emperor of The Sea” is the good drama but Soo-Ae sucks.
    I still cannot understand why Soo-Ae wins the award of the best actress for her role in “Once in a summer”. There is connection and lobby in everything. I am picky and my standard is not low. In my eyes, Soo-Ae is neither charming nor pretty and her acting is really BAD.

    Soo-Ae sent message to congratulate LBH, so, she deserves her role in Athena. Anyway, I am glad that they choose ugly soo-ae as the female lead for Athena, …ha…ha….ha….

    I hope they have Cha Seung Won or any one else to replace Kim Seung Woo in Iris #2 or Athena. Cha Seung Won or Jang Hyuk is always better than Kim Seung Woo.

  746. 746 : wang Says:


  747. 747 : BlueMoon Says:

    Congratulation “best actress” Soo-Ae to be the female lead of Iris #2 “Athena. I also think that Soo-Ae’s acting is bad but her politics is super strong. Thus, she got main roles in many good dramas and won many awards of acting. The fact, she did not deserve any of awards.
    The good storylines made too good female character so many viewers like the female character of drama and misinterpreted that they like her acting. It seems that she is also set to get award for her role in Athena regardless of her performance. Actress Ha ji won, at-least, is better than Soo-Ae.

  748. 748 : elle Says:


  749. 749 : elle Says:

    KIM TAE HEE!!!!!!

  750. 750 : elle Says:

    oh my…I want to see Kim Tae Hee back on screen….

  751. 751 : Carroll B. Merriman Says:

    Would be really interesting to see your traffic spike if you had any stats enabled 🙂

  752. 752 : elle Says:


  753. 753 : irislover Says:

    yes KTH & LBH forever pls, i didn’t like it very much when the news first came out that they were gonna be lovers in iris. but boy they proved me wrong the more i watched them, i am addicted to seeing them together. just got my dvd and watching all over again and focusing more on the 2 lovebirds’ eye contact and physical touches lol.

  754. 754 : elle Says:


  755. 755 : LoveIris Says:

    Yes, Kim Tae Hee and Lee Byung Hun is the best couple in Korean dramas I have ever seen. I love to see the scenes, news about them. Wow, I am itching to see IRIS movie and the real sequel of Iris in 2011 .
    I wonder who will be a lucky guy to have KTH by his side in the real life.

  756. 756 : esther Says:

    It’s so gooo….od

  757. 757 : March2010 Says:

    Kim Tae Hee & Lee Byung Hun in gameshow TBS [13/04/2010]

    IRIS, Kim Tae Hee & Lee Byung Hun, April 18

    IRIS, Kim Tae Hee & Lee Byung Hun, April 17

  758. 758 : March2010 Says:

    April 17, 2010; KTH-LBH
    This one works

    Kim Tae Hee & Lee Byung Hun in gameshow TBS [13/04/2010]

    IRIS, Kim Tae Hee & Lee Byung Hun, April 18

  759. 759 : Ling Ling Says:

    Iris is the best Korean Drama I find so far, if the ending could revised to a happier ending where the couple left their position and hide out to a remote place together, then the Drama will be 100% perfect !

  760. 760 : grand Says:

    The ‘Real’ IRIS 2 Will Air in October 2011 with all the same casts..


  761. 761 : loveIris Says:

    Different ending, who shot Hun-Joon, many different details and ….: please see MOVIE of IRIS (released in Spring 2010)

  762. 762 : Ryan Bunkley Says:

    One important thing I love about website blogs is the fact that they trigger a thought in my head. The moment that happens, I feel as I must write a comment expecting it can be beneficial to some people.

  763. 763 : elle Says:

    CAN’T HARDLY WAIT FOR THE REAL IRIS 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KTH FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  764. 764 : Sal Says:

    Great drama, good chemistry between the leads but bad ending. If the ending is a happy one I would give it a 10 over 10 but seeing the frustrating ending, it’s 9 out of 10. However, still recommended. Well done all of you esp the leads!

  765. 765 : ein Says:

    i would like if there are the iris 2..
    please2..really hope that kbh can make it..
    nice couple.and please remain the ol couple k?
    lee byung hun and kim tae hee

  766. 766 : ein Says:

    why don’t remain the old actr?i want kim tae hee and lee byung hun..pleaseeee….

  767. 767 : March2010 Says:


    KTH&LBH IRIS promo @Japan April 2010. KTH is gorgeous.

  768. 768 : EoE Says:

    i hope Kim Hyun Joon still main crcter in IRIS II soon..

  769. 769 : juan Says:

    hello all..important Q…!! u think who the LEADER of IRIS n who the real Choi Seung Hee..???? can some1 answer me..


  770. 770 : kyein Says:

    …when will be the real sequel of iris can’t
    wait to see!!!!kim tae hee..very beautiful;;;
    they are very compatible with lee byung hun,,,…!!!

  771. 771 : EoE Says:

    i hope Kim Hyun Joon still main crcter in IRIS II soon..
    i hope Kim Hyun Joon still main crcter in IRIS II soon..
    i hope Kim Hyun Joon still main crcter in IRIS II soon..
    i hope Kim Hyun Joon still main crcter in IRIS II soon..

    i hope Kim Hyun Joon still main crcter in IRIS II soon..

    for me drama is not good enough if Main Hero is died…!!
    does any1 agree..???

    just rply n say agree/not agree…. Thx Q….

  772. 772 : loveIris Says:

    Hun-Joon does not die in movie IRIS.
    Why they did not reduce scenes of Sun-wa and add scenes of action of Hun-joon?

  773. 773 : juan Says:

    EoE…. i agree with uu…!!

    anther 1, in this drama i like see Kim Hyun Joon n Sun-hwa here.
    bcoz both get a “same” crcter..
    1) both parents died
    2) work hard tgher
    3) good frndship each other
    4) etc…….

    n i hope Kim Hyun Joon n Sun-hwa still have in IRIS II soon..
    as good if both get important crcter..

  774. 774 : juan Says:

    loveIris :

    Question : are you sure Kim Hyun Joon not died..??

    bcoz im still not wacth IRIS MOVIE yet..
    how Kim Hyun Joon story at last…??

  775. 775 : elle Says:

    KTH AND LBH FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KTH AND LBH FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KTH AND LBH FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KTH AND LBH FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  776. 776 : LoveIris Says:

    juan, I saw on the internet that, in movie released at festival at Hong Kong, Hun-Joon had severe injury at the end. About Sun-wa, I am sick of seeing her gloomy, dull face. In drama, I did not see Hun-joon expressed any love with her. It was just her one-way love and she was also the 3rd person. I see Hun-joon shows his friendship, partnership with sun-wa, but no love at all.

    I rather see the action of actors than seeing Sun-wa.

    Romantic scenes between Hun-Joon and Seung-Hee are prerequisite.

  777. 777 : Wang Says:

    If there is anyone who likes to see Sun-hwa, please see drama “Prosecutor Princess”. She is the leading lady there. I CAN NOT swallow it.

    Please DO NOT DESTROY the real sequel IRIS #2 with Sun-hwa.

    I love to see more action scenes of LBH and the REDUCTION of Sun-hwa’s scenes.

    The action of Kim Seung Woo is not good; I hope to see different north agents who fight tougher.

  778. 778 : esparsa Says:

    the best evr korean drama.

  779. 779 : Dasha Says:

    It is really the best Korean drama. I am hooked from the start to the end. LBH, KTH is really the great couple too! The combination of the hero (Hun-joon) and the intelligent beauty (Seung-Hee) is wonderful.

  780. 780 : elle Says:

    woooot wooot!!!!!
    IRIS IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  781. 781 : elle Says:

    IRIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  782. 782 : juan Says:

    sung hwa

  783. 783 : Lilly Says:

    Iris is the best. I love it. I like all casts except sun wa, Park Chul Young.

  784. 784 : Reza Says:

    very cool movie…
    love it…

  785. 785 : cesz mendez Says:

    why that Kim Hyeon-joon was assassinate in the end..i think there was one person that they not kill in the conference Mr. Black why…im thinking that till now..grrr im not contented in the ending grrrr badtrip!!!

  786. 786 : juan Says:

    Lilly this for you…

    this 1reason:
    for me sung hwa is very good thn KTH..
    try look espcially when both used gun(pistol)..
    KTH not good as well but sung hwa can give impact..
    im mean when sung hwa with pistol, she like an assassin..
    but not really for KTH..

    2reason etc…….
    i say depend on tht drama n with crcter in IRIS…

  787. 787 : Richhan Says:

    i love this movie. but i really don’t like the ending. i love movie with happy ending, not like this..

  788. 788 : freeman Says:

    who killed seung hee ???? why must make a bad ending? who killed him!!??

  789. 789 : Lilly Says:

    juan, your view is too shallow. Good acting does not mean the good skill of using gun. If any one who has the good skill in using gun is the good actress, actor; so many soldiers are great actors, actresses too.
    The way sun wa using gun is also clumsy, bad. Sun wa’s acting is not good.
    In Iris, I do not see she has any appearance of an assassin. She has to study how Rain expresses an assassin.

    I love IRIS the most and I find that “A man called god” is enjoyable.

    Please do not give the wrong advice to see “prosecutor princess” any more. I quit drama “prosecutor princess” also. sun wa’s acting there is bad too.
    Juan, if you like sun wa, why you do not support her in “prosecutor princess” instead of arguing about her acting here. You cannot change my mind. Sun wa’s acting does not worth any cent to me.

    sun wa is BAD, BAD, BAD.

  790. 790 : Lilly Says:

    the role of KTH is not the role of an assassin, why she has to express the appearance of an assassin? So, of-courses, she does not look as an assassin. Her role does not need the good skill of using gun too. Profiler is different with the assassin.
    juan, your view can not stand.

  791. 791 : juan Says:


    tht not i mean…missundrstndg..
    how to tell u yea..hrm/….

    mbe u right..but not all..
    if u say sung hwa in prosecutor princess is bad..im cant say anymore..
    bcoz i still not see tht movie yet..

  792. 792 : juan Says:

    h/e im sure no 1 want this ending..
    also no 1 want Hyun jun / Seung hee / sung hwa will be replace right..
    im 1 the first not agree if the main actor dischrge…


  793. 793 : elle Says:

    KTH AND LBH FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  794. 794 : harlowz Says:

    This is the best Korean Drama ever, but as most users agree, the ending is not ideal. But thumbs up for the cast of this serial drama, especially Lee Byung Hun & Kim Tae Hee. Hope Korea can come up with more of these type of dramas for us avid fans of Korean dramas. Cheerz!!

  795. 795 : Lis8 Says:

    Love IRIS, love Lee Byung Hun & Kim Tae Hee. Iris does not end yet, they hang us in there and we wait for real IRIS #2 in later half of year 2011.

  796. 796 : elle Says:

    KIM TAE HEE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  797. 797 : Priscila Says:

    Hey, I disagree with most of you. Kim So Yeon is much more charming and talented than KTH. I am big fan of her. Kim So Yeon, u r a great actress and soooooooooo beautiful!

  798. 798 : Lilly Says:

    Kim So Yun = old, not charming, her face is gloomy.
    Kim So Yun = not talent
    Big fan of So Yun, come and see “prosecutor princess”, do not shout here.
    prosecutor princess = low rating

  799. 799 : Lilly Says:

    Kim So Yun = not pretty

  800. 800 : PaulaF Says:

    IRIS is really GOOD and I highly recommend it.

    Oh la la! war?
    I can’t hold back. Many good casts, especially LBH, KTH plus good director and storyline, all make IRIS become a big hit. LBH, superstar with great action makes IRIS hotter and hotter. KTH and LBH promote IRIS and make it become more popular. They do the good thing for Korea. Like us, more people like Iris and they will pay attention to Korean dramas. Korea will produce more dramas and gain more jobs.

    While KTH (Kim Tae Hee) advertises IRIS to many areas of Asia, some fans of so yeon continuously try to compare so-yeon with KTH to gain attention for so-yeon. It seems that few fans of so yeon try to steal the work of KTH and let so yeon get benefit. That is bad and dirty. I feel pity for KTH. I do not know who is so yeon before seeing some comparison of so yeon with Kim Tae Hee.

    My part, I like Iris and buy DVD because of LBH, Kim Tae Hee, not because of so-yeon.
    So-yeon is not good, not charming as Kim Tae Hee.

    My husband like to have more action scenes and we both like to have more romantic scenes between LBH, KTH in the sequel of IRIS .

  801. 801 : shatrina Says:

    I am so elated to learn that the real sequel of IRIS will be airing on October 2011 and that Lee Byung Hoon and Kim Tae Hee is still in the sequel. . .that Athena : Goddess of War is just a spin-off of IRIS and has nothing to do with the storyline of IRIS.

    There we still have to ’til 2011 guys to answer all the questions that are left hanging in the end of the IRIS season 1. Question like who shot Kim Hyun Joon and to whether he died or is he still alive,also what happened to Choi Seung Hee after that. What happen to Baek-San and who is Mr. Black, and why is Seung Hee important to the IRIS organization.

    Who are the real person behind IRIS.

    And also to new characters that are going to play in IRIS second sequel in 2011.

  802. 802 : carole Says:

    내가 그렇게 아이리스 진정한 속편이 2011년 10월에 리 병 훈과 김 태 희는 아직 속편에 방송됩니다 배울 수 의기 양양한입니다. . . 그 아테나 : 그냥 스핀 오프 아이리스 아무것도 아이리스 스토리와 상관없는 여신 전쟁 중 하나입니다.

    우리가 아직도 ‘을 부르는 2011 남자 아이리스 시즌 1의 끝에 매달려 남아있는 모든 질문에 대답을했습니다. 질문에 누가 김 현 준 총을 여부가 죽기 아니면 그가 아직 살아있다, 또한 어떤 최 희 Seung 그 후에 일어난 싶어요. 무엇 백 – 산 일이 누구 씨 검은색이며, 왜 Seung 희 홍채 조직에 중요합니다.

    누가 IRIS 뒤에 진짜 사람입니다.

    그리고 IRIS 두 번째 속편에서 2011 년 연극을하려고하는 새로운 캐릭터도합니다.

  803. 803 : chaos Says:

    IRIS season is worth waiting for even though we have to wait ’til October 2011. Just so happy that KTH and LBH will still be in the second season.

    Fighting IRIS Season 2!!!!!!!!!
    The real Season 2!!!!!!!

  804. 804 : YellowRose Says:

    It’s good to have the next season of IRIS in Oct 2011. I’m so glad that both Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee will be there. I hope new good actors will play Iris members and at-least one of them falls in love with Seung-Hee, but Seung-hee is loyal to Hun-joon and she is finding the secrete of Iris for NSS. So, I guess, next season will focus to NSS, IRIS system.

  805. 805 : elle Says:


  806. 806 : Wang Says:

    Welcome Iris #2 in year 2011 with LBH, KTH.
    Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee ! I like them.

  807. 807 : elle Says:

    IRIS 2 IS WORTH WAITING FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KIM TAE HEE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  808. 808 : BettyNa Says:

    I never see any good K-drama like IRIS. IRIS is really good. Is it sure that it will be Iris sequel in the next year? Wow, I am exciting. Who will play the role of Mr Black and the assassin who shot the hero? I believe main hero does not die yet. Experiencing the pain of what was happened to Hyun-Joon, Seung-Hee will change the character to be stronger, tougher in addition to the smart brain?

  809. 809 : Winniee Says:

    i don’t think sung hwa did badly. they all worked really hard to produce such good drama. and you LILLY, u shouldn’t complain so much. you’re a BIG fan of KTH, doesn’t mean that u can step on sung hwa’s fans. KTH and sung hwa have their own different styles and beauties. not worth for you ppl to quarrel over such thing. I’m neutral here. I think KTH and sung hwa both did great. and if anyone doesn’t like sung hwa’s acting skills, just keep quiet. everyone has different views.

  810. 810 : wang Says:

    Winniee= SHUT UP
    I am neutral here, not fan of anyone. Everybody has the right to speak. Why you can speak and other (Lilly) can not speak? why fan of sun-hwa can speak and fan of Seung Hee can not speak?

  811. 811 : BettyNa Says:

    Winniee, as you say, “everyone has different views”. So, you say your view and others say their view. You do not respect other views, while others have to respect your view. Your view is just yours, it is not the juctice. Before telling others to keep quiet, you have to control yourself first and keep quiet first.

  812. 812 : Lilly Says:

    @ Winniee. Create your own web site & set up your rule there, NOT HERE.
    Here, you are nothing, you do not have any right to tell me to keep silent.
    You say your opinion and I say mine. So yeon fan criticizes KTH first, and I do not think that unfair comparison is correct, so I have to say what I think. So yeon fan triggers the war first. My view is different and I still shout loud my opinion: Kim so yeon’s acting is BAD.
    Wait until so yeon proves her own acting by leading a drama herself to rating of 30% more, I will reconsider. Iris hits not due to so-yeon.

  813. 813 : Lilly Says:

    Winniee wrote “… if anyone doesn’t like sung hwa’s acting skills, just keep quiet…”
    Because you wrote that, I write this” if anyone doesn’t like Seung hee’s acting skills, just keep quiet…”

  814. 814 : hanna Says:

    IRIS……. K drama is the best……

  815. 815 : cel Says:

    This is a very good series, I admire the actors and actress, they are all good, the story is different too…perfect…

  816. 816 : elle Says:

    KIM TAE HEE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  817. 817 : Winniee Says:

    i agree with your last reply Lilly. not the others. n since u said it was so yeon’s fans who started the war first, n if its true, then im sorry that i misunderstood you. of cause i DO NOT want to start another war here. n to u too, you’re nothing too. =) im neither a great fans of KTH nor so yeon. but to me, they both did their best. the drama hits is not because of so-yeon but ALL OF THEM.

  818. 818 : Winniee Says:

    oh yea, i din mean to give u such wrongful treatment.

  819. 819 : Bunny Says:

    woah…..why am i feeling that people here are holding grudge againt kim so yeon? 🙁

  820. 820 : elle Says:

    KIM TAE HEE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  821. 821 : YellowRose Says:

    I want more action scenes and lovely scenes between KTH & LBH too. Action of LBH is good & Tae-Hee Kim is very beautiful, charming and suitable for her role. She successfully portrayed her character.

    @Lilly: when Winniee says “if anyone doesn’t like sung hwa’s acting skills, just keep quiet…” it means she is not neutral like what she claims. She is anti to KTH fans. So, you do not have to explain anything to her. She does not worth your explanation. Winnie’s English is too bad, so I do not understand many words she writes in message #818. Why winnie does not spend time to study English instead of chatting here for nothing.
    This stupid Winnie thinks she can stop others from speaking? Winnie is such a stupid person!

  822. 822 : sumaiya Says:

    T.O.P love him love his voice

    and I love lee byung hun also
    he was cool in G.I.JOE
    but it was so sad that he died in this movie

  823. 823 : Yatyo Says:

    I like LBH too. He is still alive and show up in IRIS#2 in 2011. More action please! More action please! I like KTH also. KTH fighting! fighting!

  824. 824 : IRIS!!! Says:

    IRIS is GOOD, the actors and the actress are GREAT but all the people here are INSANE!!!!

  825. 825 : Yatyo Says:

    To: # 824 IRIS nick May 22nd, 2010 at 5:38 pm:
    Nickname “iris” is INSANE. Crazy person always think other people in the world are insane.

  826. 826 : Yatyo Says:

    Nickname “iris” like only 1 actress, so this nick assumes people who like other actress are insane. This nick assumes anyone who has different view, taste is insane.
    The fact, this nick “iris” is crazy and hostile. This nick goes to hell.

  827. 827 : IRIS!!! Says:


  828. 828 : IRIS!!! Says:

    DEAR yatyo, u like english grammar so much go be english teacher la thank you very much

  829. 829 : Yatyo Says:

    Ofcourse, crazy nickname “iris” can not understand how crasy it is.
    Nickname “iris” goes to hell. It is the last time I waste time with this crazy nick. Next, I ignore as if this crazy nick does not exist. No time to deal with CRAZY shit “iris”.

  830. 830 : IRIS!!! Says:

    DEAR yatyo, ACTRESSES u happy now?CRAZY

  831. 831 : IRIS!!! Says:

    craSY and craZy also cant differentiate omg!

  832. 832 : Yatyo Says:

    Ofcourse, crazy nickname “iris” can not understand how crazy it is.
    Nickname “iris” goes to hell. It is the last time I waste time with this crazy nick. Next, I ignore as if this crazy nick does not exist. No time to deal with CRAZY shit “iris”.

  833. 833 : IRIS!!! Says:

    im sorry being so insane (spamming with u)

  834. 834 : Yatyo Says:

    Ofcourse, crazy nickname “iris” can not understand how crazy it is.
    Nickname “iris” goes to hell. It is the last time I waste time with this crazy nick. Next, I ignore as if this crazy nick does not exist. No time to deal with CRAZY shit “iris” nickname.

  835. 835 : IRIS!!! Says:

    IRIS is the best!!!!!!KTH LBH!

    Dear Yatyo,
    ur “last time” is so endless ^^

  836. 836 : atykah aura Says:

    i loooooooove IRIS! Thats all.. Love iris a lot!

  837. 837 : elle Says:

    IRIS ROCKS!!!!!!

  838. 838 : LiL Says:

    KSY N KTH both are PRETTY GALS!!!!!!!!!!

  839. 839 : YellowRose Says:

    When looking at the quick notes of Yatyo, it is easy to see that Yatyo makes typing error. When nickname “iris” writes: “can not distinguish crasy and crazy”, it shows that nickname “iris” is stupid and this nick does not know that there is no word of “crasy” in the English dictionary to distinguish. Nickname “iris” writes more, its stupid will show more clearly.

  840. 840 : YellowRose Says:

    No word of “crasy” in the English dictionary to differentiate.

  841. 841 : LiL Says:

    KTH and KSY both are PRETTY GALS!!!!!!

  842. 842 : uyenluong232 Says:

    i hope all actor& Actress of IRIS 1 will act in iris 2.IRIS 2 will explain that Huyn Hoon haven’t died.i hope so. I love iris

  843. 843 : sarah Says:

    Yuki is very adorable though she had only little portion in this drama.

  844. 844 : Anjunee Tandukar Says:

    everyone in iris is rocking

  845. 845 : elle Says:

    IRIS ROCKS!!!!!

  846. 846 : chaimoon Says:


  847. 847 : priscila Says:

    Oh yeah, Lilly!
    And u must be much prettier than Kim So Yeon, go to hell, jealous b…

  848. 848 : yurie Says:

    this drama is great .its about friendship and love.

  849. 849 : yurie Says:

    iris drama was shooted in hungary,japan, and korea. really nice.

  850. 850 : elle Says:

    IRIS THE BEST!!!!!!
    KIM TAE HEE AND LEE BYUNG HUN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  851. 851 : elle Says:


  852. 852 : elle Says:


  853. 853 : ykai Says:

    what a rating! :))

  854. 854 : chaos Says:

    IRIS has the best rating from the start to the end. . .and I bet IRIS season 2 in 2011 will maintain such a great rating if they will make the second season as good as the first. . .and will maintain the two lead characters rather than making LBH dead in the second season. . .it will be greatly anticipated by viewers. . .

    LOVE IRIS and willing to wait til 2011 for the real second season of it.

  855. 855 : Lilly Says:

    priscila is insane. Go to hell, priscila.

  856. 856 : sarah Says:

    i heard iris #2 is just a movie not a drama?? is it true??

  857. 857 : elle Says:

    FOREVER IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IRIS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FOREVER IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IRIS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FOREVER IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IRIS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FOREVER IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IRIS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FOREVER IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IRIS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FOREVER IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  858. 858 : elle Says:

    @ sarah:where did you hear that?

  859. 859 : elle Says:

    damn!!!!!CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  860. 860 : elle Says:


  861. 861 : sarah Says:

    my friend told me?if it’s a movie only, it is definitely not enough! TT

  862. 862 : Hayley Says:

    I LOVED THIS SHOW!! Well, I still love it, just that there aren’t any more episodes. The only thing that really made me mad was Sa Woo up to about the last few minutes of his life & he way it ended. WHO ENDS A SHOW LIKE THAT?!

    But did y’all say that there’s going to be a second season?!?!!

    What about Kim Hyun Joon?!

  863. 863 : elle Says:


  864. 864 : Toledox Says:

    Best drama! omg! fighting, fighting……… Hope IRIS sequel in 2011 will not repeat any old triangle & will not repeat old versions of other K-dramas such as memory lost, etc…. REPETITION CAUSES BORING.
    I expect new love triangles between Hun-joon -Seung-Hee – new male characters, and new plots, secretes of Iris system and many new action scenes between male actors. I like Oh-ji-ho will be one of some new characters, …… I expect NEW THING……… new thing…..omg!

  865. 865 : priscila Says:

    Lilly, u r a bitch insane. I just wrote my opinion saying that I think Kim So Yeon is better than Kim Tae Hee. I like Kim Tae Hee too, but you suck and said very bad things abouth KSY and in my opinon u must be a fat ugly frustraded and mean to say such things about people. As I told u before GO TO HELL ugly bitch!

  866. 866 : Lilly Says:

    priscila, u r a bitch insane. GO TO HELL ugly bitch priscila! u must be a fat, ugly, frustrated and stupid woman.

    U like KSY and you insult any person who gives KSY negative comment. You are crazy. KSY has poor acting, how can I say she is good?

  867. 867 : Love-Iris-Forever Says:

    Oh my golly !!!! Why this thread is getting nastier – I believe we are all consenting adults here – that listen to reasons and respect others with opposing views and opinions – It would be nice if we could do our interaction intelligently here, the same way it was done on the beginning part of this thread – Peace out everyone !!!

  868. 868 : elle Says:

    IRIS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  869. 869 : elle Says:


  870. 870 : elle Says:


  871. 871 : elle Says:


  872. 872 : elle Says:


    From the moment I saw you from the moment I looked into your eyes there was somethin about you I knew I knew that you were once in a lifetime a treasure near impossible to find and I know how lucky I am to have you
    Cause I’ve seen rainbows that can take your breath away The beauty of the standing sun on any given day and when it comes to shootin stars I have seen a few but I’ve never seen anythin as beautiful as you

    I can’t belive that I have you I can’t belive that your here in my arms I’ve been waitin a lifetime for you for you and I’ve dreamed about you, Pictured in my mind who I would see but I never imagined just how beautiful you would be

    Cause I’ve seen rainbows that can take your breath away, The beauty of the standing sun on any given day and when it comes to shootin stars I have seen a few but I’ve never seen anythin as beautiful as you

    lalalala, oohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’ve seen rainbows that can take your breath away (take your breath away)the beauty of the standing sun on any given day(ooohhhhh) and when it comes to shootin stars I have seen a few but I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as you (but I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as you)

    From the moment I saw you from the moment I looked into your eyes.

  873. 873 : elle Says:

    FOREVER IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IRIS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FOREVER IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IRIS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FOREVER IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IRIS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FOREVER IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  874. 874 : elle Says:

    kim tae hee..

    My life is brilliant.
    My love is pure.
    I saw an angel.
    Of that I’m sure.
    She smiled at me on the subway.
    She was with another man.
    But I won’t lose no sleep on that,
    ‘Cause I’ve got a plan.

    You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.
    You’re beautiful, it’s true.
    I saw you face in a crowded place,
    And I don’t know what to do,
    ‘Cause I’ll never be with you.

    Yeah, she caught my eye,
    As we walked on by.
    She could see from my face that I was,
    Fucking high,
    And I don’t think that I’ll see her again,
    But we shared a moment that will last till the end.

    You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.
    You’re beautiful, it’s true.
    I saw you face in a crowded place,
    And I don’t know what to do,
    ‘Cause I’ll never be with you.
    You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.
    You’re beautiful, it’s true.
    There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
    When she thought up that I should be with you.
    But it’s time to face the truth,
    I will never be with you.

  875. 875 : Wang Says:

    Trace back, priscila’s opinion is that KSY is better.
    Lilly’s opinion is that KSY is not good.
    priscila used word “bitch, go to hell” to insult Lilly who says KSY is not good. Then, Lilly returns Priscila’s impolite words to Priscila. Priscila insults lilly specifically first and make this place messy.

    @ priscila: This is the place for viewers to put comments. Viewers always have different opinions. It is bad when priscila insults viewers who have different taste, different view with priscila.

    Priscila, you have to study how to live in the world with many different views and control yourself.

    I am not a fan of anyone. My opinion is that Kim Tae-hee IS BETTER, prettier than KSY.
    You want to insult me too? I am here and I do not care.

  876. 876 : priscila Says:

    shut up Wang! If you didn´t read Lilly saying insults about a person, you´d better be quiet. Stop posing as a wise person, that of course u r not. I insulted her, because I gave my opinion and she insulted a person. So if u don´t know, stop saying bullshits!

  877. 877 : priscila Says:

    Lilly! Just be reasonable. I just said that I liked KSY more than KTH and what did you write? “KSY=ugly, old”. Now who began the insults?

  878. 878 : YellowRose Says:

    SHUT UP priscila, you must respect other opinions. You behave as under-educated, impolite person.

    I do not see any problem when Lilly wrote “KSY=ugly, old”. That is Lilly’s opinion about sun wa, not about you. When Lilly wrote that it did not mean Lilly insulted you or insulted sun wa. In your eyes sun wa is beautiful, but in other eyes sun wa is ugly. Billions of people, billions of the taste of the beauty.

    I do not dislike sun-wa. If you want to compare, I believe KIM TAE HEE IS BETTER than sun wa. KIM TAE HEE is more beautiful.

  879. 879 : YellowRose Says:

    I agree with Wang, I kick your words “bullshits” back to you, priscila.

    Priscila, you behave as if you are bullshit.

  880. 880 : Lilly Says:

    Priscila, you say your opinion “KSY is better” and I say my opinion “Kim soyeon is ugly, old”. That is my right as a viewer. I neither insult her nor insult you. You can’t accept anyone who says your sun wa is ugly, so you insult me first. As Wang said, to deal with you, there is no choice to return your word “bullshits” back to you. Priscila is the big BULLSHITS.
    Priscila is the big BULLSHITS.
    Priscila is the big BULLSHITS.
    Priscila is the big BULLSHITS.

    Wang, YellowRose, thanks for your supports.

  881. 881 : Wang Says:

    Shut up Priscila! I saw Lilly wrote that KSY is old, ugly in replying to what you wrote that KSY is better than KTH. In past interview, KSY said herself that she looked older than her age. As your tone, priscila, she insulted herself? In the eyes of man like me, she is not too ugly but she is not pretty. No one can stop me saying that. Viewers always say this actress is pretty and other actress is ugly. Nothing is wrong. Depends to the eyes of viewers. Searching Internet, you can see many disputes about the beauty of many different actresses including KSY. Come there and bark against thousands of viewers too. Head of priscila is filled with shits.

  882. 882 : IrisFans Says:

    Omg! moron priscila! Do you see beauty pageant? Girls in 2 pieces walk around for audiences, judges, reporters, … to see and give scores. Many receive bad comments and bad scores. Omg! As moron prinscila’s pitch of words, judges, newspapers, and audiences insult girls when giving her bad scores, bad comments?

    Omg! If girls do not want others to see & give comments about beauty, please do not participate beauty pageant. If girls do not want to receive comments about beauty, acting, so do not be an actress.

    The word “sun-wha is old, ugly” is nothing. No one calls the actress as the bitch right? Why you wrongly assume Lilly insults sun-wha & insult Lilly? Damn moron priscila!

    Omg! Moron is crazy & do not understand the words of human. Please do not waste time with moron priscila and affect other viewers post comments about drama. Omg! I like this drama very much. Aja! aja!

  883. 883 : btw Says:

    Not defending either Priscila or Lilly, why ugly is not an insult and bitch is?
    If I were a girl I would be equally sad if I were called ugly or bitch.

  884. 884 : IrisFans Says:

    Bitch: clearly insulting word.

    Do not twist issue.

    At beauty contest, people comment or newspaper post “this girl is old, ugly, or this form of body is ugly, etc…” that is popular, not an insult. Many journalists comment of beauty of actress, actor on newspaper, that is the everyday life.
    Some newspapers even point out the default of actress and post the photos of actress before & after cosmetic surgery. I do not like that, but that is the way newspapers are sold fast.

    If one say face to face to you that you are ugly, that is a big different. It depends to the tone. Do not feel hard if you are in fact too ugly & one does not lie to you & say the truth in constructive tone & suggest you to make up this way to hide your default. That one is good to you.

  885. 885 : Toledox Says:

    Omg! Fighting! Fighting more everybody! I join your side, Lilly! Just kidding!
    So-yun is not bad. Like it or not, I feel she tries her best.
    Omg! Priscila’s obscene words when she declares to insult Lilly and other guys irritate my eyes.
    If I say: KIM SO YUN IS UGLY too, Priscila , what do you do? Bark every day? Omg! Priscila , you deserve these “even shits of so yun is still good to you”.
    I post this because the hostile attitude of Priscila causes the chaos here, not because I hate so-yun. Omg! Fighting further! Fighting more!
    Omg! I should say “peace out everybody, calm down, hi…hi…”

  886. 886 : Toledox Says:

    IrisFans, where are you? I like your style & copy it, hi..hi… It seems that on the same time frame in the world.

  887. 887 : Toledox Says:

    Elle, I like Iris & KTH like you.
    Wang, Lilly, you are tough fighter.
    YellowRose sounds like the nick of a girl?
    Hayley, if Kim Hyun Joon, how they have Iris #2. Seung-Hee & Hyun Joon are there.
    Hello chaos
    Omg! I talk too much, weekend right?

  888. 888 : elle Says:


  889. 889 : elle Says:


  890. 890 : elle Says:

    grabeh mga tao dito…NAG-AAWAY ba naman…
    ang babaw….

  891. 891 : elle Says:


  892. 892 : elle Says:


  893. 893 : sarah Says:

    0.0 KSY’s fans support KSY. KTH’s fans support KTH. KSY’s fans stay calm, so as KTH’s fans!! both ladies r pretty, talented. if you guys really wanna talk about age, KTH is 30, KSY is also 30. LOL! both ladies r old.

    KTH’s birthdate :1980-Mar-29

    KSY’s birthdate : 1980-Nov-02

    hmm….what do u think?

  894. 894 : sarah Says:

    i think KTH’s beauty and KSY’s beauty r different. They have different styles. some ppl prefer KTH’s beauty, some prefers KSY’s beauty. That’s all.

  895. 895 : elle Says:

    IRIS GOGOGO!!!!!!!!!!!

  896. 896 : BigBoy Says:

    Ha…ha…”bitch” equals “ugly” ……? Priscila is not ugly, she is the pretty bitch, ha….ha….. btw, you are a girl. If I were a girl, I do not mind they call me ugly, but I will beat anybody who uses word “bitch” to call me. Ha…ha….. So funny!

    The youth is evaluated based on the birth date? Ha…ha…. You do not know KSY speaks herself that she looks older than her age? You do not know that stress, life style makes people look older than true age? Ha…ha….

    Listen, all citizens, new rule from bitch priscila. All of you must say KSY is better than KTH. All of you must say KSY is young, gorgeous naturally. Anyone who dares to say KIM SO YEON IS UGLY, bitch priscila will insult you. Bitch priscila is mad, you know! Ha..ha…..

    Review Iris again, I see KSY is good and KIM TAE HEE is HIGHER than her several classes, ha…ha……

  897. 897 : BigBoy Says:

    Love, happiness, relaxing, healthy lifestyle, all makes people looks younger than true age. Nowadays, many models and actresses are still very gorgeous at age of 30 & KTH is among them. She looks younger than her true age, of-course she looks mature than teen-age.

  898. 898 : sarah Says:

    anyway, KTH has her own unique beauty so as KSY. please guys. stop insulting each other. i guess people won’t wanna see this page is in a mess like this. Iris is such a good drama. so please stop polluting this page with all kinds of rude words.

  899. 899 : RaZe Says:

    n BigBoy, u kept using the word “bitch” then whats ur difference between u n priscila? u said if u were a girl, u’d beat anyone who calls u that. but now, u’re the one who used that on others. KTH is ABSOLUTELYgorgeous, i guess major people agree with that. but we have to accept the minorities’ taste. If KSY’s fans were to say KTH is ugly n old, I AM SURE I WILL BE TOTALLY MAD TOO. so imagine how mad is KSY’s fans when someone criticized KSY that badly.

  900. 900 : Lanew Says:

    Shut Up Raze, you do not have the rights to judge! who cares if u’re gonna be mad if people insulted KTH!!! BUAHAHA!!! This is FUNNY. SORRY Raze. I don’t have the intention to say that to you but that is the conclusion i got after reading the comments here from Lilly, Priscila, YellowRose, Wang and so on……..

    Ah well, Sarah, don’t waste your time here. You do not have the ability to be a peacemaker. elle too.

    Elle, ^^ there are always many 10000 times better sites for a great fans like you to support Iris and Kim Tae Hee. I envy you for your continuous support for KTH n IRIS!

    This is just a site for barbaric people to bitch and bullshit around. (but koreandrama.org is still BRILLIANT, except this Iris Page)

    you people make this page shitty Lilly, Priscila, YellowRose, Wang (there are still many of them but these are the main once) and so on……BUAHAHA! keep bitching n bullshitting around! so that one day, KTH or KSY real person will discover this (who knows???u know ACCIDENTALLY, this is a WORLDWIDE WEB!) and get to know their fans defending their own idols with such bitchy ways. WHAT a SHAME!

    Well, i think priscila does not have the intention to insult Lilly, just that she just dislike the way Lilly commented on KSY. i think priscila is neither KTH’s fans nor KSY’s. somehow priscila should not have insulted Lilly too. that is Lilly’s view. (the “bitch case” ya’know) but well, who cares????? I’m just here to bitch around too!buahaha! Isn’t this page is meant for people to bitch around????

    == End of my bitching here. I am quiting this Iris page. YellowRose or Lilly or Priscila or Wang or IrisFans or whatever so, you guys don’t have to ask me to f**k off if i dislike this page cuz’ Imma now right gonna f**k off!

  901. 901 : Danny Says:

    Oh, I see all this nasty things, and people who criticized priscila saying even nastier things. I agree with one thing: Lilly needs more support because she seems to have bellow average intelligence. She just keeps repeating what priscila says. Anyway, I love KTH and KSY.
    @IrisFans: Public people should be respected too. U say that writing KSY is ugly is nothing and priscila writing lilly is bitch is a big issue. Hahaha, that’s so dumb! Why do u think so many public people committed suicide in past years?

  902. 902 : IrisFans Says:

    Stupid Danny, you understand English? My words mean no one insults KSY by calling her as the bitch, so, no reason for Priscila to insult other people first. In #876, Priscila wrote “I insulted her …” and Priscila calls Lilly as the bitch.

    Omg! Danny & priscila are nicks of 1 person. To deal with you, I think the words they used are not nasty enough. Lilly did well when she passes words of priscila back to priscila.

    Omg! Stupid Danny, Priscila, why people committed suicide? Ask them why they do not see psychiatrist in time when they get problem. You must see psychiatrist too.

  903. 903 : BigBoy Says:

    Ha…ha…. I agree with Lanew that this page is worldwide. Many different types of people! Ha…ha …. to bad person like priscila, priscila’s nasty word is suitable to her. Ha…ha…. I’m nice with polite buddies only….ha…ha….

    RaZe, if KSY’s fans criticize KTH, I’ll defend for her if I have time. I’ll say my opinion, but no need to insult other fans. No one is flawless, same as KTH. But she improves time by time. No time, who cares what they say about actress, actor, ha…ha….. KTH has true ability, true beauty, she will still shine, I think so. Only not pretty person (who has no confidence about her beauty) worries other people say she is not pretty, not…… Ha…ha………….

    Lanew, you complain other fans make this page nasty, why you also say nasty words? Using nasty words is your basic instinct? Ha….ha….. I feel that when reading your writings….ha…ha…… Sorry, please don’t feel hurt when reading this. I do not intend to hurt you. Ha…ha…….

    If priscila, ect… stop insult other fans using nasty words, I think they will stop fight back. Ha…ha…..

  904. 904 : BigBoy Says:

    Danny, you wrote Lilly “have bellow average intelligence” & you misunderstood words of other fan. I’m not surprise when they call you “stupid”. Ha…ha……

    Both sides, PEACE!

  905. 905 : BigBoy Says:

    If no one stop, then “fight until death”, ha…ha…. Bye bye! I want to live, ha…ha….

  906. 906 : priscila Says:

    OMG. Sorry for all this mess I caused. I overreacted for being KSY fan. But I thought deeply and I would like to say sorry to Lilly now. Now I hope this page can have only positive words about Iris. SORRY EVERYBODY FAN OF KTH. But as I wrote before, I don’t hate her, I just said that I liked KSY more than KTH.

  907. 907 : Love-Iris-Forever Says:

    KUDOS to that – since it is getting ridiculous – I for one love to interact anything under the sun – but only on a positive way – not thrash – PEACE OUT EVERYONE

  908. 908 : Wang Says:

    PEACE! From now on, I hope this page can have only positive words about Iris too.

    Followings are some points I want to clarify with Lanew, not to fight anyone. After this note, I will not mention about this thing unless someone triggers it again.

    Lanew writes “i think priscila does not have the intention to insult Lilly” Please read #876, 877, priscila writes: “I insulted her”. It is clear that priscila did deliberately.

    Lanew writes “i think priscila is neither KTH’s fans nor KSY’s”.
    Priscila writes: #797 “Kim So Yeon is much more charming and talented than KTH. I am big fan of her.”

    Lanew writes: “defending their own idols with such bitchy ways. WHAT a SHAME”
    You misunderstand; I do not defend any idol. I think priscila has no reason to insult other fan.
    The fact, priscila use dirty word “bullshits” first in #876
    It is not the shame when I used dirty word that fits priscila because she insults other fan first. It is not the shame when I explain the issue.

    Lanew writes “you people make this page shitty”. But, Lanew, you write “to f**k off ……… gonna f**k off!” easily as your breath?

    The fact, beginning, priscila writes in #797 “Kim So Yeon is much more charming and talented than KTH.” Then Lilly wrote: “KSY=ugly, old” in reply.
    Beginning, priscila did not write “I liked KSY more than KTH.”
    Who cares who priscila likes? That is her right.

    Above is the explanation for Lanew only. Do not misunderstand I insult priscila now.

  909. 909 : elle Says:


  910. 910 : elle Says:


  911. 911 : elle Says:

    I LOVE IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  912. 912 : sarah Says:

    omigosh…….what a mess here………………………………………………………… Lanew, maybe what you said is true. but watch your language please. probably you’re not going to visit this page anymore. but like what you have said, who knows? no one is any better than Lanew, Lilly, Wang, Priscila and so on…….because most people here are using rude language.

  913. 913 : YellowRose Says:

    Rude languages are designed for “special” situations, “special” people, “special” questions. It is only a shame when using rude languages as a habit.

  914. 914 : YellowRose Says:

    No one touches Lanew. Lanew comes as a neutral & complains about dirty words, but look what Lanew writes: “you guys don’t have to ask me to f**k off if i dislike this page cuz’ Imma now right gonna f**k off!”
    Is it a habit of using dirty words?
    Or who insults Lanew & Lanew fights back who?
    Suggesting not using dirty words is not this way.

  915. 915 : Danny Says:

    Come on Irisfan. I’m not Priscila! But since you have raised this issue, then I think you and Lilly are 1 too. No more fight, please!

  916. 916 : sarah Says:

    When Lanew used rude languages, u all blame her. but what about urself? i’m not saying Lanew is correct, she was obviously being too rough and unreasonable. but please be rational. Rude languages are designed for special situation. This situation here now is SPECIAL enough. i guess after most Iris fans visit this page, they all got fed up and honestly, the way u guys quarrel is really irritating. This page has non-stop fighting. before blaming the others, please do think about urself too. Sarah is right, no one here is any better than Lanew, Lilly, Priscila, Wang, YellowRose and many more. and i agree with Wang, Peace from now on, no one shall raise this issue again. we hope this page has positive comments. either u like KTH or not, either u like KSY or not, well, hoping that there is no over-negative comments. even judges for beauty pageant did not say “hey miss, u r UGLY.” did they? i am not so sure. but i guess so.

    Peace. ^^ this is my first time putting a comment on Iris page and this will be the last one. peace peace peace!

  917. 917 : sarah Says:

    n sarah #912! XD I m sarah from malaysia! u?

  918. 918 : Lanew Says:

    It is true, I bitch that bitchy way is a shame but I bitch.
    I bitch of bullshit but I f**k as a bitch.

  919. 919 : elle Says:


  920. 920 : elle Says:




  921. 921 : elle Says:


  922. 922 : elle Says:

    sikat talaga ang Iris!!!!PINAG-AAWAYAN!!!HEHEHE

  923. 923 : Guest Says:

    Yeh! You call for peace, Sarah (916), why don’t you post message of IRIS for me to follow? You talk about the war, so I talk about it.

    Yeh! No negative comments, even with words like ugly, not good storyline. You must accept all Korean actresses are really “natural beautiful, flawless” & all K-dramas are “number #1” in the world and this place is the worship for them. If not, few fanatic fans will attack you.

    Yeh! I read (884, 882). I do not find “judge of beauty pageant says: hey miss, u r UGLY”. Sarah (916), you build up story or you misunderstand.

    Yeh! Why guys complain Lanew, she “quits” this place. She likes messy word & finds the place that is suitable with her.
    Yeh! This is special situation; it is ridiculous that who criticizes fans using rude language likes obscene word.

    Yeh! Sarah (916) says: “before blaming the others, please do think about yourself too”. Why Lanew does not think she likes messy word too much, how can she criticizes anyone?
    I think folks complain her because she is nothing better to complain.

    I post this because I see there are comprehensive and opening minds here & because I see and like IRIS. I wish this place is better for people who love Iris, but I doubt it.

    IRIS is real good. Anyway, to me, not all K-dramas, not all actresses, actors are perfect. Farewell! Comprehensive minds, when feeling boring with K-dramas, you can try other movies of other countries over the world.

  924. 924 : IrisFans Says:

    Danny, I wish I were Lilly. Kidding!

  925. 925 : elle Says:

    try lakorn..it’s good…

  926. 926 : Betty Says:

    I love IRIS, KTH, LBH so much but few frantic fans make me startle.

    Forbid writing word “ugly”? rule of whom? Where r u? No one can stop all worldwide magazines, journalists, and tabloids, audiences writing word “ugly”.

    Right, I see few frantic fans reason that writing word “ugly” is the severe insult to actress. Thus, no amazement when one day u hear they reason that posting “UGLY Betty” is the insult to Betty, to anyone who named Betty and to actress who plays the role of Betty. Ho…ho…

    Please, do not see series “UGLY betty”, if not, one day, u, frantic fans reason anyone who named Betty commits suicide due to being called “UGLY Betty”. Ho…ho… so frantic!

    Word “ugly” is being insulted as words “immoral woman”? Come on, could I write u r immoral, gorgeous woman?

    Right, people including public people should be respected. It is better to write “not pretty”. But writing “actress=ugly” is not the big thing in short sentence of only 3 words.

    I do not write anything about IRIS & casts due to who knows what few frantic fans will distort my opinion to.

    Runaway! Ho…ho..ho… u can’t catch me now.

  927. 927 : HotKiss Says:

    All fans of Iris, please BE NICE! Don’t you see Danny ask “Why do u think so many public people committed suicide in past years?”

    Assuming all actors, actresses are Gods and Goddess. Please, don’t touch them even with small words. Please, don’t try any comparison between them, because even a small word can start the battle, because people always have different opinions, different tastes.

    I start first; ALL CASTS of IRIS is PERFECT. Casts had put in their best.

    All is happy? My God!

    @ Danny, I disagree with your note to IrisFans, anyway, let it goes.

  928. 928 : HotKiss Says:

    Betty, no one can forbid but ….. I love everybody be nice! My sister likes series “UGLY Betty”. It is good, I recommend it.

  929. 929 : UGLYbetty Says:

    owh owh…..ugly betty is good ^^ i agree with you!!!

    All the actors and actresses in Iris have their own uniques!!

  930. 930 : elle Says:

    beep beep..

  931. 931 : Man Says:

    Lilly, next time, IF someone says so-yun is more beautiful, more talent than your idol, please respond that so-yun is NOT pretty as, NOT talent as KTH instead of responding that so-yun is ugly. If someone insults u, of-course, u fight back. If they say actors, actresses in Iris have their own unique! I agree.

  932. 932 : elle Says:

    good day to all of you!!! and chillax!!!!

  933. 933 : elle Says:

    quote of the day ”NOBODY’S PERFECT”

  934. 934 : sarah Says:

    cheer Man #931! i agree with you!! =)

  935. 935 : HotKiss Says:

    Not happy with ‘perfect’, so I withdraw it.

    Combine: NOBODY is PERFECT. Actors, actresses have their own unique. Finally, if body compares so yeon is more beautiful, more…..than….; it is better to reply so yeon is NOT pretty, NOT talent AS Tae-Hee than replying so yeon is ugly. You did well!

  936. 936 : elle Says:


  937. 937 : Man Says:

    cheers! HotKiss, well done! Wow! New extended ending of Iris Movie at Cannes International Film Festival. Wow, huge success of Iris concert in Japan! Many thousands of fans!

  938. 938 : elle Says:

    good mornin’ folks!!!have a nice day:-)

  939. 939 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i think i’m gonna watch this… 🙂

  940. 940 : mangme Says:

    ako ang huling mag popost d2 closed na ang thread

    ganda ng IRIS the best 10x watching!

  941. 941 : elle Says:

    @mangme sana ipalabas dito sa pinas….

  942. 942 : berryLoveBerries Says:

    well, PERSONALLY, i think KSY’s cast in Iris looks more meaningful than KTH’s cast because Kim Sun Hwa really strive really hard to survive. and in the end, Kim Sun Hwa accepted the truth that the only woman that Kim Hyun Joon likes is Choi Seung Hee. M not saying KTH’s cast has no meaning but just slightly lesser than KSY’s cast tho KTH is the main actress in Iris. but yea, OBVIOUSLY, KTH is so much prettier than KSY. hahahaha.

    *don’t shoot me don’t shoot me, just my opinion n sorry for my bad english ^^

  943. 943 : berryLoveBerries Says:

    n yea!! i have to say something for KSY too coz i like KSY as much as i like KTH!!

  944. 944 : For-the-Love-of-IRIS Says:

    More meaningful? Are you sure it’s Iris you had watched? I just wonder

  945. 945 : elle Says:

    may giyera na nman yata….

  946. 946 : elle Says:


  947. 947 : berryLoveBerries Says:

    yes it is! its Iris that ive watched. n i insist that its my PERSONAL OPINION in my previous comment!!

  948. 948 : ardhan Says:

    love this so much,,,

  949. 949 : elle Says:


  950. 950 : elle Says:


  951. 951 : lita Says:

    i dont like the ending,….not happy ending

  952. 952 : nining Says:

    wanna watch it..

  953. 953 : Prince Says:

    Iris is GREAT & all team (casts, directors, writer, etc…), all contribute their parts to create such a great drama.

    Personal opinion of “KSY’s cast looks more meaningful” is the shallow opinion.

    Character “Sun Hwa”: the killer who fails to kill the male leading role. She is the 3rd person who uses dirty maneuvers to steal the heart of male leading character, but she FAILS. So, she has no choice but to accept that Hyun Joon only loves Seung Hee. Her positive point is she is loyal to Hyun Joon.

    Character Sa-woo: He loves Seung Hee. His love to Seung Hee has no condition. But, he has to hide his love. He struggles between friendship & love. For some reasons, he points his gun to his best friend & his conscience struggles a lot. Regardless he tries his best, he fails to steal the heart of female leading character. Later, the blame from Seung Hee, the advice from Hyun Joon, the death & pain of hostages, all wake up the conscience of Sa-woo. Finally, his friendship & the good part inside him win. He accepts that Seung Hee only loves Hyun Joon & they are his good friends. He joins Hyun Joon & shoots against terrorist, but unfortunately, he dies.

    Thus, opinion “KSY’s cast looks more meaningful” is WRONG. Role of Sun-wa has its own impact in drama, but NOT more meaningful than other roles. If u want to compare, Sa-woo role is more meaningful than Sun-wa.

    Words “leading roles” say for themselves, they are leaders. It means they have more impact to the drama than other roles (that are not leading).
    Hyun Joon, Seung Hee are leading roles.

    Like Sun-wa? Just say so, why u love to compare?

    The behavior of the not low-level person is to try to compare with the higher-level person to get attention.

    Why do not pay attention to support the drama (buy DVD, etc… ) instead of useless, shallow comparison?

  954. 954 : Prince Says:

    Correct mistake in prior note:

    The behavior of the LOW-LEVEL person is to try to compare with the higher-level person to get attention.

  955. 955 : mel Says:

    woow… the rating is great.. i want to watch it..

  956. 956 : TaTa Says:

    Nice drama, nice casts. I love it.

  957. 957 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  958. 958 : elle Says:


  959. 959 : Lollita Says:

    Person like “prince” is like purposely wanna find some “business” to do. what r your rights to criticize people’s opinion. i dont think “berryloveberries” is wrong. she insisted that its her personal opinion. she did not ask any of you to actually agree with her. dude. instead of writing such long comment to criticize her, its better that u write, “i totally disagree with you berryloveberries”. this sounds so much better n well, u r doing comparisons too dude. LMAO. u do not respect ppl’s view at all. think wisely.

    i, too, disagree with “sun wa’s role is more meaningful” statement too. but well, thats her OWN opinion.

  960. 960 : QQ Says:

    actually that is a good drama…
    I like it,,
    but the ending make me so angry…

  961. 961 : Prince Says:

    Lollita, do u understand English? Read carefully before u talk. I do not criticize, I say in general (not specify name of berryloveberries) that personal opinion of “sun wa’s role is more meaningful” is WRONG. I put the info. to support the opinion that “sun wa’s role is NOT more meaningful than other roles”. That is an opinion. I did not write the comparison. I wrote: “IF u want to compare, Sa-woo role is more meaningful than Sun-wa”, that is the way of response to other opinion.

    Berryloveberries wrote her opinion, I wrote mine.
    It is not the issue who do not respect opinion of who.

    If u feel yourself that my opinion is the criticism, it is your own feeling, keep it for yourself due to your mind is not normal.

    Lollita, you DO NOT have any right to tell me not to say this, not to write that. U r nothing.

    I would like to be polite but Lollita’s note shows that Lollita is not polite. So, my words above is only for Lollita.

  962. 962 : Prince Says:

    The behavior of the LOW-LEVEL person is to try to compare with the higher-level person to get attention.

    It means that the behavior of person who try to start the comparison.

  963. 963 : Prince Says:

    In general, not specify who:
    The behavior of the LOW-LEVEL person is to try to compare with the higher-level person to get attention.

    It means that the behavior of person who try to start the comparison.

    Read my notes carefully, do not put words to my mouth or twist my words.

  964. 964 : BigBoy Says:

    @Lollita, u ask someone “what r your rights to criticize people’s opinion”
    Ask yourself that question. U call nickname specifically & “criticize”. (As your way of thinking & your words)
    No one calls nick berryloveberries specifically. You put nickname berryloveberries yourself, dude.

    U say: “I don’t think berryloveberries is wrong, she insisted that it’s her personal opinion.”
    No one says that nick is wrong. You imagine yourself. In this web, all know all are personal opinions.

    Words:{ Opinion of “sun wa’s role is more meaningful” is WRONG”}
    It equals: Opinion ………..is wrong. It displays the disagreement to that opinion. It is just the different way of writing.

    U say “prince is like purposely wanna find some business to do”. U too.

  965. 965 : BigBoy Says:


    U say: i, too, disagree with “sun wa’s role is more meaningful” statement too

    Is it similar to: disagree with “sun wa’s role is more meaningful” opinion?

    Come one, u count word by word, but in this case, 2 above sentences have the same meaning.

  966. 966 : elle Says:

    haist…my nagsisimula na naman yata ng giyera!!!hehe

  967. 967 : elle Says:


  968. 968 : Daky Says:

    ” MOEWNING, ……mowning,….my nagsisimula na naman yata ng giyer,……may giyera na nman yata…. ” what kind of language? speak for yourself, have it for yourself, …he…he…
    It seems that some don’t discuss about Iris.
    My part, I’m not impressed of north female spy.
    I like Iris because of storyline & hot actor with nice body & beautiful psychological analyst.

  969. 969 : Daky Says:

    945, 946, 967, 968….may giyera na nman yata….mowning….

  970. 970 : elle Says:

    @Daky..di na maawat ang IRIS!!!pinag-aawayan na talaga…hehehe

  971. 971 : TRangNhung Says:

    I’m hooked & will finish it soon. I’m above the half way.
    Iris is the best! story is interesting! all casts did well!
    Thich qua xa!

  972. 972 : wilma Says:

    Interesting story not the typical ending you’ll ever imagine…..although the ending precedes sadness unexpectedly it still came out tastefull and it keeps you thinking why does the story has to end that way….but always remember guys thats the strategy of most series… they play your minds and give you the chance to think?…..
    power house cast….superb actors and actresses….obviously its a costly series…..so job well done…..

  973. 973 : elle Says:


  974. 974 : Darlon Says:

    It does not end yet due to Iris #2 in 2011 is coming.
    Most expensive drama in 2009 belongs to Queen seon duk or Iris, which one? But, I’m sure I like IRIS the most.
    Compare to the cost of filming in foreign countries, the salary of stars is just a small fraction. Limit scenes, personnel, time of filming abroad will reduce the cost of production remarkably. They can build up scenes as if they film abroad. Anyway, that is the matter of Director, producers, not viewers.
    A glance at other K-dramas (Man called God, other…) that have few scenes abroad & the cost goes up remarkably but dramas do not hit. Iris is costly but it hits.
    Spy drama that films domestically still attracts domestic viewers???
    The only thing I know is I’m the first who run away if there is no attractive storyline, no good director, no famous stars, no beautiful ladies, …ha…ha….

  975. 975 : elle Says:


  976. 976 : Abdi Says:

    IRIS rocks. IRIS is number #1

  977. 977 : taeki Says:

    weeh!! can’t wait to Watch the Iris 2!!! the real iRis 2 . . . .OMG

  978. 978 : iris Says:

    Iris was really great and i love the cinematography of the series. A full packed action and romance drama that tickles every vein of the brain. I Love it so much and my name is also IRIS.haha

  979. 979 : chaos Says:

    IRIS Season is worth the wait despite that it will air yet until next year as long as my favorite artists are still in part of the Season 2. . .

  980. 980 : MHY Says:

    the poster of Iris#2 is out, well, O__O to be honest, i like iris #1 so much better .

  981. 981 : elle Says:


  982. 982 : jam Says:

    is there will be part two of IRIS?

  983. 983 : nmcrow Says:

    Yes, there will be IRIS2, but it’s a different name (Athena:Goddess of War). The show is plan to start playing around Nov 2010, but cast is totally different from previous.

    Main cast including, Jung Woo Sung and Cha Seung Won..

    Can go this link to check out the latest poster, found from a Chinese website :p http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=820832490

  984. 984 : WAVE Says:

    no offence, but dont think iris#2 gonna be as good as iris#1..

  985. 985 : WAVE Says:

    but well, we won’t know till its out =) still,all the best to iris#2!!!

  986. 986 : chaos Says:

    hey!everyone. . .just want to inform you guys that Athena is not the Real IRIS season 2. . .IRIS season 2 would air in 2011. . .Athena’s story has nothing to do with IRIS Season 1. . . so we still have to wait ’til 2011 for the IRIS season 2. . .it is also said that IRIS season 2 will have the same cast and will be added new other cast. . .but in season 2 we won’t be sure if LBH would be alive or dead. . . but still he is part of season 2 cast. . .and also news said that in season 2 most of our questions would be answered. . .and KTH will still be part of it. . .

  987. 987 : chaos Says:

    IRIS 2 will start the story around three years in the future after an incident of Hyun Joon (played by Lee Byung Hun) was shot by unidentified sniper. This sequel will once step further in the confrontation with the terrorist organization named IRIS. The questions are about the survival of Hyun Joon whether he is still alive or not, the mystery about the sniper identity, and also the people behind this terrorist organization, etc likely to be resolved in this sequel.

  988. 988 : elle Says:


  989. 989 : elle Says:


  990. 990 : elle Says:

    🙂 🙂

  991. 991 : therese Says:


  992. 992 : elle Says:

    2011!!!IRIS 2!!!!

  993. 993 : chaos Says:

    GO IRIS 2 ON 2011!!!!!!!!!!

  994. 994 : chaos Says:


  995. 995 : chaos Says:

    GO KIM TAE HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO IRIS SEASON 2 ON 2011!!!!!!
    GO LEE BYUNG HUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  996. 996 : heiyu Says:

    if only this character vick is still alive and confront with choi si won on the sequel :p~

  997. 997 : Nick Says:

    XOXO exactly!!i was thinking the same thing too!! LOL!

  998. 998 : Grace Says:

    Iris is a completely different drama, it is amazing. Action packed, romantic, emotional.. really good =)

  999. 999 : elle Says:

    WOOOOT WOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KTH AND LBH FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1000. 1000 : elle Says:


  1001. 1001 : elle Says:


  1002. 1002 : Poohs Says:

    what is the ending of this show?

  1003. 1003 : lou8 Says:

    the ending of the drama is only kim tae hee is alive………………………..

  1004. 1004 : Mikas Says:

    The ending? stay tune, the answer will be 2011. Hun-Joon is still alive? why not because LBH is the leading role in 2011.

  1005. 1005 : korean drama lover Says:

    this drama is being made into a comic novel \^^/


  1006. 1006 : Hyungjung Says:

    Very fantastic,…..iris2 i will waiting.

  1007. 1007 : elle Says:


  1008. 1008 : Ananda Margaux Says:


  1009. 1009 : Ananda Margaux Says:


  1010. 1010 : Ananda Margaux Says:


  1011. 1011 : elle Says:


  1012. 1012 : elle Says:


  1013. 1013 : Eagitha Says:

    Who killed Lee then? I finished the series but got confused on the last part… Was he killed by Kim tae hee?

  1014. 1014 : Eagitha Says:

    @ Mike – How did you know that he will still be the lead in 2011? Hope hes not dead yet.. but it was clear 🙁

  1015. 1015 : elle Says:

    2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011———–IRIS 2!!!

  1016. 1016 : Ananda Margaux Says:


  1017. 1017 : elle Says:


  1018. 1018 : Jacque Says:

    i haven’t watched ds drama yet!

    i can’t believe all there rating were rank 1st!..

    wanna watched ds soon

  1019. 1019 : elle Says:

    @jacque..watch it..it’s highly recommended:-)

  1020. 1020 : saraya Says:

    i’ve heard a lot about this drama,but i’m still hesitating to watch it !!!
    what do you think,is it worth watching?
    do you recommend it to me??

  1021. 1021 : elle Says:

    @saraya..yeah it’s worth watching:-)watch it….

  1022. 1022 : saraya Says:

    thx elle
    gonna start watching right away ^_^

  1023. 1023 : elle Says:

    @saraya..finally!!!gogogogogo!!!!!watch it:-)

  1024. 1024 : davnie Says:

    Just finish watching Iris and I’m broken hearted coz Hyun Joon is dead! :'( Hiks… Love the story, love the cast, love the action, love the drama, love all about it! Two thumbs up! Very recommended! For those who haven’t watch it yet, go get ’em!! 😉

  1025. 1025 : mandy Says:

    a good copy of prison break 😉

  1026. 1026 : Gony Says:

    prison break & Iris has different content, how can Iris a copy? ridiculous!
    Both r great drama. I ‘m hooked! Good casts!

  1027. 1027 : elle Says:

    a good copy daw ng prison break…pano nangyari un???duh…:-)

  1028. 1028 : mandy Says:

    if you think you can find many similarities between iris and prison break. like brotherlike Relationships. or nuclear bomb. a lover. a underground system.kidnaping. even death at the end……many many similarities .

  1029. 1029 : elle Says:

    weh…di nga…

  1030. 1030 : whywhy Says:

    Excellent drama! Anyway, the cost of production is high! If the whole team has the reduction of the salary, we will have Iris #2 to see, hi…hi….

    @mandy: u say about prison break (very old American series) or what? prison break (very old American series) is absolutely not similar with Iris. Please say it clear what is prison break? made by who? where? where I can find it? year it is produced? so I can see it & verify what u say is correct or not. U say IF…IF… The truth is yes or no when comparing both series. Where, when, how u see prison break? If u can not say it clear, it is your build up story.

  1031. 1031 : whywhy Says:

    @mandy, do not give me the link of prison break with virus to hack computer.

  1032. 1032 : mandy Says:

    whywhy. i am sorry granny. i didn’t know that (2005-2009) series are very old American series.of course you can go to this very famous site


  1033. 1033 : whywhy Says:

    Did u see it or u just heard about it? U saw it in English or subtitle of your language? I saw this series already in English (I live in North America). It is really good. But, as one person said already, it is NOT similar with Iris. 2 different series are all good. Anyway, I always prefer series with beautiful girls. I like Iris #2 will have the same casts, esp. Kim Tae Hee. Bye.

  1034. 1034 : whywhy Says:

    My niece mandy, it is true, your granny is really old, ha…ha…

  1035. 1035 : whywhy Says:

    just kidding after a boring day! BYE BYE! ha…ha….

  1036. 1036 : wilma Says:

    oh so it was based on ‘shiri’……
    it was expensive really….but i think not only to date i think in the history of korean series it is the most expensive so to speak…..
    but it was all worthy see those ratings consistent on the number 1 spot…..
    But guys this is really a world class series really…it may be comparable to those said american series….or whatever but hey….excellent….bravo….perfect action pack…..aja aja fighting c:

  1037. 1037 : elle Says:


  1038. 1038 : Gulzhanat Says:

    this si the best korean dorama!

  1039. 1039 : Gulzhanat Says:

    this is the best korean dorama!

  1040. 1040 : Inzhu Says:

    I am Inzhu from Kazakhstan!I am very like korean doramas Iris is the Best!!!

  1041. 1041 : elle Says:


  1042. 1042 : John Says:

    Hmuhnawm lutuk!! an chhelo hlwm si, hmeltha bawk si… En ve rawh u lemmmm

  1043. 1043 : elle Says:

    han ko maawatan ni john…wahaha

  1044. 1044 : elle Says:


  1045. 1045 : April Says:

    Fantastic drama show! so breath taking. awesome and worth the time watching.

  1046. 1046 : elle Says:

    ………….two thumbs up…………..

  1047. 1047 : daone Says:

    I Cant wait IRIS SEASON 2. Poor Lee Byung Hun was not in this drama season 2.

    big fan of korean drama

  1048. 1048 : elle Says:

    a a a a a a…..

  1049. 1049 : Italino Says:

    Interesting drama! thumbs up! will see Iris #2 if casts are there except Seung Woo. I like producer replace Kim Seung Woo by other hot actor such as Oh ji ho.

  1050. 1050 : khanh Says:

    This movie was pretty thorough, but investors still suffer from a bug: in Volume 4 was shot at Lee Byung Hun is clearly shot from behind but at pick up pick up ammunition from the front and back injuries seem to be front shot from the right than if shot from behind through the front, there is no bullet inside

  1051. 1051 : Jack Says:

    excellent drama right from the start …… he was short “from behind or from the right” is not important……. to me, it is important that he is still alive & still leads Iris #2 & still love Seung Hee…….

  1052. 1052 : Blue Says:

    THis drama rating is sooo high!!!!!!!!! can’t believe it and can’t believe it cost as much as 20 million dollars.. it’s rating is higher than the drama QUeen Seon deok.. unbelievable..

  1053. 1053 : Fonje Says:

    It’s really good! yummy! yummy! I’m hooked from episode #1 . No surprise its ratings r high. If KBS do not cut kissing scenes, bed scenes, the ratings would be higher. Many saw it at channel ocn with extended version of kissing scenes, bed scenes……

  1054. 1054 : elle Says:

    IRIS NO.1 NO.1 NO.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1055. 1055 : Mihad Says:

    perfect! Iris is the phenomenon!

  1056. 1056 : elle Says:

    IRIS!!!YOU ROCK!!!!

  1057. 1057 : Hamid Says:

    I’m from Iran
    This series/IRIS was really beautiful

  1058. 1058 : elle Says:


  1059. 1059 : ShoutOut-USA Says:

    PVL and Suerainy…where art thou? What are you all watching and commenting on now?

  1060. 1060 : elle Says:

    iris pa rin ang no. 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1061. 1061 : elle Says:


  1062. 1062 : ianed Says:

    elle is so crazy…
    always commenting on iris..

  1063. 1063 : ianed Says:


  1064. 1064 : ianed Says:


  1065. 1065 : BiBi Says:

    Like other viewers, like “Elle”, I love Iris & its casts too much, esp. KTH.
    I saw it 3 times before it was aired in my country.

  1066. 1066 : kyonen Says:

    can any body tell me what happened in the last scene not clear damn!

  1067. 1067 : spoiler Says:

    Hero was shot. Who is the sniper? please see movie to get the answer. Hero has injury or die?, please see Iris #2 in 2011 . How hero’s fiancé Seung-Hee does for the revenge, please see Iris #2….ha…ha…..

  1068. 1068 : Feruza Says:

    Iris very very good korean film

  1069. 1069 : Feruza Says:

    Korean drama Iris very very good. I love Iris.

  1070. 1070 : Feruza Says:

    Iris the Best.

  1071. 1071 : elle Says:

    gaga ni ianed…wahahaha…panget!!!hehehehe
    anime whehehehe

  1072. 1072 : KDrama LOver Says:


    I’m really hurry to watch this sequal (ATHENA)

  1073. 1073 : Jwave Says:

    Unfortunately, Athena is the different drama, different content, not IRIS’s sequel. Say differently, Athena is the spin-off only. Real sequel is in 2011.

  1074. 1074 : elle Says:

    iris pa rin!!!!astig!!!

  1075. 1075 : Sonary Says:

    Iris # 1 is yummy. Iris 2 is in 2011 as u said? LBH still leads Iris 2???
    KTH still leads Iris 2 ??? other stars if any ??? Oh-Ji-Ho will join Iris 2 ??? I like Oh-Ji Ho to be Iris member & falls in love with Seung-Hee. TOP is still alive? who is Iris leader? Iris will be destroyed?

  1076. 1076 : KungFu Says:

    Iris is really good but the ending hangs me in there. I’m waiting for Iris’ sequel with same leading casts. I can not imagine Iris’ sequel without connection to the final scene of Iris.

  1077. 1077 : Lano Says:

    Simply, i like Iris & will see its sequel in 2011 as some said.

  1078. 1078 : elle Says:


  1079. 1079 : Nick Says:

    argh~~~!!!!!!!cant wait to watch iris 2!!!!!

  1080. 1080 : princes Says:

    I don’t like this drama ending couse my prince dead..lee byung hun..I love you so much..

  1081. 1081 : Rein Says:

    I don’t too like this drama.
    But I love TOP here..:))

  1082. 1082 : elle Says:

    IRIS PA RIN!!!!!NO.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1083. 1083 : Jimmy Says:

    Iris is good & I wait for real Iris 2

  1084. 1084 : elle Says:

    suuuuuuuuuupppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr duuuuuuuuuuppppppppeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr LIKE!!!!!!!

  1085. 1085 : elle Says:

    GO IRIS!!!!!!!!!

  1086. 1086 : tricky Says:

    top died =( so yun so pitiful =( seung hee was left alone =(

  1087. 1087 : Emilyn Says:

    If Hero die, if Seung hee was left alone, so new heros will appear & fall in love with Seung hee. Does Seung hee accept new love? i doubt it. What does Seung hee do to find secrets of Iris & destroy it? Who shot Hero & who leads Iris & its members? ….wow…..seems exciting for Iris 2…… then if Hero recovers from severe head injury, what will happen?…….if Top does not die & revenge?……wow……can’t imagine…. so exciting……

  1088. 1088 : elle Says:

    let us wait for the real Iris 2!!!!!can’t wait!!!

  1089. 1089 : elle Says:


  1090. 1090 : Danang bomantara Says:

    Top bgt . . . Serial drama action terbaik ya pernak gue liat. Cek ki dot di blog saya. Thanks

  1091. 1091 : desiku jakarta Indonesia Says:

    what the hell drama… stupid, i don’t like

  1092. 1092 : desiku jakarta Indonesia Says:

    why this drama get much rating… what wrong with korea drama… story and the actors not good acting… i know them, but still they acting not natural

  1093. 1093 : desiku jakarta Indonesia Says:

    you to all lee byun hee

  1094. 1094 : stupiddesikujakarta Says:

    What the hell stupid desiku jakarta. U r so stupid to understand drama, so stop saying stupid thing. All actors act well & naturally.

  1095. 1095 : oelpal Says:

    I like Iris. It has sophisticate storyline. How can anyone say it’s a stupid drama? nick desiku jakarta Indonesia is stupid.

  1096. 1096 : nyah~ Says:

    nick desikujakartaIndonesia obviously intends to start a war here. =( lets just ignore him/her. its just his/her personal opinion.


  1097. 1097 : ioana Says:

    there is more actoin then James Bond 007…i really enjoy it,exept the last 2 min ,and the hallelujiah song is the best…congratulation from Romania!!!

  1098. 1098 : elle Says:

    wooooooooooooooot wooooooooooooooooooot IRIS!!!!!

  1099. 1099 : Mari Says:

    I like this drama. It’s rare for korean drama with this genre so much action and great techno. But I don’t like the ending and the main couple so I’m glad that there’s just few romance here. I’m waiting for IRIS 2

  1100. 1100 : sarah Says:

    juz watch this drama..really enjoy the drama..luv hyun hun & seung hee..all the cast acts so well..good job!!

  1101. 1101 : Fondaly Says:

    I love Iris & love the main leading couple Hun-joon & Seung-Hee. The storyline is good & the ending is suspending & I’m hooked & I’m waiting for Iris 2.
    I love action with romance of main couple.
    “Gone with the wind” is very popular & famous with war, action, romance. Iris is similar, action, comedy, romance, etc… make it become very popular. Somehow, leading couple in Iris like main couple Red Butler & Scarlet in “Gone with the wind” (the scene he kisses her & get the slap on the face) at the point that leading couple make drama/movie become more interesting than itself alone.
    I believe romance of main couple Hun-joon & Seung-Hee make Iris become super hot. In addition, exciting action, mysteries, plot, music, good directing, ….. all create perfect drama Iris.
    Anyway, I do not like other actors, actress.

  1102. 1102 : MaerchenFreunde Says:

    I like Iris & want its real sequel has more scenes of like real breathtaking actions, has the exciting & unexpected undercover and plots, has the extremely hot romance and has many secrets unveiled.

    I wish the storyline is very good & logic & the director is talent. I hope for the good special effects, good music sound track.
    I like the story focus to secrets of Iris, worldwide relationship of Iris & how NSS discovers & destroys Iris and the fate, destiny of Iris members, NSS members.

    Please reduce the scenes of North Korea’s agents because their part is a small accessory.

  1103. 1103 : elle Says:

    hip hip hoooorayyy IRIS!!!!

  1104. 1104 : elle Says:

    seung hee and hyun joon rocks!!!!

  1105. 1105 : elle Says:


  1106. 1106 : modik Says:

    yeah! Iris rocks! I like it, like main couple & want to see its sequel.

  1107. 1107 : aqrifa Says:

    i can’t believe that hero dies at the end… ermm…anyway… nice drama…should i wait for IRIS 2?…..

  1108. 1108 : elle Says:

    @aqrifa hallyu:-) yeah you must really wait for the real Iris 2!!
    @modik:-) you can watch the trailer of “athena the sequel” at hancinema
    I’m not impressed with that trailer though let’s see

  1109. 1109 : Cpeoa Says:

    yeah…Iris is the best, hope its real sequel in 2011 is also the best.

    About its spin off athena….hm…wait and see…..

  1110. 1110 : Cpeoa Says:

    ….hm…. I’m not impressed with athena’s trailer too …hm….no beauty in athena trailer at all……hm…….athena’s actors….hm….not impressed too…..hm…..hm….

  1111. 1111 : elle Says:

    @Cpeoa..yeah I agree with you,there’s no chemistry at all between soo ae and Jeong Woo-seong :-)no offense to the fans of the said actors:-)peace

  1112. 1112 : RainRain Says:

    I really love Iris & its casts. It’s really a great drama & everything is exciting right from the start. I also want to see Iris’ real sequel.

    After seeing trailers of Fugitive (plan B) with Rain, Lee Na young & Athena, I guess Fugitive is better than Athena. So far, at-least Daniel Henney is more handsome & it seems that he acts better than Jeong Woo-seong & Lee Na young is prettier than su-ae. Synopsis of Fugitive sounds interesting than athena? hi…hi…like u said, wait and see…. which one is better…. ?

  1113. 1113 : chocolate Says:

    Unbelievable! This Korean drama is too exciting, too hot! I will see its sequel if any.

  1114. 1114 : Chichihoa Says:

    ah…very good drama…. THUMBS UP !

  1115. 1115 : ragnarok17 Says:

    AWESOME Hyung Lee Byung Hun!!! sARANGHAE kIM Tae Hee!!!

    IHATE the ending though. I hate story ending like this, there should be a sequel, new twist. Should be happy ending. Nyehehehehe

  1116. 1116 : CandyKiss Says:

    yeah! there should be a sequel, should be happy ending, should be Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee in its true sequel.
    I want to know what happens to Baek San, Iris system & what Seung-Hee does to find Iris’ secrets, …hi…hi……. Top is still alive? I want famous actors to be Iris’ members,…hi…hi…. I want exciting actions alternative between super-hot romance. I want good story & good director. Yeah, I am very picky & pick the best,hi…hi….

  1117. 1117 : walso Says:

    This is a good drama. When can I expect to see its sequel? Is Kim Tae Hee the main actress of its sequel?

  1118. 1118 : LiudaChuD Says:

    I used to see drama of TVB, HongKong. However, Iris is so good that make me change my mind. Now, I ‘m looking for Korean dramas & Iris’ sequel.

  1119. 1119 : elle Says:


  1120. 1120 : elle Says:


  1121. 1121 : dannielH Says:

    oops! good drama but the ending……hangs me in there….poor me!

  1122. 1122 : agent_palos Says:

    very nice, deserves two thumbs up!! but the ending..awful! disappointing, disgusting!! … how cud a superhero character cud die just like that! after surviving all the odds then TK1 died for nothing.. arggh! but anyway.. i enjoy the watching it as a whole.. sung yee the best.. but ILOUVYOU sUN wAA.. 😉

  1123. 1123 : elle Says:


  1124. 1124 : dannielH Says:

    Love Kim Tae Hee !

  1125. 1125 : lenwae Says:

    I like Iris but I like different ending to my hero. Iris 2 please! Kim Tae Hee & Lee Byung Hee please! At-least, Kim Tae Hee is there in the sequel. I really like her. More famous actors in Iris 2, please!

  1126. 1126 : Simtim Says:

    how can i say?…..it is too good to be true…… it is the best Korean drama i have ever seen so far……waiting for its sequel because i’m sure it can’t not end like this…… hero will survive?….. what happens with Seung-Hee….how can i say…. i love Kim Tae Hee….

  1127. 1127 : oana Says:

    iris..this drama is so good……amazing.not just because top is acting here.the soundtrack is amazing…….all the actors are amazing…….love it!

  1128. 1128 : zajas Says:

    simply, Iris is great!

  1129. 1129 : elle Says:

    a million thumbs up!!!!IRIS!!!!

  1130. 1130 : janeaire Says:

    it is really good! like it!

  1131. 1131 : elle Says:

    woooot woooot wooot IRIS IRIS IRIS!!!!

  1132. 1132 : louis vuitton outlet Says:

    iris..this drama is so good……amazing.not just because top is acting here.the soundtrack is amazing…….all the actors are amazing…….love it!

  1133. 1133 : rica Says:

    IRIS is the best korean drama i’ve watch so far. all the actors are good esp the lead actor Lee Byung Hun. I’m a fan of korean comedy-romance drama, but this is the first time I watched this kind of genre.. and I must say… its a masterpiece.. keep up the good work.. hoping for IRIS 2.

  1134. 1134 : elle Says:


  1135. 1135 : Rav Says:

    Iris is one of the best drama I’ve ever watched!
    A masterpiece!!! 🙂

  1136. 1136 : Santa Says:

    Like Iris too much!

  1137. 1137 : JoJo Says:

    IRIS was gooood! like its not one of those typical romance drama, it involves action, and tragedy to make it more intense and romantic for the main characters 😀 i would definitely recommend this drama to everyone to watch!

  1138. 1138 : elle Says:

    highly recommended!!!!

  1139. 1139 : ledhumour Says:

    The Best Drama

  1140. 1140 : elle Says:


  1141. 1141 : alan ramirez Says:

    lee byung hun’s acting is excellent.his eyes speaks so much..just love him!!

  1142. 1142 : Matilda Says:




  1143. 1143 : Matilda Says:



  1144. 1144 : sniper Says:

    u did not see someone shot LBH in movie “Iris” to steal Kim Tae Hee?
    Bring LBH back, so how i can have Kim Tae Hee?
    Just kidding!…ok! please bring Lee Byung Hun back! u r happy now?
    i can not imagine Iris without LBH, KTH too. But, i like them add more hot actors. Storyline, director for its sequel must be good, well prepared as Iris.

  1145. 1145 : Matilda Says:


  1146. 1146 : elle Says:


  1147. 1147 : sniper Says:

    Hi,…it seems that they do not start shooting Iris 2 yet….. it seems that Iris 2 will be aired in late 2011….

  1148. 1148 : elle Says:

    super like!!!

  1149. 1149 : missmimi Says:

    why T.O.P must die…huhu

    he is very cool, i like him

    love T.O.P so much :*

  1150. 1150 : elle Says:

    mega hit!!!

  1151. 1151 : lovejoo Says:

    @missmimi… i also agree with you he was awsome. i loved him so much in here so hot

  1152. 1152 : luzielle Says:

    lee byung hun deserves all his acting awards..i watched bittersweet life 2 years ago and since then i nver got enough of him..he is so addictive!!i love iris!!

  1153. 1153 : bee Says:

    I and my boyfriend really love IRIS.
    Poor Jin Sa Woo,,, :,(
    But is that true Kim Hyun Joon died???
    Finally,, i hope IRIS Season 2,,,

  1154. 1154 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Byung Hun – One of my favourite actor. He really look very handsome and charming in real person. Very nice built and fit.

    Best Actor Awards

  1155. 1155 : OK OK OK Says:

    I am going to watch this western movie of Lee Byung Hun —- Soon………..

    Wow —– I didn’t know LBH can speak English so well.. Impress

    CNN Talk Asia – Lee Byung Hun Pt 1

  1156. 1156 : elle Says:


  1157. 1157 : Amour Says:

    Iris is really the best Korean drama so far. LBH’s acting is good.
    Kim Tae Hee is so beautiful in both dramas and in real life. Love KTH.

    OMG, she is very hot, gorgeous in at event of Louis Vitton

  1158. 1158 : toh quan ming Says:

    I find that this korean drama is very nice and interesting so i will be renting this korean drama calls “IRIS” some other time.

  1159. 1159 : Abbie Says:

    Love this drama, Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee have great chemistry here. good story and great acting.

  1160. 1160 : Abbie Says:

    i loved IRIS and was recommended to ALL IN. Lee Byung Hun was great on both drama. will look further into his work. I’m glad to discover him. He speaks decent english, bright future for him as an international actor.

  1161. 1161 : Abbie Says:

    I wasn’t that impressed with Kim Tae Hee excepted for her Beauty but she sure showed that she can act in this drama. i think she has another coming up drama. looking forward to her new drama. KTH good luck.

  1162. 1162 : Abbie Says:

    this drama doesn’t just have good stars but the story line itself has great twist to it. It wasn’t that predictable like most of Korean drama. IRIS is definately one of the best Action Drama in the K-drama so far.

  1163. 1163 : Abbie Says:

    I just realized that KTH doesn’t have that many drama under her belt. I was a bit surprised by this. another good drama I have seen was Love Story in Harvard . KTH is also another actress who speak decent english.

  1164. 1164 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Byung Hun – singing — Tears — Live

    I was very touched

  1165. 1165 : Bistcuit Says:

    Yeah!….i like drama Iris & also like drama “Love Story in Harvard” and “Forbidden Love” that KTH stars. They are all good dramas. KTH acts well in Love Story in Harvard & she is beautiful.

    Yeah! KTH has few dramas under her belt but majority of her dramas are good & they hit. Quality is more important than quantity.

    Hope her next project has good script, good director, good music, etc…

  1166. 1166 : jojo Says:

    Like Iris, LBH is handsome & has good acting.

  1167. 1167 : Abbie Says:

    KTH was in Forbidden Love? i have not heard or seen this drama.

  1168. 1168 : Abbie Says:

    was that Plan B supporsively to be “IRIS 2″?

  1169. 1169 : Bistcuit Says:

    Yeah!….KTH also stars “Love Story in Harvard” and “Forbidden Love”
    Forbidden Love = Nine tail Fox ……… i also like this drama, good storyline.
    Nine tail Fox was aired before Love Story in Harvard

    Plan B is the different drama, not IRIS 2
    I heard IRIS 2 will be aired in Fall or Winter of 2011.
    IRIS has movie that show who is the sniper (who shot LBH)

  1170. 1170 : Abbie Says:

    thanks Bistcuit , I’m currently exploring Nine Tailed Fox. the first 15 min into the drama looks really interesting.

  1171. 1171 : Tulips Says:

    ah….. I agree IRIS is very exciting & it is the best. Thanks for the tips of Nine Tailed Fox & Love Story in Harvard. I’m going to see them tonight.

  1172. 1172 : Tulips Says:

    I’m itching, curious when I see words “Forbidden Love” (or Nine Tailed Fox).
    Perhaps, I’ll try “Forbidden Love” first because the name hints ……. the name & trailer trigger my curiosity.
    Anyway, Love Story in Harvard is also lovely too, suitable for me.
    …..hm…see both of them….. sleepless for many nights, but I do not have any exam, any urgent project now,….hi…hi….

  1173. 1173 : Tulips Says:

    Wait to see IRIS 2.

  1174. 1174 : Abbie Says:

    i just finished the first episode of Nine tailed fox, it was quiet interesting. There are rooms for improvement of course, but worth watching I couldn’t help to but see the similarity between this and the movie Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

  1175. 1175 : elle Says:


  1176. 1176 : Abbie Says:

    Lee Byung Hun look cool and younger in this drama comapre to ALL IN, even thought he is 7 year older now than then.

  1177. 1177 : Abbie Says:

    KTH’s acting has improved a lot since Nine Tailed Fox. Oh and Han Ye Seul in 9tialed fox singing isn’t too bad at all. She is another gal you can speak good English

  1178. 1178 : MaximRex Says:

    Love IRIS.
    I’m waiting for IRIS 2. When will they start shooting it?

  1179. 1179 : Tulips Says:

    I finished 4 episodes of Nine Tailed Fox & 5 episodes of Love Story in Harvard. No sleep at all! I like them both. Really worth watching! worth value time!

    I think Nine Tailed Fox has very interesting storyline and Love Story in Harvard is the best Korean drama so far (type: romance, social life, student life, little comedy). Kim Tae Hee is so beautiful & she did good job.

    I like LBH in Iris than in “All in”. I agree that he did great & more handsome in Iris. I agree he looks cool, mature in Iris.
    I do not like the first several draggy episodes of All in (that mention the childhood). In general, All In is also the pretty good drama.

    Me too, wait to see IRIS 2.
    I think Iris is the best of K-drama so far (action type, but it also has romance, comedy in there).

  1180. 1180 : Abbie Says:

    I was actually finished up to episode 7 of 9 tailed fox.The storyline was so good at the first two episodes. i was excited. However it became dragging after episode 5 so i stopped at ep. 7. I was not that impressed with kth acting in 9TF at all. i’m somewhat leaning toward ‘Chae” the second female lead. Of course it is undeniable that kth is beautiful, i think she acts much better in IRIS. This shows she has improved much over the years. i have great faith in her next drama.

  1181. 1181 : Abbie Says:

    by the way, KTH doesn’t seen to age at all. she looks almost the same.

  1182. 1182 : elle Says:

    wooot wooot it’s undeniable!!!!iris rockssssss!!!!!

  1183. 1183 : elle Says:


  1184. 1184 : Abbie Says:

    IRIS two has a big shoe to fill, i hope it won’t disappointed us as Plan B. i don’t have much faith in a sequel but nothing is definite right?

  1185. 1185 : Abbie Says:

    You guys remember Yuki? the Japanese girl, the owner daughter at Hot Spring in this drama. Even she didn’t have much air time but she definitely has contributed a PLUS to the drama. Her charming innocent love toward LHB touches many hearts. I was real sad when she died.

  1186. 1186 : Abbie Says:

    finished 9 tailed fox, not too impress.

  1187. 1187 : Tulips Says:

    I like Nine Tailed Fox & like the character KTH plays than other character that 2nd actress plays “chae”. I still have the last 2 episodes of it to see. Perhaps, u get the wrong translation of it.
    To me, even it is not the best, but Nine Fox tailed is more interesting than All In.
    I do not see plan B, so I can’t tell.
    In Iris, I’m not impress with Yuki. Anyway, casts of Iris try their best.

  1188. 1188 : quanta Says:

    Congratulation Iris & LBH. I heard that Iris received award of best foreign drama in Japan & LBH received award of best actor of Asia.
    I like IRISSSSSS

  1189. 1189 : elle Says:


  1190. 1190 : misa Says:

    korean proves they can do action drama too. IRIS has proven it

  1191. 1191 : misa Says:

    can’t wait for a sequel

  1192. 1192 : toh quan ming Says:

    he is very cool and nice actor. i will be renting this korean drama call ” IRIS ” some other time at any of the video renting shop.

  1193. 1193 : denna Says:

    I bought dvd of Iris, it’s real good. I want to reserve a seat for its sequel.

  1194. 1194 : liici Says:

    good drama! wait for the next season if any

  1195. 1195 : roy99 Says:

    try to watch fugitive plan B bcoz its better than this drama!!

  1196. 1196 : Chel Says:

    personally i think Iris n Fugitive plan B r both equally great.

  1197. 1197 : shires Says:

    Iris is better than Fugitive plan B. But, LBH character was shot & died. Who will be the leading actors in its sequel?
    Is it true that LBH and Han hyo joo come to the VIP movie premiere together? Do they date in real life?

  1198. 1198 : ksjk Says:

    Iris is good & Hun-joon will survive? …hm… i’m curious about LBH’s true girlfriend…….please let me know……
    ………..hm….Han hyo joo is leading actress of Dong Yi ?

  1199. 1199 : elle Says:


  1200. 1200 : elle Says:

    KIM TAE HEE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!KIM TAE HEE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1201. 1201 : Guitar Says:

    Simply, i like Iris & love to see its sequel.

  1202. 1202 : Abbie Says:

    Last episode of IRIS, LBH was shot indeed, but I’m not sure if he died. Miracle happens a lot and quiet often in movies and dramas. so nothing is for certain, the matters definitely fall under the hands of the screenwriter.

  1203. 1203 : Abbie Says:

    some said fugitive plan B was better than IRIS? is that true? i quit Plan B after the first disappointed episode. Wondering if i should give it another chance.

  1204. 1204 : Abbie Says:

    I can’t recall who said 9 tailed fox was better than All In, which I am totally disagreed. All In is as good as IRIS, and i have not seen any other Korean Action Drama top these two.

  1205. 1205 : Tammy Says:

    Iris is good. “All in” is above average.

  1206. 1206 : L Says:

    I’m very very disappointed about the last episode. It’s sad ending drama 🙁

  1207. 1207 : elle Says:


  1208. 1208 : elle Says:

    IRIS SEASON 2 PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE REAL ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NOT ATHENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  1209. 1209 : Korean Drama – Athena: Goddess of War « Korea.com Says:

    […] Singapore, Italy, and New Zealand. – This drama is a spin-off of the 2009 KBS2 drama “IRIS” with new characters and will be aired on SBS. – Production company Taewon Entertainment, […]

  1210. 1210 : Glene Says:


  1211. 1211 : Glene Says:




  1212. 1212 : elle Says:

    yahooo!!!!iris the movie will be released nxt week!!!!!

  1213. 1213 : elle Says:


  1214. 1214 : SambaBino Says:

    Please tell me where I can buy DVD of movie or see the movie ? I need English sub. because I’m do not understand Korean language. ….. I am still looking for IRIS movie. Perhaps, movie will be extremely hot & with extended scenes. KBS cut some hot scenes, so I have to see extended version on cable.

  1215. 1215 : Guitar Says:

    waaaa! movie with new hot scenes & the portrait of sniper who shoots LBH?
    What happen to Seung-Hee after Hyun Joon was shot? can’t wait!

  1216. 1216 : elle Says:

    where can I watch the movie???????helppppppppppppppp!!!!!

  1217. 1217 : Jelly Says:

    Great drama. Where to see movie???? help please! hot, new scenes? sniper? can’t wait!

  1218. 1218 : elle Says:


  1219. 1219 : elle Says:

    IRIS 2!!!!IRIS 2!!!!IRIS 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1220. 1220 : XQueen Says:

    My God! not Iris member shot KIM HYUN HUN ? HYUN HUN is killed ???????Seung Hee is kidnapped & tortured ???????? …. hi…hi…..hi….Do not scare me, please! Where to buy DVD of Iris movie? Fall 2011, we will know what happen to HYUN HUN, Seung-Hee.

  1221. 1221 : elle Says:


  1222. 1222 : elle Says:

    CAN’T WAIT FOR IRIS 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1223. 1223 : elle Says:


  1224. 1224 : elle Says:


  1225. 1225 : Max Says:

    I just finished Iris, but do not see the face of person who killed Hun-joon. U r not kidding? sun-wa killed Hun-Joon. Too bad! can not marry, so kill, it is easy to understand….hi…hi….just kidding…….. Hun-joon either got killed or had a secret affair, he is not loyal anymore……..so,…… Seung-Hee has no choice to get a divorce & has a new life with new partners in Iris 2……. ….hi…hi…. just kidding……

  1226. 1226 : Athena: Goddess of War « rumahtami Says:

    […] 2010-Dec-13 to 2011 (to replaced Giant) Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55 Related Series : IRIS, IRIS […]

  1227. 1227 : BlueRiver Says:

    waaa….Iris….I like it.
    It seems that Giant is a good drama with ratings of some episodes near 30%…..so Athena can take advantage & enjoy audiences from Giant from beginning. After finishing Giant, they will see Athena, because Athena replaces Giant.
    I like Iris and……wait and see………..

  1228. 1228 : elle Says:


  1229. 1229 : elle Says:

    MY PRINCESS KIM TAE HEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1230. 1230 : elle Says:


  1231. 1231 : elle Says:

    IRIS IS STILL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE IT!!!

  1232. 1232 : elle Says:

    CHEERS FOR IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1233. 1233 : ElleShadow Says:

    CHEERS FOR IRIS!!!!! LOVE IRIS !!! hi…hi…hi… just kidding !!!!

  1234. 1234 : elle Says:

    ni elleshadow agtutulad ti comment….hehehehehe…lolz

  1235. 1235 : ElleShadow Says:

    i do not understand what u just said, ELLE……. i like Iris….. and it seems that u post several messages about Iris, so,….. just a little fun to play with u….

  1236. 1236 : hO_cHA_gIll Says:

    Sebel….Knp T.O.P cara matinya gx kerend bgd…..

    Trus MR.BLACK Tu sp???hUb. dIA MA kiM tAE hEE Ap???Benar2 perlu kejelasan neppphhh….

    T.O.P i luv U…..

  1237. 1237 : elle Says:

    elleshadow nya kayat mo nga ayayamen..hehehheeh

  1238. 1238 : elle Says:


  1239. 1239 : elle Says:

    IRIS PA RIN ANG NO.1!!!!!!!!!

  1240. 1240 : elle Says:


  1241. 1241 : oyabun Says:

    Some funny inconsistencies in this drama. How come Hyun Joon can pull a bullet off his groin after it passed trough? Why they drive the same cars in Hungary and Korea? Why Hyun Joon needs fingerprint and not Sun Hwa or Sung hee to enter a room with a window you can shoot through to enter? The gunfight in the street was great but they should have stopped after ep17. The second and third conspiracy were not very well wrapped. Too many things out of the blue and unbelievable(Sung hee and IRIS). Finally, the prediction of the cards did not happen since Hyon Joon never changed anything and destroyed no tower. Worse, he is the one who lost to the system in the end. This is why I did not liked the end but ok, I guess it is the better thing they could have done. Overall, the drama is interesting and very entertaining.

  1242. 1242 : elle Says:


  1243. 1243 : jona Says:

    this drama so cool. My favorite actress Kim tae hee, actor lee byung hyun. I always listen this drama’s soundtrack don’t forget, Love of Iris

  1244. 1244 : Tom Says:

    To me, this is the best Korean drama so far. Share the same thought to jona. I’m waiting for Iris #2. Perhaps, misinterpretation from Korean language to other languages make some viewers misunderstood the content and dialogue of drama.

  1245. 1245 : elle Says:

    GO IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  1246. 1246 : l Says:

    waiting for iris2

  1247. 1247 : elle Says:

    IRIS 2!!!!!!!!!!!GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!!!!!!

  1248. 1248 : elle Says:

    CAN’T WAIT FOR IRIS 2!!!!!!!!!!
    MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!

  1249. 1249 : Athena: Jeonjaeng-ui Yeoshin / Athena: Goddess of War / 아테나: 전쟁의 여신 (2010) | Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama Says:

    […] Broadcast period: 2010-Dec-13 to 2011-Feb-15 Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55 Related Series : IRIS, IRIS […]

  1250. 1250 : Mike Tan Says:

    What a stupid ending!!!!! This is my first time watching a Korean Drama and will be my last time. Was expecting a happy ending and why did the lead actor Hyun Joon got killed ? and by who?? Mr BLACK??? Totally sick ending that will surely put off lots of us from watching IRIS 2….

  1251. 1251 : TanTan Says:

    In movie, Hyun Joon got killed by sun hwa, stupid & not logical. sun hwa goes to hell.

  1252. 1252 : TanTan Says:

    just the answer for 1250 Mike Tan :
    ….” What a stupid ending!!!!! This is my first time watching a Korean Drama and will be my last time. Was expecting a happy ending and why did the lead actor Hyun Joon got killed ? and by who?? Mr BLACK??? Totally sick ending that will surely put off lots of us from watching IRIS 2….”

  1253. 1253 : jamwe Says:

    Like Iris, will see its sequel

  1254. 1254 : kim bora Says:

    I hate the ending…

  1255. 1255 : hanaie Says:

    Hate the ending too.

  1256. 1256 : Lynn Says:

    I dont like the ending too..

  1257. 1257 : elle Says:



  1258. 1258 : elle Says:


  1259. 1259 : elle Says:


  1260. 1260 : elle Says:


  1261. 1261 : elle Says:


  1262. 1262 : elle Says:


  1263. 1263 : elle Says:


  1264. 1264 : ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    Greetings to Fans of IRIS,

    Please join in the Battle of votes for Best Drama of 2010. Please vote for Playful Kiss. Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, all!


  1265. 1265 : elle Says:


  1266. 1266 : iana Says:

    Merry Christmas! love Iris, love KTH

  1267. 1267 : Vote4MSOAN Says:

    Hello Viewers

    Moon Geun Yuong, also known as Korean little sister, who has not disappointed us in her acting as a child actor as well as in her adult acting career. She was great in Painter of The Wind recently as well as Young Eun Suh in Autumn Tale/Autumn in My Heart in the past. Currently, there is competition going on Between MSOAN and PK for the Best Drama of 2010. It is an undeniable true that MGY is a great actress who has real talent; she doesn’t just depend on her look to get famous. These have proven in her past series as well as the current one (MSOAN). I know for sure that MSOAN is far better than PK in both acting skill and the storylines. I am asking for your vote on MSOAN, and if you have any doubt, Please watch both MSOAN and PK and place your vote.

    Thanks all and Happy Holidays.

  1268. 1268 : elle Says:


  1269. 1269 : elle Says:


  1270. 1270 : elle Says:


  1271. 1271 : BlackWhite Says:

    I see Iris because it has good storyline & the director is not bad, and casts have good acting plus their appearances are suitable to the roles. I think, the most importance is the script, next is the director, then the stars, finally are side-effects, musics, etc…..
    Famous casts only is not enough to create the big hit for drama. Luckily, this drama has everything. It is the great drama except the sad ending. I like happy ending only.

  1272. 1272 : BlackWhite Says:

    Merry X-mas!

  1273. 1273 : San Says:

    Happy New Year!

  1274. 1274 : San Says:

    i like Iris. Hyun Joon died, so sad.

  1275. 1275 : elle Says:


  1276. 1276 : elle Says:

    IRIS PA RIN!!!!!

  1277. 1277 : elle Says:


  1278. 1278 : IANED Says:


  1279. 1279 : IANED Says:

    2011 HERE WE COME!!!!

  1280. 1280 : IANED Says:


  1281. 1281 : puck Says:


  1282. 1282 : Bones Says:

    Iris Movie: http://motionempire.com/Watch_Iris_The_Movie_Asian_Movie_Online_for_Free_119500.html

    Different ending, I hope Hyun-Joon Kim is alive. Kim Sun Hwa surprise me, I like how she switch side, what is her motives and why she change so quickly. I actually like her acting bad, awesome I say.

  1283. 1283 : Barebone Says:

    When writer makes Kim Sun Hwa switches side, story becomes not logical any more. There is the contrary between the head, the tail & the sequel. I’m not curious why Kim Sun Hwa switches side or what is her motives. I want her die & hot actors will participate to the sequel of Iris as Iris members with tough actions. Actions will be more interesting with strong, manly actors. I’m tired with clumsy action scenes of actress.

  1284. 1284 : Max Says:

    OMG! 1st or 2nd twist or switch creates the un-expectation & I like that. The repetitive switch side or twist creates the boringness. Nothing is new!
    Sun wa again as Iris member??? I share the thought that script will be boring & contrary. I do not like to see actresses’ kick, fight, etc… in action, spy drama or movie.
    OMG! No actor left on earth? Me too, I like actors with exciting plot, look real fighting of die-hard men and insert in that is the hot love.

  1285. 1285 : San Says:

    End of Iris first season: Sun Hwa was the sniper who shot Hyun Joon. Her bullet went thru his head. He died, so sad!

  1286. 1286 : San Says:

    IRIS movie showed: Sun Hwa was the sniper who shot Hyun Joon. Her bullet went thru his head and a lot of blood.

  1287. 1287 : Ninu Says:

    i love IRIS so much……
    aku cinta T.O.P

  1288. 1288 : Tin Says:

    ….disappointed….Do not torture me with the fighting scenes of actresses….. I’m looking for impressive action like pro……. do not ruin Iris….. quit Iris’ sequel…..bye bye…..

  1289. 1289 : Tin Says:

    TOP died already, LBH died, just actresses and actresses, just sunwa as North korea , sunwa as Iris terrorist, ……. bye, bye….

  1290. 1290 : Bones Says:

    Am I the only one that is sad, Kim Hyun Joon id dead ? He was one of the reason I like to watch IRIS. Maybe Kin Sun Hwa’s shot wasn’t for the kill, but just meant to knock him out. In my dreams, I am being very naive here, but it said to see Kim Hyyn Joon out of the show. I am on the fence about the new twist, still am going to watch IRIS 2, and I pretty sure people who are commenting that they don’t like ending in essence won’t watch the sequel, will watch it to out of curiosity.

    I am new to Korean Dramas, only watch a few. Is there any great actor that can fill Lee Byung Hun’s shoe ?

  1291. 1291 : San Says:

    Movie showed Sun Hwa was the sniper who shot Hyun Joon. Her BULLET WENT THRU his HEAD, there is a lot of blood.

    I do not agree with sentence “Shot wasn’t for the kill, but just meant to knock him out”. He….he…. Judges, polices, doctors, people, who can believe that bullet thru head is to knock someone out, not kill? Why do not shoot to arm, shoulder, but the head?

    I do not believe your theory & say my opinion. I do not criticize you. Please do not misunderstand me. Thank you.

  1292. 1292 : San Says:

    …he…he… “Curiosity kill the cat” …. that sentence is very popular in my place……he…he…. I like IRIS, but I join the group who love actors (not actresses) in action scenes of action, spy drama.

    Again, I do not criticize you. Please do not misunderstand me. Thank you.

  1293. 1293 : San Says:

    Please do not misunderstand me. You see any drama you like and say anything you like. And same to me, I see what I want & say what I like. Anyway, I walk away now because I have new movie to watch, he…he…..

  1294. 1294 : Athena: Goddess of War « KOREAN WORLD Says:

    […] Broadcast period: 2010-Dec-13 to 2011-Feb-15 Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55 Related Series : IRIS, IRIS […]

  1295. 1295 : elle Says:


  1296. 1296 : elle Says:


  1297. 1297 : Gan Says:

    Really? shot through head wasn’t for the kill, but just meant to knock out. LOL! So, do not kill, knock out by this way is enough, LOL! kidding only!

  1298. 1298 : elle Says:


  1299. 1299 : elle Says:


  1300. 1300 : elle Says:


  1301. 1301 : Bones Says:

    It was wishful thinking on my part. I just don’t want him out of the show. 🙁

  1302. 1302 : elle Says:


  1303. 1303 : elle Says:


  1304. 1304 : elle Says:


  1305. 1305 : OK OK OK Says:

    January 10th, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    Japan fan meeting concert – 17 Dec 2009

    Won Bin, Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Hun & Jang Dong Gun Sings

  1306. 1306 : elle Says:


  1307. 1307 : jam Says:

    can’t wait for IRIS2!!!

  1308. 1308 : elle Says:


  1309. 1309 : elle Says:

    IRIS 2!!!IRIS 2!!!!IRIS 2!!!!

  1310. 1310 : axela Says:

    iris 2 iris 2 im waiting … kim tae hee and lee bhung hun

  1311. 1311 : mehrbanoo Says:

    lee Byung hun…….tanx;)

  1312. 1312 : elle Says:


  1313. 1313 : ymjcsfaith Says:

    Hey anyone interested in buying IRIS drama dvd? It has both english and chinese subs. I’m selling mine because i need the money, don’t really bear to though. 🙁
    If you’re interested please drop a comment at my website or e-mail me! 😀

  1314. 1314 : elleroch Says:


  1315. 1315 : elleroch Says:

    iris 2 please air soon!!!!!

  1316. 1316 : Lil Says:


  1317. 1317 : neptune Says:

    I love kim tae hee!!!!my princess!!!!

  1318. 1318 : V Says:

    愛你丫 愛你丫
    ♥ MY PRINCESS ♥ 我の公主 》》김태희 SHE IS THE ONE

  1319. 1319 : elleroch Says:


  1320. 1320 : elleroch Says:


  1321. 1321 : A Says:

    ye i want kim tae hee & lee back IRIS II

  1322. 1322 : A Says:

    IRIS I i love kim tae hee & Lee
    IRIS II i love kim & lee too and more

  1323. 1323 : elleroch Says:


  1324. 1324 : PriQueencess Says:

    송승헌 / Song Seung heon ♥ MR [P]RINCE Official Facebook Fan’s Page
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/%EC%86%A1%EC%8A%B9%ED%97%8C-Song-Seung-heon/132529426775317 <3

    김태희 / Kim Tae Hee ♥ MY[P]RINCESS Official Facebook Fan's Page
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/%EA%B9%80%ED%83%9C%ED%9D%AC-Kim-Tae-Hee/204131072930800 <3

    마이 프린세스 / My Princess Official Facebook Fan's Page
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/%EB%A7%88%EC%9D%B4-%ED%94%84%EB%A6%B0%EC%84%B8%EC%8A%A4-My-Princess/170135063034748 <3

  1325. 1325 : V Says:


    love u (:

  1326. 1326 : elleroch Says:

    waiting for iris 2!!!!

  1327. 1327 : sai Says:

    i want Lee Byung Hun (hyun jun) in iris 2 plssssssss

  1328. 1328 : IRIS Official Fan Site Says:

    Hi all

    this is an official IRIS website
    we will be updating news & photos from Official sites only

    do drop by any soon


    thank u

  1329. 1329 : My Princess Says:

    KIM TAE HEE * Lee Byung Hun

  1330. 1330 : elleroch Says:


  1331. 1331 : elleroch Says:


  1332. 1332 : Von Says:

    the M.r BLACK…is who?I hope tat Lee byung hun will be actorin Iris 2!!!!!!!!!!:D

  1333. 1333 : guestwho Says:

    happy bday kim tae hee!

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  1337. 1337 : JJ Says:

    woah i’m liking IRIS, first time i’m watching coz when it was airing i didn’t think much of it thinking it’s violent but my oh my LBH, KTH & JJH are fantastic as well as Kim seong Woo & Kim ??? i forgot her name — this is one of da best kdramas i’ve seen. I felt like i was watching a Hollywood production since it’s well made really! Korean dramas you rock! i hope there’s a sequel to this. Iris 2 plzzzzzzzzzz with same casting! Now back to where i left of on Iris! 🙂

  1338. 1338 : luna Says:

    keren bangeeeeeet…..tp endingnya,oh my god………bener2 mengejutkan,kok bisa……???

  1339. 1339 : KDrama Fan Says:

    watch this drama 5 episodes at once…
    🙂 a very fun and thrilling drama..

    T.O.P!!! ><

  1340. 1340 : tutun Says:

    Great drama… i love it… 🙂

  1341. 1341 : KDrama Fan Says:

    just watch the ending last night.. TT^TT

    So sad Lee Byung Hun died…

    Will wait for IRIS 2!!!

    Hope all the actors and actresses will be there in IRIS 2…

    thank u KBS for the great drama you’ve made.. great ratings as well !! ^^

  1342. 1342 : roch Says:

    sana may Iris 2 na!!

  1343. 1343 : ViKa Says:

    is he really die?OMG….

  1344. 1344 : axi Says:

    This drama is amazing and better from athena g.o.d….

  1345. 1345 : kahlan Says:

    still patiently waiting for iris 2!!!!

  1346. 1346 : jheed Says:

    Iris rocks!
    I’m also waiting for Iris 2..Hope It Will Air Soon!

  1347. 1347 : SHERMAIN Says:

    NO matter Iris Or Iris 2 !!!!!
    I do love it !!!1

  1348. 1348 : Kenny Says:

    IRIS is the best korean drama i ever watch keep up the good work!!! this movie made my day everytime i watched it and i also cryed to it

  1349. 1349 : Rufio Says:

    Ah.. i don’t believe the ending will be like that…
    It’s so sad…
    I will wait for IRIS 2.

  1350. 1350 : SSH&KTH Says:


  1351. 1351 : deedee Says:

    I want iris 2!!!
    hope they’ll film it soon!

  1352. 1352 : edz Says:

    I miss Iris…
    I want Iris 2 I can’t wait any longer!

  1353. 1353 : MehrBanoo Says:

    here is wating for encorre this action and romanc dram….i m Lee Byung Hun fan.

  1354. 1354 : Geri Says:

    i love this series and i love LEE BYUNG HUN so much…but its so sad that he has to die in the end……how i wish He’s still the lead role in Athena….

  1355. 1355 : pink Says:

    i like this drama. i like lee byung hun. i can’t wait iris 2.

  1356. 1356 : kun nid Says:

    part 2 of iris where are you?

  1357. 1357 : ajusshi Says:

    I want Iris 2!
    patiently waiting for it;;;

  1358. 1358 : koreanlover Says:

    i like this drama so much….iris 2 where are you?……

  1359. 1359 : kim Says:

    best of the best!! any sequel?

  1360. 1360 : denot Says:

    hmmmm, this’s one of my favo drama..
    but i hate the ending, why does lee byung hun have to die??

  1361. 1361 : Iris | Trends Pics Says:

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  1362. 1362 : edz Says:

    IRIS 2!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1363. 1363 : -Ke- Says:

    the best series i’ve ever watched! have a big hope there will be a sequel with LBH and KTH as the main characters again. 🙂

  1364. 1364 : janie Says:


  1365. 1365 : 女王 Says:

    IRIS 2

    JUNE starting to film…

  1366. 1366 : Iris (2001) | All Films Blog Says:

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  1367. 1367 : [DL/kdrama] Athena Goddess of War + Special « Says:

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  1368. 1368 : sundae Says:

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  1369. 1369 : tamerhateb Says:


  1370. 1370 : malXXX Says:

    There will be no role of lee byung hun in sequel………..

  1371. 1371 : rich b Says:

    I am from the USA and a big fan of Korean Dramas. I enjoy the scenery and culture as well as the emphasis on family and brother/sisterhood and IRIS is one the the best i have ever seen. This was an excellent series. Reminded me a bit of 24 mixed with NCIS.
    The cast was great too. They could easily bring back Lee Byung Hun if they wanted because it could go either way at the end. I look forward to IRIS 2.

  1372. 1372 : Layla Ridhuan Says:

    Blum Nonton IRIS
    Tapi Berita kekerenannya udah nyampe kemana-mana
    Apalagi ada TOP (BIGBANG) Denger-denger acting nya keren banged disini
    diliat dari Ratingnya aja ngalahin BBF
    Pengen nonton , tapi kasetnya susah banged di cari
    Beuuuhh penasaran bangeed

  1373. 1373 : sweet Says:

    this is the drama that make my heart beat fast in every episode and cant wait to watch the next, the chemistry between the lead actors is so strong but i hate the ending maybe because thats not what im expecting…ha ha ha but its worth watching

  1374. 1374 : Athena : Goddess of War (아테나: 전쟁의 여신) « styrn Says:

    […] period: 2010-Dec-13 to 2011-Feb-21 Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55 Related Series : IRIS, IRIS […]

  1375. 1375 : mae Says:

    @Laila Ridhuan, banyak kok di lapak2 dipidi. Aku br selese nntn. Ga rugi memang, secara drama korea dengan biaya pembuatan termahal. Cm terlalu byk adegan tembak2annya, jd klo mulai bosen, di FF aja hehehe…

  1376. 1376 : miss P Says:

    This is one fabulous story!big up korean drama.the lead actor makes me go weak at the knees,his smile, haleluyah!the chemistry is so intense between him and KTH, and the romance is so mature.i just love it.

  1377. 1377 : Korean dramas | Waly Cardona Says:

    […] Iris […]

  1378. 1378 : Doris Says:

    This story is truly amazing. perfect selection of cast…. good chemistry.

  1379. 1379 : fadli Says:

    now i’m in episode 4….really interesting action drama…
    can’t wait to watch the next episode…i’m really curious what happen to the next episode….

    Can’t imagine how come Kim ta hee so skill full in action….ckckckck…

    This drama much more interesting than city hunter..

  1380. 1380 : blaire Says:

    i think its best if LBH will be cast at Iris 2 because IRIS needs LBH as 24 needs KS. hope to see LBH at Iris 2.

  1381. 1381 : James Says:

    We’re watching it here in Botswana at the moment. Absolutely beautiful… Give us more!

  1382. 1382 : Sandy L Says:

    Kim is so handsome. I like him.

  1383. 1383 : fadli Says:

    Guysss Pleaseeee answerrr Me!!!!!!!!!!

    Who killed Kim hyo joon?????????? may something wrong with my DVD? in my DVD the movie just ended with Kim Hyo joon was Shoot by some one, but there is no scan who shoot Him??

    i read some comments here, the One who shoot him is Kim Shu Wa??? WHY???????????

    i think Kim So Wa like him…

    and who is the Mr. Black???????

  1384. 1384 : zati Says:

    cant wait to watch IRIS 2.really hope to see kim hyun jun again..really hope he wasn’t died yet…
    n i don’t think kim shu hwa shoot him..because she seems like to love hyun jun..

  1385. 1385 : Анара Says:

    T.O.P красавчик

  1386. 1386 : chris Says:

    Indeed a good story, cant wait to finish all the episodes………love you guys……..KIM HYUM JUN.

  1387. 1387 : chris Says:

    No guys are the episodes only 20,that too shoooort for a interesting story like that one

  1388. 1388 : fummy Says:

    it’s a gud story but i dont knw y it shuld end dat way….. still expecting d continuation
    Kim Hyun Joon;…. u rock

  1389. 1389 : rin Says:

    is it true that there will be an IRIS 2? the ending is open ended, hoping to have season 2! i love kim hyun jun and seung hee!!

  1390. 1390 : rin Says:

    best korean drama so far,, (for me hehe)

  1391. 1391 : Christanah (nigeria, west africa). Says:

    This film is WOW!! I enjoyed every bit of it. It’s worth d while. I’m in love with d artists. They did a wonderful job. Keep it up guys.

  1392. 1392 : deepak Says:

    i watched upto 6episode. this drama is so so interesting dat i cant explain in words. but d sad things is dat in our part of world full episode of it unavailable. so me what tell me waht to do.

  1393. 1393 : ATHENA : GODDESS OF WAR « LoveDrama's Says:

    […] Broadcast period: 2010-Dec-13 to 2011-Feb-21 Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55 Related Series : IRIS, IRIS […]

  1394. 1394 : GIFT(Botswana-southern Africa Says:

    Wonderful !!!Good match between Kim Hyun joon and Choi seung Hee.I realy like the Drama ,I love Jin Sa Woo.

  1395. 1395 : Gao(Botswana-southern Africa Says:

    IRIS! What a bomb! I really enjoy evry episode and always looking up for more action. Keep up the good work.

  1396. 1396 : yeahmi Says:

    i fell 4 kim hyun joon at first sight.honestly i love him even though i cant see him.d film has a nice story bt a very bad ending.who killed kim & who ar the people that are involved in iris?really looking forward for d 3rd season.pls yhu guys do somfin abt.cnt wait good work.

  1397. 1397 : shocked Says:

    why it ended like that? i just watched it. it literally broke my heart to see kim hyun jun dead. oh noooo. i cant accept that. haha

  1398. 1398 : Goitsemodimo Says:

    what a marvelous drama! i definitely wont miss IRIS 2. big up to the actors,

  1399. 1399 : ibraheem Says:

    what an interesting nd educative movie.but i’m still confused of k.h.j’s death.why? What happen to him.

  1400. 1400 : tiroyaone mopako Says:

    des drama its a killer i luv it to bit but im still confused

  1401. 1401 : Oscar Says:

    This is a warning to everyone… Do NOT watch IRIS: the movie, keep to the series and wait for IRIS 2 for answers… Best korean show ever btw

  1402. 1402 : ROIS Says:

    roto ,rois ,budi ,rustam..!!!!

  1403. 1403 : ROIS , ROTO ,BUDI ,RUSTAM Says:

    ROTO ROIS BUDI RUSTAM ………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  1404. 1404 : Rikadoddy Says:

    best drama and best story line…two thumbs up!

  1405. 1405 : lee min hoo Says:


  1406. 1406 : Marcela Says:

    Can’t wait for iris 2. I love this drama it’s amazing 🙂

  1407. 1407 : Mr. D Says:

    .. Wow i watch the full version of iris and it’s good and great movie
    ..the best wish to see it soon her in the Philippines..

  1408. 1408 : Sylvi Indo Says:

    still wait the next season…
    how about IRIS 2??? is already relese or not??

  1409. 1409 : roch Says:

    still patiently waiting for iris 2….kth and lbh forever!!!

  1410. 1410 : IRIS Korean Drama : bittersweet romance! « gelaikuting Says:

    […] info from KoreanDrama.Org […]

  1411. 1411 : Markos Says:

    full love and gunshoot, waiting for the next sesson,iris 2

  1412. 1412 : speedometer Says:

    Don’t like the idea of TK1 been short at d end of the movie… Just hope another season starts with tk1 alive.. After 24hours, iris is my second best movie

  1413. 1413 : speedometer Says:

    Can’t wait for the release of iris 2

  1414. 1414 : keepingBreath Says:

    IRIS is so amazing! I had never crying so much. I hope that IRIS 2 will realised soon. It is the best drama I had ever seen!

  1415. 1415 : zarima USA Says:

    im just wondering why the ending of this drama is just like that,,, a very sad one,,,, and i am really asking why is it kim yoon joon died,,, imagine he surpass all the evil/bad ones in the story, he survived in all the obstacles and why is it in the end he will just die in a car accident,,, o my GOD ,,,, can be someone give me some good explanation WHY WHY WHY,,, i hate the director and scriptwriter of this drama,,, yyrggss ,,,,hate them really,,,,

  1416. 1416 : mercy Says:

    This is the best movie. I really really like it. I hope i can watch iris season 2.

  1417. 1417 : senahensem Says:

    the best korean drama!! full of action ..cant wait for IRIS 2. hope can do better from 1. Plz director dont make LBY died..adeh~~

  1418. 1418 : mollie Says:

    I loved Iris so much, i’ve rewatched it several times!! Kim Hyun Jun and Seing hee was such a sweet couple!!! Why did they have to kill Hyun jun! so sad!!

  1419. 1419 : FX777222999 Says:

    I loved this movie so much with great twists!

  1420. 1420 : george Says:

    you guys i love your movie keep up the good work, make another movie all together coz i enjoy seeing you

  1421. 1421 : george Says:

    you guts i really like your movie keep the good work i wish you make another all together

  1422. 1422 : sen Says:

    where i can watch iris

  1423. 1423 : joken21 Says:

    two thumbs yup, really good korean drama ever… kim hyun joon and choi seung hee they look good together. effective couple.. hoping to a lot of drama series to both of them, so sad the ending, y they nid to kill kim hyun joon.. but all in all good drama series.. i love it so muchhhhhh….

  1424. 1424 : joken21 Says:

    so sad tk1 died, why why why??? please mke him alive at the next season…pls pls pls…we want kim hyun joon alive!!!!

  1425. 1425 : richie Says:

    it has a great story … especially Choi Seung Hee … she’s great …

  1426. 1426 : richie Says:

    yess!!! i love it so muchh!!!!! i like to watch this korean drama a thousand times …….. love you Choi Seung Hee …. perfectly couple to Kim Hyun Joon

  1427. 1427 : Noel D. Says:

    I like the story but I hate the ending. I thought it’s a ‘they-live-happily-ever-after’ thing. The writer must have been a member of IRIS that’s why he assassinated Kim Hyun Joon towards the end. I hope there’s a part 2 to resurrect the character of Kim.

  1428. 1428 : roch Says:

    haiiisssttt….iris 2 where are you????? still waiting….

  1429. 1429 : koreanadddict Says:

    I agree with Noel D. Hyun Joon had suffered enough so why they make a tragic ending. because of that I am disappointed.

  1430. 1430 : Girl addict 2 koreandrama Says:

    can’t wait 2 see this tv.

  1431. 1431 : rose Says:

    i thought the ending was hanging in that who had the leading man killed – maybe iris did, with the help of the leading lady because she had no choice? the tv drama was actually very good, considering that it is one of the few movies i have seen (my exposure are to u.s./uk/european/canadian productions).

  1432. 1432 : jan Says:

    I really hate the ending too..its very disappointing and a bit intriguing and cruel but I love the drama and the lovestory as well..its so addictive!!!

  1433. 1433 : bingoy Says:

    is there any part 2 for iris..still has no idea of who killed Kim hyun joon

  1434. 1434 : bingoy Says:

    i really love the story, but the ending is not clear! also Mr. Black is still alive and director baek san. I REALLY HOPE FOR PART II…PLEASE!

  1435. 1435 : Shanel Sarabia Says:

    I love the story but the ending is sooo sad, why it has to be that way….
    Perhaps the writer have to end it that way but almost us fans wants a happy ending…. anyway it’s only a movie not in real life though…

  1436. 1436 : jhulynne Says:

    the best drama i’ve ever watch! I love the love story and the action…

    i hoping for season 2 of IRIS…i wish it’s a happy ending story..

  1437. 1437 : Benjamin Oxford Says:

    Why is it that most Korean Drama always ends with the death of main character?

  1438. 1438 : cy Says:

    beautiful korean drama
    =) love it!!!

  1439. 1439 : Azizbek Says:

    Iris Super serial.

  1440. 1440 : tessa Says:

    the drama was awesomely done and the actors had played their characters magnificently!! nice looks there mr lee byung hun…

  1441. 1441 : Bhrlninä_16 Says:

    I’m stll waitng 4 tht part2, i’l hope it wll be end at happy endng,… I relly2x lke d stry from d begnng untl the end…[email protected]

  1442. 1442 : quePP Says:

    ohh my good so awesome drama over!!!!.. lee byung hun soo hoT !!

  1443. 1443 : toshiro Says:

    i love the story specially kim tae hee, she’s cute,but the ending is so sad,why is that everytime i watch a korean drama the main character always died,no happy ending,,i wonder if in chuno the slave hunter is the same…hehe..but i love iris like a million times.

  1444. 1444 : pearl Says:

    a traditional “Happily ever after story” enough for that… 🙂

  1445. 1445 : Shadrach Says:

    Kim hyun joon must not die… Waiting for season 2 with happy ending…

  1446. 1446 : tintin Says:

    rily love the series.very heart whelming!kudos to the cst. cmple pckge of love. love for frnds,work,nation,famly,beliefs and oneslf. knda dsapntd at the endng cz i stl shd a tear aftr a wk of wtcng it wenevr i recol those award wining mments.it rminds me of d impct
    east of edn has wid me. totaly great drma. rly has a pnch in the soul.

  1447. 1447 : takgu99 Says:

    i take back what i said bad things about this drama such as stupid drama, worst drama bcoz at that time i haven’t watched iris..
    and now, what can i says..absolutely great!!! i love it..i get the answer why the ratings really high..its awesome

  1448. 1448 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] IRIS Rating : 3 out of 5 […]

  1449. 1449 : Pappy Says:

    Must this film end this way… Must the main actor die just like that… I give it all to the drama,but the ending is nothing to write home about…

  1450. 1450 : Anonymustache Says:

    I’m pretty sure i saw a deleted scene somewhere that shows the girl with the short hair killing him… apparently shes in iris… but its soooo sad, she actually looks like she loves him D:

  1451. 1451 : Sakunle eniola Says:

    This movie is a very thrilling one, how i wish it could just continue .or is there any available continuation after kim hyun jun’s death? I can’t wait to wachting it. If it continues send me an e-mail to the above address. Just to say, i love kim tae hee so much. I will like to see her featuring in more films

  1452. 1452 : shampoo Says:

    oh my gosh! im still watching iris ryt nw and im in ep. 18 already,.knwing that kim hyun joon will die at the end of the story!!! i cnt take it!! im getting so sad ryt nw! i really liked his character here.,huhu..hoping there will a part 2! please!!! coz im missing him ryt nw even though i ddnt seen the ending yet!!!T_T

  1453. 1453 : shampoo Says:

    btw this is the only KDrama that i cnt predict the scenes so far! very good job guys! that’s why im pleading for an IRIS 2!=(

  1454. 1454 : READY STOCK KOREAN DRAMA DVD : Athena Goddes of War | JUAL BELI DVD KOREAN POP Says:

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  1455. 1455 : Bathsoap Says:

    Hey Shampoo!
    I just finished watching Iris as well and my word, what an amazing amazing drama series. ABout the ending, Kim hyun jyun doesn’t die. It’s the nightmare both kim hyun joon and choi seung hee are talking about.

  1456. 1456 : wdr Says:

    what a best drama!! love kim tae hee and lee bun hyung <3 they r so sweet!!

  1457. 1457 : wdr Says:

    lee byung hun n kim tae r so sweet couple <3

  1458. 1458 : wdr Says:

    why a good drama always end up with sad ending :’_(

  1459. 1459 : wdr Says:

    seriously have an IRIS 2??? when??? :O

  1460. 1460 : Lin Lyinnza Says:

    i’m still wacthing this movie..sad..but adventure..continue and still continue for a day..wachting that n you can love it..

  1461. 1461 : desislava Says:

  1462. 1462 : Curious Says:

    Im curious about this drama. Im going to start watching it, i hope i like it o_O

  1463. 1463 : Davida Says:

    I love watching Korean Drama’s but whoever is responsible for the English subtitles fire them. They are horrible the pronouns are not right if it’s a man he is called she if it’s a woman it’s called he in the subtitles. Some parts the actors are talking and there are no subtitles at all. It’s really really bad and I know I have missed sooo much. For a 20 million dollar budget you should be able to get someone to do the subtitles right.

    I was so sad about the ending.

  1464. 1464 : FTSY Says:

    nicest drama ever… can i know where can i download?

  1465. 1465 : AP 09 Says:

    I start to watch this movie…
    Hopt, This is interesting drama

  1466. 1466 : AP 09 Says:

    I start to watch this movie…
    Hope, This is interesting drama

  1467. 1467 : sedfrey Says:

    this drama is good…. but for me… still… ‘my fair lady ‘ is the best……

  1468. 1468 : sunghaedel Says:

    i just begin to watch this movie..

  1469. 1469 : Christine Says:

    Two thumbs up for this drama. Although ending was very tragic. Yet the story was a heart warming one. It showcases true love and real friendship. One of my raves for it made me cry a thousand times. I fell in love with the lead stars.

  1470. 1470 : [SBS 2010] Athena: Goddess of War | Says:

    […] Broadcast period: 2010-Dec-13 to 2011-Feb-21 Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55 Related Series : IRIS, IRIS […]

  1471. 1471 : Francesco Says:

    Hello I wonder if you can help a fellow fan: I usually buy my stuff from YesAsia, which carries the same titles in different countries versions. Taking IRIS as example, the Korean version costs 68 euros while the Singapore version is only 35. Since they both have English subs I wonder: is the Singapore version edited differently? Do they maybe cut political or sexual references? Thanks a million, Francesco

  1472. 1472 : IRIS Says:

    IRIS 2

  1473. 1473 : IRIS Says:

    IRIS 2
    Lee Byung Hun Kim Tae Hee as COUPLE !!

  1474. 1474 : NextDoor Says:


    Iris 2 is coming soon.

    Iris 2 will air on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 9:55 pm on KBS. The premier will be in February of 2013.

    just an FYI coz u dont have it yet. thanks 🙂

    (@NextDoor from admin: Thanks 🙂 )

  1475. 1475 : Muftyee Says:

    i really luv this movie so much is my best movie so far and Kim Tae Hee is my favorite character . she is absolutely marvelous..

  1476. 1476 : Daniel Says:

    Pls for Kim Tae-Hee’s sake dont let Lee Byung-Hun die..ah really luv dat guy more especially their love shared

  1477. 1477 : ndriKpop Says:

    I CAN’T WAIT IRIS 2 !!!!!

  1478. 1478 : feane Says:

    am i the only one that favored kim so yun more than kim tae hee? o.O

    at least I liked the ending very much since it shows that you can’t just get away after facing such a deep rooted and wide spread organization.

  1479. 1479 : elip Says:


  1480. 1480 : [KBS 2013] IRIS2 | Says:

    […] story take place three years after the the death of Hyun Joon inIRIS I. It will reveal mystery surrounding Hyun Joon’s death and Baek San (Kim Young Chul), who has been […]

  1481. 1481 : Athena: Goddess of War | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre los Doramas Coreanos en Español Says:

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  1482. 1482 : -Ke- Says:

    IRIS is still the best drama I’ve ever watched till now.

  1483. 1483 : IRIS2 RAW SUB E02 / زیرنویس فارسی سریال کره ای آیریس تا قسمت 2 | دانلود کده فارسی-انگلیسی Says:

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  1485. 1485 : yanin Says:

    I do love watching IRIS I, I have watched many times already. Esspecially, I love actor and actress. For IRISII I feel that it is not connect to Iris I because new actor and actress it seem a new drama nonsense special to me.

  1486. 1486 : sinopsis drama iris 2 episode 1Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

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  1489. 1489 : IRIS 2 (아이리스 시즌 2) | styrn Says:

    […] story take place three years after the the death of Hyun Joon in IRIS I. It will reveal mystery surrounding Hyun Joon’s death and Baek San (Kim Young Chul), who has been […]

  1490. 1490 : Vivienne Says:

    IRIS 1 is a great drama. Of all the kdramas i have watch, this is one of the best. At first, i’m not a fan of Lee Byung Hun but, while watching IRIS, i became one… One thing i can say is that, the actor had experienced hardships with thise bad goons, WHY is it that the story ended that way, it’s just a little disappointment. He should be alive adn be happy as a reward for all the things he has done. Why not create IRIS 3 and plot here that he survived that gunshot, coma for a while and then came back to take revenge and will be the one to eliminate the head of IRIS and this organization will be gone forever. IT’s possible because in IRIS 1, it is not shown here that the actor is really dead, no ceremony at all and it shows that Choi Sung Hee is waiting for him in the lighthouse, for his proposal….. for the directors and writers, please consider and go for IRIS 3. This will be appreciated by those who have watch this drama.thank you.

  1491. 1491 : IRIS Korean Drama : bittersweet romance! - gelaikuting gelaikuting Says:

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  1492. 1492 : Eric Lee Says:

    IRIS is one of the best Korean Drama which I had viewed,
    Very touching drama and exciting story.
    And provided with a lovely song as well!
    Kindly update what is the song title please?

  1493. 1493 : mohammed suleiman Says:

    iris is one of the best most top rated season film in the world.

  1494. 1494 : anas yusuf ibrahim Says:

    I watched many seasons but there is no one like iris season .
    I consider it to be the Best among seasons

  1495. 1495 : Labaen Says:

    Best drama i have ever watched good acting i like to meet all actor who act.

  1496. 1496 : ck srinivasan Says:

    nice drama i m very like it……………..

  1497. 1497 : iris Says:

    Lee Byung Hun so cool in here

  1498. 1498 : karma lhaden Says:

    it was a nice drama…but sad ending

  1499. 1499 : Dee Says:

    I just started watching this on Netflix looks good n we so many awards

  1500. 1500 : DNWYEKWSUIOUBRTSK Says:

    Hmm it seems like your site ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any helpful hints for rookie blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.

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