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Innocent Man

Title: 세상 어디에도 없는 착한남자 / Innocent Man
Chinese Title: 无辜者
Also Known as: The Nice Guy Never Seen Before / No Such Thing As Nice Guys
Previously Known as: 차칸남자 / Nice Guy
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-Sept-12 to 2012-Nov-15
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


The drama is a melodrama which depicts the story of a man called Kang Ma Roo (Song Joong Ki) who has been hurt by a woman he loves called Han Jae Hee (Park Si Yeon) and how he continues his own life by using several women. He sacrificed his well being for his girlfriend only to be dumped by her for another man. Then, he sets off to take revenge on her with the help of his best friend. He approaches Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won), the daughter of the chaebol group executive in order to execute his revenge.


Main Cast

Song Joong Ki as Kang Ma Roo
Kang Chan Hee as Kang Ma Roo (Young)
Moon Chae Won as Seo Eun Gi
Park Si Yeon as Han Jae Hee
Park Shi Woo as Han Jae Hee (Young)

People around Ma Roo

Lee Kwang Soo as Park Jae Gil
Lee Yoo Bi as Kang Cho Ko (Ma Roo’s half sister)
Han Seo Jin as Cho Go (Young)
Jo Sung Ha as Suk Min Hyuk

People around Eun Gi

Kim Young Chul as Seo Jung Gyu (Eun Gi’s father)
Lee Sang Yeob as Park Joon Ha
Jin Kyung as Hyun Jung Hwa / Secretary Hyun
Kim Seo Ra as Eun Gi’s mother

People around Jae Hee

Kim Tae Hoon as Ahn Min Young
Woo Yong as Jo Young Bae / Secretary Jo
Jo Hwi Joon as Seo Eun Suk (Eun Gi’s half brother)
Yang Ik Joon as Han Jae Sik (Jae Hee’s brother)


Kim Jae Hwa as Korean-Japanese with fake injury claim (ep 1)
Danny Ahn as Kim Jung Hoon (Eun Gi’s ex-boyfriend)
Kim Ye Won as airplane passenger (ep 1)
Shin Da Eun as gold digger (ep 1)
Lee Young Eun as Myung Joo
Jung Eun Pyo as Major general Jung
Lee Byung Joon as Director Choi
Jo Eun Sook as Cho Co’s real mother
Lee Young Ran as Company president Jo

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Bae Kyung Soo
Producer: Ham Young Hoon
Director: Kim Jin Won, Lee Na Jung
Writer: Lee Kyung Hee

Episode Preview

Episode 1 or version 2
Episode 2
Episode 3 or Version 2
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7 (Not Available)
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16 (Not Available)
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 20 (Not Available)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-09-12 1 10.7 (14th) 10.9 (11th) 10.5 (12th) 11.5 (7th)
2012-09-13 2 11.4 (16th) 11.6 (13th) 9.9 (15th) 11.3 (10th)
2012-09-19 3 13.9 (6th) 14.6 (5th) 13.8 (5th) 14.5 (4th)
2012-09-20 4 13.8 (7th) 15.4 (6th) 13.3 (5th) 14.2 (5th)
2012-09-26 5 14.5 (5th) 14.8 (5th) 14.0 (5th) 15.7 (3rd)
2012-09-27 6 16.0 (3rd) 17.8 (3rd) 16.0 (3rd) 18.1 (3rd)
2012-10-03 7 17.9 (3rd) 18.6 (3rd) 17.3 (3rd) 18.6 (3rd)
2012-10-04 8 15.0 (6th) 14.4 (7th) 15.1 (4th) 16.6 (3rd)
2012-10-10 9 15.8 (4th) 17.3 (4th) 15.3 (5th) 17.3 (3rd)
2012-10-11 10 16.2 (5th) 17.3 (3rd) 14.9 (4th) 15.7 (4th)
2012-10-17 11 15.0 (5th) 16.5 (5th) 14.3 (5th) 15.3 (4th)
2012-10-18 12 16.4 (4th) 17.0 (4th) 15.1 (4th) 15.7 (4th)
2012-10-24 13 18.2 (3rd) 18.7 (3rd) 17.1 (3rd) 18.8 (3rd)
2012-10-25 14 18.5 (4th) 19.6 (3rd) 16.7 (4th) 18.4 (4th)
2012-10-31 15 17.1 (4th) 17.6 (3rd) 18.3 (3rd) 20.6 (2nd)
2012-11-01 16 18.8 (4th) 19.8 (2nd) 17.1 (4th) 18.8 (3rd)
2012-11-07 17 18.2 (4th) 19.6 (3rd) 16.2 (4th) 16.4 (4th)
2012-11-08 18 16.8 (5th) 18.1 (4th) 18.2 (4th) 19.7 (3rd)
2012-11-14 19 18.5 (4th) 19.9 (3rd) 17.9 (3rd) 19.3 (3rd)
2012-11-15 20 18.6 (3rd) 20.2 (3rd) 18.0 (3rd) 19.4 (2nd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


2012 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor Awards, Song Joong Ki (Innocent Man)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress Awards, Moon Chae Won (Innocent Man)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Awards, Song Joong Ki (Innocent Man)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Awards, Moon Chae Won (Innocent Man)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards, Song Joong Ki & Moon Chae Won (Innocent Man)
2012 1st K-Drama Star Awards: Best Actor Award (Song Joong Ki)


– Director Kim Jin Won stated that in the Korean title of the drama 세상 어디에도 없는 차칸남자 the word “nice” was purposely misspelled as 차칸 (Cha-kan). The correct Korean spelling for “nice” should be 착한 (Chak-han). His explained that “The lead character describes himself as a nice guy but in reality he is using another person’s love for his own love and is a bad guy who is only out for revenge. We purposely misspelled the title for sarcastic reasons.” (Source)

– The drama undergone a title change after much deliberation by protests from pro-Korean language associations/Korean Language Society. Starting episode 3, the Korean title in the subtitles and all promotional materials has been changed from its misspelled title 세상 어디에도 없는 차칸남자 to the orthographically correct title 세상 어디에도 없는 착한남자. (Source)


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  1. 1 : dara Says:

    So the final title is Innocent Man?
    Can’t wait to watch your drama Oppa and Eonni ^_^

  2. 2 : chulz08 Says:

    wow..I’m waiting for this..
    SJK, I can’t forget his role on SKK scandal..
    his one of my bias..

  3. 3 : Jennie Says:

    It’s finally up here on this site..was wondering when they were going to post this here. Am very excited with this. SJK and MCW just look awesome together from the pics that I’ve seen so far. Had worries at first because of SJK’s boyish looks but that’s history now. He looks just perfect for that role!

  4. 4 : wendy Says:

    can’t wait for this drama! song joong ki (sjk) and moon chae won (mcw) in the same drama..both of them are my favorite because of their best acting in each previous drama.. (sjk in skks and mcw in tpm)

  5. 5 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    song jonng ki and moon chae won,,,
    super exited for this drama,,,

  6. 6 : tweetymae Says:

    can’t wait too watch nice guy…..

  7. 7 : tweetymae Says:

    ….can’t wait 2 watch dis drama….

  8. 8 : lee hye ae Says:

    finally! song joong ki has a new drama. i think this will be something worth anticipating. i’m also curious on how he will handle a serious role, in contrast with his character in sungkyunkwan scandal.

  9. 9 : lee hye ae Says:

    also happy that moon chae won is acting alongdside song joong ki. hope that they will have a great chemistry. ^^

  10. 10 : suhnee Says:

    Song Jooong Ki Oppa…
    I Must Watch This…
    Jdi ga sabar..

  11. 11 : depth Says:

    i really cant wait to watch it cuz i like melodramas n the acting of sk is realy gud , moreover moon chae won is one of the best actresses ever she really can show every single detail of emotion in her acting

  12. 12 : sara Says:

    Can somebody tell me what’s two girls relation that he uses one for revenging other? Any idea?

  13. 13 : zarima Says:

    cant wait this drama to start.. yeheey SJK ure with MCW what a lovely pair love it…

  14. 14 : dara Says:

    @sara: In my opinion, I don’t think there’s any relation at all. But from the synopsis I read, Jae Hee left Ma Roo for another man because she wants to be rich.
    And then there’s Eun Gi, a chaebol princess.
    So maybe for Ma Roo it’s like, “Hey look, I got a new rich girlfriend too.”

  15. 15 : Raimay Says:

    This drama is my first list of the most anticipation drama. Whenever Moon Chae Won goes, I’ll follow you >.< Ahh, Can't wait this drama, I've been waiting for this drama a long time ago T.T

  16. 16 : wendy Says:

    anyone can translate this relationship chart?
    anyway there’s is some stills too from nice guy..hehe


  17. 17 : wendy Says:

    oops grammatical error.. “there are some …” 🙂

  18. 18 : wendy Says:

    aaaah no need translation..check this one :


    so it means, eun gi just one sided love to maru?aaaargh..maru’s act will be too mean for her..

  19. 19 : kdrama Says:

    MCW is back! YAY!!
    Can’t wait for MCW and SJK in Nice Guy.

  20. 20 : dara Says:

    @wendy: thanks for the site, waw so it also answered your question sara#12, Jae Hee in a relationship with Eun Gi’s father.

    It’s already obvious from the start that Ma Roo doesn’t have any feeling toward Eun Gi, since he’s only going to use her for revenge. But I hope they’ll end up together >_< can't see MCW having heartbreak.

  21. 21 : wendy Says:

    @dara i hope so..in the end maru will truly love eun gi..

  22. 22 : kdfan Says:

    yippee, my most anticipated show is here. love the cast!

  23. 23 : Apple Says:

    ..and later..Maru fallin love fo real with the chaebol girl..,whoaaa..i like this kind of storyline 😉

  24. 24 : sara Says:

    Oh, so that’s it. It makes sense. But the genre is melodrama. It will be a heavy tearful drama without any guarantee of happy ending. Hard to watch. We need to wait and see.

  25. 25 : Tonberry Says:

    I’ve been waiting forever for this! XD
    Song Joong Ki <3

  26. 26 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    Wow so exciting^^ new drama of Moon Chae Won and Song Joon Ki I like him in Deep rooted Tree!

  27. 27 : gemerald Says:

    i love 강찬희 / Kang Chan Hee, he played the role as young Cha Dong Joo in Can You Hear My Heart and he did very well… i’m glad that i watch him again in this drama… 🙂

  28. 28 : lovely Says:

    i don’t know but i think one of the reasons for maru uses eun gi is because maru thinks that jae hee loves eun gi as her daughter, you know, like a mother and daughter relationship. So inorder to hurt ja hee he use eun gi. if the drama goes as i predicted then maru will be hurt when he finds out that jae hee and eun gi are actually hating each other, and there’s no turning back

  29. 29 : leyra Says:

    wahhh ga sabar liat seri ini tp masih lama niy… moga bagus ceritanya dan sukses goodluck …… fighting ….

  30. 30 : kel Says:

    Lee Kwang Soo gonna play Joong Ki friend and have a loveline. Cant wait to see his acting!!!

  31. 31 : iRemy Says:

    OMG.. Kim Young Chul will be MCW’s father again?
    this going to be exciting series.. xDD

  32. 32 : tey Says:

    wow!!!! finally Song Joong Ki get role as lead actor..Fighting!!!!

  33. 33 : eun gi Says:

    Innocent Man Facebook page
    Like Us here:http://www.facebook.com/KBS2.InnocentMan

  34. 34 : emerald Says:

    love the cast… i think this a good drama… love u moon chae won… cant wait for it…

  35. 35 : Nahala Says:

    I love joonki and chaewon couple… I hope they end up together in the end:)
    This drama seems so dark though…..

  36. 36 : eny Says:

    i never see soong joong ki drama before because i don’t like Sunkyunkwan scandal, but i know moon chae won acting is good. The story is not new thing, may be i’ll try to watch it to decide is it good drama or not.

  37. 37 : kira Says:

    i would love it if park si yeon will be the lead…hmf hmf..still waiting

  38. 38 : yoan Says:

    can’t wait for this drama!! love song joong ki since i saw him in running man..fightingg ^^

  39. 39 : Park Si Yeon « hanipoollazuardi (first) Says:

    […] Innocent Man (KBS2, 2012) The Greatest Love (MBC, 2011) cameo Coffee House (SBS, 2010) Red Candy (KBS2, 2010) A Man’s Story (KBS2, 2009) Bittersweet Life (MBC, 2008) On Air (SBS, 2008) cameo When Spring Comes (KBS2, 2007) Yeon Gae Somun (SBS, 2006) My Girl (SBS, 2005) Lotus Lantern (CCTV, 2005, guest) Han Xue Bao Ma (CCTV, 2005) Feng Qiu Huang 凤求凰 (CCTV, 2004) […]

  40. 40 : Maykou Says:

    This drama looks soo interesting because of the story plot and the actors and actresses. Love moon chae won, she sure does fit the role of a pure women. I love watching melodramas sometimes like autumn in my heart, stairway to heaven, sad love story, and bad love. This one i hope to have a happy ending to it so that it can make the fams happy including me 🙂

  41. 41 : baNTai Says:

    this drama will be dark at the beginning..
    and so heartbreaking at the end…
    that why i can’t wait again..Please 12/9 come faster..

  42. 42 : echa Says:

    omo,, can’t wait watching this drama,,
    joong ki oppa with girrafe oppa (gwang soo),,
    but i don’t like the female actress,, not really beautifull for joong ki oppa

  43. 43 : eny Says:

    this drama get really good start because the previous drama get high rating and there’s no new airing drama on the same time, this drama has biger chance to continue the success of bridal mask

  44. 44 : almas Says:

    excuse me, has these drama been release?

  45. 45 : ance Says:

    can’t wait for song joong ki’s another drama! hope it will be as successful as deep rooted tree…been waiting for SJK’s performance here!

    fighting SJK!!!

  46. 46 : asiandaddict Says:

    OMO!!! Finally its here in Koreandrama.org!!! Can’t wait for its airing… September 12 is the date, that is my daily word of the day since I have known its pilot day!!! Good luck to both Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won!!! They are currently my most favorite Korean stars and to have been paired is something I can’t wait to see!!!

  47. 47 : HELLO Says:

    WOAH!!! Did not expect this. I’m a huge fan of all the leads and I am actually very happy about the same age friends (Song Joongki and Lee Kwangsoo) acting together. Hahaha
    Running Man Fighting!!!
    Innocent Man (Or the direct translation which is too long) Fighting!!!

  48. 48 : lovely Says:

    love moon chae won and song jung ki to pieces, but i think moon does not fit pure character but she fits perfectly in strong and self-reliance character

  49. 49 : asiandaddict Says:

    @ lovely

    As far as I know, Moon Chae Won’s role here is not a simple girl but a young chaebol heiress who’s being groomed to take over her father’s conglomerate. She’s cold and calculating, business-savvy, and raised by her father to never show emotion to anyone as described in http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/09/nice-guy-gets-its-revenge-on/

  50. 50 : InHyun Says:

    This is it! =D

  51. 51 : adf Says:

    hahaha kwangsoo and joongki! running man buddies~

  52. 52 : baNTai Says:

    I wish the debut rating more than 15%…

  53. 53 : PVL Says:

    The storyline sounds intriguing and interesting – I’m looking forward to see this Drama – I love Moon Chae Won – She is marvelous in the Princess’s Man – her team up with Park Shi Hoo is exquisite, they really look lovely together. I want to see her lovely face in the small screen again.

  54. 54 : lovely Says:

    you know arang and the ministrato is also very good so i’m a little bit worry about the ratings, but we will watch for the one that have our actors

  55. 55 : nisa Says:

    omggggg sounds interestinggg! song jong ki is so handsome here<3 and moon chae won & park si yeon eonni is such beautiful too!! hwa they're a great actress that i loved.
    cant wait so much! and looking forward for this one drama<3

  56. 56 : myeon Says:

    moon chae won ~~ song joong ki~~ omg both of i loved. looking forward for this drana

  57. 57 : ppqpham Says:

    waiting for this drama <3

  58. 58 : ppqpham Says:

    waiting fo this drama. Hope to see Joong Ki oppa in TV so much

  59. 59 : sweet Says:

    Moon Chae Won…!!!one of my favourite korean’s actress, i really like her acting.. AJA-AJa FIGHTING!!!

  60. 60 : miTTen Says:

    Look forward to watch this drama. Adore MCW & SJK acting.

  61. 61 : Lorem Says:

    I’m a Moon Chae Won groupie!

  62. 62 : sie_sunny Says:

    me too, love this drama couse her 🙂

  63. 63 : eny Says:

    why the poster reminds me of bridal mask poster?this drama will get high rating for the first episode, that’s because this drama follow the slot of the winner rating “bridal mask” and the competitor of this drama already airing

  64. 64 : MoMo Says:

    I love Moon Chae Won & Soong Jong Ki!

  65. 65 : kdfan Says:

    don’t quite like mcw’s hairstyle here, hope it will change later

  66. 66 : senahensem Says:

    i like SJK..but not to actress who lead in this drama.. i thought moon geun young…anyway good luck to SJK

  67. 67 : kdrama Says:

    senahensem: then you can wish for your dream couple. But there’s no need to point that out in here, play nice.. can we?

  68. 68 : senahensem Says:

    kdrama: ok..

  69. 69 : enkchoow Says:

    I cant wait for this drama.
    I love MCW unnie. Love SJK oppa.
    I think they will have a good chemistry. Hope it will have a top rating. FIGHTING!!

  70. 70 : HELLO Says:

    Song Joong Ki FIGHTING!!!!!
    That is all 😛

  71. 71 : Aku Says:

    Finally..Song Joong Ki as Lead Actor!!!can’t wait~
    Fighting joong ki!!!

  72. 72 : tintin Says:

    I’m looking forward to this drama. Big fan of the lead actors esp. MCW… Big fan of the Giraffe too!!! Kwangsoo and Joongki reunion!!! DAEBAK!!!

  73. 73 : mrs.onew Says:

    Fighting!!! LOVE The lead couple. MCW saranghae…

  74. 74 : kouku Says:

    Hope that this drama will be successful like Bridal Mask. Daebak!

  75. 75 : eny Says:

    i wanna see something funny after watching dark and intense drama like gaksital, do you have any suggestion for me? see arang but it’s not really fun for me

  76. 76 : sie_sunny Says:

    i’m in love with moon chae won since in TPM and i’m in love with park shi yeon in coffee house, so love you both 🙂 so feel sad wanna see park shi yeon in antagonist caracter, i don’t like her to be a bad girl until the end of the drama…oohh..writer nim and director nim, jebbaaaalllll…….^_^

  77. 77 : sie_sunny Says:

    when this drama airing in september 12, where’s i can watched online streaming? anyone can help me? thanks a lot 🙂

  78. 78 : sie_sunny Says:


    do you have seen?

    -city hall ( kim sun ah – cha seung won )
    -my lovely sam soon ( kim sun ah – hyun bin )
    -what up fox ( chun jung myung )
    -spring dalja’s ( chae rim – lee min ki )

    that’s drama is really funny, esspessially city hall, really great story between shin m rea and jo guk, for me that’s drama still number one until now, couse really fun 🙂

  79. 79 : sie_sunny Says:

    @ eny

    enjoy your watching, hope you like it 🙂

  80. 80 : sie_sunny Says:

    this drama is killing me, i can’t wait anymore….ooohhhh so quiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….hello chinguuu…hello viewer……annyeoongggggg…:)

  81. 81 : eny Says:

    i search mylovely samsoon in many site but the link didn’t work long time ago, watch city hall to ep 3 but interfere by bridal mask, i’ll wath it later

  82. 82 : nisa Says:

    cant wait this drama to be aired <3
    arghhh moon chae won and song jong ki!!!
    PD-nim im so happy that you paired up moon cae won with song jong ki!
    they gonna be the best as a couple 🙂 yeahhh

  83. 83 : nisa Says:

    cant wait this drama to be aired <3
    arghhh moon chae won and song jong ki!!!
    PD-nim im so happy that you paired up moon cae won with song jong ki!
    they gonna be cute as sweet as a couple 🙂 yeahhh

  84. 84 : ance Says:

    ohh my SJK…i promise i will support this drama…

  85. 85 : lovely Says:

    please no too much kiss scenes

  86. 86 : ratih Says:

    aigoo.. i’m still waiting for SJK.. FIGHTING!

  87. 87 : sie_sunny Says:


    I think a lot of kissing scenes in early episodes just because the characters maru still wild and still want to take revenge, when he fell in love with eun gi then he will change, and I guess that’s why writers and directors make a lot of kissing scenes in the beginning of the episode

    I really hope the writer will not kill one of the protagonist because of his previous writers killed one of the protagonist likes MISA (mianhanda, saranghanda or sorry, i love you ) and a love to kill, I don’t want to see eun gi or maru die, pleaseee….writer nim 🙂

  88. 88 : baNTai Says:

    It’s not one…,but both main lead..
    Kang Bok Gu & Eun Suk die together in Ijuksa,
    while Cha Moo Hyun & Eun Chae die in Misa…
    So.,I hope NG also will not die only one character..,
    But both will be better..it’s really suffer to watch only
    one lead have to life alone…huhu

  89. 89 : sie_sunny Says:


    I mean ,i hope this time the writer makes the story a happy ending, do not have to die at the end of the drama, although this melodrama but if there is no other better option as you said, let them both die, that’s better

  90. 90 : Lala Says:


  91. 91 : sie_sunny Says:

    omg….2 days to go, so exciteeeeeedddddddddddd……..wednesday palliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii nawayeo 🙂

  92. 92 : Hades Says:

    KYAAa,, SOOO Jongg kii , I miss you ..
    you’re the best actor in Running man , Hope you can the best in this drama ..

  93. 93 : lovely Says:

    sie_sunny. i mean i’m okay with maru kissing other girls but not eungi. a kiss scene is after they really fell in love but not maru just kiss her like that.

  94. 94 : emerald Says:

    super excited…!!!!!!!

  95. 95 : may Says:

    I like the lead actor I saw him in sungkyungkwan scandal and my precious family I was waiting for this drama from the plot and the title I thought it would be comedy romance kinda drama I dnt like melodrama ==. I wish it would have some funny scene or I won’t watch it…

  96. 96 : Oyabun Says:

    Looks interesting. This guy, the main actor, he was great in SKKS, but here, he looks like a little boy. He will need a lot of talent to handle the character.

  97. 97 : shetalla Says:

    wow, it’s interesting to see both song joong ki and moon chae won in this drama. moreover there is kwangsoo too. it’s totally fascinating. i hope it gets good ratings and have good story plot.

  98. 98 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    AGB Neilsen nationwide ratings 10.5 ranked #12

  99. 99 : tamy Says:

    aaarrgh..i hate it when song joong ki kissed park si yeon..i want to slap her when i watched that scene –so biased :p

  100. 100 : lovely Says:

    can anyone tell where i can watch it. hint: i’m living in usa

  101. 101 : taryn Says:

    finally… i can see oppa SJK. i supposed this will replace Bridal Mask. wow can’t wait to see another handsome lead. cuteness overload every wed and thurs nights.woohoo!!!!!

  102. 102 : Janne Says:

    song joong ki and moon chae won as the lead actor and actress,
    wanna watch it,

  103. 103 : sie_sunny Says:

    wow!! everything in this drama is perfect, they acting are awesome, i’m so in love with this drama, super excited for second eps tonight >_<

  104. 104 : Jennie Says:

    @GKA So happy to see you here too. Where are the rest of the “gang”? I suppose they are all busy now that the school break is over. Yeah, I disliked JH the moment Maru received that phone call from her. I am streaming live (I was changing channels every five minutes between this and Arang last night heehee) but I’d probably watch Arang this evening cos it has live subs and this one does not have yet! Sorry I digressed but I love both Maru and EG pairing. Both are so “mean” – awesome pairing. I am amazed too how MCW who has this little spoilt girl voice can look and behave the part of a b** so well. Great start, NG!

  105. 105 : Jennie Says:

    @lovely #100 Which part of the States are you in? You can try Viki first. If it doesn’t work, try Youtube or Dramacrazy 😀

  106. 106 : lovely Says:

    jennie. i’m living close to the sounth. i have tried viki but it didn’t work in my region, i find nothing on youtube except some teasers. i think i’ll try to go to dramacrazy. thanks alot for helping me

  107. 107 : Jennie Says:

    @lovely You’re welcome. Other than Dramacrazy, you can also try Epdrama, Mysoju and Dailymotion. Good luck 😀

  108. 108 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:


    Hi…nice to see u here too:)Yes i will watch this drama I like the synopsis and I like Moon Chae Won and so with Song Joon Ki…but guess I like SJK in sageuk dramas esp. in deep rooted tree heheh:)but I’m going to watch this one tho…

  109. 109 : hny Says:

    Melo n romance drama.. Nado Joaha !! so will keep watching n enjoy the lead actor face 😀

  110. 110 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie i can’t wait to see MCW kicking ass as a bitch. i missed watching her acting, its been too long since TPM. oh what a long wait for the subs. and dramacrazy has been acting crazy lately with all sorts of popups n blank screens, huff!

  111. 111 : riaa Says:

    was high enough reting hopefully be even higher.
    song joong ki and chae won moon spirit

  112. 112 : yoan Says:

    SJK and MCW!!
    will be my next to watch drama 😀
    how is ep 1?

  113. 113 : KDaddict Says:

    I saw 1st 15 mins of ep 1. The melo got to me.
    So they escaped from the ghetto. The female neighbor (played by PSH) becomes a reporter thru sheer tenacity. She is determined to be a success come hell or high water. The boy next door (SJK) is thoroughly smitten w her. He has a younger sister w a debilitating illness. Ah the burden. He is a brilliant, promising med student. Then she kills sb in a hotel room, becos he tries to rape her. She calls him for help. Gosh, I already hate PSH’s char. I yell at the screen. Call 911, not him! He runs to her rescue, leaving behind his sister who is in the throes of an attack fr her illness. N I yell at him. Call 911! Send your sister to the hosp first, dummy! That was when I switched off the TV.
    Things r going to go to hell in a basket for him. Based on the synopsis, we can tell:
    He’ll take the rap for the murder. She promised to wait for him while he goes to prison to save her. But of course when he comes out, she no longer knows him. With a criminal record, no money or parents, he has little recourse. He becomes a gigolo.
    My goodness. All that will be excruciating to watch, all the more so becos I love SJK!
    I need to wait a few weeks until the drama gets to the revenge part, w Moon CW on screen, before I can bear to watch.

  114. 114 : sweet Says:

    @KDaddict 113
    lol… i got the same feeling of hating Jae hee another character to hate after hong sena….

  115. 115 : hny Says:

    Lol.. why u not help to call 911 😀

  116. 116 : KDaddict Says:

    @Sweet, @hny,
    So nice to see you here! You are both hitting the nail on the head. Yes, Jae Hee is another Hong sena, a char we love to hate. If I could call 911 for them, I wouldn’t have to be so agitated that I was forced to switch off the tv.
    I super love SJK. He is in my top 5 or even top 3. And Moon CW too. So after taking a deep breath, I might have to go back and tear out my hair when I watch!

  117. 117 : dsd Says:

    Innocent Man Ep 1 ( Nice gay) Eng sub

  118. 118 : lovely Says:

    dsd. i love to go to that site you provided. i’ve been waiting for it since first epi. thanks alot. moon chae won is soooo good even she has less scenes in epi 1. i know why they chose park shi yeon to play the role because she’s a bitchy too no matter in the drama or others. sjk is my baby

  119. 119 : hny Says:

    aiiigooooo! Ne nuneun aphego..but the link just circling although it connected I only can hear.. OMG!!

  120. 120 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict you hate Jaehee after the first 15 mins?? I hate Maroo first instead!

    How could this show start by having Maroo in my bad books when I was so looking forward to SJK, aarrggghhh .. stupid stupid .. y can’t he do the right thing! how can he not get sis to the hospital first! thats y i try not to watch melos. if it wasnt for SJK n MCW, i probably won’t be here.
    ok i m going back for the remaining 30 mins. hope i won’t tear my hair out too

  121. 121 : KDaddict Says:

    15 mins of this show, n I was thinking:
    1. What kind of person u r in love w is v impt. If u love a snake, you are going to get bitten!
    2. Good persons do the right thing first, whether it is coming clean on killing sb who tried to rape u, or sending your sister to the hosp instead of leaving her to possibly die, n run off to your gf when she calls.
    3. Human beings have choice. At major junctures, your choice may affect you for life. Who can you blame then?
    4. Revenge? Come on. He chooses to take the murder rap for her. She didn’t force it on him. OK, she did go off n marry sb else. But would her marrying him make him happy then???

    When the melo in a drama is dealt out by ‘fate’, it makes me sad. When the melo in a drama is made by the chars themselves, it just makes me Mad.
    I likely can’t help watching becos of SJK nMCW, but I know the show will make me angry and give me stomach aches. Maybe I can just mute the sound n watch their expressions. 😉

  122. 122 : Hayat Says:

    Same here i hope you r not pulling your hair i thought he will be coldhearted after Jae hee betrayal

  123. 123 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Hmph, strange. I thought I sent you a reply to #110 but it disappeared. Maybe I hit the wrong button 🙁 I haven’t seen Ep 2 cos I watched Arang live instead yesterday since there are no live subs for NG yet. I think MCW rocks with this role. As for Maru, I have a feeling there’s more to what they have revealed so far. He must have a deeper reason why he hates JH so much. I also suspect that JH did not reveal the whole truth as to what actually happened in the hotel room. Meanwhile, I like that the leads are different than the usual leads in KDs. They are not likeable from the very 1st episode lol.

  124. 124 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie yes mcw is quite convincing, more so to me is it shows she is bitchy on the surface. I dont know if she is really so good that i can see the layers in her acting or i m just psyching myself to believe she is so. she is concealing a lot of pains, she has hardened herself and doesn’t care about inflicting pain on herself by overworking. i hv not watched ep 2 yet too. i hv decided not to watch raw anymore, no time to rewatch the subbed. Yes, there is the 5 years in between that changed Maru that has not been revealed yet. Unfortunately rather than being curious about that, i can’t wait to jump to the part when emotions get all tangled up between the 3. Yes it’s different that i dislike the lead just 15 mins into it. But I guess the show lives up to the title then .. there is no such thing as a nice guy 😀

  125. 125 : KDaddict Says:

    I try to tell myself that this melo KD will be interesting to watch becos it is about the hero and heroine changing from angry ppl full of hatred to changed beings with love n forgiveness in their heart. It will be a journey of redemption for them, and surely that is worth following.
    Not many actors can make me watch a melodrama anymore, had too much of that already. But SJK n MCW is one such pairing for me.

  126. 126 : cath Says:

    can you help me where i gonna watch innocent man..i tried all posted sited here but its not working…

  127. 127 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1:
    So she does call 911 after all! Ha. But he grabs the cellphone out of her hand. So it is he who chooses to abandon his sick sister, in order to go to jail in her place. I don’t call that love. I call it sick in the head.
    As with FOTGods, I had problems with its chars’ behavior starting in ep 1, it makes me less sympathetic to their plight. I hope this show will allow me to re-gain respect for these char’s.
    Oh Wow! The acting if top notch! I take my hat off to SJK! and MCW as well.
    Here’s taking a deep breath, a whole series of them, b4 diving into ep 2.

  128. 128 : Himi Says:

    you can watch it on dramacrazy

  129. 129 : dsd Says:

    Nicv Guy Ep 2 Eng sub

  130. 130 : sweet Says:

    its not because of what happen 6 yrs ago why maru want revenge it is when he goes to prison for the second time for false accusations believe that it is Jae hee who reported him and his sister almost die…

    MCW and KYC paired again as father and daughter.

  131. 131 : Lorem Says:

    Song Joong Ki comes as a surprise for me. What a wonderful performance. He stood out in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” but here, playing a more mature character, the dude’s solid.

    Moon Chae Won does it again. What a joy to watch her work. I think her acting keep getting better.

    This drama is cast well with one exception, IMHO Park Si Young is too old for the character she plays and it shows. Maybe I’m missing something, someone can set me right on that issue.

    While k-drama writers correctly identify the commodity with the most appeal to sentients as “union” (romance/love), their sticking to a cookie-cutter template, forsaking actual character-driven story telling is to be their downfall. However I value k-dramas over its western culture conterpart, where a defined quota of doggy-style coitus is a staple.

    K-Drama’s may its reign be long! 🙂

  132. 132 : Lorem Says:

    correction: “Park Si Yeon” not “Park Si Young”

  133. 133 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict that’s exactly why i dislike that i started the show with a lowlight bec they force an unrealistic reason to set up Maru’s future behaviour. now i hv to forget ep 1 and moving on to ep 2 .. oh no! eungi did the same stupid thing too! so they are made for each other haha .. btw did u notice mcw get the same daddy from hell she had from TPM? Kimyoungchul is a wonderful actor! I have this bad feeling that eunsuk is actually u-know-who’s son although i really really hope not. mcw is so good, i hope to see her swear more 😀

  134. 134 : PVL Says:

    I love it! For me, the first two episodes are very compelling, and I just love Moon Chae Won. I cannot wait for a new revelations for the upcoming episodes.

  135. 135 : KDaddict Says:

    He is in a hell of his own making!
    Wouldn’t it have been much more effective if he had done the following:
    Let her report herself to the police, plead self-defense in the trail–the guy was trying to rape her, she hit him on the head in self-defense–it’s not pre-mediated in any way, so she’d get off easy. Then he can finish med school, be a successful doctor, marry her and give her the good life that she so desires. Meanwhile, he can also escape the ghetto and get to take care of his sister properly.
    It’s always dicey to expect a woman, esp an ambitious one, to wait for you for a few years, n marry you out of gratitude when you have no money and no future!
    So I’m thinking this guy has problems, of boundaries, of responsibility, of priorities, of ethics, of proper procedure, etc. And as I think abt it, I realize that’s why I don’t like melodramas, becos they focus on ppl who r not clear in their heads, while I prefer to watch properly-functioning individuals, in drama as well as reality.
    But the Acting! My gosh! The acting is just top-notch, n that’s just fr watching ep 1 between my fingers!

  136. 136 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh, your theory is very interesting. But the little boy is 4 years old. Maru was put in prison 6 years ago, n acc to Maru’s friend, the Poisonous snake stopped visiting M soon after he was imprisoned.

  137. 137 : Lala Says:

    This is the second time (I think) for Kim Young Chul to be Moon Chae Won father XD
    The Princess Man and this drama!

  138. 138 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict I missed the part on the boys age but I m really glad it rules out the possibility of Maru being the dad. I feel exactly the same about melos. I know this will be a frustrating yet irresistible watch for me just like fotg. And this one is better bec of the acting. I feel SJK look too baby face although he nails all the expressions.

  139. 139 : sweet Says:

    @kdfan 133
    reading your comment make me begging to myself oh please dont make it true, that child shoudnt be maru son, yah maru and eungi are pathetic what they did was not love its stupidity. do you guys have any theory about what is that inside the envelop that jae hee holding when she came out from that motel and give it to eungi father? maybe it is related to eungi drug case, just guessing. the murder incident is not what fuel maru to get revenge he already decided to let go of jae hee but then he was frame up for blackmailing jae hee ( well its a misundrstanding because it is actualy eungi who reported him) and his sister almost die.

  140. 140 : sara Says:

    It starts with a man in white coat climbing the stairs, then the hospital, the sick child, a warm-hearted intern who admits to pay the bill although he is a poor orphan himself and uses his two hands like a bag for the child to vomit, then he is in his home and calls his choco with a warm voice. The story is bright till here. We can see he is such a nice guy and then…

    The phone rings, more like a warning sound and he steps on the path of misery. He leaves his sick sis alone to help his lover. He even takes the blame for murdering someone. That ‘s how he loves this girl who i think is already cheating on him. I love the window scene. He thinks he will be missing the world down the street. Song Junggi is just doing great in this scene.

    6 years later he is a different person. His white coat is replaced by a bathrobe which he ‘s wearing after a night with a girl. It’s not something sacred for helping people. It’s full of lust. Then his clothes turn to black. SJG rocks in hug scene with the gold digger girl. His face is completely expressionless and cold. But he kisses her again and again. He even don’t want to help a dying patient. You think he is not a nice guy anymore. But he is in conflict with himself.

    You think this drastic change is the result of the shock of his lover’s marriage. But then, we can see it’s not the reason. It seems he has just traumatized because he had lost contact with her and what he faces in the plane, knocks him down completely. I wonder if their meeting in the plane and up in the sky has any significance.

  141. 141 : sara Says:

    You love this drama, SJG, MCW but you can’t stand melos. Me too. Usually, i hate watching a character suffering from beginning to end and even dies at the end with just a satisfied, forgiving heart. But i can’t help but watch this drama. The acting is just superb and the plot is promising. Just seeing KYC makes me shudder. Is he playing the evil again? Is it possible that we can see more than 2 evils in this drama? Some of the guys are comparing Hong Sena and JH but i think Hong Sena was just a stupid empty shell and JH is a real evil.

  142. 142 : KDaddict Says:

    I haven’t seen ep 2 yet. I refuse to. I’ll wait for a few more eps first before tear my hair out in frustration over their stupid actions, n waiting to see what’ll happen next.
    In ep 1, Snake said to Eunki in their garden:
    “Why are u treating the child that way. He is only 4.”
    The murder happened 6 years earlier. So it means she married/slept w the old man less than 1 year after Maru went to jail for her.

    I love the acting in this drama, but I don’t actually love the drama itself. I have difficulty getting on board w a guy who would give up what is probably a hard-won chance/scholarship to attend medical school and his sick dependent sister, (they have no living parents, right?) to go to jail for a woman who killed a stranger in self-defense. It doesn’t compute for me. Like kdfan says, must get over ep 1 to move on. Problem is: ep 1 is such a stumbling block for me. I have nothing to watch this weekend, yet I dont feel at all compelled to start ep 2.

    I also have the sneaky feeling that the ending isn’t going to be a bowl of cherries of those concerned!

  143. 143 : junhyung's girl Says:

    I dont care what others said about this drama. I just loved it! Superb acting and promising plot. Innocent [email protected] [email protected]’s No Such Thing As Nice Guy is daebak! <3

  144. 144 : yoan Says:

    just finish watching ep2,and i can only say this drama is superb!! i love maru and eunki <3
    can't wait fore ep3 😀

  145. 145 : Rain Says:

    I can’t wait for ep3, I love this drama, the acting amazed me…..LOVE IT

  146. 146 : GHSforever Says:

    I am so hooked with this drama.
    Song Joong Ki plays his role really good atm. The stares he gave to his ex-girlfriend were amazing.
    After 49 days I am totally against melodramas for, because I will cry like there is no tomorrow. But I can’t resist Joong Ki. Just realized that the writer is the writer of the drama ‘A love to kill’. I hope she does not give me such a heartbreak at the end of the drama like she did with me in A love to kill.
    Btw it was nice to see a female protagonist(Moon Chae Won) who wasn’t the kind girl next door, but rather someone with a backbone and a rude attitude. It’ll be super interesting to see her relationship with Ma Roo, and I hope she doesn’t turn into a love puppy when she maybe ‘dates’ Ma Roo because we all know she needs to be strong when she faces the ugly truth.

  147. 147 : GHSforever Says:

    The title of the drama is quite interesting too. The words ‘Nice Guy’ describes a man who is honest and gentle and caring towards women. I think the title refers to Ma Roo behaviour towards women. He just PRETENDS to be a good guy when actually he is not one.

    Btw does the others also feel disgusted that Jae Hee slept with that old man, just because she wanted his money and fame.

  148. 148 : Micc Says:

    20 minutes into the show and I don’t like it. Didn’t he get his priorities all wrong? Left a sick younger sister at home, cover up for a murder which was a self-defense. Love Song Joong Ki, but can’t take the make-up makjang moments. Did I say love Song Joong Ki? 🙂 Glad to see he has a grown up lead role. Good luck!

  149. 149 : myeon Says:

    oh my god, done watched 2 eps, and i totally fall in love with this drama. epic ! i can say that, maybe, this drama will be the greatest drama on this season <3

  150. 150 : sara Says:

    It’s ep 2 and it’s already hard to watch. Now we can see Eungi is another crazy-stupid for love person. JH proves her evilness and you just want to skin her off alive. Maroo is just too miserable. He is stuck in such horrible situation without doing anything wrong. He is alone with no money, no one to help him, no one to love him, no one to lean on, with a sick sister who blames him for her sickness, with a painful past and a life wasted for nothing. You want to save him. Watching him aches your heart. Everything is dark around him. All of these makes this drama hard to watch. But, the acting is superb, the story is tempting and i need to watch it. I need to know what is going to happen to Maroo. I’m testing my patience.

  151. 151 : sara Says:

    It’s ep 2 and it’s already hard to watch. Now we can see Eungi is another crazy-stupid for love person. JH proves her evilness and you just want to skin her alive. Maroo is just too miserable. He is stuck in such horrible situation without doing anything wrong. He is alone with no money, no one to help him, no one to love him, no one to lean on, with a sick sister who blames him for her sickness, with a painful past and a life wasted for nothing. You want to save him. Watching him aches your heart. Everything is dark around him. All of these make this drama hard to watch. But, the acting is superb, the story is tempting and i need to watch it. I need to know what is going to happen to Maroo. I’m testing my patience.

  152. 152 : Emily Says:

    Very good acting of all actors, especially I like JH acting…I fall for her innocent act at first, almost believed that she is also a victim but then see her devil look…great acting…make more into this drama…can’t wait for the next episode.

  153. 153 : Lorem Says:

    I liked that Sunji character in Bridal Mask, Kang To’s former friend. The actor’s onscreen personality is so warm, even when he’s being mean towards Kang To, you still liked the dude. I think Chae Won has the same quality. She’ll be mean and I will be forgiving. 🙂

  154. 154 : lhealy alshenuq Says:


  155. 155 : @funnyvino Says:

    two thumbs up!

  156. 156 : GHSforever Says:

    Danny Ahn made a cameo on the second episode of Nice Guy. He played an ex-boyfriend of Seo Eun Gi.

  157. 157 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    in ep1 the song being played sounds like the OST of Pink Lipstick “Black Tears” by Kang Jong Wook:) I like that song soo much:)

  158. 158 : yoan Says:

    it’s tomorrow!! 😀

  159. 159 : sie_sunny Says:

    happy b’day joong ki ssi’
    good luck 🙂

  160. 160 : lisa Says:

    i love this drama…
    love its storyline
    no wonder it become popular drama in blog and forum

  161. 161 : yoan Says:

    anyone watch ep 3 already??

  162. 162 : ivienn Says:

    i have watched it and i really want to know what they are saying at the end !

  163. 163 : yoan Says:

    ivienn, where do u watch it?? can you please put the link? thanks!

  164. 164 : Lorem Says:

    Someone pls explain to me how the English titles work. “Innocent Man” and “Nice Guy” are obviously different things. What is the rationale in having many titles, some having meaning so juxaposed to other? I’m mystified.

  165. 165 : lovely Says:

    well i love the casts and crews and i want to be part of it. thanks for everyone to make nice guy so good. the rating is higher

  166. 166 : kdfan Says:

    mcw not only has the same father from TPM but also the same mother, how funny! ep 3 is really good. now we begin to see jaehee letting her fangs out. i like how the ep ended with maru seeing more of jaehee’s evil side and the smirk on his face as though telling eungi lets play ball.

  167. 167 : Rainull Says:

    ai biết wedsite của Park So Yeon hay wedsite của diễn viên Kim Hae Sook cho mình xin

  168. 168 : KDaddict Says:

    You know those r different translated versions. As u know, a term in one language can be translated in several ways. It depends on the person doing the translation. This is esp the case when the Korean original is a word play. Word play in this case involves a deliberate corrupted spelling/writing. In Faith, it is a pun, which can mean both Faith and a Heavenly Doctor. Korean is a phonetic language, i.e. same sound, same hangul, but many possible meanings. Hope that helps.

  169. 169 : yuyunzzz Says:

    this drama is very similar with im sorry, i love you… (I didnt watch a love to kill) since the writer is the same person. you just fell sorry for the hero, and at the same time you feel how come this man so stupid, sacrifice everything for nothing. can you just be rational when you make a decision to be a black sheep for the woman you love? yet, this drama made me stay in front of the screen and keep thinking about the ending.

  170. 170 : duckie Says:

    link for ep 3: http://www.viki.com/channels/7995-nice-guy/videos/78573?id=78573 and also here http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/innocent-man-episode-3/; episode 4 should be subbed pretty soon too. viki is fast at subbing 🙂

  171. 171 : julie Says:

    great drama and great actor.
    Song Joong Ki, u are so awesome with ur baby face. can’t wait to see next eps.
    I’m also curios with whom he will be??
    I wanna him with Moon Chae Woon.

  172. 172 : sweet Says:

    http://en.korea.com/?p=374227 JYJ junsu sing the soundtract for innocent man

  173. 173 : myeon Says:


    every Moon chae won's drama always became my favorite. mackerel run, shining inheritance, my fair lady, princess man, and now nice guy. aaaa~~ she became more pro now

  174. 174 : lolipop Says:

    ugh.. hate jae hee the snake! she even seduce the lawyer. evil snake!!

  175. 175 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    love this song already,, junsu’s voice always amaze me..
    i think junsu and joong ki has connection,, back in 2010 junsu sang “too love” for sungkyunkwan scandal ost and now this…

  176. 176 : Lorem Says:

    @KDaddict #168 Thank you for that explanation kdaddict. You’re helpful as always.

    I’m sure when/if k-dramas find a solid footing in western tv network prime time-slots, those minor issues will be addressed cos it is confusing and poor marketing. Cheers!!

  177. 177 : Lorem Says:

    Having watched ep3, I am liking this drama even more. So good!

    Sure there implausible scenes, but one puts it down to budgetry constraints. The feeling of this drama works for me. It breeeeeathes..Yes!! Director, Sir well done!

  178. 178 : Lorem Says:

    How could I have forgotten, the screenplay is by Lee Kyung Hee. I know its only the start of the drama, but I’m so impressed, same way I was enraptured by one of your previous works, the drama “Thank You”. Top notch, very classy.

  179. 179 : Sherry Says:

    To be honest, at first I really not interested with this drama. The story is a bit too heavy for me. The only reason I watch this is because the main cast in this drama was Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won. But after the first episode I really impressed with this drama. The story is suprisingly very good with intense emotion, and acting of the other cast is awesome too. Watch three episodes in one go, and now I can’t wait to watch episode 4th. Totally awesome, and keep the great job guys!!! ^^

  180. 180 : myeon Says:

    where i can watch eps 4 with eng sub??

  181. 181 : hny Says:

    just thank God .. in eps 3 there’s not only view a battle between stepMom and Stepdaughter.. there is cute moment when Ma’roo n SEG going to pick up his sister.. also the Maru’s sister audition is funny moment in this eps.. at least pique my reduced !! I wonder why SEG father seem not love his daughter.. whether he was the father who did not expect girls to be his successor? or b’coz he doesn’t love SG’s mother.. !! this father role is more evil than Jang Do Hyeon (in may queen).

  182. 182 : myeon Says:

    totally dying without subs T_______________________T already refresh many other site almost 100 times since morning just to see if there’s eps 4 with subs. but, there isn’t.

    even arang already subbed, why this one taking so loooong?????????????????? *crying*

  183. 183 : shiro Says:

    It’s so awesome drama. Song Joong Ki Oppa I love you half to death 😀

  184. 184 : napster12 Says:

    awww.. choco is really pretty and cute! <3

  185. 185 : sara Says:

    GREAT. The plot is developing very fast and lots of things happened in this episode. I was right when i thought something was going on between JH and that Ahn guy. The writer is making JH worse by each episode. Now, she even betrays her husband.

    It seems it’s our hero’s fate to get hurt because of his women. This time he breaks his rib. I don’t believe Eungi has fallen for him. If she is also playing a game with him, it will be very very unfair. I think she knows everything about Maru and JH.

    Two best scenes of this ep with brilliant acting of SJK.
    1. When he wants to protect Choco’s mother but she hits him with. Really, the moment she hit him, my heart dropped and i thought she hit me.

    2. When Choco cries and Maru turns the volume up and tries hard to not look back.

  186. 186 : Lorem Says:

    @sara #185 Yea, thanks for bringing it up Sara… the scene in the car when Maru turns on the radio, ups the volume so his sister can cry comfortably without embarrassment. Poignant.

    I actually looked up the route he took — according to the road signs — from the time he left to the sky turning red as he arrived at his destination. Over that time staring at Maru, then heading back to Seoul, Eun Gi transformed from curious to intrigue and then “surrender”. She was able to sleep in someones car, which is for her, significant. It meant something akin to trust had entered her cold her. She’s comfortable, feeling protected around Maru.

    I for one would like to see that nurtured to full bloom. Never mind the obligatory twists…hehe.

    Yea, the whole thing moves at a nice pace. Never a dull moment.

  187. 187 : Lorem Says:

    Shyte! the dreaded correction; “cold her” should read “cold heart.”

  188. 188 : arlenedcs Says:

    Very nice drama. I can’t wait for the next episodes….

  189. 189 : lovely Says:

    who wouldn’t fall for a guy like an angel. i think the moment maru saves eungi she sees him as an angel so fall for him very hard.

  190. 190 : Abibuyog Says:

    I really don’t have a slightest plan to watch this series, even though I like Song Ji and Moon Chae, melodrama and all the revenge stuff are not my type.. Also, having a hard doing what I think should give me the peace of mind, and dreamy-thoughts, I know I cannot find it here, but surprisingly, I caught off guard, and finish the three episodes and going to watch the last episode for this week. Oh C’mon, this is not the usual me, but I’m rooting or trying to deceive myself that I will learn something on this drama, but bring it on! Let’ see. :). I hope it will not end up, me giving up because of so much heavy thoughts and scenes..

  191. 191 : tiffaaa Says:

    lama sekali tamatnyaaa… uda gak sabaaarrrr pen ntn>_<

  192. 192 : tiffaaa Says:

    belum tamat:( pdahal dah pngn ntn:((

  193. 193 : riaa Says:

    drama, starring song joong ki and moon chae won is very exciting and I hope this drama will be rewarded.

  194. 194 : Abibuyog Says:

    Nice Guy are one of those ‘ supposed- to- be-wonderful’ dramas where you just know that it won’t end happily ever after.

  195. 195 : kimchilee Says:

    I just marathon all 4 episodes.. cant say i like how SJK ended up like a pathetic fool that he is now.. i hope the writer gives him more direction in his life other than just wasting his life yearning for someone lost to him or that revenge look on his face. He is suppose to be a doctor.. an intelligent man.. where did all that intelligence go to!? haish.. let’s hope he improves as the drama continues.. also, with his broken and poor image, how did he get to drive such a big car and also has the money to fly around esp to Japan to meen MCW.. ? did he get all the money by being a gigolo..? aigoo..

    that said, i am still wondering why they continue to show bad horrible temper bosses who throw things and shouting around? haish.. must be the culture.. i pity the workers who actually worked for bosses like that.

  196. 196 : ваня Says:

    drama the best!very,very nice!

  197. 197 : mei16ful Says:

    i watched this drama at first because of the two leads SJK and MCW not caring if this is one of those heavy tearjerker dramas i have watched in the past surprisingly every episodes leaves me craving for more..:-) the story is interesting,lines were well written and very well delivered (main leads and supporting actors alike)..now, i’m simply hooked…i’m rooting for Kang Choco here..hehehehe just loved her character..this drama daebak!!!! SJK and MCW fighting!!! let’s keep the story more and more interesting in the upcoming epis…^_^

  198. 198 : PVL Says:

    Oh I love this drama, every episode is a revelation that made me quest for more, that I can hardly wait for the next episode. Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won’s acting is exquisite, they complement each other, Way to go Innocent Man!!!!!

  199. 199 : sara Says:

    Nice point about Eungi. But i ‘m suspicious of her feelings. In ep 4 she doesn’t hang up the phone. I wondered if she did that on purpose. Does she know anything about Maru and JH? I hope she doesn’t and she really is starting to lean on Maru. Ep 4 brilliant scenes

    1. When Maru tells JH “if you don’t come down, i will go up. Then i’ll bring you down. Even that dirty garbage is too good for you.” Excellent dialogues. I love it.

    2. When he comes and throws Eungi into water. As if he helps her to wake up from her dreamy world and to face the real world.

  200. 200 : Lorem Says:

    @sara #199
    Maru, “Let’s pull it together and go kick some butt!”. Rounds off the first 4 eps. Great lines aye.

    The only time I was ever able to flake-out on the lawn and endure the temperature drop at dawn, as well the dampness from the morning dew, was when I had a real lot to drink. 🙂

    I was Eun Gi, I’d be out of the water quick, kick Maru in the nut, a knee in the solar-plexus to shut him up, then thanked him for caring. Haha!

    You’re right though Sara, it is Ma Roo asserting a mental shift, the pulling together of resources to engage in battle as it were. A bond has formed between these two. The nature of that is yet to be revealed. My hope is that it draws on the purity and virtue of the deep bond between brothers-in-arms, and if that were to evolve, let it mature as conjugal love.

  201. 201 : yotta Says:

    im a fan of song joong ki but im a sucker for good endings so im waiting for this drama to end to know whether it will be tragic or not. i hope he will not die in the end so that i could watch this drama… i have to bear the wait… darn! i finished two of his dramas instead- s.scandal and obgyn. hottie! 🙂

  202. 202 : Zhazira Says:

    Klassnaya dorama,ne mogy dojdat`sya prodoljeniya))))

  203. 203 : Rainull Says:

    Who can wedsite the park so yeon or actor Kim Hae Sook for your application

  204. 204 : dsd Says:

    Innocent Man Ep 3 (Nice guy) Eng sub

  205. 205 : KDaddict Says:

    I wanted to wait for more eps, before starting this, but it is a rainy dreary Sun out. I’m caught up till ep 4.
    I find these chars…..disturbing. I find it difficult to get on board with their actions n rationale. But the acting is…..electrifying.

  206. 206 : sara Says:

    So you would kill Maru practically. It’s better to kick him on the leg. He is living off what you want to destroy after all. 😉

    I hope they fall in love at the end and none of them die. I hope Maru won’t leave her after he really falls in love with her. This is this writer’s style. At least she did that in “A love to kill” and “I’m sorry, i love you”.

  207. 207 : dsd Says:

    Innocent man (Nice Guy) Ep 4 Eng sub

  208. 208 : KDaddict Says:

    I so hope u r right abt the ending. I’d hate to follow it, watch them suffer, struggle, scratch each other’s eyes out, only to die at last! Some writers r like that!
    So Both “A love to kill” n “I’m sorry I love u” were melodramas that had happy endings?

  209. 209 : sara Says:

    No, they weren’t. They both had a very very sad ending. I was traumatized for days after watching “I’m sorry, i love you”. The hero died and the heroin committed suicide a year after his death. “A love to kill” also had a tragic ending. Their love was impossible in this world, so both of them chose to freeze to death so at least they can be together in another world. Here their love is not impossible but Eungi is suffering from an illness. Besides, we have an evil character like Eungi’s father who might kill Maru at the end. There are lots of possibilities for tragic ending. I’m already in love with Maru. It would be so hard for me to watch him die.

  210. 210 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s exactly what I was afraid of–that they’d end badly! Then I read your #206, n thought that there might be hope after all. I guess u only meant that Maru would fall in love w EG n wouldn’t leave her. I suppose they could then die together like in those other 2 dramas of the writer’s. How cheerful!
    OK, now I know I’ll just watch this on my exercise bike, for the acting, n not get too attached to them chars. Thx.

  211. 211 : kdfan Says:

    i hate tragic endings too. @sara thanks for letting us know about the writer’s style. i didn’t watch the other 2 dramas bec I heard they were sad stories. but knowing this may happen i hope will not make me feel too terrible when it does. i just can’t stay away from SJK n MCW. anyway the characters are already suffering so much. it’s probably not too bad an ending for both to get a new life elsewhere!

  212. 212 : sara Says:

    @KDaddict, kdfan
    I also hate tragic ending. I hate when all we get at the end is “you are just a weak human being stuck in this situation and are doomed to suffer and die.” I hate when you remain with nothing but a sad, empty feeling at the end. Like what we saw in “49 days”. But i love the story, the writing and filming style, the acting and the music. You feel they respect you as a viewer. What should i do. I can’t fully enjoy it.

  213. 213 : KDaddict Says:

    @sara, kdfan,
    Haha. I’m afraid it is like going out with a guy who is good looking and suave, but whom you know is likely to leave you broken hearted. You r too attracted not to follow his lead, but know that you should protect yourself at the same time. Just like the women who go look for Maru at his humble abode, right? 😉
    I’ll watch this on my exercise-bike, so that I won’t be too absorbed. That’s my strategy.

  214. 214 : kljk Says:

    xia …………………………………………xia

  215. 215 : lovely Says:

    the main leads won’t dia at the end including jh(i think) writers nowsadays dont kill main leads.

  216. 216 : sara Says:

    I love your analogy. That’s exactly how i feel, when i’m watching this drama. I never expect SJK and MCW to be this great. So, please writernim, we want one of those “happily ever after” endings.

  217. 217 : meldz Says:

    please writer if you already have an ending of this sotry and its end up a sad-ending… please would you mind revising it for us…me too i don’t like an tragic story at the end… make it lighter.. make it ” kilig to the bones” ….
    the actors and the actresses are doing so well and giving their best shot.. so please let this story end with a smile not only in our face but also in our hearts….
    keep it up guys..(all staff and crew as well as to all the cast)….

  218. 218 : Arvie Rex Says:

    At last for how many months! I lost my sincere desire and cravings for K-drama. I averagely love recent dramas such as AGD, ID ID and PIM. But this one is the best MELODRAMA for this year.

  219. 219 : Arvie Rex Says:

    Sad ending is not hateful. If you are into happy ending. Watch genre like Romantic Comedy. This one is Melodrama. If you’re a real Kdrama viewer you should vary your perception especially on the ending.

  220. 220 : yeni Says:

    Oh my .. I love this drama so much .. Very nice story

  221. 221 : sara Says:

    @Arvie Rex
    Sad ending is painful and sometimes hateful. Most of us have been a k-drama lover for years and we know each genre needs to have its suitable ending. But sometimes the writer has other options. She can do a better job. She can give you some hope. Isn’t a writer’s duty to consider a wide range of tastes? To create a fancy world? To let the viewer enjoy the journey? To give you hope, even if the genre is melo? We see a great example of this matter in “reply to 1997”. If you are a real Kdrama viewer, you invest a lot in such drama and its characters. So you don’t want to lose them at the end.

  222. 222 : Mae Galeon Says:

    I like May Queen than this drama…

  223. 223 : sie_sunny Says:

    @ mae galeon

    if you don’t like this drama, why are you here??? :/

  224. 224 : KDaddict Says:

    I love what u said in #212:
    I hate when all we get at the end is “you are just a weak human being stuck in this situation and are doomed to suffer and die.”
    That sums it up pretty well abt our fear for Maru.

    Some deaths in dramas I actually don’t mind, like if the char has had a chance to live the life they want, fall in love, achieve some goals….., n if the writer doesn’t blindside us.

  225. 225 : NextDoor Says:

    reality is painful enough why add more pain by watching tragic dramas? even though i luv the story of IM Sorry I Luv U i still carry its sadness it gave me years ago. after that drama i told myself not to watch sad endings again 🙁 how i wish this one has a good ending.

  226. 226 : sara Says:

    This is all SJK’s fault. Why he is portraying Maru in a great way so that we can read the sadness and happiness in his eyes. Why he is so handsome and innocent looking that you even don’t want to imagine his death. Why his Maru is supposed to be a bad guy but you can’t help but fall in love with him. Yes, This is all SJK ‘s fault.

  227. 227 : gif Says:

    @sara, I wholeheartedly agree about loving the MR characater. It’s the SJK effect!

  228. 228 : KDaddict Says:

    If it weren’t for SJK, I for one wouldn’t bother with this melo at all!
    But becos of his acting, I’d follow any char he portrays to hell n back, even when I have to shake n shiver all the while.

  229. 229 : kdfan Says:

    LOL true true, so we know why we are into this and we know the risk of going through and coming out of it in pieces. let’s enjoy the ride my friends 🙂

  230. 230 : sara Says:

    Yes, he is the main reasons for me too. Although i’m not a hardcore fan and this drama is great in many ways.

    Sometimes we watch a meaningless drama like Rooftop Prince just because of our fave actor. Speaking of which, Micky will be back to small screen soon. I’m so happy. Even the child actor is Yoo Jingu.

  231. 231 : sara Says:

    Sorry *reason

  232. 232 : kimchilee Says:

    @Sara, what drama will that be that the child actor, Jin Goo and Micky? I just read that Micky will be in new drama, I miss You. Is it this?

  233. 233 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:


    The title of the drama is “I Miss You” will air on the 25th of Oct!It will replace the timeslot of Arang!

  234. 234 : kljk Says:

    kim junsu …………………. love you

  235. 235 : sara Says:

    Yes, it’s “I miss you”. I hope Arang and the magistrate ends sooner so we can see these two actors.

  236. 236 : KDaddict Says:

    @sara, Kimchilee,
    I’ve always liked Micky. But I’m super excited to see Yeo Jin Gu. That scene where he cried n wailed when they took away his beloved in METS is seared onto my brain. That’s explosive acting!
    I thank the heavens for KD, which blesses us w so many beautiful faces (OK, n abs) and much fantastic acting. N the list is growing. Life is good.

  237. 237 : sie_sunny Says:


  238. 238 : meldz Says:

    i agree, i am excited on the next episodes, and the next, and the next, and the next… lol….

    can you play 3 episodes in a week? lol…

    to all the cast, from the bottom to the top, congratulation!
    you really doing a good job.
    keep it up.

    sarangye (am i right?) hehehehehe

  239. 239 : dsd Says:

    Innocent Man Ep 5 ( Nice guy) Eng sub

  240. 240 : sara Says:

    Agree with word by word of your comment. I feel the same.

  241. 241 : Jane abigail gutierrez Says:

    Oh no! I didn’t realize ‘I’m sorry I love you’ and ‘Innocent Man have the same writers.. Argh! It took me weeks to let go the ending of I’m sorry i love you’. I just can’t accept it. What to do!!? I so like Kang Maru to end up happily with Eun Gi though she’s sick.. I guess, i already have an overview of the ending of this drama.. Han Jae Hee committing suicide, EUn Gi dying of illness and Maru either killed by the secretary Ahn Min young or EUn Gi’s father knowing Han Jae Hee’s son as Kang Maru’s. Am i getting overboard? 🙂

  242. 242 : KDaddict Says:

    Yep, same writer!
    TQ for explicitly giving name to our fear of this drama. We’ve the same overview you outlined or slight variation thereof. N the more we love SJK as Maru, the more we dread it!

  243. 243 : ksy Says:

    the synopsis tell that soo eun gi lost memory?but i watch until ep 5 SEG doesnt lost memory?can somebody explain?

  244. 244 : Jennie Says:

    This drama is Daebak from the first episode. By the sixth, my heart was pounding throughout the entire show. My heart aches for the two leads and I want to strangle JH each time I see that beautiful face of hers ugh! I don’t want Maru to have any feelings for her at all, not even pity! I want her to die a slow painful death!

  245. 245 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie only 6 eps & u r already so worked up 😀 still a long way to go! i hv not watched 6 yet. i didn’t quite like watching eungi in ep5. she mellowed down n of course its bec she is falling deeper in love with maru. i missed her kicking ass with an attitude but in ep 5 she was like a raving loony almost childish. maybe it’s an onset of something big coming which will traumatise her and causing her to lose her memory. no matter how i see it, eungi with maru will be a tragic ending. eungi n secretary park might be a better idea. and i think sec park is so not gay.

  246. 246 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan You’re right. I am getting very attached to these two sad beings. Blame it on their fantastic acting, I guess. Don’t worry, you’ll still see some of the kick ass attitude of EG in Ep 6 but she is so in love with Maru and Maru, oh dear Maru, I wish I knew some of your thoughts. I can’t imagine how and what’s going to happen when she loses her memory but I am prepared for a lot of heartbreaking scenes. Knowing the writer’s style, she’s going to wring every single drop of tears from us all but upside is, she has given us happy endings before, so there’s still hope !

  247. 247 : Lorem Says:

    Happy endings was sometimes taken as unrealistic by many writers and artists of the post-hippie era — the cynical 70’s. I think today some of it lingers still. We often hear remarks for tragic endings; “I liked it. It was real.” meaning it is life.

    But “art” isn’t about the reality of life nor should it be. Why? We live life, we are in the so-called reality that is life. Art is our window to transcendence. We hunger for that brief glimpse it provides and we are energized by the the contact. In rare moments, our hearts are altered if we allowed it, our entire physiology is adjusted as it seeks homeostasis.

    So k-drama addiction isn’t bad provided one keeps moving forward (internally) and writers keep moving forward.

    All authoritative sources support the notion that unending “bliss” is the natural state of sentients. Sentients do not like and do not seek pain. Happy-endings is very natural to us. It is a quality of bliss.

    So writer-neem heed this; Happy-endings only! Got that!

  248. 248 : sara Says:

    Oh………my…..gaud………….It’s great. It’s excellent. It’s breathtaking. But It’s hard to watch. I thought my heart was exploding when JH was talking to Maru and threw herself into water. I wanted to rip her in pieces. She is hateful. I really really pity Eungi. When she was sitting in front of mirror and was happy like a little girl who even doesn’t know how to use make up while Maru was saving his ex-girl, i choked. This scene was extremely sad. My fave scene in this ep:

    When Maru looks at the sun and wears sunglasses and sleeps while Eungi is sitting in front of a mirror in a bright room. It seems something unpleasant is going to happen to them.

  249. 249 : sara Says:

    He is not gay. It seems he is in love with Eungi and pretends to be gay just for staying by her side without burdening her. I agree about tragic ending. There’s no way they can live happily ever after.

  250. 250 : Jennie Says:

    @sara & kdfan Agree with you both that Sec Park isn’t gay. I like him and the fact that he cares for EG very much is so sweet of him. I’m happy that dad has instructed Park to stay by her side always and he seems to be capable of taking care of EG. So maybe not a happy ending with Maru but I’d be happy even if she ends up with Sec Park. Let’s hope he has a bigger role to play in this drama 😀
    @sara Haha I understand how much you hate JH. I think all of us did in Episode 5. Wait till you see Ep 6. She’ll drive you nuts when Maru feels sorry for causing her pain. Shan’t say more until you’ve watched it 🙂

  251. 251 : KDaddict Says:

    You’ve only seen 5 eps out of 20. EG’s memory loss is a big plot point. Many developments of the story will hinge upon it. It Will happen, to make her more pathetic, sympathetic, and distressed, and to make certain maneuverings around her possible. Patience. It’ll come whether we want it or not!

    I love your waxing lyrical abt the need for happy endings! It puts to rest the idea that only simpletons want happy endings, n that soft brains only deserve rom-coms. TQ.

    @kdfan, sara, Jennie,
    I’m sure young lawyer is not gay at all. Notice how he swallowed hard when she appeared in front of him wrapped in a towel. One day his emotions will come to the fore n add spice to this agonizing brew.

  252. 252 : Arvie Rex Says:

    This one is the hell of complicated, hateful and disturbing characters I ever knew from all K-drama series.


    SJK performance in here is quite surprising for me, in Sungkyungkwan he was a funny, light, comedic person, in this drama he is dark, mysterious man.

    I salute MCW fexiblity and versatility. She take the role even though she was awarded acting recognition last year.

    PSY is beautiful and i hate her role. hahahaha I just coulcn’t picture out what she really needs, the money and status or her feelings towards Maru.

    Damn! And that Atty who’s in love with PSY has also a good impact to the drama even the sec of Eun Gi. is he really gay as Eun Gi stressed on episode 1?! Hahaha he was handsomely gay. : )

  253. 253 : Lorem Says:

    @KDaddict 251 Thank you for your kind words. Just responding to everyone’s concerns and hope our writer-neem reads all the posts.

    Yup, I share the same trepidations re: this drama as the many commentors who I guess fear their time and emotional investment could potentially deflate at the final curtain.

    These are justifiable and valid concerns. Measurable I dare say, by some drama unit yet to be installed in the carbon footprint data architecture. (Yah! That felt good.)

    If writer-neem need further convincing, this “simpleton” is willing to engage.

    Let the petition remain long enough to secure her attention. 🙂

    Happy-Ending!! Okay? Hwaiting!!

  254. 254 : sara Says:

    I don’t want her to die at the end but i don’t want her to end up with attorney Park either. Anyway, I ‘m happy he is by her side without having any evil intention.

    I want Maru and EG together. I ‘m sure Maru will fall in love with EG like crazy but along with a deep regret and sadness which would be the result of his evil plan. Imagine SJK with his red eyes, pale, sick face. We should make ourselves ready for Tsunami of sadness and heavy, hard-to-bear emotions in following eps. My prediction for the ending: Maru will scarify himself for EG. EG can’t bear his loss and commits suicide and JH ends up in mental hospital.

  255. 255 : Lav112 Says:

    I hope that this drama will get better, its really interesting

  256. 256 : Jennie Says:

    @sara From your predictions, looks like we have to get tons of tissues ready for every episode or have several “spare hearts” by our side. I’m sure my heart is going to break many times over for this drama. Hope the writer is not going to make us hate Maru at all. Please please writer nim, give us lots of love between Maru and EG. In his tweet, SJK says it’s not really a tale of revenge but a traditional love story. Now what do you think it means? Does it mean that he loves no one else but JH, his one and only true love? 🙁 🙁 🙁

  257. 257 : kdfan Says:

    @sara omg i hope your prediction won’t come true. there are too many real life suicide cases in korea, let’s hope the writer will stay away from that path.
    @Jennie i dislike he used the word ‘traditional’ but then again if it means conventional, then typically it would mean boy meets girl, go through lots of challenges and then live happily ever after 🙂 🙂 🙂

  258. 258 : mitch Says:

    …love this kdrama.. keep it up!

  259. 259 : Jane Says:

    Hoooray for a HAPPY ENDING!!! Maru and Eungi together! 😀

  260. 260 : sweet Says:

    after watching ep 6 my heart is aching for eungi how much devastating it is to find out the man you trust is hiding something from you. she is the real victim in this drama caught up between maru and jae hee, how much pain she will gonna suffer for the next 14 ep….sad…. i cant understand maru what is true and what is not he really want revenge or he still inlove with jae hee and cant let her go…

  261. 261 : DEB Says:

    Imagine having never loved anyone before
    Imagine meeting someone for the first time
    Who takes control of your soul and won’t let go.
    Someone who flies to your aid when you least expected.
    Someone who said the l word first without you having to say anything.
    Someone who gave you the option to leave him after showing you a side
    Of you, you never thought existed only to learn that it was all a lie.
    He had your her in his hand but did not value it as much as you valued his.
    The betrayal……the hurt
    Eungi would be devastated after finding out the truth and Maru’s reaction after that would very much tell us what ending to expect and also if Maru and Eungi would be able to find something real from the chaos that is inevitably going to occur.

  262. 262 : DEB Says:

    Imagine having never loved anyone before
    Imagine meeting someone for the first time
    Who takes control of your soul and won’t let go.
    Someone who flies to your aid when you least expected.
    Someone who said the l word first without you having to say anything.
    Someone who gave you the option to leave him after showing you a side
    Of you, you never thought existed only to learn that it was all a lie.
    He had your heart in his hand but did not value it as much as you valued his.
    The betrayal……the hurt
    Eungi would be devastated after finding out the truth and Maru’s reaction after that would very much tell us what ending to expect and also if Maru and Eungi would be able to find something real from the chaos that is inevitably going to occur.

  263. 263 : sara Says:

    I guess by “traditional love story” he means finding the real love. JH is not his real love. She’s just the illusion of love. She has been a receiver from the beginning. She ‘s never been a shoulder for him to lean. She’s more like a leech which is sucking his life. So, it ‘s really meaningless if he goes back to JH. The one who can teach him the real love is EG.

  264. 264 : sara Says:

    I also hope my prediction won’t come true. But you know i’d rather see both of EG and Maru die at the end than he goes back to JH. If somebody is deserved to suffer and die in this drama, she is that b*** JH.

  265. 265 : Charlie Says:

    No death please. Let the bad guys suffer the same amount they deserve, let the ones already suffered to have a chance to find their happiness.

  266. 266 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 6:
    Snakewoman almost keels over in pain. She says the pain in her back flares up from time to time. Maru is concerned. We see her being kicked by her older brother when she was younger. Old injury? Terminal illness? Kidney cancer?
    Her bro, a gang member is back to extract some payback fr her. Karma?
    I begin to see this show as a study in the psychology of obsessive ‘love’. Everything Maru does is obsessive-compulsive behavior abt S-woman.
    This reminds me of an old French movie called The Story of Adele H. She was a member of the aristocracy who fell in love w a soldier, sb who had no love for her. She followed him fr camp to camp, until in the end she went completely mad, n became a rag woman. Psychological illness usually doesn’t end well with no treatment. I hope Maru is redeemed by EG’s love.
    SJK really hits it out of the park! His expression of dead sadness n profound pain can change w a slight movement of one corner of the mouth. Gosh, I’m in love!

  267. 267 : GHSforever Says:

    I don’t know why but I want Jae Hee an Ma Ru together. They are both manipulative and are using people to get where they are. Eun Ki should just get withherr lawyer dude.

  268. 268 : jo Says:

    the lead actor look very young n the lead actress look more mature than the lead actor.

  269. 269 : Jane Says:

    Poor Eun Gee… Maru should not use her. She’s too innocent to be manipulated.

  270. 270 : dsd Says:

    Innocent Ep 6( The Nice guy) Eng sub

  271. 271 : dsd Says:

    Innocent Ep 6 Eng sub

  272. 272 : riaa Says:

    wahhhh ratings are increasing steadily. hopefully be even higher.
    and derama is good luck ….
    song joong ki spirit .

  273. 273 : jvt Says:

    This drama quite interesting..air more episodes I want to watch til d end hahahaha..just finished watch ep 6

  274. 274 : sara Says:

    It was beautiful…EG breaks my heart. I feel so sorry for her and i really really really want to kill that b*** and the most disgusting scene is when Maru feels sorry for her who is in pain. Although i can understand him. He still is not over with JH. Some unfinished feelings have remained in the corner of his heart. And the best scene is where Choco takes his watch. He is lost in time.

  275. 275 : gif Says:

    @263, I don’t see how can EG teach MR anything about “real love” when by all accounts she’s never known it in her mind and heart? She’s portrayed as this pitiful character and now we are supposed to believe she’s some champion of love for MR? Nope.

  276. 276 : hny Says:

    I think MR will always follow JH .. endless love … they will hurt each other and care only for their obsession .. hurt others,definitely!!coz they have face who makes ppl love them .. n EG I hope she w lawyers Park .. at least he still has a mentally healthy to bring EG a normal life.
    actually hate to see SJK with this character… but he is so adorable to be hate 😀

  277. 277 : jianpark Says:

    is this korean drama is worth to watch??? i’m watching now may queen and it’s very good drama. i like it a lot. hope that this korean drama is worth to watch..

  278. 278 : gif Says:

    @277, yes!

  279. 279 : lovely Says:

    he says that his start and end is ja hee but there must be a twist that he will be with eun gi in the end.

  280. 280 : gif Says:

    @279, I think he will in the end do so via gaining custody of their son.

  281. 281 : Kaisoul Says:

    Who Know Wedsite the Park So Yeon Or Actrees Kim Hae Sook For me please !!

  282. 282 : ryna ca'emmm Says:

    cepet kelar dooooong

  283. 283 : novita Says:

    Very sad look ma roo be cruel with eun gi..Hope them together in the end or eun gi with joon ha..

  284. 284 : yoan Says:

    hmm..honestly i quite like it if eungi really happens end up with joonha

  285. 285 : john Says:

    oH! this is the best drama. i like this very very very much. Song jun ki ….. so lovely and so poor!!!!! i dont like Mon chae won(actress) but i like this drama.SONG JUN KI…LOVE YOU!!

  286. 286 : john Says:

    I am ever you fun.. I an from Myanmar Country.do you know?you really lovely…..content [email protected]!!!good luck

  287. 287 : john Says:

    oH! this is the best drama. i like this very very very much. Song jun ki ….. so lovely and so poor!!!!! i dont like Mon chae won(actress) but i like this drama.SONG JUN KI…LOVE YOU!!good luck

  288. 288 : sara Says:

    When you say he taught me real love, it doesn’t mean he/she is a love expert himself or has experienced the real love. Being with someone innocent who ‘s experiencing the love for the first time and can show you a better and brighter side of life, teach you the real love not the person him/herself.

  289. 289 : gif Says:


    MR already knows what love is having experienced it before. What she can do is help him “love again” so that he does destroy himself based on his current JH obsession. Anyone that can pull MR away from a destructive path has my blessing.

  290. 290 : julie Says:

    great drama. but I need happy ending too.
    please writer Lee, We want Ma Ru will ending w/ Eun Gee

  291. 291 : swift Says:

    I have only started watching this drama at Ep6 and find Eun Gi’s character the best. JH is so lame. This drama is very slow, hope the writer will pick up the pace.

  292. 292 : Hope Cassidy Says:

    Seo Eun Gi and Kang Ma Roo suit each other,. They have good chemistry and they are both charismatic,.!!! Also, this is my first time to watch Moon Chae Hee’s acting and I like her,., she delivers her role very well and acts really good and she’s pretty. Han Jae however, she’s ok as well,., I hope the ending of this drama is not a tragic one as the directors style. Eun Gi and Maroo must have a happy ending,. (~.~)

  293. 293 : lantn Says:

    I heard this drama will have a very sad ending as EG will kill MR… Hopefully it was just a false rumour otherwise it will make everybody who likes this drama veryyyyyyyyy upset… 🙁

  294. 294 : cinta_107 Says:

    Like this pokonya

  295. 295 : swift Says:

    EG killing MR probably in literal manner (send him into the jail for all his crimes and misdeed). MR’s main objective is to destroy JH by all means, which includes using everyone to fulfill his needs. I doubt there is any good ending like ‘happy ever after’ for this drama.

  296. 296 : meldz Says:

    you mean MR is the father of JH’s son? i don’t think so. I think it was really the son of EG’s father.
    MR doesn’t deserve a woman like JH. She is a user, a social climber and will do anything just to reach her dreams.
    Hope Mr will fall in love with EG, and will have a nice ending.

  297. 297 : lantn Says:

    Dae bak for a happy ending!

  298. 298 : orchids Says:

    MR is so cute……..i want happy ending for this show…..plzzzzzzzzz writer……

  299. 299 : Sarah Says:

    Think JH and JK will die in the end. JH tries to die, and he follows. Why else would it be named nice guy?

  300. 300 : gif Says:

    @299, who’s JK?

  301. 301 : Lorem Says:

    Choco’s sulking face reminds me of one those kabuki masks, only really cute. Hehe.

  302. 302 : rochel Says:

    Innocent man just started airing here in the philippines through kbs korean chennel.. Its cute to see song jong ki potraying a different kind of role which is too far from his look.. Being so cute and innocent to be a bad boy… His very good kept up the good work.. Hope you can visit the PHILIPPINES!

  303. 303 : kdbig Says:

    a brilliant story line with an extraordinary cast, what else can you ask for? LOVE this drama 🙂

  304. 304 : dsd Says:

    Innocent Man Ep 7 ( Nice Guy) Eng sub

  305. 305 : misskrisel Says:

    I love this drama!

  306. 306 : meldz Says:

    o my gosh…. i think Kang Maru is starting to fall in lvoe with Seo Eun Gi…. i can’t wait for the next ep.. may be this will be the time that Seo Eun Gi will have her memory loss because of some car accident as shown in the preview…

  307. 307 : Arvie Rex Says:

    Ratings for episode 8 drops. I agree. I don’t like whats happening on Episode 7, that’s why im not interested for the 8th epi. Netizens may feel the same way i have. the title for now should be Innocent Woman pertaining to Eun Gi. hmmmppp.

  308. 308 : inah Says:

    I should have waited for this drama to be finished.Now I couldn’t wsit for another week for me to watch the next episode.The story is amazing.Moon chae woon is really a great actress

  309. 309 : Jennie Says:

    @Arvie Rex Ratings dropped because of the once in lifetime never to be repeated again (haha) concert by Psy. Despite the dip, this is still the top among those in the same category 😀 Too bad you arent watching anymore. Ep 8 is the turning point in the story. This is one daebak drama for me. Love it!!

  310. 310 : sie_sunny Says:

    yeah agree with you @jennie, the rating drop is becouse psy concert, eps8 is awesome couse we can see how maru fall in for eun gi already 🙂

  311. 311 : hny Says:

    watch ep 7 n 8

    An important point in this story already revealed .. it seems to be start a new plot in this story, perhaps starting with the accident / other bad things that happened to Eun Gi until she lost her memory … Eun GI father is the king of the villain in the last episode but it may soon turn to secretary Hyun if EG father dead or dying. And Maru will keep dividing his attention on the two women until he was acutely aware who is he needs.
    Seem next eps gonna be more surprise .. so I’ll keep watching !!

  312. 312 : dsd Says:

    Innocent Man Ep 8 ( Nice Guy) Eng sub

  313. 313 : fara Says:

    I think Maru already fell in love with Eun Gi but he still has feeling toward Jae hee..he kinda confused right now bcos he love both of them..in ep 8 it shows that he doesnt want to use Eun Gi to get revenge anymore..i think Eun Gi will lost her memory (omg,this is gonna be so sad) in a car accident, after that Maru realise that he love her..but i want something happen or a twist here where Eun Gi gonna get married to her assisant,and Maru get jealous…it will be hella awesome..that was only my opinion..hehe

  314. 314 : sara Says:

    I still haven’t watched ep7-8. I was surprised by dropping in the rating too. Thank you for the explanation.

  315. 315 : arj Says:

    I love it so much tnx to gooddrama.com

  316. 316 : kdfan Says:

    @fara I think u r right in ep 8 Maru has no more feelings for Jaehee but he still hasn’t realized he has fallen in love with Eungi. I like yr wish for Eungi to be together with Sec Park after she has amnesia. That will be so good to see Maru trying to win over Eungi’s love.

  317. 317 : DEB Says:

    I think eungi swerves her car into Maru’s path but he wants to die so he not move out of the way but eungi realizes she cannot go ahead with it so she swerves out of maru’s path only to have her accident.

  318. 318 : Arvie Rex Says:

    I didn’t say that i wont watch Innocent Man. : ) Episode 7 just upsets me as well as the episode 8. But the preview for epi 9 looks interesting and intensifying.

  319. 319 : Jennie Says:

    @Arvie Rex That’s nice to know, thought you were dropping the drama 😀 Ep 8 was really good for me cos we learn a lot of things about JH and I love how strong EG is with her feelings for MR. Simply adore how her character is written. Daebak acting to from everyone.

  320. 320 : Lorem Says:

    Wow! Moon Chae Won. What a performance. This drama is making me want to learn korean proper in order to get the subtler things. Her body language says it all though.

    And JK is just marvelous to watch.

    This is a fine piece of work. The story hasn’t taken any bizzare turns, all within the realm of plausibility. The characters hold true to their place, their natures. Ma Roo and EG are even more endearing in episode 8.

    I liked EG’s confession to Ma Roo. She had one goal in mind holding her fragile frame up against the night rain, her wicked step mother and her empty life. Shivering and barefoot, she submits her heart to Ma Roo. To live together, see each other every day and express those things she felt while at the resort. To bare and raise their children, and to grow old together. (pass the tissue pls)

  321. 321 : Sina Says:

    The only reason I am watching this drama is because of Moon Chae Won. I watched Princess Man and love her acting.

  322. 322 : sara Says:

    As good as last episodes with enough emotional, heart throbbing moments. Now, everyone know everything minus chairman who doesn’t know anything about his wife’s past. I love how EG decides to continue loving Maru regardless of his intentions.

    When i was watching last episodes, it was clear to me that Maru had a evil intention and his feelings were fake. But when EG reviewed his actions in this ep and i looked at the matter from her point of view, i wondered if really all he did was insincere. So i understand why she chose to return to him. Great.

  323. 323 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m caught up w Ep 8.
    This show makes me wonder: When is love true love, unconditional love? At what pt does it become an obsession? Cross what line n it becomes a psychological condition/illness?
    Ppl in disasters r known to give up their lives to save their loved ones. That kind of self-sacrifice is lauded. What is the difference between that n Maru’s love for JH?
    Jae Hee reminds me of Mu Yeon in Arang n Magistrate. Jae Hee could have married a doctor, or that older lawyer who was smitten when they met in the elevator. But she wanted more. What she wanted was not just a good life, but to be at the pinnacle of society, at all costs. Whether that’s a good life or not is another Qn.
    Mu Yeon didn’t want to be a fairy. She wanted to be human at all costs, to others, their lives be damned. That makes her the She-Devil. The same insatiable desire n disregard for others characterizes JH. These two female entities r quite alike.
    Maru is in love w a She-Devil. I think That makes it an illness.

  324. 324 : lovely Says:

    when maru cries in epi 8 it’s realy heartbroken. it’s not that he can’t hold hold her anymore but he’s willing to let her go. thinking back to old times that makes him cries.

  325. 325 : sweet Says:

    im glad maru come to his senses about his craziness towards jae hee… i wish eungi stay a little bit longer to hear that maru is dumping jae hee but as expected in every drama eungi turn back 5 second before maru said that hes sick of his feeling towards jae hee….

  326. 326 : KDaddict Says:

    Maru may have said he no longer feels for JH (at the end of Ep 8), but I’ll only believe it when I see unequivocal proof of it, which I doubt will happen any time soon. If it does, what will the remaining 12 eps be about?

  327. 327 : kimchilee Says:

    Its a bit draggy watching Maru’s feelings for JH swinging back and forth..am not surprise with the drop in rating.. i hope the story will move on to see Maru struggling to love EG from now on..otherwise, am not sure about continuing to watch this.. i find myself fast forwarding those scenes where Maru kept flashing back his past memories with JH.. its becoming a bore, esp with his sullen look throughout most of the episodes. the only bright face i see him in this drama is when he was helping EG trying to win back the resort. that was the only bright spark of this drama which Maru portrayed and which is more of what Maru should be. Let’s hope the writers will instill some life into Maru from Ep 9.

  328. 328 : Ninzy Says:

    I’m in love with this drama. I really hope Maru falls with EG and forgets the other one. I want to see how he will fall for her little by little and all. I think SJK is a great actor and MCW she’s awesome. Thsi stroy is really addicting and once again I really hope that both Maru and EG stay together or i’ll be really disapointed. Im so anxious with episode 9 *-*

  329. 329 : KDaddict Says:

    Preview for ep 9 shows Chairman having a heart attack, n Attorney Ahn refusing to call for help. How much do u wanna bet that he dies without giving enough time to change his will to EG’s favor?
    EG is seen driving away in high speed. How much do u wanna bet that it is then that she gets into an accident that causes her to lose her memory?
    No inheritance n no memory. Pffft!

  330. 330 : sara Says:

    It’s hard to watch. JH is a real evil and Maru is slowly falling in love with EG. And above all, he tells her about his relationship with JH.

    But the beautiful point in this drama is how it’s describing love. Maru is not in love with present JH. He is entangled in his long time memories with her. He is in love with what he remembers about the past. That’s why saying goodbye to those moments is heart breaking for him so he cries. Now, a new love is in front of his eyes. A real love which can help him move on and find his future. What will happen if he loses her somehow? I love this concept. Very very beautiful.

    This is exactly what i think too. Ep 9 will be a turning point in the story. Maru ‘s teacher was a neurologist. He will be back. What if Maru tries to study again to save her?

  331. 331 : mimi Says:

    love this drama! can’t wait for the next episode. thanx to those who uploaded the episode. hoping that you could upload a full version with english subtitle please. coz im from philippines and can’t understand korean language 😀 that’s why i just watch online…

    thanx very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waiting for the next episode…

  332. 332 : [email protected] Says:

    i love this drama, but i worried it will be sad ending.
    i hope Ma Roo would love Eun Gi and they will get married in the end.
    but i think the ending of this drama not be like hopes.. it’s sure will be sad.. because the writer is.. just like the other drama of writer a had done before.. it will be like that..

  333. 333 : Lania Tania Says:

    Imagine having never loved anyone before
    Imagine meeting someone for the first time
    Who takes control of your soul and won’t let go.
    Someone who flies to your aid when you least expected.

  334. 334 : jarlie Says:

    i love this kdrama…. it squeezes my emotions…when/how will maru get over han jae hee??? i hate it when, one call from jh, maru will run to her. hmmp… good to see eun gi keeping her pride despite everything…it really insulting… does eun gi will having amnesia?. looking forward what might happen next…. love to see maru…really innocent guy….

  335. 335 : irene Says:

    This looks like another keeper for me. I am in love with eun ki and maru. The rest of the cast is also well acted out. I actually kinda like it when park si yeon plays dark roles. it suits her angelic face. she would be able to lure and tempt men to believe her innocence. lol. <3

  336. 336 : Abibuyog Says:

    Episode 9 and 10:

    In this episode, all things we knew about Kang Ma Roo and Eun Ki will change, if you ready to spoil some scenes, here is the link :


    its a good source, because one week of waiting just to see the next episode, is somehow killing us, I know you agree??

    aww. this drama, is messing up my emotions, its like everything became blurred again, I can’t wait to see Ma Roo struggling to win Eun Ki’s heart, and this is the reason, why this drama is worth watching for :).

  337. 337 : NextDoor Says:

    maybe there will be no death in this drama i predict amnesia… forgetting what happened

  338. 338 : irene Says:

    I bet they already won best couple award when they started to agree working on this drama!!!!! They are both so charismatic!!!!!!!!!

  339. 339 : Doris Aguirre Says:

    Just love watching this drama. have exhilarating feeling every ep. a must watch.

  340. 340 : thegirl Says:

    i stop watching this drama until episode8. i think the story just to fast.
    c’mon there will be next 12episode, but Ma Roo have been fallin love with Eun Gi in ep8. if both ofthem already love each other, where is the conflict if the story gendre is about melodrama and romantic?

  341. 341 : swift Says:

    This is a very unpredictable drama which I find to be too convoluted in its storyline. The writer is giving us a run around in assuming what will the evil JH come up next in covering her tracks and yet safeguarding the heritance for her son. The character JH is similarly like the mother in ‘Five Fingers’ who would do anything to ensure herself and son is protected.

  342. 342 : gif Says:

    Crazy EG trying to kill herself and anyone in the opposite lane. Selfish witch!

  343. 343 : iwed akana Says:

    I’m waiting the episode Eun Gi lost her memory.. is it the turning point ??

  344. 344 : gif Says:

    @343 I don’t know what kind of turning pt you are talking about but EG is crazy. Atty Park was correct when her told her dad that EG has gone crazy.

    She probably has been displaying psychotic episodes throughout the drama.

  345. 345 : ance Says:

    I promised myself not to watch this until there’s 2 episodes left so I wouldn’t be suffering from waiting like crazy…but I can’t help myself supporting Song Joong Ki…I really love him!
    now we’re climbing to the climax…argghhhh I’ve fallen for this drama…
    I was also wondering how Eun Gi will get amenesia, guess it’s in episode 9…even though I love SJK I can’t help but sometimes get irritated with Maru’s character…why can’t he just forget Jae Hee…aarrgghhh! I really hope the punishment for Jae Hee will be what she deserves coz like what her Oppa said, she’s really a B***H! I think she really planned what happened to Maru (that Maru will take the blame), coz she knows that Maru will always save her. I’m so hooked…can’t wait for episode 9 with subs…

  346. 346 : Cris Says:

    Why is Episode 9 English sub has a Spanish translation? Please correct immediately, I love this drama so much.

  347. 347 : eny Says:

    the story is good but i think something missing, now i know it because of maro charracter, i know kang maru is hard charracter n song jong ki is not bad actor but i think maru charracter should be much deeper.
    I remember watch bad guy the story is about revenge too i think maro charracter should be deep like kim nam gil

  348. 348 : eny Says:

    But the story is good so i still watch it

  349. 349 : hny Says:

    watch this w no eng sub, difficult…but I notice that this is
    unexpected story!!.. tragic love story was very sweet to me. Ma’ru was the first man to EG, and his love can risking everything including his suffering ! just 4 Ma’ru … EG n Ma’ru now like a new person after the accident , n after they met again ..it seem Ma’ru heart already stolen twice by innocent Eun Gi….JH as usual , little evil become a demon..and it seem lawyer park who take care EG after the accident so that’s why she missing from hospital and I guess it’s because secretary Hyun say something about his father who involved with EG’s mother death, so she keep EG far away from JH n Secr. Hyun to rescue her and also because he feel guilt.
    so more curious 4 next eps…

  350. 350 : zhao Says:

    it seems that this movie is good,

    i will try to watch it!

  351. 351 : reca aquarius Says:

    I really like this drama.
    And because of his musical background, makes me excited to follow her.

  352. 352 : jarlie Says:

    cant wait for next episode…… will maru takecare eun gi?

  353. 353 : lietha's t-ara Says:

    this drama make me crazy…
    it’s perfect’s drama
    love it

  354. 354 : peyutnduy Says:

    I hope the ending will be good, not tragic as ‘bad guy’ or ‘fashion king’ .

  355. 355 : Arvie Rex Says:

    see ratings are not improving. It’s not that Episode 8 drops its rating due to Psy concert at all. Episode 7 is so irritating with Eun Gi taking her impulse for love. Naive stupid. Episode 8 is leading to Eun Gi in Amnesia state as the preview for Epi 9 is revealing.

    Despite, i still want to watch this until the end coz the beginning of this drama hooked me. I just hope the turn of events will not bore me.

    Melodrama is not my cup of tea but this one is exceptional and i am craving no for Yoon Eun Hye’s come back in the small screen and Park Yoochun in I Miss You. That’s what i have been looking for! : )

  356. 356 : Arvie Rex Says:

    Ive seen Episode 9 and damn its beginning to get me mad! It’s now very hateful for me.

  357. 357 : sara Says:

    Ep 9
    The pace is slower than last eps but it’s equally good. EG is ready to scarify her everything for love and Maru, full of regret of what he has been doing to her, breaks her heart to make her leave. That’s why after hearing her father’s death news, she decides to kill herself and Maru.

    I love her innocent love. Her being desperately in love with Maru breaks my heart for her. And this is how Maru feels too. He loves her with a heart full of sin and regret. That’s why he doesn’t have any will to go on.

    She lost her memory and doesn’t remember anything but her heart remembers everything. It’s so beautiful and emotional coz she fell in love with him and became crazy for him with her heart in the first place. She didn’t hesitate even for a moment.

  358. 358 : meldz Says:

    i can’t wait for the next episodes (11 till the end). park jae gil told him that atleast when he broke up with han jae hee still he manage to live life, but after that accident with seo eun gi, maru don’t have the will to continue to live…. so it means that maru have feelings for eun gi?
    but how come maru is so cold when he met seo eun gi?
    writer lee kyung hee you make us alll crazy with this drama….
    even if i ride on the bus, all i have in mind is what will happen next to kang maru and eun gi….
    is there any nice, romantic episodes for maru and eun gi? …crossing my fingers …aja!..fighting!

    writer lee kyung hee and director kim jin won please make this drama a happy ending for both maru and eun gi….

    thanks…. to all the actors, actresses, staff and crew keep up the good work.
    God bless you all

  359. 359 : meldz Says:

    wait….on ep. 10 maru’s doctor friend said that he has bleeding sometihng on his head… so does it means that maru will die at the end?
    OMG…. please don’t do that….it a very cruel ending… goshhhhh i don’t want it…..

    ep. 11 preview….last part…”what if it is love?”
    OMG again…..can’t wait for the next episode….

  360. 360 : Sandra Says:

    After watching these last two episodes, I
    Don’t know what the writer is trying to
    Do with Kang Maru’s character to behave
    so hateful with Eun Gi. First, his friend Park
    Jae Gil implies that he is way more in love
    With Eun Gi than he was with Jae Hee, but
    then when She appears to Kang Maru, he
    starts behaving Mean to her , As if he is trying
    to push her Away…why?? Now towards end of
    episode 10 I see a more real Kang Maru…the
    one that Will risk it all to save the girl he
    loves…perhaps He will be more human now
    with Eun Gi, After all she always saw him
    through the Way he was….her heart was
    never wrong I’m still begging the writer
    do not give this Drama a sad ending…I saw
    Fashion King and it was a total disappointment
    the way it ended…still looking forward to a
    beautiful Love story!!! Ok Mr. Writer…Deal???

  361. 361 : meldz Says:

    i agree with you sandra….
    i’m begging to the writer and director to please end it with happy ending with maru and eun gi..both of the characters deserve a happy ending as well as us, the avid viewers….

  362. 362 : agogo Says:

    Good begin but the ending, i hope good too.

  363. 363 : zarima Says:

    yes please make it a happy one…please writer and director please make a happy ending

  364. 364 : chulz08 Says:

    until how many episodes? I hope it’s up to 20 :))

  365. 365 : huggielicious Says:

    I’m looking forward to a happy ending… I do not hate Maru now since he already falls for Eungi. He’s trying to save her. I hope he would get the surgery. What if he dies because of his stubbornness about not getting the surgery? Ugh! Can’t wait for the next episodes.

  366. 366 : KDaddict Says:

    SJK’s acting is really impressive. You think he can’t look more dead, more cold. He shows you that he still has depths that he can reach into for portraying a guy fallen into yet deeper reaches of hell! How does he do that??
    EG is blank n innocent like a newborn. Maru feels like (his bf n sis think) he is the scum of the earth, n doesn’t deserve her love.
    After the auto-accident, Kang Maru now has a bleeding artery in his brain! Acc to his doc, if he doesn’t undergo an operation right away, he can keel over n die. Acc to him, the op will have side effects, like brain edema, paralysis, infection, etc.

    Let me guess: for the remaining 10 eps, he’ll try to protect EG fr the baddies, restore her memory n restore her to her rightful position in Taesan. As this writer isn’t into happy endings, it might not be entirely realistic to hope that his brain condition would go away on its own, so in the end, after he’s saved her, he’ll die on her n on us! Alternatively, if he has the operation, he’ll suffer from paralysis, brain edema, blindness, etc.
    Winter Sonata, filmed in 2001, ended w him being blind, n his love by his side. It’s now 12 years later. If we get the same thing, what does it say abt the plots of melodramas?

  367. 367 : smallfoot Says:

    i thing maru will die

  368. 368 : denise smith Says:

    i am addicted to this drama it is really good i cant tell you the last time where i am so excited about the next weeks eps to come out(air) you need to watch this i love maru and eungi i hope for a happy ending

  369. 369 : sara Says:

    OMG. This writer…why in the world you do this? Now, Maru’s death is more probable. Even if he lives, i can see him sitting in wheelchair and EG rides him. It’s way better. Please, writernim. I really love him.

  370. 370 : kimchilee Says:

    I dont think the writer will hear any of us and continue to write a super sad plot like stairways to heaven or some idiotic kind of death that will bring tears to everyone. Otherwise, why on earth has to story become so confusing with Maru being so cold towards EG after having lost her for what..11 months?? one would think he’d be glad to see her.. I am also not sure what Maru does for a living, dressing up so stylishly driving such big car.. the story would have been more interesting if the writer made Maru smarter by seeing him struggling to go back to his medical background and becoming a doctor… aish.. what on earth is going on with this drama?

    So I agree w KAddict, the story will probably go towards Maru dying in the end after saving EG.. sigh.. maybe I wait to see how ending will be before i subject myself to this drama..

  371. 371 : kimchilee Says:

    oops.. typo.. shd be”…has the story..”

  372. 372 : KDaddict Says:

    @Sandra, kimchilee,
    The reason he is so cold when he sees EG again is becos he has been doing some terrible things in order to make money, so he thinks he isn’t good enough for her. His bf says he sells his body n then his soul, i.e.: He sleeps w women for $, that makes him a male prostitute; he pretends to be in love w them to get them to fall in love w him, n then fork over some $–that makes him a gigolo. After the car accident, he has sunk to lower depths–he cons ppl out of their money, men n women; that makes him a con artist. His ways of making money is so revoting that his sis leaves him, n his bf says it is an insult to stand under the same pc of sky w him! So, it’s really bad. Naturally, he think EG is better off w/o him.
    He has zero interest in getting the operation becos he has no interest in living. As a matter of fact, his life is now so hateful to him that he prefers that it ends. He knows he has this blood clot in the brain. That’s why he’s been putting money away for Choco for when he is gone. He is waiting to die!
    By definition, a melodrama makes u cry. It wouldn’t be worth that name if it doesn’t make u cry buckets.

  373. 373 : ance Says:


    may i ask why did you compare the ending of winter sonata to innocent man, is the writer of innocent man the same with winter sonata?
    i was also hoping for a beautiful ending….though winter sonata’s ending was like that (romantic?) i sure hope that innocent man’s ending will be more elaborate than that (do you get what i’m saying?hehehe)
    and i also like what you said about the ending and the rest of the episodes, but i don’t want Ma Ru dead. 🙁

    i have a question: since we still don’t know what really happened in that accident, for Ma Ru to be like that (cold)…is it guilt? the reason he doesn’t care anymore (episode 9) was he feeling guilty that Eun Gi’s missing?


    i don’t know where i read it but someone said that SJK doesn’t fit the character and he one has one expression here…that’s why even though i was restraining myself not to watch until the series is over, i wanted to see if it’s true. if only i have save that page…i really want to tell that person that maybe she doesn’t know what acting means…SJK’s acting here is so real for me…i can feel it even in his eyes, like that scene in the car before the accident…SJK’s acting has improved way better…

  374. 374 : Lorem Says:

    I’m developing a melodrama writer-phobia of sorts reading the comments on no-happy-ending for Maru & EG.

    I’d like to think writers are decent human beings mindful of the effects their creations have on us. And out of courtesy refrain from sadistic tendencies, or what have you. In return we applaud their efforts, thus they become successes. (cue: shower flowers)

    That’s a simple formula. Why then would they go for sad endings in melodramas I ask? I think perhaps it is the impulse to draw attention to oneself as a last ditch effort, when he/she doubts the efficacy of the work. So if writer-nim is happy with her writing we may see a happy ending. Yay! 🙂

    Will Maru, die from a blood-clot? I try not to speculate much but the probability increases the more harm he inflicts on others via his scams. That’s a rationale the writer expects everyone to submit to — Karma. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. I hope the writer examine that and other norms in depth then come up with a surprising and satisfying resolution.

    So I liked the timing of the gear shift in the drama with Eun Gi impared from the accident, but confidently working her way back to her adult self. Maru angry at the world and God for the predicament he finds himself in. Which incidentally is all his own doing. How long will he be like that? Let us hope its short-lived. Will the act of rescuing EG from Jae Hee’s brother restore his humanity?

    But there is something that Maru said I can’t let slip. It’s the old schoolboy argument that; if God exists why did He allow all this suffering? The premise is predicated on a subjective definition of the construct “God”. And draws a conclusion indicting a hypothetical Being of cruelty. The actual definition of the construct God isn’t opinion. The assertion; the Absolute Reality is that which lies within and without ones sense perception, is not opinion. One may not like the use of terms like “Absolute” and prefer another, but that doesn’t change the fact. So to say “if God exists” is to deny there is an Absolute Reality/Truth.

    The writers are careful in not allowing cigarette smoking, they ought to be mindfully and not allow spreading ignorance. 🙂

  375. 375 : taryn Says:

    i love this drama.. thank God the ratings are doing great. poor SJG.. i feel sorry for him in this drama. i hope he gets his happy ending. he has suffered so much.

  376. 376 : KDaddict Says:

    Maru doesn’t welcome her w open arms in ep 10 becos:
    1. He is a male prostitute, gigolo, con man, while she is an heiress to a corp; diff between heaven n hell;
    2. He planned their 1st encounter w purpose. Compared to his pure selfless love for JH, he knows whatever feelings he subsequently feels for her means little or nothing.
    3. He has a brain condition that can kill him or maim him at any time. He has nothing to offer her but heartache.
    4. Sure, u can add guilt over the accident if u want. They were playing chicken, n she turned to avoid colliding w him.
    Anyone w a sense of shame wouldn’t n shouldn’t accept her love w no hesitation.
    Abt the ending:
    The ending scene of WS was that he was blind, n she stood beside him. The best we can hope for in this drama is that: If Maru doesn’t die, he’d be crippled, blind, etc. n she’d stand beside him. That’s where the comparison begins and ends. If so, that’s not much progress in plotting in 12 years, is there?
    SJK’s acting:
    Anyone w access to a computer can post an opinion. PPl start watching KD as early as 8 or 9, n start commenting a couple years later. Subtler things, like acting, may take some life experience to appreciate. No need to care abt every opinion out there.

  377. 377 : swift Says:

    Writer is trying very hard to create a deep emotional from ep10 but somehow EG’s character is somewhat not convincing. MR’ character is okay and it is interesting that writer did not focus on whether MR still cares for JH. I am sure viewers are wondering whether he has overcome his obsession for JH.

  378. 378 : meldz Says:

    heheheheh can writer lee kyung hee join us here… heheeh just to give a glimpse of what we need to expect at the end…..lol….
    every episode is so interesting….
    it takes my breath away…. (shocks).

    this one of the best ever korean drama i watched.
    i love it and i’m enjoy watching it, to the point that i can’t sleep thinking what will be the next episode is.. lol

    congratz to all of you (INNOCENT MAN CASTS).

  379. 379 : gif Says:

    @377, I agree. The angel in white is not equipped emotionally or mentally to redeem anyone after trying to murder someone using her vehicle as a weapon. This is just deplorable writing.

    I don’t care is she snapped out of it at the last moment, an unsuspecting driver may have crashed and burned. What if it were your loved one she’s drove after just because she cannot handle some of life’s pressures.

    EG does not deserve a happy ending nor the love of MR who was the target of her outrage. IF the writer tries to cover this up by having the character not take responsibility for her actions in that tunnel, I call BS.

  380. 380 : Lorem Says:

    meldz #378 Agreed. It is for me as well the best korean drama I have seen to date. Heh.. but we will have to see at the end, if that holds true.

    IMHO it is a real success for the production, for the cast, writer, director, producer, DOP and crew depending on how deeply moved “we” are at the end. 🙂

    One reason I liked this from the start, is how out of the way the process is to the story. The absence of distractions allowed one to savor the scenes and get into the characters.

    Like the opening of episode 9, we see EG sitting on the beach. The DOP placed her 3 quarter to the right of the screen and facing away from from us somewhat. It allowed us to feel that she’s merged into her surroundings. The constant thrashing of the waves contrasts her stillness, suggests deep reflection. We feel that what her heart is saying to her and what she had just witnessed with Maru & JH, are at odds. She’s torn, not knowing whether to let it all go, or listen to her heart.

    Later her mind got the better of her, she lost her intelligence and attempted to end it for herself and Maru. (It is good advice to beat your mind with an old shoe every morning you wake up, and say to it; “Who’s your boss?” ..hehe )

    All of that my good man, without the swooshing sound effects. No contrived plot twists. Fine actors who have become their characters. That’s how its done! Yea!

  381. 381 : dsd Says:

    Innocent Man Ep 9 ( Nice guy) eng sub

  382. 382 : KDaddict Says:

    I think the pairing of SJK w MCW can’t be beat, their acting can’t be beat, n the wrenching of emotions fr the audience can’t be beat, to the credit of the director n writer.
    I also think that ultimately whether EG deserves to be loved n happy or not, whether Maru lives or dies, depend not so much on the kind of person the writer is, whether she is sadistic or altruistic, but on the rules set within the format of a melodrama. Comedies don’t make you cry; Melodramas don’t exist to make u feel good.

    As for Lorem’s comment-#375 abt Maru’s outburst regarding God:
    Maru, like many ppl, blames the woes of the world on God, without taking responsibility for creating the woes. Isn’t it human free will that chooses to succumb to pride, greed, anger, hatred, revenge, etc. that brings abt chaos n evil? Isn’t it his free will that chooses to lie for JH’s murder that lands him where he is? But in a more lucid moment, Maru also says: One day, when he is stricken down dead somewhere, then it’s proof that God exists. He means he deserves to be punished n punished severely, by a God who is just. He knows he has sinned.

  383. 383 : dsd Says:

    Innocent Man Ep 10 ( Nice guy) Eng sub

  384. 384 : Lorem Says:

    KDaddict #382 I agree with you re: the pairing of Chae Won & Joon Ki. It’s because they are really good actors that things are working so well. MCW have come into her own, a diva. SJK is the epitome of cool with his style of acting. He reminds me of the hollywood greats of yesteryear. They take their time, never in a hurry. That’s Joon Ki. Nice and easy.

    As for “freewill”, thank you for bringing it up. It’s all freewill according to various authoritative sources, and it is not a concept in contention here. As you correctly pointed out, freewill in a manner of speaking, is what more often than not results in the drama that is life (chaos).

    But I think, dear KDaddict you are too kind to Maru or rather the writer. I get that many do say such things, and that our freewill grants us the privilege to express dissent even to the all-mighty. However any such proclamations — be it to a person, a government or God — if predicated on false assumptions, should not go unchallenged. I believe the price in human suffering is too high when we capitulate and allow certain ideas to go unchecked. (steps off soapbox) 🙂

    In the words of the Irishman Edmund Burke; “All it takes for evil to triumph; is for good men to do nothing.”

  385. 385 : KDaddict Says:

    The 1st 2 paragraphs follow up on your previous post, n the pt that I made in reply, which is simply that: Maru, like many ppl, blame God for the presence of evil in the world, without taking responsibility for their actions.
    In the 3rd n 4th paragraphs, you digress. 🙂

  386. 386 : Lorem Says:

    KDaddict #385 “..Maru also says: One day, when he is stricken down dead somewhere, then it’s proof that God exists. He means he deserves to be punished..”

    We differ in our understanding of Maru’s words as well as the implications. To my understanding the above which Maru said, is no different from the first really. Only that he went further, he mocked, was how I interpreted it.

    Thank you for your responses. I enjoy and always look forward to reading your comments on these dramas. 🙂

  387. 387 : ance Says:


    wow thanks for that wonderful explaination…indeed you are very intelligent!
    i’m also hoping for a good ending..but the journey it self is satisfying enough for me!

  388. 388 : irene Says:

    These comments are a bit rediculous. About how the script writer should make the story feel good for you guys. If you don’t watch it someone else will, It’s a great story so far. Let the writer does his/her wonder and just watch. Why should you guys feel you have the right to demand what the writer wants to put in his/her story. And then to criticize ficticious characters on how they should act . You should get a job as a teacher or maybe you are. Whatever it just shows that you make no sense. You didn’t write the story. You want to watch this show then keep watching. Want to write your own show. Go for it. If it ever gets published. Then prove that you are better than others. Your words of criticism shows disrespectful virtues and ungrateful characters. And you think you have better sense than what is written playing on big screens. Ruin it for other people who enjoys things purely and understands it as entertainment. Pleasure for your eyes and ears. Don’t like it turn the channel.. Would you throw stones @ your TV?

    The characters are all doing their best. If you even think you can do better. Go ahead try out. See if anyone even takes any notice!

  389. 389 : gif Says:

    @388, the writer has shown the EG character trying to “kill” a motorists and now that she’s reverted back to a child-like innocence, should not cause the audience to disassociate her past deeds. They show her in white and having to relearn things so to draw sympathy from the viewers. That’s bs.

    They show union workers looking for the missing heiress, again to show how even the little guys are rooting for her. Well, she negotiated a deal with them that was not fully executed because the chairman and board of directors did not sign it into their contract. Again, bs. The show is twisting the facts to make it seem like EG is this saint and all should love her.

    She attempted murder either on someone who she KNEW did not want to be with her and because she could not have him decided to take him out.

    If MR was resigned to allow her to murder him it was because he too was in a place of distraught after ending things with JH and mistreating his little sister.

    The car crash was attempted murder on EG’s part. She should not get a happy ending to justify her actions or her inability to love. If she does not get the love that she wants, she opts to destroy another human being…like her father wanted to destroy JH and their son.

  390. 390 : Lorem Says:

    irene #388 I think almost all the comments about the show are positive. Not sure why you believe people are dissing the show. For myself, it is the best k-drama, though it isn’t over yet.

  391. 391 : Lorem Says:

    irene #388 I can’t respond to all the things you’ve said, its too argumentative. But you must be aware you are “criticizing”, which is the point your using against me for criticizing the writer’s choice of words. Nothing wrong with criticizing if the criticism will further our knowledge and improve upon our works. And that it doesn’t unduly harm anyone. Its constructive criticism. So I disagree with your main point. Much of what followed seem to rest on that.

    I do apologize I wasn’t clear enough in my commentaries. It was my inability to communicate those ideas with clarity. What can I say, I’m lacking …Chonaaahh, I deserve to die! 🙂

  392. 392 : sara Says:

    I agree that EG’s driving in opposite direction of a one way lane is not the best way for showing her agony but as you see this drama is very dramatic. All of the scenes, dialogues and even beautiful filming style are pressuring the over-sentimentality of the drama. Characters don’t act and react in a logical, expected way in this kind of genre. Most of their actions are exaggerated and in a way that we barely witness in real life. That’s why it makes you get involved emotionally in the story and the fate of a certain character becomes so important for you that you forget he is just a fictional character. So, it’s expected if writer uses such scenes in her drama. What, if anybody does in real life, will be called crazy and irresponsible.

  393. 393 : gif Says:

    @392, I know this is a melo and therefore, exaggeration is a given.

    But for viewers not to associate responsibility for attempted murder on the EG character is disturbing. If it where the JH character, everyone, and I mean everyone would be demonizing her and throwing her under the bus, train, and anything else.

    The cinematography and directing are just covering up the murder attempt with beautiful imagery and sentimentality to make excuses for one important member of the cast of characters. Her love is not deep at all and very disturbing in that it’s possessive. It’s not love the writer is portraying.

    Being swept away in EG’s pseudo love story does not negate using our brains to dissect and re-sect what the writer is communicating. We are supposed to pity this EG character who has had it hard (woo woo) and is not adult enough to accept when business or romantic relationships do not go her way. If they do not, she goes to extremes, and I mean EXTREMES. When things do not go her way, she brokers deals without much thought to the consequences to the company or the life of another individual in romantic or familial relationships.

    She’s an immature brat.

  394. 394 : sara Says:

    “She is an immature brat”, yes, this is exactly the point. She is immature. Remember her first scene in the drama. She is talking to manager of the company but in a very strange and hysteric way. She drives fast and it seems she is threatening him to death. She looks a bit crazy. A boyish girl who never has worn female clothes and even her hobby is riding motorcycle. Then Maru comes and she meets love for the first time in her life. In result, she slowly change to a more womanly, normal girl at her age. She even thinks of marriage, having children, growing old with him and giving up everything for his love. This is not the crazy EG we saw at first. What we see in accident scene is her returning to her old self. That beautiful glassy love world shatters in front of her eyes and by the one she in love like crazy. She doesn’t have the right to kill him or anything but she is crazy.

    I think her current state symbolizes her rebirth. She is neither tough nor crazily in love EG. She is just like a baby who feels love by her heart. Very innocent.

  395. 395 : gif Says:

    sarah, she’s still “crazy” in love and not wanting to believe MR does not love her the way she loved him in the past. [Yeah, sure give up your inheritance if you were like not going to get much anyway, but no one looks favorably on a woman his willing to give up her fortune for a gigolo. That’s insane.] Her heart tells her they were madly in love and her feelings are paramount (her words on the beach) and his are of no consideration. The way she dresses is of no consequence. That’s just camouflage for allowing the Barbie doll to have many changes of clothing.

    EG is still the same person even with the amnesia. She does not take no for an answer and is patiently going through the relearning process to be integrated back into her father’s corp.. There’s no rebirth for her only relearning what she knew before. Asking him if he’s ashamed of her based on her current handicap is similar to [in my mind] her questioning why her father did not love and accept her as is.

    Again, EG should not be rewarded with MR’s love after trying to murder him with her car. She has got to be one of the most 10 delusional and unstable characters in kdrama history.

    What kinda story is this again, show?

  396. 396 : Lorem Says:

    I think EG’s character is well defined by the writer. Her antics fits well with her rich-girl upbringing. Her actions falls within the scope of her passionate nature. For those who seem to think such behavior is confined to melodramas, you ought to a step back. Do some research or live life a bit. Because this drama is not overstating the reality.

    Korea has one of the highest suicides of affluent nations. Sedate individuals do radical things under certain conditions. And if any of you know someone working in the emergency ward of a city hospital, with access to relevant info you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  397. 397 : gif Says:

    The Barbie doll is a shameless plug for a SK movie it seems.

  398. 398 : sara Says:

    This drama IS overstating the reality. this is also the nature of melodramas. I know what we see in this drama is not completely confined to melo . It’s been about 6,7 years since I’ve been watching K-dramas. I read lots of news, watch lots of their programs and know about the high rate of suicide, depression and all in their society. Still, you mean this exaggerated emotions and over-sentimental actions that hit you in the heart and make you cry, are natural in Korean society? They drive in opposite direction in one way lane to kill their unfaithful boyfriends or are so obsessed with someone that leave their sister and go to their lovers, take the murder blame for someone else and ruin their life forever? I agree they are some people who does act like this. But they are not normal people. Ones who commit suicide suffer from depression and depression is a kind of mental disorder. So, this is not what we can normally witness in real life. Maru, EG and JH are not the representative characters of Korean society. At the max, they are representative of their own kinds. I think what we saw in “reply to 97” was the most real picture of Korean people.

  399. 399 : wazabi Says:

    just love it..kang ma ru,character just too deep…too hurt..and too evil.love it..

  400. 400 : Sandra Says:

    Wow!! I love to visit this site to read the
    Different views regarding the characters
    On these drama. At this point, all I have
    To say is Kudos to the writers, actors and
    Rest of production cast as they have
    embark us all In a drama that each of the
    viewers are Living with each of the characters!!
    Aftereverything is said and done…that is the
    Aim of good writing to involve the audience.
    In this particular drama…I’m already in it
    Since day one…whether the decisions each
    Characters are making are right or wrong,
    these are only following the Patterns of their
    upbringing….Eun Gi, a rich bratty type of girl,
    heiress to a big conglomerate Used to people
    do what she said is going To be done, yet
    like she said to Maroo, she alwaysHave lived
    an empty life until Kang Maroo!
    Although, she knew about toxic Jae Hee
    And Maroo’s relationship, she cont’d in her
    pursuit of Maroo out her love for him.
    As bratty as She could be…deep beneath…
    her love for Maroo got to her, as irrational
    as it can be….
    But humans we tend to be irrational when
    Emotions touch our deepest core…and that
    Goes with the type of character that she is.
    We already experienced the first set of
    tragedy with the accident…now the new
    Looks for each of the main characters is like
    A second part to the drama where the
    Characters are living the consequences of
    Their choices…Eun Gi becoming amnesiac
    which I guess it’s enough punishment if we
    choose to consider it a punishment…and
    As for Maroo life moved on without JH
    as he already Had come to terms on that
    in Epi 9 regarding their relationship, but
    Not his revenge, in fact the inf reg the
    research is related to his revenge with Jae
    Hee. However, he still continues to think
    about EG…as when he had the opportunity
    to be happy yet He let it go…that causes him
    not to be At peace…until now that she appears
    again. Anyway, I am so embedded, glued
    to this drama…while I watch dramas to
    Enjoy happy endings…on this one I’m not
    Sure…I want a happy ending…but I’m
    Not the writer lol!! I will keep suffering till
    Epi 20….In my eyes it’s a great Drama!!

  401. 401 : Lorem Says:

    @sara We are talking about this melodrama not all melodramas.

    The attempted suicide that ended in a head-on collision is fiction. But if we, for a moment look at the statistics, before we speculate on what is plausible and what is not, we can draw our conclusions based on evidence and not whim.

    According to one report, in South Korea, every day, 40 people take their own life. Just 28% of those are attributed to psychological illness. 72% take their life due to physical pain, economic stress or family problems.

    You’d agree our fictional characters fall in the later category. Traffic Collision suicides vary from country to country with figures reported from 2%~15% of suicides.

    Given those facts one can adequately frame a fictional event like what we have seen in this drama without being accused of overstating reality as it were.

    This drama, a work of fiction is set in the present, which makes us critical of the details. But as a work of “art”, I don’t believe realism is as important as the uplifting effect it invokes within the individual. I submit to you, art emulating “real life” alone, is a useless endeavor.

  402. 402 : gif Says:

    I think this drama as well as any other genre can offer realism and be uplifting.

    Romantic love is not the answer to everything life throws at us and if presented as such in this drama’s end, well that’s childish.

    I did not realize this was a teenage drama even though we have a 30 yo heiress acting like one.

  403. 403 : Lorem Says:

    Romance isn’t the only thing presented. We are seeing domestic violence. We are seeing the fallout like a ripple effect due to a single selfish and desperate act by a jilted lover, which now severely impacts the lives of other families Maru scammed. We can infer that the children from those families will no doubt have issues.

    What I personally take from watching this drama is this:

    1 – With every breath and every action I’m affecting the lives of others. There’s no escaping that and I don’t have that much control over the outcome.

    2 – I should not be arrogant to think I can do good. I need to be a whole lot more mindful how I treat others.

    Cheers! 🙂

  404. 404 : sara Says:

    1. “72% take their life due to physical pain, economic stress or family problems.” What leads you to the way of suicide is the mental break down which is the direct result of these problems. I mean you need to give up your life mentally then physically. In result, people who commit suicide suffer from depression. What’s the reason of depression doesn’t make any difference in final result.

    2. I also don’t believe a drama needs to match to reality in details. Coz the first goal of every drama is creating a fancy world for the viewers and helps them to enjoy their short journey in that world. Every drama has its own share of reality. What I’m trying to say is, this melodrama or any other melodrama are required to overestimate the reality to be called one. Unless they are not melo. But this overestimating has its own problems.

    a. I love this drama so much. It’s well-written and beautiful. It can play with your heart. But sometimes you can’t relate to characters because they are mostly fictional. When Maru still loves JH after all the pain he has been through and runs to her regardless of his promise to EG to take her to beach, you want to slap him. His action doesn’t make scenes. I know, he wouldn’t be this charming, if he was completely real. But sometimes he is surreal. You can’t understand him. I want a character in balance between reality and fiction. One, you can relate to, although you know they are not real e.g Miho in MGIAG.

    3. Here i hope Maru moves from JH and falls in love with EG crazily. He must do his best to make up for what he has done to her. This is what, most of the viewers want to watch. A balance between reality and fiction. But if he is still obsessed with JH, his character will be a fictional failure.

  405. 405 : eny Says:

    PSY’s acting is the best in this drama, not really like her acting before.

  406. 406 : Sandra Says:

    Just one question That I think I missed
    while watching the drama is about the
    Head on collision of EG and KMR’s vehicles.
    At night, if you are head onto another
    Vehicle approaching how can you distinguish
    The passengers in it? All you can see are
    the lightals, but you cant distingish
    the passengers. As reckless and out
    of her mind as Eun Gi was at time, especially
    after Maroo told her that the person he wanted
    to take to bed was Han Jae Hee and not her. I
    Really Don’t think any of them knew that they
    Were colliding their respective vehicles…I’m just

  407. 407 : meldz Says:

    i agree with you ms. sandra…. i think both of them wanted really to end thier life.. without knowing that they are hitting each other.

  408. 408 : gif Says:

    As for me, EG crossing over into the opposite lane indicated her not caring about the other motorist. It was someone’s family member and she did not care about ending that person’s life.

    What if it were a member of your family that this happened to? If it were a teenager driving home, they are not that skilled at trying to avoid a head-on collision. The bottom line is the rich girl has an arsenal of lawyers to get her off without seeing any jail time, while your loved one is dead on arrival or you’re loaded down with hospital bills up the whazoo.

  409. 409 : gif Says:

    U know, this is not a nice nor polite drama.

    If it ends HEA, the writer will have failed ‘herself’. You cannot write about complex characters and then fall back on commonplace where true love is the champion and they all live or are happy in the end. (That’s a fairy tale.) This is a revenge/melo and it needs to go out with a twist and a bang.

  410. 410 : kimchilee Says:

    I cant quite figure out EG’s character.. to me.. before she lost her memory.. she is a bit psychotic.. crazy.. and I agree.. when she wanted to commit suicide.. she is thinking of herself.. but then again, those who wanted to die is selfish at the end thinking only about themself. so.. let’s hope when EG recovers, she is not so crazy..

  411. 411 : gif Says:

    EG’s suicide-murder took away any empathy I had for her character.

    The writer can twist this thing into all kinds of knots, but the little lost lamb no longer fits….Just because a man rejects her, she goes out and commits a violent act. Please.

    She was not even thinking about saying her last goodbyes to her dad. Pitiful.

  412. 412 : Sandra Says:

    Without being argumentative or raise any
    Polemic discussions, all I have to say is
    that everyone is Entitled to opinions. I
    watch Korean Dramas for the sake of
    that they are fun, and some are very
    Dramatic such as the one under discussion!!
    Whether I will agree with how the writer
    Should end or not end it I guess it’s my
    Prerogative and the writer’s…in no case
    whatsoever I’m Expecting that they
    simulate real life…That’s why they are
    fiction and that’s how I Take them…it’s
    fun to kind of analyze and Dissect the
    characters without necessarily
    saying that the drama is not good…this
    Drama in my eyes it’s very good…which
    brings me to my second point that I would
    still like a good ending for Eun Gi…she
    was a victim of Kang Maroo in any case…but
    again they are humans I don’t believe
    You should pay your entire life for an error
    That you made when your mind was being
    Erratic in a split of a second…anyway this
    My opinion only. I’m not trying to make
    Anybody mad or the like…I’m just enjoying
    The actors interpreting the characters 🙂

  413. 413 : may Says:

    i hope maru doesnt get killed by a hitman in the end like fashion king, or dies in the end because of tht disease that grows in his brain or watever that is. Also hope that no one dies in the end. And they all live happily ever after. I mean even though it is melodrama it should sometimes have a happy ending for all the main cast.

  414. 414 : meldz Says:

    i watched this drama, simply because i like the story and the actors and actresses who portrays this drama.

    i do not want to interpret every action or scene, yet i will just enjoy those sweet moments and thrills because this is the way i am entertained….

    to all the people behind this drama, thank you, you really doing a great job.keep it up ’til the end.


  415. 415 : lovely Says:

    if anyone disagree with eungi’s action of the accident then try it yourself and see if you will end your life or not. in eungi’s case she loves maru with all her heart that’s why she cannot go on without him so decides to end her life without putting her dad in consideration. i think eugi doesnot know that the other person is maru but why it has to be him we don’t know. i now know for sure that maru likes her but he doesnot express his feelings like other k-dramas

  416. 416 : emerald Says:

    im prepared to whats the ending of this drama…

  417. 417 : Lorem Says:

    Those who will criticize others for criticizing aspects of the drama is not really paying attention to the comments. Be it complaining about a character’s behavior or apprehensions regarding the ending, it all says one thing; this drama is engaging its audience. It says its creators are doing very well.

  418. 418 : gif Says:


    I most certainly disagree with EG’s action re her suicide-murder and don’t need to put myself in her shoes. If that is what the author wants the audience to do, it’s not happening here!

    No need to go jumping off cliffs folks to know the landing will hurt you.

    LOLs, lovely indeed….

  419. 419 : Sandra Says:

    I so love this drama and this site…I feel
    I’m kind of in a literature or English
    Class!!…And Yes Loren I agree with you.
    We are all engaged…drama and actors
    Are being Successful!!

  420. 420 : gorgeous girl Says:

    Psycho drama!Those who watch it emotinonally will be like the characters in this drama hahaha….just watch for the sake of watching and it’s just one of the drama huh!

  421. 421 : sara Says:

    I just don’t get people who tell others to watch a drama just for fun or spending time. I agree that the first goal of every drama, movie, book or any other media is to help you run away from busy daily life. But who can deny that everything we watch or read has a direct impact on our unconscious mind and can change our habits and attitude slowly. That’s why writers, directors and actors need to be careful of what they are producing.

  422. 422 : Lorem Says:

    Two thumbs up Sara. 😉

  423. 423 : gif Says:

    Now we have an engagement between MR and EG. He’s an ass. @_O

  424. 424 : loleres Says:

    omg this drama is so good great actors and well made script, no boring moment at all. thumbs up to writers and producers too. love it 🙂

  425. 425 : Carmen Says:

    #379 gif – I agree. The angel in white is not equipped emotionally or mentally to redeem anyone after trying to murder someone using her vehicle as a weapon. This is just deplorable writing.

    I don’t care is she snapped out of it at the last moment, an unsuspecting driver may have crashed and burned. What if it were your loved one she’s drove after just because she cannot handle some of life’s pressures.

    EG does not deserve a happy ending nor the love of MR who was the target of her outrage. IF the writer tries to cover this up by having the character not take responsibility for her actions in that tunnel, I call BS.\
    @379 gif.
    excuse me? maybe you should read again what you wrote, because that is a pretty harsh comment. you’re saying that EG doesn’t deserve a happy life, or maru’s love which in any case will ultimately bring her happiness because of what she did? so you get to decide if she is allowed to be happy in the end or not? any why is that? what makes you any different from her? which is basically my point. I guess what you want for her is to crash and burn.. which contradicts everything you just said pretty much.

    I do agree that hurting/killing someone in the process of attempted suicide is just as serious as a crime as murder, no buts. It’s selfish and wrong. but, BUT, what you said just made no sense to me..
    if you have a strong opinion on something then don’t give any loose ends. don’t say ‘this is wrong’ then go ahead and dealt it.

    I think what EG did was an act of selfisness and unjust. but I will take no opinion on how she gets to live her life or her deserving happiness. that is not on my part. if she gets a super happy go lucky ending – then fine so be it. I wont be exactly thrilled but I wont complain. I wont be the one pointing my finger at her and telling her she has to feel remorse and suffer (her whole life?!) about it. the law can decide that. hey waitaminute – we already have 2 lawyers in this drama, maybe they can shine a light on it in a later episode.
    anyways, I do agree she should feel responsible for what she committed and possibly repent. for BOTH almost suicide and murder. that way I, as a human being, will be able to respect her. I really do hope she regrets her consequences of suicide. I really do. maybe in the end, if she ends up with MR in a happily ever after, she’ll regret not dying. or some other way. I dont know. all I want, my one and only hope, is that the writers do a good job with this and like you said, not try to cover it up. just please don’t make me do the opposite and dislike this protagonist.

  426. 426 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    For those who are stressing themselves overanalysing the story is unbeilavably sad.Watching dramas for most of us is to pass our time and also as a form of entertainment.Relax and just enjoy as the story unfolds.Don’t put yourself in the position thinking of what should and should not suppose to happen and what and how the writer is suppose to proceed.If it so mind boggling ,better watch out ,you never know, taking the story so seriously as a viewer might affect you sadly to the point of losing your reasoning crazily and badly.This is just my opinion.No offense intended.Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  427. 427 : meldz Says:

    i agree with # 426…

    i love this drama….

  428. 428 : Melia Says:

    This drama is different from what I used to watch. It plays with audience’ emotions. It has a mixture of everything, extreme sadness, desire of revenge, endless love and hatred, greed and more. It’s so engaging that I can’t wait to see the ending of this story. I really wish KMR’s life will change for the better. It’s quite unjust if his life is nothing but a series of never ending struggles and pains.

  429. 429 : irene Says:

    426. Absolutely right.

  430. 430 : swift Says:

    This drama is not as bad as Five Fingers that got viewers is grips for all the frustrations that befalled on the lead character.
    At least there are plots in this drama that gave the two lead characters some breather and put the evildoers in a fix to find solution to cover their tracks.
    From Ep11 at least we can see the plots building up for Maru and Eun Gi to fight Jae Hee and attorney Ahn.

  431. 431 : gif Says:

    Ok, this is it for me at ep 12.

    There are no more surprises with this drama as it’s veering down sappy love story land. It was exhilerating and refreshing while it lasted.

    Thanks writer-nim!

  432. 432 : kayjay Says:

    I agree with 426 but i do want to ask a question – didn’t Eun Gi try to kill her self AFTER receiving a phone call from that lawyer telling her her father was dead/practically dead? I don’t think she tried to end her life solely because of Maru or did she? Who knows… but i do think that this drama is definitely getting more interesting to watch. Although i wish there would be less crying in each episode – either the characters are sad or i’m sad 😀

  433. 433 : abcd Says:

    i think maru will die at the end..

  434. 434 : meimei Says:

    i think maru is using her again? and i also think her amnesia recovers the next ep. When maru and eun gi were driving and the car’s light flash them…..this is getting more intriguing 🙂

  435. 435 : Lorem Says:

    Missing KDaddict’s pleasantries. Her take on the episodes were always a good read. Not to impugn on anyone else’s contribution. 🙂

  436. 436 : julie Says:

    in eps 12 love story between maru and eungi has started. I mean maru’s genuine heart for eungi, only for her.
    I need happy ending for them, please……

  437. 437 : Lorem Says:

    I think with the latest episodes I am reminded this is a melodrama. But it seemed to recover quickly from those cliche’d moments. Masterful techniques by the director and screenwriter. They know their craft well.

    So, is it that EG’s reverting to a child-like state is what’s softened Maru? It’s brought out his best qualities — the nice guy. After all, he seemed the happiest during those years taking care of his sick sister and looking out for JH.

    What ultimately gives Maru contentment is that those around him, whom he loves, are happy. It seems seeing EG interact with his family has touched him. He seemed very happy about it.

    So I think its that simple. The story will/should pursue that to the end. There is no need for convoluted twists in order to achieve some new level of audience appreciation, IMHO. It will be Maru & family, vs JH and her Men In Black.

  438. 438 : meldz Says:

    i love watching episode 12.

  439. 439 : hny Says:

    this week eps have a nice ending..one thumb for the writer ! Love this drama more…

  440. 440 : lovely korean Says:

    i likes this drama so much. Bestbestbest giler

  441. 441 : Merry Says:

    I love this..drama..

  442. 442 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    For Korean drama followers,i highly recommend a family drama 58 episodes alltogether that is and i promise with my heart of hearts that you will never regret watching it,in fact let me warn you that you might get hook after seing it ,not that your not addicted to korean drama yet but this specific one will not let you down.The title is OJAKGYO BROTHERS and you could see it in Drama Crazy Net and sometimes in Youtube.This drama was completed already so while waiting for other dramas week after week ,this can kill your time for the time being.Happy watching .First few episodes might not be as exciting same with all other dramas but just persevere and you will see what i’m talking about.

  443. 443 : kdfan Says:

    it was supposed to be romantic time during EG & MR’s trip but somehow i felt only sadness, cried n cried. such a sad couple. dang these mellos .. but can’t help watching.

  444. 444 : ance Says:

    please let this drama have a happy ending…
    -i like that ma ru became clueless on how to pursue a girl when he was the expert.
    -i also like that he said that he doesn’t remember those times when he was dating jae hee. i think he really forgot his feelings for jae hee and really starting to fall for eun gi…
    what i was afraid of is when atty. park said “what was so urgent?” that jae hee left ma ru…i was thinking maybe jae hee’s son is ma ru’s? naahhhh i don’t want it to be like that…if that kid is ma ru’s then it’s impossible for him and eun gi right? that idea is absurb…hehehe!

  445. 445 : mrs.onew Says:

    this drama is epic. I can’t wait for the 13th episode.
    Maru and Eun Gi please be together. JK oppa and CW unni make a beutiful couple. The plot is very interesting because we can’t guess what will happen next and after watching episode 12 It makes me more and more addicted to this drama.
    Nice Guy Jjang!!

  446. 446 : hyunhwa Says:

    yes…i agree if this drama had happy ending.too much pain from beginning.i think this drama addicted in every episodes he…i loved this drama soo much.

  447. 447 : vkchu Says:

    Seeing maru feel severe headache,it likes bring us to create the thought that this drama would has a sad ending,and make me curious also,would maru die? Or would maru be a really NICE GUY at the end?i hope he get his life back,before he jailed.at least we can see now,that maru wants to start his fresh life,of course with new lover (eun gi),he tries to make himself deserves to be with eun gi. I love the narrative that maru said when he went on trip seaside with eun gi” it’s the first time for him to feel regret

  448. 448 : lilac Says:

    I think the drama is interesting, I was expecting a new story in a new drama from Korea, as well as the emotional drama characteristic. but in my opinion, I love the emotion and drama that explores the little comedy that is a very good drama and also as I said earlier I was expecting drama completely new story, not even able to guess the ending was such a surprise for me drama lovers

  449. 449 : sara Says:

    Although this writer’s work is unpredictable but what is most noticeable in ep11, 12 is the starting of character changes.

    Maru: He is going to the brighter side. His expression has changed. He is more like the Maru we have seen in his memories with JH, warm, kind and adorable. As if all he wants is just having a warm home and a happy family. He detaches the last connecting thread to JH, that old house, and leaves it with all of his memories with her. That’s why he says “I don’t remember my dates with JH”. That home is now just an abandoned house which symbolizes him emptying his heart from her.
    He even has been waiting for EG the whole year, accepts to help her and regrets what he has done to her. He has been in love with her from the beginning. What he wants now is half of Tae san. What is half of Tae san? Isn’t it EG? Maru is going to be the real nice, innocent man.

    EG. It seems she is going to the darker side. She has always been on the excessive side. Excessively arrogant, workaholic and rude at first. Then excessively crazy in love with Maru to the point of giving up everything for him. And now, excessively innocent like a newborn child. What’s the next step? Is she going to remember everything, leave Maru, go to JH’s side to get at him?

    Lawyer Ahn, lawyer Park. These two men are going to darker side with the same goal of owning their love. Both of those women are in love with Maru. Both of them are supposed to protect their love by any means. Both of them are jealous and their difference lies here. Jealousy makes lawyer Ahn to self-destruction and Lawyer Park to scarifying. Lawyer Ahn will be more evil than JH coz what she wants is maintenance of their distance. I won’t be surprised if he is the one who destroy JH.

  450. 450 : Lorem Says:

    #426 There are people watching this and other korean dramas for various reasons. Their culture as well as their interests dictate how they view the shows. There are marketing people, students, writers, musicians, actors, political majors, literature majors, factory worker, the list goes on. They are from the local population, the US, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Iraq, Uzbekistan, PI, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, HK, Italy etc. The age group is 11~80 year olds.

    I happen to know two 13 year-old and two 80 year-old avid viewers of this particular drama. Who visit this site but don’t post comments.

    Personally I don’t watch these dramas to while away time. I think time spent imbibing media content of any kind without scrutinizing the effect on ones own consciousness, is a dangerous practice. I prefer to stay guarded when I lend my ear/vision to a stranger.

    IMO, by all means analyse, dissect away if one must. I’m sure the writer will be pleased with the attention and many readers will benefit from yet a different angle of vision.

  451. 451 : desy Says:

    love this drama…. hope for happy ending please….

  452. 452 : Sandra Says:

    Re: Your post, that makes two of us.
    I started thinking that since epi 1 as
    Maru’s friend mentioned once that
    Han Jae Used to visit Maro in Jail and
    then her Visits became more infrequent
    till her visits stopped 4 years before…and
    the way that Han Jae Hee loves that kid…
    although She is a Hyena, her son fills her
    world!! I wouldn’t like it either…but who
    Knows it may be a twist that the writer is
    Preparing…we’ll have to watch it. In the
    Meantime I want to enjoy this new facet
    Of Kang Maroo…I love his dreamy face
    Whenever he thinks of Eun Hi…Looking
    Forward to a great love story!!

  453. 453 : doris cera Says:

    Every episode is kind of exciting. the last one was superb. looking forward to the next ep.

  454. 454 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    In response to Lorem,obviously your not one waste your time without serious thought.Unlike you ,not everybody has the time to analyse and brag your writing and critic talent.Your putting so much time and energy on something that recognition is in the wrong frame. Whose attention and impression are you trying to acquire,not in this medium.Why get so defensive,did i touch a nerve.Don’t get spastic and i will say it again relax,no one is fighting with you nor questioning your god given ability for writing , criticism and analysis.Everybody is entitle to their own opinion.

  455. 455 : Lorem Says:

    In other words, I should just shut up and take it. I don’t accept your authority here.

    To say someone’s “spastic” is to suggest their ability to reason is impaired. And to mock someone’s opinion is to say it has little value.

    It is civil to argue on point, but respectfully Sir, to launch personal insults is bad form. We are indeed all expressing our opinions without resorting to insults.

  456. 456 : JL Says:

    Every saturday, I search frantically for eng subs as if i’ve gone mad. All for this Innocent Man.. Have been watching korean dramas for years and this one is the best thus far. Not for those with a faint heart as there are few epis that made me bonkers with madness anger and then moments that are gripping pain for my heart and some moments that are sooo sweet which warms my heart and soul. Kudos to the writer. Really love love loved this drama. patiently waiting for epi 13 now…

  457. 457 : Lorem Says:

    Anyway, I won’t be around to read or post comments. 🙂 Happy k-drama viewing to all. I’m looking fwd to watching the rest of this drama.


  458. 458 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    To Lorem,don’t put words into my mouth.Your interpretation is way out of context. Funny,this is what i mean by being careful.You might lose it completely,please take it easy,don’t go bonkers.

  459. 459 : nethu Says:

    This drama is amazing… this story is unique and i love the story line so much. it grabs my full attention to the drama and never let go.

    it has some significant features that make me excited. first thing is the SOUND TRACK!!! the background music attract me like nothing.., the sharp music that is unique only to this drama makes me want to continue watching and make me curious about what is going on.. the second thing is the main ACTOR and the ACTRESS,, also the lawyer. they are so pretty and acts very nicely. the facial expressions are superb!!! the cast is very talented. i must say,, the main actor Song Joong Ki looks very innocent and perfectly suits the character. he’s very cute and keeps the audience want to see what he’s up to next. the drama attracted me first because i loved the actress in “the princess’s man”.

    Thirdly, the story which makes itself more curious and made me worry about that will happen next and also made me predict the end which is impossible to predict. I’m completely obsessed by this drama.. very attractive. fourthly,, i must admit that this is one of the REALISTIC dramas I’ve watched. i personally believe that every drama should show all dimensions of the life around the main characters. even in “the beautiful you”, i didn’t see that qualification because the drama doesn’t emphasize how they studied, how they learnt during the school periods and the story was only focused on the main theme neglecting the most needed parts of the usual lives of characters. this drama qualifies that issue because the cast never failed to show what is going around in their usual lives.

    I would recommend this drama to anyone who’s interested in Korean dramas because this is one of the best dramas i’ve ever watched. waiting for the other episodes… hope time will pass soon and hope the ending will be awesome. 🙂 there are so many other things i want to say but hope this would be more than enough as a feedback. thanks for making such a wonderful drama. 🙂

  460. 460 : uzi anwar Says:

    im really like this drama,maru so cool n nice guy

  461. 461 : taryn Says:

    poor maru… so heartbreaking… I’m definitely glued to this drama right now. hope it hits the jackpot

  462. 462 : kimchilee Says:

    Episode 12.. so draggy.. couldnt bring myself to finish it.. i may skip this and come back to it later.. maybe wait to see whether Maru dies or not in the end before spending my time watching this.

  463. 463 : Nita Says:

    Really love this drama,,,
    SJK u’r d’good actor

  464. 464 : Nita Says:

    Wish happy ending

  465. 465 : puteri01 Says:

    that’s kid is kang maru son? impossible. its because JH keep tells EG’s father that that’s kid also his son and reserve the right for his assets. i can’t imagine if thats son is belong to Kang Maru. pity to EG. i will not hate this drama if the truth is Kang Maru had a son with JH. but…. i will be upset. no…. more upset. in this drama EG lost her memories n Kang Maru had brain complications. this is my hope for the ending of this drama.

    i hope EG recover her illness n not get a revenge to Kang Maru. its because Kang Maru helps her to recover. i dont like EG with his lawyer. his lawyer asks Kang Maru to leave EG when EG recover from her illness. its selfish..(although its just a drama). if the director want it also be a tragic drama… i think… please dont end with a dead of them. i will accept if the ending became as a drama of winter sonata. the hero does not die. he just blind. but he still can feels the warmth of their love. if they married and have children also thumbs up. its just to remember the words from EG while its a raining day. she wants to live in a happy life wih Kang Maru and growth their children together.

  466. 466 : hoping for happy ending Says:

    Well..i think Maru actually just want to be beside eun gi,express his love for her,help her and he miss her so much that why he made the deal ( for half of taesan ). It just his excuses……he also reall wanted to be with eun gi really bad..in upcoming ep, eun gi will start to remember everything and feel very angry toward maru and cant forgive him easily bcos the pain is too great which her father die at the same maru left her..and maru didnt even ask her to forgive him bcos he want to distance himself from her(bcos of the diaseas) but soon after that eun gi find out abt it then take care him..
    The question is wil maru die??!
    Gosh..pls not..i really want a happy ending..

  467. 467 : ance Says:


    let’s just hope that our imagination is just exagerated…i really don’t like that idea of mine…i don’t want a twist like that…let’s cross our fingers that it’s not…hehehe! 😉

    @465 puteri01

    i sure hope too that it’s not. i was just a little puzzled that JH was also searching for Ma Ru the past year and from what Atty.Park said when Ma Ru and him were in the Men’s Room. 🙂

  468. 468 : Sandra Says:

    @465…lol!! I don’t want the child to be
    Kang Maru’s either…it’s just that the
    Way that HJH loves that child makes me
    Be suspicious about it…but I’m already
    Nuts about this drama…so my thinking it’s
    Becoming erratic lol…Don’t mind it please!!
    @466 I agree with you, I think EG may start
    and will continue to have flashbacks, but
    She will not recup her memory yet…as
    The exciting parts of the drama are
    coming now where KM will fight for her
    and she behind him…And Yes…I do want
    a Happy Ending…I want EG wish about
    KM to tell each other about their love
    Every day and to have and raise kids
    Together…Will that be possible…I hope
    So for this drama…Love this site!!

  469. 469 : BIna Says:

    i think this drama going end to be sad for ma ru cos our writer here always make sad ending. once of role character might be died at end huff thinks about it’s want make me to kick that’s writer if it come some like that. Hope is not going same as well drama his writen

  470. 470 : nurul rizka Says:

    @465 i think you’re right..eun soo is not maru son’s. i remembered the story from the first episode that maru went into the jail for 5 years and the story move to 6 years later…we know that eun soo is 4 years old so it’s impossible if he was maru son’s. we can think logically that when maru in prison for the second years, han jae hee was pregnant.. so i think eun soo is not maru son’s. let’s hope the story will develop more interesting…i just really want to see maru and eun ki live happily together…:)

  471. 471 : amo0onagh Says:

    Really an amazing drama been watching it for a while now … I’ve seen that everyone is hopping for happy ending, yet somehow they don’t believe that they are getting one. I think otherwise, I actually think that Maru is going to get his happy ending at the end with Eun Gi .. Sadly I don’t like this ending, the reason I got addicted to this drama was because it had suspense, I would never settle for a happy ending. What I would like to happen is that Maru and Jae Hee ends up dying together as wast stated by Maru’s letter that they are in this together till the end, and unlike many of you, I don’t watch this drama for the love story, if anything Eun Gi was lovable at the start only, that is until she ruined her life by chasing a man and forcing her love on him, she was so clingy which killed her character for me. I however, like Jae Hee very much, cuz she’s an interesting character a bitch, but an interesting to watch nonetheless. Overall its a really good drama, I just hope it doesn’t turn to all love story with happily ever after, cuz that really will make me regret watching it (IMHO) As I know I am alone at this 😛 Peace, and enjoy watching 😀

  472. 472 : gif Says:

    The JG conversation with MR about how to date a girl was fascinating.

    Your bf knows you and wants you to come clean about your underlying motivations and desires. If MR cannot remember his dating experiences with JH who held his heart for nearly 7 years, he’s lying or has amnesia. That’s why JG called him crazy.

    If MR cannot “honestly remember”, the memory loss is organic in nature.

  473. 473 : gif Says:

    MR clinging to EG’s hand in the elevator was reminiscent of EG grabbing him like a life preserver during their JP date after he lost her on purpose to see how she’d react. If he let go of her hand at that moment, he’d collapse under the “acting” going on in front of JH.

    He’s have it all together where JH is concerned. MR’s expression while listening to her go on about “this is all hers” during the dinner scene showed the same expressive eyes like when he phoned EG from the bar to tell her he made room for her at his place because he planned for her to be kicked out and mentioned “loving” her in return….He has made room for her in a new place and has told JH once again that he “loves” EG.

  474. 474 : gif Says:

    *He does not have it all together where JH is concerned.

  475. 475 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    Yes,i agree that this drama has potential and has its own merit but overall there seem to be oversensationalization and so much indulgence with how the storyline goes.Sometimes even if the ratings are not 100% a reliable source or true indication of how good or bad the drama is at least we can take in consideration how the general public feelings for it goes, after all its only showing and rating 4 in general and what does it say then that the general public and majority doesn’t nescessarily feel the same way as most of us who are commenting and writing feedbacks that seem to show that this particular drama is extraordinary,after all fiction it may be but some probably experience it and almost true to life event one way or the other.I think people rationalize actions and behaviours whether its right or wrong and therefore in doing so believe and makes it acceptable.Once again this is my own opinion and for those who think that i mock,insult and offend because i don’t agree with them is not intentional, after all i’m just expressing my own feelings and thought.

  476. 476 : ance Says:

    @Thank god for korean drama 475

    i do agree with you…we just have to respect each others view…if that’s what you think, it’s ok to express it.


    i’m just happy that this drama turned out a big hit for SJK before he leaves for the military (not sure if he’s enlisted yet) just like Hyun Bin’s Secret Garden hit…though Hyun Bin is already a big star…i think Innocent Man & Werewolf Boy will leave a huge impact on people for SJK’s acting and gaining a lot of popularity for it.

  477. 477 : hoping for happy ending Says:

    For serving us such a good drama they deserve much more than this..come on whats wrong with the rating..i read an article before,and it was stated that Nice Guy strike to no #1..so i think (the srating here) was unacceptable..
    For all their hardworking they deserve more..
    One of the best drama ever for me, along with 49days,the moon that embraces the sun,and some more..

  478. 478 : sayonna Says:

    i wish dis drama had a gud ending ….. plz do us a favour n make it happy…. i gueess i have been missing smile on SJK face…. n luvd de acting of moon chae woon….. c did a gr8 job…….. i wish it would aired soon… i m eager 2 watch its further episode since its getting more interesting…….

  479. 479 : sayonna Says:

    i wish dis drama had a gud ending ….. plz do us a favour n make it happy…. i gueess i have been missing smile on SJK face…. n luvd de acting of moon chae woon….. c did a gr8 job…….. i wish it would aired soon… i m eager 2 watch its further episode since its getting more interesting…

  480. 480 : dellpage Says:


  481. 481 : celestine Says:

    Innocent man]
    One of the best Korean drama!
    Woooooh. tagal ng next episode :))))))))))))))))))

  482. 482 : Nguyen Says:

    The best Korean Drama ever!!! Full of intrigue, and Maro’s character its like prince cold-blooded >,<

  483. 483 : emerald Says:

    if its has to be good ending, will. definitely everyones here is going to be happy… but im beggining to accept the fact if its going to be a bad ending. im ready for it.. as long as their love was endless… if Maru would die Its better that Eun Gi will die also so that Jae Hee will be left behind, alone in vain… hehehehe

  484. 484 : irene Says:

    If Jae Hee’s child is Maru’s. I will be so upset. I cannot buy the dvd! It would be just too sad for me to watch over and over. Just like “a love to kill” and “Sorry, I love you” I got the dvds but I cant watch it over and over because its so sad in the end!!!!! It’s gonna force them to die or Eun Gi and Maru can never be together under those circumstance!!!!! Aighhhh but I still have to watch it for now. I don’t want to give up on Maru and Eun Gi they look so good together. Of course I am not the writer. I’ll keep watching. Hope they be happy together. 🙂 Love this drama so far.

  485. 485 : irene Says:

    But then I just probably end up getting it because its Moon Chae Won and Song JoonKi. Just like the other two. It’s So ji Sub, Rain, and Shin MinAh.. How can I not love them!! But I will be so sad :::C.

  486. 486 : gif Says:

    For all we know, KMR is in a coma after the suicide-murder attempt by EG who died, btw and who’s dreaming all of this because he saw her hit him and ….

    The pain he’s feeling in his head could be a positive thing as it may mean he will awaken since his body is feeling pain.

    How’s that for an alternative?

  487. 487 : Sandra Says:

    This drama is so good…while I hate HJH
    With passion, I do recognize that at one
    Point she loved KM, and she still does, but
    She decided to walk a path where there
    was no room for KM…what I love about
    this drama is that the writer present
    The characters as humans no one is totally
    Evil or totally good!!! Eun Gi, as bratty,
    Temperamental, a girl of extremes loved
    Kang Maru with her soul…cause that’s how
    She is…if that’s what makes her clingy
    Well…she cannot be any other person but
    Eun Gi, same as Kang Maru, he can’t be
    The innocent guy that he was before
    Because of his life experience being in jail
    And all with HJH, yet like all human we still
    have the this other self that comes out when
    people like Eun Gi the way she is now touches
    Kang Maru’s soul, even before this stage
    Of the drama KM was attracted to EG..like
    he said to his father…when he sees EG
    He sees a reflection of himself…they both
    Have been burned by love….whether I will
    See a happy ending as much as I want it
    Im not sure…I guess the author will follow
    her style unless, it totally surprise us all.
    With a different ending…a happy ending
    Will not make the drama bad…it just
    Basically states that True love conquers
    all, and that if you don’t change your ways
    Karma catches up with you…this is my opinion.
    Even Attney Park Joon Ha will show his
    Dark side I think…Love this drama!!

  488. 488 : lyanaw Says:

    i really love this drama so much, omg song joong ki, your smile in end of episode 12 make me freezed
    i can’t wait to until wednesday, hurry wednesday
    but i confised next week, innocent man or missing you? Complicated, really?
    I hope this drama can make we surprised, wish..

  489. 489 : sandy Says:


  490. 490 : eva Says:

    i really love this drama most of all song joong ki very very handsome and moon chae won hope 4 more dramas<3

  491. 491 : ChaseMe Says:

    I love this drama! I never thought it would be this great! I can’t wait for more!!! I love Song Joong Ki since Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Moon Chae Won since Shinning Inheritance!

    I also wish that the writer will give us a beautiful ending. With our technology right now, a brain tumor can still be cure. My friend has to leave his Navy position because of a brain tumor, but he’s got surgery and is still fine now. I hope Maru will also be like that, so he and Eun Gi can get married and have children in the end.

  492. 492 : gif Says:

    The more I think about it, the more my scenario seems plausible in #486. I was just joking but Inception-world happening right now with MR dreaming. His last thoughts were about all the things happening so this is the world he’s built after the crash.

    The pain does signal an awakening from his dream world as he’s in a coma, and death in the dream world, as he has to leave it behind.

    If correct, I can see why the writer was so quick to get here—to this glorious event. The Mad Hatter dash of EG falling in love and nondescript illnesses…she was soooo eager to get to this point in her storytelling that she ignored a lot of background info in her earlier episodes.

    If so, it would mean that we pick the “real” story back up after the white lights around episode 20. Hope MR can handle the truth when he wakes up….

  493. 493 : Sandra Says:

    @486 & 492, you both are also very creative!! I like it!! It may be a great possibility!! This is what I like about this drama is making us all think!
    In my case, I’m obsessed (I’m not joking) about the plot and the characters!!
    However, I’m the type of viewers that prefer happy endings to sad endings, especially in a great drama such as this one!!

  494. 494 : Summi Says:

    I really love this drama! thank you very much! 🙂 its really exciting so i cant stop it 😛 and.. SJK is very hot!

  495. 495 : vodka Says:

    why this drama doesnt have ost in this website? where can i get it as free download?

  496. 496 : Nong Says:


    OST is here – http://k-popdownloadlink.blogspot.com/search/label/Innocent%20Man%20OST?&max-results=7

  497. 497 : Juststoppingby Says:

    So far I have completely been sucked in by this dramas complex characters and winding plot…I can’t help but notice though that because of the complexity and various similarities present along with a personal thought of mine that this drama coincidentally named “Nice Guy” reminds me “Bad Guy”, yet another amazing drama of its own. Due to so many subtle similarities between both dramas, the way the stories seem to be so close and the completely different characters in the dramas I wouldn’t be surprised if this were considered almost like a sequel to Bad Guy except reverted in a sense. If other whom have watched the Korean Drama, Bad Guy, and find my thoughts are preposterous, then so be it. I may be wrong. But I think I’ve compared them fairly well. Can’t wait to find out if the ending to this one will be tragic as well!
    Hooked on this 😉

  498. 498 : kimber Says:

    Excited for episode 13 and 14! 🙂

  499. 499 : hoping for happy ending Says:

    Excited for ep13 tonight!!!

  500. 500 : mitten_d Says:

    I don’t like HJH … All acting very well .. SJK & MCW can’t wait to see your act in future 😉

  501. 501 : nethu Says:

    waiting is killing me.. finally it’s Wednesday… hw many hours.. 🙁 counting fingers.. im dead addicted to this drama.. already watched 3 times…

  502. 502 : nyte Says:

    really like this drama, full of unexpected scenes.. you don’t know what will happen next… an innocent look but an aggressive mind… and of course a good looking guy SONG JOONG KI…

  503. 503 : gif Says:

    @493, I’ve decided not to watch this further because the “twisted” love story between MR and EG sickens me. She tries to kill him and/or herself and their love story is supposed to be TRUE love.???

    That message is irresponsible of the writer. (I need to know the ending of this 20 hour sordid soap before I continue.)

    In my version, the dream world works for me because EG is dead. She wanted to kill herself, and she succeeded. She’s a very unstable character and no reset will change the way I look at her after the fact. The writer should reset JH too while she’s at it to show a true comparison of natures that are unaffected by their pasts. It will not happen because she telling a very biased tale.

  504. 504 : kellyy bearss Says:

    can someone, confirmed to me if this kdrama is worth watching. thanks 😀

  505. 505 : amie Says:

    #504 – yahh its very very good and interesting drama. I was so addicted not just because on the plot but also in their role and character. Superb

  506. 506 : Sandra Says:

    @503…I can see where you are coming from. However, I have to say that in this particular drama I have to understand each character within their own
    context…where they are coming from, always remembering that of
    Course they are fictional characters. Like I have said before, what I like about
    this drama is that all main characters are presented as humans, not totally
    good or totally bad. Even HJH I have felt sorry for her at times, KM I really hated how he spoke to EG by the sea, yet he is a guy influenced by his past with HJH, who cannot even forgive himself by believing a second chance to love, and that is sad and makes him likeable to me. EG, a girl of extremes, brought up by her father within very rigid standards so she would become the heiress to their conglomerate, her perception of love up to that point at 29 years old was none like she said , it was a “pathetic life” until KM came into her life. She let herself go in her emotions for him, whether it was a healthy way of thinking to want to end her life I would say no, but us humans our emotions make us act in distorted ways sometimes without necessarily making us bad persons. That’s how I interpret her character…I guess my perception of the characters are within the parameters that they are fictional…Of course, I respect your stand in how you view them….I like the drama and I am an average viewer who prefers happy endings to sad endings…I’d like to buy this drama for my collection but with a sad ending like EG dying or KM I guess I won’t…I mean happy endings within the parameters of the drama and the characters….again this is only my opinion since I like this drama so much…and I like to visit this site

  507. 507 : gif Says:

    @506, the drama will probably end HEA. The characters are too pathetic for it not to have one.

    Within the context of the drama, EG’s character is not that appealing to me. We were not given much background on her or JH for that matter. The portraits were more of a collage for both because the writer cared not to put too much effort into them. Too many missing spaces in the images.

    As for the clean slate, it works thematically only if one likes the character. I don’t after her accident. She walked away from her inheritance and her life. So why is there this huge battle over these things now? Let her keep walking away (if she’s not dead as menioned earlier). EG has not asked for restoration into her father’s family or corp. The battle is betw MR and JH with EG being used as leverage once again. She’s still appears to be a pawn in the story and not very active.

    MR not being able to “forgive” himself is a huge issue too. Responsibility only goes so far and he really has none. MR told JH to live a good life (aks continue being a reporter and not marry some old guy and have his child); EG determined to end things after hearing about her father and MR’s attempt to destroy her love for him. The hand shaking or tremors that she was experiencing was indicative of emotional trauma. What does that tell me? She cannot handle rejection very well from any source–father, laborers, lover, etc.. So MR has to make sure her world is filled with sunshine and unicorns all the time. That’s a full-time job.

    The actors are doing a phenomenal job with the material provided. Just my opinion at the 12th episode mark.

    Save up you dollars or whatever currency you shop with because the happy ending is on its way…. 😉

  508. 508 : Innocent man fan! Says:

    Please…please…do not waste anymore time reading comments to figure out if this drama is good. GOOOOO WATCH IT!!!!!! It truly is one of THE BEST Korean dramas I’ve seen in a very long time. Why?

    -Because it hooks you in leaving you ALWAYS wanting more
    -No scene becomes too draggy (like many dramas become even if it has a good plot)
    -The writers truly wrote a phenomenal drama. you can tell that a lot of thought and time went into making this one.

    Ok, I hope that is enough to make you believe! Go have fun!

  509. 509 : BieFlash Says:

    salam kenal

  510. 510 : Doris Aguirre Says:

    phenomenal!!!! every episode is worth waiting for… you’ll never know what will happen next… truly exciting to the max!

  511. 511 : meldz Says:

    my heart is aching watching the new ep. 13 and 14 preview….

    oh my gosh, i really feel the pain and the love…..

    kang maru and seo eun gi you are the best!

    to all the cast and crew job well done…..

    to the writer and director… man you made me crazy with your story… yet it is really fantastic…. keep it up….

  512. 512 : DSD Says:

    Innocent Man Ep 11 Eng Sub

  513. 513 : song hye kyo Says:

    @gif..it’s your opinion. don’t watch if you don’t feel like watching it anymore. I can say that it’s a good drama.

  514. 514 : nethu Says:

    this is the best ever!!! never been waiting for the next episodes like i do for this.. truly amazing.. thanks for the wonderful drama.. 🙂

  515. 515 : Sandra Says:

    Really, this drama is great!! I’m going to go nuts after tmrrw as I don’t know the suspense will have to bear for another longggggg week!! Great performance of all cast!! Be assured I will add it to my collection as long as I see Kang Maru and Eun Gi happy…whatever mistakes they made whatever suffering they are going through right now it’s a price they will have to pay to
    Earn that well deserved happiness!!

  516. 516 : kdinnocent Says:

    OMG this drama is crazily good, superb acting and story. Haters will hate so let them be. For the crazy ones lets all be CRAZY with this drama, love kang maru and eun gi fighting!! 🙂

  517. 517 : hny Says:


    more exciting, now EG didn’t recognize ma’ru .. but it seems his harsh characters appear again .. I think this is a good sign for EG’s memory and it will be back soon. But it’s not a good sign for their relationship .. I more like to see them like present,Ma’ru take care of her.. so natural ,sweet they are so lovely ! I really sorry for Park Joon Ha, he also good for EG..hope there’s sweet moment between he n EG one day..
    I hope EG loss his memory more longer, she more nicely .. but it’s not good idea, as long JH and sec.Yun want to master the company ..this is the bad part on this drama 😀

  518. 518 : Melia Says:

    This drama is truly dramatic and full of emotions. It’s heartbreaking at times.

  519. 519 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    Some viewers has twisted,convuluted and very vivid imaginations .Interpretations of each individual outpouring almost to the point of proving to themselves , thinking that all events and actions with their explanations must be the real reason for such a situation.Some even accused of the writer being irresponsible .For crying outloud,please if some can’t handle sad story,will you stop dreaming.Stop fantazising,you are not in lala land where everything is joyful.You can be an idealist if you are living in the perfect world.Be realistic.For some of us,we just want to enjoy watching it.We do not need repetition of almost like telling a story time and time again in detail .We all saw it alreadyi,that is why we are following it.and if we’re not clear ,we can definitely see it again.Yes i know that you have the right for your own opinion but for god sakes,be sensible with your comment .If you get offended then definitely i’m referring to you.

  520. 520 : kdfan Says:

    @hny at end of ep 13 i think EG now remembers who was in the car she collided with. and quite possibly she has also recovered her memory. She then hatched the plan to try to save Maru and herself by pretending not to recognize Maru. If this is true, then it is great timing bec just as JH discovered EG’s amnesia, EG recovered just in time all prepared to counter JH’s attack. Can’t wait for ep 14!

  521. 521 : Sandra Says:

    @KDfan: I truly hope you are right!! Regardless, KD really know how to play with viewers’ emotions!! Nice Guy it’s a perfect example!!

  522. 522 : meldz Says:

    guys…. one question…..

    is there any possibility that on real life… song jooong ki will fall in love with mon chae won?

    see.. if we talk about their age… it’s a match right?
    when we talk about their physical appearance, they are perfect for each other.

    hmmmm, what do you think?

    i hope to those who are close to them can share how are the both of them off cam….

  523. 523 : hny Says:


    yap hope so, that she only pretending , so she have AS card to kick JH in right time !
    btw, have nice weekend my Frend 😀

  524. 524 : kellyy bearss Says:

    @amie/#505: okaaay, imma gonna watch it as soon as possible! Thank you so much :)) God Bless!

    -from USA w/ <3

  525. 525 : fannie Says:

    just watched episode 13. can’t wait for epi 14. i think EG now recovers her memory up to the time she have’nt met Maru. that’s why she did’nt recognize him. am also hoping for a happy ending.

  526. 526 : susan Says:

    i’m falling in love with KMR, after the king 2 hearts n bridal mask, this is the best korean drama, hope the ending will good.

  527. 527 : SEG Says:


  528. 528 : niea Says:

    you can watch innocent man online live @ this site http://livedekankoku.web.fc2.com/kbs2-live2.html

  529. 529 : Evy Says:

    I really love this show. It has been one of the best dramas I’ve watched so far. I’m new to this but, very hooked on them. I hope KMR does not die. I love the chemistry between the actors. I also enjoy all the comments in this page you guys really get in to the disection of the show and characters 😀

  530. 530 : sara Says:

    I know EG is in child state right now. A stubborn yet innocent child who does whatever she wants without considering the after effects. But she really got in my never in ep 13. Why she doesn’t listen to Maru? He says “don’t go anywhere without me” but she goes. He says “don’t open the door to JH” but she opens. I feel so bad for Maru. Although he is responsible for EG’s current state. I didn’t feel any sympathy for EG in this ep. Coz she acted like a fool.If somebody leads poor Maru to death, that person is EG.

  531. 531 : Sandra Says:

    @529 Evy: Welcome to the site, this is an awesome forum, once in while we get into needless discussions about the characters, but I guess that’s part of the fun to participate in the comments. This has been so far an awesome drama, I’m so obsessed and I’m not joking!! In fact a lot of the success of course are because of all acting and production cast!! A Job Well done so far!!

  532. 532 : [email protected] Says:

    pls writers don’t let Kang Maru die…do something to make this a happy ending… He has a chance to live if he undergo a surgery.

  533. 533 : Melia Says:

    Why this drama is so heartbreaking? I cant bear myself to watch Maru and Eun Gi suffer. Please let them be happy.

  534. 534 : BLACK BEAUTY Says:

    hi everyone… I am hooked also to this korean drama… and I am hoping that the end will be a happy ever after.. like maru eungi to be together with their own family kids… please writer make it a happy ending:)

  535. 535 : Evy Says:

    @531 Sandra: Thanks!! This is a new world to me and I’m hooked. Im even starting to understand a few words. LOL I speak spanish and English no Korean so, I really enjoy this. I do enjoy reading all the comments and I understand more of the show with all your comments. 🙂

  536. 536 : irene Says:

    I am so sure maru’s gonna get sick and die. I am so sad. I have to watch how he dies…… Then I will get mad at myself for watching….. DAMN IT!

  537. 537 : irene Says:

    I don’t know if I even watch to this point if it wasnt for Song JoonKi and Moon ChaeWon hehehe I also like watching Park SiYeon being a bad girl. Guess the production team really knows how to pick the characters.
    I am starting to not have good hopes on the drama after seeing Maru gets sick and that JaeHee ‘s kid might be his. 🙁 🙁 🙁 If I am wrong than 😀 I am mad at all the sufferings that Maru is going thru for EunGi, I don’t care if Jae Hee dies or Eungi dies. Cause they both have selfish issues.
    If he had to be with one, then please let it be EunGi. THey look good together. 🙂
    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙂 🙂 🙂 Any body else feel retarted being obsessed with this drama because of Song JoongKi and Moon ChaeWon . Shout out!!!

  538. 538 : sara Says:

    It’s really getting hard to watch. I can’t bear watching Maru in that state. I even sometimes hate everyone in the story but Maru. It’s true that he was the one who tricked EG but she herself decided to commit suicide. So why he should take responsibility for all the things? His vomiting scene in bathroom made me cry. And what did he mean by “you have to be ok so i can LEAVE without worry”. It means he is going to die?

  539. 539 : tuck Says:

    จากสิ่งที่ฉันอ่านคอมเม้น จริงหรือที่มารุต้องเสียชีวิต ฉันเศร้า เมื่อทราบแล้วฉันอาจดูต่อไปอีกไม่ได้

  540. 540 : puteri01 Says:

    @ 468 Sandra”””
    its just my conclusion only(smile >p)
    i also does’t like if the ending was like that. its terrible my mind……
    btw…. lets hope the ending will be happy ever after. i hope the director will read all of this comment and think the greatest ending of this drama.

    @470 nurul rizka”””
    yes. ur conclusion is same with me. i hope for now is kang maru didnt go back to JH either. i feel curious when JH start to getting back Kang Maru for her. anyway, i love the patience of the kang maru when he still be a cool man although EG throw the milk n juice that kang maru give to her.
    love it……>>>>>

  541. 541 : mags Says:

    the best korean novela i’ve ever watched genius director

  542. 542 : mags Says:

    i’m from the philippines , i love wild romance and innocent man the most, love this two korean novela .

  543. 543 : mamafanaticKD Says:

    i luv to read all comments here..everyone stick to happy ending same as me…i’ve seen bad guy drama series n left me brokenheart so pls let this story make me have a sweet dream day n nite…help us writer…let me dream of cuteness Kang Maru and his innocent looks….muaahhhss

  544. 544 : fio Says:

    i love this drama so much!!!

  545. 545 : limo Says:

    it’s breaking my heart to see how thing move from bad to worst !! I can predict it’s gonna be a sad ending but I’m just hoping it’s a satisfying sad one :((
    I really thought Maru to be in love with EG specially at the end of ep 12 but now not so sure either it’s love or sense of responsibility !!
    this drama is killing me xD

  546. 546 : qber gurl Says:

    love this drama!! hope maru n eunggi will be together. love song jung ki. best actor ever!

  547. 547 : sara Says:

    “I really thought Maru to be in love with EG specially at the end of ep 12 but now not so sure either it’s love or sense of responsibility !!”

    Yeah, i exactly feel the same. We still don’t know anything about Maru’s feelings. Is he in love with EG or it’s just out of his guiltiness. Has he forgotten JH completely or just pretends to be like that? I don’t know what the writer is going to do. So unpredictable.

  548. 548 : o0o0-ulolo Says:

    it’s just my conclusion only..

    I think at the end of this drama is KMR will die because of JH….and JH will be in the prison because all the crimes that she done with the lawyer…JH will live in her guilty…

    BUt I also want KMR and EG be together and build their own happy life with Chocco and PJG..and dont forget about JH..I want she suffer what have she done to all people around her and die with her guilty….I hate JAE HEE a lot!!!

  549. 549 : Sandra Says:

    Two things that have gotten stuck in my head and that KM had said throughout the drama; first, when he spoke about KM’s dream in his journal that about his life started with JH and will end with JH i think that was in epi 3, and the other when he told attorney Ahn that maybe the Jackal will die with the fox by choice so that the fox will not die by herself…at the time I though that’s very sad…but that was too early to tell in the drama. Now, by the looks of it, I am not too sure if I’m wrong after all…I still though, want so bad to be wrong…I know KM loves EG…but I think it’s more out of his sense of responsibility because he knows that EG has only been a victim of his revenge towards HJH…that’s why when HJH told him that real love was what he felt for her and that he had her grabbed by her neck but he let her go when she said those words in epi 14…I think her words caught him by surprise…I know she is an awful being and KM another guy that is totally confusing love over lust same as HJH…I had hopes for this drama to have a more happy ending…I wouldn’t have cared if he was in a wheelchair or that EG would not recup all her memory…but together… after all they both have gone through a lot of pain and suffering to earn that happiness!!

  550. 550 : Sandra Says:

    This writer has a tendency to write creepy endings…too bad cause her plots are good!!

  551. 551 : Ziehan Says:

    Dear writer, please let them be happy together at the end ot the episode. I don’t want to see KM dies and EU be sad. Please…

  552. 552 : wendy Says:

    please, mrs. writer..don’t let maru die or suffering..
    he had through so much pain and his life has being wrecked by jae hee..
    let him live happily in the end with eun gi who loves him sincerely..
    it’s so unjust if he doen’t get back his normal and happy life..

  553. 553 : gan3177 Says:

    It’s a melodrama! The protagonist has to die. Other than the writer’s decision we couldn’t do anything about it. But hey Ma Ru’s death maybe not that bad. It could shed some good things for everyone. Let’s just wait because I’ m also FREAKING OUT re the ending. If the writer didn’t do a good job about the ending, he’s really going to have all the seasons’s HATE MAILS!!!!!

  554. 554 : riz Says:

    @506 Sandra : I Like Your Perspective of reviewing each character.. I have to agree with you

  555. 555 : rani Says:

    please make it happy ending

  556. 556 : yang Says:

    KM please do the surgery.

  557. 557 : Eunhye Says:

    PLEASEEE…. MAKE DRAMA NICE GUY HAPPY ENDING story,..i dont want Ma Roo to die.. 🙁
    The end of Bad Guy made me dissapointed,, so please to sriptwriter and producer please make the end of Nice Guy happy ending.. Ma Roo and Eun Gi live happily together..

  558. 558 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    It will be a sad ending or maybe if the sw or pd will not make the viewers feel bad the ending will be open ended hmmm (Maru MIA,EU raise their child and he comes back to reunite their love after many years or he lost his memory)……………still i will keep watching till end:)

  559. 559 : shinheeyeon Says:


  560. 560 : Sandra Says:

    @558 Lady Sue, your sugg, that’s a very good option BTW!! This is a very popular drama outside of Korea, SW and Prod better be prepared to disappointed fans if they don’t do a more than satisfying ending to this great drama…everybody including me want to see EG & KM together, now with ES as well…as he likes his EG Noona better than his own Mom!! Anyway, So, they better be prepared to consequences of aerated fans if the ending it’s a sad one!!

  561. 561 : DSD Says:

    Innocent Ep 12 ( Nice Guy0 Eng sub

  562. 562 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    I think now i realyzed why many people get low,down and depress because they can’t seem to distuinguised reality from make belief.They follow something avidly to the point of disecting each character and their role and absorbing it to the point that it bothers and make them crazy and beg the writer to make sure that the story ends to their satisfaction. It makes me wonder how people put so much into something ,much a do about nothing almost to the point of relating their lives in the drama like they themselves are living it.They must have a lot of time to spare going banana about this drama.Believe me there are more issues you could focus on life that will benefit you and give you a better outcome than to absorb and analyze the story that affects your way of life,thinking and all in a dishurting way,not that its not interesting nor great but it has its limit, and don’t lose sleep over it after all it is just a drama.I think we all know what we are talking about.

  563. 563 : Arvie Rex Says:

    In reality, with their circumstances and situation, lead character Maru will die. So sad. Well, it’s melodrama after all.

    Moon Chae Woon as Eun Gi once again made me look up to her. She’s really flexible and versatile.

  564. 564 : Who is who? Says:

    @561 Believe me there are more issues you could focus on your life than ranting about your so called advice here. I’m sure it’s their own business if some of them here decided to put so much into something, much ado about nothing almost to the point of relating their lives in the drama like they themselves are living it. So what if they like to go banana about this drama, it’s not like they ask you to go banana along with them huh? And you seem like one that also have a lot of time to spare for reading their comments, coming to the banana conclusion and then writing a thoughtful advice about it (yea, rite now I’m also having a lot of spare time to be writing this). But, don’t be mad over my comment, after all I’m just saying what’s on my mind, just like you. And yeah I think we all know what we are talking about.

  565. 565 : Who is who? Says:

    Ooops wrong address! I mean @562 Thank god for korean drama, not @561. Sorry my bad..

  566. 566 : fiq Says:

    i like this drama…..

  567. 567 : hny Says:

    ep 14

    Song Joong Ki.. you are definitely a Nice Guy in this episode..a lot of tears watch you and Eun Gi scene,..’tragic love really sweet’.. that’s I called for this relationship..more curious to watch next eps..Good job writer nim!

  568. 568 : drina Says:

    I want Eun Seok as my little dongsaeng! woooaaah… too adorable indeed:)

    hoping eungi’s memory come back already.. it’s getting tiring, dont u think?

    maru said FINALLY he got one reason to stay alive…
    keep your word, Man! just STAY ALIVE!!!

    jae hee and lawyer ahn.. give up, will you? you guys are really disgusting:'((

    for me: oaaahh.. have just finished eps 13 & 14 and am feeling overloading emotion makes me want to screAm outloud.. hahahaaa!

  569. 569 : ghazwa Says:

    its wonderful drama with new vison

  570. 570 : just me Says:

    very melodrama… song joong ki and park si yeon acting skills are adorable. the writter-shi,, please make a beautiful ending

  571. 571 : Rozanne Says:

    Can anyone tell why episode 15 – 20 not available?can’t wait to see ending of this drama.love the acting of song joong ki and moon chae won.loving couple…

  572. 572 : wendy Says:

    @rozanne it haven’t aired yet..tommorow will be episode 15

    maybe in the end maru will get the surgery but unfortunately he lost his memories..but anyway there were bad memories, so he and eun gi will create new happy memories..

  573. 573 : Rozanne Says:

    @wendy thank 4 d info…hopefully happy ending between kang maru & eun gi 🙂

  574. 574 : dhel Says:

    best drama 2012,, best actor and actres too.
    love u so much song joong ki and moon chae won:)
    i wish this drama happy ending 🙂

  575. 575 : irene Says:

    I agree with *562. I read comments because I like the drama so much. But some comments are really over and beyond liking. They want to be the writer and the actor and whatever little piece of insect they can be part of this. That the writer and money makers really don’t care for anyways. but don’t be discouraged. lol if you want to be crazy. many comments are lunatically crazy along with ya. If you want to understand these people. Forget it. They probably need to go see a shrink after seeing each drama. I love my favorite actors. Am disappointed if they have a bad ending. But I don’t think people should be shouting and weeping over what they want the “professional script writer” wants to write. Then I absolutely think they are mental. Sorry. Can’t please everybody!! and shouldn’t!!! WHATEVER!!!! I have free time today!!!!

  576. 576 : Arvie Rex Says:

    Please be at 20% ratings. this melodrama is one of the best for all time!

  577. 577 : meldz Says:



  578. 578 : j. Says:

    one of the best koreandramas i’ve ever watched!daebak!great plot ,acting and casts with thrilling music!best melodrama of the year

  579. 579 : eny Says:

    i watch this drama until ep 10, i think i can’t finish it. i like this drama because of the story even i think maro charracter should be more deep, but after maro sick it become boring because i see the lead sick n die too much in k-drama.It’s not because i don’t like sad ending i see bad love n 90 days falling in love which really sad drama n i can finish it. i just feel something missing in this drama n that make me doesn’t really in

  580. 580 : Arvie Rex Says:

    Bad side of this drama is all are hateful characters, Good side of this drama is even if characters are hateful, they are actually making the series INTENSE and INTRIGUING. And every episode makes my mind thinks what how will next episode progresses? Wahh! This one make my mind puzzled. and I super LOVE it.

  581. 581 : hoping for happing ending Says:

    yeah…same as everyone else …i also want a HAPPY ENDING..
    BUT a GOOD DRAMAdoesn’t meant has to be a happy ending..
    so i’ll accept what has been written for this drama(though it will be pretty disappointing) but i’m NOT gonna say that my time was wasted just bcos i didn’t what i’m hoping for..to tell the truth,everything i need has already to be in the drama indeed..a GREAT PLOT,EXCELLENT CASTING, a REAL-LIFE STORY..all happened to be in the drama…so i has nothing less to lose..
    it was pretty obvious that this ONE OF THE BEST K-DRAMA EVER…didnt u all agree with me…

    cant wait to see the ending but at the same time i was sad bcos this drama is gonna finish soon..

    #dont forget to watch ep 15 tonight !! fighting EG !!

  582. 582 : massoud Says:

    i love the drama

  583. 583 : gif Says:

    EG is a witch.

    She’s definitely playing KMR and walking him right into her web of possession. Her driving into that tunnel was an re-enactment from the 1st episode with the one exec. She’s a scary girl…more so than JH.

    There’s one born every minute according to PT Barnum.

  584. 584 : dessy Says:

    Sorry I love you and a love to kil are the sad ending….so I think this one ending will be sad ending coz is the written by one writer

  585. 585 : julie Says:

    yes….. it should be more than 20% for the rating.
    NG best of everything. I also love eunma couple so much

  586. 586 : T.G Says:

    Even if it is written by the same writer zat wrote a love to kill hope it has a good ending (finger crossed). If it is a bad ending, it should end like the movie If only. Dying trying to save her/heroic. Don’t u agree with me? Best second drama for MCW after the princess man. . . . . . .

  587. 587 : vodka Says:

    I can’t any website to watch wo 15, Pls help!

  588. 588 : fio Says:

    Me too, I agree with you #576

  589. 589 : meldz Says:

    yeheyyyyy… maru kiss eun gi at the last of ep. 15………………..can’t sleep for ep. 16

  590. 590 : niea Says:

    @587 u can watch ep 15 n this website http://www.dramacrazy.net 🙂

  591. 591 : vodka Says:

    Thanks…tried but can’t watch. Got another website?

  592. 592 : NextDoor Says:

    @vodka -591

    try goodrama.net

    but ep15 is still raw now.

  593. 593 : niea Says:

    @vodca try this one http://www.epdrama.com/drama/nice-guy/

  594. 594 : niea Says:

    or u want guys to watch it in live open this website http://livedekankoku.web.fc2.com/kbs2-live2.html

  595. 595 : vodka Says:

    Thank you all… Will try

  596. 596 : sue Says:

    who know what is background music that use in episode preview?

  597. 597 : Ae Chan Says:

    I agree with you #581. This drama should be nominated as The Best Drama at 2012. Song Jong Ki, Moon Chae Won, Park Si Yeon and off course Lee Kwang Soo are a GREAT Actors and actress. I’m curious about the ending, honestly i really hoping this drama will be have a Happy ending (off course like everybody wish) BUT i believe the script writer must have a great story for every masterpieces..

    Well.. Just enjoy this Drama, guys…

  598. 598 : Lala Says:

    All talking about sad ending and I’m started to feel worry , heol ~! It has been a long time since I’ve watched a sad ending drama. Sill, it is all PERHAPS .. hopefully, HAPPY ENDING!

    I don’t understand JH, is she actually kind or no? Aish~ I hate her the most in this drama! Poor Lawayer Park T_T
    What if the ending would be Maru dies and Eun Gi is with Lawyer Park , hahahaha, just saying! Evryone said this drama is really hard to predict the ending! and YES thats true!

  599. 599 : gif Says:

    The drama started with KMR and HJH as tragic lovers and should end with them. Or at least it should narratively…come full circle.

  600. 600 : Melia Says:

    @Song Joong Ki deliver your role outstandingly. The emotions shown by you can be felt audience. Indeed you are a great actor. I hope to see you more in future.

  601. 601 : joana Says:

    Luv this drama.great story line.can’t wait to see how it ends.hopefully its a happy ending bcoz maru & eungi are such a lovely couple to watch.

  602. 602 : Rose Marie Says:

    This is really ONE OF THE BEST Korean Drama I’ve watched…. I think out of 50 plus drama I’ve watched this is THE BEST!!!!!….. Song Joong Ki really portray his role well… you can see and feel it in his facial expression and he doesn’t yell at all but very well done…. Oh I just love this guy!!! Great actor!

  603. 603 : julie Says:

    No one upload the eps 15 on youtube now. I heard that KBS didn’t allow anyone to upload it. so sad 🙁
    is there know where I can download it for free??

  604. 604 : anne Says:

    hey, I’m anne from indonesia. I’m addicted to this drama since the first till the end later. This drama is daebak!! Great melodrama I’ve ever watched. Eunma couple, wish they will end up together and happy. Eps 16, eun gi has regained her memory, well next wed n tue , I’m dying inwardly embittered to know its continuity !!

  605. 605 : Nethu Says:

    liked the ep.16 soooooooooooo much.. specially the kiss that eun gi gives to maru when he’s sleeping… wow i felt her feeling like real… she’s so good in acting… love the drama but hope everything will be fine at the end.. still cant imagine what will happen at the end… please make it a happy one…

  606. 606 : Nethu Says:

    @ 602
    julie, try dramacrazy.net
    they have all the eps with subs but i dnt know whether u can download them. i think you can. jst try it. here’s the link.


  607. 607 : kdniceguy Says:

    omg the episodes is getting better and better. freaking love this drama

  608. 608 : fatum Says:

    Great plot, great actors, great directing techniques, unpredictable flow of action and ending;you can’t help but love it! It brings something new to the already packed market of Korean drama. One of my favorites dramas by far and definitely the one which made me look forward to the next episode the most!

  609. 609 : ance Says:

    ep 15&16:

    that kiss is so AWESOME!!! i really felt that it was their first real kiss now that they really love each other. in your face Han Jae Hee!!!

    i can’t breathe with their push-pull-love-hate relationship…i can’t move with all that’s happening…i’m getting nervous for Ma Ru, would Eun Gi misinterpret Ma Ru’s true feelings? i really can’t explain my feelings…i really hope that what they dreamed of having many children and a family will be the ending.

    we’re getting closer to the end and the writer is putting us at the edge of our seats!!!

  610. 610 : desy Says:

    crazy for this drama…. please the writer give the happy ending for us….

  611. 611 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    Maybe its just me but i don’t really feel any love connection either between Maru and Eun Gi nor between Maru and Han Jae Hee.There seem to be no chemistry among all the characters involve aside from the plot that they make it that characters are loving one sidedly towards the other neither way,portrayals of each doesn’t really show it. Ive been convincing myself ,believing that probably that is how the writer would like it conveyed ,but its almost ending and i still don’t feel the undying love of each towards the other.I can only say that because it didn’t and could not move me and can only blame it for the no chemistry or not very moving nor convincing acting.That is probably why the rating is only between 3 to 4.This is just my honest opinion.

  612. 612 : BLACK BEAUTY Says:

    I want a happy ending… that’s what we hope for because we are “Hopeless Romatic” that there is such a happy ending for that kind of Love…

    So to all out there that love maru and eungi together in the end, we please ask the writer to make it happen.. FIGHTING:)

  613. 613 : Abajit Says:

    Dis drama has driven me crazy…i normaly dnt watch korean drama but dis drama has somethng dat driven me crazy..its has great story,,great actors especialy kang maru n eongi the kisses r realy cul…they may make a cute couple in future..dis 2 together make more interesting drama in near years….about dis drama it may end happily wit maru n eongi get maried..why ep 15 not on youtube?is there any problm..

  614. 614 : kdfan Says:

    Love the ost sang by sjk, esp when the chorus was chimed in at the right moment of the kiss.

  615. 615 : hny Says:

    ep 15 n 16…
    wow alot of Kiss …yummy! but I don’t know why I feel strange with all their kisses, is not makes me trembling or feel their kiss are hot but it’s gave me another feeling ! ..especially the last kiss..I call that’s a ‘killer kissing , EG n Maru are mysterious couple..don’t know how to describe them . This is a DAEBAK drama ! and I guess EG memorys are back..love this drama make my emotions going up n down up n down up n down 😀

  616. 616 : huggielicious Says:

    I guess in the next episode, it’s Eungi’s turn to get revenge to both Kang Maru and Jae Hee without them knowing it…but i still hope a happy ending for the Eunma couple 🙂

  617. 617 : gif Says:

    I think the first mistake in the plot was having SEG fall madly in love with a jerk she cared to know little about. Yeah, she’s used to getting her way and besides, her heart told her he was a good person based on his premeditated actions toward her. Yep! That will do it everytime. :/

    Then they do all of these fbs with MR and JH showing their happiness together, but it’s still not deep only shallow so the PD uses imagery or music to ring home what the writing did not communicate effectively. The conversations lack depth and are rather silly at this point. Almost an entire episode on “kissing” with very little of it going on in e15???? It was not that hot and was really rather meh. First kiss and a virgin at 30 so what are you saying Kland?

    EG is like a little girl (or is it Barbie) and SK like their “women” to be thusly….

  618. 618 : Melia Says:

    This kind of love story is tearing up my heart. It hurts to see Maru like in such a way.

  619. 619 : Flo Says:

    M from india and i dnt knw hw2 download it. Please help me. I have watched only the first few episodes

  620. 620 : Arvie Rex Says:

    Wew! Almost 20%! Grrrr make it 20% next time South Korea! Anneong!

    Love the chemistry between Kang Maru and Seo Eun Gi!

  621. 621 : berbiii Says:

    I think Maru is gonna die ): noooooooooooo
    i love this drama ist the best……

  622. 622 : zoekie11 Says:

    can`t wait next episod .. woah Song Jong Ki U`re a good kisser .. can`t I try once

  623. 623 : Nethu Says:

    ep 16, in the last part, eun gi looks at the camera exactly the way ma ru looked at the camera when they kissed in Japan… so she doesnt show who she is now to anybody because her father told her not to trust anybody or show her true colour… i think she’s thinking of a way to let ma ru down. she still doesnt show that she hates maru so much. she’ll find out the intention of ma ru and why lawer lied to her. and another question i have is, the reason why she told the truth to the management abt her illness. and she thanked ma ru for praising her… i really cant think what will happen next!! this drama has already eaten half of my brain now that i only think about this drama… 🙂 this is the first wonderful drama i enjoyed to this extent.. love the chemistry…
    Maru probably kept the accident varification file in eun gi’s table. he’s so fearless and strong to do that. i really don’t think he doesn’t know that eun gi now remembers everything. he’s not that dumb to identify eungi’s behaviour. he even probably know that she saw the accident file. he got everything he wanted and now he wants this to end i think. it is very difficult to predict what’ll happen in the future. wonderful story.. knows how to keep the attention of the audience throughout the drama… amazing… 🙂

  624. 624 : sara Says:

    Ep 15,16
    Great. A real melodrama. I can see how it ‘s going to represent its title, ‘innocent’ man’.

    Normally, when i talk about a more serious matter regarding a drama on other threads, some people tell me, i’m taking it too seriously. But i do believe not all the dramas are a- one- hour -funny- enjoyable experiences. Some of them have deeper layers and innocent man is one of them.

    In melodramas the hero/heroine is stuck in a situation, go forward without having any will power and is just waiting for the fate to decide for him/her. It seems here, the writer is elaborating the difference between human’s free will and determinism. She wants to know how far human beings can go forward on their will and how God’s will can influence their life. Till now, unlike other melodramas, the hero has made his own decisions without any outside force. But as he says “if there is a God, he will be punished”. So, it means He sees everything and allows you to decide on your own and then punishes you. He just puts you in that situation but the final decision maker is you. I super love this theme. Given that in lots of K-dramas they emphasis on determinism.

    So, we can be sure that Maru will be punished in a way as the writer is implying. I predict he will lose his memory and this helps him to start a new life with EG.

  625. 625 : Sarin Hul Says:

    I love this drama but I’m confused about one thing when eun gi was confessing in the rain about ma ru was the first person she kiss and said I love you to….but then there was an earlier episode that she call her ex-boyfriend whom she took the blame for because he got caught with drugs and she told him she did it because she loved him?! So I’m confused about that…

  626. 626 : meldz Says:

    i can’t get over with my emotion…..

    poor maru…. i hope at the end of this drama you and eun gi can live happily.

    is it possible right?

  627. 627 : zoekie11 Says:

    I wish there isn`t sad ending in this drama, except for antagonist role like Jae Hee n attorney Ahn .. wish they go to jail in the end ..
    really happy when Ma Roo act nice to Eun Gi .. she make me jealous (;_・)

  628. 628 : irene Says:

    Damn it. I tried so hard to not watch depressing drama. This drama is so depressing me. I keep watching because of Song joongKI. Moon Chae Won and Park Si Yeon. I hope you guys in a funny drama next. I am so upset watching these hateful characters. After this drama. I will watch reruns of My Girl. Sunkyunkwan Scandal. and Princess Man. To get my better image of these characters back. Oh Writer. Why must you always kill off the good characters. They should put Park siyeon as Snow White’s queen stepmother. SHe would be perfect for that role. She should win the award of “Evil Beauty” 😀 Keep up the good works actors. I will watch til the end.

    The most depressing thing about this drama is that all the characters are tortured souls. Even the little sister and boyfriend. Have to watch their brother suffer for all this nonsense. Kang Maru I do have to say he did started all this drama, because he couldn’t let Han Jae Hee go. Even if he didn’t mean to take it this far, It was because of his vengeful heart that started all this. 🙁 It’s a great depressing drama if you are depressed. this drama can really give you some bad ideas. 😀


  629. 629 : lemon Says:

    hope there happy ending…
    plzzz not like both of your drama before (A love to kill n Sorry i luv u)

  630. 630 : Yandra Says:

    Hope that this drama will happy ending.. Can’t hardly wait to see the ending..

  631. 631 : Fidel Says:

    It should be happy ending. Is love worth dying for? Is love worth sacrificing for? If this is not happy ending then love is not worth dying/sacrificing for. The drama is so real you can feel it. The writer is very good in portraying love, revenge, hatred, opportunity and power. Can we just have love and happiness (period)? I hope life is just as easy as that, love and happiness. But in life you really have to choose. Kang Ma Roo admitted the crime for jae hee, it is voluntary, he should not blame jae hee. He opt to play hero for jae hee. But Jae hee I pity her caught up to her dream and when she have it she’s not happy. Because she becomes so powerful that she likes to have everything even kang maroo. she likes power, pride and love. It’s normal powerful people wants to have everything like Kings. Eun Gi, i like her. Can you accept the mistress of your dad and the one who destroy your family? But I like the way she plays as lover. She likes Taesan but she wants more of love, she lacks it from her dad and mother and only Kang Maroo can give it to her. Although she knows the truth that kang maroo is the cause of her misery, because of love She chooses to ignore it just to be with the guy. I will do the same to my love ones for the sake of love and happiness I will just ignore it as if nothing happens and not to talk about it. Kang Maroo I like the guy really, He is full of LOVE in his heart for his family, friends and lovers. He actually do not like to hurt Jae Hee after the accident for one year they do not have connection and just want to live for her sister and friend. but when he saw Eun gi and her life is in danger. He wants to protect Eun Gi because he is guilty of what happened to Eun gi and he wants to protect her for Jae Hee and atty ahn. And now It seems He is falling in love to Eun gi.
    I love them to be couple, cure the illness of kang maroo, Eun gi give up Taesan (but give her enough money to live happily) and let jae hee have taesan. I hope it is easy as that. HAPPY ENDING!!!! stop torturing our heart. HAPPY ENDING PLEASE…

  632. 632 : MiYeon Says:

    This drama so DAEBAK whatever when I see MaRu-ssi and EunGi have a sad, touch,happy scene by end show but when the show is almost end and suddenly Bitch were show up in the end my god it cut their and my mood

  633. 633 : yoyo Says:

    i love u moon chae won

  634. 634 : heh Says:

    i wonder what the writer is trying to write revenge it doesn,t make any scene for EunGi to take revenge on MaRu because one reason from the beginning he did not let her down even when her own father was treating her like a trash,MaRu was there helping her,secondly MaRu was almost beaten to death before he try to push her away, if i were her i will ask MaRu why he try to push me away and why he decide to come back to me, from there i will make my decision, her father was stupid to believe that young woman who is very beautiful like Jae Hee will love him if not his money and again even Eun gi was trying to warn him, he is there treating Eun gi like a trash in the present of jae hee even try to take vary thing away from her, not on till he saw the video of Jae Hee and the attorney Ahn kiss also EunGi did not care to ask MaRu if he sustain any injury in the accident even apologize for her restless behavior to kill herself and the person she face her car on. as for me there is no reason for Eun gi to take a revenge on MaRu but to love him more than ever before so the writer should think positive of her work before writing.

  635. 635 : Arvie Rex Says:

    I’m in episode 15 right now and NO PROGRESS for Eun Gi’s revenge against the bad guys Han Jae Hee and ADpt Head Atty Ahn. God it’s too long! When will be GOOD PREVAILS? Writers are making us viewers so depress and anger to those villains. Please make the GOOD GUYS come UP, not the BAD ones!

  636. 636 : gif Says:

    I don’t get the writer’s message either.

    MR saying that he “needs EG” in order to live is quite pathetic and obsessive. I hope he’s lying just to inflict pain to JH. If not, KMR, we humans need love, yes, but we also need air to breathe and food to sustain us. What you currently need is to get a grip on reality please. And yes, you probably “need” to get that hematoma fixed.

  637. 637 : onna Says:

    I hope this drama always on 3th rating 🙂 although next week “I miss you” will be the rival:)

  638. 638 : sra Says:

    When I watch this drama, I really really like maroo and after I alwasy watch this drama. I more and more love joongki!! Love you joongki. Your act it’s really good!! You are a nice guy for me!! 🙂

  639. 639 : Bina Says:

    haha come on you, this writer always kill main character, but is happy ending, what it is ?. eun gi and ma ru live happy or could be the end ma ru died cos help eun gi it could be happy end.. but i decide to not watch this drama until i see the end. cos the WRITER have SEVERAL KILL the MAIN CHARACTER

  640. 640 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Yeah agreed [email protected] is the best character in this drama:)

  641. 641 : wdr Says:

    maru adn eng gi getting back together pleasee :3

  642. 642 : zarima Says:

    i agree with you BINA.. main character will be deaD SOON.. hahahahaha

  643. 643 : lemon Says:

    i also main character will be dead soon…

  644. 644 : lemon Says:

    i also THINK main character will be dead soon

  645. 645 : nurul rizka Says:

    4 more episode again and there is no extension for this drama..hope the end will good and happy ending forever..please give all the happiness to maru and eun ki they’re suffer a lot and pain..really can’t wait any longer for the next episode…and for song joong ki and moon chae won..i really loves this couple..hope in the future they can work together again in drama or new movies as couple..i really want to see them play in romantic comedy drama such as my girl or wild romance or maybe in the weekend drama like unexpected you so can’t see them in long time….hehehe

  646. 646 : sara Says:

    May i ask you what’s with “hahahaha” at the end of your comment? The death of Maru is that exciting and enjoyable? Unlike you lots of people, including myself, love him so much and are emotionally involved with this character. So we want him to be happy not dead at the end.

  647. 647 : awa23_$$ Says:

    i’m just finish watching ep 14 & 15…

    i cannot watch KM sick…it’s so sad looking KM will dying…maybe..
    the worse is when SEG do not even know that KM was sick…this drama make me and my sister depress…

    i do not want KM die….i want HJH die!!! please…..she is very worse woman in the world…

    but for my opinion, this drama will looks very great if SEG die together with KMR…..

  648. 648 : naeviuz Says:

    my tears fall when i watching this drama.. like the story line, make it happy ending please.. there is already many problem in the beginning, please make it easy in the ending…

  649. 649 : o0o0-ulolo Says:

    i really agree what naeviuz say..HJH makes many trouble to KMR….if KMR do not take the blame of HJH this problem will not happen..she will happly live with KMR although she ex presoner ….i’m relly think that HJH is nappun youja…..i really hate her…

  650. 650 : Nethu Says:

    @ 642

    @i agree with 646, sara..

    never want ma ru to be dead.. he was forced by the external factors to become who he is now. we cannot blame him for being rude to eun gi. whatever happens, he becomes the innocent man in our hearts at the end when considering the circumstances ma ru had to go through… evn eun gi is wrong for trusting a man so easily as ma ru admits in ep 16 that she should take the responsibility for half of the things happened..

  651. 651 : ghazwa Says:

    this drama come from the writer of (i m sorry i love you ♥) and ( a love to kill) and both of them had sad ending i really hope the writer surprise me with happy ending although i sense a similarity with these drama

  652. 652 : Sandra Says:

    Events that still have to come to light and cannot be left danling in the air: Seon Eun Gi has to find out why PJH (her best trusted friend) trusted Kang Maro after the accident even after knowing that he was the first one to tell her to not trust KM initially. She still has to find out about HJH and Ahn Min Young having to do with the death of her father, even that PJH’s father had to do with the death of her mother, and of course that KM is sentenced to die if doesn’t have his surgery. I am trusting that EG is no dummy, and whatever course the writer takes takes at this point with her character will be one that the audience like her character even more not hate her in the end! EU won’t let anybody know that she is back on the game with her memory back, except for KM as he knows her well, but as smart as he is he won’t question her!! He will play along…I’m just sincerely hoping EG’s love for KM is as deep enough as she has always has claimed to be!! It may be that KM will end up amnesiac this time after surgery, and EG will have to help him out this time. I wouldnt care as long as their love still comes through!! Only 4 episodes and I’m so excited for epi 17, it’s going to be great!

  653. 653 : DEB Says:

    As you can see from the beginning of every episode it has Maru holding a watch counting down towards something and i think that is the answer right there. He is on a time bomb.

  654. 654 : sara Says:

    As you see he drops the watch and once Choco takes his watch. So it can mean he is lost in time. He is alone and needs to find himself again. I think he must lose his memories at the end for this circle of unhappy even in his life will be closed.

  655. 655 : sara Says:

    events i mean. Typo error

  656. 656 : meldz Says:

    i think the ending of this drama will be about proving maru’s innocent….
    happy ending mr. director and writer….


  657. 657 : lexie Says:

    i’m still hoping for a happy ending…go kang ma ru!

  658. 658 : kimchilee Says:

    This drama is pretty draggy to me.. the talking also very slow and many flashbacks..

    I dread to see it when EG starts remembering how Maru treated her..wonder how she will react to that.. maybe throwing the tomato juices and milk at him instead of on the floor then.. haha!

  659. 659 : gif Says:

    There is an upcoming marriage ceremony for MR and EG.

    Compliments of he’s-not-the-one Atty Park.

  660. 660 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Can’t wait for the ending of this story as well of May Queen…these are 2 dramas that really caught my attention at the moment =)

    I (even) skipped Arang and Faith…guess The Moon That Embraces The Sun set the standard way too high for period/fantasy dramas that is why am not watching them yet!

    Anyway, love Innocent Man, the dialogues, facial expressions!


  661. 661 : hny Says:

    I wonder why good drama must ending soon ;(
    faith makes me feel romance ..it’s enjoyable to watch but end soon ..
    Nice guy playing my emotion ..it’s worth it to watch ..will end too
    My Queen attractive me while the young cast play then start gets board …but eps still loooong
    Missing You …. I will miss u soon :))

  662. 662 : gif Says:

    The heart is deceptive, therefore, who can know it?

    EG is a weak character who does not know her own mind and is taking KMR down with her because she only cares about her own wants like a child. Going by her heart solely is foolish because a more stronger organ communicates as well….Her mind.

    If the writer has KMR become a martyr to this despicable character, I will literally hate this drama. He needs to stop feeling sorry for himself.

  663. 663 : KDaddict Says:

    All series end “soon”, unless you follow one that is 100 eps! 😉
    Arang has ended; Faith has ended. For some reason, we’ve a whole bunch of melo’s right now. So I’m enjoying the heck out of Rascal Sons n the lull in dramaland. Gives me time to relax n do other things.
    There r a few funny ones on the horizon:
    Jeon Woo Chi w Cha Tae Hyun (late Nov), Alice in Cheong Dam Dong w Park Shi Hoo (Dec), n Secret Agent War w Joon Won (Jan), I Love you Ajusshi w Yoonie (Feb).
    If bad things don’t happen to MR n EG in the final ep, I’ll catch up w this one again.
    And there is I Miss U. I love Micky n YEH, but find myself excited abt Yeo Jin Gu.

  664. 664 : wdr Says:

    yey sun eun gee has remembered her car accident!!!

  665. 665 : jamie Says:

    writer….you make KM suffer a lot. Then if at the end KM dead without having any happiness or without other people especially EG know the truth..what the point….But because SJK and others act very good i force my to watch till the end.

  666. 666 : kimchilee Says:


    Agree..agreed! if writer makes KM dies in the end.. what is the point of this whole story?

    @KAddict.. ya.. all the favourite dramas ended or coming to an end.. am now scrambling for nice ones to watch.. the 2 favourite dramas are May Queen and Faith.. but Faith ended disappointingly.. as with the usual korean style ending.. either too rushed or too draggy..abrupt endings or one of the main lead dies. why like that? the most perfect ending i see so far is The Moon that Embraces the Sun. Not too draggy.. perfect ending. I will certainly look forward to “I miss you”.. all the perfect pairings are in that drama, esp the charming charismatic talented Yeo Gin Goo.

  667. 667 : JL Says:

    Every week i patiently wait for wed & thurs. cried my eyes out for epi 16. 4 more epis and i’m praying for at least a happy ending. Pleaseeeeee….

  668. 668 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s the thing abt melos: All the lead chars suffer thru out the whole show. At the end, if things work out miraculously, it usually isn’t believable. If things go to hell in a basket for them, then all that suffering, the chars’ and ours, is for naught! Few melos end in a satisfying way.
    If u are scrambling for sth nice to watch, I recommend Rascal Sons. It has slow subs, but I think u r Korean n don’t need subs. It is v enjoyable. I love everyone in it, chars n actors, except for the over-meddling parents.
    As for METS, I don’t even remember its ending! HGI ruined that show for me! I don’t dislike her in general, but didn’t get any jollies out of that performance of hers!
    II LOVE Yeo Jin Gu. I think I also love Seo In Guk (of Reply 1997 n Rascal Sons) in the same way. (But Yeo Jin Gu more! Hee.) Missing You, w YeoJG (childhood stage) begins today!

  669. 669 : meldz Says:

    i want to skip ep. 17 and 18 and wait for the next week because for sure these 2 ep. will break my heart into pieces…. but i don’t know if i can keep it… hihihihih…

    to writer lee please make a happy yet a justifiable ending…..

    actually i’m preparing myself for the worst scenario, but there’s a little space in my heart hoping and praying that kang maru and seo eun gi’s love story will be a happy ending one.

    love you writer lee…..

  670. 670 : KDaddict Says:

    I mean to check out 2 new shows: King of Dramas, n Can we get married? They seem diff, n should be able to provide balance to a bunch of melos. 🙂

  671. 671 : meldz Says:

    I saw and read the preview of ep. 18..and gosh.. the wedding is off…
    Eun gi leaves Maru’s house….

    i cried … i am so affected….

    i do not know if after this drama…when can i start moving on….. excited for next week….

  672. 672 : hny Says:

    Can we get married is one of my choice now for balance 😀

  673. 673 : KDaddict Says:

    Did u see Message #663 for you?

  674. 674 : kimchilee Says:

    I only like to watch dramas who have my favourite actors and with good pairings.. e.g. Kim Soo Hyun, Park Ji Soo (Princess Man), Go Soo, Song Il Guk (Jumong), Micky (Rooftop) and those younger actors now. Wonder what happen to Kwon Sang Woo?

    Song Joong Ki is now added to my list, fell in love with him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Anyone got any idea about the ending of Werewolf Boy? spoiler alert please? so scared to go watch that movie for fear that he will die.. just as i fear he will die in this drama.. sigh..

    oh, btw, my name do sound like the dish, kimchi, but am not korean.. am a Malaysian.. hee hee hee!

  675. 675 : KDaddict Says:

    I always thought you were Korean!!! 😛
    Have you seen Reply 1997? It’s great. Becos of it, Seo In Guk is now on my radar. If you try new shows, you may find new loves. It’s not Park Ji Soo in TPM; I think u mean Park Shi Hoo. He has an upcoming show in Alice in Cheong Dam Dong, soon.
    Where can u watch Werewolf Boy? I’m no good at finding movies. Of Song Joong Ki’s projects, I love him the most in Tree w Deep Roots. What fantastic acting!
    I checked out Can we get married but can’t stand it (bc of the girl’s nasty mother). Will check out KingoD next.

    One more week, and we find out if MR lives or dies, or becomes blind, or an invalid, and if he and EG can be together! Aja!

  676. 676 : julie Says:

    Jaegil-yaa please tell eungi that maru suffer hematoma caused by accident between them. and maru loves her with his genuine love.
    maru deserves to get happines.

  677. 677 : hny Says:


    ya I already check all drama u mention it and I guess will see Park Shi Hoo next project since he in my fav list, Cha Tae Hyun..I never watch all his drama, will wait till aired and secret agent war.. I don’t like Jo Won in bridal mask but he is good in baker king but will check it out..btw like always u fast for KD news 😀
    it seem u fall to Yeo Jin Gu since METS , n I think his act grows up faster, ya!
    I find can we get married entertaining but it’s seem the drama like hollywood drama with free sex…so makes question in my mind ‘why they need married! if they already
    like a married couple 😀 the girl’s mother is too nasty also materialist.. so I don’t know till when follow it… Tq 4 info ,chingu!

  678. 678 : kdbig Says:

    Omg the story is pretty intense, I love this drama so much. The best drama of 2012 so far for me 🙂 <3<3<3

  679. 679 : lemon Says:

    kang ma ru will die… T_T trust me

  680. 680 : meldz Says:

    maru will not die……hopefully….

    read the sypnosis and try to understand it.. may be he will have amnseia but surely he will not die…..

    his heart will lead him to recognize his one true love….. seo eun gi

  681. 681 : cher Says:

    one of da best kdramas this year, a must-watch, the only problem is it’s so addictive! can’t wait for nxt epis and the nxt and the nxt that’s how it is!

  682. 682 : bianca Says:

    Pleeaseeee writer let maru happy ending with eunggi,,,pleaseee give maru a happy n peace life with eunggi,,happy family ever after,,dont let mari die or comeback with jaehee…iam begging you pleaseeeee (╥﹏╥)

  683. 683 : meldz Says:

    before this drama end..i’ll enjoy first the ending of the “3rd Hospital”—-funny and nice drama also

  684. 684 : wdr Says:

    it’s hard to guess bout de ending. i think maru n eun gee would be separate. but maru won’t back to jae hee so saddd if they would be separate like that T_____T

  685. 685 : emerald Says:

    maru will not die… promise….

    Jae Hee will die…

    but Maru and Eun Gi will not be together in the end…

  686. 686 : noevita r mal Says:

    Please this drama must Happy Ending (•͡˘˛˘ •͡)

  687. 687 : Melia Says:

    A heartbreaking love story. 🙁

  688. 688 : vodka Says:

    Y MR always appear infringe of JH

  689. 689 : lusy Says:

    Kang Maru would’t die

    Jae Hee will die:(

  690. 690 : julienne vie Says:

    i hope Maru will not die..

    I love this drama..

  691. 691 : haibara Says:

    have just watched ep 18 live. w/o subs, but already crying. a river. i can’t hold on to next ep. the ending of ep 18 is the most cliffhanger ending in NG.

  692. 692 : Apple Says:

    Best korean drama of 2012, indeed!

  693. 693 : sara Says:

    It’s hard to watch. But acting is super great in this drama.

    I’m so afraid for Maru but even if he should be punished, please writernim, don’t kill him unless what’s the point of this story? We should at least see a real date of Maru-EG. They need to love each other at least once for real. And then like “Sorry, i love you” and “A love to kill”, something will happen to him. I just hope he won’t die. Losing memory is a good choice.

  694. 694 : rahayuanis Says:

    i am dying to see epi 17 n 18 but i have to wait until next week. i want to see the ending before that….maaruuuuuuu i feel sorry for u…EG , please love maruuu

  695. 695 : may choko Says:

    please these flim must be happy ending for maru and eun gee.so.

  696. 696 : meldz Says:

    i can’t help but cry watching ep. 18….so touching…so sad….

    the best drama ever…..

    song joong ki and moon chae won …. the best actor and actress for me.

  697. 697 : lychee Says:

    this drama is intensely sad. hoping for a happy ending.
    Great actor and actress. Highly deserving to win some awards. Goodluck!

    p.s. writers, please give us a happy ending 🙂

  698. 698 : emerald Says:

    Kang Mru will nt die… Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaasssse….

  699. 699 : hny Says:

    oooh…Dag Dig Dug ! to know how the ending will be…

  700. 700 : Fidel Says:

    happy ending please… Like atty Park had said, it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t make sense (if it is not happy ending)… Go kang maru and EG.

  701. 701 : Tisay8 Says:

    I love this drama…every week I am dying to see what will happen next but we are down to the last few episodes left. I wish it was a bit longer. Yes I wish Ma Ru will have a happy ending. I would hate it if it was those sad endings. Please No Sad Ending!

  702. 702 : KDaddict Says:

    What is Dag DigDug? It sounds funny!

  703. 703 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Definitely sad ending!Like i commented before to make everybody happy KMaru will undergo brain operation then amnesia since Seo Eun Gi loved him and Lawyer Park and her Secretary sided KMaru effort to saved her back to Taesan they will take care of KMaru as an innocent man who will not remember his past!

  704. 704 : JL Says:

    4am and crying!!! Such sacrifice made by Maru for Eun Gi. I really hope they end up together. Whether he suffers memory loss or not, jst hv them grow old together wld be nice for ending. My vote for best drama with two thumbs up.

  705. 705 : sara Says:

    Ep 18 is my least fav. ep. Too much JH. I wonder why the writer changed her character from evil to a pitiful, lonely person who regrets everything she has done. Sometimes, i still am not sure if Maru is completely in love with EG or he doesn’t allow himself to love her wholeheartedly. Anyway, I hope she give EG-Maru an opportunity to enjoy their love without being worry and without hiding anything.

  706. 706 : KDaddict Says:

    Memory loss is the best thing that can happen to Maru. That’ll wipe his slate clean, n let him begin afresh, to live as the kind, loving, giving person he is underneath. JH regrets having hurt him, EG believes him, n they take care of him. Right?
    Just don’t let anything bad happen to the ppl around him, so that he won’t go n sacrifice himself for them AGAIN!!!

  707. 707 : susan Says:

    @KDaddict #702
    in indonesian language dagdigdug is the sound of heartbeat

  708. 708 : ance Says:

    @KDaddict 706

    Memory loss would also be a good ending for me…if that happens it’s Eun Gi’s turn to take care of him.


    I’m really crossing my fingers that we will see a good ending….after episode 18 my heart is really hurting from that “no-talking-on-the-phone-scene” and “behind-the-door-scene”…i’m preparing my heart for a sad ending so i wouldn’t be disappointed if the writer killed Ma Ru, but i’m really hoping for that acceptable “memory loss” ending though instead of a dead Ma Ru or Eun Gi…if anyone has to die, let be Atty. Ahn or Han Jae Hee…hehehe! too affected… 😉

  709. 709 : led Says:

    im looking forward for the last two episodes and wish it will be a good wait….its great!!!g00d work guys!!!

  710. 710 : kimchilee Says:

    I agree with Sara, why did they make JH suddenly so pitiful..? then why did they make Maru so sympathetic towards her again? he loves JH he loves her Not? he loves EG, he loves her not? what? what! very frustrating indeed…

  711. 711 : mrs.onew Says:

    the last episode made me wanna cry. Please just make Maru lost his memories without separating him with Eun Gi. I know this is a sad drama, but please….

  712. 712 : gan3117 Says:

    Definitely sad ending! If Kang Ma Ru is about to get on surgery I just wish he’ll loss his memory and start a new life. Whether with someone else it doesn’t matter. So long he doesn’t remember the bad events in his life.

  713. 713 : KDaddict Says:

    Thank you for the explanation. That’s a nice sound for a beating heart!

  714. 714 : vonny Says:

    Hope this drama happy ending,please…….

  715. 715 : gif Says:

    KMR never should have taken EG’s heart to begin with.

    The drama should not have a HEA for his character.

    He lied to JH to convince her he did not want to become a doctor and took the sentence for the manslaughter charge.

    He lied to EG on several occasions to use her and now is lying to protect her. What?!

    He’s lying to his sister and EG about his motivations.

    Even if he loses his memory, that would be too good for his character and a cop out ending. You cannot go back in time…period. It’s best to make good choices in the present so as not to regret anything about one’s life.

    KMR’s life sucks because of KMR!

  716. 716 : sra Says:

    We must say “WOW” for this drama!!

  717. 717 : Tika mustapa Says:

    Ermmm at first this drama looks promosing to me till few episodes after…. I dont know, i feel like something is missing….this drama have a great plot but….. the storyline might be a bit dragging? Hurm maybe it wasn’t dark enough for me….the best feeling i got for dark/vengeful drama wld be from watching bad guy and Giant!!

  718. 718 : gif Says:

    @717, I think it’s because of the writer tried to “update” the storyline with a traditional love story between MR/EG that had no depth.

  719. 719 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m tickled by your post.
    I also feel that Maru’s misery is entirely his own doing. When he left his sister who needed to be sent to the hosp to go running to his gf on a basis on one phone call, I was incredulous n found him to be of dubious hero material. When he took the phone away fr JH who was abt to confess to the police, so that he could later claim ‘credit’ for the murder, I checked out, emotionally. She wouldn’t have gotten a heavy sentence becos she was sent there by her boss, the guy was trying to rape her, n it was self-defense. Maru WANTS to walk down that road of del-destruction, so he doesn’t need or get my sympathy!
    His subsequent behavior only shows again and again that he has that kind of personality, n he insists on walking that road to its/his end.
    I think that’s why this drama is so hard to watch. It makes you shake your head ever so often when Maru, an EG do certain things that hurt themselves and each other. JH, Atty Ahn, and EG’s father you just want to slap in the face, n stick them back into their mothers’ womb!
    I chuckle at your saying that: It’s better to make good choices in the present so as not to regret anything abt one’s life. Well, that’s the thing abt melodramas: their chars DON’T make good choices, or else there’d be NO melodrama! They are not abt ppl with hi EQ. They are abt ppl who seriously need to get some psychotherapy! 😛

  720. 720 : KDaddict Says:

    #719 cont.
    BTW, everyone is hoping that Maru gets a good ending becos he does stupid things to ‘save’ those he loves, Not to hurt them, tho he has hurt some ppl inadvertently, he hurts himself most of all, n becos Maru is played by the lovely, the superb Song Joong Ki! Aja!

  721. 721 : KDaddict Says:

    #719: Typo:
    He wants to walk down that road of “self”-destruction, so he doesn’t need or get my sympathy.

  722. 722 : hny Says:


    it’s like sound of heartbeat 😀 for express when we nervous or scared.

  723. 723 : wazabi Says:

    watching this drama…is wonderfull experiences…my heart beat so fast..and melt like snow under the sun…hurt and happy in sametime.nomu nomu…joa.

  724. 724 : vic Says:

    One of the best korean drama’s I’ve watched so far.. The story is very good and unique.. I hope its a beautiful and happy ending for kang Maru and Seo Eun Gi.. (crossed Fingers).. Plzzzz… can’t wait to watch the last 2 episodes!!

  725. 725 : gif Says:


    MR’s IQ is high along with EG’s. To go from being a “brilliant” medical student to knowing how to manage a major corporation is his calling for sure. EG is supposedly a Harvard, MBA grad so there is no lack of ignited grey cells from these characters and the lawyers included.

    Nope, their decisions are nonsensical and only fuels the melo in this drama series. The conversations go around and round using the same lines (curse of the live-shoot system in Korea no doubt) to make it seem mysterious.

    The ending should shut the storyline and not the actors portraying the characters. Just because it’s SJK (who I adore) does not mean his character should escape his own folly.

  726. 726 : gif Says:

    Oops #719/720*

  727. 727 : KDaddict Says:

    I didn’t say “IQ”, I said “EQ”. Big difference.

  728. 728 : gif Says:

    @727, my bad. I guess it’s due to all of the studying without any social or physical activities….

  729. 729 : khin Says:

    i want to get marriage Mar ru and eun gi at the end and so please let make it happy ending

  730. 730 : red Says:

    Spoilers for episode 19:
    Eun Gi learns from Joon Ha that Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn was responsible for her father’s death and she is determined to seek revenge. On the other hand, Joon Ha finds Maru and tells him what he did not tell Eun Gi, that his father was responsible for her mother’s death. Joon Ha reveals that he is leaving Tae San Group and entrusts Eun Gi to Maru, asking Maru to take good c
    are of Eun Gi. After the meeting Maru asks Eun Gi to meet at the park. After learning the truth about her father’s death from Joon Ha, and hearing that Maru wants to help her take down Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn, Eun Gi decides to trust Maru one more time. She is anticipating the meeting with Maru at the park. Maru, who is holding the envelope containing the evidence, runs into Jae Hee at the park. Han Jae Hee sobs and confesses all her wrongdoing and expresses her regret. She is planning to turn herself in to the police. Eun Gi witnesses Maru embracing a crying Jae Hee and is once again broken hearted by her decision to trust Maru yet again. She decides to let go of Maru once and for all. Lawyer Ahn finds out that Jae Hee is planning to give up Tae San and he sets his plan in motion to have Maru killed. As Maru heads home after parting with Jae Hee, he is stabbed by Jae Shik and collapses. Maru is rushed to the hospital….

  731. 731 : sara Says:

    Thank you. Even if your comment is a spoiler, i read it.

    Sometimes this flash back style of the writer really annoys me. Why she insists on creating more misunderstandings between OTP even in ep 19? I don’t get her. So so sorry for saying this but she ‘s a psycho for playing with viewers’ emotions like this. Although watching it or not is our choice. But how can i not watch when the cast is doing great, OST is great and i love the love revenge theme?

  732. 732 : KDaddict Says:

    We now have Spoiler Bar on this site. Info on as yet Unaired Eps should be posted inside one.

  733. 733 : sangjhoon Says:

    this drama gets better each time & i’m addicted to it, one of the best 2012 kdramas i must say! just awesome, luv song & moon best couple i hope! i don’t want this drama to end i hope they extend it!

  734. 734 : sangjhoon Says:

    i was surprised it’s not no. 1? this shld get the no 1 slot

  735. 735 : mamaaddictedKD Says:

    hahaha…@red, you spoiled my mood already… my mood and brain tired to follow the rhythm of the series especially ep18… so now i comfort myself says “what will be, will be – after all this is drama only..hehehe…”

  736. 736 : eila Says:

    i think it is too much for kang maroo to get all those pain and suffer.. not to be said about his deep hurting inside only, but his physical pain also..he was beaten up by Jae Hee men, until his face hurt badly, then he involves in an accident, and eventually been stabbed?(after read red’s spoiler eps19)…and on top of that, he’s happen to have brain damage dat need surgery… arghhhh i wanna cry thinking bout dat…plis give him a happy ending with Eun Gi…sobsssss

  737. 737 : Kangmaru here Says:

    Omg please please writer nim give a happy ending for me TT.TT
    I have cried tons of tear and I love eungi so much

  738. 738 : AandK Mom Says:

    @731 Sara: totally agree with you. Can’t stand the flash back style. Very confusing to watch.

  739. 739 : LilyAiren Says:

    I really love this drama…. even on the first episode, i’m start crying bcoz i’m being so sympathize for Kang Maru ! I hope that this drama will be happy ending

  740. 740 : suppledexplorer Says:

    I bet Kang Maru will die just like in Sorry I love you and A love to Kill…Dear writer can you make a twist and make it a happy ending if not just dont let Kang Maru die.Jebal

  741. 741 : hny Says:

    wah wah wah … eps 19 has not aired yet, but already rocked the audience emotions: D for me whatever it end though Kang Maru had to die, it doesn’t matter as long as it is clear at last, I’m ready with a bucket of tears: D than the end are floating or a flash back scene… I hate that !
    eps 19…My handkerchief is ready….huhuhuhuhu

  742. 742 : haibara Says:

    @red that’s unconfirmed spoiler and don’t match with fan snap which spread in DC. i think that’s just fanfic. they’re still filming for the last two episodes

  743. 743 : anne Says:

    I’ve read the unconfirmed spoiler eps. 19 and 20, and it’s happy ending. But, I don’t like the idea, the way it ends, that maru become amnesia, and the scene of first amnesia will also happen to maru. I hope the ending will be happy 4 eunma couple, and unpredictable. Cant wait anymore, wed an tue pali wa, pali come, ne?

  744. 744 : ваня Says:

    i like this drama!

  745. 745 : Shirin Says:

    I think at the end Maroo die, Eungi forget everything again and jaehi bocome so poor…. ~~

  746. 746 : sara Says:

    The best ending would be:

    Maru loses his memories but his heart remembers EG. EG finally stops acting like a brat. Atto Ahn kills both himself and JH just like his hyna, coyote story. Atto Park is just happy to be forgiven for his dad’s sin and gives Maru and EG his blessing. Choco and Jaegil get married. I just wish we won’t have a East of Eden ending. All the people were happy but the hero died. I wish the last scene won’t be a smiling EG staring at the ocean in memory of her real lover Maru. I couldn’t sleep for days after EOE and was traumatized after “I’m sorry, i love you”, “49 days”. Please don’t make me lose interest in melo compeletly even if the cast is great.

  747. 747 : KDaddict Says:

    U know what? The way to avoid being traumatized is to forego watching the last 1 or 2 eps. Make up your own ending, take a week or more to be convinced that it is indeed the real ending, then after that time, go back n watch w no urgency, less concern. No trauma! Ha ha ha! I’ve done that many times.
    IMO, this is one hell of a screwy bunch of ppl (chars), n one hell of a show in screwing viewer emotions!
    Don’t lose interest in melos completely, cos there is Missing You, out on the other channel!! 😉

  748. 748 : KDaddict Says:

    If anyone feels compelled to share info on the UNAIRED FINAL Eipsode, do so using the Spoiler bar, so that it won’t ruin the surprise.
    TQ for the Good deed of the Day!

  749. 749 : Zeez Says:

    Thumbs up!! Love this drama lots!!

  750. 750 : e Says:


  751. 751 : mika Says:

    1 thing tht i hate frm dramas is the addiction, feels addicted…n then if the end is doesn’t same with our hopes r may b hinge on…oughhhh i really hate it, bdw hopefully this drama is happy end…

  752. 752 : pamela Says:

    Kdrama is very addicted talaga.

  753. 753 : ance Says:

    Ep.19 preview

  754. 754 : sara Says:

    Nice idea. I’ve done it once with K2H. But still i couldn’t watch SK’s death scene.
    I love your description of this drama. “IMO, this is one hell of a screwy bunch of ppl (chars), n one hell of a show in screwing viewer emotions!”


    Even if i lose my interest in melo completely, i can’t help but watch “I miss you”. It’s too fascinating for me to give it up. Love it. 😉

  755. 755 : lemon Says:

    sad ending?

  756. 756 : donna Says:

    no live recap from vingle.net?

  757. 757 : Esty Canna Says:

    i’m finished live streaming Nice Guy ep 19,, i don’t know what are they talking about,, but i think Han Jae Hee ready to leaving all she have now, and run to Maru,, she gave document to Maru, to help eun gi of course,, and Park sekretary , he get accident because of Han secretary,, and i didn’t find that Maru will get surgery,, (sorry for my bad english)

  758. 758 : Rose Marie Says:

    I’m really very addicted to this drama… the best drama out of the 50plus dramas I’ve watched. Different plot! I love the story…. hope Maru and Eun Gi will be happy in the end, they deserve to be happy after so many sufferings and pains.

  759. 759 : Ziehan Says:

    i couldn’t understand this episode actually. pls help me to find the english subtitle as soon as possible. I really wish that tomorror is a happy ending. Good luck for Maru and Eungi. Hope both of you can be together and ever…

  760. 760 : julie Says:

    just watched with raw version in yy

    thanks to koalasplayground that has recap eps 19.
    don’t know with what will happen in eps 20

  761. 761 : ko Says:

    i love very much this drama . really DAEBAK ! , each plot is unpredictable .

  762. 762 : May Says:

    I really like this drama very much……Actor,Song Joong Ki is very cool in this drama……..I wish that ending is happy ending with Ma Ru and Eun Gi together.

  763. 763 : sweet Says:

    one more episode left still the ending is unclear…this drama is killing me
    of anticipations.

  764. 764 : sss Says:

    love this drama very much 🙂

  765. 765 : ordinaryslup Says:

    ah epic * ending ep 19. Really hope they end together…

  766. 766 : swift Says:

    Episode 19 summary
    – Maru tries to win Jae He’s heart by stating he was the person who turned her to be a bad person from the moment he covered the killing of person by Jae He when she was a reporter. This ploy was the get Jae He to turn herselft to the police for the crime she committed.
    – Attorney Park got into accident and goes into coma. The accident was a ploy by Attorney Ahn. Earlier Attorney Park wanted Attorney Ahn to confess to police for the death of Chairman.
    – Maru realized Jae He was not convinced with his confession to her that he would be by her side, due to Jae He overhead the conversation of Maru with Attorney Ahn requesting the attorney to confess to police for the death of the chairman.
    – For evasive action, Maru had to stay by Eun So’s side for her safety (suspecting Jae He and Attorney Ahn may harm Eun So).
    – Ending of the ep19, Maru suggests to Eun So to runaway.

  767. 767 : Fidel Says:

    I love this drama. ecited for tomorrow. Happy Ending!!!

  768. 768 : KDaddict Says:

    A few more hours to the final ep. Are u nervous?
    Missing You is creeping me out! Its ep 3 is so disturbing. I don’t know if I can stomach a bad ending for NG so soon after that.
    All the KDs r melos right now. I’m seriously bumped out! If this continues, I’d have to get myself a new addiction!
    Cha Tae Hyun’s show starts in a week. I’m pinning my hopes on it!

  769. 769 : sara Says:

    Nervous. I decided to watch both eps together. I just just just sincerely wish Maru won’t die. I’m sure i will be traumatized for i don’t know how long if NG has a tragic ending. It’s a drama and pretty SJK is healthy and successful living out there but his Maru is too addictive and i can’t stand seeing him dead.

    You are playing with our emotions writernim. Let me write the translation of a related poem in my language here. This is exactly describes our addiction. I promised to not watch a melo after “I’m sorry, I love you”, but never could keep my promise and watched another one.

    “Swore to fall in love never but fell
    thus swore to not swear ever”

    I will watch “i miss you” tomorrow too.
    Waiting for ‘Flower boy next door” and “School”, too. I bet they can make up for our sad moments.

  770. 770 : Zeez Says:

    I can’t wait to watch the last episode… Pls let Maru and Eunji be together… Where can I watch live?

  771. 771 : wdr Says:

    so.. today is the last day of this drama T_T gonna missed moon chae won and song joong ki!

  772. 772 : Melia Says:

    So what is the ending of this drama?

  773. 773 : vodka Says:

    Happy ending

  774. 774 : KDaddict Says:


    [spoiler] He doesn’t die. It’s a happy ending. The are together. You can all breathe easy now. [/spoiler]

  775. 775 : KDaddict Says:

    They use the same roof top as that in Padam Padam. It’s the lady vet’s clinic that overlooks the harbor.

  776. 776 : Melia Says:

    Thank KDaddict for ur kind information. It’s a relief.:)

  777. 777 : Melia Says:

    This drama is really phenomenal! 🙂

  778. 778 : Aga Says:

    Finally, Maru and Eunji married together in happy ending…..congrats for them..:-)

  779. 779 : cuity17 Says:

    happy ending ???!! really…!!! yesss.. let’s hunt the dvd… :))

  780. 780 : KDaddict Says:

    Now that Aga has openly spilled the beans (in #778), I can talk abt the ending, but still won’t give any details:
    If the show had stopped 5 mins. earlier, it’d have been a completely diff ending.
    The last 5 mins. changes it into sth cute n sweet. OK,
    everyone can now be happy that the OTP is well. But I find the ending to be “tagged on”, artificial, becos it just doesn’t follow from what has been going on before.
    The writer keeps twisting a knife into Maru, this way n that, over n over again. Then all of a sudden, Poof! all his troubles r gone. Is it convincing? I guess at this pt no one cares anymore. 😉

  781. 781 : KDaddict Says:

    I mean, I guess at this pt no one cares anymore if it is logical or convincing that they end up together, as long as it is shown that they do. 😉

  782. 782 : JL Says:

    Woohoooo!!! Now i can sleep peacefully knowing the ending is a happy one. Was dreading this week so much. Jst finished watching epi 19 n was cursing on Lawyer Ahn for not dying yet! Thanks for the spoiler…

  783. 783 : Icha Says:

    The best drama ever… 😀 but now im sad bcs can’t look the most beautiful smile from joongki… 🙁 hope he have new drama soon…

  784. 784 : Thor11 Says:

    Is it true that they r together in the end? I have just read somewhere that maru died on that night and those were actually his last thoughts /prayers on how he wish he could live somewhere happily with Eungi, leading a normal life……… im so confused here……

  785. 785 : GHSforever Says:

    I read that too, so I am confused right now:S

  786. 786 : Icy Says:

    So far I have watched till ep 9, every episode is interesting.
    So far it’s one of the drama which I follow very promptly.
    I hope the ending will be a good one.

  787. 787 : ludwina Says:

    really ???? will be end with happy ending ??? so corious … ahhh cant waittt :((

  788. 788 : loala Says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaah! I can finally sleep! i kept on thinking what will be their ending ‘coz i was traumatized with fashion’s king, yoo ah in he ended up dead without knowing who is the killer. huhu 🙁

  789. 789 : ance Says:

    i noticed that Ma Ru’s face changed…he’s no longer crying when they showed the episode, the one they show the title and the episode number…(sorry i don’t what’s its called)…when they showed that, i felt happy coz i know that it will be a happy ending!
    beautiful drama! if the writer did not end it with a happy ending, i wouldn’t watch this drama again…the whole story is so sad, good thing it ended great! can’t wait for subs! 😉

    congratulations to the whole staff and crew! job well done SJK & MCW and the rest of the cast! Daebak!!!

  790. 790 : BIna Says:

    happy ending thanks writer

  791. 791 : Rose Marie Says:

    is it really a happy ending?.???? I just finished watching episode 19…

  792. 792 : ling Says:

    they happy ending?waaa,i not yet wacth ep 19 n 20.
    tq for information…

  793. 793 : Fidel Says:


  794. 794 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Well, just finished watching ep19 with subtitles and ep20 w/out.M not sure it’s a happy ending until the last part Maru collapsed he passed out or the end of him!Maru and Eun Gee getting to know each other again at the last part might be a dream or his wish so until i see it with subtitles i will get the conclusion.Overall the drama was great but really heartache and painful to watch yet we learned many lessons here and not a drama that i picked as the best this year….still waiting for the subbed to finale my comment heheh

  795. 795 : Beauty Says:

    Happy Ending!!!!!!….. 🙂 yay!!!!
    Thank you writer!!!!! I love this drama soo…. much.

  796. 796 : JACKY Says:



  797. 797 : nice guy Says:

    what kind of drama is this????????
    is it good to watch….

  798. 798 : haibara Says:

    Yay… watched it last night w/o sub.. twice.. >.<
    the ending is so beautiful and warm.. SJK's smile is very precious.. the directing, the cinematography, the background music, and of course, the great act by the actors and actress esp. SJK and MCW, even PSY make the story feel so hearttouching. Nice Guy is the best drama of 2012 (at least, for myself). This drama can make me sit on front of my screen and watch the whole episodes. I even already rewatch 19 episode three times (live, raw, with subs).. Nice Guy, you hurt so good and so beautifully.. Love this drama.. DAEBAK!!!

  799. 799 : NextDoor Says:

    It is time to watch Innocent Man knowing this is a happy ending.

    Phew. Ive been waiting patiently for this drama to end just to know its end. im excited to watch now! 😀

  800. 800 : NextDoor Says:

    just saw ep 20. oh no… i believe there are two possible endings.

    1. he died in the street and that ending was just his hopes and dreams
    2. somehow he was saved and that was his reality

    the writer let the viewers choose which ending he/she wants

    well as for me i rather choose the second one. im a sucker for a good endings 🙂

  801. 801 : KDaddict Says:

    Discussion on the Ending:

    It is more logical to read the ending the way Thor11 n GHSforever mentioned, i.e. that it is a dream or last wish of Maru’s when he was dying on the ground. This ending is somewhat like that of City Hunter’s, in that a few minutes before the very end, we see the hero die! Then, change of camera n scene, and Voila! He is among the living!

    Like I said in #780, it is just NOT logical that way. We know he has a blood clot in the brain that is likely to kill him. We see him being knifed by Ahn. We see him bleed for a long time while talking to EG, n fall down on the ground on a quiet street in the dead of night, with no one around to help him. We kinda know that he is beyond help. My rational mind expected him to die right there n then, n was cursing the writer for being so cruel to Maru, n to EG when she finds out, not only that he is dead, but that he died to save her life.

    Then next shot, they are happy on this rooftop terrace, and surprise, surprise, HE IS A DOCTOR! I know it is 7 years later, but there is nothing to link us from point A (when he is dying on the street) to point B (when he is alive n well n a DOCTOR)!

    You know what seems to be the strangest thing to me? It’s supposed to be 7 years later, but no one has aged a day! They look exactly the same as before. That’s suspicious in itself. Don’t u think?

    I suppose the writer wants to leave viewers some room, some reason to believe that Maru is alive, n they r together, hence this TAGGED on ending, which IMO is a fake ending. The show ended 5 mins. earlier, w Maru laid on the ground.

  802. 802 : NextDoor Says:

    @ KDaddict -801

    i totally agree with you.

    at least the writer was thoughtful enough this time to let the viewers choose which ending to believe- compared to the ending of Im Sorry I Love You- even though it was illogical for Maru to be alive.

  803. 803 : meldz Says:

    talking on what had happened on the drama where some are telling that the story is somewhat impossible…..

    i myself better believe that nothing is impossible with God. The most vital part on that drama is Kang Maru’s faith with the Lord, he asked for another chance, a chance to live, a chance to be with the one he loves. And at the ending, i believe that writer wanted to show us that God answer Kang Maru’s prayer in a most realistic way, the amnesia thing, yet the purity and sincerity of his feeling toward his one true love help him to regain his memory little by little.

    this is what i am believing for…..

    saranghae everyone…..

    thanks NG family you made me cry, you made me laugh and most of all you made me feel in-love…..


    i hope there will be another drama for song joong ki and moon chae won next year….. the two of them in a drama again.

    excellent job NG family.

  804. 804 : er Says:

    i strongly agree with meldz says .
    if you really understand the story of this drama, actually a lot of lessons we can get from this drama :’)

  805. 805 : KDaddict Says:

    Maru’s voice over from when he falls down on the ground onwards is actually very telling:
    He says:
    “EG asked me why I didn’t swerve the car away in that tunnel that night. I told her I couldn’t remember. Actually I remember clearly. It was becos I was so tired abt life that I didn’t feel it’d be a loss if I died. In the next world, I must meet EG again. At that time, I’ll fall in love, in a normal love affair that everyone on earth gets to experience. I’d like a 2nd chance at life. That was the way I prayed to the Lord that night.” Then the camera goes dark on the lifeless Maru on the ground.
    Next time it lights up again, it’s on an entirely different world for our chars.

    So does the happy ending happen in fact or is it Maru’s dying wish? It’s Your own decision. Logic be damned.

  806. 806 : kimchilee Says:

    i just finished watching ep 19… doesnt make any sense to me at all what Maru is trying to do to EG or JH.. who does he actually wants to go to? and from what i read about the ending.. you mean to say its another ending for the readers to decide type of ending? aaargghh… what a put off!

  807. 807 : haibara Says:

    @kimchilee on mind, in early ep 19, he want to back to JH if JH turn herself in but the reason he did that is because he want to make EG back to her place peacrfully (so noble idiocy? yes) But JH never think that MR do it for EG sake, she hope MR do it for her sake so she ready to turn herself in, but, when she realise that EG is the one and only reason why MR want to back to her, she dissapointed. that’s way she suddenly refuse to give up and threat MR with EG’s dad corruption which will ruin EG and Taesan future and say she don’t want to turn herself of MR don’t give his heart. MR feel.so helples because he is trapped between EG and JH and decide to runaway with EG. leave everything behind.
    about the ending.. hehehe, i live in my delusional world and simply love the ending.. ^^

  808. 808 : haibara Says:

    sorry for my bad english grammar.. ^^v

  809. 809 : julie Says:

    it was a perfect ending.
    start again with new memories. though maru has regained his memory back, but he want to restart with eungi with their pure love.
    I feel satisfied.
    Thanks for LKH-nim for the ending.
    I love u full 🙂

  810. 810 : KDaddict Says:

    I Love the ways you all put it:
    It may not be logical, but it is a miracle, as meldz says. Who can argue w a miracle, right?
    haibara calls herself delusional. U have invested 20 hours in this drama. I believe u r entitled to be as delusional as u want. 😉
    kimchilee is put off by the wishy-washy ending. Let me ask this: Would u be more put off by an ending that lets u choose, or one that shows Maru lifeless on the ground, then fade out?
    Me, I think if I were a scriptwriter in SK, I wouldn’t want to explicitly and decisively kill off a char played by Song JK, Lee Min Ho, Micky, Hyun Bin, or any one of the really popular actors w huge fan base. U know how K netizens r. Even if the hero dying makes perfect narrative sense, why would any writer want, or dare, to risk their wrath? Even if she dares, the director would tell her to tag on a little segment at the end, for fan service, if she ever expects to work in the industry again!
    So, Goodbye! Have a nice weekend, everybody!

  811. 811 : Rose Marie Says:

    I finished watching episode 19 last night and I was so worried and scared to see the ending that Maru will/might die….

    Reading all your comments……… well I have to see it for myself. And I think I agree with 803 Meldz 🙂 ….. there’s nothing impossible with God.

    Maru suffered so much that I think he deserves to live and be happy.

    I love this drama so much and I thank the producers, director, the crew and the actors and actresses.

  812. 812 : irene Says:

    well for marketing reasons. it was a good end. because now it gives me a reason to watch it over and over again. bravo !!!! the writer is brilliant because her script was captivating the entire time. this will actually be a piece i can treasure over and over unlike the sad ends of ‘sangdoo go to school’ ‘love to kill’ and ‘sorry i love you’ . loved those characters completely just couldnt keep watching knowing they had no happiness in the end. but i think for the first time the writer shows us thats what she meant when she always killed them off together. so they can start over with their own love story. there was really not a boring moment in this series. thumbs up! <3

  813. 813 : bianca Says:

    OMOOOO!!! I love the ending!!!daebaak
    I will choose Nice Guy / Innocent Man as the best drama 2012 for sure!!
    Honestly,i feel dissapointed bcoz there only 10minute for show the happy ending,,

  814. 814 : kdbig Says:

    OMG it is already finished my favorite drama of 2012!!! I will miss Seo Eun Gi and Kang Maru its not the perfect ending that I wanted but at least it wasn’t a tragic one, I still love it though <3. The first drama of moon chae won and song joong ki that I ever watch and was so amaze with their acting they gave justice to the characters, everyone is great anyways. THumbs up to the staff and crew of Innocent man/ NIce guys 🙂

  815. 815 : hny Says:

    NO regret for the ending…this drama unforgettable.. last eps it’s worth it to get my tears 😀
    very well ending so want to thank for the writer ,crew and all staff this is great project !

  816. 816 : ance Says:


    is it the same ring that Ma Ru bought from their “supposed” wedding and the one he gave Eun Gi in the end?
    if that was the same ring, was he giving it Eun Gi to tell her that he now remembers her and want to start a dating her or marry her?
    was he pretending that he still doesn’t remember Eun Gi for them to start a new and normal relationship just like normal people?
    i just want to confirm if i understand the ending correctly…thanks if anyone answers me!

  817. 817 : Lorem Says:

    So Kang Maru did not die from the stabbing. The scene where Maru was lying on the ground confused me at first but came clear later.

    Maru’s monologue as he lay there on the pavement was really a prayer. It was the summation of his heart’s desire which he submitted to the summum bonum (all that is good) — God. His wish was fulfilled in a fashion, if we follow the dialogue closely.

    It is 7 years later. Though Maru had survived the operation it had left him with prosopagnosia. Nevertheless, with his former professor’s help he went on to complete his medical degree in the US. This was revealed during Maru’s chat with the young girl whom Eun Gi brought to Maru’s clinic. No doubt the sort of thing Eun Gi does just to be around Maru, hoping for that day when he would recover fully and recognise her again.

    And of course he recovers, as revealed at the end when he gave her the rings. Eun Gi’s facial expression says it all; “Is this for real? You’re really back?”

    Nice ending. And what a ride.

    Thank You!!

  818. 818 : Mushu Says:

    K-addict what u said at 1st is right on the money. Hint hint, even in the “other” world, did you notice Maru kept talking in future tense. Ex.. i would tell heri love her. i would this, i would that. and the ring he gave her at the end, that hint of a smile like he knew her. it is all part of his imaginary world. It’s almost like the movie inception where the ending is left to the imagination. This is what makes this drama such a masterpiece. Yes, it had its few ups and downs but if you can’t comprehend this show in other words they’re telling you that Maru died in the end. What we see in the last seen is all the things he would’ve done had he lived. It’s something he concocted as the happy world. Such a classic tragedy!

  819. 819 : ZJ Says:

    If Maru really died and the rest a dream, how does one explain the conversation he had with the little girl – that he had an operation and he suffered from a memory loss of people he knew and loved? The monologue at the end is just to tell us that Maru is living and loving the life that he wanted before his surgery. He can’t very well tell us directly, can he since he has amnesia? It’s just the writer’s way of telling us that Maru is alive and well and he is happily going through a second chance in life – falling in love and achieving his dreams like a normal person. Some viewers are also saying that along the way in the seven years, he recovered and that explains why he follows EG around. I can accept that too. Why not? As long as it makes the ending more worthwhile! My número UNO drama for the year to date, from best directing, best script, best couple, best cinematography!

  820. 820 : Mushu Says:

    Nice argument KZ. I welcome people sharing their thoughts. Your argument sounds very plausible. However, being the way he fell on the streets; cold with a knife wound with no one around plus some brain disease. I cannot accept that he is among the living. I think the conversation to me reads as he comes up with a way to view his ” happy life.” Especially being it felt other worldly, the last scene I mean.

  821. 821 : Mushu Says:

    All in all,alive or dead, this was an awesome drama! Makes one think!

  822. 822 : meldz Says:


    because of too much blood coming out from his blody plus his illness …his earthly body cannot take the pain.. and may be instead of dying at that very moment, he was was just collapsed…..and may be someone saw him and brought him to the hospital……

    there are lots of incident in reality, wherein it is unimaginable how survivors survived after a tragic accident, but they said if it is not your time, you will surely live…..

    for me i better believed on that…. as what i said earlier, God answered all our prayers in His time and His will….. may be he answered Maru’s prayer that’s why the drama ended up like that…..


    i’m just just happy with the ending…..
    i am so sad that next week there will be no episode for nice guy that will be airing…… haizzzzzz…..

  823. 823 : ordinaryslup Says:

    I agree with meldz. and I totally disagree with KDaddict.

    to person that make up their mind hardly.
    listen, why you guys want to think hardly, and make your mind blow. This drama is perfectly and I rather choose Innocent man than city hunter for their ending.

    at lease we understand this ending. and also I will give 5 star for this drama that make so nice and perfectly script. not just the feeling that i feel but I be in the drama. straight to the point, doesn’t seem possible by GOD!. think your self.

  824. 824 : gif Says:

    Whoa! KMR died in the pathway that cold night after being stabbed.

    EG took care of her little brother while JH spent years in prison so there could be no EG at the seashore baking for 7 years trying to reconnect with MR. That was his wish in another life for them.

  825. 825 : muti Says:

    Wooow, love this drama’s ending. I never expect about it before. Love it, nice guy, nice drama, nice actor, nice story, nice ending. Song Joong Ki oppa, how cute he is. Can’t wait for your next drama

  826. 826 : Fidel Says:

    I wish the ending has kissing scene. hehe… I love it being HAPPY ENDING. I love how Eun Gi initiating the kissing with Kang Maru.

  827. 827 : sweet_evilangel Says:

    theres no impossible with God, He gave maru a one last chance to live, and to make a new ending…

    thanks for making us laugh and cry! so sad to think that this is really the end! but still im happy!! kamsahamnida!

  828. 828 : Rose Marie Says:

    Though I’m not done watching the last episode. I believe Maru didn’t die. They just did not elaborate and show the scene that he was saved. Of course he is… Did anyone notice the beginning wherein they showed the title and the names of the leading casts, if I’m not mistaken coz it’s written in Korean. The black and white scene that he tossed the pocket watch. Did you notice that this time here, Maru smiled :)…. That’s what I noticed and then I thought that it will have a happy ending coz Maru SMILED. Great drama!!! Congratulations to the casts and crew. Now I’ll watch the last part of Episode 20!!! Yehey!!!!! I’m sure will miss Maru and Eun Gi 🙂

  829. 829 : Rose Marie Says:

    I mean in the beginning when he dropped the watch… this time, he is smiling 🙂 and the watch time this time moves forward instead of backward in the previous episodes 🙂 …. and he have the will to live, he don’t want to die.

    I love the ending 🙂

  830. 830 : kdfan Says:

    I believe maru didn’t die. If he did then there was no closure bec the crime which killed maru went unpunished. Lawyer Ahn was released from jail within the time jump so he couldn’t hv been tried for murder. It would not be a satisfactory ending if the protagonist’s killer walks free. It is believable that eungi and maru can still have a happy ending in this lifetime. All they need is forgiveness. It was a great ending. The acting was superb. Love this drama!

  831. 831 : jahaleel Says:

    KMR died…

  832. 832 : Challooo Says:

    Who was the kid that EG was carrying?
    Did MR lost his memories?
    Did MR pretend?
    I dont understand the ending please help me.

  833. 833 : bebebooo Says:

    that was the best.ending.ever

  834. 834 : Julienne Vie Says:

    i hope there will be another drama for Joong Ki and Chae Won couple. I love the drama. best drama so far:))

  835. 835 : Icy Says:

    I am at eps 12 now. Very nice!
    Good casts and I enjoy every eps.
    It’s one of the best drama I’ll ever see.
    Two thumbs up!!

  836. 836 : gia Says:

    love the ending… very nice…
    Ma Roo just pretend that he lost his memory

    Anyone know who is Kang Myeong Joo? The girl who Eun Gi piggybacked to Ma Roo clinic. Who is she? Why her family name is ‘Kang’?

  837. 837 : GHSforever Says:

    Whether it had a happy ending or a sad one is our own interpretation of the story. Some will say it had a happy one and others are doubtful about it.
    All in all we can say that this drama was a roller coaster of feelings:)
    The acting of all three main actors were simply awesome.
    By the way only 19 days and Binnie is out of the military:)
    After that he needs to get a good drama so we can finally see him(especially his chocolate abs hahaha);)

  838. 838 : ellyn Says:

    one of the best drama everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…… i really love it. the ending is awesome…..sadly its end. i misses them already.

  839. 839 : Zeez Says:

    Best drama for 2012!!! So happy that it ended this way.. However feeling a bit sad that this drama has ended… I will definitely miss the smile of SJK!

  840. 840 : emerald Says:

    i will definitely miss this drama… salute all the cast… i knew it that it has a happy ending… the ending is so sweet…. Im happy that Kang Maru is happy in the end with his love Seo Eun Gi. he is definitely happy..

    thank you so much for this great drama…

    saranghae… Kang MAru ssi

  841. 841 : Mariana Says:

    Hello….It’s obviously that Ma Roo just pretend that he lost his memory. He wanted to live a true love experience with all its stages. This is the great drama, I think it is the best from this year. The chemistry between the main actors was excellent. Congratulations to all the team! BRAVO!

  842. 842 : Lorem Says:

    I think the ambiguous ending was a cheap marketing ploy thrown in there by the director/writer to get people talking about the show. They deserve a slap for that. Go ahead, slap each other and let us know how it went.

    IMO the show was already perfect by the time it aired episode 19, with Maru showing us his superior problem solving skill, marked by his profound moral perspicuity, with such conviction it moved Jae Hee and others around him to eventually do the right thing. Or perhaps it was just the show ending.

    Though it bugged him greatly, Jae Hee’s brother couldn’t bring himself to kill Maru. Choco would feed him when he visited, something he complained Jae Hee never did for him. It bothered him that those around Maru were caring. It stirred his conscience and eventually he decided to live a normal life. He got a job.

    Eun Gi, prone to knee-jerk actions was humbled after learning of Maru’s selflessness. His sacrifices for her benefit and her cruelty to him he had taken it all. She’s not in the same class as him. Being the sincere soul Eun Gi is, she reflected and we saw later on how deep her realisation was when with childlike innocence she’d take chidings from Maru — “Are you papparazi?”. Her retaliatory responses were unconvincing. They were playful and loving.

    Haha.. nice work. I must admit, I’m not romantic … I don’t think. This being my first melodrama.

  843. 843 : Cute_BoA Says:

    The best drama of 2012.. It’s a must watch one, even you’re not into melodrama..

  844. 844 : Lorem Says:

    “Thank You” by the same writer was a melodrama too? Innocent Man, was not my first melo, but I think it is the best one I have seen. If they hadn’t done the dumbass, doof-doof marketing thing with the ending, I’d say it’s a perfect 10. 🙂

  845. 845 : Lorem Says:

    The Icon of Betrayal Kwang Soo. I really enjoyed your performance dude. You were wonderful, but what the hell did you put in your eyes to make it go so red in ep20. Tiger Balm? Soju? Tell us in the next Running Man yea?

  846. 846 : sara Says:

    “If God exists, he will punish me someday” Maru said but at the end what we saw was “If God exists, He can forgive you and give you another chance for living”
    I loved this meaningful ending. There are not that many dramas which are strong from beginning to end without giving you the feeling of i’-ve- been wasting- my -time- watching -this -drama. NG was one of those great ones. Everything was perfect from story to acting,filming, OST and everything. I feel good after seeing Maru’s beautiful smile.

    Thank you writernim. This ending was a perfect one that i’had been waiting for. Thanks to all the staff and like always our dear admin that gave us the opportunity to share our ideas.

  847. 847 : azhtine Says:

    yesssss sweet ending maru and eun gi. ^^
    I just knew it!!! HAPPY ENDING!!!! i’m sad that this is the last episode but i am so happy that it has a happy ending, yeeeey!!
    Thank you so much for uploader 🙂

  848. 848 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m completely OK w both interpretations of the ending: that he actually lived or it was a figment of his imagination as you n thor11 mentioned that u read on some sites.
    I’m not wedded to either version becos the writer deliberately put in seeds for both interpretations to be plausible. I do think that it’d be way too devastating if it didn’t have the last 10 mins.
    I hope SJK n MCW rest well, n let us see them on the small screen again soon.
    Take care, chingu!

  849. 849 : stella Says:

    another good drama ended… so happy with the ending. at least you can imagine that kang maru will now have a good life with eun gi. Choco is also happy with her family. I hope to see song joong ki in other shows … drama or the likes of sungkyunkwan scandal. I think he is a good actor.

  850. 850 : KDaddict Says:

    OMG! 19 days! 19 days till Dec 6!
    I’ve marked the date on my calendar. Will need to watch scenes of his release fr MS that day!
    Now that u mention it, it’s funny I don’t ‘lust’ after his abs like I do some others, like PSH e.g. I’m just happy to see him. I think that’s the difference between ‘an object of lust’, n one of more ‘ever so slightly’ elevated emotions. Hee hee.

  851. 851 : JL Says:

    Yessss!!! Elatedly happy with the ending.. Such sweet ending.. Thank you so much. My vote for best drama Innocent Man.

  852. 852 : GHSforever Says:

    I seriously can’t believe that it had already been two years haha
    I saw some pictures of him with the girl group SISTAR and he smiled so brightly:)
    Anyway on that picture he didn’t look like someone who served at the military, rather he looked like some sort of prince haha
    My delusional wish, is that he gets a drama with Ha Ji Won again.

  853. 853 : ваня Says:

    omg!great finish!!!

  854. 854 : fannie Says:

    i think the writers wrapped up the story beautifully in episode 19 and 20.the ending is believable and am glad the it has a happy ending. no one died and all the characters improved their lives and learn lessons from their journey.from now on, am going to watch out for all the upcoming works of song joong ki. i’ve become a fan.good job for all production staff and casts.

  855. 855 : Blue mountain Says:

    Very interesting drama. I love it very much!
    Highly recommended!!!
    One of my best drama !!

  856. 856 : RISA Says:

    Initially I was hesitant to watch this drama, even though i like all the players but because the genre is melodrama I defer to watch this drama, but a few day ago i saw the rating and the response of the people’s comments it’s good so I decided to try to watch it. I just finished watching this drama and I completed within 3 days, and now I think this drama deserves get a high rating.
    This drama is perfect from start until the end.
    I must admit this drama is better than faith and arang.

  857. 857 : Rara Says:

    Cry a lot during the last two episodes T_T THE BEST DRAMA!!!! <3
    KANG MA RU! SEO EUN GI <3<3<3<3<3<3

  858. 858 : eunma Says:

    THE BEST DRAMA OF 2012 without a doubt! :))
    Super great! love U so much KANG MAROO <3<3 :-*

  859. 859 : Nethu Says:

    oowwww…. really love the ending… i really thought he would die but god is really amazing… i really loved the last part where he says he thanks god… ithis is the best ever!!! BEST OF THE BEST!!!! ive been watching dramas for a long time and this is the most beautiful drama for me till now. i dnt even hesitate to watch it 1000 times if i have time… i really thank the cast for making this wonderful drama… it touched my heart like nothing… thanks so much!!!

  860. 860 : KDaddict Says:

    The character of Maru:
    The acting is perfect. Song Joong Ki is perfect. Moon Chae Won too.
    But For 18 eps, I was wondering: Why did Maru take away the phone when Jae Hee was confessing to the police? And then, Why did he ignore his own illness n insisted on putting Eun Gi at the top of Taesan group? Was it just revenge, to take down JH? Was that more impt than his own safety? His own life?
    His actions just Never made sense to me. So it was difficult to feel for him or root for him.
    I’m glad that in ep 19, there was FINALLY a scene when Maru and Jae Hee sat down n talked, n HE said that he shouldn’t have robbed JH the chance to admit to her crime, n that changed her n her trajectory in life! I had been thinking that all along! Thank goodness that they actually said it on screen before the show is over!
    However, I still have no idea what kind of a person Maru was! Was he a saint? Was he a fool? Was he someone with a self-destructive bent? Was he sb w a hero-complex? Was he a manic-depressive? After the series is over, I still don’t know. To me, that’s a serious failing in the script.
    I can understand why they gave us an “interpret as you will” ending, for marketing reasons, for fan-service, and I won’t call that a failing. But I don’t accept their giving me a hero whose motivations I don’t understand. You can’t have an “interpret as you will” hero for a show.
    To those who say this show is perfect, is the best show of the year, I beg to differ. The acting is perfect. The script is decidedly Not, Not by far, Not at all!

  861. 861 : Hadeso Says:

    Oh my God, happy ending ..
    i really” Love the ending, I think Maru is the best Actor because his acting it touched my heart, now, Good Bye nice Guy .. 🙁

  862. 862 : the banker from ph Says:

    thank you for the posts..i was really waiting for the “happy ending” comments before i start watching..now i’m really looking forward to it ^_^

  863. 863 : txice 23 Says:

    best melodrama for me this year!!;-)

  864. 864 : pipit Says:

    waaaa. finally thisi drama ends. but why ma roo have to like different person althought he has feeling for eun gi. that ok, at least happy ending.

  865. 865 : Poohs Says:

    can I know the ending? The male lead is with which girl?
    Did he ended up a s doctor or something else in the end.

  866. 866 : Lorem Says:

    KDaddict #860 “..I still have no idea what kind of a person Maru was.”

    Kang Maru is ordinary, flawed like any of us. He made good and bad decisions. The bad decisions he made when he was not in a “state of grace”. The good, when he found that place again because of love — his love for Eun Gi.

    I think we can’t properly measure what is good or bad behaviour through a logic framework alone. Love as you know treats logic with utter disregard. And our morality is shaped in part by the belief system that we adopt, so that one group is okay with flying planes into buildings, killing indiscriminately, while another group sees it as abhorrent immoral behaviour. The point I’m making is, “logic” will almost always fail to bring one to a true understanding of what a good person is. We use our hearts for that.

    That said; What makes Kang Maru stand out, ultimately is how he handled what tests life threw at him. Given similar obstacles and similar conditions we are to ask; Could I have done as well as he? Actually, we mostly fail to achieve what the fictional Maru did. But what we don’t want happen is when we fail, we don’t throw away our principles, our morality and our dignity in order to reach some goal.

    So I think Kang Maru held true to his principles when others did not or could not, is why we cheered him. Note, Joon Ha in overcoming Ahn’s stranglehold, stated that what he’d learned from Kang Maru enabled him to liberate himself from Ahn.

    Cheers 🙂

  867. 867 : lee hye ae Says:


  868. 868 : KDaddict Says:

    Thank you for the discussion.
    “Maru is ordinary, flawed like any of us”.
    Oh, he is Not ordinary, not at all, in that few ppl would choose to give up med school, to go to prison for murder in place of their gf. He is flawed alright, but Not like any of us. We r all flawed, just not in the way that he is, with that bent of self-destruction.
    I mentioned logic when I talked about the flow in the ‘tagged on ending” in relation to the scene that immediately preceded it. I don’t use logic to understand the human heart.
    I get selfless love; I get self-sacrifice, esp. in dramaland. I only don’t get it when that self-sacrifice is unnecessary, uncalled for. Why use an AK-47 to shoot yourself in the foot when it’d end up killing you and those around you when using a Swiss army knife would do?
    “He made bad decisions when he is not in a state of grace”. He sure does.
    “He made good decisions when he found that place again–his love for Eun Gi”.
    When the show is over, I’m still left wondering what ‘good decisions’ he might have made. His playing chicken w her in the tunnel? His standing behind her to let Attn Ahn stab him instead of her? His leaving Choco to her attack n run off to JH? These r extreme behavior, so unnecessary, so destructive. There’d be alternative decisions that could have been made in their place to save himself n others much grief.
    “What made Kang Maru stand out is how he handled the tests that life threw at him”.
    You know, I think those tests Life did not throw at him, but he drew unto himself. Bad decision begets bad situations. He made his bed, he had to lie in it is all. Life got him into med school. He screwed up royally all on his own.
    “So I think Kang Maru held true to his principles”.
    What foils me is that I have no idea what those principles are! That’s why I said I’ve no idea what kind of a person he is. I believe the writer hasn’t done her job well enough to enlighten me on sth that is central to a show: the hero’s inner world, his thought process, his motivation.
    It’s been one frustrating show. For me, the high light of the show is in ep 19, when Maru n Jae Hee sat across the table fr each other, n Maru said he shouldn’t have taken the blame for JH’s manslaughter. Finally n ever so briefly, someone is speaking sense!
    Cheers. ;P

  869. 869 : Lorem Says:

    @KDaddict #868

    Thank you as well for sharing those thoughts :).

    Haha.. “Why use an AK-47.. when a swiss army knife would do”. Yea there are many technical flaws in the character formulations in the script, and the production too, especially with the last episode.

    If you don’t mind my saying this; I think you’ve set your standards for righteousness off the scale. Hehe ..I don’t even think Mahatma Ghandi or Lord Jesus can be considered “good” according to your definitions. Gee even God would fail that test. 🙂

    Allow me to indulge:

    1 – Ghandi would be an idiot for precipitating an early British withdrawl causing the deaths of thousands.

    2 – Lord Jesus for allowing himself to be crucified when he clearly had all the mystic siddhis, making him the most powerful individual on the planet. Not logical you might say.

    Heh.. I would ask you dear KDaddict; “where in the world is a good man to be found”? 🙂

  870. 870 : KDaddict Says:

    OK, you lost me.
    I haven’t said anything remotely related to “righteousness”. Or that ‘he is not a good man”.
    I only said that the character (his motivations n thought process) of Maru is not clearly drawn.
    How do you get from that to Ghandi and Jesus? When you veer off like that, it is no longer the same topic. Bye bye.

  871. 871 : reca aquarius Says:

    his drama really makes me thrilled and shuddered.

  872. 872 : Lorem Says:

    KDaddict #870

    Hehe.. Keep your pants on 🙂

    Everything you’ve said relates to “righteousness”. A persons “motivation” (purpose/reason) and resultant “thought processes” (methods) are underpinned by their core values — their sense of righteousness.

    When we judge a person’s behaviour we are critiquing their core values. It is after all what dictates their behaviour. Just clarifying, because you didn’t connect or I failed in my communication.

    “..Maru is not clearly drawn”. Forgive me but I think you’re overthinking it.

    Ghandi & Jesus:
    I was merely putting your argument to the typical empirical test, applying your reasoning to people we deem righteous. As you can see the result is the same. Hehe.. no-one is good. Sorry. I didn’t mean to offend.

    Thank you.

  873. 873 : Lorem Says:

    KDaddict #868 To be fair, many of those points you’ve made I agree with wholeheartedly.

  874. 874 : gorgeous girl Says:

    Crazy melodrama but i love Maru character he drive this story ,controlled the people around him also the audiance and towards the end who nail it by being innocent,protective and honest love conquers it all with having faith towards his love to Seo Eun Gee innocent but crazy determined girl they united in a beautiful rendezvous. Yeah to pick as best drama definitely NO but the acting of both leads also others are great;-)

  875. 875 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Haaaaaa….that’s what i mentioned before Maru loss memory after the operation and takes years to remember but true love conquers all. Great ending everybody cried and cheers for happiness hehe….Maru character controlled most of the scene and audiance is having heart-ache watching him suffered throughout the drama. SJK is the best actor here.Best drama i dont think so……good examples to those having complicated life…believe in our creator and have faith in love…have a great 2012 that almost ending♡

  876. 876 : ZJ Says:

    For those who are still wondering whether Maru died or didn’t he, or whether he regained his memory or not, or whether he pretended to lose his memory, the answer is here:


  877. 877 : desy Says:

    love this drama….. thank you for the happy ending…
    gonna miss maru and eun gi….

  878. 878 : fio Says:

    Omooo!! This drama really really goood!! I love this drama so much!! JEONGMAL!! You all gusy must watch this drama!! I promise you never feel bad if you watch it!! For joongki oppa you really amzing!! Really love your act, so perfect!! I’M VOTE FOR THIS DRAMA TO BECOME THE BEST DRAMA 2012. GUYS!!! You should VOTE this DRAMA!! DAEBAAAAKKK!!~

  879. 879 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Though a happy ending, I am not satisfied with how the bad guys were punished at the end and it’s not even highlighted. LOL!

    Congratulations to Song Joong Ki for doing a brilliant job.

    I would rate this drama 8 of 10.

    Fighting! =)

  880. 880 : NextDoor Says:

    @ ZJ – 876

    thanks!!! 🙂 now i am at peace with the ending.

  881. 881 : papayaga Says:

    I love Innocent man

  882. 882 : Smilinglady Says:

    Really love this drama..Am so happy with the ending..wish there is a new project for Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won

  883. 883 : amy Says:

    <3 Maru & Eungi

  884. 884 : zumy Says:

    i like NICE GUY

  885. 885 : ngoc nguyen Says:

    i love nice guy i love SJK and MCW

  886. 886 : Natasha Says:

    the rating look’s good. i must watch this drama!! i read synopsis so interesting.

  887. 887 : Tin Says:

    This drama is a unique one as it opted to diversify from the usual flower boy story and setting. It has a combination of hate, revenge, and tragedy but covered up by love and forgiveness in the end. I totally fell for this drama. This is a total shot of melodrama and no hodge-podge lines and scenes. A must-see thing. plus you get the chance to see how adorable Song Joong Ki is <3 I am wishing that more Korean dramas like this will be produced and shown. 🙂

  888. 888 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Omo! This has the saddest ending ever! Why?! because I cried at the end of this drama even if it’s actually a happy ending. Especially when Kang Ma Ru handed the couple ring to Eun Gi. Im gonna miss this hateful yet lovable couple! Saranghae!!

    I Miss You Kang Maru and Eun Gi as well as Kang CHoco. jejeje
    and speaking of I Miss You, lets support Yoon Eun Hye and Park YooChon in Missing You. please : )

  889. 889 : Jae Says:

    love this drama.,…… even though the ending was happy i cried… you know when he gave ring to her …. i hope they will be happy forever….. maru and eun gi

  890. 890 : vodka Says:

    In the ending part, whis is the little girl?

  891. 891 : mae Says:

    I am also wondering who is the little girl in the end

  892. 892 : haibara Says:

    the girl is neighboorhood girl whom close to Eun Gi. i miss this drama so much.. i just hope i can see SJK and MCW can back in dramaland next year. their acting is so daebak.. this drama have a special spot in my memories because it has so many unforgetable scene.. NG’s cast FIGHTING!!
    speaking about MY, i support it but forgive me, i’m there for YSH (fangirling mode)

  893. 893 : papayaga Says:

    Miss EG so much

  894. 894 : Hanako Says:

    I can give credit to this drama as I really love the story and a story of emotions, hope, love and patience. A story of how a rebelious person can become so gentle because of the love of a man she adores.
    I love the main actor and actress , and had seen both in other movies like Sungkyunkwan Scandal, The Princess Man,OB/GYN Doctors, Take Care of the Young Lady & Shining Inheritance. -Song Joon Ki & Moon Chae won
    as for that bitch I think more suitable to be a bitch in all dramasn I had seen she is more suitable to act like bitch especially in this movie and she is not suitable to be a good person e.g. Coffee House & The Greatest Love . when a drama shown if the actress act like a bitch or jerk so they are no more suitable to be main actors as they are not meant to be..that’s what I thought and same as So Yeon whom I think not suitable to be main actress so if she is a Main actress I will not watch the movie as the drama ALL ABOUT EVE gave me a bad impression on her and till today I regard her to act like a bad person and more suitable for her :~) After all it is a movie like English Movie or Japanese/Chinese movies if the main actors had all means to be good, and the bad ones will always be the bad person..that’s what I meant

    Anyway this is a very good movie INNOCENT MAN to watch , so do not miss it

  895. 895 : vodka Says:

    so coincidence that little girl surname same as maru?!

  896. 896 : papayaga Says:

    oh sad! I love innocent man! and now i fell sad when its end!

  897. 897 : woelandyz Says:

    Innocent Man aka Nice Guy best kdrama in 2012!

  898. 898 : chelzaya Says:

    love this drama so much…

  899. 899 : vera Says:

    i’m still fall in love with the innocent man!

  900. 900 : lemon Says:

    finally the happy ending…. thank god…

    luv u song joong ki

  901. 901 : lala Says:


  902. 902 : kimchilee Says:

    i dont really like the ending.. it’s a bit weird.. this story has good acting casts, strong characters from Song Joong Ki.. but otherwise, i wouldnt vote this as best drama.. too many flashbacks.. very draggy.. and in then end.. what revenge? there’s not enough depth to this story. I still like The Moon that Embraces the Sun.. Good Casts, Good story and Very Good Ending.

  903. 903 : j. Says:

    This is the best drama of 2012,no doubt,although in the last episodes,there are lot of flashbacks but it was utilized beautifully!Furthermore, this drama is not draggy at all compare to the moon embracing which is very slow and predictable, the amnesia plot was overused unlike nice guy which was managed well!

  904. 904 : rk Says:

    I like this drama from start to end,no boring moments,every scene is vital!

  905. 905 : sie_sunny Says:

    hii cingu…please vote for thid drama, thanks 🙂

  906. 906 : Rna Says:

    I vote for the best actors — Soong Joong Ki
    fighting 🙂

  907. 907 : jung yong ri Says:

    Soong Joong Ki,, strong characters .. Jongmal nomu <3

  908. 908 : Lizzy Says:

    Moon Chae Won & Soong Joong Ki
    fighting !!

  909. 909 : lovely Says:

    please spread the love. even the happy ending is not satisfy at all.

  910. 910 : v Says:

    #903 I agree with you. This is the best drama of 2012. Every episode is really good!!

  911. 911 : v Says:

    I love EunMa couple!!! Best couple!!

  912. 912 : jj Says:

    Love this drama soooo much!!

  913. 913 : maru Says:

    The first time I watched this drama. I was immediately attracted to the figure of maru. joongki oppa acting very perfect

  914. 914 : leechan Says:

    #903 I agree with you too!! I love this drama, the cast, plot, OST really interesting!!

  915. 915 : linjingjing Says:

    This is the best drama of the year 2012.. Daebakkk!! best actor for SONG JOONG KI… love his character and the plot is really interesting.. can’t stop watching… Good job for all the cast.. Must watch this drama!!!

  916. 916 : maru Says:

    Joongki oppa!! FIGHTING!!

  917. 917 : haibara Says:

    @lovely agree.. the ending is a bit rushed. this is the first time i want a drama get extension. but, overall, this drama is so enjoyable to watch and so addictive (for me) 🙂

  918. 918 : uzianwar Says:

    The best drama and tragic love story,,I really like this drama,the story very different..and song joong ki ,you are the best actor now,because your acting so good,…..

  919. 919 : worn Says:

    Thank you joong ki , chae won to make many people in the world are very happy …thank you so much.

  920. 920 : anna Says:

    hey everyone, let’s vote this drama everyday so this drama can be the BEST DRAMA 2012 !!

  921. 921 : PSH Says:

    please vote for this in the best korean drama for 2012!:D

  922. 922 : Chen Says:

    A drama that deserve a lot of awards!! Really….

  923. 923 : sachi Says:

    how to vote?

  924. 924 : hannah Says:

    I want to vote this drama, but I don’t know how. can someone explain? cause I can’t find the vote button at all. :O

  925. 925 : hyunhwa Says:

    i really like this drama even though i was expecting more touching in the last eps. i was vote this drama to be the best korean drama in 2012…

  926. 926 : NextDoor Says:

    @sachi – 923
    @hannah -924

    click the icon above this site “Korean Drama 2012” . this will lead you to the poll 🙂

    more votes for innocent man! hehe 🙂

  927. 927 : NextDoor Says:

    @sachi – 923
    @hannah -924

    click the icon above this site “Korean Drama 2012” . this will lead you to the poll 🙂

    more votes for innocent man! hehe 🙂

  928. 928 : britane Says:

    i love this kdrama ever! please watch guys! :)song joong ki <3

  929. 929 : baNTai Says:

    we know Moon Embrace the Sun is the hottest drama from MBC…
    but who can doubt Nice Guy as the hottest drama from KBS..
    both were the best drama of 2012..
    so., i vote both!! heheheh

  930. 930 : allyne Says:

    This is really the best Kdrama ever for 2012….Maru oppa, eungi unni fighting!!!!!!

  931. 931 : 댁박 Says:

    love this drama so so much……hope another drama of song joong ki would come fast *-*

  932. 932 : majmac Says:

    its a great melodrama and i’m sure the ratings will speak of itself. i have seen mon chae won since my fair lady, the princess’s man she has a great acting skills, while soong jong ki – i had a glimpse of him in obgyn drama and his a promising actor, i guess this is a big break for him. I hope this drama will win an award. Congrats to all

  933. 933 : majmac Says:

    its a great melodrama and i’m sure the ratings will speak of itself. i have seen mon chae won since my fair lady, the princess’s man she has a great acting skills, while soong jong ki – i had a glimpse of him in obgyn drama and his a promising actor, i guess this is a big break for him. I hope this drama will win an award

  934. 934 : Ging Says:

    Hi everyone – Please vote – INNOCENT MAN – as the Best Korean Drama of 2012 – click below link to vote – Thanks.


  935. 935 : justmerediht Says:

    this drama happy end or not? i gonna watched this if happy end.. because i dont like sad ending. its killing me

  936. 936 : zhee Says:

    it’s happy ending.. 🙂

  937. 937 : nicorg Says:

    i hav’nt watch this drama yet 7o i cant decide weather to vote this or not by reading the comments here and checking everyday the results of votes it looks really good, at the begining was the first but now it was on the third place.i only vote one drama evryday and it is rooftop prince.

  938. 938 : Kikay Says:

    My all time Korean drama favorite after 2009 You’re Beautiful!! I vote several times a day for it 🙂 Please support!!

  939. 939 : Prinna Says:

    This is a great drama. At the beginning is a little boring. More interesting after 10 episode. I like few of the casts: Song Joong Ki, Moon Jae Won and Lee Sang Yeob. Look forward to see more drama from the three of you in future!

  940. 940 : erian Says:

    Love this drama. Please vote it as best drama. I vote this & “big” korean drama too.

  941. 941 : o0o0-ulolo Says:

    i really like the ending because maru not die..and he also live haply with eun gi…

    but i really cannot understand whether maru lost his memory or not…but who is that little girl?? is she maru ang eun gi daughter??? someone help me to explain this ending story….


  942. 942 : nurul Says:

    wow!!! I am so love with caracter Joong Ki oppa in this Drama…
    So so so Love!!! I vote this drama… Every part of this drama will make you be anxious to do.

  943. 943 : MM Says:

    this drama is the BEST! but i hope rooftop prince will get the BEST KOREAN DRAMA AWARDS! i fall in love with Joong Ki Oppa. i love everyone’s acting especially joong ki oppa and chae won unni.

    the ending is a happy ending! 🙂 at first i thought the ending is sad but not.
    Thanks to the writers of this series.

  944. 944 : zhee Says:

    Maru didn’t suffer from amnesia.. he just can’t recognize people’s face like the one he knew, the he loved. that’s why he still can continue his study. he remembered EG when he was in US. he just tease EG. i hope my explanation can make you satisfy.. 🙂

  945. 945 : zhee Says:

    love this drama.. i only finish Answer Me, king two heart, and Nice guy this year.. these three is my top 3 KD this year.. please vote drama you like the best.. 🙂

  946. 946 : o0o0-ulolo Says:


    oh thank you so much…now i can really understand the ending..:D

  947. 947 : mitch Says:

    ..perfect ending.. love it!

  948. 948 : kiko Says:


  949. 949 : maru Says:

    Lovelovelove so much!!!

  950. 950 : donna Says:

    @946 that little girl? she’s not their daughter!

  951. 951 : liuli Says:

    支持善男 宋钟基 帅惨了 oppa fighting !!

  952. 952 : liuli Says:

    can you understand my worlds ?hahahahh!zhongji oppa !I’m from china,I’m a girl,but i can’t go to Korea, SO please come in china .

  953. 953 : lia Says:

    innocent man is such a heavy drama but i nver thought the ending would be as light as beautiful! i love the ending!

  954. 954 : Adinda Says:

    The Best Melodrama this year!!!! ^^

  955. 955 : mayya Says:

    Innocent man is song joong ki,, and I love that,, 🙂 good acting oppa,, and good melodrama too. Two tumb ups for you. 🙂

  956. 956 : asiandaddict Says:

    pls vote for this drama as best drama of 2012.

  957. 957 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Keep on voting guys! Hope Innocent Man will be in the final round!! Fighting!

  958. 958 : sahar Says:

    pls vote for this drama as best drama of 2012 no faith

  959. 959 : saman Says:

    i do not undrestand why the people vote for faith i think innocent man is verrrrrrrrrrrrry better than of all of korean drama in 2012 please vote for innocent man if some one did not watch this drama should be votec for this drama no other

  960. 960 : gelay Says:

    can’t agree more with Saman. hey people, Lee Min Ho is great in fact i am a fan of his but “Faith?” i mean seriously? come on! we’re voting for the best drama here. please be realistic!

  961. 961 : mimolo Says:

    one of best Melodrama this year!! good job for all the team of this drama.. joong ki so charming <3

  962. 962 : ance Says:

    Faith was nice but my best drama for 2012 is Innocent Man!

    Please support Innocent Man…don’t forget to vote! and please no cheating…if anyone wants to hack the voting system for this drama to be on the top, please don’t, i think it’s unfair to us clean voters. it’s ok that Innocent Man is still on the Best 8, then we’ll try our best to make it #1 in the finals…

  963. 963 : ance Says:

    and by the way, i’m really amazed by Lee Min Ho’s fans, they really put him on #1 always…even in other sites, Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Ho’s fans are always head to head…i’m surprised that Love Rain isn’t #2 right now…i guess Yoo Chun’s fans are more active in voting here, since Rooftop Prince is 2nd…so many great dramas this year…it was really hard for me to choose, but since i really love Song Joong Ki and i believe that Innocent Man deserves to be the best drama, i’m choosing Innocent Man…what about the other Song Joong Ki’s and Moon Chae Won’s fans?

    Let’s vote!!!

  964. 964 : sahar Says:

    i think some one want to hack the voting system for this drama

  965. 965 : Maria phil Says:

    let me watch this as well… looks like its an interesting kdrama~!
    I super agree with you Ance!

  966. 966 : Maria phil Says:

    I’m just curious… what’s the ending of this drama?
    Rooftop prince ending was sad… 🙁
    Love Rain’s ending wasnt that great… 🙁

    Now am curious what’s the ending for Faith & innocent man??? 🙂

  967. 967 : Zeez Says:

    In fact, rooftop prince ending is great, however innocent man is even better!! I love both shows, but prefer innocent man abit more.. 🙂

  968. 968 : zhee Says:

    @maria phill the ending is simply beautiful… teach the meaning of hope.
    keep voting guys…

  969. 969 : ratih Says:

    vote for innocent man… i like this drama so much…

  970. 970 : anne Says:

    this the best drama in 2012. Great story, so adorable acting from all cast. It made me cry, sad, smile and happy. What a complete flavor right? So, vote 4 this Drama, faith? I’ve watched untill eps 8, but I stopped. Less intrestring. I love lee min ho, but 4 faith, I think innocent man is the best. Mian!
    I’ve rewatched it three times, and still I’m not bored seeing Chaeki couple yet. Even this isn’t the first, it doesn’t matter, cuz we’re all know it’s good drama.

  971. 971 : emnat Says:

    i’m also a bit curious why faith at #1, but let’s vote for this drama as much as we can.. nice guy is the greatest drama for this year.. we know that :). let’s vote

  972. 972 : WitLily Says:

    Very good melodrama (nomu nomu sweet happy ending <3)

  973. 973 : tc Says:

    Just finished the series – definitely one of the better melodramas in recent years with a happy ending twist. Great acting from the main leads and really impressed with the directing of this drama.

    I prefer the first half of the series, so addictive and intriguing with so many curveballs but it became less addictive and predictable when the drama crossed midpoint.

    Somehow despite great acting by the OTPs, the drama failed to pull me in emotionally and I didn’t feel connected to them. This is my only regret as clinically, the drama really has all the right ingredients to become the best drama of this year.

    By the way, just curious what actually happens to the management of the company? Part of the plot actually focused on the power struggle between the two female leads but at the end, there was no clarity on successor of the company.

  974. 974 : bluemoon Says:

    agreed with all of you guys.. it’s weird for me, why so many people vote for faith ?? i’m a lee min ho’s fan too.. but really really can’t enjoy faith as long.. innocent man is much more better.. let’s vote for this drama..

  975. 975 : deeAn Says:

    good drama

  976. 976 : this drama deserve to win Says:

    yeah…i didnt get it, just bcos the actor(ehem..lee min ho)got more fans it doesnt mean their acting are super excellent or the drama they’ve been in are super awesome..yeah, to me its kinda unfair bcos we’re looking for the best drama not the POPuLAR actor or something..yeah its kinda dissapointing for me if innocent man doesnt win the best drama for this year bcos they really deserve it..trust me great casting,excellent plot/storyline and it just perfect..sorry to LMH fans,its not like i’m saying he’s not good, he’s a good actor..but come on faith? not so good for me..btw, even if innocent man didnt win, we all know that this drama will always be no.1 to us..

  977. 977 : ance Says:

    @Maria phil

    thanks! i think it was KDaddict (correct me if i’m wrong) that says that Innocent Man’s ending was like “interpret yourself ending” (not sure if that was the exact words), coz some says that it was a sad ending, being the writer always writes sad dramas but most of us “interpreted” it as a happy ending…if you’re that curious about the ending, in my opinion it was a great ending. but i’m sure you’ll enjoy the whole story if you like melodramas; personally i’m not into melodramas coz i’m more into romatic-comedy dramas, i just watch this genre if i like the actors (of course i love Song Joong Ki) or the plot (i was curious about that amnesia thing). i don’t want to spoil your anticipation for this drama so that’s all i can say…enjoy! 😉

    May I ask if are you from the Philippines or Philadelphia? i’m just curious what your “phil” means in your name, or is it your surname? is it ok to ask? it’s ok if you can’t answer… 🙂

  978. 978 : lia Says:

    oh m forgeting to vote for the moon embraces the sun,i also so love the drama, tink theres disadvntge that it was aired early in january of this yr i had loved it so much but i just recently watched innocent man so ppol wud realy vote for the latest one taht they watched, nvertheless i love them both. but oops i also love Faith. love rain stll at top 4? uhuh not so fan of it but although i love jang geun seuk. hes beautiful s awesome

  979. 979 : fiooo Says:

    HI GUYSS!!
    STOP talking about who’s better between “faith” or “niceguy” ???
    Now just watch these two dramas, then you can judge who is the BETTER of the two dramas. SO you can voting WISELY!!!
    I’m sure you all can judge which one is the better!!!

  980. 980 : sahel Says:

    innocent man should be in Most Shared Drama (Top 20)

  981. 981 : bela Says:

    Hi! i’m from Romania and i’ve seen a lot of korean dramas, historical, melodrama , romantic comedy and I think it’s one of the most interesting ones. On our TV posts we can watch 5 korean dramas, at the same time, from monday to friday and on week ends other 2.

  982. 982 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi Guys,
    Hi ance, yes it was me who felt that the ending was not entirely definitive, thus leaving a lot of room for interpretation. Even tho the PD team later said at their wrap-up party that they meant for the ending to be a happy one from the start, what I saw on screen struck me as an interpretive ending.

    As for the ongoing discussion abt which drama deserves to win, well, it is very much a matter of feeling or opinion, isn’t it? For example, #976 believes strongly that this one should. If enough ppl feel the same way, then it would. If not a lot of ppl feel that way, then some other drama wins.
    Most viewers will love a drama in which their favorite actor appears, think that it is best, even tho it may have a great many shortcomings in its writing n technical aspects.
    There have been many good shows this year. IMO, none of them is really head and shoulders above the rest in overall quality. Look at the results: Dr. Jin is in no.5. That should tell us sth! Ho ho ho!

  983. 983 : deeAn Says:

    why suh eun gee look pale?

  984. 984 : SweetPinkx Says:

    Come on!! Vote vote vote for Innocent Man!!! It’s the drama worth winning the best drama for year 2012!!!! Really love this drama!!! it’s topped my favorite drama list over Secret Garden of yr 2010!… I never thought any drama can replace SG in my top list lol…And I hope Joong Ki nominated as best actor..And Kwang Soo either newcomer or supporting!..At first I watch Innocent Man cos of Kwang Soo+Joong Ki..but later I really want to finish watching because the story line is great..and I want to know the ending…

    Hope Innocent Man wins!!!=DDDD

  985. 985 : Geo Says:

    For a year, I’ve considered City Hunter as my favorite Kdrama and as the best one ever but after seeing this Nice Guy slash Innocent Man… That thought for the City Hunter just washed away from my mind and heart I guess.
    I never got bored to this melodrama, Nice Guy. Song Joong Ki since he debuted as an actor was my crush but his role as Kang Ma Roo zillionopled my love for him. Go Song Joong Ki! Go Nice Guy!

  986. 986 : paras Says:

    Song Joong Ki very lucky when got this drama. The King Two Hearst hope will be the best korean drama, but hOPE YOU can be the best actor..! Sarangeo..(dont forget to eat_^)

  987. 987 : rosa Says:

    i love it sooooooo much
    this drama was so intresting
    and also i very love song joong ki…
    he’s soooo cute

  988. 988 : kimchilee Says:

    In MY VERY own opinion, this drama is not the best. Song Joong Ki is but not the story itself. The plot/script is shallow and ending pretty confusing. He was meant to die on that lonely road.. that could have been the original ending but i guess the writers changed their minds after so many demanded not to let him die and wrote an extension of the ending with him becoming a doctor again which i also find it weird. I also definitely cannot stand the flashbacks and recollection of the same events in every episodes. So sorry supporters of this drama, I agree with KDAddict.. its viewers own interpretation of each drama .. but Faith on top drama now?? go figure!

  989. 989 : CUTIE Says:

    Yes ,ka ma roo should go back to be a doctor as he is talented to be a doctor.. its also good that he was not die and end up in a quite happy ending … but it will be more better if the end can talk about what happend next after he faint on the lonely road and after when /how he go for the treatment and why the Seo Eun gi was there in the village with ka ma roo.. instead of staying on with her father bussines.. a bit weird and confuse.

  990. 990 : nisa Says:

    arghhh i love this drama through in these years*-*
    love it so much! and idk why i still care about JH? :p lol
    well, ma ru is alive and live beside eun gi even he has to pretend he cant remember, but he remember her anyway! 🙂
    Love ending, love the curious while watching it! 🙂
    THE Best Korean Drama in 2012!!!

  991. 991 : maivue Says:

    I heard that in ‘Faith,’ they didnt even train the martial arts scene. i wil be disgusted if it won 1st place just because lee minho is popular. and you idiots complaining about Nice Guys ending. Have you not watch enough kdrama that you should.fully be aware that sometimes.things are never explained. And the ending clearly shows Maru proposing to Eungi so idk why some of you dumbasses cant understand and keeps complaining.

  992. 992 : smile always Says:

    I am a biggest fan of lee min ho and same with Joong KI, but I only voted for Innocent man coz its really the best Drama for 2012 for Me..hope in final counting this Drama will be in No.1, lets vote for it..really really great Drama, hope Joong KI and Chae won will have a new project soon. 😀

  993. 993 : peyutnduy Says:

    U don’t have 2 b that rude, 991.

  994. 994 : Sonia Chaudhary Says:

    I damn luved ‘THE INNOCENT MAN’ yaar!!!!! I actually do…i mean Song Jung Ki (especially) & evry1 else is damn awesum, yaar. Surely the BEST DRAMA, d bestest evr…:-D And LURRRRRR….V U Jung Ki…;-D :*

  995. 995 : sahel Says:

    witch drama has top vote now?

  996. 996 : taryn Says:

    love this drama… just breaks my heart everytime I think of SJK… poor thing…

  997. 997 : Tiwi Says:

    Daebakkk XD….. Omo i’ts really best drama like moon embrace,, I really excited all the episode, and the ending i really love it,, Joon Ki oppa fighting ^^

  998. 998 : itsuka Says:

    akhirnya.. selesai juga nonton drama ni..
    huff bener2 menguras perasaan, song jung ki kerennnnnnnn.. karakternya bener2 beda waktu di sungkyunkwan scandal.. takjub.. ^_^

  999. 999 : vi Says:

    Really love this drama great

  1000. 1000 : KDaddict Says:

    8.1% of the votes go to this drama. The other 92% of votes were all cast by ‘idiots’ n ‘dumb asses’ then, according to comment #991. 😉

  1001. 1001 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    what a word “idiot”. Reflect first!

  1002. 1002 : KDaddict Says:

    Somebody (#991) who calls others on the thread “idiots” and “dumb asses” can’t be taken seriously. All that does is show us the kind of person she is.
    Dramas and commenting are for enjoying n sharing.

  1003. 1003 : tigerb Says:

    @ admin: can anyone tell me why this drama series has so many titles in the english language? i can understand that the original title is in korean, and there’s a chinese title, both in their native alphabets (obviously the series is also shown in china). I noticed that many korean drama series have so many other titles. why is that? is that for marketing purposes? any response is appreciated.

  1004. 1004 : Sai Says:

    will ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ overtake ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ and go the Final Round in ‘The Best Korean Drama of 2012’?

    It’s in your hand!!!!!!!!! 2 more days to end ‘The Preliminary Round’

    Please vote ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ in http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=23799

    current result :-
    Faith (SBS) 12.68% (31,372 votes)
    Rooftop Prince (SBS) 12.19% (30,151 votes)
    Innocent Man (KBS2) 8.15% (20,162 votes)
    Arang and the Magistrate (MBC) 5.93% (14,670 votes)
    Time Slip Dr. Jin (MBC) 5.15% (12,747 votes)
    Love Rain (KBS2) 5.14% (12,708 votes)
    The King 2hearts (MBC) 4.65% (11,504 votes)
    A Gentleman’s Dignity (SBS) 4.64% (11,479 votes)
    The Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC) 4.56% (11,287 votes)

  1005. 1005 : joabi Says:

    let us all vote innocent man for the best koreandrama in 2012 because that is so true!

  1006. 1006 : joabi Says:

    please vote innocent man as the best koreandrama 2012 they really deserve it

  1007. 1007 : sara Says:

    faith has top vote because lee min ho but innocent man is really best drama in 2012 please vote for innocent man

  1008. 1008 : tigerb Says:

    @sara #1007: i agree with you, glad that you recommended it to me! am still on episode 12 and am glued watching; this is my 5th episode for the day (shopping waylaid me earlier!), am hoping to finish 2 more episodes before my eyes complain. this series has established its plot premises early on unlike the top contender now. anyway, to those who do not mind my saying, look at the telecast ratings for the dramas which indicated something. you be the judge as to the quality of the drama per se, and not because the stars are your favorites. sara, guess i should vote too, huh?

  1009. 1009 : tigerb Says:

    @ sara #1007: do you happen to know the answer to my query in #1003?

  1010. 1010 : gif Says:

    As an outsider, I don’t vote on any SK networks ‘best’ anything because I find them shallow and a sham.

    As for the ending of this drama, entertainment folks lie all the time and this is no different irrespective of the writer’s, etc. interviews. The ending was lame and confusing because it was changed from the original and that’s what I believe, and I’m sticking with it.

  1011. 1011 : msmelchidec Says:


  1012. 1012 : cuity17 Says:

    wooowwww… i’ve already finished wathced this drama, last night.. once you watch this…., then u will never stop till the end ha..ha.. happy ending finally!! miss u eun gee n maroo… we ve spent time together in 3 days… 🙂 hiks.. looking forward for your next drama yay!!!!!..

  1013. 1013 : kdbig Says:

    vote for this drama more deserving than faith -.-

  1014. 1014 : nicole Says:

    where can i download this drama?

  1015. 1015 : rokudo Says:

    love Innocent man/Nice guy that’s make me crying all of episode.
    This drama is good story and have a good actor/actress to clear character of them. Nice guys is the best of drama 2012 sure.

  1016. 1016 : tigerb Says:

    you wouldn’t want to stop until you finished watching. this is a very good series, a love that is patient that could wait. for the heartaches the leading characters went through, they deserved to be happy! yes, i agree with ‘kdbig” at #1013 message. enjoy!

  1017. 1017 : tigerb Says:

    @nicole #1014: try dramacrazy.net or you tube.

  1018. 1018 : nhung Says:

    nice guy is the best

  1019. 1019 : joann Says:

    nice guy is a nice story i’m finish watching it and its really good……

  1020. 1020 : bella Says:

    I was very fond of this drama, this drama makes me feel dag dig dug, and I liked when she amesia Eung gi, because when it was my favorite scane ……….. daebak for this drama: D

  1021. 1021 : saraSJS Says:

    You see? Comment #1007 is NOT me. She just uses my name. That’s why i changed mine. But for your question. I don’t think it’s because of marketing. It should be because of complexity of Korean language. They have a beautiful, lyrical language in which one word can be translated or interpreted in different ways in English. They always have one Korean or Chinese name but several English ones. Read this explanation about “innocent man” title.

    “Director Kim Jin Won stated that in the Korean title of the drama 세상 어디에도 없는 차칸남자 the word “nice” was purposely misspelled as 차칸 (Cha-kan). The correct Korean spelling for “nice” should be 착한 (Chak-han). His explained that “The lead character describes himself as a nice guy but in reality he is using another person’s love for his own love and is a bad guy who is only out for revenge. We [purposely misspelled the title] for sarcastic reasons.”
    The drama undergone a title change after much deliberation by protests from pro-Korean language associations. Starting episode 3 (which aired on September 19), the Korean title in the subtitles and all promotional materials has been changed from its misspelled title 세상 어디에도 없는 차칸남자 to the orthographically correct title 세상 어디에도 없는 착한남자. ”

    CR. http://wiki.d-addicts.com/No_Such_Thing_As_Nice_Guys

  1022. 1022 : saraSJS Says:

    Dear friends,
    Since there ‘s someone who ‘s using my name repeatedly regardless of how many times i asked her to not do it, i decided to step back and i will use this name from now on.

  1023. 1023 : tigerb Says:

    @sara SJS #1021: i’m sorry, i really made a boo-boo addressing the wrong person! am glad you made a strong distinction now so i won’t err this time. and i echoed that person’s assertion which drama to vote for because i felt the same way after watching this series! well you knew already what i thought about the other drama, which is now really fighting to be first! maybe the first two dramas have the same number of people voting for them thus the small difference, either one needs new voters. this series needs more fans voting to win, even if you and i would vote, it would not make a difference. now i’m wondering if the current second placer is really good, or is it because the actors have a strong fan base! we’ll see. ohhh, thanks for your input regarding this series title. i’ve always wondered why one drama can have many titles; like i did not understand why someone’s last name is spelled starting with a ‘g’ and then the same person’s last name spelled starting with a “k’! i should learn the korean language to understand a bit! thanks again!

  1024. 1024 : Ippy Says:

    @saraSJS #1021

    Hey Sara. Sorry to hear about the handle hijacking woes.

    You know, I’ve asked the same question about multiple titles and never got a satisfactory answer.

    Thanks for posting the director’s comments. What he had said, suggests to me he didn’t give a hoot how they titled the English.

    Here’s what I think about the English language titling fiasco. I suspected but didn’t want to say, that the failure to properly convey the title to English and perhaps other languages is due to a dependency on “transliteration” as the chosen method. Here, the term “transliteration” means word for word. The method is applied where the original text is written in a different language and the meaning may be disputed.

    A title generally purports to convey the author’s sense of what the overall message is, or a central theme. Concepts such as love, hate, pain, sarcasm, deception etc. exists in all cultures, so translating a title should not be difficult once one knows what concepts are alluded to.

    A well formulated title is one where all efforts to distill the ideas down to their essence was carried out. If this is true and understood by the translator, then conveyance to other languages/cultures should not result in having more than one title that conveys separate ideas.

    If the above is correct, then my criticism stands; multiple titles indicates a “don’t give a hoot” attitude towards the English speaking audience. And if the same extends to other cultures, one might describe the condition as “cultural bias”. Cultural bias is a euphemism for “racial prejudice”.

    Ooo.. Ahhh.. Ippy that’s a bit harsh ain’t it?
    Yesssir! Take that you slovenly multi-titles politburos of the k-drama universe and shove it where the sun don’t shine. 🙂

  1025. 1025 : SUJU ELF Says:

    love this drama..SONG JOONG KI is very cute..the drama is very interesting..

  1026. 1026 : Krystal Says:

    Honestly, this is one of the only dramas that I could watch all over again.
    The storyline was so beautiful. There was never a dull moment in this drama. You had to love each and every character no matter how badly they treated the main couple… Each character was special in their own way.
    This is most definetly the best drama in 2012.

  1027. 1027 : saraSJS Says:

    Hi, Thank you for your concern.

    I get what you say. Your theory can be correct from international point of view. Mine was from Koreans/national point of view. But i accept yours too based on following reasons.

    I wonder why Korean celebrities who are famous all over the world don’t try to learn English, why idols don’t sing a song in English, why most of them don’t post a message in English and for international audience. They are too lazy or are not allowed to do that? Hallyu’s goal is promoting everything Korean in the world which can lead to cultural bias too. I’m an English translator and sometimes find it too hard to translate Korean-to -English -translated- titles to my language. It can’t deliver writer’s goal or estimated emotions at all so I’m forced to change it to what, it can do that in my language. If the writer cared about choosing a proper translatable title in the first place, i didn’t need to adopt it to my own culture and the result wouldn’t be “cultural bias” again. e.g. “Nice” is not a deep word in English. It doesn’t have connotation and is used in positive way but the hero is not this simple.

  1028. 1028 : -Autumn- Says:

    The drama is good but I was a bit disappointed with the ending although is a happy ending.

  1029. 1029 : Rna Says:

    Song Joong Ki defeated Kim Soo Hyun as serial actor popular during the 2012’s. The degree is awarded by the KBS show ‘Sympathy Generation Saturday’ some time ago. Congratulation SJK

  1030. 1030 : iin muth Says:

    This drama was so niceeee,really love kang ma roo and eun gi..but why the ending not so nice and don’t understan,its like a don’t have power..hihihi

  1031. 1031 : Ippy Says:

    #1027 @saraSJS English is not my mother tongue either, so I get what you’re saying. I think in all cultures, certain words are sometimes used to convey the opposite or a different meaning. But it is usually a fad which lasts a decade or two. If the word becomes a permanent addition to the language, it means that it has replaced the previous word.

    I’m not a linguist but I think what underpins a cultural expression is a principle in communications among humans which extends beyond cultural boundaries. Not the best example, but Han Hyo Joo expressed her anger towards another person on a variety show with what the translator thought is the word “Beautiful”. A better English translation is; “That’s just great!” or shortened; “Great!”.

    I suspect the translator took the literal route, but it is clear by Hyo Joo’s countenance she meant to swear at her cheating opponent. What the translator might have done, is look for the English expression which best conveys the idea and not get hung up with words and their meanings.

    I won’t bore you and readers with a breakdown of this drama’s possible titling failure, I’m taking it to my mother who recently discovered Korean dramas and can’t get enough of it.

  1032. 1032 : Ippy Says:

    @saraSJS #1027 Sorry I didn’t address your comments fully. You made a good point: “..why Korean celebrities who are famous all over the world don’t try to learn English?”.

    You know, I don’t know why that is either. In so far as marketing goes, it makes no sense. And in so far as English is the most widely spoken language and the actors are in the business of communicating, you’d expect them to learn English.

  1033. 1033 : ki ailee Says:

    miss uri oppa soong joong ki and moon chae won <3

  1034. 1034 : sandar Says:

    this drama is very very good……………Song Joong Ki very very good-looking……………

  1035. 1035 : mon Says:

    i love Song Joong Ki and moon chae won

  1036. 1036 : moon Says:

    many drama in Innocent Ma and Moon That Embraces the Sun very very like it………………………………………

  1037. 1037 : saraSJS Says:

    @Ippy- 1032
    “In so far as marketing goes, it makes no sense. And in so far as English is the most widely spoken language and the actors are in the business of communicating, you’d expect them to learn English.”
    Good point. That can originate from cultural bias, right?

  1038. 1038 : chona om Says:

    nice drama…I Love it…

  1039. 1039 : ani Says:

    i didnt like the ending even though it was happy..it was just…………

  1040. 1040 : cool Says:

    just finirhed watching this and all i can say is ‘that is great’ although the ending is rush. I think ma roo did come back his memory he was just pretending to himself that it doesnt because he want to forget all the bad memories and what kind of man he was before, he just wanted to build a new kind of ma roo together with his real love eun gi.

  1041. 1041 : Yuni Says:

    Really like this drama. about the ending…i am agree with “cool” Kang Ma Roo did come back his memory, he was just pretending to himself that it doesn’t because he want to forget all the bad memories and what kind of man he was before, he just want o build a new kind of Ma roo with Eun Gi.. so touching…i cry alot…the line story also very nice…i like it so much..

  1042. 1042 : blank Says:

    love all characters in this series, especially Kang Ma Roo of course…love it so much <3 <3 <3

  1043. 1043 : hirmah Says:

    love this drama..kang ma roo love your..

  1044. 1044 : Linh Thuỳ Says:

    Song Joong Ki is a talented actor of acting. Moon Chae Won too. They are young people. But the way they are acting no different than professional actors

  1045. 1045 : Violet88 Says:

    aigoo.. what happen.. Innocent Man @ Nice Guy (KBS2) only at #3 for The Best Korean Drama of 2012 @ 10.27% (3,831 votes) votes as of now.. come on Innocent Man supporters/lovers.. lets joint our hand together to increase the votes…

  1046. 1046 : jowise Says:

    this drama was great, n what the most i like ’bout it was the ending part. there’s a lot of korean drama with great story but not great at then ending part. this kind of ending part will create dissatisfaction n make us feel regret to wacht it. For the actor, he’s already good. but by the support of both actresses made him more great. i’m sure to vote for this drama.

  1047. 1047 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    Thank you for the Sweet Happy Ending..

  1048. 1048 : boniee20 Says:

    i’m sure it will be best drama 2012

  1049. 1049 : didick Says:

    Best drama i’ve ever seen!

  1050. 1050 : Iris Says:

    Love Song Joong Ki !!! he’s the best actor in my heart!!

  1051. 1051 : istiqomatus sadiyah Says:

    i want be Eun Gi hiks….hiks …
    Kang Ma Ro u re i nice guy

  1052. 1052 : istiqomatus sadiyah Says:

    i want be Eun Gi hiks….hiks …
    Kang Ma Ro u re a nice guy

  1053. 1053 : sahar Says:

    why innocent man is not in Most Shared Drama (Top 30)?

  1054. 1054 : reza Says:

    please say witch one of innocent man and i miss you is better to watch?

  1055. 1055 : Anna Moshita Says:

    reza : i prefer Innocent Man more..i’ve been watching I Miss You till ep 7 but Innocent Man still the unforgettable one for me..the storyline,character’s expansion all are amazing, it’s make ur heart goes lub dap lub dap..hehe 😀

  1056. 1056 : Anna Moshita Says:

    for me,Innocent Man indeed the Best Korean Drama that i’ve watched this year. even if RTP and Faith competing together for 1st and 2nd rank in this web, but forever and ever IM is the 1st rank to me..to my heart.. ahh really missing them..will i encounter such a beautiful amazing drama such as IM again? :'((

  1057. 1057 : han ji joon Says:

    i hope this drama will be the best korean drama 2012….
    i love this couple!!joong ki…&chae won..

  1058. 1058 : shezy Says:

    Nice guys jalan ceritanya menarik terbukti dari ratingnya yang selalu naik, akting pemainya juga totalyy. Daebak 🙂

  1059. 1059 : jamie Says:

    why sbs drama always win many awards? Drama with low rating win many awards and votes, better than high rating drama. Im addicted to this drama and sjk especially his voice. He is really one of a kind. This drama is one of the best , the plot, the story, the act of actors, actress was really amazing.

  1060. 1060 : sahel Says:

    why innocent man is not in Most Shared Drama (Top 30)? this is better than of The Greatest Love or pasta or Glory Jane and ….

  1061. 1061 : sie_sunny Says:


  1062. 1062 : Grace Mak Says:

    It’s the best drama I watched. At first, I love watching all the works of the screen writer. I try to watch it as for my interests. How I watched it, I found the actors and actress shown quite well done.
    I love all the members of the drama. I could feel their two sides of the characters of each person (bad and good). It was such true character of each person had. I like the story, the people, the backgrounds, and the music of the drama and the ending of the drama. I like the descriptions of the love that It remind me my love. So fantastic, adorable, and lovely. I hope really it is the winning of the drama of 2012.

  1063. 1063 : reza Says:

    please vote for innocent man and put it in Most Shared Drama (Top 30)this drama is better than of all top dramas

  1064. 1064 : Me Says:

    Amazing drama, two thumb for innocent man. I don’t understand why faith can be the best korean drama @this web????? Because of lee min ho i think:(

  1065. 1065 : Claudydayyy Says:

    Innocent Man is indeed the Best Korean Drama for 2012. :> Song Joong Ki fighting! We love youuuu!

  1066. 1066 : sahel Says:

    if faith can be the best korean drama because lee min ho but really innocent man is best korean drama in 2012

  1067. 1067 : yullieanne Says:

    song joong ki…

    your smile,, killing me softly__

  1068. 1068 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Siesemmy see the button at the left side of your corner where there tweet button, like button and the g+. That’s how this site listed their Most Shared K-drama.

    Innocent Man has only 965 likes. and those series that you enumerated have more than 1,000 likes. That answers your question. And i strongly disagree of including I Miss You in your list of boring and not deserving K-dramas for most shared. You have some bad taste if you see I Miss You boring.

  1069. 1069 : kimchilee Says:

    Kurayuzaki666, i agree. those who like this drama dont know what a good drama is.. this DRAMA is boring with mostly flashbacks with not much story base. If not for the fine acting of SJK and MCW, this drama will not amount to anything.

    For I MiSS You, the drama storyline has depth, everything a drama could have. Its one of the best I’ve seen so far. Only worried about the ending though.

  1070. 1070 : Anna Moshita Says:

    for the one who’s like to condemn here and there..every person have their personal taste in drama,music or anything else..everyone taste is not the same..if they are, everybody will like only one type of drama,one genre of music..such an uncolouful life our world become..please understand others person too and mind ur words..nice guy has their own unique and missing you has their own..same goes to other drama.. 🙂

  1071. 1071 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @anna moshita we are only and also citing our view points. They criticize a good drama when we see it as a good one. We are entitled to defend our favorite dramas. For as long as you did not throw foul comments, then tha’s a good critic though! As what they, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

  1072. 1072 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Kimchilee I am slightly disagree with you this time. I found this drama quite good but I prefer IMY a little bit more since its story is complicated and complex and would wind you up all over the place. I like a melodrama like that. Unlike this drama the focus is revenge. and the story is VERY SIMPLE yet BEAUTIFUL.

  1073. 1073 : dhel Says:

    moon chae won and song joong ki, they won best couple kbs drama awards 2012 .. I was expecting them to be the best and all that possible :). they are perfect together.

  1074. 1074 : vic Says:

    There is a Special episode of innocent man. aired Dec. 30, 2012..

  1075. 1075 : seg Says:

    @vic SAY WHAAAT?! there was a special episode? can you tell me the link to watch it? 🙂

  1076. 1076 : Fina Says:

    The jealous eyes of Joong Ki for Chea Won-Shi Hoo in kbs drama award 2012… So funny

  1077. 1077 : zaki Says:

    Did Kang Maro die? I think the last part of the drama was Kang Maro’dreams….

  1078. 1078 : Ippy Says:

    @zaki No Maru didn’t die, but whoever decided to include that stabbing scene which created the ambiguity many of us experienced in what was an almost perfect story, ought to have their head examined. To make matters worse, a clip of the very same was played at the MBC awards more times than I care to remember, as if representative of what made this drama good.

  1079. 1079 : zaki Says:

    @ Ippy thanks for your comment…

  1080. 1080 : reza Says:

    please put innocent man in Most Shared Drama (Top 30) this drama is very good

    (@reza from admin: Please see comment #1068)

  1081. 1081 : jayne Says:

    Just finished this drama. Waahh….to be honest, never thought SJK was a melo material. I liked him a lot in SS, I thought he was a romcom, second lead type. Whoever decided SJK as the lead for Innocent Man understood that SJK had a talent. An amazing one, as a matter of fact. There were moments he showed his boyish and playful charms, but most of the time he was successful in portraying a man with tormented soul. On the other hand, MCW, no questions about her. She is a melo in person. If I have to define melo with a person, I would say MCW. She nailed it, just like what she did in TPM. Now, for me, in drama, chemistry between 2 leads are one of the most important things. I’m kind of obsessed with chemistry between YEH and GY in coffee prince and HB and HJW in secret garden or PSH and MCW in the princess man. In this drama, the chemistry was real. I could feel love, hatred, desperation collided between the two. Story wise, it’s a melo, what can I say. Looking at the tissues I spent and the wet pillow corners, it is quite successful and believable. Good recommendation!

  1082. 1082 : tika Says:

    Love this drama.. ♥

  1083. 1083 : nurul rizka Says:

    I really recommend this drama..It’s so Awesome..The chemistry between Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won is so amazing…i have watched Innocent Man 15 times and now i re watch again this drama from ep 1 ha8

  1084. 1084 : ajeng rizky Says:

    keren abisssss………………

  1085. 1085 : gia mina Says:

    i really like to recommend this drama…. The two lead have an awesome chemistry… and the drama was so intense.. so cool. I can’t stop watching it over and over again.. 🙂 I love it.. <3

  1086. 1086 : jamie Says:

    Really. I am really an addict. To SJK voices. I listen to ‘REALLY’ and ‘The water is wide’ almost everyday. Hlp me… How can i ignore his voice.

  1087. 1087 : Tari Says:

    I love Kang Ma Roo… He’s so cool and my tears don’t wanna stop.
    Best actor Yes!!

  1088. 1088 : hollywood Says:

    I finally finish watching this drama. A darn good one. Love the name Kang Ma Roo. I notice him from the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal together with a couple of the other main actors. Finally, got his break as a lead man. Congratulation on winning those awards. Gave a good performances. Keep it up. U had me now as a fan.

  1089. 1089 : Cat78 Says:

    The Best Drama 2012…..

  1090. 1090 : Viewer from Singapore Says:

    I agreed with some of the viewers that KMR pretend lost his memory so to start fresh with SEG. Was a bit disappointed with the ending, is kind of rush and a lot of things not wrapped up, eg. KMR sister and friend, do they know where is KMR and what is he doing now?
    It would be a more convincing ending if KMR fainted infront of the hospital and got rescued instead on a lonely road, went overseas to complete his studies and come back with SEG again. SEG will be better if she still in his father’s company to show she has regain her place in the company.
    Actually this is not a new plot, but the actor and actress put in their heart and soul in their actings, there few scenes which touches me. On the whole, I would say this is an above average drama just a bit dragging in the beginning and too many flashbacks. It’s good not to show KMR die, cause he is such a kind soul, deserve better ending.

  1091. 1091 : Dewi Says:

    Love SJK and romantic moment of this Drama

  1092. 1092 : putri Says:

    Just finished watching it last night. Two thumbs up!!!

    I like the drama so much. Not only the story, the characters, the opening of the drama are really good! SJK did great on this drama.

    For all, this is worth to watch. highly recommended!

  1093. 1093 : asiandaddict Says:

    Congrats to SJK and MCW for winning the major awards of 2012 KBS drama awards for this drama. You did a great job. Wanting to see you so soon working together again.

  1094. 1094 : Molla Says:

    i love this series soooooooo much

  1095. 1095 : nitta Says:

    I love this drama! one of the best and one of my favourite. The plot is so intense, and what make this drama is so enjoyable is the casting. Their acting are perfectly fit with the characters. I’m sudden fans of song jong ki because of this drama.

  1096. 1096 : Verra Says:

    Best drama of all the Korean dramas I watch. I love you SJK & MCW. Wish they could be a couple in real life 😀

  1097. 1097 : Ippy Says:

    I watched this drama again and still holds its appeal. Ep.18, 22 minutes in, Eungi sitting in the bath in full wedding dress resigns to her despair and her failure to loathe Kang Maru. At the end of her confession to Lawyer Park (who had entered out of concern) her tears welling up, her voice verging on inaudible due to emotional exhaustion, Eungi spoke:

    “…But what do I do?”
    “I miss him.”
    “I really miss him.”
    “I really, really miss Kang Maru”

    I don’t understand Korean, but with Moon Chae Won and every syllable she uttered I was a mess.

  1098. 1098 : uggie Says:

    Yes, i think Reza right. This drama Most Resent to TOP 30 not May Queen. Because this drama is very good !!!

  1099. 1099 : Dianne Says:

    Two thumbs up!!! I was glued watching this..great story and great acting. I hope there will be part 2 same Cast…:)

  1100. 1100 : koji Says:

    just watched 5 episodes last night and very very impressed with Joong Ki’s acting. so cool… hahaha the running man Giraffe also there. thumb up for this drama.

  1101. 1101 : Jj Says:

    i really really like this drama. Specially Song Joong Ki kis so cool. =)

  1102. 1102 : michael jayavo Says:

    Great movie !

  1103. 1103 : watt Says:

    One of the best korean drama I ever watched.

  1104. 1104 : aurisa Says:

    I like the acting in this drama, Joong Ki. very different from when he played at the running man. very cool 🙂

  1105. 1105 : roxy Says:

    ..nice drama … but only the ending is not so clear maybe because i guess even the writer don’t want to make this ending so obviously not so fitted in what supposed to be the right ending. In every viewers mind most viewers has different interpretions based on what they wanted to believe in…. For me the real ending is when Kang Maru died in that diserted street and while fighting between life and death he has his prayer that on his NEXT life he would still love Eun Gi in a normal way as most people do.
    …After 7 years the scene in the Village is still acted by both of them in a different lifestyle already…that is “THEIR NEXT LIFE” started…People in the past have their own new life and even Eun Gi has with her half brother.. Those two people in the village are different people with different life style but it is “his and her” NEXT LIFE situation.. and that was Kang Maru’s dying prayer .. to love eun gi a normal way in his next life…it was an answered prayer. (think about this : Did anyone heared thier names on that village episode that they are – Kang Maru and or Eun Gi?)…

    A sort of constructive view:
    Director: Kim Jin Won, Lee Na Jung
    Writer: Lee Kyung Hee
    On your next project Please do have a plot/story ready before doing a new drama so that viewers has a clear cut vision of your story.

    The drama is so “cool” not until that village episode..The actors and actresses to thier role in a an superb excellent acting. Congratulation!

  1106. 1106 : Ryo Anggara Says:

    Wow keren banget film . . . Anaesheo oppa song joo ki so cool im fans u guys nite love

  1107. 1107 : Ryo Anggara Says:

    Wow keren banget drama nya . . . Anaesheo oppa song joo ki so cool im fans u guys nite love

  1108. 1108 : cyberspace092886 Says:

    it was a nice drama series indeed the twist was great..i agree with ROXY thats what i think when i watched the final episode.i was really moved and it gives me heartache of every lines of KANG MA RU.congrtat SONG JOONG KI your just an epic..

  1109. 1109 : June Says:

    Hmmm… roxy did a great view of the story… at first i also didnt understand what really happened after the scene where kang ma ru is bleeding to death on that dark street.. i think she is right no one mention their names as their chracter as kang ma ro instead eun gi called him as doctor…

    I really like this drama!!! it makes me cry…..

  1110. 1110 : shoshlev Says:

    I love the drama, but from the drama a nice guy I realized that being too nice, it borders on stupidity and ignorance and it’s nauseating like too many sweet it’s nauseating.

  1111. 1111 : KASIH Says:

    kalau baca dari komen,pingin beli DVDnya.
    Dan pasti akan dibeli…..
    Mumpung tinggal diHongkong.Jadi utk beli DVD itu mudah bagiku.
    Love All Korean Artist and Actor…..The best in this world.
    Fighting…….God bless All of you.

  1112. 1112 : Ezra Says:

    I love this Kdrama so muchhh..Daebak!!
    I love Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won..best couple 🙂

  1113. 1113 : koji Says:

    i’ve watched many kdrama, but this is the best one! salute to all who worked hard on this drama.
    joong ki keren banget akting kamyuu!

  1114. 1114 : Ямар жүжигчинг түүхэн драмад хармаар байна | B1A4 KPOP FAN BLOG Says:

    […] Innocent Man (KBS2, 2012) The Princess’ Man (KBS2, 2011)  It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl (SBS, 2010) Road Number One (MBC, 2010, cameo)  Take Care of the Young Lady (KBS2, 2009)  Shining Inheritance (SBS, 2009) The Painter of the Wind (SBS, 2008) Mackerel Run (SBS, 2007) […]

  1115. 1115 : era Says:

    U’ll never disappoint if u watch this drama.. this is… super….. recommended……..

  1116. 1116 : limitzi Says:

    overall its a nice drama, as most said being too nice is not very smart.. all acted well especially maru ..

  1117. 1117 : flo Says:

    One of d best drama i ever watched !!! Great acting from moon chae won (like her acting since princess’s man) and jong ki..
    One word.. this drama was DAEBAK..
    Ep1 n 2 for me kinda boring.. but keep watching n i was really into on this drama..

  1118. 1118 : Dsze Says:

    One of the best dramas i’ve watched so far..although the ending was a bit vague..as if they were trying to squeeze it all in one episode…but still the actors were amazing and the story was unique compared to the ordinary kdramas..it was intense…

  1119. 1119 : Lex Says:

    why is it that this drama is not included on the top 30 most shared drama in koreandrama.org? haha

    anyways, i really love this drama. i just can’t get enough of song joong ki and moon chae won! i love the plot, the twists, the scenes, the characters…everything about it. definitely, this is included on my list of most recommended asian dramas (asian dramas that you should watch before you die. peace! xD)…

  1120. 1120 : nor Says:

    where i can watch & download this drama??

  1121. 1121 : JANE Says:

    i really2x love this drama because soong joong ki and moon chae woon are cute for each other but i dont like the ending i hope that the director of this drama are pllaning to make a season 2 ……. i hope that in the season 2 there gonna get married and have a children i hope sooooooooooo…….. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make a season 2

  1122. 1122 : India Samks Says:

    This is similar to the drama Yawang or also called Queen of Ambition. The difference is that I do not dislike Park Si Yeon like I dislike the actress Soo Ae who is someone you like to hate in a role. Besides the fact that the kid playing the main role in this film is not that believable as Haryu in Yawang.

  1123. 1123 : India Samks Says:

    Innocent Man is nothing like Queen of Ambition. This drama is a bit confusing. It does not have the impact of Yawang. Besides Jae Hee seems nice compared to that bitch Soo Ae. I already dislike that actress which makes me totally dislike her character, Yawang is a much better drama and is better written.

  1124. 1124 : gail Says:

    i love moon chae won and song joong ki….
    the drama was great…..
    i love watching it all over again….

  1125. 1125 : misscleopatrax Says:

    Hi roxy i love this drama too, even bit confused at the ending.. what do you think bout the rings with a same red case? And how about maru’s patient a lil girl that mentioned same story after 7 years he told that he cant remember people around him n so suprissed see eun gi.. and how bout kang choco n jae gil ending with married and has a dughter after 7 years too,,, i just interpretation that after kang maru done with his surgery than he go to the college in usa even he was losing his memory bout people around him n one he loved but eun gi still patient waiting for him till maru can remember again.. why village i think maru need a clearly n fresh place to recover.. and i thought maru actually remember eun gi already that why he always buys coffee n bread at eun gi ‘s bakery even like a lil girl maru’s patient said that eun gi breads is not delicious at all .. but i thought maru tried to find the time to tell eun gi that he already remember… than at the end he gave rings to eun gi without say anything.. just smile..
    Daebak drama… 🙂

  1126. 1126 : noname Says:

    One of the best korean drama I ever watched. you should watch this drama! Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won, wish they will be a real couple.

  1127. 1127 : Angelcake293 Says:

    Innocent Man is one of the best dramas known to man!!!! 😀 SJK and MCW are so cute together! LOTS OF LOVE!!!!

  1128. 1128 : Zeez22 Says:

    This is really the best drama and I’ve watched it 3 times… SJK and MCW are really great in portraying their characters… An extraordinary plot! Love it to bits!!!

  1129. 1129 : nice guy Says:

    this is my favorite drama i had ever seen

  1130. 1130 : abby Says:

    i really really love this drama one of the best ever i ever watch . . . love both of the leading stars . . .

  1131. 1131 : elangbam nirupa Says:

    in my home town,imphal song joong ki is like by most girls.we like to see more korean drama like the innocent man and more films of song joong ki

  1132. 1132 : dinaz Says:

    hmm..its quite a heavy melo drama..i liked lee kwang soo here and song joonki..eungi’s makeup was just too annoying it was too pale for her pretty face,i mean when her condition got better the makeup artists should have made her look pretty and bright..even in the last scene she could have looked fresh but they choose her to look pale..i dont get that!
    anyways song joonki was really good this is my 1st drama of him..hope to see him in a romcom next time so that i can see him smile more 🙂
    lee kwang soo: omg at first i thought aww he looks odd and he is too tall and skinny..as the episodes passed by i found him more and more attractive and charming..hope to see him a lead role someday..
    the ending was upto the viewer so i take it as a happy ending 🙂

  1133. 1133 : RATH Says:

    i’m really love this drama so much ! love ( sor eun ge & Kang ma ru )

  1134. 1134 : Joyce Says:

    oh,i love this koreandrama forever,

  1135. 1135 : jaber Says:

    Oh My God! This is one of the movies that I ever watched. Song Joong Ki is a nice guy, he is the best actor for me in Korean, also with Ms. Moon Chae Won, she is a nice actress :). I hope that this movie won’t be the last for these two couples. LOVE LOTS <3.

  1136. 1136 : zhel Says:

    this is daebak! i love song jong ki this is the first drama of song jong ki that i watched, and after i watched him in innocent man i will be his forever fan. and i will watch his next drama or movie. what a great and perfect man he’s kind of a cute. 🙂 so inlove hehe. moon chae won is also daebak here. beautiful and simple.

  1137. 1137 : Kenia Says:

    To me, this is the best drama. The acting skills of everyone in the cast is amazing.
    Innocent Man is so much better than Rooftop Prince and Faith 🙂

  1138. 1138 : andre Says:

    soo far this is my new fav korean drama.! song joong ki ♥ Moon Chae Won !!!! so cute together!

  1139. 1139 : andre Says:

    soo far this is my new fav korean drama.! song joong ki ♥ Moon Chae Won !!!! so cute together! i hope soon they will work together again.

  1140. 1140 : andre Says:

    it just the ending was a bit little off, very nice story though. still my new fav Korean drama

  1141. 1141 : Christine Says:

    i super love this kdrama..made me cry a pale of tears. nice plot and. great actors. song joong ki is very good looking and somehow he resembles lee min ho. he acts so good and very believable..i love the casts,the story and everything about this drama.

  1142. 1142 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    At first, I did not recognized Song Joong Ki. Now, I see. He’s one of the actor in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. So different characters. I really like him. A versatile person.

  1143. 1143 : -Ke- Says:

    I still can’t move on from this drama LOL

  1144. 1144 : Roeth Says:

    Heol! ~”
    One of the best Kdramas I ever watched.
    Song Joong Ki, so handsome! I liked him when he was in Running Man :)))
    I liked Moon Chae Won since I watched The Princess’ Man! :DD

  1145. 1145 : Yuri Says:

    i love this movie !!!!
    i more like kang chan hee and park si yeong !! theyre really a perfect match

  1146. 1146 : Yuri Says:

    i love this movie !!! as in ,,
    love it !!!!

  1147. 1147 : Dian Key Says:

    the drama was filling by unpredictable story that made me suddenly sad, angry, happy, disappointed,,,,,,and make me got heart attack. I also like the character inside of it. they are so amazed….too much konflik, and each other have strong relation,,,,
    I LOVE IT….YOU MUST WATCH IT GUYS,,, AND BE REDY IF YOU GOT HEART ATTACK beacause of the role of story that unpredictable alsp prepare tissue because you will cry ……………

    “””””””””YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO RECOMMENDED”””””””””””

  1148. 1148 : Cutee Says:

    I really love this drama and also the characters like Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won)

  1149. 1149 : kclyn belllosillo Says:

    ..I really love this drama THE INNOCENT MAN:)))
    and also i really love CHAEKI couple:))

  1150. 1150 : ty Says:

    I love Kang Ma Ru’s character. Nice Guy. (y)

  1151. 1151 : let Says:

    the story is nice. but the ending is very very simple like the ending of faith, when a man love/ when a man falls in love.

  1152. 1152 : rihanna Says:

    looking forward to watch it!

  1153. 1153 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    I can’t forget this drama ’til now! 😀
    Song Joong Ki, I miss you! Saranghaeyo! <3

  1154. 1154 : richel Says:

    ang ganda talaga ni chae moon won

  1155. 1155 : Dhie0102 Says:

    Great drama!!

  1156. 1156 : marissa Says:

    Song Jong Ki and Moon Chae won- best couple!
    Both should have another drama when SJK’s military service ends!!
    looking forward to it!!!!!

  1157. 1157 : miniginy Says:

    i hope chaeki couple will play in romance comedy drama..

  1158. 1158 : linlin Says:

    i have just finished watching this show. thumbs up for the show. some parts very touching. i dont really understand the last 10 mins. i was listening to the chinese version without any chinese or english subtitle. the qn that puzzled me was: Did Song Joong Ki die and then fall in love with Moon Chae Won again in the next life?

  1159. 1159 : cindy Says:

    it’s a good drama. However, I really disliked the part when Moon Chae Won’s character became amnesia. I really loved her bitchy character in the first 8 episodes. Really intense. Song Joong Ki really rocks!! He’s got looks and excellent acting skill

  1160. 1160 : riskaariyani Says:

    really loves this drama,daebakk oppa joongki really handsome

  1161. 1161 : claudia Says:

    I liked allot this drama SJK and MCW are great , i’m not so pleased by the ending , not the fact that they start a simple life , but the hurry of all things , but this is a problem with all Korean drama . I saw this drama three time , 2 in english and 1 in my maternal language .

  1162. 1162 : jung sook Says:

    Where are 7,16 and 20 episode man? You fucking shit MOTHERFUCKER!!!!

  1163. 1163 : CH Says:

    Title should be stupid and dumb man!!!

  1164. 1164 : sonia Says:

    Well. I’m so jealous when I see MCW and SJK in the kissing part. But thumbs up for this drama!! And the ending is simple just like others drama..:(

  1165. 1165 : yun Says:

    This is another one with background of wealthy, immensely, people/family.
    As I am never near where billions are being managed, so am not familiar with all these tricks, intrigues, scheming whatever..but I suppose if one is able to be on that very top of th world he/she would possess some shrewdness, smartness whatever so as not to be so easily beguiled by looks in the name of lust….
    Here the father -owner (founder?) of the corp.company was being ‘maneuvered’, manipulated actually, by the young, beautiful, sexy wife..
    This is a common theme to be used in stories regardless of its tastelessness & repulsiveness..showcasing male’s ‘stereotype’ inclinations – driven more by the lower organ instead of the higher organ, whether that’s true or not I have no basis to confirm or otherwise…
    Anyway…so far of the several of K-dramas I’ve seen, money seems to be the main glue, almost everything revolves around it…

  1166. 1166 : yun Says:

    ps: since am not Korean and only know it from the films/tv series, sometimes I wonder about its real daily life, in reality…..are they really so obssessed with looks, physical appearance, money…things along that line…? I read a ‘prediction’ about how by a certain year in the future Koreans wil extinct due to the low number of birth….if that is true that also tells something isn’t it…..where are all the oh-so-sweet romance depicted in each and every series gone, or where do they come from, mere fantasy….?

  1167. 1167 : yun Says:

    I am not sure but I think the background music/sound in this series is the same as Baker king, Tak Goo…..then I check – it’s the same SBS2 that produced the series…
    Couldn’t they make a different music…? Kind of funny, different story altogether but it feels like it’s part of…
    note: not the OST, but the music, instrumental, played in the background, accompanying situations, when the characters were in a sad mood, angry mood, when tensions were building….etc….those kinds..

  1168. 1168 : MayaF Says:

    Love this drama so much… Great story… Great actor and actress… What a fantastic drama! One of the best drama…

  1169. 1169 : fatima Says:

    there is some drama that never die ,innocent man is one of them i love it so as secret garden ,49 days …….

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  1171. 1171 : Admaliah Says:

    I just recently finished this series it’s really a superb pick. The story plot & characters were great. SJK & MCW has a very good on screen chemistry. Highly recommended . . .

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    […] Chae Won, one of actress that I fond of after watched The Princess’s man, Good Doctor, and Innocent Man. Ah, it also have Song Jae Rim in it and Im Se Mi, so yeah, I like them […]

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    […] siguranta din productii ca: “Goodbye Mr. Black” (MBC, 2016), “Good Doctor” (KBS2, 2013), “Innocent Man” (KBS2, 2012), “The Princess’ Man” (KBS2, 2011),  “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl” (SBS, 2010), […]

  1179. 1179 : anuranjana Says:

    i love song joung ki caracter this drama is like a alcohol when you see definetly being addicted to see more time specialy all the romantic scene of song joung ki and mcw lloooooooooveeee from india

  1180. 1180 : Denisse Says:

    Does anyone know why the KBS official page deleted all the official images of this drama?

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